Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, October 18, 1865, Image 2

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A Kiion of bikct, anl fernoi of lands,
union uit t-fircr ihu'i tecer;
A U'lian J heart, vtt'l a uu'on 'ifhcnjs.
And tht Amtriftia Vniun jlrttrr'
U I F F L I 5 T 0 W X
Wednesday .tloinin;, Oct. 18. 1865
Lev. 25 : lo.
Xf Proclaim Liberty
- Throughout the l-iind ?3r
?" to A IX the tf
fr- Inhabitant Thereof.
the words ''in service, ana when the listi
was transcribed frout which the tickets
were made, thft clerks took all names
without suth marks, and thus men actu
ally irj service were drafted, and having
tio chance to report were marked at de
serters. These error can be corrected by
er affidavits, me rrovosc Marshal can
The Firemaa.' Parade.
Terrible JUMroad Accident.
' One of the most horrible railroad acci-
The grand procession of firemen which
nlled ihrofjtb oar principal streets yes- denta that occurred during the present
ter.tny unt only attracted the attention j jear, happened on Saturday afternoon, on
our own citiaeca, saya the Xurth -Amervjtbe Pennsylvania Rail Road, three miles
can, but also the' attention of all froothia aide of Lancaster, as the Day Ex-
pplication of the parties and by the prop-4 towD3 aDd cIties who viewed liLi !", Cached that point, en ronte for
Th Pr...r,st" MI,.i-.--'tlhe8i,,,.v decorated engines and hand-'. Philadelphia The train consisted of
not do it himself. Mr. E. W. Barker, of ;80mly FueJ borses, the- glittering seven cars. The front axle of the third
Turbctt township, as pood and brave a i , ' l" mus' ana car Dreasiog, mat enu ot the car at once
soldier ss ever drew blade, sutlers from I UfI 8urround'B, drew much deserved ; fell to the track, and as the train was uu
such an error, and so do many other gal- j notlCe' '. ?her were advantageously cum- der lull headway; the rear cars ran into
fantmen.and they ehonld hasten to have ' P aretI w." h other cuies and other times in! the one to which the accident occurred,
the correction made. The old Board ; Ur C"!n C"y a"d everJ on f'i thatcru&hing to death nine persons and maim
culdbavepievcnTedmanyof these errors j gr'at danser evi h he" compe-'ing a large number of , others rumor
hut neglected it. There are no doubt other i teut masteT- Tu decorations were on-' say thirty or more. The scene is said to
We present herewith the official returns
Partisan Blather.
A Democratic ucjrspaper now before
so far as received, ot fhe recent election, us contains the following :
and the vote of the entire State-in 1862. 1 '-Abolitionism is triumphant, nn- our State
It is probable that the Republican major- V'" '" iivg th0 nxt
r - . r . , Jioitrtble jirmoiok-a m existence lbs ml-
ify fM General' llartruolt will exceed gi.nut.on of the with tae negr(,es, te-
20,000. The Legislature will stand ai gr equalii y a3 ccutriiluatioa."
follows ;
rr rs u ads by clerks in keeping tLe record,
but the above two classes will comprise
four-f:hs of all the errors.
A correct list is very desirable, but the
parties themselves must make it correct
by personal application.
The liit will be published as often as
desired or ordered for the information of
tLe public. The threat of mob law or
''Griihain'' law is as contemptible as its
author you doD t ike mart: l 'aw crSnyJer
inerous nud appropriate.
Still the controlling idea which aSected
us, as company after company of stalwart
men filed past, was not that wt had the
best fiw organisation in the country, and
perhaps in the world ; cor that' wa had
the best and most beaatifu! engines toes-
A Jams
i 15euver.......
aave been heartrending and sickeuiur in 1 BclforJ.
the extreme. The shrieks and p roans of j jj?;kr '
tje wouuJed aod Jying were such as to liradturU .
uimao the stoutest heart, and cause many ; "
pissengers to leave the vicinity of the ac- CauiUiiii.
cident to obtain relief from the sad spec- Cnjerou...
laele presented. The following is a lift teuire...
'.' i'ii'ti
3 3
tingnibh fire : nor that the organizations of the persons who were insiaiitly killeJ, ' Cteater....
' ? . ;. . ... .. . ., Clarion....
were more ion anu pericct la their esprit 1 or tliea wittiin a lew moments aner me ctiuion..
accident occurred .
