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Wednesday Horning, Jan. 15, 1873.
GEO. P. ROWELL&C0.40 Park Row, New York
S. M. PETTENGILL & CO., 37 Park Row, N. Y,
Ardour tole agents in that city, and re au
. tborixed to contract for advertising at our
lowest rates. A dvertifers in that city are to
quested to leave tbeir favors with either of
ike above houses.
It Iiaa been said tl;at local option i not
constitutional undt-r tlie fundamental law
, f cither State or nation He it so, or
not to, let ilie people adopt local option,
as it has been proposed by the T.j;i la
tin e of tliiu Cotmnoawcal'.li, to be voted
on tli? tLird Fr::ij- in March nf'xt
TLofc v. L:j ieri;re it iinconMii'ittiohnl can
thru fi::il a ca.-e to c-.rry pp to t!;o f""n
jrerue Court. If that tribunal decline
it to be ni;coiiblitu'inn;J, ihf people, who
nuke ciiiirt :tu;ioii, 1'ix-rid. u:t, G vcr
n iit, Lgis'aiureii and t'uuila, cat: a"nu::d
the fundamental law Fi iLnl it coufotme
t') the dm.ni;is of a Libber civiliza'iou
tl-.v: '.he wet'.,', lias iver yit reached.
Tiie vrnild c:ii:r.ot ireagisic what a plea
pant and prosperous ttate of rociety,
in r illy, socially, poiiiicn'Iy atid fitiiin
rial'.y, would exist if the liquor fcushirpi?
wee a'j)lih:l. Tlie wnll, in blissful
i-jiioiance of the grxt-ral prosperity that
wotsbl attend suih a Mute ot society,
K-veb: in its li'jii'ir debauchery. It can
not know of the good of such a Plate, for
?tic!i a ilwirablc Plate -f society ba?
ne ver ( i;: ti'i. i cc waU knows no
ut 'it cf il ll.an , a century io, knew
.f the cpibiiity of tr.ai! f :r sell' gowm
t;i' :;t. A cei.tuty bo it did not believe
that all men are bora frcn and equal be
(I ? ihe l.i w. One hundred years tifjo
the wield cnul.l !:i't even imagine, mudi
s r.tnie
a (Taiis
;t:;uJ, what a prosperous Plate
f..r tlie win
o!)Io cm;
Sjirlng frvim a goverumfjit having for its
corner rtoi.o I'ne doctrine tliatall rn?n are
born free and equal bef.n-e tho law. The
rulers of kingdoms and aristocracies
laughed to scorn fueh doctrines and ue
clurcd them to be the vagaries only of
three who dreamed of a political Utopia.
Uii( xpfc'rdly, uLr.t bad been declared
by the rub ra of nations a dream, an ha
jrtclwabilit in afTiirs of joyprtsrr.P:.;,
Kn-nw the conn r-stnne t.f the goversi
i:rj:il- c? the X'rlu.-)i Stcics, and witli
i.i Lh.U ('n'.ury. le re, tinder the peculiar
ft'l'-ai-'..e-: 'ver. to r-.r.u gpncrslly, a
pro p-. iity is u.ji'yed lh.it earpasJcc al! of
ill ."?'?:! ntila'ej good and prornerity of
the lVi! ijoitf.-ir.d vpar p ist As much
:? onr j rest-tit ft ite ,f cocictv sm,.iE.-..' i vur7 nara nuemou. i naa very
il.ert.-.;.- ..ffocuty cf .-.1! of tho pact, 'il!0 wafiJsnce ia you, although I treat
f., a ;:i !'.,: ctstt of sccir.tv tr-.nt prohibit ed " I try to treat all gentlemen,
tb..- li-'ivir bn
ra surpass cur present !
i :! society.
As tbc law s'amls now, this question
t--..".!i bo voted o:i every l'-ree years. Iet
i: try it. three years. The act "in full
. ill Le published in the columns of the
-kvt:.sl hereafter.
( hailc-3 tvi Nup ileoii, the dethroned
I'mperr r of Fra:,c died at 25 miuutus
put 10 o'clncli on tha evening of the 9th
inst , it is said Ly cettain despatches,
1'r.itn the (ff ctsof an operation for gravel,
c -rtnin other despatches siy that he died
'of a dis ea.'e of no relationship to the one
l';at required the operation.
