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1 F.Lorezz, . N. Ben t W. W. Wallace
?Tenured sad Corrected every Afternoon.
Consul, Bowman, Brownsville.
Louis ISPLane, Bennett, Brownsville.
Arrow, Atkinson, Beaver.
Cneota, Gorden, Beaver.
Micbi;lin Boles, Beaver.
Dispatch, Nelson, Monongahela city.
Rio Grande, Connelly, Cincinnati.
,May Queen, Fracker, Zanesville.
. Oneota, ; Gordon; Beaver.
• Arrow, Atkinson, Beaver.
Louis McLane, Bennett, Brownsville.
Consul, Bowman, Brownsville.
Michigan, Boies, Beaver.
Dispatch, Nelion, Monongahela city
Rambler, Houton, M'Snesport.
Alert, Gregg, Cincinnati.
The sple7-
oz7-The splendid light draught passenger steam.
er Califonia, Capt. Hurrait, leaves for Cincinnati
to-day. •
Monongahela Improvem . efit—P atr Consul; 6
bbls salt, 30 bbls flour, 78 bas glass, 75 bush. oats,
.2 chests; 1 bbl; 14 bas. '3 bales, 8 truiiks rads; 8 bl
flour; 211.ixs glass.
i Per stmr. Louis At'Lane, 12 bxs.l bale Inds; 2
tons pig iron; 70 bbls flour 78 bus oats; 26 kgs
—•- '
units; 50 Eta gltuts.
er e.
Y. Virtue of = a Writ ofTenclitioni Exponas
Al sued oat of the Court of Common Pleas, of Al
.lllegheny• County, and to me directed, will be ex-
I posed to public sale, at the Court House, in the
city of Pittsburgh, on Monday the 25th day of Oc
tober, A. : 11 184 G, at 10 o'clock, A. M., the follow
; ing property to wit:
All the right, title,
interest and claim of Daniel
I Williams, of, in and to a certain, lot of ground,
!marked No. 24, in 13arnett's plan of lots, in the 2d
- IWard of Allegheny City, containing 25 feet front
l ing on Middle Alley,
and extending back 25 feet,
, on whictc-is erected one two story frame house,
iwith the appurtenances.--Seized and taken in ex
lecution as the property of Daniel Williams, at the
suit of John Burry.
Sheriff's Office, Oct. 3d, 1846.
Nlll2lllll l ,
streets. This is the only es
tablishment in western Pen
!prams where the theory and practice of Book keep
ing can be acqulied in such a manner as to enable
the learner to apply it at once to business. In ad
dition to his usual coarse of instruction in Double
Entry "Book-keeping, he has preparOd for the use
of mechanics and others who are apt willing to in
cur the time and expense necessary
,for acquiring
the science upon the Double Entry principle, a com
plete course of instruction upon SINGLE ENTRY Book-
SEEPING. A comfortable private parlor is fitted up
for instructing Ladies, either in Penmanship or Book
keeping. Ladiei , Class, 2t04, P. a:. Gentlemen's
Class, 10 to 12, 2 to 4, and 7 to 9 P. as. octl
i Henry \V. Williarns,
La. (successor to Lowrie tc. OtTrce et
the old 'stand, Fourth street, above Smithfield.
1 THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between 1
- le_tiry W. Williams, and myself, in the prac
of the law, wasdil3solVCa by mutual consent on
lte 26th ult. and the business will hereafter be con-1
!armed by Henry W. Williams, whom! most cheer
fully recommend to all for whom I have the honor'
go do business, as a gentleman every way worthy of
their confidence.
1 seplS-ly
61thotit exception, the most valuable prcpartion to
ffuse for the above diseases. It converts IIOOPING
COUGH into a mild and tractable disease, and shor
;ens its duration more than one-half, and produces
b certain and speedy recovery. From half to one
Oa spoon full will certainly cure the CROUP in in
pants and young children in half an. hour's - time.—
The lives of hundreds of children will be saved an
bually, by keeping it always on hand ready for eve
)7 emergency. Prepared at No. 8, South Third
!street,- Philadelphia
1• For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
2 Fourth street, near Wood, and also at the Drug
Store of 11. P. Schwartz, Federal street, Allegheny
pity. • sep 23.
Martin and Smith,
Lt UCCESSOILS to Irvine & Martin, wholesale gro
k) ears, produce and commission n•erchants, and
dealers in Pittsburgh manufactured articles, No. 56,
Wood street. Pittsburgh, Pa. jelB
lANDLES, 6 boxes Sperm Candles.
gLi 10 " Star do.
5- a Summer mould do.
5 or Dripped do.
No. 110 Wood street.
For sale by
I esp. 22.
Blakely and Mitchell,
Offices an Penn and Smithfield its
GENTS for the Old Black Ball Line of Dyer•
. 1 ,11 pool and New York Packeta.
Remittances made as usual to England, Ireland,
Scotland and Wales, in sums of one, pound sterling
and upwards—payable in any town of importance
in Great Britain-and Ireland.
Perm:lns - wishing to send for their friends can have
them brought out by the above splendid line, on the
loth and 16th of any — month. jy7
New York Rhino Fortes.
I'OHN H. MELLOR No. 81 Wood street (between
0 Diamond alley and 4th street) has received and
forsale three new Piano Fortes from the manufac
iory of A. 11. Gale & Co., successors to the "New
York Manufacturing Company," which will be sold
at the same price as io New York city, adding only
the price of transportation.
The quality of these Pianos is now so well known,
and established, that it is not considered necessary
to state wherein their superiority over others con
sists, those who are desirous of purchasing can be
fully satisfied, as to the quality of tone and workman-
Ship, by calling on the subscriber. The patterns of
• ihese Pianos are entirely new and such as are now
fashionable in New York eity.
They will be r sold for cash or on a moderate credit
for approved endorsed paper.
sep 81 Wood street.
F LO WINES & LlQUORS—consisting of
Port Wine:
Madeira Wine;
Malaga.. do;
Rhenish do; in half and quarter pipes,
id op draught warranted pure;
Pale Brandy, of different brands; --
Dark do,
Holland Gin, fine flavor;
Peach Brandy, 8 years old;
Apple d 0,4 do do;
Old Rye Wiskey, 8 and 31 years old,
Part of the above Liquors from under Custom
Fame Lock, for sale in quantities to suit by
60 Water st.
--efY virtue of a precept under the hands of the
_JD H-011. Benjamin Patton, jr., President of the
Court of Common Pleas in and for the sth Judicial
.District of Pennsylvania, and Justice of.the Court
of Oyer and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery,
in end for said District, and William Porter and
William Kerr, Esquires, Associate Judges of the
same coons, in and for the said County of Alle
gheny, dated the 16th day of May, in the year of
our Lord one thousand tight hundred and forty-six,
and to me directed, for holding a Court of Oycr
and Terrininer l and Genetat' Jail Delivery, at the
Court House, in the city of-Pittsburgh, on the 4th
Monday of October next, at Id o'clock, A. M.
