The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, November 30, 1846, Image 3

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PITTSBURGH BOARD OF TRADE,- coxisrirss - sok s - ovratssl.
M. bertson, . R. Woods, -IV: A.
Prejwil,4, d ooireel.ed evirr A.fter*ova.
- . Tit"; IiCATEIL 1211:5111. CELLNXEL
Aliquippa - Smith, Cincinnati.
Monongahela,Stone, New. Orleans.
North. Qbeen,Catlett, Wellsville.
Hudson, Ebliert, Wheeling.
41efrance, Duval; Louisvitie.-
Ameriea, Calhoun, Cincinnati:
Wilmington, Dawson, Steubenville.
Lake Erie, Hoops, Beaver. ,
Consul, Bowman, Brownsville.
Laois PPLitne, Bennett, Browniville.
Boies, Beaver.
Messenger, Linton], Cincinnati.
--Fairmount; Poe, St. 'Louis.
. Aliquippa Smith,- Cin. .
6t Hetena; May, New Orleans.
- North Quesn, Catlett, Wellsville.
Rhode Islam], -Dawson, Wheeling.
Lake Erie, Hoops, Beaver.
• Limis McLane, Bennett, Brownsville
Consul,,. Browtisvil
Michigan, Boies, &aver.
Pittsburgh, Nov. 15;1840.
try The Annual Meeting of the Stockholders of
the Pittsburgh and. Connellsville Railrod Com
pany will be held at the offiee in this City, 3d st.,
West of at 10 o'clock, on: konitay, 7th of
December next. ,On which day, betweeiithe hours
of 10, A. NI., and. 3, P, M., an ele.ction for twelve
Directors of said Company will also be held.
'Certificate, as required by the Charter, have been
issued by the proper officers of the COmpany, and
will be 'delivered, to the Stockholders on applica
tion at the Office. •
nalS-dtd ' -S. CAILOTITERS, Secretary.
Cuntsitz's Galvanic Remedies for nervous dist
easei, such, as Paralysis, Rheumatism, nervous and
sick, head=ache, doroleux, Its, dyspepsia, bron
ehltbi, ihMfilsas, , spinal complaints, palpitation of
theleart, general debility and deficiency of nery
cus and physical energy, -have been used with
great success and almost universal satisfaction.
They are done .up in the, form of belts, bands,
bracelets, rinn,ind magnetic fluid in bottles, and
are all outward applications. No injury has ever
been known from, their use, and the cases where
they been used with advantage and entire suc
cess are very numerous. - -
01. For furtherexplanation •please read the ad
vertisement on the outside of this paper.
For sale at Concurs s' only agency in Pittsburgh.
ncivs - ' -N0.57 Market street.
ttrilie office of the MORNING Powr has at
:tached to It the finest extensive Job Printing Estab
flishment in the city. We arc prepared to fill all
.orders for printing at the shortest notice, and the
work will be done in the best style and on the
lowest terms.
I[IIIEASONS for refusing to consecrate a church
it v liaTing an altar instead of .a communion Table,
or the. doctrine:of Scripture'and of the Protestant
Episcopal Church as to sacrifi ce in the Lord's Slipper
and a.Priesibood in the christian ministry: By - Chas.
•PellitMliwaine, D. D. lustreteived and for sale
nov3o 56 Market at. between 3d and 4th.
ON, Mcindiy Morning the 30th inst., at 10 o'Oldek,
Will be sold an extensive assortmr,nt of seescm
able and well seleCted Dry Goodsi among which are
**hidings', sheetings, flannels,
Ky,jeads, eassinetts;
impirior broad cloths, pilot cloths,supbrfine tweeds,
alpacas, , calicoes, Gungure chintz, irosponders, im
pr 2 , , creicica, 1.111.
A iluisility of China and stone:granite, Cups and
'Saucers Vlate:tt, Dishes, soup Tureeu.s, sauce Tu
weens,Ventrit pioces,Cheese stands, Pitchers, Bowls,
' - •
.e' r A tratieiy oi new anditec.ond - hand household - ana
.....ilritcheailfiarnitnie, coal stoves, matt/lasses, beds and
bedditig, looking glasses, mantel clocks, carpeting,
lampe, table cutleq,43 hoses No'L Chocolate, 1:.:11.
Tea, - Tobacco. ace.
"7 4 . n0v2.8 , _ 3 . D. DAVIS, Auel,r.
ISCAR ItOARDS, .well seasoned and for'sale by
[novlB.] • L. WILDLititTIL
...',Cia.A.NGESL-1000 pilule - Havana Or anger', for
O . ate by nev2o P. C. 3TARTIII;6O Waer
,j _
~i .
bbls.,Green Apples, of _different
kinds, for sale by
nov2o : I'. C. MARTIN,'6O Water st.
.1013 GAR, CURED. HAMS.---12000 superior ,Sugar
,Cured Hanoi, a prime 'article, foe sale 'by
, 11/4120 - C,. - MARTIN. 60 Water at.
~ .
`.::T.I-'.:-' . ;::'•.: 1
`;-: ,::,i.;.,!,;.-^-',.--..,
'-, r , • . :, 4 ' , :';...-',- . 0.,;- -- ',
... . . ~
T K LOC4N itan,ituit received the balance of his
0 iiinViinAr - stook or Dry Goods, at No - . 83,
Woad' consisting in - part of - sciper French and
Weleof 'Wand Broad Cloths and"Cassimeees, Sat
ttnettit iron). 2S to I 5 eentsper vard. Welch Flannels,
red aid-white Flannels:, twilled red and'green Flan.
nels,:plaid and plain Linsey's - , Ike. Mackinac and
Whitney blankets,Woollen Shirts Drawers, Com
fiartiOlditts and Gloves. Terkeri, Thibet and Wool
en Sha*likeilicoei of the latest styles; Twilledend
”Mancheiter 'Ginghatris; trial' Linen, Table Linen,
Counterpanes, ScOtch Diapers,.Checks, &c.
an assortment of Dress Good s, consisting of Silks,
.Galti.and 'California • Plaids; barred Cashmere, and
Robes; 'Mons. de Laine, barred and 'figured; black
and fancy Silk Cravats, all -of Which he . will sell
wholesale' and retail, 'slow fec - cash as any other
houiehi the city. ' b0,r21-y
Vii ..
. . -
ORTERTS City Daguerrian Gallery, Philo Hall,
Third st.,.Pittahurgh, Pa., and Franklin Build
ings,,Baltiatore, Md. •
Mr. POrter respectfully announces that he has at
considerable expenek fitted up apartments, and ar
ranged light for Daguerreetyping purposes. His long
experience in this arc has enabled him to overcome
many of the objections too common to pictures taken
by this method.
Mr. Porteras aware that the impression has gone
abroad (owing to the many failures - to produce good
pictures,ythat clear and.diatinct Daguerreotypes can
not be Ills experiment% how
ever, since lie has opened his Gallery, fully warrant
him in saYingthatas good pictures can be made here
as elsewhere. •
Ladies and gentlemen.are invited to call and ex
amine specimens.
Instructions given - , and instruments and materials
tarnished upon reasonable tering.
Aliorders from: ountry operators promptly attend
ed to.; . nov2d-tf
TIP.' Subscriber is 'prepared to furnish Swords,
. Epaulettes, Cipi, Plumes, Buttons,
Lace and, all other Military Trimmings, on as cheap
'tenni est= be procured in the Eastern, cities, for
cash. Also Allen's. Patent 6 Barrel Revolvers.
Cor.,4th and. Market sta.
J .
3~:~: .
ii . iisj:t•,,k . ii:llktu.o.4:.D..i
.111 , 11vraines Reasons
Auction - Salts.
'"`Fats and winter Brood..
