Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, September 06, 1865, Image 1

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DR. P. C ncSDIO, or Pattern,
Pa. wishes to Inform his friends aud pa
trons that he has. -removed to the house on
Bridge Street opposite Todd & Jordan's Store.
' -
. - Mitlliatawn, Juniata County. Pa., Office
6a Main street South nf Bridge ttr et.
ItECBEN CAVESEY, Manufacturer of Tomb
Htones. McAlirterville and Mifllintown. All
' Work put up iu the most tastefnl and sub
' etantial maimer. Give him a call.
spri! I3-G4tf. -
riAU. ayi eyamine
K'J- our Stock of Ready Madcf'lolhinc: before '
you i urvhnee Elsewhere, vou trill find on
hauj a good assortment for Men and Boys
"-are, -which will be sold Cllettp for cah or
country produce.
4aa t-ff , . ; Patterson, Pa," '.
Mijifuttoicil, Jxniata Co., '.,
'IflYr.s hi profeftionat services to the pub
lic. Collections and all other business will
rrivo urompt atleutiou. Office first d'ior
North of Eslford's Store, (upstairs.)
' ' Attorney rJ Law,
Will attend to all business entrusted to h:.
r Office on Main Street, Mifliintown, Pa.
IIIE undersigned" wil proraj'tly attend to
JL the collection of claims against either the
PtAte or X:ititinal(!urciuiiient, Peu.itons. !!ack
t'av, Hounty, Extra Pay, aul all other claims
hrUitiji out of the present or'auy ether tar,
collected. . ,
, Attorney-at-Law.
!ifnintown, Juniata Co., l'a. febly
I". Suiter -j-.-k ii. T; Reed. St to
Also, Jobbers in
' I. TUS, ( ASS IM ER K8, S ATI N KTf,
.Xo 4J3 MARKET -STREET." -v....
i. :.t t...,.... P.,,i. l-;ftl.
I'lIH, I)','JII 'j
. J j
0V 1. Ii. -STAl'FFKB, j,!
H,3 ttJiliS
No. North SECOND Street. Cvmer oil
A.r,r fniLAl.rr.lMIl i
An accArtmpnt. tli A
Silver &
Plated Ware,
cvostanflv n h.in l. Suitable ir ffOLlPAT
Eigy Hi-pairing of Watches and Jewelry
nimptly attended to "
Dec. r. 1?1I1 rr.
uniber . Coniuiisjaioti 3Ier haul
Calluwhill Street Wharf,
. . Philadelphia, Pa.
Supplies of Timrr, Stares, Locust Pins
Itoop Poles, &c Sin and Lunitier penernty,
t. ill be purchased, roiitractwl for. or received
eunnii.-iou, tit the' option of he shipper.
OritcK ot tbk JtrxiATA CorsTi
Aumrn.Tr kl So iktt,
Perrysville, )ct. Hi, lft;3.
WE do hereby certify that the Cfcttmittec
hn Manufactured Articles has awarded to
Cmari.ks W. Weitiel the First Premium for
the mart substantial, neatest made, and best
finished sett of Chairs.
G. W. JACOBS, 7Vu r.
Wtt.MAM !Irx(;K. Sec'). jan!3
.No. o2(.'.AKCII Street, aoo'Te Tifth.
MttnuinLlitrer .. and ; Ueater id
FI -V K J E W T, j R Y ,
ami aiiperlr.Slfver Pluted Ware
" " " March 1HG5, 3mos.
rEXIUE -a. ': CRIEtJf
The uuderigncd offers his cervices to the
public as Vendue Cryer and Auctioneer. He
'as bad a very large experience, and feels
C 'tifi leut that he can give satisfaction to' all
who way employ him. lie may be addressed
i AiilQiutowu, or found at his home in Fer.
managh township. Orders may also be left
at Mr. Will s Hotel.
Jan. 33, 19o4. WILLIAM GIVEN.'
1B,- riHLALE!.rHIA
'Curntr FOURTH and MARKET Stra
N. P. - Afine t..,;k of LINEN HADf,S i
..nsta' tly oti hind.
