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. .
CgrtalmicxlpJniiiiiiasing TWICE an FANS 114
Afiy ►apor lit Norihtni ronnsylvaula:
Gold closed in Dery York. on Saturday
at 112 i. ;
The telegralt . ,announeed the death of
Ex-President Johnson, on Satiirday last.
is s. Stricken dowq on Wednesday by
a stroke of Paralysis, The President of
the linited States now ties witn the ad.
ministratießorgans to do ,honor to the
dad statesmen.. So.goes the world. The
fact plat dead melt, tell no tales, makes
many a'Politieal sinner happy. The gin=
ry 01. a.statesivan at the present - time, is
not tol nu& benefit th? riatiort byli is
IVietinni, dna . be iew;inledfor his pa,' blot..
deeds, buE
.to clie and re—
crive t,ho:'::encbmiums of big.
. •
spethilators,m . wheat haVe overshot
the mark and it 'has begun to deeline. in
Liveipool, Chidago.and- New. York.: At
th'e ilatter point the market 'closed on'iday" ;Jidi:26tb,at $1.33 to sl.3B'tbi•
. .
2 Ot . .(ieii,to . and ...iilwankee wheat on .tne..
portaud two, icents lower . for; gram. to
ere, made for Ailgust de
lis' iedat Flour dropped..iaif
to k4se. per barrel, Iwith stiles: 'for.
shi . Oping at $6.60 to 446 . .50 per •
.barrel. • •
; . Priiiii,:i . tita — tent . en t made by lar,Louck - S,
auditor'and fitiMicial agent ilf the Peach
Bottom narrow, Aatige railroad, at a meet
lielt in 'New', York Ttiesday evening,:
We gathered the following faCts. Thirty
`nine tuilekot
~traek ;are :now laid. (Jean
average;, of thirteen - miles . of road opened.
during the past year the earnings were .
.41,342,70, per mile. Mr. Loucks showS
his Diithin the i: , ..nterpris3 by,offeritig:to
tike onclattli of:ail the bonds necessary:
coMpletelhe road , to the, river if four
others werr found to join him.. 'The
bOnds - are, offered, at ,
TWo;orilic Meanest of, crimes are be
comhaeommon iii this country hi s ioause
or the ilight. punishments', inflicted, on
their perpei!ratore t h neglect to im—
, tose.virpunishment. Theso-Aireicheat—
iAg at :the polls - and the Corruption
o jtirie . 4 first is d crime against
the 6ort . ireigtity of 'pie people and is 'mot
<ifltiivalrpl, to. treason. The second,
-ntakesa.mockc•ry 'of jiislice. Instead of
• itni, ;'iso t` for. two or .three, - - months
, convictesl of frandulentlY changing
. ,
ti t4ti,iri
yettirne . 'deserves
_imprisonmen t f-eten yeaiis; aud' those politiciauS who
f`cc,,untotitr'a,ntajority and put the miu—
in power ought td be' lucked lip for
Herald. . .
The, ,, Philaddlphia Ltagei.'Of the, 24th
sayi : T lt is the opinion of Attorney.
Dirkfilink that the. 1 w doeS not
ri 'St4e Treasurer of Penpsylva.
trigOlrepoit td.,the 4nditor.
.oe.Peral. the
leOis •or other \plaees, wherein, belthe
Preasurey) keeps : that portion of
t tz tate money:set apart for the Sinking:
Fti.l.!, although he is by laW•to•
inake 'Such report ,I.)ticeruing other
helOnging to the Stitt Treasury.
disPuting ;the. sonnii4eas the
Attorney Otneral'a opinion,tor he is a
good and safe legal adviser, it may
why the, State Treasurer should
haV.! any abjection to makilt such' a :re
tort., eyealtis not now strictly command
it,' was . the Onee, and iS
good . practiee 'llpW: and gill the. time, and
it is what 1 alid ()hien
nt.hefe; can be to tnakingsueli reports.
Will Mackey: please, till us where he
Oh "Tuesday liere was an exhibition of
el arty in the city of New York as praise
worthy , as it was peculiar. It was a free
exenPsfori for sick babies, accompanied
bv their mothers, uurses, and physiciaiis.
The floaiingbovitul of Si. John's Guild
was tis,..d for the occasion and talcen up
thc. by a steam tug. The tickets
for the,excursion:were given away to the
physieitins in the city who; distributed
them' among their infantile. patients.--
Breaidast was furnished the little ones
on the :,hospital.barge, which has been
coustruote4:at a cost of $20,00(), Eigh
hundred •exciirSionists had a 'delightful
trip, and nadir the plan o .•
rnt , nt ',nearly ever} child goes "ly the
acivice , of, a Skilled phYsician. It
often:pat' a or private benevo—
lence of any has ~ 'found such de'.
lightful expression as this. in minister=
lug: to the 'sick bales.
' .
.'' ~MARI,Ng:',I.7 1 Li
. :I:7E,4;F:''. .''
The Democratic candidate for List:doff-,
ant Ohio, the homey .band- -
:ad Carey it making it lively in that State
for ilit'isbond I,tolders and coupon clipiert
in a receth epee& he is reported as say—
lug: '
, • c ,_ • , L . '
lint what-did the "bloated 4pecalatore.
deinand of ".tlieil..., party, and how was
- their deirland responded to by their agent
' in Congress:? ; They provided by law
that .the. bon di issued under Aim Funding,
° Bill"pliotild tiever be Maned' by . Federal;
4ttite or municipal authority. '. .
Anna taxed aristocracy Openly' created
in this 34bublin.tiy 'this party that now
&ski to boi perpetuated in power by the ,
robbbl. andbetrayed producers Of Nrenithi
In order'to sti:l further iperefise,, the
valti of tho . bbnds and depreciate tne
moitey,Value of labor and all kuida of
proiterty, time , Coupon clippers ttpd , Ihe
tlteitublicuti ulh'es in 'office:began, early;
' And' systeputtically' the' Work of diminish.:
ing the volume of legal 'tenders. ,
' Coggresa:ptissed• a law increaSing, by . a . '
i t
very small, amount, , the leg 1 'tender cir
culthtion. ,. l'residelit ti ran , ,trice tohis
inotlimtii'ailik to;carr y:; out the behests o r,
set) troll,' elippera . and , National bankers' ,
intertiosoa ***TAW; Tile :bears went up.;
ot ,lig4 t opjpg's, - wing to all , the countries:
Of Eatrol4-444 issukutly-Ille. wireS *ore
zmde hot bp the
,con c
gratulationof _!ttie ,
,:itoicy - riage of ..litiOtt, Furankfaril Partito
7, :' , ..- -- 2 - ' . t' ':.';'::: , :1-5 , :f': , ;;: i..
and Vienna to 1. - he gold gamblers. of-State,
'and ,street. Grant' had - 8 .th 6
nests of thieves, and:, given :theitit'a 'ol,
license to pluidor.lhis penplet-
If the Deinocratid party does- lot get
into 'power to Arest - this': villainy befbre
the Ist ofJuly 14.376, would advise You,
to put your houses in order, for wide
spread misery, disaster, and ruin are iu.
`evitable. If you have purchased a farm
or dWelling house, and owe one : third of
the purchase flintier, lose no: time in pur.
sanding the mortgage td.take the prop—
erty off your hands for :What you owe.
Mee.hantes, miners, mill men, lab3rers,
what advice can I give yon ?, May Crqd
have mercy upon you and your depend—
ent; families. Your and their'destruction
. .
. Este dny 3fail, althoUgh
Pronou need =Republican - paper, has both
the courage and decency to fearlessly ex
pose the corrupt practiees
of its party . . leaders.. It has:. apparcntlY
come to the conciusioti -that if it hurts
the party to tell the truth about the men
who run it; the,sootier it is hurt. the bet-
.- It strikes out, right and left,:and deals .
vigorous blows .at . corruption various
departments bf 'the government._ In so
doing it' Sets , an example that might well
be imitOefl by the Rini -organs on this
'ride of the river. But. of . course th 4
will not imitate it.' They want t.o . keep
the Corrapt Rinb it( power. as •t 4 flesh
pots - of. Grant's. politica . Egypt :are not
placed in the keePing of those who tell
the truth. about official corrUption and
demand an honest' a ministration of .af
. . .
In a recent issue 'of the Mai/,- it: ad
.diessed a few words those "highly 're:
sPectable 'Republican " who alWays seem'
• •
ready to believe any,, ilselmal set afloat
the organs •of th Administration;
about tfeir opponents,; . ,al3ont. Sontlierd,
outrages, and all that . .style of cheap clap'
Clap, rather than join in with the. friend's
of honest governnient and elect Men to
Office who will net' use . lheir. places •for
:the mere purpose of stealing. The ivordi3
of our' contemporary are weir-timed'
.and . pertinent that, we • give them here-
.with, and most respectfially recommend,
thentto the cOnsideratiOn of- all thought- 1
ful and fair-minded men
. We learn that many amiable and high
ly re.spectable Republieans 'and - people
are greatly distressed' at the coUi•se' of the
Mail in exposing rascality in high places,
especially ill the' Inter i ior :and .War.Pe
partments." It is • not 'the rascality that
'seems to trouble them, but the' making
it 6'6 widely • knoWn, • reiterating it from
day.tofidy, and never 'letting "up on the
Subject, They ,sa that, s , ie are injuring
the llepnblican: pa'rty; and . ;bringing the
dignitaries of the land into disiepute
the .masses. and _ .they 'ask sorrowfully,
wbfit is the use of uncovering the Shame,
of the , men whom.' the country has hith—
erto delighted to hoikor,? -
The use-of it' we.rinsver is the'-same as
warning men cif any ',miPencling danger,.
Unlesslthe existence:4)f any dangers
made ''known, • nothing., will be
guardlgainst it. So, unless the MaiVor
some.neWsPaper like it, took the .intitislo
inform the community of the • rOttenese
and scoundrelism ;that threatens its life,
• \
it would not beipossible to apply a suit—
able remedy:—Nsi.
"From almost eviiy part of . the Eastern
and Middle States 'we shave accounts of
• what has become stereotYped as the
'tramp nuisance: it 'would seem that
, the
-rural districts are infested with swarm
of tramps from the cities and larger
'towns. who pmtnit all sorts of depreda
tions and greatly annoy and alarm the
country peonl6, In Some parts ofithe
country these peregrinating pests are
cornmitted to prison' er houses of correc
tion unless they accept employment
when offered therh ; but in most cases nn ,
remedy is applied except where the:tramps.