Ho t for - Mexico.
frlY Temperance Ladies and'Geritlemen, Temper
'. ance Scicieties, the Sons of Temperance, and
our Youth. The subscriber hasjust received by the
Stage liom the American Tensperance ;Union,, New
York; a full assortment of their latest publications
for sale at the NeSr York Retaillhiees, viz, 5001 -
Jobe: and 1000 -November Advocates and 60 Jour
nals,-1500 Alminacs; - 50 'Warren's Juvenile Song
Rooks; 24 Deaconliles* Distillery; 12 National Class,
Booki; 12 Boys' Books;` Mar of 400 years,Hunt's
Wedding - Day; Jane .Tpldiston; Tetetlars 'utoblog
rapby.of a-Drunkardi Harvy - Boys - Club Rooms, Con
fessions of a,Dnanken „Minstrel; Notts .Lectures,fcc.
ISAAC , ' HARRIS; .Pigentf Com-
Merchant, cN0.12 St:Clair at.
TE . .D SOON-r-Placesforabout 190 laborers,
.. men and boys of all sizes for work in town and
country,Ate. • Wanted; places fora number of sales
men, book-k.eepors,irnd. country , schoolmasters, ace.
Wanted, places for% a number of colored. men and
women, and and girls... lltr Wanted, a:number
of good . girls .and women for cooking and .banan
work. Wanted,Money Merman sums.O bOrrOWI also
to lInd„ , ,Pleaae.spply at, - - -
,ISAAC.HARRIS, Agency and
nor2l 3t', _ lntel. office, No st Clair st.'
PIG IRON.-33 tons Mountain Missouri Pig Iran
Just r&eiveil.and for sale by . •
FRANCAISE, ott rtnirenana ,ehoittes des ineil
letua 'Ecrivaina Extpcaiseuptils 1526; ..Tusceeit
1845. Avec 176 Nridees Par Casi
mir Ladreyt—Nonyellti'editinal B o. Just, eeeived
and for sale by'
nor2B' No. Si Wood street..
7 .: :.. , i :
4T‘ '- , : k:
•`..,•• -, ;:: . •,. --, t ,-, 4
4. ,
••"-•`,..'•--, ;:,‘
.. - .7 ..47-;':
-- Ir: '''.
Pittabarglillki pal
Philadelphia Banks ...par
Genrituitown. ... .. par
ester county - pai
-Delaware county pa
Montgomery" county.. p
Northunaberltuni Co...par
Cob Bank & Bridge Co par
Reading ." Par
Lancaster • •
DoylestOwn " p.
Easton ' Pa
Bucks county.. .. par
Pottsville par
Browniville I
Chambersbnrg 1
Gettysburg - • 1
Middletown ' 1
Carlisle 1
Harrisburg 1
Lebanon. 1
.Lewistown 1
Wyoming' 1
Erie............ . . ...
West Branch 1
Waynesburg 1
Susquehanna County ..1
Lehigh County' 1
U. States Bank 28
Relief Notes 1
City and County Scrip..l
State Bk arid branches
State Scrip
All Banks
Eastern Banks
Wheeling .
Br'ch at IVlorgontown
Baltimore City...
Connery Banks....
City Banks
Country Banks
All solvent banks..
.Alleghossy'County, is.
33 : 2 ,.. In the Court of Quarter Sessions of said .
the matter of the application by
144.; ItIN
sundrycitizens for the admission
.6 sections numbers one, two, three, fi ve
and six, of the Plan of the City District
laid out in Pitt Township, adjoining the City of Pitts
burgh; and. Recorded in the office of the Clerk of the
Court of Quarter Sessions of Allegheny County. 6 •
• And now, to wit, November 20, A. D. 1846, the
Court order AN . ELECTION to be held on the third
day of December, 1846, at the office of Anderson &
Faisly, in one of. said.-sections, between the hours
of one and six o'clock, P. AL., of said .lay, and here
by appoint Alen W. Foster, Wm. E. Austin and
James G. Reed, Dly!, to hold said election; and I
that at least ten days notice of the time and place of
holding such election be given in the Pittsburgh "Dai
ly Morning Post" and in the "Daily Dispatch," in
accordance with the Act of Assembly of March 1,
184.5. JOILN YOUNG, Jr., Cl'k.
Book and Job Printing Office,
MILE proprietor of the Morning Post and bier
1. curt' and Manufacturer respectfully informs his
friends and the patrons of these papers, that he
has a large and well chosen assortment of
Necessary to a Joh Printing Office, and that he
is prepared to execute
BoOks, Bills of Lading, Circulars,
Pamphlets, Bill Beads, Cards,
, Blank Checks, . Hat Tips.
:All kinds otillanks, blagc, Steamboat and Cana
Boat Bills with appropriate cuts, printed on the short
eat notice and most reasonable terms.
He respectfully asks the patronage of his friends
and the public in general, in this branch of his busi
ness. isept 22) L. HARPER.
0 Yes, 0 Yes
- I[TOU can.always find at G. Schneck's on the nor
' ner of Fifthand Smithfield sta., fresh Oysters
served up in every. style, on the shortest r.otice.
Also, Ground ,Nut Candy, Fruits, and Pastries of the
choicest kinds. Callan,' see. novl3-dtap
Frosh Oysilerw
TIIE subscriber will receive fresh Oysters dail
from Baltimore, which he will serve up in al
the different styles, at the Franklin notel, Fourth at.
between Smithfield and Grant.
VISE-20 bbls. large No. 3 Mackerel;
5 ti tt tt I
101 rs CC sr I 44
5;" Mess " 1 "
10 " Labrador Herring;
51" No. 1 Shad; in store 2nd formic by
J. D:VTILLIAMS &Co., li 0 Wood at
2 'Dads. Prime 23, O. Sugar,
2 Doses Double Refined Loaf,
10 Mils. Loaf and Clarified, For sale by
oet 31 J. D. WIt.LIAMS, lb Co, 110 Wood at.
-MOLASSES -2 bble. Philadelphia Steam;
5 Sugar House;
10 " N. (Means; , For wale by
- oct3l S. 06 - 19ILLIANTS k Co., 110 Wood st.
FRUIT; a choice lot of .Ramboa, Pippins, R. 1.
'Greene =I othersAust received and for sale by
10 Market at., cor. Front.
RAISINS-100 bases fresh Malaga bunch Raisins,
, just reed; and &rattle by
20 Dozes, assorted, 1 lb 5s Ss 121 and 16 Lump
10 Kegs, No. 6, Twist.
10 " Pgh. Plug and Cavendish, For sale by
oct 31 J. D. WILLIAMS, &to, 110 Wood; st.
nov24-1- rirrsnuaGn:
BEANS -200 bushels White Beans, extra quality
for sale by J. . WILLI AMS & Co,
nor2S.., 110 Wood street.
C -
ANDLE.S-30 boxes Storino Candles;
20 do Star do.;
b 0 do No. 1 Soap; for sate by
nov2s. J. D. WILLIAMS Sr Co
BUCKETS -20 doz. Beaver Buckets;
3 do. do. Keclers; for sale by
nov2s. J. D. WILLIAMS & Co.
W 0 0 DsaleEbNy pmts.— J. 3
WILLIAMSaeore sizes,for
• Co.
nov26. (American copy.)
Blacksmith'■ Bellow■
UOR sale by the subscriber, :gent for the Manu
facturer. GEO. COCHRAN,
- nov24 No. 26 Wood st.
ALARGE assortment of Cornelius & Co.'s cele
bmtod Solar Lard:Lamps—for every variety of
use, where the cheapest and best light is desirable.
Watch & Jewelry Store,,
57 Market street.
r obucE.lo L3blLDr , i , ed Pe , aches;
30 Sacks Dried Apples;
3 Bbls. Roll Butter;
2 Kegs .‘
. 3 Casks Potash;
3 Bbls. Beans,
Just received and for sale by
nov26 51 Wood street
No. 70 Wood st., Sign of the Gohien Stai, Pittsburgh
TTAVE on band an extensive and complete assort.