Feb. I Vjij-" ia
7T "
X rate sale a lot of land situated in Walk-
j er I'd nship, Juniata county, Pa. adjoining
lautia oi jacoo eneuenocrger, uaniei nenz
and Widtw Meredith, containing, "about
20 ACRES, ;;
About 18 of which are cleared, and in good
grass, the balance being well timbered. There
is a
Log House and Frame Bank Barn
on' the premises. Aide good water and fruit
for terms and further information inquire
of the undersigned residing near Mexico, at j
which place letters may be addressed to hint'. j
F. GROVE & cd.
(tnt rat (Commission $U rdta!U.s
i N. W. Cor. Howard & Mulberry Sta.
t(2r Consignments- of Grain, Flour, and
Country Produce respectfully solicited. Also,
a large and general assortment of Groceries
ok hand.
Cigars, Tobacco and Snnff,
o. 101 I'ftWKMV Sireet
Superior IroRTE Ciuabs, fine Chew-
iMi ToiiAtcii, and Leaf of every description. I
with a spneral assortrneut of Pipes. Snuff
Bcr.es, Fancy Articles, fee. JulylW-3m. j
to mary you can do so by addressing
me. I send you,, without money and!
Without price; Talunble information, that will
enable jou to marry happily au 1 speedily, ir
respective of age. wealth or beauty. This
Thin inf'M-ica'ioa will cost you nothing and if
ish to marry, I will cheerfully assist
yon. All letters strictly enntiuentiM. 1 lie t
mr-jii c- iiii(?rru!i( it'll cmtiii iij rjiHru-iiii. nun
no reward asked. . Please inclose postage or
stamped envelope, addressed to yourself.
. SARAH B. L.ufnERT, .
Jirecnpoint. .
May'.T-Saios. Kings Co., New York.
"" " T-"'
herebj' given to all persons indebted to
; ihe cstat of Thomas, Sbormier, late of the
! boroiiirb of Tatterson deceased, either by
Nite or llo. S Atfcouut to conte forward and
py up before the first of September, or these
claims w-!l then positively be put into the
hands ol a Justice for collection
V. A. Dttl'GHM AN )
Aitj. Administrators.
Th r.itrons of the Sextint.!. who may visi
Harrishttrg, or desire a lint class Picture
should by all means go where they take, the
most splendid lil;tHrst ever gotten up any
where, which is at
BURNTl'K & CD'S . J 10 Market st, Harrisb'g
ilrafnes-S Hilda's aud Catarrh,
HMtEATED with ihe utmost success, by Dr.
X J. ISAACS, Oculi"t and Aurtist, (former
ly ef Lcydon, Holland,) No. 519 PINE Street
Philadelphia,. Testimonials from the most
reliable sources in the City and Country can
be seen M bis Offcee. The medical faatlty are
iiiviicd to accompany their patients, as ha
has no secrets in his practice. ARTIFICIAL
EVES, inserted withorft pain". No charge
made for examination. Feb, 1?. 'C5.-)y.
Seventy-five cents per sqnnre of ten lines
or less for the first insertion- three inser
tions for $1.50 and 50 cents for all subsequent
insertions. . Estate Notices 2.00. Profefi
Jioita't and Business cnfds with paper 58.00
per year. ffehant?)C cards with paper $15.00
por yerff . Local ifoHr.es 10 cents per liuc.
People ought to look to their ifilerest and ad
vertize in the Setis4 a'b Its' circulatioh
is ahoot .one third larger than any ether
paper published in the county. . ,.
i z "
Jttlt WORK RATES ,. , . .;
Eighth sheet bills,! $l.2' quarter shcef
biHa $2.00; half sheet bills S3 00; wbwle
sheet $6 00 30 bills are always given if de
sired. Tdanks $2.00 per quire.' Colored r
fancy work extra, Cards at $1.50 per htm
dred. Job Work respectfully solicited as we
ibelieve we can do up jobs ni ally and attract
ely arid expeditious y. ' ' ' ' ' '
"i i i i i . i 1 1 i i i
rfERMS OF PUBLIC A"f left - . .
