Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, November 15, 1865, Image 2

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    Juniata 5ntmcL
'cDJsnruTovpZi &a
it union 0 lakes, and a union of lands,
A union no power shall sever;
A union of heart, ami a union of hands,
And the,. American Union forever!
Wednesday Morning. Nov. IS, It6.
H. n. WILSON, Editor and Publisher.
has the Largest Circulation of any paper pub
lished in this County. ' It it therefore the
tut advertising medium. It is a Paper, truly
loyal, ably conducted, a firit class Localist,
and well worthy of the patronage of every
leyal citizen in the Connty.
With feeliags. of the most profound
gratitude to Almighty Gop, 1 invite the
good people of the Commonwealth to
neat in their places of worship, od Thurs
day, the seventh of December nr, and
raise their hearta and voices in praise and
ffcnnVufivirtfr to Him. not cnlv for the
nisnifold ordinary blessings which during
the past year Hi has continued to heap
upon usfor abundant end gathered harvests,
for thriving industry, for general health,
for domestic good order and government,
but also most expressly and fervently for
His unequalled goodness in having so
"strenghtened and guided our people dur
ing the last tour years that they have
been enabled to cruah to earth the late
wicked rebellion and to exterminate the
system of human !avery which caused
i. .
As we wrestled in prayer wilh Him in
the daik timo of our trouble when our
brothers and sons were staking life and
limb for ui on many a bloody field, or
suffering by toTture and famine in the
Hells of Aadcrsocville or the Libby so
now when our supplications have been so
marvellously and graciously answered, let
us not withhold from Hi the homage of
our thanksgiving. Let us say to all
"Choose ye this day whom ye will serve,
"but as for us and out house we will serve
"the Lord."
Come then ye people whom IIe hath so
helped and led eoroe ye war-worn and
mutilated men whom Us hath spared to
return to your dear homes let us throng
the gates of His temples- let us tnrow
ourselves on the knees of our hearts with
awful joy at the foot of His throne, and
render aloud oufpraise and thanksgiving
to Him because He hath made the Right
to prevail because He hath given us the
Victory because He hath cleansed our
land from the stain of human slavery
and because He hath graciously ahown
forth in the eyes of all men the great
truth that no government is so strong as a
Bepublic, controlled, under His guidance
by an educated, moral and religious peo
ple. Given under my hand and the great
seal of the State, at Harrisbnrg, this
seventh day of November, in the year
of our Lord one thousand, eight hun
dred and sixty five, and of the Com
monwealth the ninetieth.
By the Governor.
Secretary of the Commomcealth.
The latest returns of the various elsc
' tiona held on Tuesday. November 7th, in
dicate overwhelming majorities for the
Republican candidates in all the loya!
In New York, Gen. Franeis C. Bar
low's majority for Secretary of State will
approximate pretty c'oseiy to 25,000, and
the fit of the ticket will have thou
sand or fifteen hundred more.
-In New Jersey, Marcus L. Ward, the
Republican candidate for Governor, is
elected by a majority of betTeeu S000
and 3500. In 1801 the Copperhead ma
jority in New Jersey was 7301. Glory
enough for one day. :
Massachusetts In the State Senate
there will be 39 Republicans and 1 Dem
ocrat. The House. of Representatives
will be made np of about 220 Republi
cans and 20 Democrats.
Wisoonsin and Minnesota Tho former
elected a Governor, Lucrus Faireheld and
the latter Wm. R. Marshall, both Radi
cal Republicans. - Both States have
probably adopted amendments to their
S!ste Constitutions extesdi the- rijt
u$ti'l') ftre hhuii. ' '
It requires twenty -ceven States to ratify
the amendment to the Constitution of the
United States, abolishing Slavery. Twenty-three
States have already voted and
adopted it. - Four . more will be sufficient
to decade the fete of Slavery. These will
eertainly be obtained before many months, j
Iowa, California, and Colorado will ratify
the amendment so soon as their Legisla- j
tures vote upon the subject. New Jersey
baa returned to her allegiance and soon
her name will be added to the list, and
then, freedom is won to our whole coun
try. This amendment will unquestiona
ably be adopted.-' There can be no more
doubt of this, than of anything else in
the future. When this is done, we need
have no fears of Slavery being resu9ciatcd.
