Juniata sentinel. (Mifflintown, Pa.) 1846-1873, November 02, 1864, Image 2

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gnniato Sentinel.
A union oflak,,. ami a u,uo rW.jc. ."v.r?,,,V. "ffc-'."" '
.1 ' iu.iyr b.,U ftvir-K j . . if w, exct to Its victorious,
J uMt heart. enJ ,t hands, ' ' ' ' "
: - -r j,- rL-
f.. tl'SS .V W. t A
I.c. 10 : "5. 7
I'roclaim Liberty -ft.:
Tlirutib.mJ tlic I.nml -v
C- ' ALL t!i- 11
iiihaliitiinls Tbrrrnf,- -flp
7VP ;; vfi7 i rn in
Ui iUc l.ar3.n tycuj oi ey rir jiiib-
ii'hrJ in liiii t.'o.miy. , tt is iBrrriore the
, i. :.
I rm luciod. a firrt c!.'."" I ,"alit,
nr.i 'U :t!iy .i. fa'rpmff of tr-rt
i on i-KtsirvK-.T. -
i ; tr YuNXLBSf E.' ''
I niun -State Electoral Tickrl
'1 "fn M Micbael,' Pbilad-'ipliia.
i I -au.ughivni, i-jaT,r couiii v. ,
KCI:Rtai:NTATlV- '
1 K'4,rt 1 Kin,
" ;orge M Coaics,
li Hpnrv luiioii,
t illiam H Kir-n.
r.srtotl II. Jfnkf.
i t'Larlca M. Rui.k.
7 Robert I'arko,
S Wnliam Taylor,
: John A. HiciiJ.
Hi Kieba',1 11. Corvclt
13 Ellas V lUic-i-l
("barlei H Sliriurr.
J5 John W'jotor. :
I'. Pnrid M (tunwiijliT
i; Dai.i w woodV
1H lsan; Beufon,
l'.t JoUu TattonJ
2 ' Samuel B. Wck!
21 " Fvcrsrd TrfipTi-r,
rrJobn P. l't nar.
II Edward Uliday. 2S EbeneirrJtinkiu.
U t. Larlea t KeeO. 24 Jo.Ua W UlniuUari.
t. ninn Standing County Committee i
Mifflintown, .Toremiaii Lyonii."W W -Davis,
!rmanh, C K Uomintt. IS V -Schwtii r,
Foj-etle, doba Iion'man. Jaaifa lais,
M-nr-oe, A. C. Sbcllenberpr, U P BT. cr:
f-iqaebaima. L.vi Ligbt, Sol Vp'lcgroM:.
iroenwood. Jnmcs A Si'et'. Vim Tbnina-
1'elawarc. ' Shiprr-n Yhompon. ,T-.n Erey. .
Waiaer, Col J-ihn r Moore. John Motzur,
iVttrstn, R U Walters, H M Or-ningpr,
MiUurd, R A Robinson, Arnold arm.i,.
Turbvlt, Wui M RobiuHOii, W Flicsinger. '
l'vrrysville.'J WLauglilin, TM WaecnsclTcr
Sfcrme JtiH, 3 K Patiercon. James S Tatton '
Knalc, Wai. Voiin?. Jonathan V Dayle,
Tujcaior. It I .Bcbtel, Tltomag Morrow,
I.ek., John l'ii.er,n. EpUraini Vuuniri -
.TERliM I A IT -LYON'H. Ckiiimnn
"i "fc ' ' w
1 io5- hvl.
lv authorlrv of the Chairmiin of the
L'Jautv Coiuuiittee, we are enirl ( an-'"
t,.unco the ftlloirin? M-ties of iowiitiL','-
i. . tu -v ...J'. i -Ti
F'ifty will be discussed, end us Claims ,
tKaci'titwn ibe lVmle. Thc-frieudaiU'eLw.-am .luaiata county, again and
. . a. . i,wit..A' ii ... '
hi bl.MUi.J anu t(uiiio'..' win pieiioe i
.1 ti . ' :. .'...,! .
u. ; w an iieeessni r ai iaip;nmtuw .uu. .-n:- :
ta: a'good attendance.
.eir.-M.e. , Uu.,o, vhu.o,
Lyons aua Davis.
i ii:.. !ii. m i.... v.... i
- ... ., . !
'let ovyville, t-aiue ntgul i attcrou atu .
