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Volume 32.
Clrenliatlon Increasing TWICE as Fast a
any lowlier In Northern Penniryhraina„
Gold closed in New York, on Saturday
nt 112-i,
The House committee of investigation
shows that in twelve years the.;repubh—
cans in charge• of the tretiary fund
have paid no interest to the state
for the lsrge balance in their hands
which have been loaned out in various
quarters. At a moderate estimate the
people have•lost $1,000,000 in this way.
To this the Philadelphia Preis makes
ueitherdefense nor denial, but says the
abuse is inherited from democratic pred
-ecessofs. On this principle Tweed, jr.,
should be accused for •robbery because
Tweed sr., was a robber.
The Memphis kralanclis says.: "The
Board of Education of Memphis is corn— I
posed of twenty members, representing
k ali kinds of belief, business and creeds—
tNie Jew and GentilD r ,Catholie and Pro—
teStant, Baptist and Presbyterian, Amer
ican and Irish, Federl and Confederate,
doctor and lawyer, mechanic and - mer—
chant—and yet the Board of Educaticin
as unanimous in its present policy of]t3—
trencliment, in its selection of teachers
and its financial policy. This is an ex
traardinary thing for Memphis. Just
thick of twenty men in Memphis, in a
public and official capacity, agreeing as
one man!'
A part of the Montrose Republican
Triumvirate has been cut loose this week.
The state senator and "pastor and foldei"
for the sehator,hace bad their straps cut.
It is certainly apparent that the court
at August Term, will have some very rag
g,ed and pin plQxed questions to decide.—
The sranting of Licenses to Homer and
his satellites to talk Prohibition and, abuse
the Detnn&ats, is one of the worst on
account of the fact of the meeting , of the
Radical Prohibition Cooney Convention
at the same time. It is stated now that
the Ilingr have decided to pass a whiskey
resolution this time as their only salva—
tion. S. B. Chas? will not be admitted this
ti nr. •
The temperance war bai' revived in lo—
wa under hie following circumstances : A
little girl . evea years old, daughter of
If. T. Blair, of Harlan, Selby County,
lowa, was bit in the leg by a rattlesnake
‘l, ;die she was walking through the gar—
den. The limb commenced swelling very
rapidly, and the ehlia was Immediately
heaiily dosed with whisky, and common
soda was bound on the bite, the applica—
tion being changed every half hour. The
child recovered, and white the temperance
linen attributed her recovery to the Soea
e antics are loud in their vociferatiOns
that the whisky wrought the cure. The
town is divided on the irate, and unless a
rboll KAI 011411
:ice the credit to the combination of the
two remidies there is no telling where
the war will end.
.'dispatch of the 17th instant, from
Fi l o, announces that a meeting to ratify
tho republican state nominations will be
hi Id in that city on Thursday evening.—
It atio predicts, with a blustering air,
that the meeting will be a grand success,
"as the city will be fall of people from
parts of :Western Pennsylvania."—
Further that the "United States courts
will be in session and the Erie races will
draw large crowds." If it requires the
combined attractions of the United States
courts and a horse race to draw People
enough to Erie to get up .
m'eting, it argues that republican pros
peets at this particular hour, in that cor
ner of the state cannot be very bright or
flattering, even though a resident of Erie
is on. the ticket as the ring oingLdrite fur
state treasurer.
As everybody is getting down to hard
pan, ii business, economizing in every
pc:o.;sible direction to weather the hard
times, words of eneouragemeut dud a
weicome.such as we find in the Philadel-
pi is Times :
A revival must come:- Because it has
not come long ago it is no reason to
sp:,nd. We have made too many - goods,
v-.:d in too expensive a manner,andlrans
schll business us if no cloud would ever
arise in the business sky. We are,paying
tttese follies, and the debt is dot yet
— cbilected. But this country . candot be
made 'bankrupt. Its wealth is an:PA-rail
ed, resources beyond computation and
its pople equal .-to any entvnency. that
logy:arise in theif businesi history. The
only matter is not to lose hope, pluck or
,endurance while the remainder of the
cloud is- passing. The indications are ,
that the tall trade will be an-
? Silent upon that of the spring, and as the
causes which produced the depression are
gradually passing- away, the coming of a
sounder trade may be predicted with as
- much certainty as can be attached to
trade laws and other_ operations.
The vaunted success of the republican
paity in payiag off the state debt of
Pennsylyania like all its other finaacial
achievements melts away before the light
of careful investigation. Let u.s see what
official figures will do-for it
laird debt /87.90,64.7 Total , f debt g.'l," .660,54
Sltaavg, rand, /0,981,900 I waklug fund,
S2G. 088,897 l
By comparison of the above statements
it will 'be seen that the state debt has
been reduced in fifteen years $1.2,627,033,
or at the rate r 'ooo
. per year. To
accomplish this reduction, up to the 30th
of November 1874 $14,221, CO4 had bee 4
collected from . the,lmple. -So the real
republican exploitlias' been to spend' t5,-
600,000 every year ana to-spare only nso,
000 per year for the purpose of redacini
the state debt. This is l i tho astottiabir.g
financial achievement ovt.r which the re.
publican organs ignoly boast. ' ft is
on the streegtil'oi tfUnciering that
trier aelt.lor thSxt.elCetion of Hartranit.
1.-Par4l. -. • '
"When Henry Clay, stepping into a
Lexington bank one day, found that
debts, which Lad long troubled httn, had
all been mysteriously paid, he exclaimed,
with emotion : •Good Heavens I alley
er a man have such friends and such en
emies as Henry Clay ?"
The above paragraph is copied by the
Washington Chronicle from the Boston
Journal, and the. Chronicle proceeds to
state that Mr. Clay's debts were quietly
paid by friends residOg iu the great man
ufacturing city of Philadelphia. It may
be that the Philadelphia admirers of Mr.
Clay did make up a purse for his relief on
some occasion, but they had nothing
whatever to do with the generous and
unostentatious act above referred to. It
is now well known that the late Dr. Mer
cer, of New Orleans, who always "did
good by stealth and blushed to find it
fame," was the person who so quietly ex—
tinguished Mr. Clay's indebtedness at the
bank in Lexington. Tne name of hie
generous friend was for a time kept a se
1, met from the sage of Ashland, but he at
length found tt out acd expressed his
gratitude in terms of burning eloquence.
Dr. Mercer died fix or eight months ago,
leaving a large estate, which wamentirely
dedicated to works of charity.
The great tax case of the New York
Central railroad company involving $600,-
000, has been finally decided against it.
In 1868 the company made a "scrip divi
dend" on which the collector of internal
revenue assessed the tax in dispute. The
circuit court decided the case for the
company in a suit brought against the
revenue collector for the recovery of the
tax. Senator Coukling was the attorney
against the government who had the
chief management:of the case. The gay
eminent authorities uppsaled the case to
the supreme court, and that tribunal has
just decided against t ,., ,he railroad, Mr. ins
tice Clifford delivering the opinion of the
. court. He decided that dividends, in
scrip or money, declared by a railroad
company, due and payable to their stock
holders, whether resides for non-resident,
citizen or aliens; as part of the earnings,
profits. income or gains of the company,
are defined by the act of the 13th of
July, 1866. as proper objects of taxation,
I and also all profits of such company, car
I lied to the account of any fund or used
i for construction ; and' the same section
I of the act provides that such railroad
company shall pay a tax of five per cent
! urn on the amount of all such interest
or coupons, dividends or profits, whenev
er or wherever, and to whatsoever party,
or person the same may be payable, in
cluding non-residents, whether citizens
or aliens.