1 : mentor Fashionable and extra made New York
'Clothing, which cannot any other - •
tablishment in the city.. Our stock being at present
very large and anxious to reduce it as much as pee
'Bible before the first of January, %lie are determined
to offer such "bargains" as - will enable us to effect
our object. 8.
ct. 8. P. ANCKER,. •
nov24-y A. A. MAYER.
. . . .
State tiols. of Pennsylvania, containing an ac
count orthelGeogrs.phy, Ffistory, _Government, Re..
source,simPfoted Citizens of the State, with a. Map
of the State - and of each County, by Tit. IL Bur
fines. For ;ale by: _ -Ef,LIOTT, & .E,N
nov2B _ 56 'Marliet eff.
..... , :5.:• , .... . '
tate Bk. and Ilranches.l
Cincinnati .Banks
Circleville (Lisvrence)..l
Columbus 1ank.v.....1
Massillon 1
Sandusicy ..1_
. _
,eauga ...
llforVvalk ..
IWoOiter ... •
Marietta- ... . ; I
Chillicothe ' 1
Cleveland . 1
Solon( 1
liiimiltoit 10
Canton 20
Urbatil 45
Granville 45
State Ilk and Branches 45
r Dank of Illinois +' + .70
River. Raisin.... 70
Lsurance Company ...5
State Rank 5
'Oakland . County 10
Farm add blech bank .10
St. Clair ..'.. 75
State Bank
All banks 3
New York..:.-(prom.) I
Philadelphia... • " • •
Baltimore 16
Amer. Gold, (prem) ... •
Old do. do. ...5
Guineas 5 00
Sovereigns $4 83
Erederickdors $7 80
Teit,Thalers 7 80
Ten Guilders.: 3 90
Louiss'ors 425
Napoleons 3 SO
Doubloon, Spunish..l6 00
. D o. Patriot 15 50
.11Ducats 215
... . .
..A• ~..7
'-.',..,,;.,1.,'-,:::'7,'-4- A -. `'. '.'.,.
71.,:%. ':
4 : .A
} ~. n ; }
. . , ,
IFO*7" - Ar Isl' , oo‘l 4llll *
The Sfeain Boit Siiiitilelens, B. MAY,
Master, vvitt letivieor the, above and all
intermediate ports, brigitifidiYttie..2Bili at'lo
weloell, A. For' freight or -passage apply on
board.: ' - ' ' , n0v2.5
Far WheCtink.;.=Begular Piusket. ,
Tag aplentlid light drangtit 'steamer
Trma, iltaeter,.will run
as a regular packet Pit4burgh- and'-Wheel
ing; leaving-Pittsburgh for Wheeling erery;Monday,
Weanseday Ind Friday, at 3 niolock,
ing Wheeling for Pittsburgh overy . Tuesday, Thurs=
day and:Saturday, at 9 o'clock, For freight
or passage ap .ly ou board. , novs
Ivor Int Liman:
The well known flit .running steamer
CAMBRIA, We Forsyth, Master will run
as a.regular Packet, Maytag every Wednesday morn
ing at 10 o'clock, and Wheeling; at 10, P. M., the
same day. . Returning, she will leave Cincinnati
every Saturday, at 10, A.M. _
For freight or passage apply on board, or - to
FORSYTH Sic Co., Agents,
No. 30, Water street.
For Cincinnati and Louisville. '
The new and spl ondid passenger steam
er COLUMBI A, o , lsTrax., Master, wil
'rave r the above and intermediate ports, regular
ly rot frtight or passage apply on boat*, or to.
jel D. WILKINS, Agent
For Saint toula..Rormlar Packet.
i K .- The new and splendid passenger Stearn
l•t? er 13t1UNETTE, Capt. Perry, will run in
e tem. e from Pittsburgh to St. Louis, during the
season of 1846.
The Brunette was built expressly for the trade,
and is elegantly found in every, respect.
For freight or passage apply on board. apl4
For Clnoinnati and St. Louis
kr; The passenger steamer_ PALESTINE,
Capt. Williams, will leave for the above
an. Intermediate ports regularly.
For freight or passage apply on board- je9.
Tuesday Evening Packet.
The new and splendid passenger steam- -
boat DECLARATION, Capt. Vorhees,
will run as t regttlar packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Tuesday evening
at 3 o'clock. Returning she will leave Cincinnati
every Friday evening at 3 o'clock.
The Declaration offers superior accommodations
Ito passengers. For freight or passage apply on
I board. jet
The regular mail and passenger steamer
MONONGAHELA, Capt. Stond„ will run
as a regular Packet between Pittsburgh and Cincin
nati, leaving this port every Monday nt 10, A. M.,
and Wheeling at 10, P. 111., the same day. Return
ing, she will leave Cincinnati every Thursday, at 10,
A. M. For freight or passage apply on board.
The Monongahela was built expressly for this
trade, and offers to the passengers comfort, and su
perior accommodations. mar 31
THE regular mail and pasenger - steam
er UNION, Captain Maclean, will run as
a regular packet between Pittsburgh and Ciucin
nati, leaving this port every Monday at 6 o'clock,
P. M. Returning she will leave Cincinnati every
Thursday at 6 P. M.
The Union was built expressly for this trade
and affords every accommodation.
For freight or passage apply on bond. may 9
TH E regular mail and passenger steam
er lIIIIEItN[A, Capt. John Klinefelter,
wt run as a regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Tuesday - at 10 A.
M., and Wheeling at 10 P. M. of the same day.—
Returning, she will leave Cincinnati every Friday at
10 A. M. For freight or psasage apply on board.
' The Hibernia was built expressly for the trade,
and offers to the passengers every comfort and
perior accommodations. apt
TIIE regular mail and passengersteam
er NEW ENGLAND, Capt. S. B. Page,
wi run as a regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Wednesday at 10
A. M., and Wheeling at 10 P. M. the same day.—
Returning, she will leave Cincinnati every Saturday
at 10 A. M. For freight or passage apply on board.
The New England was built expressly for this trade
snd offers to the passengers every comfort and supe
rior accommodations. mal26
feßse. TIIE new U. S. Mail steamer ACADIA,
M. E. Lucas, blaster, will run as a regu
ar passenger packet between Pittsburgh and the
above port during the season of 1846, leaving every
'Thursday at 10 o'clock A. M.
The Acadia is new and has superior accommoda
tions_ For freight or passage apply on board, or to
ap9 J. NEWTON JONES, Agent._
THE regular mail and passenger steam
r CLIPPER N 0.2, Captain Crooks, will
run as a regularpatket betweenCineinnati and Pitts-
burgh, leaving tins port every Friday at 10 A. M.,
and Wheeling at 10 P. M. the same day. Returning
she will leave Cincinnati every Mondayat 10 o'clok,
A. M. For freight or passage apply en board.
The Clipper No. 2 was built espressdy for this trade.
cod offers to her passengers every comfort and a c
aommodation. mar 23
The rag ular mail and passenger steatite!
CIRCASSIAN, Capt. Isaac Bennett, will
run as a regular Packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Saturday, at 10,
A. M., and Wheeling at 10, P. M., the same day.
Returning, she will leave Cincinnati every Tuesday,
at 10, A. M. For freight or passage apply on board.
The Circassian was built: expresslyfor this trade,
and Offers to her passengers every comfort and ac
commodation. mar 23
The regular mail and passenger steamer
I t i rrt .. MESSENGER, Capt. Linford, will run as
a regulaPaeket between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati,
leaving this port every Saturday at 10, A. M., and
Wheeling at 10, P. M.,„the same day. Returning,
she will leave Cincinnati every Tuesday, at 10
o'clk A. M. For freight or passage apply on board.