Wilson.' ... .; "';.." - j
Waterford, Friilay . eveiiin'g, Nov. 4th j
l'Je"on and Wilson.,
Sjirucc Ilillsauic uigbt Gas.' i Lyon?. I
Perry sville, Saturday after noou, Nof. 5th
A Grand Mass Meeting. ," "
Ked Bank. Milfirl .Monday evening,
Nov. 7th' , i .;.., , Vbou aud Guss.
Mitflintown. Rime nitrhti' ".
These be 6reat Truths! 5"' "
gRV The contpirary is now J: town '
rmici fcnee fceci raineif. mar lerieel to o
complLh it. . There are' atdjf hro"'idr't to
the question.. Eva y man mutt he. for the
United States, or against it. j . There can
be no ntutrals in, this tear pity patriots of the Unioiia'ud'thcre can be no'doubt
or iraUor$.-Sjrrucx.'A. Pto. t!1,..io.tbew"ult. .'..t-' V,V :
Chicag J, AprH 11,. Ib01.
j. What ri'jtfhzi iht&oHh aitaiM t
VChctt jttttice Itysbccn Jezkd ? 'And tha4
rlaim, founded "in Just'ctuJ)na ryhtthaJ
bee vithhtldf. Caniilher ofyou tv-day
name one t'ngh off afroity, jleliberutc
I if aud purposely dvpelylht Government
ut WashitvtQH, of uhkh the South hat a
right to contjda 7 I cltallcnye the einstrer.
-Alex. H. Stepueks, "'18G1.
i ut for EofUb Tiekets. "fed
I rJTO rana
rfH 11 ! f -f,M fV
For tlieccntcettoeomrof on-THESDAY,
8th ay of iJovetuber neJ.Tir not, we
would mjt ourlt-uaoitiieXuiuit ia.
ty.that in order to be weWul : we must
Wc Must ' Workli
: crn.j-.Mit.im with cur iriuciilc8 Or lltiw
victor v must be secureu;
; JloiorC lLi faction, before the hoTir of
; vitiate by a cl).-e, iuIar tlvw of ur-i
i j:atjirt;"n. though the operation of which
icverv urun vixe mav
favor t' the true. rriocip'.cS of Freedom,
i -d Ctw I .uv ruiut-nt.
! KM'W thai tlu-v Lave 3
The Vaa f t !
Tu tl.i taU. an-1 knowia this they j
tuow aul oiiii t- ic.utueir. respooaiuiu-
nes. 1 lie m-ikii'I ol suotes iu linn
futuily wa never-more bright and clit-er-'
A lull vote will injure u' i
Ai:d it the d;ttv, and" we li'ipe every
iVi,iTMi jl' the I'uion msy estciniiit a priv-:
ni'Se, not only U Vote hili:ttlt, bo' loo KCe
.hat h's
Neighbor Vo(cs.
On all the issuer, now probated to the ;
pjiiile, the Uuiou party occupies the pobi- j
tti.-u which inut and d,es couiuicud it to;
the j;i,d '.jiousi: and iutelligeiiec of the j
maSM'.-". ; r ; I
Calculate to do bis own duty we:'. y
not upon ; townslup n.eetiugs vr atuoip
."peaVinir. ' Thec things are well enough,
but should u,:t be depeuded .upon as aa
ultiuiatum: llatlier rely upon quiet, bu sy,
persevering effort rely preeminently
upi,u r : '
J.cf every nuu-'iVUKK whew l.e lives1
in his urtiahborhonJ, iu Jiis School T')S- j
trict. in hw lownslnp. nave
- . 1
Q'f 0 C'X 77 VOTES S.
. " ' j
Our opponuls sw v ignwu?!?'! a'l
lively aw.rl. Tlicy wilf bring every
I nnn t,i the noli.?. TIieY.cxyect to roduce
. . J .i .
I thT aa3 idlcnei thereby carry liia 3tat3.
i Shall wc permit litem' to it J
: We truit not. It ns iOT. sleep at enr
itirwf Itns'' ' J '
T ---
' B
la-.tbiulty and diligently. e have af
AVe cet.Gd.-ntlv at.oeal to the ; friend of '
- cubuptiy appeal to tbe lucno :
.. .-ii,.. 'r .!, it,. ti,; .,...;.J. i
""i " vw j wf.-. ,
'It will At von out lilt!,!, tinm. and vou
- j : : , j ; -
will be better eatUQed with the results.
la . x 1 . . .
r j j, Q 0r t OHiS
JL Uli OI J Olir V?tlS j
The.n . and l..t n .thine- d.-fir von from th i
' . . . ,
great work.
