Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, March 19, 1873, Image 2

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    Juniata Jfrnimei.
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Tl--vV"OT 'KVjte-",-X$L la
- i JL- I- I
Wednesday Morning, March 19, 1873.
,.", , , " i o i
GEO. P. ROWELL& CO, 40 Park Row, New York
r intt r ai s. t . n i n w
a. n. rt 1 1 LriulLL at J( rarK now, n. i, i
Are our sole agents in lhat city, find are au
thorized to eonlrnct for advertising at our
lowest rule. Advertisers in thnt city nre le
qaeteio leave (heir furors with either of
he above houses.
Grown Bksonfr has been rc.appoiut
d wt master at Harrisbnrg
The li.it( d States conscience fund was
increased on the llt'.i inst., Ly $25.
A Xkwark, X. J., jnwi lcr was robbed
in a Chicago hotel on the 10th inst , of
Numkrois citizens of Philadelphia
wish the iron finite moved from around
the squires.
Piiksiiikxt HmvT lim nnsfnnnpil Ilia
o .u . - . e .1 t
rtiithrrn tun on reroiiiit of tlift nrpsa fit
, .
The New Hampshire election is so
Close iiiuHwiirrqu.reu.emuci:.!
Fknatuii lioGY is charged with hav-;
ing bought his way through the Missouri j biblical scholar, Prof. Moses Stuart, for
Legiblature to the United States Senate, j rncrly of Andover, may be mentioned.
..... - i'ue Bible also says, Ilab. 2: 15, "Woe
ment nearly four hundred mil., of .he
Texas and Pacific lUilroad have been
i l .
The ice gorge in the Susquehanna j
near Port Deposit has about passed away. J
A t one time the gorge was twenty miles
The MoJocj have not agreed to an
amicable ailju-truput of their troubles, as
was reported last week. Captain Jack
will fight, is the report now. The latest
report says that Jack wants another talk,
Ox the morning of the 11th inst.. the '
throe lower floors of the old House of '
Iiefnge in New York fell into the cellar, !
Lurying three boys iu the ruins
Gexlbal Alci:r has been instructed j
to inaugurate a vigrrona war on tin Mex-
ieans who come into Texas to steal stotk
This should have been done months ago
The agregate amount of the robbery '
of the Fall City Bank of Louisville, Ky., j Christ made wine at a marriage is cer
amouuts to -$300,000 in Government, ' tain- That he did not, on that occasion,
Canal and Baihoad bonds. Reward, ! n,ake intoxicating wine s just as certain.
57000. ! The wine Christ made was by way of
George S. Boutwell, Secretary of tLe
United States Treasury, was elected 1
the United States Senate on the :
inst., by the Legislature of Massachu
A Ntwt-PAPP R mau who has been
down in Tennessee reports that Andy
Johnson desires to become a candidate
for President, Will Brother Allison
make a note of the statement ?
The Legislature cf Massachusetts is
opposed to women voting. On the 12th
iust that body rejected a resolution pro
viding for an amendment to the constitu
tion, allowing women to vote.
' O.v the 10th inst., at Charlotte, Iowa,
a man with four friends iu a wagon, at
tempted to cross a swolen stream. They
were swept away by the current, and all
drownded but cne. The team was also
The Legislature of Illinois does not
believe iu the increase of salary for Con
gressman. Oa the 12th inst., that body
passed a resolution censuring the Con
gressman from that state for voting for an
iucrease of salary. The vote of the Leg'
islature was largely against increase, be'
ing 103 to 4.
Ox the evening of the 13th inst.. there
was a meeting held in Philadelphia by
those in favor of establishing a "Soldiers'
Coloney'' to be composed of the honora
bly discharged soldiers of the latu war,
their families and friends. Bishop Simp
eon presided. Col. Foiney and Hon.
James Pollock addressed the meeting.
On Thursday the 13th inst., a company
of 350 ladies and gentleman gave Oakes
Ames a complementary reception at his
home. It was the occasion of Lis re
turn from Congress, where he proved him
self to be one of the most audicious of
men. But more of Oaks Ames by-aud-
by. ;
The aristocratic press of Europe, and
particularly those of Germany, are very
much displeased at President Grant for
expressing the following language in his
late inaugural address : "It is my firm
conviction that the civilized world is
tending toward republicanism, or govern
ment by the people through their chosen
representatives, and that our own great
Republic is destined to be the guiding
star to all others. Under onr Republic
we support an army less than that of any
European power of any standing, and a j
uavy less than that of either of at least
five of them."
Some sixty head of cattle, belonging
to Smith & Fowler, of Lawreuceburg. J
Indiana, were poisoned on the 13 by .
f.inie person uuknown. r orty nine, bead
a-e d. aJ '
For the Juuiata Sentinel.
