The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, November 12, 1846, Image 4

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.1 -I
arty: tart rncs.
...iiiiih•l l !tortatibre Boat Line, -". .:1-
1 i8[4: 0 ,.
Won:. L.Le tiiinli erta r iiga Of"frelght-betvreen Pitts
,X • lbOrgh -width Athin6M 2 eities; via Pennsylvania
!linpmventents ' 'llaltinaoro.and Susquehanna-rail
road.,,' L •II IL,. i . I I : • ,
• The PrOppeto, sof this oldlestablished line, hnving
complete d their ! rangements, are prepared to for
ward sot:lda:to d from the r.ast (on the opening of
the canal smviga 'on,) on as re able terms as any
!other , resPonsibl line, and areaetermined that no
care br aft / emboli, 1 their , part shall be wanting to se
!cure a continual': e of ;that patronage so liberally be
[stowedullon,•theila forueveral years past.
~• , .,.!The :decided isuccess of the portable boat system,
'BO Iniglifeitj* til , regularity and despatch experienced
' the, dative:6' r g 0.0 de , the absence- of al I risk of
delaYbrnakage,other damage, incident to the old .
systein,Whete g oilshave to be hurriedly. transhipped
'throe, limbs drt the way, and. the merchantable order
in which rprOduce bas been avowedly delivered -by
theni s ims induce( . tho proprietors to increase their
stick coLimiderably this season. Their extensive
warchinuses At . f34ql point, (uneaqualled bytuay other
line,) affordikthentilacilities to conduct their.busine_ss
wilh ! despatch; and to, shippers the : convenience of
free storage, if I teiMired, until their arrangements arc
complete,- 7 while their long experience kr the-carry
ing trade,. itis presumed, will be sufficient guarantee
• to their patrons aryl the public that they will success
fully exalt themselves to give general satisfaction.
Produce - receivbil forwarded, titeamboat charges
paid, find bills lading transmitted free of. charge for
• connuissien, advancing or storage, and all communi
cationslo the fullowing agents promptlY attended to:
' • Cur. Penn and Wayne sts.,Pittsburgh.
278 Market street, Philadelphia.
O , CONNORS & Co.,
alai 2o 7Y-y;_ I - ,North st., Baltimore. -
:•utiiii4hainis Transportation Line.
•.--; :i , 1 • ' ...44. - -
. ......41, - -
a: .-- 11 ) - ' 1846 r7u4-r: ,#.
• •,
CtON DUCTED On strict Sabbath-keeping princiPles,
kjktbotigh notclaiming to be the only line that is so
, :onducted.; The proprietors of this old, established
litieltive put theik steel: in the most complete order,
andlare thoroughly prepared to forward produce and
tnereliatiilize• to altd•from the Eastern cities on the
opening of 'fiaVigation.
We,tritst• tivat our long experience in the carrying
busines,and 'zealous attention to the interests of cus
tomers, !will Bemire to us a continuance and increase
of the patronageMeretofore bestoweif on 'Bingham's
Line. 9 '
Our •arrangements will enable us to carry freight
with the! utmost despatch; and our prices shall always
be as IoW as the lowest`charged by other tesponslble
lines. I'
Produce and Merchandise will be received and for
wardtid 'cast and west without any charge for adverti
sing,MOrage or commission.
! Bills !of lading forwarded, and every direction
promptly attended to. ' .
Address, or apply to WM. BINGHAM,
Canal Basin cur. Liberty and Wayne sm., Pittsb'g,
' No. 276 Market st., Philadelphia,
No. 122 North I toward st., Baltimore,
No. 10 West st.,Ne;v York
Independent Portable Boat Line.
.846. --fze-
Folt the .transportation of produce and merchan
+ size and from Pittsburgh, Baltimore and
Philadelphia; ill," without transhipping. Goods con
signed to our care, will
,be forwarded without delay,
at the[. lowest current rates; Bills of Lading tmns
mittedi and all instructions promptly attended to,
free from any extra charge for storage or Commis
sion.: Address
C. A. MeANULTY & Co.,
Canal Basin,, Pittsburgh
Smith's Wharf, Baltimore
Broad at., Philadelphia
tpiekwbrth , . mr.y Frei g ht. Line.
- 6 , kCLUSIAELY fur the transportation of way
freight between Pittsburgh, Blairsville, Johns
tow4 ilitllidaysburgli, Water Street,. and all Inter
mediate places.
(hi hunt leaves the Warehouse of U. A. AicAnul
ly &'Co., Pittsburgh, every day . (e.xcept Sundays) and
Shippers can always depend on having their geode
forwarded without delay and ou accommodating
We respectfully solicit your patronage..
.T.Pickworth of boats, Nile, Exchange, Paris and
.1), 11. Barnes of boats, Push and ErOine.
Rain'Miller of cars on Portage Rail Road
J., PICKWORTII, Canal Basin, Johnstown,
JOHN MILLER,9 " Ilollidaysburzh,
C. A. M'ANULTY & CO, " Pittsburgh.
j,0.3 ,
• -
TO BALTLMoRE, in 32 hours—fare $lO.
TO PIIILADELPHLA in 40 hours—fare $l2.
U. S. MAIL. c ry •
The areal Speed, Regularity and high Reputation
already attained by [his pleasant passenger Route,
hasinduced the Post Master General, to place - the
New York and Philadelphia mails to Pittsburgh, -
on it.
The superior and swift stoniness CONSUL and
LOUIS APLANE, leaves 'tlinisMonongaliela Wharf
precisely atB o'clock every morning, and at 6
clock every evening, except Sundays. Splendid
Coackesawilit their arrival at Brownsville, to trans
port Passengers and Mail, only 73 miles lo Ike Rail
Road al Cwnberlund.
The preparations on this route are ample, and the
entinectiond complete, so that disappointment or &-
lavemill betinknown upon it.
.our tickets, passengers can delay at Cumberland
or ittltirriore, during their pleasure, and continue
their journey either by steamboat or cars to Phila
delphia. .
°Mee in the "St. Charles lintel," i Voed st. Pitta
burgh. J. 9tESli lAI EN,
Fifth. Ward Jiiv•omiii.abiC
TM' subscriber, having bought out the
well known Livery. Stable kept by C. 13.
Duty, in the fifth Ward, respeciftilly hiligans his
friends and the public generally, that lie will keep at
all times a stock of the best description of riding
herSes; buggies, carriages of all kinds, and in short
evrpfy thing required in his line of business.
Atbusisterable portion of his stuck is new, and he
is confident that nu stuck iu the city will be superior
to his,
Ilia termswill be thoderatc. His stable is on Lib
erty street, a few doors above the canal bridge,
where lie respectfully solicits a share of public pa-
Igr He is also provided with an elegant Hearse,
which will be furnished when required. eetZi-tf
Wholesale Shoe Store
I - IR CHILDS Si. CO., are now receiving their
spring supplies, consisting of one of
the' largest, cheapest and best as- sgllel
sortment of Boots and Shoes that they have ever
been able to bring to this market. Also, Ladies and
Misses Florence Braid f and Straw Bonnets, of the
latest style; together with a splendid assortment of
Palm Loaf Hats, •mens' and boys , summer Caps.
Also,alarge lot of New York Tanned Sole Leather,
all o r which having been purchased at the lowest
rates, and selected with great care for the western
trade, will be sold at a smalLadvanec above costand
charges. All merchants wishing to e urcinse will
find rite their interest to call and examine their stock
before intrehasing elsewhere. mar27-tf
' Fine' Gold and Silver Watches.
TITOSE who with to . purchase Gold or Sil
tda• Ver ir
Watche, or Jewelry, will find' it to their
advantage to call on the subscriber, who is
selling all descriptions of fine gold and nil err watches
auri jewelry, on as good terms as may be had in the
eastern 'cities.
Fine Guld and Silver English Patent Lever Watche
44 44 66 Geneva and French as
4 , 6 " 64 L'E'pine Watches.
Ladies',And Gentlemen's Fine Gold Guard Chains
Bracelets, Gold Pencils, add Finger Rings.
Silverware, Military COMIS,Lamps, and a large Ca
riety .91 , Faacy Geode- .
inr - , Watches, Clocks and Jewelry repaired in , the
best manner, and warranted at the lowest prices.
corner. Fourth and Market sts.
