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1. RAItFER~ EDITOR. AND "ratirarrriut
Saillload to Philadelphia:
Our last Philidelphia exchange's contain along'
"Address to the friends of the ~ .Pennsylvania Rain
Road," signed by come nine hundred names. A
Ticket has been presented for Select and Common
Council, celled ' , Tux Rztr. Rost) Treicxx." and
the - citizens without distinction of party, are called
upon to give it t heir support. A.warm appeal
made . to the 'Philadelphians, to subscribe. to the
stock of the'Cenirel Rail Road, in order that they
may secure the trade of Western Pennsylvania - and
Ohio, and connect the Atlantic with the waters of
Lake Erie, at Cleveland. We . shall refer to this
'subject hereafter, When we have more lei suie.
The }kenll in Allegheny County,
As usual, the Democracy are beaten in Alleghe - .1
ny County We cannot, as yet, ascertain the re
c ase majority of the Federal candidates. Their
Candidate for Cana VA'ornmissioner will probably
have a larger majority than any other person on the
ticket This Nvas owing to the fact that a number
of Democrats did not vote for Mr. Foster. Col.
M'Cantile, considering the bitter opposition he had
to contend against; run very well indeed. Rody
Patterson,' although libelled and persecuted!
most unmercifully, by the pious saints of the : G«l
zete, run ahead of most of our ticket George
R. Riddle aLo run. very well; and in fact our
entire ticket run Well, taking into consideration'
the great Whig majority in this county. We feed
half inclined to get the old rooster to have a CrW,
that we are beateri no worse!
We present below all the returns we could ob
Min up to the hour our paper went to press this
Atiegheny County Election Returns,
Cfmtiriitsioner, Collgrec:.
• .6. -
. I
Ist MIA 13'7 305 154 • 2E9
2,1 do - co b 000 000
3il do coo 000 370 303
4th 'do '12 2 1.346 174 224
sth _do 008 000 000 50
6th do 000 000 135 220
.217.egheny. •
Ist Ward, 000 000 000 000
2d do 53 120 63 100
3d do . oaf) 000 • 98 221
4th de. 000 000 000 00U
Birmingham, 103 176 166 170
Manchester, 55 60 55 60 •
Lawienceville, 000 000 000 . 000
Lower St Clair, 124 225 .158 105
Reserve, • 28' 83 31 5S
Peebles - 81 141 000 000
Wißrin;, SO 155 82 158
Upper St Clair, 68 GO 60 58
Baldwin, 42 93 000 OuU
Sharpsburj, 22 82 - 20 b 2
Versailles, 000 000 63 93
Indiana, 98 88. 96 67
Plum, 94 09 97 96
Ohio; 43 68 45 65
Millka, 65 66 59 68
Jefferson, 83 78 85 75
Snowden, 38 102 38 - 102
Pine, 00 . 00" 101 55
Franklin, 78 48 78 50
AoSs, . 63 63 00 65
- .:Sheriff. Prothonotary.
Patterson. Forsyth. Riddle. Iluhz
-Pittsburgh, -
Ist:Ward, 000 000 156 282
,do'.ooo 000 000 UOO
3d. do *. 000- 000 000 000
4th.- do • 262 320 184 317
sth do OOO • 000 000 000
6th do l7O 221 ' 179 203
Alltghercy. •
Ist Ward, 000 1)00 000 000
2d" do 67 124 , 114 91
31 do - 112 222 152 195
4th do 000 000 000 000
Birmingham, 129 163 000 0/0
Manchester, • 63 56 000 003
Lawrenceville, 000 000 000 000
Lower St. Clair 190 179 156 189
Iteserve, 32 133 35 48
Peebles; 94 117-- 000 000
Wilkins, - 89 149 82 132
Upper St Clair, 63 52 63 54
Baldwin, 56 77 . 53 81
£harpsburg, ' 25 84 • 000 000
Versailles, 100 77 -, 000 - 000
Indiana, 103 SG • 101 65.
Plum, . 93 - .95 07 • 100
Ohio, 45 138 000 000
Mifflin, 06 64 00 67
Jefferson, 84 . 79 - SO 77
Snowden,.:_ 40 98 42 103
Pine,. 90 57 107 53
Franklin, 78 50 80 43
Ross, GO 82 63 82
T. Hamilton. J. Levis
Ist Ward, '
2d do
3d do
4t do 162 33 . 6
sth do .
6th do 163 216
Ist Ward, ...
2d do . 53 130
31 ' do 9,9 221
41h do_
Birminghahl, • -
Manchester, 52 62
Indiana,, 05 03
Baldwin, 43 00
Resin e, 3l 57
Plum, 03 09
Upper St. Clair, 00, 58
Ohio, 40 ' 78
SO 07
Wilkins, 81 ' - 158
Snowden, 36 1.04
Pine, 09 . 59
Franklin, 73 = 52
Ross, • 59 - -87-
Black. Kerr. Cooper.: .111Elheany
F.)Asburgh. • .• .
Wardr 163 150 155 153
2d ad- 000 000 000. 000
3d do . 000 000 000 000
4,th i 43 172, 167 . 160
' stl do 000 000 000 000
6th do 145 , 177 - 161 162
.dtlteghtny. •• • '
Ist Want; 000' 000 000 000
31 do 71 73 sb - 65
do 11 1 118 1.00 100
- 4th do 000 - „ 000 .0:00
Birmingham 000 ' '=ooo oop .000
Alanchester, 61 - 59 .58 55
Lawrenc'lle, 000 000. 000 000
12, St. Clair, 000 000 • 'OOO 000
Reserve: .35 33 • 3C
_- 31
Peebles, 000 000 000 - 000
80 '76 80 99
U. SL.Clair y 62 61 •61
Sharp-slimy, . 28 - 26 . 20
Vemailles, .
Indiana, - , ' •
Plinal, 9i 93' -.95' 95
o,_ _44 44 '44 -
tto - 44
Jefferson, :35 87 -
Snowden, .. 41 ' 41 4 39
Pine, 99 98 09., 99-
Franklin, 78 7B 78 78 •
Ross,- - 57' 57 s7j 57
MED, 87 88 - 90''Su
8. liilandi. ""McCurdy.Wilson
if h -
Ist Ward?; 285 .28 28 278
• ocio 000; -000 000
3d- .000 000. OQO 000
4th d 0) 340 341 i• 330 325
sth do , 000 000 000 - 000
Bth do ' 218 219 2/2 199
Ist li'ard, 000 000 900 000
12d do 111 • 118 111 111
'3d do 217 221 -- 216 213
4th 000 000 _ 009 - 000
-Birmingham, 000 000 000 000
15Iunchester, 63 62 60 ea
Lawrenceville 000 000 000 000
L. St Clair, 000 000 000 000
Reserve,.. 000 000 'OOO 000
Peebles, 000 000 000 000
U. St. Clair, 57 58 '5B 56
Baldwin, •
Sharpshurg, - 82 83
Ohio, 67 68 69 67
66 65 - 64 06
Wilkins, 155 155 159 15G
leflerson, 74 ' 75 • 76 77
Snowden, 102 102 ' 102 130
Phie, 58 53 58 58
Franklin, 56 46 '5O 50
Ross, — -86 -98 - 86 85
The Washington Union of 'Saturday night says:
We are Terrnitted to lay before Our readers the fol
lowing extracts of a letter from a reliable source
"The governmetit of Mexico is said to be with .
out a dollar iu tho treasury; nor hare I heard Of
-its havinOdopted any means to obtain funds for
prosecuting' the war. Anapudia, it was belLe‘ed,
would be at Monterey on the 24th of August, with
8,000 men.
