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,:a jMiUincl.
Letters from the Hill. No 2.
, ,t .
!:tk. and a union of lands,
'' rn poK-r shall seter;
h c . 1 ) -
rnrf a vniou of Ion J.
rifin I'uio j'orectr!
M I 1' r L I S 1 0 W X--d-iy
.J-ri!iug, July 19, ISftj
A. 1.. liVSS, t.ditor.
I.ov. 23 : lo.
l'ro':.im Liberty jfrf7
1 bruuliuut the Land
.v. if to ALL the a'
'-- lr luibitanli Thereof.
As before the rebellion, men differed
many justifying the act; and as during
these years of strife, men differed many
denying the right to coerce t state, so now
in regard to the reconstruction of the
government, men differ many believ
ing that at once the right of suffrage
should be confered upon the sable mil
lions of the South.
In regard to the abstract right of the
negroes to vote, there is but little opposi
tion from any quarter.
So one, whose opinion is of much ac
count, stands boldly forth now in the face
of events, to maintain that their claim to
frauchise is unsound. The edict "that
the negro has no rights which a white
man is bound to re spect," is like its au
thor dead.'
And a government powerful in arms to
overcome the most relentless of foes,
great in whatever commands the respect
of the world, is to-day the friend and
protector of a race that but a few years
ago was the downtrodden of the earth.
The political cry that this government
was made exclusively for white men, aud
that others had not even the right of pro
tection for person aua property vouch
safed to them, is not heard but from a
few who are so far gone as to be irre
claimable, and so much imbeded iu fossil
r.'tr.rr.yATA SExriSFr.-&t
i .;-; s: Cifulativit of any paper pub-'
.'...s iu ttls I'oun'y. It is therefore the;
i -'!.,. udHn. It is a l'rer, truly I
:'.. :ii.;y ...:llu:.-a, s 6m class Localise, j as to be worthy a place in sonic curiosity
Two Books.
Thompson-town Pic-Nic.
'."-si ,:i t..e " mnty.
(.. must he made i'oij
. f iHtuLdad and impuv'er
: m "f v.ut enhf be puntfhnl,
. i . mr.t hi d'Striyd;
treitton odioi't, evert
and llf ( ! ove r mr tit rhotild
'.' tut "f (h-: tmrteti of
The iucstion then is not about the
principle of the thiug. The bcussion
now is whether 1'resident Johnson has
the power to enfranchise the colored pop
ulation of the rebellious states, and
whether if he has the power, it would be
expedient to exercise it T
j The I'icsidcnt being a believer in the
.i ' II, n fit. ii ihik iirfttr uttrr.-r. i
,'.' President John-1 ddctr'De tuat no state can secede, niain-
:l. l'..i . j tains that no one of the states has ever
! been out of the Union, but that its oper
ations have been merely suspended during
the Inst four year, aud that in "coming
I home' as Lincoln said, they arc to act
the feelings even of defeated rebels; but
yet only so far as it does no injury to
other men who are free and have rightt
This cry of expediency is but the argu
ment of men who fear to meet the living
issues of the day.
Had Lincoln listened to it, the noble
Proclamation of Freedom had never
been given to the world ; Congress, in
fluenced by it, would not have repealed
tiie Fugitive Slave Law, lest Some brave
son of the South might be exasperated ;
the War Department swayed by it, and
no colored troops would have ever entered
the fire girt city of Richmond. ' Had
President Johnson been influenced by
expediency he would doubtless not have
talked so plainly to the delegates from
Charleston and Richmond; :nforming
the one that slavery must be abolished ;
and the other that as tbe rreh supported
the war, so they must abide by the con
sequences, aod the $20,000 clause cannot
be repealed ; neither would he have re
turned the writ of Habeas Corpus issued
by J udgc Wily, and in a few plain words,
lebuked the presumption of Judge Thomp
son, declaring that the war was ended, by
giving the powers to know that the Habeas
Corpus had been and was now suspended.