Tlie great preacher has truly eaid,
Keel. 9 : 7, "Go thy way, eat thy bread
I with joy and drink' thy wine with a
i merry heart." The same great preacher
l.a ! .ii?. Prov 20; 1. "Wine ii a
j mocker, etrong drink is raging; and who-
i soever is deceived thereby is not wise.
! Solomon has further paid, I'rov. 23 : 29
i 32, "Who hath woe I who hath sorrow J
! who hath contention T who hath wounds
without cause ? who hath redness of
i eyes T They that tarry long at the wine ;
I they that go to seek mixed wine. Look
I not tipon the wiue when it is rod, when
I ,
it giveth its color in the cap, when it
moveth itself aright: at last it biteth
liken serpent and stingcth fike an adder."
In the'first verse above quoted Solo
mon speaks of wine as a blessing ; in the
TUlier verses he speaks of wine as a curse.
Does he contradict himself J Why does
he speak so differently of wine ? It is
not because wine is used temperately in
the one case, and intomperately in the
other ; but the reason lies in the kind of
wine spoken of. In Keel. 9 : 7, and in
all other parts of the Bible where wine
is spoken of as a blessing, sweet, unfer
mented and unintoxicating wine, so com
j mon at that early day, is intended. On
, the other hand, iu Prov. 20 : 1, and in all
' other passages where wine is spoken of
i 89 cur3e
a mocker,' "raging," biting
l'ke a serpent,'
and "stinging like an
i adder,' fermented and intoxicating wine
I . . ...
i is always meant. For this intcrpreta-
; d com 1ete rcconciw of one part
God-a word witu auotlH.r, the
best authorities can be given, prominent
among them the name of that great
i B " V " V V t K
neighbor drink, that puttest thy bottle
I Lim. aud makeLim drunkL ftla0,.
' unto him, aud makest biro drunken also.'
tl. l. . i i: . i i
ti. l: . r- : I I
I . 1 . . . j
this one verse, and shows clearly in what
light God views it. Liquor sellers, as
well as those who treat others with etrong
driuk at the bar, or at home, or else
where, and also those who countenance
and uphold the liquor traffic, are in this
verse strongly addressed and severely
denounced. This verse, and many others,
I do as truly reveal God's will on this sub
ject as if the sale and nse of intoxica-
ting dliuka we especially prohibited in
t,,e Ten Commandments, or weroexpress-
lT 'cull'-0 among he six things hated
j by the Lord, mentioned in the sixth chap-
: ter of Proverbs.
As aa a(lvocate for ..No Liceliao we
i , . j, t Mrnp.t,
. ' J o .
1st That Local Option would not
''put Christ iu prison," but give him the
perfect freedom bis nature requires. That
! pre eminence called "ike good tcinc
That kind of wine which iutoxicates the
' Bible calls "a mocker,"' "raerin?," "bitinc
like a serpent and stinging like an adder,"
; hence canuot be the "good urine" which
Christ made To be candid, would
Christ be the Savior of the woild, if he
had made and sanctioned that which is
everywhere in the Bible denominated as
a curse and a symbol of God's wrath ?
Would he not rather be the world's de
stoyer ? It is beyond all question that
Christ made sweet unintoxicating, inno
cent, and most delicious wiiie The good
wine which Horace, Plutarch and Pliny
and others of that early period, say was
common at that time among the Jews
aud Romans, aud which is fully admitted
by learned students of history and the
Bible. Why then slander the Lord
Jesus Christ 7 Why then brand Lira
and Jblackeu his character with -such in
famy J Why pronounce the " woe "
against Lim for giving drink to his neigh
bor, and for pnttiug his bottle unto him,
and to make him drunken also. Mortals,
who shall yet stand before Christ's judg
ment bar, would do well to tremble at
such profanity and blasphemy.
2ud. Local Option does not take away
our liberties, but confirms to us their full
enjoyment. Statistics show that there
are at least 100,000 drunkards in our
State. Not less than one-half this nnm
ber arc bound hand and foot, and are to
day the meanest slaves to dram, while
the other 50,000 are now having their
clanking chains strengthened and tight
ened every day. License is rivoting
these chains on those already bound and
on those now being bound. License is
doing its utmost to bring forward fresh
victories. The young, the unsuspecting,
and the most noble of our citizens are
entrapped and enslaved. Once enslaved,
the license system seldom gives up its
victim until "Mania a potu," or drunken
fits, lays Lim down in the grave. Do we
deserve to be called a free people, with
one hundred thousand slaves in onr
midst f Are we not one of the very
worst of slave States I Does our boasted
American freedom mean no more than the
liberty to make slaves of our fellow
citizens and of ourselves too, by a license
law 1 Will the men in any county or
city be so supremely selfish as to be un
willing to deny themselves the trifling
pleasure of dram drinking in order to
perpetuate their own liberty, or to res
tore liberty to enslave drunkards within
our borders ? The great Paul said, ' If
! m k,ti,- ffVnJ I ;ti
I eat no more meat while the world stand
etu jn tu;g n0Dle motto is true liberty
ftnd nQt iicBnt;on8negg. . Local opti,jn
the enslaved
l ' , ... , , , .,
drunkard and his wretched family, to re
move his temptations, to make him a man
again, and his miserable family happy
once more. The writer knows of a doz
en or more such tyrant ridden men, who
wish to reform, and Vho will vote "against
license" to break, if possible, the spell
that binds them to a living death. Shall we
then have true liberty, full aud pure as
God designed V Just as well cry out
against our fornication, adultery, theft
and murder laws, as against Local Op
tion, as far as liberty is concerned. True
liberty is a practical surreuder of person
al liberty for the general good. All else
is licentiousness ud unworthy of a good
3rd. Local Option is not demoralizing
in its tendencies, but is promotive of good
order and morality. .That the license
system has been demoralizing scarcely
needs proof. Abraham Lincoln, Gov.