- Rats! nate
- • =6PIaN(.I- FASillON.—Just 1r received .hy
, express front' New York, the Spring Style 4
of Hits. . All those in want of a neat superior Hats
are respectfully invited to call. S. M(K)RE,
N 0.93 Wuod at., 3 doors below Diamond
matl.tzwp. - "
4 . :
REIIaTTANCES , to, and Passage to and from
Great Britain and ereland,- by the Black Ball, or
old Line of Liverpool Packets. Sailing from New
York and- Liverpool on the let and.l6th 'of every
month. first class American Ships [Sailing
Persons sending to the" Old Country" for their
friends; can make tl c necessary arrangements with
the subscribers; and have them brought out in any of
the eight ships comprisingthe Black Ball or Old Line
of ;Liverpool PacketS; (sailing from Liverpool on the
Ist and 16th of evorimonth,) also by first class ships,
sailing from: ;that port weekly, which our Agents,
Messrs. James D. Roche & Cu., there will send out
without delay.
Should those sent for not come out the money will
be refunded whither.' any deduction.
The "Black Ball, or old Line of Liverpool Packd
ets," comprise the foll Owing magnificent ships, and
will Saillrem Liverpool oh their regular appointe,
day; as-follows :
'Europe,— •
-New 1urk,....
Montezuma, 16th w 16th '' 16th
Not ice.—lt is well known, that the Black Ball is
the very best cons eyance for persons to get out their
'friends, and as "other passenger agents ads crus , to
bring out passengers by that Line, the publmare re-
Spectfiilly notified by the owner.d that no passenger
agents, but Roche, Brothers & Co., and Blakely &
Mitchel, are authorized to advertise and to bring out
passeamers by that Line..
We 17ari - 6 at all times for the Prafts at Sight for any
amount, direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland,. Dub
lin. Also on Messrs. Prescottt, Grote, Ames & Co.,
',Bankers; London, which are paid free of discount, or
Any charge, whatever, in all the principal towns
throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Applyto, or address, if by Lotter, (post paid.)
Tapsteott , s General Emigration oilier.
arto,, REMITTANCES and passag to
t a.
IRELAND, by W.& J. T. Tapcott
75 South street, corner of Maiden Lane, New York,
and 96 Waterloo road Liverpool.
The subscribers having accepted the agency of
the above house, are now prepared to make arrange
ments upon the most liberal terms with those desi
rous of paying the passage of their friends from the
old Country, and 'hatter themeselves their character
and long standing in business will give ample as
surance that all their arrangements will be carried
out faithfully.
Messrs. W. & J. T. Tapscott, are long and favora
bly known for the superior class, accommodationl
and sailing qualities of their Packet Ships. The
ERPOOL, and SI DDONS, two of which leave each
Port monthly,
from New York the 21st and and
from Liverpool the 6th and I I th, in addition to which
they have arrangements with the SL George and
Union Lines of Liverpool Packets to insure a depar
ture froni Liverpool, every liv edays being thus deter
mined, their hicilities shall keep pace with their in
creasing patronage, while Mr, W. Tapscotrs constant
per-sonal superintendanee of the business in Liver
pool is an additional security that the comfort and
accommodation of the passengers will be particu,
larly attended to.
The subscribers being (as usual) extensively enga
ged in the Transportation Business between Pittsburg
and the Atlantic Cities. are thereby enabled to take
charge of and forward passengers immediately on
their landing, without a chance of disappointment or
delay, and are therefore prepared to contract for pas
sage from any sea port in Great Britain or Ireland to
this City; the nature of the business they are engaged
in giving them facilities •for carrying passengers so
far inland not otherwise .attainablei atul will, tifrio
Cessary,y forward passengers further West by the
beat mode of conveyance without any additional
charges for their trouble. Where persons sent for
decline coming - old, the amount paid for passage wil l
be refunded in lull.
The subscribers are also prepared to give drafts at
sight, thr any amount payable at the principal Cities
and 'Towns in England,. Ireland, Scotland and
Wit em; thus affording a safe and e . xpialittutts umile of
Remitting thiMs to those Countries. which person: ,
requiring such facilities, will find it their interest
avail themselves of.
Application (if by letter post paid) will be prompt
ly attended to
Remittances to England. Ireland, Scot-
land and Wales.
PI.III.SONS desirous of remitting money to any o
the above countries, can do so through the ettlk-
Scribers on the most easy terms. We arc prepared
to issue drafts for any amount over £l,OO sterh
Remittances matte through our house any day before
the :I3tl of May, will be received in Ireland, by the
2.oth of June.
TII E undersigned having bought the paper ware
house and wall paper manufactory, late of
Holdshiti & Browne, have entered into a co-partner
under the name and style of dial & Bri,wiir, for
the purpose of carrying on the busineas in ail its va
rieties. They will have always on hand a enniptlie
of their ow., ma inn:tour°, and their stock will 11,-
improved and enlarged with periodical addluous
from the bent French factories.
Agents tbr the tvt;Jl-known Clinton "Paper Mill.
Steubenville, f winch they will he constantly
ING PAPER, noNNET U Alt DS, &c.; all 01 much
they Mier wholesale and road, at their store. No.
37 Wood ittreet. midway Imtween Fourth and Dia
mond Alley, where country merchants and deal era
arc invited to call.
corner of Wood and 3d
x.c„ANG V. RIME ER ,
r r•et ~ Gold, silver and current hank notes
bought and bold. Sight checks us the eastern cities
for sale. Drafts, notes and bats cull rutted.
To Arms To Arms I!
with 10,000' men, notwithstanding which, J. M.
White will continue to sell clothing cheaper than
any has heretofore been offered in the western coun
try, having ite largest establishment in the city,
fronting on Liberty and Sixth streets. Ile is now
prepared to show to his numerous patrons the great
est variety of cloths, cassimeres, vestings, and olo
thing of all descriptions, suitable for the approaching
season, that has ever been offered in this market, to
which all can have the Right of Way. Observe the
corner, No. 167, Liberty and Sixth streets.
Breast Pins
tittgrttion. , -
'4.IIIAiOE - NESTS FOR r • • 4%
184 6. • -444
• ..40n-lst Jan. Ist May. tat Sept
16th - 16th " 16th "
Ist Feb. Ist June.. Ist Oct.
... 16th " 16th " 16th "
tat Mar. tat July. Ist Nov
lady << Rith
ht April. IA Aug
No. 35, Fulton street New York.
(Nest door to the Fulton Bank
MR. nocii)r, Sr.,
No. 75 Dublin street, Liverpool
Penn street, and Smithfield st
Forwarding and Commission Merchants,
mar 27 d&wy. Pittsburgh, Pa
Agents for Roche, 13rn'.
Paper Warehouse
Allen Krniraer,
& l'u.,
John D. Davin,
-1- Pittsburgli,
Josoph f
Janses Atay,
A 1,-i. Bronson & Co., }
John 11. Brown & Co.,
M•Canilless, Cincinnati, 0.
J. It....trDonaltl, St. Loins, Mo.
\V. 11. Pope. Prcs't Bank or Ky., Louisville
J. M. WHITE, Tailor,
Can't be Beat!
1 M. WHITE has just received at his large
fj establishment, fronting on Liberty and Sixth
streets, a splendid assortment of TWEEDS for
summer; also, a superior lot of French Satin YES
TINGS, all of which he is ready to make up in
the latest fashion and on the moat reasonable terms
as usual. • Observe the corner, No 1157 Liberty
and Sixth , streets.
myl4 J. M. WHITE, Tailor, Proprietor
John D. Dav to,
Corner-of Wood and Filth streets, Pittsburgh,
is ready:to receive merclmiulizn of every description
on consignment for. public or private sale, and from
long experience iu the above In:sines, flatters Maisel t
that he will be . able to give entire satisfaction to all
-who may favor him with their patronage.
-.Regular sales on Mond'iveand Thursdays of Dry
Goods and - Faneymiticlee, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of -groceries, Pittsbergh Mantifactured articles,
no* and second•lrand•forniture, &c., at two o'clock,
P. M.
Sales every evcnthg at early gaa-liglit. augl2.-y
_' :y ~: -:
~ ~ris~~~t ~nt~~iF~~i ~~-
The Franklin Fire InsrnsaitnSC'tinnpafirj,
Or . •
CHARTER[PERPETUA L. s4oorooo paid iq
flee I63,l,'Cliestnut st., north hide, irearfiftli.--
Take Insurance, either permanent or lintited, against
lose or damage by fire, on property and eliectS of
every description, in town Or - country, on the racist'
reasonable terms. Applieations, made either pci:
sonally or by letters, will be proinptlY attended to.
