The daily morning post. (Pittsburgh [Pa.]) 1846-1855, September 29, 1846, Image 3

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, f in the Orphans' Court for the City and
; 1 County of Philadelphia.
TN the matter of the partition or valuation or the
Real Estate of Roamer Boner-sr, deceased.
_ And now, to wit, September 18, 1816, the return
of the Inquest making valuation of the Real Estate
of the said Robert Burgess,deceased, was read and
duly confirmed by the Court. The Cook, on moticm
, of William Duane, Esq., granted a Rule upon the
heirs and legal representatives of the said Robert
Burgess, deceased, to appear st au Orphans' Court,
to be held at Philadelphia, in and for the raid City
dand County, on Friday the sixth day of November,
A. D., .1848,•at'10 o'clock, A. M.,
then and there to
1 • accuit - or refuse to take the said Real Estate at the
, 'valuation theieof made, or show cause why the same I
should not be' sold according to law.
. ' By order of the Cnurt,
.trep2S-w4t ,
.., J. LEWIS, Clerk.
~ • 9.
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SUCCESSORS to Irvine & Martin, wholesale gro-
J..., con, produce and commission merchants, and
,dealers in Pittsburgh manufactured articles, No. 56,,
Wood street. Pittsburgh, Pa. 1018
Remittances to f‘the Old Country. ,
XfONEY sent to all' parts of England, Ireland,
Scotland, and Vales, in sums of XI and up
wards, to suit pirrnliesers.
LETTERS of administration on the estate of „ro
sepli Winters deceased, having been granted to
John Christy of Pittsburgh: Therefore all person's
indebted to the late Joseph Winters, are hereby nu
fified to make 'settlement Ibrtltvith;.and all persons
having claims , against said estate, are requested to
present them properly authenticated for adjustment.
St. Clair st.
i...`:. : ‘ , 4' , .: -. -,;''.',`, .“.-::'‘
CIAME to the subscriber living in Wilkins Town
ship on the Northern Turnpike Allegheny co.,
about the the\6t.h day of Sept., a dark brindle cow,
blind of the right eye, supposed to be eight or nine
years old. The owner is requested to call proyc
property and take her away or she will be disposed
of-according to law. JAMES JOHNSTON.
,i . _i . ': , ..:.2 , j .. ;,. : 1-! . : . • 7 :'; , .
, ±4
THE S - übscriber, Admistrator of the estate ofJas.
Long, late of Upper St.- Clair township, Alle
gheny county, deceaSed, requehts those who are in
debted to said James Long, to make immediate pay
ment, and all those having claims to present the same
properly authenticated for settlement.
sep7w6t Upper St. Clair tp.; Allegheny co.
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I\ag, 4, 4 7
Joseph Knox, formerly of Pittsburhg,
ATTORNEY AT LAW, Cire, Pa.,willprac
Carli sle,- tice to his profession in the counties of Cum
berland, Dauphin, Adams, Perry and Juniata.
Business in those counties intrusted to him will
a bettented to with promptness.
CAME to the subscriber. Aix Weeks since, living in
Ross township, about a mile from Perrysville, a
small dark 'brindled cow; marked on both ears, with a
long white tail,i The -owner lir requested to call,
prove,property, pay chargeslosid take her away or
she disposed of according to law.
sep. 14-3 t." CASPER REEL, Ross tp.
IMPATRICK has returned to his old stand
. now called tbe , Iron City Hotel. Filth et..
between Wood and Market, where he-will be glad
to entertain his old friends andlcustomers, and the.
public in general. • - 4eCi7-lvtf
•!.11 • 1/4•-
G: Weymaci, - T. S. Clark.
J. Hanna,
repored and corrected every Afternoon.
_ _
Consul, Bowman, Brawnsville:
Louis M'Lane, Bennett, Brownsville.
Arrow, Atkinson, Beaver.
Oneota, Gorden, Beaver.
Michigan, Boies, Beater.
Pioneer, Poe, Cincinsiati.
Mary Ann, Dennison,l Cincinnati.
North Queen, Catlett,, Wellsville.
Oneota, Gordon, Beaver.
Arrow, Atkinson, Beaver.
Louis McLane, Bennett, Brownsville
Consul, BoWinan, Brdwnsville.
Michigan, Boies, Beater.
senator, Dean, Cincinnati. •
Forth Queen, Catlett,lWel:sville.
Zane* //e—Per str. NewaCk; 1 lot scrap iron,
i. 132 bgs. mustard seed, 9 sks wool, 23 hhds. tobac
-40, 32 bbls. mustard seed, 5 bbls. peaches, r crate;
10 sks. rags, 40 bdls leather, 5 casks bacon, 3 bbls.
flour, 5 bbls. mustard seed.
Cincinnati—Per str. G bxs. tools, 23
bdls. paper, 123 bbls: flour. I
Motiongahela Inzprortnieni—Louis 31 - Lanei 173
Ems. glass, 1 lot iron.
Per str. Consul; 143 - bbls'fl i our, 10 bxs. glass.
The North American and Ringgold, are 'both
aground at Oil. Creek.
The'steamer Ohio, says the St. Louis Reveille,
laden with government store., snagged and si&
in six feet_ water, on Tuesday! last, below Arrow
Rock on the Misiouri rived The engines and
boilers will be saved; also theicargo in a damaged
state, burthe hull is a total! loss. She had on
board seventy cases of
.arms,l a lot of flour, wag.
ons, tents; &C., all destined for the United States
post at. Fort Leavenworth. We have been inform_
ed that the Ohio was a condeinne,d boat, but WaS
chartered for the special occasion to take up sup
plies. Previous to her fatal blow near Arrow
Rock, sh&encountered a snag Rochep_ort, com
mented leaking and had to round to 17:;r repairs.
The steamer Mail is still aground'at Warsaw.
This was one of the boats thatiformed the evening
line between this and Cincimiati. But .no delay
was occasioned to shippers at this em! of the route,
as Mr. king, the Louisville agent, with that
promptnesi for which he is proverbial, immedi•
ately placed another boat on in her stead.
LAVA COFFEE =2O Bags Old Government Java
Coffee, in store and for sale by
..Firankliti Medical College of
T 111g-firstinnual course, oflectures in this institu
-1 lion, will he opened. on Monday, the twelfth
day of October next;(the eccond Monday in October ,) .
and will be continued until the told or the ensuing
c`.....—PAUL BECK GODDARD, M: D.—Anatomy and
C. C. VAN WYCK; M. D.Priiiciplee and practii:e
of Surgery..,
MEREDITH CLYMER, M. D.—Principles and
practice of Med icine.
ica and Thdrapeutics.
DAVID - HUNTER TUCKER, y.'D.—Obsterichs
and diseasea ofwonten and childrd. '
LEVIN S. JOYNES, and legal
JAMES B. ROOEICS, - ALD.:- , -General and Organic
Chemistry. - • •
JOHN HAACLAY BIDDLE; M. 15:-:.Dean of the
faculty. . =
JOSEPH LEIDY, M. D.—Demonstrator of An
atomy. -
The Franklin Medical . College was incorporated
in: the Legiilature of Pennsylvania by an act ap
proved 28th lanuari, 18.18, and is authorised by sec
tion third of its charter ; "to grant the degree of Doc
tor of Medicine to any such persons ns shall possess
the qualifications now usually required of candidates
in other Medical Collems in this State."