The second argutneot drawn from the
ignorance of the blacks is much more
plausible ; and if it were not, that by a
parity of reasoning thousands of others,
though loyal, would be excluded from the
pons, n wouiu aave mucu we.gui. ah j Marlborott;,hi Wellington, Julios CVsar,
know that the rcbelhon was the fruit of I o, Q Khan w- n);ght name
ignorance. T he leaders were able to do morc
waat mey nave aone oecame .ue jbca,CDi ,nd wbo ncver 8urrenJered to an ! Iu the event of another celebration
are ignorant, and to avoid trouble in the L..m i,uf :t ;s no. neet!asiirv ' elahoiate i..t-;..., n.-xt vpr. it is honed
j , j - - . i j '
Two remarkable works are said to be in
preparation tor the press, by two remark
able men. One is to.be published by
James Buchanan, who once declared his
belief that he was "the last President
which the United States would ever
have," while the other is by General Rob
ert E. Lee, wbo will endeavor to explain
how it was that he was the last Commander-in-Chief
of the rebel army. Buchan
an will explain how he permitted the re
bellion to begin, whilst Lee will relate
how he brought it to ;ts end. As a lit
erary speculation, we should prefer to be
interested in the copywright of Lee's
book. Nobody cares particularly
what excuses Mr. Buchanan may offer
for his official derelictions. We know
what tbe effect of his vacillation was, and
we have paid very dearly for the infor
mation. As a literary venture, Buchan
an's "last dying speech and confession"
would not command as wide a sale as the
recollections of the hero of the last sen
sational murder.
Tiiompsontown, )
July 15th, 'Go. j
Mr. Editor,
. Thursday last was a 'day
of pleasure,' lhat will long be remembered
by those who were present at the Pie Nic,
held in' the beautiful grove of Robert
Thompson, Esq., near this place.
The number present was very large,
and delegations were represented, from
Newport, Millerstown, Mexico, Altoona
and Harrisburg. A party from the lat
ter place, comprised about seventy lalie
and gentlemen, and arrived, in company
with those from intermediate points on
the road, at Thompsontown Station in a
special car, about nine o'clock, accom
panied by "Keffers Cotillion Band" from
Lancaster City. Upon their arrival at
the Grove, they found a platform already
erected, and soon the btli and lasses, en
gaged in dancing to the excellent music,
discoursed bv the Baud. Lar;?e numbers
began soon to arrive, in carriages from
the surrounding country and before
But Lee has many admirers in unmixed j noon, it is estimated, that at least three
society, "and there will be anxiety to j hundred persons, were upon the urouud.
read this varnished account of his failure. I Throughout the d:iy, every one loth
A rebel paper savs that he is "the great- old and youii. etined to eioy them
selves am? the niuie, and dancing, did
not conclude uutil alter 'J o'clock in ihc
est general that the world ever saw; to
which we may append without going into
a fuller enumeration, except twelve, viz : lereaiii..
Washington, Jackson, Grant, Sherman.! To lr. I.ucian Thompsou. for the use
Meade, Thomas,. Sheridan, Napoleon, of his "spring house," I feel assured in
iu saying, that the geutlciuen jimtniitiir
lf arc greatly indebted fjr the co!d milk
aud other dfictin'm, deposited therein.
future we believe in excluding all from
that the committee' entrusted with its
management, will be more liberal in tli
HXtxv gUU'f rti$cracnl!S: .
Cflurral '(Commission $u rt bants
W. W. Cor. Howard & Mulberry Sts.
Consignments of G'raU. Flour, aW
Country i'rotluce respectfully solicited. Ale,
a large and general assortment of Grocertoe
ou hand. , y. ,'
O'sars, Tobacco and Snuff,
;o. 104 Tit AK'IiI Slrrel
KALTiMom-i: ' '
Superior Ispobtb t'ifM.m, fine Cuiw
ino Tosaico, anJ Lcr of errry leseriptioa.
with a general assortment o( I'ue, Snuff
Boxc. K:incy Articles, &c. Ju!jP.-".ui
Lcallier I'rfienln; .
his tor v in order to refute this Bill secesh
the polU who are unable to read, and in ;flatiery. Gcnera Lce i,as iccn , rcbel
a measure a. least, a intelligently lor M they haJ no lettcr material j distribution of their invitations at lea-t
tTllfl.:. i.,UM.vo!tJworeUiP- He wa beaten Id Weat Vir- to those ia our ow,. neigh Vrho , .
