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    t union o lakes, and a union of lands,
A union no poicer shall sever;
A union of hearts, and a union of hands,
And the American Union forever!
Wednesday M irmn;, Janairvi .3 1866.
H. H. W ILSON, Editor and Publisher
has the Largest Circulation of any paper pub
lished in this County. It is therefore the
best advertising medium. It is a Paper, truly
loyal, ably'conducted. a first class Localist,
and -well worthy of the patronage of every
loyal citizen in the County.
e"Our Representative in Congress,
Hon. G. F. Miller, will accept our thanks
for a cjpy of the President's Message,
and other valuable public documents.
Constitutional Amendment.
The amendment to the Constitution of
the United Suites, prohibiting slavery,
Las been adopted. M r. Seward, Secretary
of State, has issued a proclamation an
nouncing that twenty seven States have
adopted the amendment which is three
fourths of all the States in the Union.
Official notice has been received at his de
partment to this effect. This result was
confidently anticipated, and we are rejoic
ed that our land is forever free from the
disgrace of human bondage. So longer
shall we hear the crack of the whip of
the slave-driver, or the clanking of their
chains. Freedom reigns throughout the
land, and the pure principles of the Dec
laration of Independence are in perfect
harmony with the Constitution of the
United States. The discord which has
heretofore existed between onr practice
aud our profession, no longer prevails.
"While we have proclaimed freedom over
the whole land, we ought not to forget
that justice to all is not iversal as it
rtonld be. We have taken one great step
in the right direction, and in due time, 1
have no doubt, we shall take others no less
important. Wo cannot expect to gtin
everything at once. All men must be
made equal under the law, so far as re
gards their rights of person and property,
and if the friends of liberty and justice
are true to themselves aud the immutable
principles upon which those great rights
are fouuded, they will secure all that is
needed to perfect the great system of
American republicanism, which was the
purpose for which our revolutionary fath
ci made such immense sacrifices of life
uod rropartv.
Although but twenty-seven States have,
as yet, officially notified the general gov
eminent of their acceptance of the amend
meut, Oregon and California have also
ratified it. New Jersey, although late,
and Delaware will yield to the salutary
influences by which tliey are surrounded
and proclaim for freedom. Even Ken
tucky will not continue in her obstinacy
to reject it. It matters little, however,
what course these States may take, the
Constitution is now amended, and univer
sal liberty is the result.
There are other amendments to the
Constitution which will be required to
complete the great work of reconstruc
tion which is now going on. These
timendments have been introduced into
Cong-ess, and should they pass that body
they will receive proper consideration
from the people and the State Legisla
tures. At a proper time we shall not hes
itate to express our views upon these
amendments. At present we would mere
ly remark that such are the momentous
events which have recently occurred, that
neveral changes are necessary in the Con
htitution to bring it up to the advanced
state of public sentiment and the new
condition of national afiairs. The won
derful revolution which has been effected
during the last few years cannot fail to
impress us with the belief that our future
prosperity as a nation, demands new priv
ileges and imposes upon us new duties.
The Constitution should come up to our
present standpoint; and from this we
Tnust infuse new life and vigor into our
free institutions. From us the world
must be taught tLc value and excellence
of our republic. We seek no vissionary
changes. They are real, vital, and must
be well considered. They will be fully
discussed, and we have no fears but ma
ture deliberation will lead to a proper de-
:Irn on ill ihn'i irwn'irr.fTii;
A brilliant assemblage of Ohioans
were entertained on the evening of the
15th inst., at the State Military Agency
in Washington. Ia the Rupper room
where he had been keejing the company
in a roar with his lively sallies of wit
Hon. Thomas Corwin, ex-Governor, ei
Secretary of the Treasury, ex-Senator
and late Minister to Mexico, while in the
midst of a humeaous anecdote, was struck
with paralysis of the light side- Sena
tor Wade and General Garfield wS were
beside him, as he was falling ant carried
him to bed On Monday last he' breath
ed his last, surrounded by -a u timber
of prominent statesmen and politicians.
