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PITTSEIT#GII, FitlDAY;lrt\ r 'llic .0413
Allegfleily County Jlemocratic icket.
I A .11 E 303
Ccoragiers i
THOS S 4AMILTON, 'of :Pittettergh,
Sicria; :
- - - 40DF-PATTERSON, of Lawrencwille.-
• -
. *- '•GORGE • R. RIBBLE, - of 41lightny.
' . Assembly,
.;* AMTIEL W. BLAeK, of Pittsburgh.
ROBERT IC KERR, of alliegheny.
JOHN nELTIENNY, - of „Verson.
JOSEPH pziorgß, of Moon:
.COnsissilss - 'lossei;foi 3 yeaTs;
• Comisaissioner , for , 1 year,
WM. - BRYANT, of Pittsburgh.
• •
1r tar-• 3 years, .
WILLIAM EW WO; - of Rubisssou.• - •'
. • - Auditor for I year,
PXFFERSONT, of Bironnghant
I • . Coroaer, •
Tire.Minuras.—The reader i; r referreil to
the efutdmetelal head fora full and satisfactory
report of the:Pittsburgh Market •
In fill :ages tt has been the work of tyrants to
check. the orrivanl flow Reason, and make the
human Int:elleCi obedient to their own base purpo
ses. The nspirations of the human mind are ever
ripwanl' and •cuiwa rd. Democracy is ever progres
sire—it never its still to study precedents, and al
though sometimes rash, itlis always honest in. its
• purposes. •With what a Sneer the opposition prints
speak! of "Progressive Dernoerary." We mayre
ceive their shafts of ridicdle When tie proclaim
ourselves a , !P n oonessive U s :spurts-4 - but Shafts
bury Went too far when he set up ridicule fora test,
of_ principles or truth.
Progressive Democracy is the human intellect
whichlias laurat the bounds of tyranny,-and-is
rushing on as a mighty river, recching accessions
as it flows, and fertilizing the region's through
;which at passes, on its way to the ocean of gen
' cial : gclod. An'il onward it Will flow until the peo
ple become the l fountain of I all excellence, power
and glary! •• It broke through feudal land-marks in
the Arnerican Revotution, and the British Empire
found kis impossible to stop it as to arrest Niaga
ra on the leap. I The French Revolution was the:
rapidShnd whirlpools TyCanny had aroused everi
facultY of the human mind to fury—every passion
was avvalrened 2 —sentimentl and propensities were
co-mingled; .and with the strength of Sampson, the
ptople tore doWn the pillarii -which sustained the
architecture of feudalism, and the despotism of
ages, with chivalry and beauty were buried in one
common.ruin' Sentiment weeps over Antoinette;
but Justice is vindicated in the fall of an accursed
fabric rnaredip blood and tars. •
In, these United States, Democracy is progress
ing like the mighty
" r Strong without rageovithput overflowing full;"
And it casts with derision an the shore the puny
arm that attempts to fix foil it a boundary. It is
governed by itsl own immutable laws, and these
are • thi perfedion of reatoii,l and it would reduce
I I •
them to the comprehension pf Progres
sive DemocraCy is not lam-bass liberty, but liberty
governed by law. It studies simplicity—it gets rid
• of all complex l and antiquated machinery--treati
ses are tonlonglfor it,--and it would reduce all
truth to t axiom
What are its ".EqUal andF.xart /Watt
I • I
to all Tnen2- , , :Ahe greatest • good of the greatest
quanber.!;' "POW the knee to - F7O man, and acknowl
edge. ;nothing , superior,List worrh and talent." "Con
sider all, men as brethren, andda tothem as you would
they uhuld . do to, your TheSe laves should be writ
ten on the heart every PrOgressive Democrat,—
they shPUld be stamped inthlen letters on his
harmer, like'the acredS mono am upon the banner,
of ConStantine
Who are the leaders of PrOgressive Democracy?
The truly greatland good 4 all ages.—those ia•ho
studied to,. elevate humanity and make better the
condition of their kind—all ;seekers after Truth—
all innovators upon Error—all who dared to resist
oppression. &hold some of ! them: Socrates with
the cupjin his hand; and Brutus Avith the dagger!
Moms before Pharaoh; and Paul before Agrippa!
Goiumbhs on the mountain lwave, seeking a new
world; and the I , Starry Gallileo" discovering the
wonders of the r heavens, painting at evening his
telescope to the ;moon--
•I _ ;
.From the top of Fes°le,
Or in i ValdarnO, to descry new lands,
Rivera, - or mountains, in her spotty globe!"
Miltort, Shakopee:" and %ins, poets of paradise
and the People I John Hampton and Pattick Hen
rit! Washington, himself his parallel! Jefferson
with the Declaration in his bland! Franklin, who
drew th 6 lightning from the louds, and struck the
sceptre : from
,tyrants! The martyred Emmet
whose epitaph will yet be - Written; and Jackson,
whoselast prayer was•for the good of his country.
Among the living we Shall "name but one, Daniel
O'Connell,--illose tongue has been •touched by
the seraph fires of eloquence, and who pleads like
Demosthenes' for the rights and liberty of his coon=
try! Name after name rises glariously before us,
but these will suffice.. The few we named were
children), of the people; and look, Retrospective
Aristocrat!-look; untitled Ape of Aristiacracy !--
open they pages of history, and among the names of
those who were born in the purple, or who, claim
ed by their heritage : or - blood - a superiority to their
we say, and- WC defy you to produce
• •
their equals
Progressive Democracy favors Emigration, for
the truntOri of the people are the true guards of
liberty, and alwdys opposite to' the aristocracy of
wealth, birth and faction. Progressive Democracy
extends its' arms thd.'oppressed of all nations,
and promises to the weary and heavy laden rest.
/t_,never persecutes; it never burns churches; it
never-hangs the mangled body of a poor'foreigner
in the sham ales No people can' Le great without
magnanimity, and there is no magnanimity With•
out self-denial; and to Native-born 'Arnerica.ns we
say be.niagnanithous, let the /wart grew, extend the
area Id - freedom, and Heaven that scatters its rain
and its-sunshine over the face of all nature will
reward you..
To:the young American we say, be a Progrealive
Denwera4 . The t history of. the world 'is a dark
one stained' and blotched' with blood and tears.
The future promises
..a brighter destiny to our race.
inok.not. back after the " flesh-pots of Egypt,'' but
onward .nWard towards the 'Holy Land!
Fxorn,:—More flour has Veen sent to . England
from the United States during the lest six months,
titan ivaa ever before shirip to that country in
any one Pear.. . .
. .
N OT. Tv.vz 7 —Tha.t F. P. Shur going to mire
Glabe;' as envil;Oustylreporiej.
- - -
, ,
' Tkomati Hamilton,
our candidate for the State Senate, is a pure and
uncompromising democrat, without spot or blem
ish. Let the democrats rally to his support, and
his. election is _certain. Col. Hamilton possesses
fine talents, and will adorn the station should the
people commit it to his hands.
