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    VOL. 7,2.
• - L. ItARPEE.,
N. W. corner of Wood and Fifth Sts
'l 4 r..nsia.-4ive della:is a year, payable in adVance,
Six dollars will invariably be- required if not paid
within the year. ' .
Single copies",-mo carets—'-for sale at the counter
of the Office, and by Islews Boys.
Is published at the same office, on a double medium
sheet; at TWO DOLLARS a year, inniOance; sin
gle-copies, stx cracrs. /
./ •
• ' Terms of Advertising,
One insertion,- . so`so Ono month, . $5 00
"'Two do, ' 0 . 75 .Tw0; do, '. ' • 600
Three do, oo•Threntdo, - - 700
On k e week, 1 50 Four / do, . 8 00
Two do, • . 3 00 _Six/ do, .1 0 :00
Threello,' . • 400 diagyear, 15 00
Yearly Advertisements,
_ ~
On .
Oise Square.
Six' mouth, $l5 00
One iears 20 00
Larger; atlvertiseutents i
Ciars of four liueo
in proportion.
P. C.'Shannon.
A TTORNEY AT LAW, Greensburg, Weatrnore
,t-x_ land county, Pa.; still practice in the West
snoteliuid; Indiana and ,Cambria -courts. decB-y
A TTORNEY LAW and Solicitor in Chancery:
Office in Pares new building, Fifth street, be
tween Wood and Smithfield. • augl 1
Iltettmaw'& 1111 S-nigh,
A TTORNEYS AT LAW, Office removed to the
% residence of FL S. Magraw, on Fourth - st., one
ioor from Cherry Alley. ap2l-Y
,- Pittsburgh, Pa. Office on Fourth at., between
Smithfield .and Grant. marl4-y
E4mund Suoviden,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, office in the building on
the North East wiper of Fourth and Smithfield
streets. . . novll-y
Flamilttin & Urnee,
ATTORNEYS AT . LAW, office North side o.
~ Fifth street, between Wood and gmithfield sts.,
Pittsburgh, Pa. Collections made on reasonable
-elms. dec4-y
R.ld - orrow,
A LDERMAN, office north side of Fifth street
ZIL between Wood and Smithfield, Pittsburgh.
Audrew. Burke,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, office, Smithfield street
between Fourth street and Diamond Alley, op
postte Air. Geo. Weyman's tobacco manufactory.
James Callum,
TTORNEY AT LAW, office in the chambers
occopied try ..ilderman INV.Masters, on Fifth at.,
seen Woad - and Smithfield. aplSl
ICUCandliiss &
office on Fourth Street,• opposite R. & R. 11,
` & rson , s Livery Stable, Pittsburgh. seplol
Porstard Sivartswelder,
T iiiNEYS AT. LAW, Fourth street between
W.. d and Smithfield, opposite Patterson's liv
ery stable, • ap7-y
George_F. GUlmore,
A TTORNEY AT LAW, office in Breed's build
ins, 4th at., aboile Wood, Pittsburgh, Pa..
sep2-dly . .
• C. Orla4do Loomis,
A TTORNEY 4T LAW, office Fourth st., nhove
ZIL, Smithfield.
A BEELEN has removed his commissiowand for
warding business from the Canal Basin to his
new .warehouse on Third street, nearly opposite the
Post Office. may3o-y
POOLaid Cowan,' •
TTORNF.Y AT LAW,. office in Stuart's build
lags, Fourth st., above Wood. junel9-divy
JRlin W. Durrell,
A TTPRNEY AT LAW, having returned from
his European tour. has taken an office on the
north east corner of Fourth and.Smith.field sts. Per
sons having had business and papers in the hands o
-Samuel Kingston, Esq., deceased, will call on the
above, as all the unsettled business of Mr. Kingston
has been left in his hands.. - mars-y
Charles M. Hays,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Pittsburgh, Pa. Com
missianer to take the proof and acknowledge
ment of deeds, leases, contracts, deposites or other
writings; to be recorded or used in the States of
Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Offico No. SO,.
Stuart's buildings, Fourth street. • marld.y
. .
Pittsburgh, Pa.,.having resigned the office o
:ecretary *P. Nay. and Fire Ins. CO., will attend spe
cially to collections and business connected with
navigation, insurance, accounts and real estate. Bu
sinesshours, 9 A. M. to 9 P. M. Office, No. I,
Stuart's buildings, (No. 80, Fourth st.,) second door
east of Wood straet. fob3-y
Itdwin C. Wilson,
,Franklin, Venange county, Penna., will attend
promptly to all -business entrusted tct,his care—col
i nations, made in Warren, Clarion and /efforts:in co.'s.
.J. A. Stockton & Co. -
Murphy, Wilson & Co. ' Pittsburgh.
John Bigler, . •
Hon. JamarKinneir,
1 Franklin.
Hon. Alex. APCalniont,
Hon. James WilsoMrSteubenvi le, Ohio. juy.2.31
John A. 1 5 orlanson,
AounLDERMAN, Fifth . Ward, Penn street, between
Walnut and - CrNara streets, where he may be
dat all times. Those having houses or ether
property to.sell•or rent;can have the same punctu
ally attended to; debts collected, and all the duties
of an Alderman will receive prompt attention.
N. Holmes & Son,
ANKERS and dealers in Foreign and Domestic
ADP Bills of Exchange; certificates of deposit, bank
notes and specie. Drafts and notes collected, and
remittances made to any part of the United States,
No. 55 Market street. jan7-y
Johnato.Fi Stockton,
KEEtS, No. 114 Market street. sop 10-y
Scribes d Scheibler,
LI No. 115 Wood 'street, three doors below Filth,
Pittsburgh Pa jan7,-y
James Pa4tersors,
fIORNER of First and! Ferry streets, Pittsburgh,
V,t Pa.; manufacturer of locks, hinges and bolts,
tobacco, fuller, mill and timber screws, housen
s crews for rolling mills, &c. seplel
Van. A. W ard,
ri k ' NriEnr, has removed to the place of his for-
JI, j mer residence in Pone street, two doors below
Irwin. - • aplB-y
E. Constable,
TIRALER in Fancy and Staple Dry Goods, 83
Mtaket.etreet, Pittsburgh. novlo-y
Edgar Thorns
WUG and Family Medicine Store, corner -ol
Penn and Hand streets, Pittsburgh, Pa., Phy
sycianss prescription's accurately compounded. Medi
cines can be had at all hours of the day or night. •
• , Brownsville Juniata, Iron Works. ,
MIDWARD -HUGHES 'manufacturer of Iron and
_Ed nails, warehouse, Smithfield above Fourth et.
DVAnulty .Ic. Co.,
Canal Basin, Pittsburgh, Pa: mar3dy
. - Martin. Lytle, "
VANTILY GROCER, Smithfield street, pext. door
to the Filth Presbyterian Church. juneff
"-• r 1-`-+ ",--4
. , .