He was beni ou the 2Slh of April,
1S9S. lie was a sou tf Louis, a. brother
to the great. N'ipnkoa. The conqueror
h il d-'clare ) that in th event of there
being no direct heir from bi:a to the
throne, that the isiue of his brother
Lnnia should ruccccd to the Government ;
and tbns Charles Louis Napoleon became
the claimant to the French ihrono Llis
l-iMuiav-y was questioned by European
society, llis paternity, it is said, lay
between bis mother's husband and two
other gentlemen. Tho perpetuation of
the Napoleou dynasty induced the great
Napoleon to require his brother Louis to
lec-.'c'nize the boy Chaties Louis p.s bis
eon. Ye do not btre recount his vicis
situdes. lie was an unscrupulous m.-in. He
worked nndi-r the old doctrine that the
end justifies the means Americans, ap
piecialing tho spirit of American institu
tion?, cannot admire Charles Louij Na-pol.-en.
lie was a great man, when
viewed in the light of an old school poli
ticiaa or statesman, s.uck as have govern
ed the world in the past. He was a
eir.-ll man when viewed in the lighA. of
honorable .dealings between man and man
and between h&tion and nation. He was
i:n unfair man, an intriguer perLas a
fair representative of the European stat.
inan. There is as much difference be
tween bis character and the -character of
the ideal American statesman, or the
American statesman as he ehould be, a
there between light and darkness.
A conspiracy to assassinate the Presi
dent of Peru by mecus of torpedoes plac
ed on the railroad over which he was to
i i le had been frustrated and the leaders
in the movement were arrested.
Auv.iCATKS of free trade speak of its
"blessings," but the mass of the people
ol the countries wherein it doC3 flourish,
ni 'Tato from it as if it were a curse.
United States Ssnatob CaldweuT
of Kansas, is charged with having
bought his way into the Senate. The
following Washington despatch, under
date of the 10th inst, throws considera
ble light on the subject :
i lie senate uommniee on i .y, 5
and Kleclions devoted several hours to -
day to hearing the evidence ot bnucryi
in the election of Senator Caldwell, ;
Kansas. Having obtained leave to sit j
dunng tl;e liours ot tue I cssion in oraer
to proceed with the investigation as rap
idly as possible, Sidney Clarke, ex-mem
ber of the House, who was Caldwell's
chief competitor, gave his testimony
wbii li occupied several honrs.
The committee were already in pos
session of the report of evidenco takeu
before the investigating committee of the
Kansas Legislature, but Mr. Clarke tes
tified much more fully to day than before
that committee. lie gave a full history
of the Senatorial canvass, alleging that
twelve or more of the members who were
elected to support him were bought off
by Caldwell and his business partner,
General T. Smith. Caldwell did nut
appear as a candidate until the meeting
of the Legirtbifure, ami ntver had wny
("finical position or reputation previous
to that time. During the canvass, both
Caldwell and Smith openly boasted that
they were going to have the Scnatorship
if they bad to pay 8250,000.
Mr. C'laike testified that it was gen
erally known among the members of the
Legislature and officers of the State gov
ernment that money was used, and that
Caldwell never made any attempts to
conceal the fact. During the canvass
Caldwell sccured a meeting with him,
and offered to pay all the expenses of his
canvass, some fifteen thousand dollars, if
he would iuflucace some of bis friends
to change their votes. . lie had already,
he said, spent fifty thousand dollars. Sir.
Clarke refused to m ike the bargain, and
told him thai the people, would rebuke
such a corrupt election. Caldwell re
plied that "success would efface the slig
tna " Since his election to the Senate
Caldwell met Clarke at tho Capitol, said
to him that be spent 75,000 for his
election, that eorrc of tho railroad com
panies had protiibted to repay Lim $30,
000, but had not fulfilled their agree
ment, and he meant to got them where
he could squeeze them.
Mr. Clarke also testified that one mem
ber of the Legislature, named Bond, told
him he was offered three thousand dol
lars iu Caldwell's room, and the money
was shown him ; also, iu regard to cheeks
drawu on Caldwell from the Kansas
Valley Bank, at Topeka ; one of ten
thousand dollars by Anderson, who was
Caldwell's disbursing agent, and the
other 8Pveny thousand by General T.
smi:h. There was a great deal of ei
tle:;ec of ibis fort. After the examina
tion and the committee were through
with Mr Clarke, .Mr. Caldwell askud him
a question, when the following spicy con
vcrsstion ensued :
Mr. Caldwell. --What were our rela
tions at the time of the canvass 1 '
Mr Clarke MY ell, sir, you have askod
11., 11
pkaenntly and peaceably. 1 distrusted
you at. every step
Mr Caldwell. What are they now 1
elr. Clarke. I regard yon as being a
very unreliable. dLhouor.ibie man, much
to my regret-
Mr. Caldwell. Didn't you gay to some
of your friends that you had elected me,
and that I was a very honorable, respec
table man !
