The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, November 28, 1846, Image 2

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gj , We give place in our paper•Of today ioAre
first of 'three numbers on the 'Subject of Are Tariff'.
AMMO we differ somewhat in opinion frOm the
tiiiter:tet. we do , not feel se liberty, on that ac
eoujit,,tik reject , these communications. Every
democedt, :We iimeelve, has a-right tomake him
selfltSstl, particulely when..he couches his senti
tents in unexceptionable language.
At a Court of Quarter Sessions held in Beaver,
for the`countyof Beaver, during the present 'week,
the ease of the Cr, 'iMinenretailit vs. Tames Parra-soli
tend .r.Simpirm, on a charge - of Conspiracy, was
tried, and, after five days laborious investigation,
the Court-charged the Jury. in a most impartial
manner,deelaring in unequivocal terms, that the
tainnieiviegth had not made out their case. The
usy retired for a few minutes and returned with a
-Verdict of Nor Gcrxtry.
The Commonwealth was represented by Messrs.
Cunningham, Taylor and Chamberlain.
• :The defr.nee was conducted by Messrs. Agnew
ind - iFettertnan of 'Beaver, with A. W. Loomis,
of. Pittsburgh.
...:-Weluive_but to add, that - from information de-
Ord.tlarough one who was present at`the trial,
the charge was lia plot, a right gook plot"—to
jute and 'Oppress gentlemen of honor and reputa,
tifitt,:whose friendships to the daring and heartless
prosecutors had .done inestimable service to the
iltarhifsctorers and mechanics in the vicinity of
waver.- : • • •
-. - ,- - - :!!1; ,. :..••,.,.;: , ...
f~~ y
Law latdligenci
tut :B'o is ever with , the world—ungratefisL
-' — :We r are told Loomis; address was elutrarteristic
ii'bus well , established fame as a sound lawyer
e able debater. And, we are further given to
ntilirstaini, the trial, in detail. is to he published.
'The'' -.Weitefn - Volunteer's intend to offer the
Dune of SAXIIXL . W. Br.acx, Esq. for the post of
'Llstyrrarster. 'Cox:mast of ttse Pennsylvania Re-
Afthis time 'Mr. Black is Lieut. Colonel
of theSixthitegiment of Volunteers in this city.
.view, of the capability of many gentlemen
*tiding 'CUL of the mountains, who may base as
pirations for the nppointrnent, let us hope no un
kltulteelinemay be encouraged to divide a unity
cd'friendships, which should characterize citizens
'the same State, in the tented field and upon the
trittle. ground. • '
hfr. Stack will be uncompromisingly supported
by he _ ?West, on the grounds of his commanding
islents.--Tearless, daring,—unquestioned patriot- -
40*, and popular , character. Ile is equal to the
=agencies of the. field or the subtleties of Treaty
intleilig. Oar Volunteers claim, as of right, a gen
sletaiartiif Mr. Elack'a acquirements to lead them
tolictory either by the Sword or the Pen.
_TlkeWest conftdently seek their wishes in this
rupeet, and, they are ready to unite in support of
the Zest for other appointments to complete the
isqUisitiOn. In Union is strength and safety. Let
beinsylvaniii present's Regiment under command
Wean hearts and sorted heads.
• e, as • e • owing rem '- st.ative to.the
too, eatnmon custom of endorsing paper, which
frequently involves many innocent men in bank
ruptcy and ruin:
'Ala evil of great magnitude exists in our country
to ture,which a suitable remedy has been looked
for co ban. The evil alluded to is the practice of
endorsing and becoming security in private tran
sactions. It involves the safest and most prudent
mew in the country; and often brings utter ruin up.
oii.thie most meritorious families, and those least
deserving such misfortunes. This evil is sorely felt
Cui:the ; neighborhood of the bank and its branches
where lending, borrowin.' s and endorsing is more
extensively practised than in any other parts of
the State. It is true that as much good may of-
Sea result from the practice as evil; but the amount
of evil seems greatly to preponderate, and if so,
there ought lo be a remedy. H a man is about to
sell his real estate' for a fair price, and to receive
the full value in hard money paid down, the law
still 'requires the consent and signature of his wife,
before`she can be divested of her interest in it =
'The wisdom of this law,has seldom been doubted .
It might be well. then, .before a man, in a convivial
aliment, Cr hen Mr erdorne by the persuasions of
en imprudent friend, or deceived by the false rep
titientations of a bad man, puts his whole estate.
--the earnings of.* long and laborious life, and of
much 'Mil and care—in jeopardy of the law, to re
quire him at least to-get the consent and signature
of his wife. If she is to be reduced to poverty, it
tortybe as well to let her know it in advance, and
tq let her consent to it. This might remedy the
evil to some extent, by adding a little, more time,
refleetion and caution to all such transactions.
without preventing much of the good resulting
-from Abe practice. Eirperience has shown that
the wife is a good adviser avd safe counsellor.
3liasocrix LEOIBLATIIRE.—This body convened
at lel!It/Ann City. on Monday, the 16th inat In
the Senate, the Lieut. Governor took the chair, end
after the body was' organized, Mr. Ewtrro was
cisoseriZeiretary. In the House, Claiborne F. Jack
;on warthosen Speaker, and Benj. F. Massey chief
/Ise Message of. Governor Enwsans is a con
cise eiatter•of-fact document altogether local in its
' siiisoa;--All the towns in the 4th Congre's
lions' district, wording to the Boston Atla.a, give
Feck, liem;
...._ . 3,868
Chandler, Fed., . 3.907
Scattering, . • 1,164
, reileviill have a small plurality in the district.
.- '.3A't the next trial a plurality elects.
Box Jonsr liutrrcr Aussts.--This venerable
matesuitus, we regret to learn, was seized with-a
paralysif. of his lett aide, on the 19th inst., which
fora time 'rendered him nearly insensible. The
Borten- Advertiser of Saturday, says: nWe have as
eartainsd from hii physician, Dr.'Bigelew, that he
has, in a great degree, recovered the power of ar•
tie Weldon, and the use;of the limbs of the affected
Met Nis lief, and not the left, as stated by us
yesterday ) liels free from pain, has the full me
_ofliii faculties, and, though feeble, is able to sit up
for *wit periods."
era, Seiretary of the Navy under President Her
, /dean and. tyier, has been elected by the Legisla
ture of North' Carolina, a Senator of the United
State., to the vacancy occasioned by the resig
, natton of 51r. HATWOOD. -
Oi'XitrILLIAT Cu,, Sr., Esq., took leave of
' the incinnati . Enioirer, on the 24th inst., in 'an
ablywlitten valedictorY: We,regret to learn that
311 health was the cause of Mr. C, ietiriu from
Editorial life. ~ 2
Cassiwi, A.suLtz haslleep re
ettitl td theT. S!letaite, by the Arkluisie Legis
one- which is not in eesnion' '
R <~.