''. ' ' ••••- '- - -'-• -- • ---- •• • • --- _.'.--„•-•„,• :-'-:: •- -, - --- -•• , - ''••- "'• -;-•-•• •• • ••-•:„,.-,-.: -•.:.••• \,:.•'_ i 4;-..„• -; ', :: ..,!. -,-•-•„, . • ..,._--.-,.' -.--..•••... <. . '.. A io
*••,•-- .':`:::...,-.-:' - ; • ', - ;'.-- 4 /r• =.n . ~. . <_: ,-.- •_<
_.,2. - - - i,?: .'. 7 .1-1-,4 ••••P'';'&4,?,p --- - -•l- • ' - ' -•-. :-- -"/ ...)", _,,,", , - ••• ::_ • . ,'--• •- .. • '.. ' :-"-- :, '-- < - -1"-- -:••_•-!"••- ' ' ' - • - • • rl apri• : ', . ' -'," ''-:`; -'"- ' 4 - :,i." ' ••••
- . 0 . .1.
....: • ..... • • .r. ~_•..
..., , ,
,f , s:„. 0.. .., . , ~: , , _
~:.,. 6, ,, ,
,; . ~\•,•; ,:-:. •. • •.-•
~.: -
~..', 00 /1 - it, 1'4 4:
~ • _ 2 •- :: „ n om
Tf • -•: - '.
..,,k. • 1 0 -• .; . —_: - :-: . •
- , - -7 • .'• -
--- ..i - i • I •- . I el : -. . • 41 . .: -. 7••' - . - - • luill •••.0*•--- . ' • 0 • • 1 $ • .- - ijii. j, :,•- : • • / 0 9 f.
-. 1 ' - • - 1 -:- • • 0 ' --• •0P ''. /1' . • '-•.' •• ' la"
• '-:'
'. 4 ' —..
' 0 .':'
' 'I/
:' 1 '
' 0 .
/,, __.•. - ....:, . -"..0 .r• y ---' .- -.. . • I ''/
. - 3'.
. -'-''..
' . :.
j : '
0 ' .
g g ''' ' ' --: i .-. 4 -- : 4 , , ,
,/ : N :- • 0 -.• •, ,•• 4 ---
~ _.. i. . 1 4 0 1, - j, *4 ,. , i '. --: -;•••. -,,
.. ...•
. , 70/i r' . #.• - e x .', , -. - - ,fr -•- , "• - ' -,: - _. ,-•- ' , - •••, , ,i -,-,-,- -- -. •• ;-. _ • - • ••• - -
„- 4 , : ,
.._ ~ • _ tii , .0, , ~ ~ ..4 ~ • e - .0 e •s; e i :•.' \e' -. , -• • -—:t d 4' 7 :.- - ••• , - • , a4 .• --, ~- /.
^ r • - -11 - - .1,. . 0
a •:_e• - - - .i - - ';
t- ( - I f; . . f-- • - --- -
~.........vp.i _ ......• ...„.....0 , -gg , F„?.. ... .0.... 4-... \
.. ",..--• ..' .-_- ..- -,..-_. ..„ ~-.. ~.. , • , _•._.. ..
.. . ~....,,..
... ... - ... . . •• -. „_..... . -
. ... .
.. ... .„. . . .. . .. . . . .
.- - -,. . - •,. . . . ,: ._..: _. . . .
.. . . ~... ......... . ..
.... . _.. . ..
. ..
.... . ....
. ;' . Li- ~.., ,/... •
/ George Cochran,
No. 26 Wood et., Pittsburgh. uov27-y
. .
New Book Store. - ' . '
Arr S. BOSWORTH tic Co., No. 43 Market street,
11l . next door to-Third street, are. just opening a
new and extensive assortmentof, Books and Station
ery, which they will sell, wholesale and refit", at the
lowest. prices. : - ' -- . ap2s-y
IMPORTERS and manufacturers of Wall Paper .
and General Paper Warehouse;. No: 87 Weed
re et,.Pittsburgh. je2o
Wm. OlHara
LATE .S: Attorney, hasremoved his office . to
No. 8 St. Clair st. sept4l
T UMBER MERCHANT, ofrice' . on Penn 'street,
ju between Irwin and Hand sts., Pittsburgh, Pa.
All commissions will be promptly attended to. mar4-y
School. 'look and Paper Warehouse.
T UKE LOOMIS; Agent, publisher, bookseller and
-Li bookbinder, No. 89, Wood street, Pittsburgh. •
tnar2B-y -
Two Squares.
Six months, $2O 00
One year, 30 00
Pi!Winton , * Unrivalled •Blacning,,
A I rANUFACTUR r ED and sold:wholesale and re.
tail; Smithfield at, between Sixth and Virgin
alley. oct2t.y
TAINITJFACTURER of Lard , Oil and dealer in
In Star Candles, Vl* street, near Market, S. AV.
side. mar24'Y
Coleman, Hallman & Co,
TANUFACTURERS of Ctuviage Springs and
In. Axles, 4.1.. 11., and spring steel, and dealers in
coach . trimmings of every description, manufactory
on St. Clair street, warehouse, Al Wood street, op_
posits St. Charles Hotel. , jan23-y
ULVANY LEDLIE manufacture and keep
constantly . on hand cat, moulded and plain,
Flint Glasswitre in all its varieties, at their warehouse
corner of Market and Water streets; Pittsburgh.—
Our works continue in full operation, and we are
constantly adding to our stock, whiCh enables us to'
fill orders with promptness. Purchasers are respect
fully solicited to call and examine prices and terms.
Bi Smithfield street, two doors below Fifth street
Pittsburgh, Pa. Always on hand a full assortment of
Plate and Pivot teeth, of a variety of shades, as
simple Plate, Molars and Biscuspidatoes, Gum teeth,
Sciew Pivot teeth, tr.c. Teeth and blocks made to
order; Dentists supplied with all articles in the pro
fession. All orders from abroad must be accompan
ied by the cash.
141 - Platina always on hand. , novls-y
Dr. Daniel 31 9 .111ea1.111 --
OFFICE on Smithfield, three doors from Sixth at.,
Pittsburgh. declo-y
nFFICti, No. 77 Smithfield street, near Sixth et.,
Pittsbuigh. aug2l-y
F. Blume,
TjiA.llo FORTE manufacturer 'and dealer in !du
i Meal Instiuments, No. 112 Wood street, near
Fifth., novl9-y
,DAINTER, Fifth, near Market st., Military flags,
Banners, signs, designs for 'steamboat Wheel
houses, and • fancy painting of overt description neat
ly eiecnted at the shortest noticed jy27-d6m
I'ILUMBER, and manufacturer of Pumps and 13x
' drants, which are superior to and cheaper than
any in the city. Please to call and examine lbryour
selves. Fourth street, between Smithfield and Cher
ry Alley. Hydrants and pumps repaired. janl-y
ECTIFYING DISTILLER,,and wholesale deal-
JA I er in Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors,
No. 114 Liberty street, and 53 Diainond Alley, Pitts
burgh, Pa. • jy2l—y
- HD EMOVED•to Penn et., between Irwin and Band
streeLs, five doors below Hand st. apls-y
QURGEON DENTIST, .118 .Liberty street; a few
1,3 doors below St. Cl4ir st., Pittsburgh. ap.2B-y
sale and retail druggists, and ,inanufacturers of
white lead, red lead and litharge, corner of Wood
and Second sts., Pittsburgh, Pa. novl3-y
C!UCCESSOIIS to Irvine & Martin, wholesale gro-
I 0 cers, produce and commission merchants, and
dealers in Pittsburgh manufactured articles, No. 56,
Wood street, Pittsburgh, Pa. ap64
Joltu 319Closkcy,
rpAiLon AND CLOTHIER, Liberty et., between
j Sixth street-and Virgin Alley,soutli side.
seplo-y •
J. D. Williams es, Co.
WHOLESALE and ,retail grocers ' Forwarding
and commission merchants, and dealers in
country produce and Pittsburgh Manufactures. No.