Foreach course of lectures, 815,00
Marticulation fee, to be paid once only,. , ' 5,00
Diplomafee, 10,00
Additional information respecting the course of in
'struction or'other matters connected with the Facul-
Ay, can be obtained upon application, personally, or
by letter, t 2 J. B. BIDDLE, M. D.,
Dean of the Faculty, N. E. corner of Quince and
;Spruce streets, Philadelphia. mar I I
Martin and Smith,
ALLEN KRAMER, Exchangeßroker. corner of 3d and Wood sts
Administrator's Notice.
Stray Cow
Administrat9es /Votive.
XiOn City Hotel,
4 35 '17-74 ' ' 4'. %.7
t r "4"
The U. S. steamship TelegraPb, says the N. 0
Bee of the 19th, arrived about nOoilAstenlay from
Brazos St .Tag,o. By her ha l ve dates' frOin Car
margo on the 7th, from Matamoras•to the 10th,
and Galveston to the 156._ The Telegraph had
on board, when she left the Bravos, over 300 sick
and soldiers. She landed at Layacca a company
of Germans, disbandedi from the Texan infantry,
and one from the same 9ommiand at Galveston, and
brought to this place over 200, most of Whom
have been prostrated byi disease, By one of the
passengers direct from Farrnargo, we learn that
Col. Harney had been arrested for disobeying or
ders: Other passengers hontratlict the rumor.
General Tayfor marched frotri opposite Camar
go•on the 7th for Seralvo, where he would over
take Gen. Worth, and fall in with the troops under
command of Colonels Hays and Smith. In the
advance of General Taylor into, the interior, he
seemed determined to be prepared for any emer
gency—either in advancing or retreating—as he
would not suffer either officers , or men to take
more baggage than they could pack upon their!
backs. In consequence of this a 'number of steam' ,
ers had reached Matamoras freighted down with
"extra baggage;" and the quarteli of the Sapadores
is thoroughly crammed with it. ,
Gen. Taylor believes, notwithsianding the report
of the advance of a large force fi l orn San 'Luis Po
tOSi to Saltillo, that he can enter' Monterey and
even proceed to Saltillo withotit any opposition
The troops on the road now between Camargo
'and Monterey number near 12,00, and no volun
teers were suffered to go who could not stand a
long march and were perfectly willing. In conse
quence of this, the regiments that are left were
much reduced, very few of thein exceeding 500
men, and some less.
Ampudia has issued another extraordinary "pro
clams," warning the citizens, on Pain of (death, not
to trade with the Americans, and the;Alcalde of
Camargo had also put forth a “bando'Y prohibiting
The Mexicans from working on car'steamboats.—
. Some of the deck hands, accordinkly, ceased their
labors, but on an intimation that this functionary's I
'neck might be brought in close riroximity with a
lasso, he relented, and the operativles resumed their
Splendid Bargain-.lllons and Lot; For freight or passage apply on board, or to
jet . D. WILKINS, Agent.
"iissiiik„, WE have for sale, a neatitwo story M
Tuesday Evening
passe -t. Piga brick house, with finished 6asemew. ; t - i - .➢l
ff" - "'.. The, new and 'splendid pasaeuger steam
vault, 'Sc.,. situate on Filth street, ndar the new Court! Lt.f,...j2 boat DECLARATION, Capt. Vorliees,
House. The house is new, containing seven cont-1 -z
i ;Al run ass regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Portable Roams, and will rent for 41.a9 per annum,
tom .{nati, leaving ..,.s
ti i port every Tuesday evening .
Price low and payments' cagy. Pei,smis wishin to
at 3 o'clock. Returning she will leave Cincinnati
Seethe hontre,andlearn particulars, will please a p ply ! every Friday evening at 3 o'clock.
i The Declaratio n offers superior accommodations
Smithfield st. near !ith, i
ito passengers. 'For freight or passage apply on
Blakely and 1111te4'ell, .
Offices on Penn and Smithjield es.
.VOENTS' for the Old Black Bali Line of Liver
: . .
. 1 - pool and New York Packets.:
Iteinittauces wade as usual to England, Ireland.
Scotland and Wales, in sums of on pound sterling
and upwatils---payable in any town of importance
iu Great Ilritain and Ireland.
Persona wishing, to send for their friends can have
diern brought out by the above splendid line, on the
I,sth and lutli of any month.
INDELIBLEINK-1 gross Kidder & Payson's tor
sale by It. E. ;SELLERS,
I scplS 57! Wood street,
G um GUTAC-2 -, 2 lbs for sale by
R. E.!ko.t.ftrt.q,
' seplS 57 Wood street.
OIL ANIS—I original eanuistr for sale by
sold S !Lk:. SELLERS.
St ULPII MORIIIINE-;-30 oz. for sale by
R. E. sELLEIts,
eicpl.3s7 :W o Oil
yENEERS AND VA riNtstiEs, : pf the very best!
quality, for sale at 11. 11. RYAN'S Cabinet]
Ware Rooms, N 0.31 Fifth street. jylG i
.., Xenophon, chiefly according to the text of L.
ni orf; with notes, for the use of schools and coda.l
ges. For sale by LUKE LOOMIS.
Homer's Odyssey.
-__ - -
rpRE Odysszy of Homer, according to the teat of
l a Wolf; with notes; for the use of Schools and
Colleges: by John J. Owen, Principal of the Corneli
us Institute. For sale by UK LoOlgis,
sep7 (Journal copy.) AWL
13,_ of Xenophon, according to the text of L. Din
droll; with noteg; forth,: u*e of schools and colleges,
by J. Owen, Principal of the Cumeling lottitute; for
sale by LUKE LOOM'S, Agent.
ep 7 Journal co v.
e. + ,
proprietor is obliged to manufacture them on a more
extensive scale than heretofore, and by a great im
provement in his machinery, can make them much
faster and with less labor, consequently less Cc•
pease, which enables him_ to sell 10 pills to the
box instead of thirty as heretofore. As u Spring
Purifier, these pills have no equal, and for purify
ing thc blood, and purging and cleansing the atom.
ach and bowels, they are the safest, best, and
most efficacious in existence. If pills are necessa
ry at all, Dr. Leidy's Blood Pills will effect all that
can be effected by any known pills in the world,
for all the virtues that can be combined in pills
are contained in them, and their established repu
tation is the best proof of it. No other Pills are I
known to contain Sarsaparilla in them, and all
other Pills called by names nearly similar, are
manufactured only with a view to sell them on
the reputatVon of the true and genuine DR.
BLOOD PILLS, the first and original introduced
by such name.
Be cautious, therefore; ask for and take no oth
ers, and you will not be deceived in their effects,
whilst if you take of the spurious, -or imitations,
you will not only be deceived by their effects;
which are ofttimes serious and dangerous, but de
ceived out of your money also.