Tire Ji.if.vtA ScNriNKL Published . on
Main Street, next door to the Post Office,
Miffliutown, Juniata Citfnty, Pa., on every
Wednesday at the rats of $2.00 per year in"
advance ami $2.-30 if not paid within the
year. We wish to do- a cash business as
nearly as possible. We wish to' deal ftonefl
ly aud alike with all. and therefore need no
I tie asked to vary from our' terms bv anv one
Thankful for past favors we ask ihce-intintied
'wpport aud tff rts of our friends.
' Summer erening shadows"
t Thickly drawing ronnd ; :
; ; Summer's beauteous blossoms . :
: Strewing all the ground.
; J' Leaning o'er the buttress, fi "
' Ruined, gray and old ; ' '::i7 -'
Looking into waters, f s ';
Sileat, still and cold. , ,
When our bright reflections
"" Dance Its s'ji face o'er ' '''
- When like ceaseless music '
The distant torrents roar. ;
T 1 ''iiiim .
. And the rocks before cs.
'' Kiss the water's brim; '
Flinging a reflection ' : ' "
Between mymlf ar.d i'm.'
As we stood together,
Whispering soft and low,
' Flinging harebell blossoms '
'' On the waves below. ' " ' " ' '
Laurel leaves were gleaming
Round his shaded hair,
While the rocks were frowning
O'er mine- cold aud bare !
. Seemed they not prop'ictib
Shadows on the stream ? .. ..
As when visions haunt us
From a troubled dream.
: Many, many summers,
r. .Witlrthcir wreath of floworj ..
, Many, many winters,
With their deary hours ;
Flowing like those waters,
Life's rough pathway down t' J'J
. liricgiEg fames fresh lrtets
For Lis laurel oruwn '',..,
Ity the gray old buttress
Lonely now I dream ;
Softly, oadiy watching . . . .
Shadows on tue stream .' .
The Great Western Express to Exeter,
England travels HI the rate of forty-three
miles an hour, ineluditig stoppages, or
fifly-niDC miles an hour,' without includ
ing stoppages. To attain tins rate, a speed
of sixty miles an.liour has hecii reached.'
A "speed of seventy iii!Jes an hour is
about ctjuiralcnt to thirty yards per sec
ond, or thirty five jards between two
beats of a common clock. Ail objects
near the eye of a passeDgcr traveling at
this rate will pass by Lis eye in the thirty
fifth part of a second, and if thirty-five
talccs were ercctcJ at the side of : the
road, a yard asuudcr, they wouldt not be
distinguishable one frini another. ' If
printed red, they would appear collect
ively, a couti nualy flask of color. If two
train's with this speed passed each other,
.hs relative velocity, would be seventy
yards per second ; and if one of the
trains were seventy yards long, it would
pass 1y iri a biriglc second. Supposing
the locomDtive which drarrs such a train
to havc'dri?ing wheels seven1 feet in di
ameter, these wheels will revolve five
times in a second : the valve moves and
the steam escapes ted titnes in & sebond
but as there are two . cylinders, which
act alternately, there we teally twenty
puffs, or escapes of steatci in a second. -The
locomotives can be heard to "cough",
when moving slowly, the cough bbifig occa
sioned by the abrupt emission of waste
stem up tho chimney ; but twenty coughs
per second 6ao Cot he separated by ear,'
their irfdividtfality becoming lost. Such
a locomotive speed is e'fual to 6nc-fourth
of a cannon L'rfll ; and a moarenttim of
the whole train moving at such a speed,
would be nearly equivalent to th'e - aggre
gate force of a number of cann'ott balls'
equal to one-fourth of the weight of the
tram;'-' ' - ' ' ' '''''' '
"-a- -r -it- rr 1 r '
itSv Arte nj us Ward says when he heara
the song' . 'Comft . where' my love; dies
dreaming," Jfe dcrti't go. i He don't thick
it ould b rigbJt - ....
rgi.Nashvillc, Tenn'.j'hai a'popfylafion" of
nearly sixty thousand, tbreo theatres, five
darly pspert, id flv6 nu'edred Mnltitie
Saloons. . " " 1 ' :' "
Secretary M'Culloch has doeided
that all bonds, Treasury notes and' other
obligations of the Government are" free
from State or municipal taxation. ' '
ISr "Uneasy lies the head that wears
a crown." . This may be the reason' Why
the ladies have discarded the erowus of
tfieir bonnets:
PBNH'A:T5firTEMBR 6, 1865.
