The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, October 01, 1846, Image 1

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VOL. II."NO. 62.
rvittafititp - •
- -
:.`; • • cornerV Wei 4 and Fifth SU,. •
- TEAMS:--Alv,e.:ttallarti a .7car,pa.yable advance.Si: dot ri ittvatiably. bb- require& if liot
within thb ~,,,
ginito Copies; TWO CLANTS-•-a - Or Sale, at the .counter
of the Office, and by News Boys. .. ;
. -
. . , . , _
Lc polished-at the Satat 3 °lke, PA 4 tinut;lp medium
"aheet, at, IWO DOLLARS .a- year, in Advances sin
gle topien,..stx.curre: -.1 :•,, .. . , 5:. . - .
.. ..,
... .TACFP.S . P.f
i-. PE& ,SIWAIIE or 'TV
Oiieinsertiony • 81150
WO •dci, - 0•75
Tliree-do, • • - • 1100
()niliveek•,• .... 11'50
Two: • 3! . 00
Three do, ' 4'oo
Ode month,., -
Two .do, , 6 .00
1 1 Three do, 7 00
Four do, ; 8 00
Six • do g .. . 10 00
One-year, - 'l5 00
. . .
Y emery Adv,
. ,
Si 1 : 11 1° 4 0 1 )-1 sl s *
ffue,yeu v -. 20 : 00
I.lrger advertisements ii
AttrtCrit.iis of •fttur rules.
''-4,YFP4r 6II E.
1.. 272,70-Rwirt;: '
six months, : , 82000
Rde icir , -• ' • : - '
3(r., ot,
in proportion;„ , • •
. ,•
„FIVE. Siol,l4Tis .year
... Shannon.
Asltoll.ft'ir AT LAW, Greensburg, Westniore
,blL.lf*Valiunty,,O;..l3.l frautice in, the .West-
It a. oreland, Indian and,Cirablis. caxarts. decB-y
A :TTORNEY, ay. LAW and Solicitor inChanoeri.
. L Onion in Bats ItOn. baildiAn Fifth arca% be
tween Wood and Smithfield. • ' abet.
Hagen.* - •
TTOk,FEYS•AT LAW, Ofr! . ce motored to the
lA_ residence of H. 8. Magraw, on Fouttit st.y one
dbor froni Cherry Alley. ap:4ll
WWI; dr,-I.lronnielly, •
,Pittaburgh, Pa. ; Office"on at.' ? between
Smithfield and dinnL
Earn%tad Snoxrde a,
-rroRNEy la LAW, office in the building on
114-North East denier of.;Fonith and Smithfield
streets. n0i1.1.1
liamllton & Ursiee,
. ... .
' TTOILNKYS AT LAW, - office North "side 'o.
• Fifth, street, between :Wood and Smithfield stasta.-itta
hnigh; . Pa- Collections made on reasonable
terms. . . .. ; . ..1 . dccl-y
- -
It. Morrow,'.
A LDERTIA.N, office = north side of Fifth street,
between Wood and Smithfield., Pittsburgh.
tteplo-y. ' '
, Andress ,
TTOANEY AT LAW, office, Smithfield streCt,
1-L.between Fourth Street and Diamond Alley, op
posite Mr. Geo. Weymaa's tobacco mauuflictory.
- ' James Callan, - -
A TTORINTE.Y AT LAW, office in the chambers
iiicupied by Aldermtui bilblasters; on Fifth St.,
between. Wood - and Smithfield. ' aplS-y
111 , Ctindle'ss & N,Clurc.
IS_ office on Tomtit street, opposite It. & It. IL
Patterson's Liceryltablei Pittsburgh. Seplo-y
IPworiv dp "Sly , aFt zwelde
• -
TTORNEYS AT; LAW, ' Fourth street Itetween
'Wood and Smithfield; opposite Patterson's Hr.
essetable. . • • • spZl
. • George
TTORDiLT AT LAW, Office in BremPs build
ings, 4th at., above Wood, Pittsburgh,
- sep2.4lly - - . .
C. Orlando I.oomis,
ttoßrmi - AT LAW, office Fottith st., ibove
;; L - 1 Sinitkfield. julyl-y
'BEELEN has removed his commission and fur
l-lb wahling business from the Canal Basin to his
new warehouie on 'Third street, nearly opposite the
Post Office.' may3Bl
TTORNEY AT LAW, 'office in Stuart's build
-11 tits, Fourth st. , , Above Wood. • junel9-dwy
bLA V. Durrell,
LAW, having returned from
E fir op e t oAr has taken an office on the
north east aorner of Fotrdi and Smithfield sts. Per
sons:having- had buiiness'and papers in the hands o
Samuel Kingstinri , E.sin.deceasedi will, call on the
abovd-,- a3pll the unsettled business of Mr, Kingston
has been left in his bands. . . mars-y.
Chattels 111.11iiys,
A TTOKICEY AT LAW; Pittsburgh, Pa. Com•
ji missidtier to take the proof and acknowledge
ment of dem*, leases, contracts; deposites or other
writings, to, be recorded or used in the States of
Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Office 80,
Stuart's buildings Fourth street. marl` -y
Jame* S. Craft,
Pittsburgh ) Pa.) Basing resigned. thi office o
ocretary . P: Nay. and Pire Ins. C 0 ..; will attend spe
cially to collections and buSiness connected with
navigation, insurance ) needants and real estate. Bu=
sines hours, 9 A. M. to 9 P . . 11t. Office, No. 1,
Stitart , (rbuildihgs, (No. 80 ) Pourth st.,) second door
eat or Wood street. • • feb3l
Edwin C. Waskint
Franklin, Venango eounty;iserina4 will attedd
promptly to all business _ entrusted to.his care—col:
iections made in Warien; Clarion mid:teen/on co.'s.
S. A. Stockton & Co.
Murphy, Wilson & Co. PittSburgh:
John Bigler, -
Hon. James Kinnear; , Z
Eon'Alex. M'Calmont, c
Hon. James ,Wil eon, Steube Ohio.. juy234
Joint A. Park'limo'',
ALDERMAN; Fifth Ward, Penn street, between
Wale& and O'Hara streets, where he may be
founikat all tines. Those having houses or other
property to sell or rent, can have the same' punctu
ally attended to; debts collected, and all
.the duties
of an Alderman will receive prompt ,attention.
oct27-y . .
BANKERS and'dealers in Foreign and Domestic
Bills of Exchange ' certificates of deposit, bank
notes and specie. Drafts and notes collected, and
remittances made to any . part 'of the United. States,
No. 55 Market street.' - - jan7-y
Johnston /ft Stoektirn,
-KERS, No, 114 Market. street. sep 101
Scriba'ar, Scheibler,
, No. 115 I,Veod street, three doors below Fifth,
Pittshargik; Pa. jan7-y
James Patterson, Jr.,'
CORNER of First and Ferry' streets; -Pittsburgh,
10 Pa., manufacturer of locks -hinges and bolts,
tobacco, fuller, mill and timber screws, housen
s crews. for rollizig mills, &c. seplo-y
Win. A::Ward,
ENTIST, has remoyed - to the place, of his for
merredidenCein Pena'street, two doors below
. . .
i • 73.,E. Constable,
DEiiiER in Fancy : and Staple Dry. Goods, 83
Market strectiPittabutgh. . • novlol
Edgar ; VisorsVe
I)RUG ' and! Family .11edieine Store,. a orner. of
Penn arid , Eland streets, Pittsburgh, Pa”
', Th y.