Male and female; young and old, can -take them
at all times, in all diseases, without change of liv
ing,• restraint from occupation, or fear of expo-,
sure to all weather—containing neithermercury,
minerals, nor any ingredient whatever that is un
friendly or dangerou's to the constitution. Try
them, try them; if their effects do not confirm the
foregoing, their cost will be refunded by Dr. Leidy
upon satisfactory evidence of it.
cc? For sale by B. A. FAHNESTOCK &
corner Sixth and Wood streets, who are the only
Agents for Pittsburgh. my29-d&w
New goods t New Goodall
At N0..62 Market street, Simpson's Row.
ISnow in receipt of and is constantly' receiving
new, DRY GOODS of every description,_ from the
eastern Manufacturern and Importers, to which lie
calls the attention of the public, 62 Market at.
New York Plano Fortes.
JOHN H. MELLOR No.Bl Wood street(betwesn
Diamond alley and 4th street) has receive& and
for sale three new Piano Fortes &pin the ;manufac
tory of A. IL Gale & Co., successors to the- "New
York Manufacturing Company," which will be sold
at the same price as in New York city, adding only
the price of transportation.
The. quality of these Pianos is now so well known,
and established, that it is not considered necessary
to state wherein their superiority over others con
sists,!thrise who are desirous of purchasing can be
fully satisfied, as to the quality of tone and workman.;
ship, ,by calling on the subscriber. The pattems of
thme;Piatios are entirely new and such as are now.
fashionable in New York city.
They will be sold for cash or on a moderate credit
for approved endorsed paper.
"Si Wood street
_ The new and splendid passenger steam
-'.. - er BRUNETTE, Capt. Perry, wili run in
t le-traiie tioin Pittsburgh to St. Louis,, during the
season of 1846.
The Brunette was built expressly for the trade,
and is elegantly found in , every respect.
For freight or passage apply on Lioaid
Vor . Cittcinnstt anti St. Louis -----
X.s 2 c. T t he t czenger steamer P . ALESTINE,
p l o arwc,: u h h h;are tor the above
Luria rintenuPediate IY•
For freight or passage apply ou board. jog.
For Cincinnati and Louisville. •
The new and splendid passenger
C 0 L Ni lA, iiNzAt., Master, will
leave for the above and intermediate ports, regular
. 0 , The regular mail ant pas - Nengerldramet
. 1. 4. - ,MONONGA 11 EI.A . Capt. Stone, will run t
am a regular Packet Iletwenn l'ithiburgh and Cintin i
nati, leaving Wig port every Monday at 10, A. 51.,1
and Wheeling at 10. I'. "J.', the I , IIIIC day.!
ing, silk; willwill leave Cutuitanzdi every Tlturkbty, at ID,
A. M.
Pnr freight or [manage apply On board.
Tlic Alonong.ah e la wary built expressly tier I InY
trade, and folrer4 to the passengenr comfort, and su
perior accornmodationa. mar 31
THE retTul-ax nail and pasenger igeiun
Z7..r-Wer UNION •-in Maclea •ill runa
, py..7 if ,
a regular packet betweek•Pittsburgla and Cinein
nati. leaving this port every Monday at 6 o'clock,
P. M. Returning the will kale Cincinnati every
Thursday at 6 P. M.
The Onion was built expressly for thi s tr a d e
and affords every accounnodation.
Fbr freight or passage apply on born]. rimy...)
TI I E regular mail and passenger stem
; ... • 4, er HIBERNIA, • Capt. John Miner('!ter,
run as a regular packet between Pittsburgh and
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Tuesday at 10 A.
M., and Wheeling at 10 P. M. of the same day.—
Returning, sho will leave Cincinnati every Friday at
WA. M.
For Freight or passage apply on board.
The Hibernia was build , expressly for the traltr,
and offers to tlti passengers every coinfurt and CU-
I/071QT aCCOMMDA 3ti one. apt
h FIFE regular mail and pannetiger steam
fS;,-...e,Zer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. k. IL Page,
Will run an a regular packet 'between PettFbvrtih and
Cincinnati, baring thin port et ery Werinenilav at 10
A. M., and Wheeling at 10 P. :Cf. the game day.—
Returning, ehe will !care Cincinnati every Saturday
at 10 A. M.
ror freight or passage apply on hoard.
The New eSpTenPly 1 . .1" thin trade
end offers to the passengers every coin thrt and stipe-
Jior accommodations. nark
THE new U.S. : Mail steamer ACADIA,
._ J ,i. E. Lucas, Master, will run uN n rept.
lar passenger packet between Pittsburgh and the
above port during the season of ISI6, leaving every
Thursday nt ID o'clock A. M.
. .
The Acadia is new and has superior accommoda.
Lions. For freight or passage apply on board. or to
ap9 J. NEWTON JONES, Agent.
THE regular mail and passenger steam
CLIPPgR No. :, Captain Crooks, will
run as a regular packet betwM:n Cincinnati and Pitts
burgh, leaving this port every Friday at . 10 A. M.,
and Wheeling at 10 P. M. the same day. Returning
she will leave Cincinnati eveiy Monday at 10 o'etek,
A. M.
For freight or passage appli, on board.
The Clipper No. 2 was built!expressly for this trade,
end o ff ers to her passengers 'every comfort and Sc.
aornmodation. mar 23
The regular mail and passenger ateame
CIRCASSIAN, Capt. lave Bennett, wil
run as a regular Packet between Pittsburg), ant
Cincinnati, leaving this port every Saturday, at 10
A. M., and Wheeling at 10, P. M., the same day
Returning, she will leave Cincinnati every Tuesday
at 10, A. M.
For freight or passage apply on board.
The Circassian was built expressly for this trade
and offers to her passengers every comfort and ac
commodation.. • mar 23
16. 67 The regular mail and passenger steamer
, MESSENGER, Capt. Linfbrd, will run as
a regiilar Packet between Pittsburgh and Cincinnati,
leaving this port every Saturday at 10, A. M., and
Wheeling at 10, P. M., the same day. Returning,
she will leave Cincinnati every Tuesday, at 10
o'clock, A. M.
For freight or passage apply on board.
The Messenger was built expressly for this trade
and offers to her passengers ovary comfort and ac
commodation. mar 23
JUST RECEIVED—Another large addition to my
stock of Diamond pointed Gold Pens of the
best makers and for sale at the lowest prices.
Also—A large assortment of Gold and Silver Pen
cils, Tooth and Ear Pieks , Tweezers, &c. &c.
TEv,S TDEOLOGY.—Lectures on System
atic Theology, embracing Lectures on Moral
Government, together with Atonement, Moral and
Physical Depravity, Regeneration, Philosophical
Theories and Evidences of Regeneration; by Rev,
Chailes G. Finney, Professor of Theology in the
Oberlin Collegiate Institute. Just received and for
sale by (sepll] LUKE LOOMIS, Agent.
TOBACCO. -75 large and 90 small boxes Missou.
ri tobacco, of prime quality, just received on
consignment, and will.bc Gobi cheap for cash., or
Pittsburgh manufactures.
august 18 LUFFE & O'CONNER.
For. Cincinnati
g4TEE splendid new and light drought
passenger :steamer SENATOR, Capt.
M'CLunE, will leave Mr the above and all intermedi
ate ptirta, regularly. For freight or passage apply
on board. sepl6]m
For Clincinnall.