, itody Patterson,
is essentially the people's candidate for Sheriff. Our
citizens know hit; so well and favorably, that it is
almost a work Of supererogation to say one word
in his behalf. He stands high in the estimation of
his gellow-nien,—they admire his devotion to prin
ciple—his:public. enterprise—,his private worth—
miany shining qualities. He keeps good nags,
and will surely martin his competitor!
the presentgentlemanly and efficient Prothonotary,
is a candidate for re election. Those who have had
business to transact in our courts will bear witness
to his urbanity and integrity. lie has made an ex
cellentotEcer, and the people would spew their ap..
preciation of genuine worth by re-electing him by
a sweeping majority. They will do ii!
A young gentleman of shining talents. Although
he has been practising at the bar but a few years, yet
he has acquired a reputation as a powerful and
successful advocate. of which any lawyer would
• 1
feel proud. Mr. Black has a host. of warm friends
who will stick to him like brothers thiough sun
shine and storm.
• Robert H.Kerr,
Familiarly known as "Benton Kerr," the defender
of the people's rights, the steady opponent of usur
pation and corruption, stands next on the Assem
bly ticket. lie is a bold and fearless champion of
freedom—always in the right, and ever ready to
do good. lie never compromises principle, or
takes a luke.warin or equivocal position Success
to honest "Benton Kerr."
Melts APElherany and Coopers
Are. worthy and respectable farmers, honest, faith•
ful and sound to the core. We have not the pleas
ure of being personally acquainted with them, but
hope soon to enjoy the opportunity of taking them
by the hand.
With such an excellent ticket, who can doubt
the result?
We understand that Mr. Latrobe, the chief En
gineer of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, has
written to the President of the Pittsburgh and Con
nelliville Railroad, that he will be here in a few
days to go on with the survey. It will be remem
bered that Mr. Latrobe has been appointed the en
gineer of theP. &C. Company. We are informed
from a reliable source that the work will, speedily
go on: The lanly delay has been occasioned by the
absence of the Hon. Loubi Ml,ane, the President of
the Baltimore Company. He is now at home, and
under his auspices we doubt"not gut that this great
improvement, so important to Pittsburgh and the
west, will be brought to a speedy and successful
completion. As the stock of the Pittsburgh and
Connellsville;Company will be a secure and profit
able investment, our citizens ought to subscribe to
as much of it as their means will warrant. We
feel assured that the present intelligent and excel
lent board of:directors are doing all that they can
do to promote the success of the work.
This crippled institution has been making efforts
to obtain in Philadelphia to sustain it, but
the committee sent for that purpose had not sue.
ceeded at the lateot advices. That they will suc
ceed is very doubtful. The only thing in their fa
vour is the advanced price of produce, which may
enable some heavy debtors to the concern, to pay
some off their notes, for we understand its heaviest
loans hate been made to produce dealers There
is a large amount of the paper of the Lewistown
bank in circulation; and, we judge from the quota
tion* that our brokers won't buy' it. Of course,
whether they buy it or not the working peciple will
be the sufferers. Were the stockholders individu
ally liable, the people might hold on to the paper,
but now they can only look to the bank; and we
can-obtain no information of its resources by which
we could form an opinion as tO its capacity ulti
mately to meet its obligations.
TIIASeLE, GENTictExt--Our brother editors
of the city, priss, , ,vho have so kindly noticed our
return to the tripod, will be &Sod enough to except
our most grateful-thanks. May they all live a thou
sand years; anti inay Ceres pour iu their laps the
rich treasures.ilf this beautiful earth.
~ . .
- .
Hron _Patti or ,L'oe.r..--.Complaints are made
in naltinatire'of'tbe'' high* price of coat, being up..
*tads Of $1 a - ton'higher than if was last year..-...
The Pennsylvanian' of ' Philadelphia says:--Com
plaints of a sitar character are made of the price
of cord in thisctiy, it having 'suddenly gone up
from $5,50 to $5,75 , per ton. ..
. 0:7:71Hon. Rlir.Rlllll CO,I7LTER., of 'Westmoreland
county, is highly sPolcen' of by a number of paperi
. .
as man well qtialiiielf to fill the vacancy
,on the
bench of the Supreme Cou,rt, of this State, occasion.
eii brthe death of Judt,e.Kennedyt .
lz ,
Thp Ihtmocr,athk Ticket.
The prospectkforile !ciamPlete success of the
Deinocratic ticket in Allegheny county,
.are truly
;11attering,.,_ t succe . ed we - mn4beyond all peradven
lure, if, thasinne , :golxl feeling -continues that now
'exists. din'', opPonents Plainly see this, and are
noW rasortino to their cddlriodaof wartkre—false.
hood, deception and 'inuithuggery—to rally their
friends to action. The &it flume on our Ticket is
Win. B. F i nit6, Jr.,
that of
for Canal Cominitsioner. Mr. Foster reccivedllie
nomination on the first ballot, which is a rare oc•
currence in large conventions.. This unanimity
aUgurnwelifor his triumphant election. If oppo
sition exists against Mr. Fosxnn,,it has not as yet
come ; to our notice. • Alt good Democrats, who
wish to'see the party succeed, and its principles
maintained, will rally as' one man in support of
FOSTE)I. Opposition frOni the whigk—bitter
and relentless—is expected as .a matter of course.
All they can say, will have about as mech effect
as shooting panel- halls'against a granite rock!
Wilson Dpeaudlcss,
our candidate for- Congress, is as well known to
every man in. Allegheny county as . his own child.
To doubt his election would be doubting the Intel
liginceand judgment of the honest freemen of .
legheny county. Compare him to his opponent!
Hyperion to a Satyr! Col. M'Candless is a- sell
made man—by energy and perseverance, he has
won for himself a glorious renown. He has never
been an office seeker—he has never been a suppli
ant for executive favors. Ile comes before the
people by reason of their own free and spontane-
MIS choice. He is just the man that the people of
Allegheny county should send to Washington, to
truly represent their interests. His powerful
fluence will be felt there, while that of his oppon
ent would have no more weight than a feather—
"light as a puff of empty air." Should the present
Tariff law requite amendment or modification, Mr.
M'Candleis can accomplish that object, and Mr.
HaMpton can not. This the people should always
George R. Riddle,
The first name on the Assembly ticket is that of
Samuel W. Black,
Pittsburgh and COIIIICIIffriIIe Railroad.
The LTistown Bank.
~.: S`Y
,_~- '_.'t!~'V': i ce '~,`
. _
We yesterday copied a paragraph from the St.
Louis Union of the 10th inst., which stated the wa
gons' braid inlrittsbargh fcr; : the viblicseriice Were
, Worthless &C, TES morning C'aiit.Harding; the
tifficeif of government to Whom hasi been
theparchase.of wOcnis; Oiled urcOffius, and assu
red us in the most positive..rrianner s , that the state;
merit of r the St. Louis paper is without the slight
est-foundation in truth. The wagons made in this
city, we e
principally procured at the celebrated
establishinent of Mr.,Townsend, and were regular
ly inspe+d, found to be good, and were shipped in
excellent condition, to Kew Orleans, and not to St.