Uartranft aud many others may have been
in bar-rootoj and remained eober and be
came great and good, but this was bo in
spite of tlio bad influence of bar-rooms
That some have remained sober when
tempted does not prove that thousands
aud tens of thousands have not become
drunkards and utterly worthless when
similarly tempted.. Who does not know
that oftcu the dram seller becomes his
own best customer! Who does not
know that often the dram seller mukes
drunkards of his own sons, sons-in-law
and even his grandsons ? Who ever
knew a bar-room tend to make a man a
christian, or even moral T The fabled
Upas tree could not send forth a deadlier
poison. On tho other hand, there have
been (or twenty years Local Option towns
and counties iu Great Britain and Amer
ica, and also prohibition States. Gov.
Pelliam and Speaker Blaiu, and many
other eyewitnesses testify that great moral
good and order have resulted from strict
temperance laws. Local Option will ut
terly disgrace the liquor business. Then
truly respectable people will just as little
thiuk of violating the prohibitory liquor
j, , , -i, f - i ,: ,v t
1-s as o be gudty of violating the laws
i against Uisuonestv. or nncieanness. ixo
doubt there are hypocrites enough among
tipples and topers, who will get dram by
evading the law, but they have been
made what they are by the license sys
tem, and not by Local Option. Perhaps
a little rigid enforcement of law would
straighten out their crooked consciences
and amend their drunken ways What
we wish is a chance under Local Option
to try to reform them by law and kind
ness. 4th. Local Option will not injure the
country's prosperity, but promote it. It
has been said that Local Option will in
jure the larmer. r.ven granting tuat nis
corn might bring a few cents less per
bushel, he would still make money by
having less tax to pay. Law-euits thrust
upon the farmer by liquor, penitentiaries,
insane asylums, poor houses, which arc
filled in great part by liquor, eat np the
earnings of the farmer, as well as the
earnings of all classes. Breweries, dis
tilleries, liquor sellers, and owners of
rented hotel's and taverns would be bene
fited even if Local Option would make
their money has, it would niaka their
real happiness morr. Even if such would
be compelled to go into other business,
they would be delivered from the ever
prescut, ever gazing fact, that they are
siving off tho vices of their fellowmen.
If Local Option injures any of our citi
zens in their busiucss it will be the phy
sician and lawyer, Even here, while it
may lessen the amount of busiuess, yet
it will render their professions more- plea
sant, surer payment of foes, and less
temptations, to some at least, to extrav
agant expenditures. Local prohibition
will eventually improve the actual enter
tainments in our hotels. . Under the li
ccuse system often very little attention
has been paid to auythiug in our hotels
apart from the bar-room Often as every
traveler knows to bis sorrow, the beds
tables aud stables arc in a state of utter
neglect Why is this ? Because liquor
selling: is tht great business, and not the
keeping of a house of public entertain
ment. The bar is run so as to make it
pay, and the rest of the establishment is
a mere sham, a very unimportaint ap-
peudix. a nuisance tolerated by the dram
seller only to keep up the appearance of
giving entertainment. Local Option
will in all such cases change mere liquor
shops into real hotels. In our towns and
cities there will of course be fewer hotels.
but these will be better equipped, better
beds, better tables, better stables, better
attenra ice and at no greater price, as
Potter county and the State of Maine
clearly proves-. Thus every occupation
will be advanced and every real interest
promoted by liquor prohibition, f ami
lii's, schools, churches, courts of justice
and onr legislature will be purer aud mjre
efficient. The 693.000 000 we yearly
worse than waste to support the liquor
traffic in our State will in the future go
to enrich, to beautify and make truly
grand our great old Keystone.
We say then, down with the unmitiga
ted curse, the liquor traffic. Thrust it to
the wall on next Friday.
"Licensed to do thy neighbor barm,
Licensed to kindle hate and strife,
Licensed to nere the robbers arm.
Licensed to whet the murderer's knifn,
Licensed where peace and quiet dw.-l!.