The Telegraph complains that it is un
fair to ccmpare the expenditures of Gov.
Hartranft's l administration with that of
his democratic predecessors, because pop
ulation and business have doubled since
and expenses have been increased
thrre-tutu by the war and the - changed
condition of things prodnceeby it.—
There is some force in this statement,
though not inuch,as we have not doubled
our officials by reason of increased bus
iness or population. The state still gets
along with one governor, one attorney
g-nerakone state treasurer, etc., as it did
in 18GO. But there remains another sv4
of estabkhing the enormous extrava
gance of the Hartranft administration
by a standard of which the Telegraph
caianot complain. The war is over now,
and the prices of living and the wages of
labor have settled back to the anti-war
standard. Haw does it happen that in
the very stress of the war the administra
tion of Gov. Cm tin cost the state less
• than one half the present yearly _expen
diture ? How does it happen' that in
eating his way into the public treasury
the quiet Hartranft is a heavier feeder
than the magnificent Geary ? Will the
Telegraph give a hypothesis to account
for the disparity in the price of republi
can administration in the state of Penn
sylvania F Here are figures :
Gov. Curtin. Rep ..
Coy. Gears. Rep....
1874.. Gov. Ilarter.aft. Rep
War prices and greenback inflation
had taken the downward turn before the
_election of Governor Malmo& If his
expenditures were compared with those
ofthis republican predicessors, on a gold
basis, the difference Would be largely in
The fact must be admitted that the
renalty and corruption of the republican
party is a steady growth. Every year of
its continuanse it adds an increasing bur
den to the bads of the people. The pres
ent state administration' has been more
wasteful and extravagant than the worst
of its predecessors.—Patriot.
The party heretofore known as the Re
publican party of Susquehanna &fluty,,
met at the Court Rouse in Montrose on
Monday August 10th 1874.
Daring the proceedings on tha)i inortl
day (to the Republican party) S. D. Chase
eN, a leading official' in the Prohibition
organization 'Ol the state, and who was
• sent by them to represent their party in
Europe, and who also was sent as a .dele
gate to that convention in order to "white
wash" the convention and give it an air of
temperance, of fired the following resoln
tion which was
. uri . airiltoi7SLY adepted,
by the convention, durine which time a.
deathly silence 'prevailed as if to convey
to the people the great .solemnity of the
occasion, and manifest the delegates ap
preciation of the solemn scene. The fel=
ioningisthe resolution read by Mr. Chase,
accompaniedby a very effeetireepceeb ad
vecating ttsadoption,which converted the
Republican party of Susquehanna coun
ty into u Radical Probilution - party. • •
Resolved—That this .cop.Vention, • for
and in behalf of the Republican party of
Susquehanna county, , hereby indorses .the
principles of Prohibition of the liquor
traffic, by legal enactment and will do all
in its power to establish such prohibition
throughout our county 40 state.-
On the ninth dui of 4ingust 4.D, 1875
(D. V.) the Radical Prohibition party of
Susquehanna county wilt assemble for
the first time since it adiourned the 10th
day of August 1874. If it ever had nil de
fined principles it will go into the con—
vention on that day more clearly the
and more solemnly pledged to a spe—
cific object than any party,ever did before
in Susquehanna county. It will, if it is not
false to the people, and wholly unworthy
of the least cousideration at their hands,
denounce the last state Legislature for
repealing their idol in legislation, (the
Local Option law) resolve to send their
Senator into the shades of private life,
who wore a 'double cable-tow about his
neck, in pledges to be true to Local Op
tiou and then betrayed them for narty
purposes by voting on lank aides of the
question ; it will arraign Governor Hart
ranft ror his complicity with the whiskey
ring and adopt the resolutions and plat
form of the state Prohibition convention
and their candidates. It should also
nominate R. B. Chase esq. for president
Judge of our county and G. W. Mackey,
the Local Option detective and prosecutor,
for Sheriff, Win. Emery, for Register and
Recorder, and Ferdinand Whipple for
Treasurer,as they are persons who are emi
nently representative men. Barring out
the names suggested for county officials,
we ask the members of that party if they
will be satisfied with any other course I;
Can your leaders demonstrate to the vot
ers of this county that there is one spark
of principle or honesty among them
should they adopt any other course ?
Are you willing to publish to the world
that you are simply clay in the hands of
the "Court House Ring" to be moulded
at will for its own corrupt and selfish
purposes ? t e shall see, and "faith w
print it" too.
The jury of inquest summoned to in
vestigate the cause of the death of Kane
Patrick, (a brief account of which we
gave last week) has not yet rendered a
verdict in the case. They met in pursu
ance of adjournment on Thursday last,
and also on Monday, and now they have
again adjourned until Saturday nt xt.—
There seems to be a general belief from
what evidence can be gathered in the
matter, that Kane Patrick came to his
death by violence. There has been no
poet marten& examination of the body.—
The coroner and the jury, and some of
the witnesses viewed the body externally.
At this time we are not disposed to give
our readers any long theory of the mat
ter, nor spread before them flying whis
It has been a wonder to us that a thorough
post nzortem examination was not institu•
ted, bat we are content to await the re
port of the jury, hoping that every effort
will be made to ascertain the facts as far
as possible in the case. We are at a loss.
however, to understand the necessity for
this delay. Our understanding of the
duties of the coroner's jury is that their
sole and only duty is to ascertain the
cause of death, whether from natural
causes or otherwise, and act to try crim
inals. We are disposed to give on: offi
cers credit for doing all that could be
done in ascertaining the facts in the mat
ter. There has been a great many flying
reports about the presence of a mysteri
ous man in the locality where the body
was found ,and also as to certain decla
rations madeliy him respecting the kill
ing of a man, and other "crazy" expres
sions. We do not wish to imply any dil
atoritiets in,,the matter, yet we certainly
were somewhat surprised that no meas
ures were taken to arrest this suspicious
character until Thursday,three days after
the occurrence. We should not have
thought so much of it, but for the fact
that parties high in anthority.on Wednes
day and Thursday, saidin the presence
of the constable, that it would not be
best to arrest him. If he was a crazy
fellow he could not be made guilty and
it might be a great expense to the coun
We like to see officials looking after
the economical interests of the county,
but when loss of property is at stake or
life in jeopardy. though 'he perpetrator
may be's lunatic and liable to become
a county charge if his maidence cannot
be established, we believe it to be a dere—
liction of duty not to use every effort to
secure the safety of the people at large
by placing him in safe quarters.
....8419,01.8 97
915,530 89
...1.9913.11.4" 69
- Constable Howell has arrested two
trampS one of which, he went to Brad•
ford county after, both of whom have
been liberated• We shall wait patiently
for a verdict from the coroner's jury.—
The law, in the case of Kane Patrick,
should be vindicated and the community
should understand that us. vigilent meas
ures will be taken to punish the slayer of
those like him, as those who assume to
occupy the highest seat in the nation. If
such is not the case, it may be equivalent
to offering a bounty for their heads.