A , aC ginia by General lleynolds: in Maryland Notwithstanding the suiall sum of four I
, , , . iby McClcllan ; ic Pennsylvania by Meade,
12 noianec of the race in question. But ' .' ' , ' ,
A Composition of Xent's Fool an. pure
iory I'.lick. impnrtins to lttMT aul
.SHOE LKATliKK lUe softness an-1 f'.iaucj .r
Kll while with one fourth Hie !or u. im.lv
emplnyeJ iu the application of ta nr-linHrr
Ul.ii-kinz. t pro-litccsa JET Brt;K t'.S.
AMKL CWlSii, e.U.ilte-l ouK- hv r.itcat
S..1.I Uet:iil .y all IJIHH KRS AND SHOE.
le IIS, l-.i-n l l nrdtf 'i Vfiv wl...I
-1 ' ' ' ' " ' ......
s:i '--'l at the
Manufacturer's Depot.
14! i-:nl street. .V.
Jlar l up lor t nndi Jat-.
c W'jik A-j'itn
rt.iintiii" tarn out
limit don't see it.
v , '.' .- "- ."' c;rtin thtt ien. Sher-iT-i.
! ".!.- !i m"v-ntit findi'litte for
j.-ti'. ! J. '.-.- j-rtcra True Ihnuxrat,
-i.. t ". i c. ruin thai Geo. 8ber
') I-L:r.oc-Vic canriidate for
oi jij.i.Junia'ji Register Jane
-.'.m j'j;-i-?t-?4 to us a few 'weeVa
.., i:ts i!o above ''moral certain-
i.s 'Ji. y , Id doubtless come in
; !: . day. Vi c did n-)t need to wait
at i we nt-w prcsout them in con
; .viih tiio !'"ilo'viug despateh from
1 1 !
i. Oiiij. .h;cd July loth, '05 :
Isjor-Gcn-ji-al .rheraian had a public
; :!oi; iur.; to-iLyj In the eoure of
. iU .irk.-. !ic !).. ai t if v endorsed General
in 4 him as next Governor of
I i -- aI--.- s-Ai lie was not, under
i;ms::t::co-, a caudidato for Gubcr-i're.-'i-icatial
dcwjcracy are hard up they have
: viaci: uor candidates. It
!; 1 ! r' .-.r;' tcful to them even now
ii: rn-: tlu "war a failure" if
ri.li: into office on the rcp
: i v,i.- tmn. But it is "uur
..u trie Heroes of the war
c j'-scih i.) be tin: tools of those!
c -.r'.oadisui constituted one
tie tlr.'iith of the rebellion.
Uvws' wou't yo-a try Vallandig-
liuucu -lor rrmciplea.
l'cuicciacy are in a bad wy just
i"l.-v are hunting for principles,
''''' vjTiU'.-iple" can they find, on
. toLoi-.U'r i:p their defuuet and de
i j .;rty . '1'Ley arc endeavoring very
'.: ;jiuc rouud to the support t-f
JoIiusom, evidently with a cle
: !cri.-.o Lin:, but the game is too
- lo v.-in. Vt'c pity the -oor dis
i ;ui pcrhta-Je. They od their
r, iacc-rtt-auy-pricc principles
i c t-w.iil' wed by the loval Amer-
; ... .o, aci uuw ihcy are nt a loss
..uii'.I t? take, there is but one
- -ulitiy now, and that is the
; iua iicptil'liean party. '
'iuality-: precept Tf 1'ractice.
''.pp-rt.c:ti? wlio lave lately bc
'j:iJ cf t'uo society of the men
under, the same laws aud regulations as
were iu operation when they went
Those who oppose the President's
views contcud that the states having re
belled, and passed tbe ordinance of seces
sion, were out rj the L uton, and as being
conquered must apply for re admission,
and be subject to, and comply with the
terms which the representatives of the
loyal states may propose. Tbcy contend,
too, that they may of right impose any
terms that in their wisdom tbey may
think best They would not only have
the negro free, but would also at once in
vest him with the right of suffrage.
President Johnson would have him
free and defcud in his rights of person
and property, but would have tbe ques
tion of suffrage to the loyal whites of each
The President's view seems to be this,
that in the work of reconstruction be is'
not of necessity called upon to fix the po
litical standing of the negro.
