Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, November 22, 1865, Image 1

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II. H. WlXSoW,
lEMS.Qf "fUBllCAUON. 7i".i
Tea. Jvnmtx SMntn i pnblUbed every
W e duesday morning, on. Maiu atreai, by .
The SUBSCRIPTION 1'UICE of the paper
will bo'TWO DOLLARS per year in advance.
anil Sjrj.&O if not paid. Within Uie yoar.
3& pp"cr discontinue J uulil al! ar
rearagas are paid ciiapt at the option of the
x.uuor, ,
AcrjBTisisa. The rsfes of ' ACVERTIS
IXQ are lor ancaquaie, jtf eight lines or lees,
one timj, 7S cents ? three, $1 69; and.5d eta,
for each subs.:queul insertion. Administra
tor's, Executor's aud Auditor's Notices, $2,00.
I'rofesidoaat and Btiiinesfe Carils, not exsced
ing i'i lines, and including copy of paper,
$S.OO per yesr, . Merchants "advertising
(changeable quarterly) $15 per year,' ir.cHid-1
ing paper at their Stores. ' Notices ia reading
eolumns, ten cents per line. ' i
JoH-WoBK.-e-Tae wires e-f JOB -YVORfc
for thirty Bills, one eight sheet, $15 ; one
fourth, one-half, ,( and addition
al numbers, balfprici auJ fur lilenk, f'.'.O
per quire. , -
MifRintown, J
nista Cnr.rt'.r,
I. OJ.ce
; !r et.
Main street Sjuth.of BriJ:
Itlijfl intuitu, Jurtutti Cc.,' Pa.;'
Offers Ui professlonfit scTTiees to the fub
lie. Collections and ail other Imsiut-'s will
reeeWe prompt attention. O.T.o first doer
Korth of Ucilord'i Store, (upstairs.)
A Homey at Law, .
Will attend to all liuificess er.tr jted lo his
are. O.f.ee on M in: Street, MLBint jwu, Pa,
OFFERS his profespioutl s.rTices to the
public. Prompt intention jrl-.-eo to tie
jsrosccution of cUtmc asaiu!-! tic toernnieni.
ki ears '3ioe. Main S'.ret, one door Soath
f f nvdr's II -.tel. . , -.
' - '
J. A. lIlI.E.lHKf, : ;"
urxmsTowy, jvxiata vo., n.
yOg.ar--Ms'.d .ctret-t, ij the recia 'f-rmerlv-occupteil
bv Win. M. Ariien, Ei.)"
ian connected with the rofiqn
prainptly attended io.
O.t, 1?,;C5.
DIt. P. '. IirM10, nrialtrin,
Pi.. wiftn to inform his fr:-!''s and pa
trenstbathe ha-reinoI to the hnue on
Bridge Street opposite ToiH & Jort?iT'e Store.
ApriW-tf ' ,
The undersigned offers bis serrices to the
public aa Vendue Cryer and Auctioneer, lie
has bad a very large experience, au l fce'.s
confident that be can give satisfaction to ail
who c?ay employ him. : lie utxy be a Idressed
at Mifiliutown, or foun 1 l his home in I'er
liianagh township. Oidert xnay alko ba left
at Ur. Will's Hotel.
Jan. 25, lftia. WILLIAM GIVBS.
Crying, ho feels confideTjl ti:it lie can render
general satisftcuon. Hecanet all times bt
omu::e1 a tin rsii'Jcrt' :i .'t.Ti.n'Own, ii
A. 1. Jj. . . ,w.
aiILifA3.T CLAIMS. .
rflHK i;iidftri-:' j wi'.l Br'Jiiu t'v at'nd ta
JL the coiieci.oii o: ci iinm aK"'sl i
HifSintown, Jnniat.i Co.
r. I -I'dnsinns '
. . '.' ( , X F rjVr.N '-IS
A lit
. EXTU'l.!-. Ji A l'i:N.siON'.. Ail P"-:
wis w
..tl tl,- V'.ntTnirlii, ilvff.ilH 1 1 if MOW 7Trrll- I ll
the Exnmiir.ng Surgeon tokn.isr
r their Uiaabiluy U sutncirBt to rjitjtle tso.i 1,
igned w-.J.esJt pt,:ted '
iuiaf furvoa fur JiiniaU and f
m tie under!
Tension. Lxam
a-ljonung Coubum -
ret,teroB, l'a : .
