The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, January 13, 1847, Image 2

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Pors, in his Denciadi s Spea o In..e
tern "who live upon a Whilom for 'a weelq" hut.
our amiable friends the Federalists, have liyed and
gray! n fat, 1 1 1 ) 9q "R, On' f°/ . tlJ5lt- • 9 Y e. 4"'
haa been their speech, eir song, their
sermonhaa been the Alpha and Omegtoe.all
actions! These pliiiiitl:prog.
.nosti:Catois, with all the cunning of seered wizards,
Have: predicted the rain and.downfill of mil.. whole
foliticil fabric, on more than three-score different
roceasietrsl strarigt as it may appear; notwith
stapling their prophecies, the wheels . of govern
-.meat -,have ann. on as aforetime, 'and :the people
have tawny, enjoyed•happiness 'and plenty. The
seasons come and go, bringing with tfietnithe ii`ch
-lieseings,of this plentifel earth , - - --the rites
in the - east, and sprawls bmad and gtnial bairns,
to give light and, harmony, tit nature, , to t i gladden
and beautify this -- .planet Twh e re we. dwell. We
have the early and latter,rains, to rnoisten* earth
bpd- hasten vegetation. The guardian tingel has
.watched` over our jand, and protected our;people in
ihe enjoyment of their natural and legal ;rights.
- -
But notwithstanding the unexampled prosperity
.'which his ever attended the American people,
Federal politicians have been , croaking, groaning,
and.whinhig, Without icrnoment's intermission. It
has always te,en - the-luck of that party to have
- fivarite humbug; upon which to dwell and
. feast , ;From 'time immemorial, or thilt period
.”1.02 - en the inemory of maw runneth not to the cow.
_tram" the Federalists have' used 'the TSriff queit
tion as •a hobby to create political capital] for them
selves. They have studiously endeavored to turn
the Tariff into a political scheme, to pronaote their
own nefarious purposes. If the legislation of Con
gress doeiriot conform to their peculiar views, they
, move heaven and earth to get up a panic.
Panic meetings are held, and the welkin is made to
Xing- with - the'dolorous cry of "Ruin!" man.
..,,ner of,evils 'are : predicted, if Congress does not
legislate money into -the pockets of 'al few
Ait notwithstanding all the eftorta of the
Federalists to "rain " the' country, becaiiae isf the
non-adoption of- their selfish views, there bas as yet
_ appeared; no visible sigkof retrogression in the
liikiitag,,,krul.:business affairs of the country.
.o,9itftwing establishments are now pros-
Al r emb'*': lirfki*E all - Precedent, - and instead of the
iotintry : . kflooded with foreign goods, the pre
duct Of - the - "Oiiiiter, labor of Europe,'' , as these
wiseacres. base' prOphesied, to drain the precious
metals from our country, we find that the balance
of trade is in our favor, which brings to us specie
.from England and other European countries, at
nearly every arrival. Paragraphs like the follow
ing meet our eyes daily in our eastern' exchange
"The stream of specie from the Old,World be.
-gins to flow by the packets. The Henry Clay,
'frorraiverpool, has $300,000, and the Oxford, a
smaller:amount. In addition we have ict'day $130,-
000 from Canada. The Cambria, it is now ascer
atrined,"tras about $500,000 in gold."—N.
tog- Telegraph..
Such are the operations of the "Free Trade
Tariff of 1E46." This is the kind of!'ruin" that
is now oppressing the people.
The overthroiv of that corrupt, unconstitutional
--and, unnecessary- institutiOn, the United States
Bank, gave to the Panic Federalists a glorious op
'portunity. to exercise their lungs by crying out
2."Batin,":"Bnin," in the most boisterous manner.!—
'Who has forgotten the ridiculous scenes that were
daily enacted on that memorable occasion? The
patriotic Jscasox for vetoing the bill to re-charter ,
the U. S. Bank, was assailed as a heartless tyrant
and a lawless usurper! Committees of well-dis
ciplinel Panic-makers were deputed from half the
cities and villages of the Union to visit the Presi.
-dent's mansion, to liy before him in the most ira
phic manner, the awful .rain" that would befal
the country, if a mammoth monopoly was not
Pennitled to exist. But the noble old Roman was
not made of that kind of stuff to be frightened
;from the honest discharge of his duty, by the fool
- ish appeals of excited politicians. lie strangled
themoniter to death! From that day to this the
:federalists have never ceased the cry of,.nrin;" but
-the majority of:the American people believe that
'there has been more substantial prosperity . in the
country than during thetime the Bank '
:. was at the
height of its glory. By bribery and corruption
of the most infamous description, the dead carcass
of that corrupt %institution was galvanized into
life by the Pennsylvania Legislature. The birth
of the bantling was unnatural—its lffe.was a life
of diabolical wickedness, and its death was pre
mature and ignominious.' 're write its history
would be to exhibit the wrongs done to the widow
mud the fatherless, who _were swindled out of the
last dollar. The panic federalists, however, have
had the cool impudence to charge upon the De
mocracy the death of the Bank, notwithstanding
to coroner's jury wrote felo de se upon its empty
vaults! When Captain Jonx Trtsa vetoed the
Bank hill
. of the Federal Congress, in :IS4 2, the
panic makers cried out "Rune! RUnr!" with
Stentorian voices, and predicted that all manner
Of evils would befal the country. But happily their
expectations havenot been realized. The country
has prospered and continues to prosper..
The adoption of the Constitutional Treasury af
fordecl another favorable opportunityfin the croak
Federalists to sing their favorite song of "Ruin."
We believe the People can fake care of theitiowEr
funds without the aid of the banks of thereetthtry.
The Government. to be independent and free, that,
be kept divorced from banking corptirathinai and'',
the banks to be useful must mind their own , iegiti
mate bigness, and permit the Government to fake
core itself. A separation of this descrititien
may, in the estimation of the Fedetalists;produce
• t
: in our opinion, the "Brie will not the serious injury of any person. This
gieat - country,:iv - ith its rich fields, its :nighty rivers,
iti.brad lakes, - its inexhaustible mines, and its
free and glgrious institutions, can not-be stopped
in its onVnird Cireerof prosperity by the, foolish
and c,hildish cry of "Ruvr." ntt!r!..di by:vvicifed
politicians r whe wish by sur:Vridiculekusgammott,
to secure for thentsalverr the . .loarte and fishes**
of office! ' ' '
GiTrona the - Treasurer ' s; statement, Says the
Pennsylvanian, it appears that the amount of pu i b •
lie funds, subject to his draft, in the rations banks,
was, on the 31st of December last, V 2041,102 7 I S.