Louis. The first wagons shipped from this city to
St. Louid, were rent off on the, 10th inst., and of
course coald not. have reached their destinatio n the
same day. Mr. Townsend challenges the world to
show a Worthless piece of work that ever come
from his establishment. .
Will Our friend of tke Union be rood enough to
copy thi?
A Tarimm Sesxr. was witnessed by a large ,
numbered persons near the Columbia Bridge, Iliil
adelphia,:on Tuesday. A rain.of darns contain
ing emigrants 'for the West wasabdtit crossing the
bridge, ds one of the passedgers held a chid sup
posed to be three or four years 'old : , between two
of the cars, near the bumpers. The train was'
started and the sudden jar threw the child down
upon the track, where. it lay till several care pas
sett by. The child 'fell with its head against one
of the rails and every wheel grazed it, fortunately,:
however,iloing it no other harm than to take off a
portion of the hair from the scalp. Those who'
witnessed the scene were completely paralyzed,:
their horror icing increased by the child constant- I
ly moving one of its hands, apparently in the way
of each Successive wheel' that approached
This certainly was a narrow escape.
0/11.01* or TUE wow) Ilcarnuo.—A Scotch pa
per affirms that this word is of Scottish origin.—
There was in olden times a race, now extinct, cal
led Bngue or Boag of that Ilk, in Berwickshire.—
A daughter of this family married a son of Hume
or Ikne, also of that Ilk. In procesS of time, by
default of male issue the Bogue property devolved
on one Geordie Home or Hulnie, who was projier
ly styled Hume or Home o' the Bog. This worthy
was somewhat inclined to the ruarvelloui, and had
a vast inclination to exalt himself, his wife, family,;
brother, anu all his ancestors on both sides His
tales, however, did not pass current, and at last,
when anY body made any extraordinary statement
in the 3 earns, the hearers would shrug up their
shoulders land style it "just a hum o' the Bog "
This was (soon shortened into Itqtrzbug, and in a few
years the scoril spread like wildfire over the whOle
Tur.urar..—Another full house last night ; noth
ing less could be expected during Mr. Muir/m(l's
engagement. He appears this evening in the char.
actcr of Claude Me!none, in Dulwcrs beautilid play
of the Lady of Lyons; Miss Potrrsa stistairs the
part of Pauline. Persons wishing to procure de
sirable seats for ladies, we would advi , :e to make
early application at the box office.
Tas lti[ELonsoxn—There sweet singers give
another oC their concerts at the Odeon this evening.
Their negro singing is decidedly rich, their music
Movs.stiNTs or (MEAT 3rEN.—The Washing
ton Union!of Monday says: Mr. Buchanan, Sec
retary of State, was at the Saratoga springs, ac
cording to! the last accounts. Ile expects to re
turn by uffalo, the lat:cs, and thence through
Mr. Bancroft will probably leave the United
States in the steamer of the Sth of October.
Mr. McLane was in Washington last week to
pay his respects to the President. Ile returned
on the same day to Baltimore.
Considerableexcitement prevails in this city
in consequence of the sudden disappearance of a
person by the name of Arthur Brown, jr., who not
Jong Linceppened a real estate and intelligence of
fice on Fifth street. It is said that he is a bold and
successful Swindler, and walked into the pockets of
every person who had dealings with him. We ob
serve that a reward of ; 40as offered in the Dispatch
!or his apprehension. lle is supposed to be on his
-winding way" to the sunny south!
IT Is VEIIT STnAans.—There died suddenly on
t:te 4th inst., at Syracuse, 1. Y., ore Mary Ann,
wife of F.zia. J. Berlin, aged 15 years. After a post
mortem examination, the jury gave as a verdict,
"caused hY premature nuniagr!" Although her
age is putidovrn at 15, her appearance indicated
that she was no, more than•l2 or 13 years of age.
The circus stanccs arc altogether very strange.
EMTHAGODISART srEED.--Merchants of LiVer .
.; 1
pool, who wrote letters to Boston on the C,th o
July, rece4ed answers from Boston in 24 days of
The steamer Cambria, on her outward
trip to Liverpool, was only 7 days, after luseirussiglit
of the land at Halifax, before she made land on the
other side.
We have always noticed that the Democratic
party does its full duty at the polls. To one un
acquainted with this inseparable peculiarity, the
result of the coming election
.mighf seem doubtful.
The Whig party have done their utmost to intro
duce distraction into our ranks, and by means of
the favorite maxim of an infamous Italian, conquer
or force by dividing its strength.
They have calumniated our public men with all
the virulence of attrocious libellers, under the pro-
tection of a constitutional clause which guarantees.
the freedom of the press and the most complete an
alysis ofpublic measures. Men whose sincerity is
irreproachable, whose patriotism is exalted, whose
whole career in ,social and public life has been die.:
tinguished by the Most amiable and enobling, vir
tueSt have, been branded as traitors and sycophants,
and paraphrased M language which would ruffle
the temper even of the devil if applied -to him, on
account of its violence and injustice.
With hearts full of gall and bitterness, they have
gone about among the people enacting the part of
wolves in sheep's clothing, and crying ruin, ruin,
in the midst of rieacb and plenty, and disturbed for
a time the quietude,,of ,the
.credulous and unsus
pecting with false alarms and dismal forebedings.
They have endeavored to arouse the 'worst feel:
ings of the people of Pennsylvania, to foster an en
tnity in their ; breasts to the. South, and create a dis•
trust of their own representatives, a course of ad
vice which, if followed, will render Pennsylvania
weak , in herself and contemptible in the councils of
the nation.
They have tried to foment differences and dis
sensibnEr among ourselves, to magnify a biting' of
the thumb
. into a serious insult, and to infer a se
cession from the Demoeratic party in consequence
of this irreconcilable affront. They have bailed
any diversity, of opinionitrregard to the qualifica
tions of a candidate as the most conclusive proof
of dissatisfied oppositiorr[and charitably exerted
themselves to widen the breach by exasperating
sarcasm and
And yet notwithstanding all this perseverance
and industry,, we' *confidently look forward to the
ultimate triumph of Democratic principles at the
next election. The Democratic party will•never
fail to rally in its full strength at. the 'polls, and
practically exemplify that the sober second thought
of the people' can distil in its alembic partisan
abase and miarepresentation, and reject-the whole
creed of ,the Whigs on account .of the,worthless
ness of the sainple.—Harrisburgh Union. 1
1 ,
4 `0.1D ROM) ANII RE4D . T'VOTIO.--001. ME
DAIITi the - •wh el heerof4.l4". - etrineracy of Ohio,
Old Rough an Readi : d the' - state,4s.liti is desig.
nated,.ls haiku. as a toble tandidatOrfOrr Congress,
by. im )Aeptit!). tin 11 . 1rilinh;onghtnit. the - -country.
