Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, August 09, 1865, Image 2

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    Juniata JlwtmeL
.t at. M . w a
A union of lakes, and a union of land t,
A union no poicir shall sever;
A union of hearts, and a Unioii of hands,
Aud the American Union forever!
MlfniMOlT N
vVedacsdaf Morning, August
A. L. CUSS, Editor.
Lev. 25 t lo.
fir- Proclaim Liberty -JW'
Throughout the Lund Ut&
jtif to ALL the
jef Inhabitant Thereof.
ar the jitxia ta sEyrrsET.
has the l.arjttt Circulation of any paper pub
lished ia this Count j. It is therefor the
4f adetrziting merfiuru. It is a Paper, truly
loyal, ably conducted, a (rat class Localiat,
and well worthy of the patronage of every
lytl cititen in the County.
SU " Treason must be made odious;
Traitors must le punished and impover
iiied. They mast not only be punished,
u their social pouter, nvst be destroyed;
And after making treason odious, every
Union men and the Government should
le remunerated out of the pockets of
those vha hate indicted this great suJFer-
iiiy upon tht country.'' President John
eon, April 21, 1865.
Dressier on Negro Sulfra jc.
Oar friend Eolumon of 8uequeba-ca
ka ca to comment on bin letter and we
do eo briefly. By 01 late humane or
divine do civil rights depend ou color.-
All our oitizens do or ought to stand on
!: tame footing before the law. Noth
ing bat crime sad character should dis
qualify or distinguish. A red or black
or yellow kit in ta do crime. '
If the riht of bufrage ia to depend on
intelligence, one half of the democracy
would be disfranchised with the 'negroes.
It is not a fact that whites are more intelli
gent without education that negroes, oth
er things being equal. The bittory of
ihii war proves that even uneducated ne
groes bare hid a better conception of
thair duties as citizens than tbc democrats,
and hence are better qualified to exercise
the elective frssclme than rebels or cop-r-erheadi.
It there is any virtue in hav
irg sense enough to be loyal, over having
etupidity enough to be a traitor, the ne
groes of the South are bettor than its
white traitors. In this state it has not
bocn an issue, but in the rebel States it
will yet etv.ne to this: Ih-e rebel states
can not be reem'.imcted on a loyal basis
by enfranchising unre2entant traitors and
disfranchising byalmen. Nero suffrage
in the south will yet become a necessity
as well as a rijjht. As by rebellion they
made Emancipation a military necessity
ro by their persistenco they will render
negro suffrage a political necessity Loy
alty must rule. It will be uo remunera
tion to tho colored people for their loyal
ty or their services that they are declared
free if lliey are to be kept under eucb
laws a their cruel and unrelenting enem
ies may enact. Their condition will be
worse than slavery if they are left to the
mercy of their embittered would-be mas
ters. Neither Solomon, in hia wisdom,
who acknowledges that he was black and
yet comley, nor Solomon u Susquehanna,
who can not "afford" to grant the African
anything more than "liberty," would be
content to live under red-hot and blood
red rebels without any civil protection
but what those rebels would grant.
Colonization u played out. It is lm
practicable even if the negroes Were wil.
: t. : ii .cnn;ui;nn .
I wJ I
n amount oi misoonception and negro
hate adheres to even profeesed Republi
cans! What au immense amount of ig
norance, prejudice and groundless enmity
must yet be removed before Christ wil
reign King of Nations as he now is King
of Saints I
0 - j - &
je. Experiment are being made in
Philadelphia ia infiltration, a process by
which a live hog may be converted into
cortied pork in twenty minutes. The ani
xnal is killed, hia heart removed, and an
instrument inserted in i;s place by whieh
tweet pickle i sent through (he wain ar
tery into erury pri of tht pi0'- It is es
timated that this proews vill reduoe the
price of fjoi fifty per t
Are the Orphan Properly Cared Fori
As we were accompanying a lot of the
Soldiera' Orphans westward , the other
week, we got in conversation w;th a, lJy
after we left Lewie town station, wto. was
-anxious to know who and what, the chil
dren were uuder our care, and was much
surprised to hear that they were the pu
pils of the Soldiers' Orphans School at
McAliste'reville, as she said that a lady (?)
from JCfflin county had taken down her
children and brought back such bad re
ports, that the children were dirty, ragged
and sot half attended to, that she brought
back her children home again and her
stories had thrown a ' damper" oh the
whole project of Soldiers' Orphan Schools
throughout Mifflin county. And she was
astonished after hearing her stories to
see a lot of pretty, tidy, bappy, bright-
eyed boys and girls, and said he could
hardly realize if, but that if the citizens
of Mifflin county could only tee these
children it would change their minds,
and more remarks to tho same effect.