. .. ITNION MEJS ,-r ..:
rnr 'piTTi TJliT T C
Be. there ONE and ALL."C No niatter
whether it rain, hail or soow-r-'be on the
ground iu .good 6e'ason. Bring' your
friends. See the doubtful." Expostulate
with them about selling their liberties aud
the control of the government to corrupt
ami, fc-lave extending party who are trj-j
iug to get jrou to votejainst the Admin
istration. . Many - a true . hearted , Demo
crat throigh mistaken motives may vote
with the pretended Union Democrats.
jToll tliem fn what COu8:8ta a trne frUd
All Ihe'" tiuia. "Arc 'your committees
your captaiqs and leaders all appoinUid ?
Again .wc say, see that the friends of the
''Union, the Constitution, aud the Laws"
be , .. . .. ... - -. t
. ' ",. iat
In every Townsuip and School
z-. t v . , . , .-. . -,.
jmtneb, auu.uty iyr. niwm j
1 X
on son.
i.V,, ., im .' .
I-i he. October r.lecUnrts,s1,j.7i.y.W.
i v . j i ? - -
' ' -
T Home vote, msj.
:1 Soldiers' vote
1 1 ,772 majority
for the Union aide.!rThe Home ve
j " .1 .1 i I ffit . 1 ..... . Mil
oi:e third IcliiuJ. Tliouaatla
jousaada more
Yute fo?Prcideut"
: . w -a4. ior
IlI10ll cerhiiD, anil every ehatjctj' IAwiS"2 nval"th three' do'flur g -
w we Lava 25 n.aioritv on Wut 'wkm .u i:.. ,.r hlt..viol
- . ...
v uere naa dui y isl year.
'" ME !f Jt S Y fiT.V ! IA COXGltrSSi
1, - Samuel J. Kuudall, Iein.
2, CharleH O'Neil, UuiotK
3., Lcouurd Myers, I'uion.
4, U'ui., I). Kejley, Union.. ;,;
6, M. lluscd 'Lliavcr, L'tiiou.;. ;
G, V.. 31. Hoytr. i'cm. , j
7, 8. M. Jiruui(i!j ITuloit. . j
8, 1).- Anc-jua, Tem. f j; ;
yThad. uvee; UuUin. ; .
V, 3Iyer5rou,c, (prob. Pern
11, l'hiliji dohnsou, Iev- c
12. Cli;s. Dcuuirn, tprvb) Deiii.
I'Hts-cs Mercur. L'aiou. , ."
14.. deorge r. Jli.icr, L-uiun.
15, A. .1. Globsbrenucr, IVtn.
16, Win. H. Kot'Dis. Lirion
17, Ab. A. liarl-cr I'stt'D- L
l5.-SJtcplicu I". WiLsouy L oiuQ
l'J& W. ISoLofield, Uoion. .
2l" t.'Iiaa. V". Culver, Upion.
Jl' rMnitt; Fu.'r. (prob.) Luioa
22. Ja8. K. AIuiel.MdV t'uioti.
' 23, Thos. WillguS Ltiiori. -
J t (...,. l.mr.n Lliloll.
V Union jr.iio, 5, a chai.Cl of
j.:.. i. ... l....... .'.'.vf liv
T2iH) of a "ruijoriiy and LJ Aliic;
' TVEI.Y K ruttubers of Cuusiros.
1. Ienj. K,:gIeeton.
2; K. It. llays, Union
li, 11. C. Scheuek, Uciun.
4, Win. Lawieuce, Union.
'Mill I
i, F. C. LeBlond, Democrat.
G, 11. Yv Clark, Union.
7, Saui'l Shellabarper, Union. ,y
8. Jas. E. JIubbcl, Union.
9. Kalth I'. liaokland. T uion.
fc .
10. Jas. 31. Ashley. Union.
- i
10. Henry S. Uuudy, Un'un.
12, iu. K. J ink, Uciu. ,
12, Colun:bus Delano, Union.
J I, Martin We'ker, Union.
15, T. A. Plcnt3, Union.
IS, John A. Bingham, Union.
17, E. K. Eckley, Union'
18, R. P. Spauldiug, Uuiou,
19, Jas. A. Garfield, Uniou. .
The four districts fnrmarlr rprMatadJ
uy luvzv uiwctt uuiui .una
Cox, Vallandighatn, Long and Fendfe. . f!i1(,tJ anj fecurity of personal'and na-j o did not re-enlist, haviug servel throe
t'-n have now elected friends of Jju-;'i 'tibial liberty depend upon ita absolute years, have teen mw-tsre-d out of. the rr
cofp. ' . 'and ntteii extinction ; tnerefur . vice to-dayand start for hfine to-niorrow.