'are detected in overt acts of lawl'essi2esS
and arrested: This tramp nuisalice; no
donbt,.will lead to special legislation, to
provide . a remedy;, iu a number of States
during the coming winter.i, The thing•
is becoming unbearable.—Philadelphia
Times. • '
The above,'from a paper in the "qua
ker city" and an editor who has shared:
largely in public confidknce, will meet.
with appiobittion -by\ people generallY
witholtt even taking a second thought,
and considering fora moment that there
are two sides to every questidn,even the
"tramp" question. . •
The professional "tramp" who prefers
to loiter along the highway and sleep in
barns, beg 'or steal his living rather than
labor for 'an honest 'livelihood, needs
vholesome discipline by law, the same as
an - .,ther vagrant or vagabOnd, but these
"ti; es" and - existing circumstances have
rown a great amount of 'charity in the
scale and_ the increased "nuisance" is ac-' '
"ionntedlor Upon other principles than
voluntary tramping. There are cases-of
as low, mean and thieiing humanity
among "tramps' as there arentnoni those
who assume a higher plane. The "Boss
Tweeds'? and the "Boss Shepherds" who
will pilfer ate peonies' worth of breada or
articles that an be bartered for it; exist
among thesel "nuisances" the, same as
among the, nab,obs of ' our country Fho
..rob the nation of its honor and the'
people of their property and taxes„and
they folio* all down through the whole .
line from national bankers to ctirb-stone
brokers and from chrbstime brokers to'
"tramp nhisances," . and we will Stand - by
:any hOwever Severe,lhnt
Put these seeumirdo- -, upou
Island, or any other island, during their
natural lives, where they .cannot. pursue
their, damning and nefarious prirettits:—
But befolewe consign every, unfortunate
being to a rebus krave, . penal enaut.
went, let ua take. proper vier or the
'causes Nhieh have - produced this and see
hoir,f4each and every one of us are res•
penal" for't* effects : :
Without bickering one moment
the respinunbility for the'resent condition
tlie , f`,titnes". let us . take the preseUt
Status. 'The cry:fronrutillionaire-tnbeg- ,
gar id that "timea'arefisrd." • With the
nultiOnqre and Phe'lmiialler , cAPitaisttwlic;
haVe aecninuiated 'everY.-.dollar 'of their
,wealth_und luxury ~b sweat-of sweat the
Ictici 44i :ht.. 1 1 :iiirti
~ i . i -.-
l!'9 ; . :a, ri ,- B . IIII P Y .l l l eaba
.itiiitilfei iif.niPt „Oft/41 - 4 004 , ..bilsiiiela
aid.. tliiiiiiikliti`a - the iiiiiroy:of the %vorld,
'11:1111(1tOs Wilt 4 0 9 1 .4 111 4* men# woillen,
- and children' Who hare', fieeti'Sellin'g al*
labor and , -thleir brains, in methani4l'
akill, for just what iod •suatally tile
from,day to day, and thus plaiie them
where begging, stealing, - or starving,stares
tuem in the - face. • ' '
It is well known that the failure of Jay
Cooke Sr.' Co. wait:the bursting of the
storm'of hard times in:eau-country, and
great has been, the sympathy , for these
bankers who lost tmel?! ~I*qttmee;.and:yet
neithe; Jay • Ciloke''& Co., nor their fam
ilies bave abated one iota from' their for-
Mer luxury of liviag, except front the
'piling, tip
. 9f theii - trillions 'of ',Pacific
Ba4Way Bonds, ,'whose y r itlue, Was wrung
from/the sweat and blood' of tbe i ppor lay
boring masses. It ! is.: 'hot with them OS
with the laborer. who is diicliarged from
theLmine Or the mill, the'raetory or the
work-shop, unable,' perhaps, to get his
last, month's pay to I settleNeven the little
petty bills,contracted froin •neeessity, and
his little effects are jsold under the slier
„itl's haniine'r and thus he is forced ° iii
"tramp.” irom the itown„, or do worse. -
_Before we indiscrithinately bang the poor ,
pitiable "tramps" let is bring to justice
the vile 'official thieves. whO, not only
rob us in mciney and taxation by rings
and 'defalcations ? , hat who rob us also of
.the power to gain an honest living
.I by an
accnrsed system .of class legislation, to
make the "rich, richer. and the poor,
poorer," .engendering Upon our iiation
perpetual line of, corporation kings, who
employ„white, long 'as they can ,
coin their blood into Money, 'and' then
Cast them - upon the world when "hard
Omer come, to tranip, beg, steal or
We confess that the Timis 'is correct
. ,
about- the greater 'prevalence of these
i 1 • , ~
characters, who. are,parsril y termed "uui
sanceS," thati evei7 before; for We Ira
saw sni many. in Susquehanna county
dnring all:our residence here as we have
this'year,and while 'We would not for one
rnoment apologize for
_criminal 'vagrancy
we_can hut look wi4li pity, upon many' of
these poor fellows -Who with hat in hand
call . at our sanctum and ask for "a days
work,"but who never beg for'one 'cent of
i 'W''' "1
money. e ;certainly, eel that, th,e peo—
ple, and the partisan official's whom they
send to , make laws; are as muCh
responsible for the' condition of these
poor unfortunates in many cases, as they
are themselves, and before we make cap
ital laws to punish them, let us clear our
own skirts of ; the gnilty bloOd which is
alreaclY, upon ' bs. i • ,4 ~
We:Often' feel when-these poor . tell ws
call at our office, to:ea-Maim, "why w 4 1
created a man with burning sy in Path ie fur
human wants with Out the- lull Mean to
relieve them?" knowing al - at:it is Iso
said tbatJ."ln
,as_ lunch- as ye do it,unto
the least 'of; these rni , disciples ye do it
unto me." iYe beliive 'that no greater
Heaven ex . ists n thi's earth than the con
of ,i
h, - ' ii ' -, d dering
seiousne,ss of uaving relleyek sut.
Liu - inanity; to our, fifilest,ability.,
,The tinge in Pennsylvania has been
an institution if slo;w but none the Jess
g wth.; 11.6 organization
has been effect 'd tclO, without Any
of. "the excite ent W i hich attended its
sudden rise in the We 44 where in a few
years it has s, read tind multiplied like
the grainlOf rn stard Seed in the Scrip—
tires.. The re: sons for,
,„this are plain :
Penitylvan_ia's ,industry' i s largely
diversified:L . .4h] t the Wet is not.
Our farm -Ts_ la av e a\ market
at *their, ow doOrs ; those of thv
West have to s nd tbeir products all the
way to the sea Ward, and tiom the AtWi
ne, ports ,to Ea
,ope. Our farmers, too,
grow s,oinethin r•, else -beside wheat, and
moreover had no grounds, .or at most,
very slight es, for af.rions complaint
agaipst the r ilwaycompanies. \ The
_ .
transportation bug-bear had no terror
for them, and o secure the regular,,safe
tiid cheap tr. "sitel their products *they
ave not been iompielled to organize anti
monopoly par ies, capttire Legislatures
and pass acts rstricting the charges and
linfliting the p ivileges 'of railrard com
panies., lndeea, the ' Grange movement'
,bas neter had any political, significance
an Penney'van' ' and here,, perhaps more
than in any ot • er State_ in the -Union,the
organization :mown the Patrons cf
Husbandry ha pursued the even tenor
of its way, to tiling neither to the right
nor' left in poli ice., - and. devoted only to
.the cultivation of social relations and the
common itnpri vemeht. of the fortunes of
its members, . , . , ' . 'e
RedentlY it has increased largely in its
membership a d developed new activities
among which is the establishment in
Philadelphia o a ."purchasing '. and stile
sgency.' Th . institution, While a prom
inent Patron 'ilkiied, in consultation with
a Times reports, that its object is the ob . -
olition of mide i lemen, will oertaioly effect
that purppse.{Through it the Grangers
will buy. their Supplies, of ,manufacturers
or at first hands and dispose of their pro
ducts without the intervention of middle
m'en: -The,,"p4rehasing and sale agency",
isllocated permanently in this city St the.
Ridgway gone o
, -on Market street; andiis
destined to be wimpertant 'in-'
creasing ;wig al' trade,, as it, will give
earl merchant arid, 'marintacturers -the
control of 4 1D3 y markets whieh l are bow
supplied by Nt'tw York..., ~ .
!I At, itrhead pl. a membe.rof the grange;
who - receives al regUlar salarY, who sells
all Products consigned to hirn bylthe
Subordinate lodges, -.althea 'fee. or com
'miesionpand •buys all, that, they may re
quire. The purchases embraceevery
.thiug that ntera into - the consumption
'of r.!fatMer, rOm' hay seed to potato bug
poison,, and' ery! impliment. ;he uses,
froth a packsg,ii of pins bilis . ;wife down
or up to a reap,er. or •3iio wer., '.
The system
itas follows : 1 _ , •
The Subtirdipate. - lodges '.!ascertain
Throngh their inaster the needs, of tfiteir
several merob rs, iiii tl ~,,,the schedule in
turn is ; transmitted to the,. State Grange,
which Again for wards it wilts purchasing
agent, Nybos. duty i(ofto , . procure thein
of manufaciurers Gt".iiiitkliaile. dealers at
the lowest ratea and' to-: to pay for. them in
cashihy`whichl:niearuf,..the litter: espec:
, tallY, a large tiditirio , l hieirected.!lranging'
in - most•cotes .Ifrorn Jeri to 'fifty per emt., -
and'ofteu -such! are the :'enormous profits.
;or - comnfission -::men:. And_ tld. devions .
channels :of ..t idg, iti ' goilleri,ii reduction
of cost eVengreater •;thap' the marimnin
figures givli. a l bove Li seliwttlAes thadf.-L . -
The.clerical labor of the.,agecoy is per-
T , MON . TROSE 13E1100.1
e. Giur/gers.
{timed by several' mations or nisi (Ili as'
the case may be, who are residiatjii. his
city. The agency is not, beOvii * :'W,th-'
out opposition, several classes :fit mann=
factories.refuse 'to be s &tilt with,'directir:
and compelling , the purchases 16tie, made
threugh their tigenis. The sowing tna.
chine, reaper at, mower men and others
are Said to be in a combination. against
Granoers. But in most cases - the end
sotigirt is gained, and' the profitt which
Would be devided among . the middlemen
and, country ltoorkeeper are , saved to! the'
consumer. Said the Patron approaching
the Times reporter : -, 1 !