Mr. Corwin was born in Uourbou coun
ty, Ky., July 29, 1794. He rose from
humble life, studied law, and was admitt
ed to the Bar. in 1S17.
He soon gained distinction as a lawyor
and politician. He made his first appear
ance in publL lite as a member of the
Ohio Legislature in 1822. In 1831 he
was for the first lime elected to Congress,
representing the Warren District.
Ha remained in Congress till 1S40, in
which year he served as a Presidential
Elector, and was elected to fill the Guber
natorial chair of Ohio. He was Gover
nor but for two years. In 1S45 he was
elected to she Senate of the United
States, in which position he remained till
1850, when he was appointed Secretary
of the Treasury by President Jillmore.
In October, 1S58, he was again elected
as a "Representative in Congress from
Ohio for the teriii commencing in 1S50,
and dtfring that year a volume of his
speeches was published. lie held the
Chairmanship of the Committee oa For
eign Affairs. He was elected a member
of the Thirty-seventh Congress ; but in
1$(J1 was appointed Minister to Mexico
by President Lincoln, the last public, po
sition he filled.
Before the disintegration of the Whig
party Mr. Corwin was a steadfast and
prominent advocate of its policy. When
the present patty lines were drawn he
ranged himself on the Republican side.
Mr. Corwin possessed a gift of genial
eloquence, which, on the stump and be
fore a jury, was vry effective. He al
ways enjoyed great popularity as a polit
ical speaker, and contributed materially
to the success of the Republican party
in I860.
A TkMMDii Grand Frizes.
The American Statesman has out done
all of its competitors, in the number and
value of its Prizes offered for Subscrio
ers. It sends to eve.y getter up of a
Club of Forty Subscribers, at $1,50
each one of Wheeler & Wilsons Cele
brated 55 00 Family Sewing Machines.
For every Club of Thirty aud less than
Fifty it allows ona dollar on each subscri
be! towards the purchase of said machine-
For every Club of Five, it sends one of
those splendid Sieel Engravings of the
Uniform Series of National Portraits, on
the best board 19x21 inches fur framing,
including that of. President Lincoln, An
drew Johnson, Lieut. Gcu'J. Grant, Genl's
Sherman, Sheridan, Thomas, McClellan,
Fremont, Admirals D. G. Farragut aud
D. D. Porter, and also including George
and Martha Washington, each valued at
$2.03 ; including a selection from about
five hundred of the loading Portraits,
Engravings Lithographs and Paintings
now published.
For every additional There subscribers,
one of the above or of th.i Engravings,
Portraits, or Lithohraphs sold in New
York, at not above 82. at wholesale, as
per catalogue of prices. The above off
ers one of the finest chances for the
young in getting up clubs we have seen
in a long time. For further particulars
scud tor
OSce, G7 Nassau Street, New York.
JOT Mr Thayer (Pa.) introduced a
bill to amend the act "declaring the offi
cer who shall act as President of the
United States, in case of the death, res
ignation, removal or disability of the
President." It was referred to the com-
mittee on the Judicarj, aud provides that
in case ot the aeatn, resignation, reiuuvu.
or disability of the President and. Vice
President of the United States, the Pres
ident of the- Senate pro tem and in case
there be no President of the Senate, the
Speaker of the House of Representatives,
for the time being ; and in case mere s
no Speaker ot the iiousb, me mci jus
tice of the Supreme Court of the United
States, and in case there is no Chief J us
tice, then the Justice of the Supreme
Court who has been longest commissioned
shall act as President until the disability
be removed or a President elected.
-non. George F. Miller, of Lcwis
burg, has been elected President of the
Lewisburg, Centre and Centre Creek Rail- j
road, a link of the projected Atlantic and
Crcnt vVctem Railroad. -
Jurors. List of Grand and Petit Ju
rors drawn December 23d, 1S65, for Feb
ruary Term, I860 : '
Joseph McDonald, Farmer, Beale.
John Hackeuberger, ' Fermanagh.