Judu'na gives Governor Morton 21,000 R "KatJved. That it ia the political, civil j Many of the brave ! whfi Started out
majority we gain the
ter.Muturc ly a'
i ir..', r,Tilv
.1, Ww. E. Niblack, Detn. .
t:.u.i i n- Tl.. .!
f uni it.ia.. t - '"f ..;
4, John H. Farquar. E.TJuitn. gain !
(rco. " . Julian, i-mon-.-
fi. Kbeuezcr Dtiniout.Tnion
I. J.'dll 1 l UrUtXS. L't'IU IVUULC31CU.I
.t Godlave S.
itb, tuion. ' -
! .tty'0i wiJiT-i'
gain ;
j tuoim m S'iJwell Union- train 1
! - :. '.. r.'... ..i :. : . x.
ioveBtigation,'1 Vornees1 will bd Wed:
i llarytaml u traforuled froiu a' Slave
i iuto ft Free .Sute. : ! ,.-.,'.
I II 1 1 MI un.il 1 17 Li 1 . aUU II IO IJt, I VU
Ji'ibrat&a .Territorv elected a Union
- -. -
, - ,, , --wbat "f
Thus have vfe won' another State taU had not Betually happened, inereuible
. , r. ., :f'Vniv- tranpmrin -
r rcouom-rarricu
state iickela sccutud a r Lesislaturc
. .
Rained over
20 Congreatiiiicu and-lort
nothing in the aggregate. :
. c"? vmgio. """.":
to a chauge of 4?," aud' .insures- us" 'ov.er,j'wl.. t and Con8titutional,' Bah ! i
to change' of 4?, aud insures, us J over1
. ' , . - '. v ' -
two thirds ol tne Aatlonat legislature.
- Sqp-.A victory like that, tells strongly
upon the coming November contest . ;
- (And yet,' reckless sMcCIel!anitCB ire
trying to imposejupon people the abomin
able lie that the above elections are favor
able to them, simply, because the Union
majorities on Congressmen, in Pennylvai
much as on last f car's "larger tote for
uojeruoi .jt, . ,.j 6-
. -,7'I8te Ve hst wry'vclic'rc", ly ium
Cu2 ire tost everywhere, oy vttw , .. . - - .
In . F JmluhedT "The event was celebrated in
"r-rrAirr-i, h.m..-rv other cities Wti Brfaa of
again, in Chester, Lancaster, .Allegheny osfjjc. '.The wortdrooyes!
&c, thousands of oiir men - did not votei i. ' " TTf
I j . The State of Nevada. " '
because they thought kberr candidates -asilr' .-.T'":-' " " ? '.-..'. h
j f afe. Therein it out only datgerl WjLv!Th people of 'Nevada having formed a
.President Lincoln but; if they remain
at- home on the 8th of Nov., and da not
labor to 'make assurauco. doubly tare,",
we Eiay lose lhe day, as we did in 1862 '
The closeness of the home . rote inspires
our opponents with activity. Thtiy are
mnch fetter marshalled than we their
orgauization L secret and unseen, but it
. b . ... . ,
is powerful, and. brought out nearly.every
voto u, had in October. Our 'side
ram arouse, and, by systematic, all-in
tr-Tri :r''g'ncit(, Muflucnec every
niau lilc, aud bring all to tha poll on
" H.p n V . , ,
i eVctii ay- ' lalk to-' your neighbors,
!-....,i;Jad carncsflv- let tlio.iif to rend
and l.iem ' W; Mtingsr Think of
4lii jMcrtst t stake, end labor
aeeaCa,S'y tn every district iu
ijifB5ii!toint3' our vote Call and should
54,5.8'43.si5(jLlin2riscd.' Every vote i tells! .Wc
H Al:
W - K V ; r
L -.The JLody's friend
" f- -- ,
.i f -u rah
. xnmo in mo t z--
ijffea'wc'.f 'the 7uafity. The loftg
" Siry Mag zine of FAsfilox Sii'ott continand of the K :I arniyjaud a.-
' ' 'id PoutCIIts.1 Thus ft has given COriDg OI ll.e oaruor in. uiu oca. la.iuou.u,..,, , ..... T-c" y ur "V 00 vuiirri-
re?.-'- '.L niiii.hcr a fiue- told linn that bomethiug waa wrontf in: .i'Mf,v rixntwrr
2 " i' xi-ravei and Colored J& -'rout, and he started imwedially for '.he , Not. '1, 1364.-3t.