`:,We do not dictate to the numerous
Eitotekeeperq scattered through . the Cairn—
try:and we boy, of awn' : if tv choose:
bui for rears 'they: have einployod 'large
numbers of clerks, s.alesinen, etc., at high
saleries, whO haye been employed, active.
1 .Y., perhaps two hours out of ten, and we
haVe had to ply forthein. We don't pro—
pose to do so any longer. The:storekeep
eral can retain these employees &they
wish, to and can afford to do it,. We do
no seek to disturb tliem,.blitswe do, not
chose to pay other people to 4 - the usi
ine)s we can - tip as well, if not better, for
ourselves. i
. . ,
._ ,
' The Co.uperatire topic wasltien broach ! ,
eil, l eticiting the information that although'
in he : Western - States it had been - in ()pe
rat on more or iss_,slicce.ssfully, it was
not demed ativisable.'.to adopt it in this
state at present. . The organization : , is
young:hi Peirrniylvania, and _its officers
do 'not prOpOse to go ahead , too fast. :lii
response toap _inquiry as to the proltresi
and_strength'of the _organization in:this
St4e i i the following
. sMtenients_ were ob.:
tainqd :•• ' :•• ''
- • .
Theft , are about 579 grange in the State
with 'a total membership of over 30.000.
and weekly addittons tire-being made. to
the e „figures.. The county. haiing tlit
lar eit organization. is Bradford, ' with 48
. gu bo rdin ate granges and ik membership of,
abut i 2,500: The counties of Allegheny
Co nbria, Claineron„ Cations, Elk, Juniata,
Mc ceant Philadelphia, Potter-.and Sem
ers t are entirely without grange organi
zat oils in their - limits. 'Of the remaining
counties :the ; number of granges, in each
isa follows: AdaMs 1, Armstrong 16,
Bd. ver 3, .Belford 6, Berks 22; l 'R lair 2,
Bu ks 6, Butler 12, Centre 16, Chester 25,
Cla hin 3 . , Clearfield 3, Clinton 0;-Coluin
bid 18, , Crawford '29, .- Crunberhthd . 12,
Da phin 'B, Delaware 2, Erie 20, Fayette
3, :orest 2, 'Prat liii „6, Fulton 4, Greene
19, Minting& ' , diana 24. Jefferson,
5, ncaster 8, Lawrence 9,-- Lebanon 9:
Lel igh 4,Luzcrne.l6, Lycoming 12; Mer
cer 3. Mifflin 6, Monroe 6, Montgomery
11, liontotir 4, Northamtun 7, No4lium
ber and : B, Perry 4,, Pike '4, ' Schuylkill 5;
.5, .Sulivan 4, S - fistpiehanna 'l7,
Tioga 16, Union 4, Venango 17, Warren'
0, Wasbington ,l2 , Wayne 1, Wettmore!--
111,7, Wyoming 12, York 11." 7 . I
. huPatron, in concludinvmentioned
i t
tb. Lin . soine counties the, ifact :that; the.
Qu ker.elenient is. opposed 'to' secret so,-
ck ies uctounted for the •smalF number
of Grangers, "lint there is nothi ig in our
mrinization that is. not; as .op n to the;
pp • lic as the Republican or Democratic
wo kings; we ,are simply . a . corporation
of ii - rners. doing business, ; both; buying
an selling, for onrsklyes; ; by: inir own
immediate agents ; :regular . books are
'el. t in the most op roved commercial
sty edund,all . transactimo • are.strictly on.
a ci,ol basis;: there is nothing more •ttliat
I cant tell you-in fact there is. nothing
mo eLto tell,"• , - ~ • . -!• • •
ind with this the 'interview etided.---
amount of supplies that will be pur
-ed hy;the agent, and the value of! the
ticts he. will disiiOse of will amount
ns of thousands•of dollars annually.
la'. i'inuis. : ,
, 1
ri I
to ti
New Advertisements.
copartnership heretofore existing between Drs.'
W. (keen 4N. C:3lactiey. of Poster, Susquehanna
Ci,uuty, Pa. Is this day dissolved hy-matual consent.
•11 • ' I • 'W. N. GRF.EN,
-N. C. MACR;EY.'
Thispractice of medicine. will stillbe cent:awed by
Dr. N. C.llackey. - who . :lAA' for a continuance pf the
Ilberil patronage of the people of Lathrop and vicinity.
La Angus. 4; 1575,--3w.,
• 31:3) M
Call 'at P. R. Chandler's store and see the "Borne
timoinhing. Glossing, Plating and Crimping Iron," the
most complete and esetalf rou ever invented. .
Si knishes linen equal to "factory . woric.." .
It irons the harrowest bands, , ,
The -Flitting and Crimpling 4ttacln)lenia SET iIION
and POLISIJ - the ' flute or! crimp—not simply CRIBP
ING.the goods into thane, ?as do the Rockers and
• • •
l'ulfs between bands, bathers, Ruffles—whether of
linen. alpaca or worsted goods, equally finished and as
eqmplety fliaNzp, as the Isody Of tne garment.
Elegantly finished and cheaper • than
the old style Fluting illachine.,
- BENJ. C, PARKE, Gen'l Agt,
for Susq't Co.
N. B.—Territory foreale and Canvassers wanted.
Montrose. August 4, 18'75.
.WlLeciluaticaxL 132. Prifoessi.
, I will 'sell for the sect SO days
• .
everything fa my me at greatly reduced price's. •
An MlUkase , " Goods Below Cost. _
- , W. J. CARVER.
• t k NJ. 21 Court SL, Cot . . Water St
Binghamt6n, N. Y., Auzutt 4,1875. •
ii RS;
Wholesale & Retail Dealersin
Intproied'• eller 111 BRR
WOOD PUMP. -- is the ac
knowiedged STAbIDARD of
The popular verdict
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Money. Attention ; is Invited
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oat disturylng the joints,. and the Copper
Chamber. which :never cracks- scales, o
F ., rusts and will' last a lifetime. For sale by
As ',Dealers and the Trade generally. In order to
141, be sure that y q u' get Blatchtey's Pump, be
carebtl ,and see that it has ray trade-mark as
, above. if you do pot know where to buy
descriptive circulars, together , with the name and ad
dre-s of the agentmettrat you, will be, promptly Dun
fished bytaddrossintr. with stamp ' • •
•\ CEOS. t 3. BLATOELEY, litivufactirer. _
500 •commerre Philadelphia,
March 10 1875 —oas - •
r .
Bert market, price , paid ,
in ettibe for
• OORN, RYE, AND ''OA73,.
the meßtreee
35 . 4. MOON Superliteiident.
Mieltreee, July 14.18.8.-5.
Dilli,11718INO: -
iwrienn wAo contemplate making etitlincts with
-kliswepopere for i ttle itisergon orittteettisemente. • shoild
4end es dents Iv 411. Atcrh Now,
Now York for tear ..I'AIfP.II.I,4T-Booo,(ttinetyreev..
atilt edition.) cilatalitur Hen 61 wYer 20410- flteW.PaPm
twig ePtlOntee e Jthourtng vie tont. Adveroneniete
en for lading papereiu many *Rates St - it 'lrentendotis
t.qiuction trete publiebers' rates: Get the -13ook, 2-11
• I .
ir 4t T'
, N'otil
nisdo 41' - 1, •• . II oro Ir ...
_ jincaiporitill. lE' Fiiiii
:terian:Churnik delitt. POW. • . •:• -. • . ..- z:•..- I :
. 1- in . ' tl -'
i ' - th . - i f
The ohNct ot '.,11! eorpore on. o 0 - suPPor , 0
the Gospet, In' nod rdnnee - ,wlth , the Virtue of t he , tkrep- I I
byterleu of,thetro EA States of America , and the hold. '
lug of f property Re, church in:unripe*. . .
I. 1 <.;.'N. P WITEATON, ' • ..
, . .- - • '
and othell
Montrose, July i8,1615,--.3... -%. • - • . - •
The r.rrwde Jur
for Shirgaine.
caute we have red
„Ipg ger)de 25 . per.
.Joctiry u fine
_, or Common Pleas of Stisque-
Minna Cnonty and to me directed, E yvill expose to sale
by public yendue, at the Court
.11onee in ltontrosm ou
. '
i AIIWIST - '131.1t,' 1815,
. .
At two o'clock, p. m., the following pieces or parcels of
land. to wit :. 'I. ' • ~ • , ,
All that certain Nece or. parcel of land situate in the
towuship el (aklandn the County of Susquehanna
and State, of; Pertnny nia, bounded and described as
follows, to wit : .Be nning on thtethorth side of the
old river road; antliat e south east corner of Village
lot No. 7, owned 1)- William Brooks. thence along the
same north'lS degtiees west 133 'feet to lot No. 11. thence
north 72 degrees east 60 feet to a proposed street, thence
along the same north 38 dtgrees east 131 feet to said
old river road, thence along the same south 71 degrees
and 20 senates, 'west 60 feet .to the place'of begirmin 1
containiug7926 feet of land, morm or less, and is Vil
lage lot No. 0. whli the appurtenances 1 frame -.dwel
ling house with wing and all improved. [Select, and
taken in execution, at the suit of The Matual Mantling
Loan and Sevin :Association of Susqnehanna Depot.
vs. John Stuith.]
i...i ' ' N
ALSO—AII that pertain piece or parcel of land situate
in the township of; Oakland. County of thisquehanna
and State of Yenirtylvaula, Intended and' described as
follows, td wit : (n the • south' by State Street. on the
west by lot of Wan'. T. Moxley„ on tho north by. lands
of Wm. M. Post and on the east lis lot of Charles Og-,
den. being 60 feet , .; wide on said Sta'e Street atd ex
tending norttwariLthe same width 120 teet,more orjess
with the apprrtrrmnces, 1 (tame and all
improved. [Taken in execution at the snit of The ldn
teal Building, Loan & Savings Association of Susque
hanna Depot vs, A: N. Ogden.] '
ALSO•;.-All those two pieces of land situate in the
township of Franklin. in the County of Susquehanna
and State of Pennsylvania. the first piece bounded and
described as fellows, to wit : On the north by lands of
James and Asa Townsend, on She south bY lands of D.