Therainount on :deposit in this city and Stata is as
folloWeit 7 —at the- U. S. Mint, $119,520 GO; in the
htibAsiofil* . .Assistant .:treasurer, $175,411 11 3 i
is etf;.Cti#tmelice, $3,460: 88; Eithange
Pittshbrgh, $9,013 78; , Bank of Middletoim,
535 12c Dilly: brEtte,:sl6:3l4—inniti4 071510.
Th4lllostanbanks hold $50,651 17; ihOillol:NeW
York $915,058, and ; New Orleans $27;140 600; 7 .
'fhb transfers orderinliress2,64o,'Of which $8,014-
is to the:Exchange ilank:titteburgh, and $20,000
to New Orleans , - ' -
- • :7sAiroiv/s 'Et.I4OIOIQN.
a. • pi—
t" ;
• C,
Pit ts?teirgh.
' latYlard,
2d• •
3d a
. sth a
&tit a
7th "
Ist Ward, 63 111 00
000 70 maj. 00
41t1 a 000 73 maj: 00
Democrat,' Whig,t Native.s
Ist Ward,
More "Ruin."
We find in the Washington Union of the sth inst
the following
.extract of a letter from a friend to
the editor, dated Boston, December 31st:
"In spite of the admission of British cottons,
manufacturers here of sheetings of coarse and mid
dling qualities, have made two advances on the
price of their goods since the tariff of 18463 pass
ed—one advance was made, say about two months
since—another week before last."
Another friend in Fi‘hersi.ille, New Harripshire, this, it is important that the public should know
• it, for those of our citizens who feel an interest in
under date of Dec. 2.5, writes: - •
"This village is partly in•Boscavren;and partly such an institution can then turn their attention to,
in Concord. They are building here very i-apidly. the Hospital already established. •
A stone factory 300 feet long has been erected the I We believe the PittsbUrgh Hospital can be so
past season; about half of which they intend to fill I
l zed at a trifling expense, as to answer the ne.
with mgchinery next swing, and the remainder en ar- '
ou% No objections can
rks soon as they can get it finished. The company ; of a
are laying out a
_good deal of money here, mall be made to the rules and rigulationa of the insti
wiU to for years to come." I ninon under the control of the Sisters, and since
The Baltimore Sits, after mentioning that a lorgei it is to be our only Hospital, it is important that
cotton factory is now being erected at Harper's l it should be encouraged.
Ferry, in Maryland, and that the immense water:
powers of that vicinity would be brought' nto re
quisition, gives the following facts derived from
an authentic source in relation to the enterprise
"Ths building isione hundred by fitly feet, in the
clear, and the stones high, inclusit eof the base
ment. The vapid stock already taken is about
serenty.five thous rid dollars, and will probably be
augmented to one.liundied thousand. This com
pany, under the direction of Air. James Giddings.
as President, and an intelligent, active and respon
sible board of directors, possessing also natural
advantages with which tew, if any of the numer
ous companies in this country commenced opera.
tions, must do a thriving business. I have no doubt
that in a few -years "Virginius Island" will be
come a secor.d Lowell."
We might here add a number of Pitsburghers,
notwithstanding the passage of the Tariff of 1519,
who are quitting their old pursuits, aad are enga
ging in the manufacture of iron. A new establish
ment *ill shortly go into operation at New Castle,
in Mercer County, and another at Clarion, in Cla
rion county. under the direction of gentlemen of
this city. The truth is, the demand for iron is
now greater than at any former period, and to talk
of foreign competition is ridiculous nonsense. The
competition hereafter will be among ourselves, as
to who will sell the cheapest and manufacture the
best article.
Correspondence of the Morning Post
Hannisncnnn, Jan. 19th, 1547
• This was a short session, little business interes
ting to the public at large was transacted in either
A resolution n - as offered by Mr. Lawrence of '
the House, that the State Treasurer be requested
to inform the house whether there will be a suffa.
ent amount of available funds in the Treasury to
pay the February interest, and what sum may be
wanted to complete the amount.
Mr. Knox read a Bill entitled an "act to define
and punish the offence of Burglary" Also, a fur
tar supplement to an act to reform the Penal
laws of this Commonwealth.
In the Senate Mr. Dar - sic read a Bill entitled an
act to authorize the Secretary of the Common.'
wealth to distribute standard weights and measures.
Mr. Johnston, a Bill, entitled an "act in reference
to the sale of unsettled lands in the several coun-
ties of the Commonwealth.
The Senate was not in session one half an boor
The Magnetic Telegraph,
We copy the following from the Pennsylvanian
in regard to this t.ypnderful discovery. The com
pliment paid Mr. 01Zie1y. is deserved.
We gave yesterday the first practical proof of
tbe vast usefulness of the wonderful enterprise
which has united Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, by
the instantaneous annihilation of a distance of
three hundred miles. The late Pittsburgh papers,'
usually containing fresh news, look absolutely
stale; and we feel how much more we know than
they can tell us, when intelligence that can only
reach us two or three days hence through their
columns, is expressed on lightning's wings, in a
few seconds, over the great distance intervening
between the two cities. The triumphs of the Tel
egraph are hardly conceivable, and that between
the East and West is destined to realize the great
est wonders of clairvoyance, or the wildest freaks
that ever were performed by the magic carpet of
the Arabian. Nights. It is singular to read the
news from New York, or Washington, as expres
sed by his wondrous invention; but when we are
'addressed from a distance of three hundred miles,
' and with equal rapidity and facility, we are more
impressed with the power of an art which bids
fairto work such miracles all over the globe.
Too much erctlit cannot be rendered to HENRI'
Olts.xxvr, Es' g., for the - despatch with which this
great line between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh
has been constructed, in defiance of the inclement
season, and great natural obstacles. He has given
his whole attention to the subject, and has display
ed energy and petseverance of the highest charac
ter. We hope he may be rewarded for his exer
tions as he deserves. *
•: 073. We learn from -tile annual report of the
Treasurer of Maryland, That the receipts into the
treasury, for the ye!tr ending the Ist of December,
1846, vvere $917,887 69, *of +which, $115,472 GO
was in cash, and $472,15 19 in coupons. The
amount paid out during the year, ending Ist De
cerober last, was! - -$969 f 1151 54, leaving a balance
of $148,045'41, sutdcet to 'charges up to that
date ; amounting-t 0.511345,604" 43, and making a
deficieniy of .$1,197,556 62 The estimated re
kelpts for the current , year, are $958,147 60, and
the demands $880,046 91,
"President Polk (shut a man4tealer himself. --
Granite _Freeman rhig)
The man, oriel ow, who wrote the above sen
tence, would not hesitate' to eteal - a purse or robe
ben-roost, were it not for his fear of
Toe " Etta" is the title of a very
handsome and well madet:4 paper just started in
Washington to promulgate'the views of those who
are opposed Att,the i n st i tution of slaverp,
Tef T4tiroavil4roriptcdo ileieJters from the .