I ~. The new light draught paCket steam
er CALIFORNIA, Captain Hunter, will
eays tor the above Arid all intermediate ports this
day, regularly. ! •
For freight or passa,ge•apply on board, or to
J. W. BUTLER & BRO., Second st.
The California was built expressly for the above
trade, and will make her trips regularly during the
season. augls
For Cinctmantl.
THE new and light draught passenger
steamer WESTERN, Capt. BAKER,
wi eave for the abo . .e and all intermediate ports
regularly. The Western draws but 12 inches, and
was built expressly to' run iu the trade during the
low water season.
For freight or passage, having superior accommo
dations, apply on board. :IYIS
_ The new and splendid passenger steam
er TONNALEUKA, Capt. J. K. Moody,
wi I run in the trade from Pittsburgh to Louisville,
during the season of 1846.
_ .
The Tonnaleuka was built expressly for the trade,
and is elegantly furnished in every respect.*
Forfrcight or passage apply on board. ' my 22
_ The well known fast running steamer
' CAMBRIA, W. Forsyth, Master will run
as a regular Packet, leaving every Wednesday morn,
ing at 10 o'clock, and Wheeling, at 10, P. M., thd
same day. Returning, she will leave Cincinnati
every Saturday, at 10, A. M.
For &eight, or passage apply on board, or to
FORSYTH. Br. co., Agents,
ap 16 No. 30, Water street.
_ .
The ,, new and splendid passenger steam
er 1031 CORWIN, Capt. Busher, will
run in the trade from Pittsburgh to St. Louis, du.
ring the season of 18.10_
The. Tom Corwin, was built expressly foi the
trade, aril is elegantly furnished in every respect.
For freight, or passage apply on board.
may 19.
Gold Pens
By the Prestdent or the T.T.tated States.
TN pursuance of law, L JAMES K. POLK,
President of the 'United !,States of America, do
hereby declare and make known, that public sales
wilt be held at the undermentioned Laud Of in
the Territory of lOWA, at the Periods hereinafter
designated, to wit:
At the Land Office at DLFBUQUE, commencing
on Monday, the twenty-third day of. November
next, for the disposal of the public lands within
the undermentioned townships, to wit:
North of the base line and West of the fifth principal
Townships eighty-seven and eighty-eight, of
range eleven.
Townships eighty-four, - eighti-five, eighty-six,
eighty-seven, and eighty-eight,of range twelve.
Townships eighty-four, eighty-five, eighty-six,
eighty-seven, and eighty-eight, of range thirteen.
Townships eighty-four and eighty-five, of range
At the Land Office at lOWA CITY, the site de
signated by the President, under the act of eighth
August, I 546, for the office of the lowa district,
commencing on Monday, the thirtieth day of No
vember next, for the disposal of. the public lands
within the undermentioned town4iips, to wit:
North of Me base line and west of the fifth principal
Townships eightyitcvo and eighty-three, of range
Townships eightyo-eighty-one, 1. eighty-two, and
eighty-three, of range thirteen.
Townships eighty-one, eighty-two, and eighty
three, of range fourteen.
Townships seventy-seven and seventy-eight, of
range sixteen.
Sections one to six inclusive, the northeast quar
ter of section seven, sections eight to fifteen inc!u
sive, the northeast quarter of section seventeen,
the north half of section twenty-two, sections
twenty-three, twenty-four, and twenty-five, the
northeast quarter of section twerity.six, and the
northeast quarter of section thirtysix, in township
seventy-sixi and townships seventy-seven, and se
venty-eight, of range seventeen.
The north half of section one, in: township seven
ty-six; township seventyleven, (except - ' sections
nineteen, twenty, twenty-eght, twenty-nine thirty,
thirty-one, thirty-two, thiity-three; thirty-four, and
the southwest quarter of section thiity-five,) and
township seventy-eight, of range eighteen.
At the land office at FAMFIEO, commencing
on Monday, the seventh day of December next, for
the disposal of the public lands within the under
mentioned 'townships and parts oflownships, vi7.l
Airrth of the ban line and iced of die.fiflit principall
Townships seventy and seventponei township
seventy-two, (except section one, the north halt
and southeast quarter of section two, the northeast
quarter of section three, and the north half of sec
tion twelve;) the west half of section eighteen, sec
tion nineteen, the southwest quarter of section
twenty, sections twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one,
and thirty-two, and the west half and southeast
quarter of section thirty-three, in township seventy
three, of range sixteen.
'Aa nships seventy, seventy-one; and severity
! two; township sesenty-three. (eseept the north
half and southeast quarter of seetiOn one. and the
northeast quarter of section tweliv) the south
half of section twenty.nine, the smith half of sec
tion thirty, sections, , shirtry'dwo, thirty
thiee, the west halt and southeast quarter of sec
tion thirty-four, and the southwest quarter of FCC
tioir hirty five, ar tounShip seventy-four, of range
Township; seventy, seventy one, seventy-two,
and seventy-thiee; the south half Of section live,
sections sir, seven and eight, the son thm est quar
ter of section nine, the southeast quarter of sectien
I •
fifteen, sections seventeen. eighteen, nineteen,
twenty. twenty-one, and to enty-tWo, the ,south
west. quarter of section twenty-three, and sections
i !went) -nye, tlietity-six, twenty-seven, twenty
i eight, twenty-nine, thirty, thirty-one, thirty-two,
thirty-three, thirty-lour, thirty-Use and thirty-six.
intowns} gip - • '
1011.1 - I p se'itnty, -tour, of range eighteen.
Larnls appropriated by law for the inc of schools.
inibtaty, or other purposes, will be esichuled from',
the sale. i
The sale,: w ill each be kept oprn for two weeks,
(iiiiicy; the lauds arc, s,)o l ier n o an d no
lon g er, ai:11 o. pr ate c ttries of Lio-cl in the tow 11-
slots, so olfeitd.. %itll be admittte4 until atter the
jextriration 0: two weeks ttom the commencement
ot ',lid sales. ,
; co tinder my hat7.l, at the City a Washington,
this iv:lool4th day of August, A lino Doninit one
thousand eight huriLlteni and forty-itix.
By the Pre,iiicm. JAMES .K. I'OLK.
JAmt.s. 11. Preen,
t tng f !1 Grntrol L4,ld
efy person entitled to the right of pre.eniption
to an lands within the torkShips atone enumera
ted, a required to establish 'the came to the satis
faction of the Register and Receiver!of "the proper
Land Office, and niake payment theicMr, na soon a•
jtrary rerdite rifler aering Mir noire, anal befote the
day appointed kir the coinniencement of the public
sale of the lands embracing, the tract 'claimed, oth
erwise such claim sill he hmeited.
...1.1ME5 11. PIPER,
of At General Land (//*T.
FAV -i llta:KS--Jti;tr . eceiveil at COOKS', S 5,
11 Fourth oh Arehiluilii Werner, or the Brother's
lietenge, a romantic talc, h. Chay..Spittler.
The Widow's Walk, or th e mystery of Crime,
'n u!: su : lh au v0,r0 , r., or the White Cross tit' St.
• Luke, by Dennis Hannigan.