Public notice is hereby given, to all Justices of
the Peace, Coroner and Constables ' of the County
of Allegheny, that they be then and there, in their
prow persons, with their rolls, recads,- inquisi
tions' examinations, arid other remembrances, to
du tbope. tbiopi, *Melt to their reariective offices
in their behalf appear to he done—and also those
that prosecute the prisoners that now are or
may be in jail of said county of Allegheny, to =be
then and there to prosecute against them as shall
be of
Wm] wafer my hand at Pittsburgh, this 15th
<icy of tieptembar, in the year of our Lord 1846,
and or the Commonwealth thcatith,.
-••••,,,. 9~ >&wy ;
•." - "s , ,
1.6;:t.70,k4)-0,i44--4,!,;',-.' " .. . 4
yer,4,1020, '
corner of Fifth and Market
• :
1 , 7 -i.,... • .. . --.... ..1.1,416 k. ,;
- -- s,-- -- -. •_• - - -. 7% I - : - !
' 0536... --- •- ‘. 4l / t..?,•-•-•- •
; . . . •:1: ' n. ,10..1.,0,0-••_ 1 1
: l • luwar. • : --'' .
.. -,- ••: ,- :
From the Bolan'or° 3t01.!
, k,;(tNir-
STEAM lili/ 1 1 1 1r; 7 SHIP
Advance in the Price of all deeeriptions
of _American Produce... Failure of the
Potato Crop... Scarcity of !Groin.
The steamer Great Western arrived at NeW York
at 1 o'clock P. Bf., on Wednesday. She brings
dates from Liverpool to the 12th of September,
eight days later than those brought by the Cant
brie. ' •
' • The markets for all descriptions of -Atnerman
produce were advancing. '
The followlng is the commercial article froin
Wilmer & Sthith's European Times:
Commercial.--The improvement in business
whichwe notice at the sailing of the last steamer
continnes,And matters are nearly in the same rela
tive position as when we last addressed our readers.
The failure of the potato crop influences the 'price I
of provisions of every kind. Bacon and ham are I
raising 'rapidly, as a glance at our market : returns '
will show. - • .
Indian corn is also increasing in value . , as in fact
is almost every kind of grain. That the failure
of the Potato crop in every part of the world must
greatly multiply the wants of the laboring', classes
in Great Britain is undeniable., The advance to
which we have alluded- may be traced to the iq
creased demand for other descriptions of food, and
there is every reason to believe that the present
prices may be maintained, if indeed theydo not
advance. As an article of human food; the use of
the potato seems likely to become extinct. The
injury may be temporarily pressing,' and produc
tive, no donbt, - of suffering, but ultimate consequen
ces can hardly fail to raise the condition of the
Irish peasant, and to itnprove.his social habits.—
He will be raised in the scale of civilization by hav
ing a higher and more nutritious kind of food.—
There are those who contend that the potato has
been. a curse, not a blessing to Ireland.
The Cotton market continues to . improve.—
Considerable anxiety prevails respecting the new
The grain markets with us, as with our conti
nental neighbors, areon the rise. 'Whatever affects
Eugland, influences the whole commercial world.
It will be perceived that every where animation
prevails, and that the new theory of free trade will
have plenty of scope for the development of its
alleged benefits, or as some contend, its injuries.
The failure of the potato crania universal, The
reports from every part of the United Kingdom are
appalling, whilst letter after letter from the Conti
nent details the ravages which this strange and un
accountable disease has made, in France,Belgium,
Hollandiand Prussia.
The grain crops in the United Kingdom are not
more than an average, either in quantity or (mall
, ty. We must, therefore, look to other countries!
for a supply sufficient for the large and increasing
consumption that is now going forward.
Again the accounts from France, as to the har
vest in that country, are most distressing..
A very large quantity of wheat will therefore
be required for immediate want, all over north of
Europe, for the staple article of consumption has
yielded miserably short.
LOYOWC.—These is very little Indian corn in
the London trade. and the immense extent of the;
orders'for Ireland renders improbable any impor4
tation to England sufficient to affect the ntarket
for oats for the present
On the 10th, foreign %%heat was held about Is
per quarter higher ; and flour was in fair request— I
tine American now bringing 30 to 31s. per bbl.
Litentruot..--Our market here has teen like
that of London, rather animate for all kinds of
grain. The demand
riasa % inter Dry. t oct •*.
No. 62, Market Street, Simpson's Row,
lIAS received 42 cases and packages of Cheap
Foreign and Staple Dry Goods, which have been
recently purchased at ruinous low prices in the east
ern markets, and will be sold at extremely low rates.
We name in park_
Splendid shaded Pekin and other styles dress silks;
black and blue black Gro de !Miles, Poult de Soie,
and Gro de Swiss; new style French cashmeres;
Mous de Lains; new style cashmere robes; Oregon
and California Plaids; now style Ginghams, superior
quality; Alpaccas and Apines.
French Cashmere, Terkerri Printed, very rich;
Zephyr Worsted, Brocha, Damask, Thibet, Merino,
Woolen and other shawls.
Linen Cambric handkerchiefs, all prices; Hem
Stitched and Revere Bordered Hdltrs; Irish Linens in
great variety; Linen Sheetings; Damask Table Cloths
and Table Damask; Bird's Eye, Scotch and Thicker
buck Diapers; Brown Table Covers . , Damask Nap
kins, Crash, &c.
New styles of Prints ' of all qualities, one case as
low as 4 cts.; one case Orange and Blue, slightly im
perfect, 6; cents; good dark Prints, fast colors, as
low as 7 cents; fine dark blue do. 9 cents! very rich
do. for 10 and 12 cents, usual price 18 and 20 cents;
sixteen bales brown Muslim., every quality, at factory
prices. Kentucky Jeans for 20 cents. Cassinetts as
low as 28 cents. Canton Flannels 9 cents. Also,
tickings, flannels, stripes, cheeks, blankets, counter
panes, plaid linseys, bleached goods of every variety;
one case Nankeerkss low as 9 cents per yard.
Black, blue, olive, brown, drab, French, English,
and American Clothe, from $2 to $8 per yard. Sup.
black and &nay animates, all prices. Satin, Velvet,
Cashmere and Silk Vesting.. A full stock of gloves,
handkerchiefs, cravats, hosiery, undershirts, draw
ers, &c.
Cash purchasers are respectfully invited to call and
examine our assortment before making their selec
tions. Selling exclusively for cash, we feel confident
that we can offer greater inducements to buyers than
those who practice the credit system.
sep29 A. A. MASON.
G. W. Diddle, Dentist.
HAS removed to No. 109 Smith
field at., where ho will perform all
operations on the Teeth satisfac
N. B.—Having lately made one
of the greatest improvements in
• forceps that has ever appeared be
-fare the public, he has been able
" ' to extract teeth with such ease
• . •, as to astonish all those who have
availed themselves of his services.
Pittsburgh, July 24, 1849-ly
Tobacco, Sault and Cigar Store,
JUST RECEIVED, a very choice lot of manufac
tared Tobacco, of various brands, among which
Branch's Aromatic Cavendish;
Peyton's Honey Dew Fives;
James Thomas', Jr., Nectar Leaf;
John Ender's Honey Dew Ladies' Twist;
Lawre Leafier Baltimore Plug;
Also, a very fine lotorCuba filler Leaf, which-will
be sold in small or large quantities.