,Anierican Army are;in Meiico : .: withcint; work or
bre*l. t gente Arina huts refused to receive theni,
hi ilia . 51eZicari einiy: A just` prinidiment.
93 235 47 44.
110 151 42 15 1
234 336 58 ' 21 1
113 255 39 11
301 260 32 33
118 228 15 ' 2
35 73 S 5
-5 00
18 100
We are well pleased with one of the last acts
of the City'rouncils at their last meeting on Mon
day evening. An ordinance was adopted creating
the office of Assistant Street Commissioner. We
think this a good regulation. The extension of
the city requires more attention than one man
can possibly devote, to the streets.
We may hope now that Fifth street will be at
tended to.
g. C) =
ft )4* I.
2. no 3
.i to
a ,:`
• From the Morning. Telegraph.
Mr. Editor:—DO have patience about that Hos
pital a little while longer. It has been long desi
red, it is trite, but you see how the liberality of the
people is taxed, at present. to stay the ravages of
famine in one country, and to facilitate the rava
ges of war in another.• Let them build hospitals
in Mexico.
q Will the correspondent of the Telegraph in
form us to what extent the liberality of our. citi
zens has been taxed? How much has been raised
for Irelandr How much for_the Volunteers? Why,
one man of wealth might contribute as much as
has been devoted to both the above objects and
not feel the loss, and gain, no great credit for hber
ity. From millions of riches in the possession of
the people of this city, not five thousand dollars
have been raised for charitable purposes during the
past two months;, though the demand has been
loud and vehement from many quarters.
The fact is, we do not believe the Pennsylva
nia Hospital will be built. If we are correct in
ISeveral Pittsburghers have joined the above
named Association; and a sufficient amount of
money has been contributed to place it upon a solid
foundation. It is pecuniarily independent, as we
are informed; and the members are full of faith
in complete success.
Several letters have been received by persons in
'this city from resident members of the Phalanx.
We should like to have one of them for publica
tion, to show the feelings which pervade those who
I lire working out the problem of social unity.
They write in substance--" The Association is
prosperous, and we are all happy."
The Trumbull Phalanx is now in its third or
fourth year, and's° far has met with but few of the
difficulties anticipated by the fiends or enemies of ,
the cause. The progress has been slow, it is true,
owing to a variety of causes, the principal one of'
which has now been removed, viz debt. Much
sickness existed on the domain during the last sea
son, but' no fears are felt for the future as to
the general health of the neighborhood.
—While upon the subject we may as well state.
briefly, what Associationists arc now doing, for
the information of a numerous class of citizens
who feel an interest in , the matter. The "North
American Phalanx." (Monmouth county, N. J.) is
renorted doing well; it has ample means, and is
making rapid progress. The last Harbinger has
a statement of the condition of the "Wisconsin
Phalanx" which is very favorable. This Associa
tion is in its third year, and contains about 200
members. The Lagrange Phalan- ta) is
reported "doing well." So, also, it, of
Clermont county, Ohio. No no' oth•
..`ywe ~k"'.'l"^~- f .a.~:~=.`w`.r3~~
_.. ~=l:.='._..c~^'...As7E:."~+,~4'
A Religions Union of Social P.
fen med in Boston; Channing, Pastor. The
Union of Associationists has lately held a Con- 1
veution in Boston, which was .. - ery enthusiastic.—
Messrs. Ripley, Dana, Brisbane, Allen, Channing,
Greeley, Dwight, and others were present. There
is a very strong Association movement in Cincin
nati. There are 'a
number of “Affiliated Societies . '
throughout the Union, organized for the promulga
tion of the doctrine. A large number of influential
papers have espoused the cause. The defence
making by the New York Tribune against the at
tacks of the Courier and Enquirer, is thought to
be doing much for the reformers.
'The Harbinger," published at the Brook Farm
Phalanx, Mess., regarded as the organ of the social
reform movement, is firmly established, the contri
butirins from the friends ofile cause being suffi
ciently great to insure its permanency.
0. / -I , 4lllholland takes his Benefit this evening.
He offers a very-attractive bill, and we hope gold
weather will not prevent a general turn out by the
frequenters of the theatre.
The Sons of Temperance should patronize this
gentleman, as he is one of them.
cc 7. r Lewis' Benefit takes place to-morrow
evening. She appears as Richard 111.
ccj-Mrs. Yestayees.Benefit will come off on
Friday evening.
€ . '"•l‘fanager Porter's Benefit, will, we presume,
come off on the last night of the season, Saturday
ab Manager Porter and his Company, we are
told, leave next week for Wheeling, at which place
they will remain for a short season. Dramatic
companies, when they stop in that .city, betake
themselves to the town house; as there is no thea
tre there.
Is it true that the Editor of the Times has made
a star engagement, and will appear as Jaffier for
his benefit? We don't believe it.
.Rdircr.—We learn from the Telegraph that
Reber, the volunteer in Captain Naylor's compa
ny, who fell from the second story of the barracks,
some thiee weeks since, died at Mrs. Atterbury's
boarding house, on First street, yesterday. He
belonged to a fire, company in Philapelphia.—
Sevdal of our Firemen turned out to his funeral
yesterday afternoon. This was right. He has
been well cared Ifor while lying in this city. We
state this for the gratificalion of his friends. -
Whoever furnishes the Spirit of the Times,
Philadelphia, with Pittsburgh news, was militakcn,
in saying that Rehrer had recovqeditnd left with
his company.
Barbara Zeeni.—This girl will probably be tri•
ed to day pa the charge of Infanticide,
It is thought 'that the Backatitom murder case
will come off to-morrow.
for the larceny ora ,property of Dr.
Calahaty :Verdict igulliy; 2 .E.yatirfor:Prinecution;
Snowden for Defence:, - •
Cdernionuiea4h Robert ; lhstlieidu—Venlict for
larceily'of a berseitise
,PtepartY . of Wm. Adams,
of Robinson`.verdict , guilty. Eyster
for Prosecution; Snowden for; Defence...