Mr. Clarke. I don't think I did vio
lence to my judgment to that extent.
Mr. Clarke put the committee on the
track of a great deal of important evi
dence, lie believes that there will be
sufficient evidence gathered iu a very
short time to drive Caldwell cut of the
Senate. Tho committee subsequently
examined clo J. M. Luce, a brother-in-law
of Perry Fuller. lie has been made
a bind ageut by Caldwell, and the com
mittee did not learn much from him.
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way, n. Y. j ; .ct deliberate consideration she conclud-
. - j
On the morning of the 10th inst., a ed not to frighten her husband. Becom
msU boat containing two dead men drif- ing tired of her nncomfortable position
:ci nsit Cohimbas, ivy , one of the bodies
was IJ sitting position, with head droop-
ing, the oiler was lying iu the bottom of
the boat, which was surrounded by? a
field of ice, rendering it impossiblo to
reach the boat from the shore. It is sup
posed that ia attempting to cross the riv
er the boat wis caught in the ice and the
men were frozen to death.
Tub Legislature proposes to raise the
Governor's salary to $9,000 per annum.
. 1
California is worth more as a wheat
growing State thau as a gold State.
On Tuesday night an alarm was
sounded at Farnia, and tho report was
noon cm-end that a lamo had exploded in
, h(, aIHrttnfinU mpied by Mr and Mrs.
; Ar!,)1)r Smitl.. at Xrs. Fiber's house.
At firet Rna hi fact for severi.1 honrs
aflerwar(J, it was eupfosed that a lamp
eX,iogioa only wai tl0 0f the ex-
citement. It has since transpired, now
ever, that the l.ni,j was thrown violently
at Mrs. Smith by her husband, injuring
her brad severely and burning her horri
bly, so that from the combined injuries
she bas since died.
Mrs. Smith, whose maiden name was
Lester or Leicester, was a highly educa
ted and refiaed young lady, well known
in S.imia and in this city, and universal
ly admired wherever known, moving in
the best circles of society. Smith is
spoken of as a gentlemanly person, whose
otherwise good character was spoiled by
being of a jealous di?poeition; hot tem
J"".ca, and addicted to drink.
There are always two sides to a story,
and bis friends assert that he was driven
to exasperation by the conduct of his
wife, who, it is claimed, was notoriously
a flirt, keeping company with young un
married men, and conducting herself in
such a manner as to bring down npon
her god name the darkest kind of a
cloud of reproach and scandal.
Be that as it may, for that or some
other reason, he was very jealous of his
attractive wife, and frequent storms of
abuse and anger fell upon her head. At
times be has abused her shamefully, it is
asserted, and she has often been heard to
say that her life was in danger, " for Ar
thur will surely kill me some day."
The particulars of the horrible tragedy
on Tuesday night perhaps will never be
known, but it ended ia the - young and
handsome woman's death and the arrest
of the guilty man, bo is now confined
in the lambton county jail in Sarnia.
Mrs. Smith wafe heard to cry out for
blip, and help was immediately sum
moned, but on arriving at the scene the
room was full of smoke, the carpets were
burned, and Mrs. Smith lay burned and
bruised upon the floor. Smith had evi
dently endeavored to put out tbc fire,
and was also burned considerably.
llis story ct first, was that the lamp
exploded iu his wife's face, but circum
stantial evidence was found that went far
to prove that he had thrown the lamp at
her, crushing her head, and setting her
clothes on fire. Since his arrest he has
either gouc Et.uk mad, or else feigns
madness very closely. The most inteuse
excitement prevails at Sarnia. The ac
tion of the coroner's jury is awaited with
the greatest anxiety, and public opinion
agaiiist the prisouer has been wrought
up to the highest pitch. l'urt Huron
Storm In Miunesota.