C. N. BANCKER, Prod.
C. G. BANCKEEL, Seey. •
• . . DIRECTORS: ' , •
Charles N. Ranelter„ „Jacob. R—Smith, • -
Thomas nett,- George W:
Thomas J. Wharton, Mordecai D. Lewis, •
Tobias Wagner, • Adolphi E. Boric,
Samuel Grant, David S. Brown; -
WAiIRICK MAartrt, Agent, at the FNcliauge Office
of Warrick Martial, & Co., corner of Third and Mar
ket Btrects.
Fire risks taken ,en buildings and their contents in
Pittsburgh, Allegheny and the surrounding 'country
Nu marine or inimid navigation rinks taken. .
aug4-y. .
Fire and Marine Insurance.
/11HE Insurance Company dr North America; of
Philadelphia, through its dilly authorized Ageni;
the subscriber, ofliirs to niakii permanent aud limited':
Insurance on property, in this city .and its viciuity,
and on shipments by the canal and rivers.
. .
16th D , •c
kt •
Arthur Cl. Pres't. Salnuel Brooks, .
Alex. Henry, Charles Taylor,
Samuel W.'Jones, Samuel W. Smith,
Edward Smith, A mbrose White,
John A. Brown, J ac ob M. Thomas,
John White, John R. Neff,
Thomas P. Cope, Richard D. Wood,
Wan. Wel sh lenly. D.Sherrard,See'y.
This is the oldest insurance t ympany. in the Uui- '
ted States, having been chartered in P 79.1. Its char
ter is perpetual, and from its high standing, long
experience, ample means, and avoiding all risks of,
an extra hazardous character, it may be considered
as offering ample security to the public.
At Counting Room of Atwood, Jones &Co., Wa
ter and Front streets, Pittsburgh. 0ct.23-y.
New York.
THIS well known and respectable company is pre
pared through their PITTSBURG AGENCY, to
make insurance ef every kind connected with risks
of transportation and inland navigation; to insure
against loss or damage by fire, Dwelling Douses,
Warehouses, Buildings in general, Goods, Wares,
and Merchandise; and every description. of personal
property on the most lievorable terms.
Applications fur Insurance attended to without de
lay at the office, No. 31 Water and S 2 Front sts., by
At au Election held at the office in N. Y.; May
12th, the following named gentlemen were chosen
Directors of this Company, for the ensuing year,
Joseph W. Savage, Stephen Holt,
John Browner, John McChain,
William G. Ward,' Wm. W. Campbell,
J nh n Newhouse, Jacob Miller,
William S. Slocum; hlarcua Spring.,
John F. Mackie, Joseph S. Lake,
John J. Herrick.
And at a subsequent meeting of the Hoard, JO
SEPH W. SAVAGE, Esq., was unanimously rt›.elee-
Aed President fur the ensu nig year.
au 4- I y. Secretary.
Philadelphia—Charter perpetual—Capital :a/0,-
0W paid in. Wien in Philadelphia, No. 72 Walnut
street—Wm. Davidson, Pren't; Frederick Fraley, '
Secy. This old and well established Company con
tinues to insure Budding., Merchandizc, Furniture,
arid Property, l not of an ettra hazardous character,
against loss or damage by Fire.
Applications for Insurances in Pittsburgh and its
neighborhood will be received, and risks taken
either perpetually or for limited periods, on favora
ble terms, by GEO. COCHItAN, Agent,
dec 24 No. 21, Wood street.
4g,ty , at Pittsburgh, for the lblutrare ihtlttal
Safely Insurancrt'ampany of l'hiltblphia.
:1111.1: RISKS upon Buildinp and Met - chainlice to
every clezeriptimi, an..l Ribi.v upon Irtal/n
~1 targoei at 1, v.... 15, taken upon the most utable
office nt the warehouve of Kilo! St Holmes, on
Wait, fit.. near Market street, Pittsburgh.
N. 11. king_Sf. Finney invite the confidence an'
patronage of their fro-ails and community at.linTe to
the. Delaware M. S. hisumnite Company, as au insti
tution aiming the most flourishing in-Philadelphia—
as having a large paid in capital, which, by the oper
ation of its charter, iv constantly increasing-4o
wielding to each person insured his dim share of the
profits of the Company, without involving him in
any respousiliilit) whale ter, Iwymiti the proluitito
aettiftlly paid in by him; :11111 therefore ELY poert,soind
the Motaial priociple divested air every obnoxious
feature, and in its most attractive form. nov 1-tf
Agency of the Franklin Fire Insurance
Company or Philadelphia.
N. E. corner tu" Third and Wood streets, Pittsburgh.
ai,ctii of the cotnpatty on the ling of Janua
ry. Is to conformity with an act
of the l'ennzylrania Legiciattire, oertr.
Honda and Mortgages
Rea!, at coat.
Temporary Loana, Stocks and troll,
New York
Ttlat tug a total of 9909,t;5i3 42
Ailionliou certain assiirance that all losses will lie
promptly. mot, and rising; entire Somali* to all wbo
obtain nolictes from this . 011111:11)V . Risks taken at
Da low rates as air consistent with security.
cwt. b WARRICK MARTIN, Agent.
Pittrburgla. Navigation and Fire luau
ritzier Company.
..ti Sired.
11,31,%% ell
!to I,er t Beer,
RORERT Fl NNI:T, Secretary
T K. LOGAN, has remotes! to No S 3, Wood
rt) street, one door below Diamoird Alley, to the
store lately mestpord Iry Clark & Cameron, where he
haa opened a Wholesale and Retail Dry Goods Store,
and hat ing jmt returned Iron, the Eastern Cities. is
opening a now and Sr ell selected stock of Goods,
consisting of French, English and A turf-Sean cloths,
(all colors,) a great variety of new style Ca.siluei es
and Satinetis; Cashmaretts, ra new sale;) (begot.
Caasimore, a good stock or summer cloths of all
kinds; late style Vestings; also, a great variety of
Lawns and Ginghams; Pyramidical Graduates and
oilier fancy patterns; a rar of prints 6 to .26 cents
per yard; a very superior I oh white goods, consist
ing India Linen, Damask Plaid, Striped Cambric;
Victoria Lawn, striped and plain Mull; Swiss Lace
and barred Muslin; rigurcd and plain Bobinets; black
and blue black Silks; plain, figured and striped; a
large assortment of Irish Linens; bleached brown
Mushns; table Diaper; Marseilles Co unterpanes,
(large size;) Moreen; a good supply of Umbrellas,
Parasols, Parasoletts and Sunshades; a very large as
sortment of men, winner!, and children's Hosiery; a
very line article of Lisle Thread Hose and Gloves,
' and many other articles not enumerated. lie would
respectfully invite his former customers and the pub
lie generally, to an examination of his stock, to
which he expects to make additions regularly.
J. S. Lowry, Merchant Tailor
WOULD infirm his friends and the public in
general, that he has removed to Wood street,
in the ST. CH %RI ES bedding, two doors below the
entrance, where he is ready to execute all orders in
the neatest and must fashionable manner, having en
gaged the services of Air. Joi n s CAMPELL are rut
ter, whose attention will be glevoted to that branch
of the trade and whose well known ability in this par
ticular, having long been established in the fashion
able community of this city, induces the belief that
by close attention to business, he will lie able to
give general satistliction to all who May !liver him
with a call—having also made arrangements to keep
constantly. on laud a general assortment of every
thing adapted. to gentlemen's wear, such as Cloths,
Cassimeres, Veatings, Shirts, Drawers, Bosoms, SUS
ponders, Gloves, Cravats, and every article pertain
ing to a gendninan's wardrobe, he will be ready at
all times to. suppl y nay deinand , in ills
The subscriber respectfully informs his friends and
the public generally, that having entered , into the
'above arrangement the establishment will he able to
furnish any article ill the Tailoring line,with a punc
tuality, and. despatch scarcely equalled by:any other., and for style and workmanship,norAter
paitseithy any in the states.
aug2:2-d3ut 't eAMPBELL.
luau rstnce
$1",99.915 93
100,967 77
297,499 72
D 1 II L 1, 1 ,1 1,
William Ebbs:, us I I uteliuma,
Furd. ,renz, .
