The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, December 24, 1846, Image 4

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, 4, A.. 14,4 '‘r,'" ".-7' , ...t---:.4.„ -1..., .... - •
,!.." . ,'''L * I . 1.. . i ' . 4 4, . -... 4i k '...•
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F.' ' .' t 4. '' ... A;' . 4. 4 • , .. 'O , .?..; 4/..:4).• I,tko 7 , . -e.l ‘,._, ~ ;"
~-• ~- ~- _
„,.., „ IL ~,,,,t , :‘,... .t- , k•-,,,
~„......, n i•
CHILDS & CO., are now r
•••.•' ~ --" ' r% 4 ... F ' * ' - .:r .''' '' Or , 1' 4, 4,' P: '• ," - ‘z .. *. i t,
osr aii
1. - 'v..s,'P- '',--, -' e'v• P - x. 4 ' ',. I,'. A,„ , t - , t , -•- • . ••• • . •Vholesale Shoe Stbr r e e . cei
aprlng sIIPP an d best as
' i 7" ~ "'. it 41 ``L..f1 v ...,' .4"., i ' .. ,i 4.., ... '
the largest, cheapest receiving their
t••, - 4- , 4,7% , * --•1•t. sit, .tt 'V' '.• 45 n ..' f t tit ..; 't, ''' .I'.:t
7.;.4*.:4`o.2tV.:tta'''tt-r--;4l'kiWZ'gi.i-;`.ifi r 4;irkil at ' r' p°rtment °I.
r o° •• ts to this market. Mgo.
d 3 and
i ts 'a le of the
l ' o .q" "e"' It. 1..10 t,.. t ,u..,•,);.„.4... heist
'tt. ► '''..*--1
4 1. ' 4 ''' I ` . ' - 7 gre - -''" , - "fig 1 , 1 ,,„5e. Florence Braid,
able to bring
and Straw Bonne , t
,_ mens' and beYe' eumlr tlier,
and Shoes that they have ever
.. l a , " '"" it.,- 4 ~ „ 0 .1% . ~. „ , • ~, , „,,„ i t h tt splendid eesertmen, 9.
le * r 4" 11:4 ' ' 4 , 11 :4 " . . 1 / 4 % , , ....4 ,o,4l"..mprte 4 4. 4 .4. 4...1 ,0 ,,, C1'. ... 4 ,tk,.." . latest style together
llats Al
Lt. tt ,lik:*e*l4 . A.,. ) 0
~•til.lP•o*: f.y...,.4'.rp1.p. 1. i 4 pi * 4 "*l't. 414,,p,e1 Pal m Lea
i ii,
r for the western
. t.':;\ll.oe,t,ftirb.g.o_
~,, ,tAti,, ,.0 1 .Z . .4,- .4.....:4 - 4 r , ,, ,tz .".. ., 1...t 5t.•,,,
,Al u tie f , a w l b a i r c g h e l i o ,a t v o i t ng No b w ee Y il
purchased at the lowest
v o s• 1 . - 4. /„. = ' ,1" it , 1 ,...t. , * ..*4
„,.. 0 11., Ito.. a 0
-,, , ,r arry-4. • ^ •- -r , Ir. - 4..-olk 4 * - 4. 4 ' 9s 6}-- 4..'" , ;,,N N otrr r * and selected with great ea e l
o p rk Tanned Sole ea •
t s .l . l " ,, vt s vv 4 ; „ ! t ::Z' 3 t,,,A..,,•1:1"...-".:4,4•:7'tL'''' fia t''''‘.:4l.. ,A t - t . ' l4 :" - A.„ ea n t a ea t .'.till be
to purchase 'alit
'- ' C t -thtk..." g a rtant., I. ~ ~ 'fr. '' L ''...^-,,,...' sit•••=4.:4str+'..lNA-tr.,i, A harries. All merchants wishing
27 tf
sold at a small advance above cost and
' l *. * : -.-- ;7:„ . .. 1. • - •-iv-c; - - *!;1 1 4 ' .4N1 .. .i a i:-. ' l c , '..
*l44'4' , 3. 3 . * 75 ‘ '''' .4, 4 -.44 f 14 . 4 t .? " .4 4 ' 1' 4.' " t - 4--. Z. " ,4 4 .. .! 4 " . 4.4 5 d ditto their luter e e . v ,; t e t n n h c e a r l o l . and examine
-•-' e .- ' "., .4,.....,...Vhq V ' t ri...•`'e: ''''its
..... „„ .:, -% , fore purchasing I
...'" ' .4. ~..r, `..1 -,.. i,'Y - ~' *# Zt. A 1.,W,..ete 4 e . ...{, 1" ~,...'''...
~,r . * ., '' ,74 , •., •"2- '''
'‘' ' tl Y. e r• - •` - i- - ',:v." .-- . r ." s^'
' ,__ ..- -.. s • ";:., , ..,D y ~.! •..
.. .
;' ''.-;:te'''''''' l':' ,. V 4. g .- '7 4, ' , . - 1 17 4 4 * *44..
~ '' '''- v k '- % •' • 1 •',
vii.ef kt l.l,-• %•-?. ),-' r,,,,....-•• ..„:, .• ...... •-=', tr,--„, -„„ •• " ..,- <•• •',. -„;,„
,---...,-r„,„,, ; .- • ,--„ 5 ,:'' -r i •-i-• .! „... !, • - e , .1-,
=. ? ' , ) 5::. 44...
n tf.' - ‘ ... "' - '4'4 l: ‘,
. 9 ., • ,t, .• - -''", ',. -:' - .., .u . , '..' =-...• wr. - "0. 1. . •
1 . -fgs , - 'J ~.., r o , - ,' , - ~ .,14-•- • , ,. ,-;
,_, r , , = , ....-,......4
1 ' . ' gAirko, r'" +" . •"'''' :-' -1 • ,- ''.., ''s --,"''' ; •'•; !.. 'l '.-',-,- *,' ... 4 .. Tr - ..-,',..---4r •";•-0,i.1......1..-F! ......"..3%-*,,-Fts.",t
- ---.4 . 0 -ir.r.p. a ,- 0 `. .4-4 -C.S. ‘` ... ...-........ 4* * -7 . - ,
*,,,,, - 1•,-1, 3 , , ~,,,, e 4.1, < ' , ••%alO5-• ,•1, , <, }, -, . 1 ,,- -...-- ,;-"- -"- ,:,-,,,,,,-. 1 - I ,, ,x n ra,,iitir„ , , , -'' --- - ` '-
15 --„ 4i lt- - w„it;s4J, ,' z:'•-:',!--. • - ' - ' '•- :•', l -- , l _ ,,, 'fi-•f• N ` e7..-,'' f -'- 4 ,•*-T,s„.64:fttr.owi
, •' - '1,4 -, - - , 1 - - -, --" ••', --, I, • •
„-..- , -,t- , •
, •„f'f: - - '•. 4 „ C r. , ' -1- 4:-'t.. ,-- , ,•. ' '
.6. , . 4,!5r., 1 - ,-.-i, .‘, .'" J--- --' r‘„Y - '7•-
. 4 ,- - . ' • ,„,, - - -1.-
.# Z.' _;i7.... .. :
4 t6'4??.. '
i ' . .',-.• e -.1 / . i• • i -,...- -4 7.- - - r--
'..* '‘-•‘ .t. .--
t ,
2 r - ''r T t " -'-7
4-y- „,, • ,-, ~ -, , ,_ j r• , „.-'.-
r, I
;,, ,, e - ' ,*- • , c'' -', c ,-. l'
~•r,,,.. ~,,- a -, ~ , S
- . ' -'''''''' 4 . i ,, l' ...3- , , .1%.„.-.;,. 1.:',..j , t t , ,
~ 7 .. '
' • , 1 -. ,^- ..5 ." 1 P•,
r ". 4 . 4:, ~, 1', . •-" ',. , ` 4 ,..„y _ *
• -
Irttpsibiairklx Portable Moat Line ?
ooir —
F 0 8: the trantiportation:of freight between Pit:ta
lihrgh and the Atlantic cities; via Pennsylvania
improvements and Baltimore and Susquehanna inn
The Proprietors 'of this old established line, having
completed their arrangements, are prepared for ,
ward goods to and from the Bast (on the opening of
the canal navigation,) on as reasonable terms as any.
other -responsible line, and are determined that no
_rare or attention on their part shall-be wanting to se=i
cure a continuance of that patronage so liberally be
stowed upon them for several years past. '
The decided - success of the portable boat system,
so manifest in the regularity and despatch experienced
iu the;delivery-of goods ' the absence of all risk of
delay;breakage or,otlierdamage, incident to the old
system, where goods have to be hurriedly transhipped
three times on The way, and the merchantable order
in whicli'produce has been avowedly delivered by
them has induced the proprietors to. increase their
stock ' considerably this' season. Their extensive
warehouses at each point, (uneaqualled by any other
line,) error& them facilities to conduct their business
with despatch; and to shippers the convenience of
free storage, if required, until their arrangements are
complete;—while their /ong experience in the Carry,
leg trade, it is presumed, will be sufficient guainntee
to their patrons andthe public that they will success
fully wart themselves to give general satislhction.