`Y:;R_ - -
. 1 7 : .. , ,, - - - , , ., , .... - ,,_ . , , , ii. 4 t!
Thistankee fentivalw4aluturt universally ob.
arved by opr titians. gigifiesr-Were still, shops
- And stores were cicised, and mechanics, laborers and
1:i - ram:land men abandoned, for the day, an far as,
inactitable, their accustomed -labels. We believe
die churches generally were opsn—reverend gentle•
men pot in "their richest lieks," as the slang is; for
iris their wont on all houidays to give vent to
something more interesting than is contained in
then :ordinary Sunday discourses. The . Theatre
.was_op_eii_ in the evening, mid Mrs. Howatt vette
greeted by a full ,house. .The; hotelsarid eating
honses were all in blast, of course, and well-were
they patronized: We doubt not the keepers w e re
sincerely thankful that the fiat hadd-been setiapart
for thanksgiving by the Governor, and they would
not object to another soon. 'vie dhnes flowed in
steadily from early mom till the witching hour of
night. The tinkles suffered. We did not hear
of the cheer _enjoyed ;by our unfortunate friends on
the hill; doubtless it was hard enough. The Tem
perance men were active. The Sonnies were in
Elizabeth.—See proceedings in another part of the
Paper. The Washingtonians held a meeting in the
evening; subject—the license law and the approach
ing election.- The meeting was full.
These were the amusements of Thanksgiving
Day-ror Shunk Sunday, as some designateit—
There are some other facts worthy the notice of
our citizens:
On Thursday (Thanksgiving) we asked one of
',the Overseers how many of our citizens depended
upon them for support We had for an answer.
"Than are about five or six hundred who receive con
stant or occasional relief from the city. I had ten
applications today." It is a moderate estimate to
say that there were at least two thousand people
in our prosperous city, who, on Thanksgiving
night, went hungry to bed. We bare a large jail
well filled with human beings, charged with differ
ent degrees of offence, from murder down to va
grancy; and then there is that more stupendous
and magnificent structure over the river; it too, is
well tenanted. Next, think of the hospital, or,
rather, the old Water Works coal shed—it is
crowded with men and disease. Twee were sent
there=the best home the world afforded them—on
Thanksgiving day. How many drunken men
were reeling through . the streets, lanes and alleTs,
and lying in hovels, cellars and garrets, in fash
ionable boarding houses and private parlors, on this
same day 1 The reader may calculate for himself ,
—we say one thousand..
We beg to dissent from the declarations made
by our Senior, in the Post of Thursday morning, I I
that "our land has been a favored land." Compara
tively it may be; but until there is at least a chance
for the low to rise, and the high to become virtu
ous and happy, we contend, to say the least, that
there is room—there is absolute necessity—for
thorough reform. How, when, or where a change
Tor the better is to take: place, we leave for our
wise, sane arid practicable citizens to determine.
But come in some sh'ape it must, as sure as God
is just and merciful; and that quickly. [All things,
at the present day, stand prepared and await the
light—Ousts' tto.),
The Post was not represente4 at the "Presents
•" • • .• • ..on_Thap_k_feying Da:
events, all suffered On neeount Of the sudden change
that has taken place in - the weather during the
present week. The turn out was strong, by the
order of the Sons of Temperance. The different
Divisions met at the Hall, corner of 3d and Wood,
on the morning, and formed a procession. proceed ;
ing thence to the steamer Resort, which had been
chartered for the occasion. White's celebrated
band accompanied them. The number in proces
sion was estimated at 125.
At about noon the Resort arrived at Elizabeth
town. The reception of the Pittsburgh brethren
by the El Dorado Division of that town was most
cordial. An excellent dinner was in readiness; it
had-been prepared by the ladies of the town. After
paytaking heartily they again - formed in procession
—inerit4, to the church—a prayer was oared to
the Throne of Grace, and a Temperance Ode sang
by. the.. choir.
Wx. E. Amami., Esq., of this city, upon whom
the duty dovolved by previous appointment by the
ladies of Elizabeth, presented a splendid edition of
the Bible to the El Dorado Division of the Sons of
Temperance. His address is reported to have been
brief, elegant and appropriate. The Book was re
ceived on behalf of the Division by iss. G. Rasa,
Esq. His speech is well spoken of by those who
had the good fortune to hear it. We trust the ed.
dress of Mr. R., and also that of Mr. Austin, may
be prepared for publication. Will the Sons see to
The ceremonies having been concluded, the pro.
cession was again formed, and to the music of the
Band, marched to the boat, which immediately
started for borne amid the "tremendous cheering" of
the people on the shore.
With the exceptions of the cold weather and the,
crowded state of the little steamer, the day was
passed pleasantly, and Gov. Shunk received the
thanks of every devoted Son for the appointment
of Thursday as a Day of Thanksgiving.
Filson Festival.—On Thursday, we are pleased
to learn, the prisoners in the jail were treated to an
excellent dinner. The refreshments were furnish
ed, in part by some of our liberal citizen,, but
principally by Mr. Sheriff Forsyth. A table was
set in , the Hall, well supplied with the luxuries of
the season. The style in which it was got up was
equal in all respects to public dinners generally.;
and the poor prisoners (all except Reidel) partook
with a hearty zest. "Afterthe cloth was removed,"
the Rev. Teasdale, - a name associated with innu
merable acts of charity and benevolence, delivered
an appropriate address. We trust he did not
throw pearls before swine, but that his exhortation
may have a good influence upon those for whom it
was intended. -
-Sheriff Forsytb, though he was treated rather
roughly by excited politicians previous to the
election, has given satisfaction, thus far, and we
doubt not be will make a good officer. We greatly
commend his kindness to the prisoners; and they
must be a hardened set if they ever forget his treat
ment towards them on Thursday,
Suffrage Neeting.,—We put the proceedings of
the Suffrage Meeting, held, by our colored citizens,
in band for publication in Thursday's paper, but
it was accidentally omitted. They are now too
old for insertion.
It was resolved to hold-a county Convention in
this city on the'2d Tuesday of December next.
_ Bel/ T'VreekeL n —A raft has been, for some , days,
lying against one of the piirs of the old- Alleghe
ny Bridge. We presume tong poor, felrow froM
the wilds at the head watens of the Allegheny htit,
The verdict of sequittal in the case of Robert
Beatison gives general „aatisfactior• wart.3oat;
elflxilteted who heard ihf titstirucini 44,
fence; end bad the case-elpsed with the wit
nessesi)ar 'the VornrunnWealtb, we doubt not the
verdict of the fifty would have been the - saine.