Together with every variety of Cigars, which will
be sold wholesale or retail.
Ladles Dress Goods
WE have just received a fine assortment of the
handsomest styles of Ladies dress goods that
have ever been offered in this market, among which
ere new style Cashmeres of splendid quality, Ombre
Shaded and Satin striped Cashmeres, a most beautiful
article; splendid Cashmere Robes; Rich Fancy Silks;
Clermont and California Plaids; also, a fresh stock
of de Leiner French and Scotch Ginghams;
Alpaccas, ChintzeS, &c., to all which we would
respectfully invite ithe attention of the Ladies as we
are confident of their being pleased.
NO 75 Market street,
N. W. cor of the Diamond.
SUNDRIES, 10 43ble. Chipped Logwood.
61 is Ground Camwood.
3 "• No. I Herring.
2 " Trim'd Shad;
20 4a.
._ No. I and 3 Mackerel.
-3, g( No. I Salmon.
Roceived and for sole by
No.llo Wood street.
nep. 22.
'or Cincinnati
TILE splendid new. rind light drought.
passenger steamer OE NA TP Capt.
M'CLVRE, will leaiet for the abotv and all intermedi
ate'ports, regularly. For freight or passage apply
onboard, seplelm
11'pr: Clnolnnntl.
The new light draught packet steam=
tort rx e r CALIFORNIA;
,and all intermediate ports this Captain Hunter, will
.. - •
For freight or pasgage apply on board, onto
J. W. BUTLER k BRO., Secgitil st
The California was built expressly for the above
trade, and will make her trips regularly during the
season. augls
For 'Cincinnati.
THE new. and light dmbght passenger
steamer' WES T E RN, Capt. BARER
wleave for tho abe e and all intermediate porte
regularly. The Western draws but 12 inches, and
was built expressly to run in the trade during the
low water season.. .
For freight or passake, havint superior accopamo
datione, apply On board. jyl s
For LooterMo.-Regular _Packet.
171 .1 111ta k The new and splendid passenger steam.
er TONNALFAIKA, Capt. J. K. Moody,
runwA illll. in the trade from Pittsburgh to Louisville,
during the season of 1846:
The Tonnalenka was built expressly for the trade,
and is elegantly furnished in every respect.
Forfreight or passage apply on board. my 22
- For Cluoinstat.l.
The well known fast running steamer
CAMBRIA, W. Forsyth, Master, will run
as a regular Packet, leaving every Wednesday morn.
ing at 10 o'clock, and„Wheeling, at 10, P. M., the
same day. Returning, she will leave Cincinnati
every Saturday, at 10, A. M.
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
FORSYTH & Co., Agents,
ap 18 No. flO, Water street.
For St. Lonie.eltegnlar Packet.
fin _ The new and splendid passenger steam.
er TOM CORWIN, Capt. llngher, will
run m tie trade from Pittsburgh to St. Louis, du•
ring the season of 1848.
The Tom Corwin, was ,built expressly for the
trade, awl is elegantly furnished in eveiy respect.
For freight or passage apply on board. may 10.
For Saint Louis... Regular Packet.
iCf The new and splendid passenger steam
=a n or BRUNETTE, Capt. Perry, wilirun in
t trim e from Pittsburgh to St. Louis, during tha
season of 180.
The Brunette was built expreiraly for the trade,
and is elegantly found in every respect.
For freight or passage apply on board. apl4
For Cincinnati and St. Louie
The passenger steamer PALESTINE,
Capt. Williams, wili leave for the above
an. intermediate ports regularly.
For freight or passage, apply on board.
For Cincinnati and Louisville.
The nowaod splendid passenger steam
er COLUM 13 I A, O'NEAL, Master, will
leave for the above mid intermediate ports, regular
For freight or passage apply on board, or to
jet D. WILKINS, Agent.
Tuesday Evening Packet.
The new and splendid passenger steam-
Jefe l Mi boat DECLARATION, Capt. Vorhees.
will run asa regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this pert every Tuesday evening
at 3 o'clock. Returning she will leave Cincinnati
every Friday evening at 3 o'clock.
The Declaration offers superior accommodations
to passengers. For freight or passage apply or
board. je I
o T :s h . c o r
s e . i 7 A I
l a i r Li: an
c. .l; t as; t e o n n g t er ,, ste .il a i m ru e n t
M as a ieguiar Packet between Pittsburgh and Cincin
nati, leaving this port every Monflay at 10, A.M.,
and Wheeling at 10, P. M., the same day. Return
ing, she will !cave Cincinnati every Thursilsv, at 10,
A. M. Fur freight nr 113.1W1 . 4e Apply on board.
The Monongahela was liudt expressly for this
trade, and offer:, to the passeng,ers comfort, and su
perior accommodations. mar 31
TII F. regular mail and pavenger steam
l•- ,,7 7 . • — • - UNION, Cr. , gain :klaclean, will run as
a regular packet between Pittsbiirgh and Cinein
nati, leaving thk part every Monday at G o'clock,
P. M. Returning ,:he will lease Cincinnati every
Thuml:tv at 6 P. M.
The enion was built expresily for this trade,
and affords every accommodation.
For freight or passage apply on bored. may!?
jigwzTH H regular mad and passenger steam
er 111 HERNIA, Capt. John Klinefelter,
vri I run as a regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every , Tuesday at 10 A.
M., and Wheeling, at 10 P. M. of the same day.—
Returning, she will; leave Cincinnati every Friday at
10 A. M. For freight or plasage apply on hoard.
The Hibernia was built expressly for the trade,
and offers to the pasiengers every comfort and su
perior accontmtalations. a I
Tim regular mail and passengerstenna
_ er NEW ENGLAND, Capt. 6. B. Page, oe r grl,
',VII run — as a regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Wednesday at 10
A. M., and Wheeling at 10 P. M. the name day.
'Returning, she will lease Cincinnati every Saturd”
at 10 A. M. For freight or passage apply on hoard.
The New England wax built expressly for this trade
and offers to the passengers every comfort and Ripe.
aloe accommodations. mar 26
THE new U. S. Mail steamer ACADIA,
Ige j elki. E. Lucas, Master; will run as a regu
raTFassenger packet between Pittsburgh and the
above port during the season of 1846, teasing every
Thursday at 10 o'clock A. M.
The Acadia is new and has superior accommoda
tions. For freight or passage apply on board, or to
ap9 • J. NEWTON JONES, Agent.
FATHE regular coal! and passenger steam
er CLIPPER No. 2, Captain Crooks, will
run as a regular packet between Cincinnati and Pitts.
burgh, leaving this port every Friday at 10 A. M.,
and Wheeling 410 P. M. the same day. Returning
she will leave Cincinnati every Monday at 10 o'clok,
A. M. For freight or passage apply on board,
The Clipper No. 2 was built expressly for this trade.,
end offers to her passengers every comfort and ac.
aommodation. mar 23
cr T ft h c e A r4iV N arinail and passenger steam!,
S A , Capt. Isaac 'Sennett, will
run as a regular Packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Saturday, at 10,
A. M., and Wheeling at 10, P. M, the same' day.
Returning, she will leave Cincinnati every Tuesday,
at 10, A. M. For freight or passage apply on board.