110, Northeast corner of Wood and Fifth streets.
sep. 8.
B. A. Pa4akestock & Co.,
WHOLESALE and retail Druggists, corner Sixth
and Wood streets. sept2-y
STORE, corner of Wood and'Fourth streets,
Pittsburgh apl4l
lITHOLESALE and retail dealers iqoreign and
11 domestic Wines and Liquors, ,
No: 18 Market street. • , apB-p
NirOLESALE and retail Grocer and dealer in
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors,
Foreign and Domestic Fruit, Nuts, &c., N 0.60 Water
street. seps-y
ssionMOC rch E a l n i t S o , 121 1 1.1 r V-9 ; I2DIN n I &
and . Pittsburgh manufactures, Nos. 133 and 135 Wood
street, Pittsburgh, Pa. feb2-y
w Eltir:RlCg R ANDCOMMISSIO NatOoerciaI iowEiber
stzeet, Pittsburgh. al9-y
wLIOLESALE GROCERS, dealers in produco
and Pittsburgh manufactures generally, No.
224 Liberty, opposite 7th street, Pittsburgh, ap2S-y
AV - Ha i l:lL and
Instruments,reta dealerian Fortes ,
e lt s luslc ch a o n o d i
Books and Stationery, No. 122 Wood. street, Pitts
burgh. janl-y
James Park, Jr., dc; Co., t,
WHOLESALE GROCERS, imparters of tin plate,
and queensware, and dealers in copper ancf.
Pittsburgh manufactured articles, Nos. 112 and 114
2nd at: between Wood and Smithfield sts. jal4-nl4-Y.
WM. MOODY respectfully announces to his old
friends that he intends openirig a Select School
in this city, on the first Monday of April next, in-the
basement of the Third Presbyterian Church. inar2l-t
A;VHOLESALE DRUGGIST,.and dealer in dye
stuffs, paints, oils, varnishes, &c., No. 57,
Wood street, Pittsburgh. . 3-octy
Dr. 'Wm..11.1. Wright, • .
DENTIST, Office and residence in
St. Clair et., a lbw doors below Lib
orty, near the Enhance Hotel.
marl 1-y
_ John Cartvrright.
CUTLER and Surgical Instrument Manufacturer,
No. 140 Wood street, two doors from Virgin,sl
- Pittsburgh, Pa. Always on hand an extensive
assortment of Surgical and .Dental instruments,
Bankers', Tailors', Hatters", !fair Dressers' and Tan
ners' PatentShearsißaddlerel Tools Trusses,&o.
L. NVilinisrth,
M. V. F.dey,
Flint Gluts Establishment.
Otto Kuntz,
Dr. George Watt,
James Ittl/le,i4
J. Bryar,
H.D. Sellers, M.D.
Ilugh Arters,;
Ogden d Snowden,
Thomas Mites
Sterott & . Co,
P. C.:Martin,
Lambert & Shipten,
John Seott & Co.*
J.& J. MrDevitt,
John H. Me llor,
Select School.
R. E. Sellers,
FresMii House, Frouxti, street,
Between Smitluield and Grant Streets, Pittssburgh .
CHRISTIAN SCHMERTZ, Proprietor, respect
fully informs his friends and the public general
ly, that he will open the abovesplendid House on
the-lst day.of May neit. •
The House "being new, and finished in she most
commodious and convenient manner; and having it
furnished with the newest and most beutiful style of
fnrniture; flatters himself that he .will be able to as
his friends and the traveilingpublic, in a
not inferior to any similar establishment in
the city. • ' - -
As the House is situated near the Court }lease, ar
rangements have been made to serve up meals at any
hour in the day, this will be. great convenience to
those who am in atteadaaco at court.'
'Refreshments of all kinds can bo had. Boar
ders taken by tbc, week or day. -1 -
r:TLwach every day at 11 o'clock, A. M.
JAMES ARMSTRONG, Proprietor, Corner Of St.
Clair and Penn streets, Pittsburgh, the proprie
tor begs leave to return his most grateful thanks to
his friends and the public forpast favors, and hopes,
by attention, to merit a continuation of their patron
age. The houise is pleasantly situated near thes•Es.-
change; it has accommodations for travelers; ad a
large room for public Meetings, dinneror supper par-
Refreshments always ready, or prepared on the
shortest notice, with the choicest" the llarket will af
ford. Gysteis and .03 , ster Soup, .also Fresh Shell
Oysters, received °veiledly during the season. The
greatestcare has been taken in the selection of wines
and Rquors. A variety of newspapers are regularly
Sled in the establishment,
P- S. A Hot Lunch served up every day at 11, A
ap 18-y.
Canal Boat House:
B Y DOSSETT, Penn street, Pittsburgh, Penna.
Stiaxding- and lodging, by the day or weekion
the most reasonable terms. Strangers will find it to
their advantage to patronize him. Persons travelling
east or west will find this house a convenient loCa
tion—it is within one hundred yards of the canal
basin, and convenient to the forwarding houses: -
Every infcirmation given to Iron Manufacturers in
all branches of the business. ,
Home brewed ale can at all times ,be had - at the
nov 1.0-y
Lafayette Refractory.
IIkTOS. 61 and 63, Wood street, under T...ynd's Auc
tion store. The subscribers hat.° fitted up the
above place in superior style, and thOy feel assured
will give comfort and szttalhetion to all who may
visit them.
Arrangements have been made to have a constant
supply of Fresh Oysters, which will be served
visitors and families on the shortest notice. Other
luxuries, candies, fruit and pastries of the choicest
kinds always on hand. Their Bar is filled with the
best brands the market can afford; and Regalia, Cas
tello, Principe and Havanna Cigars of:superier qual
ity. Every attention paid to visitors Their motto
is, every luxury in its season. Prices moderate.
'-novlo,l OGDEN 'Br. GIBSON.
Burnt District Rotel.
ISAAC. MURDOCK, formerly of the Union , Hotel
On Water street, having been burnt out, has built
a new and handsome house expressly for the accom
modation of travelers, at the corner of Second and
Smithfield streets, which will be known as the Burnt
District-Hotel. •
Reis now prepared to offer every accommodation
and every comfort to the traveler, at very moderate
charges. Pie isprovided with ample and convenient
stabling. dec 12-y
U. F. STF.RETT. ptcon wrAmn
STERETT & Co., wholenaleliiir ;.ei.aft analenr in
Foreign Wines and Liquors, corner of Market
and Front streets, Pittsburgh. Pa.
.11ifereaccs—Wm. Holmes & Co.,llenry F. Schwep
pe, Wm. Eichbaum, IL Weaver.