Storm despatches from Minnesota, un
der date of the 12th inet , say, the
storm on the St. Paul and Pacific rail
road was the severest ever known. At
a station called Kirkhaven there were
several farmers in the town when the
storm first burst upon them They left
for home with their teams, and vrrry few
have been heard of since. One wagon
was found containing a Mrs. Poland and
a boy, both frozen to death. Many teams,
both of oxen aud horses, arc found frozen
in drifts, and the fate of their owners is
A St. Paul despatch says the great
storm resulted in many casualties iu Min
nesota and was unprecedented in severity.
Three brother?, Charles, John and Alex
ander O Neill and Thomas and Michael
Holdcn, each with a two horse team,
etartcd for YVillmar with wheat, on Tues
day last, and were found on Friday about
ten miles from homo in a' terrible condi
tion. Two of the O'Neills and one of
tho Iloldens were found in sleighs frozen
to death. The others were alive, but
will scarcely survive. Five ox teams, in
the same vicinity, were found frozen to
death ; the drivers are supposed to have
abandoned tbeir teams and been frozen to
death. At the Herman Station, on the
St. Paul aud Pacific railroad, a man was
frozen to death while going from the de
pot to the water tank- At New Ulm a
little boy, while endeavoring to reach
his home, wandered eight miles and per
ished, and a man was found frozen to
death near St. Peters.
Attempt to Scare a Husband.
From the Utica (N. Y.) Herald.
An Adam's wife, the other night,
thought she wonld ccare her husband a
little, "just for fun." She told him she
on the Moor, sue at icngtn ventured in a
faint voice to call his name. Explana-
tions followed, and the lady has played
the part of a burglar for the last time.
On Thursday of last week, about 3
o'clock p. m., while David Chains and
wife, of Beaver county, were away from
their house, the clothes of two of their
little children caught fire, and before any
assistance could be rendered, one of them
aged six years, was so badly burned that
she died at seven o'clock the same day.
The other received but little injury.
Three-fourths of all suicide are mal
es. The greatest number are caused by
divorces. - The least number are among
the married, next the unmarried, next
the widowed. One-third of the eases are
due to mental diseases ; one-ninth to
physical suffering ; one-tenth to fear of
punishment or shame ; one ninth to fam
ily quarrels ; one-ninth to drunkenness,
gambling, etc , one-twentieth to disap
pointed love. Of boys under 15 years
of age 86 per cent hang themselves ; of
e'uls of the same aire' 71 .per ccntHdrnwn
themselves. Young men most common
,- I
ly nse the pistol old men the razor ;
young women drown themselves old
women use the rope ; only one female in
200 uses firearms. : The ratio of suicides
as given oy.w. Vecaisnc oeiore
French Academy of Sciences, is as fol
lows : London, one in 175 deaths ; New
York, one in 172 ; Vienna, one in 1C0 ;
' 'I
while in Pans it has reached tho shock -
ing uumber of one in 72.
A Washington despatch, uuder date
of the 12th iust., says : It appears to be
understood that the election of Col. J. J.
Patterson as Senator from South Carolina
will be investigated by the Senate before
he is allowed to take his teat. The
charge that he was elected through bri
bery and corruption has become 30 gen
eral that many Senators are of tho opin
ion that the Committee on Privileges and
Elections should look into the matter.
Among the most prominent and specific
of his accusers is tho Hon. Robert B
Elliot, colored member of the House from
South Carolina, who was himself a can
didate before the Legislature for United
States Senator. It is understood that as
soon as Patterson's credentials are pre
sented they will be referred to the Com
mittee on Privileges and Elections. So
much Las been said recently of the man
ner in which Senators have secured their
election that the more respectable mem
bers of the Senate are disposed to have a
thorough investigation.
A very unpleasant remedy for emo
tional insanity is proposed by Henry L.
liniton in the Aev lork limes. Alter
writing at length concerning the uncer
tainty of conviction of murderers under
the present laws, he suggests that the
law should be amended so that a ''homi
cide committed without deliberation and
premeditatiou, although with intent to
kill formed on the instant, would be mur
der iu the second degree,'' the punish
ment to imprisonment for life. This is
certaiuly worthy ot attention, and his
proposition to confine in a lunatic asylum
for twenty or thirty years the persons
acquitted on the plea of iusanity seems
the surest check to such persons as ate
tempted to give way to the insane desire
to take life. He says : "If a person is
so insane as to take human life he should
be confined for a sufficiently long time to
protect the community against any re
turn of such violence."