The Messenger was built expressly for this trade,
and offers to her passengers every comfort and ac
coMmodatiim. mar 23
THF. subscriber is now receiving,a large and fine'
assortment of FALL Path WitrrEn DRY GOMM;
recently purchased from the manuflicturers and im
porters, in the New York and Philadelphia Markets,
since the great fan in prices, and will be sold twenty
per rent cheaper than the same description of Goods
were ever before otTerred in this market. All those
wanting great bargains are requested to call at No.
65 Market street. •
sepls A BSA LOM MORRIS. lmo.
New Books.
SELECTIONS from Macaulay;
Bronson's Elocution;
Amelia's Poems,
Mrs. Child's Letters from New York;
Roscoe's Lorenzo D'Meilici;
Dictionary of Quotatiods;
Godwin on Atheism;
Butler's Analogy, for sale by
11. S. BOSWORTH &Co.;
novlS. No 43 Markcitstreet.
SACRED MUSIC --Carmina Sacra: by Mason.
Mason's Sacred Harp, Vole 1 and 2.
The SacVed Choir: by Kingsley.
The Psalmodist, by Hastings and Bradbury.
The Church Choir: by Muenscher.
The Boston Sacred Harmony: by Bissell.
The Young Choir: by and Sanders.
School Singer; or Young Choirs Companion
The Western Harp: by Sam'l. Wakefield.
'rho Missouri Harmony, patent notes.
Evangelical Music: by Hickok and Fleming.
Christian's Harp; by Wakefield and McLain.
- Mason's Sacred Harp in patent notes.
Mason's Juvenile Harp.
Zenner's Musical Manual. For sale by
nov2o JOHN 11. MELLOR, 81 Wood at
Domestic ;Woollen
CASES wide Red and 'Brown Flannels;26o pair twilled 10.4 Blankets; just reed from the
manufactories, for salc by GEO.,COCHRAN,
novl2 26 Wood et.
WANTED SOON- In &tree, Warehouses, Gro-1
_eery and Drug StorOs—places for several
Clerks, Warehouse men and Boys, and places for
apprentices to Trades. Also, places wanted and
School Teachers furnished for places. Also Agents,
Laborers, Coachmen, Hostlers, and boys from 10 to
15 or 16 years of age, for house and family work.
Please apply at HARRIS' Agency and
riovlS.6t, Intel Office, No. 12, St. Clair at.
M. Cummins, Smithfield at., above Third,
DEALER in Looni Findings, embracing all the
Wants of Hand and Power Loom Manufacture
in all branches. Also: Looking Glass Plates, Clocks,
Frames, Glass, Pictures and Variety Goods. novlB.y
• • Joseph C. AVEClbbin,
A TTORNEY AT LAW, of fi ce in Wallace's hand
-231,_ hitt, on 4th ;4, botu/een ' Wood find Smithfield
streets. ' nos 18'1,
So 82, ;Third Strebti Pittsburgh.
THE stibsciiberi Would reSpectfully return their
j_ thanks to their friend* arid the public, for the
very liberal pattjonage besto wed si hoe the commence.:
ment of the new firti, and would earnestly solicit a
cionitittance of the. same.
`They would respectfully invite those who want to
purchase invihing in the furniture of chair line, to
give them a - call and examine their extehtivo stock
now on hand, consisting, of some of the most splen
did Eastern and French patterns of Rosewood: and
blahegany Furniture.• Flattered-by the very exten
sive patronage received in their business', they - have,
at considerable expense, made arrangements in New
York, by which they Will have the latest Eastern and
Frenchpatteres forwarded monthly, Ahus 'giving the
citizens of Pittsburgh an oppOrtunity• of patrobiling
home industry, and finding
_in their own city what
they formerly would 'obtain onlyin the East. Having
adopted thiprinciple of small profits and quick salbs,
they will be able to sell at as 10* rates as any of the
establishinents in the Eastern Cities. •
novl9-y ROBERTS , & KAEE.
To eiiiintry, Dfolers,:mad.others%
WE have on hand a large supply of the follow>
_ing, which we will sell at the lowest prices in
large or small quantities.
Readers—Eclectic, Sandera',Em ere on>s and Wor
cester's. Spellers—Eclectic, Sanders>, Emerson's,
Bentley's. and Town's. Grammarti—Rirkharn'a;
Smith's, Bullion's, Campbell's and Murray's: Phi.:
losophy—Comstock's, Jones', Olmstead's, Swift's
and Phelps'. Chemistry—Comstock>s, Jones', Mei
fat's, Blake's, Philip's and Gray's. Botany—Com
stock's, Lincolirs;Phelp`s, for beginners. Geogia- ,
phy—Mitchell's, Olney's, Smith's, Woodbridge and
Williard's. Arithmetics--Smith's, - Davie, Eclectic, I
Western Calculator, Bdame, Talbot's, Colburn's and
Emerson's. ' Dictionaries--Welotters, large and
small; Walker's, large and small; And Cobbs'. ..Ex
positors-Jandon's, Gallondet & Hookers and Cobb's.
Algebra—Davies' First Lessonsi Bourdon's, Bonny
castle's and Day's. Geometry—Davies> First Les
sons, Legendre, Plairfairs Euclid. Bury iyings—
Gummere's, Davies' and Flints. -.Music Books—Ma
son's Harp,' vol. 1 and 2,latest edition, Carminina Sa
cra, Odeon, Paltry, Manhattan Collection, Mason's
Juvenile Harp, Young Chair's Companion, &c.,
Also, Stralw and Rag Wrapping Paper,Cap and
Letter Paper,. Slatbs and Pencils, Blak Books,
School, Fauftly and Pocket Bibles, &c. &c. Rags
taken in exchange at highest cash price.
novl9 Market st. between 3d and 4th ste.
For Sal 4
FOUR LOTS—Bounded by Penn, Liberty and Hay
Ns., each lot having 24 IL.front, and extending
back 110 ft. Two of them are corner lots,_ and the
position of the whole property is one of the most ad
vantageous in the city. For thrtber information ap
ply to DI. SWARTZWELDER, Fourth at.,
ndv3-tf bet. Wood and Sthlthfield.
DICKENS' NEW WORK and more new Books, I
at COOK'S 85 Fonrth street. ,
Domby and Son, or Dealings with the firm, by!
Chas Dickens, (Doz) with illustrations, No. I.
Saner Rosaries, by Thos. Carlyle, revised edition,
being Library of choice ieading;.No. 74.
The Nazarine, or the Last of the Washingtonians,l
a revelation of Philadelphia, New York and Wash.
ington in the year 1844, by George Li pard Esq.,
author of the. Quaker City, &c. No.. 1.
Lover's Legends and stories of Ireland by Samuel
Lover, Esq. R. A.
Lives of the Queens of England, vol. 9.
Democratic Review for November.
Blackwood's Magazine for October.
Pennsylvania Law Journal fur November.
American-Review for November.-
Destiny, or the Chief's Daughter,hy the author of
Inheritance. Marriage, &c.
Quaker City, by Geo. Lippard, Esq., Now Supply.
Eastern Newspapers for this week.
Yankee Doodle rich as usual.
Just received and for sale at COOK'S, 85 Fourth
street. nov 16
TO lots of groom) on Tunnel st., below Wiley.
They will be sold separate or together, to suit
purchasers. Title indisputable. Terms made known
by calling on the subscriber, on the premises.
oct27-d 1 maw I t .1. IVORY.
Dr. Dodger
ESPECTFULLY offers his serviees to the cat ,
11,, tens of Pittsburgh and vicinity in the various
branches of the Medical .profeesion. Having grads
ated in the Electic Medical Institute of. Cincinnati,
Ohio, he is prepared to treat all cases of disease ac
cording to the principles of the Reformed Medical
Practice, without using either the. Lancet or Mercu•
rials. articular attention given to diseases awe..
men and children. Office on Smithfield between
Diamond alley and Fifth st.
ItErTmEreces—Professors Morrow, Hill, Baldridge
and Jones; Dr.). 13orton, Dr. Ball of Cincinnati.
W ester Filter*.