Dn. Santnex's',monist Sunup, SE&
WL.2ID Tonic, /MD MANDRAKE Puss.—These
Medicine* have undoubtedly performed more
cures of Consumption than any other remedy
known to the American public. They are com
pounded of vegetable ingredients, and contain
nothing which can be injurious to the human
constitution. Other remedies advertised as
cures for Consumption, probably contain -opi
um, which is a somewhat dangerous drug in all
cases, and if taken freely by consumptive pa
tients, it must do great injury ; for ha tenden
cy is to confine the morbid matter in the sys
tem, which, of course, must make a cure ha
possible. Sehenck's Pulmoujc Syrup Is war
ranted not to contain a- palliate of opium : It
is composed of powerful but harmless herbs,
tehich act on the lungs, lifer, stomach, and
blood, and thus correct all morbid secretions,
and expel all the deceased matter from the body,
These are the** tneans by which Consump
lion can be cured, and as Schenck's Pulmonic
Syrup, Ste Weed. Tonic; and Mandrake Pills
WV the only medicines which operate in this
way, it Is obvious they are the only genuine
cure for Plibnoriary Consumption. Erich but
tic of this Invaluable medicine is accompanied
by full directions. Dr. Schenck is profession
ally at his principal office, corner Sixth and
Arch Strmts, -Philadelphia, every Monday,
where all letters for advbx Must he cares:fa.
A DV RIYII3ING: !Limas Good: Systentattee.—A
lA. persons who contemplato making contractsl with
newspapers for the tebertlon of ad rentremente, , shonld
aend tYt cents to Gee. P. Rowell & Co., 41 Iperk Row
New York. for their PAMPIILET4OOIi ponety-ser
euttt rslitton,) containing Rats of over %Yid neWsMers
And estimates. 'bowing telecast, Adrertiremets tak
en for leading papers in many States at a tremendous
*began 'from publishers' rater, Get itte Rook.
Notice Is hereby ghee that an application will he
made to the Presideut Judge of the Court of Common
Picas of Susquehanna County, en the 19th day of Aug.
net. A. D., 1575, to the Incorporaticiu of- the Presby
terian Clinrch of PranklinTores.
The oleect of such Incorporation Is the say-port of
the Gospel, to accordance with the forms of the Ores
byterian of the Halted States of Ametica, and the hold.
lug of property for church purposes.
Mozart:me,ly 28.1875.-8.
Gil is Still p h ,,
• to 47.
The crowds rushing to Cheap John's (Post Belding)
for Bargains. Still they come. ••Why is it thus r
eagao lutre reduced our entire stock of the follow
ing goods 25 per ceot., to make room for fall goods.
Jewelry a fine awortmenl. Low Prires
Z 1 toned by the Coo 4. of Common Picas of Susque
hanna County and to me directed, t will expose to sale
by public veudne. at the Court House in Montrone. on
FRIDAY, AUGUST 13th, 187.5,
at two o'clock. p. m., the following pieces or parcels of i
Land. to wit :
All that certain piece or parcel of land situate In the
township of Oakland. in the County of Susquehanna
and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
follows. to wit : Beginning on the north side of the
old river road, and at the south cast corner of Village
lot No. 7, owned by 'William Brooke. thence along the
Fame north 13 degrees erect 133 feet to lot No. 11. thence
north Ti degrees east GO feet to a promised street, thence
along the came north 18 do grecs met 131 feet to said
old over road, thence along the came south 71 degrees
and 30 minutes, west Go fedt to the place of beginnin
containlug 79Y1 feet of land, more ~r lens. and le Vil
lage lot No.II. with tne appurtenances 1 frame dwel
ling honee with wing and all improved. [Seises and
taken to execution at the cult of The Mutual Scalding
Loan and Savings Association of Susquehanna Depot.
vs. John Smith./
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situate
To the township of Oakland, County of Susquehanna
and State of Permsylvania, bounded and described no
follows, ttywit_.• On the south by State Street, on the
west by lot of Wm. T. Mosley, on the north by lends
of Wm. M. Post and on the east b) lot of Charles Og
den, being GO feet wide on raid Sate Street and ex
tending northward the same width 1601cet.more or lees
with the appurtenance,. 1 frame dwelling honee and all
Improved. [Taken In execution at the cult of The Man
teca Budding, Loan Savings Association of Sueque
banns. Depot vs. A. N. Ogden.)
ALSO—AII those two pieces of land situate in the
township of Franklin, In the County of Suequebanna
and State of Pennsylvania. the Bed piece bounded and
described as follows, to wit : On the north by lands of
James and Am Towneend. on the south by lands of H.
L. Blowers. and H, AL Smith, on the west by lands of
IL M, Smith. and on the east by lands of JameeTown-
Fend and 11. H. Travis, containing 112 acres, more or
loss, and about SO acres improved, with the apparten
antes. 1 two et.t, hamec, a ton, us sod sheds, and other
out balldinv, 1 orchard, 'Be. Alen. all that other piece
or pane/of - land situate as aforesaid. bounded and de
. earthed es follows, to Wit On the south by lands oc,
John Ackerman and John, Tinkerpattgb, on the west
by Lands of H. Jt Sal•h. 'ore the cast by lands of 11. H.
Tray' o,•nd A. T. Howe andon the north by other lands
01 H. L. Blowers. containing 75 acres, more or leas,with
about 40 saes Improved, with the appirtenaucea,l dewy
and a half house. 1 barn and hog house, and a quantity
of fruit trees. [Taken In execution at the mho( By
ingtoo Thatcher, assigned to P. W. Boyle Vt. It. L.
thowera and H. AL Smith, First Nations. Bank of
Montrone assigned to B. W. Messenger and A. T. Howe
vs. H. L. Blowers, and B. Stroud vs, IL L. Blowers.]
ALSO—AIi Omen two pieces of land situate in the
townships of Lenox and Clifford. in the County of Sas
quehanal and State of Pennsylvania, the forst piece
bounded and described aa followe, to wit ftinning
at a heap of stones near the road, thence by lands of
Nathan [Sell deceased, cant GA mos to a stake, thence by
lands of P. W. Chamberiand month lON degrees east 51
rods and 10 links, thence by lands of Eraetao Potter
south 47 degrees wont 13 rode and 19 links to a stake,
thenje by the same south Anx degrees eatt IR rods to
Nob of stones. thence by lands of Jaeper Selland along
the centre of the road south 51 degrees west 34 rods and
17 Hoke, thence north 713 f degrees west 03 rods and I
link, to a heap of donee. thence by lands of 0. Ran
some north 4 degrees met 54 rods and to Hoke to place
of beginning, containing B) acres and 115 rods, more or
less, with the appurtenances, hay barn, and about 23
acres improved .— Also, the second piece pr parcel of
land sltuate as above, bounded and described as follows
to wit I Beginning at a post and stones scorner in line
of Wm. R. Oardner's lot on the cast side of pestle
highway, thence partly along the road and a line divid
ing this from a part of the tot to be deeded to Lucy Coy
south 2j degrees east 03 and 3.40 perches to a post and
atone. a corner for eald division, thence by the same
south TO degrees reset Zo-perthes to a corner in the west
line or same lot sold to G. A. Grow, thence by mid line
north 1 degree east 49 and 4-10 perches to a Doe of hit
deeded to Michael Wed. thence by said lot north 4-1 de
grees west .5 and S4O perches to a corner, thence north
47 degrees east 5)4 perches to .a post cornet of a iot
deeded to C. M. West, thence by said lot north 1 degree
mist 10 and 3-10 perches to a poet and atones coiner,
thence toy came north S 9 degrees most l 2) perches to a
poet corner, thence north 44 degrees west 57N perches
to a post corner in the line of Wm, R. Graham's lot
aforesaid, and thence by the same south 474' degrees
west SS perches to the place of beginning, containing
31 acres and GO perches, more or less with the tipple
tenancts, 1 barn, orchard, and about 20 acres improved.