Commonwealth va. RObert Burn.tides—lndictment
for the larceny of a aaAldle and bridle, the property
of Dr. John - Calahan. Veidict guilty. Eyater for
i'rosedutiiini Snowden 'for D.efenCel
' Commonwealth vs. Emur Murry—lndictment for
fornication and bastardy, on oath of Raehael Sar
ver, of Pine tp. Verdict, guilty. Burke for prose
cution; Alden and Williams for Defence.
Commonwealth vs. John and Tames Mi.
liams--Indictment for the. larceny of $ll,OO of
the property of Wm. Deligherty: Case just com
menced. Mahon for Posecution; Snowden end
Austin for Defence.
TOURSDAY, January 12, 1847
Present—Hon. W. H. Lawsuit.
Committee of Mary Walker - vg. William Rogers.
Woods ! Biddle.and M'Candless for Plaintiff; Loom
is, and Hampton for Defence.
The above case oceupied • the attention of the
Court during the day, and did not go to the Jury
as w•e expected.
It will be observed by the, table of returns we
publish that Mr. Adams is eleited by a large ma
jority. The Whigs hav'e swept all before them e
we must confess. We hoped for a more favorable
result yet we hardly dared to predict that our can
didate would be elected.
We will speak of this matter more fully to
. Lieense.—.4udge Parrot, in the Quarter Eta
aions yesterday afternoon, gave notice that since
the expression of public opinion in regard to the
sale of liquors, by popular vote, the Court were
determined to enforce rigorously the laws for the
suppression of the trstric. We. should inter from
his Honor's declaration that keepers of public
houses must not expect any further indulgence.
Convatacent.—Mr. AFGrilfin, u , ho was wounded
in the abdomen one night last week, is recovering.
Ile has had a taste of wsir in a mild form, and we
presume his ambition' has been's° far gratified as
to induee him to return to the calm and quiet of
his home in Fayette county.
Judgement for $lOO was vesterdayrendered be-,
Core Alderman 'steele against George Kick un
der the following circumstances:—A boy was ri
ding a. very valuable horde, belonging to Mr. Rody
Patterson, when he met Kick driving a horse and
wagon. The boy endeavored to get out of the
way, but either through carelessness or malice,
Kick, drove against him, killing the horse with the
wagon tongue, Under -these.- circumstances, a
judgment in favor of Patterson for $lOO was enter
ed for damages Austin for Plaintiff; Alden for
defence. The defence will aryeal.--Journat,'
Dry Goods.—We ask the attention of our lady
readers to the advertisements of Mr. A. A. Mason.
QThe Allegheny was running with ice yes
terday, and will of course to-day.
Sign of Raiii.ll , Vi of kee o 0
Smithfield street yesterday.
, cc j , Prof. Mills' Lecture last night, at Philo, was
tolerably well attended. The audience went away
satisfied. The course which.the Professor pro
-1 poses to deliver dill, we are-sure, be interesting.
The subject excites much interest, and he proses
himself master of it.
are sorry that the election returns pre.
vented us from attending the .: ,Lecture delivered by
Mr. Mtandless at the University. We may have
an opportunity of reading it; Which :we should
Mestayer hurl a good house last night. We
are glad of it.
A large share of the , votes cast for Mr.
Cook yesterday, were by Germans. The Natives
only, we think, voted G ar Mr. Jaynes.
Who diddled Hugh Michell? '—We have been
informed that G. W. Layng, Esq . has been elect
ed to the Select Council fromthe 7th Ward.
On Tuesday the I'2lh inst., by the Rev. Robert
MeKtuuts, all of this city.
Valuable Pri;rati Library
Of Theological and Miscellaneous Books; also, orie
Sofa at Auction.
AT M'Kenna's Auction !Warne, No. 114, Wood
street, 3d door from Filth, on Saturday evening
nest, January 16th, at half past To'clovlt, will he sold
the private library of n gentlenian leaving the city,
all of which arc in gon,d order, and some are ve
scarce and valuable, among which may be mention
ed the following, viz:
Butler's lives of the Sainte, litv in 6 plates; History
of Ireland, by the Abbe M'Geogherrati, plates- '
burton's History of England, plates; Doctor Larch
ner's Lecture's on Anatomy; Primacy of the Apos
tolic See; Boswel's Variationsillughes and Brack
enridge; Council of Trent; Helices Livy, ' Mur
phy's Tacitus; Moehler's Symbolism; French Revo
lution, with many other works.
janl3 P. M'KEh'NA, Auctioneer.
Estnnocartort has gained:a reputation never
before equalled by any medicine. Read thefollow
ing extract Rom a letter written by lgessrs.Carter,
Wilson 4• Co., Boston: gi;The Pile Embrocation is
selling well, and gives universal satisraetion." It
never fails. For sale by Dr. D. i. 4ayne, No. 8 South
Third st., Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh at OA Eitk.ilti TEA. STORE,
72 Fourth st.. near Woodankija. the Drug Store of
H. P. Schwartz, Federal mt.,' 1412gheny City.
1. following has just been received froin our
agent in Cincinnati, Ohio: - j
" Mr. Quinn, living in Broadway, gentle
man well known to the cifizeds Of Cincinnati, has
been cured of deafneitslof 3*ears! standing, by
using one bottle of Scarpes Acbanstic Oil—All per
sons interested in this cagier, cap call on Mr. Quinn
and satisfy themselves of th 4 truth of the above
statement." J. W. SHEPPARD, Agent,
No. 125 Maiitatreet, Cincinnati.
For sale in Pittsbnrefat tee *MN TEA STORE,
72 Fourth St., near Wood—and int the Drug Store of
H. P. Schwartz, Fedaial st., Allegheny City.
Mechaizatoal Anoka: •
AFLVER'S Modern Buikll g Guide;
I_4 The American Rouse Carpernet,
Grier's Mechanic's Calculator;, '
Haswell's Engineer's Conitranicip;
Scribner's Mechanic's & En gineers COmpanlon
The Builder's price Book aid Estimator.
For sale by H. S. BOSWORTH 4KCO.,
janl3 ' lio:43lHat . kei
Debates. -• •
BLANCHARD'S and Rice's Debatti'on Slavery;
Perigree and Rice's- Dthate - vn Chiltern!
Canyon and Purcell's Debate on Catholicism.
at H. S. BOSWORTIf: Eo.'s
iNo.43Thlarket st.