Their stock has been selected with great care, and
consists of the choisest qualities suitable for this mar
ket, to which they would respectfully call attention
and solicit a share of public patronage. It comprises
the following in casks and bottles:
Whiti—Madcrias, Sherries, Lisbons, Teneriffec,
Ports, Malagas Caltibrias. L 1 Tors—Brandies, Gins,
flums,, and Whiskies. , aug2s
Exchnuce Motel, -
LEN BROWN, Paoeatcroaa—Terms $1.,00 per
day. Then ndersigned, formerly of the Merchants
Hotel, corner of Wood and Third streets, has leased
this superior establishment, and furnished it anew
with new beds, new bedding, and new
furniture - . Great care has been taken to till his cel
lar with the'clniicest viands. A handsome omnibus
and a baggage Wagon are provided for the use of his
guests, and a Porter will be in attendance at all hours
to meet the demands of the traveller. The long ex
perience of the undersigned in this business, assures
him that his vasnest imrpose to satisfy all who call,
cannot be unsuccessful. He feels altogether at lib
erty-to promise his visitors a comfortable and cleanly
abode, liberal entertainment, and a hearty welcome,
at a moderate expense. ALLEN BnowN.
WLLLIAM COLLMAN having, on the first day
January, inst., associated with lam Jas. W.
Hailman and John F. Jennings, under the name and
style of Coleman, Ilailmam St co., will now have in
creased facilities for manufacturing Steel Springs,
hammered axes, American Blister and, Spring Steel,
&c., to which the attention of dealers is respectfully
solicited, and hope by strict attention to business,' to
merit a continuance to the new firm the favors so lib
erally bestowed upon ,him. Factory on St. Clair st.
—warehouse 43 Wood st. opposite the St. Charles
Hotel, where can be found a good assortment of
Springs, Axles, A. D. and Spring Steel; and Coielt
Trimmings of every description, , together with Iron;
Nails and Pittsburgh manufactured articles. Onr•The
highest price paid for scrap iron.' -; jan22
10 - DELL AND BRASS FOUNDER, has rebuilt and
commenced litisiness at his old
.stand, Isto.qo
Second, , between'Market and Ferry streets, where
he will be pleased to see his old , customers and
friends. )
Church, steamboat, and bells of every size,.from
10 to 10,000 pounds, cast from patterns of the most
approved models, and warranted to he of the best
Mineral Water Pumps, Counters, Railing, &c. &c.,
together with every variety of Brass Castings, if re
quired, turned and finished in the neatest manner:
A. F. is the sole agent for Babbitt 's Anti-Attraction
Metal, so justly celebrated for the reduction of fric
tion in machinery. The boxes and composition can
be had of him at all times. novl3-y
Franklin Machine Works
THE subscriber having been removed by the
great fire to Allegheny, is prepared to make
Steam and Fire Engines, Hydraulic and Screw
Presses, for oil, tobacco or any other purpose, and
machinery generally. J. S. GWYNNE,
Franklin Machine Works,
On Rebecca street and Bank lane, West.of Federal
street, Allegheny city.
N. B. Orders left in Pittsburgh with Mr. S.
Cuthbert, in Market street, 2 doors below Third
street, will meet with prompt attention.
New Drug Store. •
JOHN D. MORGAN, Wholesalf and Retail
I_.)N Druggist, No. 93} Wood street, one door South
of Diamond Alley, Pittsburgh.—The subscriber
has just received from the Eastern cities, and is now
opening at the above stand, a full assortment of
articles in his line, consisting of Drugs of all kinds,
Dye Stuffs, Paints and Varnishes, ; Chemicals,
&c., together wih all such articles as are usually
;kept for sale at a wholesale and retaijdrug store.
'His stock is entirely new, and has been selected
with care. He is confident that his articles, both
as to quality and price, will please such as may fa
vor him with a call. ' my9-y.
- ' John M. Townsend,
.ket street, three doors above Third street, Pitts
.burgh, will have constantly on hand a well selected
assortment of the best and freshest Medicines, which
he will sell on the most reasonable terms. Physi
cians sending orders will be proMptlyattended to,
and supplied with articles they may rely, upon as
genuine. - •
Physicians'. preseriptions will' be accurately and
neatly prepared frona.the best materials, at any hour
of the day or night:. r "
Also, for sale, a; large - steek.;of fresh and good
erfumery dec 30d
/3 7 PA011;!,= TITS , !jAY:QCT
Washpigton .11kite4
A. Fulton,
Lard Oil at a Reduced 'Price
MHE subscriber would respectfdlly inform hie
4iends and the ... pdblic in general, that hie new
Factory is now completed, and within large additiaa
to hie machinery, he is prepared to Make considers:.
ble quantities of a superior artiele of Lard Oil,
which he is deterniinell to sell cheap,!, fully apprecia
ting the old proverb, that , fa. nimble =pc..pie is
worth more than a alow shilling." He redo confi
dent that consumes would find it to their,*iintago
to give liirn ti , call and examinefor therriOye.i.
Woolen vrianufactuiers, machinists and others, are
respectfully invited to examine hie superior uil, Fifth
street, near Market, opposite'Honker's Confection
ary store, and
_blessrv. Samuel 'l4l , Clu.rken.lls Co.,
Liberty street.
Pittsbnige,Lard Oil ManuCacturer.
isuperior quality of Star Candles, always on hand,
of assorted, sizes. i mar24-y
orriostientill /lair Weiric
MRS, REINTER,- Wig, Maker,
Allegheny City, six doors from the
..Aoteduct, opposite; the Collector's
Opt, wishes to inform the pub
lic that she has -jtist commenced
the ;Ornamental Heir business,
and has a very superior stock, re
ceived from the Eastern cities and
Pariity and she is prepared to fill
all nrdeft at the shortest notice,
wid - in a' manner that cannot-be
:nailed by any similar manufac
and!intends keeping, a large as
sortment of Ornamental; Hair 'Work, such as Ladies'
Wigs, Bands, Braids, Curls, Necklaces, Guards,
Bracelets, Finger Rings, &c . . Gentlemens , Wigs;
Tanpries, Scratches, &o. .
Mrs. R.- has been for Many years dngaged in the
business in France and the United States, and from
her long and experience, she feels confident in being
able to give satiaractioh to_ all who,;will favor her
with their patronage. Her prices are more liberal
than have been eared in this city heretofore.
mar 17-ly I '
Ja.mealloward& Co
the pleasure to announce to their friends
that they again oncupy their old stand at No.
83, Wood street; where! they have opened an exten
sive WALL PAPER WAREHOUSE,-and will have
eontantly on hand an eitensive assortment of Satin
glazed and plain PAPER HANGINGS, Velvet and
Imitation Bordera of the latest style; and moat hand.
some patterns for papering halls, parlors and cham
They manufacture, and have on hand at all times,
Printing, Writing, Letter, Wrapping and Tea Paper,
Bonnet and Fuller's Boards--all of which they offer
for sale on the most adeommodating terms, and to
which they invite, the attention of merchants and
ALSO—Blank Books of all kinds and the best qual
ity, School Books, Bre., always on hand and for sale
as above. - • aug 25
LandrethYs Warranted Garden Seeds,
bears the label and warranty of DAVID LAN
nittrit. For sale by F. L. SNOWDEN; N 0.29 Water
et., at the stand r formed} , occupied by Geo. A. Berry.