George Jacobs, " MiiHintown.
O. W. Lloyd, Teacher, Delaware.
Joseph Yoder, Farmer. Spruce HilL '
T. 8. Cox, Inkeeper, Greenwood.
Jesse Speaknma. Farmer, Delaware.
J. M. Thompson, Coachmaker, Perrysville.
Dantol W cattail. Farmer, Delaware.
Hugh O. Hughes, blacksmith. Spruce Hill.
William Fowls, Farmer, Walker.
S- W, Henderson. " Fermanagh,
O. W. Shively, Wagonmaker, Fayette. """
S. G. Dressier, Esquire, Susquenanna.
Balticr Lauver, Farmer, Milford.
Davis Kauffnian, Walker.
Aaron Leidy, " Fayette.
A. G. Bonsall, Printer, Mifflmtowa.
John Caveuy, Trader, Fayette.
Christian Seachrist, Farmer, Susquehanna.
Elias Crawford, " "
James Adams, " Walker.
Jacob Thompson, Gentleman, Tusoorora.
William Detrich, Farmer, Walker
John Woodward, farmer, Tuscarora.
James Criswcll, wagoumaker, Fayette,
Joseph Wireu, farmer, Spruce Hill.
Henry Cumfort, farmer, Susquehanna.
J. M. Wix. Shoemaker, Perrysville.
George King, farmer, Delaware.
Lucian Thompson, physician, Delaware
Joseph KeuHgy, farmer, Turbett.
Daniel Conu, farmer, Tuscarora.
John Kreiiler, laborer, Fermanagh.
R. S. Warner, laborer. Fermanagh.
Wm. Cleck, farmer, WaikeT
John Mmzer. farmer. Walker.
Wm. Short, farmer, Lack.
Levi Liu'ht, laborer, Susquehanna.
Westlr Berky, laborer. Turbett.
Jonas Oberholtzer. Shoem'r. Fermanagh
James Fiterald, farmer. Spruce Hill.
iVvin Watts, farmer, Walker.
Michael Stoner, carpenter, Fermanagh.
t rv . . i .. . r. i 1 .' . .1 1
.ferotue vusuus, iuimici, uicuuhuw.
Orrin Kerlin, teacher, Turbett.
Peter Rtirabarer. fanner, Greenwood.
Peter Karstetter, Shoemaker, Gteenw'd.
Wm. Morrow, fanner, Lack.
ljuj. Weidunn, tanner, Walker.
Trios. U Parker, nurehan, Mifrlintown
Joseph Wallace, t'armar Lick.
John Robison. farmer. Fayette.
Reuben Kerchner, farmer, De'awaro.
Sheiu Yoder, farmer, Spruce Hill.
Samuel Woodside. justice, Lack.
J. G. Kennedy, carpenter. Tuscnrora.
J. P. Reynolds, farmer, Milford.
Thompson Smith, farmer, Milford.
Kurtz Kauffman, laborer. Walker.
Thomas Morrow, postmaster, Tuscarora.
Yos. Vodr, farmer, Spruce Hill,
Johu Beale, gentleman, Beale.
George Koontz, gentleman, Perrysville.
Peter Brcnuisholtz, butcher, Perrysville
Joaph Lane, mlllrizht, Tuscarora.
Jonathan Weiser, farmer, Susquehanna
John Yeaklv, merchant, MifHiutown.
S. W. Kaufman, farmer. Walker.
Jacob G. Snyder, railroader, Mifflinrowi
H. S. Patterson, farmer, Delaware.
Williarastn Vanonner, farmer. Fayotte
The Illustrated Pjirjxolooical
Journal enmmences its 43d Vol. witE
the present January Number which con
tains Rufus Choatc, John Marshall, Sir
Matthew Hale, John Bright, Flat-headed
Indians, etc , with Poitraits. The Two
Paths 8 Portraits, Character iu Shak
ing Hands, iiustrate I. Infiuenccof Mind
on Body. Love and Lovers. Fore see
ing and Fore-knowing. Ghosts aud Proph
ets. Heads and Hats. Dress aud Dis
ease. Engineering as a pursuit. N. Y.