Fresh Orit11:, . • •
HE subscriber +
Will receire, fresh floystirs daily
l e l from 'Benham* which ho will 11.10 e up in all
different styles, at the Frank!in . HottliFOurth frt.,
between Siaithfield and Grant.
octl3 . SCignivrz
. ,
Domeatlo W ell.
2 CASES wide Red and Brown Flannelin
60 pair twilled 104 Blanketalinst reed from the
manufactories, for sale by BrEp. COCRRAI 4 I
nosl9 '26 Wood',
DE_ spAvcrfErvon.
='''•.::.,.. ~, i l- - ..'.• - c.ON.pliF.,$S:•---,
Vtur4Dir.r.tons, dtutnary 12, 1847
Thridas 8 o'dock - 5
De sitlit, : of iteinig.ot • PeArOrbst,lx#ri
`;'`' 4
Sstreri.—Orfaiotfon of3tr. Afargnm, OfNorth
Carolintyrthn readiar of the proceedings were de
Mr. Archer, of Virginia, announced to the sen
ate, the death of his colleague, lion. J. S. Palmy
',Amin, Whit died at 4 o'clock this `rnorninr, ! --
Mr. Archerdelivered an eloggent eulogium upon
the life, of the deceased, after which the usual reso
lutions were adopted. •
lietrir.-=The HouSe went into 'Committee of
the Whole on the Oregon Bill, upon which a de
bate ensued.
The committee rose to receive a message from
tlaaSenate announcing the death of Senator PSNITS
BACKER, of Virginia.
Mr. 3PDowell, of Virginia, delivered a hand.
come eulogium upon the character of Hon. J. S.
Pennybacker, and cencluded by offering Recoil'.
tions of condolence, which were adopted.
After which the House adjourned.
Movements of Sa ..Inna—ameriennr preparing
to wit him-4 battle, probably fought—De
cree of the Mexican Congress. -
Paszan.szmaiA, JA'scr-crtt 12, 1547.
9 o'clock, P. M.
News from Brazos received up to Dec. 30th.
Gen. Scott arrived at the Seat of War. The re
port of General Worth's spies, about the approach
of Santa Anna, is confirmed. His army is rumo
red to be about 30,000 strong.. Gen. Butler wish
ed all the troops that could be mustered. He had
gone to the relief of Gen. Worth.
• Generals Lane and Marshall, with all the troops
they could get. left on the 20th on a forced march
for Saltillo. It was supposed they would reach
Gen. Worth. in time to 'save him. There Was a
rumor that Santa Anna bad thrown 11,000 - troops
between. Gen. Worth and Gen..Taylor—Which,
however, was not credited when expreis'reaceed.
Gen. Taylor had ordered Generals Twigg .and return and—march to Saltillo. is
supposed the battle has been fought, On Chriliniga, on
which day Taylor, Twigg, Quitman, Butler, Wool
and Camargo troops were supposed to have ar-.
rived, in all numbering about 7,000.
There were appiehensions of, an attack on Mat
The report that the Mexican Congresi tad 're
fused the proposals was confirmed. The Congress
further declares that they will not accept foreigil
intervention for Peace.
Great. Central. Route
For Baltimore, Washington City and Philadelphia, via
Browned& and. Cumber/and.
L ESS stage travelling and more expedition Than
any other route.
Pittsburgh to Baltimore, ,36 hours.
do. Philadelphia, 42 "
Fast Mail leaves the Monongahela Office at the St.
Charles Hotel daily at 6 o'clock, A.M., for the above
places. Also fOr Wheeling daily at same time via
of Washington. - J. ZIRSICIMEN,
jaill3-dlw Agt.yor Central Route,
74 1 • 4371131noktraiths.
-A MAN with or without family, who is a good
workman,can hear of a good situation in the
the Country, y applying to
. -
Penn at. bet Hand and Ifwin
Stockholder's Meeting'.
Stockhohlers of the Pittsburgh and Connells
ville Rail Road 'Company, are hereby - notified
to meet at the office of the Company. in Third street,
below Market street, Pittsburgh, on Monday the 25th
day orJanuary instant, at 10 o'clock, A. M. This
meeting is called fur the purpose of considering a
communication, with sundry resolutions, received
from the' Baltimore and Ohio Rail-Road company.
Also, the resolution offered by Mr. Clarke at the late
Annual meeting of the P. & C. R. R. Coinpany and
postponed, and further to take into consideration the
affairs of the Company generally, and authorizing the
Directors to adopt such measures as to them shall
appear expedient or proper in the premises.
jan 13-d 1 w WM. ROBINSON, Pres" t.
New Books.
.11 N Exposition of the Book of Proverbs. By the
Rev. Charles Bridges, lg. A., Author of "Ex
position of the 119th Psalm" "Christian.Mnistry,"
etc. One vol. Bvo. ' $2.
Glory, Glory; and other Narrations. By Selina
Bunbury, 18mo. Price 31c.
The Pre-Adamite Earth; Contributions to Theo
logical Science. By John Harris, D. D., Author of
the , ‘Great Teacher,""Great Commission," "Mam
mon," &c.
Recantation; or the Confession of a Convert to
Romanian; a tale of Domestic and Religious life in
Italy. Edited by the Rev. Wm. Ingraham Kip; M. A.
History of the Reformation in England. By Rev.
J. A. Spencer, A. M., Author of "The Christian in
structed in the way of the Gospel and the Church,"
etc. etc. For sale at the wholesale and re ail Book
store of - ELLIOTT & ENGLISH,
janl2 Market st bet 3tl and 4th.sts..
Animal and Unman Magnetism
PIIOF. MILLS, of Virgiuia, respectfully announ.
ces to the citizens of Pittsburgh, that he will
deliver a few Lectureson the above subject, atPhilo
Hall, commencing on Tuesday, Jan. 12th, when ex
periments of the most startling character will be
performed, showing the power ofthe will of man.
These experiments will illustrate the various phe
nonena ofAnimal Magnetism, physical and utebtal
Doors to be open at 61 o'clock:4 Lecture to com
mence at 7 o'clock.
Tickets 25 cents; to be had at the door.
All persons calling to see me on busine a at any
other hour except from 10 to 12 o'clock, A.M., will
be charged a fee of $3.
Persons wishing to join the class for instruction in
the art of Magnetism, will please to call atmy office,
on Wednesday morning, 17th inst. at 11 o'clock in
the Philo Hall.
