Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, September 13, 1865, Image 2

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Ikmocratk Record Continued.)
"1 deay as t have ever done Bin this
eprlmnt of civil war ku awakened me
to the truth, that th F ederal Government
naa toy right under the Constitution ta co
arse by fore of arms or aay eae or saore
of Its great constituencies.''
8o far from maintaining tbe indbsol.
ahle nature of the Federal bond, the
2?mocratio Part; at an earlj jeriod to the
straggle adopted the theory that the ee
cession of the Sooth absolved the remain
ing Statei from all further obligation to
the Constitution, and that thev were in
dividoallv at liberty to separate and Sot up
for themselves cr form sew cjnnectioas
ca each terms of alliance aa the; sight
please. There can be bat little doubt
that the ultimate object cf thi scheme
was t5 reorganise under the Montgomery
Coaetitntion, wberebv the eld inpreraacj
of the alliance between .slavery and de
mocracy might b restored, tod the dom
ination of the prty be perpetuated. The
kej note to this will be foaed in one of
the molutiotts adopted at the great Pern
ocratis meetlog in Philadelphia, held
January 16, 1861. We hare the author
ity of Mr. Wiliinm B. Reed, for the as
sertion that "it was adopted" with en
thusiastic unanimity."
"JltsMnd, That In the deliberate judgment
of the Democracy of Philadelphia, and, so far
aa we know it, of FtatHT'.vaa;. tb dlssoln.
tiw ef the Union by tbe separation of the
whole South, a retult we (ball most sincerely
deplore, i&ay release this Commonwealth from
tne bond which now connect it with the Con
federacy . nJ itft'J aulknrilt aid rryurre itt
iimu, through a convention to be assem
bled for that purpose, ta determine with whom
their let stall be cisl whether with the North
wjjjj faattioism ha precipitated this
misery upon ut. or with our brethren of the
eth, whose wrongs we feel onr own, or
whether Pennsylvania hull aland by herself,
ready, when occasion offers, ta bind togeth
er ttt brjkea Union."
That tnew were th views of the domi
aect men of the pirty is evident from the
fact that Judge Woodward at that time
asftde so secret of his desire thut Penn
fjlvsoia should go with the South
So, in the spring of 1801, e Governor
l'rice, cf New Jersey, in a letter to L.
W.- Baraet, cf Newark, argued the mat
ter thai :
"I b?Ur the Scatherc Confederatloa per -mauea:
The proceeding 1m bees takes with
forethought aai dllifceratiia it ia ao harried
Impulse, but inevitable act, bated upon the
e&cred, at wag Happened, "equality of theee
States atd la my opinion, every slave State
will, ia a short time, be found muted in one
oafederecy . . . . Before that event happens,
we cu act, howTer much we may suffer
In oar material interests. It is in that con
tingency, the, that I answer the second part
of your question, "What position far New
Jersey will bast eceord with her Interests,
honor, end the patriotia instincts of her peo
ple." I zay emphatically, t&ef ucvld go wj'fA
IA4 South, from exvy trir, prudential and pa
triotic Ttaton.
At the time of the Chicago Convention,
these view were not so openly ventilated,
btit they evidently were not at the bottom
of the reconstructiun contemplated by
?he "ecsatiot of hostilities" and "con-
restbn f f all the Statee" advocated in
the pUtfwta. One speaker, however, D.
H. Mahonoy, of Dotmque, Iowa, wa
bold enough to enunciate them, and they
were favorably receive!,
We tenst elect our eendidate. and then,
hoVdisg ont eur bbnds to the Boutb, invite
tbm to co:re and nit airaia in our Union cir
ele A voice "Sufposo they wor't come?'
If they will not ccme to us, then I am ia fa
ver cf goitg to them." Loud cheers.
And tM Van Bnren County irru, at
Taw-Paw, Michigan, declared :
"If the North and Soma are ever re-neited
we preset it will be when the Confederate
Btatea Nor'h adopt thuir new ('Mcctgotnery')
constitution, or something rry ae:r like "it.
There' a gol ttmo omin; boys."
To be tontinuetl next tctet.