4.W:tLePeprisir ircelii4*lya,l - fi±e say ; "he iis a bold,
picirough,l . anA lee peinoe4Weitiklii , iill make a
rpoSt efrieseritieprepteseiktat:osei itWd. - .10 elected, as
6. - ce.Se.
ehop,,M, k..b.e2!..1 ' -:.: . -, r- -, 'i';'•:--:--"•.- -- ' ,
ifid - '.. -- '.-,..,-.%;...: •..
oz7.•We eer4 wally . orse all thaf 111-said , 'abo re
l of Cu!. Medaryl We would rather see him in Con
gress thtn any man in Ohio.
Ruinous cifals of the new Terif—We learn by
a gentleman from 'Vertilont that . the Winobski.
Falls Alanufacturing`Company, with a capital of
s2.ooooo,hav'since the passage of the new tari ff bill of F.,eereta 'Walker, voted to increase theire.ap
ital to $.100,0 0! This company are extensively
engaged'in.the manufacture of cassimeres, large
quantities Of %pith are. eXported to Canada, and I
sold at a handsprne profit.. The cloths =aurae- I
tared by this (papally have frequently been this-1
taken by the. Canadian dealers tor West of Eng- '
land , cloths.—Washington 'Union. . ,
o.What will panic makers say to that? We
hope they. - .commit suicide! The fact is af. !
fairs than t country never wore . ° brighter;
per t than they .do at present. I
titbits the
, ge.--Tlie annual Catalogue cx
satisfactory sun:mary:
Juniors,.. „ ..1,
Fieshmen, I
Select Studies,.l.
Preparatory anti English Departments,
Total, 1 193
This is - an 4xeellent Institution, with able. in
structors and ulkind, but grin and vigilant govern
nwut.--.prestytkrian Advocate.
Those indebt!pl to the late firms of Bigler, Sar
' geant .& Bigler } } and Bigler & Sargeant, for sub
scription and advertising tip to the 111 st of July
last, and for jobkorkAntil this date, arc requested
to .call at the office of the Morning: Post, without
delay, and senile their accounts. One or other of
the last namedlfirm will attend there for that pur
pose, for a lin}ited time. By arrangement with
our, successor, L. Harper, Esq., alt accounts for
stibsetiption mill advertising in the Morning
Post' and 4 We4kly Mercury and Manufacturer,"
since the 21st of July last, (the commencement of
the fiscal year if said papers.) have been assigned
to Lim; and he fs to fulfil all our contracts with
subscribers and advertisers.
Clickner's Sidtar-coated Vtgetztle PurgOre Pills.
—For Liycr imphint, Affection of the Lunge,
Palpitation of he Heart, Colic Jaundice, and
Worms, the Suga r-coated Pill of Dr. Clickner, si
an infallible re edy. Thousands of certificates of
the wonderful cures in the above complaints,
through the airelicy of these Pills, may be seen at
Dr. Clickner's °pee. The Pill is encrusted with
sugar, so that t e ingredients are not apparent to
the taste. So sliilfully is it compounded, that the
patient is not en bject - to the distressing gripings
which follow tile use of almost all other medi
cines. indeed3ut for the thorough purging pro
duced by the Pit, the patient would be ignorant of
its invaluable medicinal properties. lu all cases
where the desited effect is not produced, if the
Pills be taken a cording to the printed direction,
the money will , e returned.
Sold by Wm_ Jackson, corner of Wood and Lib ,
erty streets, witis general Agent for Dr. Clicke- 1
ner's Pills in Pi burgh and vicinity.
Cure follow* Cure I
DR. swairii — E's COMPOUND SYRUP
Coughs, Colds, Alithma,.Bronchitis, Liver Complaint,
Spitting Bloods Difficulty of - Breathing, Pain in -
the Side-and Breast, Palpitation ofilio Ileart,
Infineolta,lCroup, Broken Constitution,
Sore Troat, Nervous
and alt. diseases of Throat,
Brelist and Lungs, the
njost effectual and
'speedy cure ever
known for
any of
above diseases
A Truly Wonderful Cure
Dr. SWAYNE: Dear Sir—ln October last, while en.
gaged with
,Mr. iloseph Smith, in a saw mill, near
Waynesburg, I %VAS attacked with a cough, from be
ing, exposed at night, which gradually increased, at
tended with spitting of blood and a severe pain in the
breast, loss of appetite, fever, &c., which was
scarcely supportable. I hail a family who sere
wholly dependent on my exertions for support, yet
was obliged to lease my business and return home.
1 was then atteniligl by several Physicians, both still
grew %V 1) /SC until my medical attiMilants gave ins up
as incurable. Subsequently, my wife observing in
one of the public prints, an advertisement of Dr.
Swayne's Compoi6d Syrup of Wild Cherry, procur
ed me one boi from Francis M'Clurc, your agent
in Lewistown, which relieved pie. I continued until
I had taken five 4onlee. I ain now able to return to
my work again. R. write this to offer you my sincere
thanks, and you fire at liberty to make it known, so
that if any humeri being is suffering as I have been,
he may have recourse to your invalusble medicine.
Lewistown, Del.
CONSUMPTiON, which has baffled the skill of
eminent Medical iiracti Milers, where invalids have
' been given up lidpelcss, by having recourse to, and
persevering in, Ohs unequalled remedy, have been
radically cured. !There are now in the hands of the
proprietor numerous certificates of cures, which
would astonish Credulity itself,E were they made
known to the wind. To those who are afflicted
with any of the hbovc diseases, we say, give this
medicine a fair trial; you will then be convinced this
is no miserable cfimpound, but a safe and powerful
remedy, and that its curative powers stand alone and
equalled by none!
Dr. Swayne's Syrup is the only true and genuine
article of Wild Cherry before the public, and we
would say to the afflicted, always look for the writ
ten signature of Dr. SWAYNE off each bottle before
your purchase. Beware, and bo not deceived !
Some persons niay tell you thatsome other prepa
ration is as good. I Heed thein not. One trial of the
genuine Dr. Swayne's Syrupof wild Cherry will con
vince you that it 'is the most valuable medicine dis
From the increasing demand for the above article,
Druggists,Merch.ints, and dealers generally, will
find it to heir advhntage to have a full supply of this
valuable medicines. Remember do enquire for DR.
RY, as there hav been seine individuals with the
assumed names of physicians making great effor,s
to push a spuriou4 article into the market under a
fictitious name.
The (original and only) genuinearticle is only pre
pared by DR. SWAYNE. N. W, corner of Eighths
and Race streets, Philadelphia.
Let the advice tie repeated, do not neglect a slight
cough; if you do, you may have occasion to regret it.
IVhy run any riski,. Delay has, mid may again lead
to serious consequences.