"A report was prevalent in Alexico on the: 3d
instant, that Santa Anna had given orders for the
Mexican forces at Monterey, and other places in
that quarter, to fallbackon San Luis Potosi, and
that he would meet them with 30,000 nien.
- "The plan of the Cinduiii /a, as it is termed, seems
to have been accepted , by the military and civil au
thorities throughout the et - Amity; with great una
nimity., and apparently the qperations of govern
ment. are going on withodt difficulty.
‘From private source 9, however, entitled to some
degree of credit, .I Team that a great portion of the
people, amongst them men of influence, are oppo
sed to -Santa Anna, and
,place up confidence in his
promises.. It is evident he apprehends more seri.
ph opposition than he at first expected, from his
delay in' going to Mexico. Ile was still at his
country seat of El Eneerro, on the Sth instant.
where it was believed he would remain until the
meeting of Congress, or WAR his party.gained ade.
decided preponderance. lam of opinion his pres
once will add greatly to the embarrassment of the
country. embriter the feelings of parties, and finally
lead to a civil war."
Letters from Mexico ; of recent date, mention the
arrival of the "Congress, - and the departure of Com
modore Sluat from Mazatlan for the United States
'l . he province of Yucatan manifests some dis;m.
sition to surrender Ler independence, and to throw
herself - once mere into theurms of Mexico, under
the rule of Soma Anna. In connection with this
subject, we give the following:
`Copy of a notite acrabipatiying the , pronrinrie.incithi
of the Con&rese - at Merida., taken from a Yucatan
'-ay the extraordinary and secret session of last
night, the Congress approved an initiation of gov
ernment, solemnly declaring that the State of Yuc
atan adheres to the 'protiunciamento . of Guadala
zara, proclaiming as commander of the liberators
of the country the illustrious .General Santa Anna.
"Such- a happy event cannot lc's than fill with
satisfaction the true patriots, and we that base
dedicated ourselves to the task of proving that the
unconquerable General Santa Anna is the necessa
ry man in the present circumstances of the repub
lic, and the person that has decided upon sustain
ing the inviolability of the treaty of Yucatan. We
cannot defer publishing so plausible and important
a notice.
"With this desire, sse insert in continuation, the
four articles that constitute the rewlutive parka
the decree already. publibhed."
"Ist. YuCatan recognises and proclaims the dec
laration (promincianicato) of quadalaz4 ra of the
:Koh of May last, as a national ineasure eminently
patriotic, which inanifests itself in favor/of the lib
erty of the republic and of the imprescriptable
rights of the people.
." 2d. Yucatan will retain the Paylticin she actu
ally occupies, governing herself itntir the inviola.
bility of the treaties"of Deeember, 1843, be
recognised, with guarantees adapted to lender them
stable and fixed. She may, under these circum
stances, return to the national union, according to
the terms sanctioned by the decree of the t.ttl July
ad. Yucatan is thoroughly persuaded that Gen.
Santa Anna, at different times, has given tinequivo
cal proofs of vigorous patriotism - , and
tertains, and is penetrated %vith the most lively
feelings in favor of Yucatan, to carry into effect
the solemn recognition of the arrangements of 14th
December, 1843, which guaranty her rights of ex
ceptionability, and consequently of her felicity.
She recognises him from this moment, and' pro
'claims him, on her part, as chief of the heroic en
terprise for the regeneration of the republic, accord
ing to the present decree.
4 , 4 th. The Goverinneut, without loss of time,
will proceed in this capital to the solemn publics
tiOn of this decree, and will communicate it im
mediately to the civil authorities of the districts.
so that they - may proclaim it in all the towns of
their. jurisdiction.".
The above declaration ti•as made at the city of
Merida about the 2:ith of August, 1543.
Journals from Vera Cruz fo the Bth of Septem
ber, and from the city of Mesieo to the 2d of Sep
tember, inclusive, have been received at the Navy
Department. • -
The Diario, or the official paper of the Mexican
government, of the ht of SOpterober. publishes•the
letter of Mr. Buchanan to the Mexican secretary
of state. with the reply of the latter, prefaced by
the following editorial remarks:
"breonr.trr.—We publish today, as we prom
ited- in our editorial of the day before yesterday,
the ijote transmitted to our goyernment by. that of
the United States, and the answer returned by our
Secretary of State. The conduct of the present
cabinet is. as frankiand honorable as it is possible
for it to be, and none of the administrations which
hare , preceded it; has been- so explicit with the
nation. .We,now see that none had such claims
to its confidence; the i present cabinet can hardly
be said to direct - affairs; it is the people who really
go v e rn:"
The same paper contains the following item of
'.l2xczavEn AT TIIE LAST ROUR.—The supreme
government has received, by express, communica
tions from Gen. Don Pedro Ampudia, dated the
2t3th ultimo (August.) They state that he would
reach Saltillo on the 27th, with the brigade under
his command. Apart, hat not, the whole, of the
'enemy's army had :moved from Camargo; of two'
thousand four hundred men who had left that town,
four hundred had arrived at China, and, two thou.
sand were. still between Camargo and. China, three
thoudand more: having remained in' Camarro.—
General Arhpudia was preparing to defend gonte
rey, where at:present, and- without counting the
reinforcements to arrive, there were more than four
thousand men, full of. :the greatest enthusiasm, so
that the nation May expeet the most
salts."' .
The followirig is tiie editorial of the =, of
Seplerriieil 2d: • - .
Last and Interesling accounts from Mexico.
Cnuz, Sept., 13, IS-10
"The existing supreme government, being deter
mined not to swerve in 'any degree from the na
tional will, deferred replying to,the propOsytion
itaticle Isy the government of, the United Stales to
come to.a negotiation upon - the questions pending
between the two countries, until the nation'itself,
astembled in Congress, through its representatives,
shall'decide a matter so important; without con
renting in any manner to \valve a discussionof the
causes of the war, on flit , pretence that they Should
be considered merely as past events belonging to
history, and announcing that, until the Congress
shall determine the relations of Mexico with the
republic of the United States, they will continue to
be such as the present executive found them on ta
king charge of the administration. In conformity
with these manifestations, the executive is inces
santly occupied in endeavoling, by all possible
to place the republic on a'respectable foot
ing of defence, as will be seen by the decree's issued
by the secretary of war, which we publish , under
the official head, in our paper of to-day, and Which
'are circulatef.: under this date."
84 83
The decrees referred to, issued in the name of
General Salas as head of the government,"
substance, as follows:
'I.•A, decree of- August 28, declaring all Mexi
cans, between the ages of is and 50 years, under
obligations to Lake arms in defence of their coda
try whenever they Aral' be required so ;to dd.
