Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, August 09, 1865, Image 1

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'". IT t ft" "IT i v.,.,j;. ..,
j0 won, tio i i,maJ xliij'1 tJJia'T'O oil 9tA
.4 E.. Ol'SS &.-CO.
,.s. r--s .
M" V-taw n v(.-rt ew lis . ico Tbnu aw miv
s. . .1 lx.l ." .aa oJ msJ3 X'sr, ?! e.' fi.'? vi '-t .: ,-,r ; , . t
-r -nr: 1 'i'l'J J!i:.'J '.'!& HI?. !.V jsju. ..wi!J tiicntTZ,:1. -.'I.- .-.' .' .' . . !t , ..... ,. .
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tr. f,c ri .viiio, orrattcrton
fft.l 'shci to inform LisTrictiSs and r-
tronsthst he h remTei tx tLe honMonj
BriaRe-SJmriippote'ToJd & Jordan's Store.- J
aprO-tf " "
: - . .. :i-. 1 i
" "
Mifflintown. .Inniata Conntv.' P., fHPc
pn Mitin street. Soui h f Uridgc sir . ',
IIVCW Pi vrvrv i - t i
War ;;! 1 ...1.1 -1 r... - 1.
country produce.'
. " " "v evi buuu ivi lulu U i
. i'ilticrju, J'a.
, ;'.."e. 'c.-sti-:varv, ; .
MijHitif'iirn. imtti ('.. I'ii.,
-'ttVrs hi. pr.il'ctsiocr.1 services to the pul,- j
Im. t'oilcciions and aU other tiusincs will ;
reci-ivc pr.'mLt ..nipntion. tift;cc first door 1
v , ,.1 i' . ,., ,
ot t "1 liettiinl riore. . '.r-tia.ir.s- 1
I AM i!.
iHonicg 'f,
itlotnru i'nMt'f.
V'ill !lcd to all l):i.,ilHS5 tlilril'tU-1 t' his j
cu e. Ollicc on Main St rev' - iiiintowii, l'a.
THR nn.tersiJtiKd iil prumpilv aJirn 1 to
the c-llcciion a JaiiiK against riiln-e the
Stat or Xartnawi-Triiii," V-'i3i;a. Kacka
ry. t.nniy:-i:xtri Var.-wnd ail vllier cUims 1
an, 1115 .nrr : !:: "I'-scm or utiv "MKT i1r, ;
. . JKJSKMI A' t.AoS, j
.iit v at-i.iw.
I !! 0:
M::nii!''wn.-.TnniM fa
II ii "D f uJ '1 ft I --1
' Also. J.d.'i.Ts in :-. r '
ILS. tbVSSi.M!l'!'o. r ATI NETS',
i'U. t'vi wcou Ko'ivtli slid I'ifth.
u: : I'Miu.'.or.id'm.v. .
V.. 14 N.M-ili S ';:'; i S'j-.i. . ...-m i- ..I
f?' -., I" M " t : ,
An assottment cr ' '
we'ri'. ... .'
- - ' Silver &
, . Plated "VTarf,
l.iiWc for -'. It
oiiT;in:' v -.iT ir.i.T.
.''.'w.ir.v : ."-.'-- 1
iP" Kepairing ft Wa " . li'td Jewelry
j rompity atti Jed to v.:
H . 1 - . ... ixc l"'il-I. yr.
. , . A..I.KVK1U.V1;,
1 .-v-.. ..,,....(
tttilx & '4MmiiiHioir.'Hrrti:tii4 1
C iUowtiil! Sirer! T. barf.
I'liiladclphia. 1'a. lc
Mippiifs ia 1 imrr. Mve. i.i.ohsv rwi,
m... p lo.es. .vc nii-i -i.iiniiicr,, g.'tiira.y.
f.di iuich:iae.J..citiiact.-.l f..,v.- r r.-ceived :
on c-miuUslott,. at the option" ..f 'lie sliipj'cr j
' '
1 I !" 11 I VIT l 'Tlll'V I
'.11,1111 JtlA.ll'rAt J Wiil. .