L. Blowers and IL, M. Smith, on the west by lands of
11. hi, Smith. and on the east by lands of James Town
send and 11.11. Travis, containing 'll2' acres, more or
less, and about SO acres improved, with the appurten
ances, 1 two story house, 5 barns and sheds, and other
oat buildings, 1 orchard, arc. Also; ail that other piece
or tierce/ of land situate as aforesaid, bounded an &de
scribed as follows,th wit': On the south by binds of
John Ackerman mad John Tinkerpaugh, on the west
by lands of H. M. Smith. on the east by lands of 11. H.
Trnvis,and A. T. Bowe and ou the north by othelrlands
of It. L. Blowers. containing 75 acres, more or Im , s„with
about 40 acres improved, with the apportenances,7 story
and a half house. Ebarn and hog house. and a quantity
of fruit trees. [Taken in execution at' the suitor By-
Ington Thatcher,' assigned to F.-W. Boyle vs. H. L.
Blowers and 11. M. Smith, First Nations, Bank of
Montrose assignedto E. W. Messenger and A, T. Bowe
et. H. L. Blowers, and B. Stroud vs. 11. L. Blowers.]
ALSO—AII thole two • pieces of land situate In the
townships of Lenox And Clifford. In the County of SUP
inehanna and State of Pennsylvania, the first piece
Sounded and described as faila" T.O Wit , 7, , Beginning
at a heap of stones tear the road, thence by lauds of
Nathan Bell deem:Md. east 45 roes to a stake, thence by
lands of PI W. Clamborland south' 4.3,15 degrees east 51
reds and 10 limas, thence by lands of. Brutus Potter
south 47 degrees West 13 rods and 19 links to a stake,
thence by the, same south .43X desrees . rapt 13 rods to
heap of stones, thence by lands of Jasper Bell andlion
the centre of the road south 51 degrees west al rod and d
17 links, Ocoee 'north 71X degrees west n rods Od 7
hnka to a heap of stones, thence by lands of o.4inn
seine north 4 degrees, cast 54 gods and 2b links to place
of beginning, containing ..%9 acres and 115 rods. more or
lees, with the apphrtenances, 1 hay barn, mid about 25
acres improvid.-- Also, the second piece or parcel of
land situate as above, hounded and described as follows
'ID wit: BCgiCalap at a post and stones a corner to line
of Wm. R. Gatiluerrs lot in the east side of public
highway. thence partly along the rozi4nr.d a line divid
ing this from a part of the lot to be deeded to Lucy Cox
south 1.5 degrees east 03 and 8-10 perches to a post and
stonesa corner formaid _division, thence the same
south 89 deer, (tee cast 39 perches to a corner in the west
line of same MI sold to G. A. Grow. thence by said line .
north 1 degree cast , * and 4-10 perches to a lineof lot
deeded to Michael West, thence by said lot north 44 de
gltalll west Sarni sqo perches to a comer, thence north
47 degrees east EX_ perebea to a post corner or A lot
deeded to C. M: West. thence by 'said pot north 1 degree
emst.lo and 8-10: perches - to 'a post and stones coiner,
thence by same; orth 80 degrees west 1335 perches to a
pest-earner, ttumce north 44 degrees west 5735 perches
to a post cornet in the line of Wm, 11. Graham's lot
afore.sild, and ;thence by the same south 474 degrees
west SS perchei to;the place of beginning, • containing
31 acres and 60,perches, more or • less with the tipper.
tenants:a, 1 bud. orchard, and about 20 acres improved.
[Takcnln execution At. the .suit of Chester Wr.ght nie
of William H. fdasbronek vs, Ira G. Cox.l
ALSC—AII that certain piece os parcel of land situate
in the tswnsitiAramt, in the Comity of Susquehan
na and Rate.* 'Pennsylvania, bounded and described.
to wl • Oh the north by lands of Leonard
Graham ahont :12.5 ; rods.. on the east Dy lands of Eras.
tug Truesdell 43 rods. oki
*mat by lands of W. Slo
cum 10 rods and on th west by • ths highway 45 reds,
coniaiting about 55 acres tut 4 acres improved. [Ta-
ken in execution at the suit of Ezra Toby ViC.
Dunn.l •;
ALSI3—.6II that certain piece or parcel of land situate
in the township ofl Ararat, in the C t ofusquehan•
ne and State of Pennsylvania, boun6:. and described
as folbws, to wit: l On the north by 'dß of atones
Nichols about 90'nids, on the east by the Je vsent
way about 60 rode,; on the south, by lands o Outdo,/
Vincent 21 rode. ana on the 'west by lands o
Decker about 80 rods containing about 66 acres. Ta
ken is execution at the suit of Ezra TOby vs. Eli ,
ALSO—AII that Certain piece or 'parcel of land 'situ
ate lathe township of Ararat, in the County of &moue;
henna and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and descritr
edam follows, to wit: Beginning _at a birch tree the
the south east corner , of Lorenzo w. Graham's land;
thence south 42x 'egrees cant 64 rods to 'stake and'
stance corner, thence south 4734 'degrees west 210 rods
to stake and stones corner 'near the railroad, thence
north 15}4 degreenwest 6 rods, thence north 21 degrees.
west 18_rods, thence mirth 29,14 degrees west 16 rods.
thence north 3z134 d•lerees west 20 rode, thence Wort
lag degrees west 15, rode to stake and stones cot r,
thence north 4T) degrees cast 101 reds to the Ma , " of
beginning, containing 79 acres and 96 rods more (1 . less.
[Taken In execution at the stut of Ezra Toby .L. G.
B: Graham.] '
ALSO--All that -ft-Attain piece or parcel of and situ
ate in the township of Ararat, k the Co My of San.
quehanna and State of Pennsylvania ,boded an d des
edited as follows,' to wit: Beginnin at .a stake and
stones corner. being the northeast rner of tract in
warrantee name of Andrew ••Mceo ell, thence south
4234 degrees east 64 rods to bi tree corner, thence,
south 47x degrees west 19i rod to stake and stones
corner. near railroad, thence ortti /1734 degrees west
13 rods, thence north 41 degr, es went 61 rods to stake
and stones corner/ n the lin of the atiginal lot, thence
tiarth47X de g reestont 192 rods to place of beginning,
• containing n a cre,* and 112 rode more or leas. [Taken
in eget:tab= at•th't salt of 'Ezra Toby ye. Lorenzo W.-
Graham, • , ' ; •
ALSO-.AII that 'certain piece orpareel of Land'situate
In the borough 0f,,,N0w Milford. tu the (emmy of Stl6-
quebasna and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and Aes
cribod as follows. cto aft Beginning at a .post. tim
.northeast cornet of a lot of;lana conveyed by Joseph
P. Miner to John' a. Smith.' thence by the north line or
'sald.Sititb's lot: ;lath 86 - degrees west 100 feet to's
corner, thence by:other lands. of Nelson llagarliortb 4
degrees east VI feettuld Si inches,- thence north 86 de ,
grees west .to the middle of'Xsin Street. thence elong
the mAdie of said street north 4 *dcgreen east 12 feet
.tom corner. thence by /ands formerly in • mosseseston of
James It. Illandell oath 86 degrees -oak 193 feet- to a
pod. thence by lands of E. 'A.' Pratt santh 4 degrees
went 35 feet and 9:lnches tO _the_ plako, of Winning,
email- 1 1 113 10, 61 6 feet of landoinore or leen: Eireptini
Mild reserving that said Wellman shall not place any
building nearer than within two feet of the south line
of the above ilesclibedpremisen, nor set. any building
beyond the range In front with the ether building* on
the etame_alde of the street, nor erect or put up any
fence mute than nig feet In front of the range or, the
buildings AI now located upon lame side of said street.
—lass, all that °Geo piece or parcel of land Onlineiu
said borough of rim "Milford County and State 5 . .81 , re,
said, and aciloining the above described lot boarded
end described as followi Ileginning st a post in the
8210 the south east alter thereof, thence by hinds
formerly limited bt. Kelatbn gam and by a line tanningl.B feat south of greicery-buthibernorth.:Bs 'degrees and
BD West lb and 8-114 parettes. to a point In the
41iten en the etA r able tlit,street,thente along itt said
ditch moth 4 seeded 45 mixt nuts east 2 per .et,tittd
121 inks. thence 18 feet north - of said
grocery' storeSS degrees rauf'l4/tillpites east petuttea'
and Clinks to a post /5 Invt.end /POI W the Moth
Avesta:inter of the thence by jitgAimparly of
eitimes B . ineldellllolth 121 degree.. east d_4l-nrods
to "a kineog,tand tu4suStisssoti of 4tia r ri'fi . - 1416 W by
veld Praft's Itrie , 'sistith• doom east t rod Ibd 1
Maui waive., scutch..42: slegresursnurt 1 perches- to 1:
lost ; loath 4 degreii* Wee . ) , 14 Wet• And 7 'll..nit ,
:place sif bigibuinZl.eettirdliing'4o4erthes -of land y.
estimable, - the weer zoom or nettAlinii- -141: that
-.other piece orpiirrAil of. land situate in said boyOugh of
New Niiford, cpoty osid Rate itiotesaicrt , Adjoining
- - -
Pelt that -in a lia►itoi *VA* thn onrt o 1 enmytpti
Cpd7ifp~ 6A ; lyltl:39W rtag 'o[Ai4j~•.
' e •P'
. *4
~-..-.': ',..._•,:.-;,-,:...5-
ng to Cheaplohtee {Port . Bonding)
I theraMe. "Why in it thus!"
, our entire Mock of the follow
,to rottlte rocult for goods.
'..11,1 - I;rBLINS,
, 4 ii,cle.4o3.cothi-1411.
--' ' • '
ES; 5110.1415,
6T118,. itI9BON3, PLOW
assothnent. Low Prick
It yoti wan'
Co* tle
4to well,
-id • ttoO bowettesp we
\ •
"1• • •
.4S: te ch.,' t i e s, 1;12,50 sons ' - 800t5....
Respectfully.„ •
2 8 ,1875. (Cheap, dohn)
.piettilettilOnaltded - end deseilliod the, foe -, 7 WO, 1
• rilagat. ttinnetrth east coiner' lit - A,:r. ellitutlei jet;
'thence` enditheldegieetereat 417,:feett. end r. 7 inches to et
.-COnleretilexteittleith . aelefreee: 4 34o.lltfelet, te the north
'side Of thereleekingati new located ent'the south Side, or
.'• the erietik,.gestien down. the:Meld; creek along -the north:
tidejirtheAlel itockhiietel Wain the eligible of said .