. Produce received forwarded, steamboat charges
paid, and bills lading transmitted free of charge for
COMMillSiolli advancing or storage, and all comlntini
cations to • the following agents promptly attended to:
Cor. Penn and Wayne sta., Pittsburgh.
278 Market street, Philadelphia.
North et., Baltimere.
• 4.
~.~ ~ t:l3
liinghain's Transportation Line.
CO.IinrCTED 011 strict Sabbath-keeping principles,
though not claiming to be the only line that is so
conducted. The proprietors of this old established
line have put their stock in the most complete' order,
and are thoroughly prepared to forward produce and
merchandise to and from the Eastern cities ou the
opening of navigation.
We trust that our long esperience in the carrying
business,tuad zealous - attention to the Interests of cus
tomers, will secure to us a continuance and increase,
of the patronage heretofore bestowed on 'Bingham's
Onr arrangements will enable us to carry freight
with the utmost despatch; and our prices shall always
be as low as the lowest charged by other responsible
Produce and merchandise will be received and for
warded east and west without any charge for'adverti
sing, storage or commission.
8i115...0f lading forwarded, and every direction
promptly attended to.
Addreint, or apply to WM. BINGHAM,_
Canal - Basin, cor. Liberty and Wayne sts., Pittsb'g,
N 0.276 Market st.,Philtulelphia,
N 0.122 North Howard et., Baltimore,
aprlll-7 No. 10 West st.. New York
Ind.epengrent Portable Boat Line.
Sa .
4 2:r'l
FOR the transportation of produce and merchari
-dize to and from Pittsburgh, Baltimore and
Philadelphia; ;0-without transhipping. Goode con
signed to ouftare, will be forwarded without delay;
at the-lowest current rates; Bills of Lading trans
mitted,: and all instructions promptly attended to,
free from any extra charge for storage or Commis
sion.- Address
C. A. McA.NULTY & Co.,
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh.
Smith's Wharf, Baltimore.
Broad st., Philadelphia.
•lpichworth's Way F , eight Line.
1 4 4 . freighltVliVercern''Pittsb.urA, p
town, Hollidaysburgh, Water Street, and all inter
mediate places.
One boat leaves the Warehouse of C. A. McAnul
ty & Co.,Pittsburgh, every day (except Sundays) and
Shippers can always depend on having their goods
forwarded without delay and on accommodating
We respectfully sollelt your patronage..
• . - - ,
J. Plckivorth of boats, Nile, Exchange; Paris and
-: J. If. Barnes of boat's, Push and Exoine.
John Miller of cars on Portage Rail Road.
S. PICKWORTH, Canal Basin, Johnstnwn,
JOHN MILLER., 6 ! °' Holli~layehurgly
C. A. WA:CULTS & CO, "
8108/101.CG ABET. A ROUTE,
TO BALTIMORE., in 32 hours—fate $lO.
TO PHILADELPHIA in 40 hours—ffire $l2.
orits 73 1111.V.S STAGIZIO,
The -Great Speed, Regu/arity.and high Reputation
alreadY . 4ktained by this pleasaut passenger Itudte,
has inshil:4., „the Post Master General, to place the
hew York and Philadelphia mails to Pittsburgh,
on it.
The superior and swift steamers CONSUL and
LOUIS M'LANE, leaves the Monongahela Wharf
precisely at 8 o'clock every morning, and at 6 o'-
clock every evehing, except Sundays: Splendid
Coaches await their arrival at Brownsville, to trans
port Passengers and Mail, only 73 miles to the Rail
Rood al Cumberland.
The preparations on this route are ample, anAlie
connections complete, so that disappointment or de
lays will lie unknown upon it.
By our tickets, passengers ca,n delay at Cumberland
or at Baltimore, during their pleasure, and continue
their journey either by steamboat or cars to Phila
Office in the "St. Charles Hotel,” Wood st. Pitts
burgh. J. MESICIMEN,
RHODES & ALCORN, (Late of Nev York city,) ,
No. 27 Fifth st., between Wood and Market,
Manufacturers of Mustard, Ground Spices, Catsups,
&c., &c., will open during the present .week a large
assortment of articles'in their line, which they will
wholesale in quantities to , suit dealers, at Eastern
wbolesale-pcices. All articles sold by them warmii
ted. ...Merchants intending to go cast would do well
to call before leaving the city. They may be found
at their warehouse No. :. 4 .7 Fifth 'street, in Ryan's
Building. ! sep7
To Arms Arzrau Z:I
titt /00 men, notwithstanding which, J. M.
WRife will continue to sell clothing, cheaper than
any lanlieretefure been offered in the western court
try,,:having_ the largest establishment in. the city,
fronting on Liberty and Sixth streets. Ile is now
_CO show to his numerous potions the great
est variety of cloths; cassinaeres, vestings, and clo
thing of all descriptions, suitable for the approaching
season, that has ever been offered in this market, to
which all can have the Right of Wav'.' Observe the
corner, No. 167, Liberty and Sixth sirects.
J. M. WHITE, Tailor,
mar 23 . l'roprietor.
Filth Ward Livery Stable
; t r io :4 THE; subscriber, .having bought out the
, well known 'Livery Stable; kept by C. B.
Doty, in the fifth Ward, respectfully. inthrms his
friends and the public generally, that he will keep at
all times a stock of the 'best description of riding
Iforses, buggies, carriages of all kinds, and in short
eVery thing required in his line of business,.
A,cansiderable portion of his stock is new, and he
is cenfident that au stuck in the cityjvill be superior
to hie.'
'His terms Will - be moderate: His stable is on.Liti
erty street, a few doors shove the Banal bridge,
where be respectfully solicits a share of public pa
• .I:4r He is also provided with an elegant Hearse,
which will be furnished when required; oct2s-tl
= t
tint grattort
Tapers°it's General Einlgratton (Moe.
1 , .. REMITTANCES and paring to Ir .
...04 4 and from GREAT BRITAIN ARD ~,..4 44 ,
lar.LArrn, by W.& J. T. Tapscott '
.75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane, New York,
and 96 Waterloo road Liverpool.
The subscribers having accepted the agency of
the above house, are now prepared to make arrange-i
ments upon llie most liberal terms with those desi
rous' of paying the passage of their friends from the
old Country, and Batter themeselves their character
and long standing in business will give ample iirt-I
surance that all their arrangements will be carried ,
out faithfully.
Messrs. W. & J. T. Tapscott, are long and favora
bly knovim for the superior class, accommodation
and sailing qualities of their Packet Ships. The
ERPOOL, and SIDDONS, two of which leave each Wszinice Mm's, Agent, at the Exchange Office
Port monthly, from New York the 21st and 26th and of Warrick Martin, Sr. Co., corner of Third and Mar
from Liverpool the 6th and 11th, iu addition to which ket streets.
they have • arrangements with the St. 'George and Fire risks taken on buildings and their contents in
Union Lines of Liverpool Packets to insure a doper- Pittsburgh, Allegheny and the surrounding country.
tare from LivernooLeiety fir edava being thus aster No marine orinland navigation risks taken.