' - '
..r-iri.K .,1 the Jt.-.l.'-tv CorsTT !
Ai;ki rtiL t v ul Soci ety,
v.,...,,.,.. ,r,T, ""-!The iutcrcEt isravable semi-an.ua'.'.y in cur-
Stones, McA'.ivt rrilV av:d MiT.intowii. All. - . . .
work put up in the mot'. "iastcM and s,. ; reney v eoupeng ntlachcd to eaeh nole, whioh
lantial iimuuer. bi hiu. a call. . are readilv cashed anvwhere.1 It amonntsto
ai.ril l3--3tr. ' ,. a - ; -
' .'??, Cuimlies or fMate...-acJ the interest is
I.VIjU.AM) KXAMINK , not taxed unless Pi a "urplns of the 6w!er s
our Stock pf Keidv MdeCh"hirsr bef'cre ' " 1 i 1 n
,. ,. . ... . . I income exeeeniiig sn hundred uullard a year.
ou rurciiase i-lftwhere. yuu will lind ou ; . . . ,am (V
hand a poud assortiuetit lor Men and UovsiThis fact iucrctics Ihiir. vrHue froiii one 10
. , IVrrysvillc. (V:t. K,v1 WO-i. J ' qERMS
Vi'Z d herpbjr certify that the ('oij'ti'i'te'! ' J-.
en . Jlaiiufacturiii, jir. irles Jias awarded til ' Seventy-1
t'ii,ii't:s W. Y.Ei'izKi. the First I'rcmii'r fitri'or less- foi
the most substantia neatest made, air! West
finished sett ff CllsiH. .
. ... " . Y. JACOBS, rrciM'r. .'
iLi.t.'sM Ui.sru. Sec'f. janlS
tl i:ltY If iRI'Elt,
-No. i2i AUCII Street, above I'ifth
!l;ViiTacl iifer titta lealer
(? i
Wa.tcb.es, l4 t
r i x k J n w e l. ii r . 7i -TJ
S O l S t L V K R II' A II E.
Ann! xiiysriur SU-or PJateil Ware
,:i March L'O l,Sii", omos.. .
V T" EN DUK.vT ?.'' T" - -CRIKli
TIiq und.'rsigncd offers his Services to the
rnblicf as Tendiie Cryer and Ancti.iricer. ile
hi? had k very-large experience, and feels
confident that lie can give satisfaclion tc all
who mar employ him. He may le addressed
at M(ffi'nrtoyn,..or foulil at'his-.'hnme in Fer
niaiwgli .rHusli(. Orders may also to left
at Mr. Will s Hotel. ,
Jan. 2-, lfMl. - - WIT.l.IAM GIVEN.
n. rJHLAiiEU'UiA
J : is,!-: :
) TArKir
7 c"'';year.
,.-- -
liou iti icki
niNPo w n riiTA tn pa rKr.?,
;orcr.vr"ULKTU . and ,VAI!KET Stro
- - - ' T-.aot i'UiL irif; t.v, " ' .
-VAlinc atock i-of I.INKN SHAL'KS
CfnetVm'y "on land. ' "Tub. 1".; t.; jm, i
1 : t". , -jt.t
' Tb wle of the rs 8irs"o3(H),W,0OO
of the 7-30 Loan was -ooirjiietsu umne 31ft of
i'Slarcb, lW"'. The sale of tlie PetoHd series
1 c Ti, M;n:..n. ...i.i. i,rs
t w' 1 . 1. Stl.uuiu .'...1 IV11 JIJUI .UllVti
tei rs from me loth tlav of June, waa
j begun 011 the 1st of April."' Ia the ihort ' tpact
f f-.'rhi cut Out IkaJrtd Millions of
'hi- tsrits hut bail tA'l leaving this 1'ajr less
I than Two Hundred Millions to bediyposgd of.