(Taken In execution at the salt of Chester Wr.ght nee
of Witham H. Hasbrouck re. lea O. Cox„1
ALSO—AII that certain piece erparcel of land situate
in the township of h.rarat, in the County of Serguettan
ua and State of Penney Jeanie. Mended and described
no follows, to wit : On the north by lands of Moses
Nichols about 90 rode, on the east by the Jefferson Bail
wey about GO rods, on the south by laud, of etudes
Vincent 'xi rods. coo on the weld by lands of
De^..kerabout 80 rods, containing about er r acres. (Ta
ken in execution at the suit of Ezra Toby vs. Elijah
Cleveland.] a
ALSO—AII that certain piece or, mutel of land situ
ate in the township of Ararat. in the County of iireigu4
henna and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and deocrib
d tie rano., to wit: Beginning at a birch tree the
the south east corner of Lorenzo W. Graham's lend,
thence gaunt 1231* degrees end 51 rods to stake and
steam , corner, three, south 47,t degrees west 210 rods
to slake and stones corner near the railroad, thence
north 1534 degrees west 0 rods. thence north 21 degrees
west 18 rods, thence north OX degrees west 16 rods.
thence north 3.134 &mess west 29 rode, thence north
gvi degree. west 5 rods to stake and stone* corner.
thence north 4714 degrees asst 191 reds to the place of
utting. containing :9 acres laid 136 rode or less.
aken execution at the mot of Ezra Toby vs. L. G.
. G rattan.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situ
ate In the township of Ararat, It the County of Sus.
graham:La and State of Pennsylvania,boauded and des
cribed as follows, to wit: Beginning at a stake and
stones corner. being the northeast corner of thict. In
warrantee name of Andrew McConnell, thence south
4221 degrees east 61 rods to birch tree Center, thence
south 4731 degrees we ft 194 rods to *take and stones
corner, near railroad, thence north CM. degrees west
23 rods. thence north 41 degrees west hired* to stake
and stones corner In the Iliad of the original lot, thence
north 413 j degrees east 192 rods to place of beginning,
containing 77 acres and 12 rods more or leas. [taken
in execution at Pb, suit of Etta Toby ye. Lorenzo W.
ALSO—AII that certain_ piece OTlpareel at land situate
14 the boroeeti.of New 51110. int In the County of Sae
guehanna and State of Pennsylvants. bounded and des.
CribC4 an 1011 OWN to wit 13C,Z141:40g at a poet the
northeast corner of .a lot of lane conveyed by Joseph
P. Miller to John U. 'Smith. thence by the north line or
said Smith's lot north MI degrees west 100 feet to a
corner, thence by other land* of Nelson Hagar north 4
degrees east 23 feet and 9 inches, thence north 80 do
grecs west to the middle of M4 l / 3 Street. thence along
the teiddleof said street north 4 degrees east 12 feet
toe corner, thence by kande formerly in possession of
James IL-Bleedell 'oath tki degrees eat 193 feet to a
post, thence by lands of E. A. Pratt tenth 4 degree*
west 115 feet and 9. Inches to the piano of berinutog,
• contain/Mr 4,616 teat of tand.rnere or lead. Excepting
end refolded that said Wellman shall not place any
building nearer than within two foetal the south Bee
of the above deacribed pntmlsee. nonset p ay building
beyond the range in front with the other 'buildings on
the mine ride of the eircet, nor erect of pat 9P any
recce more than nix feet In front of the range of the
buildings u now located upon same ride of said street.
—Also, all that other Were or parcel Of land situate in
said boroagli of New, Milford Cloautyend State afore,
said, mud adloinhig , the above described lot bounded
tied described as follows; Scab/Ding at n poet lo the
fence the south that. corner therecd, tbeuee by lauds
formerly awned by Belson linger end by aline ruuniog
18 had south of grocery betiditig ;With. 85 degrees anti
99 minutes wrest 10 and 9.10 'prelim* .to a point In the
stitch on the cast side of the etreet,theeee Wong In said
ditch north 4 degrees and.* initiates mitt 2 pi:tele:4 and
grlinks, thence be a tine running 10 feet north of eat,
grocery gore% degrees and. 15 minutes cast 6 perches
and 4 links tea post 15feet end I Inch west of the gotta,
west comer of ton torn. thence by Ikeda rormerly of
James It Illeede'l Feet 50 degrees, east l end 410 rode
to a Hoe of land in poseeseirin of the Pratt, thence by.
raid Pratt's Me south 47 degrees mod 1 rod and 10
hake to a post. south 42 degrees pest a ooql.)oe to a
poet. south 4 dement emit 11 feet spd 7 lat. Lea to pie:
Place of beginning, COnlaThing parchtt, Al lapd
New Advertiseutents.
sod others
If you want to do well canto and see how cheap we
arc kelllog.
Special tles, $ 2,50 Diens' Boots,
I 10 Oassimere Suits
(Cheap Jo ho
Montrone, Julyy 24,1875
. • .
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land ofinate
In the townthip of Ararat, to the Colltay nt Susquehan
na and State of Penngylvanta. bounded and described
as followe, to wit: On the north by lands of Leonard
Graham about 135 rode, on the east by lends of grea
ter, Truesdell 45 rode. on the south by lands of W. Slo
cum tr, rods and on the west by the highway 45 reds.
containing about 55 arree and 4 acres improted. (Ta•
ken in taecutton at the sea of Lire Toby no. S. W.
------- -
i lllew --_
t.• , 171 Wettest by the Court of Common Pie:mot einequellan
elet'lre kl i r a f n o . r3 br . °P- C tlre l l' o: e n 'i t n y oMf a al g:n do r e : te t t:M o e ' t raTr i rr'Sl a il l' . l %Yt a li i -n l il t l b h t ----
tr i r g
a lte i s io oojT r r er iV c rlge4lw IS
I f . e s‘. its m e h i ,. .lle . o l l:- . i i 611.11111111ffS SALES.—BT 'VIRTUE OF WITIT
,thoertinc.or.taohernatmh-lndoertgrhenez s a y m et e ll7 , lo ,, tt 3i s re n , d t
to 7 J u ne w hes aa ti n s h a
p u u st b e li o c en y t er y iad a n n e d , t at O to th e e dir c e o c i t t e r ll, l l io n n i s tl a e
i tp ogi,
.t , (s r,, e , a r le . ' o by
aide of the docking as now located on the Melt side off friday, Aug, 6, 1675, at I o'clock, p. en., the following
thecreek, thence down the said creek along the north : pieces or percale of laud, to wit:
tilde of thee:aid docking to a poir.t In theeantline of raid All that certain piece or parcel of land Mutate in the
w e imeanahenee south 4 degrees West 213 feet to the place I mewte.b p of Auburn, in the county
: arf tinaquebann t
o f beginning. be the Same more or Tenn : reserving at- i and Suite of Ponneslyeela, bounded and described as
mo p, th e rights and prlveleges or h . A.
dealratt. ' follows. to wit : Oa the north by Lauda of If . Ferrel
and their wedges, for a water priveleat• as be rmo i 1 and John threletell. on the emit by tootle of N. ("rte.
James. Boyle to the cold E A. and 0. Pratt. tinted Marchi mon, on t h e gown by ethos of M. 1,,,,tt„„....d nett the
10,110 e, recur( edin Deed Book No. 17. perm 717: and ! weet by lands of Wei. Feu, containing lu all about 41
also the free right and Prieelege of the 'mid E. A acre, and about 25 it -Lee oupe,yrd, with the eopurten-
Pratt, his hefts and assigns peening and repo - us- ! uttee s h [Taken In ,tecutiolo at the suit of atantey N.