2. A decree of some date, declaring free for one
year the importation'into any part of the republic,
and sale in it, of muskets, carliineS, sabres, brass
and iron cannon, with carriages, and, in gen
eral, every species of warlike arms and projectiles,'
without the payment of any import duty; and de
claring-that the government will purchase, 'of the
arms and projectiles referred to suchluatitify as it
may require, at such prices ai may be agreed upon
with the importers or holders.
3. Another of the same, declaring an extfaardi ,
nary contingent of thirty thousand men. to b• con ,
trihuted by the several States in the followinniro.
proport ions :
Mexied • S '2OO
Jalisco. 4,000
Puebla. 3,500
Guanajuato. ..... 3.0 W
San Louis Sutosi.l,soo
Zacatecas 1,(i00
Queretaro 000
It will be perceived that Yucatan is not enumer
ated in the above list.
Tnis decree declares that citizens who volunteer
will be required to serve only two years, bat men
levied or drafted will be required to•serve six years.
4. Another of the came date, pardoning all who
may have deserted from the regular army,' provi•
ded tits' they give thentselves up within three
months, and permitting them to serve in such corps
as they may select.
5.- A decree of August 61st, issued throw ghdhe
Department of State, declaring that all talkers in
civil or military employment, who shall refuse,
without good cause in the opinion of the govern
runt, to render 5:4C11 services as may be required
of them during the war in which the republic is
at present engaged, stall be dismissed i froni their
employments, and declared incapable of beihg em
ployed hereafter as military officers; being ;liable,
moreover. to the punishment already provided by
the law for such offences as they may havct com
I The LOcesuotor of the ad and dth ol tfeptember,
contains the documents relative to the capture off
the American brig-of-war Trartusis (Tru ! xtun , )
among, them two letters of Commander Cuiperider
to the commandant at Taxpan, both dated the 17:11
of August. The first is in reply to a summons to:
surrender; whirl, he declines doing, as he says he
had sent to the commodore for assistance. In the
second, he, sale that, being convinced that there
was nolope of saving the vessel, he consents to
surrender ihr Ve,iel, officers, and men, and rtiquests
that the latter may.he larall as sol=l as poSsible.
The accounts that have reached us via Niw Or. V4irerszil _Frew Curi.—.-Tyisus and scarlet fe
leans, indicate that Carpender and men hase.arri- I fei-e r•entragne, - and irifact !evert of eVery de
ved at Vera Cruz. for the purpose of being pnrelled !'cop''on have a anced ' never.failin•• remedy
4 .lol;a:titres Strgun.cuattil Pig:aide Pitrgutitt Pills.
or exchanged; hut if they arc to be excnarrl, twili tt i tig . t he - it ... ma: yet i: i nl a y p urt tatire and cooling
Wtt3 proposed by the Mexicans., the transaction hail ! qua ii their freedom front unpleasantness of
not been consummated, beenure Conotitodote Con. taste, gripe and Caine; and the'. peculiarly Power
ner h a d not yet rece i ve d t h e d e fi n i t i ve A „l ver o r; MI influence by which they control and purify every
on f the titern the ret maori , ohe
his go, ailment, to which he had referred AIM prop- i. -
ecal o faculty of l'NeW Toth. a d j unk of ty
u f sing t no
" other purgative rnt licine in there disuses; and the
- • i ccrtiliC.llo.3 of th& , :e gentlemen have been so hunter
! ous and full of calogy.a.N„to justify the prciprietor
in warranting a' cure when his Oita 'are taimn ac
cording to directions. • Furthermore, to show his
confidence, he will return the money paid 'for his
pills in alt cases where they do not give entire sat
u faction. Unlike all other medcines. Clickener's
Sugar-coated Vegetable Pills are perfectly pleasant
to the taste, which greatly enhance their value with
children, or persons of weak stnmacha who find
the taking'-of all other medicinal preparations a
mutter of much difficulty.
Sold by Wm, Jackson; corner of Wood and Lib
arty streets, who is general Agent for Dr. Clieicc.
ner's Pills in Pittsburgh and vicinity. _
Rich, Dzch
in the Gortfts of yesterday the Deaconl has a
long article full of wrath and vinegar, in relation
to the prosecution which was instituted befOre the
Mayor, to punish himself and his RiCerVid 6artner
for perinitting their bands to work: on thii Holy
Sabbath. The Deacon blushes the lawyer's, wit.
nesses and spectators without mercy, and endeavois
to create the impression that hi: is'a persecuted
saint! and that the whole alfair was a "M.eticious
enosseurtux!" The Reverend B. F. fLU - ri,islr.
White's partner, comes out in a card over hle own
signature, and candidly acknoteledges that the
Gazette hands do work on Sunday. lie ears, "I
took the responsibility of letting them (the
go on after I discovered that they had eorninUnecil"
work! This Rixrrend gemleman who tells his
hearers from the pulpit to remember the S4hath
and keep it holy," and through the coltimns!of the
Gazette gives long dissertations on gambling, pro.
cane swearing, Sabbath breaking, &c.,. &c ,c now
"Tii.s,; Tits assensstnita-ex " of breaking the
commandments of his Lord and Master; antil
lating the statutes of theComMOnwealthl When
these Gazeite men give up the ghost, morality will
become extinct!
New Mail Arrangement.
Hereafter the Post Office will be open ori Sun
day morning at half past 7 o'clock, and will con
tinue open till halfpast eight. It will not 4 open
on Sabbath evenings as heretofore. The Eastern
Mai I :MOW comes by Washington, Pa, instead of by
the Brownsville boat, and is delivered in the'rnorn
-ing instead of at night. In other words the old
arrangement is reinstated.
cf:) , The Jouraa/ says, in speaking of the 'prose
cution of the plaits sabbath breakers in the , dazette
"We knew nothing of the particular instance of
violation charged, and all we know was, that the
establishment selected as an exanple is less guilty
of this sort of offencethan the rest of us•
lish daily newspapers,"
The Journal may speak for itself, but if by the
words ~t he rest of us," he means to include the of
-of the Post, his remark is gratuitous arid
groundless.. There has. been no working M this
office on the sabbath, since we took charge of the
' park."'
Rats.—The continued rain for the last tivelve
hours has occasioned a sw•ell ti of a few inches ln our
rivers. From the present indications the rain wilt
be a good long one, and in a few days therii will
be sufficient water in the Ohio to adrnit the first
el= boats by resume tbeir usual trips.
Taca•ran.--gilslate, the inimitable delineator of
Yankee characters, has-been drawing crowds-to the
theatre for some nights past: He . appears', this
evening in two eice . ellent pieres,—"Sam Slick,?' and
the '"Celestial Empiie." .. • 1
Mr. N.P.WI LL/Er, - We see by the'New tellford
. .
papers, was mamed, on the lst in that town,
to tbe only daughter of Hon. Joseph Grinnell,
, .