Restoration or Misstssirpf. On
the first Monday in October an election
will be held in Mississippi, under her new
free State Constitution, for a regular Gov.
erabr and other State officers, c, a Leg.
islature and members of the Federal
TIouso ot Representative. On the third
Monday in October the Legislature ia to
meet, and all local officers aro to be sworn
ia. Recently Provisional Governor
Sharkey, issued a proclamation directing
the formation of one company of cavalry
and one of Infantry militia ia each coun
ty of the State, with the professed object
cf putting a atop to the prevalent outlaw
ry of the guerilla bands. It appears,
however that General Slocum, command
ing in Mississippi, thought thatthis looked
s-erj much like the re-arming of the Sooth,
and has therefore ordered that no such
military orgaoixatioas be formed anywhere
in the State, and that ai! cttiseas having
arms shall at onoe surrender them to the
national offioers.
B. Wen, the Andersoaville butcher
of Union prisoners, now oa trul in
Washington, has asked for th consoling
company of two priests. His request
has been granted by the War Department
and of course everybody knows what the
villain meant when he solicited such
consolation. H is guilty eoul begins to'
sicken at the approach of his doom, and
as he Cianit escsps the p anishaent of
e3, he iaiends lj e":2e if possible, the
grip i,i il fan.
Juniata JMnel.
A union of lata, and a union of landf,
A vnion no power thall eevrr;
A uniim of heard, and a union of hand,
And the American Union forever!
WedaetdAr Morning, Sept. 13, 186)
A. L. G18S, Editor
Lev 2 : la.
Proclaim Liberty
Threnghomt the Laa4
to AL.L ha
Inbabltaatt Thereof.
has the Lirjat CtrttUatien of any paper pub
lished ia this County. It is therefore the
eett advtriiting wudmm. tl U a Paper, truly
loyal, ably oonJucted, a first eless Loealist.
and well worthy of the nstrobsgs of every
level citixea ia the County.
Vnion Republican State Ifominatlost
er atTrtisTow.
roa cou.fir commissionehs,
BENJAMIN F. WALLS. (3 yeare)
Color Dearer of the 47th P. V. Aged 60 years.
or LACK.
JOSEPH B. McDONALD, ir (l year)
Private ia Co. A 1st Peuna- Cavalry,
or eALi.
Ceptala of Co. F. 16ti, Penna. Civalry,
0t rarrtaaoR.
Quartermaster of 53rd Regt. P. Y.
or rAtatre.
tem " Treaton must be madt odious !
TVatfors mest be pnnishrd and impnvrr
ished. Thry must not only be punished,
hut their tocialpover, must be destroyed;
Ani after making treason odious, retry
Union men and the Government should
1 fie remunerated out of the pockets of
those Kho have vtp'.cttd this great suffer
ing upon tht country.'' -President John
son, April 21, 1805.
The JcntAlA Sikwu is Published on
Main Street, next door to the Post Office,
Mifttintown, Juniata- County, Pa., oa every
Wednesday at the rate of $2.00 per year ia
advance atd $2.60 if aot paid within the
year. We wish to do a cash business as
nearly as possible. tVe wish to deal honest
iy and alike with all, and therefore need ao
be asked to vary from our terms by any one
Thankful for past favors we ask thecontinued
Seventy-Cve cents per square of ten lines
or less for tbe first insertion three inser
tions for $1.60 aad 50 cents for all subsequent
insertions. Estate Notices $2.00. Profes
sional and Business cards with paper $8.00
per year. Mercantile cards with paper $15.00
pjr year. Local notices 10 cents per line.
People ought (o look to their interest and ad
vertise in the SaKTisat as its circulation
is about one third larger than any other
paper published in the county.
Eighth sheet billa, $1.26; quarter sheet
bills $2 00; half sheet biUs $3 00; whole
sheet $6 00 30 bills are always given if le
sired. Blanks $2.00 per qaht. Colored or
fancy work eitra. Cards at 91.60 per ana
dred. Job Work respectfully solicited as we
ibclieve we eaa do up jobs a. atly aad attract
ively and expeditiously.
Asseas the Soleliers I
It is the duty of district committees.
and the privilege of individuals, to see to
it that all soldiers are assessed on or be
fore the SOth of this month. Soldiers
who served and voted iu the army lost
their citzenship, temporarily, at home,
and it must therefore be restored before
they can be permitted to vote.
have a very fins tabic exhibiting the die
taries between 26 of the principal places
in Jonistn County price Wcto on eards.
The Democrats Idem of Gaoel Thlag.
The Davis-organ dowa town, gets off
the following, which it eadorsws a one
of "good thiogs:"
"Chalk and ivory! Heel and shins !