In arsons said premiers from Main tenet to otheriande i wochel, aseignee to O. IS. Eldred .ve John O'Neill.
of said PratLaad alto excepting tlud raid Wellman, tuts A. an •.. teat certain piece or parcet of land sun.
heirs and sieeigne,thall forever maintain. at hie own cx ate to the lawsuit t,, of lastarop, in the cdwery• ef Sus ,
peaces good and endicient fence on the aide of the above ouehanna end Sea.° of Pettespyania. bounded and den
described pretn:eee„along the other made of said E. A. criard at follow'', to wit • lieglnnlog Watt post and
Pratt. The three parcels of land above described tin- stones the northwest corner thereof, [trotter. by lands
of B Hinckley south 5634 degrees cant 61W rode to a
b pi r erl o:
b a ny : h uA c cr,„ l. D ol
as hie
l b . : thr e e :
s a oi
an a eo rtd c e
fameo ? ,,, t i n i:
e ,
, u p s .
post and triunes, theoce by lands , or. rtataot. Weed's
eetate eolith 3,Se decrees. west 13 and 16-M0 rode to a
house, ono (nine barn. one lee house, and-hog b 00.. - , poet and stories. thence by howl. of P.A. Bronson north
Also ell that other piece or parcel o f I t ad attn n t u in ea . u i sew degrees weet tits s rode to a poet and stoner. thence
borough of New Milford, County and State oforesatd, by lands of Mrs. A. M. Bronme north 3)4 degree?, curt bonntied and deeeriTted as rolloa ,, to alt : on lite en' i t\
IS and 16-100 rode to ores at beginning. centnining
by Chorea wee?, on the north be, Aaron Ald sch. on tire acres mere or lees. Alto, all that other piece of
the west by Widow Batterdele. oat{ on the south by a I toed -Iron( an above, honed.' and tioscrthed no f•,l
- 15 feet wide running alone on the vorib bank of lows, to wit : On the euat lay the politic road, nod on
the creek estimated :o contain aboni SO perches of the north tad west by lauds of Hegel Lord's rotate
land, he (hake= more or lelia 1 Yedervine always the and o n t h e sou th by h. oi l s „r Lh r ot „,„., , eoutteleg
free right ol way for an open unobstructed Mennen lien acres of han d , strict measure, with the appertenate
road on the amide ride of s aid t ot 2 5 Teel in width,. c ee, one house, burn end tome frult•trees. [Taken in
north of the docking as now located. with the aPPor - xeentiot at the tell of P. S. Brenton, nee Of A. J.
trounces, one frame barn and g:anery.- 4lao all i e
that I Gerreteon, vs. Peter Sermon.
other piece or parcel of lane adjoining he net denerlb- I ALSO-Ail that certain pt. ce or parcel of lend cit
ed lot.bentided and described o s f o ll ow , : Beginning' I nate In this township of appohiCon, In the County of
et a point in &lilac of the last described lot,thenee by hind totemic benne and Stale of Pennsylvania. hounded and
of Susan M. Butterfield aorta the &gruel , west 1 and 810 described lie rodeos, to wit : 00 the mirth by lauds of
perches to a poet by the north side of the private L. W, Barton. on the east by mode of G orto n e h one „ e ,
road aforesaid. thence by north side of said road tootle en the-eolith bly lards of W. 1111nd, and on the went
4.0 degrees and 15 minutes east 9 and 1-10 perches to a 1
a b l y „ ,, u u t rd si e l o .,:u f
c t o Vi a tt f a i n s e „ s a y a ,,,, n 0 ti r,, 1i 0 .
r o. l., Sh , a : u , nr i s h y t e h o , ot a a l l ,p ril u n r e,...
l laLt
d dete s4 ri o tt p e e d ei l i o e t s ri t i o wi t i h s
[hens a(
1 t000nn„,
sp h a e o g ds I t n i I D
t l hin n e g iun , eus C t O eb t s l y to cot i ho n te l n g leg perch. , of land, be:the name I prayed [Tahoe In ex,to ion at the suit of 1., W. Bar
more or less. The last two above described pieces of : ton ye. Catharine teshatmery, Ade:delete/atria of Pat.
land co:updates.' what Is known se the barn lot l rick O'Strauusey, deCemed.
occupied by A, IS. Wellman -Also, all that other piece ! ALSO-All that certain piece or parcel of land sit.
or parcel Or land situate in the toroorro of New w Nord • i mite in the townehip of Clifford. In, the Comity of
County and State aforesaid, bounded end described le isuequeltautta nue Shoe of Ithunnylvania. boarder and
follows, to wit : Beutlnning et a point in centre of described on hallow., to wit 1 thft:thing at a poet and
Main street to range of the dividing line b e twe e n tots atones On the northillet corner of land, now or lately
Non. 31 and 22, thence north 81 de:ree• and ,C$ mine es belonging to John It, Lake, thence north 40 decreer
west along the ocean side of lot No, 32 1:15 feet In the roe , utoye p e nile. writhe of tondo beloutring to G. L.
Southwestcorner of lot No. 32, thence south 5 degrees w o n, tormerly owned hy N . w ey i ert , then, by the
and "..t athlete* meet ao reel to the northwest corner of name north 45 aegreve sped 35 percher and 4 link«,
lot No. ad. thence along the south side of 101 No. 3 0 thence "tout hl5 degrees west 1:16M perch.' to public
•uth 81 degrees and 35 minutes east 1Z feet 0 :liel rood, thence by the same ~outu 4a degrets Cain 3s mach
centre of Main street, thence along the centre of Stain es, atni troni theme to place of beginning, comethine
etreet north 5 deereca nod 78 Minutes east no f oot to Orr 30 acres of laud. and co acres 'mproeed, ic,th the
place of beginning, being lot IC, 0 . 3 / I/s the, 1',"?.... Le l aid appurtenances, nor dweiling hooey, and barn. cr,,boo
dual, tat the men of village late eetTe2e" tIY r• +ten)." : in execution at the suit of Woodhury cod, uns i g ned to
for C. L. Ward, May 1040. and recorded In the °thee John stow. vs. s.. U. B o n s .
for recording deed,. to ploequettanna Count v, In Deed I AI, , 0-All that certain pits, nr parcel of lend oh
Poole No, 11. page :no. beteg e n0r.../ 1 viliml/e lot-- tate to tile lon, tuLlt ft, tit Bert irk. In i to : otiety o f si i .-
Mee, all that other certain piece or parcel of land nit-tplehthua and Stare of Pemseylvenin, bounded
nate in the township of New Milford. COllitly and Siete j,,, or i :,1 r(• 1011ou a. i 0 or, I: being a part of n ',set
aformiaid, bounded and deecrtbad an follow, er wet:- • of lied in cattail:cc notate of i harlot What I -a, oerio.