Mrs. James V. !5:irr, wife of the Sur.
ha- the Anryca' Cirewulinn of nny psper jub
iisiiei ia itiie Conatv. It is iicrcfore the
itt ad. 'rtiiin'j mrjnin, II ia a l'ajer. truly i foot.
!7 l?t .' tr""-- slanJer eaunot taraia.li. ITe did not en-
i a wet! worihy ot the paironage of ererjr 1
;! cni;-a in r:mstj. ! lit, get a bounty, then steal home before
! the regiment left Washington for the field
opo?c the Government and assist the
Rebels publicly and prvately joiu the
church, gtt drunk and get kicked out, re
pCRtiug the operation many times, get bis
tie corju; though all of this is trca.
But as the varied noiforms advanced, co-
..tatv la but now invoke mob law and ! ,or color, as thougr- a dozeo prisms ! eyor Oeneral ot 1 eemlvania.
'Graham" law- ' Let it come: The abu.-e ! were interwoven, and every uciforai show
of Ca;t. Patterson fulls haruilesi at
Mrs. Sarah Willett, of Xew Cumber- "'P'""
j ' 1 l'c.aare
v:. l ing the stalwart form of its wearer, we 'and, tumbeilaua couuty, J enur-'jiva- ! Kri?
It wis expsHfl l a s'li'-ib'i mm would
have ben seenred tbi week to issuj the
SrKTixrt. but cane Lvyond his control
have prev-entp 1 him from r-'Uiing. We
f.T a bcrt
He has an honorable record which : C0U,J 1)111 rei!tct th:lt here lay the military
and the industrial power of a great na
tion, which has just vindicated ib-elf
sgaiast rebellion, and, thanks to such sons
as these, can maintain itself as well against
foreign assaults. All Europe may be
safely challenged to hhow any sofiuebody
of men, mereiy as men and athletes ; eer-
teeth pulled out Jo avoid the draft, go to
Snyder County aud difraoe bimsilf, his
church, his fauiily, his county and society
muit a.l: yir indu'geue'
tnre. ss it w :morst,t to you and the I by getting drunk and does not ftand be
pirty to secure the pi-tiv2 of ti oompe- I fore the -ommunity ai a notorioU-j hypo
rent m-.l wnich wil! be done as tn a oiiie. The Union party are satined with
r ' p; : ci i-o m- i :netcjury it aa tneui.. lour majority is
M?d regularly and the business of this i neartv I'-O le this year than Ixt. . The
office go on jis n(irl.-
law sguiust d'criers will be euforced by
the Courts and the Legislature as you will
leirn i v. proper time aud some gen'Jeineii
m:iy Cud themselves wof cteceJ. The
Dim'trrat is welcome to all the glory it
cm make out of a defense of deserters
br:2ite the Lst of Peicr'ers was publish
ed. The ' act of t-'ongress ui.ifraachises
o'eserters and requires that they ihould be j as t'u;ou rartj oea DOt jes;re or Dec(i
made kuowo to the put1:c. tip ta:n l'at thcre vo,ej or frienJship and they will fiud
terson, Provokt Marshal, in abedicace to! before loi:g thy will get no votes.
orders had the li.it made from the recoidj .
. . , ,. , hjr Jeff Uavis n not Tried, &.
au J scot it out Fur publication. Hejjuiy' ' -
wbcyed orders yet we presume be u not j Washington, October, 17, 1S65.