It will be dead forever in this land of free
dom. Even its sympathizing friends in
the North will be Compelled to relinquish
their predelictions for it.
What, then, is the duty of evety true
patriot in the land f Can n conscientious
christian lend himself to defeat this great
measure of justice and humanity ? Can
any philanthropist who really desires the
mitigation of the wrongs to the colored
race, oppose the adoption of this constitu
tional amendment? We can see no just
motive for their hostility. It is Inexcu
sable on any rational ground. It savors
of selfishness, perfidy and injustice. It
stands out like a crime in the absence of
everything noble, generous and just. It
will meet with its proper reward. An in
telligent, christian and free people will
condemn it; and the Great Author of our
being will set at naught all their councils,
and overthrow all their efforts. Truth
will prevail, and justice and right triumph.
' a lite'uhostT"
When Wendell Thilips announced the
death of the Republican party, says the
Xorth American, and said that a ghost
only was stalking about the country claim
ing that name, he no doubt deluded him
self with the idea that the copperheads
spoke the truth in declaring the mission
of the party ended with the restoration of
the Union and the abolition of slavery.
Iu view of the late elections, however, it
is probable that Mr. Philips will be in
clined to think the ghost a rather cheer
ful one. It is, in fact, alive and kicking,
and it has kieked the Democratic party so
soundly that we doubt very mnch the re
covery of the victim. In this view, what
an extraordinary spectacle is presented by
Generals Slocum and Coach, who never
were partisan Democrats, and yet were
willing to run as Democratic nominees for
high office, from no love of the party or
its principles, but because of a wild no
tion that it would become the great party
of the future. They have by this time a
vivid apprehension of the power of the
ghost they undertook to dispose of, and
we trust that their fate may serve to warn
others against the etror into which they
fell. The Republican party never posses
sed a more vigorous body than it docs now.
It never was more united, harmonious, or
capab'e of commanding the field. Its
last five yers of discijline have ionurcd
it to hard contests, and taught it the less
ons which lead to victory. As it carried
the war to a complete accomplishment of
its purpose, so It trill now improve the era
of peace to-purge the country of the foul
spirits of copperheadism, disloyalty, and
toryism. The work before us is great,
but it nerves us to exertion.
Considerable excitement has lately been
created in Greene County by the develop
ment of gold deposit in the shaft sunk
for the purpose of searching for oil. The
discovery was made cm lands leased by the
Amber Coal Company. This company is
boring for oil on the farm belonging to
the estate of David Keener, deceased, in
Dunkard township, and at the depth of
C75 feet struck a strata of very hard sub
stance which proves to be from two and a
half to three feet thick. . As soon as they
drilled through this hard vein, the well
was reamed to the bottom, and upon sand
pumping, fragments of ore were brought
to the surface resembling gold bearing
quartz. A lump the size of a hulled
hickory nut wa3 immediately forwarded
Mr! Jame3 McGinky, at Philadelphia,
President of the Company, who had it
analyzed. It was found to contain gold
over twenty carets fine. The value of
$2.33 was returned to Mr. Long, as the
product of the small lump of ore, besides
several small quantities which were reserv
ed as specimens. A committee was ap
pointed to visit the well and collect all the
necessary information and report thereon.
This discovery has created much wild ex
citement, and very wild speculations are
rife respecting it: ' We presume a scien
tific investigation will bo made prepara
tory to the shafting for tho precious met
al. It these ere facts, it is an important
feauturs la tfcd tainst'il jridaicTj of
At the Presidential eleotion of 186D
the Republican party carried every free
State in the Union except New Jersey,
seventeen in number. Not a single one
of these seventeen populous, intelligent,
prosperous, and wealthy States had con
fined enough in the Democratio party to
support its candidates. In ISC4 the Re
publican party again carried the same
States, with tho two new free Spates of
Kansas and Navada added, and also the
slavo States of Maryland, Missouri and
West Yirg'nia, making twent-two States
in all, only New .Jersey, Delaware and
Kentucky, of the States cluimicg to be
loyal, still adhering to the Democratic
party. Since then we have carr'cd New
Jersey, election a Republican Legisla
ture aud Governor, thus sweeping every
free State from, ocean td ocean. Of all i
the loyal States in the republic Delaware
aloue has now a Democratio Governor.