' " ' ' ••• < '
L., H 4 n PRI4i, Es ci:—.Dedr Sir:—As the i.whigs
ere fond' of :mousing around democratic gather
ings, their, own versions. of our pro
ceedings, itrnay.riot be. (miss to hold - the rnirror
up to the isatiird. The Whig Congressional Con
ference that recently came of at JohnstoVen, is a
happY illustratipn of Whig honesty. Two af . -the
three conferees from this county were friendly , to
the nomination of Gen. Irvin as the next whig
candidate for Governor; Notwithstanding the con
ferees had rightfully nothing to do with this ques
tion, Signor Blitz, the factotum of James Cooper,
thought it a fine opPortunity to come the Aleight
of hand over the ntieus - pecting friends if Gen. Ir.
vin. One of the:conferees friendly to the General,
supposing that no other business would be trans
aeted by the conference than the norninaticm,'of a
candidate for, Congress; kindly dissected one of the
Signor's most illustrious pupils lathe black art.—
The other Irwha conferee, not understanding the
science of the thimbles, signed a blank sebstitu•
tion which the Signor wrote, and which his Afore
said pupil procured to be filled to the entire satis.
faction of the thimble-rigging fraternity: Some of
'Signoes'politieal friends say that he made the silt
stitution in one of these . cases without the authori
ty orknowledgeof the'cOnferee originally appoint:
ed. If, se, he has auperadded the crime of forgery
to hisiwell established character as thimble -rigger.
The result of the conference is known.: After
nominating Joseph H Kuhns for Congress, they
adopted resolution on the subject of the next
nomination for Governor,-that
by every admirer of the black act, DS a monument
of the genius of its author, Signor Blitz. He was
not, however, a member of the conference.. A
conferee would naturally have sotto, voting to do
and an Inert act of committal is of alli things
what he most cordially - iibliOrs, The resolution
avowed unbounded confidence in all the gentlemen
spoken of in connexion with the office of Governor,
that is, by. the Whigs.. It then _declared ithat if
I James Cooper should be nominated, they would go
him: The Signor intended to palm this burlesque
off upon . the friends of Mr. Codger as an 'expres
olelinfalence in, end preference for their fa.
I vorite; while the friends of Gen. Irvin might look
jupon it as a salty thing at Jim Cooper--cven if
I Jim Cooper Cooper should be numinated, obnox.
taus 'as he is, they would go him..
i The Signor beats Tallyrand about half a neck.
Yours, tc. -
Michoacan...... ;1,980
Vera Cruz !1,000
Durango ; 600
.... 560
.... ; 580
Aguascalientes 2SU
Ma. 'aurr-1 um rejoiced to see the press.
that great lever of public opinion, turnel to the
subject of Public Squares, But, Mr. Editor,. I
greatly apprehend that all you say will be of no:
avail. There are men übaut our city so I,saraimo;.
Mously- illiberal that no public appeal could move
theim.and such is thOlf influence. that they can put
down any measure - hat does not Wing grist to
their own mill. it is all idle tertuilt about the
''.wants of the people" to such Men; alt that they
!,rare alrlut -the peaple" is to get their votes for
`themselves; or their friends, on 'an election day.
I Unfortunately for PittSburgh the real public spirit
of the mass of its citizens has been repreSsed for
[years,- by . the blighting effects of a monopoly ot•
!her soil, and illiberality ieher councils. If you
land others think that a new era will take place in
the affairs of Pittsburgh, • hope you will not be
Mistaken, and I will be most agreeably disappoint
ed. Though a terrible private calamity, the Fire
will, in. the course.of a few years., be considered a
public liqueur, the public spirit that it prodOced has
been seen and felt ever since that never to be for-
I gotten day. Perhaps the current,of pro,:errierit
then commenced will'not stop until we have our
city embellished with ~S quara,"and “Park., - and
I "Prournadrs,"and " Icalatains." You pro Pose the
right course to attain that . mast dernatlY-to be
• wished for eousurtinvitiou, which is the ba4er box.
If the people - vote for no man who wilt not pledge
himself far a few breathing spots' fur the work
; citizens and their families, then we shall have
1 Public Squares. For my.part, Ar.'l:-.'ditor,!l don't
care where they are located, so that we have them.
' A battery" at the Point is a good'suggestion; so ' 1
is the terracing of the ugly hill side in front of the
basin but I should like particularly to seethe lot '
in front of the Courtllouse ornamented lot public
uses, and a fountain in tilt centre of it. (o en,.
sir, and awaken all the it you can on the sub-
ject between this time and the next election for .
Councilmen. • Smrritrist.n.
(AN Tuesday morning near the corner of Point
jr and Pena streets, a:aritall PocKur Boor, coo
taming twenty-di:Cl:dollars; COCISIStir °incise dollar
note on the bank of Mariptta, marked J. W. L., on
the hack, and other money. The tinder is requested
to leave it at tho corner of Point and Penn streets,
'with Wm. Morrow, or ATMs office, and receive a
literal reward. " , octl4-It.'
L'axle Saloon, Wood Street.
T"E proprietor of the F.agle Saloon, respectfully
announces to his friends andihn public, that his
benefit will take place THIS EVENING, Wednesday,
Oct. 14th, 1:46. Tickets, 28 cents,
Second appearance or Mr: and_ Misses SLOMAN,
Harpists, Pianists and Vocalists, in a splendid selec
tion of music. oct 14
Extensive Sole Of New and_ _
A T Gi o'clock, p. m, on Wednesday the 14th,
_ L A_ Thursday the 15th; and Saturday the 17th inst.,
at the Coniniercial AuctiOn Room's, corner or Wood
and Bth sts., will be sable large Collection of choice
standard and miseellancous Booys, embracing a
great variety of works on Pistory, Theology, Poe
try and Fiction.
Bibles and. Testaments ()revery variety of size and
style of binding. •
Prayer Books, fine editions; Annuals and Holliday
Presents for 1847; Blank Books, Stationery, &c.
Private sales duringiliti day at very low prices.
oct 14 . JOHN D. DAVIS, Aiict'r.
In the Court of CornotonTleas of Allegheny County.
N the matter of the voluntary assignment of Wm.
j M. Sc,-11. E. Davis.
Notice is hereby given, that accounts of John B.
Robinson and Robert-Danlap, Jr., assignee's of Wm.
M. & H. E. Davis, have been presented and Sled, and
that the. Court will allow same on the 2d Monday
of November neat; unless cause be shown why they
should not be allowedrand also, that the said as
signees have made application to bedischarged, and
that parties interested ,have - petitioped Court! to ap
point a successor, and -the prayer of said Petitions
will ho granted on thelnd Monday,%of NoVember
neat, unless cause be stiownlo the contrary:
Prom . ibellecord, !
octl4-3tw' GEO. -11.• RIDDLE, Pro.
pOEMS BY AMELIA, a new and enlarged etli
'tion, just ieceived and for sale by ,
octl 4 J., It M.ELLOR, 81 Wood st,
TliEsubscriber respectfully announces to . his
friende in Pittsburgh; and the public in general,
that he has opened-at No. L'34, 'Broadway, N. York; a
good assortment of Law, Medical, hliscellancons and
Foreign publications, which be will sell at wholesale
or retail, upon the cheapest 'Opts for cash.