IMPURITY Of THE BLOOD.--An excellent
Spring Medicine.; Dr. SWAYNE'S COMPOUND
These great purgfitive and purifying Pills are cele
brated for thin mule of .Dyspepsia 4 Sick Headache,
Loss of Appetite,iLow Spirits, 'Watches or Pimples
on the face, or anyi.distase where a iptirgativo or puri
fying medicine is required. These pills neither gripe,
produce nausea, ot any other unpleasant sensation,
and as arSpring Medicine for purifying the blood and
Cleansing the bodyi of disease, they) are unsurpassed
by any medicine eter yet introduced to the public.:
111 - Manufactured and sold, wholesale and retail,
by the sole proprietor,. Dr. SWAYNE & SONS) N.
W. cnrner Race and Eighth streets, . •
The, only agentir in Pittsburgh for the sale of the
genuine medicine Ire, Win:-Thorn, 53, Market -tit:;
Ogden & Snowdenl corner, of Wood and. 2d-St., and
S. Jones, 'lBO Lil@ty st.:, where it be ',obtain
ed, genuine,wholesale and retag, at" proprietor's
prices. .Sold by john Mitchell, Allegheny city; E:
B. Hinman, CincinMtii-Dr. Megoffib,Mercer; J. If.
Burton & Co., E e rt; J. S. Morris 4. co.; Louisville;
Dr. E. Easterly Co.; St. Louis; Andreiv Oliver St
Co., New Orleans; Danig & Son; Coluiribus; - Boyd, -
Cams & Co., Butliir; Mackenzie. kHarikelf, Cleve
laddi , Dt.-.Baker, Wheeling, Vti.; !Wm. R. Wood,
.Ky.; Miller,
- Brownsville; 'MIL' Camp.
bents CO., Ilitiontowniß. E. Johnsen, Cumberlandt.
J. M. Sharpy Daytimi; and by egetris i 0 all, parte of
theljnited Stateq , • Sep 18'
Prices of Bdhnission
First 'Pei., .cents. : I
Second .Tier, 37,i cents
20 Pit,
iItiVATE DOS, "it) Cli.
ScconOf.A.Tr. - = H f
Will be eimeted the admired Play of the
To :conclude; with the Fe - ee - of the,
Doors to open at 7 1 ,performance to coritnatnee a
7i precisely.__„" septlB
(IN FRIDAY EVENING, Sept. 18th., the ' HAIL
kJ MONODIC'S will appear on this occasion- in CITI
YEN'S DRESS,.-and introduce a variety of pleasing
Quartets, Glee Songs, Ike., in the character of Ems
orx/ass or Nonsmcn* EXVISITE.S, with ;Violin; Tain
bOrine, Bango, Castuiett and Triangle Adecimpani
went. Cardi of admission, 50 cents. Children with
their Parents, 25,cts. Ta be obtained at the principal
Hotels, Bookstores, and at the door.
Doors open at 7 o'clock, to commence at S.
See.programine. seplB
_ _
Mary W.lVllllaina,
(successor, to Lowrie & Office at
the old stand, Fourth street, above Smithfield.
THE PARTNERSHIP heretofore existing between
Henry W. Williams, Esq., and myself, in the prac
tise of the law, was desolved by imitual donsent on
the 26th ult., And. the business will hereafter be con
tinued by Henry W. Williams, whom I mostchecr
fally recommend to all for whom I have the honor
to du business; as a gentleman every way worthy of
their confidence.
seplS-ly IVALTER 11. LOWRIE.
Noir York Plano Dries.
01IN II; MELLOR No-SI.NVIInad street (hetWeen
tf Diamond alley and 4th street) hair received and
for sale three new Piano Fortes &Ma the manufac
tory of A. 11. Gale & Co., successors - 113—th. ' -
York Manufacturing Company," Which will be sold
at the same price as is New York city, adding only
the price of transportation. 7
The quality of these Piarios is now so well known,
and established, that it is not considered necessary
to state wherein their superiority over others con.
slots; those who are desirous of purchasing can be
liilly satisfied, as to the quality of tone and workman
ship, by calling on the subscriber. The'patterns of
these Pianos arc entirely new and such as are now
fashionable in New York city.
They will be sold fir cash or on a moderate credit
for approved endorse paper.
SI Wood Street.
uep 18
1 ( - 1 DOZ. Duff, Cordon & Co.'s brown Sherry Wines
kJ 10 do. do. do. pale do . do. -
54 , Cortes do 4 , 4 ,
together with a general assortment Of other rich old
wines. For sale at the wine store or
ILL) AMA! WINES-20 cases superior Old Port
V Wine, for Invalids, for sale by the case or bof
tle at the Ivine store of STEILETT 4. Co.
seplS 61 Market street, cor., Front.
LAIIET WINES-20 cases "St. Julien Medoc,"
V/ lb do. family use and other brands. For sale,
low at tioa wine store of STEJII.2.T'f & CO.,
septS N 0.16 Market st. tor Front.
(ALE , SLIERItY BRANDY--.-An .excellent . article
ou draught fur medicine or other purposes, for
wile by • STERETT & Co..
seplB cor. Market and Front.
AST INDIA and Wine Bitters. of delightful
ti aroma, in bottles, and on draught, for sale at
the wine store of STERETT & Co.
seplB cor. Market and Front.
POW'DJALAP-50 lbs for sale by
seplS 57 Wood street
Cl USi GUTAC—.2I2 lbs for sale by
seplB 57 Wood street
- 141ILTBARIS ROOT—I case superior for sale by
sup IS R. E. SELL,ERS.
(AIL ANIS-1 original cannister for sale by
SL LPII 31ORPIIINE.-20 oz. for sale by
srplB 57 Wood street
I.NDELIBLE L' R-1 gross Kidder St.PAysolOs for
sale by R. E. SELLERS,
sepiS 57 Woad street.
AT NO. 461, MA ILET ST.,
PESPECTITULLY call the- attention of their
friends, and Day Goons purchasers generally,
to their extensive assortment of
Which is now complete in every deparment
Purchasers are particularly invited to examine our
very choice selection of
Much attention has been given to their selection,
and in point of ridiness and varidy, we never before
have been able to o f fer greater induremet4s.
Fine \Wool Cashmeres; Cashmere Reps;
Cashmere D'Ecosse, Mous De Laines;
Fancy and Staple Silks,. &c. &c.
SHAWLS.—French, Terkerri, Cashmere Broche.
Embroidered and plain Cloth; do. Thibet Shawls
of entirely new and rich patterns—in every variety
of style—also, Henniquin's 111 k. Merino, with Fancy
styles, at reduced prices.
Ladies Fancy Silk Velvets;
Paris Kid Gloves, in all shades and Nos.;
BONNET RIBBON - S.—Several boxes rcc'd comprising
the different late styles, choice pattetns. Few boxes
very handsome patterns at cents.
Linen Cambric Ildhfs, from 121 cts. to the best
in use.
ble styles and qualities superior, atlenir prices.
French Thibet Cloths, tin rill shades);
Alpacas, Silk and Cott. Warps, plain and fancy;
Bombazines, Lupine's best, at unusually low
Oinbri 4-4 Cashmeres;
Embossed Table Covers;
WOOLEN 13tatiatta-12 and 14-4 fancy bound, 10-4
twilled beautiful article. Also low costs of different
styles, all of which , are offered at prices 30 per cent
Splendid Calicoes, at 10 and 12i cts.
