Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, August 16, 1865, Image 1

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, , V . ztf '; -. O.- V 2 L v .... Ogg T' C2 -.,.:. v,.
a i,. csrss &
1 w VOLUME XIX, 'X0.f'j.' '
rafcasionai .(.arte.
- TJB. I c RUftDIO, orPaitencn,
-JL P, wishes to inform hut friends and pa
tron that he baa rmavrwi t; tbe hrtii nn
.bridge Street opposite Tudd & Jordan. Store,
,c pr-ti;.,. , .-.-..
,,r Miflliatown, Jnniaia GamtT,; OSes
on Main street Soutk of . JJridge gtr et.
lifeUUES CAVES EY, Manufacturer or Tomb ;
- b'tones, McAlisterville and Mifflintuwn. All
wurk put up in the most tasteful and mib- j
- btantial maimer. Cive h;a a j
anril l:i-(14tr. -t ' -
V our Stotk i
o: heady Madrl lolhtiie hefore
Jon Tui chavT Xl.oyU'te, j on itill find on
hand a'- gnod 'msorttuen't for Xcp and Boja
Viarc, which wiir1)C cold cheap for cash or
i-ouutry rrodt-c. . ,
T in I if Patterson. Pi. "
M;iltiit'iu ii. Jmu'H 'i f -it-.,
rs hi rirofi'siu'ial sorvh'CS .10 the pub-
Hons and .1) other busiuesk. will
!T prompt
f, n: a-,,, j -
Nrtl of li.!urd iorv, -i:.ii'5.) .
Attiifnnj af Lou
3 jimt$ Vrt'.lr.j 'i t
Witl :itteu-l to all lin-;m---' r.nrrus'ed to
hi !
cir. oliice on Mail. Sirc-i. Miintowu, Pa.
el'MfU iinHoricriio.1 iil prfiT.jt!
tti-n l to 1
M thv i..t!lTii..n if t'l-iiin- acainst c-ither the
fittt r N'i.'inl iiverainent. Pensions. Uriel
!' iv. I'.miiii v, F. lira I'ny. nd :U! other cHin.s
risintr art d the presetit or (itj fflicr .r.
r..:i-. ' ". .
... - jEEKMLdi Lyons.
' Anorpr-:tt-l aw.
M.ft-nicwii. jmisU fv.,'p. feMQiN. W. Cor. Howard & Mnlberry Sts.
I". ;!cr . : Ci. T, Keed. M o
j L S ilJ 1 "
N-r'h id-
.-tween FimrtJi and Fifth.
- ti-sa j
.S'... North SKCoMi S'rwt. I -iincr efj
. , . i.itiiirrr. I it li. n.
" Aii assartiiient of
Watches. ' ' nrrwir.: iIfukv Avn 1:r srn kfts,
Jewc!7iW t ' U.TLTLMORF.;' "
Plated Ware. :
..niiuflT n haa-l. i.itablc f..r UOl.lli 4 1 j i' K SALES AND SMALL PROFITS.
. '-HKsvxrs : . ,
fc-B" K"psiring nf Watches auci .'enilry ' ,; ' Superinr Impob cf.i Cicmbs, Snc CiiEW
Ti'.i'ipily attcti-l'.'d to iiMi ToiiArcu, an-i Lef of every description.
Dee. 6. -1 ir. " ! witlu a general nsscrtment of Pines, -Snuff
- - j ll'i-ios. Fancy Articles, &e. Jttlyl9-3ni.
w. a. r.EVEHi.vf;, t
Callowbiil Ptrcet Wharf.
' 1'lHla.Ielpbta, Pa.
npjdies of Timber, Strve". I.ocut Pins ;
lr top 1'o'es. - Sir au l Lumber genera'y, j
fit" he purchased, rontracted fur. or received 1
ii ommiC'loii,' at the option of the shipper, j
'Ill I r of lite .fl NI,T.. C'lfSTV )
Perrvsville, Oct. l'i. IS'-'!. i
.. W'F. do hereby certify that the- Committee
n .Manutaouued Articles has awarded to ! m,,,, gplendid likaieuu ever gotten up any
t 'UiKLEs W. Wkitci. the First Prcmitim tor j where, which is at
th. most siibstwitial, neatest mad, and best BUBJi'lXE & co s 1 10 Market at,- Harrisb'g
Smsned soil of hatra. '
Cr. IV. JACOBS, Treat r.