Whatever private opinions we may all
to - the guilt or innocence of Beatson, we must bear
in mind that he has had a fair trial—the ingenui
ty-of two food-lawens was brought against him—
but a disinterested, impartial and intelligent „Turf
has acquitted him of the charge of killing his wife
'He is now citizen again; he has citizen's rightel
and society and the laws owe him protection" and
Ilsupiicirt; provided_ he conducts himself hereafter as
he has for many, years before his imprisonment;
for a host of witnesses testified to his honesty, in
dustry, civility and sobriety.
lie has children who must now depend upon him
for sustenance, and it is hoped that his sufferings
during the past six months may not have deaden
ed his sensibilities to his duties as a parent. His
little daughter, only ten years of age, who testified
with so much candor on the trial of her•father, ex
cited deep interest among those who heard her.
She gave evidence of intelligence not common to
children so young and raised under such unfavora
ble circumstances. The world owes her support
and educatillt. By kindness and charity to the
father, she may receive both.
We trust the former friends of poor Beatson
may think of this matter.
Raft. Porter, Esq.—ln justice to Mr. Porter,
whose address to the Jury in the Beatson case, we
did not 'hear, we copy the annexed notice of it from
the Dispatch:
Mr. Porter labored under the difficulty of having
rather a weak case to sustain, but acquitted him
self it a manner highly creditable, caring upon the
' jury to convict the prisoner, upon the evidence be
fore them--eloquently depicting the results to so
ciety of the numerous acquittals, resulting from
the opposition of jurors to the deathpenalty„—and
endeavoring to sustain capital punishment, by nu
merous quotations from Holy Writ. Had. Capt.
Porter been for the defence--a position much more
in accordance, we have no doubt, with the gentle•
mans own feelings,—be would have 'had much
greater room for the display of his powCr in argu
ment, and eloquence in denunciation than was pos
sible when acting for the Commonwealth in this
Z°' There is an impression abroad that Mrs.
Reidel was to be raised by order of court. There
was no foundation for this rumor. The Court has
no power to issue any such order.
—Reidel was visited yesterday by Mr. Alden,
his attorney, and others. He most earnestly as
serts his innocence, and says that to his la.stbreath
he will assert it. lie appears still anxious that
his wife should b,l taken up and her scull exami
ned by surgeons. He believes if this was done it
would be found to be unbroken. It is still the in
tention of his lawyers to make a motion for a new
trial; and (we are told) should they fail in thiaand
sentence of death be pronounced upon him, they
will, as alast resort, apply to the legislature for a
new trial,
ecy. We understand that-the Thanksgiving ser
mon delivered by Dr. Rinntz, will be published.
We are glad to hear it. Every effort of this 'rev
erend Divine is interesting and instructive.
We should like to have a chance to read the
War sermon of Rev. J.I.XLS Roasts's, of Alleghe-
rj•Dur reader, will bear in mind that an
eellent Bay Horse, and - a
splendid Dearborn, Ind
Wagon or Baroach, with harness, will be sold by
order of Capt. J. B. Guthrie, Superintendent U. S.
Marine Hospital, this morning at 12 o'clock, at the
U. S. Warehouse, Penn street, by P. M'Kenna,
Gone to Baltimore.—Officer Fox started yester
day with Haag, the burglar, to Baltimore. Haag
was ironed. He will there have justice done him.
It is expected that an officer from Baltimore will
be in town today for the prisoner. The object of the
authorities in that city sending for him, (our city
constables think,) is to avoid paying the reward.
Fox will deliver him up to the Warden of the Bal
timore Jail, and claim the UN offered, but wheth
er he can get it or not we have no idea, though we
are well satisfied he ought to have it. To Richards
and himself the reward belongs.
The Evening Nezes.—We sincerely regret'tbat
this heretofore sprightly, holiest and talented paper
has been suspended --not to be returned until the
Liberty Party guarantees an ample support. By a
notice yesterday, the subscription list has been
transferred to the Dispatch. The patrons of the
Spirit of Liberty will also be supplied with the
weekly Dispatch.
Arrest for Forgrry.—A man named —,— Hays'
was on Friday arrested by officer Scott, on the
charge of having forged an order in the name of
John Taylor, on which he received s2ofromThos.
Coll i n gwood. He was held to bail in the sum of $ 100.
cc? There were yesterday a number of arrests
by the city constables for drunkeness, &c.
Theatre.—lt will be seen by the card that to
night Mrs. Mowatt and Mr. Davenport will appear
positively for the last time. We hope they may
have a good audience to give them a farewell
By the under-lining we notice that Mr. Porter
has engaged Mlle Blangy and Mona. Bouxany, who
will appear on Monday night. Their fame has
preceded them and we predict good houses during
their engagement.
The Telegraph.—We learn that the holes for the
Telegraphic pints are dug as far as Stewartsville,
within twenty piles of Pittsburgh; and it is thougt
that all the holes will be dug to this city by Tues
day next. . . ,
Quarter Sessions.—Tha Oliver case was taken up
yesterday morning, and postponed until• to-day.
In the afternoon a little assault and battery case
was disposed of, and some keepers of tippling
houses fined.
WZISTMORZLAND COUXTT.--We learn verbally
that the Westrnorel and Delegates to the State Dem
ocratic State,.Convention, are instructed to vote for
Hon. Hants D. FOSTIIt, for Governor.
Mexican Piratical Letters of Marque.
Information has been receivi'd at New Orleans,
says the Picayune, that the steamship Flag, on its
last trip from Vera Cruz to Havana, took out 300
letters of marque, with naturalization papers, con
firming the rights and privileges. of Mexican citi
zens on all who would sail under them. This in
formation comes in an authentic form. It was
dated at Mexico on the 30th ult , and reached Vera
Cruz on the evening that the letters bythe Flag
were mailed, and from thence reached here by way.
of Havana.
A letter frem Havana has also been received
here, announcing the arrival of letters of marque.
The *riter was of opinion that the Spanish go v
.emmeut. would not permit:the letters to be used
,in the poit of Havana, .but as naturalization pa
-1 pets, giving every national privilege accompanying themAhey may slip out •despite vigilance
of the authorities .
. - ~LoY-li'LT;'
;`~" -
tw*Tnin g
WE. EEttay. Eliertow:ipz t oEm TLIKES•
Br net Stazaisir. =
We inerrylvys of 0111411/nes',
}hive •
. - For this inhinged kiwi * * ii; - oria:
` That rolls around us nkiw,..
We're mudded to those filorions hours
When all was
_ , _-•
And every bosom's &nest trigs
• Wrissonly to be free—,,, „ • _
otinti_troti tramp! trantptiantal‘eantertilil
The inierieet Of all onerriboys
Were' vein days gone by!