City, with engraved view. Advici to a
Student. The Wolf and the Lamb. The
Lion and the Mouse. Tua Ass and his
driver- The Dog in tlie Manger, etc.;
with upward of 30 illustrations. A Pic
torial double Number, 20 cents, or a year
for 2. AdJresi Fowler & Welti, 380
Broadway, New York.
t&r General Spinner, United stales
Treasurer, received a contribution from a
begsar, amounting to one cent, which he
tendered as his contribution towards can
celling the national debt. The donation
I has been accepted, and transferred to the
' Treasury passed through the same chan
nels and Jortus as would a more magnifi
cent sum. The action of this mendicant
is in commendable contrast to the example
set by many wealthy individuals whose
contributions for this object, in the bulk,
do not Iooji up entensively.
Honors to Ex-President Lincolx.
The Select Committee of Congress,
consisting of one member from each
State, to consider what token of respect
and affection Congress may adopt to ex
press the deep sensioility of the Nation
to the event of the decease of Abraham
Lincoln, have decided to set apart Febru
ary 12th, his birthday, and to invite the
Secretary of War, Mr. Stanton, to pro
nounce a Eulogy on bis life and character
in presence of both Houses of Congress.
They came to no determination as to the
amount to appropriate to the family. Con
gress h3s since appropriated $25,000.
tOT "Abolitionist, a term apjnea in.
.. . , -.- . ii . j
derision for many years to the great body
of the people who opposed the extensioa '
of slavery, and contiuued up to last fall'i
political canvass, seems to have become
obsolute, and must be thoroughly so now,
that slavery is "abolitiooized"' through
out all the land by the adoption of the
Great Constitutional Amendment.
Gov. 3urtin arrived at Havana
on the 12th inst., greatly improved in
fhe last of the. Revolatioaarr Uetdei.
Only two warriors of all tho who par-
icipated in tho war of the Revolution so
ar as fcuown by the Commissioner of
Pensions, remain alive, namely : Wm,
Hatchings, of Penobscot, Hancock coun-
:y, Maine, aged one hundred and one
rears, and Satnnel Cook, of .Clarendon,
Orleans couDty, New Yoik, aged ninety
line years. , Only five widows of Revo
lutionary soldiers draw pensions from the
Government at a yearly amount of two
Tfaudred and ninety-three dollars.
v 63. The Knoxvi'.le Whig puts the
wWe thing in a nutsheil, when it says
tht following :
"Six millions of white people, without
a ihadow of a pretext, engaged in a
strigjile to overthrow a Government, and
with it twenty millions of whites and four
milioos of blacks. Thoy wase 1 a terri
ble war, .characterized by a fiendish bar
baiism never equaled before siuca the be-
"lnnm!? ot time, inev caueu an ex
piuaiu-, . I
petae of fowr thousand mdhonsof mmry
to the natiou. They murdered titty thou-
sand of the soldiers of the Government
bv aration and cold, denying them fire . corn in the ear, clover seed, potatoes. nouj
by winter and shelter in the summer. I hold and kitchen 'u"er
Tbey burned cities ana spread pestilence;
they assassinated the ruler of the country ;
fillc4 the couutry with widows and or
phans ; demoralized the Churches and
blasphemed tho name of God ; and now
ask to vote, and rutr. the country, as they
i had formerly done !"
The fractional Currency.
The new five cent fractional currency
will be issued next week. About 80,000 j
.u -e jr....i . A .,;i.,to,1 i,,,rr.nr i
IflilLU Ul UULVCU QUU IUI.UIAW.U i. . n,in .
" i
Its destroyed, by burning, per day, and .