Vt. 0, 1S.-T
lelBeaM, Uiuiiur- and rutnrrh, '
rPKEATLl) with die ufim i! in?crcfs by Or.
i- J. ISAACS. Oculin aul.Auiti.st, i' former
ly if Leylefl Ui.lland.ln CI 9 I'fS C'Htreet
VbiUde'.pMa.' : TestinniMaiV frmtl'tfcc ui.l
reliable sources intiic H'y and hitntry jaif
be ien at his (Miice.- Tbe.medical l'aui:y are
iniied to aeftoiupany their patienrs. n be
ha no secret in his practioe. i AUTl F!'.;i A L
:V.ES, incrtcd w'uhout paia.- in onarge
BKwta for ex.uninnii.iti. - . Feb; 15. 't'.S.-ly -
V our etocli of Uemiy Made Ct .ihTc- before
yon Purchase l'.l-t-where, von .'?,,
. I - . ' .
. vM-k w:t esM cU-t ;.-r i
m.:S fTcJv.- y TjVr,; ' ..t
J y-.f ' v'tfrej.:'. ; i
m- bvui arTi-LUieHf l'ir .Hfn ml :rsl
l) ESPECTFUlLY offers his iefrlce tohe
X public of Juniata count T.ITaving had a
Urrecxix-rieaoe in till ij'istufscf .Venflue
Mate or .Htioiii uovcrniiiciii. i . . , obi;.re,i tQ ,-;,7-,r;7e ttem eoufort i-wifc s rtatement, the dsduetton ' was cor-1 coald not get tthong withoit it. ' 1 hau
..-i'smzMiitsf the prcfeni or'nuv" o.her war: wnVn at times they really needed, and rect, so he denied the Statement''1 ' - ocly three uo.Iars with mc, and I luted to
couecteu. . f j which, in the end might nave provea s i ion -canooi ruruu roe iooa,' ana l ut'tura gu. ia,s(iiu tuu rcai j,
JEllEuornev-at-V.iw. 'source of savuijr. And more too ;.' it j clothe yoursolf and childrtn' for the sain heeded the cl6th",' but if I hadn't got the
su. : : . -.
BT CAVIBL iai-aNCC.aBa.r
i Ji; l V y.i,-' c I
Sale from, the eturifcy, Weather,
... ., e. ,; ..v 1; nvi
The blinaiog snow, to-nist,
.uie, ie u
le us sit together
Anear the lamp's mild light'.
r;i lit ..I.! btn t .;'; a1" ...ni '. '.
Com) read to me Urn story, i'
Tie. grand,, siajestio irtria
Of Eden's pristin tlory r.-'-.
.; Aad. beautioas .Ere,. .
, Cf Psk'adise, the quiet ,
Abode of peaco and lore , .,,
Ere sin began la riot,
Or the Lord frowned abore
Woile to Ew were her 1oyi,
- His khs,: the marriac 'rite,-:
And all arouQd, re ker,'-
-i L'aatlerabl delight i ; t-ju.u-.iv,..- -.
s !i.aaksT4. tliltou t ..wj'.l, ,
j, eje. orie.BjiirehsHr.of.lif,.,
,.To. 4tiVa''tf"t?'7j?r4 -n --r
.: Of, wrong,, al coiia, ,ui strife. ,
o, ' while 'wi'.'Lpi.t' are fHii'n'j"
The feather-flakes of snow,
Thcf BotneBtt, nnippallicr,
Shall efl af sjirhig-t-iEe Cow.
Ami tbov.gan thai diet ,! e present
-.. To . ns tironzhcut. the titrht, : '.
Khali be- in ineusory's present '
X-iie enow-!lil.((, par and . white.
BT sn.yisrs Cotsa, ja.
Can' aff.;ri it,. Maria." '
"Uut you mi;ht, if you would only
think S3, Y"alifr," plea led the young
"J tu't do it,", tha .husband tre'.uruedj
Irerv lnlthsticjiilf."
It would onhl tw
or throe dollars, at the very lowest, to put
up'suoh a g"t', and the old bars will an
swer every "pvii-phteJ" n ", ' .
; ."Nj, they wou't, .Waller. , The pe;gb
iror's. children very fcften leave (he Lars
doKu, and then stray cattle cowe into the
garden. We rrmy lo?e more thatr the
price of a gate ia one hour, if a 'row
should Lupj en , lo ' j.;ct .in when I 'am
bIwhmM4ik to know who leaves tueiit
Lars down," said Wfler, : tery ; threaten
ingiy, "the Siiue children piight leave a
gate open." "" , .......