The Circassian was built expressly for this trade,
and offers io her passengers every comfort and ac
commodation. mar 23
The regular mail and passenger steamer
MESSENGER, Capt. L,nford, will run as
a regu ar Packet between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati,
leaving this port every Saturday at 10, A. M., and
Wheeling at 10, P. M., the same day. Returning,
she will leave Cincinnati every Tuesday, at 10
Welk A. M. For freight or passage apply on board.
The Messenger was built expressly for this trade,
and offers to her passengers every comfort and ac
commodation. mat 23
tArtn svPir.rtion.
THE STAUNCH low pressure,
, .
sl;ship built Steam Packet, JULIA
t" • PALMER, Capt EitICY A. Swart/am,
having been put in complete condition for sea, will
run upon Lake Superior during the season, commence
ing 3d August, between the Sault de St. Marie and
the various ports, as business may warrant. The
J. P. is well furnished in every particular, and is as
fine a heavy weather vessel as any ship that floats
the seas. Has goOd upper cabin, state rooms and
family saloons, as, also single berths, ladies cabin
and steerage cabin. All well ventilated, and will
accommodate 100 cabin passengers. Freight in large
quantities can be stowed under decks. Parties with
or without freight will be accommodated at the vari
ous landings upon' the British and American sides
of the lake.
Irr One or two voyages will be made to La Pontei
during the Indian payments, and two pleasure voy
ages will be made entirely around the lake coast
wise, during August and September, giving to plea
sure-travel an opportunity of enjoying the most de
lightful, unique and interesting scenery in the known
world. State rooms or single herthi can be secured
in advance by addressing
W. F. PORTER TAYLOR, Managing owner,
Sault de Ste Marie, Mithigan:
July, 1848. jy2o-3tnEarn
N, S. ProPerty consigned to W.F. Porter Taylor,
will meet with immediate despatch as ordered.
James Blakely, Alderman.
FFICE on Penn et., opposite D, Leech & Co's.,
packetline office. Office hours from 7 o'clock
A., M., to 8 o'clock P. ?M.
L OE ~••
44.\ 1 8 46 . 44. *
- B.TAKELY . t MITCHEZ, Agatte.
EMITTANCES to, and Passagh to slid from
Great .Ilritain and Ireland, hy the Black Ball, or
old Line' of "Liverpool - - Packets. Sailing from New
York and Liverpool on the Ist and 16th - of every
month. And by first class American Shißs' [Sailing
Persons sending to the "Old Country , ' fof their
friends; can make the necessary arrangements With
the subscribers, and have theni brought out in any of
the eight ships comprising the Black Ball or Old Line
of Liverpool Packets;"(sailing •frOm Liverpool on the
let and 16th of every month,) also by first class ships,
sailing from- that port weekly,.which 'our Agents,
Messrs. Tames D. Roche & Co., there will send Out
without delay. • '
Should those sent for not come out the money will
be refunded without any deduetion.; .
The "Black Ball, or old. Lyle ,of Liverpool Packd
eta ) ) , comptise the follo w i n g magnificent ships, and
will sail from Liverpool on their regular 'appointe.
day, as follows
Fidelia, . On let Jan. Ist May.: Ist Sept.
Europe, 16th - «`l6th: " 16th "
Ist Ist , Jtine. Ist Oct.
American, ... . • • 16 4 1 i ," }6th .4 16th 4.
Yorkshire,...'.".... - Ist Mar. let July. Ist Nov.
Cambridge,: ••-r • * 16th' ' 18th " 16th Dec.
Oxford, Ist April. Ist Aug. let
Montezuma,..',...,,_ 16th " 1611 c " t 16th ti ,
Notice.—lt is well known, that the Black Ball is
the very bed conveyance for persons to get out their
friends, and as other paisenger agents advertise to
bring out passengers by that ,Line, the public ere re*
spectililly notified by the owiieri that no passenger
agents, but Roche, Brothers & Co., and Blakely &
Mitchel, are authorized to advertise and to bring out
passengers by that Line. ' .
We have atoll times for the Drafts at Sight for any
amount, direct the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dub.
lin. Also on Messrs. Prescottt, Grote, Ames & Co.,
Bankers, London, which are paid free of discount, or
any charge ) whatever, in all the principal towns
throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
Apply to, or address, if by Letter, (post paid.)
ROCIIE, 8110 , 8 & CO.
No. afi, Fulton street New York.
(Next door to the Fulton Bank.
No. 75 Dublin street, Liverpool.
Penn street, and Smithfield St.
Security to plarettaiiers:
Eat!. box of OESrIiRE SUDAIL COATED P 11.4.8 boa opoo
airAwre g otters
reenter. TtAYZJT
PILLS arc the first' and only Medicine ever
known that will 'positively cure
Headache, Giddiness, Measles, Salt Rheum,
Rheumatism, Piles, Heartburn, Worms,
Diapepaia, Scurvy, Cholera Morbus,
Small Pos, Jaundice, Coughs, Quinsy,
Pains in the Back, Whooping Cough,
Inward Weakness,, Consumption, Fits,
Palpitation or the Heart, Liver Complaint,
Rising in the Throat, Erysipelas, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, , Itchings of the Skin,
Fery . er; of all kinds, Colds, - Gout, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Complaints,
And all other diseases originating from impurities o
the bloat.
Vi r They have cured, since their introduction,
over 2,000 persons, who have been given up as hope
leis cases, by the most eminent Physicians.
Cry- They are patronized and recommended by
men of the highest distinction, among whom are—
Hon. David It. Porter, Hon. Henry Clay,
Hon. John Q. Adams, Hon. Daniel Webster,
Hon. Martin Van Buren, lion. J. C. Calhoun,
Gad. Winfield Scott, Cot. R. M. Jbhnson ,
Hon. James K. Putt, Gen. Lewis Cass.
Their virtues are so infallible that the money
will be returned in all cases they do not give univer
-1 sal satisfaction. Although but moan() a half years
have elapsed since these celebrated Pills were first
introduced to the public, the sale of theta in the
; Eastern nod middle States has far exceeded Dr.
Clic:crier's most sanguine expectations. During the
mat year, alone, no fess than 10,000 gross of boxes
trite been sold in the State of New York, 6,000 iu
Permsylvania, 3.000 in Maryland, 3.000 in New Jer
ley, 2,000 in Delaware, and 9.000 in the New England
requiting the conistant employment of 27
hands, exeintute of printer: ring! -engravers. In the
saute period, upward. of 200,000 copies of the
"Family Doctor" have been ordered by agents in
every section of the cv.tintry. These facts must
show, conclusively, that Dr. dickener's Sugar Coat
ed Pills, besides luring the very best medicine in the
world, arc licld in the highest estimation by the public.
We might extend this publication to an indefin
ite length, if we deemed it expedient to publish all
tersitnonials we have received, not only front agents
but individuals anti families, who have experienced
the benficial effects of Clickener's Sugar Coated
Pills, but we deem it unnecessary. The most in
contestible evidence of their unprecedented success,
are the numberless Imitations and Counterfeits which
have already appeared, notwithstanding the brief pe
riod they have been before the public. Even sonic
of our stanncliest pill makers have had the audacity
to imitate the Capsule of Sugar, in order to disguise
the ingredient', of their rile compounds, and palm
them oft for the "real Simon pure." Such paltry
shills cannot last long without exposing their hideous
deformity. Truth and honesty must inevitably pre
vail over rascality and deception.