- i ' :
It wis during the year 1861, in the
thrivin; .little town of . Argcntiere, , near
Ihafoot of the. Cevelin'es Mountains, in
France. .The 'day was charming. Many
ot tte mnabitants were traveling tne
highrays, enjoying the agreeablcness of
the readier. Amoug the number there
was'a tall young man," apparently not
more than twenty-five years, of age. In
lis right hand he carried a cane, and" in
his left a small carpet bag. His gai:
was quick, and from bis expression he ap
peared to be bent upon soma important
errand. In this manner he went along,
occtsionly glancing around "Ho view the
surrounding objects. . He had hardly
gone more than a quarter of a mile when
he came td a street which was :n the sub
urbs of the town.' , He turned and pro
ceeded up this. Presently, after, walking
but a short distance, ho arrived at an
iniiy Here ho hesitated, and after view
ing die exterior, he muttcied to himself
the following words :
"It is very singular that this is the
first inn I have seen throughout my
route. However, I will put up here."
So saying he entered the building, and
having registered his name, he was shown
to a room. After ordering his bib dinner
he went into his apartment to rest himself.
His order was immediately responded to
and after eating he prepared to retire, iu
tending to partake of a long and hearty
sleep,so that early next morning "ho might
tisit the various merchants of the town.
He accordingly went to' bed, .and was
soon wrapt in sleep. . While thlis sleep
ing V.ti had a dream that made the strong
est inipressiou upon him. We will give
it as iiom the lips of the dreamer : .
"I though that I tiid arrived at the
same town, but in the middle of the even
ing, which was really the case that I had
put up at the same inn, and gone imme
diately, as an unacquainted stranger would
do, in order to see whatever was worthy of
observation ia the place, ;! I walked down
the main street into. another street appar
ently leading into the country. - I Had
gone to no great distance when 1 eamo to
a church, which I stopped . to examine.
After satisfying my curiosity, : 1 advanced
to a by-path which branched off froai the
main street. Obeying an impulse . which
I could either account for nor control, 1
struck into this path, though it was wind
ing, rough and unfrequented, and present
ly reached a miserable cottage, in front of
which was a garden eovered : with weeds
I had no gTeat difficulty in getting into
the garden, for the hedge had Bevenll wide
gaps in it. I approached an old well that
toed solitary and gloomy in a distant cor
nqr; and looking down into it beheld,
without any possibility of mistake, a corpse
which bad been stabbed in several places.
I counted the deep wounds and wide gash
es. There were six."
At this moment he awoke with bis hair
on end trembling In every limb, arid cold
j drops of perspiration bedewing his fore
head awoke to find hiuself comfortably
in' bed, his carpet bag lviug near him, and
the morning sun beaming through his cur
tain. What a diffenence ! He sprang
frori bid bed, dfessed himself, and it was
yet early, Sough1 an appetite for breakfast
by a rooming walk. He wefft atc'orfjing-
ly into' the street, arid s:tro!ied along. The
farther he went, the stronger became the
codfased recollection of the objects" that
presented the'riselves to his view.
. "It is very strange," said he to' him
self; "I have never bCen in this place be
fore, and I cou'ld swear that I've seen
fife boitee, and the next, and that other
cH the lift" , . i1"' "'
On hie went tit! he came to a corner of
a street croseiog the one down- which he
had corue. lief ore long he arrived at the
church with' the architectural features
thai had attracted his notici ia the dream ;
and then the high road, along which he
bad perstfed his way, coming at length to
the same by-psth that bad presented ., it
self to his imagination a few hours before
there was no possibility . of doubt
or rnistai6. Every tree arid every
urn familiar to him. , He hur
ried forward, no longer doubting that the
next moment would bring him to the cot
tage ; and this Was really , the' case, In
all its exterior appearances it Correspond
ed with what he had seen1 in his dream'.
Who, then, could wonder tfia't he deter
mined to aicertaiu whether the coirici-
j.Jcuc would hold good in every point 7
ile entered the garden and wcut directly
; : i :: t .