The ilgerine and other tales, by Harry tintlirth.
Juvenile Library No. 1. Mother Goose, by Law
rence Lover.lutd, with eight splendid , illustrations
front original designs br Darley.
Living Age, No. 12%1, American !lei-inn., Demo
cratic Review and Fanner's Library rot September.
along with a numerous assortinent of new works, just
published and for sale at Cook'a Fourthtit.
1 )ILEs ! PILES!! 1 lEEE !—OH. J ACK
TION is the only medicine that will 'Cure this so
very common and troublesome disease. It not
only immediately allays inflammation, stops all
bleeding, subdues that intolerable itchigg, but el••
fectually cures, in a very short time.persons whose
lives have been rendered miserable foe years. Its
application produces no pain, but rather an agree
able and pleasant sensation. If persons afflicted
will only call and hear of the great number of ea
ses that have been cured, they \sill be: astonished.
A gentleman of this city, who had bean under the
knife of the surgeon two or three Dines, without
being cured, has, by using two bottles of this Ens
' &oration, been radically cured! It sells beyond all
precedent! •
all Diseases of the skin, particularly these that are
attended with disagreeable and troublesome itching,
are readily cured by anointing the parts 'effected,
night and morning, with a small quantity of Dr.
Jackson's Embrocation. Astonishing [cures have
been effected by this medicine. For sate by Dr.
D. Jayne, No S Sonth Third st., Philadelphia.
For sale in Pittsburgh at the PEKIN TEA STORE,
'72 Fourth street, near Wood, and also at the Drug
Store of H. P. Schwartz, Federal street; Allegheny
City. nug2B-d
EDSTEADS—Mahogany, Birch, Maple, Cherry
and Poplar high and low post bedsteads al
ways on hand and for sale low at the Furniture
warehouse of T. B. YOUNG & Co,
jc 6 31 Hand st.
COTTON—A few bales of Mississippi Cotton, for
sale low by GEORGE COCHRAN,
IY 2 No. 26 Wood et.
T ARD OlL.—Premium oil of Cincinnati mau
l./ facture for sale by GEORGE COCHRAN.
je26 No. 26 Wood at.
_ ,
AND CRUCIBLES- 2 :100 nests just received and
S for sale by IL A. YAHNESTOCI( & CO.,
sep9 corner 6th and Wood stn.
OR SALE--A small assortment of Window Sash
-4 and glass to suit; Purple and Yellow Carpet
C in; Tubs; -Churns; Buckets; Keelers; Half Bushel
and Peck Measures; Bed Cords; I bbl. of good Plas.
ter Paris; 10 great gross cheap Matches, and a retail
stock of School Books, Letter and Writing Paper,
Slates and Pencils. Paper and Carpet Rugs bought.
L HARRIS, Agt. and Cora. Merchant,
sep.23-4t. No. 12, St.[Clair St.
- _ -
Lath at a Reduced Price'
MEM subscribers are agents of the Mdi
J., Lath Company. They will be supplied
ly with Lath-which they will be enabled if
reduced price and of as good quality as lii
fore been offered in this market. They ill
Jim Lumber Merchants and Plasterers.
gop22-1w Water and
Market et
-s-- ~--~ _-.
SPLENDID assortment just received from the,
L East, of entire new Patterns. They can he
had very low at the Wall Paper Store of
nug27-dlin. Smithfield street.
I. O 0()0 PIECES of Glazed and Unglazed
Wall Paper, ofmy own manutheture,
on hand and for sale at the lowest market price.
Smithfield street.
ANT lislt i )O b W I3LIND PATE R 7 —en y J.s a i r n d u ll E de, fur
nug.27. Smithfield street.
r i EO. S. SWARTZ ham on hand a lot of very su
perior white and colored llilusquoto Netta
which will be sold cheap at Nu. 106 Market street.
RECEIVED—Per Canal Boat Great Western
-100 pcs Cherry Scrintling,-5x5 and 656-6000
Lights Window Sash suitable for the western trade,
12x16, 10x12 and 8110. For sale by
For Sale at the Wharf,
JUST received per Canal Boat
-10,000 feet inch poplar;
10,000 " " seasoned;
45,000 " 4x4 Scantling.
CASTILE SOAP—IO cases just received and for
sale by B, A. FAHNESTOCK & CO.,
sep9 cor.6th and Wood at.
fIUININE-100 ounces just received and for sate
sepll. corner of 6th and Wood eta,
BEST JAVACOFFEE, ground and put up lit
pound packages, received and for sale at the
PEKIN TEA. STOLE, 72 Fourth street, near Wood.
AFEW barrels of a superior quality for sale low
to close consignment, by
No. 2I; Wood street.
New Fashioned Fiats,
OF a very superior quality, for sale by
corner, of Wood and Fifth sts,
M oIIOGANY YEII4ERS — AND BONDS-Just received, a large assortment of the above, and
for sale at F, BLUMES
septi No. 112 Wood atreet, 2nd door above,sth
r t,
i aonatant
to sell at a
las hereto
iVite) a call
WARD • ODES—If rill want to purchase s.
good wardrobe chap call at the 'furniture
warehouse of I T. B. YOUNG & CO,
:IY/ 7 , • - 31 Hand s.t
ac Co.
rant et.
7 - .
BY virtue of a precept under. the hands of the
Hon. Benjamin Patton, jr.,
,President of the
Court of Common Pleas in and for the sth Judicial
District of Pennsylvania, and Justice of the Court
of Oyer and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery,
in and for said-District, and William Porter and
William Kerr, Esquires, Associate Judges of the
same courts,in and for the said County of, Alle
gheny, dated the 16th day of May, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-six,
and to me directed, for holding a Court of Oyer
and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery, at the
Court House, in the city of Pittsburgh, on the 4th
Monday of October next, at tO o'clock, ACM.
Public notice is hereby given, to all Justices of
the Peace, Coroner and Constables, of the County
of Allegheny, that they be then and there, in-their
proper persons, with their rolls, records, inquisi
tions, examinations, and other remembrances,
do those things ; which to their respective office.s
in their behalf appear to be done—and also those
that will prosecute the prisoners that now are or
may be in jail of said county of Allegheny, to be
then and, there to prosecute against them as shall
be just.
Gived under my hand at Pittsburgh, this 15th
day of September, in the year of our Lord IS-10,
and of the Commonwealth the 6Stli.
septls. ELIJAH TROVILLO, Sheriff.
TIIE subscriber is now receiving a large and fi ne
assortment of FALL AND WiNTIS DAY GOODS,
recently purchased from the manufacturers and im
porters, in the New York and Philadelphia Markets,
since the greatfall in prices, and will be sold twenty
per cent cheaper than the same description of Goods
were ever before offerred in this market. All those
wanting great bargains are requested to call at No.
5 Market street,
sep I 5
New Dress G iu,ZLams.
AV E t
i f b u a l v } e ' ; i c o n: t
h e a n a C i l a S u c d o t a c full
r a e s a s s u L t i m l ga t m e s f b t e w a i u l --
led and plain, at remarkable low prices. Also . , an
article of embroidered Gingbam—very beautiful fur
Dresses, for sale by ABSALOM MORRIS,
sepls No. 65 Market street.