For sale in Pittsburgh by Wid. JACKSON, at his
Patent Medicine Warehousf, No. 89, Liberty street,
head of Wood at., Pittsburgh. Price, 2,5 c. per box.
Dr. Clickenerus principal office is 81 Barclay street,
New York.
Cry. Beware of an imitation article called Im
proved Sugar Coated Pills, purporting to be patented,
as both the pills and the pretended patent arc for
geries, got up by a miserable quack in New York,
who, for the last four or five years, has made his
living by counterfeiting popular medicines.
Igr Remember, Dr. C. V. Clickener is the original
inventor of Sugar Coated Pills, and that nothing of
the sort was ever heard of until he introduced them
in June, 1843. Purchasersahould i therefore, always
ask for Clickeners Sugar Coated Vegetable Pillsond
take no other s or they wilbbe made the victims of a
fraud. ninv 9
ij BODY.—It is an astonishing fact, that a iery
large class of diseases can only be cured by such
remedies as will enter into the Ikooo, and circu
late with it, through every portion of the body, for
only by this means can .the remedy be brought
into immediate contact with the disease; and to at
tain this desirable end, no preparation has been so
uniformly successful as DR. JAYNE'S ALTER
TIVE. Sorofida, Kings' Evil, Cancer - and Cancer
ous Tumours, White Swellings, Enlargement of the
Bones, Chronic Rheumatism and Gent, Eruptive dis
eases of the Skin, old and indolent 'Ulcers, Gatrians
Swelling:of the Throat &c., are cured with a certain
ty, that has astonished every beholder. It is, be
sides, one of the most pleasant articles that can be
taken into the stotnach, operating as a tonic, and
removing Dyspeptic and Nervous affections, and
imparting a glow of animation and health, line.
(Mailed by any thing in the whole Materia
For sale at No. 8 South 'Third st.—Price $1 per
bottle,or $lO per dozen.
For sale in Pittsburgh at thoPEKIN TEA STORE,
on Fourth street, near Wood, and at the Drug Store
of It..P Schwartz, Federal street, Allegheny City.
indeed, every other) season, is often repulsive,
in appearance, caused, in eight eases out of ten, by,
the atmosphere; and what persons suppose diseasel
of the blood, is simply a disease of the skin. If
some of the thousands who take purgative medicine,
pills, and useless,Sarsaparilln, were to use on their
skin a softening and clearing balm, that opens the
pores, whitens the skin, and causes aheaßhy perspi
ration, that, be the skin never so disfigured, unheal
thy, or diseased with pimples or freckles, sunburn,
tan and morphew, the true and genuine JONES'S
ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP never-fails to cure
and dispel them, and to make-the Skin clear and ,
lovely. It acts so mildly and soothingly on the
skin, that physicians use it on ladies and infants, in
old cases of scurvy,erysipelas, salt rheurn,sore head,
ringworm, and it (mind, the genuine Jones' soap)
has often effected a cure when every other remedy
failed. It is indeed a blessed remedy.
' Sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Warehouse,
89 Liberty street, head of Wood—at the same place
is sold the Moorish Hair Dye, Coral Hair Restora
tive, and Spanish Lily White.
PRINCIPAL Omer—Sign of the American Eagle,
82 Chatham street, New York.
:E. poisonous effect on the skin of common pre
_ pared chalk is not generally known by ladies;
how yellow rough st . nd uhhealthy it makes the skin in
time; besides. what a corpse like, palid look it gives
when applied, They should use a beautiful prepar
ation, purely vegetable, which gives the facoarms or
neck, a natural life-like whiteness, and makes it
smooth. It is called Jones" Spanish' Lilly White,
and is sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Ware
house, 89 Liberty street, headof Wood; at the same
place is sold Jones' Coral- Hair Restorative, Italian
Chemical Soapand unrivalled shaving soap.
u r a-%~`:
I ."--
ny Abe Preildent et the Vatted: • •statesi.
TN - pursuarme of law; I, JAMES' K. , POLK,
.1 President of the .United States of. Anibrica, do,
hereby declare and ftiakn kildwn, that public sales
will be held at the undermentioned Land Offices
the Territory of lOWA, at the periods hereina4er
designated, to wit '
At the 1.-and Office at DU BITQUE, - commencing
on Monday, the twenty-third day of November
nest, for the disposal of the public:l=de withiir
the undermentioned toWnships, to wit: 1
North of the base line and west of ihe fifth principal
Townships, eighty-seven and ' eighty-eight, o
range eleven. I
-Townships eighty-four, eighty-five, eighty-six,
eightpseven, and eighty-eight, of range twelve.
Townships eighty-four, eighty-five, eighty-six,
eighty-seven, and eighty-eight, of range thirteep.
Townships eighty-four and eighty-five, of range
fouiteen. ' ,
At the Land thrice at lOWA CITY, the trite de
signated by the President, under the act of eighth
August, 1840, - for the taco of the. lowa district,
commencing on Monday, the thirtieth day lof
vember next, for the disposal of the public lands
within the undermentioned townships, to wit
North of the base line arid west of the fifth principal
Townships eighty-two and eighty-three, of range
Townships eighty, eighty-one, eighty-tyro, and
eighty-three, of range thirteen.
Townships eighty-one, eighty-two, and eighty
three, of range fourteen, I
Townships seventy-seven and seventy-eight, of
range sixteen.
Sections one to six inclusive, the northeast guar
ter-of section seven, sections eight to fifteen inclu
sive, the northeast quarter of section seventeen,
the north half of section twenty-two, sections
twenty-three, twenty-four, and twenty-five, the
northeast, quarter of section twenty-six, and tbe
northeast quarter of section thirty-six, in township
seventy-six; and townships seventy-seven, and se
venty-eight, of range seventeen. I
The'north half of section one, in township seven
ty-six; township seventy-seven, (except sections
nineteen, twenty, twenty,-eight; twenty-nine thirty,
thirty-one, thirty-two, thirty-three, thirty-foUr, and
the southwest quarter of section thirty-five,s and
township severity-eight,; of range eighteen.:,
At the land office at tAIIiFIELD, commencing
on Monday, the seventh day of December next, for
the disposal of the public lands within the 'under
mentioned townships and parts of townships, viz:
North of the base line awl torsi of the fifth principal
• meridian.
Townships seventy and seventy-one; township
seventy-two, (except section one, the north half
and southeast quarter of 'section two the northeast
quarter of section three, rind the north half of sec
tion twelve;) the west half of section eighteen, sec
tion nineteen, the south West quarter Of section
twenty, sections twenty-nine, thirty; thirty-one,
and thirtytwo, and the Kest half and southeast
quarter of section thirty-three, in township seventy
three, of range sixteen.