,sycians 2 prescriptions accurately compounded .. Medi•
c ines eau be had at all hours of thelaror - night.
liii4n J
iville •uiilatii Ikon Weiks;
, - . ,
171;kitVARD HUGHES manufacturer of iron - and
XI. nada, warehouse, Smithfield above Fourth 14.- -
B ePAY .. . .• .
• c.d A., lillAtialtrar.; CO,. -;
.11 Candi *sin, I'ittabitigh, Po. - - nuOldy
arts*tin Lytle,
AMILY GROCER, Smithfield street, next door
to the Fifth Presbyterian Church. junerl-y
- 116;26 of Pittsburgh. :ricre27-y
(11:10: S: SWARTZ would respectfully 'hia
jr. friend& and cuatoraera that ho has removed. to
N0..106 Market street,.betveen Fifth and..l,ibertyats. )
east tdde, where 'he ia receiving a largo and.well ea ;
sorted stock:of spring goods, to which he %meld ,to.
spectrally invite their attention. . ap3.4om
New Book Store.,
Ez.cci., :No. 43 Market street,
ja, next door to Third Street are just of3ening a
new and,exiensive aasortriteat of Books and Station.;
Cry, which thOy and - retal, at *6
!coyest prices,' . , :aii2Ell
• lantYLT --. • GEO. o...nuowriz,
(stmer.veris YO )lOLDSIIIP AND 13ILOWNE 3 ) .
IMPORTE,PS and : manufaCturers of Wall
and General Paper Warelsouse, No. 87 , Wood
re et, Pittsburgh.. - . , • je2o
Win. O'Hara Itobinsou,
ATE U. S. Attorney, ham removed hisoffice to
tNo.•B C)air,st. • . - ,Aept4-y
L. Wits)" aitla ,
ISIIRCIIANT, office on Penn street,
lietween Irwin tind PittsbuFgh, ha.
All comniisSioits will 'pe promptly tittended to. Marl-y
.School Book_ sus.a4kciper 1 are)tou4c,
LUKE L 00 1 1,119; Agent; publisher, bookseller and
bookbinder, No. 89, Wood street, Pittsburgh.
triar2.B,l . , . •
; NW&Luton's ttartvaned Blaoking,
IVYANUFACTURED and sold wholesale ,and re
-I,l"tail, Smithfield st., between Sixth and Virgin
M. C. Edey.
OiIASIiFACTtiRER of Lard and dealer hl .
.W . M• COLCSIA}T. J'O fir: F. JErnuNGs. JAS. W. lIAILIIAN.
• _ Co!cilia*, Pattinasisi & Coal
IIIorANUFACTUItEiRS of Carriage Springs and
1.11. A. 13., and spring site', and dealers in
coach trimmings of every description), manufactory
on Su Clair street,.warehouse, 43 Ittiod stmat, op.
polite St—Charles Vote]. j riaal
Vitra Giulia Establishment.
AtULVANY S LEDLIE Manufacture and keep
Ilttj_ constantly. on hand cut, moulded null plain
Flint Glassware in all its varieties, at their warehouse
corner of Market and Water streets, Pittsburgh.—
Our works continue in full operation, and we are
constantly adding to our stock, which enables nu to
fill orders With promptness. Purchasers arc respect
fullysolicited to call and examine prices and terms.
Otto Kuntz,
A.TANITACTIMER or Iscoatterrintt TEETH,
lit Smithliel,l street, two doors below Fifth street
Pittsburgh, Pa. Always on hand a full assortment 01
Plate and _Pivot teeth, of a variety of shades, as
simple Plate, Molars and Discuspidatoes, qum teeth,
Screw Pivot teeth, ike. Teeth and blocks made ft,
order; Dentists supplied with all articles in the pro
fession. All orders from abroad most be acciimpan
led by the cash.
vr Mina always on hand. novri-y
niFFICR..on Siitithfield t three doors from Sixth sr.,
I,_/ . Pittsburgh. . declo-y
~ George Virettt,
OFFICE, No. 77 'Smithfield street, near Simi) st.,
Pittsburgh. aug,2l-y
ThIANOFORTE manufacturer and 'dealer in Mu
-oical Instruments, No. 112. Wood street, near
nor 19-y
PAINTER, Fifth, near Marketltt., 'Military flags,
Banners, signs, designs for steamboat Wheel
houses, and fancy painting of every description neat
ly e.idcutod at the shortest notice. jr27-116en
George BeUey,
- DUMBER, and manufacturer of Pumps and Hy.
17. drants, Which arc superior to and cheaper than
any in the city. Please to call and ezamine for your
selves. Fourth street, between. Smithfield and Cher
r Alle . fi •drants and pumps repaired. janl.y
J. Bryar,
ECTIFIING DISTILLER, and wholesale deal
err in Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors,
No. 114 Liberty street, and•s3 Diamond Alley, Pitts.
burgh, Pa. : jy:ll—y
H. D. Sellers, .M. D.,
EMONT.D to Penn st., between Irwin and nand
1:lt, streets, five doors below Hand et. aplrry
Hugh Arters,
SLIRGEON DLINTIST, 11S Liberti atreet r a few
doors below St. Claret.; l'ittaburgh., np2S-y
Ogden & Snowden,
sale and retail druggists, and manufacturers of
white lead, red lead and litharge, corner of Wood
and Second sta„.Pittsburgh, Pa. . nor 13-y
SUCCESSORS to Irvine & 7holcsale. gra
° cers, prcidnce and cOrnmission merchants, and
dealers in Pittsburgh, manniactdred articles, No. 56,
Wood street; Pitt.atairghi Pa: iapS-y
JOhn APClositoy,
AtLein AND CLOTHIER, Liberty 'Bt., between
Sixth street and Virgin Alleyisouth side.
seplo-y .
J 1 D. William:is ift. Cot .
WHOLESALI: and' retail grocers ' Forwarding
and commission merchants, and dealers in
country produce and Pittsburgh .Dhnuractures: No.
110, Northeast corner of Wood and Firth streets.
sec.:. 8..
V dhitestocit dt , 'Cos;
jirtIOLESALE and retail Druggists, corner Sixth'
I•V • and Wood streets. , Bcpo-y
Thomas Billlees
STORE; dorner of Wood andATourth streets,
Pittsburgh apll-y
Sterett Oz. Co.;
v i rgoLEsA.LE and retail dealers,in foreign and
11 domestic Wines and Liquors, exclusively,
No, 18 Market street, apB-p,
Ci Martin;
WHOLESALE and retail Grocer and dealCi; in
Foreign and Domestic Wines and Liquors,
Foreign and Domestic Fruit; Nuts; &c., No.oo Water
street. ' seps-y
Lambert & Sbliitciii,
W ,
Commission Merchants, dealers in produce
and Pittsburgh manufactures, Nos. 133 and 135 Wood
street, Pittsburgh, Pa. febit-y
_Joh.n Scott & Co.#
V T Merchants, No. 7 Commercial Row, Liberty
street, Pittsbur:
J.. J. prDevitt,
- VITIIOLESALE GROCERS, dealers in produce
and Pittsburgh 'manufactures' generally, No.
224 Liberty,. opposite 7th street, Pittsburgh. ap2B-y
John - 11. Mellor.,
WHOLESALE and retail dealer - in Music and
Musical Instruinerthr, Piano Fortes, School
Books and Stationary, No. 122 Wood 'street, Pius
burgh. janl-y
James Park, Jr., & Co.,
AITHOLESALE GROCERS, importers of tinplate
. queertiware,. and dealers in_ copper and
Pittsbargh•mantifictured articles; Nos: 112' arid 114
2nd st, betiveett'Wbod and: Smithfield' jal4-n144
Select School.