Fax Vac New Fall Pilath.
'UST RECEIVED this day, embracing all the
now and desirable styles in the market; and will
be sold at greatly reduced prices, by
No. 65 Market st.
Lady's Dress Saks.
I) ECEIVED this day, several packages of very
IL, rich new style Persian—embossed Ombri, Bro
cade, Cliamelion, Striped, Plaid and • Poult de Soic,
and Black Satin, Striped Armour Dress Silks, and
will be sold cheap for Cash, by
N 0.65 Market st.
Cashmeres and De' L MUCH.
TUST RECEIVD, a beautiful assortment of new
10 style Paris printed, Ombri abachid, Rep Corded
and plain Cashmeres midlPLaiiis, and for sale by
fu.pls No. 65 Marti et street.
LARGE and splendid assortment of rich and
magnificent SHAWLS, just received this day
embracing all the new and desirable styles, viz: Paris
Printed Terkeri,Cashmere and Brocha, Embroidered
Black and Mode colored Silk, Friftge ; Thibbet and
D'Laine, Chamelion Plaid, and Striped Silk, Merino,
and Persian, Plaid. Silk and Worsted; together with
a great variety of Woollen Shawls, and will he dis
posed of at a small advance on the original cost,
sepls No. 65 Market at.
Fall Ooods.
1 A. MASON, 61. Market street, has just receiv.
ed and now opeicifil a large stock or Prints.
Itrown and bleached ingslins, flannels, ticking, check,
stripes, chintzes, gingliains; cashinere and mous Ao
lame, xhawln , cassineus, cab'sitnercs, broad cloth &C.,
all of which gill be sold - at exit:l - cutely low prices.
A. MASON, 62 Market street, Simpson's row,
11, in var.; the attention orcountry inerchanta and
others, to his well selected stock of IA goods, which
2, now opening. Selling only ror cash., we can offer
such advantages to purchasers no are seldom posses
sed by those who sell on the credit system. sepia
_ _ _ . . _
1. MASON, fi2 Market street, ,has just rec'd
another case or those Lino and orangn prints,
!idling at . tinelow price of li;cts per yard sepiti
DOZ.Du I tiorxion St Co.'s lo•own Shorn Wince
1 0 -
I 0 do. do. ''do. p ale""' do do.
:I .. Cortes do .< "
together with a general aisortrneut of other rich old
wines. Fur sale at the sriite store of
ST EitErr s: co.,
~pl:4 cor Market and Front stn.
01.17 14)ItT WINES —a eases superior. Did Port
Wine, tin- lovalid44l)r side by the case or bot
tle at the wine s tore o 1 STERETT 4 Co.
sepl6 61 :Market street, cis., Front.
CII ET WINES-4.0 cases • • St. Julien Medoc,"
13 do. faintly Wit , and other braOds. For sate,
low at the wine store of STERETT E.: Co.,
seplti N 0.16 Market M. cor Front.
ChM) BRANDY—An excellent article
on draught for medicine or other purpores, for
sale be STIRETT & Co.
sopi S cor. Market and Front.
l i ASI' INDIA and Wine Bitters of delightful
. 4 aroma, in bottles, and on draught, for sale at
the wine 4ore of sTliitErr &
s93is cor. Market and Front.
1 - 4 11.01.' R-25 Idds superfine family flour in store
• and for vale by
.56 Wood street
Tobacco—l 9 kgs Va. tobacco, No. 1
y.l. Tiviat
cuticle, in store and for sale by
56 Wood Street.
)UT ASII-15 casks Potash, No. 1 article, on
hand and for sale by
jp:27 56, IVood et.
augzi dint
Mu.gnoto .Netts.
p EFINED LIQUORICE--100 lbs just received
and for sale by
sep9 cor. 6th and Wood sts
Lard Oil.
sep 17
sop 3
• - -7
i•George It. White:tt. Co,
WILL dispose'hi' their choice stock of 13arages,
and Ginghutrt Lawns, summer Shards
and Scarfs; at reduced Flops. '
They Mfill also dispose of- their entire stock of
Cloths, fancy Cassimcirez, and JlM:ducky Jeans, at
original cost, as they intend relingdighing this.par
ticular branch of their ,filminess. -
jy22-2m (Chronicle please co. ;.
Intereattrig 'to Buyees.
WE invite the attention of all. Who wish bar
gains to a fresh arrival of seasonable Dry
Goods bought since the reduction - of the. Tariff, at
exceedingly low- priced and will be sold accordingly.
No. 81, Market at., between sth and the Diamond.
aug24-dlm.. ;
HE MEANS OF PEACE.—A Sermon delivered
in the "Third Presbyterian Church" July 12,
by the Rev. D- K. Riddle; and published by the-re
quest of the Congreg,ation. • For sale by
Progress of Nation's,in Productive Industry,
Civilization,Population !an- Wealth; il lustrated by
statistics f Mining, !Agriculture,. Manufactures,
Commerce, Rovenucs,!Banking, Internal Improve
ments, Mortality, Emigration and .Population; . by
Ezra C. Seatnan. I I
A few copies of the above work for sale by
corner of Market and 3d sts.
BEDSTEADS of different kinds with Gazzam's
iron patent fastenings, superior to anything now
in use, for sale low at tie furniture Warehouse of
angt. 1: T. B. YOUNG & Co, Nand street.
riIABLES--Pier, Cenire and Card Tables of differ
ent patterns. If
,iou want a good article cheap
call at the Furniture Warebou.4e of
je6, I T. B. YOUNG Er. Co,
31 Hand st.
Waled. Street .Piroperty for Sale.
TihATj lot ground at - the foot of Wood
str4t, occupied at the time or the great fire by
/Messrs. Icing & Holmes' is offered for sale.
Enquirol of IJ. K. MOORHEAD.
augS jj
Sugar auil. Molasses. •
A 0. ur,ar, strictly prime
-13 25ihhis.' Nos. 4 and 6 Loaf; •
10 rises -Lovering - s" D. R. Loaf _Sugar •
118 yids N. 0. Molasses;
10 store and for sale by I •
133 and 135 Wood street.
30/I BAGS Green Ito, part prime;
" Old Goi•ernment Java;
Arriving 'this day and fbr sale by
ackagei Y. , P. and
P vi. l 4di
oong, p
of late importa H. tions,lMpl., G.
arriving and
for sale nil LAMBERT & SHIPTON.
PrßAdco-10 bxs autchinsons [is;
bxs Price & Harwood's ss;
J. IL Grante ss;
13; " Layton's ss;
Is., 125., pis., 325., Balt. plug, and
Ladies Twist; arriving Ibis day. and for sale by
aitz;2s ; LAMBERT &: SHIPTON.
psii,tsf, bbls No. 3 'Lary's Mackerel;
1 1 20 " " 3 North
;! 1 0 ~ c ii ~
;1 ,4
20 " Herrink (Allwires)
1 5 " No. 1 Salmon; in; store and for
sale by ; LAMBERT & SHll''fON.
ato-5 1 I . .
~ - '
I Cotton.