He will fill inders promptly, and forward them to
Pittsbnygh,' del iveimg themat N. York prices, He
respectfully soli - Cita orders from persons wishing to
replenish their librarici, Con6dentthal ho can giv,e
every satisfaction. Address, R. G. BERFORD,
octl3-31 *. ',NO, - 7231,BruadWiy, N.-Y.
fIpHEDIEANSOF Sermon, delivered
in the Prisbyterian Clibreb , ) ; July .12,
by, the Rev. D.
,K:Ridcne, and published by tbe
quest.ef . .the Congregation For sale by •
azzg24 . STOOgrON..
Rd , titev*rnisig Foie:
Ebensburg, Oct. 10,1596
roc the Daily Norning:Post
Booke at - Yew: York PrAces.
Prices of —admission :
First Tier . ,' 50 cents. Second Tier, 37j cents
Third ". 20 ,:a; IPit, 23 ,S
PRYATE, nos, 75 CTS
Will be acted, second time, a, Yankee drama called
Sam. Slick....
To conclude with the Teryinughable piece called the
preparation--the new and great Yankee drama of
Doors to open at 7, perforMance to commence at
71 precisely:
What though the rouses may not be explained,
Since their effects are duly ascertained,
. -
Lot not delusion, prejudice, or pride,
Induce mankind to set the means aside;
Means which, tho' siniple, are by Heaven design , d
To alleviato Ull3 ills ot'humau kind..
HIS remark:dile invention, which has received
, the universal approbation of the medical writes
aion of Great Britain, comprises an' entirely new ap
plication of Galvanism, as a remedial agent, by means
of which the ordinary GalYanin Batteries, Electric
and Magnetic Machines, Etc.'; aro 'entirely dispensed
with, and the mysterious power of Galvanism applied
without any of the objections which are inseparable
from the general mode now in use.-
The strong dos
es, and irregular intervals, in which Galvanism is ap
plied by the Machines, has been pronounced, after a
i Pair and impartial. trial, to be clecidedly injurious; and
I it was to remedy this radical'ilefent that this new tin;
1 phcation was projected, which, after tinCeasingtall,:
and, perseverance, has .been hrotight to its present
state erperfection. The .Galvanic Rings answer all
the purposes of the most expensive Machines, and
in many other respects are more safe and
accomplishing the desired effect.
The Galvanic Rings used in connectio n With the
Magnetic Fluid, are confidently , recommended in-all
disorders which arisefrom an enfeebled and unhealthy,
states!, the nervous or vital : system, and these eine- ,
plaints itraarnon•- the most painful and 1
which we are sub ject. They arise, without exception,
from one simple cause—. 3 derangement of the Nerv
nus System—and it was in these cases that other
tremidies> having so often failed, a new agent was]
greatly needed; which it is confidently believed, fins
been found in the proper and' judicious application
Of Galvanism. '. - - : •
The Galvanic Rings have been used with entire!
Success in all eases of Rscrustkansat, acute or chronic,
applying to the head; facaer limbs, Gout, .Tic-Dolo , ;-1
rear, TooTharhe Bronchitis ,slVertigo, Nervous Sick:
Headache, Indr, 4 estion, Paralysis, Patsy, Epilepiy,
Fits, Cramp, Palpitations of the Heart, "Apoplexy,.
Stiffness of Joints, Spinal Complaints,. Lumbago,
Neuralgia, Nervous Treniers r Diztfiness of the Head,
pain in the Chest and Side, General Debility, Deflcien.
cy of Nervous and Physical Ensi•gy,t and all•NEr.v.:
OUS DISORDERS. In cased efbonfinned Dyspepsia,
Which is simply a nervous derangement of the -diges
tive organs, they have been fifund equally successful.
Their extraordinary effects upon the system must be
witnessed to be believed, and as a certain pre:entire
for the preceding complatuti they are equally recom-
Mended. The ltinga arc ofidifferent prices, being
made ofall sizes, and' f various ornamentalpatterns,
and can be wore by the most ;delicate female without
the slightest inconvenience., In fact, the senaation
is rather agreeable than utheiwise.:
The Galvanic Celts . , illracelets t funds,
Garters, Necklaces, &c.
In some eases of a very so sere character, and-lof
long standing, the power Salpplia by the G.-Overlie
Rings is notaufficient to arrest the progress of dßeise
and ultimately restore health. The improved modi
fication in the Galvanic Belts! Bracelets 1 , :c.; entire
ly remedies this objection; any degree of power that
is required can readily be obtained; and no complaint
which the myStcrious agent of Galvanism can effect
will frig to be permanently relieved: These articles
are adapted to_ thawaists, antis, arrista,limhs, asides,
or any part of the body, with. perfect convenience.
The Galvanic Necklaces are used with greater bone
fit incases of Bronelittaa or affections of the direiat,
also iu cases of Nervous cia.ll
with almost uniform success as a preventive for Apo
plexy, Epileptic Fits, and similar complaints.. ~ •
Christie's Magnetic Fluid
is used in connection with' he Galvanic Rings and
all their modifications. This composition has been
pronounced by the French Chemists to ne one of the
most extraordinary discoverlek of modern science. It
is believed to possess the remarkable power of ren,
dering the nerves sensitive tolgalvanic action by OM
means causing a concentration of the influence, at the
Seat of disease, thus giving rapid and permanent re
lief. No other composition in chemistry is known to
produce too same effect, or to impart a similar pre
perty to the nervous sj stem, hy means iffan outward
local 'application. The Magnetic Fluid contains notb-
Mg capable of the ,lightest injury; its application :is
agreeable, and it is as harmless in its action as it is
beneficial in its results;-,"Full explanations and direc
tions accompany . it. The combined inventions are in
every way perfectly harmless; they are sold at prices
within the reach of all and the discoverer only re
quests n fair trial as a test of their surprising efficacy
and permanent benefit. 1
. .
'Christie's Go/vault+ Strengthening pins.
These articles form another valuable application
of the mysterious influence ofGalvanism. They are
an important adjunct to the genuine Galvanic Rings
and their modifications, acting upon the same princi
ple, but having the advantage of more local applica
tion. They are confidently recommended as a vale.'
able addition in the speedy.cuto ofßheumatisni,actite
or chronic; in all nervous complainta, and as a Ton
: tive remedy in cases of Pain and Bleakness in the
Chest or Bark, Pain in the Side, in Asmalie Affectioni,.
l ' and in Weaknesstf Oppression of, the Pulmonary Or
gans. In Spinal Complaints ',their effects are of the
, most decided character, and - tifey have often been
used with complete success. ;
: They 'are also of the
greatest advantage in' pains and Weakness of the
Brept,and are highly recommended for many of those
complaints to which femilcsiiro especially liable. As'
an effectual means for strengthening the system when
debilitated with disease or other causes;' as a certain',
aid in Constitutional Weakness, .as a Preventive of]
Colds, and in all a ff ections of the Chest, generally,
the Galvanic Strengthening Plaster will be foudll'of
great and permanent advantage. In a few words; it
embraces all the virtues of tha best tonic preparation,
with theimportant addition of the galvanic influence,
which is neither impaired nor exhausted, while the
action continues. These articles will be found entire
ly free from thase i, objectionci which are a constant
source of complaint with the ordinary plasters in
common use.
ier The great celebrity and success of these artiv
clew have caused them to be counterfeited. by enprin
cipled persons. To provide against imposition, Dr,
CHRISTIE hai but one authorized agent incach city of
. .
the Union.. -The oely.agent in . Pittsburgh,
• ' - I W. W. WILSON.'