"VITM. MOODY respectfully announces to his old
'll friends that he intends opening a Select School
in this city; on the first Monday of 'April next, in the
basement of the Third Presbyterian Church. mar2l4
'' R. E .' Sellars, ..
.. .rs, . .
Food.OLESAIE - pRUGGIST,..and dealer in. dye
' Etaffs,..paints, oils,:, varnishes, &c., ,No. 57,
street, Pittibnrgh. .1 • , , ... 3-octy
"'Dr/. Win.ll..wright,
• DENTIST, Office and residence in
St. Clair et.; 11.•• few down helow Lib
" &M®'l erty, near the Exchance Hotel,
marl! -y
TlltilibAYTOeTol3E - I1 1. :*6.
House, Fotirth street,
and dfaitt • 'Streelii . .Pitt4bur gh
ARISTXAN CllMElßTZ`;.Prisprielor';''idepec'V ,
Vtj fully informs his friends and the public general
lvj that ho will open :the Obove'splendld , House on
the-Ist day, of May next
Tho Rouse . being: new, and finished ia the .most
commodious and eorivenimat manne r and having it
furnished.with the newest and mostbentilelstyle of
fiiiniture; flatters himself thalbe will ha able to ac
conimodate,his friends . and traceiling publie, in a ,
Manner not inferior to any similar establishment in
the eity. ,
Anthellonsels situ ated near the Court Ifonse; ar
rangements havo - been made to serve up meals at any
hour.-in theda.y, this will be great' convenience to
those who arena atteadance at court. „ ' -
ill-Refreshments of all kinds can had.. Boar
ders taken by the week or day. , '
1:1 - 1.'Ainpit every qq . oxii o'clock, A. M.
Waltlib:Aston Hotel,
J . _
AMES' AItAISTRONG, Proprietor, Corner of St.
Clair and Penn stredts,' 'Pittsburgh, the proprie
tor begs leave to rattan hismostgrateful thankii to
his friends and the public for , past favors, md lopes,
by attention, to metit4 eentinuation of their , patron
age. The houise is pleasantly situated , ucar the Ex
change; it has "aecouitnodatione tier travelers, and a
large room for public meetings, dinner or supper par.
Refreahnients always, ready, ..or prepared on the
shortest uoticeovitli the choicest the Market will af
ford. Gysters and OYster, Sodp, also Fresh
Oysters, received every day during the erased. The
greatest care has litien' taken in the selection of wines
and liquors. A variety of newspapers are' reguiarly
filed in the establishment; ' " '
P. S. A Slot Lunch : served .up ovaryday at 11, A
D.Y. It. 'DOSSITI"r, Penn street, Pittsburgh, Penna.
iloarding and lodging; by the day or week, on
11:e most masa:labia terms. Strangers will find it to
their adotitage to patronize hint. Persons travelling
cast or weste fl find , this house a convenient Inca.
tion-4t is Within ono: hundred yards of the canal
basin; and convenient to theTorwarding houses.
E , iczY information given to Iron Manufacturers is
all branches of the business.
Home brewed ale cau at all times be had at the
bar. rur/rllOl
Lafayette Refreetory
'MOS. GI, and 63, IYood street, under Lyuil's
IA tints store. The subscribers hare fitted up the
above place in superior style, and they fed assured
Av/I1 give comfort and satisfaction to all who may
visit them.
arrangements havo bean made to have a constant
supply of Fresh Oysters ; which will be served up to
visitors and families on the shortest notice. Other
luxuries; candies, fruit and pastries of the choicest
kinds always on hand. Their liar is Usti with the
heat brands the market can afford; and Regalia, Cas
tello, Principe, lio - 111111A Cigars of superior qual
ity. Every attention paid to visitors. Their motto
is, every luxury in its season. Prites tnoderate.
Burnt Dlottrict MURDOCK, tbrinerly of the Union lintel
on Water street, having been hunit out, lituibullt
'a tiers arid handsome house expressly for the accom
modation of tr.isclers, at the corner of Second and
Smithfield streets, which will be known as the Durnt
District lintel.
lie is now prepared to eger every accommodation
and every cointiirt to, the traveler, at very moderate
charges. Ile is pioiided with ample and convenient
STERETT dr Co., vsholeilale and retail dealers in
Foreign Wines and Liquors, corner of Market
and Front streets, Pittsburgh. Pa.
References—Wm.llolmes fc Co:Me:try F. Schwep ,
pc. Win. Eichbaum, B. Weaver.
Their stock has been selected with great care, and
consists of the choicest qualities suitable for this mar
ket, to which they uould respectfully call attention
and solicit a share otpublic patronage. It comprises
the following in casks and bottles:
Wints—Maderias, Sherries, Lisbons, Tenerifies,
Ports, MalaginsCalahrias. Liquors—Brandies, Gins,
Rums, and Whiskies. ang2s
LEN BROWN, Pnorairroa.—Terms $l,O per
day. Thou ndersigned, formerly of the Merchants
Hotel, corner of Wood and Third streets, has leased
this superior establishment, and furnished it anew
throughout ' with new beds, new bedding and new
furniture. Great care has been taken to till his cel
lar witli the choicest viands. A handsome omnibus
and a baggage wagon arc provided for the use of-his
guests, and 'a -Porter will be in attendance at all hours
to meet the demands of the traveller. The long ex
perience of the undersigned in this business, assures
him that his casnest purpose to satisfy all who call,
cannot be uusncccsstul. lie feels altogether at lib
erty to promise his visitors a comfortable and cleanly
abode, liberal 'entertainment, and a hearty welcome,
at a moderate expense. ALLEN BROWN.
WILLIAM COLEMAN having, on the first day
January inst., associated with him Jas. W:
Hallman and John F. Jennings, under the name and
style of Coleman, Heilman & co., will now have in
facilities for :manufacturing Steel Springs,
haremered axes, American Blister and Spring Stcol, ,
&c.; to which the attention of dealers is respectfully
solicited, and hope by, strict attention to business, to
merit a continuance to the new firm the favors so lib
erally bestowed upon him.. Factory on St. Clair it.
—warehouse 43 Wood st„ opposite the St. Chmles
Hotel, where can be. found a geed . assertment of
Springs; Axles; A; B.; and Spring Steel, and Coach
Trimmings of ercrydescription; together with Iron,
Nails and Pittsburgh manufactured articles. Vr'The
highest price paid for Scrap Iran. jan22
BELL AND BRASS FOUNDER, has rebuilt and
commenced business at his old stand, N0.,70
Second, bOtween Market and Ferry streets, .where
ho will be pleased to see his old customers and,
friends. •
Church,, steamboat, and bells of every size, .from
10 to 10;000 pounds, cast from patterns of the most
approved models; and warranted to be of the best
Mineral Water Pumps,-Counters, &c. &c.,
together with every variety of Brass Castings, if re
quired, turned and finished in the neatest manner.
A. F. is the sole agent for Babbitt's Anti-Atfraeticra
Metal, so justly celebrated for the reduction of fric
tion-in machinery. The boxes and compbeition can
bo bad df him at all tildes.
Franklin Mariano Works.
rrum subscriber having been removed by the
great fire to Allegheny, is prepared to'make
Steam and Fire Engines, Hydraulic and Shred•
Presses, for oil, tobacco or any either purpose, and
machinery generally. J. S. GWYNNE,
Franklin Machine Works,
On Reliecea street and Bank lane, West of Federal
street, Allegheny city.