We had our:thousand hobbies then,
Of soul-elating think-
With every joy that haPpy.hearts
In happy times give birth. •
'Bright pleasure's laughtkoving idea .
Neer greeted , us in
But at her bidding oil' we flew •
A noisy scampering train--'
With trot! trot/ cramp' trarnyil 4c. frt.
Alas, those haurshavepasscd away,
As all that's mortal
Well! let them sluhiblr--sunly tb,lty
Much needed some repose t
But,memory. often calls back
With all thejoys they worr,
And then my heart's itself again
Just ready as of yore:—
To trot' trot! gravy/ tramp/•waded 5.e. 4c.
Mauling Leila.
The annexed letter has heath:o4.d us for pub.
lication. It was written by a Soldier in oat Army,
who participated in the struggle of Menterey,--
Though the information it contains is somewhat
late, the letter is still interviting, as it - comes from
a private soldier. We are better enabled to judge
of the difficulties and hardships of the campaign,
land the spirit of the rank and file; by thia letter,
than by official dispatches: ,
PIONTZRICT, Mexicorant. /BdB
. Dear Brothir:—l am happy to tell you that
am alive and enjoying good health. We have had
many hardships to contend with since I wrote
you last; which you know araconsiderable in time
of vrar. :We lett Carnargo, the gist of August for
Monterey doubting that we rild have a - battle
there, but before we got within three Miles of the
city; we heard the big guns roan firing at some of
our Texan Rangers, which Were reconnoitering.
We lay here two days; and after finding out the
enemy's position, we were divided into three divis•
ions,either to attack or to be attacked. I was in
the second division under command of ten. Worth.
We were to attack. them in the rear, smiths other
two divisions in the front of the city: After •let. ,
ting in their rear without any injury, 'we lay on
our mire a half day, to find out their position.--
The sth and 7th Regiments advanced : to' storm
their batteries, under a fire of grape - and Musketry,
and soon Was in possession of one; and ten minutes
more, another; and by daylight 'twit morning; the
third. On this mountain, which was four hundred
feet high, we carried one of our big guns
' and
soon routed them out of their Cistle, which was
turned into a fort. We took, four batteries in'
twelve hours time. This last last:mound is four]
hundred feet high and itirElOit psrpenfficular. Oori,
next attack was npon,the city. E very : house was',
a fort. This caused ns to have soll3Bhant fighting,l
in the streets and on the houses, butthey get corner.'
ed at last, and then they gladly eturendered. The i
houses are one story high, with* breastwork on
the top three feet high. The Other two divisions!
took three forts in front of the tower, one of them;
after they got inside. They have turned over pret.
pertYto the amount of three-011itins:112-big
and a beautiful lety. Taking of these forts and
the city look as impossible as Bonaparte crossing
the Alps. Mexican army fifteen thousand strong;
Americans eight thousand five hundred. Yankees
killed, missing and wounded, six hundred; did not
ascertain the loss of Mexicans. This part of-Mex
ico is the beginning of their good country. It is
surrounded by mountain every thing yields. two
crops a year, with very little attendance; oranges
we gather here, y the bushel; great place for a
.Gen. Worth, after the battle Was over, returned
his thanks to the troops 'under his command say
ing:---"On the plains, on the mountain; in the
streets, and the houses, I was not deceived in my
brave soldiers; and I think the Mexicans know by
this time whether they were deceived or not, for
they might as well meet Tigers as us Yankees."
. • • • ~• - •
Tours. most respectfully,
For the Moniing Post
Plain Thoughts on the Tariff-Question.
No. 1.
14R. EDITOU :••••1 purpose to send you a few
brief articles on the subject or the Tariff; and al
though my views will differ somewhat from those
expressed in several of your own editorials, I trust
you will nor deny them a place"in your dernocratic
columns-dedicated as they are to the cause of
equal rights and free discussion. -
The fertility and ingenuity of invention dis
playedlor furnishing excutexfor our late defeat in
Pennsylvania reminds me Of story that lirinsley
Sheridan tell; of a. shooting expedition on which
he once went, accompanied by an Irish game
keeper. The witty orator was better at aiming a
jest than a fowling-piece, and more likely to make
hits on the floor of Parliament than in the game
premises. On this oceasionlie WOO came upon a
flock of birds, and banged awayebut they all flew
off unhurt.
"Alt, your Honor," said his companion, uthat
was an tlegant shot, and came within an inch of
destroying the-whole of them."
Sheridan followed up the birds and fired again
with the same success.
" Upon me soul, your. -Honor frightened them
well that time," said the gamekeeper.
Sheridan followed on and Cued &third time-with
out ruffling a feather.
" Well done again, your honor," said his com
forter, "11l warrant your honor they'll remember
you for that shot as long as they. live."
And so they kept on, Sheridan Aring and missing
and the gamekeeper congratulating him on his ex
cellent skill as a marksman. In like manner we
see it stated that in one District we abrimr beat the
Whigs. In another their gains were not so great
"as might have been, expected under the circum•
stances." In a third, our party did not make an
effort. And in general, the nun is said to account
for the whole disaster. „, •
But these flimsy excuses , do not deceive our
selves, and can not deceive our opponents. Better
put them all aside, and confess what we all know
to be the truth. The people of Pionsylvania cast
their votes for Polk 'a el Dallas in the full confi
dence that the principle 'of protection would not
be disturbed. They ware deceived and betrayed
and they haVe risen in their majesty and rebuked
their unfaithful servants.
The Washington Union relies 'upon the "sober
second thoughts" of the people: an if the people of
Pennsylvania had never rhoughr on the result of
the tariff before this fall! If there is any subject
'upon which they have king add deeply meditated;
upon which their minds are fullY made up; and
which is deeply tooted in their affections; it is a
tariff for protection. They hire spoken in the
recent and they mean what they say. •_
' And . who are they who accuse_ the people: of
Pennsylvania of ignorance or infidelity to their
own inteiesta Democrats par excellence, forsooth!
itly understanding of Demecmcy is that it consists
in the free independent action of the , people—a
people ever zealous to support those who serve
them faithfully prompt to-reject those who betray
them. They who think it necessary to follow
their, leaders WhithenioeVer they go, may now
I range theinselyes aide by side with South Carolina
I-in-fayor of free trade; but while patriotism and
'self respect survives t hey will not be folleirmi by
• ilittetinnrrraitta Dixon:At
_ -
' . i.l•:clit-7,,,:l:'.01,?:0 - v i i:''-4 - : 11TI
ToßAst3o E N By TUT *lEs*.