(to the spot where he had seen the well ;
I but here the : res'emblanr failed ; there
j Wail Sn - rv jirect;on.
examined the whole garden, and even
went around the cottage, which seemed
to be inhabited, but nowhere could he
find any sfgns of a "well. He then hast
ened baclt to the inn in a state of excite
ment hard to ' describe. He could not
make up his mind to allow such extraor
dinary coincidences to pass unnoticed.
But bow was he obtain a clue to the aw
ful mystery ? He went to the landlord,
asked him directly to whom . the cottage
belonged that was on the by road near to
him. ' ' . . '
"I wonder, sir," said beij 'what causes
you' to take such particular notice of that
wretched little hovel ? , It is inhabited
by an old man aud his wife who have the
character of being very unsocial. They
scarcely ever leave lie house, ae nobody,
and nobody goes to see them. - Ot 1 late
their very existence appears to have bcen
forgotten, and nobody goes to see them,
and I believe you are the first who ' for
years has turned your steps to the lonely
spot." ' :: ' ; : - : -
These details, instead of satisfying Ins
curiosity, only aroused it the more.
Breakfast was served, but he could eat
none.; arid he felt that if ho presented
himself to the merchants in Such a state
of excitement they might thing him mad.
He walked up and down ..thrt room and
looked out ot the window, en (Jeavonoj;
to interest himself in a (tuarrcl between
two men ia the street; but the garden
and cottage re-occupied his mind, and at
last, srifttching up his hat, he made his
way to tie street. Hastening to the near
est magistrate; tie related the whole cir
cumstance briefly and :c!carly. - ; 1 1
. ."It is rcry . strange,'' said the officer,
"and . after what liafc happened I don't
think it would be light fJeave the . mat
ter without further investtgation. : I will
place two of the police at your command ;
you can. thou go once, more to the hovel
and seareh every part of it. 1'ou may,
pcrhapsr make some important discovery."
He allowed but very "few! minutes to
elapse before he was on his way, accom
panied by two officers y after knocking at
the door, and waiting for some time, the
eld man opened the dock " He received
them somewhat uncivilly, but showed ' no
mark of suspicion, when they -told him
they wished tobcaich the house. - -, ul. .'
"Very well, as fast and as scon . as you
please," was 'the reply. ! .
"flave you' a 'well here?"
"Xo, sir,- we ' are obliged to get our
water from a spring a quarter of a mile
distant." ' -J ' '
They searched the li&nsi, tut discover
ed nothing of any consequence. Mean
while the old man gazed upon tLcin with
an impenetrable vacancy of look i as if he
could not understand why they were in
truding on his property. Finally,' they
forsook the cottage, without finding any
thing to corroborate their suspicion.
They, however, resolved,: to inspecMhe
garden. By this time a number of per
sons bad collected together outside
! having been do.vo to the spot by the
sight of a policeman. They were asked
if they knew arfythirfg of a well in there.
t They replied they did not ; the idea seem
ed to perplex them. 1 At length an olj
wtfrnan came forward leaning on a Crutch.
"A well ?" said she. "It is a' well you
rfre' looking for ? ' That has been gone
these thirty years. I remember as if it
were hue yesterday ; hew I fi'ed to throw
stones into it just to tear the splash in the
Water ." : . ' .
1 "Do ' you wmewber where' that well
used to be?"' asked th'e gentleman.'
"As near as I cari recollect," replied the
woman, "it is oti the very spot where you
now stand." . " "
He suddenly started as if he had ' trod
den upon' ji serpent. Tbcy at Once cotri
rh'enced' digging upon the ground. "A!
about .twenty inches' deep they c'ara'e to a
layer of bricks',' which being brokerx ' "up"
revealed some rotten boards'.
Thee ifere' easily removed ; , when they
beheld the dark mouth of the well'
- "I was tfuite certain that was the spot,"
said the old woman, "What a fool you
we're to stop it up, and then to h'a've to
travel so' fuT for water !" , ;
A sounding line, furnished with hooks,
Was' now let dowrf into ' the well the
crowd hard-pressing around them', breath
lessly bending over the Hack Ucd feted
hole, the secrets of which :cemci hid2cajcleik, bag? of wiu 1 wo$.t Rnk.'