Sambo' glory now begias! - -:
. Go 'way white man I You don't know
How to voto riijht dat m so.
Yaw, yaw, yaw 1 Yaw, yaw, yaw !
De happiest day I eber saw ! :
Man and b rudder equal born-
De Maker's imsge fin a horn I)
De glory ob de risia' day - .
De callnd ouss from Africa t
Oh, kiaky, minky, stinkey, oh I
If dis ain't glory, tell me so 1"
We eaa not eavy the character and des
tiny of that man who professes to belitve
in the religion of the Lord Jeans Christ,
And yet delight in such "good things" as
the above sample of silly negro-hate and
infidel sircasm. By such nighty arjtt-
menu (?) art thou upheld, oh sham to
mocracy I
Wkoiesaie Falsehoads
ta the last Register we find tbe follow
ing falsa assertions about the Republican.
Union Convention: - I
1. That the convention Was held nndtr
lock snd key.
2. That there were but eleven dels-
3. That they sneaked oat of the roost
like burglars. '
4. That half of the townships wen net
5. That ooly one vote was Cast in Walk
er township.
0. That several speeches were msde.
7. That some wanted to nominate sol
diers while others thought tbe soldier bu
siness a humbug.
8. That Liggett is a friend of the
9. Thst Liggett was sent out with a
search warrant to seek somebody to repre
sent delinquent townships
10. That it looked as if the party was
played out.
11. That a delegate said it was not
worth while to nominate a ticket.
12. That wo will get licked like the
d 1 anyhow.
All these thinga the writer well ktew
to be untrue when he penned them.
In the last Democrat we also find the
following falsehoods i
1. That the Convention met in Will i
back Room to nominate a ticket.
2. That quite a number of districts
were not represented.
3. That it was unanimously passed to
put out ill spectators.
4. That t committee was sppointed to
it! forts certain supposed privileged char
acters to leave.
6. Ttlot snide one made the silly speech
published in t lie Democrat.
6. That Lack, Fayette, Greenwood
and Monroe were not represent-'
7. That the Convention was 6omeiIed
through feui, bickerings and jealousies
to disband and go home.
8. That the gathering was tbe greatest
of humbugs.
All these things and many more were
well known to be false by the writer.
I'nioa County Convention.
Fur3imnt to the call the Delegates
frnni t!.e van'ons Districts assembled in
I .MifSmtnwit on Saturday the 2nd and af-
ter cnnlfation it was agreed to adjourn
until Thursday the 7th at which time the
Convention assembled at the Court House
and was orgaoiied by the election of Hoa.
John Beale as President aad Col. J. N
Moore aad II. A. Stambaugh as Seerota
riesj Credentials Were tbea handed is as
follows :
Mifflintown H. A. Stambaugh, J. H. Simons,
Fermanagh S. W. Henderson, Eph Sieber,
Payette Michael Huffman, T. t. Davis,
Monroe A. G. Shelleahcrger, S C Strewser,
Susquehanna Levi Light, Sol. Updegfove,
Greenwood H, Minium, S. Sbelleaberger,
Delaware J. T Carpenter, Emanuel Smith,
Walker J. N. Moore, John Moiser.
Patterson Geo. Goshen, P M Miekey,
Perrvsviile Lt. Sam. Laird. P. 8. Liggitt,
Turbett Jacob Hoops. Henry Arbogsrt,
Milfird Cel. J. K. Robinson. 8 M inarches.
I Beale Hoa. John Beale, Dr. J. P- Serrett.
! Spruce Hill A- J. Patterson, W. J. Evans,
! Tusearora James Irwin, Henry Morrow,
Lack William Varaer, Math las Stamp, '.
duck uosi nos. aieiaiyre, oemoei oarer,
Oa motioo the Cooveotioa proceeded
to nominate Candidates by acclamation.
On motion of Harry A. Stambaugh, it
was unanimously reeolved that Joseph
M. Belford of Mifflintown be nomina
ted for the office of County Treasurer.
On motion of P. S. Liggitt, BeR JAM
IN F. Walls, tbe color bearer of tbe
47th Rcgimeut, of Lack township was
unanimously uominated for County Com
missioner fur the long term (3 years)
Ou motion of Dr. J. P. Sterrett. Jos.