. . ..
mined, their facilities shall keep pace with their in-
____ ___
creasing patronage,while-Mr.V..TapecoWis constant Fire and Marine Insurance.
per-aonal suoerintendance. of the business in Liver- HE Insurance Company of North America, of
pool is an .additional security T
that the comfort and • Philadelphia, through its duly authorized Agent,
accommodation of the passengers will be particu the subscriber, offers to make permanent and limited
larly attended U.. . . , t Insurance on property, in this city and its vicinity,,
The subscribers being (as usual) extensively enga- and on shipments by the canal and rivers. 1
god in the Transportation Business between Pittsburg DIRECTORS.
and the Atlantic Cities, are thereby enabled , to take
Arthur G. Coffin, Pres't: Samuel Brooks,
charge of and forward passengers immediately on
Alex. Henry, Charles Taylor,
their landing, without a chance of disappointment or Samuel w. •_ ,,nes
J ~ Samuel W. Smith,
delay, and are therefore prepared to contract for pas
• Edward Smith, Ambrose White,
sage from any sea port iu Great Britain or Ireland to I John A. Brown,
Jacob M. Thomas,
this City; the nature of the business they are engaged
John White, John R. Neff,
in giving there facilities fur carrying passengers so
Thomas P. Cope, Richard D. Wood,
far inland nut otherwise attainable, and will, (if no Wm. We l s h , Henry D. Sherrard, Seey. I
cessary,) forward passengers further West by the
This is the oldest Insurance Company in the Uni
best mode of conveyance without any additional
tell States, having been chartered in 1794. Its char
charges for their trouble. Where persons sent for
ter is perpetual, and from its high standing, lung
decline coming out, the amount paid for passage will • experience, ample means, and avoiding all risks ofj
be refunded in full.
REMITTANCES. lan extra hazardous character, it may be considered
as offering ample security to the public.
The subscribers are also prepared to give drafts at; MOSES ATWOOD.
sight, for any amount payable at the principal Cities At Countint , Room of Atwood, Jones Sr. Co., Wa
and Towns in England, Ireland, Scotland and
ter and Front streets, Pittsburgh. oct23-y.
Wales; thus affording a safe and expeditious mode of ;
Remitting funds to those Countries, I which persons!
requiring such facilities, will find it their interest to
avail themselves of.
Application (if by letter post paid) will be prompt
ly attended to
Forwarding and Commission Merchants,
tnar27 dkwy. Pittsburgh, Pa
• _
EMITTANCES to, and Passage to and from
kV Great Britain and Ireland, by the Black Ball, or
old Line of Liverpool Paekels. Sailing from New
York and Liverpool on the lot and 16th of every
month. And by first class American Ship. [Soiling
Persons sending to the "Old Country" for their
friends; can make the necessary arrangements with.
the subscribers, and have them brought out in any of
the eight ships comprising the Black Ball or Old Line
of Liverpool Packets; (sailing from Liverpool on the
Ist and 16th or evety month,) also by first class ships,
sailing rom that port weekly, which our Agents,
Messrs. James D. Roche & Co., them w ill send out
without delay.
Should those sent for not come out the money will
be refunded without any deduction.
The "Black Ball, or old Line of Liverpool Packd
ets," comprise the following magnificent ships, and
will sail from Liverpool on their regular appointe
day, as follows:
Fi tetra, On lot Jan. Ist May. Ist Sept.
Europe, 16th . 6 16th .• 16th ' 4
New York, Ist Feh. Ist June. Ist Oct.
American, 16th 44 16th 16th "
Yorkshire, . Ist Mar. Ist July. Ist Nov.
Cambridge, 16th 44 16th 16th Dec.
Oxford, .. lot April. let Ang. lot 4.
Montezuma, 16th " 16th . 4 16th 6.
Notice.—lt is well known, that the Black Ball in
the very best conveyance for persons to get out their,
friends,, and as other passenger agents advertise to
bring out passengers by that Line, the public are re
spectfully notified by the owners that no passenger
aganta, but Roche, Brothers & Co., and Blakely &
Mitchel, arc authorized to advertise and to bring out
passengers by that Line.
We have at all times for the Drafts at Sight for any
amount, direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub
lin. Also.On Messrs. Prescottt, Grote, Ames & Co.,
Bankers, London, which are paid free of discount, or
any charge, whatever, in all the principal towns
throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Apply to, or address, if by Letter, (post paid.)
No. 35, Fulton street New York.
(Neat door to the Fulton Bank.
N 0.15 Dnblin street, Liverpool.
Penn street, and Smithfield ft.
Remittances to England, Ireland, Scot- i
land and Wales.
PERSONS desirous of remitting money to any of
the above countries, can do so through the sub
scribers on the most easy terms. We arc prepared
to issue drafts fur any-amount over .1:1,00 sterling.—
Remittances made through our house any day before
the 23d of May, will be received in Ireland, by the
20th of June.
11LAKF.LY & MITCHEL, Pittsburgh,
Agents for Roche, fines & Co.,
my 1 4 New York
fiats! Rats: i
SPRING FASHION.—Just received by
1 4e_spress from New York, the Spring Style
of lists. All those in want of a neat superior Hats
arc respectfully invited to call. S. M(O)RE,
N 0.93 Wood tit., 3 doors beloi , diamond Alloy.
mail p
A WESTRIIVELT, the old and well known
lienitian Blind Maker, formerly of Second
and Fourth'sts., takes this method to inlbnn his many
friends of the tact that his Factory is now in full op
oration on Si. Clair at., near the old Alle , ,, , ,heny
Bridge, where aconstant supply or Blinds of various
colors and qualities, is constantly kept on hand and
at all prices, from twenty-cents up to suit customers.
N. B. If requirdd, Blinds will be put up so, that
in case of alarm by tire,
or otheswise, they may he
removed without the aid of a screw-driver, and with
, the same fliedity that any other piece of furniture
can, be removed, and without any extra expense.
The Three ittg v r o omill. The ♦Veetcrn
'MOW made and ready to be offered on the most
IN liberal terms to my old customers and the pub
lic in general. The Proprietor of this far famed and
extensive establishment has now, after returning
from the Eastern cities, at much trouble and expense,
just completed his fall and winter arrangements to
supply his thousands of customers with one of the
most desirable stocks of Clothing that has over been
offered in this or any other market west of the moun
tains. For neatness iu style and workmanshiP, com
bined with the very low price which they will be
sold for, must certainly render the old unrivalled
Three Big Doors one of the greatest attractions , '
the western country. It is gratifying to me to be
able to announce to my numerous friends at home
and abroad, that notwithstanding the extraordinary
efforts which 1 have made to meet the many calls in
my line, it is with difficulty I can keep time with the
constant rush that is made on this popular establish
ment. It is a well established fact, that my sales are
eight or ten times larger than any other house in the
trade, and this being the case on the amount sold, I
can afford to sell at much less profit than others could
possibly think of doing if they wished to cover con
tingent expenses. I intend to make a clean sweep
of all my present stock before the beginning of next
year; coming to this conclusion, I will make it the
interest of every man, who wants a cheap winter
suit, to call and purchase' at the glove Big Doors.
Paper NV sire house.
rpn E undersigned having bought the paper ware
house and wall paper_ manufactory, late of
Holdship & Browne, have entered into a co-partner
shlpoinder the name and style of Hill &Browne, for
the purpose of carrying on the business in all its va
rieties. They will have always on hand a complete
of their own manufacture, and their stock will be
improved and 'enlarged with periodical additions
from the beat French factories. .
Agents for _the well-known Clinton Paper Mill,
Steubenville, from which they will be constantly
supplied ; with WRITING;:' WRAPPING, PRINT
ING' PAPER, BONNET BOARDS, &c.; all of which
they offer wholesale and retail, at their store, No.
37 Wood street, midway between Fourth and Dia
' mond Alley, where country merchants and dealers
are invited to call
CHLORIDE of Lime, in store and for sale by
Vetstitian Blinds
The Franklin Fire Insurance Company
CjHARTER PERPETUA L. 8400,000 paid in M
. Bee 1631, Chestnut st., north side, near Fifth.—
Take Insurance, either permanent or limited, against
loss or daniage by fire, on property and effects of
every disciiption, in town or country, on the moat
reasonable terms. Applications, made either, per
sonally or by letters, will be promptly attended to.
C. N. BANCKER, Brest.
C. G. BANCE.E.II, Sec'y.
Charles N. Bancker, Jacob R. Smith,
Thomas Hart, George W. Richards,
Thomas .1. Wharton. Mordecai D. Lewis,
Tobias Wagner, Adolphi E. Borie,
Samuel Grant, David S. Brown.
New York.
pills well known and respectable company is pre
j_ pared through their PITTSBURG AGENCY, to
make insurance of every kind connected with risks
of transportation and inland navjgation; to insure
against loss or damage by fire, Dwelling Houses,
Warehouses, Buildings in general, Goods, Wares,
and Merchandise; and every description of personal
property on the most favorable terms.