Extract frdfh the 'Report of the Visit/lig : Committee
of the Pennsylviiiiia Horticultural Society, , ottani
mistisly atTepted and ordefed to be printed.
"Then tre grsiunds ire on Federal street,
near the Anietial: • . * • * The earliest collec
tion of Camellias was Made here. Some of those
now in possession of those distinguished nurserymen
are , ten feet high. • * The selection of
GREEN.IIOUSEn.ANTS is s L alunbie and extensive.
"The Nurseries are very. Correctly Managed, sup
plying every part ef. tile Union, a, detail of which
would occupy tou 'much order apace, we therefore
content ourselves with stating that, the stock is very
large, and in every stage or growth,. consisting of
a collection of Iterbacceous plants, fruit trees of the
best kind and most healthy condition; 'large beds. of
seeding apples, pears, puns, &c., as stocks for bud
ding and grafting; a plan very superior to that of
working upon suckers, which carry ;with theminto
the gait all the diseases of the parent stock. •
"GARDEN SEEDS of the finest quality have been
scattered over- the country from these grounds, and
may always be depended upon. The seed establish,
inept of these Horticulturists is one of the most ex
tensive in the Union, and its reputation is well sustain
ed front year to year.
"To obviate the chance of mixture of the farina of
the planti of the same family, they have established
another nursery at a suitable distance, so that degene
ration cannot take place, and which secures to the
purchaser a 'genuine atticle. , KnoWing.thus the
age, quality and process of culture of every plant,
the supply from their grounds is recommended with
great conficlenci."
*** Since the date of the 'Report' from which tilt
above is extracted, the entire establishinent has been
greatly enlarged. The collection of camellias em
braces all the finer kinds, and cousistsbe, some thou
sands of various sixes; so likewise withltoses, and
other-desirable plants, both tender
. and hardy; fruit •
trees, &c
• •
The Seed Gardena alone cover fitly:acres, and the
whole in, an it has been for More than half aimutury,
under the successive management of titther and son,
the most prominent in Anierica. ' '
r Orders received by F. L. SNOWDEN, from
whom catalogues mny be received grads. mar9-y
"-"- A 6ard.
/pin subscriber-begs leave respectfully to return
his grateful acknowlegemcnts for:the liberal pa
tronage bestowed upon him for years past, and Par
ticularly to those who so generously patronized him
since his misfortune by the late fire. Raving consid
erably enlarged his busines by associating with Wm:.
B. Roberts us a partner, he would earnestly solicit a
continuance. of former favors to the new firm of
Roberts & Kane, and he trusts that by:prompt atten
tion to business they will give general satisfaction.
M. KANE, Jr.
The subscribers would respectfully inform their
friends and the public that they have removed to
their new warehouse on Third between Market and
Wood streets, south side, where they trusPby strict
attention to business, to merit a share of public pa:
tronago. They solicit attention to their extensive
stock on hand, which has been got up with great care,
in the latest style and most substantial manner, con
sisting in part of the following articles, viz:
Mahogany Wardrobes :
" 4 Dressing Ilureaus,
" Book Case and Secretaries,
" - Section Back Sofas,
• " Plane do.,
" Divans,
" Ottomans,
" Victoria Chairs,
" French do,
" Plain do,
" Centre Tables,
" Card do,
. Bureaus of every description,
" End Tables,
Marble Top Pier do,
" -Centre de,
"Sofa do,
"Dressing Bureaus,
" Wash Stands,
Mahogany Work Stands,
" Hat Racks,
"t Rocking Chairs,
" Sewing . do,
" Music Stdols,
" Arm Chairs,
44 French Beisteads,
" Butlers' Trays.
Mahogany, cherry and poplar bedsteads, warrant
ed proof against bugs, and superior to any now offer
ed to the public. Also; a Variety of Windsor chairs,
of the best quality,and a now style of arm chair. with
spring seat, well adapted for offices or" ocieties, with
a variety of other articles', too numerous to mention.
We have at considerable expense introduced into
our new factory on Front Street, a steam engine with
machinery, which will enable us to sell, who'd:ale
and retail, at reduced prices.
The attention of Western Merchants; and persons
moving'West, is invited to our new end extensive
establishment. Western Cabinetmakers are also re
quested- to give us a call, as they will find they can
purchase from us for less- than they can manufac
ture. Orders from a' distance will receive prompt
attention, and the furniture will be carefully packed.
Steamboats and hotels furnished at thU shortest no
tice and on favorable terms. ROBERTS & KANE.
N. B; Undertaking in all its branches 'attended to.
tnarle-y - R. & K.
many- of Christian -
Ger Mark Refomml Chum
For sale at our store, No.
I octrine as aged by the
, English and German.*
1115 Wood st.i.Pittsbergh.
:LEE, Bsioksellaz.
c. Fall and . Wpacer Diey Goode.
co.. 62, - Market -6.freet,;;Sippson,s,Rato,
11 ,
AS received 92 cases and packages of Cheap
YOreign andstaple Dry Goods, which have been
recently purchased at ruinous low. prices in the east
ern markets; and will be sold"at.extreumly low rates.
We name in part:
Splendid shaded Pekin:mid otherstyles dress silks;
black and blue black Oro- de Rhinos, Poult de Soie,
and Gro do
,Swiss; ,new style French 'cashmeres;
Moan detains; - new style .cashmere robes; Oregon
and California Plaids; new style Gingham's, superior
quality; 41paccas and Apines. . '
French Cashmere;. Terkerri Printed,: .'very-Mich;.
Zephyr Worated,Rroctia, Damask, Thibet, Merino,
Woolen and other shauils.
Linen Caen brie handkerchiefs, aIA prices; Eons
Stitched and Revere Bordered fltlkfs; Irish - Linens in
great variety; Linen Shgetings; Damask Table ClOths
and Table Damask; Birdls.Eye, Scotch and liucker
buck Diapers; Brown Table Covers, Damask Nap
kips, Crash, Sc. .
New styles of Prints,lof all .qualities,-,one case as
low as..4cts.; s pne case Orange and Blue ' elightlyim
perfect, 64. cents . ; good. dark Prints fast colors, as
low as ?_be'ifif t guliftitirc Line -de: 9 cents; very rich
do. for ICiiimi - 32 . -rOteytetial,price 18. and 20 cents;
sixteen bales brown Milalille, every quality, at factory
prices. Kentucky Jest for 20. cents. Cassinettii as
low as 28 , cents.: Cantoix Flannels 9 cents. Also,
tickings flannels stripe's checks, blankets, counter
panes, plaid I inseys, blenched goods of every Variety;
one case Nankeen as low as 9: cents per yard.
. .
lilaat; blue, olive, brOwn, drab, French, English,
and American, ClOtbs, from $2 to. $8 per Yard. SO.
black and fancy Cassimeres, all prices. Satin, Velvet,
Cashmere and Silk Vestings. A full stock of gloVes,
handkerchiefs, cravats; hosiery, undershirts, draw
ers &c.
dash purchasers are respectfully invited to call and
examine our assortment before - waking their selec
tions. Selling exclusivOly for cash, we feel confident
that we can offer greater inducements to buyers than
those who practice the credit system. i
sep29 ! A. A. MASON.