, Our domestic department is full, possessing advan
tages to the purchaser rarely to be found.
Brown Sheetings, yard wide, good quality, 6.},
Do. do. do. , Extra heavy, Sc
GENTLEMEN please take, notice, that at our number
may be found at all times FienCh Bioad Clothri,
Pant stuffs and Vestingi; Satin and Silk Scarfs, and
Cravats, new styles; Linen and Silk Ildkfs., Gloves;
*osier!, Gum Braces, Silk Elastics, Silk Umbrella,
&.c., fr.c.
The above stock has been purchased witbin the
last 30 days since the great depreciation in pricei in
the Eastern markets, and will be disposed' entire
ly to the advantage or the . purchaser. Call and See
at the "Down Town Cash House."
sep. 18. • . BARROWS TURNER.
. . .
NT, KW BOOKS—Just received at COOKS', 85,
11 Fourth at. Archibald Werner, or the Brother's
Revenge;a romantic tale, by Chas. Spindler. •
The Widow's Walk, or,the Mystery of Crime, by'
Sue. -
The Sicili, , Vespers, or the . White' Cross of St.
Luke, by Dennis Hannigan.
The Algerine and other tales; by. Harry Danfor
--Juvenile Library No. 1. blether Goose, .by.Law
ronce Loveohild, with eight splendid-illustrations
from original designs by, parley. •
Living Age, No. 122, American Review, Demo
cratic Review and Farmer's Library for. September,
along with a numerous -assortment of new works, just
published and for-sale at Cook's Fourth at.
THE Room on Third street, one door fr . = the
corner of Wood, in the St.' Charles, buildings,
suitable for an Office or Store, will be to let the Ist.
of October. Enquire of J. S. Lowry, in the front of
the building. sep.l7.3t
A FEW liarrelsmf a superior quality for salc loco _a_ to close consignment, by
No. 26 Wood'street.
Isep 1-7
1 7 1000 A, chocolate, cocoa paste and broma of the
k•:,/ li
best quality. For sale .•
!twit.' 8. • D. 'WILLIAMS & Co..
New Fash , loned
OF yery superior quality, fbr sale by .
corner of Wood and...Fifth-stk.
sap 3
-b~ - -
Sherry IV tuefi.
cor Market and Front sts
.•Blenihers of St. Paul's Chnrch
,:tussl-thUGalrholles of Pittsburgh
- Generally.
TN consequence : of the change f. grade of Fiith
.1; - -and-'grant streets, it has become necessary - to
hiltedoil a : portion of "St. PauDe" Cathedral, and la have eitucee,re-built upon a foundation corres
ponding ith the grade of the streets nrciuni hi - 7 =d
still further changes being contemplatpd . and Orged
beforelhe; Cethicils, seriously affecting the pernia
nexice andFseenrity, of the building, it is - therefore re-'
quesfed that a meeting of the member; of St: PauPs
Church and the Catholics of this city generally shall
ho held on FnIDAY EvEmive, ;at 7 o'clodZi School
Buildings , oft St. Paul's, to take the necessary steps
to lay before the Councils of the citytand the "public
at large a statement of our grievances in this matter,
and to ascertain if possible whether there would be
any sal,eir assuming the present as the final and
permanent grade, upon Wlndrtii re-belld.:. By
dor of-the Board of Managers of St: Paul's Church.
' ;
• : Shot' GastAl A totioit.
A T on Saturday-et-ening next, Septem
ber/1 19Si at 7 o'clockovill be sold at APKOnna's
Auction -Roping, N 0.114 Wood Bt., 31door from bte.
I single bbltd-shot gun, stub and twist..' ,
. • `P 11t I
• • - • - Auctioneer:
Underwriters - .gale of Grocartes,
4 T 10 o'clock on Friday - moring the 18th instant,
A.; lathe si.ote of Messrs. W. EchlAlitcheltreeon
Liberty str., Will be sold without reserve,-Cor curren
cy, for all Wharnittnay l concern. ' • • . :
8 Idula NeW Orleans Sugar; - • ,
tierce's ripe;
49 .bags Coffee;
4 boxei Noj 1 Chocolate ;
bas GunpOwder and Imperial Teal
19 lea? s Loafe Strrar ,
3 kegs grotind Ginger;;
3 ban Starch, 4 do No. 1
8 half brs manufactured Tobacco; i.. .
1 - 5 baskets Champaigne Wine; ,
10 bundles totton Yarn, 2 kegs - Nails and Brads;
9 WM and is bars assorted Iron;
sepl7 , JOHN D.- DAVlS,',Auct'r..
Fresh Lonlirville Llme ? '&c , .
TUST rec' ' '. isville Lime, b the :bb!
0 oi• retail
Glass; Caria r of Window Sash and
&11b'', &c. &e. '
. ,-- -
--/ Ag t& ;lit N 0.12 'St. Clair st.
Sept 16 I
Heavy Black Silk
NPAV* . Black Silk §hawli of ierisuneri q al
I 1 ,tyjust received b • r • • - c 11 ."
75 Marketst.,N. W cor. of the Diamond.
sepl6 •
rILERAIONT Plaids a -beautiful article for ladica'
V.,1 dresses, just opened by ' •
75 Market st., N. W. cor. attic. Diamoud.,:
o2lq t ,
tINGIIAMS.—A splendid lota sdper
French Gingham just received by • .
No. 75 'Market at., N. W. cork of Diamond.
00pt.16 I
BLACK! AACAS.—We have just opened a
large lot of Black Alpacas, whichme are selling.
very cheap:.' . ALEXANDER dr. DAY, . .
75 Market st., N. W. cor. of the Diamond. ".
Sept .16
• -
I - 1 Class Books-
A UTIloll.„5---Virgil,,Horace, Cicero, Cmsar, Sa.l7
lust, Holier, Latin:Lessons, Prose Composition,
and Latin Ver#ifie.ation,: . Graca Majora, Minors, Ho
race and Viroillselplima, Greek and Latin Lexi
cons and Grammars; 4e,, - •
For sale by S. .130S)VOIITH Si; CO:, -
sepl6 • ~ 4 3 Market street.
c lEooks for Ladles.
S Letters to young ladies..
17 illistiYeisTr 7 g E'lsr'Letters to the Young;
Miss Cbpone's Letters;
Knarip'd Female Biography;
Miss Lane's Pencil Sketches;
Mrs. Shelley's eminent French Writers;
The Life of Woman;
Mrs. Ellis's Prose - Writings;
" Irish Girl;
The Sinless Child, by Mrs. Seba Stnith;
Poems Of Lucretia M. Davidson;
Library Or Female Poets; .
L. E L.., Complete;
Eridnka ißremers Writings, &e.,
For sale' by I - 11. S. ,130SWOR & Co.
sepls 43 Matket st.