"But we cau Lave a jpto mada to oiog
of itsownscrd, with s weight or spring,"
Bugyested h:3 wife. "John Niies has had
a gate put co in hi jnt.'' 1
"llut I 's'l Johti - .Nilo", my (tear,"
Walter wishad his wife to reuiniber.: ; -.
"But his family is as !argea a's yours,
and his wags noi no high."
''Never Oiind about, that. I tell you I
can't afford it at any rate, ' not as pres
ent." And ;vith"AW vr'aHcr'Aatted off for
work;'' " u ?, : '
Walter ur'aJ WRS J"WS.' Si,n shout
"tbiry;; so indnvtiiotts -luehanter liau
been 'marrieu some eight years, and hadj
! an interesting familv. ' Ht meant to pro-j
I Tide w'elf fofi those who dfpnlcd tipon I
hire, and in a iiK.afure he did so. Uut
a'forVof which!
tberc were uiar.y iuic
t- . ,'.ki i .... , , i . i - i : .4. i .. j " i. :. i - t t ...
. . , i.i. i - i : . 4
'had he' felt eliWto grnt"tlie'e little re-J
'ulntia JBttt he C'jnldn't' afford it ot j
' lea:t, jo., he Ihuiight ; and whether he
.jut so with eotmd- judgment, the ee-
with-lliua -81:1 s.i. - (
'j"3;,i Sii.Sf It i:tt?hail6i ' !
?: "d-d at the
n;rD'jf to 0!t giiden 'bick of .tl0 JIO'.ISC,
.rJt .i,,... ,,-r- . Mir oS short bars
j.T!:e cJiillrc'ii "often cam's through there
and lft the wsy opeo 'behind tusm. In .
shcii there .were .'m.tny "ways in 'which j
those bars .'wcteVpt to be let dowr.,'nndj
j.,y MJrny'-'ha.i very often W -leave hor t
k'trt ,rWiit-erUlc that'mt'iuTi' ! !
I It was onW by estren-e wafchfulr.e' 1'.-
on'hW part that the gnrdeo was prcscrvV-ij
'She Jia.1 sr-ken several times to ber l - .u -
baud alout it. but fie' felt he couldn't 'af-j
r....t vi Lnim hfr evi m .in
ford it.
le spot, aud sec that the bars were -kspt j.
' '.' , ';
CUB i'' " I - J - -f .
I ltll"tlt nave aauCU IO IMS ra llS'jiiin-iuu mic miuru, no BiiiU
tiuly a tVw y after lUis, Mrs. 'jrayjxhe oysters,' l'r said Ejtll, after the day SXbe dollar which.. my. needy iwu
- i,,,i Vru if .l.e'w.' gv-: la hit prw wo? wjw,, lv,t pti&frhat-A asked for it
the wl.iiivh for the Mewing jar: aud ; ! Jhe f r! r K.. 9j.V i?LtT-- --.p?
lie toil her that l !dul not. think k
JBut yon ean cire lialt ol one.: no
can have half -of Mr. Niks' . pW for 6r
j dollars.'? -'n'.;i;:.:-:- !. f; ) tl...
I ! ."J can't afford it," wa Walter' ip!y.
t''I iheuKI.gt ho good from the moetiags,
Janywaj." t.:- .c . j.. ' , ' "..q
j i Ixm't saj f' hiwbaad. . Snppw er-
rybody sbouJd feel like that.'iL Yvu eer
tiinly wottUo'-t witili twiire, and brlug
up -yum children, where thera was no, r-i-ioua
mflueace. ; And if, yau reap ..tie
LcnrTit of .Oud Chrieliw iMiittttioaii rou
certaiu! ought to fctJ wiliiog lu htlpsup
t.rt tiicm." .., .