:Wyllie tiettholl ea !teeth 4 doge** steelier*, feet to the piece.
ofheglnultegAn the eetrielidere -or lees-: 'reeeiving al-,
was. therrighte and priveleges of K.A,Land 0. Pratt.'
andtheicassigns; for a water priveleee as brdeed from;
James Bogie tie ihe said E.A:And , O.,Prat,t,.dated March
10. 1810: reCort ed In petede ß oold3lo. 17. liege 147: 'Mid
also the free right. mid' privelege - of the imid . -K. A.
Pratt, his heirs and ateigoe : passing and 'renew'
ing eictoeif Odd, niemiliee.from Main street to other lands'
or said Pratt,and alsolexcepting that said Wellman, his .
heirs and aiseignie.eliall forever Inslntain. et his own eX
pease a good and sudlitimit fenee on the Bide of thoalicive :
ileperinoi premise*, long the other lends of said 1 . -
Pratt. The three pa , de of. land ebtive described mile
bra the lot .knowe ,as the honer and ocetit.
t4dlfiy". A, - U. Wellm n tia. hitt residence, with the ap
purtenAncete and im meemente, one !mine; dwelling
hence, one frame ba ; one lee how, and hog hottee.e
AleoMil that other pi ceor parcel of land situate In said
borotigh of New . Mil ord, County,and State aforesaid.
bounded and fleece') •I as follows, to wit : On the enet
by ()hatch street; o 'the north by Aaron Aldrich., on
the West by Widow Ititterfteld, - and on the 'south 14 - a -
lane 25 feet wide run ing along on. the north bank ot
, tilereek eitimated.l r
land to contain about F 0 perches o
be the same mere or Jess; reserting always the:,
free. ight of way lonian. open unobstructed highway!
leaden the south 10. of said tot 25' lent in width, ;
north of the dockin no now located, with the ripper
tenneces, One frame • ern and g r ranei7.-Aleo , all that
mho* piete or parcel f lain. adjoining, the last delierite;
ed lot. bounded anddescribed as followa: Beginning
at armlet beeline oftinlest described lot.theneieby land
ofBuoan - M, Batterne - ,;(1 north 88 degrees wept 1 and 6-10
perches to a . post. the north side of the private
road isforeseld. thence? bynorth side of said road south
42 degrees and 15 netnutes east 2 and 1-10 perches to a
post thende by the kik described kit north 4 degrees
and 13 minutes cast hand 8.10 perches to the placeof
beginning, containirett lye, perches of land, be:the same
mot orless. The teat two above described pieces of
land 1 comprising eiliat is known as the barn lot
occupied by A: D. Wfiliman .Also, all that-other piece
or parcel of laud sit uOte in the borongh of New Milford
County and State aforesaid ; bounded - end described as
follows, - to.wit : Beginning at a point In centre of
Main street ha range cif the dividing line between lots
Nos. 31 and 32, thence niir i th 84 degrees and 35 minutes
west along the south elf lot No, .32 125 feet to the
Southwest corner of
_lot ri. 32, Malec south 5 degrees
and en minter. weattsp Neel to the northwest corner of
lot No. 30; thence altintet the south side of lot No. 30
south 84 deerees and its Aninntes cast let feet to the
centre of Main street tifeece along tale centreof Main
street north 8 de,:rttesan4 :4 minutes east 50 feet to the
plate of begiunlng4illied- int No, 31 as the • 'mole laid
down on..the map oforitneee lots surveyed •by T. Boyle
for C. 1,. Ward, a ay- 1 15, and recorded in the race
for recording dee, jn 'utnlehanni County; in Deed
Book, Nil; 44, pa , 1.20' being a 'vacant village lot.-
Moo, all that othe . cer in piece or parcel' cif land eit
nate In the town:4 l oo)few 31.1Iford. County and State
aforesald,'bounde!..and escribad as follows , to wit:-
Beginning at a poi Olt in he .middle of r East Lake road.
theuce hyother Ille o ' , raid Beni, Wellman north 14
degrees and 45 nil utertpatt 42 and 2-10 perches to a'
post and stones eeimei thence by lands of Samuel
Omen south 43 eeirence id 15 minutes east 49 needle!
to the middle of etild roirtthence by themi &tie of the
ramie west 31 perch is an south 71 degrees and 15 min
utes west 14 perche to t - m e place of beginning, contain-.
ing 4 Acres and 75 ere es of land: be the some more
or less, wi'h the ap urt anew, and till improved,-Al-
I v I
so, all that other ce ainapiece or parcel° teed:Owner
lu said township Niv Milfoni. County end State
aforesaid, bounded rid escribed as follows : Begin-
L .
nine st , a poet in a lent •• stump the north corner of
Charles Leach's fa , teence by' the northeast line o
said farm south 42 ('-'s and 45 minutes east 37 and
3-10 perches t0,.a.p0 nl3 l the nilddie of the East Lake
road, thence by the re i d le of said road north 47degreee
east Band 5-10 perepethence by other lands of said
Mathews north 42 ileg s and 45 minutes weft 37 and
3-10 perenes to a po. it And stones, and thence by lands
of the estate of he. el. a t. 1.0. Pratt - smith 46. Le degtees
west 12 and - 5-10 pe leh to the place of beginninintr, •
cOnta tiling 2 acres add 145 percher of land:het - the same
more or less...with tqa aippertenatiCcit, one frame house
one shed, some fruit trees, and all improved, [Seized
and taken in execntion!at the entrail Mary Ann Hall vs,
A. D,Welimaii. and ell. elerratt ,k ! Sea ve. A, D, Well
man. 1 l' t r \
ALSO-All that certa re piece or parcotof land situate
"in theiyorough of Susquehanna DepliMrs. the County
of S semi:henna and State of Penneylvardir., bounded
and described as follows, to wit :, On the CAC by Dri n •
leer Street. on the south by PrOSPeet street. on theewest
by hands of Mrs. Tierney, and on the north by lande of
Rd Brice, contrdnitig 720 e feet with the app - urtenaneete,
1 large two story midi baeementqrame build'ing Demi.;
pled A 9 store and dwidlin . [Taken In execution at. the
(-nit of (lee. T. Frazier vs. Mary Tierney.]
ALSO-All that certain lece or parcel of land situate
in the townsuip oil Tho pson, in theCountv of Sue
quehanna and,State!o P.; ineylvania, borindedand des
cribed as follows..ta it :r. Oa the north by lands of G.
31.1Vrighter and L.i. . II bhurd. on the east by lands
of i 'harlee Wriglieerb ud .• O li n highway, on the south
by lands of J. 317eyri ghter and 0, - W. Wrighter,and on
the west hylands o f O IF. %Vermeer. containing int
eeree more or less, w to title appurtenances, 1 house and
bare, hog and corn:libutes-',. some fruit trees and about
tei acres Improved. I, Taken, In execution at the , snit of
Deborah Hubbard ve. C. lit Hubbard.) " .
ALSO-All-that ce , in piece °enamel of land situate
in the township of . - --ie. in the County of Susque
hanna and State of P onsvanite. bounded and describ
ed as follows, to wit Oil the north by lands of L. S.
Taylor and others, of , thMi east by lands of Frederick
Springer, on the so ul by `lands el - Stark 'et Seeley and
on the west by ' land of ai. E. Sherman; containing
about 60 acres, more rMe with " the appurtenances, 1
house and burn, and meat 2 acres' improved: [Taker.
.in execution At the 9 - IL of,, A . Lathrop vs. James, Justin
and Alvin Springer, ] ' .:t
ALSO-A t that cer aim piece or parcel of land situate
in the township of it rmony in the County of Susque
hanna and State of Pi nnsvivania, • bOunded and describ
ed as follows, to wit : ' On the north by lands owned by
D. Lyons, on the cast by fends of A, Youngs, on the
setae by lands of Jtiee . Keyes and on the west be line
of the. river road, con mining about Xacre of land, more
or lea' with the aepurteimeces. - one ewslling house and
all improVett. [Taken in execution at. the suit of S. A.
Lyon* ,t, Son vs. illirrieon'Conklin.] .
A LSO ‘ell that certain ploce or parcel of land, situa
te in the township Of Lenox in the - County of Seegne
-1 henna add State of Pennsylvania, bounded and describ
ed as follenviz_ to wit : ' Out the north • by land of Peter
Lott. oa' the, east; by Lends of D C, Roberts,
. Roberts, on the.eonth by lends' of Moe C. Decker and
wife, and on the greet by Indeed' George Allen contain
' ing eboUt eV acres , partly improved.-Also, defendants
tatereet in one otherplece or parcel of land situate as ,
abo - e, and.houuded. and described, as follows town.:
On the north by lands of 31. C. Deeker, on 'the reit by
lands of D. C. 11obeits, on thei south by lands of Sam
net Truesdell pad on tee west by lands; of George Allen
- containing about 55 acres, all improved with the ap-,
purtenanece. one doalllng house, one barn, one corn
house tind out buildfiegs, one orchard &c. - [Taken in
execution at the. Istat of John 'sell. jr., use of C. C.
Honehtaling. assigned to; Sites Hartley, vs. Moses C.
Decker; Otis C. Sear/evince. assighed to Silas Hartley
vs. Mosea C.lDeckerr: and Silas Hartley vs. Motes C,
Decker.] ' I i i
ALSO-All', of Defendant's interest in that certain
piece or parcel of lad situate in the township of liar
moay, lit Inc County of. steer:whined . and . State of
Pe aneylvania, hounded and described as follows,to wit :
Beginning at a bee:lack stump in the Canawacta creek
road, thence .by Old other lands of Richard Martin
north 72 degrees Beth...3ominutes east 1.4 and 4-10 perch:
es to a notch cut in the side of a rock, and by the panne
north 10 degrees west 24 and 6-10 perches to a pine sap,
Bee, thence north '3 de.'rees west 24 and 5.10 perches
to a hemlock sapling. thence along up the we e
side of
said creek Smith 19 degrees and 30 minutes east lit and
410 perches to a hemlock ;,:eapling, stud south 18 perch
e- to the west and or mill dam, thence along margin of
Martin & Lyon's mill pond at highwater mark 52 perch;
es to a yellow birch tree.; thence south 83 degrees east
to the middle of said creek road, thence ny middle of
'said road and high water, mark (a: mark' that may be
made bg raising the water in-said pond 15 feet above
the top of the pr. edit mud , sills -in said darn) to the
place of be.einning, containing 6 acresyl 59 perches,
be the , same more or tess.iwlth the appti enances , saw
mill, lath mill, 2 small honcei, and ba ,-Also, all of
Defendiutt`e interest In several pieces orpareels of laude
satiate in the township of Harmony, County and State
aforesaid; denribed•as fellows : . Described in deed
recordediu Deed Book Not 25, page 1399 from C. L. Ward
a former owner. Pnrnel No 42 containing 106 acres and.
