Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, September 13, 1865, Image 1

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r I MXFFtlNTO WJT,' 3 UNlAtA COUNTTi rfiNlt'l. SEPTEMBfifi 1?, 1865. ru x
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The CxtMiVM 'GoMMitWa'TuPUcr i timala
-XWflf 51grcn1tUTl SociWelKiic9 AKt
ground at PcrrysTi'Jo on the day JvelV'?iv
" wi, unci rtii!v huj the sypww lins lwn a
ftuitfulonel OUTdltlitiiMI will be mure than
Cvmmonlj creditayc . we would .prosncr;
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O Sea.nd W,t.......u. .1 00
- . Colt over three yoar old...'... ) 60
, i - OVlTlWiJ . 1 50
oierme jeai..........'..:-l CO
" -Uinl'T yux)i'l.. - o
' - ITiiruefset! mitte? fon ibe ring) 1 0
. Seccmd bc.-t 1 JO
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. -r i jnuio t Ani ninal.i- S 00
" Familv hivse 2.50
Lett tr.jTTPrTm tHBtfST... .trtT.
..2 00
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' . -. - cutxLk.
'or lt Durham bulf ..,. i.2 0
Devon,- Ayreship; ( itif o "
im o :. - eaoti ...j. 210
1 Durham o-r our and iinih-r ,
' .. . to tears o'i. .... -i 1 oO
' Durham tulf nndcronc ye.ir... 100
' " - Devon, Aynvhircur. 'utivo
nnk-r one your !d 1 00
11 Durham Cow over fuur years
4 -fclJ.v .". 2 00
. . . Second 1 Wl
. i:.M,.A t-tcldr r SlUx-e . -2 X
Svrind ." - 1 0
" "' " lhirhara Ilcid'cr over 2 veurs
eld ! 1 M
" ?'-i:d ::im
.-. - " DuvfH, -.Aynslivx or jyii"io . -
over two jvursbM.....' 1 SO
Scupnd- 1 00
" Itullock -2 years old end o-er.... 1 '')
'" SucvliQ under two voKr 1 00
Yol;cof Oxen .". - 2 00
Soeond 1 00
" Lbt of fat cattle 4 in number... 3 IK)
- '. SHEEP ANTDnd0S.
best Southdown or Cotswold or J at-
.' . , ive buck each... SI 50
" rVcond 100
- Kwe...-: : - 1 00
Lot of Lamb?, Southilowni,
C'oUwold 1 in number eaeJj..." 1 O'l
' . i . ' Flocltof licv4 10 in mimbor- 2 0 )
" ' Hg'.:..4......-i.:.': 1
" j Sow and Pig...,. 1 W)
Lot uf SboaU C in huntber 1 '
' Uoar-.. ... 1 00
'. .".FOWLS. . .. .
For bust Tair ShangbaU ...V-S 50
Iiroiuiia 00
" Jerfey Blnn .'...:.' SO
. Culltcttuu or Fiw!s. oO
Tiiir Tin let vs. "i
l Tnir Geo-e.. 5tt
Duiks .j:: 50
For b(t Fanning 5Iifl ....'.:.!. '..".$t 00
Cultivaior. - 1 0O
" Grain SftrUcr and Cultivator... o
' Day Klevntor....i. 50
Hotl Wason, now -..
: One and 2 horo wagoit, oath
now 9
rain CT:idle...:.?.......-...t.....".i Vo
.. Straw and Fodder Cutter........ 1 00
' Ilarrow....;.,.... Vo
" Gnin DrilU new- 2 Oil
P.eurKT and Mower 2 00
Vtfn PluuVh""""'""" 50 1
, .
x ,'.
" Corn riough......' . 2 00
' Uorso pow(,r and Tbfo.-binj
" . 3facTiihe '...-,-l:.:,.-. 2 00
Clover Suller,' now '. 1 00
. lTorea Hake,' nc' -i- 50
. , Cora SiieJier;j . .. 50
b:irn... hew.,.. .,..'...'. ...... . 50
Washing 3Iachirn)'....,.. ,... 50i
Wood i?aw Circular or ' other "r
saw --r- 50 j
i.,jru uruiuvr.y
Tcf lest pidfWcct Ware... vr:?2 00
w irmts ana ?noes..
5-.iit:of Clothing-.
1 00
1 00
" .Lot of Cnstiuss
" 'Lot of horrc ibops and nails
Lot of Com Brooms... -v25
' .Tsnned and Finwhrd Unriiefs. 1 On
' '" " " Variety of upper and calf skins 1 0r
- r Mlc Sole l.etner.... .-..'..' rw
" 'Buggy, new... .'....:. ....."2 00
Family Carriage ...t'. 2 50
-' spring Wagon.. 1 00
'" - Knlky ...... r........ ; 60
... - Uisplav of .btisity hnd wagnn .'