A slip (nun thit-New Orleans Pccasnne 410
Nov. 18 itnit4 . bn - np us the follciiving resat itaiti
lying NavitintelligencFri , '
We have been , ftiriiished biaii_officer of tltar-
my who articedfiere this morning in the schooner
Portia, six days from St. Lizard°, who was enga
ged theafrair Of Tobasto;':with - 'the" imile:tect
tialimary and eketeh of the_prmeolinge - of 03rn.
Perry, with the - . detechmenf - of Vessels under his
_ .
command The object of the expeititiOn:. vranlo
eat out,certain vessels ancho'red in the river. there,
which were alLtoken. When the city was, earn-.
mended' to earrinder, the people were all uk favor
of yieidirig, but the Goveni6r soldien opposed
it Time was sieen "for all peaceable persons to
get orit'Of hann'e*ejr, but the Governor mould.
not allOw anyone, to leave, so it is-feareil thai moat
of their killed I:Tering the, bombardixtent were dot
soldier& Some of he regulars were killed. and
had it • not lwen That execution was principally
done upon inoffensive persons, the city would itur
been denwlished, with the exeeption of the residen
ces of foreign consuls and hospitals.
The Squadron r eonsiating or theeteateahip Afiti
eippi, Corn. liarrr, the Cont. Sands, tior Bo-
Lient Commig Benham; the Reeier, Lieut._
Sterrett; the - Nonite, Lieut. Bazaidi:the revenue
cutter McLean„ Capt. Howard, the revenuenatter
Foray . ard, Capt. Nona, and two bundre4 !tauten
and'mariner from the Raritan and Cumberland, un
der the command of. Capts. French .and. Forrest,
Lieute % C. IL F. Linalcrtv, Walsh end Hunt.
Capt. Edson and Lieut. Adams,.of , the marines;
left Antonio Lizardo, on the 6th inst., and arrived
at Frontera, on the 23d, havitig zaptvred steamers
Eetrita Tams Yeyano, and several small yes-
, •
On the 24th and 25t11 tbe
..expedition. ascended
the river, twenty-two miles to Tobasco: The cu,
, _, were r-
rent being very raid, the _ vessels towed by I
the Petrito and Vixen. Passed-Devil's Tuia at 2
P. M, •
landed and spiked -two twenty-four pound
era: Arrived off TobaccoatB P. M., and anchor
ed in , lineoeridata distance of slam . yards
ore. Summoned from,
the sh the city to surrender.' The
. , .
Governor refused.. We fi red - th ree shots from the
Vixen; and cut th e flag staffand as the colors fell
we thought they had surrendered. An officer then
came off and requested we would apare their hos
pital, which WOl3 granted-' At five ecricic, landed
two hundred seamen ; and Marines, but 'as it was
too late to attack the fort, they were ordered ria
board again. Soineskirmisting ensued but none
of us were injured. This was Sunday,. and the
Commodore was somewhat reluctant to commence
the attack on that day; we had captured three
schooners and one large brig also one schooner
before we arrived at Frontena, and another on out
. .
passage up the river; making 3n all, one Ing five
schooners, two steamers, and many small:tilts
and lighten. ~.,
isharp Moad dre ay o , f ße m Pt, :26— usketry A f t ro d m aylight
answered by our great gran, whenever we heard a
report The firing continued for some time at in
tervals, when a white flag was displayed by come
civilians oa - slime, (uo doubt by consent,. of the
Governor,) and angriest was sent_ off to.t he. Com
modore, to spare, the towo, which he granted, ad
ding that he only desired to spare the soldiers.—
We then got the prizes-under mimed made every
preparation for returning. Whilst white Bags ,
were flying all the while, Lieut. W. R. Parker got
on shore with his prize vessel, and was attacked
by about 80 soldiers, who beat off with 18 mesh
having but one killed and two wounded:—ttrieaf :
' t „. • chi • minutes. , Lieut C. bit
.Morrit' e
neck by sr musket ball. Lieut. Morris stood ari l
1 'Giant and eheens il - tire Mee Won' gallan . 0 7 - ..!.,
. til he fell into the arms of midshipman. „Keever,
who was with him. The Commodore then com
menced cannonading in earnest from the Vixen,
' Bonita, Nonita and Forward, and in the space _ - of
half or three-quarters of-an hour almost demolish
ed the city, sparing the houses of the foreign-Con
sits, and such ie_ appeared, to be 'inhabited by
peaceful citizene At about midday the fleet left
'Cohan°, and as' it passed the different streets, at
angles with the water, fired musketry and great
guns,• and swept them completely of every living
All the prizes were saved, with the exception
of one, which was burnt by the Commodore's Or--
der—it having been found impossible to get her
clear of she Devil's turn, a rapid pass in the river.
Arrived ,at Froritena on Sunday, at midnight; in
habitants all peacetul, having been kept in awe
during the absence of the expedition by Lieut
Walsh and his command, . • -
The Revenue cutter McLean struck - while at-
tempting to pass the bar, and did mot "Succeed in
getting over until after the affair at Tobasco, and
the return of the vessels. Her marines, under Lieut
Brown, were on board the Bonita during the 25th
and 20th. All the prizes were duly dispatched,
and arrived at Anton Lizardo.
The Petria, on her return, under command of
Lieut. Best, captured the. American brig Plymoutli,
Capt. Parkerson, engaged ire landing cotton at Al
varado bar. Lieut. Irlorris died on the 4th, on
board' the Cumberland, and was buried with the
honors of war at Lizardo.
It will be seen by reading the cursors , report.
that the Comm.:Aim spares the , city out of feelings
of humanity. The inhabitants could not leave, as
the Governor would not permit'them; hence they
sought refuge in cellars during the cannonading;
and thus escaped destruction. Had it not been that
we were necessarily obliged to kill many innocent
persons before taking the city, Tobacco, at this
moment, would be ours., As it is, we have - paid
them dearly for, the shut that deprived. US of Lieat.
Morris. Long will they remember and dread the
return of the Americans.
The Mexican force was 350 regulartroops, with
four pieces of cannon, besides an unknoweaumber
of armed perrhants, all of whom were posted on
strong military works, or in the oceupation of
brick houses--heuce we could ,not reach them
with our great guns, and we were at every distal-
vantage. '
eatty's pm:Oder Mills situate on the Susquehan
na 'Railroad, -about 8 mileit from Baltimore, were
blown up on the, morning, of the 23d:init., with a
terrific explosion. It was thought in the city to
have been an earthquake at first, sir severely did
it rattle and shake the houses. -Indeed, some glass
was .broken in ' windows windows in the city, whilst in a
number of instances crockery and glaisciare tum
bled from shelves and was broken. Oniepairing
to the scene of disaster, the three large buildings
(70 yards apart) belonging to the mill were scat
tered over the surrounding country to the distance
of ten acres.