Applications for Insurance attended to without de-
I lay at the office, No. 31 Water and 62 Front sts., by
At an Election' held at the office in N. Y.; May
12th, the following named gentlemen were chosen
Directors of this Company, for the ensuing year,
Joseph W. Savage, Stephen Holt,
John Browner, John McChain,
William G. Ward, Wm. W. Campbell,
John Newhouse, Jacob Miller,
William S. Slocum; Marcus Spring,
John F.Mackie, Joseph S. Lake,
John J. Herrick. .
And at a subsequent meeting of the Board, JO
SEPH W. SAVAGE, Esq., wan unanimously re-elec
ted President for the cunning year.
See tart'.
Philadelphia—Charter perpetual—Capital 500,-
000 paid in. Office in Philadelphia, No. 72 Walnut
street—Wm. Davidson, Pres't; Frederick Fraley,
Seey. Tins old and well established Company con
tinues to insure Buildings, Merchandize, Furniture,
and Property, not of an extra hazardous character,
against loss or damage by Fire.
Applications for Insurances in Pittsburgh and its
neighborhood will he received, and risks taken
either perpetually or for limited periods, on favora
ble terms, by GEO. COCHRAN. Agent,
tlec 24 No. 26, Wood street.
au 4 1 y
Agents at Pittsburgh, for the Delaware Mutual
Safety Inrurance Company of Philadelphia.
TIRE RISKS upon Buildings and Merchandise of
every description, and Marine Risks upon hulls
or cargoes of vessels, taken upon the most favorable
Otlice at the warehouse of King & Holmes, on
Water st., near Market street, Pittsburgh.
N. 11. King & Finney invite the confidence and
patronage of their friends and community at large to
the Delaware M. S. Insurance Company, as an insti
tution among the most flourishing in Philadelphia—
as having a large paid in capital, which, by the oper
ation of its charter, is constantly increasing—as
yielding to each person insured his dne share of the
profits of the Company, without involving him in
any responsibility whatever, beyond the premium
actually paid in by him; and therefore as possessing
the Mutual principle divested of every. obnoxious
feature, and in itspost attractive form. now I-tf
Agency of the Franklin Fire Insurance
Company . of Philadelphia.
N. E. corner of Third and Wood streets, Pittsburgh. 1
rpitE assets of the company on the first of Janua
1, ry, 1 , 445, as published in conformity with an act
of the Pennsylvania Legislature, were
Bonds and Mortgages, $600,615 9's
Real Estate, at cost. 100,967 77
Temporary Loans, Stocks and Cash,— 207,499 72
Making a total of 5209,653 92
Affording certain assurance that all losses will he
promptly met, and giving entire security to all who
obtain policies from this Company. Risks taken at
as low rates as are consistent with security.
Pittsburgh Navigat
ranee C.
Oct, No. 21,
Michael Allen,
C. Anshutz.
Thos. Bake cell,
Robert Beer,
R. W. P
Allen Kramer,
EXCHANGE BROKER, corner of Wood nod 3d
streets. Gold,rsilver and current hank notes
bought and sold. Sight checks on the eastern cities
for sale. Drafts, notes and hills collected.
Wm. Bell & Co.,
John D. Davis,
F. Lorenzo, Pittsburgh, Pa.
J. Painter & Co.,
Joseph ‘Voodwell,
James May,
Alex. Bronson & Co., t Philadelphia.
John H. Brown &
James WCanilless, Cincinnati, 0.
J. R. M , Donald, St. Louis, No.
W. 11. Pope, Preet Bank al Ky., Louisville
Plate Gold nod Silver Watches
inITHOSE who wish to purchase Gold or Sil
ver i:..,4 • r Watches, or Jewelry, will find it to their
"i•.. advantage to call on the subscriber, who is
selling all descriptions of fine gold and silver watches
and jewelry, on as good terms as may be had in the
eastern cities.
Fine Gold and Silver English Patent Lever Watch°
Geneva and French "
, t• L'Epine Watches.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fine Gold Guard Chains
, Bracelets, Gold Pencils, and Finger Rings.
Silverware, Militiry Goods, Lampe, and a large va
riety of Fancy Goods.
Inr Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired in the
best manner, and warranted at the lowest prices.
corner Fourth and Market sts.
890 ACR of ): a rmin g t
settlement L in' Elk ou a n n t d y , n e l a t r
a S
j .Z s a7 .h " es
lands of Bensinger & Co., who are the founders o.
that settlement. To a few German Farmers, wish
ing to emigrate to that section where they can enjoy
all the advantages of a new . settlement, and where
the ordinances of the Catholic religion are daily ad
ministered, these Lands afford the same comfort and
facilities as other lands, that 'cost.twice or three
times as much. St. Mary's settlethent now numbers
about 2500 souls, and is increasing rapidly. Should
a sufficient number unite and purcbase the whole
tract, an exchange will be made for other property
near Pittsburgh. For further partictilara apply to
L. WILMARTIf, Penn street,
octl7-tf Or to V. SCRIBA, Wood street.
To 'Householders. 4 ..
ICERTIFY that I have had two beds renovated in
Kelly's Steam Renovator, and I must acknow
ledge that the process brings the feathers to a more
buOyantand purer state than when new. With 'the
greatest pleasure I recommend it to the public.
nor2o-tf MARTIN LYTLE. •
The Press, Medical Faculty and Thou
sands who have used Dr. Stattyna's Compound
Syrup.qf Wild , Cherry; all concur in pro
nouncing it one of the best remedies
ever invented, for the cure of all
CONSUMPTIVES Br.wattie or Ineennorr.—The
Wild Cherry Tree in all ages of the .world, and
iu all countries where it is known, both among civil
ized es well as sa.A.m nations and tribes, is justly
celebrated for its nonderthl Medicinal - qualities.—
This, combined with many other. valuable vegeta
-1 tde extracts, and prepared by-a skilful physician,
' who possesses the advantages of the experience and
practice of his. profession of nearly a quarter of a
century, must be a valuable acquisition to those who
are laboring under any of the dangerous diseases of
the Lungs so common in our climate. Such 41 prepa
ration is Dr. Swayne!'s Compound, Syrup of Wild
Cherry, prepared by himself at his labartory in Phil
adelphia. Dr. Wistar, Of Philadelphia, has not nor
never has had anything to do with any preparation of
Wild Cherry t but there was one :got up in Philadel
phia and the 'name of Winter attached, the right of
which was sold out to some merchants in the West.
If you would get the genuine article, the only one
prepared by a regular physician, see . that the signa
ture of Dr. Swayne, of Philad'a., is on each bottle.
More Home Testimony:.
PHILAMELPIIIA, Sept. 28, 1846.
' Dr. H. Swaynet—Dear Sir--;liaving seen the "as
tonishing cure" perrormed on Mr. Thomas by your
Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry, 1 was induced to
try it on myself. 1 was taken with a violent cough,
spitting 'of blood, shortness of breathing, together
' with violent attacks of Asthma. I overdone myself
from exertion which I was not able to perform, which
I prostrated my system to a great extent. I com
menced the use of your Compound Syrup of Wild
I Cherry, together with your Extract of Sarsaparilla
and Tar Pills, which gave me almost immediate re
lief,and I am glad to give my testimony to all who
may be afflicted in'a Similar way. I am now able to
resume my daily labor. It would do well to see that
the signature of Dr. ii. SWAYNE is on each bottle of
Wild Cherry. My residence is in Thirteenth street
two doofirfrom the corner of Willow, where I shall
be glad to have an interview with all similarly afflic
ted. WM. R. WALTON.
Letter front the Rev. R. Jackson. •
Formerly l'astnr of the First PreSbyterian Church,
New York.
Feb. 15 1846.
1 Dr. Swayne—Dear Sir—Permit me'to take the lib
-1 erty of writing to you at this time, to express appro.
' bonen, and recommend to - the attention of heads of
'families and to others your valuable medicine—your
I Compound Syrup of Wild Cherry. In my travels of
I late, 1 have'seen in a great many instances; the won
derful effects of your medicine in relieving children
of very obstinate complaints, such as coughing,
[ wheezing, clinking with the phlegm, asthmatic at
tacks, &c. I should not have written this letter,
however, at present, although I have felt it my duty
16 add my testimony to it for Some time, had it not
been for a late instance where the medicine above
alluded to was instrumental in restoring to perfect
health on only child, whose case was almost hopeless,
in a family of my acquaintance. ' I think heaven,'
said a doting mother, 'my child is saved from the
jaws of death. ,
Beyond all dpubt, Dr, Swayne's Compound Syrup
of Wild Cherry is the most valuable medicine in this
or ant , other country. I ant certain I have witnessed
more - than one hundred cases where it has been at
tended with complete success. I have used it mysell
in an obstinate attack of the Bronchitis, in which it
proved effectual in an exceedingly short time, con
sidering the severity of the case. I can recommend I
it in the fullest confidence of its superior virtues. I I
would advise that no family should be without it; it
is very pleasant, and always beneficial; worth double
and often ion times its price. The public are assur
ed there is no quackery about it.