Harness ......-'.; 2 00
- Display nfs.lery...: t 50
Vir,ki,ig ft.vo .- 1 OO
' Displnvof Tin-ware 1 00
--' - ' '' Chaios .....w-: 50
: ; '- 15eeliives u w';75
For best Karr.l of FU.ur..J. J . $1. 0(r
'. . :- :Uukel Kuch wheat Flor..' . , 00
.. . i. ., .Corn Mcl...;:,...-j L
... - ... s White Wheat.-....... - ItlO
- . Red ' -......... 1 00
V. . . Barrel. of -Cora in cr ...,..,.". 1 00
". y JluHheL of .Oats or. Barley.., . : 20
. V i ." . ,. Covcrseed. .,.,.,.. ; 75
" . !Hthyeed..,......-.-70
.41 i . v '-At IiL TABLES.
Torw.'tTBiriHnei pStirtocii.. 'X .
' " Street
s. X'ie W"iAftHit AtiuukiiibI Jbat
" f rLt)fofrtrt4bagi. sogarbeefs,"'13 "
SiS'S9'lf PeWs' 'ir
.v r wewialL.Er''' ' r.n
- - v-fKyiay or vtctaMcs.,.. "1 00
Lo"Of drrfd- ehertiesl.vl i r" T
Lot of Pears....,
WiTlay-of Ih-icd.fruit " '
t'p?ay'ff Oreca fruit!Y-' J
5 Tiot Cf Q'ihises:...?.;.-:..T. . .
IHniilitT of ffrnnpa
For bcst fi-nit cake, rusk, pound calce,' '
rt '. " -lialit cakea orloaf f bread-, ' i
-acb.i?... ;.:;..?;.4:.v to
." '-irini,blaikbcrf,r er cler '
:t.z? 1.- barcywtM, eaeh ' fO
" Ilalf gallon pnre juice of : 3 '
: .'i.r grI'i quinoe, peach, to-
-.. -.ri '. i:Ue, apples ti crab- pre-::; v
i . . . '. Ker'res, eaub it
. Di.iiUyof iredcrre and jet-: "' ' :
.' Jies- five lbs butter in roll 1 00
Peooud . . i . . o
' "'. -Jal' apple buuer.... 50
' Ilor.c-made clieese..... . 60
.. - Jloiiey is ;he comb and. box
Otbs . .50
; Second.......,...--. 52
DMKSTIC MAXUFACTl'Itr!1 " ,! " '
--v ;- -a -.'- .
For .:eet Flannel 10 yards.... .....sv..... . 1 i)Q
w-. Second. ..M......r.i; .-. r.O
tt'iiit .-. .y
... .fieooud. ...Nk.j.... 50
" Coverlet i..-.vj....i;..; J 00
Linen theeJa...-
.iir j'.iien table cloths 60
s. ' Fair woolen hoec ......... 50
..'Second 50
: Pair woolen blankets . 1 00
Second.'.:: . CO
... V oolen carpet In yards ; .1 00
" Mitlenf. pluves, or oraahicnt- :
;: '.."'-,' al needle work,-mat run,
: fliellwork, . wax tloweos,
.j ... . . cusuiens and table cover, - 7
y . ';" SEKDtE V'ORK.- ' ,
For best liirt. ....!.......
:. .'. fesond.v. ....
"'i -Di'pUy. of embroidery
" , CiiilO'6 cbair tidy, ot-.
. ..' iju cver, aainpler' p.ir
Mipptr?, t-;in!, cover,.
-: Unpruf. Ao:, A:o... ,
F-r bc.t difp'iy of drawings, and
1. 00
5 00
1 00
i : PLOWING, ,)
For best 'ilowinR and plouglraliiu'.
' " " Heennfl
-"" 'Third i
3 00
2 00
! 00
Is'. -Prtniluius will be affanled on all mer
itorious articles omitted in the above enunier-
f '-ii L No articles or animal's can bo adnjit-
ted in the fiir ;rmiiiil5 until properly cnleied
on the books of the Secretary.