Thera were five menin the buildings at the time
of the-explosion, and they were -blown into Min
dreds of fragments—,-lega, arms, heads, masses`of
flesh and,liones were scattered in every direction,
and, the entrails of a man were found hanging to
the limb of a! tree More than a: hundred yards
from the mill. j.
The quantity of powder in the establisment. at
the time of the'exrdosian exceeded two Tomei—the
housesfor aMile and, a half in the _country round
were more or less damaged;-doors were forced 'awn;
windows broken, and men. prestrated by its effects.
No idea can be formed as to the cause of.the ex
plosibtOts all lite witnesses were instantly kilted.
Ohe of.the worknien lett the mill a few initiates
before the aecidencand the hands-were at that time
at - work at their regular business..
Oa Taiiday j naorniag 27th itait.,; infant child of
T. V.and -
; Theluaeral will take placa,lhisallernooit at p
residence of:Kr.Etkei;.ia Fifth,
Market.sitest. friends pf das fanlilY'sge
. ,
tfOlitativivettAo:ittteaa... , %-:- „c0v„.27
:11#44-1141 1 SGR TRELT Rll
. .. . 6 C S. Pourzii.
AGE' NIAG'AGIat a Wa,M. Posszik,
r first tier, 50 I Second Tier,-31} cents;
Third ,t‘ I Pit, • 25.
J*: sox, 75 ern
LAST =oar or xus. No wars , AND Mu. navurcrou'r
SATETR.D.4-V EVENING; -N0V.:144846i-
Will be performed Jerrold+a drama of 'the
untin Xerrood.,.. t! ..,,„ Daymola,..
Itfchael IdoviATT
'To be followed by . the
To conclude With the
Star, Spangled Banner. .
The Manager has the pleasure of announcing to
the public that he baa (at =immense expense) effect
ed the engagement, for Bnighti only, with the cello.
kited NI'LLE
BOUXANY, whdwill appear on Monday.
Doors to open;atl, performance to commence a
TO Temperance Ladies and Gentlemen, Terupev
epee Societies, the Sons _ of ,Temperance, and
bur Youth. The subscriber hasiust received by the
Stage from the American Temperance Union, - Nevr
York, a full assortment of their latest pablications
for sale it the New York Retell Prices, .viz, 600 0:-
tober and 4000 November Advocates and 60 Jour
nals,- 600 Almanacs, 50 Warren's Juvenile Song
Books; 24 DeacouJiles' Distillery; 12 National Class
Books; 12 Boys' Booker; War of 400 years, Hunt."l
Wedding Day; Jane Johnston; Tetotlars Autobiog
raphy of &Drunkard; nervy Boys Club . Robtak, Con
fessions ofa Drunken Minstrel; Notts Lectures, Etc:
ISAAC 'HARRIS, Agent 4. Cord-
Merchant, No 12 St. Clair st..
yANTED 80011—Places for about 120 laborers,
men and boys ofall sites for work - in town and
country, &c. Wanted; places for a timber of sales
men, book-keepers, and country scheolmastera,Sm.,
Wanted, places for a number of colored men and
women, and boyeand girls, Otr Waged, a number
of, goad girl* and women for cooking aid house
work. Wanted; money ingrain sums to borrow; also
to lend: Please apply at
ISAAC HARRIS; Agency and
Intel. Office, No 12 st Clair st:
'Alletlo7l Sales.
N Mondaymorning the 89th inst., at 10 o'clock,
.vrill be sold an exteritive assortment of stn.:in
able and 'well selected BrY Otrode) among' which are
shirtingi, sheetings, flannels, Hy. jeans, eassinens,
superior breed cloths, pilutCloths,superftie tweeds,
alpacas,' calicoes, furniture chintz, suspenders, inv.
proved Louden Pins, shawls, - hditfe,-.Sce. •
'Ar 2 , o , ctocit; P. M.
A quantity of China• and stone granite, Cups and
Saucers, Plates,,, Dishes, soup Tureeus sauce Tu
reens, Centre piecee,Cheesesmnds,Pitchers, Bowls, '
A variety, ofttew and second hand hoesehold and
kitchen ruminate, coal stoves,' mattresses, beds and ,
bedding, looking glasses, mantel clocks, carpeting,
Situps, table cutlery, 6 boxes3vo I Chocolate, Y. IL
nov2B JOHN - DAVIS -
TVG IRON.-33 tons Mcruntain Missouri Pig Iron
JE -- Just received and ter sale by
nov 28 _ JAMES MAY.
1...) FRANCAISE, on tnorceanx- choises des
lens Strivaine Francaise-Dupnis 1520; Justren
1845. Avec 176 Notices Biographiques. • Par Casi
mir- Ladreyt—Nonvelle ,edition 1846. ~,Just received
and (or sate by .11011 N NIF.LLOR,
nbv2B No. 81 Wobd- stitiet.
0 State Book of - Pentisylvania; Containing an ac
count therGeography,"lfuttory, Government, Re
sources and Noted Citizens of the State, with , a Map
of the State, and of each, County., by Thos. Bur
rows. , For sale by . ELLIOTT lz ENGLISH,
nov2B , . 86 Marketst,
Allegheny County,. as.
' The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania,
in the awl tOpaid Caney,
_ Witcansa, atanOrpharesComt, held
" • • `•• atPittaburgh, in and tor said County, rat
the 21st day Of November, A.D., 1846:
—;•` - "Before the lion. BENtsran Parton,
.* • ..ant "and his Associate Judges of said
tha Mnolum, late sr a anion, respectfully
resents, that Ardle o , ll.anion, late of the city of
Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny and State of Penn
ajlvania, died intestate,,, leaving a widow named
Esther O'Hanlon, and issue; Martha Ca-Union, in
termarried with William Madura, “your petitioner?'
Ellen 04-linalon; intermarried with Charles Cassily,
Margaret o , lianlon, intermarried with Alfred W.
Harrison, Esther Calanlon, lately intermarried with
and now widow and relict of John Jackson, deed.,
all of whom :reside within the County of Allegheny
and. State aforesaid; olio Thomas (Plimpton, whose
place of residence is unknown. And seized in his
demesne as of fee of and the following des
cribed-Real Estate, situate in the city of Pittsburgh
and State aforesaid, to wit, all the eastwardly 'half
part ofa certain Lot of ground, situate in the city ,o
Pittsburgh, formerly, the "Northern Liberties, ,, as
recorded in the office•for Recording Deeds, in and
for the County aforesaid; in Book T. page 355 and
3.56, number (40) forty,' which said half Lot contains
twenty . ..four tbet in breadth and one hundred feet
in length or depth, and is bounded by Pitt street, by
lota Nos. 41 and 57, in the plan aforesaid, and by the
westwardly half of said lot No. 40, on which improve
ments, are erected, being the same half lot which
George A. Bayard and wife, by their deed dated the
18th day Oflannary; A. D., 1838, and recotded in said
County, in Book F. 3d, page 34, conveyed to the said.