We have carried a majority of the Con
gressional delegation in Cenbcky tad
Tennessee. ,
The Democratio party staked every,
thing upon slavery, oligarch and rebell
ion, and has been beaten everywhere
most wofuily. Last of all it tried to re
cover some footing among the people by
running soldier candidates; hut these
have not savcp it. Tho party seems to
be past redemption. Its mission is ended.
Its career is finished. It is high time
now that those who have wasted their ex
ertions upon its cause so long should- re
cognzo the utter futility of all their hopes,
and bow to the inevitable decree of fate.
For this reason we ask, can such a pirty
as this has proven itself to b longer sur
vive, to drag along a miserable existence
in infamy as great as its maiignitj has
been unpardonable? Can sedition, dis
loyalty, and open sympathy with treason
and rebellion pass into history as aii hon
orable record for a eacat political ratty in
tho United States? We think not; and
the people should take good care to ittcst
the fact on all occasions. The crimes of
this party have been too vast for amnesty.
The blood shed in rebellion cries aloud
from every battle-field of tho republic
against it. It has blackened even the
very camo it bore, so that henceforth it
will be a badge of reproach. Xorth Amer
Most men who teel their hold upon
trade growing weaker, or their faculties
becoming imparled by age or infirmity,
gracefully retire from business. Some
have an ardent desire to die in the har
ness, as Lord Palmcrston succeeded in
;doing; but however loth men maybe to
acknowledge the fact, there is still too
much truth in the warning "superfluous
lags the veteran on the slagc," to warrant
its being altogether disregarded. Such
docs not seem to be the opinion of the
Democratic party. It has outlive 1 its
usefulness : exhausted its career; esplod-
ed all its hopes ; unJ iue all the good it
ever did ; murdered the bright aspirations
of a whole generation of its own statesmeu;
defiled the pages of its reeord with the
most hideous crimes on the national cal
ender, and still it desperately strives to
prolong its rretched existence, lamci
deaf, blind, consumptive, worn out, a
viotim to every ailment, and superadding
a malignant temper which pauses all com
prehension. We might say with "the
great bard, "The time has been that when
the brains were out the man would
die and there an end ; but now they rise
again with forty mortal murders on their
crowns." Slavery being dead, the brains
of the Democratic party are gone, and yet
the poor thing walks the earth like some
perturbed spirit.
Of a verity it it time the party thought
seriously of retiring from business. If it
insists ou trying to live, it caa only pro
long a useless agitation, and keep its men
of intellect and capacity from participa
tion in the affairs of government. . Why
should it still hang on to the skirts of su-
pcranuated old fogies, in whom the pro
gressives of this era have no faith ? Let
the party retire j from active business.
Its vocation is gone. . -A
WlT.KESDARRE, Ia Nov. 10, '65.
Col. A. II. -Bowman, of the United
States Corps of Engineers, died at his
residence, ia this town, this morning.
The doceascd W3S well known in army
circles, was formerly superintendent at
West Point, had charge of the construc
tion of Fort Suinptsr, and at tfte time of
his death was president of the commis
sion ot engineers tor remoduing me
coast fortifications.
. . .
New York, Not. 10. A special To
ronto despatch to the Ilrrld says that Fe
nian bonds are selling in Montreal and
Quebec, where tbe-detectives are watch
ing the Irish. ; .
Tb Leader aanonnets disrTtfr7 t
flit 19 if-h the CstsiVsj hnit.'-;"v .
f rom the I'hilaadpkii Inquirer. I
Washington, Nov. 10, 1S65.
"Hanged by the neck until he to dead."
And the sentence has been executed. The
thirteen thousand dead of Andersonville
have had, not revenge, but justice, pure,
simple justice. The soldiers of the Union
gathered on the house-tops rouud about
the scene, typified the popular heart when
they gave a loud, exultant shout as the
drop fell. ,
Just before he was led out to die; ohe
of the clerks presented him with an auto
graph, book, and asked him to give his
name. He did so, and wrote in a clear,
plain band the following :
"Old Capitol Prison.
"Nov. 10, 18C5,
"Captain and A. A. C.
"C. S. A.,"
and remarked, "there is the last signature
I shall ever make." He made ail the
punctuation marks with as much eare as
though it was to stand for all time ; some
thing to be proud of.