We merely allude to this matter to
sLow the mischief one person of ill-judgment
can dc. A woman did once come
to McAlistersville and wanted a nice
room, separate bed, wasli stabd, howl and
pitcher, tic. for her daughters and theii
left because her hlce little ladies coiiId
not Le ttus accommodated. She thought
it would be "hoggish" to let her children
cat and sleep as others did, and above all
the prospect ot her children having to
wash diehes was awful beyond toleration.
She left and passed through this town,
abusing the school at a round rate. We
do uotjioow who or what she is, oof do We
care, but we hope the people of Mifflin
county will not deprive their destitute
Soldiers' Orphans of the blessings of
these schools because of the ravings of
one haughty woman, who, if she is able to
keep her children better than the State
ought never to have represented them as
destitute. It i verv gratifying that the
school did net collapse when the woman
and her "pretty, weety, tirfty" girls went
home and the cun still shines on Mc
A Livr Rebxi, in Tows. It may
and ought to astonish oar 'readers when
we tell them that we have a genuine live
rebel in our town not a rebel sympathi
zer, fur they have been here all the time,
but one, who boasts that he was in the
ebel army and helped to lick the Yan
kees on several occasions, and that he was
not a couscript but a volunteer, and that
although glad that the war is over is sor
ry that it ended as it did, for he had al
ways believed and hoped that Jeff Davis
would be victorious. W e have uot seen
the little impertinent rebel, but the above
is the substance of what he is reported to
haTe said to several persons in town. He
was born in Milford township and his
motner is said to be living in this town.
He went to Virginia some years ago with
bis brother, and has now returned to get
the money due from his father's estate.
After doing all he could to murder our
citizen soldiers he has the impudence to
insult our loyal people whose brothers,
sons, aud fathers he helped to murder,
by iutrudinghis blood-stained Carcass be
fore their eyes and boasting cf his love
of treason aud labors in treason's cause."
Why such things are permitted we can
not tell, for certainly it is mjre than any
community ought to put up with. Those
who hare heard him talk would have been
justified lo slapping his chops. A eoat of
tar and feathers or a ride on a sharp fail
out of town, might increase b:s respect
for our loyal people and returned soldiers.
We have men here just returned from
the army, whose brave comrades, who
went out with thero, will never return, for
they hare fallen victims to a hellish re
bellion, and these soldiers ought net be
insulted by the presence of a rebel sol
dier. Let him loave this town as soon as
he can pack his traps and depart. If he
does not, and persists in his talk it will
get hotter here than in tho South. One
word more and We are done there are a
number of men in town who are whining
about the poor boy, saying it would be a
shame to disturb him, &c. who by their
cuppcruoau ejuipaui,
fehowo that they are not a whit better
than this rebel and traitor lor their
hands which they offer our citizens in
friendship are alike red with the blood of
out brotherr. ,
9ca The Chicago Republican says M rs
Lincoln is living in ' perfect Beolnsion at
the Hyde Park Hotel on the shore of tho
lake, seven or eight miles from that city.
Uotb her sons reside with her. - Captain
Robert Lincoln is studying law in the of
fice of MrtSTCS Seaninion, McCagg & Ful
ler, in Chicago, and goes there daily to at
tend to bis duties.
Copperhead PlatformV
Restoration ot Slavery.
Repudiation of the war 4ebt
Mrs. Surratt.
A new Officer to be Elected a Caaage
in the method of selecting Jwvors.
It may not he known to our readers
that at the last Legislature a law was past
ed requiring the voters of this and several
other counties to elect too "Jury Commis
sioners" whose duty it shall be to select
the names to be pat in the Jury Wheel.