... : .. -
! thrTe per ecuc, per apiiuni, according tj Hie
-n'r liec other prc'pcrl-. V ' .-.
Subscribe Ouickly
I.c.-s :hih $J(0,Oi't,fKHt pf the Ii oau autiivr-
tlie last ConprcK are now o the mar
lis amount, at the ra'e rt which it :
wm? w"''.1 ""
iu two iu"uth. when 'Vc times will undoubtcd-
, , . " .; , , ,
ly command a "irninm. as lias unifornilv.necn
J .
j 'V.c iase on closing the -u' .JciilioHi to other
j T ft nntr se'rur pi-''rU (hut no rrmsitirr"
, rif'lr iir.fntn' 'i-yiiFt'i th? .r.y. ..Tif .
.'Tif. i t of-
t 'VT ' f rtt'.ii
Ii! ordor th it ciliici. 01 evcrv tovu
;ecl!"u o! 'heciuuti y mar he nflordc'd facHt-
' Z
1 ! 1!-luk- a'"' Ti'vaic Bankers ihrrrjhcut
' illc coutiirr, hafe eencvally agreed In rccciC
. .
cn.uas i jui
Subscribers will select
own agents, i: whom thry have cor4?-
deuce, an 1 wilt are r.tly t' he rt-spoasiAle fc
the lehvory of the uoios f"r iKuch ,ar; tlio
'nr cent rr liny on K 50 notr.
'i'UO CUt ' .
;rii "
O.l) i I
li '
1, . More ind More Desirable. . . :
The rebellion a-jiujiiiressed," and the Vv
! iTti"c" has alrca' acted mcasttreao rc-
lj-x psptiiiiitnres a rapidly as possible to
' a peace footing, thus itbdrawing from mark
tt as b'irrowpr St"! pin-chaser.
Uu-' '' S y '-W'-V .V MMIKET
new orprt I y the (iovertiif'cirl. h l con-ftim-
..) . ....
"s .. ;ui:r
mi: I'an'i.t'j.
i r i-i' s : ., i . ,
TJirSeveii-.Thirty Notes arc convertible on '
c!r t..al.m.v, at the optiuu of tho hjlder.
- !in lr
XJ. S. 5-20 Six tier cent,
( :,)LI UH K A KI N(f Pt N'l )S
! U'I.ujU arc ttivtays wn.th a pi.ciniiiiti.
I : . - , Free from Taxation. ,
tlir -Sti yotes cttiiiint lie taved fcv To-'ns.
s'S'KST. fij-trf Vtf
SiTur!!". iV? w XT.I. irTTttTtsivieti fry the '
pjr;t criiia1 Hank of IMiiUdelnbia. :
Firt National Hank of Altoonai I-
" First N'atioiiar Hntik iif t'urje. - -
r'--ft Natiot-t-1. ..f Harrisbiirg. - "
llarrishm Xnl'onal fionjc of H.-irrisbttrg.
Kirst N'ationiil J'.ank of IIiinthJrf.'!otl. '
First Nati.mal liank of Srlinsgrovc.
A':!! by toiv. l'arl-ev, i ','o, Uaiikers r-
. ... jw.!Haiton, a
'EltMS or ADVERTlPrxn-
fivc'ceni8 per square ftf leu lines
for the 6rst insertrnn- three iscr. '
1 ti'His.ior 1..111 anu ;.u cents Mr an suose'picr.i 1
insertions, l.siatc Notices :Si.(M.. J'rofea-1
sional and liusiness tard." tti'h paj-ef .00
peyfrr. Merchantilc cards with paper f 15. 00 1
i i i.. i . ."'". '. .' i i i
People ot'eht to look to their interest and aJ-
I vertirS .in the jtEsrix.jis its . circulation j
tis about . one third larger jtlian aoy other j
pttper published in the eoutify.
ro work r.ati;s
Kigali 'she:! 'rill t!,-Ji.2.j fliia:tcr sheet
bills ?2.0.i; half' sheet bills S3 nf; whole
sheet jri ) :d biils arc always given if de
sired, lilunks per quire., t.'olored or
fancy work cltra. Cards at $1.50 per hun,
died. Job.YYork leapec'tfttl'.y solicit M Y.f
Jb'elievc wc can lo np jobs ni&lly and attract
cfy and expeditious!;?. ;-...