"So I would e wijyirjj if I.coul( tf
ford'it; but I can't.' .( 'f''..'" J '
iurs. uray loosed Tery scnoni, ana
seemed to I.efcUaie, as though there .were
a Hubject upon, her raiod. which 'she' fell
alvltcatc about broaching ; but it had- oc
cupied ber. thoughts. too long, and she de
teriDinsd to lcf. it bui. ' ' '
-Trnlrf'the feaid,a little tremuIotiBly',
but still rcaolutsly, "y ou hare tea 'dollar?
a week.":': '''
iuYts'' n' ' 7' ' ''""
"And how much of that does it take to'
feed us ?""': '
"I dcu't know, I'm sure.. I only knew
that it taxes all to feed and clothe us nni
pay up the interest -on the house." :': - :
'I haven't had a new dress since, lart
Fall ; and I was reckoning up yesterday
how much we had spent for the children,
and I found it to be only fifteen dollars
for the last ten months. I have worked
over some clothes lor Charles, and .Luem
da jumps into Mary's dresses as the latter
outgrows them." ': ; ,! "'" !
'. "That's all very well," replied Walter,
a little testily. "I1 understand my- own
business, and I know' jast what l ean
afford, and what I cin While 'I We
the payments to make on my houe.'I
must economize mist ecunomi-ef' he
rcpcated,-Try dfpidedijj-, ; f ,j
And Iwou!d,havojr.ou. jecouonjiio,"
returned tha, vyile; . "but do not forget
that all is pot ecouomy which, you may
call so. I think that to-Lini half of
John Nilcs'js pew wjuld be a great source
of caouoiy iii ouiufovt and lasting good,
ft wpuid be five dollars laid out . to. good
sdvantage sure to return a heavy iuter
c.n to us nd our children. ..Anil I think
might. le wurce of (reat avi.ng to
put a good g4te up at the back-.''
."Stop," ji;t6ir.upted .Walter with
nervous motion. r "Vou've .said
sbcu$ tlji?. - I know my means." .
, '-Let me say one w'rd," urged' .Maria..
There was an earncstsefs ia. her toae
which caused her husband to stop and
listen.. , "If. you-will give me five, dollars
a week, . I wiil agree to furnish . all the
provisions. for. the household, and .clothe
myself and children. . t will do this for
one year, .. Thitt will leave, you three
hundred aud sixty dollars with which to
clothe, yourself and make payments on
the. l.oue. Qn the house you.'onlypay
a hundred dollars, with interest, for two'being afrnid to spend money for nothing.
vcars. which, will leave vou a huudrsJ
and forty .eight dollars for your ,piths
aid other expetuut.. ... .
: V.'alter waJ'o'n" the point of '6Vnying
this fesultW the ease, but he iatr-! ufca j
a' nioWnt'e reflection,- tiiat, front '1 his
. i ..' L : i
: Thereupon Maria sat down and male'the was dissappoifltcd, but. I thought she
known a few Facts' to him that had been j could get along,LandX -ea't away. That
hidden within the mysteries' 'of her 'own I evening I..'weat,..in.to4ei.ea,iopn, and( we
hohsekcepingl'" She was not long in pro v-
1 , , a '
during the past year, the
itt-ws" 6f erperiditttre withm said li'mits
had cot averaged five dollars' 'per week.
Walter said "f'ooh anil then fi addtHl
f "notivcte !" and then helcft HieBd'nie'!'
"There mut'be1 some : rhi.lt4le ' ' he
ssid t himself, ' after5 'he diad got' away
from the house ' and : he' really believed
there wa.' a mistake i
t ttH'v.ligla: of SCdviBjlsi; fJtn
Jom - t - Safe. a tint ?"-.. vtn-v, '-..it:
"i.u;.csre' if I do;,' ;&.iid 'Tom. Jlaom.-aJ'tym shall iiave'a'
Bill. Ki -j,,... tr ....-j Iy. r iprftty;,4rass.;l
, .'.'Have .some, tN'ed IZ c ,. ,r.,: t.hard." ',.'.., ilu'--Z
! Aud Ned said jja,;.Sq aejclerk "The woss smote jne to the heart. I
rar.ed four, elafsts oflSods. for whioh I ccold not afford a 'dollar! to dresst mv lit-"
Wallet Gray paid-twctitj-gve cents.,.
' Lei's have a came of -'seven-up' , for
. - : t :,. a
T9B AXVOaOKKSqaVOriTSa io.tw.3
jita -paid a (kllap for fbnr oyster srpper
i npper3. which, none, of them needed,
sod which, did: them more .'harm than
goud.nr vflji - ,' j i ' .-,v.,r m
; , -uliaTC a cigar, Walter !" asked Tom. ..