No voter can vote for more than one of
these, just as in Inspectors of elections,
so that each party wilt be sure to, have
one. They are elected for three years
and are paid the same as county Commis
sioners. These men are required to be
"sober, intelligent and jud;ciom." This
method we think will commend itself to
all holiest people as fair ' and impartial
and under ils management we expect to
sec less than 40 democrats dratfn In a
panel of 43. Let the Republicans look
around for a suitable candidate. We
may have somewhat to say on this ques
tion again. For the present we would
only state that we are indebted as a par
ty for this wholesome reform to the inde
fatigable efforts of our worthy member
Hon. John Balsbaeh. He we'll deserves
lo be remembered for it.
Letter from the Itill. Vo. 3i
Sorely this is the bug season, tor hun
dreds Bifem to Crowd hroand my burbiug
S )k are large and some are small,
Some can fly and ethers crawl.
Some in ailenee pass along.
Some trouble by their noisy song.
Some in beauty are arrayed.
Some dark forlorn and hateful cade.
This poetical strain is doilb'less not so
good as many others. Let it be remetn
cered 'tis a new subject as 00 One has
this descanted en the rise and fall, ori-
seU and downsets of this part of the ani
mal kingdom. I accept as a truth the
declaration that all things are made for
some wise purpose, but when I atn subject
to the experimental part, I can not always
see it. . Why that hateful looking crea
ture should just now give me such a prod
that my blood run's cold, or why that
winged animal should buzz around my
ears, much to my annoyance, or why anoth
er should almost extinguish my light
much to his own hurt and at the expense
of my good nature, I know not. lift
I'll console myself with the adage that
"whatever is, is right:" Often when I
see the movements of these animals, I
thirik hs nil and fotfliah they BK, and
yet their efforts are no more fruitless,
their doirigs no more senseless than that
of many who With reason are blessed.
As that poor thing fiiti to and fro, attract
ed by my dazzling light sot knowing that
death is there, till singed and b'tirned be
dies. I am reminded that maay beings,
gifted too with minds, are every night al
lowed by dazzling lights, and merry
voices mingling with music's charms, to
enter hut once 'mid scenes o'er which hu
manity shudders thinking of the conse
quences. Little thick thy that ruin ia
there until too far gone to stay their fcteps,
they find that all is lost, the spirit crush
ed, the fluer feelings dead.
What Would tiot many a once prom
ising youth, give if to-night he could re
trace his Steps and rejoicing in conscious
innocence, stand where he did ere the
glaring light, the sound of music and the
dance, the excitement of the gaming ta
ble enticel him from the path of virtue
and of peace.
Just as I close that sentence my feel
ings are stirred by a little insignificent
creature nipping me eeverely on my back
that t am ready (0 extipate the whole
class, but I am reminded that the hand
that made them is divine, and that in
stinct is their guide.
' Iu pity I stay the uplifted stroke, and
think of a large data which of rsason
boast, but who, whether at home or abroad,
among friends or foes, ia high or low
places, spend their time rehearsing the
follies of even their betters, throwing out
insinuations, casting imputations, magni
fying imperfections, natural or accidental,
tearing np at wholesale the weakness, con
cealing the virtues, and thus well deserv
ing the name, and ought to - receive the
contempt due a baekbiter. Rather let
the gallinippcrs, half consume ne, flies
my patience try. and bngs their troubling
never cease, than that I should for a sin
gle hour have my motives, aims and pur
poses judged and recounted by this class
for whose removal Injured humanity oft
hears a sigh. The insects pain, I can al
lay, its mischief end, bat who "can a
wounded spirit bear," or compote the
wrong done by those who to your face
seem fair but behind your back arc sure
to bite.
The way that some people in company,
in their own families, serve up those on
whom they would wreak their vengeance,
is little short of devilish. So there is
another hug, welt, it it time to change the
subject, eo I'll speak of him. l6 rf a
''party bird," gorgeously attired, and
moves along with pomp and show. On
iwjninogintotiishisWry, I find thai he
is of tittle use, and much display. He
ianon reminds me of a gay )oung sport,
that" I more ornamental than nseful
Ho sleek be is, how jeweled too, how
lofty rears bis mein, high high his head,
how like the fabled bird he struts along,
bow every act seems to say, "stand aside,
I am finer than thee.1'
Of all beings that deserve pity it is he
who would fain impress you with the idea
that dress makes the man. Ills well if
yon can afford it to wear the best that na
ture and art can furnish, but to live be
yond your means, expend all for your
body, and nothing for your xuind, and
then t be proud of your attire, bdt indi
cates a lack of brains. But here comes
another bug, which surely merits that
ether title humbug, for of all the bugs I
ever saw, this is the poorest bug. The
origin of the word humbug is rather cur
ious, and at once reviews old college
tricks, but on this I cannot dwell, as I am
reminded that the word is full of hum-hug-
There's the "ile" humbug, which would
have you belive that to purchase a few
shares in en OU company is certain sue-
There is tho lottery Ltimbug, where
you arc promised a flue gold watch, a set
cf silver ware, Ac, and all for one dol
lar. There tod U the agent humbug, were
without doflbt you can realize fifty dollars
for ten, or at least one hundred per month
253 all expenses paid.