91I1E sulfseriber has received on consignment n
few of Oliver Evan's celebrated Water Filters,
manufactured in Philadelphia, such as arc now gen
erally used in the Eastern cities. They are warran
ted to purify, Pump, River, or Rain Water, cleans
ing it of all'. lineral, Animal, Vegetable or other un
wholesome matter—rendering it equal to the finest
Spring water, otherwise on failure, (if used as direc
ted) the price paid will be refunded.
The subscriber, having been appointed agent for
the sale of the above, wilt receive orderiand furnish
them at manufacturers prices.
Novl4 No 26, Wood' at.
Superior Building Lots for Sole in the
Fifth Ward.
EIGHT Lots, fronting on Penn street, opposite
the mansion of Dr. Shoenherger, the corner on
Adams street. 22} feet by. 100, the others 20 feet' s
each by 100, all extending. to Spring Alley.
Five Lots fronting jn Liberty street, at and adjoin
ing Factory street, each 20 feet by 160 deep to Quin
cy street, opposite the new Catholic Church, on these
are erected seven frame haildings.
Title indisputable and a liberal extension of pay
ment to suit purchasers. They will be sold to close
the, concern. Apply to . Michael Allen, or Lewis
Hutchison, at their warehouses, or to James S.
Craft, Esq., at his Wake, SO Fourth street.
irra. variety of Cotton Machinery, viz:—Cards,
Throstles, Mules, Bc., still on hand fur sale on very
reasonable . Wilms, and time, on large sales.
4 LARGE and splendid assortment of rich and
magnificent SHAWLS, just received this day
embracing all the new and desirable styles, viz: Paris
Printed Terkori,Cashmere and Ilroclia, Embroidered
Black and Mode colored Silk. Fringe ' Thibbet and
D'Laine, Chamelion Plaid, and Striped Silk, Merino,
and Persian, Plaid,. Silk and Worsted, together with
a great variety of Woollen Shawla, and will be dis
posed of at a small advance on the original cost,
sepls No. 65 Market st.
Lady's Dress Silks.
F.CrIVED this day, several packages of very
rich new style Persian—embossed Ombri, Bro
cade, Chamelion, Striped, Plaid and Poult de Soic,
and Black Satin, Striped Armour Dress Silks, and
will be sold cheap for Cash, by
sepl3 r ABSALOM MORRIS, N 0.65 Market sh
*elm Dream Ginuharns.
TIE E have now on hand a full assortment of beau
!" tiftil French aad Scotch dress Gilighams, twil-.
led and plain , at remarkable low prices. Also, an
article of embroidered Gingham—very beautiful for
Dresses, fur sale by ABSALOM MORRIS,
sepls No. 65 Market street.
Six Cases New Fall Prints
JUST RECEIVET this day, embracing all the
new and desirable styles in the market; and will
be sold at greatly reduced prices, by
scpls ABSALOM MORRIS, No. 6S Markt,. et.
Cashmeres and De LaWee.
TUFT RI?.CBIVD, a beautiful assortment of new
style Paris printed, Ombri shaded, Rep Corded
and plain Cashmeres and O'lMinti ' and for sale by
seplb ABSALOM MORRIS, 6,lMarket street.
CANOE or uoun.
ON and after Monday, the 2d day of November,
the steamboats CONSUL AND LOUIS M'LANE,
will commence their single trips, leaving daily at 3
o'clock, P. M.
StoOk-helders Take Notice
STOCZ HOLDERS of the Monongahela and Coal
Hill Turnpike Road Company are hereby noti
fied that an election for President and six Managers,'
Secretary and Treasury, into be held at the house of
E. McAninch, south end of the Monongahela Bridge,
opposite Pittsburgh, on Saturday, 28th day of No
vember, 1840, between the hours of 10 and 3 o'clock.
oct3l-w4t.dwbE WM. C. ROBINSON, Treas.
To householders.
T CERTIFY that I have had two beds renovated in
Kelly's Steam Renovator, and I must acknow
ledge that the process brings the feathers to a more
buoyant and purer state than when new. With the
greatest pleasure I recommend:it to the public.
nov2o-tf MARTIN LYTLE.
Scotch Ale and BrOwn Stottt.
gn Dozen "Tenant brands," genuine irepeited
ii/Vartiele, pint bottles, just ieeeived and tor sale
tly sTgRETT Sc Co.
nov4:. • 16 Market at., earner Vont;
OLL il_.lrTkß.- ,I'..Eibl.juit:_rateived. an
• ludo bj , MARTIN & SMITH,
novl7 56 Wood st.-
DDRIED APPLESt- - 10 , 11ble, store apd for Bale
Lip- &
novlT • - 56 Wood et '
. .
FLqati-25 Bbls fresh family Flour, of R superior
brand, for sale by MARTIN & SMITH,
TIQTASII—A few caaleit—an eicelient article, for
sale by MARTIN & smint,
n0v.17 • '"no Wend at.
B ROOMS -,-.59 doz. in store and for sale by .
b 0 Wood et.
SCORCHINGS-10,000 lbs. on consignment, for
sale by J..D. WILLIAMS & Coy
novll ' 110 Wood et.
PRUNES-2taies Dordaux in store find for sale
' bynovl7 3. LI:WILLIAMS & Co.
URRANTS--3 bbls, Zante, for sale by
n0r1.7 J.l). WILLIAMS&Co.,II.O Wood st.
`;:GARS --20 balie White Brazil;
3 1111(11.1%1.1).f
500 Ib9. crushed;
1000 " clarified;
1000 " assorted loaf; for sale by
novl7 J. D. WILLIAMS & Co., 110 Wood et.
NTJTS-5001bs Dordeaex arid paper shell almonds;
- 300 "• Marseilles
200 " Sheltdd (new crop) Ci
300 " English Walnats;
300 " Cream 'Nuts;
200 " Filberts; for sale by •
J. D. WILLIAMS & Co., 110 Wood at,
SOAP ,20 las Chillicothe, No. 1;
20 6 ', Cincinnati, "
5 ". ,Castile;
2 '' Brie's Palm;
10 " ‘" Toilet; fbr sale by
NAILS -20D kgs ass , d sizes, for sale by
' J. D. WILLIAMS & Co.
John L. Opll",tin,
TTORNEY AT LAW, Office Fourth st.,
wenn Grant and Smithfield, south side,- Pitts
burgh, Pa. Will also attend promptly to businessin
the adjoining counties. . novll-ly
TAR CANDLES-20 Ins. and half tms. Star Can
la dies just rectd and for sale by
PORT WINE-15 Qr. Casks Calabria . Port Wine;
15 46 46 64
For sale by (nov9] MILLER & RICKETSON.
T ARD OIL-10 bbls. Winter Lard Oil, just raced
L and for sale by
- Per Rent..
ROOM in the first story of a Brick BonSe on the
corner Of Fifth and Union sta. Apply to
novl7 JAMES MAY.
gKEGS Shot, assorted Nos.; for sale by
VA./ novl2 , JAMES MAY
Pig bead.
84-i PIGS Lead; just reed and for sale by
41 A BBLS. very white No. 1 Salt, in 'first rate
I'l l shipping order, is store and for sale in lots
of .50 bbls. and over, by STERETT & Co.,
novll cor Market and Front sts..
To Carpenter'.
STUDDING, Joist, Plank, &c., of all sizes, furnish
ed to order low• for cash by •
cor. Market and Front stn
Tierces fresh Rice; •
14 bhls, Conklins improved Lard Oil;
10,000 lbs. Bacon, Shoulders. On hand and
for sale by F. SELLERS.
sep24. No. 17, Liberty street.
LARke gs,
D, 100 No. 1, Lard on consignment;
And for sale by F. SELLERS.
sep.2.l. No. 17, Liberty street
S. H. Molasses, in store and for sale by
Dlnsqueto Netts.
GEO. S. SWARTZ has on hand a lot of very su
perior white And colored Musquet6 -Netts
which will be sold cheap at No. 108 Market street.
jel 3
Latest Improvement.