ESPECTFULLY 4all the attention of their
li k ,,friends, and Dux Coons purchasers generally,
to their extensive assortment or • •
Which is now complete in every deparment.:
Purchasers are particularly invitetkto examine our
very choice selection q
Much attention has been given to theii selection,
suil,in pointof richness and variety, we never before
hai , e beeß able to offer greater inctueemerits.
FinelyeclCashmercif; Caebtnere .17,,Cps;
Clameio;p:Ecosse, Dious De Lames;
Fancy tuAttaßle silks; &c. &c., , 1
SitAwm—French Terkel:7i, Cashme Broihc.
Embroidered and plan:lEloth; do. Thihet Shaivis
or entirely new and rich patterns—in every variety
orstylo--also,lienniquin's Mk. Merino, with Fancy
styles, at reduced prices.
Ladies Fancy Silk Velvets;
Paris Kid Gloves, in all shades and Nos.;
Point.= Ittancays.—Several boxes ree'd Comprising
the different late styles, Choice pattetns: Pew beFes
very handsome patternstat Z2Lcents.
Linen Calabria ildki4 from ca. to the best
In Use.
FRENCH ./..SD SCCrICII .GINGIIA3I.B-Of very desira
ble styles and lualities SupCrior, at low prices.
rzeuch...Thiltet Cloths; in all shades);
Alpacas, Silk and Cott. Warps, plain and fancy;
Bombazines, Lupine'n best, at unusually luw
Ombri 4-4 Cash
Jmbri _ t;aslimeres;
Embossed Table Covers;
WOOLEN BLILNkiETS--.l' and 14-4 Fit ti,;y bound, 12-4
twilled beautiful article. E Also low costs of different
styles, all of which are ffered at prices 30 per cent
Splendid Calicoes, at 10 and 12} co.
. Our domestic department is full, possessing advan
tages to the purchaser rarely to be found.
Brown Sheetings, yard wide, good quality,
Do. do. do. Extra heart', 8c
GErcri.Emme please tale notice, that:U34w number
may be found at all times French Broad Cloths,
Pant stuffs, and Vestings; Satin and Silk Bcarfspand
Cravats, new styles; Linen and Silk lldkfs., Gloves,
Hosiery, Gum Braces, Silk Elastics, Silk Umbrellas,
&c., &c.
The above stock has been purchased Within the
last 30 days since' the great depreciation in pricei in
the };astern markets, and will be disposed of entire
ly to the advantage of tile purchaser. Call and ace
at the "Doted Town Cain House."
Cases rich fall
oodi; French
uiEng/ish Cash
tares and Molts.
Laiues ; Gala
Lobrbin plaids;
lain French'
loak.Clo ths;
rinted and plaid
loakirigs; a full,
as ortinentor
rench Brodie,:
:inted Cashmere
ik. and colored
*hibet, plain and
mbroide red
pawls, plain and
riled Gingham,
ierinos, Alpacas
ad piain 7,11. 'de
amine; plain, blk
of rich coleied
th Bonnet Rib
bons; Velvet and Bonnet Silks; Fi..wich and Ameri
can Flowers, in great variety ; Braid and Straw
Bonnets, cheaper than ever; a full assnrtment:tif
gentlemen's wear, such as CraVats, Shuts, under
Shirts and Drawers; Cloths, Cassirneres and, Vestinisi,
all of which will be sold at a small ads'ance over
New-York cost. W. H. GARRARD,
aept 16 79 Marke't street.
MITE subscriber offers for sale a tract of land abcitit
three miles from the city of Allegheny between
the Franklin and Beaver roads; containing one hun
dred and forty-one acres, about 44 of which is clear
ed. This land is offered at reduced prices and Will
be sold either in a body or divided into Lots to suit
purchasers. From its convenience to , market it would
be a very desirable location either, for farming pur
poses, pasturing cattle orlfor Gardening.
Seventy-five building Lots on a credit of on years.
These Lots are situated on Grant,.
Ross and Diamond streets in the third ward of the
city of Pittsburgh, adjoining the New Cotirt Howie.
Persons disposed to purchase will find these lots fa
vorably located as to health, convenience to busi
ness, and will soon be in the centre of the city. For
particulars enquire ofliiC. Cummins, or
G. W. Biddle, Dentist. 1
, HAS 'removed to No. 109 Smith.
kl A___
1 , -, , , , ..ik i. field st, where he will perfor . performsll
operations on the Teeth sausfau
i t
V, • '-r
N. B.—Having lately Made ono ':
~ of the !greatest improvements in
~ , ‘ . forceps that has ever appeared be
, :4::: foreelltzei
teeth with
has-been able
1. 1 i . to with such ease
• ~ ~ as to astonish all those who have
availed, themselves of bei services.
Pittsburgh, July 24, 1846-ly ,
Henry W. Williams,
/I : (successor to Lowrie ft Williams.) 10ffice _at
the, old stand, Fourth street, above . Smithfield. , e
TEE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
Henry W. Williams, Esq'., and myself„in ithe.prac
! tire of the law, was dissolved by mutual consent on
the 26th ult;and the business, will hereafter be con
tinued by Henry W. Williams, whom Linest cheer
fully recommend to all for whom I have the honor
to do business, as &gentleman every way worthy of
their confidence. ! I
CONTINUE to attend to ,theselling and renting
of Real Estate in the City of Pittsburgh and vi
cinity. Having determined to devote alarge portion
'of their time to. this branch of business, they with
confidence solicit a share of the patronage of the
public; from the facility they possess and the experi
ence they have (tile Senior partner having been en
gaged in the Real Estate Agency for near 20 years,)
they believe that they will give general satisfaction.
Office on Penn et., near the U. S. Hotel, and Smith- 7
field at., between Diamond Alley and Fifth street.
rrixE partnership heretofore existing between
Hunker 4- Blazon: is this day dissolved by mu
teal consent. 'rhe affairs of the late luxe will be
settled by P. 11. Hunker, who will continue the Bak
ery and Confectionary, at the old stand in Fifth, near
Market street: - ' P. lI:HUNKER, -
Lawns :1
Ar'7l Eq. S. ARTZ has on hand a lot office Lawns,
iiiehich will be sold' at the very low price of 183
ceitte . per yard; persons Who want a good article, at a
4ols' pnee, would do well to call soon.
Also on hand a good stock of Naasook mastics for
Ladies Dresses %Try cheap at
jel3 , ; No. 106 Market street.
lon and Fire Insu.
.rnpany. • .
;Alas lat Street.
lac ?, ."
,O . ffice, . 2 1 ,
:Ansi c
William Ebbs, -
Lewis Hutchison,
Fred. Lorenz,'
James May,
M. ALLEN, Pres't,
eretary.. ~,=.'
-Michael Allen,
C. Anshutz,
Thos. Bakewell,
Robert Beer,
R. W. P
Money Warded in exchange for Hats and
11 THE subscriber would inform the iPO
public that he has received his fall ' r' 44 ••
stock of. Caps, .all of which have been principally
made to his order, and as his purchases has been
made on the cash system, he is enabled to sell his
stock Of Hats and Capi at unusually low prices for
cash. His stock does not consist of the cuttings of
Eastern houses, but are all a fresh manufactured
articlti. Neither is his'establishment replenislMd
with the old stock from eastern markets. The
Proprietor being a hatter and Cap manufacturer,
by trade, as wellas prdession, he is also daily man
ufacturing Hats and Caps of all descriptions,, and
for their neatness and durability, cannot be sur
passed. All of which'he offers at wholesale and
retail; and at such prides as cannot fail to please
the purchaser,
No. 102, Wood street r third door below John D.Da,
vie Commerehtl'Auction Rooms.