- : r-r
' The -JcjciATt- Sexiincl - is I'liblishi; j . c"n
Main ptrecl, next door to "the Post OBioc,
j Jfitllinfown, Juniata County, la., on cvcTy
AVeduraday st thcj reif of S2.W per year in
1 advance nr.d $2.u0 if noi ptiid within, the
We wish" to do a cash business-a"5
j nearly as possible. Vfc wish to detil lioiiest
i ly aud alike with all, and, therefore need not
i' asked to vary from our terms by any one
Thankful for past favors we a'sVtl'C font icueJ'
iip port and cff .rts of "our triiiW ' ' ' -
jtTTtlUj AN1 ltEMlTT.VS;CE!5.
Lelicfs on liusincss", Communicatione X.r ti.
rapcr. and Imittances should hi ,i,ir... .t
A 1
s, Sentinel Office, Miffiintewa, UV '
Come, listen awhile to ire tad, ' --CoiR'e,'
listen to me, fer a spell l i'
:Lct that terrible. dram : v ) '
! t Fora moment be dnmh, i; .t!j'
' f ?r yrjur uncle ia going tc tell . . . ..
J- . What befell
"A youth who loved lftuor '0 Veil.
A clever yourig tSan was La. my lad; .
And with Vcauty uncoaimoitl hltssi V, '
Krc with brandy and wine,
1U bean to decline, .,
And iichatc'l like a person posse 30 1 .
' " ' I protest ;'
The teiiipcranee plaii is tho best.'
One evening he went to the tavern, may iad,
!Ic Went to th? tavern, one night,
Acd drinking too "much. 3
tf Hum, braudyamf such, -
I The chap got exceedingly "'ig t,'
,.,.r . . And waa quite .: ' . o ;,.
"What your aunt, would emitlti -1'righl.''
t' o fullo fill into ooo. m. In"' : ' '
"f is a horrible slumber he takes
He trembles with fear.
And acts Tory ipueer: ..
My eyes 1 how he shivers aud sV:ui'?i
r . . . AVheu he wakes
And raves about fcordl great snakes
'Tis a warning to ; at'.d tarn, my hid:
A panicular caut'en to all
Though no one can see
j T't'i iper but he
1 To hear the poor lunatic bav i,
'How they cravrl ! " ' '
A'.! bvrr'he Sorar.d the wa!" '"
Next morning he took lo his bed, my lad,
Neil morning he look to his bed : ,
And he V:;cr got !.:p.
To dine or to sup,
Though they properly physicked and bled ;
Aud 1 read
-Ncitday the poor fellow was diad. . ..
Von ve heard of ihe aoako in the rrass, niy
f the iper concealed inthe grass: "lad i
- llut now you must knew. 1
Is a snake of a different class ;
. , Alas '.
"Tis the viper that lurks In the glass !
- - ' J-Jnn 1). S.i,xi;-
I)fJ I tearing diold IlllerCJtt
. S 1, 1 0.6G!..rt t I , .
Coin in the Treasury $35,000,000.
Wahisuton, Aujj. 2.
The (ifliciul statement -of the public
ebt, as appears- tre'fc the. books' of the
Treasury 1'cpr.rtibcnt ou tile .'Mat at Jd
ly. !.hors tlye amount outstandin?; to . be
2, :?;2';TftsZZ, Htvided thus,' ri :
T!:'c J'jjjt bcariti' iLterct ' in coin h
i$CI,.-'l,?37.r.O.. ".' '
Til b debt bearing '-Jureft is !af::l
tuoney is S l,28i),l 5i, 5-1 . on which the
nterwt is ?74,74rt!J30.7H. 4 " -' J
. The debt. or. which interest !:as ecas'it!