sorry for exposing de-erters to the world, j During the interview, on Fiiday, between
He regrets a ..much as any one that errors the President and the South Carolina dub
ehou 1 exist, but he baa no power to . egates, he said that, if treason has beeu
change ihe record, except on the applica-j committed, there ought to be some test
tion of the prirlits themselves and upon by the highest tribunal as to the power
proper proof being made. It Is the re-1 of the Government to punish the crime,
word es made since May.. 1SC3, when the i in order to assert tic vindication of the
Hoard wsi fint organized up to the first j Gwernmeut and the Constitntion, even if
week in April, 1s6j. Captain Patterson the Kxeer.tive clemency should thercaf
bas only been Provast Marshal fcince Jan. ' ter be exercise J. This repetition of his
lstio-bout three months of the time. J intention certainly does not compert with
As tar c known there are no errors ' on J the assertions of at 'east one newspaper
tha rco-jrd as it stands during that time, correspcndt.nt (arid which have been ex
bat there may bc.tnd if-ao, he will be ten'virely published) (Lst "the President
fl-vl to Lave the parties make application J Las no' ilea of bringing Jefferson Davis
to have thcai corrected. With errors 1 to trial." The deluy bis cerMinly not
pluvious to. 1st Jacutiry, 1S65, he bad ! boea the fait or the Administration, nor
nothing to do and is no more responsible U there any reason to believe that the de-thau-thc
. editora of the Democrat, and j sired test has been abandoned. It is
this they well know. The Democrat i the busiuws of the Judicary, and not of
charges errors where they do not exist, j the Executive, to initiate proceedings in
ci for the sake of illustration we refer the premises ; but there is a diCcreoce
to tLe case of John P. McWilliams, the J of views among jurists, and the opiuioo
first one. named by it. Mr. McWillintns j has been advanced that, in the present
wus drafted in 1864, and afteT learning ' unsettled condition of the Southern
:hs! it -was drafted, started to Philadel j Stares, which are st ill under martial law,
phis, enihted and received a bounty. ,iuoneof which the trial would have to
This was in Ppen violation of the law of! take pUeo, no general peace having been
ConTiss, and although he served honors- j proclaimed, additional legislation by Con
b!y and was discharged, yet by the law i gress may become necesfary; aud, fur
Le stands as a deserter, and comes under j thcr. there would not be time enough" be
the penalty provided for deserters. We i tween now and the fiirst Monday in De-
wish his ctec ha-J not been brongtt so cember to try the cafe, for at'that period
Wisconsin. ; -Colouel
Butler, of Lewistown, Penn-
sylvania. .
Mrs. Butler, (wife of the above.) Lew-
istou, Pennsylvania.
Wm. II. Butler. Clerk in the S'lrvey-
tainly and te)j ch.llcBed to pomr irtn'ot u-'"",i""
anywhere such a body grouped only by
voluntary ofganirations, and devoting
themselves to a charitable as well as be
niEcent mission. The thews and sinews,
the brawu and muscle not in excess, yet
never deficient which were visible in the
line of march, wou'd have doue credit to
an old torso, or to the chisel of him who
cut Hercules aud the Athlete. There
was physical power in every man, which,
whatever may be said of the other vir
tues, is near akin to many thit are mo3t
prized. The couutonauces showed that
intelligence, courage and good judgment
which direct other ability aud lead it "iu
the right channels. And thtis, as this
civil pageant passed in hs parade, we fi.lt
more hopeful for ity, State aod country,
that they contained such citizens for the
ornaments of peace and great defences of
war. Nor was the idea weakened in be
holding borne over one scctiod of the line
a banuer of the sta:s and stripes, rent by
many shot, which bad evidently been as
well advaoecd in the great war hapj.ily
dosed, as it then was in a peaceful triumph
and the festivity of an organization which
lived under its protection.
We are an eminently practical people,
and rather flown upon parades which ac
complish nothing. This Convention of
Firemen and consequent display was, how
ever, very practical. It gave some proof
that the alleged physical degeneracy of
America is not so great as the English
have asserted ; it showed tint the young
men of the land have not beeu wholly
draiued by the war ; it demonstrated that
those who remain are as capable physically
and as reliable' patriotically as were thoie
who have put dowa forever the greatest
burg, rcnnsyl-
,Ktk :
Mrs. Msgdaletia Zctte, cf Milkaukie, ' f r:,nfci!i
Fore si -
Gi cene
I iU:ai..i...
J j:icr. oa
L tiica:tr
Lehigh. ..........
Lazi n
A daughter of Mrs. Philips, aged about Merger
. i MuKe .a
13 Veal s. !i.t!lin
Another daughter of Mrs. Philips, ; !onrve.
aged 10 years - , xnMJ.
It is said that from thirty to forty per
sons were wounded :sud there is no caue
to doubt the truth of th report, as it
seems incredible that a smaller number
would be injured, when the list of killed
is so exteiiiive as the above.
bein. " R'iT Vein.