lr- J - t.:i t,- rf..'.r .numrois- Mprav-i of action, arriving there u tinsc ttf i . unri m i-c. ,
' tu.;r , i.itw - '
iii i- .' " .1 . Utr-iiir.. inn- . rou'tid. It alftars the J.clili ICOK luc ; rea.ier or me mi that n i m the Bittr
H'liid brilliant arrayof the literature ion-; rl . ..... . trJn B:1,5r,CM ,, ,.;n j,, ,v f,
J-IWw fieW ViVnA;-nearly .S'th corps by fcurpr, catuangtacm to J s vis r,4M-e . frt. of K
. tl a , . , i- l.i,. -vra-.i;!-
Me w U:e la-razuiCa auti aio io ine t - yim -
I - i .... t
Prv. a thowiu- holare auJ euUvvatcd
clan of lady writtn it powers. Man,
,ar wonder how any inaKnane cad be pot
Bp iu so baud.(ou ad M
i a:.i. . .
7VlrtU It L-JalllUA-l 'I
..r ... .i. i ;..JJ S- an 'snvin--
. . ' 1 , , - ,
irainjVitbiug ol tbc reUucea ratCo 10 tmu.
ITM 1 1- I U .. .a. a niilu rtiinn lW
w . . . it i
having n very htrge dreulatiot, iw-money
iould certainly b? lofct on ti waall cJj.
. ': . !
tl03. . . , .
tr. Iiim !Mr r Mt rmrft: ve& rotm
' . .
. , ... .i .K, l" t ...
V J '
I io ?pra& oi me ioveuioer uumuei.
,..-.,,.. ,w tllCri.sa beautiful
.' .
d toachin-.-teel enpravlng, calfcd " Tf
: . ,.. . .,, .. ' t i..w. ....A.
(J.Jv,ed Fashion-' Flate a quantity of
f ,,-ijfr eucravinga wme of -thetu very pret
i . 1 il vre iivpf'nT to the ladiefi a
IV, ai! "J r
: prC? 0f hjuml', and me ueai uoi iuicul
I .. :....M;n.Ttire5. rtoetrv. ic.
i S 16.00: Stcomefi $35.0
r,t; or,,.;,. nO. Siutfe uura-
hers scut
' mi fsrtttitt
ireter: 13 Walnut Btreet, Philadel-
' hia
1 i
j. . .
t7u6 tor i3. " '
Ja .Taniiary.. ISfh laet,
ori. Grceui Clay Smith, e
lat, in
of Ky., .offered.
following preamble ana resolution
uercas, A most desperate, wicked, and
loody rebellion exists within the juris
diction o! t;:s Lnited states, au-r tne
moral and faered duty of the people td
. ;...0. '
Firoy ii. : -
-.i;.l ...t ith M.! .
-iill... .1.- nu: .J
I '
airainut this resoluuon iu coiupauy . wun .
fifteen others of his party. ( ...
3 "The Chicago Platform is quite as
'gbodasulffMvStieeu epcfca."-io-f
I He Rcifistr.r."
'We seceded ""io rid "ourselves of the
rule ol tlie awjority.-; J.o.
!: - tfir Jnat think, flf itl a uoUcal nailv
i. I
irpeai;g in lhalf of its candidates and
. i principles; to the cmeardk of the j
America people.'!,' What an tioendura- j
ble insult to tbe bravest race o-a mis earwi.
".p-v;, . r, . ,
'. The wav the i3orrrncad3 exrjftin i
'; tljc ru;trafy arrest W the Maryland Lej
' ; islaturemade' by their ''Little' Man," is ,
. - . - - , i ' 1 . f ....".i"5
that h . enunir and did not understand
,,.. . i
.Wc fear he is too young by a number..! ;
years for the Presidency.
aft. A hrave young officer with. Gen
eral Sheridan," writing from Winchester,
reports that one of our General?, w-ben
he saw the rebel lines break arid l nti at
Fiaher's IiiU, exclaimed, "There goes' an-,
Dptner plaax ont or me v.nicago rianorm ;
, i The new Constitution of Marylan j "has!
ttoae into pparatiOB: Under tt fclavery i
formity with, the Enabling Act passea, by
Coegres on the 21st of Maroh, last, the
President has Issued bis Proclamation de
claring that "the State1 of "Nevada is -ad-fmitted
Intohe tlnjpn on'an ! eqciaf 6i
"ing Vith Uie original States? Thus the
Thirty-sixth Star is added to the constel
lation oir our National flag. ;i J '. : . ..