BEDSTEADS 'of different kinds with Gazzaru , s
iron patent fastenings, superior to anything now
in use, for sale low at the thrniture wart:hinny of
angl. T. B. YOUNG St Cu Hand street.
ABLES—Pier, Centre and Card Tables of differ
cut patterns. If you want a good articlecheap
call at the Furniture Warehouse of
T. D. YOUNG & Co.
je6 31 Hand at.
Wood Street. Property for Sale.
THAT desirable lot of ground at the foot of Wood
street, occupied at the time of the great fire by
Messrs. King'Sellatitie'cin offered for sale.
Enquire of laugSj T. K. MOORHEAD.
HAVING a very large and commodious ware
house, we are prepared to receive (in addi
tion to freight for shipment) a large amount of,Pro
duce, Ike. on storage at low rates.
jy23 C. A. McAIsIULTY & CO, Canal Basin.
F NEAb-121.1 packages Y, H., !mid., G. P. and
Pow•chong, of late importations, arriving and
for sale by [aug2:ll LAMBERT Sc SHIPTON.
QOO BAGS Green Rio, part prime;
'JG " Old Government Java;
Arriving this day and for sale by.
F ISH-15 20 U btls No. ‘ 3 3 L N ary t is i Mackerel;
10 " " 1 "
20 " Herring (AUwives)
5 " No. I Salmon; in gore and for
sale by [align] LAMBERT & SHIPTON..
Sugar and Molasses.
A HHDS. N. 0. Sugar, strictly prime
A !5 bbls. Nos. 4 and 6 Loaf;
10 cases ...Loveririg's - D. R. Loaf Sugar
11S bbls N. 0. Molasses;
In store and for sale by
aug2s. 133 and 135 Wood street
till 50 " Rosin. '
150 Boxes Tobacco; various sizes;
10,0(10 Seed leaf Cigars;
On consignment and will be sold low fur Cash, or
exchanged for d'ittsburgh rnanulktures, by
TOBACCO. --75 large`hnil 90 small boxes Missou.
ri tobacco, of prime quality, just received on
consignment, and will be sold cheap for cash, or
Pittsburgh manufactures.
FOr Cash Only.
WO second hand Pianos, in good order, for sale
very low, at F. BLUNIVS,
oct2l' No 112 Wood st.; 2d door above sth.
received, a large assortment of the above, and
for sale at F. BLAMES
sopa No. 112 Woodstreet, 2nd door above 6th
Niew Books.
JUST RECEIVED—Lens= . a• heat DICOOSA, Asia
Minor, by Mrs. E. C. A. Schneider, with an
essay on the prospects of the Heathen and our duty
to them, by Rev. B. Schneider, and an introductio.
by Rev. E. Heiner, A. M: Publiahed by Rev. Sa.mlu
Gutelius, Chambersburgh; 1846. ~For sale by
jell SCRIBA & SCHEIBLER, 115 Wood at
13SALIAS & HYMNS, for the use of the German
j_ Reformed Church in thell. S. of America, En
glish and German. For sale by
jell SCRIM & SCHEIBI.F.II, 115 Wood et.
For Coughs, Colds, &a.
PULMONARY or Expectorant Balsam, price 25
r cents per bottle.
Ginseng Panacea, price he cents per bottle.
Sellers' Imperial Cough Syrup, 25 cts. per bottle.
Swayne , s Syrup of Wild Cherry, $l,OO
Shenck , s-Pulmonic'Syrup, $l,OO 41
Wistem , Balsam of Wild Cherry el,OO
To be hail at THORN'S DRUG STORE,
cor. Hand and Penn sts.
PILLS, warranted to please. Try them. Pre
pared and sold by E. THORN,
oct2l cor. Hand and Penn stn.
Drug Store and Fixtures fair Sale.
THE subscriber, owing to ill health, is desirous
of quitting his present Vusiness, and, offers his
stock Of Drugs, Medicines, Pereiniery. ant fixtures
for sale. The stock is well seler4isl,,ana.pisrrectiy
fresh. His prescription business ikllx.ooPare• with
any establishment in the city. -- Yes further ..parrieur
lars, enquire (if by mail, le lag post naid,) of
cell& itir. Penn and Mud lits,,Pittsburgh,..Pa.
JONEP aS Soap is -wonderful, Wonderful Soap,
For it makes every pimple and freckle elope—
It rnakesflesh thathr ckapyd,thaVadiaeased or that%
Tho , .the *rind blow as bleak es in March or Deevnl-
Smooth, healthy and soft—clear, lovely and white,
As the snow on the hills of a clear winter's night,
Jones's Soap is realiy and, truly a perfect and never
ailing cure for any skin disease, making discolored
skin clear and healthy. Sold at the American Eagle
82 Chatham at., and by the only Agent for Pittsburgh,
W. Jackson, 89 Liberty street, head of:Wood street.
Where also may be had genuine, Jones" celebrated,
Coral Hair Reatorative—SpanishLillyWhite—Amber
Tooth Piste, and Moorish Hair Dye. , oct3l
Sorrowful Story of Real Life—Havnn you seen
him in Iltoadway, New York, with the long, delicious
silky hairohatwaved ati the wind blew, and the Bond
and Bleecker street ladies longed to re .el in the jetty
clusters With their snowy forked fingers? Did you
ever bear that young-man's story? Well, itis a love
tale. Poor fellow, the blasted holae of a rich Boston
family! I will not give you the particulars. Otis too
sorrowful—suffice it to say, that at times hie mind
wanders.. Do you know what gives such a particu
lar charm to him that was once the "glass of fashion
and thomould of form?" Jones' Coral Hair Resto
rative, and Jone's Italian Chemical Soap. Every
Monday, at 2 o'clock, he may be seen walking into
our friend Jones' store; 82 Chathana'st. - p to get a bet-
tie of his Oil, that alone gives his hair that original
brilliancy that sorrow has turned gray and thin. He
says, that being afflicted with &options and a bad
akin, he would advise those who have a clear COM-.
plesion, free from eruption or disfigurement; 'to buy
a cake of the Italian' Chemical Soap. It cures the
very worst cases of eruption, and changes a dark,
yellow, or sunburnt skin, to a fine healthy clearness.
It Is sold at 50 cents a cake. Buy this once, and
look in the glass. We self 3 shilling bottles ofJones ,
Coral Hair Restorative, that you may try it without
much 'expense; for a dollar is the usual price paid for
pretended "hair restoratives."' We know if you once
try it you will have more, because you will readily
find it all i 1 it. represented.'.-Therefore we charge
reasonable. It will force the hair to grow, stay , its
falling off, cure scruff or dandruff.
It is sold in three sizes, 371,50 cents, and $l-per
bottle, by the proprietor, 42 Chatham st., New York,
and at JACKSON'S Patent Medical Warehouse, 89
Liberty st., head of Wood, Pittsburgh. [ott3l
iiiri.ii7ListiiiiEAL ESTATE.
rynE Subscriber offers for sale on accotuniodafin_i'
terms, the following very'Valuable Real Estate,;!
the greater part of which is situated in the city of;
Pittsburgh :
A LOT OF GROUND on Fourth Street, betweenl
Market and Wood Street?, containing 29 feet or there!,
alioutsin front, and extending in depth 85 feet, being!
the same lot formerly occupied by the Police Office,l
and nearly opposite the Merchants and Manufactur-,
or's Der& :
A LOT 'OF GROUND on Third Street, nearly op.i
posite the Post Office having a front 0f66 leet and
extending back 80 feet. This lot will admit of being
divided into three lots, having each a front of about
twenty.two feet, which will be done fin; the scampi
modation of purchasers, • • ;
FIVE LOTS OF GROUND on Market, Street, comj
mencing on the south east corner of Second and Mar 4
ket Streets and_ extending- southwardly on Market
Street; each 20 feet, with a depth of 60 feet. The!
corner Lot is probably the Most eligible lot of any
now offered for sale in the city. - I
A LOT ON PENN STREEF on which is erected
a Three Story Brick Dwelling House, the third dwelt
ling house from the corner of 'Water and Penn sts.l.