Then too there is the book humbug so
well recommended that to to have it is to
posess all knowledge, and to know the
secrets of all mysteries, and thereby re
fute the assertion that "there is no royal
road to learning."
And fioially there is the edueatioca?
humbug where in five hours you may
completely master any language living or
dead, aod whether you be blessed with
brains or not it matter little as by present
systems all that add more be well sup
plied. Rut lest you anight think you are
humbugged iu reading this letter I'll
cut it short by remarking that in days
long ago, so now "there is no auccess
withont great labor.''
ftjr Some letters written by Gen. Lee
to Moseby have come into the hands of
the government, and they Strow the Mose
by's guerrilla systita of warfare acd mur
der was endorsed aud Commended by the
refined (!) commander of the "Confeder
ate" armies. Thero was scarcely a cruelty
committed by the rebels that Lie is not
more or less responsible fdf ; yet we have
men in tie loyal States who etfogiie his
"greatness" and piopose to raise by sub
scription a h'andsonre fortune for him on
which he may spend the balucee of his
days in ease aod comfort, or be rcdy, on
another opportunity offering, to lead ar
mies against the Union.
In 1363 the Cincinnati Enquirer,
one of the leading democratic papers of
Ohio, laid down the following planks for
the democratic party to stand on :
"1st. That the Democracy can sever
come into power as a war party.
'2na. -1 hat the war li utterly oppos
ed to the continuance of Republican in
stitutions. ''3rd. That the Republicans are en
titled to ail the glory and all the disoredit
of the war.
"4th. That tho Democracy believe in
Mr. Vailandigham'a views respecting the
Tho above is good reading now when
I the war is all over and copperheads hare
' 11 1 I . & 1 . T ,
an lurneu war men praise nuay vonn
son arid all claim to have always been gocd
Union meu. Poor modern democracy
to what degradation have yoa come to at
last !
Too Trne.
We Clip the following from one of our
exchanges, and as it is peculiarly appli
cable to this locality, we hope those con
cerned will profit by the truths here stat
ed :
"Ridiculous to see copperheads hon
eying and sugaring around Union soldiers.
Soldiers, they only want your votes, and
have at heart the same opinions of you
that they had when they called yoa "Lin.
coin's hirelings," "Hessians," cut-throats,'
and ether like opprobrious names. Spftrn
them as yoa would vile copperheads
which they STe."
The Copperheads have a new Saint.
They have canonized that "Innocent lady,"
Mrs. Surratt, and all their papers are hi
sackcloth and ashes, talking cm aboat her
"taking off" iu the most agonising spirit.
She will, without doubt, be an object of
veneration for the new party of Surrat
ites in all time to come. They wil! make
fast day of the anniversary of Ler
death, and she will be s rallying cry fo?
the traitors North and South.
Young Men Arouse. .
Ayoong Ldy of eipbieen year of air,
with a good moral cnraeter, wishes to
open a correspondence with somm young man
with a view, to mutual improvement. , - '
Selins Grove, Snyder CO., Pa.
i hereby given to all persons indebted to
the estate of Thomas, Sbormier, late of the
borough of Patterson deceased, aither by
Kit or Book Account to com forward and
pay up before the first of September, or these
claims will then positively be put into the
hand of a Justice for eolleetioa
Aug. 9-St Administrator.
Something Keen, and a Valuable vtven
. fieri for the People.
ED the right for Juniata county, to U
the above named valuable Pump, desires
to call publ e attention to the same. It is
tbs tint and only Djub'.e Acting Pump in ex-istt-nce.