1 30 11-ILES 1 1 115sissispi Cotton, for sale by
• I ' M. 13. 11.11EY & Co
autt29. 1 :
Cotton Y, tiro,
LBS. asserted numbers" lung and
45 0()0 short reel Cotton Yarn.
1 i ,
15,00 U lbs. Carpet Chain. 1
ID,OOO, " Cotton twine.
1501 Bales Common Batting.
kill(); " Extra tinnily. do,
For sale lOW to city or country trade, by
M. B. ItElki.' &CO.,
atr , .ls . 57 Wood street.
._ '
rriolll3ll r t 0-25 kegs N. I si.% twist tobacco re
./ eeivel and for sale by; •
M. I. RIMY fit CO,
sep2 1 ' No 57 Water street
. __ _
ATINEGO-50 bbls cider vinegar in store and for
V sale ;by IM. B. RILEY
,& CO.
. sep2 1 1
7.,; BALESlllAllt,suitabld for Plasterers purposes,
4.../ for.saleiby ' 1 M. B. RUBY & Co.
aug.22. 1 ,
(ILO WINES & LIQBORS--consisting of
VV ' PortlWine: r,
Madeira Wine; 1 .. -
Malaga do;
Rhenish do;—in half and quarter pipes,
and on draught - warrantedl pure;
' Pal 4 Brandy, of different brands;
• Dark do, 1,, ..
Holland Gin, fine flavor; . .
Peasit Brandy, S years old;
Apple do, 4 'do do;
Old illye Whiskey, S and II years old,
Part of tbe. above Liquors from under Custom
House Lock, forsale in quantities to suit by
I - } P. C. MARTIN,
GO Water st. 1
iY 2 O c 5
Segura I Segars tt
I UST reg•eired from Net York, a large quantity
Ors of Hai - anna and Prinipc Segais:of the most
popular and superior brand's now in use• Also, an
excellent article of chewing Tobac.. ‘ co and several
bales of suijerior Cuba Letif Tobacco . for
No. 30, Third street; two doors from the Post
Office., I ' may 9.
• . _
sri 1113 LS. Piich; 1 _
NJ 50 Roth;n !- '
150 11eXes Tobacco, various sizes; - •
10,000 Seed leaf Cigars;
On consiginnent and will be acid low for Cash, or
exchanged ]pr Pittsburgh manufactures, by
seps i
VINE SAUNA TABLE SALT-50 bags (small
JU size) very fine Salina Salt, fit for table us and
Dairies, tbr 'sale low by P. C. MARTIN,
CO Watdr st
CAB Darie;ls superior 641.7:C
der for sale by ' P C. MARTIN,
iY 60 Water stree
L •
11310N5.-100 boxes lemons in good order,
for sale by P. C. MARTIN,
20. 00 Water street.
HANDS _WANTED-2 Be 4 d;tead makers;
2 Table makers;
8 hands to make other Cabinet ware;
None need apply but first rate workmen.
auB (Journal and Chronicle copy,)
LEMONS -7b' Boxes Lemons; for, sale very low
by 1
IDES7;4II Missou.ri:llicles, for sale low to close
11 consignment. • ,; •
je26 •
CORN -117 scks Corn, lor Sialc by
jc26 ' JAMES MAY
METAL.-1" ton Scioto Furnace, pig iron for
sale by de2.6) JAMES MAY.
T LIST .RECETV—Lx - rrias istatt n
—R009.11, Asia
I7inor, by Mrs. E. C. A. Schneider, with an
essay on the; prospects of the Heathen and our duty
to them, 'by 'Rev. B. Schneider, and an ikroductio.
by Rev. E. Heiner, A. M. Published by Rev. Samln
Gutelius, Chambeniburgh, 1846. For sale by
115 Wood st
T)SALMS & HYMNS, for the too of the German
Reformed Church ill the U. S. of America, En
ih and Gernian.. For sale by
115 Wood st.
1) The attention of purchasers is invited to - tinr
geral stock of these Goods.
4-4 superior S4a IslandShirtiog Muelins;
15-16 c , lit ,4
7-8 "
12-4 Hamilton Sheeting; l•
5-4 "
mar 17 H
i Storni
AVING jvery • large
ion g_house; we', are .prep;
tn freight for Aliment;
dace, &c. on storage' at low ,
H C. A.
Latest liniirovement
Now Bocks:
and commodious ware ,
.!ared to receive (in addi.
t) a large amount of Pro
,'Fates. - -
• Canal Bann.
m 21 ,114,
Etch bla ofigkg - UINE SUGAR. COATED PTLLS LIU Upon it.
n i inj i MigX" ALL
cam-, i ,
.r Alb
Original i e/ -
PILLS are the first and only Altdscine ever
kb Owe that will positiccfp cure
Headache, Giddiness,,:Measles, Salt Rheum,
Rheumatism, PileS, Heartburn, Worms,
Di B PeP 3 i 4 o'Seurvy, Cholera Morb us,
Small Pox, Jaundice,:.:Coughs, Quinsy; -
Pains in the Back.; Whooping Cough,
Inward Weakness, Consumption? Fits,
Palpitation of the Heart, Liver Complaint,
Rising in the Throat, - Erysipelas, Deafness,
Dropsy, Asthma, Itchings of the Skin, -
Fevers of all kinds, - Colds, Gout, Gravel,
Female Complaints, Nervous Complaints, •
And all other diseases Originating from impurities of
the blood.
iKr They have cured; since their introduction ;
over 2,000 persons, whii have been ghee up as hope
less cases ? by the most eminent Physicians.
Irr- They. are patronized and recoMmended - Jty .
men of the highest distinction, among whom are—
Hon. David It. Porter, Hon. Henry Clay,'
Hon. John Q. Adams, Hon. Daniel Webster,
Hon. Martin Van Buren, Hon; J..C. Call/bum,
Gen. Winfield Scott, Cal. RI AI. Johnson,
Hon. James K. Polk, Cen. Lewis Casa?
Their virtues arc so infallible thrit the money
will be returned in all cases they do not gife 111115p . 1 , ...
sal satisfaction. Although but-two and a half-yearu
have elapsed `since. these celebrated Pills were first
[introduced to the public, the sale of them -in 'till
Eastern and middle States has far 'exceeded
Clickener's most sanguine expectations'. Dtqiit the ;
past year, alone, no less than 10,000 gross'. of Loxes ;-
have been sold in the State of New York, 0,000 in
Pennsylvania, 4;000 in Maryland, 3,000 in New Jer- •
sey, 2,000 in Delaware, and 9,000 in, the New.Engl and
States, requiring the constant employment
hands, exclusive of printers and engravens: fhb
same period, upwards of- 200,000 copies of the
“Family Doctor" have been ordered by agents in
every sdetion. of the country. TheSe facts inest -
show, conclusively, that Dr. Clickenerls Sugar Coat
ed Pills, besides being - tire very best medicine in the
world, are held in the highest estimation by the publim
We might extend this publication to- an- indeSm.'•
its' length, if we deemed it 'expedient to pithlidi all
tersimonlals we Wave received, not only from agents,:.