N. B. Orders left in Pittsburgh with hfr. S
Cuthbert, in Markit street; 2 doors below Third
street, will meet with pronipt dttention.
mayl 1.
lA4 JOHN D. MORGAN, Wholesale and retail
Druigist, No. 933 Wood street, one door South
of Diamond Alley, Pittsburgh.—The subscriber
has just received from the Eo-sterdcities, and is now
opening at the above stand, a full assortment of
articles in his line,•consisting of Drugs of all kinds,
Dye Stuffs, Paints and Varnishes, Chemicals,
&c., together wih all, such articles as are usually
kept for sale at a wholesale and retail drug store.
His stock is entirely new, and has 19eati selectetl
with care. He, is Confident that his,'articles, la:Ali
as to quality and price, will please suchUs may fa.
vor him with a call. . , my9-y.
ket street, three doors abbe Third street, Pitts
burgh, will have constantly en hand a well selected
assortment of the best and freshest Medicines; which
he will sell on the moat reasonable,terms. Physi
cians sending orders will be promptly attended to,
and supplied with articles they may rely upon as
Physicians',' will be accurately . and
neatly-repared from the . best materials, at any hour
of the day or night;
Also, for sale, a large stock of fresh and good
erftuneg dee 30d
Canal ;110[14
Focchance Hotel,
A. Vialton;
New Drug Store.
John M. Ttiwnsend,'
Lt. ard".ol.4:e is Stotlttietl - lv.rieb:''
subsciiber ,woUld respectt „inform. his
friends public in itenerbl, that his now now co mpleted, and with a large, idditinn
to.his machineryshe ti, . to make copsidera
guantitieS uppnor:.'itrticle otc,
which he is doterputted to sell eheali, ri a ny Ai prirso lt
ling the Old proverb; that sisppnco. is
worth m9ret.kan He - feels confi
dent that consumerti vvatild find It to their, adyantnge
,to give him milland tv;• - kinitit for themselves.,
Woolen manufacturers, niachilists and otliere,nre
respectfully invited to esomine his sOptrieroll",..o4h
street, near Karket; opposite I.lunker , ll Oance,ctiop
ary store, 164;14e-este.Atnueii , i itPClurhen Bt,_.• Co,
Liberty ; street: • .
- • PittshergsLartOil Mattifttturei:
A superiorspnlity of .t9r - catulles, always on hand,
of assorted meg: . • . tu'ai244
a nio,4 wors.
,{Vig. Maker,
tyls!, six . deersfrostrhe
:t, opposite, the Conectore
trisbesle inibrns the
t she, has just commenced
'artnierital Hair- businets;
a very sootier stock;iiw
from the Easterp citie.saed
Intl she' is prepared to fill
:cc at the shortest :notice,
a manner that cannot be
by apy taanufac:.
lends keeping, a large•as=
sortment of Ornamental Bah* Work, such as Ladles'
Wigs, -,llraids,. Curia, leciclanes,. Guards,
Bracelets, Finger., Ring, A/entlemenS' Wigs,
Tanprics, Scratches, &cc, , , r. 'I I
Mrs. It. has Pecp fur many ye;is...eugageil la the
business in Prance and the Unitnil States; and from
her long and experience, she feebt confident in being
able to givo satisfaction. all -who will favor her
with their patronage. ller prince are more liberal
than have been offered iit this city heretofore.
mar 17-ly _ _
James Howard Co. '
IT AVE the pleasure ttt announce to their Iliends
11. that they again oceupy: thoir old Stud at - HU;
83, Wood street, where they , have opened an exten
sive WALL PAl'.l.:ll, WAREHOUSE, anti will have
contantly on hand an. extensive assortment of Satin
glazed and plain PAPER HANGINGS; Velvet and
Imitation Borders of the latest style; and inost hand.
some patterns for papering hins,parlors and cham
They niannfixture. and 11.1‘ 0 on hand at all times,
Printing, Writing, Letter, Wrasping and Ton. Paper,
Bonnet and Fuller'sfl oard..±— 1 of ‘shich they otter
for sale on the 'neat acciiinnictlatit , terms, and to
‘vliich they invite the attention of merehants and
A L.,sa-Llliank.lloris of all Lindland the herd qual
ity, School llooliii, &e., always on hand and for sale
as abort. -1; Aug 2J
Landreth's Warranted Oarden..Seeds,
hears the label and ‘ValTalliy of .D.tvin LAN ,
ourpr. For sale by F. L. SNOWDE—N, No. 2.9 Water
4_, tit the stand formerly occopimfhy G 00..%. Berry.
Extinct front the 'Report or the Vjiiting Committee
of the Prnusylvanailorticulteral Society,' unani
mously adopted and ordered to be printed..
"These extensive grounds arc en Federal street,
near the Arsenal. • • * • The earliest collec
tion of Camellias was made here, Some of those
now in possession of those distinguished eurserymen
are tea feet high. • • • The selection of
OREEN..ISOCSE PLA:Cn is valuable and extensive.
"The Nurseries ere very correctly managed, sup
plying every part of the Video, a detail of 'which
would occupy too much of our spice, we therefore
content Ottilleres with stating that , the stock
,is very
large, and in every stage: of growth, cotriliting of
a collection of herbacceous Plaids, fruit trees of the
beat kinsl and most healthy condition, large beds of
seeding apples, pears, plums. &r., as stocks for bud
ding and grafting; a plan- very superior to that of
working upon suckers, which carry with them into
the graft all the iliscas of the parentstock. • •
"GARDEN' SLEDS of the finest quality have been
scattered over the country from these grounds, and
may always be depended upon. The seed establish
ment of these Horticulturists is one of the.most ex
tensive in the Union, and its reputation is well sustain
ed froni year to year.
"To obviate the chance- of mixture of the farina of
the plants o f the same family, they have established
another nursery at a suitable distance, so that degene
ration cannot take place, and • secures to the
purchaser a 'genuine article.' Knowing thus the
age, quality .1/[1(1 process of culture of every plant,
the supply irciru their grounds is recommended with
' great confidence."
•,i,• Since the date of the.' Report' from which the
1 above is extracted; the euti*Th establishment has been
greatly enlarged. The eldre - ctirin of Camellias em
tuner's all the finer kinds, and consists of some thou
sands of various sizes; so likewise with Roses, and
othrir desirable plants, both tender and hardy; fruit
trees, &c.
The Seed Gardens alone cover fifty acres, and the.
I wlirde is, as it has been for more than half a century,
under the successive management of father and son,
the most prominent in America.
roe Order, received by F. U. SNOWDEN, from
whom catalogues may be received gratis.
A Card
rpm: subscriber begs leave respectfully to return
his grateful acknowlegcmcnts for the liberal pa-.
tronage bestowed upon him far years past, and par
ticularly to Mlle who, so generously patronized: hint
since his misfortune by the late tire. [laying. consid-.
erably enlarged his busines by associating with Wm.
IS. Roberts as a partner, lie would earnestly solicit rt
continuance of former favors to the new , firm 'of
Roberts & Kane, and he trusts that by pronipt atten
tion to business they will give general satisfaction.
M. KANE, Jr.
The subscribers would respectfully inform, their
friends and the public that they have removed
their new warehouse on Third between•blark'efind
Wood streets ' irg
south side, where they truby strict,
attention to business, to merit a share of public pa.:
tronage. They solicit attention to their extensive,
stock on hand, which has been got up with great care,
in the latest style hnd most substantial manner, con
sisting in part of the following articles, viz:
Mahogany Wardrobes; '
" Dressing Bureaus,
" Book Case and Secretaries, '
" Section Back Sofas,
" Plane • do.,
tt ' Divans;
" Ottomans,
" Victoria' Chairs,
" French do,
E. Plain do;
Centre Tables,
Card do,
Bureaus of every description;
" End, T -
Marble Top Pier do,
" Centre do,
" Seth • do,
" Dressing Bureaus,
Wash Stands,
Mahogany Work Stands,
Fiat Racks
t{ flocking Chairs,
" Sewing do,
" Music Stools,
" Arm ChairO,
" French Bedsteads,
" Butlers , Trays.