10 Cases rich fall
'o o d s•, French
tad BnglisliCash'
teres and Mous.
3 Laines ; •Gala
Lobrain plaids;
lain F r nc h
soak Cloths;
rioted and plaid
Makings; a full
rend' Broche,
rioted Cashmere
lk. and colored
'hibet, plain and
lawls,,plain and
Cerinos, _Alpacas
id piain M. de
of rich colored
.sch Bonnet Rib
clyet end .Bonnct Silks; French and Ameri-
Can Flowers, in great variety; Biaid and Straw
Bonnets, cheaper than • ever; a full assortment of
gentlemen's' wear, such as Cravats, Shirts; under
Shirts and Brandeis; Cloths; Cassimereir and
all lvof whic will be sold-at a small advance over
New Virk cost. W. H. GA.RRARD;
sept 16 79 Market street:
Iltricqc House and Lot:for . Sale.
Or bi Eichringe for Nails or Window GIaSS.
We are aiitharized to offer for sale, or in exchange
for Window;Glass or Nails, a well finished and sub
stantial ;two; story brick house and lot, 19 feet front
by 100 feet deep, situated on the Altegheay river
above the Glass House. It will-be sold at a reason
ble price title unexceptionable.
Apply to BLAX.ELY & MITCHEL, -
scp. 17. j . Real Estate Agents,
W ENlis l lltleLClS Z orurlots of
ground, situatellerOgiETSle frontingon tiell
cacti 27 feet front by 200 feet deep,
making 108 feel fronton the river, on which is erect
ed a neat two array house and .kitchen. The lots
are well fenned, in, andjwell etrickeTcl *ill fruit trees,
shrubbery, Ike.", (No ground rent, and taxes low.)
Price $273. j BLAKELY St MITCHEL.
sept 16 j
Sale of the Zih Word Property atAnettots.
twill offer COI -Sale - at public auction, on Monday,
the 28th 'day of September, at 10 o'clock, A. M.,
on the premises, n Lot of Ground, on Penn street,
(sth Ward,) opposite the residence of-P. M'Cannick,
Esq., 24 feet Pront by' 190 feet -deep, on which is
erected double frime' house and elacksmith shop,
now renting at 0102 per annum. Title unexception
Also, 'at the4ftme tima;ari annual Ground Reiat:Of
$B7 50; paSmble - quarterly for ever, , on - m- Lot of
Ground 50 feet I front by 100 deep, on themorner of
Penn and Walnut streets, one or the most valuable
lets in the sth (Ward, en which ,is erected several
frame divelling' j ho - uSes and Stores. '
' ti - • Att:y. in fact foi
1' M. LOWRY,
P. 14 , ElsTNA, Auct'r.
Pittsburgii Navigation and Vire
In n
ranoe compiuzy.'
Office ' No; 21.;--Markit - street- '
' • ' . DIRECTORS:` .
Michael Alien,. , ' William•Ebbe,
C. Anshutz, 1.. •: . . , Lesvis lintchiAnn, '
Thos.j Balie‘lell, , -.1 ••Fred. Loreni,
I Robertßeer i -' - I :James - May, •
i L W:Poindexter. l
. . ... I ' M ALtEN ?real .
ROBERT ; rxicbrzr, secret a ry, i
aug204162n. I ' ' ... •
re , ceived,!4 ;arge assortment of. - ve, and
for sale at . _ V.131.1.111Es
septa :NO. I 12 Wood Arcot 2nd door above th'
' - -
Pittsburgh: and .Connellaville 'toad-
NTOTTCE is hereby given, that in pursuance of a
111 'violation 'of the Stockhlalders of the Pittsburgh
and Connellsville Railroad CompanY, authorizirtg ao
increase:of the;c2apital of said Company, and directing
an; additional inhsclipput, hooks will - he- opened for
receiving additional. subscription to the stock of the
Oimpany, at the office of :Wm. Larimer, jr., in 4th
street, between Market and Wood streets, Pittsburgh',
on , Friday. the 4th day. Of September. The - beehe will
remain open from 9 A.M. until 3 o'clock P.M. of said
dap; and from Iday -to day (Sundays excepted) until
the requisite tininber of shares busubscribed, or until
otherwise ordered. By, order. of the Directors.
• ~ s,-.1 ,
• • -
- - _
virtue_of a precept under the hands of the j) Hon. Benjamin 'Patton, jr., President 'of the
of Crimmon Pleas in and for the sth Judicial
DiStrict of Pennsylvania, and Justice of the Court.,
of, and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery,
in 'and for said Dietriet, and William Porter and
WOliarn Kerr, Esquires,' Associate Judges of the
,_same courts, in an for the said County of Alle.
gbeny, dated the-16th day of May, in the year of
our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty-six,
and to me directed, for holding a Court of Oyer
and Terminer, and General Jail Delivery, at the.
Court:House, in the •city, of Pittsburgh, on the 4th,
Monday of October next, at 10'erclock, A. M.
Public notice is hereby given, to all Justiies of
the Peace Coroner and Constables, of the County .
of Allegheny, that iliey lie then and there, in their
proper persons, with their rolls, records, inquisi
tions, examinations, and other remembrances, to
do those things,' which to their respective offices
in their behalf appear to be done—and 'also - those.
tat will proSecute the prisoners that now are or
may be in jail of said county of Allegheny, to:-he
then and thereto proSectrte.agairist them MI Shall
be just.
dry of
under my hand . at Pittsburgh, this 15th
dey ef September, - in the year.of Our. L0t:1.1.11346,
and of the Commonwealth the 6Sth.
septls. ELIJAH TROVILLO, Sheriff:
A A. MASON, 62 Marketatreeti has just receiv
ed and now _opening? a large stock of Prints,
Brown and bleached muslin, flannels;tiekitg, check,
stripes, chintzes, ginghams,
.eashinere and moas
a, cassinetts, cassimeres, broad Cloth &c,,
all of which will he 'sold - at ex teiemely prices.
. A. MASON, 62 Market street, Simpicin's row
• invites the attention of country merchants and
others, to hit well selected stock of Ibll goods, which
is now opening. Selling only for cash, we can offer— ,
such advantages to purchasers as are seldom posses.
Ned by those who sell on system., eeplet
A • A. MASON - , G 2 Market street, has jut ree'd ,
another ease of those blue and orange prints,
s elling at thalow-price of 61 ctsper yard sepl6
mHE subscriber is now receiving a large and Elle
assortment of FAII. AND WrrrrEtt Dirr ° Goops,
recently psurchased from the mannkcturers and
in the NeW York and Philadelphia Markets;
since the great fall in'prices, and.willte sold twenty
per cent,cheaper than the 'same description of Goods
were ever before offerred in this market. All,tboias
wanting great bargains are requested to calt,at No.