The Oregou papers are making fun of
the last earthquake iu that region, for it
affrcted persons in quite different ways
A young gentleman and lady were out
walking at the time. About half an
j hour after they returned from their prom
enade, and then learned, for the first time
that there had anything nnusual occurr
ed. People rubcd into the streets scant
ily clad. One loving husband, who had
'just stepped out to see a man on busi
ness," rushed home, with a billiard cue
that he had forgotten to replace, in his
hand, llis wife has vetoed all business
engagements after eight o'clock P.- M
The next little item we take as we find
it. One irascible geutleman jumped from
bed scantly attired, possessed himself of
the cowhide, and made for the room np
stairs of his boys, and rushed into it ex
claiming, "I'll show you how to be fight
ing at this time of night."
m ... m
At Chambers Crossing, about a half
mile this side at Lairobe station, on the
Penusylvauia Central Railroad on Thurs
day morning, about half past ten o'clock
a man named James L. Gress was killed
by being struck by the locomotive of the
mail train going east. lie was driving
in a sleigh, and when he approached the
track he saw the ballast train standing,
but did not see the coming mail. His
horse had just cleared the track,, when
the cow catcher struck the sleigh, throw
ing him in the air, and alighting on his
bead some twenty feet from the spot
where the sleigh was struck, dying a few
minutes after.
The deceased was a fanner and resid
ed in the vicinity of Latrobe. He leaves
a wife and several cbildren.-Pi'lfr&Kri
An Iowa despatch under date of the
10th says : Reports from the Iowa divi
sion of the Milwaukee and St. Paul rail
road say that sleighs succeeded in reach
ing the snow-bound train between Con
over and Ridgway, and rescued the pasa,
engers. Eight freight trains were snow
ed in between McGregor and Austin.
The enow is packed so tight that the
snow plows have no effect, and will have
to be shoveled out. All that can be seen
of some trains is, here and there, the top
of a brake above the snow. The ther
mometer ranged from 20 to 25 degrees
below zero, the wind blowing a perfect
gale. The drivers of the relief teams
were badly frozen.
An old fieherman'of Richmond, Va ,
sends the following to the Dispatch : To
all whom it may concern : Found at my
door on the 31st ult.. between eight and
nine o'clock, an infant child a few days
old. The owner or owners will please
come forward , prove property aud take it
away, or, with the help of God, we will ;
try to take care of it.
Fine for hunting on Sunday, fifty dol
lars. A Nebraska farmer is .wintering 3200
head of cattle.
Fourteen debutantes are announced for
Washington society this season.
A Vicksburg hackman charged an em -
igraut SI 25 for carrying him across the
Only one person in sixty-six is com-
; fortable in England Comfortable means
$600 a year.
Over 1500 buildings were erected in
St Louis last year, aud "fireproof is
! claimed for none of them
QueM1 Victoria sent a gold spittoon to
; the Kintr of Siara . wLo n.es it cn State
occasions for an oyster turreen
Paper money is to bo abolished in
Tl 'i f I u , li . . m n il.l . i r ii l.rinwd
. . J ' or o
4UO in currency.
The Alleutown Iron Works have a
capital of SS00.000. They comprise a
nest cf fivo furnaces, and employ 600
Tiie lemon groves of Corsica are suff
ering from a curious diseaee. The frnit
dries np and becomes as duscy as the
'smoke balls" iu our country pastures.
The Boston beaux are devotedly .at
tached to pung riding, as there is nothing
to support the lady's back, and tho gen
tlemen is expected to use his arm for the
Senator H trlan's paper pronounces the
Modoc Indian war, in Oregon, to have
been caused by the attempts of petty
speculators to crowd the Indians upou
j swamp lands.
A n excited young mini, clad in a pair
of slippers, recently rushed into a chuicb
at Walpack Centre, Nl J , ohouting :
"Here I come in the name of Jesus.'
He was taken out in the name of the
A San fraucisco bride is suing for a di
vorce, on the ground that she was drunk
wheu she married her husband For
proof she givej the axiom that anybodv
must be druuk that would marry such a
Love is a secondary passion iu them
who love mo.st, a primary iu those who
love least. He who is inspired by it in
a high degree is inspired by honor in a
higher degree ; it never reaches its plen
itude of growth and perfection but in the
most exalted minds.