This ltate' will lave three electors to
elect for )f resident " They are of course
good for Old ABE.V: - ; r . V
I -, -. : Iiosmta s as 'mirnteriii2r an'-eis. ".- Iherc "!8 memos. io:eni twiiiu; i :iri:x m
, postage, pain, lor .w n. s . . , , , ... ... . Strengtnai.n.t and Inviiroratinjtte whole
Machine Premium is eUc ffittn ! , however. ion.S loyal fanuls. hving tJ1 , rrainau.lSoo.uint- tUcT,crvr: Uu r
' "... t: . .. f- ! hiTfl. !,t i.5pt are "l.Le Ariel's viiila l aud faeililatms Eseeeeratinn. t4 k.il:n t'i
trrms. AUdresi leacau - --j - --".- ,lT , , ,-, ::K ., ., , . ' ,
Letter From the 40th.
VlSfnLSTIl. T. 1
Oct. 22nd,
3lES6r.U3 EWTOKS; . . , . ,
, .Sti -v.f, .v Kcfo tL'-wiH I
live reached jtju, I naveno doubt,, yop
will live Icroefl thl fcewiof ajnior great
viutorfr or tM. Bcfcllrf tfii 'Sh'Sifarftlo:
ah Valley. - Sheridau has again won fresh
.....1 lnutiftrr Ifiiir, (In the 1 6th dav of
, , .1 f. - .ii, -
Scj.tomler, he eiicouutered Geo. harl., ,
-iod completely .dtiriorahiedi hisarwy.
t a. , 1. ...l T?..lwT irn1tf mill a T-
I October, attacked otiK t j; Gen. Slsf -
Wn Wlnches-trf-oii Hiis way frvti AHwom indited t the ondrniirttrff
W.Shintou. t., the fr,,,., on the ii-sL'tt.": VXrJJl
.... . . ,.
J w.bnt our aru.y tfom Lemg CmipleUlyj
Ecaitcr Over tfrc entrjr iu gr.it cunia-
1 o - - - a
1..-.- ntlt.,.. it. a. 1I Ai-n. Uf'id frrtmirht lltfil
. "-''J . " T r"k" w " ' ""'
, ' "Jl" Vi"" 'V"'1.' 'i ' j
; , -" v 1 -
' riebei vriiivr. ueiwwu at. u :
thousand pnsouers, aud a large Uttiniierot
! ttriti'itiis. aiiibn aiicc?-aL L
, , ' , J ff.
i tirsr
( -
? all bcooiftpclled ,t.. ;1 Iron i the
: ta!lj-. aad, 5-vldcd, the citizens of in-
- i - . .... . ... . .1 ? 1 r ..
..,t...r.-.i. i in. rin-, f 'i;ii iiiv :ir rti nii'ii i.i ua
!"'"- j j -
, . . ft , . I
. uaviusr to evacuate lait Mace, l;ut ti.cu
haviuif to evacuate this rlacc, but
! L" a 1 !'uu ' "
- i i .i -i l: ... l..
. a-"-,- . .
! ii cwn cijondcu: wntia? 15 tbe laui-
more Jif ("( i would have tl,e jople to
i. : t-eiieve tL.it tLo female of WfueLester
are perfect 'aoaiic6 aud Ilacbela. YWiting
, the dospitals of otir &iek and wounded
M-iiiieis, auu auuiiuiciciiu- iuii:tn n.uiLo.
, ouiy visii me iwwm priscaers an,, m-tei
' "d r ,b9t,rMfi
Out armyLai eoBirdeteiv ejjaue,. tMa
i ..ii
u.11 kinds of io'cl for bc-th i iiiail
! aLd heast' an'1 iudfced !s f.,wJstevy fo
i nie to Know now me luuauiraarn arc io
' j live here this Winter; for Wjiiier i nov.-
i here hnd
many of theui are already out of;
. ., . 1 . ,
m Htores keep nothing for' -ale
food. T The
but tobacco, -aud that is of a very inferior
quality. ,
The Juniata boys of old uourpany I.
! witli fl.om cb..n flu 'r List tlpr'i l).r.p:o1i
j uli tl
itheaodofoia lriuia, . nd tboe
V .I'J
i - .
! ,iave been permitted t return. nome, de-
: wno jrcas uremi rjr u,cuiuini m i"vu ,
., . , , p i i .
LU.W li.nrrlir 111 fllill!!!!-? (,I Ilie:r COUUtl.