B. McDonald, jr private of Company A,
1st Pa. CaTalry, of Bella township was
unanimously nominated for County Cod
ittiesioBer for the abort tots (1 year). .
Oa notion of T. T. Davis,' (Vpt. II.
II. WiLSOtr, of Company F, 16th Pa.
Cavalry, of Patterson borough was unan
imously nominated for Jury Commis
On motion of J. N. Moore, Lieut T.
T. Davis of Company I, 53rd Reeiment
of FayeUo was unanimously nominated
for County Auditor.
On motion of A. J. Patterson, Esq.,
William Dunn of Fayette township
was unanimously nominated for County
On motion of P. S. Liggitt Messrs
Capt. II. II. Wilson, Capt. W. H. Patter
1 son and C. B.. Horning were elected to
meet the conferees of Mifflin and Hun
tingdon bounties aad nominate a Leg ula
tive Ticket
Oa motion of A. J. Patterson,
President wsa authorised to appoint
oaaal County Standing Committee.
The President has appointed the
lowing Standing Committee : ,
Mifiia Col J J Patterson, Capt A H Mania.
Fermanagh Eliae Horning, R C Gallagher,
Fayette Michael Hoffman, Capt. L Degett,
Monroe A G Bhellenberger, 8 JStrouser,
Susquehanna Levi Light. Sol Cpdetrove,
Greenwood S SMleaberger, R B Minium,
Delaware J P Thompson, Elihu Benner,
Walker J. A, Gallagher. John Motser,
Patterson Lt Samuel Brown. Geo Goshen.
Milford Col J K Robinson. Thi A Hardy,
Tut bett-Stewart Turbett, Isaac Kauffmaa.
Perryaville Lt Sam Laird. P S Liggett
Spruce Hill Wm J Ivans. Tuottas Patten,
Beale Dr J P Sterrett, Riohard Doyle,
Tusoaror James Irwin, George M Smelker,
Lack Malhiaa StUmV. John Leonard.
Blaek Leg R Mtlatyre, Samuel Shearer.
- .Oa notion. Messrs F. M. Miekcy, Dr.
J. P- Sterrett, A L. Ouss, J. T. Carpen
ter, and Michael Huffman were appointed
a Committee to draft Resolutions express
ive of the seme of this Convention, in
regard to tbe political issues of the day.
The Committee oa Resolutions report
the following:
Rctohtd, That we congratulate the
Union Party of Juaiata County that the
war for tho Union was not a failure, but
that the general Govt rnroent by the aid
j of its loyal people has vindicated its au
' thority in every State, ha subdued the
, tbe hosts of treason and haa triumphantly
' shown the wisdom and patriotism of all
: its measures.
I Resolved, That tho Union Party, hav
' ioK redeemed all its promises, now pre
, sents its principles and nomidees, with the
' sifongdt possibl clalAis, to the earnest
support and suffrages of the American
i people.
j Resolved, That we endorse heartily the
j platform and principles snd candidates
j act forth by the Union State Convention
recently assembled at IlarrisbUrg.
Resolved, That we hail with pleasure
the fact that tho hobbies, faultfindings and
falsehoods of our political enemies, duriog
four years ot war, have gone down with
the rebellion which they were
and calculated to aid and comfort.
Resolved, That the record of the so
called democratic party, of Juniata Coun
I ty, and of the State, in opposing and vo
ting against the Amendment granting Sol-
i diers tho right to vote, presents in them
' a spirit so ungrateful, nnpatriotio and in
famous, that it ought never to be forgotten
j by any true soldier or soldier's friend.
Kesoivea. mat tno aastaraiy couauct
of our leading so called democrats in dis
turbing and interrunting public ccctiogs,
and the repeated efforts to gag aod curb
the organ of the party in this County con
clusively prove that all thicr complaints
aboUt ''free speech and froo pres," arbi
trary arrests, military interference, Lo, La,
are but the veriest hypocracy. as they lack
only the power to effect for themselves
what they falsely charge npon the friends of
the general Government.
- Resolved, That we present this day
candidates for the various county offices,
men who are honest, capable and worthy,
and as far as postiblo med who have
shown their devotion to the Union on
many bloody fields that their claims oa
the suffrages of our people are of the very
highest character, aud more especially so
when corn-pared With their opponents, all
whom while sitting at home in security
have been loud and bitter in their denun
ciations of the war and of every efficient
measure adopted to subdue the rebels.