Another farmer who would not give
up smoking while hauling a load of hay
to Springfield, 111 , was seeu prowling
arouud that towu trying to get six momh
time on a new wagon, and enquiring what
was good to put ou scorched horses to
save their lives.
A gang of cattle stealers hiw been bro
ken np at Corriue, Utah, through the in
strumentality of a butcher and bis wife
who were engaged iu slaughtering the
cattle. Three of the gang are iu prison,
and two others were released ou bouds of
$5000 each.
A Springfield family was recently
made sick by their coffee at break fast,
and a little while afterward there flashed
npon the housewife the discovery that
she had accident ly takeu the aromatic
berry." not from the coffee canister, but
from the tobacco can, which was its per
fect duplicate.
1 he Ontario Government still owncs
5700 square miles of timber lands in the
Ottawa region, in which not a single pine
tree had been cut, and containing some
of the best pine timber this side of the
llocky Mountains, and estimated to be
worth to the government, for the timber
alone, $25,000,000.
Evansville, Ind- drug clerks laugh
and grow obese over physicians' prescrip
tions of this style : " galon turpoutin,
4 hotels nv Paridavis paneciller, 2 ounce
nv campor, ono hotel of garglen, 10 cts
uv asivity ; to be shaken, and taken in
side or out ; it don't make any ditf . -runts
Dr. Hugo Magnus, assistant physic ian
to the hospital at Bresl.iu, suggests as
the best means of determining the pres
ence of lingering traces of life, that a
tight ligature be tied round one of the
fingers. If life be not extinct, tho part
beyond the ligiture soon becomes red,
the depth of the color increasing to dark
red and violet. Just above the ligature
the skin remains white.
Abbie Gardner says that Jacob Short,
an old citizen of San Rafael, Cal., prom
ised to marry her awhile ago. However
that may be Mr, Short refused to marry
her and Abbie brought suit for $50,000
damages in consequence. The case how
ever, was settled without going into cou rt
Short paying Abbie 810,000 and Abbie
promising that Short shall have no fur
ther trouble abont that promise.
Senator Cole has replied negatively to
Governor Booth's inquiry whether the
war with the Modoes cannot be averted
by the government allotting them three
thousand acres on Lost river, instead of
forcing t'uem on the new reservation.
Senator Cole says suqh action wonld be
accepted by the Indiaus as a victory ;
besides, any new location of the Modocs
must be made through the Oregou Indian
Four meu have been ecntensed to
death in Texas on the evidence of an en
igma On the ground near the scene of
the murder was found a piece of paper
gun wadding, containing a part of an en
igma published in the Chimney Corner.
The house of oue of the suspected men
was searched, and the paper itself was
fonnd with part of the enigma torn out,
while the piece used for wadding exactly
fitted in with the paper, in the hole made
wheu it was torn out,
When B.-igham Toung dies, 37 widows
will mourn his lose.
There are 20 000 Presbyterian congre
gation, embracing 34,000,000 members,
in tli3 world.
Mr. Hart, ofPilatki, Fla .sold S24.000
! worth of oranges from a uinc arre patch
the past season.
mall pox is still epidemic iu Boston
Deaths last week, 56.
"Black as coal'' is no longer a tenable
simile in Australia. Thty have fonnd a
puro white coal deposit there
The caster oil plant is now cultivated
in California and an average crop of 400
pounds of oil to the acre U obtained.
It is the man who determines the dig
nity of the occupation, not the occupation
which measures the dignity of the man.
The editor df the EcamiitT at Elk
Falls, Kansas, hung himself lately, and
left a note for his foreman telling bim to
go and chop wood if he would be happy.
The Lebanon Manufacturing Compa
ny's works, at Lebanon were destroyed
on the 7th inst, by what is suppo.-el"lo
have been au incendiary fire. Loss $75,
000 ; insured.
An oil refiiiing still burst at London,
Ontario, on the 9ih,and some of the burn
ing oil falling upon a number of card of
the Great Western Railway Company,
they wore burned, and a loss of S150.000
A man in Kci-kck utidertook to smoke
out the rats from between the floors and
par: i tions of his house. He made it very
hot for iLe rats, but next time be tries
the experiment it will be in another
ho. use.
Mr. George W. Palmer, disgusted
with tire number of his sheeh which have
been killed by dogs, lately offered two
eeuts per pound, gross weight, for all the
dogs "raised ' within five miles of Salt
ville, Va., where he lives.