John. D. Davis,
Corner of Wood ;and Filth streets, Pittsburgh,
is ready to receive - merChandize of every description
on consignment for public or private sale, and front
long csperience in the above husines, flatters himself
that he will be able to gi - ie entire satisfaction to all
who mayTavor him with their patronage.
Regular sales on Mondays and Thursdays of Dry
Goods and Fancy articles, at 10 o'clock, A. M.
Of' groceries, Pittsburgh manuthetared articles;
new and second hand futniture, Bte, at two o'clock,
P. M. c.. ;,! •
Sales every avening at early gas-light augl2-y
Man's InVentione Outdone by 'Nature.
Oil is obtained.from a well near Burksville,
Kentucky, at the depth - of 185 feet below the
surface of the earth, and 170 feet through solid rock.
Its curative properties - are truly astonishing, and as
''a Remedial Agent it miry well be pronounced won-
Aerial. Since the discovery of this Panacea of Na
ture, numbers of remarkable cures have been effect
et{ by its use. It is Innocent—Powerful--Safe,and
.Certain in its effects. It has been used with unpar
allelled success in the treatment of the following
.diseases: Inflammatori Rheumatism,' Burns and
Scalds, Cholic, Piles, Flatulence, Intiarnmatiam s bf
;the Kidneys, Deafness Consumption, Liver Com
plaint, ScakCHead, Cancers 'Weak and
Sore Eyes,Bruises,:Fresh Cuts and Wounds,
Sprains an Strains, Dropsy, Paini in•the Breast and
Side, Teter, Influenza, Ulcerated Sore Throat,
Consumption, Bronchitis, Spasms, Ulcers, Spinal
Affections, Scroftila' or King's Fril; Coughs, Syphilis,
'Ringworm, all BotVel Complaints, all Chronic dis
'eases; linpurities of, the 'Blood and General Debility.
It is likewise very beneficial for Female Complaints
in general; acts,aS a great Restorative from Languor,
'weakness of Back and ekest, Low Spirits and Exces
isive Debility. ' - -
• Read the folloiving Certificates, all of which are
,authentic; all - the perscins therein named arc now
living, and wall kummiln Cincinnati: .
Pirrstammr, Aug 22, 1846.
This is to certify that we have used the American
,Oil fur the whooping cough, among our children, by
giving them from 20 driips to a small tea spoonful at
night, which always enabled them to rest welt through
the night. I also applied it to one of the children
that got her ann burnt by turning over a tea cup of
hot coffee on it, the child seased crying bythe time
the arm was dressed and bound up, and has never
complained of B. since. I also was afflicted with a
pain in my side ana breast, and have been so for 16
years. I commenced using the Oil by taking a tea
spoonful twice a day and in, 3 or four days using of
the oil I have ben very Much relieved, and do really
believe that It is the best'fantily medicine that I have
ever seen. I applied itto one of, my neighbor's for
a strained ancle, which relieved her- in a few minutes.
We have also used the 'Oillor a'strained joint in our
own family, - which gave; ease in a very short time.
We live on the east side.ofPenn at., 3 doors south of
Walnut, I am now as veep as I ever was in my life.
Firrstruacir,‘ Aug. .140846
• This is to certify, that my sou has had the Plethisic
for seven years, and• was very bad_ with it, and about
'2 or I 5 days since, I c.omnienced giving to him
about 20 or 25 drops of t.he American Oil, twice a
day. which relieved himin a day or two of . his diffi
culty of breathing, and he is now entirely relieved
of Ins cough; our boy is 10 years of age. We live in
King's Alley. NANCY KING:
CLNCINNATI, July Ist, 1846.
Sir: Having been cured of a very severe disease
of the eyes and head by the use of the American
Oil, I feel it my duty to the public, as well as to you,
.to send you the following certificate:
I hereby certify that I was severely afflicted one
year ago last winter, with inflamed sore eyes and a
very severe pain in my head from my eyes up to the
top of my head, and continued SO for several weeks.
My eyes were so much inflamed and 'sore that I
could not see to attend any business, nor. could I tell
one object from another a few yards from me. I
called iu a physician, but still got worse. I also
tried a good many remedies that bad cured. others;
but in my case they failed. In April, 1845, I heard
of the'. American Oil. I 'procured a bottle, and be
fore I 'had used a half a bottle I was entirely - well,
and still continue so. I will not be without it in my
house as long as I can get the genuine article. I also
gave it to one of my . inens that was working for me,
that had the tetter in his : bands so bad that when he
would grip anything tight in them the blood would
burst out, and the use-of half a bottle cured us both.
I would advise all that are afflicted in any way to
give the Oil a fair triali•srid I think they will be
pleased with the effect it will have, &e.
Sold at One Dollar pei Bottle at Jackson's Patent
Medicine Warehouse, 89, Liberty, head of Wood st.,
Pittsburgh. Tuz oux.v PLACE IN Prrrsaintoti where
the Genuine American Oil CAN be obtained.
Beware of a Counterfeit article. The Seneca Oil.
put in American Oil Bottles, and labelled “Amer
lean OIL" Itsomewhat, resembles the American
Oil, but possesses none of its virtues or healingpow
W. Jackson respectfully informs the Public that
D. Hail& Co., the proprietora of the American Oil,
have appointed him their SOLE, AGENT for West
ern Pennsylvania.
All persons wishing Sub-agencies will apply_q S 9
Liberty street, as above '
N. Sub-agents wanted for- every town in the
above *strict. a
A great number of certificates are on hand and
can be; seen at:the officq ea- I.4berty street, he:adof
- Wood.lany,
S; Willlupus , ;Schooli.
XTORTH East corner of Federal and Robinson
.L' streets, Allegheny, will commence its Tall
session on-Dlreaday the . piat lust;
- . .
aottrr J. inrratrz,
Attorney at Law.
- .
From Professor .1?..H. LcerlVashington College, and
. others.
Having attended an'examination of the_ school
taught by Mr. Williams, ve take . pleasure in bear
ing our testimony •to the evidence afforded by it of .
the,unusual•skill and labor of. lkfr‘ Williams. The
understanding - of the principle of the subjects which
the scholars had been studying, shown ,
.hy Ltheir.
clear answers to questions asked by_ others than the
teachers, prove the ercellencesof the New England
modes of teaching,. in.which Dlr. Williams seems to
be proficient. • •R. H. LEE,
- . J. WISHART, Er&
From the. Reo. Mr. Preston, Doctor Hunt, 4-c.
Having attended an examination -of .the' Seleet
School under the .care of Mr. HenryWilliatus, held'
recently in his school room, eorner
. of-Pedemr and
Robinson street.g, Allegheny city, we wish to call
public` attention to this institution. •We were highly
gratified with the progress and order ofhis school.---
This manner of simplifying and illustrating the dif-
fcrent branches is peculiarly happy, and well calcu
lated to give interest to the pupils: His mode' of
teaching then; •to read struck us as , novel, and one
that cannot fail to make good readers.