Beginning at a point In the middle of east Lake road, nit,: rat a corner of load Inc .1. Doty Owned 'l , Usmer
th ee ., by other land• of said Beni Wainer , emit' II careentet north 40. ['egret, west SI perch, ro o ors
degree', end 45 mantes east 4.4 elm 2.10 peaches to a I tier, t Item, south 53% !fr.:tee, overt 211 {ameba'e to a
poet and stones corner. thence by lands of Saltine] I conic.. 0w1..., sonlll 16 ofecrei • ea-t lei perches to a
Otero south 43 d0g ,, ... and 15 initiates toe: 49 hitorlo • I corner. and dicta, north 13% dIWKI.CA ea-tall pOrellea
to the middle of raid roadthenee by toe to ddie of Lite I
_I, the place of be, bin: I.g, coet„...eia g 114 "ores ,end
same went 31 perches anti south 71 degrees and 15 into - emetic, im th She appu. tub:sneer. hot se and hero. and
Otte inert 14 perches to th e place o f esglnnitig, colt h u h- slew Si) Hiller iluplOcod. il iti , en In eXi-cialon at the
in 1 acres and 157 porch.' of Mo t t, be the come More salt of throttle is Pierce re, Henry .1. Terrell.
or lees, with the itinowienanree. and all improved.--AI- AL-Lt.-all that ecoale piece or mires! of laud ?at
e., ail that other certain piece or pumah o lundaotmite no t e I n t h e to „,„:„ p of 1,„.N . r,„„„ty of s„,„„e_
In said township of New Milford. County and Saute haute and state of Perinea leania, hennaed and tee
aforesaid, bounded and deer-lord as fo 'owl , : peel.. erl heel or funnies to, .It : 'the south hall of lot No. 107
lithe eta poet In a hemlock stump the to.rth (miller of
on the troth of reenryey made iry Benj. T. Care of the
('hence Leach's fat at. thence by •h. nog bract liar 0 Thom... D. I Arp- tract of 14.1. lon:lnning al a poet and
'aid term eouth 42 de s ert... and 47 minutes earl :T1 and
3-10 pert , hen tea point In the n t lenre o f th e Fleet Lake clones the
o hi ra n it ' i r t t •!: ' e w s ' :f " L ' O r e% . I. ' e h y7rb t y ' th d e t tell l'the
" C " o l: p h e e' t ' o t
read, thence by the middle of said road north 47 degrees Win, E. Lindeey,and ea ending .hence ',ant 119 and 4.t0
east 12 and 5-10 percher,. thence by oth t r laude 01 unit perthee along the outeern bounder). of land conveyed
tt o thews north is degrees wet 15 mint.., west 37 and by said Cope to W. K. Lindsey and to 311dr.u. J. Prie.
, 10 perc h es t o a pent one- stone'', and .hence by lands mati .tr a post and elm ex ;he northeast corner thereof,
of the estate of E. A. and 0. tired youth 4104 deli see and ,he southeast comer of land conveyed by said Cope
west 12 and 5-10 perthes t o th e r h . „., or o,gi„oloto,;. to ,Itl Poeumne, thence aiut , • , the dividing line tw
containing 2 acres and 145 perches n( land, be she same Lonna lute No 107 sad lies a 1"3•Itell perches to a port
More or less. we h 11 - 1 4 aleensenniree, our frame hlnise and s tones tower In the yete. 'or lionminty line Of cold
One shed, some fruit Um.. and all : Improved. IS• tart Thome. D. Cape's Wm te. 'fleece along last mentioned
end taker. In execrator' nt the ,nit ot :Ivy 301 e tfall ed, boundary west five and eighttroth perches to apost
A. D,Welltuat, and H . Garrett ..t. Son ya. A, IL Well- nnil stoner corner la cabal boundary , ' trance south alone
man sato bun tidal,' 311 ant t W 0•1011 1 hr( 9 erelleri ton poet an d
ALSO-Ail that Certain piece Or parte? of Mot eituato e l ite , e o ciicr in raid non io l sv . t h en ., west 1.3 and
In the borough of Se e et t ei t autio u e p o i, i i th e c natty six teeth perch.' us a poet and slot, the etrathwest
of S equehautaa and State of p e nneyiyoni i i, bounded corner therm!, 'better north alone the sul,divi,:ing Hue
and described no follow.. to wit: On the on . by Uri it ...
• between 1., NO. It 7 and 123 sO and ilysetenth• perch...
ker street, on the south by presto, I street nu
the !seedl L . rite pine, of hag/lining. 1,0..1311ln:1g about Gil and
by lands of Mrs. Tierney. and vii the Loth by lands of l eight tenth acres, more m :1, with the appurtenance..
Ed Ilynce, containing 7.AXI feet with the n4parlennlieee • 1 o n e bone, and her, and nian.t 311 acres. unmoved. Lyn
-1 large two story and basement frame hnilding oven- , 1, 0 oi exa,moo at h e sn i t of U . v. Bentley vs. my.-
pied 4.8 store and dwelling. [yak. to execteion at the t h ohone „. L ol l y.
' 'hit of Gee. T. Frazier ye. Mary 'Tierney .)
lernev.) I ALSO-All that eurntli Mee", o• tweet of land slut
. ALsO - All that certain pieta on Parcel of land nitnata Me In the tewnehip of Great Bend. to the County of
In the townenip of Thompeou, in Ow Coe., of Kea- Somptehantia and St ate of Pen toalyaula, bounded and
' queltanea and State of Peursylvania, hounded and des. described as follows to wit : On the east by the Sue
cribed se follow - e, to wit : On the north by land! of G. fleet:num river. on the north by Made late of Harvey
HAL on the weft by mods formerly owned by Slat
' It. Wrighter and L. N. Hubbattl. on the cant by lands
,of ( hart.' Wrlghter and public highway. on the smith mono and John Scotton.tind ou the south by tondo of
by lands of I. M. Wrighter and (3. W. Wrighterostid on J oon ., Green, containing 133 v i t e n of hind, b e th e same
nhe weed. by lands of G W. W righter, coutalcring 107
. mg., or Ican.aboni 11l improved with the appertenans
etre* more or lean. wi th the apperienances, 1 house an d cm, tone dory and n half dwelling halve. one barn and
' barn, hog and core hooey., some fruit trees and about shed, small orchard Se, .also, one other piece er par
, int a- res Unproved. (Taken In execution et the putt of eel of land and :Loewe as above and banded and ties
: Deborah Hubbard vs. C'. H. Iltibliard.l cribed as follows, to wit : On the Louth by laude of
ALSO-Alt that certain piece or Parcel of 12011 all nate the !!cell Mori ware. on the east and southerly side
in the township of--, In the count; or Smelt. , lit lands of case. on the eves o'4 tide by the turnpike
hanua and State of Penney - M . I4M, bound e d and deserfb- road, containing one acre of land be the tame more or
ed as follows, to alt : Ou the north by ;mule of L. S. I bey.. with tha apperteumiet•e, one fronts- dwelling and
, Taylor and others, on the cost by lands of Frederick, an improse.i, [T..een In rocreution at the euit et LL IL
Stammer, on the equal by lends of Storti A: Seeley and ' spark:, ex. W. P. Dayton, imitnieletrator of estate of
on the west by lands of N. K. Sherman , centre?) big Kline Dayton, deed.
about 60 acres, Molt or less, with the appurtenances, I Af,so-All the defendant's right. Otte and interest in
bouse and hare. and about 12 aeries improved. [Takes nice undivided twentieths or all 11011 certain mean-nage
, in execatton at the Intl of it. Lathrop ye. Janes Juesin ~r pareel of land isloz and bethe In the township of
and Alin Springer.), t 'llford. county of Suerprehanea. and State of Pete-tea - 1.