550,000 worth of It is printed : arrange-
, . , . . '..
tnents, are nearly completed to mate ttie j
amount ot the latter equal to the former.
gfj gulvcrtisfatcatj!.
hereby given that Letters of Administra. 1
tion on the estate of Mrs. MARY THOMPSON, i
Ute of Delaware township, deceased, hive j
hsen granted to the undersigned, residiug in j
Thompsontown, JunUta county. All persons
Inowinir themselves indebted to said estate '
will make immediate payment, and thoso htv
ins claims will present "them duly authentica
ted for settlement.
J.n. 2, 1866-tit. Administratrix.
5 p 95
Spring and Winter Arrangement-
IS John 3t.
; -uest at once to oring mariveis w v:
Having supplied ourselves with a new and our larmer, ai,a teach them how to mike the
superior lot of Goods, cf the latest styles and ; nJat of ,ie opport;,nities .bus avoided them
patterns, and having secured from the import- j lt H. m jev0, constant attention to Markets
ers many articles of gre tl beauty and value, ; eJ pecjjlv fr Agricultural Products, with in
we are now prepared to make for the Spring i Un tQ -.1Te blit producer and consumer
and Winter better arrangements, and present j ,-rom bein victimized by the speculator and
greater inducemon's lo purchasers, than we ; foreslBue
have ever betore offered. We have S0.0JD val-j V lJ jvig fajr scope to Current Litera
uableand beautiful articles o Goods, com-!,,,' ,'n ,,ronee,lii..-a of Con;rresi. and to
prising i -
: i: -..i..a a. 1., 1
Diamonds, plain and
i tancy Goods of
ornauienlal Jewelry, ana fancy
every uesci .pi.uu, .u... n. :;u, , ea-.-u,
.1 . L. . . ill . . . v
We have 50,000 Oil Colored Photo-
graphs, comprising every subject Reli-
eious. Sentimental, Comic and Fancy that
we will sell at t hirty cents each, or luiir for
One Dollar; and with each Photograph wc
give two numbered nonces The n itices are
nuxbere I from 1 to !VM). and put into en -
velopes. sealed up. and thoroughly mixed ;
and when Photographs are purchased, two for
each 1'hritoirrSDh are taken out and sent wi:h
it. The articles of liQOts are numbered lrom
1 lo 50,000, and any article, no matter what
value may be, corresponding with the number
on the notice, will be sunt for Two Dollars,
free of cost, except when sent by express,
then at the expense of the receiver.
We do assure you that should the notice
correspond with a Piano or other valuable ar
ticles nf goods it will be sent to the purchas
er fxr Two Dollars.
Seven Octave Pianos.
Rosewood Mclodcons,
Gold Hunting Case Lever Watches,
Hihier Watches,
Diamond Sets,
Silver Tea Sets,
Silver Cliafing Dishes,,
Sets Silver Teaspnons,
20,0110 Coral, Opat & Emernlcd Brooches,
Mosaic, Jet, Lava and Florentine Sets,
Gold Rings,
Gold Pencils,
Toothpicks, &c.
Comprising a list of endless variety and the
choiceH quality of Goods. We warrant our
Goods superior lo any establishment in the
country, and hope you will give us one trial at
least, sad if the article is not as represented,
and does not give satisfaction, return it, and
we will send your money back.
Send us Thirty Cents for one Photograph,
or One Dollar for five the extra one and two
extra notices lo the agent. When an Agent
has sent.us $10.00 for Goods and Photographs,
for free 0f charge; fur $ 6.IK) three notices
we will give one notice and the article it calls
free ; for $2;).00 four nonces free ; for pl.OO
i Photoi'rannie Album, or six f rea
notices; or for oO.Wi a good hilver tvatcn
warranted a good time-keeper.
We keep an account of ail money sent, and
an Agent can order his commission at any
Be particular and write your address full
and plain, as we sometimes have orders in our
othce for months that we cannot answer for
the want of proper directions.
. t ..... I5cs c246 Kew York.
Jan. 3, '66-S - ;
niata County Ar""' 'r f ,
T. P Mat January Ivl'lM. ,
at the old'unig Store of G. W',
Jacpbe, be
tween the hours of 1 and 4 o'ol , P M.