. .
Of the highest and most' respectable .character, are
constantly. received, regarding the extraordinary
value and success ofthe above articles. It is believ
ed that in the' city of New York alone, upwards of,
less than a palm, have been entirely relieved of the
most painfachronic disordeni; some of which have
completely baffled all former clforts of medical art.
indeed many of the firatrphysicians of this city, whia.
disapProve of the Galvanic and Magnetic Machine,
constantly recommend this application in their pun
nets, and with the exceptionief those who are too
prejudiced to 'give it. a trial; the invention - has_ 0-
ceised unanimous favor .with the most iutellig t
among the Anterlean.Faculty.! Dr. Christie is at - u
times ready and most-happy to give eiery,facility . tk
phyaicians, and all interested; for testing the troth of
his assertions and the efficacy of his discovery. .
Only agency in , pittatfurgh coiner of 4th and
Market "street • . . i- __,.7..., • octl4-diy
• _'Fresh , • •
HE subscriber will 'receive fresh Oysters daily
front 'Balihnore, which be 'will serve n p all
the different stvleo, at the Franklin Hotel, Foarth
between Smitinield and Giant.l . ' •
1132Q.NS I ItI.BBONR !--Rpceivgd at Batio , ;va:,li
Taller's, 75 .64.. yes.* handsome. (uew style)
bonnet ribbons at 12f yints atreeti
0.• - • , Oar,
C. S. Poarta
, .
IUOLACESM Wholesale and retail stores ; warehous,
_IL es, or, groOehes, hotels and on farms r and with
mentifacturers and mechanics—for a number of sales.;
men,bOok-keepers, agents, warehouse men and boyt,
arid for .farmerS, laborers, bottlers, mechanics, &c.
&c. Wanted soon, "ti. number of cooks, house 'beep
eel, girls for, all viork; nurses for the sick, and for
children. Wanted to borrow on the best security,
several sums. of money. Wanted—Places for:a
number bicolored Men, women, boys•an4:girls:
All kinds oil Agenelei attended to promptly, and
charges modomte,ou application nt
octl2-.3t' .. Intelligence Office, No 12 St Clair st..
:161 , 11.A.NR. MILLER'S Water Proof Blacking;
forsale by
octl3. . 'HAYS &BROCKWAY_
lr't R. CULLEN'S Indian Vegetable Panacea;
If for sale by • ,
octl3 -,IIAYS &;_,BROCiVirAY
DR. Cullen?&lndian Vegetable Remedy, on hand
and for sale by . .
oetl3 . tr. BROdItWAY..
RIJSSEL'S Anrivalled sharing Cream,- warranted
genuine; for sale by •
oetl3 . - RAYS & BIttICKWAY.
SAL SODA; 1 any 4a.arqity for sale by
octl3 . 1 : HAYS &BROCKWAY
LAMP BLACK--2 casks, assorted, for sale by
eIHLO.IIIDX, of Lilllo, in store and for sale by
iost nrid o.oundi
, .
RE subscriber will receive all kinds of found
property and restore it to the right owner when
called upon and described—and divide the Reward
with the finder if required..fitr 2 sets of found Kegs
can had by the owner calling for them at -
• ISAAC BARRIS , Agency and
oCtl3-3t Tntelligence Office, No. 12fit Clair st.
":( i 'o the Honorable the Judges of the Court of Gen.
erat .Quarter-Ses ',Tarns of the Peace„ in and for the
County of Allegheny, • •
The petitiolkof John Savage, of the First Ward
city of Pittsbdrgh, in the county aforesaid; humbly
shewetla, that iyour petitiOner has provided himself
with materials for the accommodation of travelers
and others, ak his dwelling house, in the - county
aforesaid, and ;prays that your Honors will be plea.
sed to grant him a license-to keep a public house
of entertainment. Ana your petitioner, as in-du
ty bound, will pray. JOHN SAVAGE.
We, the subscribers, citizens of the Ist Ward, do
certify that the
_above petitioner is of good repute
for honesty and temperance, and is well provided
with house room and conveniences for the accom-
Modation of travelers and others, and that said
tavern is necessary. •
Henry Smith ' Arthur Toner
J. Kelly, , • Wm. R. Taylor,
William Thinn, W. R. Gormly,
- John Lawton, . . Tames Stevenson, .
J. Poland, I John Ogden,
W. Wheeler, Arthur Nicholson.
octl3-.3n1. ' _ I
611(VES,' 81-10 ES, SrlOrls! .
. . . AND'
Clierrperrthan *Ecirr, at" -- " --
. . .
j.. . voLLAwsBEE: &. HAYWARD'S, new .q
_Boot Shoe and _Trunk Store, No. 186 Lib. I
erty street, nearly opposito the head of
Wood street.'
F. it. H. would respectfully announce that they have
in store and are receiving their FALL AND WIN;
consisting of upwanls office hundred packages ofall
kindi and qualities for Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses,
!youths and cbildrens' wear. ' These 'goods
hase been manufactured to our order, and expressly :
for the Pittsbuigh market—all of Which we are deter
mined to SELL VERY. LOW, as from our facilities
in purchasing goods we.tire enabled so to do. - .. ..
We would solicit, an examination of our stock by
all in want orgoods in our line! either at wholesale or
retail, as we feel confident we shall be enabled to .
please; both in regard to quality and prices.-
The most of our goods are from manufacturing, es
tabliSlint cuts With which we are connected. We .shall
continue to reeeive weekly from those houses, fresh
and ri,:lsirable goods, made expressly for our sales
' - ! FOEL .-
oetl2 'i— ' . No. ISG Liberty street.
BLorocfo Leatlier, and-Bananas.
received, a large stock of Aforocco, Bindings
0 and Linings, and Lace Leather, for sale by ,L
WALTER BRYANT, No. 153 Liberty st.
L e tit e r
. • . . .
4) API Sides of N. Y. and} Baltimore tanned sole
tether, in store end for sale by
oc t 1 2-1 mAZiw
i Tarineen 011. '
1.1 ) 13b1s.i best brown oir, just received and for
,40 sale by , - . W. BRYANT, .. -.
183 Libertyst --
_ ludo.
SpanishsndMissouri Miles in Eitorii and
I eARJ for Bale by W. BRYANT,
oetl:2-Imd , 'w ; 183 Liberty et.