ALSO-A I that certain piece or parcel of land situate .yonto, bonded and described 00 10110 W I , to wit : Be
th the township of ?harmony in the County Of Supine- wetting eta corner in the Inekawann• Turnpike road,
henna and State of Penneriennin, boasted nod deserlh - a owner of a lot 'wire - eyed lee Wildem Woodmae,thenee
ed as follows,to wit : On the north by lands owned by ecru, the Lackawanna cretar north 45 defrcre e ast 311
D. Leos, cm the east by lasids of A, Youngs, on the and 5-10 percher to n corner In the warrant line of John
sell by lands of John Keyes and on the west by line Beat It mid Samuel Meredith no. a, t hence along said
of the river road, coma:inlet; about .l acre of land, more line north 435 degrees west C and 5-10 perches to a
or lees with the appurtenances, one ( welling house and corner In title of lot eareeyed for Carpenter and 'Weeds
I all improved, [Taken in c ame f on at the s oft of S. A. thence meth 46ie degree. west t:t per-bee to another
: Lyons it Son ye. Harrison Contain.' 'owner thereof thence north .14 degree' went lei perch-
ALSO-All that Cattatn piece or panel of land altna- co to warrant line thence death .17N degrees west 350
to in the township of Lenox in the Count yof Seneues and 5-10 peril,s to cerner of lot no. 41 or 51. Meyiert's
banana and State of Peeneylvanla, bounded and deecrib. - it„, men t o f th e we ro oith l an d s t hen ce along bl oc o f
Nan follows, to wit : On the north by land 6f Peter lots „ em b er 41 and to south :et t h,.. 4 ,„„ 0dt ter perch„
Lott. on the mat by isuos et m I,', Bober. s, to corner In line el lot of Nu. 10 tII 31cleett'a allotment
fthberta, on .he 'meth by lands of Moe. , C. Decker and atare.ted the tee ',long meet line of lot N... 10 south 11
wife, and ou the west by ilteds of Georg,' . 4 3:c 11 roulitin- n e n-to-410 n corner of number 0 and 10 thence along
lag about : al aCres partly improved .-A lso, itefundanta fine 'f 5„,9 and I 0 ~,,,,,, 3 , 1 toil 7,9 perches
to the
interest in one ether piece or portal 'Arland theme an Lackawanna Turnpike 00 aforesaid and ?better by the
aba C. and bounded 'war nee...Pied an !Olin., lo wit: several/co, erect, and distance,' of Fuld slrurnplko In a
On the north by Miele of M. C. Decker, on the 'neat by northerly di,rction shout Ilk perches to the place of be
hind. of D. C. Itoberte, on the sr lash by lauds of t ent • en:ln.
i..containing 445 mace and 21 perebee strict meat
del 1 ruenaall pm! on toe weet be lauds of George Allot use bang parts of !recta of lands le the warrantee
containing about 53 ace- , all - Improved with the al. namee of John Beach and Philip Beach, together with
pone stance.. one dwelling boner. one barn, one corn the oppurtenences. Alpo in of e equal endivieed one
hoes 5 and out baildinge, one ?well rid Sc. [Taken in sixth part of all that certain piece or pescel of land ',B
eset. Alan at the nett of John tell. Jr. nee of C. C. nate in Clifford township county re Suequehenua and
Hem rhtaling. unsigned to silo,' Hartley, art. Nthees C. Rate of Pennsylvania and described •s tollows : Be-
Deeier t one C. Senrernssee. as"/P: 5 “ 1 14, SI- 1 " Hank'? ginning at the south corner of Jeremiah Roand'e laud
vs. 1 , 101-C3 C. Decker and Silas Hartley ye. Knees C. in watrant line pf John Beach thee.: north 45,4 der
Decker.] grees weft 84 perches to a corner thence south 45 de-
A1.40-All of Defendant's. Interest in that certain grees weet along line of Slocum Carr's land 167 and 5-
piteae or parcel of land - filtuate In the township of Dar- pa perches thence north 41M diadem , west 27 perches,
teeny, in tae County of stlislitlehaona and Stole of Ihollre mouth 47 degrees went In; perthee then.. .oath
Pennertvanla, bounded and described as follown,ro wit : .. .. d egrees real lin pi rehea to wept earner or John
Beginning ale her/dock etemp In the Cana wac•a creek Beach warrant thence along raid warrant One north
road, thence by the other laude or Himont alattin 17,m, degree. Cant rx perChea to the One.: of beginning
north 72 degrees and 30 miroares east 14 and 4.10 [moth; coutalreng led acres ,
_ metre or less and being pone of
ea to a notch cut le the vide of a reek , and by the same Samuel Meredith's No, 4 warrant and Samuel llered
north 10 degree's we'd 21 and 6-le penile', to a lithe eap• jibe. Na, 3 warrant, to:either with the nyourtenancee.
Urn, thence north 75 degrees west 21 and 5-10 perelies Iseined and taken he ea,:cution at the enat of John
to a hemlock eaplll.g. thence along op the goes' side of Watt .k. Son Ye It A. Reynaldo and Samuel neynolds.
said 0,4: rutith 111 degrees and en IninUtra east 13 Mal AL-to-All that certain piece or parcel of land eituate
4 10 Perches to a hemlock ?eliding( nod "nth l'reerils iu the Borough of Montrose, in the County of Saeger
no to the west and of mill dun, th e nce slung margin of henna and Stale of Pennsylvania Moulded and deecrib.
Moran ..t. Lyon's mill pond at high wider mark ra perch- ed no fuller.e to wit: On the itorth by MIII stmt., on
es to a yellow birch tree. thence south La deg es A: t there:int by Depot etrerl au the wort by lards of E. C.
to the middle of amid creek road, thence oy Mbitile of yordhain and 'Hyde (-rocker. and on the south by Lamle
said road and high water mark to Mark that may le of G. V. frordtmen. tont...alining shunt onestutlf acre of
made by miring the water in said pond 15 feet snore land more or burr with the appertenance., one frame
thetop of the poyeet mud elite In sold dam) to the team. one frame Carpenter coop. our frame barn and
place of beginning, containing 6 acres and 5O perches. some Omit trees traken in eacentlOn et the UOll Or E.
be the same more or leas. with the arpurtiorauces, new 1.. Weulcs.a/lsl,7llCd to Henry Cruner. vs A. J. Ticknor,
with lath mill, 2 email houses, and Intim-Mao. all oi and C. 51. Ticknor.
Defendant's intereet in several piecer or parcels orient". ALSO-All that eertaio piece or parcel of land situate
ii . t r t o rta re tz ad lnth d : s t c o r s i v b x , t. d hiL o r f o f il l o afm , o u np n C e ou ri nty ,d att i d . Stat e in tae towtedith of Raeford in the county of Susi-Int:ban
emorded In Deed Book tin. bi n page VC trona C.L. Ward nn end Stale of liennesivauto, bounded and doseribed
use follown to wit : On the von, by land?' of Frank
a former owner. Parcel No 42 mintathing ior, acres and Ilan sled S. W. Thatcher. on the east by lands of S. W.
27 perches. NO. 4:3 containing lan ameeand Ili:T. - en. Thatcher. on the south by muds of John Gott a ed ou
es. No 41 Containing Veer. , and 69 perches. No. 15 the west by lawless! G. P. W {hearth, Stephen Comae
containing 'or Wire* and the perch,+. No if, eontair.• end °them, coithilloug About 72 acree of land more or
in 116 acres and GS perches. No 50 eontalniug 15 acres lens with the appurtenanceuone house and barn, black•
sod 181 perches, Anil one other lot named to . war - erne', ebop sea about 45 acres Improved: (Taken in
rant to C. L. Ward. containing 212 acorn. All these exec . :o l on at t h e stnt of eetei, n , cos ,. es, C. W, Let,
lots lying contiguous and cunt:Ming altogether WO
T . a.k l i o . , Notice, -All bide mud le arreeeerf on the day
scree : oleo, the unsold portloa of the lot bought of
Jane S. Palmer, containing about 25 acree. be the come
"f h
more or Iris, bounded on the west by lanes of ti. A. SerifTs 0 filee.Mouiroee, July IL 1815.- M. B. 1.1131.M te Sheriff
Lyons and Luther Barnes, with the appear:ea:thin.. one
ehaoty, small house and barn, I two story house and '
shed. and about GO acres imaroved.-Aleo. all of De
readout'. latment In the undivided one-half of a pieta'
or parcel 0: laud situate in the township of narmooy.