This renmrkab! pump hai attracted the
attention and received the approval of sieniifie
men all over the country.
I will ev.bilii it at lb lTSt-l Cf P.. M.
Thompson, MiUlimon, Ta., vriik whom or
der may be left in my absence.
Couhiy, being bo-.'t t!f erect a new fence
around the Court Yard, will expose to public
sale, at the Court Uoase, in Borough of Mif
flintown. on
The materials composing; the otd renc, e
sisiing of about THREE TONS OF IRON,
POSTS. The Iron i of a superior quali ty,
(round bars, most of them 1G feet long, and
1 inches in diameter.) and as good as new.
The Posts are sound, and in an excellent
stale of preservation. IKe iron and posts
will be said in latl to suit purchasers. Per.
sous in .ws at of either of the above articles
will find it to their advaanage to attend this
Aag. 0-G5. A: 3. GREER, Clerft.
The annual lift of United States fates Is
madenp on LICENSKS, lXCCM?; oa CAR
K I AO KS. t-U.VElt PLATE, and all unpaid
Monthly Lists arc now tiuo aij payable as
JUNIATA COUNTY will be attend d to by
John McLaughlin, Deputy, at Pomroy's Store,
Beale twp., Thursday. August 24; S. ItSik's
Store, PerTjsj-iHe. Friday, August 2; A.'
Snyder's Hotel, Miffl;nfwa, Saturday, Aug
20; E. A. iJfarRrits' Hotel. MiAllstcrseille,
Tuesday. Aug. 29 ; Richfield, Aug. 3 ; Sher
mer's Hotel, Tliompsontown, Friday, Septem
W 1 : end jl MorruvV'S Hotel, JFast Water
ford, Td'esJiv. ScLt. 5.
To all wha neglect to pay at the times snd
places specified, 19 per centum must be added
ami rolli-eied. All Taxes man be paid in
GoTefftfetrf tttiis Cf it cnia(c-f. .
Collector, Hih District, Pa.
tyBTid Ale
Valuable Seal E state!
at pSblic olffcry. on the premises in Mil
ford township, Juniata eou:'tv. Pa . three
im'n froia MitSicitoWn on the raid leading to
Jobnsiofri on
TUESitAT, SflfflMffl it '65.
ihk roi.i.owiso mil istax norxnrt, to wit:
A tract of land situate? n etoe. stated
and a'lj-ining lands of Mosrs Kelly, WiHiart
Stcru, J. ha P- Kelly and others and con
taining about
And 112 perches, about 175 of which are
cleared and under good cultivation, being
good limestone land, and the balance being
The improvements consist of a TWO STO
Corn Crib, and other outbuildings. Also a
tenant House. There i a good spring of wa
ter near the Bouse, and also running water
on the fnrm. The tract is one of the best and
most pleasantly located farms in the county.
Any psrson desiring to view the above
property can call on Mr. Joseph Funk, resid
ing on the premises.
SALE to commence at 1 o'clock, P. M. of
said day vtt(n attendance will be given and
tertfis Blade known by
Aujrnst 9; 'OS.
t'itate cf Lcfdord Bauyhavcut, dee'd
Netice is hereby given that lettere of Ad
ministrator of the estate of Lefford Haugha
wout late of Fsyette township, deceased, have
been grsn'ea to the undersigned residing iri
the fame township. All persons knowing
themselves indebted to said estate are request
ed to make immediate payiCta t and those hav
ing claims will please present them duly au
thenticated for settlement.
Air,. 9 , '6a.-6L Administrator.
Estate of Isaac Rollman, dte'd.
Notice is hereby giren that letters of Testa
mentary oh the estate of Isaac Rollman late of
Mifflintowa, deceased, have been! granted to
the undersigned residing1 ih Ferman tgb
township. AU persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate' are requested to
make to immediate payment and those hav
ing claims will please present them duly au
thenticated for settlement.
Aug. 2. 18fla-9t. Executor.
Estate of Benj. Todtr, dee'd.
Notice is hereby given that letters of Teefsv
mectary on the estate of Benj. Yoder, late
of Delaware township, deceased, have been
granted to the undersigned residing ia ta
same township. AH persons knowing them
selves indebted to said estate are requested to
make immediate raymett tfbd t&ose baric g
claims will please present them duly authen
ticated for settlement.