Thc debt I carir.t n-3 interest ia
HM.rt Ii.tntrcf K.ti Tn "nl-rt I..
lui money la io,rut4'jo -.0.
1-i,''.' i'.uw ," iuj.uiu.
arc as toliows :
QQe auJ, tvVo jear 5 per cent. ' . .-'
uotes ,430 fi'! o'ji
I'nited States Note?, -jrfd irsnc, 472,Pii;i
. ' . ; ' '
- - 'c, ue. -, ,.'00
'Jomppuud Intercut Notes, At ; .-;
t of"JJarcb.3rl8,- ; -15,000, W
If . ...t I . V..t. ti i .
of June 30, T3G4,. :: y- 197,121,470
Total Legal Tenders in uir---.;
eolation,' '! ..if W8,.J?,269
Theamocct of- fraotional currency is
$25,750,000.. , -L- . ;
The uncalled for pay, requisitions and
fniscellaneoits items of the War and Na
vy Departments amount to S15,7vt',CW..
' The amount of .win'in the. Treasury is
S35,:Jo8,000; and of currency; S1,402
000. Total au-'ounl'iuv Treasury," SI10,-
739. 632 l'i. - --
y,-. : t, " .
jejT.Tb .Uoston-. Xra.Ukr., say tha
sevoral trader from Virginia arc iii that
city,' pay ing ap eld ilcbtd. .One of these,
who was iuUoldcd to a , jRercbant 1000,
paid the amount, in gold, , with interest.
Another puid vOOQ, and, other . suuis of
: greater amount), n goid. ' tn etrj
i instance the.deilei ooutesded ;that.,thc
cb were iwJntfafiM ttitou. a ppecie baa,
and should U teCtlld tbo fianio
fi Editor,.
We have iust passed
through tlie fiery ordeal of an intestine
war, or, more distinctly sp0kenl a rebellion
the manitude wbcrepf pxceedss that of
any rebellion ta the worlds History- it
cost us an iciniccs-j amount of blood and
treasure, tbut . by .the grace of, God and
the gallantry of our armieSj we haVegaiu
ed the victory over the combined powers
of the Southern, .aristo-rsts . .and their
allies anu sympathizers both in the north
aid foreign countries, and haveiuaintain
cd the supremacy of the - constitution.
The object the"'war,'..6n 'ejJr parthtts beicn
grossly misrepresented by a net incon
siderable fortioii pf 'r roliticiaas. in the
loyal j. Stales,' : Llt.o Avas ; represented
as an "unholy nigger war," a
'crusade against slpvery,"- &C, which
j had a direct tendency to discourage our
people in the prosecution of the war
unto a successful terininatipd: , CV.r gov
ernment, however, was sufficiently strong
notwithstanding the many prophecies
to tho contrary to subdue the rebels;
and tcstore peace ou a firm, basis, . ,- ,
, Now, as tha all-absorbing question of
raising aroiios is past disCtiLaiou, we ought
to direct jir attcc'-ion to1 the present
u-anls of our country ; we arc iuvolvSd
In debt and I think", it would net be ;n
espedient to Jiscu.se the question how we
can relieve ?tr country of ;its obligntiens
i V. . .:. . l ,t. I t
in uie suoiic.si uiue aim, nun mu itsii,
taxatioi:. ,-.lut instead of that,, or, any
other rjiioatiou of like importance, vesee
the question of the expediency of inex
pediPCy of enfranchising t'e negro,
staring us iu the face from almost every j
newspaper, wc pick - up. both Republican
and llemotratii:. t r
Tlie Negro has been draged iuto every
campaign fora nunlb'br of year's, and no
doubt , but lita thifika Lo it of iuo.re im
portance, ahd a . "digger' man than Lc
had an idea of.; - Men of all parties have
been carted into office en this same . old
"Nigger question," by making themsel
ves popular ou one or the other side there
of, until the people have , became so dis:
cuu.-d ai. it.- and .have almost come to
(he conclusion that samba is culirely
'raised up," that there is nothing left :o
liim but a little wool sticking in
the teeth
of politicians. , , . .