'frr.t.MM Ilr.NTH. 5'c".v. janLi
No. o-JOJTtpiI Street, ih't l'tfth.
'tk&- -J5vH1AIFtrHIA.
Mnmir-cturrr and Ucaicf ' lii
r Watclies,
FI E J E W E 1j K V ,
O L I I ' f J l V R WAR E,
smi iiipcrlor Silver Plated Ware
x-V - : ..March 9,rl80o, 3aoe. ;
Th undersigned offers his services to the
ffjftlfc as Vendue Cryer and Auctioneer. He
tis had a very large experience, and feels
C jafi-ieu't that lie ran give satisfaction to all
who hiay employ hiiii. He may be addressed
at MiSintown, or found ill Lis home iu Fer
rjaigh tawtU'hip..OHci'a may also be left
at Mr. Will's Hotel.
J an, 1H. WII MAM GIVrX.
-- '-, ,- U it-
i IS5
irn...r Htl UTil and MARKET Stri
N It. Xtme st-.-L uf LINKS SAIE.
, Orphans', Cowi Sale. J. ; I
TMIE. trndert'lrnedv.' Administrator of the
J- Estato of Robert Harris, lftte of . Jleale
townshsn. dee'd.. will exnoee-tAAlitftt Tmhlie
i outcry on. the premise, on .
A tract ot land situattd in lieale towuship.
! Juniata outv, P., adjoining lands of Cal
'vin and Tc!r Bcale, aiid tlplrs cf Robert
1 Su-rrttt, doe'd-k yodcopitaUing about' (
i Abont 90 acres of ?hi'rh art e'eared an$ un
i dor oultiTation (lie balance f-einf' tiisbor-.
'BHd, : -
! Thore are on flie premifes.a log noe,
, log born, an apple orchard and good water at
: I ho li-tua. The property' will- be sold iu a
bouy or in " . . .
. XITRKE ' PARCELS, j. . r
, ; 84 Aili Jie..denied mot desirabtt:.1 ..- ,...;
! i'KK,M8. Cash oh confirmation of. said bv
the Court. ,
Sale to wmmwi( at 1 n'eloek P. M f aaid
duy when attendance will be by '
July 12-ti. JOHN COI'FMAN; Admrm"".
I- r ' ; , n. j . '
! , A Kirk ErkC& C A I f
- I tllA D l.tf nf l.illtl BMiinlnil ir, W n 1 1.
( er townsJih). Jituiala couutr. Pa., adioiainir
; lan a oi jncoikMtlir.aberger. I':iniel Wertz
f rd ' w I'ic w MertdilJi, ectitaiDintf, about
f 7
' ""'" ""." nu in Foou ;
1 .... t. -i i I
i priuis. tuc uiiauw ooing weu iiniiierea. lucre
' . .i - i.. .ii ) mi
I Log House ami Frame Baf k Barn
i cn tit J.rVkUeii. Alo good irwrr etcil frnit
trees. .--i
For tenm and further information inquire
! of b!Jrtnleri;ned residing noar Mexico, at
which place letter" mar be addressed ta him.
ulj 12ih.'"i5.
vji cisiM mel-
. or.o e.
f? Cnnignnienis oT firain. Flour, and
I Country Produce respectfully solicited. Also;
! a larjre and general assortment of (irocerics
i on hand.
.('tears. Tobacco and Snuff.!
.V. 101 l it I Mi LI Strctl
DenfRCs.S) Hlindnrss and Catairh.
n-titF. JTKb virb (he.i(tin"4.t'm!cees!, by Ir.