James May,
R. W. Poindexter.
M. ALLEN, Pje3.t,
,111*,14 - aK ,
'E X T 10.41. 0 RESiDNizieR Yr DISC tr.o &UR E S.
• umvainc Or rRiUDS.,
TO 1111,11 61 8 . •
SOME Druggistli arm misled iiitiil"theerrer bOyi-,
ing a miserable imitatien elf Dr. Siiith"s.Spigare .
Coated Indian Vegetable PHIS; 'siniPtybecinie they
can purchase the-sporieturehsain . : -Weithall le en
cases expose such dealers"thronghout athe country;
who, after- being doly iiffrortned, :,Ofithe xnoCalitY.of
these imitators , buy and attempt . to ite,Pose.uPos,' the
public With such worthlenilliiielt,.'lt is notathelin-,
gar coating alone ' that ' eteietitlite.s the value of my.
Pills; but it is ray inviiiiiefe;. for • Whlelt'T clainx_the
right. G. _ BENT . SI.I - 04., M. D., :1 _
179 GremivileliiiCandt Wider st:Boston. M.IICEDZILAT/Wltt '
READ ANDUPDG.P.-- . ;131F BZ4.lst7' -FACTS.
We, the undetaigned,•wholmiale deliggists. in Lou- " WhatAND ALL NERVOUS' COMPLAINTS.
though the causes may not be explained,
Ky., are satisfied, WI the infurmatirin Since their effects are duly ascertained,
that we can obtain, that. Dr. G.I)L - NJAM not INSIMITII, Let t delusion, prejudice, or pride,'
is the original inventor of; the.Sugar=Ceated•Pills. Induce mankind to set the 'ineaiiiriiiide;
We are prepared to supply Ideitieru at the. New Means which; tho' simple; are by Rea:ken de-slin'id
York Price- = - To alleviate.the ills of human !
Robinson, Peter 4 Cary, 492 Street: • • ...
-- Co., ' 461 Tddin id: •
Rupert 4 - leindenfiergerr, shl sjaiit et• • -
George Lipping Co, 79FSurth. - • • MITTS remarkable invention,.whicli has received
But/ Alden, 81 Fourth at. 1 - . rive universal aPerobalimi.e.l . -BieMedieial proles-
The following from ilniggisiti in, New irOrk•slienis . slon'df.Great'Britain, comprises an entirely new ap-
I in - vented "the'Sugat Coated;Pills in 1843: ' • plication ofGalvanism . , as a remedial agent, by -meatus
New Yank, .liine 16th,,1844. of „Which th e ordinary Galvanic Batteries, Electric
• We, the 'undersigned; iieVer4aw or hea , kl Lit "Sit: and Magnetic-Machines;'&e.; ate entirely dispensed
gar Coated - Pills," until D. G: lenjamin Smith man- with r and the mysterious power of Galvanism applied)
ufactured and exhibited them to us abOut a yeareipee, without : any of the objections Which. are ineePerable !
Rushton 4Co ,110 Broadway and 10,Astor Meuse . 'from the general mode now.-in. use. Theatre:li; dos- 1
Israel Raudolphi' Diartfat. ; cs, and irregular intervals, in which Galvanise' ;sap- ,
Horace Everett, 96•Ifidstlif , • plied by the Machines,.has been pronOunced,aftera
John Ca.stree, 97 Hudson et: I " • tkivand impartial trial, to be de cidedly . injurious, •
David Sands, 79 Fulton 'St. ' it was to remedy this radical defeetthatthis neveap-
A VOICE FR6till KENTUCKY. Plicallon was ilrejecied; which, ifles unceasing
I have been afilic.ted with dySpepsia in'it i s Most a ik and periererante has been brought Jto its present
gravated form for three' year past, and found no re- state of perfeetion. The 'Galvanic .Rtngi utur*ei all
relief until I used 1/r: G. Benj:lSinith's "Sugar-Coat- the purposes of the meet expensive Machines, and
ed Indian Vegetable Pills." After using six boxes of in many other respects arc more safe l 4d . certain in,
said valuable pills, I am en ti r ety cured; . They_ are eceninplishlng the desired effect.
a general remedy. '• J.K. LEEMAN. The Galvanic Rings used in connection with the
Paducah, Ky. Nov. 9,1845. ' , • Magnetic Fluid, are confidently recommended in all
We certify - to the 'alto* facts. • 2 • disorders which arisefrom an enfeebled'and unhealthy
Dr;Smitles"Sugai-Ceated Pills" are universally_' state of the nervous - or vital system, and these edits.-
esteeme d i n -thi s v i t a l it y .- - ;plaints are among the most painful and universal to
1101XIE T- dIVF.NB & Co, MerchantS. "which we are subject. Thevarise, without exception;
Paducah,'Ky. Nov. 19, 1845 • from one simple cause---a'derangement of the Nerv-
At the request of Dr. G. Benjamin Smith's agent oils System—and it was in.. these cases that other
we cheer state that we visited the office of Dr. ` remedies ' having so often failed, a new agen t was
Smith in September 'last, While in NeW-York,, and gicatlY needed, which it is confidently belietred, has
timed him to all appearance e.anYing on a very ex- been found in the Proper and, judKitalus application
tenvive business with his Sugar-Coatd Indian Vegc- of Galvanism.
table Pills. The extent of hid establishment would The Galvanic Rings have beemtwed with entire
astonish any one notinitiated in'the mysteries of the success in all cases of Riitemssiszt,aeute or chronic ;
pill trade.—Louisville Journnl. applying to the head, face or limbs, Gout, Tic-Dola
(Vim Dr. Siggleton.) rota., Toothache,. Bronchitis, Vertigo; Nervous Sick
Smithland ) Feb. 24,1846. Headache, Indigestion, Paralysis, Palsy, Epilepsy,
Dr. G." Benj. Snith.—Dear Sir. Nothing hati ever Fits, Cramp, Palpitations of the Heart, , , Apoplexy,
been introduced thathas sold - so - well and given such Stillness of J -.Spinal Spinal Compliunts, Lumbago,
matisfactitm as your' Sogar-Coated Improved Neuralgia, Nervous Tremors, Dizziness of the Head,
Indian Vegetable )'ills: lieryirespectfully, yours,
.pain in the Chest and Side, General Debility -Widen
" • .F. SINGLETON. ,ey of Nervous and . Physical Rnergy,rdall NERV-
Louisville,f Feb. 13th, 18.16. ' OtIS DISORDERS. In cases of confir ed Dyspepsia,
Dr. G. Benj. Sinith=---Dear Si : Yru willpleasesend which is simply a nervous derangement of the diges
us 12 gross of your valuable P . ts. 'From preseittin tireerganii, they have been found eqiially successful.
dications we shall '4Oll a la's amount of diem,- Tbeireltraesdilla"7 effects upon the sYstem must be
We find that - they go very qui k. Your friends, witnessed to be believed, and as a certain preventive
11111.1. & ALDEN'. for the preceding complaints they are op:tally reeotn-
Louisvi le, Feb. 13th, 1846. mended. The Rings are of iliffereet prices, being
Dr. Smith---Dear Abot t two weeks ago We made of all sizes, and - of various ornatnental patterns. '
bought 2 prima of your Indian Vegetable Sugar Coat- and can bc "'or' , by the most delicate female without,
ed Pills. Though linsinesa lajthill here at this time, the slightest inconvenience. In' fact; the sensation!
yet we have sold them all., lion will please send us is rather agreeable than otherwise.