"At fifteen minute. past tea the prisoner
was brought from his cell, and walked to
the scaffold with a steady step and un
quailing eye. He was attended by the
officers of the guard and two Catholic
l'ricsts, Fathers Boyle and Wiget (the lat
ter haviag been Mrs. Surratt's spiritual
On ascending the gallows, which he did
without any assistance, he stepped to the
centre and sat down in a -chair which was
placed directly under the noose. Father
Wiget took a position on the west side
and Father Boyle ttpon the east eide, the
culprit looking northward.
His appearance occasioned a pressing
forward among the spectators, all of whom
felt a strong curiosity to see how this man,
associated with atrocities sncli as history
can scarcely parallel, would bear himself
in the presence of death. But there was
no manifestation of feeling. Silence pre
vailed, unbroken save by a whispered re
mark as to the appaarance and behavior
of the prisoned.
During the reading ef the order, enu
merating the crimes which he was just on !
the point of expiating, he manifested no
nueasiness. His Confessor, Father Boyle,
desiring to prevent the awakening of any
such passions as might be rekindled by
the refetence to his past crimes and the
reminiscences which they were calculated
to bring before him, continued to povr in
to his ear words of peace, and to inculcate
the spirit of Christian resignation. Werze
would shake his head, acd reply, "Oh,
that doesn't trouble me at all."
It W;w only oceisional'y that he appear
ed to give attention to the reading of the
order, and when he did so it rtas doubtless
as the mention of some crime, still fresh
in his mind, touched the spring of his
memory. On such occasions be would
fake a brief glance at the reader, and then
withdrawing it again give his attention to
the words of the priest.
What his thoughts were during those
brief intervals there tt' ss nothing in his
expression to betray, but the spectator, in
to whoso imagination iue story cf this
man's brutalities had been indelibly burn
ed, as with a branding iron, could vividly
recall the crowded prison pen - with its
scurvy-eaten, starving, vermin-infected
victims; the yelling of the dogs through
the wood and swamps, where poor escap
ing fugitives had sought refuge from the
unspeakable horrors of their confinement ;
the sickening scenes of the hospital, where
gangrened wounds at the life out of poor
unfortunates with prolonged agonies ; and
amocg ail these scenes'this man, stalking
over the ground which his foot polluted,
an irresponsible dospot, now stamping a
helpless, balf-dying creature with his heel,
now issuing his brutal commands to blow
out tha brains of one or other of the "
Yankees," as in his own choice language
the poor prisoners were designated, execu
ting, without protest, and with apparent
pleasure, the work of his masters, the
Devil and Jeff. Davis.
Aiother thought was suggested, a tho't
which will go into history as a warning,
to be echoed down through all future ages.
How secure felt this man Werso in the
tcrrestial hail when he had been made su
preme ruler. , A power that called itself
a nation authorized his deeds : the barri- j
ers between him and justice were frown
ing earthworks and walls of bayonets. :
. Never did.eriminal have stronger guar
anties for the impunity of his crime.
But the blood of his victims cried to
Heaven for vengeance, and he sits here
now listening while his appointed, execu--
tioner reads the recital of his crime. Ver
ily, guilt shall not go nnpunirhed.
After the reading cf the order was fin
ished he stood up with remarkable calm
ness, and a placid expression of counte
nance. ......
Major Russell asked him if he had any
thing to say before tha nror fc 11. Ua rs.
Spiled rsry-uncoBsei-nedtj :
I have nothing to say to the public,
an 1 i0 1 j l. die
cent. I have but once to die, and my i
v. - ,i, .,-, J
Jjajor Kusiell then asSea h:m it ce
forgave him for the part he took in the
matter. 4 He answered
"t do ; I know, as an officer, yea have
to act according to orders."
The reverend gentlemen continued their
words of consolation as the noose was put
around his neck by the hangman.
He manifested the most stolid indiffer
ence, and smiled as the black cap was
drawn over his head, ond maintained the
erect posture without (inching a moment,
until the fatal signal was given, and the
drop fell. The whole affair was vary brief,
and passed off more prompt than any of
the many previous executions here.
The neck was not broken by the fail,
and his body struggled for several min
utes. After hanging thirty minutes it
was cut down and carried upon a strutch
er to the dead-room, whtre it still remains,
having been placed in a neat pine coSn.