J J. ISAACS. Oculi't nnd AuriiHt. ffurmer-
j7 of L-fdea. Holland,) No ol'J PINE Street
hiladclpbia. Testimonials from the most
reliable sources in the City and Country can j
be seen at his Office. ' The medical faculty are j
invited lo accompauy their jiatienls. as ha
I has no secrets in hi practice. -SKI Irlt I A I.
iEJEH, inserted witiiont pain. No charge
j made for examination. Feb, 15. 'C5.-'ly.
rni,a TViir.insi nf ttiP Sfuti w.i. hn m.iv visit
Ilsn-isbursr. or desire a lirtl cl33 Piotitre
should bv all means eo where they take the
Scventy.five cents per square of ten lines
i or less for the first fnscrtion three inset
1 . t i r. i i .-,n ..!., f. .ii ct,dar..,f
IIUI15 IOI l.'IV IUU UU ,vilte IV. an nuuni'u u,
insertions. Estate Notices $2.00. , Profes
sional aud Business cards with paper 88.00
per your. Mercantile cards with paper S15.00
P-rycar. Local notices 10 cents per line.
People ought to IccK to their interest and ad
vertize in the Sentinel as its circulation
i about ,ouo third larger than any other
paper published in the county- ' -. " 'i .
JOB WORK RATES ' . . . i'f.
. ! - i - ..,. -!-
Eighth cheet .bills,. 1,5 ; quarter sLeet
bills 2.O0 J half sheet bills S3 00; whole
sheet S5 00 50 bTP.s are always given if de
sired. Blanks .2.00 per quire' Colored or
fancy work extra, r Cards at $1.-j0 per hun
dred. Job Work respectfully itolieited as we
ibclieve we can do up jobs n ally knd attract
ely and expeditiously. ' !ir. u. :. ' ' .it
The Jumiata SusnsBL is PubliAed -.on
Main Street, next door to the Post Office,
f Mitlfintown, Juniativ County, P on every
Wednesday nt the tatc'orf Ja!00 Tier year in
: advance aud Sl.Hl if not. paid within tho
year.- ve wish tl- a -cash bn-inessas
nrtirly as possible.. (V'e wish to deal ..honest
ly and alike with all. und therefore need no
be asked to'Vta'y'Trota'OU'r' terms by any one-
Thankful for past f avors wo a'l, th
.ou'iuued j
..t.i.ort i.tj.I 2'vrt ..(r fr;.Ij.
: )!.;:' r,ft COSSt'tfo'ON T3 fSlO-Ayil
x :.:rMM 4JWA8.-fstJrf!.v.0R XHB EXPERIENCE OF DR. T- H.
; t 1 tic prison bell I eit;; i ;. . V.
,,..I hinkiug, another deftr, of you, - ; .,.,
Aud iiv briUt and. happy Jioiucao far tray,
And the tears they fill my eye
fpite of all that I can do, " , r'
Though 1 try to cbeertny comrades anii begajr.
-' . C'horc8 '-: ' .'' v'''1 :
Traiiip, tramp, tranrj!, the boyi are mareiing,
' , O, cheer, up, eonirade tbey wUicon; -An4
bensaU-lhe atarryliaj tf ; ; j : ,i
We shall brenthe the alt again, j , '
" ' 0? the free land in our own beloved home.
I ...... tin : i :..'-! -J -l
; In Lho baltlc Xronl we stood, vrc ' .t: .
K ; When theirjficre out charge they made, .-.
And they swept usoff a hundred jnn ermorc
But before we reached1 their lines, '
' They were bcateij pact dismayed; ' ' ;
And wa heard the ery of idt'ry o'er and o'er.'
.r CHORra " ' '.I
. to :iit!iin. the psiscn qi!; ,. ;i .joa-.. '.
We are waiting for the ihij ... ;?.jsr
Thai shall com to open wide the iron door,) .
' And the hollow eyes grow bright."
'' htA ! poor heart Plmost giiy, "
Tff Hi lu k vT JtJuln b of tJi.t HlW"..
'.'lIOKl'S "' ' . ! ''' '
Those who are in sympathy with re
turuing Rebels arc suddenly euamored of
the virtues of fxntaweeand pardon, and
no tumble of the world's LTstory basuch
attractions for 'them as the parable of the
Prodigal Sn. They seein never to weary
in quotingthis parable as otic of uqcriaul
ed beaaty aud pathos. It is interosiiug to
note the puiuts difTercuce between the
Prodigal Sou atid our returning Rebels. :
l-'irst-'-Tbe Prodig:il Son did nut $?ch)
he went with his fatlifr'n eousent, aud as
the Scriptures indicate, with his blessiag:
Next, he irn'ttj he did not stay and villity
r the old nnu in his ou n house. " lie asked
for something to start him in the world ;
be ;lid not prc:ect a pistol to the old
man's breast and demand his greenbacks
or watch. He received tho portion his
father gave him ; he did Dot prets it a
modern Southern name for stealing. And
rcreh'tii-J it. he started out ''to seek his
fortuue." lie did not retire to tho south
sld? of the old mnu's farm, and join a
! baud of robbers who were plundering the
j old man. and his law-abiding neighbors.