Walter said yes ; and in return ho paid
for foar giasrss of ale."! . :. : it r.'; ti
: One evening they met, after wotk.nd
Nad proposed that. they ahonld "toss up'',
to sec who ejiould pay for the ehowdar. ' '
"Cotae, John-i-won't yon come itt
he Said,' addressing John it ilea, who stood t
h .-. ' nWl 1 1,
' : "St
gu not, ' was John s reply.
i You'd better. - Jt's only for the; choir-
uarfor fito, if Jou cons in.". - ; .
: "It's no u,io ask hiai,'.- spoke. Walter,
in .a rather ; wrcaotic . tone. ,- - lie . doq't
i spend hit ruoaty in .that way.."
i John's Ut flu04d. aad his ilea , treni-
bld ;,-Lut,.fsUaiqc4:r the . .biting words
wiueh.werp struggling i vppn his. tyngue,
and Urncd audiefjt the . shop,- ;i -
'i'llea mean fedIow,"tcried Tom, loud
eoongh fcx.Niits to. hear. .( ; , i .
' 1'igji.t. M-tlS; barjt ,of a trea," added.
Walter in a tune equally as loud.;. . . , .
Jchq 'ilcsjteard the remarks, baths
did not eonte back. . , . ., ,
The-f.four remaining meq. "tofcsed np,"
and. the . Jot. fell1 upon Walter and Tom,
Then they ''tossed it off,' and it full upon
Walter, wha paid four shillings for the
chowder. .
Walter. 6tarted home about nice, o'clock,
and was overtaken by Js'iies.
"Walter," w.id jho latter, in a kind but
cirnest :one, ''I . want to Fpesk with you.
Yoa have wronged me this evening. I
wish you., pt understand me. " Tor tLq
opinioDstf Uiriaiith and Ned Francis
I care not, but I do not wish" you to njs
nprvhenl me. We live tco near toetbl-
eraqd would ao lease" Jour good opln'-J
ahcail,v'' returned Walte
I who, was sensible of the fad his. cotnpan
ion was cne of the test and kindest neigh
bors in the world." . '. . "
;',Vou said I was" mean.", ' '
"No, no 'twas not I who siid that. ""
. ; "Well you said that I was as ."tight
as the baric o( k tre."'" '. "" , 'V " r
Walter did not deny. fuIs, Ba Johri'prd-ceeded-i-ss,',''
. i-f (
"I rofosod to join in your little' game
for three reasoni, cither one of which
woold hv -keen sufficient to deter me.
Firsts" I have resolved not to ncrtr;e in
anych;' games of hazard.' Secoad : I
did not want any chowder. And third:
could ;riot have; afforded .to pay for five;
ertr3 8upper8,' if the lot tad l'allea upca
m."7. f .r ... .: -. . , :. ; ,
"Couldn't afford it?" repeated Vv'alter,
with a. slight . tioge of auboliaf ia his
tone. - :--.:-u i i ' j ; ; ;
"No,'' returned the when-. I could not,
I used to ie on hand for any euch game,
and I thought 'twould be ioean to rafuse,
but I hav learned better. - Let me tell
' vou how I first came to sea the fully of not
Shall I tell you ' !
'Certainly, retnrned Walter, who al
ready began to trt taoi'etliiny .
'; W'plfc' pursacd. Nilcs, "cao nooa, as I
w g'fig awayifroni hOiae, my wife ask-
ted roe for a dollar J T-'asked her if she
money , to Fpars fche "tpuld wait.
I knew
had aTfine,spcjul time, . It .cost, mp just
one. dollar and a half., ,,-I.pa.id the monev
willingly wttput. even a, thought of ob
jectiou and J tbca :weftt houie. 'When
I wep.t jn I hear4 my yfifo tryjng to ,paci.
fyjOur .oldest child., The little ttilpg "had
ex.peptod'a .neWj di-ess, .rticft' had-hee.n
prpniisejl ierttnd she felt badly because'
she hd not ;git,i,tv . V. ,' '
1 f ..Wa.it,' purged, mywift,' ' is, the child
j cobbed, ip : her , diiiappoiutuient , ."'Papa
r-lMn'tgoVft mope now; but he'll have.
cold not sfford a dollar! to dress my lit"
tie child, but I- could afford any : amouut
for the useless entertainment of ctitraJ
wif could
itj I paid
it learned ma a lesson
I opened my
eyes, and I hare-kept tbem . open. On
the very next morning I afforded the dol
lar, but I could not afford any more for
the beer man. I had not dreamed how
much' I was wasting! but ! when I stopp -
j-ed up that leaky and allowed my tunas to
i . ...r... . .... - . . . , ,
noi; into their proper ckaanel, I soon
fouhdhat t could. afford. everj; reason
able comfort my wif pd children need
ed. ,.So I stick, to . the principle r which
has proved so benaficial. to myself and
jXaniUw. Alt wbat'i, 0at.r 1 itsre a pn
.'cuimal in your garden,. Walter.;'.. .y .