Ardle as by reference thereto will more
fully midst large appear... - •
Alltas all that other cortaiii.lot or piece of tgroupsi,
situated, on Penn street, (or the. Greensbnigh and
Pittsburgh Turnpike liead,) beginning at the distance .
of tiverrty:faut feet, westwardly from the comer of I
said street (01164) and Ohara. street,: thence run
ning westwardly along said Road •twenty•ifour feet,
thence sentliwardly by a line parallel with. Ohara
street onelikedred feet, to a twenty toot alley, (de
scribed in tEe deed of Stance S. .Sternason, Esq,
to James Craft, recorded in the Records of Alleghe
ny county, in book K., pages 133 and 134,) thence
along said alley by
-a line parallel with said Turnpike
itroad or Penn street twenty-four feet,, thence by a
line parallel-with Ohara Street one hundred feet, to
the place of beginning, on which ithprovedents are
erected, being the same piece of property on'which
James S. Craft and Emily his wife, by their deed da
ted the4tb day of October, A. D. 1830, and record.
adin the office for recording Deeds, &c., in and for
said connty4in , BOok P. 2d, page 364, conveyed to
the said Ardle
The petitioner therefore prays the Court to award
en Inquest to make partition of the premises afore
said,' to and among the representatives of the said
intestate in such manner and in each proportinns as
by the lawS of, this Commonwealth is directed, if
such partition can be, made without prejudice to or
spoiling ths whole, but if such partition cannot be
rage thereof, then to.. Value and - appraise the same
and Make return of their proceedings according to
law. And now to *it, November 21st, 1846; peti,
tion presented and :the Court award an inquest to
make partition of• the said described Property among
the representatives of said intestate, BM., or to value
and appraiae., the same, and the Court do order notice
of said inquisition to be served on Esther O'llanlon,
widow, William Marlton and Martha his wife,Charles
Cassily, and" Ellen his wife, Alfred W..ifarrison and
Margaret his wife, Esther Jackson, widow and re
lict of John Jackson deceased, personally or by wri
fing, left at their place of abode, and on Thomas
O'Hanlon, by publication in the Daily Morning Post,
a newspaper published in the City of Pittsburgh,
by , fintr insertions in the
: same for four successive
weeks and that youmake return of your proceed
ingaherein to the nest General Orphan's Court.
:Witness the Ron. Brissastra Perron, Esq.; Presi
dent of our - said Court, this 24th day of November,
• JOHN, YOUNG,, Jr., clerk.
All persona interested are hereby ., notified - of-the
matters 'e oatainedia the above recited writ.
- JOHN_ FORSlrrH,:Sherig.
Sumarrea Oirwa,Noy.27,lB46—trity2B-dlaw4i7
Lamps. t
A .LARGE isisortmentof Cornelkus &-ecr..s eele.
brated Solar Lard Leunps--forrxeve varrtr ot"
use, where the cheapest andAmit light la deurable.
Watch & Jewelry Store,
57X:whet Street.
101111:0DUCE-45 41s."DripYllear..101;
. - ;to Sacks - • . -
30 Mick% Dried Apples; ' -
, . 3 Bblg:46ll,,Batter;
3 Casks rritsitb; ' `.. • • "
''Ais!iiltae*'iii4 ease . by
Se . eMrij4l, - ;
a 131.74
Jt n...: ".~ Sri= ~3X '+.rx` 'SR. '»afe.r'.'S''-_
... _;~~:
Ida L toi NesDION •
E Q ms ET S .
ttlog, aulascribeir -is 'Prepared to furnish Swarthy;
Ifilashesi EPaidettos, Caps, Plumes, Buttons,
lazikand all citK , Tiktildary Trimmings, on as - cheap -;
farina as can be procured in the Eastern cities, for
cailii _; Pa tent 6 Barrel Revolters. , :
' ' W. W. WILSON, .
Cord 9th and Market sta.
N 0.70 Wood si., Sign of the Golden Star, Pittsburgh.' 1
lEtKVKlmiland'ito eztetzwilre and cconliletoasslS ‘°t
mentor Fashionable and extra made Keys .y - sac
Clothing, which cannot be_eqaolled 44 o ='• '
bliihraent the city . Oar stook being it"
very-large and anxious to redace it turretleir $
table before the lust-of.tanoaq,, arei4etertganed i. _
to offer such bargains'" .as will enable us to , effect
our object. . .; •-* S:T - • AGKEIIi
p &W5...200 bushels White Bean,, extra qui* *
II for sale by J. D. WILLIAMS , ItCo., - :,:
nov2s. ' _llO Woodetrest.
CIANDLES...-.30 boxet &aline
_Candlesi 4
kJ. 20 ' 'do ' Stai do.,'
50 do WO: 1 Soar,: tor laleity
n0v25.. . . •J. D. WILLIAJOI &Co
BUCKETS-20 - doz. Nam... Dockets; .„..•
3 do.' do, 'teelong for Pio by
nov2s. . J. D. Vir.ELLIANS'Iz-00...,-n
AR .
silo by imberziber, at lint for the Idunt
facturer. .• • GEO. COCIIRAN,
noy24' • - . No. 28•WoodIst,
Reeding ,for • -
, . •
11 rEtit BOOKS, jinn received it COOK'S Lite ;
Depot, 85 Yount( at. the followieg new !leeks: ;
The Sacred Menntiina, with • illuanations t D L •
T. Ileadley,beautitaltY botuid. •,
Poetry' f Wit and Humor, by'Leigh-Elin4Libml
ry of Choice Reading. N d.. • -_- •
The• Practice of the Water Cure, by JUL,
Goethe±e Autobiography, Library of CiteiceiteaCt
big, No. 75 and 76.
The Duke ofßuritiody, or the efFrutteei
by Alex. Dumas. - - -
The Nazorine 1 o,41 ) by Geo. Lippird; Maim Ally: •
the Quaker City.
' Bonfield, or the Outlaw of the Bermudas, ter,l.Eit.'
Capt. Paul, by Ale/. Denies, translated: fraltt.lth,, ,
Prench,by 'Thos. Williams' • • • ;
Wanderings and Adventures of; Reuben' Delanai . ;
being a narratire of twelve years Life, in a 'Wink
Living Age, 131..., . . .