' 10 ' 414
...... - ....... . m
... .: Ml
blili il'14
: ' 4 ji;3
SO 7'J7
. To" . liyy
; tij
iti ' ' 7)
- 18J ?:ll
Mrs. Philips, of Ohio.
r.u.inlcli oia Toi
I'.ke... -
Schuylkill... -
'mret 1167
This U mere idle blather. Abolition
ism is a dead issue of the past. The
Democratic Su.te Committee declared
tbeaislves iu favor of Presideut John
son's policy, an 1 his pjllcy is pl-aiuly' an
nounced ! all white and blark people to
be the complete and entire freedouj of jb
uegro from slavey, and the maiutainaaca
of his eifjal rights bturo the law.- If
any person by way of emphasis deserva
. the appellation of Abolitiouists, they are
the leaders of the Dvmociatio party in
. Pennsylvania, and the Rebel iu tbo
South. Pecple understand this matter
: and vote accordingly. '.
j No party, excupt tLe South chivalry,
have ever praetiSally indoraeJ "the a3ia--
- gamation of the Trhi;es with the negroes,"
8.VJ and we undertake 'o say ttut they wi.'l
ne er do so. President Johnson, in i:
Ha dd dress to the Colored Regitrcnt, strong'
advi.-e theui tu observe and respect t:
mar:iiLre relation; he knows where
Mll cci'inatii u" is t raC-?:c?t!. and by wttotu
t;i j -
If by ne;;ro eonulify is meatit lir;
suffrage, that !ta.i n..t su i.-ue in ti.
"jV..", Sure, and n!l !lit Dtuutiatic lus av .:
.... it is mere blather.
j lloiitst people can see tot ibetiw' -,
4'jI a'ld treat sui-h n.iseous do. t'! h'iif -t
""" about ner.i eijuaiiry m it tl'iirt.--
07. t
. ' I'erry tWert-m.
uliiriin ........
. . I 7. 1 ...
Among 1 nuso r;pnriei vrouuue.t are Siiliimn
Jaiues P. IJair, Survovor Geuf.-'al and
Mrs. Woifiuger, of Iftrrisbur. Captain
Israe Moffat, of Philadelphia, is supposed Venango
to Le injured internally. i )J "
The bodies of the persons killed were I Wnyne
forwarded to the West 00 the express : 'cai.i.(.reI.nJ
.... - . j Vi joining
tram of Suhuuy uioruing. That of Mrs. ' y0i it
fap" A very imere."!fi c:ie, in b rh
tiie b i:id of' JV.T Davis' cot:.rederaot J . -wed,
wis on M"-T".i;iy. befre Ju !ge I.
graha'J-, 1.'!' t?.e Fiipreme Court, a', eh:-;.-bers
iu Xcr Yoflt. Whe the rcU-l. -i
broke otit George W. M.eli, the dttt- . '..
ant iu 'he case, according to the -meuts
made. wa iu Tt-Xis. as a.-t tit ol i .
'ii'.ll lae Cioadway dry gi.ii hoise t Lin- ,
I If. t ... 1 L- . ,- -I
i 'jiT v,a , riiir;n c. von iuj 0.1 .
tibn ef oue bundled and sevei.ry one ih 1
isi sand dollars, due ibeui fritij Texas n.c--
li'O 1
2H ;
!M:l '
... i.'i-:
1 U)
1 Ifi
ffillett Was brought to this city, aud after J
fieiug placed in a ueat cofHu, was scut to
New t'unifcerlanJ. ' I
We are informed that the railroad ,'
track was torn up tor a dislauec of a bun- j
237 ......
l,Vn.(,cri)C itajciity ia 1S-C2, SZil.
' Hcnr Prnmylnia.
chants. Ou 1 he -ith of Marih. l-'-Ji.
, Messrs. Lanes, Boyee k Co., tuiued ver
their bu-iuess to Ltr..y J. U ileyui. I
Frederick N. Jjawrecfc, who are r! e
j plaintiffs in the present action. Go;eii
1:7; went on ith hie collections, aud, as ht
jj' alleges, with (he approval of .lr. Wiley.
j 'uvesteJ about ocn hundred thousand doi
" lars of the tui-ney he eoiiei.-ted iu retr !
have Biaerr
socurities, w tilth 01 ecur-ie
1 eunsytvania ii null true to her woie pw en wirtniess sx short lime sine,
faiiie, to h-r heroic soldiery, to the ineui-j Mr. 'jooch returned to -Tew York, and at
l i . ... . . 1 .? 1 , t. :.. ....'(.. .:...: a
ied varus ot more, and that Lhrea or Tour : ' J J ... ' r
I.Unno in lh. 1! at .nVtif tpsir-UPll frtllll : pt MP..1 locte'l IIP. Ill l?p?.'-i!t .t
j trrson ia the field and then threatened ! five thousand dollars bail, ou c'iars;e
bv the treacherous Friendship af its dead- j misappropriation of the fuudf of the fiti...