37 perches. No. 43 containing:Lei acres and 112 perch
ee. No 41 'containing Tinkles and 60 Pesches.' - • No. 45
containing 76 .aertte, and 133 perches. No 46 contain
ing 116 arcs and 68 perches. No 50 containing 85 acres
904 VI perchel. And one other lot named fa a war
rantee C, L, !yard,; containing 232 amts. All thee°
lots lying eoutignone and containing altogether 800
acres ; also. the untold Portion of the lot bought of
Jane E. Palmer, containing about 43 acres , be the sense
more or less. bounded on; the . west by limas of S. A.
Lyons and Labor Barnes: with the appurtenances, one
- shanty,. small bonsg and 'barn, 1' two story house and
shed. and dbout 60 ;acres; imororeci-Also, all of De
fendant's iatertot in•the undivided one-half of a piece
or parcelof lend eltbate in the ioiqetkip Of Harmony,
County and Stateaforepaid. bonndeo 1344 'deSCribpi as
follows, to wit : Beginniegat a peat the southeast oor-'
tier of lot No, 32 contracted to beeol4 to lotto 134 Sco
ville, theaCs Along east line o theserae north 3 degrees
.west 114 perches toe post; t ence - along line of lot No.
14,1 ),
51 north 96 degrees' east. 1 Derelicts to -warrant line.
thence along - the. same sod% Wye derfreea pest 19 perch,-
eel° a poet. thence ,slope warrant line south 8 degrees
east 93 perches to al bc4 corner, thence along north
line of No. 50 South' 86 ?legrees west, 14 perches to
place of beginning:Contalialog SII acres and 86 perches
strict measure, be the sable more or lent, being lot No.
53 John Boyleyhllotinente of the Werton lands in Har
dily towne ip.-Aleo, dhe 'other piece or pew' of
ieeateiteet Above,. lying on the Belmont and Omi
t/nage:lt She and bounded lie follows :• On the north
Ft t s
by land - EPP Brandt. k Sehlager, .on the east by lands of
John*threr,...on the' south by flelmont and Onaquerm
Turnpike; okthe west by lands of C, S. pennett. con
taining about `2OO acres, be the same more or lees, wig;
. tMeappurtentine%rndabout4o acres improved. [Ts-,
Iten in certain; iy, he vet of J. Schlager . t Co.,'ller
signed to Lyons -et e r Nell,,ys e .Richard Martin.] ..
..N. ,Is..- it bids , meat be cortmeed en the. day of sale.
. - .. k It. B; HELME, !She/lire •
Sheriff's Office r Montrose, July 21, 1e7.5.,
~......'-'..1 ' . . • . • .. . .
;211.‘etiLFF's tt&L ' ES.--Blr VIRTU E . OF. WRIT
.a. - 7 Witted by the Court of.Coututoa PiGas of' hosquetan
na County, and tonic directed, I will expottO tas,sale by
public .vendne, - at the Court House in -Montrose, on
- Friday, Aug: G, 1675, at 1 o'clock, p, rt., the following
pieces or parcels' of land, to wit; I , _ -; ; • ..„
All that certain piece of parcel of latd situate in the
township of Auburn, in the County of Susquehanna'
and State of Pennsylvania ; bounded nd described as
follows, to wit: On the. north by lands of IL .Farrel
1 arid John Bushnell, iiii, the east by lands of 14. Cris
man, on the south by lands of M..- Kerrigan .and on the
Westby lends of Wmalln,tontaluing in all ghost 44
acres, and about 25 mires improved, with the *pint:tuns
antes. [Taken in exechtiou at the, suit of Stanley N.
Mi.ehel, assignyd to G. B:•Eldred,vs:Joho O'lleill.
ALSO-All that eertaln piece or parcel of find situ
ate L in the township of Lathrop. In the counti d Sus
quehanna and Sate of Pennsylvania. bon nded and deli,
eribed as follows, to wit- Beginning at a post *and
stones Hie northwest corner thereof, thence by lands ,
of 13' Hinckley- singb degrees east 6134 'gods to' a
post and a wiles, • thence by lands, of Daniel Wood's
rotate nouth 3}if 'degrees 'west 'l,Vardl.ll-1001 rods tb a
portend stones, thence by lands of r.s. Wonstattiorth
tie degree* welt dig: rods to 4 port and stones. throne
by Janda of Mrs. A, 11. Bronson north. $3l( dPgrette east
13 and 10400 :rods to -place of beginning. , centsioing.
ace acres more or less. Also, all that otter piece of
4and.situatits above, tionndild- and descObed as fol
lows, to wit : On the..east by the public tined,. and on
the north and, west by lands-of Ellsba • Lad's estate
-and On tbp /tooth hy lands of —, -, Bronson, cotaining
two acres ottaiidiatrterineasure.tvith'tbe,appurtenart
ces, one bonsai 'barn. and:some frqfP,treetf. [Taken in
execution at the suit of "P. S. /4m14.41301 , 5t: Pr itftlt 7 .
Gerretson, vs. Peter.),(erruon,' ~ • - ; '
ALSO-All th at certain piece or parte! of. land tit,'
nate 'in the township of Apnellicon., In the eousttY. of.
tiasqttehanna and State of rennsylvanin, bounden and
110-crlbed at , follows, to wit: • On tbenottit 'by lands of
L. tt :Horton; pit the east by lands of ett rhattesy,
on the aonth by:lauded -Wi fland, a n on the west
by ;ands of (1 , kihattasy. 40. F, 0.1119 a ay, containing`
abi in s[l 'wren. of land.' more or- iota.; w the I #I I pOST
.tettancesr, one- house, barn, - orchard,'' ntostiy taw
.proved.. (Taken In execution at the 4M t O • Li W. Bar.
-ton ve. Catharine O'Shannsey,; Adtni trix of rats
:rick o*Shannaey; - deceased. ..-- ' --.: 'ft , - '- ' - ' '' ,' •.'"
,-- -
ALSO-Alt that certain ' piece 'or : parcel ot'. land' aft- •
nate An - this :township ,a--ellirord.. the. County of
linwpitehatiOri. , azio Suite of ;Peanuts' us, - bouudedaud '
dercribeilawfolifiWe,So wit a.- Begin tiff at a post taut
4toinar . int. fitoorstieen i t 4 rier arr-fit:zow or tateif:
- Pepil Utifohalt, lit ' Vienne aitirth 46 ,degreint .
eiL•t•M parchtia to •Ina . ilinifr. aging, tri,EL - L.
Nore*; riderlt• tritliOd ;kW • myrrfiAittnee:•hy- the
:genie north -dd• degrees Wese;l6' . fp - 4.4nd 4 pat;
Wince south 4A degrees witst , I
_SlterPhes . to lON .
road, thence by the wane a9lithilt , laicroce etalit XS - Perch-.
...ei:4od trete ; th.euce to place - et PihOug,..aohytteing
- - - - - - ~ .
• - - • -
=•••••;.•F. , -7'; , f
80 itifelf idlidt4V4 4c: oaf 94 Itg , 'iretmi - .100/ the
enplanes:Wes, Imo dwelling baniae.aM
litegOCution at the snit of •WoqdbitflPed4„4l/141114
John Stnari vs;:F. O: )1001 1 .. :#7 .
that certain - p.telfinpsu'ell of lend aft
ante _in the township of Berrie hi. the:COurity of ttlXS
quohanmt'itsut-••Shttn Of Penu ry 3111113. - r . botindod sad
desalt:penes follows; to wit :At - before pert or it tract,
of land id warrantee name of Charles !Wharton, begin.
ning at o'er:lmes of lead - late er new - owned i v . Osmer
Verpentet north 4.0(' degrees west 83 perches to a co.-
.ner, thence south 431 f. degrees west 311 - perches to a
corner. thence south 40 degrees east PS perches to A
'corner, and thence north 43,3 i, degrees perches
to the place of beginning, contend:lg 110 acme and 7
perches, With the appurtenance's.. honer and barn, and
about6o acres improved.. [Paten lb - execution - at the.
suit Of 'Jonah S. Plerce Ye. Henry .T. Turrell. •
. • ALSI),—AII that certain piece or pareetof lend sit:
nate in - the - township- of 'Rush. County - 'of Suelyee
banna And State - of 'P001411'41114. Wended and des
cribed as follows to , The south half of lot No. 107
on the map of resurvey :node by Bony. T. Case of the
Thetrins O. Cope tract of land, beginning at a poet and
stones the northwest corner thereof and the southeast
Corner of 'a piece of !Witt conveyed by the arid Cope to
Wm. Z. Lindeey,audextextling thence east 1119 and 4-10
perches , along the °inhere boundary' of lend 'tortveyed
by said trope to W. Lindsey and to Andrew J. Porn-
man to a post and stones the nortbev-toorner thereof,
and the'sonthemit comer of land conveyed by said Cope
to veld fneuman, thence along the dividing line he-,
tween lots No, 107 and 108 4t 310th perches to a post
end Stones Cotner In the , exterior boundary line of said
Thoinas D. Cope's tracts, thence along last mentioned
boithdary west five and eight-tenth perches to a post
and stones corner h paid boundary, thence south along
said boundary 34 and two-tenth's perches to ti post and
stones corner in raid boundary, thence west Ig3 and
eltterith perches to a poet and stones the southwest
corner thereof, thence north along the sub-dividing line
between lots No. Brand 19.381) and live-truth perches
to the pines of lleginning. coutaining , about ttl and
eight, tenth acree, , more.or less with the appurtenances,
one house and barn, and about 50 acre. improved. .[Ta
ken in execution at the suit of G. V, Bentley - vs. Liar
tholoinew Lally.
that certhln piece oraircel of land el te
ate In the township of Great Ben d, in' the Count) , of
snmiiebanna and State of Pennsylvania. bounded and
described as follows, to 'wit : On the Mier by the Sue
q_uehanna river, on the north by lands late' of Ilitriby
Dell. on the west by lands formerly - owned by 'Blm
'none and John Scotten. and cm the south by lands of
James Green, containing 103 acres of land. bottle same
more or less, &bon tlO2 improved, with the appartenane
ees, one story and a half dwOling house, ono browand
ehed..timall orchard &c, Aleo. one other piece et par- ,
eel of. bind and situate as above and boun ded and des
cribed:as-follows. to wit : On the north by. lands el
the lieltinney estate, on the east and southerly tide
by lands of Case, on the westerly s'de by the turnpike
road, containing one acre of land be the same more or
less. with the appurtenances, one frame dwelling- and
all improved.) [Taken in execution at the, suit of - 1.). P.