10 erns.. through Steesis• . Lawrence & Reese, of your The Galvanic, Bells, Bracelets, Bands,
- '
city, who wild forward them to us.via Pittsburgh. Garters, Necklaces,
Years, iispectfully, • In some cases of a very severe character, and of
WILSON,' & lung -standing, the.preiver as applied by the Galvanic
T hi s is to certify that oire esc , s i the Sugar Rings is not sufficient toarrest the progress ofdivease
coated pills manufactured by Cr. Benj. Smith, of New and ultimately restore-health-
The improved modi-
York , fur some time, and believe them to be a•good
fication in the Galvanic Belts, Bracelets, &c., entire
mealleme; and also from enquiry in that city,,l am
remedies this objection; any degree of power that
persnaded that he is the ariginal inventor, and is required can readiy b e o b taine d, and no complaint
, which the mysterious agent of Galianiam can effect
therefore, is entitled to the tae 'suit of die inventen.
t. WILLIAMS, will fail to be permanently relieve& =These articles
ang2l. Pastor ` milt Church Pittsburgh. are adapted to the waists, arrne, , wrisis' ander',
We hate forty letters front iliff4rent dealers solicit-. "r any part of thel)(HIY, with perfect conveniende.'
t h e agt . nc , o f my rill a nj„,„ g h they head th e spit .. The Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater bene-'
nous in their 'store—one in particular from New Or- 'fit in cases of Bronchitis or airs of the throat'
leans, w hick we shall publish.
generally; also in cases of Ncrvoui Deafness; and
Principal Office*---New York, 179 Greenwich st; w
ith almost uniform success ita a preirentive for Apo-
Boston 2 Water St.
plexy, Epileptic. Fits ; and similar complaints.
ltr- G. BENJAMIN SMITH is written on the hot- Christie. Diagnetle Pinta
tom of every box ofgennine "s ugar -C oate d pill s ," is Arail enaneetion with the Galkanic Rings-and
Acr.sys—tVilliara Henderson Druggist,2os Liberty all their modifications. This compOsition has been
.street Pittsburgh: Mtn Sazzoint 'Allegheny eity, pronounced by the French Chemists Ito tie one of the
mini 847 m. ' most extraordinary discoveries of nunlern. science. It
- Mars's triscnilene Oritdlotie-iilliiti-tuie:"is helieve4 to possess the remarkablo
po wer of Ten
-.tering ihe nerves sensitive to" galvinne action by this
"-"), Si, ever , WI 2I , Ai . " ) etc 21 ' 11 " / " '$ Ga e - k e means eansinga cthiCentration of theiinflue nee, at the
Tilif..llllloll.lCAN OIL" I beat of disease,thus guying rapid and permanent re.-
A 111 OF NATO ILE. , lief. No other composition in eliendstry is known to
frill IS obtained trout swell near Burksville, I produce the same effect, or to briput a siznilariwo
j_ keeteek2. ,at the depth of Iss feet below the peril to the nervous systein, by mea is ofan outward
,urtitce et' die earth, and 170 feet through sulairock. local application. The Magnetic Fluid contains math-
Its curative properties - are truly astonishing, and as ing capable of the slightest injury; Its .applicatirm is
a Itomedial Agent it may well be pronounced won- agreeable, and it is as harmless in' its :miler' . as it is
derful. Since the discovery of this Panacea of Na- beneficial in its results. Ytill explanations and direc
tire, numbers of remarkable cures have been effect- 'bons accompadfit. The combined. inventions are in
.41 by its use. It is lanocent—Powerful--Safe and every way perfectly harmless; they are sold at prices
Certain in its effects. It has been used with until' , widiin the reach of all and the distoverer oily re:
a tiell u d success in the treatment of the following quests a fair trial as a test
,of , their aerprising efficacy
diseases: Inflammatory Rheumatism, Burns and 'and permanent - benefit.
Scalds, Chaim, Piles, Flatulence, IntlamMation of Christie's Galvanic Strengthening Platt
the Kidneys, Deafness, Consumption, Liver Coin- ters. ,
Plitiiisic, sieald
.14e 4 .1, Cancers, Weak and These articles form another valuable application
Sore t:yes, Bruises, Fresh Cuts sett Wounds, oldie mysterious influence ofGalvanivsd . They are
Sprains and Strains, Dropsy, Paina in thellreast and 'an important adjunct to the genuinellalvanic Rings
Side, Totter, Influenza,. tilccratett ...S t ore Throat, and their modifications, acting•upoulthe sante - princi
l'onsumption, Bronchitis, Simons, Dicers, Spinal - ple,but having the advantage orrook ° tocil applica-
Affeetions, Scrofula or King,* vil, Coughs, Syphilis, ttion. They are confidently recomniended as a man
ning" win, all Rowel Complaints, all Chronic dim- I able addition iri the speedy cure ofillrenniatism;acute
Impurities or the Blond and tleneral Lebelity. or chronic; in all nervous complaints, and as a pbsi- 1
It of likewise very beneficial for Female Complaiuts tive remedy in eases •of INiin and - 4Vea4ness in' the'
in genced; acts as a great Restorative Crum languor, Chest or Back, Painin the Side,iu A , anatirglrestions,'
weakness of Back and Chest, Low Spirits and Execs- and in Weakness or Oppression of the PtileionarY
sive Debility. guns.: In Spinal Complaints their effects are of the
R ea d the following Certificates, all of which are most decided character, and they have often been'
authentic; all the persons therein 'rained are now used with complete success. Thai-are also of the
i t , ing , and well knorrn Cinciunati and Pittsburgh: greatest advantage in Pains and . Weakness ef the
P 1771,1 0. 11 '401 Aug 2 2 ; IS -15 . Breast,and are highly recommended fur many of those
This is to certify that we ha.c used the American complaints to which females are esjuicially.liable..As
oil for the whoopuig cough, among our children, by an effectual means for strengthening theitystemlvhen
giving them from 20 drops to a small tea spoonful debilitated with disease or other catties; area certain '
night, w hich always emilded diem to rest ° eli through{ aid in Constitutional Weakness, malty Proventlve of
the night. I also applied : it to one of dm children} Colds, and In all effectiOns of the Chest, generally,
that got Ler arm burnt by turning over a tea cup ofC the Galvanic Strengthening Plaster will be found oh
hot cotlee 0/1 it, the child sensed crying by the time I great and permanent advantage .lit a few words; it
the arm aan dressed ante boned up, and has neser embraces all the iirtnes old,: best tbnie preparation,
complained of it since. . -was , inflicted loVitt!a; ivith the important addition of the gailvanic influence,
pain rn my solo and breast., suiljtitra hires ita:feq" . 16, which is neither impaired nor exhnested, while the
!^ 331, - 1 ""un'ln'"r l . "'ILK lx - 17, - action continues . These articles will be found entire
npouulub twfc. a day and in °* - `-suTru!"3* - :-. 41 4 1 110,i, Ay free from those objections which are a constant
- th e o il have Lai wry inuchrorevOil:autribi rosily source of complaint with' the orilMary plasters in
believe that it is the best fstally-itaaltuale that 1 have common use. '
ever seen. 1 applied it , to onc.of my neighhoes for
a strained WIC IC, a Nell Mowed her ni s re,w . m in ute.,
We have slat, usual the oil Jima strained joint in oar
own faintly, which gave ease-in a very short' time.
WO I'v e uu die east:ode of Penn id, II doors south of
Walnut, 1 am now as well as 1 ever was in toy life.
l'Arrsuunou, Aug. 14, ISIG
is. to rurtify, that lily sou hat. final the Piethisie
for ta•vun years, anal was very ball with, it,auti about
12 or L, dap; ounce, 1 cottvuencell giving to him
about 211 or 115 drop*: of the American Oil, twice a
day. o lnvlt relle,tlli 11110 ill Ji AtLy. or LW() of jo s ,
culty of In eathing,,iinil lie is now entirely retie ttit
of his cottglt; our boy is lit yeses of uge. We live in
: ISANLA lilNi .
Ciscutruert, July lut.
Sir: flaring berm mired of a very severe disease
of the eyes and head by the. use of the American
Oil, I feel it my duty to OM public, as well as to you,
to send you the following certificate:
I hereby certify that I. was severely afflicted one
year ago last winter, with inflamed sore eyes and a
very severe pain in my .head from my eyes up to the
top of toy head, and continued : so for several weeks.
My eyes wore so much.intlatned and sore that I
could not sec to attend any. business, nor could I tell
one object trine another a tiny. yards from me. .1
called in a physician, but still .got Worse. 1 also
tried a good many remedies that had. cured others;
but in my case they hided. du , April, ISIO, 1 heard
of the American Oil. I procured a bottle, mid be
fore I had used a half a bettle.,l was entirely well,
and still continue so. ..I will not be without it in my
house as lung as 1 can get the genuine - article. 1 also
gave it to one of my men that. was working for me,
that had the toter in his hands so bait that when. lie
would grip anything tight in them the blood would
bursa out, and the use of half 'a bottle cured us both.