Resolved, Thst we revere aad grate
fully cherish the memory of A. Lin
coln, who saved aad delivered his Coun
try with an honesty, faithfu Ines aad pa
triotism that commaaded the admiration of
the werld. sad who after having fought
the good fight aad kept the faith, was fiend
ialyh slain by hands rehooled and piepared
by the teachings of ouf political ene-nres-
Rcsdced, That re endorse the demtfs
racy of Andrew Jo'HK80$, President of
the United States ) that we appreciate the
seal aad taitafaleess of And. G. Cubtin
Governor of our noble commonwealth ;
aad that our thaaks are duo to Jkes
miah Lyons, Esq., for tbe boo est devo
tion that characterised him in bis labors
as Chairman of Standing County Com
mittee duriog the past year.
On motion the Convention united in
three rousing cheers for the Union Sol
diers Tioket just nominated, which was
responded toby those present with a will
which betokened a most decided enthu
siasm in tbe good cause.
The Convention oa motion ilea ad
Hoa. JOHN BEALE, Pres.
3. N. MooRt. '
H. A, Stambatxjh,
r ekw vt.r
WaaaiAa is akd bt ah Act of tbe Geo
eral Assembly of the Commonwealth of Penn-
sjlvenia, entiled "Aa Act relating tOthe elec
tions of this Loojnonwoaltii," passed the 2nd
day of July, A. D, 1836, it ia made tbe duty
of the Sheriff of every oounty witbia the
Commonwealth to give pnblie notice of the
General Elections, aad set forth the officers te
be elected, and the place at which the clectioa
is U aa bald. " , . .-.
I. SAMUEL B. LOUDfcff, High Sheriff of
the oounty of Jasiata; do hereby mkt known
aad give this public actias to the aleetera of
tbe eouaty of Juniata that oa the SECOND
TUESDAY OFOCTOBEd aext (being the 10th
day of the month) a General Electioa will be
held at tbe several electioa districts eatabliah
ed by law in said county, at which timo they
will vote by ballot for the several onsen
hereafter mentioned, to wit:
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Auditor
General of tbe State of Peonsvlvenie.
ONE PE&SON to fill the oihoe of Surveyor
General of the State of Pennsylvania.
TWO PERSONS, ia conneotion with the
counties of Huntingdon aba Mimin, to nil the
office of Member of the House of Represen
tatives of tbe Commoawealtb of Pennsylvania.
ONE PERSON te all tbe office of Treasur
er of Juniata eouaty.
ONE PERSON to all the eSee of County
Commissioner of Juniata eouaty for three
ONE PERSON to fill the office of County
Commissioner of Junjatacouaty for eue year.
TA'O PERSONS to fill the office of Jury
CommiMoner of Juniata Cou tyk
ONE PKRSON to fill the office bf Surveyor
if Juniata eoudty.
ONE PERSON to fill the office of Auditor
of Juaiata connty.
give notice that the places of holding the
aforesaid General Election ia the several dis
tricts aiid townships ia the etraaiy of Jnniata
are as follows, to wit i
Mthe Court 'House ia tie borough of
Mifflintown. for the borough ef Miflintowu.
At tho Court House ia the borough of
MiSinriwo, far Peraaoafh township.
At tbe School House ia Metioo, tur TValk
er township.
At the Academy at Tbompsoatown, for Del
aware lownship-
At the Public House cf Thomas Cos, for
Girenwood township.
At the School House iu RiebSe'.d, for Mob-
roc township.
At Xdousc's a iliocl Ususe, fr Susiuebea
n township.
At tha School House ia McAUistersTi'.'.e, for
FatcU tewiubiD.
At the School House in Fatiers-o. fir the
borough of Patterson.
At the School House in FoTrjsvllie, fjr the
borough of i'crrysville.
At the Locust Grove Suheol Bcuee. near
the residence of John Metliis. for Milfe?d.
At the Spruce Bill School Mouse, to? fpruce
Hill tnwtniiiip.
At the Srlitol Mouse near the residence cf
Samuel Allen, for Beale tcnsl:ip.
At the flcbocl House asr McCuHocb's
Mill's for Ttis.larora townebtp. except thit
portion cf it lyinguorth-wesiword of the sum
mit of the Shade Mouuuin.
' At tbe Lies Schorl House aar tbe reel
deoce ef Benjamin Walls, for Lack township
eittr-t that portion cf it Ivine aOrth-weet.
wardlv of the summit of tits Shade Mountain.