G. M. GRAHAM, Site y.
Januarv 3. 18C9-21.
. . .. i ..: .1 nfiire-
..i . .... an rwniipqfpd ro make imme
i- . .
vy iu .- -i .
diate ptiymmt, and those having claims will !
please present them duly authenticated for
Kdministratriz of Samuel Alexander, dee' d.
Jan. 23. '6t6w. . -
fri. ..iu,.,r,OIl cToose at nublio sale, I
at the lute residence ot bmuel Aicxanuer,
,rau...6. - --r i. i
dec d., in Milford township, Jiuiiala county,
l'a,, on
The following goods and personal property,
to wit : 3 head of horses, cows. hogi. 1
head of sheep. 1 four-bor.se was-m. nprmg
j oJ sld plow3i harrows,
boa ?eilM Ulirnesa. j combined MOWER &
re.U'ER, foddor cutter, hay fork and rope.
otDer ariiviwa buuu a mov i
farm and barn.
c.i. ...n..no .1 10 o clock. A. oi
said duv. when attendance will be given ana
terms made known by .-..,
Administratrix "f Samuel Alexander, deed.
186 6.
0ur mo5t momentous, arduous struggle
kn,;n. rn-ilifd in the triuuiph of American
.. . . . .
: ..: 11. K. ...t.v iainmhlliri liml OVer-
(Uruw of ,n,i slavery Tut Trj-
busb, profoundly rejoicing in tins result, win
l..h..r t. conserve the leffitimaie fruits of this
beuinaal victory by rendering Lib:
r : " . .. . i .. . . r
ty and Opportunity llio comniun ii'.-;ngo oi
the whole American l'oplc now and ever
more. Discountenancing all unmanly exultation
over or needless infliction of pain or priva
tion on the upholders of the lost cause, it will
insist on the e irliest possible restoration of
the Southern States to their tormcr power
aud iufluence in our Union on the basis of
All Rights lor Ail their People.
It will labor in hope to preve that the sub
stitution of Free for Slave Labor must inev
itably aud universally conduce to the increase
of Industry. Thrift, Prosperity and Wealth,
so that the'South, within ihe next ten years,
must look back amtxed on her long persis
tencd in a practice so baleful as the chattel
izing of Man.
It will labor for the diffusion of Common
School Education, Manufactures, the Useful
Ans, ic, throughout evey portion pt
our country, hut especially lurougnoui mo
i sections hitherto devoid of them, believing
that every good end wiil thereiiy be subserv
. ed and the interest of every useful and wor-
ihy class promoted.
It will urge the Prelection of Home Indiis
' try by discnuiinatin g duties on Foieign Pro
ducts imported, Willi a view to urawing
hitber the most capable and skillful artificer
I anl artisans of Europe, aud the naturalising
i on our soil of many branches of production
j bltlierto all but coutincd in
Vhile it would strengthen and extend those
which have already a foothold amun; us.
I It will trira careful attention to progress
!and improvement in Agriculture, doing its
I ' -J -
,;,,, (;ew3 , , D,v. if hopes to re-
i,i ..,r..ns an,l aitrct mauv new lo
. b ,bem coull,aI1y.
We rarely employ travelling agents, as so
: many impostors" are hubitiially prowling in
the assumed capacity el solicitors lor jour
1 na!s.
We prefer that our subscribers siiall
pay their mosey to pernins ucy kuow ami ui
; wnosc integrity ttiey are assured. Any friend
j who believes he will do good by increasing
the circulation ot The I'm bus v. is umburii
i ed to solicit aud receive subscriptions.
I Speeiinen copies will be promptly sent with-
out cha.-ire to those requiring iliem, and
trust many tnenus win oe raoveu to sk iucu
neighbors and acquaintances to join in mak
ing up their clubs.
The (ireat Family Newspaper
'isai ; .