Tbc California fi. h commissioners have
appointed an agent to go eaxt in April,
aud bring back lobstere, eels, whitefish
from the western l ikes, wall-eyed peich
black bass and other valuable fish from
all over the United States, to be propag
ated iu that State.
Women have rights in Iowa, if they
are wives. 1 be other tiav an iowa
women recovered a valuable homestead
from the liquor dealer at whose bar her
husband had ruiued himself, and now
another wife has obtained So, 000 dama
ges from a man who killed her husband
during a quarnl.
Nearly seven thousand men and one
ihousaud horses are gathering ice on the
Hudson, aud it averages eleven inches in
thickness. About ninety five hundred
tons are gathered a day. The crop will
reach fifteen hundred thousand ton, and
will be gathered by February I.
A man named Cannau. residintr in
West moreland county, bung himself on
New Year's morning. He was found
with a rjpc around his neck aud attached
to a bed post He was an intemperate
man in hie early years but had not drank
anything iutoxicating for twenty years
or more, until a short time ago. He was
about eighty years old
A terrible cxplosiou of uitro glycerine
place at the lead mines nt HHel Green,
Wis., on the 9th. James Rogers, a miu
cr, nndertook to thaw out a can of the ex
plosive iu a blacksmith's shop. The ed
ifice was scattered in every direction, and
Rogers' body, terribly mangled, was
found some twenty rods from the forge.
A terrible accidentia reported to have
rbecurred at Morton's station, Delaware
county, Pa. Mrs. Carr, wife of Thomas
Carr, nndertook to fill a lamp with "c"m
biuation fluid,'' when the can, containing
a gallon of the stuff, exploded, burning
Mrs. Carr to death and three of the chil
dren so badly that they died before mid
night. The:: K are more males than fem.ilej
born by 4 per cent. At the ago of 20
there arc more females than males. At
the age of 40 the preponderance is again
on the other side, and there are more
males than females At 70 the sexas are
again even. Between 70 and 100 years
there are I5.C00 more women than men,
or an excess of 5 per cent. The mortal
ity of women is greatest between the
ages of 20 and 40. After 40 years of
age the probabilities of longevity, as is
showu, are far greater for females tbau
Cur males.
flew gidmtuiettifnts.
Auditor's Notice.
In the Court of Common J'leat of Juniata
TIIE undersigned, baring boon appointed
Auditor to distribute Ihe balance in the
hands of James C. Doly, Assignee of Joseph
8. Sartain to and among the creditors of the
said Joseph S. Sartain, hereby gives notice
that be will meet the parties interested for
the f urposes of his appointment, at his olliee
in MitHir.town, said county, on FRIDAY,
the 17th day of JAVCAKY. 1873, between
the honrs of 10 o'clock A. M. and 4 o'clock
P. M. of said day, when and where all par
ties interested miy attend if they they see
Deo 13, 1872
THE undersigned offers at private sala
Lot of Ground situated in the borough
of Patterson, Juniata county, having there
on erected
New Frame Mm House,
and a good Ilog Pen. There are Peaeh,
P,ear, and other Fruit Trees on the Lot.
Possession given at once. For terms, &.,
call on or address
Dee 4, '72-2m . Port Royal, Pa.
at this Office ia the neatest manner and
at low prices.
3u? satmteraeats."
A G rx"lv
X plormcnt for nil, enher sex, at $5 a.l,
or $2 (M) or more a year. Sew 0rk hJ
. 11. Store anJ otheis. Snperb premin
given away. Money ma.le rapidly and ea.n.
atwork fm-ua. Write an.l fe. rticBIai
free. W ortiiixgto, Drsns Co Ha..
forJ, Ct. " ru
Agents Wanted for Bnafaa's
Pilgrim's Progress.
The most beuuiifu! edition rtrr pnbli3bd
Prin'nl on flejMnt papr. with ttj So,
exquisite: ilinviraiions. ProSis Urge a
sates sure. Kver.ybo.ty wants rbis ohl,
work. Fur circular ami lermi aridrr? JOHs
E. POTTER & CO., Publishers, Philadelphia.
Better thaw Pictures is the
Th Oreil American Family New9pper
$3 a Year with tbc JtBILEE YEU BOH.
37 Park Row, New York.
iMil loi- n Kiun pit' Coiy..