ToWnships seventy, seventy-one, and seventy
two; township seventy-three, (except the north
half and southeast quartOr of section one. and the
northeast quarter of section twelve) the !south
half of section twenty-nine, the south half of sec
tion - thirty, sections thitty-one, thirty-two, thirty
thiee,' the west half and Southeast quarter of sec
tion thirty-four, and the SouthweSt quarter of sec
tion thirtyfive, in township seventy-four, of ! range
Townships seventy, seventy one, seventy-two,
and seventy-three; the south half of section five,
sections six, seven and eight, the souttwest' quar
ter of section nine, the southeast quarter of ieetion
fifteen, sections seventeen, eighteen, nineteen,
twenty. twenty-one, and twenty-two, the South
west quarter of section twenty-three, and sections
twenty-five, twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty
eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two,
thirty-three, thirty-four, thirty-five-and thirty-six,
in township seventy-four, of range eighteen.
Lands appropriated by law for the use of schools,
military, or other purposes, will be excluded from
the sale.
The sales will each be kept open for two weeks;
(unless the lands are sooner disposed of) and-rno
longer, and no private e itriesot land in the town
ships an offered, will be ailmittted until after the
expiration of two weeks from the commencement
of said saki.
Given under my hand, at the City of Washington,
this fourteenth day of August, Anno Domini one
thousand eight hundred and forty-six.
By the President: JAMES K. FOLK.
Jsstxs. H. PIPER,
4rting Commissioner of the General Land Office.
Every person entitled to the right of pre-emption
to an lands within the townships above enumera
ted, in required to establish the same to the satis
faction of the Register and Receiver of the proper
Land Office, and make payment therefor, eia Wan as
practicable after erring this nolirr, and before the
day appointed for the commencement of the public
sale of the lands embracing the tract claimedi oth
erwise such claim will be. forfeited.
Coamdittioner of the General Land (Oct
aug 1 w 10w
TION is the only medicine that will cure this so
very common and troublesome disease. It not
only immediately allays inflammation, stops all
bleeding, subdues that intolerable itching, but ef
fectually cures, in a very short time,persons whose
lives have been rendered mi'scrable for years. Its
application produces no pain, but rather an agree
able and pleasant sensation. If persons afflicted
will only tall and hear of the great number of ca
ses that hale been cured, they will be astonished.
A gentleman of this city, who had been under the
knife of the surgeon two or three times, without
being cured. has, by using two bottles of this Em
brorotion, been radically cured! It sells beyond all
all Diseases of the skin, particularly those that are
attended with disagreeable,and troublesome itching,
are readily cured by anointing the parts effected,
night and . morning, with a small quantity of. Dr.
Jackson's Embrocation. Astonishing cures have
been effected by this medicine. For sale by Dr.
D. Jayne, No 8 South Third st., Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
72 Fourth street, near NVood § and also at the Drug
Store of 11. P.. Schwartz, Federal street, Allegheny
City. aug2B-d
SOFT, PINE AND CLEAN; to mike the scalp
healthy, smooth, white and fruitful, so that a good
crop may spring therefrom, persons have but to ex
pend thirty seven and a half cents. And, reader,
our only object for selling the article at that price, is
knowing to be all we state, that when you once try
this you never will use aught else, Whether it be
merely to embelish, to dress, beautify, and preserve,
to force growth, stop falling , off, and cure scrufs or
TIVE will never fail to do all this, as hundreds will
tell you with gratitude. It dresses the hair beautiful
ly, and makes red or grey hair grow dark front the
SOU at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Warehouse,
89 Liberty street, head of Wood—price thirty seven
and a half cents, fifty cents and one dollar per bottle.
At the same place is sold the Italian Chemical soap.,
Spanish Lilly White and unrivalled ehaving soap.
RtmoirED—The celebrated medicines of Dr. T.
G. Evans of Brownsville, : Pa., are now for sale
wholesale and retail, at Jackson's Medical pepot,
No. 89 Liberty street, head of Wood, Pittsburgh,
Wholesale Dealers and Agents supplied,
Dr. Evans' Sotleteign Panic and Grata Restbra•
live, a certain cure for the Fever . tind Ague.
Dr. Evans' Vegetable and Anti-Dyspeptic pills,
price 25 cents per box.
Dr. Evans' American Vegetable Vermifuge, price
25 cents per bottle.
Dr. Evans; Tonic Eye Wafer, an infallible cure
for sore eyes, price twenty-five cents per bottle.
Bee. Dr. James Esters'lllack Syrup, for the cure
of Coughs, Cold, Asthma, Croup, Bronchitis and
Consumption—price one dollar.
Remember Dr. Evans' cinly,Depot, is J.kCESOIO.O,
No. 89 Liberty street, head..of Wood, .
Sugar and lilaMese&
HHDS. N. 0. Sugar, strictly prime
` - me , 25 bbls..Nos. 4 and 6 Loaf;
10 cases ~L overing's" D. R. Loaf Sugar
118 bbls N. 0. Molasses;
In store and for.saleby
133 and 135 Wood street.
i ~
COFFEE ---n Gba g s Soper Rio Coffee, now landing
add for side Id* by
wHITING- 7 ..25 barrels Whiting now landini
and for sale by
sep2B- . , ,MILLEIt
rIFIrPPEDLOGWOOLL;4O bble. Chipped Logwood
now, landing.4nd for sale by -
inIIIIRINCIPEE CIGARS--40 M "T. Barrio's" brand
Prineipee:Cigirs, in store and for sale by
fiI.A.NNER2S 01L--I6 Barrels Tanners OIL-kW-re
ceired and for sale by -
OMB CIDER-10 Barrelti Economy Crab Cider,
1..) just received and for sale by -
AVA 'COFFEff--20 Baga Old Government Java
Ur Coffee, in store and forifale by
Canton' Rifle Barrels.
A FURTHER supply of the - above just received
joi., and for sale at manufacturers prices, by -
sep26 GEORGE", COCHRAN, 26 Wood street.
T ARD, 100 kegs, No. 1, Lord on consignment•,
14 And for sale by F. SELLERS.
sep24. No. 17, Liberty:street
S. IL Molasses, in store and for sale by
rep. 23. F. SELLERS.
EFINED BORAX ---1 Case,just received and for
Irk, sale by
'lll EFINED CAMPHOR-1 Barrel, just receivid
_Ely and ter sale lovi for cash.
sep23 H AYS & BROCRWAY. -
CASTOR OIL—I Bbl. for sale by
LN_ . sep23, HAYS & BROCKWAY.
PAI,4ISH Bbls.,just received' nd
kj for saki, by
sep23 j HAYS & BROCKWAY.
COPPERS -20 Bbls., for Sale low by
rkLIVE OIL--I .13b1, for sale by
sep23 HAYS t 4. BROCKWAY
GurE-4 Bbls., for sale 16 , -
Q PR. ,TURPENTINE--5 Bble, for sale by
LEMONS -7o Boies Lemons; for sale very low,
by i dyl4) JAMES MAY.
HIDES="4 AlMsouii Hirles, for sale lost to cl °Se
consignment. (je26) JAMES MAY.
CORN -117 scks * corn, for sale by
PIG mETAL.-r ton Scioto Furnace pig iron for
sale by (je26). • JAMES MAY.
vINEGXR-50 bbis cider vinegar in store and for
sale by (sep2) 3L B. RIMY & CO.
gBALES HAIR, suitable for Plasterers purposes,
for sale by (aug22.) M. B. RI3EY & Co.