We believe, with very erccptious, that
tho institution of slavery is an evil, and
tlie pro-slavery arisifcrp.taof the south
were 3o certain ufttut fact, .that they
iiuagiued danger, when thgrc . really was
none lit? the cvitninal who, aa. soon as
hi has coramittcl a crime, belicvos ccry
one knows his guilty Bo. trcEg fras that
petsuasion in their minds that they took
; j
re;onrse tri. ari'is agahir.t the flovernracnt.
and declared- )rdu:rnC3 of Secession iti
order to protect their . 'peculiar ; institu
tions" vrhtc tlicy could have enjoyed the
imaginary benefits therctf for ages' -uu-less
it wa. or.'iuiaeA ty au . overruling
l'rovi lcCci to end now. .It was the de
sign of the great . Republican 1'a'ty at
the outstj to prcs';ribc liiilts for th 3. evil,
ani not to disturb it in the states Trhiri
it czistcd by virtue of their domestic
laws; although by : making gr.rblcd cs
tracU from the Chicago Tlatform of lGO,
some politicians endeavored to conviuco
the people that destruction ami limit".!':"'.,
was the object. f , ... -,. ., ; . " , .
But after the slavehelderj d'd fibp.?
and. alter that rebellion had assumed such
a magnitude as was truly horrible, and it
became manifest that that lcbellion could
not be subdued, without laying '.forcible
hands ou the iustitution of slavcry,"thcn
aud not until then would ,our . n.uch la
mented Chief Magistrate 3Ir. Lincoln
interfere in tlie slavery institution even
then be hesitated, and first issued, a Pro
clarration of. warning on the 23rd of
September l$tJ2T-giving the rebels one
hundred days time fo. return unto their
allegiance to the,,. United .States, and in
default thereof he would, at the cod of
tho time specified, emancipate this slaves.
Yet they, .as .1'haroh .of old ."hardened
thoir hearts"; and, stiffened their necks,
a.ud. pleasing iu . the.. . sight of Jchcvafc, j
was ,ue: ccuscquen-e. w, ine sxtcs
arc .(roc. : freedom tp theta.is no. longer
theory,. but it a ;. . But "what, will
wo .do with (hen now ". is the question
,. ,. - .
.ditcd ia almost every jpplitical news -
wii.cr, ...V.Till we colonize., thorn ? ..Will
uwe keep them amonj us jasa . subordinate
raes ? 3 Or, wU we grail unto , them .the
right of full citizenship ? ' .The iormcr.
in my bumble opinion woulilbc the best?
of all, yet strong arguments could bo:ad-
duccd to the contrarv, j . .
v. . . . . ' ' ' . j ...
TTe will .Colonize them,, we have ; to
decide betTreen the two latter questions
either mlordiuatq et ' equality. ..Elevating
their condition, seems to me to '.be tho
duty pfthe present generation by erecting
schools among them and fit them for so
cial life; but to mak.o. ..tHeii our equal,
by .grfteticjj unto them the rights of suff
rage, I ; tun stct'lly eppesed. They are
not yet lit subjects to have these priy;Icgc3
prantcu them. W-e find a few Infolligent
men among them, it is , true. j. but gener
ally epcafclzg they are an ignorant class
of peoploa They liavo no txoro itloa , of
the workings of our Governmental ma
chinery, than our children, hdve of the
F.oman Inquisition, .itow I believe, that
to endorse them at the present tifcc, with
the right of franchise, would be a danger-
experiment, it would, be detrimental to
to .our. .. (,overniu2nt. An . un
educated and ignorant class ot people can
not vote intelligently it is impossible.;
Here the argument might be. brought up
against me that we have a good many
whites who are uneducated, and still have
the right to vote, which is true; but I
am now epeakiog upon the theory, whioh
I think wi!! be universally acknowledged
as a 'id, that the white!. JVcu without
i, .