'nnTOits. -
WHOLE MME&, W. ' :t
in impenetrable obscurity.- ThW was re
peated several times without any result.'
At length," penetrating below the mud;
the hooks caught something of -considerable
Weight; and after much time and ef
fort they succeeded in raising it from the
obscure bole. ' It was an old chest ' The
sides and lid were decayed and it needed
no loukbuiith to open it. Within it they
found what they were sure they would
ffud, and Which filled the spectators with
horrot the remains of. a human body !
The police officers now rushed into tho
houiand secured the old man. As to his
she at first could not be found. But
after a fatiguing search she was discover
ed under a pile . of wood, being much
bruised by the heavy logs above her
By this time nearly the whole population
of the towu had collected around the
spot.; . ' ' . .. ..' ' .' ' "
' The old couple- were, brought before
the proper authorities and separately "ex-"
amined. The man perflated ia his denial,
most obstinately ; but his wife at ..ouxe
confessed that she and her husband,' a
very long time ago, had murdered a ped-,
lcr who possessed a large sum of mouey.
He had passed the night at their house 7
and they, taking advantage of the heavy-,
sleep that encumbered him, had strangled '
him ; after which they placed his body
in a chest, Th,c chest, was then thrown
into the well, and the well stopped. The'
two criminals had reason- to believe them
selves free from detection, as there were
no witnesses of he crime,7 and 'its'' trace
had been carefully concealed.' Neverthe
less, they had not been able to hush .the
voice of conscience. , They fled . from
their fellow men.' They were intimidated
at the slightest noise, and silence thrilled
them with fear, They had often thought
of flyiug to some distant land ; but some
inexplicable influence kept them near the
remains ot ther victim. Terrified by the
deposition . of his .wile, the' old man at,
length made Ssiililliur confession, and six.
weeks after the' guilty couple expired . on ;
the scaffold. t ' .' . "
',4. r 1 m 4- m , - 1 1 '
The Commissioner of Interna! Itevenue
informs Assessors and Collectors that .'all
persons trayelliog about the country as
the agents of manufactures and dealers,
seeking orders for goods in original or un
broken packages, a r" regarded as commer
cial brokers within t!ie meauing of the
law, and as such must procure licenses. '
Those acting a3 agents of one person or '
firm exclusively are also liable as above.
Licenses to this class of persons should
be made out so as to show the place of,
business of the person license I if he ha?.(
one, but if not, his residence should be4
stated. Licenses thus tilled out should
be recoguized by revenue officers in all
parts of the country.
B5u A man who wantdd to buy a horse -asked
a friend how be told the animal's
age- " ' '
"By his teetl," Was tie reply.
The rieit day the add Went to a horse
dealer, who had showed him a splendid ani-.
mal. The horse hunter opened the ani
mal's mouth, gave 6'ac glance, and turned
on his heel.
"I don't want him "he said, 'he's thir
ty two years old."
He had counted the teeth.
Iff" A clergyman of Saratoga Springs,
a few Sundays since, wis pfeaih'icg a ser-
mon upon death, in the eourse ot which
be asked the question', "Is it,- Cot a sol
emn thought V' ... His little hoy, four:
years old, who had been listening with ,
wrapt attention to his father, immediately .
answered in a shrill, piping voice, so as
to be heard throughout the house, f'Yes, -sir,
it it," greatly to the amcseraent of the.
congregation, . - - ;
m" "Jim, I bClieve Sambo's" got no
truth in him."- ' '" ' ' '
"Teu don't know ; dere's more truth
in dat nigga dan all de rest on de plants-
tioh." :
"How do you make dat ?"
"Why he neL'er let s an out." '
"Well, sir, what does h-a-i-r spell" .
"Boy ' I dofl't know.'! . ...
"What have you got on" your head ?"
Boy (scratching)' "1 gttess it is a
xiiuskeeter bite, it itcho3 like thunder."
t A young fop about starting down
to New Orleans, proposed to purohaae a
life preserver.
"O, you II aifact it, sugestC'l the
9 -