but individuals and families, who have experienced
the benficial effects of Clicketier's Sugar Coated
[ Pills, but we deem it unnecessary. The most in-
comestible evidence of their unprecedented success,
are the numberless Imitations and Counterfeits which
have already appeared, notwithstanding the brief pe
riod they have been before the public. Even sortie
of our staunchest pill makers have had the audacity
to imitate the Capsule of Sugar, in order to ditnise
the ingredients of their vile compounds, and palm
them off for the" "real Simon_ pure." . Such paltry
shifts cannot last lung without exposing their hideous.
deformity. Truth and honesty must inevitably pre-
veil over rascality and deception. . •
For sale in Pittsburgh by WIVE JACKSON, at leis
Patent Medigisa Warehouse, No. 89, Liberty street,
head of Woqd et., Pittsburgh. Price.-25c. per. box. -
Dr.Cliakeipr's principal office is 81 Barclay street
New York. -'
In- Beware of an imitation article
I proved Sugar Coated PHIS, purporting to be patented,.
as both the pills-and the pretended patent are for.,
gerips, got up by a miserable quack in New Ybrk,
who, for the last four or live years, has Made his
popular meditineS.
it:T" Semeniber, Dr.C. V. Clickener is tho original
inventor of Sugar Coated Pills, and that nothing of
the sort was ever heard of until he introduced them
in June, 1843. Purchasers should, therefore; alwaya
ask for Clickener's Sugar Coated Vegetable Pills, arid.:
t..ake'no other, or they will be made thg victims or a
fraud. .
may 9 -
• BODY.—It is an astonishing fact, that a Very
large class of diseasei can only be cured by such.
remedies as will enter into the Bzoon, and circu
late with it, through every portion.of the body; for
only by this means can the remedy be, brought,
into immediate contact with the disease,• and to at
lain this desirable end, no preparation has been so
uniformly successful as DR: JAYNE'S ALTER
TIYE. -Stu-efts/a, Kings' Evil,Cancer and Calais.
our Tumours, White Swellings, Enlaretement . of the
.Bones, Chronic .fficumelism and Gout, Eruptive dis
eases ofthe S/-in, old and indolent 'Ulcers, Goitrous
Swellings of the Tilton! &e., are cured with a certain
ty, that has astonished every beholder. It is, be
sides, one of ,the most pleasant articles that can be
taken into the stomach, operating as a tonic, and
F removing. Dyspeptic and Nerrbus affections, - and
imparting a gloW of animation and health, une
quailed by any thing in the whole 3lateria Mediem
For sale at No. S South Third st.—Price 5.1. per
bottle. or $lO per dozen. •
For sale . in Pittsburgh at tIiePEKIN TEA STODE,,
n Fourth street, near Wood, and at the Drug Store
f 11, ..1' Schwartz Federal street, Allegheny City.
11/IE SKIN AND COMPLEXION, at this (and,
indeed,`evesy other) season, is 'often eepulaivo
in appearance caused, in elght - cases out of ten, by,
the atmosphere; .and what persons suppoSe disease
of the blood, lis simply a disease of the skin. If
some of the thousands who take purgative medicine,
pills, and useless Sarsaparilla, were to use on their
skin a softening and clearing balm, that opens tho -
pores, whitens the plan, and causes,a healthy perspi
ration, that, be the skin never so disfigured, unheal=
thy, or diseased with pimples or freckles; sunburn,
tan and morphew, the true and genuine JONES'S
ITALIAN CHEMICAL SOAP never fails to cure.-
and dispel them, and to make the skin clear and.
lovely. It acts so. mildly and soothingly on the,
skin;thatphySicians - iiiie it on ladies and infants, in
old cases of scurvy, erysipelas, salt rheum., sore head,
ringworm, and it (mind, the genuine Jones' soap) .
has often effected a cure when every other remedy -
failed. It is indeed a blessed rein edy. • -
Sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Warehouse,
89 Liberty-street, head,of Wbod—at the same place;
is sold the Moorish Hair Dye, 'Coral Hair Restiara
live, and Spanish Lily. White. -
PRINCIPAL OFrter--Sign of the American Eagle ;
S 2 Chatham street, .
Now York.
Renovra)—The celebrated medicines of Dr. T.
G. Evans of Brownsville, Pa., are now for sale
wholesale and retail, at Jackson's Medical Depot,
No. 89 Liberty street, head of Wood, Pittsburgh.
•Wholesale Dealers and Agents supplied.
Dr. Leans' Sovereign Tonic and Grand kestora
tire a certain cure for the Fever and Ague. •
dr. Evans', Vegetable and Anti-Dyspeptic pills,
priee :25 cents per box.
: • Dr. Evans' American. Vegetable Vermijuge, price
25 cents per bottle. -
Dr. Evans' Tonic Eye Water, au infallible cure
for sore eyes, price tweuty-five cents per bottle.
Rev. Dr. James Estep's Black Syrup, for the cure
of Coughs, Cold, Asthma, Croup, Branchitii - and
Consumption—price one aoilar.
Remember Di:Tlvans , only Depot, is JACKSON'S,
No. 89 Liberty streets head Of Wood-.` • -
SOFT, FINE AND CLEAN; to makes the - scalp
healthy, smooth; white and fruitful, so that a:-good
crop may spring therctivm, persons have but to ex.
peed thirty seven and a half cents. Aid, reader,
our only object for selling the article at price, is
knowing it to be all we state, that when you once try-.
this you never will use aught else, whetherit be
merely to embelish, to - dress, beautify; aild iireserse,
to force growth, stop falling off, and cure semi's or -
dandruff's, the JONES , CORAL HAIR IIESTURA- -, ;,
TIVE will neverfall to do all this, as hundreds Will
tell you with gratitude:: It dresses the hair beautiful
ly, and makes red or grey hair. grow dark from thd
Sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine 'Warehouse,
89Liberty Street, head cieWood-price thirty seven
and a half cents, fifty emits and one dollar per bottle,
At the same place is sold the Italian Chemical Soap,
Spanish Lilly White and unrivalled shaving soap.
T" poisonous effect on the skin Of corn Mon pre"
pared chalk is not generally known by ladies;
how yellow rough and unhealthy it makes the, skin in
time; besides. what a corpselike, palid look it gives
when applied. , They should use a beautiful prepar
ation, purely vegetable, which gives thefacearnas or
neck, a natural life-like whiteness, and makes it
smooth. It ds called Jones' Spanish Lilly White;
and is sold at JACKSON'S Patent Medicine Ware,
house ; SD Liberty street, headof Wood; at the - same
place is sold Jones' Coral Hair Restorative, Italiala
Chemical Soap and unrivalled shaving soap,
y 24-41: - -
Hisaobat tofu
partnership heretofore existing between'
Hunker 4- Dickson is this day, dissolved by mu
tuaidonsent. -The afriiirs of the late firm be
settled by P. H. Hunker, who will continue the Bak.
ery and Confectionary, at the old stand in Filth, near
Market street, P. H. HUIs.7KEIt; -
tftsvits i Lawns St , -
EO:S. SWARTZ has on hand a Int of ti LaWila _
which will be sold at the very low price etlB4-
cents per yard, persons who want a good article-, it a
low price, would-do well to call soon. - •
Also on hand a good stock of Nansook u nslingfor.
Ladies Dresses very cheap at
jela No,
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. . .