A postponement if the weather is very inclement.
jaril I
A Hhds. new Bacon, assorted Hams, Sides and
Shoulders, received per steamer Hibernia, and
No. 57 Water at.
for sale by
LARD -37 Dairela prime leaf Lard, received and
for sale by FRIEND, RILEY 4 CO,
janl2 No. 57 Water
CASTOR OIL-25 - 11131s Castor Oil; for sale low to
close consignment, by
BUFFALO TONGUES-12 doz. Buffalo Tongues;
for sale by (lanl2) JAMES :MAY.
171, LATHERS-70 Sacks prime Feathers; for sale
janl2 by JAMES MAY:
14"1200 Pigs Lead; for sale by
janl2 - JAMES MAY
30 CASKS dark Brandy, Otard, Dupue.y & Co.'s
4,0 brand;
3 Casks pale " as
1 half pipe. Honleaux. " Y. J. Dupney;
l'qr. Cask ""
2 Pipes Holland - Gin, Swan brand,
On consignment and for sale by
-100 reams Imperial News, n by 32;
SO " Double Medium, 24 by 36;
20 , . w
" 24 by - 37;
6 " Extra " 28 by 41;
• 30 . 1 Yell. Steamboat, 20 by 24;
• 10 . 1 E.nselop, 20 by 24;
30 " White book, 19 by 24;
. dc3l . -_ . J. L. MELLOR, 81 Wood st
To Let.'
THE Store on Market street, near the Diamond,
now occupid by Messrs. Willock4 Davis;
Possession given on the let ofApril nest. a
iaell Apply to ...TAMES MAY.
For Rent.
AROOM in the first story of a Brick Hods* oaths
corner of Tifth and Union ete: Apply to
nom JAMES , MAY.
c 9 Postrzz.
Scum!_..._ass; W. M. Fora*
Vail T v
L Tied 50 cents.. rSecondyier, VI qttib,
,Thiid 66 720 6 , I Pit, ....' :;..2+5 -. ' .
- • --- : ''..; ' 7 --- iii.tvATE BOX, 75 me t ; ... 1 '
. . ~
' -
. ...,--
• . , • -,
Three-Pieces--song and Dance.
Will acted Knctwli; , s - celelrated Play of
I) , Donohne MR. FOSTER.
Terrence BlcGuire.;.• .
Roderick...... Ms . Mrsreirr,s.
EJgptba*... ......
Erina .. .. ..
Emma 'Mag. MESTATEE:
Song , gs Fine Ould Gentiennin,”---Mtrto=twn
“NAnorre.t.Ovranar,;” by Zrrrotpw.
After which the Scotch preyte of
Jack ,
Tibby ...... . Mas:Dowarra.l. •
To condodeavith he farce of •
SIGHTS IN BT. GILES: 01, - Lirr. nr LorzoN.
Doors to open at Pprfortaance. to commence a
. . . .
Airlts B. LEWIS respectfuAly, informs her hiends
1.111. and the patrons of the Drama in the city of
Pittsburgh and vicinity., that her .13ENEITr.w.ill take
place on Thursday Evening, January 14111, on which
occasion will be presented the celebrated Tragedy of
Dancing by ,bIISSDERTI.I.A.I.EIVIS.. - :
The whole to conclude with a favorite Drama,
[Box book now open.]
New .Books—Just.Received.
AMIZIORIAL of Egypt, , The .fled .Sea, The
Wilderness, of Sin and Parse, Mount
Jerusalem and other Pinei nil localities of the Holy .
Land; visited in 1842,. with brief notes of a route
through rrance; Rome, Naples,'Constantinople, and
the Dandbe: by George Fish ;L. L. 8.. one vol. 12
mo. - - - 91,25 -
Life in New York, by' the auth o r of "The.. old
white meeting nme Price 59.'ete
- Message from God; tit thoughts' on - religion for
thinking men, by Rev. John Cumming, I
have"a message from God -Untie-thee. ), ' • ;18 mo.,
price 37k cents. - -
Sketches of North - . Carolina,
grsphical, illustrative of the principles of a portion
of Me early settlers, by Res. _Wm. Henry kobte..—
For sale at the. BoOkiltore
. .
V. WILSON, ,cor, 4th Am/Market st., has
on handthe.finast and largert arsortment of
fine Gold and Silver Watcher ' ' 'in every .rariety; ever
offered for sale m 'this city,. Jewelry or the richest
and latest patterns, in large variety. ! Silver Ware,
Tea Ware, Table CutlerY, Solar Lani Lariapit and - Gi
randoles,.r the best material, patterns and Work
manship. Military Goodrand Trimmings in general.
Allen's Patent. Revolvers,: btc. All for sale at the
laweqt cash prices.
del9 • , , W. WILSON.
. . _
A. MASON, 62 Market street, has just receiv
A.,erl 10 now .pa'elcage.s of Dry Goods, - consisting
of MOOll de Laina,Cashmeres„Plaide, Giaghams, Al
paceas, a large lot and very . cheap, many-of these
very des cable blue and orang prints. Also, Flannels,
Cassinet s, Jeans,' Blankets; Counterpanes, Checks,
Horiery d Gloves, Bleached and Brown Muslim,
&c. &e: , (dec3o ) . ' A. A.. : - MASON.,
i n
. .
e CI
tt M
'h lat
'h he
Ii •ou
AT 0111
Ili in I
New' Mimic.
ON .._ :barge, to the memory of Ringeddi
ThMay Queen; Parlor Quadrilles}Th last sweat chime;
Tb home that I lave; .- .
0! .ould I were a boy again;
Le ouvenir waltz, by 11. Kteber;
Ori in or the harp;
Oakland Gallopade, by Rholrack;
Lode Not; Old Granite State;
I bdve conie' from a happy land;
Orpian ballad singers, by ;Russell; - ' "
(BOhare my cottaget . . .
AVolodman! spare that , tree; . . .
Dultlin Waltzes, by La Britiky; 's ',
Caip Glee, by Loden: dedicated' to the NeW
york Guards' Glee Club;
Th ' Vocal B.eauties of the favorite Opera ofthe
6 Love Spell," by Donazette ,
Songs from the Opera Il itiritani, by Bel
buetts fbr two flutes, by l Berbignier -11: Kaultedi-
Bid Grande Quick March: dedicated to Generei
-Taylor; . :
Willis s Juvenile Pjanolorte Pieceptor;
Just received and for tale by. .
decl4 JOHN IL ,DIBLLQR,I3IIVood st. •
. .