To bring disease and wants and woe,
Licensed to make the world a hell,
And fit men for a hell below."
A fire broke out in Ashland, Pa., at
eight o'clock Wednesday evening, which
totally destroyed ten dwelling bouses
The fire originated from a defective chim
ney. The loss is variously estimated
at from $20,000 to S-50,000, which is
partially insured. Four persons were
slightly injured by a falling chimney.
The activity of the firemen and citizens
alone saved the town from a terrible con
flagration. Mrs Kinney ,of somewhere near Sn
Antonia, Texas, is dead. She went to a
corn crib and put her band through a
crack' to take out some corn, wheu a
snake bit her in the hand. She died be
fore any assistance could . be rendered.
- A little daughter of Samuel Booth by,
of Lewistown. Me., was instantly kill
ed last week by an icicle falling from
(he roof and striking her on the head,
- . . For the Juniata Sentinel.
local ofnos.
A Candid Tiew by Careful Observer.
It was not an explosion of the Dem
ocrat and Register that made so much
noise last week ; it was just the cork
that flew out, which all knew it must
sooner or later do, with its pressure of
Benziue. The safety valve Lad been
tied down, but it blew out with all that,
with such a considerable force that it
struck the Republican office such a blow
that it left its black, poisonous indellible
marks on its fair columns. Shame I oh,
shame 1
They say Local Option is a d lusion
and a snare. Ab, we fear that intem
perance is a far greater delusion, and
many, very many, are caught in its fatal
snares When t!i? monster strong drink
has coiled its 'poisonous folds around the
doomed soul and dragged it down to end
less ruin. Duty calls, stop that soul !
Make Local Option one of the means to
stop it.
They say in the first division of their
article, It will not reduce crime. Now,
reader, their article is so weak and frail,
that we must handle it carefully, or it
will fall to pieces. It does not require a
very careful observer to see that the
writer of the article was in very shallow
water, with the appearance that he dived
deep in wliisky. Now, does not intem
perance open the floodgates to all crimes,
from petty theft to murder. Liquor is
the ereat destroyer. Its victims are of
all ages and classes ; it poisons the child
in the nursery, while it strikes down the
man of herculean strength and sends him
to rot in a druukard's grave. Crime,
murder, fraud, adultery, and a thousand
other shameless practices are the terrible
fruits of intemperance.
In the eccond division of their article
they say It will reform no drunkards.
It is certain that it will make no new
ones. Are younj; men in danger from
this great evilt Who can doubt it ! Ib.
temnerance collects its -noil. P.nr-i;.lIo i
I I .j
from this class. The drinking saloons
are gotten np for them. The decorations
there are for their allurement ; mu?ic and
gamiug utcusils are for their amusement;
but the bar is the great feature of the
concern : its whole arrangement is to get
their money for drink etrong drink.
will not have so many of the rising
generation with re4eyes, bloated bodies,
aud demented souls if Local Optiou is
In the third division of their article
they say It will make hypocrites of the
people. Our object is to remove the very
thing that makes hypocrites or men. H e
have enough backdoorway drinkers or
sneak tipplers uow. This being such a
disgraceful, hypocritical way of getiing
rum that those who have not already
fallen to the low disgrace will bo saved,
when the temptation and tempter are re
moved. They say L'vpior is not demoralizing.
They quote part of the Cih chapter of
Proverbs. Intemperance destroys all
that is good and noble and intellectual in
man, and souus him, often rapidly, but if
uot rapidly, surely down to beggary aud
eternal infamy. Go to the ruin seller,
ask him for good whisky. With a proud
look pleased to get you money and a
lying tongue, he will tell you his liquor
is pure, not adulterated, lie will take
mouey from the poor drunkard, which in
many cases deprives poor innocent chil
dren of the money they need for their
comfort, while the children must be cared
for by the township, the borough, or the
poorhouse, and sometimes before the
keepers of these get them they starve or
die by disease brought on them for wuiit
ot proper care or teed, ana me aousc i
the drunken father. The heart of the
drunkard is filled with wicked imagina
tions, aud their feet not being under con
trole of the druukenhead, will run into
all mauncr of mischief.
Many a landlord or rum seller Lave
been screaued from the just penalty of
the law by falso witnesses, that speaketh
lies Again, the keeper of rum shops
have sown more discord in family rela
tions with their poisonous drag than all
other causes combined. Solomon says,
lie that justifieth the wicked aud he that
condem"th the just are an abomination to
the Lord- ho so causetb the righteous
to go astray in an evil way, he shall fall
himself into his own pit."
Readers, don't let tipplers or drunk
ards move you from your purpose by
their clamor or ridicule or by appealing
to your shame. The shame is upon
them, for tempting you to be as they
But enough, I cannot dwell longer
npon this painful subject. I will close
with the lauguage of a wise man not an
Editor an inspired man : "Wiue is a
mocker ; strong drink is raging ; and
whosoever is deceived thereby is not
wise " "Who hath woe T'who hath sor
row ? who hath contention ? who hath
babbling 1" such as you read in the
Democrat and Register ''who hath red
ncss of eyes ? They that tarry long at
the wine ; they that go to seek mixed
wiue," and go in by the back. way.