The House is well finished and now in the occupancy,
of Mr. Shiletto as a boarding house.
A LOT OF GROUND in. Kensington, running
hundred feet on the river, with all average breadth of
sixty feet, formerly occupied by . a Brewery, destroy.;
ed by the late fire. This Lot, is subject to a small
ground rent.
A TRACT OF LAND, situate in Kiskirninetaa
township, Armstrong county, containing four hundred
and fiffy-six acres, and 151 perches, with allowance
of six, per cent. on which are erected Two Large
Frame Barns and two CabinFlouses. Upon the tract
there arc 175 Acres cleared, 25 of which are in mea..,
dow, and a number of Fruit Trees planted thereon:
This tract is principally upland of the very best iies
cnption and is situated in a highly flourishing neigh=
borhood and is altogether one of the finest tracts of
, hind in the western country. The attention of Geri
I man Farmers is particularly called to it.
All the above property belongs to the Trusteed of
the Bank of the United States, who are 'disposed to
sell it upon terms highly favorable to purchasers.
The Subscriber also offers for sale LOT No 50, on
the plan of lots laid out by Cook and Cassat, on
Holmes Hill.
A HOUSE AND LOT on Hay Street, between Penn
Street and the Riser. House three stories high with
a basement, having a front of feet, and extending
back feet, and is - replete with every convenience,
and is well adapted to a small family, and is now in
the occupancy of Mr. Yeager. -
Apply at my Office in Fourth Street bet Ween Mar
ket and Wood Streets.
octal-dlm CIiARLF.S SHALER.
rim those persons who wish to. live comfortable
and warm this cold weather. The subscriber
lias manufactured and now on hand - a large assort
ment; such as Ladies' and Gentlemen's .7:Wei-shirts
and Drawers, cotton, woollen, worsted' and silk;
with a large supply of every description, of Hosiery,
and every quality of worsted and:woollen' Yarn.
The above goods will be, warranted ofthe very best,
and sold retail at wholesale prices' so iforou want to
save the doctor's bill this winver, call on .
MICHAEL DAILY:Fifth street;
between Market and Wood)
is nov23-2w sign of the. Big Stocking.
Tin 'HODES & ALCM*, (Late Of New York city ) )
No. 27 Filth st., between Wood and Market,
Manufacturers of Mustard, Ground Spices, Cabnips,
&c., &c., will open during the preaent week a large
assortment of articles in their line, which they wiU
wholesale in quantities to suit dealers, at tastern
wholesale prices. All articles sold by them warran
ted. Merchants intending to go east would do well
to call before leaving the city. They may be found
at their warehouse No. 27 Filth street, in Ryan's
Pianos. -
A SPLENDID assortment of Mahogany and Bose
1-Iwood Pianos, just finished. -These instrument
are well made of the latest paterns and best materi
als and will be sold low for cash by F. BLUME.
No. 112 Wood st. 2d door above 5th.."
N. B. Those who are in want of a gond inStruntent
are respectfully invited to call and - examine these be:-
fore purchasing elsewhere, as they cannot he excel
led by any in the country, and will be "old lower
than any brought from the east. One elegant Rose
wood Piano with Coleman's Patent attach
ment for sale by - F. BLCME.
Sow n'etseiving,• .
AT HAYS & BROCKWAY'S, the foltowi‘ , at
ticks :
20 oz. Sulpla. Quinine;
2 .. .. Morphine; .
8 lbs. Ooil Lemon;
1 Case Carb. Magnesia; -
GroseFatman.s Blacking;
20 " " Matches;
2 Casks Chloride Lime; • '
I Bbl. Blue Vitriol;
20 4 . Fustici Logwood and Cathwood; -
S " Spr. Turpentine. - •
nov3 No 2, Commercial tto* i Liberty atrtet:
short account of the important events transpir
ing from the time of the removal of the , c Arniy of
Occupation' , from Corpus Christi to the surrender of
Matamoros; with the description of the Rertar. or
Pato Aato, and Rtsren nr. LA PAtatA. The bom
bardment of Fort Brown; and the ceremonies of the
Surrender of Matamorag, - with descriptiOns- of the
city, &ci, by T. M. Thrope, Esq., author of Tom
Owen, the Dee-Hunter, &c. Illustrated with 26 en
gravings, just reed and for sale at COOK'S Literary
Depot, 8.5 Fourth sti nov6
DRIED PEACHES--1 bbls, Dried Peaches', a
good article, for Bale by
No. 56 Wood street.
MIMS AND HEELERS—A few dozen, just re
ceiced and for sale by • '
No. b 6 Wood street.
20 doz. Splits.
00 " Coal, danaVatid Ginin Shovels;
20 I. Mattocks and Picks; On blind and tot
sale at manascturees prices by.
oct24 GEO: COCHRAN; 26 Wood St.
School Books,
MITCHELL'S, Smith's and Olners Geographies;
Kirkham s s, Smith's and Brown's Giammars;
Cobbs, Sanders!, ElementarE and U. S. Spellers;
Eclectic Readerst
Sanders' " "
Arithmetics, Algebras, School' Histeete) 'Greek
and Latin Class Books, &c.. For sale by
r;etal. H. S. BOSWORTH & Co., 43 Mar:seta.
New Boolas.
0 lustrating the'perfectinns of Ged in die-phenol*.
ena of the year; each "seasonof the Year-composing
a volume, now complete end-for Bale by ' • • -
Succeeseri:to-Eoberr Carter'
between 84 ami 4th ete.
DSOULEt—Iti the spring of 1844, I had a.ara4 , .
vete attack iif Infiamation of the Lungs. I em
ployed the best medical aid I could get; the intlarowr.
tion finally subsided, but my cough continued to -
crease till at length my cue was , pronounced confittn;.'
ed consumption. ' In this situation I was titian
my physicians. I took all the cough balsams I 'could ;
hear of, but they had no effect. lat length obtaftie 1.
ionic of the Sovereign Balm Pills, and after I corn--
maimed taking them I raised for a few days astonialt , ;".
ingly, so that my friends became alarmed; but I soot' '
found that it was only clearing out my lungs, for
began to gain, and, as strange as it may appear, Us
aow a well man. They are extensively used , ftie.'
Coughs and. colds, and always give relief. "
Pickering, Canada West, Oct,180; - r
Sold wholesale and retail by
P. R. SAWYER, General Agent,
At the HEAL= DEPOT, Smithfield, between 3d and e.
4th sta. Pittsburgh, Pa. , - notri2ilaw
Genet** COMMISIIIOI3. 13111111101 lei •
With a Receiving* Forwarding House, at Fltdh7C•
.UN, Venango county, Penn., T, , -
i rt. BRYDEN having purchased a lot at ties
1.1/J_ landing, (mouth of French Creek,) and erected
. 1
thereon a new commodious and substantial" afire.
hciuse; the aborebttsiness will be attended to prompt,'
and correctly, if possible, by us. Our friends and- , .
the public will - please remember us when they.hate - -•-•• • 1
any oonsignments to make to or from thug point.
Franklin,.Oct. 24, 1846. 7: (d&w6m , •
Dr: Jaekm:mos-Pilo Embrocation.
EAD the following, from the editorial columns .
ra j of Alexander's Weekly Messenger.
Founp AT LAST—A Sure Cliff far the Piles.t—
Physicians and Chemists have long been anxious to
discover a medicine that would cure one of the most .
troubleeione diseases, the Piles. - Success has at
last been the result. Dr. JACKSON'S NIX
BROCATION not only stops all bleeding, allay*
pain and inflammation, subdues that intolerable itch., .!•
nig,but- effectually came, like a charm, and itt - j
very short time; persons whose lives have been rcn-..:
dered miserable for years.-
Only a few from the great number of certitiestetr .
will be published. Read the Sullowingt i
Plimenzvente., March 10, 1845,1
Western Hotel.