Father Boyle abks for it to keep for tha
benefit of his wife, who is cow en rout
to this city. His request is before the
proper authorities for consideration. The
physicians d'A not think his neck was in
stantly broken by the fall, probably be
cause he was so light.
Yesterday General L. C. Baker visited
him in his cell, and obtained from him a
statement of his participation in the atro
cities of Andersonviile, and his relations
to the Rebel General Winder. He dis
closed the whereabouts' of bis papers asd
his correspondence with Wildir. Ke ex
pressed a great hatred to the North, and
sail the "Yankee Egle was nt. thing but
a turkey buzzard."
This confession will probablj be given
I to the public. He mnintsiLS that be had
a right to do ail he did, end says what was
not right was not his fault.
When between eight sud nine o'clock
to-day Mr. Schade took leive of Captain
Wcrse, the latter expressed his thanks for
what ho had done for him, and regretted
that it was not in his power to reward
Mr. Schade said he trussed he would
die like a man, to which Werze replied,
It is hardly necessary to tell me that, I
i intend to die like a man."
Mr. Schade says he was called upon by
several persons Isst night, ss was also
Faihsr Doyla, who Communicated infor
mation, purporting to eotre from a mem
ber of the Cabinet, to the effect that if
they would acknowledge that Jeff. Davis
was connected with the atrocitits at An
dersonvil'e, his sentence would bo com
muted. Although Mr. Schade did cot
place full confidence in these reports, he
considered it to be bis duty to relate them
to the prisoner, at his last conference with
Capt. Werze in reply said," Mr. Schade,
you know I have always told you that I
do not know anything sbout Jefferson
Davis. He had no connection vHth mess
to what was done at AndirioimiV and if
I kne he had, I would not become a
traitor against him or anybody else to save
my life."
NOTICE. The members of the Juni
ata Horse Protection Company are request
ed to meet at Thompson's Hotel, in Mif
flintown, on Saturday; November 25th, at
2 o'clock, P. M. A full attendance ia re
quested. .
Lilate of Samuel SeihT a'ec'J.
Notice is hereby givtn that letters of Tes
tamentary on the estate of Samuel Seiber,
late of SW.ker township, deceased, bare
heen granted to the undersigned residing ia
the came township. All personn knowing
themselves indebted to enid eatate are request
ed 'o make immediate pnytnen t and tbope bar
ing claims will please present them duly au
thenticated for settlement.
ABKAM SEIBER- xecuttrt.
15, '65. GL
At Private Sale !
TflS nnderiigned offers his farm, at prirate
sale, situated in Fayette township, Juni
ata county, !'., fire miles from M i fli" n town,
two miles from McAlirtersville and turre
fourths of a mile from Oakland Mills, R.lj.-iii-in;
Units of Adam Weidman, John Hoffman
and others, eontaining
One Iinndred of which are cleared am-in a
ftnii Stale of cultiration, being lately well
. lived, the balance well set with heavy tiaber.
The rajprovements are a
Suitable for two famalies, a Inrre Stone Bank
P.arn, Wagon House, Carriage House. Wash
House, Stone Spring Hlce and other out
buildings s- two Appie Orchards ne young
orchard in pood bearing condition, with choice
fruit-; alsi, excellent water at the door, a
splendid trem running c'ose by the building,
through the farm ; there is a lime kiln on the
farm and a quarry of choice lime stone eo
Tcnient to the farm The property is conve
nient to churches, schools, stores, mills, and
shops of all kinds. Persons riesirinj to view
the property can do o by calling on the un
dersigued residing on the farm. Fat further
particulars, address,
" ?. TT. nyF?, .
' Onl.3B.l Mills' Ju.-jS'O' f.m 7. r"
iVC ,HX(ti$(XOkttA$.
A Jb A.iJ) JlA L KIJlo. X
l-BC'.ss eM tent:tnen. If yoa w:ea zo nar-
( T- a A' a t n .nMimsl Vn Will Hal J
; Totiiritiitat moneyand without price, valuable
:format;.ra that U ennble you to marry
wealth, or beauty. This information will cost
yen nothing, and if yon with to marry, I will
cheerfully assist yon. All letters strictly con
fidents!. Th desired information sent by r
tura mail, and ho questions asked. Address
Grcerspoint, Kings Coaaty, Sew York.