1 Yesterday evening 1 WiUced eleven
hundred Kcbe prwoners who Lad jut
eume iu from the front. They look about
trkfrl!T-fl played
We had au election" on tueJltu iu..
i and the vote ctoed lbl Bepnnltcan to ol
Democrat We intend-holding another
one, and the result will be lbund by read, j
iug ihe above figures laukwarda. Nearly j
everyman ht.re is fur t:01d A15y,M and Ij
iruryoa.al non.e are tne same. ,
1 our i nend, . "
a UesttrWens from the Enemy.
- The following i w extract from a. pri-
vito' aoUio'r'n letter,. dated , Army of .ths
Potomac, Ote.'-22.' ,:.:
itr i i .. t.. a..- e-.. .
late with the exception of shotted .salutes
iur victories, auu vuo ikkiuuu,
. M . ,,- ho- , M . ..
' days, and they say if Lincoln is elected
i thev will desert by bnaa'ies. lhev say to
p reveut detertioas, that every man who
will shoot a, deserter shall have a furlough'
si) that every oue who deserts bas te run
the risk of being shot," and some are shot
There was overSOO shots, fired in our
front last night and night before at desert
ers. These dark nights favor desertions.,,
Tlic Copperfccads " FrozcQ1 Stiff.
' - " Halt - Harnee
Blair, 3 '198- o 2849
ITiiBtingdun, 2929 -:. 2810
Centre, , . 2413 - 2M5
Mifflin, :: .1539 r, 1559
Juniata. ' .- 1251 ' 1250'
Walters? Cbrialy
21S9,, .2247 .
2ISl,t 2112
, al41.A3Ml
1CC3 1615 '
i r.ai - - ' i nn o
a 'ilSZ 4ir a 2213 2220-
: '1 ci' JWs'v.1:. 3.3,891, .,12,'JU
Halt over . Walters.. ; 287.
. Ua over Christy, ' 235
Daines over Christy, lot'"'" ' " '
Haines over TTaltersi ' "31 '- " ' " '
- Thie Democratic papers of this and other
counties iu'the district have bee n, since the
election, stuffing their, readers with the
idea tha'tMey had carrUd the dis trict, but i CLOTHS CASSIMERES, SATIXEIS
. r vl, No 423,WAR,KET-STr.EET,.?r :
now, the official returns bears too much K0rthde.l4tea Fonrth and tlaii
truth aud hence, their silence.-
'et atfrfrtismrnts.
At Private
r t
Ttie' rnJarsignd,t offers at PriTate Sale, a
Uemsb I1W two Lws'eitualein Ihonipaoniown,
Juniata counlj, buiinJ nil fust bjr lot of Rob-.
ert lbrmpson. Nor lb ami Wet br alivs, and
j. -. , -i . . r . .
tStern'tI'by30 feet, with a good baoie
Sublc by 3(. fect) AW-M;iej A Smuke.
i hooseraod other out fc
ut ouiiamgi. alio, a n eit or
bck yard. -
Mjgimoirni j;0. 2l. I86t.
( &:aaf - n
J ... , JXi OUCO , f
: 2 . . - " - -J' u
Tb. uer-ie.1 annn-e, .o the m.r.y
. nil Beyond McAiufeiVril., Juniata o. r.
mi'Sii". pami tL .. sin 11.
V- !-. I t suit - -
Tbe iindorsijrtied U-vin been aj'poifttcl
Antirorby tbeOrpbao Court of Juniata t."ouo-
j in Ibe band of Unrv 8. Botr. admi..is-
Urafor if 1. 11. Ingram, kite of Jlonrac tofrn-
i nbi Jnniat:: uaty, flecratl, -Rill meet tor
! thr p'nsoee of b appoiutment, at bis office
Ueoibcr, A. It. I jot Wbcrc d pe.iot4 ar-
j aga;u,t Sll:d pwin, ,,resi:it
; ihem properly autii-nticattl or e!i be barred
' f,,.,,, llin r.K.ivvr. t.f ,1, Mmn
. . -
;uf. 10. 4;-l-f. M if' Auditor.
i'or Copffhs, Ca-'dt, . C'.-5:'l'.- H'Auf fii-'J
Cinvjk, Anilimrt, Urcmtitis. Sfiit'iif'
Di 'hcul't "J hteathutri, d-n.