! Receiving Lis portion', be 'juicily took his
journey into a far coun'ry. Finally be
repented of his fully, not because the old
! man whipped him iuto repentance. bit
because be "came to himself," and saw
that he had wasted bis substance in riot
ous living. ' TI 3 went back home, not
with murder in bis heart, boasting bow
niiinv.be had killed, and threatning what
he would do, but he bowed down in hon
est coi'tritiou, aud ashed all sorts of par
don'. ITe didn't return saying, "I have
fought you four years, and until I was
overpowered," but bs went back
' Father . I have sinned ajrainat Heaven,
aud in thy sight, and am no. more worthy,
to be called thy son,", and iuiplorbg'y
said. "Make me as one of tby hired ser
vants." ' lie went home,' because,
throughout bis entire course of riotous
livings hit, heart wds there. lie did not
return demanding ''rights," his property
and back rents. He did not aak instant
pardon upon the faith of an oath of an
amnesty, but proposed to prove bis repeat
ancc genuine by his works, . ..
The story of the Prodigal Son is oue of
sincere, deep heartfelt and voluntary re
pentance for a great wrong., Do our re
turning Rebel come repenting of their
unpa relied crimes ? As long as rebellion
showed any s'gns of success, did they show
any signs of repentance?. .Are tiicy coin
ing back because they love the Union, or
were about to "pcriab with hunger?" All
who return ''peaceably to their homes, cul
tivate friendly relations, and abstain from
hostile acts dis-countcnaneing every at
tempt at disorder should be met with- the
same spirit and treated with ..leniency.
When they manifest a hostile spirit, rake
them Tick the dust. Knoxvillc Wlug.,..:
ISf A womau'g . tears often soften a
mau's heart; her flatteries, soften this
head. , - i :
tsir The sourest cider in tfce world is
made from the apples of discord. ; . ,
: K9 It is impossible to lock at the sleep
ers iu a oliurch without beinl.retnlndcd
that Sunday H a.'3y of rest. "
i r'oW,t.;v 'p ' '-'u ;"t;- :l
. .tg Wotnan are not' nil tiigefeX ;If
Hicy wer., they would go tnL jfcaveo :for
husbandu or, at least, be nore difficult
in their
h'jice earth.
TB K-trOBCtMHIT Of THE LAWS- . --'''
'1' Five o'clock' tn the mornlngof the 27th
of juW found us, with ' a jcpriioanionwho.
had chargeof the hos' iunifortns ik ; . th
(juiet co'unty-town of SrifijtQ 'io juiuata.
An li6ur.'inde"'the necessary arrange-:
menta; and by wx wc" were .ot tkd, joiit
wU6 boxes pactcd. In . aa . oped , spring
wagon, behind an active pair'of -liorse.f
and at half-past.se veu 'pulled up at. the
1 school by the rural' t.amtet" of- iicAIIis
tersvme(wltb' Col.'. McTarlauJ, the yet
crutch' ed yote'raa of Gettysburg and other
battles, at'tfie'Joor? ' fie glad; faccs of
sevcblT boys. toST &ttste4 4het tie visit
was as Relcom? as -it .was.. fwcil tiBiCo,
hjr they were, just abotjt. tj tartfifor
moiher and l)omc,V and only awaited .the
"new clothes.".
i : ... '.-u
The ride bad been 'delightful. It ran
eight mli'cs across oneof : the finest vaf
leys or series of. valleys in. the State.