. , . , , , . !y loej. ' ; Ihe proceclings ot .Uocuay were ia cju-
of the bodies are said to have been born- 3 . . . ......
J he a:j3 1'einocracy toat proeiainteu necaon with a motiou lor his release, an I
the w,r a failure but oue year g, turn- j there was a coasiderible aru.uerit ot
-i. :tJ .n.l ' .... i,...i
reportcu as having arms and legs broken,. ' . .. . . ......
1 " a ' '. ...! . l, ........ ......1. 1.11. T ...l. A
I solium, iu iificor inc fa.i 11 ; reoei oouua iiirnei over VI lite vieuii. ui
Cfii'd ii t nuke Faithle-S to their govern-' his employers by Mr. Gooch discharged
miiut. It icdjrsel President Johnson,! his imleLfiidness to them.
u:... c.i: '
ii ini jii uutuua j
and demanded !
curs were shattered to pieces. A bnr ofi
railroad iron penetrated entirely through
tie body of one of the uiea killed. Some
bly rrutiiuted. j
. Among the parties wounded some are i
eportcd as having arms and legs broken
and others sustained injuries of every con
ceivable form.
The sieeirlent ii nttrilinrerl Ia f?rfpetir
. .1... I ,. ..( i:
, , , , , , . T7IIU lilt ilWLIC VI MJIKl.l ' lll'il li I 11 1 . , -
iron in the axle that broke, the car to . ' . ' , I ( iar.') Piiot Dkad. On Tuesday of
which it was attached having beeu in good i'"00 ' T' , utM'; L-t week, at t Le hou-c of John Beau,".
, . i that the authors ot tr. ason and war and Ue;.r ,lt! Three Locks, in this count v. n
condition. ., , , , ,, ,
, , , our wiiesprcau bereavemeut, fiidu.J be bov. aired 1 1 vears, acci leutally shot n;
A Lnnenttlcr ilisnfifi-n in IIia A .ftfiutri .-..... .
'- ;.... r,-l in rl.it n.wer ti.ev wieliied fur 1 Sister, a-ed about t) JeaTS, taubini; i.r
Press states that but two persons were se
riously wounded, but passengers deny the
our destruction.
death iu a few
JeaTs, caubiug
minutes. The ihihlrea
ran. i.l i. i..'f ipifn o :il.f.f ir'.n -vTiir.ti
They appealed to every prejadice that - f ; h wLea bv w.n
promipently before the public by the I the Justices of the Supreme Court of the j heads and stron
T . . . . A.i ..i r r.l -t-l . I 3 .? ITI ' ! 1 . 1
r.neetn? Vfno-rrit attempts " cover u ' iar term at tae capital. n natevcr may i prouuction. inisisenoun lor tne less-
the parade will rju'estinu its truth.
j t
lie by riist.ise, we are compelled to tel! j be the ultimate disposition of JelF Davis o of a single day, and few who watched
the trnth as we can provo by the recora. j ana others, this appears to ba tiie preseui
Hd he b!tn reported to the War Depart-J cood'nion of the important suoject.' . .
n.ent at any time and his name ' pointed j It will be recollected that duriug the
.oit on the rolls, be would not have been : Conspiracy Trial two printers, employed
discharged, but ivou'-? bnve been held as ; in the office of the Sdma Diput:h,' tes
a deserter. Tbo law forJ'ids a bounty to tiSed that George W. Gale was the au
drafted men aod yet after he T--5 drafted, j thor of on adxertiseineBt which appeared
and knowing it, euiiod " .and foo'V the in the Di-puhh, so'iciting contributions j has such unpaid reserves to fall back up
boumy from the Goernm-ot. The di's- ito the auiouut of U, 000,000, with which un, it is certain that she will progress ia
posit: n of the I?3ard wjs to favor lTr. 1 u wocure the assassination of President, wealth and influence. And so loon as
McWilliams iule very we'd knows; but : ZCoN aud certain members of his Cab
he cannot eomnlaia of the record as made ' met.-. Ga'.e was iu Washington- wheu the
t.rl.imji.lr; Tl j .-i islil-e lfiat . i,P Irinv tAtlimnnl Was CVeU
i 1 1 ' . i r -i . .