I would advise all thar•are afflicted in any Way .. to'
give the Oil a thir trial, and. [ think they Will lie
pleased with the effect it wilPhave, &c.
Sold at One Dollar rierßottic . at Jackson's Patent
Medicine Warehouse, S 9 Liberty t 'Jtcad of Wood st. t
Pittsburgh. TILE ONLY PLACy. trf 'Pirrairuncli where
the , Genuine Ariverieart Oil CA `g tie glitaiiied.
Beware or a 'Cotmterfeit Seneca Oil.
put in American Oil Bottlei,-lind labelled" “Amer--
ican Oil." It fiollieWhat Tesenibles 'the'Amerfban.
Oil, but possesses none of its virtues or healinittew=
W. Jackson reipeettUllj..iefim ''s ‘ the . Public that
O. & Co., thn proPrietors'OP the Ain's'aiican . Oil,
have appointed him their SOLE .A.PENT. fun West
ern Pennsylvania..
UI persons wishing Sub-agencies small at S 9
Liberty street, as above.
N. IL Sub-agents wanted fox evcry, knwn in the
above District. .
A great ntfrober of certificates are *on band and
can be seen it the'ottce : 89 laberty_street, headof
littettrelitt Z - 411 in
ter The great eclelirity and success of these sni
cks havecaused them to be counterreited by maprin
rapled persons. To provide against imposition, Dr.
Connate has but Pile authorized agcint in each city et
the Union. The only agent in Pittsimrgh,
w. W. wrr.sQN.
Of the highest and most respectable characteroare
constantly received, regarding. the extraordinary
value ind success ofthe above articles.
cd that in the -city of NoW 'York alone, upwards of
EIGHT THOUSAND PERSONS during ct.perind of
less than a rear, have been entirety relieved of the
most painful chronic disorders, noise of which have
completely 'battled all former elfortli of medical art.
-indeed ninny of the first physiciansJ, of this city, who
disapprove or the Galvanic and' Magnetic' Machine,
constantly recommend this application in their prac
tice, and with the exception of those who arc too
peetudiced to give it a trial, the invention has re
ceived unanimous favor with thel most intelligent
among the American Faculty. Dr 4 Christie is at all
times ready and most happy to give every thcility to
physicians, and all interested, fortesting the truth of
1 his assertions and th%elficricy of hip discovery.
Only agency in .I.lttsbutgh, corner of 4th. and
Market street. octl4-411y
Al No. 2. Comnierrial Rozr:Libertisireet,"Pig Gol-
Tr &VS & ROCKWAY, thankful for the liberril pa
jj which they have heretofore received
and wishing to merit an increased share of public pa
tronage, would respectfully call the attention of the
public to our stock pf goods which we are now re
ceiving. Mr the full trade. - Aniong WhiCh may be
lbund in quantities to suitkpurchasers, the following
Illueliard. Root, Liquorice Root,
Flour Sulphur,
Gum Arabic,
Ca'd Magnesia,
Garb Magnesia,
Gum flues, •
Cream Tartoi,
Calomel,' •
Sup Cal b Soda,
Glauber -
.Tartaric Aci4
Guin;Stanununi,, Chrome , Yellow, '•
Hal Copavia,, - .do. Green . ,
Salt Petre,s = • - - Retie '
Together with a genepkassortniunt ofOils, Paints,
Paint Ilriiihes,Tiye IViiods, kr,.. Ste., all
Of which will be 'geld as low as - at' any other house
in the-eity. , - .sepl9'.:
/1111E.1 - 12.1DELBERG CATECHISM, or a. sum
j, Mary , of christian Doctrine, es used , by the
' German lieforined.Chnrcb, F.nglinh and German.--
or ntcrin, No. .115,Virinid I?ittobargh..
act SCIUEA &"SCHEIBLEIt, gookiellers.
Drugs, Drngg,
den Mortar" once more
do.' Ball,
Refined Borax,
Sal Soda',
Guth Coital,
VON Br - atorie,
= -'Madder;''
Y 4311 0 .0 7 OCITre;
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Love, letterriendai,Jl.l o all; s iiteosiefsjOyed.
golarly eflucated
ian from the' eastorncit
xrice,to the. citizens of
ttaburgh, Alloglielfi , and
inity, that he can„be
,insulted Privately and:
czindentially, every_, day
waning% at his • office, on
jai - Attack Alloy, • a., few.
tools from Wood , atref/t,
awards the market
Dr. Brown Gives his particular attention. to the
reatment and investigation of the fallowing disea
, . , ,
All, diseases arising from Inanuritiesof thel3lood
scrofula, syphilis, seminal weeknessompotency,
salt rheum, dis eases of the eye and earirheurciatispi,
piles, PalseY , . - - -1 - - :' '- , ,
Dr. Frown has Much pleasurein announcingt,oi
the, public, that,he is in, possession of the. latestein
formation and. irn.Provement , in the treat.ment st:c
secondary syphils, practised -it.thikaria .Lock Hos'
pital: The modern researches on syphilis,, its
complications. and consequences, and the improved`
modes of practice which 'have 'been made known
- .
to theimblic but recentley, and to -those chiefly
who make this branch of Medieine,. , their parties. :
. ~t .. ..
la study and pracise. ,
.Nlany new and valuable remedies havebeen late
ly introduced, the patient.heing villichiecures mer
, .
cunalized out of existence Strangers are appnsed
that Doctor Drown has been educated in, Oery,
branch of _medicine and regularly adm'itted - to.
practise„arul that he now . confines. himself to the
.. , ,
study and practice of this particular branch,togeth
er, with all diseases of a.private or. delicate nature,
incident to the hurnmifrume.. No cure, no pay, .
„Recent cases are relieved in a short time, with
outinterruPtion from business. , . . , , ,
0 . ..01r.tce on, Diamond 'Alley, a • few doors from
Wood street, towartls.the market. , Consultations
strictly confidentiaL „. -myl.24lBswy
Dr. - Osborne's Indian 'Vegetable Itestora'
ative Pills.
Prepared by Dr. George Bennett; of New- York city.
fpliE unprecedented succesathat has attended the
j use of these pills in the practice of theproprie
tor for the last six or eight years, hie induted him
to yield to the importunities'of many who have used
and been tenefitted by" them,' and 'make -arrange
ments to plate them-witliiir the reach of the public
generally.' In doing so he feels caned upon to say
that the Indian Vegetable Restorative Pills is deci
dedly superior to any with which, he is -acquainted.
They combine the properties of: many of -the best
vegetable medicines (used nine other.pills), in such
a manner as to afford not. only immediate and tem
porary but permanent relief. ' . ' '
The valuable tonic.-which- enters bite' their com
position, by their' action. upon the.secretory organs
hold in check .the purgative principle, and induce 'a
gentle and natural operation, without inconvenience
or pain, and while they restore a natural and healthy
action of the stomach, liver and bowels, they. -
-crease instead of diminishing the strength- of the pa
tient. The general opinion that a.powerful and vie
lent purgative is necessary is founded in error; they
in general irritate the stomach and bowels, derange,
the secretions, and are productive of very serious' '
consequences, and it should be known that the great
mass of pills 'in general use are composed of-the
most powerful and irritatingpurgatives, and act with
too great a degree of violence, producing that de
rangement in the system. that is followed by con
stigation of the bowels, indigestion and costiveness.
From these facts-the .natural inference. would be
that- to maintain uniform health iris 'necessary to
correct unhealthy secretions, expel morbid humors
and.purify the system, by the use of a medicine that
will act efficiently yet mildly, assist instead. of de
ranging the organs of the system, and thus, bring na
ture in its proper and healthy channel; to accomplish
which no inedicinwis superior to the Indian Vegeta
ble ltcstorative Pills; their operation is, in ordinary
doses, to promote a natural and easy evacuation, and
at the sametime by their tonic property impartsigor
and health-to the system;. but. when a powerfal and
speedy, operation rit necessary,it will be accomplish
ed by , increasing the dose,, which may be dcine with
perfect sathty, as they arc .entiruly-Vegetable.. - . , • .