Nov. 16, '65-8m.
Tut not poisoned chalice to your lips,.
Or Death will be the fate of him who sips :
But take the herbs in frcshnees from the fiell
And to the patent roots disease will yield
Old th Sl'CUAVs EnglitK Spteifit Pills
eure, in lcM than thirty days, the worst casea
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tionisl or "crvoue Affections, ho matter from
what cause produced. Price One Dollar per
box. fcent postpaid, by mail, on receipt of as
order. AvliirMi
4.0 Broadway, New Tork.
r. S. Descriptive Circular ent free on ap
plication. Address at at ore.
Nov 15, '6S-8w.
A beautiful little work of 60 pages, teaches
you how to remove Tan, Freckles, Pimples.
Blotches, Eruptions, and all imparities ef the
Skin how to produce a full growth of Whia
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tify the Hair, Remove Superfluous Hair,
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&o., &c- how to Renew jour Age, and other
UMful and valuable infanaatlcn.
A copy cf this work will be mailed free ef
charge, on applioation.
831 Erstiway' Tew York.
SlOV. 10 Cw.-C30.
A gentleman who suffered for years from
Nervous and Genial Debility, Nightly Emiss
ions, and Seminal Weakaess, the result of
youthful indiscretion, and came near ending
his days in hopelets misery, will, for the take
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Recipe aad full i-fonuaiion cf Thai imp.-r-tanae
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No. 60 Naigau Street. New Tork.
P. S. Nervous Sutf..-rrj of both lexet will
find ifcis information invaluable
Not. 15, 'ti0-2ci.
A CARD TO THE 81 rrtltlXO
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swallow two cr taree Leg-head cf "Bncha,"
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catiiSed w.tli the result. Uen try on box f
C1FIC PILLS and be rstored to bea::b .r, 1
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matter from what eajs produced. Price,
One Dollar per box. Sent, postpaid, by mail,
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P. S. A box sent io an
address on receipt of price which is 0r
Duller pott frte t?gi.A descriptive Cirorf
lar seat on application. Nov. 15. 'C5-8w.
- X
HAVING purchased the Tin and Sheet Trn
Store, located on Bridge Sticet, MitHin
town, 1 would respectfully inform the public
that I intend to Veep constantly on hand a
general assortment cf
Tin and Japan ware, the largest and best ia
the county, and as to quality and workman
ship cannot be surpassed.
Joh and Sheeting work, will be prnmpi'y at
tended to either in town or country. I!rs
Copper and Enameled French Tresorvini Kei
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and of various measures, alwnys on band aui
for sale
Persons in want of anything in the shore
I'ne are requested to give me a call before
purchasing elsewhere, as I feels confident
that lean snit them either as regaHs tha
article r the price.
SST Old enpper, Bra an-1 Pewter bnght
and the highest price paid in eash cr
Jacob u. tvixj-r.
Oct. 13, ISCi ly.
Pennsylvania Paint k Color Wovfo.-
Libfrty White lend! Libfrty While Lrau!
WASFASTtDto cover more surface, for tame
leeit, fian any other. Buy the best it is M"
chmpett ! Try It ! Tr-j It 1
Liberty Lead it tchiter than any other.
Liberty Lead ecvrt better thsu any other:
Liberty Lead treurt lenger than any other.
Liberty Lead t- nir: eronomtcul than any other.
Liberty Lead i more free fro.n impuritiet and ia
ttarrameu i.i u. more ana ettter aork,
at a given cost, than any other.
Buy the BEST, it is the CHEAPEST.
Mannfactured aael warranted by
WhoTemfe Dntrj, Faint A Glaus Dealers.
0. 131 XartU Third Street, PmiiDtii-niA.
Nov. 8. f.-.-4m.
-i " Fttnte of An f rev Bwrsox iet'd.
No'ice is hereby -riven that Letters ef ki
minislrntkin on the Estate of Andrew' Bower
sox late. of Walker township, dee'd, have beea
granted to the undersigned residing in Walk
er township. All persons knowing themsel
ves indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate payment, and those having
claims will please present them duly aaihea
ticated for settlement.
.-" Ii ti - ' -