20 doz. Spades.
00 " Coal, eanal. and-Grain Shovels;
20 " Mattocks and .Picks.,' on , tiand mid for
sale at manufacturer's prices by . . .
oct24 GEO. COCIIDAN, 26,W00d at.
Annuals and Juvenile Works - for•Alte
street. .
he Leaflets of Memory for 1847. . • - • •
The Floral Offering
The Evergreen . it
Thu London Keepsake
The London.Heaih's Book: of Beauty for'lB47:
The London.Bible:Gallery • -
The Diadem . 44
The Boudoir Annital, - ."
The May Flower • ' • .-"'
The Rose of Eharoa • - - " ,
The Rose - • •
The Gift of Ffiendship • • ' It
The Fountain (Temperance #l.:Ttlel/ " •
The Friendship ' s Offering
The Hyacinth . ' 46
Childe Harolde, Illustrated;
Bryant's Poems '
" 4 , , • '
Southey's works., " ' -
Moore , a , •
Henaans,, ca ” •
„" Z't
Byron, C owper, Tasso, Milton; Scott, -tains and
Amelive Poems; all illustrated and beautifullyhoufid,
and suitable for a Holiday Gift. • •- _
The Youth'ißook of Nature;. Westerman Ready;
Moral Tales; Tales of Many Lands; " • • -
Parley's Bible Stories; Boy's Own-Book;
Clara's. Amusement; Young Student;
Boy's Manuel; Popular Tales;
Little Lessons for 'Little Learners;
Fireside Story Book;, Clever Stories;
Holiday Tales; Rhsmies for:the Nursery;
Kriss Kringle's Rare •Sheitv; My Own Story;
Very . Little Tales; Prise Story look;
• Mary Howitt's Prose and Verse Book;
Puss in 'Boots; Child's Favorite; - •
Life and Perambulations of a Molise;
Lucy and Arthur; Old Oak Tree; The Bracelets;
Boy's First Book; Rhymes endlingles;
Girl's Manuel; Child's Delight; Bob the S quirrel;
George's Journeyt Robinson Crnsoe; •
Juvenile Sketches; Bloisoms of Morality;
Child's Own StOry Book; Lazy lithence; •
Alice Franklin; Comic Nursery Tiler"
- Parley's Picture BOok; Toy Beak., &c.,
Also, a great variety of Appleton's Edition of .1 . 51-.
venile Works not mentioned here, entitled "Library
for My Young Countrymen: , , Call at. COOK'S;
Fourth st., and you can be suited., , - . ac 24
ITAVE received a portion of their Fall : suppliee,
arnong , which will be &odd ' - -
300 bags Rio Coffee, different shades' and '
•.. . . _
20 bags lava Coffee.,
40 half chests Y. 11. Tea;
10 do. Gunpowder .Teat
10 do Imperial do;
6 do'. Black Tea, . . .
50 Bbls No. - 3 Mackerel;
20 06 No. 2.
15 half Blds • do;. • -•-
i 0 Qr. Bbla. do' - •
30 Ilbls Taxmen:Oil, let gpalitp;
20 Ithls. Spnina Q 11.; very appenort:
Rialitni and ancrFancy,Boaps; '
SpanisliSegara; . .
lialr.SplliGh at);
_SpicgB ofial kinds; ;<, • .
chdC ol o.4.MOslaltl. . _
other article in their hue.
re determined: to eellotit low - mica, and et.
nvite the attention -Of ell who warit.chaap
Groceries te-Call 7 cittfilg-f
. .
and ev l a
The art
peel ini
And f
.. .... ierWiti
Market it. - betireei and 4th sta.
Holliday Goads, dco.
New 4 001 / I*
i tta:A Speelatbleetin&of the. h . Horti
,cultntiltsetety.iiill be held it Mr. Wickersham's
Seed telk-Wad-Street, on Wednesday, -lath of
rhauart~ at ,locinek. Business of importance
will be 11.0 belie* the Society ; and it is desirable
that the te-tt full attendance of the mem.
hers. " Bp o ctet :Of the President. jail I-
p The o ce of the Mousing Pore bas
tached ter itthe most extensive Job Printing Estab
lishrnent irrilif - eity. We are prepared to fill all
orders for printing at the shortest. notiee,^and the
work will be. done in the best style and on the
Reward. .
Ql. I w ill f la y the atfoie..reafitil tcrany person
who _will eve ne.iisfoinagition which tteill kWh,
the detection 'and - -tonvictiim - of -the'. sioundtel or
scoundrels who :are in idle habit of stealing the
Daily Post each, morning from - thetdodisof the
subscribers. - L. 'HARPER.
- Isfiw Lxsaoi, July 23 ,184
To. Dr. Green;Western Agent for Mazoni's Syrup::
Dear Sir--From a sense of duty raveiethe
public, aewellas to yourself, I:make the following
statement of my case, hoping:it may be the mass
of doing some good to otherszwho maybe siinilir
ly.afflicted inducing them-to try the 'same in.
valuable remedy without -Ibexe blast psi
in my breast : and side attended with a harrassine
cough for more than three years, during which
time I expectorated large quantities "of Matter; and
last spring my cough became so bad that ode blood
vessel after another gave, way in my lungS,
together viitti . the w ' enerat wasting away of ukged
end system, reduced .me to that condition, that. I
was unable ,to attend to any business ; whatever,
and gave, up all hopes of ever being -better. My
case was pronounced :hopeless and incurable by
physicians and despaired of by every - one that ineve
my cOndition. I was at this time coughing allikeet
xonstantly, and losizig‘in alarming quantity, of
blood from my lungs daily; and such was my de=
bilitated,condition thnt I could not , walk but areas
steps --without becoming exhausted; , and. air**
who has taken the trouble of acquainting them
selves of my real condition Would for a.moment
consider that it was more hopeful than the vicitst
cases of consumption generally. I have now_tak
en nearly-3 bottles of the truly wonderful Sicilian,
Syrup:. The bleeding of the lungs was stopped
fore 'had taken half of the first bottle. Aly mien -
has'abated, tlie,pain has left, my:breast and side,.
and my , fernier, health andstrength lktive,.so, far.
retinned,that 1 am at work every .day, tied Pte.
that lam a new man. And I am satisfied that
consumption may be and has been cured-14tho
nse of Dr. Mizoni's Sicilian Syrup, and I earnestly
recommend all that suffer Its I_ bay/ - dorie - ic4ty
thisjustly celebiatia'Syruliwithojit delay, for
think it tile-greatest discovery'that eveigroecl
the medical profession. "'With the highest doitssi .
eratiori of iesnect ;übscribe rayself your ray
much obliged friend, ' /• '
Ttiis to•certify that we; the undintigned.hhve •
been acquainted witli•John Rpas fo.TA nnmirr.'of
years and .cheerffllly testify ;to at* cdsreitriail
the statement above made of his titan, and we di,
ccataider him 'a new man enmparedWith wh'att he
was three Months ago; and confidently accordithe
credit of hiacure to the use of the truly hlebiated
Sicilian Syrup.- - Witness oar'hands and seals thin
23d ilay'of July: 18.16. •
• - - • WILLIA-111 /ELLISON, •
- , Sheriff of Col:.