They have. bocci:used as a ., family , inetlicine for
years; y many -of the first respectability, and althol
they are.. not recommended •to 4 4 heal all.the ills
'that flesh is heir topt yet it'has been found vet+ rare
that it has been found neetwsary forthose using them
to employ any, other medicine, and tliCir occasional
use will almost invariably prove an effectual preven
tive to disease. They are-exactly'adapted to-the use
oft:amities, travelers and seamen; they-cleanse the
blood,cansing a free circulation—open the obstrue- ,
boas and promotethe secretions of healthy-bile,and
; consequently are an excellent medicine for nausea,
indigestion, nervous disorders, dejection, liver core..
plaint, pains in the bead, side 'and breast, costly&
1 ness, loss ocappetite, urinaryobstructions, ague and
fever, bilious and intermittent fever, dysentery, Then::
matism,seorfula, and are eminently useful inalL fe
male. cemplaints--and inane wotd, all diseases aris
ing .from . unhealthy secretions and impurity-of the
blood. Numerous testimonials of their etfieitay in
particular cases, might:he added,;but :theirroprietor
prefers presenting a few certificates of their general
character, from persons of unquestienablarandor_
and veracity, who would not in any degree lend their
influence to proinoteVonythitligi that lallioi of decided
'utility, and rely upon-their -intrinsic meritii-to gain
, them a reputation, feeling. a. perfect confidence that.
none will abaUdOn . thuit use' who give them a fair
Reads of families-should-always keep . a -quantity
of Dr. paborne's Indian .Vegetableßestomtive Pills
in tho diciest.; -they:never fail. For those who are
subject to fits, headache, gidOiness, - dimness of eight
or droWsinessatising front too great a flow a blood
to the head, should take these pills in preference to
anything else, as they area sure remedy: -
Females who value should never be
without Dr. Osborne's Indian Vegetable Restorative
Pills, as they purify-the blood, remove obstructions,
and give-the skin a beautiful,-clear„ healthy and be-.
comingappearance,: It has anum
ber of physicians that females cannot too-highly-value
- - - . CERTIECATES-' - -.,. ' -
The following certificates are-from the Bla r es.
Newman and the lies..David-Webster, mi" - in
the Methodist E. Church,Ncw-Yorir. Conferetiers. ' •'
- - , New Parma, Sept. 5th,'45; -'
Dr. Osborn--Dear Sir: I have used your Indian
Vegetable Restorative Pills myself Land made use or
them in my.ilimily,and most elieeffully recommend
them as a very-vrdnable rainquiedicine. —.
,' ' . timbres NEwnerr.
Idartmumoi August'3d; '45.
D: T. Otbarn—Dear Sir:' I have for sometime past
made use of your Indian Vegetable Resteritive Pills,
both myself and in illy family,.ait do Moat cordially
recommend' them as a' . superior faally' medicine.
Their 'action is exceedingly mild antlelfie.acious, and
so far as my experience goes, they are all dial you
recommend them to be,
Itespectrully, DAVID WEBSTER.
Letter from the Rio. George :Bowes.
Etac Holm, Walworth county, Wis
Dr. Osborn.--It is with pleasure I inform yeti ei
the great benefit Which . I have derived from your
pills. I hive been iit a decline for some time, whlch
has greatly alarmetlreei more especially as my
plaint was a consumptive "one, and I have also beer',
very billions, and have-labored-severely with pains
in my head, and my eyes have been so affected mite
turn of a cloudy, sallow and other disagreeable com
plexions. My wife had suffered also from great
weakness and severe pains, and as your pills have
so wonderfully relieved. us, we have sounded the
name of them all over our neighborhood; and wher
ever my extraordinary cure is known, as the most
valuable preparation for purifying the bloodnndreg-'
ulating the system. I .should not have known the
worth of your Mils had it not been for the
F. Dewit, of Curldebirckvitle, Sullivan Mutiny, N. Y..
who with great kindness sent me a boi to try them,
and to that box ofpills I owe toy health ; and as the
agent here is out of yourpills, wish you would send
me a package of boxes as soon ter possible.
• Respectfully, I3otympc. .
, .
DinEcnorrs.—Dr. Osberne's Indian Vegetable Tf„ .
storative should: he taken every night fora
week, less or more,'4,the obstinacy of the - disease,
or circumstances arel - The usual dose is from 2'tes,
accord ineto the constitution 'of the:peraon, bet they
should be taken, in sallicient - .quantities to operate
two or 'three-times oelthe: bowels.' Very' elicate
persons should begin with but Iwo, and increase as
the natut e,of the caseinay require. --Those mere re
treat or of -v ery coutive.habit, , may begin - with thrde
andincrease , to. six, or. eyed More if-it shall be found
necessary, and- they will effect a:. sufficientlyhappy
change to!guide the-patient-In their future use,-
Each box contains tn.:1111 , 35 to4o
Sold, wholesale andietail, at W. JACKSON/8 - Patent
Medicine Warehouse, No. 89,. Liherty. st.; head, ofl
"Wood, the ,ouly place utPittsburgh where the genn.
ins Dr. Osborn's:lndian Vegetable Bestoretiv_o
can . - . octl/Pdltwfirtt,
HLORIDY of I l itne,linittoiwaiorftir
octla' ' ' HAYS
II 3 I:I/tr i ll - I fit t l;s,to; a
• tare toiluire ill • ir'6l 'r -`•
MORO PROM' OP - Tmir inlckcy
DR: - svrix kis - comrolYsti'L'irittila
• 04, Pi , ;KTI•tzt ;,Q, I 4•M-44 - 31,
Conglia,,colds,MbmsoilrouchdlaiLivietAlongdaint s
Spitting. SlDiktl4Pilficulti-. of Bteathing,Painin,
the Side and Breivat,Talpflation of the Ileart,
:Inlinelt.zavg , {94giAlrlklagwAtiPsfilifb
Sore Throat, Nervosa Al A
alitzlf; •
• and' all 'aim:l4los;of 7roaf,
• DratA and ' tangs,' thit'-`s"*"' •
• t sp e ed re l i reiver7
,‘ 'knir46 for; ,, .•"'
any rot':
DR: , risl}w,, • •
COMPOUND tl - 110 k 0 Y .
A. 141t.ty Vir oud,e chttirp.toe
;=• -•,
Dr. Swnvarn: DeaT,Sl6-: Ntabiclitiac, ;while en- •
gaged with Mr. Joeeph,Smtlh,jola - 4w mill, near . •
Waynesburg, I WAS iitadetkivith ' a cough, Om be.
lug exposed-at niglil;'whiClinadinidliiticraaed,
tended with spittintrof Milo& itiviralleticle'olll in the
breast, loss of appetiteilaver,= &c.:;ar,n., , whfch was I
scarcely supportable.m? hadse fnniily:.vbb wore
Wholly dependent on, my ere/tit/tut-1W suppert, yet ' I
was obliged.,to Jena°, nay husinewsand - rettstp., home. I,
I was then attended several physiciantrhoth still
grew worse, Until thy medical attendantskeye me up =
as incurable. p übsestiitently; triYWifo'labierving in
one of.rhe . public
.ptants,_ an -advertisemcn!. : ofidDr.
Sivaynent ComPonnd Syrutilif CherrY, prticiir-•
ed me one - bottle fiem Francis APClnnq yetertiltedo
in Lewistown, which relieved ma,,Lcor4intiCiM4,
I had taken five bottles. am;now able to return to
my work agein, write title to-offer youaitteete
thanks, and you are at liberty to . Flake it known,,sp
that if any harden - being . auffeitheni-1 hhie beee
be may INe l recourse tojettr.kuttluablegoedicine.