900 Shoe skins,lEtarlcTanne4,l 3 .r a 7le 14:
octl2-Im4Siiv . ! 183 Liberty et, -
17EATHEILSS-1000 lbs.,•Prime, live geese, on
consigonient.. For ale by
Li, 11, WILLIAMS,, Er Co. -
oetfi! No. 110 Wood street,
B A s .y.i n tmLs . 100 . 7 9p r ei:i0L I cAl b ilasses panels on con
octl2 I - J. D. WILLIAMS & Co. .
Av nay, LEAD, 100 kegs pure- '
I . V _ -50 do No. 1.. For Sale by
oetl2 j. D. WILLIAMS Et,Co,
"DID COFFpE-200 Bags, very prime;
for'salOay J r D. WILLIAMS & Co"
octi .2 I Ainerican copy.) No. 110 Woodst
SUGAR, 6 barrels clari6ed N. O. Sugar;
0& 66 crashed and eoivdered, do.
10 i‘ assOrted Loaf, do.
I case, D. It, Loaf, do. For sale by
octl2 .1. D. WILLIAMS 84 Co.
Large ASSortment of Splendid Nancy and
raelilonabie Fall
AT 111'RESNA'S'Atietion ROOMS, No. 114; Wood
St, 3d door from „Fifth, the Agent of an exten,
sive French IMporting House, ha . s just arrived from
New York, and will this day commence opening a',
large and spleildid lot of fine French ;Millinery.. of
the latest fashien and direct from Paris, which he will
sell at extraordinary low' prices, The ladies arc par
ticularly invited. to call and examine; It is perhaps
the largest tulik•bst stock ever offered in this city;
comprising in 'part;
Thread: and; Lisle L;Mes and Vldging, Cape, Netts,
Bonnet, Cap slid Missest Hat Ribbon, Mourning and
Dress Caps; Cap fronts, Flowers, Feathers, Quilling,
Head. Ornaments, 4-c, a
Oct. 12. 1 P., Atiert..
IJames Caoanagb,
j.,VAS JUST.received fiom.New. York, a large ad
dition:tO his stock of goods; such as double
barrel. Guns; Revolvers with six barrels ; single barrel
Pistols;,table .and pocket Cutlery; Ralars, Scissors,
&c.; ;Gold and Silver. Pencils; Diamond
Pointed Gold ;Pens;. GOld Bracelets; Breast Pins;
"Rings; Shirt Studs and Crossesf Bead Bags; Silk and .
Velvet Putsea;l Steel Bends; Accoideons 8, 10 and
i 2 plain semitone inlaid; Musical Boxes; T.cYys and
Fancy Goods of every description. ,
No. 61, Market st., Sinipsoya Row, between-Third
and Fourth sta. .• octB
, •
SEVEN Hundred . add ;Fifty, Barrels for Sale. W.
&.M.:.MIPCIiELTREE, are now selling their
Itectified'WhitiheY, - which they will engage to be of
very superior 1 5uality, at - 18 cfs. CASH,. or 2.0 ets.
approved Credtt. -
Pittabergh, 160 Liberty, oppesite 6th St
10th., Octolsr 1846.
A LColloL+Full strength, at lowest market_pri
ces. For ' - '
ciettO :1 W. & M. 11IITCHELTREE.
VIOLARSES-200' Bbls: prime quality, in Pitts
burgh barrels. ' For sale by
octlo-414t W. & M; BIITCHELTREE.
13 UTTER.—A few kegs of good quality, well put
up, for sa l e by MARTIN Sr . SMITH,
Oct 8 5 6 Wood street.
OP ElOl bbla. winter strained Sperm Oil,
0 bleached, teldcre•and for cale by •
oCt 8 - 11.413.110:Sa'S1.11:111, 55 WoOd BC
ANNER'S bbls; Tanners' Oil, a very
superior' article,. in•store and for sale by
oct S MARTIN6 . ..SMITH, 56 Wood st.
Ids. No. 3 Mkckerel (very:fine)
N 0.2 -do.
tar bids. No. 2.
.N 0.2.
forsale by . '
& SMITFI, 56 Wood pt
' 10,
40- A - 3'
Reced...ed auc
c orptE
00 .best Rio Coffee, --
110 Old do. -
title by: - • .
• TIN f 4 'SMITE! 56 Wood grog.
:oct9, • "
'. ° ! ', ,
- • Sewickley; Pa. ,
E KEVIN, A . Principrd.
HE WINTER SESSION will Commence on Mon
day, Nov: 2d, 1840.
Books and: Stationary furnished, when requested,
at Pittsburgh book store prices.
Ts,nais--13naiding, Tuition in English branches,
Fuel; Lit_illts, &c., - per session of five months, s6f
one half pa) able 10 advance. Instruction in French,
810 par P.3( , :' , .3inri: Drawing and Paintini!, $10; Music,
n 0..) $l5.
$5 extra will be charged for this 'Winter when - fire
is required in sleeping roorn.
For- further particulars-see circulars at - Mews:4.
Irwin & Son'e, No. 11 Water sr., or at T.:
C 0.% No. 126,Liberty st. . octo-42w.
A Classical and Coiumercial Boarding_Schoot-for —
Boys on the Roiet, fourteen Miles from
Rev. Joseph S. Trovelll, A. it, PxLiscipal.
M, HE; WINTER SESSION- will commence ,
MondayiNovember 2d, 1848:
TEnms—Boarding, Titition, Washing; Fail, Lights,
&c. per session of five months,
hie - in advance; the balance at the close of the see.
Books and Stationary farnished, when'rettneste4
at the expense of the pupil. 'ALL fLOTIIING TO.
BE DISTINCTLY MARKpp. _Pupil!) ftirnish.their
own towels: It is very desirable that all should be
present on the first day of the sesaion.
REFER TO Dr. Jos.l'.Ga24atu,llon.ChArles Sheer,
Gen. J. K. Moorhead:
iltr For further particulareenquire of tho Pr gCi.
pal, at the Academy, or of ..Messrs. John Irma %g
Son, No. 11, Water street, Pittsburgh. 0r.t.94.0mt.
. ,
ONQIIEST OF PERU-and more now Booke,.
Cat Cook's, S 5, 4th street..
The Conquest of Pe r n liT- 4 1 16,'' S,Paajanias by Dote
Telesforo De Tueba Y. Coale, complete in one vol.,
cheap edition. _
Scenes in theßocky - Mountains; Oregon, Califor
nia, New Mexico, Texas . and Grand Prairies, or
Notes by the way during an excursion of three yearn s ,-
with a description' of the countries passed through,.
by a New Englander; cheap edition.
Heidelberg, a romance; by G. P. U.-James, a new
novel-by this popular author.
Martin the Foundling ; by Eugene Sue, No. 4.
Two Lives, or to Seem and to bo, by Meria.l, Mc.
Intosh, author of Praise and' Principle, &c. • .
Lancton Parsonage, a tale by the author of Asap_
Herbert, Gertrude; &c.• - - -
Shakspeare Illustrated; No. 114:
The. lora, a monthly publication.
Fremont's Ezploring Expedition, new 'supply..
Waverly Novels cheap form: -
The Poets Uniform Edition ;contnihing Burns;
Dante, Tasso;Cowper, 'Britton, ' Scett,,lletnans,„ &c.