Reader! are you suffering from a cold or disease
of the lungs? Try this remedy! you will nOt;perhapS,
regret it. It will arrest all those disagreeable spay
ton, which strike so much terror to the mind, and
Erelong your days; beware of all preparations pur
porting to contain Wild Cherry, except that bearing
the signature of Dr. H. Swayne, on the outside wrap
per of the bottle as they are quite likely destitute of
the article from which they borrow a name.
Prepared only bv Swaram, whose office has
been removed to the 'N. E. Corner of Eighth and Race
Streets, Philadelphia.
Sold wholesale and retail in Pittsburgh at proprie
tors prices, by Wst. Taints, 53 Market at.; Opera
& StCowoE. , f, corner of Wood and 2d sts.; J. Jours,l
180 Liberty at.
Also, sold by J. Mitchell, Allegheny City, Boyd,
Cams & Co. Butler; Weaver & Henderson, Mercer;
Norman Cal
ender ' ILio
Meadvillej J. Bme& Co.,
Erie; M'Kensie Kaskell, Cleveland, Denis &. Son,
Columbus; Miller, Brownsville; Marsh, Wheeling,
Ya.- E. B. Hinman, Cincinnati, hio; Dr. F... Easterly
& do., St. Louis; J. S.Morris Sr. Cu., Louisville, Ky.;
Andrew Oliver & Co., New Orleans, and by agents
generally. decl4
ilsonTs Pills.
THE WILSON PILLS, as a remedy peculiarly
adapted for headaches andayspeptic affections,
are pretty generally known and esteemed in this
community; and the proprietor, so often aithe has
occasion to write or speak of them, can scarcely re
f ain from an expression of his grateful acknowledg
ments to his friends for their patronage and kindness
to him. His feelings are the warmer from observing
Vie "beginning and the ending"—thrown almost in
juxtaposition—of so many'rastrums and kindred pre
parations equally loud in their pretensions, and
much more industriously presented to the public;
vrinle his preparation noiselessly advances, even to
remote places, soothing and comforting theafflicted,
and permanently grafting itself upon the affections
of new friends, thuil continually widening the circle
of its usefulness. Although well satisfied that his
medicine has, as it were, a principle of perpetuity in
it, yet he is obliged to his friends for the most sub
stantial evidence of the fact.
In its natural history, if you please, the Wilson
Pill differs from most other preparations in not. being
originally made for sale, or with a view to pecuniary
profit; while as every body knows, the greatest tyre
(as a general thing) no sooner begins to dabble in
drugs than lie casts about for some cheap prepara
tion, or must 'get up,' as the phrase is, something—
anything that ,resell. Often he attempts it under
ao assumed o fictitious name, as though conscious
his own were insufficient to sell it. The difference
then between the Wilson Pill and the preparations a
have just indicated, would appear to be this: The I
consciousness of the =lee of my pill originated
the idea of putting them on sale for money, and at I
price. The consciousness of the value of stoney
originates in most instances the many preparations
I have alluded to: and the price most likely 'to take'
is always first carefully considered, and the pill or
other preparation made and graduated to suit it. ' The ,I
one is a DISCOVERY, and comes from the great Arcana
of Universal Nature; the other a trick or invention, I
snit conics from a not very popular quality of Innt- I
vintina Nature. Reader! the difference here is'
great. In one instance the value attached to therm,
is the starting point; in the other, the MONEY. But
it is not probable that some of the many prepara
, tionsliavinveven such paternity were accidentally
good, but that possibly by this process of "getting
I up" as they call it, by puffing and blowing, as we
I clean wheat, they have been "got up" too high be
fore their specific gravity had been carefully ascer
tained, and have blown off never to be heard of,
with other chaff—some lighter, some heavier.
' Whatever may lie the rationale, I must repeat it,
that I ain most profoundly thankful to my friends for
their discrimination in notconsigning my discovery to
that compenduous category or "inventions that did
not answer"—of "tricks that won't win.."
The Wilson Pine are useful as a GENEAAL remedy,
and may be kept and taken, in proper doses, in fam
ilies,as a preventative of, general ill health, or dis
ease of whatever name, by any member of the fam
ily, without any fear or the consequences of expo
sure in the ordinary pursuits of business.
They may always be had in any quantity of the
proprietor, in Penn street, below Marburv, and of the
principal Druggists of this city and Allegheny.
ion and Fire 'nen
Phu ket Strcet.
William Ebbs,
Lewis Ilutellibon,
Fred. Lorenz,
James May,
M. ALLEN, Pres't,
Breast Pins
John D. Davis,
Corner of Wood and Fifth streets, Pittsburgh,
is ready to receive merchandize of every description
on consignment for public or private sale, and from
long experience in the above busbies, flatters himself
that he will be able to give entire satisfaction to all
who may favor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on Mondays and Thursdays of Dry
Goods and Fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A.M.
Of groceries, Pittsburgh manufactured articles,
new and second hand furniture, &c., at two o'clock,
P. M. •
Sales every evening at early gas-light. augl2.-y
BAGLEY'S Patent Extension Pen Holder and
Pencils.—This is the most compact, complete,
convenient and useful pocket companion ever offer
ed to the public. The multiplicity of its usefulness
and the smallness of its else renders it a perfect
Multum in Parvo. In the short space of 21 inches is
contained a Gold Pen, Pencil, and a reserve of leads,
and by - one motion slides either the Pen or Pencil out,
and extends the holder to six inches, which is but lit
tle more than half the length when shut up, of the
common pen holder, but when extended is one fourth
longer. The above useful article just received from
the manufacturer, and for sale by
- oct29 and Market st.
.0 . S ...,
~...., , le 111 -• ~.•....
k• -. ~,., - ;:, - 7. - t -- ;. , .. ; .ti , . ~,i.l , - .N
/ 1, -, ,_7.
. - :::1-- - .. • ;'.:;.:1U -1..,r,
- .
" Wbat though the causes may not be explained,
Since their - effects are duly ascertained,
Let not delusion, prejudice, or pride,
Induce mankind to set the moans aside;
Means which, tho' simple, are by Heaven design'd
To alleviate the ills of human kind."
THIS remarkable invention, which has received
the universal approbation of the medical profes-,
sion of Great Britain, comprises an entirely new ap
plication of Galvanism, as a remedial agent, by means,
of which the ordinary Galvanic Batteries, Electric
and - Magnetic Machines, &c., are entirely dispensed
with, and the mysterious power of Galvanism applied
without any .of the objections which are inseparable
from the general mode now in use. The strong doa- 1
ca, and irregular intervals, in which Galvanism is ap
plied by the Machines, has been pronounced, after a
fair and impartial trial, to be decidedly injurious, and I I
it was to remedy this radical defect that this new ap
plication was projected; which, after unceasing toil,
and perseverance, has •been brought to its present
state ofperfection. The Galvanic Rings answer all ,
the purposes of the most expensive Machines, and
in many other respects are more safe and certain in i
accomplishing the desired' effect.
The Galvanic Rings used in connection with the
Magnetic Fluid, are confidently recommended in alt
disorders which arisefrom an enfeebled and unhealthy
state of the nervous or vital system, and these com
plaints are among the molt painful and universal to
which we are subject. They arise, without exception,
from one simple cause—a derangement of the Now,
ona System—and it was in these cases that other
'remedies' having so 'often failed, a new agent was
greatly needed, which it is confidently believed, has
been found in the propel and judicious application
of Galvanism.