• ' .JP P BOSTE,,
' •"
CONSUMPTION,• which Ant baffled thiarskl&er.
eminent Medicalpraeti.ionets, alters iptralidi
been given up hopeless, by having reconisele,ln'
perstivering'inciluthineipialled te.tifedyV 'bevel tte4l*
redicallycured. -Thertarenowinlhe handcofitelit
proprietor numerous certifi . vites . of cures
would astonish credulity iVere' they'itider
knoWn to thezworld,' To 'those vhcp-int . idniclied • I
witia:any.of the Above diseases, we say,gptelthie,'
mediCine a fair trialiyemwillthen be coarnaceil s
is no miserable compound, but a'Safe and' Aps
remedy, and that its curative powentstand elonnausdl
Dr. SWa by
yne , s n Syrup' le the and Omani
article or :Wild Cherry before the Publici:end wee!
would say to the,alfiieted, always look ; fotrAbe_writ-A
ten signature of Dr. SWATKE on each . hottle before .
your parehase. Ileware, Mahe - net dedialgal
:Some persotis may te.ll.yon that Somentherfyinatiftwl '
ration is as good. Heed,ffirrttnet--'i04.1011111-kr
genuine Dr. Swayne , s Syrup &Wild CliertY. cort-'
since you that it is the mnst_valeable . medieltiedie=: -
cov er e d. ' I
From the increasing demand forthetdurren., s
Druggists, Merehents, and dealers gentrallY; sat, to their advantage to have a'ffiltiapply bf llii
valuable medicine. Remember ,to enquire,* #
RY,'as there have - been scniii.individualiiiitbitittii-!
assumed names of physicians snaking greaV.effortert
to push kepurious article into the ,market .under-n
fictitious name. . _
The (original and Only).,genuine article is only pill.- -
pared by DR,,SWAYNE, N. Ww corner of Eight)!
and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Let the'advice be repeated, do not negleet a alight
cough; if you do, you may have occasion to regret d.
Why,,run any WOO Delay has, and, may, again kind.
to serious 'consequences.
IMPURITY OF 'TIM 8L00D. , :-AtOeicellitliti=
'Spring Medicine. Dr. SWAYNE , S - COMPOUND:a,
These great
_purgative and puri fy ing Pilla r are 'eel&
brated* for the cure 'of-Dyspepsia 9 Sick .Heedo6loo
Lees of. Appetite, Low Spirits, /11otchesorpituplm,,
on the race,or any disease where a pfirgstive orpu
lying medicine is required: Thesii - pilis neither
prodtieemenses, or any other -unpleasant seninuail,_
and as rt:Spring Metliciniitfor putting_ the idaortNak:
,Cleiesing the boay'ordiselie; they are uriwarpaise(
by any inedieineever yet intioducedlcithe publtelir ,
MazinfacturerlaMl sold, wholesalel4ld ietailim.
by the sole proprietor; Dr. SWAYNE St 89#41;;;.t , 14,
VT.'eorner Race and Eighth' Stree—te`Piiitati.
The. only 'agents• in i'ittsbingk foithelide tifthis
genuine medicine Are, Wse...Thora,. 53 Markect,nt.o.., ; , :
Ogden , & Snowden, corner or Wood and Id
S. Jones, 180 Liberty at., where' it tairlgr'
ed genuine, 'whelesale -and retail, •.aL .pmptidlosti;
prices. ,Sold by John Mitchell, Allegheny city; E. rd
IL Hinman, Cincinnati; Dr:Mego,ffia, Mercer, J.
I Burton Co., 'Erie; 'J. Morris'&Coi;''lmiirivilibE4
Dr. E. ..Easterly & Co„. Louia;AndrmOlirer,&;...,
Co., New; Denig Bt, Son, Cole**boyd;„
Cares 3t 'Butler; Mackenzie - lie Iliskell," - CIAMZ''
land; Dr. Baker, Wheeling, Va.." Wtn. Wood,
Maysville, Ey.; Miller ' Brownsville; Dr. Cam
%ell& Co., Uniontoive;lL - E:Jelinson; *Catiibeidifid;
J. M. Sharp,: Dayton; and by agents in gastsroff,.!
the United Stateti. • -
Wipeou t !' 19114.- .„
MLL WILSON PILLS,. as a. remedy xecutilak. ) .
adapted forheidacheianddyepeptic of
are ,preuy generally known- and -esteelsietl , -inihn4-A .
commtmity; and the.,proprietor, tat Winn ,sutlishasK .
.occision'to Write or speak of them, can scaicaly
Crain from an erpression of his patent aangetiellaf
ments,to his friends Oar their patronage and ambi*. •
to him. His feelimp pre-tlie warmer frettlehirrihig„ L
the "beginning and 4fie`eidinge , —ihrovviiatmest id -
parations egatelylotufzutotheirl.wetentnonet and '
much more industriously presented te , ,the,..pldiliei
while his prepaintiert rioteeleindridvuiceit, evetths
remote places; soothingaid COrsliiiti4 the 011ierM,1
and permanently grafting itself upon the - hreithitial- 1 ,
of new frienda,thus continually wideidng
of its usefulness." ''Although well Saline& thidliel
riled i eine }nisi; - mat' &pried* of
it; ygt
_ohligecU to hiaftienda,lbr thernogistalis.n
slant iat evidence of the fact.
In itsnaturallistory,A. you,
Pill dilfei4'from Modetlier preparations in noilennk,,,
originally 'Lade for sale with to
profit; white al 'every 1 et-
(as , a genetal"thMg) no sooner begins to dabble
tlnigt that, he naidsitlidut ftir'eome'
lion; ir nunig‘get ap,rati theidiritieliknotnettu l r
anything that will sett. "' Often he Ottetgpts
an 'assumedbaniniaitbolaghtenietifoilat ;.
his own were' bietilEciehf to-self it:',Theitiffeiraiet
then betnieen the Wilson Pill and the`preparationw
have just indicated;: - would appear - tele thiin.lhevt
consemiuMed of the value of my orighiate4 ,
theidea of putting therdee title for.moneY,:antratA,.
price: The . consciousness &lbw. Talkie of: ritsgOv
originatee m most instances the s irianilireparittiertni::
rha:T alluded to, and the most likely to tikes
is Owe.vs-Sid carefully'egriitideind, and the pill ,
otherpre.pardion made and graduated to Silt it.
one is a Insgoveitv,ara . gomel`from
of Universal Nature; the' other a. trick or. Itieeittiory ,
and comes froel "weed Very popular iiiialtiYOf
vinuat. Nature. Header! the difference herein''"'
great.. In one instance the veggie attital):41:000 PUS( /
is the. starting point;. in the other. the. =NET..
it is proli that .some of the many • r.epanay. , -.
tiona having seven such paternitylvens , ,ar
iood, but tha c t a ftossibly by this process. of ~ cgetting,r,,
. _ .
up" as they t it, by .puffing.. and blowing, as WO 1C e
clean wheat, they have, been "got upir too high be.: " ;
fore their specific, gravity lad been.carefedly neer-
Mined, and:lave blown off never. to be littard...or r ,".4
with oilier chap.-tioete lighter some heavier. •
• Whatever may be the ;rationale,
,I mast repeattit iK i::
thatl am mod profoundly; thankful to my friends fait , -
their discrimination in not consigning my discaseryt to
that compenduoue category of a ioveutionelliat:..did
not answeri , . 7 .-Of f;tr.icke that won't win..”
The Wilson Pillsare useful as a ON?rcaer, remedy]- -. 7
and may be kept and taketOn Pieper dolma, in ;
preventative , ofleneral . 111 heilthow
ease of:whatever nettle, by any member tif : 3 r
ily, without any - fear of the . ecmseituentesteetlocio• - • ,':
sure in the ordinary. pursuits of. bnsiness. -
otr-They may always be had in any 'quantity - 4f the.
proprietor, in Penn streetilielowhlarburyOuideftlitC,
principal Druggists of' this city and Allegheny.
jy22-,41.5zw7in: • •
.Versttlext uttntim.'
•VirESTERVELT, , the old and well known - '..
Venitian . Blind Maker, formerly ...of;t4trolondt - r
and Fourthtsti., take's thiS Method to inform his roOPY/,
friends of the fact that his,Bactory is now in full
eration on St... Clair st.,_, near the old Allegheny,
- *Bridge, whein iconateirt supply of Blinds of variants ,
colors and qualities,'is constantly ' kept on hand and 2 - "
at all prices, frenitwenteenbi up to snit custorners:,v
N.. 13„ If . reqnired, be pot: up , . no r *it Yes
m+case of nierrs.:by fire,.nr othuswise,. they may, bWt. s.
iemoyeAwitheut the aid of a screw-driver, and with. ,
the 'Same"facility that any other ; piece of furnitnfe '
can be removed and without an
•111 •
-.1.i35; assorted , numbing, longandl
.dde.,.‘JtJkl shortoreel Cotton Yarn: -
15,,,000 Calpet":-Charli;r.
ISA lininicatrintott , Batting.
*1 • Pri.1.1;4'.F4414-*Mirao
sale.lwte-ciity„pf uountrytnid 1 t
• • -
11,..14 Sit
Aar street:
. -