AttheCentie School Houre, for so much
of tbe townships of Lack and TuCrori Iyiug
norlh-wertwardly of the sutuuit tf the Shade
At the Church Hill fiebool Ifoe. ia Tur
bett tonebip fir Turbett township.
I ALSO MAKE KNOWN and give aoCce
a in and by tho 13th section of tbe aforosoiJ
Act. I am directed, that every person, except
Justice of tbs Peace, who shall hold an office
of appointment, cf profit or trust, under the
Government of the United ftates, er ef thiS
Slate or of any city or incorporated district,
whether a commissioned offioer or otherwise,
a sut'Ordtastn afPser or agmt. Who il or shall
he employed undrrthe lecislative. judicary or
eeeea'ive department of this state cr of the
United Spates, or ot any city or incorporated
district, and stso, that every member of Con
i;rcs. and of the Stale Legislative and of the
Keled and Common Council of any city, or
Commissioner of any incorporated district, la
by law inoapobte of holiiing or eiereisiTtg at
the same time tbe office or appointment of
Judge. Inepector. or other offices or any such
c'.&'.ion' !in be Mlleil'e to any office."
Also that in the 4th section of aa Act of
Assembly, entitled "An Act relating to Exe
cution and for otber purpose." approved
April Ifkh. 180, It is enacted thtthe afore
said 13th section '-shall not be constructed s
as to prevent any military officer or wrongs
nflioer from serving as Judge Inspector or
Clerk of any General or Special Election of
this Commonwealth.
Pursuant to tbe provisions contained in tbe
73th Section ef the Act first aforesaid :
"The judges of tbe aforesaid district shall
respectively take Charge of the certificate of
the election of their respitlve district and
produce them at the meeting ef the judges
from each distriot, at the Court House in the
Borough of Mifflintown. oa the third day after
tbe day of the election, being the loth day of
October. A. P., 1865, thea and there to do
and perform the duties required by law of
said Jadss."
Also. By the 19th settlse cf "an Act to
regulate elections by soldiers ia actual mili
tary service, approved tha 25th of August,
A. D., 1X65." "the return judges ef the sev
eral counties shall adjourn to meet at the pla
ces now directed by laW. on the third Friday
after any general or preaideatial election for
the purpose of counting the soldiers' vote,"
The return judges will re-assemble at the
Court House ia the borongh of Mifflintown,
oa Friday, October 27, 1865, who shall receive
from tbe protaoaatory of the county aad shall
iaclude ia their enumeration, tbe vote so re
turned, by soldier ia sotual military servioe.
Also, that where a judge ay aicsaea or
unavoidable accident is unable to attend said
meeting If judges thea the certificate of re
turn aforesaid, shall be taken charge of by
one the Inspectors or Clerk of the electioa of
aid district, waft shall do and perform the
dmlSa required of said Judge unable to at
tend. The return jndgea for this Assembly dis
triet will meet at the Court Howae fa Lewie-
town, oa Priday, November 3, 1865, thea and
thereto do and perform each datics required
by law of said judges.
. . . ... ... .
Also, that aa Act oi AnemDiy, entities aa
Aot relating to the elections of this Common
wealth passed July Si, 1839, further provides
as folio, to wit:
"That the Inaptotorsand Judges shall meet
at the respective places appointed for holding
the election la the district to which they De
long, before 9 o'clock, ia the morning of the
cf the said Inspector shall appoint oa
clerk who shall b a qaaHfied voter of saoh
ArreeaM to the nrovision of the 61st No
tion Cf safd aot, every General add Special
election cbal) be opened between EIGHT aad
IEN O CLOCK in tbs terasoa sac eosucue
Vithont interruption or aijourmtnt not..
SEVEN O'CLOCK in tha crania. wUo tin
polls shall be closed.
Mifliatowo, Septem'nT 13
- n. r. sAiG&n
. ' WITH
R, St KortiiTblr4StretrkU4s
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Ttt atsasois Daialta CablMt Or-
gaMia, forty different styles, -sdfsd eoaa
ored aad secular musib. froa $80 te MOO eeab.
or other first premiums awardatt them. Claa
t rated CaUlogues free- Adress, MABOlv A
Naw Yoaa. '
AitltaaHoa ai Cbrk ia a stors Vy a yousg
mea of reepeetbility,
The best of reffareaoe gitia. per la for at
tia apply at this efflia.