Searle vs. W. P. Dayton, (administrator, of estate-of
Elias Dayton, deed.. • •
ALSO—AII the defendant's debt . , title and interest in
nine Undivided twentieths of all that certain messusge
or parcel of land lyitnr and being In. the township of
Clifford, county of SuNitehatuts. and State of Penneyi=
venian bounded -and described as follows to wit :
gipping at a cornet in the Lackawanna Turnpike road,
a corner of 4 lot surveyed for Wildfire Woodmon,thence
. across the Lackawanna erect: north 45 degrees east 59
: and s.lo'perches ton corner in the warrant line of John
Beach and Samuel Meredith no. 9, t hence along said
line north 43X degree's wcet 41 and 5-10 perches to a
corner in line of lot surveyed for Cerpenterand Rounds
thence south PHO' degrees west 13 perches to another.
comer thereof thence north 44 degrees west 101 perch
es to warrant line thence south 47,i6 degrees west 350
'and 5-10 perches to corner of lot no. 41. of M. Meylert'e
ellotinent of the Meredith lands thence eking line Of
lots number 41 and 40 south GO degrees east 181 perches
to corner in line of lot of No. 10 in Meylett's allotment
• aforesaid thence along west line of lot No. 10 south 2
perchesio corner ot 'umber 9 and 10 thence along
:line of N 0.9 and. 10 east 911 and 740 perches to the
Lackawanna Turnpike as aforesaid and thence by the
:iseveraPcoursee and distances of said Turnpike In a
northerly dileetton about 100 perches to the place of be
ginning, containing 445 acres and el perches strict meas
ure being parts of tracts of lands it :the warrantee
names of John Beach and Philip Beach, together with
.the appurtenances.' Also !trot e equal undivided one
sixth part of all that certain piece or[tercel of land sit
uate in Clifford township county ot "Sneqjtehanna and
State of Pennsylvania and described as toliolve Be
ginning at the south corner of Jeremiah Round'e laud
in warrant line of John Beach thence north '45,16 de
grees west 81 perches to a corner thence :meth 43 de
grees west along line of Strewn Carr's lend 167 and 5-
lOperehes thence north • 4134 degrees west 27.perchee,
thence south 47 degrees west 196 perches thence south
41 degrees east 109 perches to west corner of tohn
Beach warrant thence along said warrant line north
‘4734 degrees cast 39T perches to the place of beginning
containing 161 acres. mare or less and being parts of
Satenel Memdith'e N 0.4 warrant and Sa m uel Mered
ith'eNo. 3 warrant, together with thdeppurtenanees_
[Seizell,and taken in execution at the suit of John
Whit & son vs R. A. Reynolds and Samuel Reynolds . ,
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situate
in the Barongh of Montrose, in the County of Satqae
henna and State of Pennsylvania hounded and describe
ed as follows to`wit : Oa the north by 3filastreer on
the east by Depot Street on the west by lard's of E. C.
Fotdham and Tiede trucker, and on the south by lands
of G. F. Fordham, containing about one-ball acre of
land more or less with Ow appurtenances, one frame
house, one frame Carpentee,shop, one frame barn and
some fruit trees. [Taken in'execntion at the snit of E.
1.., Weeks, assigned to Uenry Cruscr, vs A_ J. Ticknor,
an C. M. Ticknor. .
ALSO—AII that certain piece or pa r cel of land situate
fa the township of Herrera in the county of Susquehan;
ua and State of Pennsylvania.toundeLand deacribed
as fellows to wit: Oa the nortn by lands of Frank.
•11-111 and S. W. Thatcher. on the CIA by lande of S. W.
Thatcher, on the south by nude of John Go w and on
the west be lands of G. P. Wilmarth, Stephen otnatt
and others, l / 4 tottaining about 72 acres of, land nioremr
less with the appurtenaucesmne house and barn, black
er:Mix shop and about 44 acres improved: [Taken 1n
execution at the snit of 'William flow. vs. C. W. Lott.,
Take Notice.—All }tills most be arranged on the day ,
of sale. - M. B. 11E1...11.E, Sheriff
Sheriffs OfficerMon:rose, July 14. 1575.-ts ,
hereby given that, in pursuance of an Act
of Assernbly,the following named persons have
filed their petitions with the Clerk of quarter
Sessionsot the Peace, for the County of Sus
quehanna, for licenses to keep taverns arid for
wholesale dealers in said County, for Which
they will apply at August Sisions, 1875. 1 '
Montrose; John S. Tarbell Tariern
M. J. Barrington, .•
A.p. - Burnt, Sell by Measure,
N. Bullard, .
M. A. Lyon, .. 1• ..
Kilrow, . Tavern.
Henry Ackert, - - • "
11. 0. Bedell,
RieharkStack, • • Sell by Measure.
T. D • Eastahrook,' • " oo
Thomas Connolly, Eatin u' house.
W. W. Brown, Tavern,
Michael Doyle, ,•
C. G, Chafes
Wm. G. Leslie
Dennis Casey,
Thomas Kelley,
Thomas, Fernan • "
Lharles Kirk, • Tavern.
D i -.Ketcham, .• .
Joseph .Alier gating house.
Eliza .31cilratigh, iionoe•
Charles Earnest • Eating Rouse
dames R. +Kirk, • - " • "
Allen A, Smith, 64 66
- Johanna Griffin,
Bvert,Tanaken : • • 4 ' '
• -William Bulger. : "
Margaret o`l/ouald, " 6 * •
. J. W . Walker. • " s " .
' Frank Hoffman,
Alien McClure. .
Joins P. Kent, ' . " • "
James Burns, Sell by 'Measure.
0: P. Phinney," • Tavern.
Jullti W. Roberts
' Silas Winters. • • Tavern:
Eliza Frjtchley Eating House.
r- Michael Murphy, • ..• "
• David Wilmartn,
G. W. Reese, Sell by Measure.
Denois Mahoney, Tavern.
' A. H. Ayres, -
John 'W. Gow, , .
G. K,lo'cractuden.
Wm. Jay,
Phinney . - ' ,
Ainek William's,...Sellbybleasure. l
J t Dickerman, • .• o'
bdward hieledy, Eating House.
John B. Meyers- ' Tavern. •
John O'Brien . 'Eating Reuse.'
Charles Dickinson "
• Henry A. W. Crawler.
Friendsvilliboro. Mary 'McNamara "
to • ' • tin Tternoy • " •
WM: Buirman. - Sell by Measure.
•". ' • John Foster - 1- • Tavern.
0 . • • Ryan
Springslite; Jeremiah Stephens,
" . P. E. Brush t
Ribson,'• 5.11. 'Holmes,
Dims*. • T. o: France.
Jackson. Delos:Roberta • • "
Gt. Bend‘Boro,
Su la Dept#,
Sttq'ix Depot,
.1 •4
l 4
CI ItrBrd,
Silwer LW,
New Milford,
- I
• I,
laixabeth 8.. Gary ;
Auburn,. Theodore Lineberry'
Lanenboro, H. 11.' Hobart, , ; ;I:
. Tavern i
Lenox; A. F. Snorer.
Jeaenp,._l 44
C..Dodfto ; • I
'Forest Like, Judson Stone ,
31orktrore,Jely 14.1815.
"inr 1-1 A. °X' SEi, I
. ,
- n
. cd-,„ °
llf a liquid Liniment, tor Rouse and atablie 'tin.: A
vain able combination, discovered by a celebrated Ehg-
If and horse•farrier. Was introduced in the
United Bates in the year IFIG, and since that time, by
its greet success. in the cure of diseavee, !Chas won
for itself that world wide , reputation it so richly des
erves, and now stands at the head of all linaments'an.
It has already gained, the ,contidoce aml admiratfork
of charism:lSe of households for its many tares of dis
eases were emternal spollcations are of e ! mach - 110hr:
lance.' It 39 especially admired as a family remedy for
its peculiar chemical combination. possesing no harsh
ingredients, dike tincture o! Cayenne Pt redimprier, of
which cheap and veiniest Liniments:ate' largely cote
posed,) which increase insteoilof diminish the inflates-
Ron, making it oy !Mime a speedy cure for
_ .
coLto, , uorlons, cnomiluk,. 'MOTO ACHS, '
, .
Testimonials antAirectionfiaccompany.eacb bottle.
Buy One—only 25 cents, 6D - 'centerttr,Sl,oo-4nd if•it
does not give good malefaction return the - bottle half
cull and your money' will be rehinded,. - .Call for
LS. ap4 t,s_e no other. •
Tf• (1. ClifY L fl:o., Prolgietors.
- ' - - • / 410410 t 4 w0r latiotcpa t ,
. • • POR, EIALB BY :
A.' P. BOilliig:riqd, M. 'A. - 4 1 40 N;
- • Montrose. .„ •
Prvehaigihrir, and rotallttrirealr.l4e
Poantq.s. , . . _
Montrxnat, Xay . • •
• •
rtONTRAOTito erect ittuetura ittoiti o lo aify
Lr etvtion- and complas Owns In avert detail. *obi ..
ono. oiotO:Nootleo, Bash, Doom
_And Window' Brook
tetimes, titrufsbed to order. Stitt Sul ktlng sad build..
. 14 :AllItlosidollPtOOtier• amitloy 13Rao ,expert" 1
lte,ce 4 worsteu, poop ntoi itte motwaultAulitirolti
/ 4018 1 011 1alututr7 30,1810.411
, -;*.T;'::: . '.-.7.-.• ,, i'? - :"...,:-.:;. '.