Shade mouutaiu on. the north broken in
outline by numerous gaps and iauecta-
tious, with the more rcgulsj Yiejb gf , tb4
i uscarcra oa the south, bounded toe hor
izon in opposite directions, but witbia - no
narrow limits. The interior space , being
the whole breadth of the country, was
not less than twenty miles, including the"
Hue Juniata" along the foot -of Tujcarora,
and the, space to the north, .watered by
Lost Creek and its branches, and varied
by that rclling character of surface which
adds to the apparent distance and gives to
every turn of the road a new feature.
In this beautiful vailcy and at the .early
invigorating hour at whic it had been
rapidly traversed, ,thq scenery of Juutata
seemed moic attractive than ever. -
Give us, after all, our own Pennsylva
nia landscapes, with their mountains
and hills, their r.apid rivers, their dash
ing brocks, their clear glancing springs,
and here aud there a lakelet ; their tree
and viue-clustered homesteads, their rich
Hclds, their scattered shade trees and their
ever-recurring pieces of wood land, in
preference to all the broad prairies and
sea-like lakes and almost interminable
rivers of the mighty west. Wo do like
to quench our thirst at the clear sparkling
brook by the wayside, with enough of
motion in it to keep its life from stagna
tion. We do like now and then to get off
the dead level of the tramp, tramp, tramp,
be it walk, or trot, or gallop -over the
prairie, and to try other muscles of the
body, whether cf man or horse, in mount
ing and other sensations in the enjoyxent
of the bill top. t. In a. word, we like va
riety ; and, -though the fertility ot . the
west may be exhaustlcss and its p'oduc
tions almost spontaneous," we prefer th
compelled but kindly response which, the
mother earth of our own State makes to
the stalwart demands of her sons. There
is not only mauly eiertise, but peasant
variety in tncm. e may db unne oin-
ers in this ; still we rpiestion whether we
: .i n- i ii .i
could long continue to take pleasure in
the absolute ownership even of a dollar
mill, ere . some money . King to present
us with one, that should drop into, the
hand its golden grist, at the fixed rate cf
one per second neither more sor less,
and all alike bright, round and .yellow ;
but Btijl all alike auj always the s ainc.
Rat, lo come back from the "Yellow
boys" to Orphan boys; there they were,
clean washed, boots blacked, hair comb
ed and smiline, like other boys waitina
for their new suits. . Out of tearly one i
hnndrc(f sets, it was the task, and do light
one, of ,Mr. Royer to rigsixty-eight ap-(
plicauts in four hours. Uut at -lasi tho
work vastjone, with . only two or ihrea
misfits j and these, of that encouraging
kind whict time jWill surely, remedy, by
growing up the wearer to the size of the
garment, provided only ; that . the ' gar
men shall ) ast . the , process of adapta-
The boys were brwsjht to tho drossing
room ' in "srjuads. awkward ; at entrance
but neat, erect and. shining at exit; and
it was pleasant to ..listen to the, hearty
nurrahs witli whien too newiy atiireu an
transformed, jWero received dq4 ; their jolfr was.rSOTorsd :w'b jebUJreB tr-Ji9
Erst appearanee Ion 'tbo play, grouad.. Of younggixls Jhe place, mixed wth ;and
course this became css and less loud, as eutertaiaiug the female , Orphans, and the
party "afcef jjarty issued forth ; till, atJast boys adtnirjog the cvolutians, of tho. . Or
tho noW settled dowa to a carious :h am' phao Company, as, jrf with .drum at their
of eoDgratulation, satisfaction and pa-
ere. To be sure, there at length begia
t" be bear J box crilbixs on Sts : calfs
;J .07 !..:i -' i'-"' - - : ,
1. ,i ,.