'Look not upon the wine when it is red,
when it giveth its color in the cup, when
it moveth itself aright : at last it biteth
like a serpent, and stingcth like an
Reader, nse your vote, your influence
and your prayers as weapons against
King Alcohol, and victory is ours.
Baxter the New York steam-on canal
man, closes the report of his three round
trips thns;"In view of these facts, I think
the problem of steam navigation on the
canal is not only demonstrated to bo a
success, but that boats can be propelled
at one half the cost per ton per mils that
it can be done by horses, and in one-half
the lime, thus doubling tho capacity of
the canals."
A Son of John C. Martin, of Parker
township, Butler county, was kicked by
a colt on Saturday a week and killed.
The littl boy was riding on a sled, as
boys are in the habit of doing, and 'pas
sing too near the heels cf the colt, it
kicked and struck Lim on the face and
side of the head, from the effects he"lived
but about two Lours. The boy was aged
about 11 years. -b -
The epizootic hat made its appearane
in San Francisco .and Arizona. Indian
ponies are need.
Narrow, March 15, 1373.
Editor Sentinel : I hear it stated
in Mifflin and Patterson that all the
miners will vote for the continuance of
license. Let me tell you, Mr. Editor,
this is a lie, and ouly gotten np by a
bought party, in order to strengthen their
doubtful course in the breast of some
poor deluded weak narrow minded
men, who are afraid, like the Democrat
and Rfgiiter, that there will be no sale
for rye and wheat that it will go down
in price that the farmer will starve try
ing to raise it unless allowed to convert
it into still and swill for feed, I suppose.
Shame on such a paper or any mau that
would support it, or the men who run it,
meu uJto hnvt'becn bought by the. ;-
key men of the country, I question, can a
man be a christian and a blasphemer I
Could he insinuate or allow any man to
say through his medium that in order to
make things lively aud more festive,
Christ turned water into wine. No sir
D. and R. I am not a professing chris
tion, aud if this is the standard to be
expected from men in your position, why
i am as gol as you are.
But Demonwl and Register yon are a
dead letter buueeforth in this comer.
Miners know too well the curse, of the
liquor system fur no class of people have
suttered more Irom it than we have, and
where are the men more ready to accuse
us of ignorance and lowdyism than the
very men who have been the cause of
our misfortune
The majority of ns can neither read or
write for the simple reason that as soon
as the children are able to go to school
they are compelled to go to work in order
to help support themselves. Wheu these
boys grow up to manhood they can neith
er read nor write and to can derive no
pleasure from books or home, and as the
mind craves something to feed npon, no
place gives so much enticement as the
saloon, or the jolly bar of Tom or Dick,
and here their evenings and money are
spent, away from their families, their
wives and children many times lacking
the very necessaries of life On pay day
there is very little left after paying off
the score ; sc the butcher aud the store
keeper are kept out of their money uu
' e next pay day, and 1. tie lommy
aai Johan.cy are 8ent to work and kept
there to help pay for the di inking car
rousels of the father and make emU meet,
which with all that in roost cases it does
not do instead of going to school.
These boys grow up iu tho same old
trodden path.
And now, miners, let me entrent you,
one and all, do not be changed from the
right by the soft words they call freedom,
for, let mo t(;!l you, that the men win; are
slaves to this habit are the worse of
slaves They are now giving free drinks
and free bottles, Iloii't lake them ; it is
only a bait Bo mm in this as you an
iu all things t lse, stout and strong. Let
your vote ring loud and clear. Let us
thw temptation out of the path of our
children, and sprml part of the money
we now spent iu supporting a lot of fel
lows too lazy to work, for hooks and lit
erature and lor the adornment of r.ur
houses, and we can be the happiit of '
men. When away from the dingers nf!
the minis, we can sjiend our leisure hours i
with our Mmiies Our children will jrmv
np to be iutellijrent Rt.J re-pi ctal.le.. j Au iiior to naeanil report distribution ol
r. j..ur i iliemoucyin the hands of William Given.
A word to tho favin. rs and Miri-n ss , - ' - n. , f-,. . ,
. .ssipnee of Chevney J. Cbambertin. among
mill of Juniiita county, lour Ciimy ' ,!,, creditors of tho said Cheyney J. Cham
is rich in iron, and the openings, now : berliti, will attend to the duties of said np
made are as a drop in the bucket to whar j poiMtmctt .t his office, in .V.ilflintown. on
ihev will bo it. a few years. Tl.era is Tuesday, Mar h ISth, lSTiS, at. 10 o'clock A.
i . -ii i M., when and where all persons having any
uot a man amon;r you. that wnl n-jret , ,.,, ,, ..;, ,hA ri... i
the d-'iy or the vote you cat against the
selling of liquor. Your county will be
overrun wilii miners. Two thirds of the
population will bo miners. Keep liqu-r
from thein.