." ''7,',',...... - 5;v4.0t.?. - -: . .. - p ,
. ~ - , 0, , , . .A.,1..-4, . ..14-Pk ';-; .-.`---.
1: -, , - .:-. 34.f 1
..':..7-•'- .. .- - . -.- i-.,
This teat.
Ca Arno) ,
*Sever. Itrestores gray or laded ha.r to its yntullnl
.color. It ten:toyer. all eruptions, itching and dandruff;
and the scalß by its n e e becomes white and dein. By
It's tonic properties it restores the capillary „Laud{ t o ,
their normal vigor. preventing baldness, and nankia z
the heir grow thick and strong:- As a dressing netnia.
ties been fonnd 1 , 41 effectual, or &Parable.
Rives. btatti Assayer of hfsetnehtmetts, says of it: ..1
conaider tt the beat preparation for its iiiteddeil par.
. 4
- Buckingltim.'s Dy©,
• Thia elegant preparation may be relied on to thane
the color.of the beard from gray or. any other and,-Itr•
able ribude;to brown or bII IC. direrrt ton. it is eteilT
applied;:heing in one preparation. and • quickly and e
feettutily producei a permanent color. whieb w in neither
rub no waeh oft. •
• .
R. P. ilnll & ¶O., AnAna, N. 11.
• • - bIEDICINE:
'July.l4, 1875.
Ayer 's Cathartic Pills ,
:ostlveness: Jaundice. Dyr..
)emos, indigestion, Dy.ta•
t y.Poni Stomach end Rn
Ileadache, Erytopela Pllo.
iheumatirm, Eruptir.l3l and
thin Direa•er.
Aver Comp! aut. DroPAY. Trt:
•r, 'rumors and Salt
;ortn,e, VOUti NPuralvia, 110 , a
Antler Pill, zed PttriBll44ihe
ourgatl%e yet perf. et Theft
OW how much they ezcclhll other
PUN. They are rare and pleasant to take, bnt pose:.
fni to sure. They purge out the fot I humor* of the
blood : they stimulate %he sluggish or dirortierml or,ria
Into action and they Impart the health and tour t 6
the whole being. Tney cure not only the entry d a y
complaints of every body, but formidable and clary
one diseases. Moat ' , killed physiciann, moat etaltent
clergymen, and our best citizens , . rend et.rthliat,, „ r
cures performed and of great benefits they have dent d
from these Pills. They are the eaten end beg phoic
for children,becauae mild as well as effectual. lAez
sugarcoated, they are easy to ;she ; and being purely
vegetable they are entirety lufrmless.
Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co.,
.Lovirell Mar 4.,
. Practical and Analytical Clicznlta.
July 1d,1875,
-'Pain and Lameness relieved in a short Vine be the
nee of Taylor's Celebrated Oil. The great Ftbilmatle
and Neural igic Remedy. This u.etiklne Is not •t ruts`
all. but is warranted to cure more of the ails anti ill, to
which flesh is heir Allan any other med'einoever Ms.
covered. Give it a trial; if you do not find It so. It
costs you uOthine. It • may be need with the utmost
dvantage for any kind of Pain. Lameness. Wounds or
Sores upon man or beset. Will not smart, the raNcePt
Vf mind or sore. Pull directions for use :mama] qrh.
:bottle. Ask yourMeri:hvut for a Iree vial. No Cure—
No Pay.
Taylor's Cough .Syrup or Expectorant, for all Throat
ind I.nnidiseases. Is very pleasant to the ta9te and
contains nothing injurjoue. Try it, and.stop that
cough and take the sorenees from your Throat and
Ask your Merchant fora free vial. No Cure—
ASO ray.
' Taylors Condfil‘m Powders for all kinds or Hoek- sod
poultry. Warrantel the best renovator or the syettm
of run down or diseased stoek4 that has ever helm dim.
covered. Try them for all atomises incident to the
.brute , Treation. Directions for use around each pack
age. blo Cnre--.No Pay.
Alt the above meilicmCß for sale by Abel 'ninth and
Burns Nichol's:of Montrose. and all Druggists and
Dealers throughout the country..
October 21,
Messrs. Belti &- Bennett haOt. olened a firttt claps
meat market on South Main Street. Where all k Indr of
!mat be kept and *Rod at the lowest cash preen--
All meat alb be delivered within the borim;M.
• call and and grim nc your patronage if we des
erve it.
. .
Montrose, June 9, 75. ' . -
Legal. Advertisements. •
- -- t
11.:NOTIE is hereby given to all pers4 is con-;
ceined in tire, following EMatea, to wit :
Eguire. of Ep ' brlaln Smith. late of Franklin, deed, Wm.
IL Smith. Executor.
Estate of Solomon 3tcßeseby. late of Jessup, deed ; B.
Aldine McKeeby„ Adrainlstratrix.
Estate of Martha J. West fill, late of Oakland, decd ;
Charles Beebe. Executer. • •
EState of Ebenezer Blanchard, late of Gibebn, dec'd;,
Eli Barnes, Administrator.
Estate of Jacob Underhill, late of Susquehanna County,
dec'd I J. E. Carmalt, Trustee. '
Estate of Joseph Carlin, late of • Auburn; dec'd ;'John
F. Carlin, Executor.
Estate of Ahiatha Millard. late of Bridgeicater;deed ;
Mary It. and A. L. Millard, Administrators,
Estate of Saturn Brotzman, late of Auburn, deed ;
Johrill. Carter Arlin inistrator.s. •
Estate of A. N. Pickering, late of entrant, deed ; Joel
.R. Bennett,. Administrator. •
Estate of 3lary E. Ballard, late of Ararat , deed.; A z
Lancaster, administrator.
Estate of Catherine It. 'and Ezekiel Main. minors;
David. Shay. Guardian.
Estate of Lillie M. Rogers, minor, Baldwin,
Estate of Guy A. Tiffany; minor,: L. Xi Fitch, Guardi
Sell by Measure
• Taut the accountants have settled their ac
counts in the Registees.Oillee in and for the
cotinty of SusqUehanna, and that the same will
be presented to the Judges of the•Orpbans'
Court, bn Thursday., August 12, 1875 for con
fiOnation and allowance. •
• TIVQ(NY, Register.
. ,
Register's Office, July 14, •
REGISTER'S NOTlCE—Public notice is
hereby given to all • persona concerned in
thefollowing Eatates, to wit :
Estrqe of Alice Fargo, , lare of Dimock, deed, J.
• L. and Frederick F„'arizo, Administrators.
Estate, of - Bridget •3lcLoan, late of Friends
rville, dce,d, J. 11. Redding, Administrator.
Estate of Sarah E. Pratt, Minor, Sarah E.Pratt
Guardian, . • : .
:Estate of Julia D, M 11; rialiiior, George C. Hill,
• Guardiad.
• That the accountants bait . : Settled their ac
counts In the Register's Office In and for the
county a Busmiebanna, and •that the slme will
be. presented to the .edges of the Orphans'
Court, on
_Thursday, August 19, 1875, for eon,
Sensation and , allbwande. • '
• • ' 110 N. TIFTANY, Register.
Register"- Ofll . ce,`July 17, 1875..
Notice rr hereby 'giyen, in accordance with
the provisions of the Act of Assembly; approv
ed April 20th, 1874, entitled, an 'Act to provide
for the inorporatioo and regulation of certain
corporations. That application ,will be. made
to the Couof .Common Pleas cif 55ustitiehnnna
il t
county_ at . ugust : terni; 1875, for a Charter of
of the Great Bend Poor , douse
farm. - the obi . ects of :saithtasomation are, to
taket.ettre of the •poorlThat belong , to Great
Bend,.. Great- Bend AT!llage, . and Great Bend
July 21, 1875, •
The underalgiitaf executor °tithe Carafe of firl Oreg.
0 1 7, late or Bridiewater, Sum.. Co...Prs.,"dtteseed. will
sett at public vendee; on the prordiseeethe tarns kulAca
as!..the &I Gregory, farm," on . , •
, .
• Saturdiy, October 2d,1973.
fear further particular* kddrese the undersigned at
Brooklyti, Sustufa
Tel; 7, 1873.-:4laz
A UDITO . II,'S NOTlCa.Thowndessl"ed
401114 , appointed' an. Auditor, •by the Orpi Court
of Susquetutnita'.County to hear and reptql on exc,eet
tons flied to the Partial admisthitratioNaccount or ." )4n
Urns executor of the estate anry ..‘1111 , 4 de.
ceased. will attend to the dut i es f qll4 appoiat•
meat at theca:lce of Fraser A: Croratuon,in „Mout i•ose.oe
Tuesday. - Anguat 8; . 1475, at I,I'OMP,, ta, at width
time•and place ail prsons interested in said fund must
Present their thighs, or he forever debarred trust cont.
log in on said fund.
*- • 't%/I: A. CROSSIVIGN, Auditor.
'ontrose. JU17.14,
A L L)3III4.ISpi r k.TOIt'S 'NOTICE. -
In the estate of Lambert Smith, late of Laweriiie.dr
ceased ,letters of Administro ton in the said estate hat'
fog been granted 14 the undersigned all persons owing
said estate, are refine sted m make Initac4iste payment,
4tmtaliperione having claims against said estate ate re,
quested to prevent them without
• • - .• T.` 4dmlulAtrator.
June 19, 1675 . .--41)w2t ' •
PPLITTIJUS' NOTICE. Whereastetters testamenta•
ry to the estate or Thisld Bryant; late of Jackson
tWP.. dee'd balm been granted to the underelgeed
0. persons indebted to sald cats t sow° requested to until
Inrdedlete payment, and those lutring; cnsiras against
Plo 041:nefairs requested to present theet without delay.
MAY, 7,, '13..-Alw* trt ' Exeentor.
43 XECtriOn * B NOTlCR—:Letterr testamentary , to
estateof Port A. tiregory, tate of 'Brooklyn. dre'd
tutvifig *ten putted to the enbectiber, ell y mow In -
ilebW to tho - sold •oetate. are, requestpi to plaice Im
mediate pitymmtt,:etild persoel haring etaites oral nst
'MO decedent...3mM prevent them wlthOitt
oe` •-• ANT EGY. ExecntorA
i;Juna'Sl,l)+Msr •
'Nmaber 31.
i P~.A.Tr~3:
AM ELX, Executor