Srd. No article or animate must be re-
Uiel until its" closo, except by the permis-
t'.WtJ"'.T;-?y' i cause of slarerj and, state' rights Ws'tl rwht-flErBeciwioihe told 7 Ae
jt.-ciVi v.i:HU;ra.mt.5-- V: . lled'all 'risiftg'Sfeifilirfd ; iod the riiour.n. whidh t aointnt. Irak taking the
Wtfcil?Ms:Sljfijil v ' ih o'f a na'tloii lis forced those Wio fattfly 8Pa'"eoode;' that; if the
winter. each.. r.' . ' T0 . -..-: i. v.. lumimI liW rt.
lia H.ly and straw fc? Jill animals free of j""'" "1no-,i luu, aeuji. uy irnuu
cbarge. . , ciil abujitionists to . interfere . with the
5. The riuj sliall ;io be entered eiihet " . . , , , " . , ' '". i- i
ridinjr.br dr!vfnS a. hwsoby any. per?on in-1 movement would be Diet and neutralised
toxii-arcd. I br their tteuioeratic. allies irt the 'North,
,l,fdVVH.fiiT1,',er,''-i,een ? rk''a eventually tl.e Union would be
their report to tue secretary by 9 o clock on j J .
rri'iay uie inn. . . . ,
th.Unuzhinx. match v ill occur at 9 I
ivill occur
o'clock A." M. on Friday the ll'h. ' .
The finiilies. of persons taking two shares
of stock enter free, and have also the ri;;ht of
l. :i : . ..
. The famines of those taking one1 share of
stock enter free but will be charged flfijr cents
for t.be right of exhibiting. ' ..
Family tickets wiili the riglit of exhibiting
seventy-five ctiits. , single ticket Tiflecn ctg.
' . ... II. HAriLT07Yu.
T!:e mnnagsrs of the Society would say tcf
I fliose who may compete for premiums,' .'that
whilst Ui.y are sorry hat s4me.-who at'form-
Mi.i.; jj u... '
c c.iiiuiiiuu, jFiTjufiuuin, u.,
been flibjeeted to disappointment "in not ob-
taming them at the appointed time, froiu, caus j
es beyond, thoir control, yet au have been U
nally paid. They claim to act fairly and hnn
estly ata$ times and pay as pronllly as they
."-'' fJ
or'derof ke Board of Managers,'! V.
a Vai.-r'i M- GRAHAM,' Sect'
w :.- :
Til E
Record, of die;' Dcuiocralic.,Parly
' ;- -.1800 18C5. - - J -
J. -i - (. , , V. ' L m 1 ' 1 .... .
: The War against Rebellion has passed
into history; " UaJ it proved unsuccessful,,
tho political party Vhichdias never eeased
to predict its ill-success. and . to obstruct
its progress would have' claimed and se-j
ctrfcd,-as the reward of , its political -aga- j
city, -the management of our national j
affairs for a fcCncrstroft. ' To orrcsi a site
coesful war, however, u lively, .in .a. Re
phlic,.to prove the destruotion - of -any
organization guilty of so unpatnotic:fa
blunder, and tho. Democracy, which rkas
bus prwd 1M laithtittness lo the gfeattcrfercnce of the-.Northern, peopled with the
priufiples on which it was' founded,- is 0ue-,lion of'elvery has 'at length produced
ow.ee.king toUliterat the damning i
record of its course since the' election1 of i
W 4 '
i- a Uti
,Ti . , i . Pjl
jof Snmter, tlie inJignant energy of'tlie
ffih stippVcskell branifb3tatiqns- of
jfadtious opposition!' ' Sioce tliC streOdcr
ht ihe rebeh aed the assassinitibn of Mr.
iueoTnr afeo." the' libDeIessDe of the
Waseless VteaOin- ti h'eslim54 memory
witkyct more nanpeous praise.' ?TKesee"'-:4 "-.'--5;'' i '-'' ' :jJfn
"scanty proofs of "patriotism are B0W: ap -
. , , r' .' ' , '. ; ,' . -
poaicu iu B. m. mi-o c v-v-
nisvki nifew ehflrt years lorgatthe - 'eoi -
sisteot polioj-wliili .sti iortunit,
of embarrassi-K.the Governmetit and en-
ctMiraip"- the" liebtttIioo,V-duriDK..: Uie
gloomy period when 'ths'. national life
hung: in . the balance aud' destruction
seemed only. to k averted L.V: nnaiiimous
effort.' It M not pleasant to "reflect that
a powotful. party, which UadTTor.-aeariy
Uhe conntrj . has played & base and" W7"V"!".:.-.f rw
-socable a part-in the7 hour of peril j-s aid
the peojiro will be ready , to banii-h all
memoriefi ot-so disgraceful and humili
ating a fact. It ii 'important,, however,
that is the future we should . kbow who
are to be trusted apd who to be tkUntcJ.