WuuM you avoid being "bii by ko-iie,
SwinlleM-mid Humb-igs: lie.J the "Sria
Si-aii.ki liAxsi:a." A brg, lllu,init. 4ik
column 8 page pper. ledger siie. Splendid
Sl..ne-,.Skelclie, Tlei, Poems. Wit. Humor
Puules, Recipes. He. llrhyear. Slarear!
wnh elegant Pran;; Chrnmef .li-Vcui
Lea van' free to all. ONLY 1. Tat ir
ours. Sattjfnrtmn ijuarmil'vi. Ag'nts want
ed. Ourtit FKKK. Specimens, 4c, for i
cenls. Address -BASNEK," Hinsdale. S II.
3lllMt V bule: lathe Ira.U.
Sinjr'e can. will, postpaid, on receipt of 1
W. HKIIMAS T. r'RUKAl'FF, Revling, Yi.
POOSHCEPIYO Made Etj. livery clerk
) and menllirii ca.i learu at once. Koult
mailed. 5iic II. Gori.Di.Na Bktast, CuffiU,
New York. '
tl P"'r 1 ARen' warned ! All
- l
either srx. younir or oil, make mure money
at wow lor us in meir spare mouenis or all
the tinie ilian at anything else. 1'ariirnUr
freu. Ad.trees G. STIXdON k CO., Port
Innd, Maine.
Foranvcaseof lilinJ. Itlped-
nz. ltchinz or 1'lccmt.d
iles tb.it Uk Bix-.r Pa
Ukmeiiy fnilj) toc;ire. Il is prepared express
ly to cure the Piles, and nothing else. Sold,
by all Druggists. Price, $1.00.
Hot, HM and filers to Mi A
mail 25 cents. GEO. P. ROWELLL 4 CO.,
11 Park Row, X. Y.
1303 PA5ES AND 500 M&RA7LM
Written by 20 Eminent Authors, including
This work is a complete history of all
branuhi-s of industry, processes of manu
facture, etc.. in all aes. It is a complete,
encyclopedia of arts anil maajufacmres. and
is thejiii'til entertaining and vuluaMe work
of inf piui ilion nn subjects of general iutei
est ever offered to the public. We waut
Agenis in evrry town of the United State.,
and no Afcont cad tail to do well with this
bunk. One agrni sold l&E copies in eigut
days, another soM in two weeks. Our
agent in llariforl soid 3'J7 in on week.
Specimens eeut frets on receipt of stamp.
. ron tiic
800 Paes, 250 Engravings.
Au interesting and amusing treatise on ther
Medical Humbugs of the past and preriil.
It exposes Qnuclts. Impostors. Travelling
Doctors, Patent Jirdicinc Venders, Noted
female Clieats, Furtuno Tellers aud Me liuta.
and piv-s iinercs'ing accounts of Noted
Pliy si?ians.4nd Narratives of tbeir lives. H
reveal stnrthug secrets and instructs all how
to avoi I the ills which riesli U heir to. We
give exclusive territory and liberal commis
sions. For circulars aud terms address the
Learn the art of Book-Keeping, as taught
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cial College. In every city of the United
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keepers, both tnaic and female.
By Prof. Dott's method the whole art nf
Book-keeping is taught in one short easy
lesson, so that any person of orJinary inisl
ligrnre can learn it in lo-9 than ono wiH-k's
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hu b to any aJJrvss upou the receipt of
tJ" Agents wanted.
Address E. DOTY.
Saratoga Springs, N. V.
janl-3ra -
are made by The Siinuvt Kvimw Post
and Tun Laoy's Fn'trxt). A beautiful
Curomo of the
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scription price $!"") or with the Magmine
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Address fur particulars, samples, he .
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dec 1 1-1 ti
a;kxts antk for
A full, detailed and swphie account of lh
origin, progress, sutfesinfr, losses and inci
dents of the great conflagration. A rare
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Magnetic Time-Keeper. Compass and Indica
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OIU) I DK case. WARRANTED to denotew.
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Order from the manufacturers, VERMONT
NOVELTY WORKS, Brattleboro, Vt.
deel 1-1 m '
em . "
Viauuon. .
LL persons are hereby cautioned against
X - tlunlllig, riSDing, or iu j
-.. : .. ,1.. iania r.f ! iimlirifrned. in
Milford township. All persons so offending
will be dealt with to Ihe full extent of the
if a nrv
P. H. 11AWS.
Dec. !, lS72-tf