GIDEON-GAVER, Dep. Slietiff,
Hays & Brockway s No. 2;.Conirnercial.Rov;
Liberty street,- Whialesale Agents for. Allegheny
county. Sold also at R. E.,Sellers, No. 5i - World
•Impartfint to ConsuMptives.---Strange tba . t;' so
many who are af fl icted with a Cough that is gridi
silly Wearing them dOwn, and slowly but:'surely,
stealing, them into that dreadfig diseatf.-Cottputp.
lion -- that dienuftwitieh carries OfftbouSands duly
ere:dating= nothingow, what is.livorm4 than caitt
ing, are gorging themselves with nostrumstbat ale'
puffed to the skies for:cures . theytire said
`to have
effected on some ioreigoor unknown 1:W1730130, when
theycan, be. positively cured by using Dr.
compound Syrup of Liverwort and. Tar, which con=
tiaues to make the most remarkable cures - ever re.
corded in the annuali; of Medicine; Which. is wai
ved by reference_to the vast number of certificates.
from the first and moat respectable citizeris—auch •
as-.the 'Hon.:Judge William Burke, the wife of tha
Rev.. Geo. Maley; Doctor Wm. Richards; Mrs.•lli,
ram Plummer; Devinney Ludlow, Esq., of Cincin.
nag; and a great number of others - in this eitt....:= l .•
Certificates- of not only : of remarkable cures of dis,
tressing Cough; bat cases of Consumption positive,
ly cured, after physicians of the highest standing
have given theta up to die! •• - "
For-sale by D. C. Kneeland, Principal - agent,
Grant street, one door below Id. • •
See advartisiMent.of Dr, Rogars'Liverwolt aid
Tar, in another column. dec4-..
Castzsxxx's Galvanic , Remedies for all kindfiref
nervous alrections they have been used with entire
success in all dues ofilhaumatisin, acute cierciirri;
nic„ applying , to the head, face or limbs:, gout; tie
dolereux, bronchitis, yertlgo, nervous or sick head
ache, indigestion, ...paralysis,. palsy,- epilepsy ; fita,
convulsions, cramp, palpitation,of thas heart. nen-
Mlgia, general debility, &c. In cases of dyspepsia - , -
which is simply a nervous derangement of the di-
gestive organs,-thq have been found eciiially sac.
cessful; ' -•
These afmlieutlClA are in the form of Rittiti . tMd
Magdetic Fluid, Batas, Bracelets, Belts; la.'
' See advertiiethent tor:furthei rafticulttra op
the outside of this sheet.
For sale at theFoly ?galley, .57 .
Market stteet.
TWO new two storied brick dwelling hew.
Vani ts.withAining roam, kitchen and bath-house
beck, *nate on the mirth aide.of Wy4e.street,siese
19,ashinitori,..anikiadjacent.M. the new. Court-house,
(pavement and gat-light , all the , way.) Possession
given the Istof April. • Apply to . :
jaal2-I,w • ALEX:. BLACK,.WyIie
. .
To nay. Vlients.
Y PA.RTHER, Mr. Liggett, and Wtia,
qttepd to, my .tutfinishedintabr
ness, and I recommend them to the patronage of,my:
friends. Lam authorized to state that they will
ceire the counsel and tisaistance of the Hon. IL tiid•
Ale. Office 2d story of Burke's Buddings,4da 'yent a
between -Wood and Market. = '
iaD 6- IY " c -- ' , 'SAMUEL W. BLAOI.Eti-•
Splendid' Goods,
WW. WILSON, corner of 4th and Market it;
cc now offers for sale at regular Eastern pricey
cheap for-cab; :a,large and well sel4ted steak of .
every article in his line of - business, etinsisiini hi
part of fine Gold-and Silver Watches; rich Jewelry
oflatest patternis;„Silver Table and'Tca tiroone 'and
Forksi Table, Cutlery and :Tea , Warel &Raj lard
Lamps, for every purpose; )14ilitary, Hoods;
0:7 Watch and' Clock 'repairinirexeculed io dui
best tawnier. ' '
Pittsburgh NorISA
Faope c
Offiat, 11!ii. 21,
Michael Allen,'
C. Aoshnts,
Thos. BakeirtiA . ,.
R. W. P
.110211 ART FINETZT, Sc
W orl«na WasmittL.
TErAIgED, at:rthe:ltott Shtp•lar4i few
y workmenin - Irop t to Whom , constant employ.
meat will be given if early z ipplied for
jim6 7 lwd . '
".: Dried Peaches.
BARRELS, just received and for sate by
170 ,Liborty et-
'MEW (Meant sogaif 9 'rievi - ,pr0p,..,2(';-0:"
I: Sugar, prime article, juirieeeired rind &exilic: .
- - - MIL •RR & SIC /LETS CIA6^
jan7„ . 179 Liberty 10. 0 -: -
Tio taiti BIiTTER , B9II.;
editle PTILY,MR RICKETSONi . '*"
jaa7 , . .1' 170 Libertytt;:
ARB-10 Keg* Leaf-Lard,luot received and for
'2 ' .. No 170 Libertrot,
01res, 0
Oir cin awni findlit G. Schneekts, oittltp4or
not. of Fifth and. Smithfield fiesk:o3lni*:
served 'up in 'fom, otyle, tlitr — lLlialt.St: • •
Also, GPlud Nut gan.4Y rntitrii4HiPasttiloir. ,
chisiossas iki call and se, -
, •
u,.~ : y
* ' 7 4 -
ton n.iatt b Ire . Immo.
Maiket. ;Street'. -
William Ebbs,
Lewis Hgtcbisoty
Pied. Lorin;
intiexter. ; •
ALLIEN, , Preat;- ,, ,
retary. • •-= • ,