But that he believes that he has not
the power to do so, cau hardly be, for we
fiud him exacting conditions of voters,
such as we have not found in the consti
tution in force in 1861, and even disfran
chising some logally qualified to vote un
dcr the old consti tution, and if he has the
right and power to do this, has he not
tho same right and power to declare whe
shall take rart in the reconstruction (this
be is doing) aud if it be necessary en
franchise some legelly unqualified to vote
under the constitution of 1861. -
And though ws tare no declaration to
that effect still wc doubt not that if the
President Dad deemed it vitally important
iu the reconstruction of the states, he
would have given the right of suffrage to
at least some of the negroes of the South
as he hag taken it away from some of tbe
whites. .... -.
The negroes then arc doubtless excluded
from the polls on the ground of expe
diency. No one doubts but that tbe time is
coming and will seen come, when no mere
sense of respect for feeling, through
loyal no mere grounds of expediency
will prevent thtr enfranchisement of the
colored men, who helped to preserve the
republic. And in this the President
leads . the way, for he has nrged the -col
that any more consequences should possi
bly result from the voting of benighted
blacks, than has resulted from the voting
of benighted whites we cannot concieve.
After all, disguise it as they may, the rea
$on why many aro now opposing the en
franchising of the negro, is. not because
it is wrong in principle, uoi because it is
inexpedient, nor because Lc b ignorant,
but became he in hlark.
But tbe march of events is , ever on
ward, and the time comes when the right
of auffrago will ba if -ot univoraal, at
least impartial, when men of all color's
having the necessary qualifications shall
have a voice in tbe affairs of the nation.
For years the "negro question," was the
question of our political contests, and all
parties are wont to pay homage to the
"divine institution of slavery."
aud in Virginia by Grant and Meade.
learn that the committee of arrangement.', j OF TIIL DLEP Itl'-X OIL .H jLLL
tic bad at one time the common a ot over ami above all expenses, nave a sur-1
a splendid army, but he dil nothing plus of at 'cast 011,5 hundred dollars,
with it. j which they inteud to appropriate; toward.-
After defeating MoCIellaa in the six j diminishing the expen.-es of a similar
days battles, he was badly defeated him- j party. to be given bore next y ir.
self on the seventh, at Malvern Hill. : NELLIE 1.
He won at Fredericksburg because he
Tiik "VoiT ltor vi. On Comtast." h.-iriri"
l:ise-l tffi tracts of very superior Oil lanU m
llniilv.ini township, ftrceiic l.'ounlv. Pa., both
of vhic'i arc situated ahout one nii'I A h .ll"
miles from (lie celt-hrotc 1 M.iplc Farm tin:
centre of Ihc I'liuk.tr'I Creek O.l Region., an't
upon one of which liiey are sinkiii); a well
have concltiileii to bore a -won-1 well, wilh
which lhere will b connected thirteen acres
of land, about twelve of which ean b re-l
over, in two tract, 'on of ''three acrt-s situ
led on. lleep lun a short distance from its en
trnncfHnto llnnkavil YerV. and nhotil one an-1'
a Harter'nile9 from the 8-;!i-brated Kosswell,
which .viel-ta from twenty to thirty barrels
daily. This tract is considered by oil mn as
a very desirable position for a well, from tho
fart lhat is surrounded on all aide by lofty
hill, with numerous deep ravines leading
into it. On 'his tr.ictlhe company propusi t,
sink a well, to be called
At a distance of a few hundred ' rard from
their well now boring. Tbe Southwestern
Company is now borin-r a well at the mouth
of the same run, in which, it is said, they
have poo-1 indications of oil. The l'urt Koy
al ("ompiny have just started one. nhd Iw
T .u. 1 .!. k:. . I -l l .viewwiiniim r.xecuitve tor toe purpose omrn mc "n-ewm.iieuce-i noon iiiriner up
To what happened to him in April last: L,ere9m. The other trac. will contain tc .
it is scarcely necessary to revert. Suffice ! OI J!kIU. ":m lo M"K' oul "r J,,t" WI8K cres nearly all of which is boring ter -iV.ry.