The Galvanic Rings have been used with entire
success in all cases of RuvemArts3i, acute or chronic,
applying to the head, face or limbs, Gout, Tic-Dolo
reur, Toothache, Bronchitis,. Vertigo, Nervous Sick
Headache, Indigestion , Paralsis, Palsy, Epilepsy,
Fits, Cramp, Palpitations of Hie Heart, ; Apoplexy,
Stiffness of 'Joints, Spinal Complaints, ' Lumbago,
Neuralgia, Nervous Tremors, Dizziness 4 - the Head,
pain in the Chest and Side, General Debility, Deficien
cy of Nervous and Physical Energy; and a/Z. NF.RV
GUS DISORDERS. In cases of confirmed Dyspepsia,
which is simply a nervous dprangement °Rite diva
tive organs, they have been found equally sucessful.l
Their extraordinary effects upon the system must be,
witnessed to be believed, and as a certain preventive'
for the preceding complaints they are equally recerm
mended. The Rings are of different prices; being
made of all sizes, and of various ornamental patterns,
and can be worn by the most delicate female without
the slightest inconvenience. In fact, the sensation
is rather agreeable than otherwise_
Theßelts, Bracelets, Bands, ,
Garters, Necklaces,4kc.
In sonlie cases of a very ievere haradter, and of
long standing, the power as applied by the Galvanic
Rings isnot sufficient to arrest the progrers of disease
anti ultimately restore health. The improved modi
fication in the Galvanic Belts, Bracelets„&e.; cutirla
ly remedies this objection; any degree of power that
is required can readily be obtained, and no complaint
which the mysterious agent of Galvanism can effect
will fail to be permanently relieved. These articles
are adapted to the waists, arms, -i;•rists,limbs, armies,
or any part of the body, with perfect convenience.
The Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater bene
fit in cases of Bronchitis or affections of the throat
generally; also in cases of Nervous Deafness; and
with almost unifiirm success as a preventive for Apo
plexy, Epileptic Fits, and similar complaints.
Christie's Magnetic Fluid
is used in connection with the Galvanic Rings and
all - their modifications. This composition has been
pronounced by the French Chemists to be one of the
most extraordinary discoveries of modern science. It
is believed to possess the remarkable power of ren
dering the nerves sensitive to galvanic action by this
meant] causing a concentration of the influence, at the
seat of disease, thus giving rapib and permanent re
lief. No, other composition in chemistry is known to
produce the same effect, or to impart a similar pro
erty to the nervous system, by means of an outward
local application. The Magnetic Fluid contains noth-I
ing capable of the slightest injury; its application is,
agreeable, and it is as harmless in its omit.a es:it
beneficial in its results. Full explanations and direc
tions accompany it. The combined inventions are in
every, way.perfectly harmless; they are sold at prices'
within the reach of all and the discoverer only re
quests a fair trial as a test of their surprising efficacy
and permanent benefit.
Christie's Galvanic Strengthening Plas
These articles form another valuable application
of the mysterious influence ofGalranism. They are
an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic Rings
and their modifications, acting upon the same princi
ple, but having the advantage of more local applica
tion. • They arc confidently recommended•as a vain
able addition in the speedy cure ofßlieumatism,acute
or chronic; in all nervous complaints, and as a posi
tive remedy in cases of Pain and Weakness in the
Chest or Back, Pain in the Side, in Asniatic Affections,
and in Weakness or Oppression of the Pulmonary Or
-guns. In Spinal Complaints their effects arc of the
most dedifled character, and they have often been
used with complete success. They are also of the
greatest advantage in Pains and Weakness of the
reast,and are highly recommended for many of those
complaints to which females are especially liable. As
an effectual means for strengthening the system when
debilitated with disease or other causes; as a certain
aid in Constitutional Weakness, as a Preventive of
Colds, and in all affections of the Chest, generally,
the Galvanic Strengthening Plaster will be found of
great and permanent advantage. In a few words; it
embraces all the virtues of the best tonic preparation,
with the important addition of the galvanic influence,
which is neither impaired nor exhausted, while the
action continues. These articles will be found entire
ly free front those objections which are a constant
source of complaint with the ordinary plasters in
common use.
tr. - The great celebrity and success of these arti
cles have caused them to be counterfeited by imprin
cipled persons. To provide against imposition, Dr.
Cultism has bat one authorized agent in each city of
the Union. The only agent in Pittsburgh W ,
Of the highest and mast respectable character, are
constantly received, regarding the extraordinary
value and success oftho above articles. It is believ
ed that in the city of New York alone, upwards of
EIGHT THOUSAND PERSONS during a period of
less than a year, have bee& entirely relieved of the
most painful chronic disorders, some of which have
completely baffled all former efforts of medical art.
indeed many of the first physicians of this city, who
disapprove of the Galvanic and Magnetic Machine,
constantly recommend this application in their prac
tice, and with the exception of those who are too
prejudiced to give it a trial, the invention has re
ceived unanimous favor with the most intelligent
among the American Faculty. Dr. Christie is at all
times ready and most happy to give every facility to
physicians, and all interested, for testing the truth of
his assertions and the efficacy of his discovery.
Only agency in Pittsburgh, corner of 4th .and
"arket street.. 0ct14.-dly
Drugs, Drugs, Drngw,
At'No. 2. Commercial Row, Liberty street, "Big Go,
den Mortar" once more.
HAYS & ROCKWAY, thankful for the liberal pa
tronage, which they have heretofore received
and wishing to merit an increased share of public pa
tronage, would respectfully call the attention of the
public to our stock of goods which we are now re
ceiving for the fall trade-. Among which may be
found in quantities to suit purchasers, the following
Rhuebard Root, Liquorice Root,
Flour Sulphur, do. Ball,
Gum Arabic, Refined Borax,
Cs.l'd Magnesia, Sal Soda,
Carb Magnesia, Spanish Brown,
Gum Aloes, Gum Copal,
Cream Tarter, - Roll Brimstone,
Calomel, White Chalk;•
Sup Carb Soda, Ext. Logwood,
Epsom Salt's, Chip>d do: - .
Glauber do. - Madder,
Tartaric Acid, Yellow-Ochre,
Gum-Scammony, Chrome Yellow, .
Bal Copavia, do. Green,
Salt Petre, Rose Pink:
Together with S general assortment of Oils„Paints
Varnishes, Paint-Brushes, Dye -Woods, &c. &c., al:
of which will be sold as low as at any otlier house
lie city. • sepl.9
. -
mary of Christian Doctrine as used by the
German Reformed Church, English and German.—
For sale at our store, No. 115 Wood st. Pittsburgh.
jell SCaIIIA & SCH.EiBLE.B., Booksellers.
_.. -~.-...,.,~._.rt._._._._~... _.
Medical and Surgical 0111ce. - Secu ttl Y to Pull '
Health is the charm of life, withoutit gold, b, e. V.
Love, letters, friends, all, all; are Unenjoyed. Eats sss or GENUINE EDGAR COATED en. Lit eu upoe
- 'Writ
igttlaily edtiMited physi; % d• i 7 w
ian from the eastern cit Prietsd ' coys`• t
s, would respectfully air"'-` - "Marc
totince, to the citizens . of
'ittsbiirgh, Allegheirynntl
ricinity, that he can be ,
:onsulted - priVately and '
:onfidentially, every - -day
evening at his office on
Diamond Alley, - a few
loom from Wood street .
towards the market..
Dr. ; Brown gives his parti.cuiar att,prition to the
reatmentand investigation of the fonwing disea
All diseases arising from Impu "es of the Blood
scrofula, syphilis, seminal 'weakness, impotency,
salt rheum, diseases of the eye and ear,rheutnatism,
piles, palsey.
Dr. Brown has much Pleasure in announcing to,
the public, that he is in pcissession of the latest in
formation and improvement in;the treatment of
secondary syphils, practised at th 6 Paris Lock Hos
pital. The modern researches On syphilis; its
complications and consequences, and the improved
mbdes of practice which have been made known
to the public but recentley, and to those chiefly
who this branch of Medicine, their particu•
lar study and practise.
Many new and valuable remedies hayebeen late
ly introduced, whichseeures the patientbeing rner
curialized out of existence Strangers are apprised
that Doctor Brown has 'been educated in every
branch of medicine, and regularly admitted to
practise, and that he now confines himself to the
study and practice of this particular branch i togeth:
er with all diSeases of a private or delicate nature,
incident to the htfmanfrnme. No cure, no pay.
Recent cases are relieved in a short tinae, with -
out interruption from business. .
ccyoflice on Diamond Alley, a few'doors from
Wood street, towards the market. Consultations
strictly confidential. myl.2-cbS.:wy
Dr. Osborne's Gil
di ve Pills an Vegetable Restore
Prepared by Dr. George Reanett ) of New York city.
r VHF. unprecedented success that has attended the
use of these pills in the practice of the proprie
tor for the last six or eight years;has induced him
to yield to the importunities of many who have used
and been benefitted by them, and make arrange
ments to place them within the reach of the public
generally. Ih doing so he feels called upon to say
that the Indian Vegetable Restorative Pills it deci
dedly superior to any with which he is acquainted.