Xev York Weekly
is printed on a large double-medium
makin? eitrht rales of six columns each. It
contains all the important Editorials pub
lished in The Dailv TaintsE except those
of merely local interest : a ko Literary and
Scientific Iutelligence Reviews of the most
interesting and important new Books ; the
Letters from our Urge corps of correspond
ents; the latest news received by Telegraph
from Washington and all other parts of the
country: a Summary of all important intelli
gence in this city and elsewhere ; a Synop
sis of the proceedings of Congress and State
Legislature when in session ; the Foreign
news received by every steamer ; Exclusivo
Reports of the Proceedings of the Farmers'
Club of the American Institution ; Talks
about Fruit and other Horticultural and Ag
ricultural information essencial to country
residents ; Stock, Financial, Cattle, Dry
Goods and General Market Reports, making
it both for variety and completeness, altogeth
er the most valuable, interesting and instruc
tive Weekly Newspapee published in the
The Full Reports of the American Institute
Farmers Club, and the various Agricultural
Reports, in each number, are richly worth a
year's subscription.
Mail Subscribers, sipgle copy, 1 year 52
numbers $'- to
Mail subscribers. Clubs of five 0 00
Ten copies, addressed to names of sub
scribers .....17 50
Twenty copies, addressed to names of
subscribers 34 00
Ten copies to ono address lfi
Twenty copies, to one address -.30 00
An extra ccpy will be sent for each club of
For clubs of twenty, two extra copies, or
one eorrv cf tie Ssuii-vVccklj. will bo caul
. .
AiTiv-iBTHlTntrS NOTICE. Notice ia large oorpa ui r ..viS . u.;" i, ,
i fhat letters of administra- poudents; Special and Associated Press Tel- (
hereby gives hJ LEX VSDtR, .graphic Pispatcnes; ascareful and complete , VJ
- . .. , r i- . n I l.m..l 1 . nri-Rfi-
Canada must seed twenty
ta oav C. 3. postage.
TIH' KVW VdltK SKMl-Wr.tB.1.1 liu-
. ... n r- w r ann f
CCNK is puhU-ned every TUESDAY and
i FRIDAY, aad coat una all the Editorial ar
! tinlos. not merolv local in character : Literary
! Reviews and Art Criticism; Letters from our
fcxc usive r.enorts oi me rntj
- American Institute
Taiks about Fruit, and other Horticultural
and Ajricultnral Information : Stock, Finaa
nial. Cattle. Dry Goods and General Market
Reports, which are published in THE DAILY
also gives, in tho course of a year, THREE
or FOUR of the best noveVts living authors.
The cost of theso alone, if bnnehtin book-fom
in, he ENGLI-SH MAGAZINE from which
,hev are careftillv selected, the eost would B
tbree or lour limes uu mio.
. . v-.-i ....
can so much current intelligence and perma
nent literary matter V. had at S3 ehe- p a rvel
Thoee who believe in the principles and ap
prove of the character of Thb TaiBCMK can
increase its power and inflnonce by joining
with their neighbors in fonnin; clubs to sub
fcribe for Tua Semi-Weikit Edition. It will
in that way be supplied to them t the lowest
price for which such a paper can be printed..
Mail subscribers, 1 co py, 1 year 104 num
bers - oi
do. " S copies, do do IH
do. b copies, or over, for each
copy 3 00
Un receipt of S;W for ten copies, an extra
copy will be sent six months. On receipt of
$ Vt for nf teen e pies, an extra copy will be
sent one year. For M'1, we win senu miuy
four copies, and one D.uwv Tribcsc gratis.
Subscribers in tj.tnaaa must sent -tu cents
in addition, to pay United States postage.
?10 per annum.
Subscribers in Canada must send $1 20 ia
addition, to prepay United States postage.
Terms, c.inh in advance.
Drafts on New York, or Post Office orders,
payable U the order of The Tames, being
satV.r, are preferable to any other mode cf
remittance- Address
THE TRIBUNE, Tribune Building3, Xew
York. '
h!Iason"A Hamlin Cabinet
-L Orstllis, forty ditTeront styles, adapted
lo sacred and seeniiar music, for to $'!0
ALS, or olher firt premiums, awarded them.