were to widef pants .too loarj, cleeves ' too
short : and tho poor tailer crime-- in-. fotJ
aome complaints,' - which, i if ftstic were
done, dame nature thould hat -borne, for
jjot making all ber specimens of boyhood
0 the fine mode's which the ocs'.helie art
ist bud taken as bis guide.' But, ow the
wbjQlft, ihs Very largo majority were pleas--ed
and, tie rest beaaicacTaisea(. ?' ..,
i Thou -came li the 'dinner, .'which ,of
eofset,belu forfln psJjra occasion,' was a
feMt, jfitji. its p'jdiDgitil''pios.-' Dut,
jdginffJij iWiJjest. test,---the - rmldy
looks aod tbe satisfied appearance of. the
children, the every day It! -j rius be, as
it is known. to-be, ' aLandaot, wholejL'e
and sufficient:' '.After dinner occurred- the
company parade of- thoboys io their' -new
Uniforms -with their1 Cap(gi, Lieuten
ants,.' .Sergeants and Corporals," cter so
granil j.raally.doiBg credit to their dr'iK
t.!Scerr and adding, as the teachers concur
in saying, a most effieion't - means to the
discipline of the school. ' '
3 While all this Vas lii f tt!grc53 amongst
the boys, the girls, whose' neat 'and taste
fully made rimslin 'dc' laice ' 'dresses and
ctraw hats bad all been in readiness the
day before,'' wcte on the "green of the
sfchoolj enjoying ttff eeasion.Jaud await
ing eVeritS. On inspection, tlieir costume
was" found to bo plain and neat, though
tastefu arid, 'what is" 'better,' satisfactory
to the wearers'. " ' '
'- Next came tho .rcf ad-j.-essj the . bur
don ' of which however moralized and
sentimentalized in . phrass, , uecesearily
amounted ' to the old cautiou : be good
children and fate care of your clothes;
for su'fch' ever has teen aud. suub . always
. . L -11.".. - . -
will be the "course oi human events" un
der similar circumstances.
' Arrangements bad been . made, or
thought to be made, ty the kind ueigh
bors, to couvey all the pupils of tfce school
to Mifflin, where they wero to take the
cars for their homes and also to .enjoy a
reception by the kind citizens of t'ae place."
Before the half were seated, however, in
the carriages, wagons, &c., it appeared as
if there would be a lack cf conveyances
for all. Sp self aud companion threw
traveling sacks and cloth coats into one
of the carriages and took it afoot.
This eight miles walk," relieved by retts
in the shade, excursions over the feaees
after blackberries and cc occasional drink
of tLick-milk at a. faim bouse, was at
first most pleasant ; then it settled down
into "fine wbolcsome exercise j" next the
miles in these parts became astonishiugly
long ; and finally it was quite sufficiently
latiguing to render a good wash and a
cup of coffee at boat Snyder's hotel very
During this walk, somo of the occur
rences were suggestively though sadly in
teresting. Going in the same direction
with ourselves and generally passing us,
were the carriages loaded with the orphans
to an extent that . would . have., been in
structive even to a city street car conduc-
.tor in me sit ot .close packings ver
and snon a group of boys, getting along
... . t . .
by the old Eode.cf "ride and do" or
turn about, would be waiting in the shade
for the next wagon, or another be seen
hurrying along to the eppointed station ;
but all lively and bent on getting, to the
snd.of. the journey. Passing, the. other
direction, were groups ot horsemen cr per
sons in cr.riages,!witb lei horses. , These
latter were found to be purchases at, a
sale in the neighborhood that day, of dis
charged government horses., ; . Here were
two results of tho war and siirns. of its
close. The dead . warrior 'g,,orphans re
turning, in the care, of a grateful State,
to cheer tho widow's .heart, and. his war
horgc.goisg back to th, plow. . 'Many a
saddle M.f mpty -iay fcepft.; desolate.
Let us-hunor ourf es by doing our duty
to tho living.. t .- ....r;J .n .j j, -'.si: ;
-, ;Wos rested . and, again ; on foot,: we
found, the quiet of, MilBia, disturbed
gone. ) AH the resident children, jo their
.best dresses, were. out to see and welcome
tho.Orpbao8.:Ay4 and more toO.JI; The
-adult population , partwk. the.. feeling - of
the young..,. The, iroo ailiag aboMi the
, Court. House green WaS lined with; an un
broken row. of spectators. .The, xrecn t?
head and offiosra 'at their fpostsr they
aaxohod, field, and wbeelod about the
. .;e, rrlti Ikd jresislsa of Vetera...
J-trt the evening dame theerowded. (reet
ing ie. Oni of tha .oharcbla, -wtf little
sp5!M ere do'Uvtt.4 iy-Ktife orphans,
songs "and Rymps suDg"b'y the school, ex
planatory addresses made by tbefr'au'.hor
itics, and addresses of warm-hearted wel
come responded on .the part, of the citi
zens. - After a. liberal collection toward a
library for the setoolsnd thebenlition.
the meetings adjou rned , alike -eoeoura-ginp
i to-the; Soldier, -Orphan : cause and
creditable to t e'peop1eof" Mifflin .