Thev had 'reached" the "eardea fence,
and, bj the' dita. starlight,"', Walter !' could
ire a horned beast trampliug:amongst his
sweet corn.. They.-had. ..either beea left
down, or hooked down,, and a stray cow
got in. Thoy (drove-;her ; out, aud then
NUcs went, home. ...Walter saw . that the
Least had done, considerable damage, but
he was not-angry, for he had, something
tS more: imartAiM. ia.4liJt-l-- -II
went and sat down bpceath. an. apple tree,
acd pondered. . . w . . r ., , .
'JJ'ess me, if he ha3a't, put tie csc
down about squzre "' he said to... himself,
r.t the end of some minutes of medita.
tion..-. "Jet me see," he pursued, ."there's
sixty seven cents for a.- chowder fifty
cents for rle fifty cents fcr soda- i Ami
that's within the Just three days. A do!,.
lar aud sixty-seven cents. - Ii it possible.
pver a hundred dollars a year ' And
yet I can't afford two. . dollars or a gate,
mr five dollars that my family may have
religious instruction for a year ! Walter
Gray I thi.nk toc had bexti.ii X'-bjc
And Walter Gray did turn over a new
leaf. On the very next day did two
things, (hereby . astonishing , twq parties,
lie had a new gate mads for the, entnmce
to tlio gsrdcn, and thereby astonished h's
wife; and ho refused to "toss up" for the
als, aud thereby astonisnsd a crowd ot
csrecUut thirsty ones.- ,Fcr,a. month he
pursued this, course, apd by the expira
tion of that time he could fully appreciate
the j blessings that were dawning upon
him. lid discovered that he could afford
everything which the coiafo.t ofbis fam
ily demauded; and in arriving at this re-
suit he had only to cut loose those things
which he really eoal.d not afford.- . It was
a wonder to him WwJic could hare been
so fooluh.1 Whiia,'' at the end of' tba
year, he had paid h:s note, and Bad ninety-two-
dollars left, he felt ' at first as
thcrugh : there' must be 'i?ome ; mistake;
but when his wife went over their honse
hold expenditures with hiar, and shotred
him that all they had ' needed ' had - been
bought and paid for, he saw jast how it
was. ' lie saw that for years he had been
wasting his substance, aud rlepriv'ng' him
self and the loved ones of the comforts
they needed not intentionally, but thro'
the strange mistake that leads thousands
in the same oourse. But he' did so no
more. -'-' "," -. ..
Some times, even now, Welter Gray
says ''Can't Aipord it," snd ho- says
it very emphatically; too. Eut it is not
when his wife or children auk for comfort
and joy, nor yet when the needy poor
ask for help au& charity for he can well
afford that :' but it is when the wild peo
'u'atiorf, or the loose companion1 ask hiai
to engage in some game of hazard which
may TtA himself and fkrniiy of their sub
stance. Then he says -and he'reneafi it
if need be-" ah't -Arro3X it.'.' I . i
. SxAECHisa Bosoms and Colors.
Pour pint of.boiUDj. water upon two
ounces of gam arable, eover .it and lot it
staud, ovijr uight, in. the morning pour it
care fujjy from tho dregs into a claan. bot
tle, cork it and keep for future jwe. . A
tablaspooo full of this gum. arctic water,
stirred into, a pint of star.ck made in tjbe.
visual manner, will give to.., lawns, either
white or p'rinted, a jook of newnbts when
is.Hhing else can restore than, after, they
nave been -wasneu.t j.o eycty i-iui. or 4
starcli add a pieecfbtitter Jari,. tallow
orspermaceti.ndlet-theKie of a 'eheL,
nnV-tfi'-' f-;i : ?-.'q-.- r.nio-jsf. a-
;- ; '. :i Vt'.',,,.- . ....