portion oi uis .vuuicsiy i lociaiuauen oi , an-i witnoiit uoiioi nrsi class on 1 m l, titui
was behind intrcuchments.- Chancellors- ell yes, we tbink tberc is more pt kt.uj
... - i . i , ; at pic nics than discreii tn calls for :iud
ville was his only real victory, aua otone- " , . v ... , ,
. . . .. . . we think another tiling. Nellie, that when
wall Jackson won it for him. At the fcec- yAiioxn arc expected to notice these social
ond Bull Run and Groveton he would gatherings they ou'lit always be invited,
have been defeated had Fitz John Porter i whether they are likely to attend or not.
don bis doty and reinforced I'opc. lie ' HereaftrT. if wo can not get a pick at
was boaten at Chantilly by Kearney and i in,enJ " pik at .sou,.Bb,,Jy C,3C;
, . . . And it ou want your i ic nic "blowt-d
Stevens, and he was driven from the Kap-1 up .,il)vi-teus pri,viJe , bos of
idan by Grant and Meade tn a scries jglKi cigars, and we will do as much puff
of battles in which he acted mainly on ! ing as you want Ko.
the defensive. At the Wilderness he' -.-
tried the virtues -fan attack, but got! BS- President Johnson expressed his
enough o it. and he intrenched and was i v,eB3 0:, lo ",c Y""- " wea-
3 '
i," which Job desired that ; thc 25,1,1 ' May kuowa as the
should do. He enjoys the ' clausc-" -M he eummittcc that
The few that believed slavery to oc tne A.A . , .,, .,,,., fi..t,. . tliy leaders ot ttic ie'jei:i.n very piaiuiv
'sum of all villianics," and labored to intrelIcllIllentll al,"thc way t0 j on Saturday a week. A Committee fr.-iu
circumscribe the limits of thc system, ietcr6tIlr all(i R;chaiond llichmonJ sought and obtained au mter-
were treated with contempt, aad even) n, , , . .... - , ., . . i view with the Executive for thc
denied sometimes the privilege of advo
cating their views, by those who of late i
years have manifested an undue regard
for freedom of speech. And as men en
deavored to retard the cause of progress
and freedom, now some will oppose, and
may prevent for a time the granting of
impartial suffrage, but they cannot in '.he
end defeat it.
And this is the question of the hour,
and must and will be mot. Wc may deplore
agitation, but so long as there is any hope
of removing institutions, repealing en- , , f f . . , would relieve the poor and bring tbe do-
actmcuts tbat are contrary to thc spirit of . . f , of Ui ' nor within the benefits of the proclaim.
progress and freedom so long will there j k wU, M hig h ( tion. Tbe President stated that in mak.
be agitations. The only way then to pre- . . . . - emDloved iiuK t,,c "option under discussion he
by thc United States, to whom he owed had acted on tl,c uatural "PPH5on that
everything in life, which debt he repaid . mcn had a,dcJ thc "belliou according to
;.b ;ni;irf .r,,.,. , their pee uuiary meaos, aud that it-was!
The two books will be. in their way. of! t,ic wcaUh.v I,,cu of t,,e So,lth w'") dra
interest, and they midit be issued under j S)0ned tI,u Pp'o into Secession
it to say, it has given him leisure to
"write a book
his enemy shoul
reputation of beiog thc third General ldld not t,,,,,k tl,eJ" des,rcd tI,c ru,"0Vi'1 uf
who, in thc United States, surrendered an ! t,,c "" ,ur llic PTe f 'elp.ug
entire army in thc field, his predecessors I tho I,,,or' lut ,0 CDai;c 'u
being Burgoyne aud Corn wallis. With j m;,ke mme5 anJ suSteJ tbat ''-
events like these in his military, it is su-' ,hc,r nic"'ur,al asserted they were so
premely ridiculous to assert that he is ; vcr caSer t0 ''c,, thc Poor ,,,cy co1'1
'the greatest General thc world ever saw.' "eir surplus over the 20,UW
Ilia book will sell, no doubt. s 1, : ' hcir benefit, which at the same time
vent "sectional feeling," '-sectional par
ties" is to do away with every "sectional
institution," and make our government
iu lact, what it is in name truly cmo
cratic Tbere is now an opportunity to
do this and may our rulers meet tbe ex
pectations of the great popular heart of
freedom, and have in them the same mind
that was in the late good President.