The problems to be solved ithill the nest
ten years arc too uiomcutous to mankind
to Ija coDfiJod to. tbuwj who have proved
themselves rctrcint alike to republicati
on and to true ddmooracy. ' It may there
forc"not be amiss' to" throw together, in a
sbarje " fgi . prev.;rvation and ' convcnict
reference, . a few .-of the . innumerable
proots that tho treat Democratic Tarty jpniWees to our Constitution ai will -pro-has
thrOnl'liOut tho cotitfift been the -'con- t his property froni the spoliation of re-
extent and iaithful ally of the Rebellion :
that it invited seeeisioa, declared, that
cocreiou wad i uaejustiiutiunal and war . il
legal, and that it opposed every measure
adopted by the ua fion' to carry on - the
War suspeh'dion of the habeas cvrj'tn,
c'oc'scriptiori"enianciiation, loins,, leral
tender money and taxation everything,
in fdot, to-.which we 6wo tho fortunate
result of our unexampled struggle- ,
: 'iirrw Tflf: sovtA was -tbspied '
'h-'-r TO' -bKCKDB. r ' ''' "-;
So onb imngincs that, Laa ftib' South
sa;ipo?ed that its revolt would have ' been
restated . by a uaitel and j dctcruiiutd
North, it would have plunged into the
fiery gulf of rebellion. ' Its people were
asfdrtd by: their' lbadurs - that " scccFsion
would be peaceful, that it. was justifiable:,
tbat it was t&cf only reuiddj for innumer-
recoustrutieu uuuer a pro-siavery cousti-
.,;' f t,';. .t:...:,. V
England left out, or only -admitted as one
consolidated state.'.' How fully they were
justified in promulgaticg these fatal- cr-
rors-ean easily be proved by reterencc to !
the utterance of chosen lender" of 'the
r . x ....
Democracy. S . ."1 "
s " '
Ex-President franklin' Pierce, in
i!ctter to Jcrsori Davis, as early as Jn-1
iiarv 6. ISf.O. thus assured him thai ' kia I
, -,. - . - :
Northern allies would be faithful to .the
tdst eXtTeitfity. '
'' " I do not believe tbat our friends at' lLe
South have any just idet of the stnte ef feel
ing, hurrying at this moment on the pitch of
intensc.ex&speration bet woven those who re
spect their poKtical.'obligaiions. and -th6se
who bsve apparently iiiHiripelling -power bnt
tbatfchich taaiuioal passion' en the ..Object
of domestic -slavery ; impiiria. -.Wjtboutilie-oUssmg
the. (mention of right of, abstract
power to eocede, I haver sever believed that
actual Aisrti'pttcif c'f he' 1'nio'n'can occur with
out bloi: and 'if -tliroiiirh the taadnesi nf
Northern .Abolitionist that diri calamity citizens oPehiiylvania'sliOuld
must come, the fighting will not be aloae'"' .- . , '- ,
juason aua uixon g liua, uortly. . It will be
witfcin our wo borders, in our owtt-. .streets,
between the1 two classes 'of eittens td whom I
have refened-." 'TUazc uko 'arfy lam tini ttotit
etihstilutionttl obligation wilt, if tvtr we 'rtach
tie vbUrmunt of arms, f.ni occupation enough
uiM"r"i w;: v. , 4r4t.it ::. i.r'e .
Few iienocritic statesmen were ' found
bold enough' to' defend sece'sssion ; as "it
constitutional rightbut;1 tho'outh'. was
assured in the' most formal' way that the
if rongs inQictcd on it were ample to' jus-
tify secesssion as a revolutionary remedy
Thus President TJuehahan in his Ttfcs
sage of December SSGO, ptoV:la;m'ed ' tcH
the world, that ;
the first law pf -nature, affirhasbeen imidanted
Ia.lue heart of man by his Cr.fcat0E.4fo; the 1
wisest purposes, and no political union. 'how
ever fraught with tleiatrpfl and benefits in
other respects, can lon continue if the nejee-
g4!7 consequenee be to render tbe hotnei and
(be firesides. of nearly half tb-parties to it
habitualry and hopelessly insecure. ' Sooner
or later 'the bonds of Buch a Union' mils be
, BcrTed'" ' J '" " '
'nd, though; h. deniei the cfegtita-
vemt.orthern- States wort tct repeal-
: ' "In tbat event, Ice injured E'A'.es," after
laving 6rst used aH peteeftrl--and constitu-
nonal dimm U obtain redress. ft yu-
1 '! m bevolutiojurx .besistance io tue
J vef'.sf F"-. i
;r,WjJl njightj HowoJLCotb say, in a con-
,acnllul letter 10 a Georgia editor : .cj
i "I repeat U ypu that the admin-ijjtratibn of
Jlr Buchanan is the most thoroughly id en li
ned with our principles and our rients of anv
tbat ha ever preceded it, nd I am -tilling to
ilaild to the fail upen the issue."