Mahogany; chdrry and poplar bedsteads, warrant
ed proof againstbugs, and superior to any now offer
*ult.° the public. Alsti, a variety of Windsor chairs,'
the best quality,and q new style of arm chair with
spring seat; vell adapted for offices or societies, with
a variety of other articles too numerous to mention.
We have at considerable expense introduced into
our new factory on Front street - , a steam engine with
niachineryi which wilt enable us to sell, wholesale]
and retail, at reduced prices.
Thejattention of Western Merchants, and persons
moving West,.iti invited to our new mid' extensive,
establishment. Western Cabinetmakers are also re.
quested•to give us a call, as they will find they Can'
purchase from us for less than they can manufac-
Ordbre from 6 distance will receive prompt
attentions and the fumiturewill be carefully packed.
Rteamboats and hotels famished at the shortest na
liOf and on favorable terms. ROBERTS & XARR.
N. B. Undertaking in all its branches attended to.
murlo y- • R.
inery of Christian Doctrine as used hy:the
an Reformed Church, English and German.—.:
e at our store, No. 115 Wood at. Pittsburgh.
SCRIBA 8r SCHEIBLER, Booksellers.
I* ea
iel 1
liltV/ • FALL GOODS,
wHoL S - 4 - L A _IV D 12 E : T
.13 XI?. tV• r dsr. T 'URN
AT 'NO. 46 ..- 'MAKET Si., - '
pESPEdiaiI;LY ".call the attention . of 'their
..riro friends, lind'Oity - c§ons purchasaks
to their extanaisaaSsartaient of _ 7.
NY. W. 3. EA:T4 L GOODS.',
-Which is now!compiete in cvery`deparitiCnt. ,
`Purchainrs-arearticulittly invited to examine-nut
very choice selectioa of
Much lE
i 7 d ß ten S ti S ini " ' ha f) s p: bn S. A pnitrr A tolli W :ei l r ? .S6l6 .
and in point of richnem and variety; tVe tinter beßire
have been able to afar 'greater indneeMents. • -
. . . •.
Fine Wool'Cashm,eles; Cnsltinire Reps;
Cashmere Dliensse.. , Mona De Laines;
Fancji . atid — Staple. Silks, itc.
Siiimr.c---D•ench; .Terkerri,.-Cashiacre , Braclie.
I;robroidared and plain Cloth; do. Thiliet'sfiam4
of entirety nevi Otti , rietv patternsf--in every varietyof style—also, flonnirplia)s Slk. Merino; with Fancy
styles, at 'reduced priceelt
Ladles Fancy Silk liVrets;
Paris 'Kid Glovesiin'ail shades and N 0 5 ...;
Bourrailtriihmvs.Several boxes reed comprising
the different late styles, choice pattetner*'PeVY bales
very handsome patterns at 121 cents.:- '
Linen Cambric lldkfs, from 121- cts. to tho best
in, use. !: • ' '
- . •,.
FDEITCD AND Seinelt very oesira;
ble styles and qualities superiue, nth - awl - niceB.
French Thibei cloths'oLin all shades); •—•-
Alpacas, Silk and Cott. •Warps;plaitt fartn'Y;
Bombazines, Lupine's best, at unesuatly
Ombri 4-1 Cashmeres; '
Embossed Table Covers;
BLATTKETS.:-12 and 14-4 fame* bect . edrl2-4
twilled beautiful article. 'Also Joweosis of'differeelt:
styles, all of which ere offered at pricest.So per Cent
Splendid CalierteaVat 10 and 12: cts.
Our domestic depart Merit is full, possesqng, ad van
Cages to the purchaser rarely to be fotthd.. •
Brown Sheetings, yard wide, good - quality; 6
Do. do, do. Extra heavy, Sc
Gercris.mcs: please take notice, that at our number
may be round at all 'times French flroid Cloths;
Pant stuffs ant` Vestitigs; Satin and Silk Scarfs, and
Cravats, new styles; Linen and Silk Ildkfs.,:Gleves,
Hosiery, Gum ElasticitiSilktnalirellas,
&c., &c. .
The ahr.e Flock has been purchased within the
last 30 days since thil great deprematiun in piiCeS in
the Eastern markets, and wilt be disposed or.entire
ly to the advantage Of the' purch:tscr. Call and see
at the "Dozen Toted Cash House."
rep. P 3. • ' BARROWS & TURNER.
Drugs Drugb t Drussy
At Nu. 2. Commercial Row, Libcrtystriet,"Big-Gol
den'eßwtor's once MOM.'
Jr AYS & ROCKAVAY, thankful for the liberal pa:-
1 tronage; which they have beretofbre received
and wishing tOtnerian increased share of public pa
tronage, would rcsp ctfully call the attention oi the
public to our stock,of goods which we are now re
ceiving for the' fall I trade. Amour? which may be
found in quantitielp suit purchasers, the fellowiug
articles. 1 .
Ithuebard Root, I Liquorice Root,
Hour Sulplinr, 1 • do. Ball,
t;um Arabic, I _ Refined Borax,
CaPil Magnesia, 1 Sal Soda,
Carb Magnesia, I Spanish Brown, ,
Gam Aloes, Gum Copal, ' '
Cream Tarter, - Roll Britrisione,
Calomel, ' i White Chalk,
Sup Curb Soda, I- Est. Legavotid,
.. .
Epsom Saltq,l Chip'd do.
Glauber do. 1 . l'iladder, ....,,..,......... - . •
4. .. . .
Tartaric_ Acid,. Z..--,1 y - -- Xe•OPIN- 0 5 4 - 11 . '"; 1 1- - .. ,
Gum Scammony,' I - Chronic VellOw,, .
- ,
Ilal Copavia, , . ! , do. Green, .. .
Salt Petro, ' 1 ' Rose Pink,
Together wall a Oneralassortirient of Dili, Paints,
Varnishes. Paint Brushes,. Dye Woods,'&c. Stc., all
of which will be sold as low as at any other, house
in the city. . „ . 'itepl9
Money Wonted n•cxchangc for linti and
THE 'snbseribcw would inform the
public that hW has received his falla
stock of Caps, all bf which have been .principally I
made to his order and as his purchases has been
made on the cash system', he is enabled to sell his
stock of Hats and flaps - at -
unusually low prices for
cash. His stock:does not consist of the cuttings of
Eastern houses, bdt are ,all a fresh manufactured
article. Neither is! his' establishment 'replenished
with the old stock from, eastern ' markets. The
Proprietor beiiig a i hitter and Cap manufacturer,
by trade, as well as 'prolesskon,lie is alsci daily man
utlicturing Hatn and Caps. of all descriptions, and
for their neatness land dprability, cannot' be stir-
passed. All of which he offers' at wholesale and
retail, and at such 'prices. as cannot fail to please
the purchaser.
'G. W. GLAsscow;
No. 102, Wood street, third door below John D. fort
vie Commercial Auction Rooms.
Casei rich fall
oods; 'French
ad English Cash
terns and Mous.