From the knowledge thax we have -- of Mr. Wil
liams' character as a teacher; his zeal,
_fidelity - and
success, we cordially recommend him to the patron
age of the public. location is elegible for both
cities. DAVID HUNT, '
I attended the above examination, and can truly
say I was much gratified with the attainment of. tho
pupils. Wild. PRESTON:
University Law School,.
rriklE FALL - SESSION of this department of the
. Western University, will commence in the new_
University Building, on the Finn McrrinEi or - SEE , "
TIMBER next, and tho SPRING- SESSION of-1847, •
will commence on the nazi hlorinxit or
This institution having so far recovered from the _-
effects of the great fire of April last year; as to have
the new building nearly _completed with increareed . _
accommodations for all its departments, it is hoped
that the Law School will be found to ptesent increas;
ed facilities and attraction - to those who desire to
pursue a regular and thorough course of legal educa
tion; and to 'prepare themselves creditably- for"ad--
mittance to the bar. ' •
There will be daily recitations by the classes_ on
assigned lessons, so arranged as tcrenibrace, within
a two years course, -all the principadand most
portant branches or the' law. Occasional Jectrires
on law and equiti, will-also be delivered as parts!
THE Moor COIYHT, designed for assisting students."
in acquiring knowledge . and readiness in the Fae"...'
tice of the law will bra resulted as soon as the nurci
her of students will justify. The decree of BACitE;"
LOR OF LAW will be conferred on students of the".
institution, according the rules usual in'such institu=
Any farther information that may be required can
readily be obtained on application to the. Professor,
WALTER H. Lowarei who has his, office OR 4th above,
Smithfield street, Pittsburgh. -
Tensts—SeVenty-five dollars a year, or thirty-sev
en and a half dollars a session. . aug643rn
QOME Druggists are misled into the error of buy
► ing a Miserable imitation of Dr. Smith's Sugar
Coated Indian Vegetable Pills ' simply because they
can purchase the spurious theaper. We shall in all
cases expose such- dealers throughout the country;
who, alter being duly informed of ..the rascality of
these imitators, buy and attempt to impose-upon the ;
public with such worthless trash. It is not the
gar coating alone that constitutes the value of ray
Pills, but it is my invention, for which I claim the
right. G. BENJ. SAIITH, M. D.,
, 179 Greenwich st. and 2 Water st: Boston.
We, the undersigned, wholesale druggiits in Lou
isville, Ky., are satisfied, from all the information
that we can obtain, that Dr. G. BENJAMIN SIMITH
is the original inventor of the Sugar-Coated
We are prepared to supply dealers it the; New,
York price. - -
Robinson, Peter 4: Cary; 492 Main street.
J.-S. Morris 4. Co., 461 Main st. -
Rupert 4- Lindemberger, 511 Main st,
George Lapping 4- Co., 79 Fourth st.
Bull 4- Alden, Si Fourth at. - • ,
The following from druggists in. New York shows
I invented the Sugar Coated Pills in 7S-13:
New Yiirk, June lfith, 1844.
We, the undersigned, never saw or heard of "Su.;. -
gar Coated Pills? until Dr. G. Benjamin Smith man
ufactured and exhibited them to us about a year since,
Rushtozi4- Co., 110 Broadway and 10 Astor House.'
Israel Randolph, M. D. 86 Liberty Mr
Horace Everett, 96 Hudson st.
- -
John Castree, 97 Hudson st. •
Darid Sands, 79 Fulton st. •
I have been afflicted with dyspepsia in its most ag
gravated form for three years past, and found no:re
relief until I useß'Dr. G. Benj. Smith's "Stigar-Coat- , -
ed Indian Vegetable Pills." After using six boxes of
said valuable pills, I am entirely cured. - They nre
a general remedy. . J. K. LEEMAN. -
Paducah, Ky. Nov. 9,1845. - . - < -
We certify- to the above facts.
Dr. Smith's "Sugar-Coated Pills" are universally
esteemed in this vicihity. •
- HODGE GIVENS & Co, Merchants.
Paducah, Ky. Nor. 19,1545.
At the request of Dr. G. Benjamin Smith's agent
we cheerfully state that we visited - the office of Dr.
Smith in September last, while in ..New-York, and
found him to all appearance carrying on a very ' ex
tensive business withins Sugar-Coatd Indian Vege
table Pills. The extent of his establishment would
astonish any one not initiated in the mysteries of the
pill trade.--Louisville Journal. -
(From Dr. Singleton.)
Smithland, (Ky.) Feb. 24,1846.
Dr. G. Benj. Smith:—Dcar Sir: Nothing has ever
been introduced that has sold so well and given Such
general satisfaction aslotir Sugar-Coated Improved
Indian Vegetable Pills. Very respectfully., yours, _-
(From Bull & Alden.) - •
Louisvillo,(Ky.) Feb. 13th, 1846.
Dr. G. Benj. Smith=Dear Siri Yru will please semi
us 12 gross of your valuable Pilts: From presentin=
dications we shall sell a large amount of them,....
We find that they go vei,y , quick. Your friends
( From Wilson; Starbird & Smith.) ,
• . Louisville, Feb. 13th, 1846.
Dr. Smith—Dear Sir: About two weeks ago we
bought 2 gross of your Indian 'Vegetable Sugar Coat
Pills. Though buSiiiess is dull here at this time,
yet wo have sold them all. You will please sendus k
10 gross through Messrs: Lawrence & Keese,oryour
city, who will forward them to us via Pittsburgh.
- , Yours, respectfully, •
This is to certify that I have used the Sugar
coated pills manufactured by G. Benj.: Smith, of New.
York, for some time, and believe them to boa good
medicine; and also from enquiry in-that city; I am.
I persuaded that he is the 'anginal' inventor, and.
therefore, is entitled to the benefit of the inventon.
aug2l. Pastor Ist Baptist Church. Pittsburgh: '
We have forty letters from different dealers solicit
ing the agency of my Pill,although they had the'spu:.
rious in their store—one in particular from New Or.
leans, which we shall publish.
Principal Offices—New York, 179 Greenifiali
Boston 2 Water st.
DI- G. BENJAMIN SMITH is written Oiithe bot
tom of every box of genuine "Sugar-Coated<Pills:!'
Acrarrs-- William Henderson Druggist; 205 Liberty
street Pittsburgh: John Sargeant Allegheny city.
may I Bd7m. - • -
riIDE undersigned would respectfully inform the •
citizens. of .Pittsburgh.and its vicinity, that ha
has purchased from Mr. Moses Cory, his large and
splendid stock of Dry Goods, kept at 6.6 Market
street, where he intends to keep a general assort
ment of seasonable Goods, which he will sell at *Cry
reduced prices. Please call and judge foryoursolves,
No. 66 Maiketstreet. .
aufglB - - --
To my friends and patrons:l - arm inuctt nbligna
and would' respectru.ll,y - yeconarn_nnd Mr. Willis:24a
Cowen, my successor.- '_ ~.:MOSES .CORY.
T) ECEIVED THIS DAY,44 Express o anothellot
j Et, of rich black MANTILL" at th'l\low YorX
Store, 79-Market street. , - -
augl7 Ii GiIIfILARLi.,
1 i . ___