I tetf
education are more intelligent -than th.3
Here cvmes ai:thcr r.rgr.nent against
me which seems the most plausible
'They went into the army for os and as
sistcc in maintaining - tin supromaey of
our Constitution and we are ' ungrateful if
io net extend 'unto (hem the rt'chf of
citizenship " ;
We acknowledge t?.!! that, but artf thry
not sufficiently renutnerated for their ser
vices T"ere they riot led trotl under
the yoke of Bondage and Egytian tor
yitnde into a lacd of Ltbf.rty ? Were
riot the sbickless and fetters broken for
j them, and they can go ' wheresoever they
please tn this vast country without dsngor
of being enslaved ' again ? ' That,-1 think
is a sufficient' renumcration to thetn for
present time and generation.
It is all thoy can afford to f se at t.hi.a
''"'S !''in' 1t re tfaD '. give, - and
i: we tan tucin so-1, oeiiovc icey win fe
satisfied. ' ' -' ' -'
If you have space fot this lengthy ccai
i11Cnicattoi in your columns, I would be
very thankful to see ithavcaplE.ce..- I
fill, not .trouble the. "devil" -with 'Vstiek
iug" more type. .
. . ..A'utt"! '-rrti-y, f i . . i "
, . ?- G. DKEj-'iLER:-
rfe'io.NT'oxcsrt, July 27th '55.
We have been invited to comment on
the above pro or con, and shall d eo oa
the next page. hit. ; v : .., . .
Do every thiut? at tho proper time.
Iveep evey thi-g ki its place.
Always mcud eloihe before washing
I thciu. -5 ; f j" ;: . - , i-r r
Altini or viaegar U good to gci. colors,
red. green, or ye'low. ;. .. ;
Ual-soda will ITeacli j cac tipoouful is
enough for a kettle of clothes.
Save your suds for the garden and
Jilacte cr to hardou yards when sandy.
' -A hot r.hovcl held over varnished furn-
Lure will take out white spots. .
i. -' - I.
A bit of glue, dissolved in .tk'ua ailk.
and water, will restore old crape.;
! Ribbons of any kind shouhf be washed
in cold suds, and not rinsed. .. .If flat irons
arc rough, rub-them wall, wilh fiuo salt,
and it will Make them smooth.. ;-,
t If yoii are bnying carpet fr durability
you rntrst' chose small figures.
' A bit of soap rubbed on the, hinges cf
doors will prevent iheta fromt creaking.
; Scoth snuff put in holcj where crickets
run will destroy them. , . ;; t . ..
' Wood ashes and common salt, wet with
water, will stop the cracks ofthe-steve
and stop, the smoke from escaping.
: ditca should be the prevailing colr
foT bed hanging and window drapery.
tf. A TfacSee being asked by a South
crncf why the Yankees always say ."I
grcss,'' while the Sotttbera people say "I
; reexon, gave U.e to.iowing explanation :
j That a Yankee could suets as well - ns ft
Southerner could recto- ,
rr f '" ,
wTnc 9;Icafaeeomt.1i!'h.ninrc than
j thc- Thc -m-J thc ra!tlesu:.le
i nLrs ,11 tho noW ht thP had ds -the
1 execution.
. --
What ia more refreshing this hot wealh- -cr
than a drink of pure, cool water.-- Of
its value and longing for, let those speak s
who have suffered the pang! of thirst mt
dcr a broiling sun. If so necessary fur
man, may' we not conclude that brutes '
stand in actual need of it ? ... Look at the t
cattle which have been couliucd all -day
in a shadeless pasture with no water,
and see them iush to the poud or brook,
for a fill at night, and puff out as they
driuk until the milk is actually force 1 out,
'of their teats. This is all wrong. " If
water is not iu the fields or pastures whetc
they arc confined, they thould be allowed
access to it morning, noon and night.