After this hideous jnyitation,. to rebell
ion in the solemn Btate' papers of, our
I r . . x n .. i I. : j t r .1. .
would seem to be supererogatory, but a
fow; Utterances br other party leaders may
be admitted to show that this doctrine
wag accepted by the Icmocracyr and iras
continually promulgated Jioth baforeand
during the whclc. course of . the war., .
Thuon December 13, 1 800 whilathc
secession of South Carolina was rapidly
maturing, Judge Woodward, the most
proriiincnt and triistcd Democrat in Penn
sylvania, profaned the siiered precincts 6f
InJcpcndance Siinars with , the. follow
in? :. . . .T I
" We must arouse ourselves and ro-nasert
I unions bigotry and persecution, or else we
uiu.lt give np'onr Constitution ami I'iiion.
Lvcuts arc placing the alternative plainly be
fore u? constitutional union and liberty nc
wnlir.g to American law; or else, extinction
f slae nwperty, -negro fVeedom. lisr0i
tion of the l.'nion. and anarchy and confusion.
We bear it tai l Let South' Carotin go out
of the L'nion peaceably, I say, let .her go
p.ably if she go at all, but why should
South Carolina be driven out nf the Union by
an irrepressible conflict about slavery?''. .
., And nit only was the speaker btidcrsed
by receiving the Dcmocraticnomination
fur Governor of Pcnrtsylvaoia. in 1863i
btit this' speech was, doclared ;in : tho ad
dress of . the Democratic ,?:atcentral
Committee in August,. lSC3t) to hare
'been vindicated by subsequent events,
aS a sigqul exhibition of statesmarilic
sagacity ;" !t was reprinted by that Coiu
mitcee and . circulated . throughotit". the
State thousands,, as the purest embodi-meut-'oT
the Democratic creed, r with a
preface in Trhicb the. Chairflan of that
Committee, Charles J, JVddlc,. declared
his belief that no intelligent ma "will
t;til to see in it the wisdom and foresight
of a statesman such as the Conuuonwealth
now needs in the direction of it3 affalis."
In the same spirit, the tddrc.:S of the
Dcmocratic'State Central' Committee in
lSfi3, assures usthat
,rThe substrintfal iritcrests of (be South;
sI'cl,Iy slavebolding interest, were re-
P,i1(,r i,,i ,i, iuu,i;., ......": "I
J . , ,,..,.1.1 umia UU HU
'c"y triumph (hrong"! the aid of revolted
I slaves,. and, . i chit- relikneo. were Icareless
how aoon they provoked a collision To
cover op tneir own tracks, fhey invite us to
traitor.;- but truth. oompeljs us to add thttt,
opiun mt um imiigaiuion npon awimern
,n cf treason, the -Northern traitors
lo the Conathrtiin hllh . (.
So, on the lGth of January, 1901, fhci
Democratic -Party of - Philadelphia,' as
sembled at a great meeting in' National
..Hall, while State after State vfas defiantly'
passing ordinances of secession j and- scis
Tn ToHs, 'arsenaiV; dockyards jind "iistom
houseu. i They had no word -of- reproba
tion' for Southern "treason, but,' Id 'the
series of 1 re&olutions. adopted, ,xliey . de
clared their -party-' faith, to be that' the
"Determine with wh 6m 'tHfJir lot should be
cast i wiiefher with the JJorlB and East whose
fanaticism has nreotnifated thisr misprif nnnn
us, or-rtb onr brethren of the 'South, 'trAor
.r . . J ! r
wrongs teeftH or our wen. " t
1 8o, the Detroit. Ftceu.Pns a "Dcmo-4
cratio- organ April lf,18Q2;
" History willTelate that we." Ahe ,KorthU..'. J.'.,.J..jJ.i.iJ-iL - -
(i .T,'n..f ...,T. i.i a . e j , mate ocanKoiveajrom farrr rcirui vuLvjutwn...
" manufactured the conflict, forced it to host . ... . llw. K-,m.i nntrih-
led nrecoeifv. nAiii..Kff nuil tnvffcl !i
" So, teo"; Edward Ingirs'oll,' in'' an' ad
dress to the Democratic Cen tral' Club ' of
Philadelphia, delivered June 13,. 18G3,
when Lee was on the borders of'Pennsyl
.Ttniii :a. ! f ul - ....- . ..'! .