Graham's Colonial History of the U. States; 2 vole..
- British Essayests, uniform - edition. -
Also, a great variety of Juvenile works,
.iust re,
ceived and for sale at Cros4 Literary- Depot,
4th street. -- - ' ; ; eel&
NOTHER supply of those-beautifulltAis a x
Anow ready at .. - ': .. PAUI,SON , S,
octil.Gt - - . - No. 73 Wotl street.
CHAMPAGNE WI - lilt—Of poittlar, biarals
now in use, will be constantly,kept on haucl
for sale low by the baiket or single [attle, at tho
wine store of STEHETT,& C 0.,:
oet9 - • : Market st., corner of Front. •
TADET.RA. Avn.'E.-s or: casks Sicily Maaeirt
t Ili Wine, in store and for sale by
cor. Market and Front sts. .
Six Building Lots in the City of Alio.
1 - ,-iteny at Atactiou.
AT 7 o'clock P. M., on Thursday the Ih - th
at the Commercial Auction Rooms, Corner of
Wood and Fifth streets, will be told six- valuable
building lots of ground•, situate in theYourth Ward
of the city, o:Allegheny, near the Second Presbyte.
rian Church. Three o which have each a - front 'of
23 feet 4 inches on Washington street and extend
back 70 Ibet. - ' -
The other three Lots and of the same size and front
on Liberty street.
Terms—l Cash and the residue payrilgein three
equal annual payments with intereut, telte seemed
by bond and, Mortgage. JORN
oct7 - (American, copy.) 'Auctioneer;
Fine Gold and Silver Wale:hes.
rr z.,., t
_ THOSE who wish to parchaseGold er . 2i.J.
'z':" . • . vex IVatches, or Jewelry, will Sod it to thete_
f. advantage to call on- the subscriber, who is , <
selling all descriptions of fine gold and silver watchea
and jewelry, on as good forms na maybe had, in the
eastern- cities.: ,
Fine Gold and silver English-Patent Lever IVatche
„ ..
.‘c L'Epine Watches.
Ladies' and Gentlemen's Fine Gold Guard Chains,
fl ft =tf . tt -ft Breast pimp;
" Bracelets, Gold-Bencils,find Finger Binge;
Silverware, Military Goods, Lamps - and a large va
riety of Fancy Goods.. - , -
VrWataltes, Clocks and Jewelry repaired la the
best manner, and warranted at the lowest prices.
' W. - W. WILSON,
corner Fourth and Market sts.
IS3 LibOty st
1 00 f% .1..8S coarse bagging in large pieces, for-.
which I will pay 11 cents per pound; de
livered at my store 81 Wood otreet, or at myragroom.
in Virgin Alley, betwnen Wood and Smithfield. --
sepfil IT. IItLLOR, Sl' 'Wood street.
lIE.SKIN.AND : COMPLEXION, at this (and„,
j. indeed, every other) season, is often repulsive
in appearanee, caused, in eight-cases out of. ten,.by
the atmosphere; and what .persons suppose diseasa
of the blood, is
.simply diSease
.of the skin.
some of the thousands take purgative medicine,
pills, and useless SarSaparilla, were to use on their
skin- a sCilening and clearing - balni, that opens the-
pores, whitens the skin, and causes a healthy perspi
ration, that, be the skin never so disfigured, unheal
thy, or diseased with pimples or Deckles, 'sunburn,
tan and morphew,. the true and genuine JONES'S
ITALIAN CHEMICAL' SOAP never fails to cure
and dispel them, and tot make the and
lovely. It acts so mildly and soothingly on the.
skin, that physicians use it on ladies and infants, is
old cases of scurvy s crysipel as, salt rheum, sore head,
ringworm, and it (mind, the genuine Jones' soap).
has often effected a cure when every other -remedy
failed. Iris indeed a blessed remedy:
Sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Warehouse,
89 Liberty:street, head of Woo - d
-at the same placeis sold the:Moorish Hair Dye, Coral Hair -Rectors,
tive, c_nd Spanish Lily-White:,
PPNCIPAL OrrieL--Sign of the American Eaglei
Chatham street, New York
9 - IHE poisonous effect on the skin of common pre
pared chalk is not generally known by ladies;
how yellow rough and unhealthy it makes the skin in
lime; besides.-what corpso like, palid look it - gives
when applied. They should use a beautiful preps,
ation, pbrely vegetable, which givestho.faceaztag or
neck, a natural. life-like whitenesa, und Mates it
smooth. It is called:Jones' .Spaidsh Lilly White";
and is sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Ware",
house, 69 Liberty.street, hcadef Wood; at the:saute
place is sold Janes' Coral 'Hair Resiorative, 1t.114g -
Chernical Soap and unrivalled shaving soap.
y 24-11. , -
_ .
A GENTS for.,the Old Black ..13.01 Idne of T...iver,
pool and New 'York Packets. . • --
Remittances made as -usual to Epgland,, irelaid;
icotlancl and Walce in sums 'pf ono pound sterlipg,
and upwaids-,:paiPtlp inpntown , of importance
in Great Britain and - Relanti: - • _ • -
Persons wishing to send for their friends can have
:hem bronght out bY the above splendid him, on the,
Vith and r6th .of -any month. - -• jyr
BODY —lt is an astouiShing fact; that a.yeig.
large class of diseases can only be curpi by such
I remedies as will enter into the BtoOn,-- and circti
late with it, through every portion of the body, for
only by this Means can the rerneay. be brought
into immediate contact with the disease; and to at
tain this desirable:end; no preparation has been so
uniformly successful pß.JA:riyr.s ALTER
TIVE. Sorofula, Kings' Evil, Cancer and Cancer
ous Tumours, White Swellings,' Enlargement of the
Bortes,Chronic Rheumatism and Gold, krupiividis of the Skin, old and indolent Ulcers, Goite7us
Swellings of the Throat &c., are cured with a certain
ty, that has astonished etery beholder. It is, be
sides, one of the most pleasant articles that can be
taken into the stomach, operating as a tonic, and
reinoVing Dyspeptic and Nervous . affections, and
imparting aglow of aelimation and health, une
qualled by anything in the Whole Materia Medica.
For sale at• No. 8 South Third st.—Pricer ST per
bottle,nr $lO per dozen. -
For sale in Pittsburgh at thePEKIN TEA STORE,
on Fourth street, near Wood, and at the Drug Store
of H. -P Schwartz, Federal street, Allegheny City.
CLIT RECEIVED—Ix:xi-Las Extom BRoosi, Asia
Minor, by Mre.- E. - C. - A: Schnnidei, with, nn
essay on thn prospects of the Heathen and our duty .
to them
' by Roe. B. Schneider; and an introductio:
by v.E. Heiner, A. 4. Published by Rev. Santlst
Gutelins'yChatnbersburgh, 1846. For sale by
jell- SCRIBA- f SCRUBBER ; •1151Vori
• '
Genera and Freneh
W anted, for Cash:
Blakely and Mitchell, -
Of flees on Pcnn and Smithfield sts
•Rc* 33-0611.1.