65 Market street. .
TXTE have now on hand a tin assortment ofbcau-,
Vl' tiful French aad Scotch dress Gilightinas, twil
led and
_plain tit 'remaikableloni . 'reices. Also, an
article of" erairrofdered Ginglunn—very beailtiral for
Dresses, for'sale by ABSALOM MORRIS,
l Market street. •
Six CiteeirllTrw: Fall Printx.
TUST RECEIVED this' .day, embracing" all the
neW and desirable itylei in the market; and will
be sold 'at greatly reduced prices, by -
No.-65 _Market st. •
+8 ep 15
IagCEIVED this day,- smieral-' packages of very ,
_Dv rich new style Persian—embossed Ornbriii3ro-'
cade;thamelion, Striped f Plaid and Poult de Soie,
and. Black - Satin, Striped Armour and -Dress Silks,
and be sold cheap,:-by . , .. . ;
-No, 65 Market at. -
-Cashmeres anti De Laineß.
. .
TVST RECLIVD, a beautiful assortment of ndw
t o p style Paris printed, Ombri shaded, Rep Corcha
and plain Cashmeres - and D 7 Lains, and for sale by, '
No. fis Market street.
A . -LARGE and splendid - asiortment of rich and
1 - 1 magnificent &R AWLS, just received this day
'embracing-all the new and desirable'ityles, viz: Paris
Printed Terkeri, Cashmere and Breda, Einbroidered
Black and Mode colored Silk; Fringe,
Thibbet and
Chamelion Plaid, and Striped - Silk; Merino,'
and Persian,.Plaid, Silk and Worsted, together with
a great variety of Woollen.Shawls, and will-be dis
posed of at. a small, adVaike on the' original,-cost,
. sepls No. 65 Market st.
Money Wanted in exchange for Mate and
a - THE subscribei .would inform the
public that he has received his fall
stock of Caps,• all of which have been principally %-
made to his order, and as his Purchases has been
made on the cash system, IA is pnabled. to-_sell his
stock of Hats and Caps at unusually-low prices - for .
cash.. His stock does not consist of the cuttings of
Eastern houses, but are all a frealimannfacturcq -
article. Neither is his establishment replenished
with the old . ..stock from -eastern markets. The
Proprietor being a hatter and Cap manufacturer,
by trade, as wellus profession, he is also daily man
ufacturing Hats and Caps of all descriptions, and
for their neatness and durability, cannot be sur
passed. All of which he offers at wholesale Mid'
retail, and at such prices as cannot fail to please
the purchaser. . -
No. 102, Wood street, third door below John D. Da
. vis' Commercial Auction Rooms.
.aines; plain, bli I P
labile Sale of Lots in the Sixth •Vnrd
of the City of Pittsburgh.
. .
T'TILL be exposed t public sale, at the Corn
y inercial Auction Rooms, corner of Wood. and
Fifth streets, on Wednesday, the 23d.inst., at 7
clock, P.M., by order of Henry Irwin, of Baltimore,
the following lots, situate in the 6th Ward, of the
city of Pittsburgh, in IrwinYs plan, to wit:
-Nos. 21 and 23, being each 24 feet in fronton Coal
Lane; by about 20 - feet in depth to an Alley, 26 feet
-51--,ipches wide,
Nos. 46, 5-1 and 56, each being in, front on the
northerly Fide Of Wylie street, 24 feet by 109 feet
in depth, 10 - an Alley 2121-lhet Si inches wide.
Noe: 69, 71 and 72; each being in front on the'
Boutherly eide of Wylie street; 24 feet by 124. feet in
depth; to an Alley 26 feet 51 inches wide.
Nos: 102 - 103 and 104, each 'being in front on the
northerly side of Franklin street, 24 feet by 124 feet
iu depth, to an Alley 26feet 51 inches wide.
Nos.. 119, 120 and 121, each beingin front on the
southerly side of Franklin st., 24 feet by 126 feet in
depth, to . Decatur street.-
No. 136, at the corner of Franklin and Logan sts.,
being in front on Franklin st., 38 feet by 126 feet in
depth to Decatur at.
N0.)17, at the corner of Franklin ' and Elm sts.,
being 4S feet 6 inches front, or width,on Franklin at.
by 124 feet 2:1 inches in depth on Elin st., to an alley
of 26 feet 51 inches, and being only' 37 feet and. 2 in
ches wide on the said alley.
Termsi one balfcash and the balance in one year, -
with interestAci he . seciired by bond and' mortgage on
the property sold; -the cost of thci deecl, bond and
mortgage, is to be paid by the purchaser. -A plan cast.
be seen at the Anction Room. JOHN D. DAVIS. .-
sbp. 14th. (American copy.) ' Anetioneer.
Peremptory Sale of Botldlog Lots.
A .
T 2, o'clock, P.M., on Saturday the 19 : tle inst,
will be sold withOut - tesoryel on - the prenagez, -
29 valuable and Veri . linnilsoinely situated. Lots,of
Ground in the City - District near Axiltiu-syillo 'and;
Sixth Ward; nine Of whiCh have front of 22 to 24-
feet each on Duncan'street (now coal' lane) and ex- 7
tend back 120 feet: TWelve haie a front of 24 feet::
each on De Viler street which is 50 feet Wide , and:
extend back 104 feet. Theothcr eighy-lots adjoin
the above, each, haying a front:of 24 font and extend. -
back 103 foot. :
A planmay be seen - at the Auction_ Qom and - any
information that may be desired Willle'givenpn a ,F
-plication to 'the subscriber.. Terms one half, cask'
and balance payable in twelve inonthiw,itir interest.-
seplo JOHN D. DAWS,Auct 5 r. •
eept 16
F .
E v 'S'TßEOLOGY.—Lectures on Sisterp..
X atid Theology, embracing Lectures on Moral '4
Government, together with. Atonement; Moral and
Physical Depravity,' Regeneration, Philosophicar
Theories and Evidences of Regeneration;--by—ReV—
Charles G. Finney; - Professor-of .Theology in the
Oberlin. Collegiate Institute, Just received and for:
sale by Esepll] LURE LOOMIS,Agent:
EIODES & ALCORN, (Late of New York eity;)
it No. 9.7 Fifth at., between Woad and Market,
]Manufacturers of Mustard, Ground - Spices, - Catsups,
&c., &c„ will'open during the present week a:largo,
assortment of articles in their line, which they will
wholesale in quantities:tO suit-dealers, at Eastern
wholesale prices. All articles sold by them warrant:
ted, .Merchaistainteriding to go. east would &All. before leaving the city. They, may be found
at their warehouse,. No. 27 Filth street, in.Rymes
Building. -sep7
. cot.tork:Taxu, Lt;m.,
~... ,
LBS. assorted ntim ers ..long and,-
short r eel Cotton Yarn
45 . 600 . b
15,000 lbs. Carpet Chain. •
10,000 - 4' Cotton Twine.
150 Bales Common Batting.. ' • '
• - 100 - •.f , gage fittnily do.
roe sale low to city or country trade, by,
= '57 Wood street..
ruu Goods..
New Di7e)szip7,lG,htizio,f,--.'
La4y's Dress' Silks.