1 hie ijruj a a purely
: f'-,
n is pieaauut to laKe, aaa never iioca injury ;
But, oniiig to in puntyiug (jualitirii, nia..i u
ooil under any eiraumvtanec.. '- lt ertett ,j
i Ir
T;ly wouuerfnl ftoiIwh, calming suuullji., -
of DISEASE, and dririuj it liom ibt ?vsiri4i
"Jo cliiKt Dclii die of t'r,'tjr,, if f!iis S-.Te-l
Sront-ri Heed ndu?d inffme. .".Tsft tt lw
crctipy children abonid w'c'i tae tii-t
h of thet Ditae, aal always ti,:j
j For coughs after . .Voiles, tL:.- rjrup" i-
Ui-meav at hand. :
J" ejcrilcnt. Experienee
il ia equallei'iVy ti nh jr in-
,. priJB M ceni's r
'.0 ha- proven tl,.
: l'reoarcd by S. A. -I'bUi'Z'S . LfiO, Hi
thir Hbolcsile Drug and Mt-Jiin Iiexii,
ll'S, 1'i ank'in Sr. Ualiiiwe, M.i. bold by I
"rugiau and tore-korpiri tliTOiiU'ioi tl;e
VuUed plates, ...,,.
.. i-.fjj.i-niyuut m . Mu,iu, ' :.!.(.
I', a jafj ul rul:s.b!r lUoic iy fo i!'C cuii
f KletTKiathui, l'ii!iiful Xcrou a.T.-.t'iuin.
Hp.viaH.'Burts; S .telling, and stl liae
rui'Jii iiis ia cxicrinl a(.!:viiiiu'.ii ! in. '
On if jrs4 i wiljcexe fifi to cave Poll
Ei-Sula, Ukl BuuniL Sores, ov Swiiey
iperly applied. Eor. crxm-j. Bruiis.,.-
.ii nrotjcr.v
c ir OaE, Cats or Waad. it is la.UUih!
i Try it, and bs ejavlus uf it ,r-
v.r:i : i-ii rn ii.iii t .ta. s-i, i ,.,
Ji3ons cSiotd wiititfiis 0:satA n j m t
i-.- of how Ions standing. cwHj prin)ilrai 1
e:TuL'tually euril by .tie uc of this Mimiri.
There i Dothinjr in the wnrll aaro ai t i-
good to take ftwaj tad CUit3 ind care 1 cat.
Diiep, aa this piTjparsTion, " '
Trr it aud saiTsfy y mrs-l?. Pr;Ci35a"- i
i 75 cents a Bouli. Prepared bv
' 8. A. EOCTZ S A BSO ...
At re'.r Wholesale Dru aud Medioiac
p t, Xo. 116, Franklin St. B. It i-n-r.-e .MI.
$Oix by B. F. liepner, MiSintown r., aad nil
S:ore-keepcri thiooghout the United Siatti.
The above Medio ine " '-rt in.nn
taoto.'s Prices of Job sonHaUoway & ;otv
d. No 2'ortU 6th j). x u.. .-nV-.a.
The Patrons of tbe SlmisfiwIio rn'iy vlrrt
liirrieburg. or dcsire-s tint class Pirt.-,
ehon'.u byiill uieans go where they take lb
most splendid hkenetsr ever gotten itj, au
wbere, which is.at ': . i
;r '' 'll'i Market St., H irrifbur. I'i.
I OFFER at -private sale, en r'asuiwotij
terms, mythree farm, mtuaie in dranvifia
township, Mifflin county. Pa. la wit :
No. 1. situate en the old Huntingdon pik,
about miles from Lew istovru, adjoiuint;
Juan Brought, containing , "
V 170 Acars,' :
.' with a two st'orv BRICK HoTSE, Bank
Barn. Teaent House, Orchard, &e., with
water... . , .,'u- ' ' -
So.. 2, a tract Tbf about
a o o acres
knon as the Comfort farm, three miles I'ruiu
MLewistown, wbich will be divided into
two farms. One bag a good House, Barn.
Outhenses. young Orchard, Ac. the other a
good Hoa-ie, Tenant House. Barn, two
Orcbar-Js, with running water, Le.
The above lands are in good order, with suf
ficient timber, wnd deairable residences.
Persons desimtu, ef purchasing are request
ed to examine the property, and forfurfher in
otrmation eH on or address the undersigned
at I.ewistown, Pa. ' B.' S.' WOODS.
JliffliitowB. Oet.12, J664-2S .. ;.
'- "I r--
F. II. Saigcr wi G. W. need. & Co
Also", Jobbers in
rim.Mr.i.r-ti ,
...... i L. w .xic, nus eir;.:nz idti ) t