From ono who knows.
. i
111 New Albany, Indiana, on Wcdnes-!
, , r T .,
day last. Lou James, an engineer on the .
Louisvi:Ie, iNewAlbany anu Chicago
railroad, while his brother Matthew was
uuder arrest iu a magistrate's offce for
shooting at a man, started out, telling
Matthew to follow him. The city mar
shal, John Southeiland, laid his Ii.m 1 on
Ma'thew's arm and tol l him not to go,
as he was under araest, when Lou struck
Soutberlaud iu the lace, and followed up
the blow jrilh tcu or fifteen OLhcrs,Suu:h
erland warding them off the best he could
telling James to stop, or he would shoot.
Soutberlaud at length drew a revolver
and shot James in the left breast, but
the wounded man continued to striko
him, knocking him into a large wood
box in the comer. Sou:hcrland then
placed his revolver to Janie's head, and
warned him again to qnit, but the war
ning was unheeded, and Soutberlaud
fired, killing him instantly. Sontberland
gave himself np, but no ono would make
an affidavit against Lim, and he wan released.-
The fourth wife of a man in the eas
tern part of Milton, Mass , was (as is us
ual for ladies after marriage) regulating
the fixtures in general about the house,
and went into the attic, accompanied by
a boy of some six or seven summer'',
where she saw n pair of neatly-made
saw horses, such as carpenters nsj in
cutting lumber. She said : "Sammy,
my son, what are these horses for ? '
"Well, father keeps them horses to put
his wives' coffins on " Imagine that
span of borses taking a Sam Patch leap
from the attic window of a two story
honse, with, "I guess my coffin won't
ride von this week."
At Franklin, Venango connty, Pa.
on Friday morning the 14th, Thomas
Anderson formerly of this connty
cashier of Latnbereon's Bank, attempted
to burn np all the money, bonds, 5c , aud
the buildiug in which tho bank was loca
ted. After starting the fire he went
home shot himself in tLe Lead, inflicting
a wound that resulted in Lis death. The
fire was soon extinguished, bnt the value
of the money, bonds, and papers' destroy
ed is estimated at 3100,000. It is said
that Anderson was a defaulter, and fired
the building, aud took Lis life tu cover
his crime.
Masquerade weddings are the latest
feature of connubial fun in Indiana.
The minister is marked, the bride, is
masked, ditto the groom, attendants and
guests. The groom trusts to luck, and
sometimes finds he Las marriod the wrong
woman, but such trivial . occurrences do
not make sadness in that State.
A riot occurred recently at Lake City,
Florida.and the post master and county
officers were driven from the town.
The free libraries of Mass , contain
more books than the free libraries of all
the rest of America
A woman has written a letter to Gov.
Dix asking the privilege of being execu
ted in place of Foster. '
Governor Dix refuses to commute the
sentence of Foster, the car hook murder
er, and he will be execnted at New York
next Friday.
For the past five years, an Indiana
wouiau has had three husb.mds residing
within five miles of each other, aud no
body fuund her out till last wetk.
A prophet has been travelling in Ken
tucky, annouueiug the destruction of the
world in 1S7S lie pays his own expen
ses and asks for no contributions.
Four prisoners iu the county jail at
Auburn, New York, made an attack on
the evening of the 14th inst, on the keep
er, aa he was about locking them up for
the nigh t, and then escaped 1 he keeper
was seriously injured.
Mrs. Kinney, of somewhere near San
Autonia, Texas, ia dead. She went to a
corn-crib and put her hand through the
cracks to take out some corn, when a
snake bit her on the hand. She died be
fore any a-sistance could be rendered.
w gtdwiisf Hunts.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Jacvh Thotnai, (Uctnftd.
THE undersigned, to whom Letters of Ad
niinUtraiion on the estate of Jacob Thom
as, late of Fermanagh township, hare been
duly granted according lo law, hereby gire
notice to all persons indebted lo siid estate
to come forward and make payment, and
those having claims aijiiiii't ii, to present
them properly authenticated for settlement.
J'.SEril V. THOMAS, 1 . . .
March 19, 187-6i
Bridge Election.
'p II ERE will be an election held at the
. Store of Samuel Buck, in the borouzh of
PerryTille. oa MONDAY, MARCH 31, 1S73.
to elect a Board of Managers for the Perrys-
ville liridfre Company for the year commenc.
ng April 1, Ibi S. liy order of I he Hoard
M ir 5-lw
Administrator's Notice.
nunte of Lemuel R. lieale, dettasei.