I'l.'Tatil.tho-spirit cf disnnioa and , hW rel,
which is Abolitionism, is. put, down in our
midst, government, which alone can give us
peace, , impossible.-. Tloa't- trouble your
selves about the disuuion spirit in the South ;
don't trouble yourselves aboat the Southern
.Cenfedracy; - take the beam out ot your own
eye ; we will fijid poEtical occupation enough.
-atr houM for some' time "Id" come. " TTheu' the
Federal Administration cranes to be govern-
neat; and represents nothing but the instincnt
af Jiiftaa.ajMl d.ere1jon agaliui S lection
Otpaf mryf,rjiiflw ana nuiu-
i falfy tfKtjUmt tte Wyr itt,(Wre
in rfitUmit,''
Mr. xticWtiTM . Ufd fbTM-a!Ty declared,
in hiVBIcsBajVi
ther ras no
sion. Ills, party .thert.upn . commenced
to agitate plans by which the South could
be, coaxed' back into a TJnion wherein tl) a
right to secede should be legalized. The
most pdttrku$ of thefo schemes was that
iatroduoed into Congress: by Jlr. ValJan
dingham,' proposing 3 i constitutional a-
tbehdm'cnt by .which the. JJnion should be !
peaeefully divided, Hsdlldws:, --'
Article XIH.'. -Section', I., The'tnited
Staree-are drrHed ic?c fotrr-:l6cc'.fons. 9 fol-
H The-' Stares-of Maine,- New Hampshire,
VerWont'i MasincbuscttS, Rhode Island,' Con
ncctient. Sew York. Hew 3trfj; and'Penn
syWa'iiia.:.....liall co'hstitnto one Seetion, to
'betnowa'ashi "North.- "-- . . '
" '?fhV States V??lirdi .lridihna; "Iljrnoh,
,Fichi(nYW.4nsrnj,'.'JfihnCo(a, Toiva and
tfansas, ..sbaH cons'.i'utennotbcr section,
to b known asrthe West- :. "".; z-.
" The States of Orefon-and California . .
shall constitute' another; fection, to b kcon
as the PACirtc.
The States of Delaware, Maryland, Vir
ginia, North Carolina, Sooth .Caolina; Oeer
gia, Florida, AlabtMKS,. Mississippi, Louisiana,
Tex,rArkans.'i.i,Tcnr.ese," Kentucky and
Missouri., shall constitute auother sec-
t!n, to tj Rnowm as the Ron n C
" Article -XIV. No tate shall secede with
out the consent of the Legislatures of all the
Suite of the section to which; the- State pro
posing' to secede belotigs." " The' "President
chaH ave,-, power" tq "adjust Mth .seceding
States all questions- arising by reason cf their
secession: but the terms of adjnstment shall
. , ... -. r .. . 1
oc suomiticuw x.ongrei.11- vue..- -pprova.
,f Dccembcri-rSeO; Rial Lw.ri auu rf&VlWlf.r-F
"."-.f t t - t.; rr no authority in toe vonJtnutton to mter
constitntipal rwht of scpes- , , " , - ... . . . ,. .7.- r : , -
'"'-",lu" b;i".: ; I it would be right to acknowledge the independ-
This artful scheme for legalizing -seces. f ene of the Southern States, instead 0 Huyinj
sion was well received by the Democratic i lfil yoit th-m," y - J '
leaders ,yIr. GeorgtJ IL rebdleton,. .thS'f 9- g,meetln3 of the. Tbil-
Chieago candidate for the Vice-Prcsidcn- adelphia Demccra,' held January Hi, af
cy, defended it in thejllousb -of Repro-1 j the fixing'Oa the ."Stiir or the .West"
scnlativcs as late as January, l?t3.
.May 9J8G3, Mr. Wall, Democratic Sen
ator from New Jersey, 'in,' ah '. address to
the Democratic. Central Club "of . rbila
delpbia, not only did not hesitate to give
It b.!s hearty approval, but declared that
it, or some similar scheme, was the only
alternative to eternal separation! '
Tic plan suggested some years ago by Jlr.