UTLER'S Nerve and Bone Linement 5 Gross,
jj just received and ref sale by
I sep23, ' HAYS & BROCKWAY. ,
ESSENSES-10 Gross, for sale by
sep23 N 0.2, Commercial Row, Libarty at.
ATINEG4R-10 bbla.Cider Vinegar;
L 2"- Wine " for sale -by
; scp. 22. ,T. D. WILLIAMS &c. Co., 110 Wood et.
HAMS —l5 Prime Family Hams, for sale by
rep. 22. 110 Wood st
LASS-1100 boxes 6-8, 7-9,8-10,9-12, 10-22, and
Ur 10=14; !for sale by
aep. 22.• J. D. WILLIAMS Sr. Co., 110 Wood st.
A. MASON, 62 Market street, has just reed
another case of those blue and Orange prints,
selling at the low price of 6} cts per yard sepl6
nt:INLIOPI-100 ounces just received and for sale
I c e, by I IL A. FAHNESTOCK Ft CO.,
sepll. corner of 6th and Wood eta.
SOAP-10 cases just received and for
L sale by B. A. FA.HN ESTOCK CO.s
! seP 9 i cot. 6th and Wood et, •
it and foi sale by
sep9 cor. 6th and Wood sts
1{ LOUR-7 2 5bbls superfine family flour in store
and forsale by MARTIN & SMITH, '
ricp2 • ' 56 Wood meet.
IrA. Twist Tobacco-19 kgs Va. tobacco, No. 1
article, in store and for sale by
i scp2 MARTIN & SMITH, 56 Wood street.'
DOT ASH-15 casks Potash, No. 1 article, on
hand and for sale by
ljy27 -251ARTIN & SMITH, 56 WOod'st.
TENEERS AND VARNISHES, of the very best
V quality, for sale at H. H. RYAN'S -Cabinet
Ware Rooms, No. al Plitt' street. jyl6
ll: a l l T b W y BLIND PAPER—on . ; y s a i alait, for
!5ug.2.7. Smithfield street.
T --
OBBACCO-25 kegs No. 1 six twist tobacco re
ceived and for sale by M. R. RHEY & CO,
!sep2 No. 57 Water street.
30 BALES Mississispi Cotton; for sale by
• (aug29.) M. B. RHEY Co
COTTON -A few bales of Mississippi Cotton, for
sale low by GEORGE COCHRAN,
No. 26 Wood at.
ARD o.ll;.—Premium oil of Cincinnati rnanu
faetire for sale by GEORGE COCHRAN:
je 26 No. se Wood st.
AND CRUCIDLES-100 nests just received and
0 rot sale by 11. A. FANNESTOCK &
CO.,lsep9 corner 6th and Wood to,
Barrels superior Crab
der for sale by P. C. MARTIN,
jy 20 60 Water street.
LEMON'S. -100 boxes lemons iii good order,
for sale by P, C. MARTIN;
20 . GO Water street.
packagesH., Impl., G. P. and
Powehong, of late importations, arriving and
for sale by Diug2s) LAMBERT & SHIPTON.
TISALNIS & HYMNS, ibr the usa of the German
Reformed Church in the U. S. of America, En=
glish and German. For sale by
Jell SCRIBA & SCHEIBLER, 115 Wood Et:
Lard OLL,
FEW barrels of a superior quality for sale lovi
to close consignment, by
rep 17 GEORGE COCHRAN, 26 Wood street,
BEST JAVA COFFEE, ground and put np int
pound packages, received and for sale at the
I'4ns TZA STORE, 72 Fourth'street, near-Wood
size) very fine Salina Salt,'fit for table use and
Dairies, for sale low by P. C. MARTIN,
iy27 60 Water et.
OLD PpRT WINES-20 cases superior Old Port
Wine, for Invalids, for sale by the case or botA
Uri at the ),vine store of STERETT Coo
6eplB 61 Market street, cor., Front.
CLARET WINES-20 cases "St. Julien Medoc,"
- 1.5 do. family use and other brands. For sale,
lots at the wine store of STERETT & CO.,
keplB ; . N 0.16 Market st. cor Front.
9LD SHERRY BRAIkIDY--.An excellent article
On draught for medicine or other purposes, for
e by STERETT & Co.
keplB cor.-Market and Front.
VAST:INDIA and Wine Bitters of delightful
aroma, •bottles, and on draught, for sale at
the wine store of STERETT & Co.
heplS. cor. Market and Front.
BEDSTEAPS—Mahogany, Birch, Maple, Cherry
i and Poplar, high and low post bedsteads al
ways on hand and for hale low at the Furniture
warehouse of T. IL YOUNG & Co,
je6 3111 and at,
, • , Muntieto Netts. •
w 9-
Et,. S. SWARTZ has on hand 'a lot of very su
perior white and colored Musqueto Netts
'eh will be sold cheap at No. 106 Market strdet.
el 3 ' I
ECEIVEID- r -Per Canal ifoat Great 'Western
-111. 100 pen Cherry Scantling-5x5 and 6x6-6000
Lights Window Sash suitable for the western trade,
12i16, 101.0. and • Szlo. For sale by
-J_IL, received, a large assortment of - the above, and
for sale at F. PLUMES
sepS No. 112 Wood street., 2nd door above'bh
VJARDROBES—If you want to purchase a
good wardrobe cheapi call attire furniture
warehouse of T. B. XOUNG & CO {
jyl7 - 31 Hand e.t
. - 9Aterry.Wistos.---;-4 •
I ODOZ. Ditff,'G•ordoa & Co.'s brown Sberiy :Wines
10 do. ' d 0. 7. do; pale do do.
5 4 Cortes do . 4 -' "
together with a ierieral . assortidettt a ether rich old
wines. For - salo at. the wino store or -
sepis STERETT & CO., eor Morita edit ptot
.Tiereen fresh.lli S ee n ; il :
14 bblit,.Conklins improved lard 011; -
10,000 lbs; Bacon, phoulders. On hand and
for saie by •E SELLERS;
sep24.. strest7
n . . . .
tobaskets qita,uartfs 4
~,il- ' p - '
• iienn . on 4h , Co"
Wine now landiniaiiaffii eale bY
. .._
Brazier's Belisle:in
.. . .
BUST received an assortment,,largeratesi-Bratier,a
tffi Hand Bellows.,also; Parlour and Ititehtn,- do
Wholesale and Be t ; .::;JOHN. W.:BLAIR;
sep29. - . . ....- 120 Wood-st. -
B ROOMS -50 doz. PorneiOpt extra,t
60 cc - cc -..llTeditui' '
' 50 cC " Conzizonj
In store and for gale by •
sep. 22. Jcii. 'MUMMAtai
ANDS WANTED-2 Bedstead 'makers,
2 Table maker*,
8 hands to make othbr Cabinet ware;
„None need apply but first,rato workmen. -
- , H.. Rs BRAN.
auB -` (Journal and. Chrouielexcipy:)
*r- -
A SPLENDID assortment just received from the
_East, or entire new Patterns. _They 'Can be
had very.low at the Wall - Paper Store - Of -
aug27-dlm. J. SHIDLE, Smithfield street.