MM1E undersigned, lo whom Letters of Ad
JL ministration on the estate of Lemuel K.
lie-tie, late of lieale township dee d., haye
been duly granted according to law, hereby
gives notice to all persons indebted lo said
estate to come forward and make payment,
and those haying claims against it. to pre
sent thcra properly authentiealcifor settle
Mar 5 '73-Ct
Executor's Notice.
Estate vf William Okesvn, d-rtastil.
AJOTICE is hereby given that Letters Tes
1 tauentary on the estate of William Oke
son, late of the borough of Perrysville, have
been granted in due form of law to the un
dersigned. All persons indebted to said es
tate are requested to make payment, and
thoje having claims w'.U please present them
properly au'henticated for settlement.
Feb. 21. lS73-Gw
Auditor's Notice.
j 'IllE undersign.!, appointed by the Ci
! A f Common Picas of Junia'a county
Clinuherlin will please present it.
J. A. CHRISTY, Awlitnr.
Feb. 20. 1873.
Administrator's Notice.
Estate of Jerome liryner, deceased.
ILTTEKS of Administration having been
-i granted to the undersigned upon the
rsl.vc of Jerome ltrvner, deceased, all ne
Hon!' indebted to said estate are reueste 1 to
make payment, and those having claims
aj,;linat' te samej (j present lUemBwilhout
delay, to
JACOB 13 It Y N 1C it.
1873- fiw
Cucunber "wood Pump.
Tasteless, Durable, Efficient,
r.nd ('Leap. The best Pump
ir ice lasi money. Atten
tion is especially invnei 10
lihitc'.ilcy's Patent Improved
Bracket and New Drop Check
Valve, whJch can b with
drawn without removing the
pnmp or disturbing the joints.
Also, the Copper Chamber.
''''i'-y'! "5
which never cracks or scales, and will outlast
any other. For sale by dealers everywhere.
Send for Catalogue and Price-List.
Chas. O. Hiatculky, Manufact'r,
fjOTi Commerce St., Philada., To.
Manufacturers of Saws,
rr tt-i7 Trice Lists and Circulars free.
Boston, Mass., & Detroit, Mich.
Largest Organ Mlisament in toe World.
7 Extensive Factories.
llraitleboro, Vt , U. S. A.
Estey Cottage Organs.
The latest and bist improvements. Every
thing that is new and novel. The leading
improvements in Organs were introduc : d first
in this establishment.
Isitti1It!liea 1HK5.
The Grins is published Quarterly. 23
cents pays for the year, which is not half the
cost. Those who afterwards send money to
the amount of One Dollar or more for Seed?i
may also order 23 cents worth extra the
price paid for the Gninr-
The First Numher is beautiful, r.ivinjr plans
for making Rural Homes, Dining Table
Decorations, Window Gardens, &n., and a
mass of information invaluable to the lover of
flowers. 130 pages, on fine tinted paper,
some SCO Engravings, and a snperb Colored
Plate and thremo Carer. The First Edi
tion of 200,00 just printed ia English and
PiOCUESTS, Jfswr Yoat.
Feb. 12
, e?w Sarcrtiscottts."
Or, PAiaTS-Kow to Sefecf W
A plain trp.itise, eonh.imnz r, 1 hen!
wi.h 4 ditWi aoiaall,
tints, wnh infractions for xt.r,n. ,"1
lerior !. K-eoration. hi '-
2 conies Lmn.1 i .., . -
address, on rwi.., nr tA .
l"", ji-h'-t coer. nitiirj.
f0'' Piid, t0
K..W. r "J
HENRY CARi-v n..
-. .... y r.tl lf fXtrarl, f,.
1 "!
tnrv ..r..tT 1. -T.
ing lo p:nt
' . an i n.i n-. :.
!df:iil to rtnt;,;v
'We d i not know so nvich could j,
on the subject of painting ,mHe 'J
" l'wJ bk f Mr- Bli'ds"!!
"A want long felt at last suppliei"
enliSe America. " - -
"Not only a necessity I the p-f .
Buy 25 copies of this book and ditriw
them among your fri. ndi. If ,h-T
the a-Uice therein, yon eonld make a. Z
yaluable present '; yv-W
-In publishing tVs book Mr. Saird U.
- We hope rhe publisher win sell !(
copies of book durins IXJTI
Tlkare jR,t P'"'J our honse as al
IeIye3 lh,t L"!"'n- S'-'-
l " '" rF"e. -Harp,,; ri-
"In selling lffiple cop, fi 10 ,, Mr
B.urd must fee certain an order for koond
id cloth will follow." frenk Lalie.
"H e know the town and country saint,
therein recommended, and can Touch for
their ralut and It,, excellence of the "HM
rison" brand of white lead." rhila. .rr
BT SE1BI1S only J5 CEJTS to J.A3 w"
KEMIMiTON..t Moundsrille, Marshall
Co., W. a., you will receive by return mail
500 useful receipts.
Use the Keisinger-Sash Lock an Support to
No spring to break, no culling of sish ; cheap,
durable, very easily applied : holds sash at.'
any place desired, and a self-fastener when
the sash is down. Send stamp for circular.