Brownlow on Reconstruction.
Gov. Brownlow has issued a lengthy
address to the people of Tennessee, ex
plaining the validity and constitutionally
of the present Constitution and Govern
ment of the State, and stating that the
Constitution was the work of President
Johnson, and that he; (Johnson) will
sustain his model scheme of reconstruct
r r-iic Sam's livery of blue, arc! ored population of tbe District of Colum-j tion in the rebel States, with just so
much force applied, and just such man
ner as may be neoessary.
Gov. Browsilow auoccs that tht, act
.-ou the fcuLject of Negro Equal- ' bis, to petition the next Congress to ack-
. ,;r !!tctM:!g in the deprecation nowledgc their right to the franchise, by
.k-v.itkm of the ncirro. The fel-1 "iviucr them the power to exercise' it. (
thc same title, "An apolocy for my fail- n,ms:il1 naa llveJ ,n ",e Bjutl1 an "new
urc.by James Buchanen," and "An apol-i,,)W the thinS haJ been d,jne
ogy for my failure,' by llobert E. Lee." j Virginia her rich ineu had used the press
One will relate to thc history of a "play- t0 ssist in ""citing the revolt. He de
ed out" politician, and the other of a sol-1 nicd that the working of the Amuesty I
dicr, Finit coronat oimi. Inquirer. i 1 roclamatioa was injuring the people, as
tne committee nan siaiea, oy snuttingsip
The Savannah Herald contains au 1 canital and keeninsr work from thc no ir
address by Ex Governor Brown to the If that -u douc at all) ;t u jone Cvn
people oi vieuria, wuicu uc ui ires , ., . , ,. r , , ,
hem to supportnot only the Government 1ucncc of tke vw!at,on of law and tte
of the United States, but the administra-1 commission of tfeason. Thc Trcsideut
tioa.ofthe Chief Magistrate. He ap-' concluded his remark by statiug that he
peals to them to take the amnesty oath had seen no rcasous for removing the ic
and observe it in good faith. Ho argues f srictioas.
that slavery is now dead forever. As to! . '
his slaves he will immediately cinaucipato ! - jqt Thc
cil on Oooked Kitn, about one mile from
llunkird Creek, ami the same di.-tanco from
the Taylor Well, in which they have slruo'.;
oil. and arc now preparing to pump, and
about one ami a half miles from the Maplo
Farm. The term of !eae in both cases is
twenty years, one fourilt royalty, wiih coal
privilege. Operation lo he con.menot-d and
prosecuted at the pleasure of the operators
without danger of forfeiture. The company
will procure a first class oil engine and good
boring tools, and will put up the ncesssry
bui!(itn)ts tn a substanrial. durable and work
manlike style, prosecute (he work with all
p.-asible dispatch, and will commence tlio
work an soon as the sbara arU takeovTL
The Kumber of Shares Will be 125! at
, $100 Each; ; jr.
The Stockholders will have the pnvlfce Hi'
selecting their own officers, and taking the
well into their own bands ag soon as it is bor
ed ; anil if Ihey wish, by consent of tke ma
jority can make further assesnments on tbci:-srm-k
and bore other wells: An assessment
of 40 per ceat. wil". bore two additional Well-i
after Ihe engine, necessary tools, and the ter
ritory is ones procured
There is now no longer any doubt of the ii
isteneeof vai-l deposits of oil in the Punkard
Creek oil region, from he fact that a number
of fine 'yielding wells have keen" obtained,
sue h as the 1 - J '. i 1 1 i it i.-i - -
COXriXEXTAU- . FUliirR.', iUCA.
1, AN t .OTHERS. 1
Uoring for oil if going - on -actftely 'along
Diiukaul Creek W-a dntarvre of Roaie l!l"t,
miles. Several hundred (Ilonsaiid ' UoQar-t .
of Pcnpylvania, New YorS lind ifi enpitat
has been devoted to the development tof oil
lands in this section . of eoaniry, .ul. ,."il .
elrikcs" are of frequent' "occurrence." The
oil ehtntneo! la of a very suprcior .jualiiy,
and is used for lubricating purpoars. It- is
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