Aug. as. ea-
hereby gfm ta aS Sanaa faaieasesl to
tha estate ef Theavae. Sharaisr. lata f the
borough pf Pattcrsea dec sa sad, either by
Ntf cr Cook Account q SeS forward aa4
pay up before tb first of September, er theee
Claiw.s will thsa positively be put into tho
hands of a Justice for eaSevtiea
Aug. 9-3t Admia.':rtore.
fm. AT
THE undersigned Admlnieiraier cf ??tvi
. ef JoSttamt. aill offer fut sal at pub
lic ontcry Ly uHer of the Orybans' Court en
the ptemisea in Delaware township. Juaiata
Con my. IV. al.ont two and ace half mitea
North West of Thompsontown, oa
A tract of lanp situated as above staled and
Varied by laada of 8. O. Sraa. ravtd
Wllher e Heirs. Margaret CUasea aal others
eiataiaiag about i:
About 05 acres of wliich are card sii un
der food Afiltivelioo, tbe baiaoce be.ag !.ci
berland. Ti.re ia en the premise a
HDl'SE actT LOG BARN aa-I a 0..e Sf rbg ef
water aear the door. ad "o the pia:
TERMS: One half of the puriliise mrB
ty to re paid er. the eon&ruiA'toa of the situ
by the CoCri and the other haif ca tii era: of
April neat to be secure i br jndgiucnt.
Sale to cuoicienr at 1 o'clock. T- sf.. of
said day, when attendaace will be given Yy
tbe und'ersigneJ, frou vca aay a-ldiUoaal
iuformatioa may be oblaiaed piw-r to tho
September 1, ICiJs.
The Ualrcrsai Clotkes TTrtBger
Large Sue, f 10 00. Median, 80.
Too TniTtw! Cog thfrl C1otb.es Vtiupt
Was pronounced superior ti all others at tne
Ia 1862; received the L'ronie Medei. ' high
est premium) at the Great Fair or
In aew Tork City, in It b a also re
ceived tie r lbaT 1'KKICMS at the
ing State Fairs :
New TorU. !M2 1C3: Vermont. ltM;
Pennsylvania, 18631861; Michigan. 1964:
Indiana 186i 1861 1 Illinois. 18631864;
Iowa, 18031864; Wisconsin, 1864; Ccaa;
River Valley Fair, 1864 ; Chemplaia Valley
Fair, 1864; aad St tbe prioipal County ea
Iastitat Fair ttrocgteul tlie lead.
"My family weald as soon give on the eeek-
ir.g-stovs aa this Clotbbs fitnoii. It ca
nut be too highly reoomtaeadcS. Soto Mcti-
''After a constant ass of the IVtrsasAt.
Cioras Waiaosa for mors than four years
fa my family. I am authorised by tha "power
that be." te give Itibe aaaat aafjualiSed praie.
aad to pronounce it sa indispensable part of
the machinery for housekeeping." v. 3r
ry Ward Bticfitr
"This is the first Wringer I have found that
wonld stand the servioe required ef iC J.
P. ffuffius, LotHfcy's ffottl.
"In tbe Lstrsdry of my house there is a
psepetaal thaBbsgieing ca Msndajw far tke
ia venti on of year eaoelleat Wringer." An
Ttooiar L. Cuyltr.
"We think tha Macaiae araeh more than
pays for itself every yaer ia the saviags at
gaimeut. W tbiak it Import sas the Wring
er should be fitted with COGS " Q Judd.
heartily commend it t. lo eoaaomiets of
time, money and oonteatmeat." Jts. Patter
"It saves labor, espediste work, make the
laundress good eeTtrd. cces aot tear off but-
tons aoa looispeasaoie to a weu reguixea
fomily." K- S. Sterrs. Jr X). Z.
"Every week ha given it a atrenpernotd
apoa tbe sffeetioaa of the in mate j of tb '.sun
dry. Every membor of toe bonsshold U ia
admiratioa of it." .Vv York O.Wrr.
tgOa receipt of price fires any ptrt tt
tie country where we tavs aa casvscse;;, w i
Seed tie Wringer frea of freight charge.
A good canvaoer wanted ia ?ery UwaaUp.
Se&d for liraatraMd Price CircuUs.
s. c ssowma.
MT JSroatSwur, K.