Circular and ais enpjier-hronzej locks sent
to any ad lres in the l 8., postpaid, on re
ceipt of 50 els. Liberal inducements to the
trade. Acents warned. Address REISIN0
ER SASH LOCK CO., No. 418 .Market street,
Ilarrisburg. Pa.
Wood - WcrkiRg Machinery Generally.
Specialities : Woodworth Planing. Toneue
ing and Grooving Machines, Richardson'
' Patent Improved Tenon Machines, i.
Central, cor. Union St. WORCESTER, MASS.
Stationary, Portable and Blast
Saw Mill, Flouring Mill and lilast Furnaca
II. & F. BLANDT, Newark, Ohio.
teed. Repeciab,e eurp'oy mtit at borne, 4y
or evening; no capital rej'ilrel; full in
ftruction and vul-i:ih!e p tcka of god
enl free by mail. AJ-lre. with six cent
return taiop. M. YoL'NJ & CO , lti Cort-
lmidi St.. New York.
td CI:"! Pr dy !
Agi-ms wa-.led ! AU
W C!..,.es of working nem.l.
ether i. young or dm, make more money
at work for us in their spare monrnls or nil
the lime than at anything Ue. Particulars
free. Address O. STINSON CO., Port
land, Maine.
" I I
I suffered with Catarrh thirty years, and
wa cured by iu:ii- rvmedy. Will eni
receipt, pomace free, to all atBi?ted. Rev.
T. J. MEAD. Drawer 170. Pyrnou-e. N. Y.
K s:v.istE)
Vj IS ill Forany eeof Blind. 1
4 I llisll'"1 I"hing r lTlc
V V Piles that lis Bi5.: s
. Bleed-
: s I'ii.b
Remkdt failu to cure. It is prepared express
ly to cure the Pile, and mailing else. Sold
by all Prusrgi'.f!". Prire. I.'MI.
$106,000 for Only $10.
I'nder authority of special legislative set
of March lt. 1871. the trustees now announce
the Third Grand Clft riics l. for tb. hen.
e tit of tbe Pabllc Library f Kentarky, t
come off in Library Hall, at Louisville. Ky.,
Tuesday. April Sth. 1873.
At this Concert the best musical talent that
can be procured from ail parts of the coun
try will add pleasure to the entertainment.
and Ten TbaasaDd Cash Cifts, aggregating
a vast total 01 Hail a nillloa Dvllart cur
rency will be distributed by lot lo the ticket
hotdcrs, as follows :
One Grand Cash Gift . $100,000
One Grand Cash Gift 50.000
One Grand Cash Gilt, 25.K
tine Grand Cash Gift. 20,000
One Grand Cafh Gift, 10,oo0
One Grand Cash Gift 5,000
24 Cash Gifts of $l,tM0 each 24.000
60 Cash Gifts of 500 " 25,fio0
SO Cash Gifts of 400 - 32,0:10
MO Cash Gifts of ' 300 - 30.000
Lin Cash Gift of 20 ,10,00
GW Cash Gifts of liM " ,10,000
!,000 Cash Gi!'l3 of 1J 00,00.)
Total, 10,000 Gifts, !! Cash, $iOO,000
Ti provide means for this magnificent
Concert, One Hundred Thousand Whole Tick
ets only will be issned.
Yi'hole Tickets, $10; Halves, 5 ; and
Quarter"- $2.&0. Eleven whole Tickets for
4:100. Ko discount on less than $100 orJers.
The object of this Thir l Gift Concert, liko
the two heretofore givcu with such univertal
approvl, is the enlargement and endowment
of the Public Library of Kentucky, which by
the special act authorizing the concert for its
benefit, is lo be forever free lo all citizens of
every Stute. The drawing will be under tbe
supervision of t lie Tustces of tbe Library,
assisted by the most eminent citizens of the
United States. The sale of tickets has al-.
ready rngn-ssed so far that complete success
is assured, and buyers are therefore notifwd
that th-y must order at once if Ihey deire
to participate in tbe drawing.
The management of Ibis undertaking has
been committed by the trustees to HB
Thw. E. BramlcttC. late Governor of Ken
tucky, to whom communications pertaining
to the Gift Concert may be addressed.
R. T. DCR.".F.TT. Pres't.
W. N. HALDEMAN. Vice Trcs-!.
.I0nT S. CAIN, Scc'y Public Library of Ky.
surer Public Library of Ky., Louisville,
As the time for Ino Concert is cio'ff '
hand (April Sth), parties wanting tickets
should send in their orders immediately
Ihey would avoid the rush and delay abso
lutely unavoidable in the few days preceding
the drawing. All orders anil application
for agencies, circulars an.l Information wi-1
meet with prompt attention. TU- k
URAMLETTE. Agent Publie Libra'y of Ken
tucky, Louisville, Ky.