They combine the properties of many of the best
vegetable medicines (used in no other 010_ in such,
a manner as to afford not only immediate and tent , '
porary but permanent relief. ..
The valuable tonic which enters into their com
position, by their action upon the secretory' organs
hold in check the purgative principle; and induce a
gentle and natural operation, withoutinconvenience
or pain, and while they restorea natural and healthy
action of the stomach, liver and bowels, they in
crease instead of diminishing the strength of the pa
tient. The general opinion that a powerful and vio
lent purgative is necessary is founded in error; they
in general irritate the stomach and bowels, derange
the secretions; and are productive of very serious
consequences, and it should be known that the great
I mass of pills in general use are composed of the
most powerful and irritating purgatives, and adt with
too great a degree of violence; producing that de
rangement in the system that tr followed by con ,
stigatiun of the bowels, Indigestion and costiveness.
I , From these Pacts the natural inference would be
that to maintain uniform health it is necessary to
correct unhealthy secretions, expel morbid humors
and 'purify the system, by the use ofo medicine that
will act efficiently yet mildly, assist instead of de-
I ranging the organs of the system; and thus, bring na
ture leas proper and healthy channel, to accomplish
' which no medicine is superior to the Indian Vegeta
ble Restorative Pills; their operation is, in ordinary.
' doses, to promote a natural and easy evacuation, and
at the same time by their tonic property impart vigor
and health to the system, but when a powerful and
speedy operation is necessary, it willbe accomplish
ed by increasing the dose, which may be done with
perfect safety, as they aze entirely Vegetable.
They have been used as a family medicine for
years by many of the first respectability, and altho'
they are not recommended to " heal all the ills
that flesh is heir to;" yet it has been Sound very rare . ]
that it has been found necessary.for those using °IUD, I
to employ any other medicine, and their occasional
use will almost invariably prove en effectual preven- ,
tive to disease... They areexactly, the use, ,
of families, travelers and seamen; they 'cleanse the
blood, causing a free circulation—open the obstruc
tions and promote the secretions of hettithybile,asiir
consequently are an excellent medicine for nausea,
indigestion, nervous disorders, dejection; liver com
plaint, pains- in the. head, side and breast, costive
ness, loss ofappetite, urinary obstructions, ague and
fever, bilious and intermittent fever, dysentery} rheu
matism, scrofula, and aro eminently uttefull-initil
male complaints—and in one word, all aiseasesaria ,-
ing fiom unhealthy.secretions and impurity of the
blood. Numerous testimonials of their efficacy in
particular cases might be added, but the proprietor
pier-re presenting a few certificates of their general
character, frorni.persons of - unquestionable cando ,
I and veracity,
.39110 would not in any degree lend their
influence to, promote anything that is not of decided
utility, and rely upon their intrinsic merits to gain
them a reputation, feeling a perfect confidence that
hone will abandon their use who give them a fair
Heads of familiestrhould always keep a quantity
of Dr. Osborne's Indian. Vegetable Restorative Pills'
in the house; they never. .fail. For those who are
subject to fits, headache, giddiness, dimness of eight
or drowsiness arising from too great a flow of blood
to the head, should take these pills in preference to ,
anything else, as they are a sure, remedy.
Females who value good health should never be
without Dr. Osborne's Indian Vegetable Restorative
Pills, as they purify the blood, remove obstructions,
and give the skin a beautiful,' clear, healthy and be-1
coming appearance. It has been admitted by.a tittm
ber of physicians that females cannot too highly value
these pills.
The following certificates are.from.the Rev. Thos.
Newman and the - Rev. David Webster; ministers in
the Methodist E. Church., New Confrence.
LTZ ork ,
Sept. 0th, , 45.
Dr. Osborn—Dear Sir: I have used your Indian
Vegetable Restorative Pills myself, and made use or
them in my family, and most cheerfully recommend
them as a very valuable family medicine. .
Respectfully, . THOMAS NEWMAN.
D. T. Osborn—Dear Sirs, I have for tome time past I
made use of your Indian Vbgetable Restorative Pills,
both myself and in my family, and do most cordially
recommend them as a superior family medicine.
Their action is exceedingly mild and efficacious, and
BO far as my experience goes, they are all that you
recommend them to be
Letter from the Bev. Georgellower.
Etat Donn, Walworth county, Wis.
Dr. Osborn.—lt is with pleasure I inform you o.
the great benefit which I have derived, from your
pills. I have been in a decline for some time, which
his greatly alarmed me, more especially as my com
plaint was a consumptive one, and I have also been
very billions, and have labored severely with pains
in my head, and my eyes have been so affected as to
turn of a cloudy, sallow and other disagreeable com
plexions. My wife _had suffered also. from great
weakness and severe pains, and as your pills have
so wonderfully relieved us, we have sounded the
name of them all over our neighborhood.; and-wher
ever my extraordinary cure is known, as the- most
valuable preparation for purifying the blood and reg
ulating the system. I should not have known the
worth of your pills had it not been for the Rev. W.
F. Dewit, of Cuddebackville, Sulliyan county, N. Y.,
who with great kindness sent me a box to try them,
and to that box of pills I owe my health; and as the
agent-here is out of your pills, I wish you would send
me apackage of boxes as-soon as possible. -
Respectfully,- GEOEGE BOWES.
Diar.cmorts.—Dr. Osborne's Indian Vegetable Re
storative Pills should be taken every-night for a
week, less or more, as the obstinacy of the disease, '
or circumstances are. The usual dose is from 2to 5,
according to the constitution of the person, but they
should be taken in sufficient quanuties to operate
two. or three times on the bowels.'Very delicate
persons should begin with but two u imd increase as
the 'natal o of, the case may require./ Those more re.
bust or"of very costive habit, may begin with throe
and increase to six, or even more i f f it shalLbe found
necessary, and they will effect a uffiCiently happy
change to guide the patient in their future mse.
Each born contains from 35 to 40 pills—Price 25ets,
Sold, wholesale and retail, atW. JACKSON'S Patent,
Medicine Warehouse, 80,„Liberty . st., head - or
Wood, the only plaCe in Pittsbrugh where the gene.
ine Dr. Osborn's Indian Vegetable Restorative pm . '
can be obthined. 0ct19,4i/cwilm
ls. Lin
Lard O il , ju st received aid ate by
. .. a. T...Y. 1.
ILI PILLS are the first and only Medicine ever
known that will positively [vie
Headache, Giddinesi, • Measles, Salt Ittieuni,
Itheumatiem; Piles, heartburn, W,orms, • _ •
Dispepsia, Scurvy, Cholera Mathes,
Small Pox, Jaundice, ,Coughs ? Quinsy, ~.
• Pains in the Back,. Whooping Cough,
Inward Weakness, Consumption, Fits, •
. Palpitation of the Heart; Liver Corinsitftt,"
• Rising in the Throat, ErysiPelaa, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, Itcbings - of; the Skint;
Fevers of all kinds,!' ;Colds, Gout, Gravel s . •
--Female Complaints,.. !Nevem; Complaints-
Ancl all other diseaies Originating front impurities or
the blood. •
They have cured; since their introduction,
over 2,000 persons, who have been given up as hope
less cases, by the most eminent Physicians' , •
—They are , patronized and recommended by
men of the highest distinction; °bong:whom are—
Hon. Divid R.:Porter; ..Hon. Henry Clay, • -
Hon: John Q. Adams, Hon. Daniel' Webster, • .
Hon. Martin Van Beren, • Hon. S.C.Calhoun,
Gen. Winfield Scott,.. Col. R. MiJohnson, •
lion. James K. Polk, Gen. Lewis Cass.