retie'iiou ever kuuwu. inciuentai v it i
.... . . .1 trtlfh i.f if ml r.l 1.11 tli0 I..fi,.hm.at ah.inf
stiowea tnni uie nry sieeps saieij against !, ,r. . . . hates eve u justice to the Victims ot sla- nieans the -uu was diharsred. the load
its greatest foe, and that we have a better ! . , ,. . " -, ' , very, and impelled ttiousaads to vote : enteriio' the breast -f the child, with thu
insurance than the met solid insure a"'C,e; . P ail'iuect 10 also ' a their own bet iuteresta lert they ! b..ve Fa.al result. The afflicted fami!,
companies ever chartered. It proved, too. ,hat 11,6 eire nied.eal force of Lane.,- d , -K.b.,, by name-have lately reu.ov-
. , . , : ter was assembled at the depot to miuister , , , .. . . ,: ed from Philadelphia. 1 he name of the
that the ocean of hasiuess whose nrst! . , , . but 1 10 rmdoutid, patnotiu couvtcnou of , A ... i .. . i , "
. . , to the wants of . the wounded. This; , . , i . Iece.-ed child was Mary lhe above is
waves even now i.egin to come in. can be , the people huve prevailed, aud ouce more ; j,ut .-.notiier warnintr airainst the careles
. , ... , , , - , . I would be unnecessary if but twi persons,,, .' , , . - . , i i . ,,
met and utilized, aud that thoscnergies u ! Peuusyivauu thunders that to fa it hi ul and more especially aaiust allowing
so fcoun to be ueeded ia the great works of' Were :"i,,red- "e I"U3t' howver walt ; uieU( aud uot-,0 Uai,rSj shali ,lm power 1 bcru " s'"d where'ehildren can by any
.1 l : -u i i a i 1 lor facts as they are deve.oped hereafter,! . . -: rssib'.ittv iret at theia Lewistowu Dft
the city and tre lana will bo found ready) J , ' aud cestiuy of this goveruuieut be en- ' J tu i.k.mu in
i . a -at , ' it beinir imoos-iible to obtain any perfect-1 J lotra., ' ; ,
and competent, and accompanied by cool j . ,. 'trusted. : " . . , ,. . 1 '
i j . IV reuauie gtilicniems. xassenuers ue- . . , , t.i ' t, i i . j i i-
hands to .carry us be- ..... v.. , The Union D-artv occupied co doubtlur .1,1 he legislature is mote , decided.
douoie dealing. Ic met the issues mau-: hv) 24 I nion tnajority, and we ;a:a one
iullv aud tiuated to a just CdUso uud - the iu Franklin, one iu Adama aud cne iu
i o ,i-"-" " i , ip. r......
Dtmocrot. ns be is a iMever fellow: but United Stales wall commence their rccu-J youd every point yt reached in useful: . . '.' .. " . . .-: cositiou. It had uo concealment no . Uuiou than last year. The last llou-o
are sealed 1 Any further particulars we
may receive iu regard to this unfortunate
. ....... .... n ah will tin rt.ilti u nnr.iinf4il -.'
So long as P.iiladelbbiacan show such ... . i ,
, K , ,. The accident caauof. be attributed to
cttizens, allot whom are eruploved in some . , ,
. , , , .,- , . , carelessness ou the part ot tho persons in
useful and lucrative calling, aud trained , .
. e. vi u . . i churije of the train, and the defect iu the
to some profitable business, she cau be , , - , . , . ,
- . ... , . . broken axle was such as could uot be de-
suic ui iioiuin ner uwu against competl-i
tinu aod growing. So long as the State
intelligence aud virtue ot the people for ' Arinstroug, which makes the Union m
suecess. Their plaiforui is explicit as to j uity in the 1100--." 30. The Senate will
the true policy of the adiumistration, have 7 Union tnajority if Duncan is chj
and alLliJUgiia,sti!aJ with all the ingen- i sen, aud 9 it Md'.'uaugrty is elected.
uity aud malignity that accomplished The Unioo nrj .rity on joiu t ballot will
rij .r..iii. leader eauld exercise, it has not be Itss, than 37 ea-Mijili for all rae-
- . . ' lC'UUVIdllli CaAl ... WW... wv-.w.w, r-. - - - .