Illustrated Catn!oj.-ues free. Address. MASOJf
N?w York. Sept. 1:J. 'jo-ly.
lbvi cur. sakuhl imvfii.
Kew Firm in Patterson.
Gpntloman's Furnishing Emporium ! !
Jii3t t-pened in the new Brick Building. Main;
Street. Patterson hy Levi llecht and San.uei
Stvayer, a large and elegant assortment of
Ready-Mnde Clnthiqg, consisting ia pari of
Overcoats. Frock Coats,
Jjress Cunt, Pantaloons,
Vests, Draxer. Collars,
L'mh-ri'hirts.lliiiuiktrrehieji, f
Boots t- Sh"r
And every ihin n-u illy found ia a rt -e4
Geniicmuii s 'uvnisning Stori. -
ANo lare nd carefully sld .-.ri-melit
of Fnicv iionds. of all f'.ii"M, kinds and
l.jualities. 1! of which will be sold a; the low
est possdue living prices.
Ladies' traitors avd Shoes. f
Thev alto 'unites the attention of the ladii-s
to his "fine stork of OA I TOll.s AND SIIUF.-S
which he will .-ell at prices defying compel i
tien. ( A li PL I S, OIL CL O TIIS.
Thev have on h ind a beautiful assortment cf
Carpets, oil (.'lutes, ke , which are of a g.o-l
qlJ. ' wort!l tlle ol .ue
I ""J"-
('ci J and S' 'i er ri;ches,
dot. t.t. A'ur rny.
J'lain and fancy rings.
Watc'.i Kys, Ladies' and Gents' Breast Pins,
I (;0!d Pensaa l Pencils, fie., whicbat this tiimt
form the largest ana Lest assonnieui in m
S).Ail the al ove goods will be sold cheap
er lhaa any other storu in the United States.
If you uVn't believe it. just give us a call
anil be cuuvinceu of the truth ot the assertion
Patterson. April 12, 186o-f.
ORPHAN' COURT SALE. Hy virtue of
an Order of the Orphans' Court the fol
lowing vnhirihie Real Estate will br exposed
lo pnblic Sale on the premises on
I A tract of land situated in lennnnagh
'wns!np, .'uni.it county, adjoiniug ..inns of
oi. rLnu:iui:ia uuu uauiri criner, uu me pon
tic road, between Wm. Kauffman and Abra
ham Stoner's residences, containing TWO
ACRES more or less, having then-un erect
ed a good Log House, Log Stable, Stone
Spring House. ith well of never-tailing water
at the door, and an Orchard of young frnit
trees. '
TERMS: Ten per cent of the purcbas
money to he pt id on the coufirniai ii.b of the
Sale by tne Court, one-half the bnllance on
the hist day of April, 13titi, when a deed
will be delivered and possession given, and ,
the remaining half on the First of April lbti7,
with, interest from first of April lboo, to be
Secured by judgment Bond.
Sale to commence at 1 o'clock V. M , when
attendence will be given by '
guardian of William Ort.
Dec. 13,"G-!.
Jtistats of Jacob Besom of Delaware
township dee d. "
Notice is hereby given that letter of Teeta
meniary on the estate of Jacob Besom lata of
Delaware toweship, deceased, have he
granted to the undersigned residing in Dela
ware township. All persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment and those hav
ing claims will please present them duly au
thenticated for settlement. v
Nov. 29,'65. Ezetnitix.
Prune Kio Coffee, Prepared Coffee, Pulver
ized Sugar, Crushed Sugar, IK. O. Sugar,
S. H. Sugar, N, O- Molasses, S. H. Molassea,
Lovering Syrup, Chocolate, Mustard, Rice,
b.'arcb, Nn.megs, Cloves, Cassia, Ginger, Corn'
Starch, Fish, Salt, &c. &c, for sale cheap at
th&Nsw tStom in Patterson.
Jiul-if J B II IOIP
Subscriber, i Can,
ccnu each in addition,
-a.. -"v. -.