Lames'; Gala
Lobrain plaids;
lain French]
o ths:'
inted and plaid
loakings; a full
.ssortment - of
'rench Broche,
rioted Cashmere
lk. and colored.
liibet, plain and
mhroid ered
ihaWls, plain and
nd piain M. de
tig'd Suns, great of rich colored
dress Silks. " Also;112 cartoons of rich Bonnet
bons. Velvet and Bonnet Silks; French and Ameri
can FlOw'ers, in
,great variety; Btair.ana, Straw
Bonnets, cheaper than Oyer; a full assortment of
,gentlemen's wear,l such as . Cravats, Shirts,' under
' Shirts and Drawees;; Cloths; cassiin eyes and Vestings,
all of which will bb sold at a small advance over
New Yprk. coat. • i W. H. GARRARD,
sept 16 . 79 Market street:
• •
• 'JamOs Cavanagh.' •
IMPORTER -and Wholesale dealer in French, Ger
man and English Fancy Variety Goods of'e'very
descriptibul such as Jewdlry; table arid pocket Cut
lery, silk Purses, bead Bags, silver and'German sil
ver Spoons, gold and silver Pencils, silk and gum sus
penders, 100 doz. of Germbutown Goes end half do:
Trimmings of all kinds, and a general assortment of
toys, constantly on hand at No. 61, Market Strict,.
between Third and Fourth streetS, Simpson's RdW,
Pittsburgh. • •• • • myo-•
0: W. litddle, Dentist.
. FIVE doors above the Cabal
.• Bridge, Penn street,
: performs all
operations on the Teeth satisfoc
f. torily.
.0 N. B.—Having lately made one
, of the greatest improvomonts
t / forceps that has cverappeared e
t ' fore,the'public, he has been able
;to extract teeth with "such 00e
to astonish all those who have
• availed themselves of hiaserviceS.
Pittsburgh, Stily 24, 1846-ly
William: McKee:
STILL continues ' in his old btisiness of manufactur
ing:Wagens, 'Carts; Dials, Timber 2 - Wheels,
Trucks; and Wheelbarniws,.en Fifth street, between
Wood and Smithfield; where he keeps constantly ; on
hand) or made to erder'in the shortest notice any
dniount of work, by the beat of workmen and good
materials, and at prices to suit the times: Thse
engaged in ,the Santa Fe - trade; and Furnace men,
are requested to give him 'a call before 'purchaning
elsewhere. . . ap7-y
- John Cartwright.
ni T TLF,I3. and Sitrgical Instrument Mantheturer,
No. 140 Wood street, two doors from Virgiti al
ley, Pittsburgh, Pa. .dlways on hand an extensive
assortment of Surgical ..ind Dental instruments,
Baniers', Tailors , ,Hatters , , Hair Dressers , end Tan
ners, Patent Shears, Saddlers , Tools, Trusses, &S.
j 024
- Botfr
firtllEßind4tigrid bating iliiiinikr.t.ii4 - 14.Eitab.:
lishriiefiti No:4 1 , 2 Market st.,: . to:lilr:lliofila7§
A. Hinton; corditillyreeoirifriend
friends and the public generally; as one iljery:Tay
-worthy of their - patronage: =." • -
•• • A. I'irCA'AINICIN.
Tile nilegigned. haring purCliased - tbe large and
exterthivo'sibel: of boots, shoe &c
A. :It Catrinfon; 1co:: 112 Market' street; AOor
from Liberty; will continue to conduct the bilsin6i
in dll its biartebes, and trusts that by •a stricratfen
tion to .business,-and an ardent disposition to please,
he ykill meet n , continuatiOn of the patronage so
liberally- bestowed upon -his predecessor.
THomAs A. 01\1. •
' N. IB.—TiVo fir three go6a can lithe
en)pldyifient, by making immediate ariplication.
_ _ _
.I , !,IKNSI 13 LA Ky.r.x,
B 1: A - IC. 111 I 'T d I-1 E
r 1 T ECU E 'to at lend to 'the sclling dr(ir
of Real Estate in the: City of Pittsburgh ttnd
cioity;:-.l.laying ; delermined to devote,a)atte„portioti
of their tirne_to this branch of busine.-_l 3 they with
donfitfen66 a - shard of : the - peironage or the
publfet.from ilie facility - thVy.poescan and the eiperi,
once they have (the
,Senior partner : having• been ,en,
gaged lin thdßeal Estale AgenCY for near 20 years,}
they;lielieyelhat thy will grvii . generrd eatisfeetitini
0 : 15 dalln PCilirst-, near the U. S. I-lotel,-aud
Geld el., between piat t i e ncl, AllOy ; and, : Filth.street.:
Dr.wp , s
1 ~
~ ~ ~~.
i ~ rr
~~..~ ~t
,enj to this. est;blish4pilby.
his friends and the publid induces - flie proprietor,
in order to encourage per Severance and'irltistry - a ,
mono .hisisuulents, to offer on die Ist of October nest;
as preiniums TWO GOLD. PENS,
L elegantly, mounteft
in silver pencil - cases. One to be 'awarded to any
member orhit claSs-for the greatest jproficiency in, and - the other
.to any : member of his
class for the best specimen and greatest improve
ment la 3tarcantile j Penmanship; - pay Evenini
Classes:..: Hours cif 'business :until ist of October, .2
to 4, 4a,1, 71 to . , , sepl, ,
Pittslyt!rgli - Nay 1,7;n
Office, Na. 21,
I •
Robert Beer,
R o ttimT
at'ig,2o4lt) tn.
, John, D.. , Darts, •
corner: of :Wood and Fifth streets,Tittsbuth,
is rea,ly to receive mercliandize eveiy ‘ deseri
on ceiasignnient for pnblic "Or'private safe, Mid - freak
long experience in the aboVe busines,flatterxhitself
. that hp will be able, to give entire satisfaction to
who may favor him with their patronage.'"" . .
R6gillar sal& On -Mondays and Tlint-Sclays 'or DrS .
Goods. and Fancy irtiClq, at10.o!clocl, A. M.
Ofgi,dcerics, FittAblirgh. manufacturcd articles, :
new atid second hind fiirnitiii - e, at trio te'cloak,
Sales every evening at early gas-light. ang-12-y
luven:tions butdone by Nature...:
?arm , TFLi. 2011..11.1f...1LN OIL,
Tl,l,is.obtained. front a well near Burksmiin c
Kentucky, at the depth, of 185 feet below the
siirthee'nf the earth; and 170 feet througlisolierock:
Its curative properties are truly astonishing, and as .
a Remedial Agent it ,tnay well be pronounced won
deiful. Since the disdove'ry Of this Pahaees. of Na
ture, ;numbers of remarkable clitentiluive been effect
ed by its use. It is InnoCent----Nwerfut—SCe anti
Certain in its effects. It hasltrerr nsel with unpar
success in the treatment of the
diseases:. Inflooximatory Rheumatism, Burn; - - and:
Scalds, Cliche, Piles,- - Flatulence, Initunntatioa
. rof
the Kidneys, Deafness, .Consumption; Liver Com
plaint, Phthisic, Scald Head, Cancers,'Wea't and
Sore Eyes,Bruises, - Fresh Cuts and Wopnds,
Sprains an Strains, Dropsy, PainsTnthe Breatt and
Side; Tetter, -Influenza, t Ulcerated' Sore Throat,
Consurrip!ion, Bronchitis, Spasm's, Ulcers,. Spinal
AffeCtiond, Scrofula , or King's Coughs, Syphil is,
Ringivorm,' CoMplaints; Chronic. (Hs=
ease, Impurities of the Blood sand General Debility.
It is likewise very beneficial for Female Complaints
in general; acts as a great Resteratike from Lingeor,,
weakness of Back and Chesty Low Spirit Sand ExceS- -
- , -
'Read the following Certificates, all of which are
authentic; all the persons thereitmnarned are now
living, and well known in Cincinnati:. -
• ,PrivinuaSti, Aug 2
2, IS iii.