by any wapectoi. liarrisbarjr . U ! tieal purposci.-Chauibersburs: I.epoti
and had ensai'cd
ofhers, and
blame no r-ie bat ' counsel to conoid Sase in 1,10 eveut
Their rceord' canaot be , of his trial iu Washing'00-
! lieved it Ri.'ht.
ja. General Lee has takan the amnef-j - Tier- i. PeansyWa-behold ber:!
tvoaih The following in a copy of it tier voice is oue or auuinuiniiu iw ner,
the nation can exhibit processions of such ' as filed in the State Denartuiout at Wash- j Biilers, to the South, to Ihe Democracy
fitiong, intelligent and patiiotio oitixena, ' 'uKloo : t ; and one that bid loyal men be of good
it is ccrtaiu that rebellions Caunot ripen .r AT C cheer aud hoj eo.tideni!y F..r the lull
. : . . i vi".jfi k"- -i -- i i...., t.i...i .(i.
invasions meci Clllil.rt o ... I Ti,,,)u Va.. CO Sol- iruition ox me chum:ic, uiu-".j
into success, nor
then in service chou'ld be enrolld and in Alabama.
marked ' in Htrvice.' This was done to
equalize the diaft from the:, different difc
iricta.. Those haviuj no soiiiiersjn ser
vice were called oa for. more tluto those)
tvr An interebtiog report of Cspt.
Moore, A. Q. M., who was sent to An
cersonville, Georgia, to mark the graves
j j vi li iou pi iovuci a ioi auiw aucu iiUbd
dietricts which bad already, sent TIun-j ti0B, iff published tbia morning. It coa-
Io many cases .the enrolling ota-J tains mieh lotormatjou of value to the
New M illinkuy Eif ASi.isiiHtMr
Mls3 J tl.M E KtLLV has lyeiied a New
M.iili:lery 6i:r.p. at fer father' reside uc
a Few doora Last of lhe 1'lei.ty terinOy
(Church. Main Street, M:fB'ntowtr, Pa..
w!isra she is prepared ! ao mi kiada.o'
vroik in I er lice of bx-inefs She ha
jusi le'Mricd !'rum the City with a full
supply ot Buaueu liars. Trimming, ta.
of the latent fail style. Give her a
Call. -
ti.. ....I H-tv.i Mniiniilion is vi-:.. :.. u . u..r..... f.
r,able and vprou, mauhooi ,u its army have bn ufedunn Ai.tone is .aid to veMeTd iy. asserted his mn.Ktence. and
witnreierenceio.ooc- -f- , - . '.. ..i i. ..... . y t k...
have captured Mfiuitla ana mi ea eoiu - ..... . -
- i It., imil .'iiir ni4 itMtntin iiiulr . iiha hejid
n( r.o,.,le J.ljreS- OCCUOlC Oll.Jt a . . . .
liut he was i anything but defeat. Yv'hile, therefore '1eoinly swear, in the presence of Almi-h-! which treasou appalled ihe Nation. Let
changed l y any posver short of Congress, icmoved South, where he bOs ev8r MUC we can congratulate the fi-emen upnn a ' ty G'id, that I will henceforth faithfully . tle diiubting look lo her sturdy sons
Another error ar ise iu the followiag man- been in coufroemeut. Recently ti? Preal- j disp'ay which was hltogether a success, ! eapport, protect and defend the Coustitu- ever t but equally slow to
When the first enrollment was made; dent ordered that be be transferred ii j and BOt marred by any misfortuues; we j "Jeunder and tha 1 Furreuder and e-t forward in reuewed
j3 it was ordered that all soldiers j civil, instead of a military, court for trial, Icao more markedly congratulate town, ! 'D ijtemaiTnerXide by and ithtully . laith that the Republic lives !
State cnu country that it enrolls such ca-1 BUpport all laws and proclamations which
.- i ..... , ,j - .u ..
of peaceful producers and warlike defen
rri neglertel to mark oppriw the name ; publioj
(capit is said that John O. Brecken-
ridge proposes to become a British subject,
and enter into the pork business.
of slaves. So help me God.
.(Sned) ... R. E. Lee.
Subscribed end sworn to before me,
this 2d day of October, A D. 1865.
.r:-.. 1 Chas. A. Davidson,
, NoUry Public
niountaiu pass to Oaxaca, and the nation
al forces are said to comprise ouj TOGO
and arguoU theui at len:ih.
. sa. Postil erice baa been lecora
nicaoed ia Texasi -