Diara of Meridor, now complete in 2 tPartaill-
Alex. Duman.
Pictorial History of England, No;12„,.
hiartitibe Foundling,. No. 1 rindll. ' •
Wastnninister. Review' for Selitember.”
Cl.O Nauker , s New Work on Shooting, • li
'Mao a great variety:_vf., new. and. cheap Publica-; '
_Lions at COOK'S, S Foortb street. -noir* .•
.1 •=', ,
Illp.oliatitlible Bellomm,
111011.TER 9 9
r Th i rd et.; Pittsburgh, Pi., end Franklin 33iittd.v
ingli, Baltimore, Md. • • "•'1 ;
Mr. Porter respectthlly aneounces that he has at
considerable expense fitted apartmentrendleri
ranged light for Dagnerreotyping purposes. Ilia lout
experience in this art has enabled him torlYereorttit -
Milly of tbo Objections too' common to pictures taken- -
by this method, ' 7
Mi. liorter is aware that the ~mpresaion has gong
abroad (owing to the many failures . to produce;good
pictures,) that clear and distinct DagnerrentyPesemol
nut be Pittsburgh. Ilis experimettti, - . he
ever, since he has opened his Gallery, filly wannit
him in Baying that as good pictures can be made her!
as elsewhere..
Ladies and gentlemen ens invited to call and Votn
amine specimens, ,
InstructionS given, lila Inetrninentinad materials
furnished upon reasonable term's.. - •
All orders from country operators promptly attend..
ed to. - • - .n0v254
SHAMS—Now opening at A. MASON'S, 62
Market st,' a large .lot of Shawls' eintrperktint
more — of those =splendid Broehe, '11.11;et, Damalif
Merino, Woollen and other Shawls, et very lint,
prices. nos,
Confectioners , Wrivping-Pareeprr.: ,
/tie= Cap Glaz e(1);-1:0114:
IV.._gfee4 And Paaile• est - received, sitidler er -
- 81 wood Street.
einette; one case Red Flannels, gale low- ti -
00t24 ' GRO. COCHRAN, 26 Wood it.
GOLD PENS.—A large and vary - superior Imo*
meat of the beat brandy and for tale at cartels'''.
cot. 4th and Mattes sta. C
ir AMPS AND OIRANDOLES, for parlor, study;
factory and steamboat use, of Cornelius ItCool
manufacture, calculated for lard, lard-oil, Ste. .Lar
test patterns reo'd. - • W., W. 'WILSON,
oct 30
.Cor..4th and;Market sts.
GOLD, silver and steel spectacles in every variety:,
'' furnished with the best glasses. All net
aCcurately suited. OOP Stotcb pebble and perifocitt
glasses kept by W. W.-WILSON;
oct 30 cor. 4th and 3firkerstia. 1.:;;
F ,
additional stipply received and for sale at very
lowprices. . W. W, WILSON,' ,f
oct 30 • cor. 4th and -Market *tail.
. . . .
FRESH FRUIT, . • - ,
.25 Boxes M. It. Raisins, • . ,
• - 25.-* $4 , sr -
. 15
5 gig s sr Grapel: • ,
_ 2lbis. 7,ante currents;
Received all for safe by'
tO . 'Wood . ttreet.'
' - Meehanltal. Hooks,
T AFEVER , S Modern Builders Guide;
1.4 Grier , s Mechanice,Calculotor;
Nicholson's MechaniCs , " Coiripanion, for sale by
H. S. BCSIVOII.TkIic*Co.;•
• No. 43 Marke(Streeti-
BOOKS .for Schools ai3d, Collegos;
Wrapping Papers:- For tale by - • '
nov7 - H. S. BOSWORTH Go.; 431itaiket st.
4 books, viz: Day book, Journal, Leger aid
Auxiliaries. Price $1 per set. For sale by
Nor 18 -- J. H. MELLOR, 81 'Wood it; '
(IWEN GLADDON , S, Wanderings in the isle et
k ) , Wight; by. Old Humphrey. ;
ANNALS of the Poor ; containing." The Duiiy
manta Daughter," "Young Cottageref &e.
THOUGHTS and Counsels for the.briptuit*
the Rey. J. M.,Ohnstead. For sale by ' •
Market at, bet: Wand 4ai lOC
School Bookc,. Statiottecy, Eplaide Beelr!si
TORN H. MELLOR, No: Sl, Wood 'Street; be=
t." tween Diamond Alley arid 4th street, sespentibV..
ilioviteri the attention of Country Without& and .
others, to his Ostensive stock of
School Books, Writing and Letter Papimi,Benaet:
Boards, Wrapping I''Arpers, fllank-BOokits Gamut and -
American Slates, Family and Racket Bibles, Seated .'•
Music Books; Almanacs, Ertglisiterul German,- and
German English; all of which will - be sold rit.thi
loweet Cash prices, - Rir Gash - or Bags.
Litl - Oath paid far
More New "GFOOdo;
A. MASON, . 62 Market st., will open Ibis
morning 12 mote eases • and' -bales of rich
Dry Goods, being our lain supply foin thin Seininis
' sobsci3-
ber offers for sale ; two Farms in the. neigh
borhoodof Wilkinsburg township—bona
within seven and the other within_ eight mica. or
Pittsburgh; both in a gc•od neighborhood. 440;,
eight *malt lets ia the Pi:Ur - Ward, Pittsburgh,
twenty, feet by sixty. . ; GEORGE BALLF,Y..
P. S. The payments will be tuoderatec,caniall
Portion Wane required in advance. je2.43tgessoin-
DOCT.Z... MERRITT, Dentin, respectfidly arpi ,
pounce' to ,the citizens of Pittsburgh indsti-
Multi that he baereturned to the city and taken-We
horse lately occtipied by the Rev..Dr: Riddle, OA
Liberty near Ferry street, where he will' be'happi
to See all those Ladies and' Gentlemen that May Irish
his services. lie caalia found at any hour, Val
will devote his whole -time to bie.prefedsion; all-ope
rations of the -teeth will be done with noattotelllnt
S. Dr. -E. M. can relieee the teeei : Pilitilg
toothache in a few fiiinutesie his a quantity of his
eillebrited Tooth Powder-which
ori ms to mouth, poliehes-tho- tget, ,tetd, harell6lkwliem ititAt
gu. , , je2o-
~.. )7; : ; - , ..-,- , - . 1, . r. . •;:5 . .. i- . 11 , ; 11. , :.7., , ,, 4"0- 3 ;
4: 4 ; - 1, , ,-L•,:1.f.:: - 1 , ; .:1,7 :1;.. , . 4.. ,- i.t i;: .6./A '.- T
I • --
,~.~ ~;~.
.. V~ ~
t ,