10 000 PIECES of 'Claled - and Unglazed
9 -
Wall Paper, ofray own manUfacture,
on hand and for sale at the lowest market price.
• ang27.dlm . J. SELIDLE, Smithfield -street.
New Fashioned Hate,
ACVverya superior quality, for tale by -
k_y wcontr KiNuv
corner of Wood and Fifthste.
- Crawforit, Dl* De
it ESPTCTFULLY tendetti big strvicda to tbiicitk
tens of Pittsburgh and vicinity: Office, St.
Clair street,. opposite the Exchange Hotel:
septlEtsdgm - -
zattat improveniilta
BEDSTEADS of different kinds with
iron patent fastenings, seperior to anything now
in use, for sale low at the furtature warehbust,of •
angl. . 9 T. IL YOUNG & Co, Hand titiebt..
rpABLUS--Pier, Centre and Card Tables of differ
ent patterns. if you want a good article Cheap
call at the Furniture Warehouse of
• • T. B. YOUNG & Co.
je6 31 Heald;
TOBACCO.,--75 large and no small boxes Nilsson.
vi tobacco ; of priine quality; just received on
consignment, and will be - cold chcail, for cash; or
Pittsbtirg4 manufactures..
Migust 18 tAAPFP: tr. 03tOltit1t.
. .
THEMEANSOF PEACE.—A Sermon :delicered
.in the "Third Presbyterian Church , ' Tidy 12,
by the Rev. D. K. Riddle, and published by the rp.'
guest of the Congregation. For sale by - • - .
Six times New 1 All Priiitsk
JUST. RECEIVED this dap. embracing. all the
new and desirable atylesin the inarket4 and.;Will
be sold at greatly reduced prices, by
sepls .ABSALOM MORRIS, No. 65•Market,st.
Wood Street Propeity fox- Sale;
THAT desirablelot of dfoohd at inn fabt of Wood
street, occupied at the time of the great fire by
Messrs. King & Holities, is offered for sate. - '"
Empire of jaugn] J. K. MOOHHEAD.
Cashmeres and De ldnee,
JUST RECEIVD, a beautiful assortment or new
style Paris printed ) Ombri shaded; Rep Corded
and plain. Cashmeres and D 9 Laiiis ' and for sale by
sepls ...113SALOIIIMORRIS, 65 Market street. -
300 BAGS O G I r d ee Gov e
Green Rio, part prime;
Government Java ,
Arriving this day and fur salt by :
ang:2s LAIfi3ERT & SkllivrOti
AA. A. MASON, 62 Market Street;
y' invites the attention of country merchantsaxid
others, to his well selected stock of fall grinds, - Which
is now opening. Selling only for earth; we can offer
such advantages to purchasers as are Seldbthr poises
sed by those who sell On the credit system: scpl6.
For Sale nt the Wharit . •
JIIST received per Canal Boat=66.
10,000 feet inch poplar;
10;000." 66 seasoned;
45,000 " 454 Scantling.
- DhCEIVED this day, several packages Very
_EIL, rich new style Persian—embOssed Chnhiis Bro
cade) Chamelioni Striped, Plaid ikild Poult de.Soie,
and Black Satins Striped Armour breta aud
will be sold cheaja for Cash, by
sept 3 ABSALOAT MORRIS E No. 65 Market at.
Fall Goods.
AA. MASON, 62 Market strecti hasjtast receit
, ed and now opening; a largo 4tobk
.6r Prints:
Brown and bleached muslins; flannels, ticking; chick,
stripes, chintzes, ginghams, cashmere and:thons
lains, shaWlS; ed Ssinetts, cassimeres; bioa.d
all of which will be sold at exteremel3; low prices:.
New Dries Glisdhains:
havb now on hand a Hill astortatnat of beau..
tiful Freneh aad Stotch dress Giligbarris, twit=
led and plain , at remarkable low prices. Also, an
article of en;brofdired Gingharn--very beautiful for
Dresses, for sale by ABSALOM MORRIS, • ,
Sep 15 No. 65 Marketatreet...
• Storage: •- -
TE ASING a very large and CortiinOdious ware
houtu; we are prepared to receive (in addi
tion to freight Ibrahipment) a largh ainount of Pro
duce kn. on storage at I otir fates.
...iy23 C. A. McANTLTY S CO; Canal Basin.
5n FIBLS., Pitch:
1,1 50 " Rosin;
150 Thuds Tobaeco, 'ration§ sixes;
10,000 Seed lcaf Cigars;
On nobsignutnnt and *ill be sold low' for Cash, or
exchanged for Pittsburgh manufactures, by
bbls No. 3 Lary'S.Matkerel;
12 • 20 =• " 3 North "-
10u 4, 1
20- " Herring (Aiiiiiy@S) •
5 " No. 1 Salmon; ill store and for
sale by Sang2sl LAMBERT Br . SI:TIPTON.
Now Books.
psT ItECEIVED--LErrens PROMBitoosk, Asia
UMinor, by Mrs. E. C. A. Schneider, with 'an
essay on the prospects of the Heathen and our duty
to them by Rev. E. Schneidet, and an intrOductio.
by Rev. .E. Heiner; A, M. .Published by Rev. Saniln
Gutelius, Clulabersburgh, 184.6, For sale by'
jell SC'RTBA & SCHEIBLER, 115 Wood st
- E UST REICETVED;--Another large addition to ray
f.l Stock of Diamond pointed Gold Pens of-the
best makers said at the lowest prices.,
AlSo;---A large issartment of Gold and Silver Pen
cils, Tooth and r,ar Pieki,Tweezers, &c. fzc.
_fel'? W. W. WILSON, 57 Market st.
Segura! Segars '
I UST received from New York, a large quantity
IP 'of Havanna and Principe Segars of - the most -
popular and superior brands now in use. Alsb,
excellent article of chewing Tobacco and several
bales of superior Cuba Leaf TobaccO for sale.
No. 50, Third street, two doors from the' Post
Office. may 9.:
TINI6Ev , 9 THEOLOGY.—Lectures on System
atic Theoltty; embracing Lectures on Moral
Governinent; together with Atonement. Moral and
Physical Depravity, Regeneration,...Philosophidai
Theories and Evidences of Regeneration; by . Rev.
Charles G. Pinney, Professdr of Theology 10 the
Oberlin Collegiate Institute. Just - received dnd
sale by [sepll] LUKE Lgomls, Agent.:.
BE PROGRESS OF NATIONS.—An Essay on . g res3 of Nations,in Productive Industty,
Civilization, Population an Wealth; illustrated by
Statistics of Mining, Agriculture, Manufactures,
Commerce,- Revenues, Banking, Internal Improve
ments, Mortality, Emigration and Population; by
Ezra C. Seaman.
A few copies of the above work for sale by
corner of Market and 3d ate,
TOBACTOBACCO ---40 bits Hutchinson's ss;
30 bxs Price& Harwoed's Os;
10 4, •J. Grante Ss;
15 4, Layton's ss; • • • _
55 " 15.,125, 165., 325., Balt plug, arid
Ladies Twist; arriving this day, and for sale by