Vallnniligli.iui bears fe -stamp of his clear
sagacity and statesmaiiIikeforecast dividing
the country into four birgc sections or masses
and retiring a, noijorhy.- of the Yepresenta
tiou fiom each t.ocousent to a measure before
11 auyuiu uecuu e a ui-.v. .ur,
! -. I 1 1 , - T , f
Calhoun, not-
witl'srandin'; hc"un3c?errc?bttoo,My now at
taching to his name, was to tny mind the most
honest and comprehensive statesman who
grappled with national problems, and I make
bold here to say that no wiser, purer, patriot
ic state?man ever lived. It may be that the
South might be will to rettirn npon the adop
tion of some such system cf reconstruction a
this. If this plan of reconciliation and re
construction tiiis, then a separation must be
the f nality.' -'-.-"
Mr. VallardiL'ani's scheme ' for' bieak-
. . .. .-... ... , ,
ing up the Union . having been, rejected
by Congress and the people,' Other plans
., , i . , v ,, . - n o ,
were agitated. A Northwestem Confed -
ciaey was freely spoken of, and for a long
r?i!e thh' rlhtTs had confident 10tl nf,
. . ,
the success ot tneir agents 111 that direc
tion, workiog in co-operation with their
Demociatic allies. It was not difCcult for
that 7arfy to find justification for this Or
any other destructive jict'.: '" ' ' '
Jiiiigo TJIaeltj Mr Tiuchanan's Altofnry
General ever went so fat as to declare
that war. made by Congress upon a scccd-.l
ing fciUte Could legaliro Secession and
dissolve-the union of ..the 'remaining
States. la- an official opinion,- dated - No
vember 20, 18G(?,' only a fortniglit' after
Mr." Lincoln's election, and which through
made known lo -the- traitors Vgan'uicg!
the traitcri 13 tne, CaLiuct was ot . course
icbellioa throtJghout the South, he says:
"If it he true thatr-aT Pannot be declared,
nor a system of general kostilitiea carries on
bv the Central Govern n.eEt airaihst a Stite
'an enemv. she wenld-ke compelled to' aet ac
. . r. ., . t v
corumgiy. Ana n -viongres itp if
the presext Union by unconstitutional puttipg
strife and enmity and armed hostility between
different sections' of the' country, msteal of
tb'e "dfomeitie ftaBfiiinty"Iwleh the" Consti
tution was meant to. iiiBure. trM nH U the
is any portion of. the T9pl bound to contrib
ute their money or their blood to carry on :a
contcit,likc Ui'atr; , . ,.rtv , - .-
.Tho SyracusaCoflVntion in August,
18G, under the lead c(jlr. ?Tallaudig-
ham, drew lhe,same conclucjon .frpm.diff
erent premises, and. openly declared the
revolutionary doctrine. ,. 7; . , .
"P'lohuL That ..,it the administration)
has denied to sovereign States constitulo'onal
righs, and thereby absolved them from all olle
jiancr.'" ,
" coercio-n; i-sconsthttiosac. .
"' . Had tho .Union men of the SoutK felt
that they wp'uld receive, the- aCpport of
the Governmten to the x& e xtreim ty,
then it seems to follow thai an ritlempt to do' so. " Joiuds, Ik. uiAnst orcoBBCloS; aa-.p-wouldbeo
uio. : anejpulniA vf tueh State plied to any State pr. eombinauod of States,
from the Unio n, being treated as ah alien and j H-wonl.f have been far s trongbr In the le-
they might hive' succeLfulIy' resufel foe
tWe of seceaLfoh which swept -'oVci' 'tte
Cuff Sfatys in the winter of 1?G(-
.loecu.cr. wc,aS.T
an,, it lis Jle'ssagi'of i?ecefiiter !t 3C
declaredr ' 'T VXIi
" 'the q"ue5nen,fafHy'ifivte',Sl-li3'? lias' (Vie
Coastitution dfdegnttd .to iigre3lbtf tigt
to c-erce a State into.si'jmiakia, .wWcli ft
'a'.tenipting to withdraw orha actuatly with
drawn from the. Confederacy "IP oewprY-l
in the affirmative, it must ba ddou tie. win"i-
t le that power bag been conferred upoo Con
gress to aeoiaror-to make warupon a-S;t.