Other kinds of stock are equally depend
ent upon water for comfort, not the leait
of which are the too frequently neglcted
barn-yard fowls. If supplied from a.ves"""
sel, the f'req'uerit visate and rapid cvapo- ,
ration under thj hot sun, render frequent
rcCUings neceaarj, and their longtar
riance at the fresh supply shows huw
much they were iu rant of the article. .
So give nil tha'stock plenty' of fresh wa
ter it is food, comfort and drink.
A tiitKAT fc'roRV. We once saw 'a
young man gazing at the ry heavens. '
with a in 1 S&- and a .. of pis- .
tols in the other. .We endeavored to at
tract his attention by .iog a in a paper
we held in our t&, relating to a young
man in that of country who had left .
home iu a state of derangement. He
dropped fhe"T""aud pisfbis front hi I
8. with tl'.e '. it is I of whom U read.
I ed madly from the hou?c, utter-
teriag a wild I to the (Jud vf.luve, and
without replying to the ? ? ? of my friends, .
came herewith this f --- of pistols
to put a .j2 my Nisteoce. My ca'e has no
in this
5?" The f'.'Ildt-tng auecdote of the
Iron Duke is recommended to the Secre
tary of War, and of the Navy, who have -spent
enenfioua sums in fruitless ex peri
ni!:KL ritfe ner inventions. A man came ':
to the Duke. '''What havcywi to offer V" '"
."A' bnllft proof jacket your gracc'."- ' :
rutiton." The inventor obeyed: The
Puke ran a bclf. ' ri aid de camp pre
sented himself. 'Tell the captain of the
guar-' t- crrVr tr;c of hi men t brad ' -
with a ball cartridge" - The inventor dis
appeared. T.rA wt3 never seen again near
the Ilcrsc Gcards. No money was wast- '
cd it? try'a'g tbr.t invention.
tV. The savage muidcu paints her body,
the bright eyed beauty of civiluatiou
paiuts her cheek.. The one vtcars a ring
in tcr no?e t.thc ether rirgs iu her cars. .
The one girdles herself with tlie gaud ita.t,.
zone she can command tho other arrays
hsrsclf. in stuffs of , the ctliext quality
aud richest d-es. Tlicy a.r-j the same by
nature they have been changed by eir
euust,';ncci. . .
IOti.ike day f th'o ''rc-i'lents fa
ucrc! a I rer?"cd and weather bo.iten sol
dier, anxious toi obtain a better view of
th pro-V'sion, fcnppeur'i.! to step leforc a '
party oJ ladies and gcctlemcn One of '
the gentlemen nudged him ou the elbow :
at the same time observing. ' Excuse
me. sir, you arc right in front of us."
Rowing handsomely in return, the td.
Iier replied, "TL'nt is uothiug remarkabbr
fir me, sirj I've beeu in front ot you for'
fotir jti."- '.'.
. ;S- . . .
fcs?" As muctrate of silver as can
be held between the thumb and linger, if
thrown into a vase of water, villi, it b
sai-Jj preserve flowers, for a fortnight.
This E:ajJL'6 an interesting fact for thc
lady readers of tLe, StNf i. f.l. .
r?A impossible to look at thu
sleepers in a church ' without being re
minded that Sunday is a day of rest.
ISyThaekery says that 'wheu a man
is iu love with one woman :u a faiuih-; it
is atouishiog how fund he becomes of
CTrv otic connected with if.
- .
S" ''Can you rettd smoke, ma V
"WItat do you mean, child?";
"Why,'I'vc heard people talk about a
volume of smoke, and I thought you
j fould fcad most any volume.
. A " of fa,iliun stcf pei jut0 a
, iU l f hft ha,.
I matr-monial ka,ke being to polite to
L.,. jt
say .craale. . , .
rr :
! ': -'! onch wat M
.,. ... au