' ! IIow Tp.Cut Habo Urt Bstr. Take
a sharp plane, not too j rankly 5et,, inert
it, and taking the be&? firmly in the hand,
push i it accross -lne ' pTan'e sci the beef,
very nicely sKavenwill drop thrgugh the
opening, on a towel fceiow. , It must be
verw 4ty to cut thus, but when 3ry, it is
Uiy.V 5Awevw j J - i
i -. - . -.1 - . i
n nrA Awnai ATI
In the Mark Lane Expreu, the' lead-
f S Bntiah farming newspaper; thera are
.Tnn. n h. n,.nl nT.il 1 .
always to be found useful articles applies- "
ble to the dailj necessities of farmers.
In a late cunibtr is the following, which"
every hog raiser, who knows anything
about the business must confess ts be
dbrrect:''-' " '"' ' ,M " "
.MPigs hare the reputation of a reel lit.
I ror Uirt; aud, cexumly, tfio way m
I 1" tIieJ kP on some .'arms wou!4
show th tnefr owners are determined to
give ttem pla opportunity for carryisg :
i ou thi ,iking- " No notion can, however,' '
be mora erroneous than this, as. none is
certainly - sa iroduotive of 'lose to the
keeper.- Let' any one cot convinced of
this try the two modes of pig keeping :
the dirty and the clean the food in both
cases, and other peafcrad treatment awing . -the
same, and the result will show him,
which o the two k the best. ; A great
deal depends upon the mode in which thej
are housed., Mr. Raines, of Mills, adopts
the fallowing : A large out-house is en
closed at the aides so as to be warm and
dry. The floor is paved and sprinkled .
with burnt clay and ashes obtained by
burning Weeds. In this the pigs are fed ;
while for resting and sleeping they have
a cosamoa eompartrcent railed off at ths
other end, amply provided with clean
straw. In another case box feeding has
been applied, the pigs being kept in a pit- .
icto which the manure from the ox and
the sow stables aad the horse stables is
put.' The pigs tread this down and kcem
to enjoy themselves amazingly . In one
case, where this-plan has been adopted,
the farmer states that his pigs have 'given
him a profit by their meat, aad left the
dung as good as guana for nothing.'" "
1 ' GATE3-
; Good gates are a great convoaience.
They save, no small amount of trouble, and
whan properly constructed, will ..epdura
for years. IlFery passage way, pathlane,
abd rcai, should be secured by a good
substantial gato, bung on durable pests,
and attached thereto by firm, iron hinges,
capable of sustaining the weight without
tie dacger cf breaking, even when rough
ly weed.-. True, it costs more to construct ;
and hacg good gate properly, than it
docs to construct a pair cf bars, but when
it is once accomplished, you have a de-
fenae which will not require replacing or :
repairing for years, and which will nub- .
ject you to but little troubles or loss of
lima in.opsning or shutting au item of
no small consequence when ono has to
paa some dozen or twenty times a day,
If you desire .that these should yiold
liberally to the pail yoa mvut feed thenx
with something better suited to the secre.
tion of rich milk than dry provender.
Roots or moal slops of some kind should
be given them twice a day, at least, say
morning aad evening. They should have
til'erej leJt, 'dry lodgingi, moderately
warm, he regularly watered thrjee a day,
just before being fed, be etirried or comb
ed and rubbed down Tvith a wh'sp of straw
twice a day, and -received twice a week
an ounce; of sni';, or the ?anie quantity of
- uf.'ifs aud Hole, mixed tugoibr.
'-L'cv Culitciifrr.t -
Wood Lavds. It i about tiuio our
jfarmer,'EhouH Jobk'acoul themand U-
gltl to consider what the tenera.f ions that
coma after uS' are to Zo for fencing mate- '
rials, and not he buite so free ia cattins
dowu their timber, to be sold for the pal
try prtia of $1 ti 56 a cord. We tij
' paltry"' because wood lands are going ta
"te vCrth many 'times their present value. '
ia every l.-cticri of the 'Cnicn,. and a:'fa'r-
uer wfca a- vooi fot ,a(.y
.Mlilrerrv -rfinan a iM.-f n
) Yen nil' know tie condition of England, '
as teards'wnod Isadi, and we are to' be la''
the-same eendrtlon, in the next cento?,
with wood lands worth 1500 per acre ! '-' '
, Farmers there h no mistake nbont this,
and'we advise you to: ot spsringly of
year forests, and leave them -as a legacy
to those who are to com after you. -' -:
tSrlmrqcnse depqsttd.of .blaok marble -
have been diaepvored near . yilliamsport,
in this g tate. , ' It is the-only deposit known
. ..-...