EKT Their virtues are so- infallible that the money
will be returned in all cases they do not give univer , - -- r...
sal satisfaction. Although but two and a half years.'
have elapsed, since these celebrated Pills, were first;
introduced to the publie; the sale of them in "the' -•-•
Eastern and - Middle States has far exceeded , Di:::
Clickenees most sanguine - expectations. During the
past yenr, alOne, no , less than 10,000. grosa of boxes •
have been sold in the State. of New York, 6,000 in
Pcnnsylvania,4,ooo in Maryland, 3,000 in. New Jer- ,
soy, 2,000 in Delaware, and 9,000 in the New Englandi
States, requiring the constant employment of e '-
hands, exclusive of printers and engravera. - - In the'
same period, upwards of 200,000 Copies of. that
"Family Doctor" have been ordered by agents lie
every section of the `ccuntry. These facts mutiV
show, conclusively, that Dr. Clickener's Seger
ed Pills; besides being the very best medicine in the.
world, are held in the highest estimation by the public:
We might extend this publication to an indefim ,, :
its length, if we deemed it expedient to publish all y„ '
tersimonials we have received, not only from agents.
but individuals and families, - who ..have experienced
the benficial effects of 'Clickenees Sugar Coated ,
Tills, but we, deem it unnecessary. The most
contestible evidence of their unprecedented suedess;
FITS the numberless Imitations and Counterfeits which .;
have already appeared, notwithstanding .the brief pe ! ..
riod they have been before tffe public. Even some
of our staunchest pill Makers , havehad the andaCity
'to imitate the Capsule o f Sugar, in order disguise
to .
•the ingredients of thtd-. V '
~:vile compounds and palm,, •
them MT for the "realstinon pure.” Such paltry
shifts cannot last long
without exposing their-hideout
deformity.t. Truth and honesty must inevitably pre- .
nail over rasc a lity and 'deception:
For mile in:Pittsbcirgh, by WM. JACKSON, ot.his .
Patent Medicine Warehouse, No. 89, Liberty -Street ;
, head of Wood sts,,Pittsburgh. Price, 25c. perinii.
Dr. CliCkenetis principal MSc, is 8). Barclay atteet," • : '
New York. • • • . • . •
{Kr BOWare of an imitation article called Inv:. -*
proved Sugar Coated Pills, purporting to be patented,.
as both the pills and the pretended patenti-are
geries, got up by a Miserable quack in New. York,
who, for the last fouror . five .years • has made his
living by Counterfeiting popular - medicines.,
1:0 -Remember, Dr. C.:N. Clicker:ter is the original
inventor of Sugar Coated Pilli, and that nothing of
the sort was ever heard'of until he introduced' theni
in Jime, 1843. Pixithasers should; therefore, always •
ask for Clickentr s i Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills, end
take no other, tit they will be made the victims of-a.
fraud: oct
ot Apo .INateict
ritstrer; nE wISE, MVO' OBE NA.II7ILE'S' GREAT
frIIIS Oil is obtained from n well near Burkevillek
Kentucky, at the depth of 185 feet below . ..the - .
surface of the earthiand 170 feet through solid rrq q c sk
Its curative propertici are truly astonishing, and as
a Remedial Agent it may well be pronounced won
derful. Since the diScovery of this Panacea of Na
ture, numbers of remarkable cures have been effect;
ed by its use. It is,lnnecent—powerful—Safe and'_
Certain in its effects. .1t has•br en used with Unpar
ellelled success in the treatment of the following
diseases: Inflammatery Rheumatism, Dares and
Scalde, Chollc, , -Piles; Flatulence, Inflanenatien of.
the Kidneys, Deafness, Consumption, Liver Com-
plaint, Plithisic, Scald Head, Cancers, Weak and
Sore Eyes Bruises. Fresh Cuts and- Wounds - ,
Sprains and Strains; Dropsy, Pains in the Breast and •.'
Side, - Teller, Influenza, Ulcerated-. Sore Threat,
Consumption, Bronchitis; Spasms, Clears, Spinal
Affections, Scrofula. or : Kinglet Fvil,Coughsiflyphilis,.•
Ringworm,' all Bowel Complaints, all. Chronic dis-'
eases, Impurities , of the : Blood and General Debility.
It is likewise . very ,beneficinl for Female Complaints'
in general; acts as a great Restorative from Languor,
weakness of Back and Chest, Low Spirits, and Emus-
-sive Debility. • - ' • - -
Read the folloWing Certificates, all of which are::
authentic; all the- , -persons therein named are now
living, and well known in Cincinnati and Pittsburgh:
Prrranuacat, Aug 22, 1846., r
This is to certify that we have used the American
Oil ,for the whooping cough, among our children, by
g i v ing them from 21 - Orflrops to airmail tea - spoonful - at '-
night; Which always enabled them to rest well through
the night. also applied it to one of the ehildren
,her arm burnt by turning over a teacup of
hot coffee edit,, theebild sensed crying' by the time
the arm was dressed and bound up, and has never.
complained or it -since. I - also was afflicted with a
pain in my side - end breast, and have been so:for 16:
years. "'commit:zed using the Oil 'by taking a tea
spoonful twice a day - and in 3 or four days using of,
the oil I have ben vevy much relieved; and do really
believebeliieve.that itis the beet family medicine that I have:
ever seen. I applied it to ,one of mneighbor's fo
a strained uncle, which relierell yr:
her in a few minittee.:,
We have also used the oil for a strained joint in oar,
own family, which gave ease in very short time. -
We live orithe east side of Penn at.:, 3 doors south or
Walnut, I din
, now es well as I eveiwas in my life..
MAyanoao, August 3d, ;45
t==2= l ;E= l
Ilitizeol.luvtiiit taus Outdone by NattLTC.
• Prrrastraaa, Aug. 14,1846'.
This is to Certify, that my soli - him had the Plethizie
for seven years,and "Nies very badvrith it, atulibimt ,
12 or 15 days since; commenced giving to hint'
about 20 or 25 drops of the American Oil, take a
day. which relieved him in a ti:ty or two
cult) , of breathing, and he is now - entirely "relieliea
of hirecongh; our boy 10 years of age':
King's Alley. • • NANfly,
• let,1848.:;•
Sir: Haying been cured of a very severe dirties" ;
of the eyes and - head by the use of the American;
Oil, I feel. duty to the public, as well as - to you,
to send you the following certificate:" . ' ' , .
I hereby certifythat I was severely afflicted. one" '
year ago last winter, with-inflamed sore eyes and is
very-severe pain in my head from my eyea up to the:
top, of_my , head, inficontinued so for several wee'ks.-
My. eyes were so "much-inflamed and sore that P
could not see to attend any business, nor contd.:4sth
one object:from another a, few - yards frdin 1
'called in a hysician, but "'still - got Werse.'" I elites
tried a good _'many remedies' that had: cured Others
but in my case they failed. In April, 180; I heanf
of 'the American Oil, I , procured a bottle, and tie-
fore I had used a half a bottle I was entirelypell x :
and still continue so. •I ;will not be without ittn my
bowie as long as I can get the genuine article. I also'
give it-to one of nip men that was working for me,
that had the totter-in his hands so• bad that when he
wottld grip-anything, tight them the bloodwould
burst ont, and the use of half a bottle cured-us bOth.
I would advise all. that are afflicted in any vrailitri
give the Oil] a fair trial, and I think. they , will be
.pleased with ,the effect it will have,.&e. •
Sold at One Dollar per Bottle-'at Jackson'e Patent.
Medicine Warehouse, 89 I..iberty, head of Wood at.,,
Pittsburgh. Tan 0211.1 mace Prrntstraoa where.
the GraniniAnsertean Oil can boobtained.• •. •
Beyvare ofs counterfeit article. . The SerteeaPlL.
put in American Oil Bottles, and labelled "Ames-.
ican Oil: , It somewhat resembles. the American.
Oil, but possesses none of s virtues or healingpow
W. Sachsen respectfully informs the Public that
D. Hail Er CO., the proprietors of the American 00,
have ippoieted him their SOLE ,AGENT tbr West
ern Pennsylvania. •
All persons wishing,Sub-agernales, at 89
Liberty street, as above. ' ' .
N. B. Slab-agents
,Wanted for every town in the
above - District. • -
A great number Of certificates are on hand' and
can be seen at the offtee;s9.l4berty street, header
Catior3Fle Beat! •
•M. WHITE Uas just ;eceived Leis large.
0.) establielunent, fronting on Liberty aed f .Sixth,
streets,, a apientlia assOrtinent:_ot TWF.,.F.litri- for.
summer also, a saperior,tot of French Sate S-,:VM
TINOS, ail:. of witieh he is ready - to make. nfi:
the latest fashion rind rra the,inost reanablot terms.
as usual. Observe the corner, No .46:71'41 t$
and Sixth iiitreets. •
myli i J. .I`4. WITITE Tailor, Proprietor.