Itcicseti--Sirt I think there , arefeie'cliseaaei
mare common and troublesome than the - Piles,
during the lad fifteen years I have suffered
them very touch, causing pain, bleeding,;and
derate. itching; I:used all the various remedies;
without relief, untilyour gota bottle of youembroe44-:"
Lion, from Dr. Jayne, No. 8 South Third street, which - 1'
has completely cured me in three.weeks
Yount, truly, S. IL PLIMPTON.
Per sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE, ,
72, Fourth street, near Wood: oct2B-d&w
WARE OF THAT COUGH, for coughing
Bnotes irritation in the throat or lungs, which it
the iminediate precursor of inflammation, Absaati,,
Bronchitis, Asthout, Spitting of Blood, Consumption: ,
and Death. Now, there is no need of coughing
all, for ,JAstir's EareEeronAnT will immediately re. , . ;
lieve-ithe. Cough subdue the Inflammation, cleanse
the Lungs and Throat from all irritating cirvbstruct,
ing matter, and elfect.a- speedy cure,
For saletn Pittsburgh at the PEE.IN TEA STORE,
72 Fourth street, near Wood. oet24-4.11kw
T . ]
YOW—Well, that is a misfortune and not a
crime; but to remain bald, when so fine an opportu- "
nity offers to restore your hair, by a faithful and
eral use . of JAYNE'S HAIR TONIC, is _but 7tttle
abort of crime.
.This valuable prepitiation•exaftet/i,
the scalp to a. new and healthy nation, eleansmit?
from scurf and dandruff, prevents the imir.fromfall- , ti.l
ing off, cures those ereptive diseases which often sip.
pear upon the head, and in a majority of cases pro--,4 :
demi a fine growth of new hair, It also gives
hair a rich and'heautiful appearance, unequalled by
any thing of the kind.',
For sale ie Pittsbargh at the PERIN TEA STORE.
'72 Fourth street, near Wood. oct24dbiw
Just Put:disked.
an attount of the Geography, History, Govern-
ittera, and Resources, and noted citizens of the State;
with a map of the State and of each County; for the.'
use of Schools, by TIIOIIIAS H. BtatilrtwEs. .
The above described book mayiwith the utdost-,
propriety be recommended to the attention of DiXec:
tors of Public Schools, and to Teachers in general.
The author in his preface states, "A - book calCulated
to impart to our youth a full and accurate knowledge '
of their own State, has long been deemed necessary., '
Whether thia will supply the want, experience alone %
can determine. The counties are not treated in et...
phabe Ural order,- but in classes, -according to their
form of surface, productiona l and-historical relations; =: '
To carry out the design, wamall state map, in addl.
tion to the several county maps, has been construct..
ed, with the classes of; counties marked upon it." 1
For sale by the doz. and retail at the Book and
Paper Waiehouseof LUKE LOOMIS, Agent. '
sep 30 No. 89 Wood it. Pittsburglw.
Blakely and.
Offices on Penn and Smith Mists. •
-A GENTS for the;Old Black Ball tine of Liter. .1
pool and New. York Packets. 4: • G.
Remittances made as Usual to England, Ireland,. i
3cotland and Wales, in sums of one pound sterling
ind upwards—payable in any town of importance
in. Great Britain and'lrelawl: • - - . _
- Persons wishing to send for their 'friends can hae
them brought out hy, the above splendid line, on the,
15th and 16th of any month. , - fy7 .
Or in Exchange for Nails or, Window Wan..
We are authorized to offer for sale, or in eichange . ; r
for Window Glass or Nails, a well finished.and• ebb.'
stantial • two 'Story brick house and lot, 19 feet front !
by-100'feet deep, situated on the Allegheny . river` ,♦._;;
above the Glass House. It will be sold at a reason.
ble price, title.unexceptionable.
Apply to ' 'BLAKELY & MITCHEL,
sep. 17, • Real. Estate Agents.
Fashionable Dress Making..
- Al - Its. P. R. SMITH, having secured the services
of .a fashionable Idantumaker hem one of the
most eitensive establishments ofthe kind in Philadel.'i
phia, is now prepared to execute all' orders in _be
various branches at hlanufacturing. During a recent I.
visit to the Eastere.cities, she has procured all the
latestand most fashionable dress and cloak patterns, i
together with a variety of trimmings, and has raadel
arrangements by which she will receive monthly thel
latest and most approved style of dress, &c.
biz seamstresses will receive constant. employment -
at liberal wagess also, a number brgirls will be taken
as apprentices, if application be made soon ether
residence in Fourth street, between Smithfield and;
Grant streets. _ - 7 OCt3l4lgi 1
.arSOFT, FINE AND CLEAN ; to make the scalpi ,
he thy, smooth, white and fraltfu4, so that a ' gook'
crop may spring therefrom, peisons have but to evi
pend thirty seven and a half cents. And, reasbet,:
our only object for'Selling the article at that price, li
knowing it to be all we state, that when you once &I.
this you -never will.- use aught else, whether. it hi
'Merely to embelish, to dress, beautify, and preserve
to force growth, stop falling off, and cure scrufa or --
TIVt. will never fail to do all this; as hundreds will: ,
tell you with gratitude. It dresses the hair beantifun
and makes rotor &rep' hair grow dark/Ton pti. ,
roots. - _
Sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Werth - 01154
89 Liberty street, head of Wood—price thirty' seven
and a half cents, fifty cents and one dollar per bottle'
At the same place is sold the Italian Chemical Soap 4
Spanish. Lilly White and unrivalled - shaving soap I
3725-tf .
E SKIN AND COMPLEXION, at this (and v
indeed, evert other) season, is often repulsive
in appeaitinCe, caused, in , eight cases nut of ten, by
the atmosphere; and what persons suppose disease„ •
of the blood, is simply a disease ofthe skin..' If
some of the - thousands who take , purgative mediciiii,
pills, aid useless Sarsaparilla, were to use on their
skin a softening and clearing balk', that opens Va s e
pores, whitens the skin, and causes °healthy perspi-
ration, that, be the skin never no disfigured, unheal--
thy, or diseased With pimples or freckles, 'outdraw:,
tan and. morphew the true and genuine JONES'S
ITALIAN CiIdIICAL SOAP never fella; to cure
and dispel them, and to make the akin elem. and —1
lovely. It acts so mildly and sootbinglj on . the -
skin, that physicians use it on ladies and infants, ii&
old cases of scuriry,crysipelas, salt rheum, sore head s
ringworm, and it (mind, the genuine Jones" soap)
has often effected a cure when every other remedy "-",
failed. , Itis indeed a blessed remedy. . -
Sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Warehouse s
89 Liberty street, head of WOad—at the same pine
is sold the Moorish Hair Dye; Coral Hair Atistota.;
tive, and Spanish Lily White.
Pantimeas.Ormez—Sign of the American . Eagle;
82 Chatham street. - New York. -
. -
T' poisonons effect on the skin of termini%
pared chalk is not generally known by I •
how yellow rough and unhealthy it makes the a
time; besides, what a corpse like, palid 144 it gi
•when applied. They' should use a beautiful pte
ati 0 9 ittely vegetable, which givei the raceme
meek, 4,natural whiteness,
_and mak
smooth. , It is called. Jones , .Spanish Lilly " •
and is sold at JACKSONIS Patent Medicine
house, 89 Liberty atzeit,haadof Wood; Slim
place is Sold Times , Coral . Hair Hisstottitives- 191
Chemical Schip and unrivalled shaving golf ,
..''.: : •..',. , :..1-..,...... - : g - ::. , ,.. , 1 . .-S - ',.:
S=i i '
Brick - House and Lot for Sale,