After much serious renwtien; I have, arrival
at the conclusrbn that no such pfwerhas bae,n
delegated to Congress ir rb any cihtfcfSH
mtiu of ti FedevalGovrnmenc.v..V 't:ou'.
iiiieo'iiug to parUouUra, it miy tAiejy fce -
aerud that tuejiower t,mke w:i ex-t
State ?5Et. variance wuh the. wael'?pii'it
the Constitution. '..XyiTe, p,S-t
many means of prtverviug iwihe l'iMn i, fej.
concUiation, but Uia iiW wm du. ,laot-j tu
their bands to preserve it by. fov. ",-,
Thisdirtct invitation to rebclrroti'bya
piomtse ot immunity, was at once taken
up those who hare ever s:nee controll
ed the policy of1 tha HcwoeraUo Vartyv,
On the 3d of Janttarj,-; IWI'af'a
T:tTnion'r' meeting held in- rLilaJvIphia,
tbc:Ioa. Lewis, a well , iaown -and
influential Democrat, introduced a series
of resolutions, in .wbielv.tfcx-rit. of. se
cession was de&ied.Jiut aJIer-blaniiag Ue
North for its uneenititutional procijfaiing,
it concluded ; . j . . . ... . .- c'i'.ii.
'Rnolf etl. That .if .Ihe owbirn. States
! .IUU1U uruu,ni,u in I r'.uiiiutc .jut
V-iould be unwilling fo recognize thcrr ponsti-
tritioIlat dut5 towj9 ,he Southern tutes.
dons cnthusiastieanj' adopted was. the.n!-
loWing : r .. ..-'"r- -o. :
- "Tenft. Tiiat w. cordially approve h. itis
avowal by theTresidetif, in his last antral
message, Tfr himself and for t'ongfes.",' of a
war-making power agninst Stnte of the Con
federacy, thns reaffirming the express doctrine
of two of the great founders of the Constitu
tion, James Ma-Hson and Alexander Hamil
ton.:. . ' - , .... , v.- ,,'.
. Theae views were formally adopted by
the party. On January IS, tho Military
Committee reported to the Iloues Repre
sentatives a bill to provide fur calling out
the 3Iilitia, when (Jeorge ll -PchdleVin
opposed it by ari elaberat trgument, in
which be said : .' - ; . : ij
"Now, sir) what force of arfts can compel
a S'atc fo -o tbrt ('hieh she has ajyeed to do?
What force of arms can eompcl a, State lo re
frain from doing that which lir State govern-tfoit,-
supported by the scutimcnt of her peo
ple, is determine! ic fcrsistin doing.....'.
f'r le whole scheme of coercion is impracticable-
' It is contrary to the gj'iiins an I
sijirit of the Comrltution.... . . .Mj voice
todiiy is for OTiCTii.ttioin my Yoii-e is tor com-
'rop:is(, i-igyou, gentlemen, t bear that
vciee. If you will not, if you find concilia-
tion imoossilile - 'if'ronr differences are jo
, grftat titU y0IX CMnwtT m mSi
them, theu, genlemea, let the seceding taiies
Pt peace ; let thein establish tlieir.ROV-
I ernment aud empiie, and work out their, des
tiny according to toe wisdom, wuicn U04 nus
givm them."
An JiiitJi4, diyiaion v whicli QlMd,
the Democratic members, with but four
exceptions, registered their; agreement
with Jlr. Pendleton in- a solid body.
. It was for such doctrjecs as these that
tue Sre "emocraup dn.J setecttc jtr.
.1 ' . T 4- 1 . . 1 r
renuieton as its sranuaru pcarer tn tne
prcsidenful contest of I8G4.( .That those
views were regarded, as a sure, passport
to Its favor is evident when - we see them
dvanced by so shrewd and dqicrupuloai . a
politician as Mr.. William B. Reed, wfco,
.c.28tl. of ;3I.ardi? 1
an ad-
dres3 to the Democratic Central Club of
Philadelphia, obscrvfid ;
"iM-t tne l.ovcrnuieui never g.me oev.m.i
limits of Consent: had it rejected, it Vid
all the panoply aiid parade of war.'
.. Even three years of war did not suffice
to cauie the abandonment of this dogma.
The Democratic Convention f Kentucky,
assembled June 3 1 13C4, to select ,dele
gates to the Chicago Convention, adopted
a series of resohrttrras, among. which the
following is the third: " .
Gnidecf byfheKO iights, we'ddCaTe iiat
the co-ereioa and .ubjugntiotf of eletoa or
more sovfreigu States was. never contemplat
as possible or authorized by flie-' Constiru
tion, btrf wm prondiiVaefl by Itn-makAw-an
actjof suititUl fjlly." .. j - ; . ;- 1
( And Mr.Villiaui B. Reel, retierated
his views in a letter Ja a "iyuipalhetic
Marylander.aled November 5? 136J, and
published. November 7, as . sound Demo
cratic doctrine by the Philadelphia organ
of the party : -tl .
(Cnnthritrd nest TTrf.) '
lore wnn reoeiiioa. xnus, iur, Duxuan-
-i mentsef repuiucan power, man it is now in