This is is to certify th at nwen bake used the AmeriCan
Oil fur the whooping cough; artiaairour children,-,by
giving them from 20 drops to,a.small tea spoonful at
night, Which always enabletinthem to rest Well through
the night. I also applied into' one of the 'Children
that got her arm burnt. by turning 4tver tea, cult. of
hot Coffee on it; the, child seased prying by the time
the 'arm .was .dressed . behind up, and hai never
comidained of it since. I also was afflicted with a
pain in my side ano breast,: and have been so for IS
yearit commenced using 'the Oil by . taking a_tea
spooMful twice n day and in-3 or lbor days using of
the bit I have hen.;very much relieved, and do really
believe that it is the medicine that I hake
ever seen, I applied ittcr one of My neighbor's for
a strained ancle, which relieved her in a few minutes.
We have also used the oil , fora strained joint in our
oval faraily, in a very short ti.trtu.
We live on the east side Of penn n 'st:;3 doors south of
Walnuts 'I am now-at Well as I overtkasin my life.
This:is to certify;that my son - has had the Plethisie'
r6r seven years, and was very bad with it, and about.
12 or 15 days since,,,,l cmimenced giving to him
about 20 or 25 drops. of .the . American , trice a
day:i which relieved him in a day or.twd Of his diffi-,
catty of b r eathing,. and he is now - entirely relieved
of his cough; our boy is 10 yearn of age: We live in
Kings Alleys • , NANCY KING..
Ciarcit All, July, let, 1346.
B,l;!.:lltatitig been'eUred of a 'very severe disease
of the, eyes 'arid. head by the use of the Americin
OilJ I feel it my duty to thepublic, as well as to you,
to Send you the following eertilicetei '
T hereby Certify - that:l Was Severely afflicted one
year ago last winter,. with inflamed:sore eyes and a
very severe pain in my head from rny.eyes up tothe
top of my head, and continhed • so for several weeks.
My; eyes *le no unticiLinflametd.und sore that'. I
could not see to attend - any liusiness,nor could I tell
one object from- entailer a few yards fiord 'me. I
called! in a physician; but still get' worse: I else
. a good many remedies.that had cured others;
but inlay case they failed. In April, 1845, I heard
of the American Oil. I procured a bottle, and be
fore I had used a half a bottle I was entirely well,
and still continiiesol 'I will not be without it in my
hoUse as long as ..I can get the genuine article. I also
gaVe it to one of my, men that was working for me,
that had the teller in his herds so bad that when he
would grip anything tight in them the blood would
bust out, and'the use of half a bottle' cured us hoth.
Ivfould advise all 'that are afflicted in any way to
give the. Oil a fair trial; and I ; think : they will be
plifiased with the effect it Will have, &c. •
! • JOHN ItaTRPH.'
Sold atOne Dollar; perßottle at Jackson's Patent
Medieine Warehoese,S9 Liberty; lieetrof Wood st.,
Pitisbitrgh. ONLY PLACE
the Geuitke Amer#can Qii..CAN be obtained--
BeYvare or a Counterfeit article._ The Seneed. Oil.
put in American and labelled "Amer
icaln Oil." 'lt somewhat resembles din American
bitt • pOssesshallolie of its virtues or healingp.ow-
W. Jackson respectfully informs the Public that
& Co., the preprietors of the, American Oil,
have appointed him their SOLE AGENT for West
'erii 'Pennsylvania:
' - pertions wishing &fir-agencies will apply at S 9
Lfflerty . street, as above; -
13:' , Snbzagents wanted for every town in the
,abeve, District. - '
- . A great nember of certificates are on hand and
can be seen at the' office, 89 Liberty street, head of
Wood: aug 28-ly
.-'::it-SO . C.E . : - ';... - TW,Q . ' - e'N.'.l's.;
- .
xtrorn fi y at JT;~irq
and Writing Rnoins, corner
'of'; Fifth and Market
The Jiberal patroungdg:ii;
t4ou, ant . ' Vire 4u....,
.olntatuy.. - ' ' -
, litaiket &art.
cons: _ - -
William Ebl):4,'
Let is hutch[ on ; - •
Ili ref toiett4 " '
!James _May'
'Oiriclexter. -' ,
'.61. ALEE'S,'Plis't;
7efxtr_y. --: '.
Pit-03134#; 1846
T 3 - AV I /4 1 .kWkr,-;5.9..0tz...3 Schob/i'
corner :or Petieta I.,and Robinson
ill - Pall
I session_ on Alcinciaylfie
From PrdlesibY Ii Ji Ise WiaihiitgiorilColEgi; atiel
I -Ldlliir
taught by.ltr.,Williants, Vvertak,e4 l lPaAuro id bear
ing our testimony eyidenc6 , afrordedbz . it of
thd unusual skill and labor The
understadding oriheYrefriagi'orilib ififijects which
the scholars had lieett sli - OiVnl by; their
cledr answerdtoqueatiors-nsked by, others than thn
teacherslßreve the e:Callence.of the,l7 ... e2dt England
modes of teaching;in;whielf , ..tfr::Williems seems to
be profidient.' ' ' ' it
From the _Rev. Mr. ..lreglon, , lfortoi' Hunt, 4;r„.,
Haring attended esaminatioirfof•the- Select
School under Care cif henry priniaiVii, - hew
recently in his school 'elioin,.corns. orTedeial and
Robin Son streets; Aftt , gheny.:city,_wo wish to non
public attentlZin to, this.institutiou. Vc.iwese higWy
gratified with the progiefi:4hiid Othis
oiontter simplifying:4nd illnstiitting'thoAiP
lbrent hrone,hesjs peeiniatly.haPPls Pd wen eolco. ,
fated fo..give interest to the pupils.
,31is' mode, ;
teltilhing,'theni"teCrba'tlO&UCk - us as 'navel, aid bdti
ttriWrAtttot faittdialakiS good , ttatitrs:
From the ; knowtcrtgq. thot-we.hay . e-of )1711 ;
iattiS , 'cliatacier - as. a teacher, hislidelity . ond
wd etiididly`ienbuitOciiif th the pattoril
age of the.pithlit:.:dlis locotimittelegible for,litfih
liICII , Ii 13:4RD,':' ' •"- '' .:
~ .. -, • ifleffllitE.E.iO3: , -
I attdzindil-th..j atith'e -- eYaiiiiiiirti'ou;trid'cart truly
spy . I Was much gr.iriiicci with-3.10r , the
pupils. .. . ,
~ , Villa, .I),lll.NTO.fti
th i g fi,..4.,i2„ , .1.....,.: .:_i.i_ . ..: .„ :'....i ...,. .-i..i. ii; ..- I =;'o
1_ FALL sEssioN thia•
Western liniversltv will commence iu the ne!..v .
University 13 uildiri . g; n :the :Frasi- MONDAY or SEA'
TEEEP3.• neat, azid the'SPAi..l.iicr' . Sl9.l9 . of .1847 i
will eornmenceoir the Piitsr :Mein:Li:l' of bEbiteArrAr ‘
foltoicin - , - • %,
Tina institution leaving:a!, far leciatetedirorn .the
effects . of the great fire of April last year,!aq to.havvl,
te . w building :nearly Conipleteifyitlilhareased
a•ccurnimidatibna-frir all its departments, it 41 , h0p - elf
that Or Law School be round tp,preseet ineteis4
ed tacilitits and attractions_ to those VllO desire
pursde a regularatid tirerougli coare of legal
don; -and to prepare themselves creditably -for:aii= the bar.