It would-be ,omiiug the pleasaaiest
feature in this Biost agreeable event, not
too add, that fheaff children were all hos
pttsbly tfttijth fhr Ii,o'c1effoythe night
aoCwhi!c i.ioJbyhe pcordV of the
prte,, and til at a'(f "the?rbuuiber been
1 U.JC jnstead.of ,one lhuD.Jrcdr,.-thr- were
places aai a welcome tor alu t 1m fact
there' tras qu"rt a contest trfget thenv, and
tuauy were aisa'p pain ted. ;. a
. So ended the first publfc reception" of
State ;" and four o'tsloek follpwipgmorn
ig lound self and coitpauieo at Lome
ready for a ltto nap. ...,--
We should like , to give the. "proceed
ings of tho meeting more at length,1 .but
have not space, This will, however, no
doubt, be done by . the Rev. Mr. Gnss,
who origi-atsd and so well managed ' the
affair, and whose local paper is warmly
advocating the cause. .Sih'iol JmrnaL
;rWIT0r"A "RAID.- 7
:i The town of Greenfield, Ohjo, y;as the
scence ot great excitemei. o.aa. dy last
week. It appears tht, entagci by tho
almost constant tightly rows and riotous
jioceedines ip.a. aberf ...the,, whisky
shops of the town the ladies, resolved to
put a stop to whiskey selling in their
midst. Thry improvised a meeting to be
held on Monday morning, met, passed
resolutions and marched iu solid phalanx
t! several places where whis.Ecy was "sold
in quantities to eoit pi;rc'bas-iTI" and de
manded the liquoi.vwhica wa3 persistent
ly refused ; whereupon,, with axes and
hatchets, they made an inT-olcntary attack
upon the doors of the establishbents, weut
in and rolled the casks out and spilled the
liquors in the struts. They were a most
determined set of raiders. The male
portion of the community looked on com
placently, thinking it s matter not com
mitted io their hands, and let the ladies
have their own way generally. The re
sult of this raid is the combination of the
whisky sellers, ho have commenced suit,,
against the raiders. The better disposed
citife.s held a meeting and resolved to
stand by the ladies, and see them through
the matter. The best legal talent will bo
employed by the ladies, whohve sacceed-
- j
ed with little effort, in raising a largj
fund already to preiecate the ease thor
" A characteristic letter frem Gov.
Rrownlow has been "received in the matter
of an ftpplicatiou for pardon. , The pe
titioner, is the Rebel L'r'a'dier General
Wm. lI,Carroil a" wealthy and once
prominent citizen of Tennessee, and the
rsame who is suspected of being. connected
with the Rebel corispirators'in Canada.
It waV&ut recently that Carroll employed
counsel fu'r the purpose cf suing. the
United Stats Government for the use
of and damage doce to Lis "property by
the appropriation and use of the same for
army purposes. lie now asTs for paruoo,
hori-cver, and bis case was referred to
Gov. Rrownlow. or suggestion- - The
Governor's letter ia reply is received1.
Lie says.. ''This man Carrcll, were ke to
eonic- within the State of Tennessee,
would cot be permitted tob.v. five min
utes. ,:Tbe 'people, would, nqt tolerate bis
exjstence there.," 1. can't ay. anything
against so poor and mean a niaa as this,
an. can't say anything for him. 1 there
for, say nothing. "- -- V '" '
!;e . - i..-. .. ;
, fcir A Traveler, . near .-fnc eJos 'or
weary di-yV drive ever a foncTy and m'rid
dy Voad,' cae.to little log cabin in .the
forest 'and' ascd .for a, drink.. : A young
wotnau supplied his wants, and afterrards
as she was tiie first woman be had seen
for several days, be offered bef " a iae
for a kiss. It wis duty taken and paid
for, and the young lady who- had-never
seen a dime before, looked at it with
somo curiosity, then asked what - she
should do with it.: He replied, what she
chose, as it was hers. "If that's the case,"
said, "you may tei9 it back aad give me
--.v. v, f