Aug.2-Ct. Kzxutor.
"? f ; AT
At Cbafaapiott's Citj Daaufeaar
.A1 r. :. X
etvee UA and 12th Streets,. 1';
During the month of Aug US
; 900 MULES.
These Mules are all serviceable, sad Sold
only for want cf use. Buyers or invited U
examine them at any time, and every facility
will be given for a thorough inspection
Roomy sheds are provided for inspection frem
sua and rain. . , , .
100 MULES. J
Wilt b sold on EACH WEDNESDAY aad
OF AUGUST, commencing at 10 o'clock. A, M.
m Terms Cash in Government fundi.
By order of
Brig. Ora. EEIN.
ALBERTS. ASHMEAD. Captain and A. Q.
M. Office, No. 721 Market St., PailaV
In the States of New York, Pennsylvania,
Ohio, Indiana, Delaware, Maryland,
and New Jersey, and the District
of Columbia.
QcAiTiaxASTta Gxuxaat's Owe.
WASBisrios, D. C. July 24. 18C5.
Will be sold at public auction, to the highest
bidder, at the lime and place uais fcWw.
viz :
New York eity, Tuesday and Friday of each
week, SOU Horses each day.
New York city, Wednesday of eos week;
20O mules each day.
Elmira, Tuesday, August 15, 500 Mules.
Albany, Friday, August 25, 500 Mules.
Buffalo, Wednesday, August 30, 500 Molea.
Philadelphia. Thursday of each week, 100
Horses each day.
Philadelphia, Wednesday and Saturday of
each week, 100 Mules each day.
Pittsburg, Thursday of each week. ltO
Mules each day.
NewviDe, Wednesday, August 9, 100 Horses. -
Newville. Thursday, August 10, 111 Mules.
Reading. Friday. August 11, 200 Horses.
Shippensburg, Wednesday, August 16, 100
Horse ,
Eric, Thvndey, Aogust 17, 200 Horses.
Shippensburg,, Thursday, August 17, 100
Williattstort, Friday, August 18, 200 Hor
ses. Indiana, Monday, Atigoat 21, 100 Ilorsts,
Charcbcrsourg, Wednesday, August 23. 100
. Chambersburg, Thursday, August, 54, 100
Milton, Friday, August 25, 200 Horse.
Carlisle, Wednesday, August 30, 100 Hor
ses. Carlisle, Thnrsca'y. August 91, 100 Mule."
Massillon, Tuesday, Augrtsf 1" 200 iVorsea
Crestline. Tbire'da, AuKid! 17. 60U Mule
Clevhtsd1. jJc'iSuT. August 2), 200 Hon.'
toil Wavne, Thursday, Actus 24, XjOOO
delaar. .
ffniiScgfo'n; Tuesday of each week, 200
Wilmington. Friday of each week, 200
Mules each day.
Trenton, Thursday, August 10. 20O M1m.
Trentc. ?u'fsdny, August 21, 200 Mu'.eo.
Baltimore, Wednesday. August 9. and Wed
nesday of each week thereafter, 200 iier
each day. ...
W.iStflNOT'.ON. D. C.
Each week day, 200 Mules. .
Each week day except Wednesday, 200
An opportunity to purchase a superior elaa
of sa'ldle and draft animals, at far lea thaw
their true value, is now offered to the public'
Though the majority of them are sound and
serviceable, they are no longer required in the
army, and must be sold.
Many of the mules were bought in the be
ginning of the war, when young, accompanied
the armies in all their marches and camp,
and are thoroughly broken, hardened by et
ercise. gentle and "familiar from being so long
surrounded by the soldiers.
Animals will be sold singly.
Sales to commence at 10 A. M.
TERMS Cosh in United States currency.
- - Brev. Brig. Gen. in charge
" 1st Div. Q. M. G. 0.
Aug. 2nd '65.
9. v7. Cor. Howard ft Mulberry Sts.
...:ii.,nii at Grain. Flour, and
Country Produce respectfully solicited. Also,
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Cigars, Tokcco and Snuff,
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ixr. Tobacco, and Lbav of esery description,
with a general assortment A Pipe, finaff
Boxes, Fancy Articles, c. ' July 19 -8m.