There . %rill be dailyrecitations by.theclasses on
assigned le6SonSi so arranged as' to embrace, within
3..tw0 years course;-Mll the. principal, and.most - imi ,
I portant branches of the law. Occdainnal lectaxes
an law aiid eqiiity; Will also be deliiiered a:a — part - Of
tho course:
lar. Aretri.' Cc i .ar, desioncd for assisting studeritj,
in. acquiring . knowledge and reudjness ill the prac-,
tied of - the laW will be resealed 34 - SOon as the nure,".
')er.orstud.6nis. lustify... The degreb 0f.13.3cnt;-•
tort OF. LAW will he cont'errtitt on studdets rof the
riStitution, according the rules eitlal in seal institu--
Any - Turthcr in fotrnati on that may . be i rerjuirc , d,can
eactily he obWineit 'on application to the Profedso.6,
WAtraßli, who has his Wiled 'oil4tilabnie
Smithfield:street, Pittsburgh.
Tznats—Sevestv-five dollars a year s or, thitty..sey:..
en and a 117.11 dollars a session. . aurr.G.-d3ni
A ORD 111.A11. - V D15.C1 1 681,1.11.45..
, •
nniF.Lon AF, Fawns . ..
• - ilnudti TSTs:
. • ,
O.:vit,' Druggists art Misled into the error ofifaiy..y.
kj . , irtg a Miserable imitation. of Dr :Smiths 'Begat
Coated Indian Vegetable Pills, sirriply,beeaude;io).9y;
can , purchase the spurious cheaper: We shll:YEl all
rases expose such dealers throughout the othefaity;'
who; eller being duly:-iiifermeft of Bic iascality,of
them iniitators, they and attempt to irripose upep.the,
Pithiie with such werthlesS trash: It is not the
gar coating alone that constitutes the valtia : ooiir
pills, but it is, my .ifireritio4„, for whick:3laini..the
right. G. BENJ. ,
- 173 Green Wick st. and 2 Water stf,Boitdif. -
We, the undersigned, 'wholesale druggists in Lon-,
issille; By:, are satisfied, from all the irifortriation,
that we earfobtnlif, that Dr: 0. BENJAMIN BIMITIE
is, the original inventor, the. kiePr - Ceated ,
.We are_ prepared to supply. dealers at_ the. Now
York . thice:'• ' ' " ";
binson, Peter fc Cal•tt, 492 Main.' Street' , '• 7 , ' •,"
,co.; 41 Main-t..:,, •..
Report 4- Lindenbergev, 311 is et..
- Georg ilLiOpine-, eto.', 79 Fourth
-Dull 4- _4l:teri, Si Fourth. st. • --..,
The Bellowing from druggists in Ness Yerk-sliews,
the Sugar Coated Pills in 15431,
:7 • , • ‘ New Ycfrirt•June
We, the undersigned, never saw or heard of t'S.U.-.1
gar Coated . Pills," until Dr. 0, Benjamin Smith man
uffictured and exhibited these to ileabefit a - ,yehr since.
Rushton 4- CO. 110 BrOadway and 10 Adair Muse.'
Israel Randol ph, 01.1):.86 Libertyeft:•.
Horace Everett, 9G Hudson at.
Jelin Ca-sues, 97'1Indson et. • ' -
- David Sands, 79. Stilton St. - • '7- - • '
'I hare been afilitted with dyspepsia in its meet fig?.
gravatedforin for three ;Years' past; and tc., • ,
relief until 1 used Dr. G. Benj. Smith's "Sugar.:Coat.'
'saidMl Indian Vegetable , After nsing.six.hosetrof
d 'Valuable pills; I am entirely cured:. Tlie:y. - are
'a gen - dial retiieffiyl, - - I. IL -LE=A:ll::' - -
Paducah; Ky. Novi 9, 1543. 7 . •.. ea!
We certify to tfie above facts...
Dr. Smith's "Swat-Coated • Pills'' , are, iiiiiVereally ,
esteemed in thie vicibitcr ••••. • ••- • ": •
DODGE. 6.l:srticrsz: Co; Merchan ts. Paducah ; 'Ky. NOV. 19, 18•15..:'
. .
At the request of Dr. G. Benjainin Smith's agenC
we cheerfidly state that we visited the office of
Smith ladt;_ while in ;blew-York,-and ;
fodnd hirti all'appearance carrying on a very ex%
tenure bueiness- with his Suoir4.loatd•lndithryngel'
table Pills. The , extent ,of his establishment Art:midi
astonish, any one not initiated in the thysleries of.the l
pill tindbf--"Lonlifille Joiirnsl '-•
Vrom Dr. Singlritonl'' ,
6mithland, (Ky.) Feb. 24; 1846.-;
Dr: ,
Benj. Suntfi:—Dear Sir: Nothing ever
'hien introduced'that hie Sold do Well and-glee - a strait
general satisfaetiem as.your : Sager-Coated Improved.
Indian Vegetable Pills.-. Very respectfully' yours,
' • - S. F. SINGLETON:'''', -
•. . _ . -,.• (From I:: Alden.) "
• , . • Lonithille,(Ky.).Feb. 13th; 1843.•
Dr. G. BeieSMith—Dear Sir: Yrtrii illplease send.
usl2 gross FrOm.prOseistiii^:'
&cations we shall-sell a, large, amount. oftliem:io.7
We find that they . go Very qffick: Yont
- BULL '& AEDEN._"
. .( Froth Starbird & Smith.)
Louisville, Feb.l3th, 1846.
Dr. Sinith--Dear Sir! About two weeks ago
bought 2 groes"of your Indian Vegetable Sugar Coat:•••
ed Pills. Though' businers'is.dull here at this tirair,:.
yet we have sold Otani all. , You will Weed sendris
-10 gross through Medsrs. Lawrene,e"B: Bless; of pita'
city, who will for Ward there to"us yin Pittsburgh: .7.
Yours, respectful-I)7i,
This is to Certify - that . l have used' the - Sugar
coated 'pills manufactured by G.:Benj.:Smith; of Ness"
York; ler seine tithe; and believe Ilene to boa geed. :
mcdicin e; and also froth enquiry in that city, I am
persuaded that -.he id - the original inventor;. and - '
therefore;4s entitled tollie.benelit °fele inventotur.
aug2l. Pastor Ist Baptist Church Pitteburgh.
We have forty 1 etters front different dealers solicit.
ingtha agency - of iny Pill; although they had the spit
rictus in-their store—one in partidular 'from New Or , '
leans, which we eball.publisli. 7."
Principal Offices" -New York,
_179 Greenwich-54_
Boston 2 Waterst: •
01 BENJAMIN SMITH is written on the&sc 4
tom of every boa ofgcnnine
Aok.its-Witham HindersonDruggiet„.2o3 Libcrdp
etteet-Pittsbierght S'argeant Allegheny'city."."
METE Mule:rimmed 'would itipectfillly inform. 'the '
citizens , oe - Pittsbnret and its .-vicinity,thar
has purchased frorti r itiri-hloses Cory, his largo anti
splendid stoat ofDiy . GOods; kept at No. 66 - Market .
street; where lie intends to keep iigeticialmstiortt'
ment of sea.sonable Goads; which Ins.tvill tell. at csry:
reduced prices:. Please call and .judge forycturselve.s,,,
I No. 66 Market stree.t. _
.atiglB - WILLI= cOWEY.•:
To my friendo an l' patrons I am much obliged
and - would -respectfully recommend'
Cowen; my successor. DIOSES•CORY •
1100 tCEIVED THIS DAT, by Express; ithother•
JR, ofrich black MANTILLAS, at the New York
Store, 79 Market street,
i 2:
: .tij7l