County and State aforesaid. bounded and dentribed at ,
follovre, to wit : Beg' autos: at a past the Pon Ittenyt cot
ner of lot No, 52 emit:acted to se sold. to Joh 0 B. Sco
ville, thence along east line of the name north 3 degrees
west HI perches to a poet, theace along line of tut No.
51 north 06 de e ereee east 115 perches to warmed line.
thence Moue the Name sough SIM degreee cast 19 perch.
es to a poet. thence along warrant line south 3 degrees
cant lat perches top beach corner, thence along north
line of No. 50- tiocith 86 degrees weet 1112 perches. to
place of begleallug. contafalug 86 acres mid 86 perches
atria measure, he the eaMe more or less, being lot No.
53 John Boyle i li allotments of the Werton lands in Dar ,
many townahlp.-Alan, one other piece or parcel of
land situate as above, lying on the Belmont and Oen ,
gnaw? Turnpike and bounded a, follows: On tee north
by land. of Brandt st fichlager, on the east by lands of
John Storer, on the !South by Belmont and Outtenago
Tar apilm,ete the went by lands of C. 8. Bennett. CM/•
tenting about %/lama, be the same more or lean, with
the appertenartecs, turd about ra am.' Improved.' [Ta
keo in execution at the cult of .1. Schlagm tO Cu., as
signed to LyOne tO McNeil, vs. Richard Martin.)
N. IL-All bide must be currangol on the day of sale.
M. D. HEMP., Sheriff.
Sheriff's oaice, Montrose, July 21, 1675.
Wboicatle & Retail DenZemin
Irop ß ru l v a e l d CITIC Y IJ iB IiBER
' NVOOII PUMP, to . the en
.• I e• knowtedged IiTANDAIID of
rA 4 .. the market,by popular verdnnt
. the beet pump tor the lent
-tr- money, Attention, la invited
tilitat - ehtey'a Improved Bracket, the, Mop
' ; '"""A"" Check Valre; svldeb ran be withdrawn with
out dlrtur ling the joints, and the Copper
k A . Chamber, .which never .erackit, acab , r,
- Mats cud lad a. lifetime. Pot rata by.
iv Dealers and the Trade getterally,, In order to
t.;:: .-TA sure
and a l c y cl o tlL et e 1 1 1 3 a 1 : t i c e ' y d' ith m " : b ro%.
above. If you do not booty where to bey
deecrtptive 4:lmplore, together with the prompt and ad- .
dreqk of the agent neared you. will be ly fern.
mired by addrenrimr. with damp
- CUM. IL BLATCIWEI. Intonotnettiiir.
Gun CotausPree Bt.. Ithtladelphie..Pa ,
Mara 10, 11375.—Prn-
r IthtERr , .TAKB NOTICA • -
11net mnyifet price. Patel in men, fat
. • -CORN,. ItYB, AND 1)438,-
At tlieMcattoie •
• D A ‘lOO , l g
goiDgee,Jg/ill,Drii,-44 aix'qui_.4a4,l3,l
hereby given that, in pursuance of an Act
of Asseuthl2,-,the folloWing named persons have
filed their petitions with the Clerk of Quarter
Sessions of the Peace, fur the County of Sue
quelianna, for licenses to keep tarts and for
wholesale dealers in said County„ for which
they will apply at August Sessions,4B7s.
Montrose. Jobs S. Tarbell Tavern.
la. J. 113rringlon,
- A. D. inrns,
I. N. Bullard,
N. A. Lyon,
Gt.., Bend Dore, Michael Kllro,
henry ACkurt,
. It 0. Bedell,.
Itlebard bomb, Bell by Measure.
••T. I) Eastabnx,k, `• .•
.. Thomas Connolly, Eating house.
Susfa Depot, W. W. Brown, Tavern.
Mellon) Doyle,
'• Wm. 0. Leslie
8."".° D'P°t' Lennie
ui : t ra y
li. ,
Deni. Or2gor7.
'fboaYss ./fFr'3s°
tbarles fOrk,
W: D. Kg:tetinca,
Joseph Allen Eatieg house.
Eliza AlcOmagh, Eating Ilonse.
ClarlesEttrneat Eating Llouso
sautß, Birk,
Allen A. Enith, `'
Johanna OrMtn,
Exert Vanaken
William Bulger,
liartnres o`tloaald,
J, l 4 . Walker.
Frank Ilonnian,
Allen litrelurn.
John P. Rent,
James Barna,
O. P. Phiuney,
John W. llobarta
k. 1112.1. Fri:ohley
M1C11,301 urphy
(1. W. Reese, Sell by Measure.
Silver Lake, Msg.'s Mahoney, Tavern,
Donde: -A. U. Ayres,
, John W. Slow
Brooklyn, G. Pessenden.
.ItiesS'Altlford , Mil. Jay,
P. Phithey. •
Allier 35 Waltman, Sell byliteasure.
.1. Dlekermat,
Edward ,Iteledy. • 11411IIR Holm.
• John :M. Meyers Tavern.
T1143m1 , 011 , ' . t ,Jukin.O'Brirn • • . Moose.
" • • " etni:les Dickinson
• ileary. A. W: Caitater. TaTarn
F 63144010 born. Mary McNamara
, Ann 'llerney • 4 "
•.• Wm. Huffman. , fie.ll,by Measure.
" John. Foostur Tavern.
• PhlLp Ytyan— •
Snrlnvrille Jeremiah Stephens, "
" I'. E. Umsh
, - K. It.
!Amuck 1. I,..Pranee,
Jackson,'r• Dfilndßoberts "..
• " E , its,Vetts, B. Gam - ' "
Anbarn, The.idore LiintbelTy
'lAnekborth"- . -IL IL Hobart, • • • ,Taverri.
LOor t. A. K. Shover.
Jessup, , Dodga - :
Borert.l.Ake, • Jtalenn Mono •
• PAVIA - SUMMER.% 9101 c.
3ionttase,July,l4.l3ls. • • ,
.:108 - • "
tj . ~ AT TEM •
NAT lEZ IL 1 1 1 -IS
P 3 xt 1 r^ f°
A -V
- v
It Is a liquid Linarnent for Home and etablo use. is
ruin able combination, dlecnvered by a celebrated Cog
-11 and borne-farrier, Wan lntrodneed In the
United tinter In the yedf 11.5 , 1, and circa that time, by
ite great .meeema. In tho cure of dlnea•ce, it hes won
for keel! that world wide reputation it FO richly des
ervey, and now ettntia at the bead of all Unamcnta un
It has already 'tinned the confidence and admiration
of thoo•ands of honseholds for its many clues or dls
raf•eo Were external opplicationn Aro of W . much fropor
inner+, It is enncelally admired as a family remedy for
it• peculiar chamicat combination, possesing no harsh
inf~.•,redients, Lints tincture 01 Cayenne or red-pepper, of
which cheat, and vsluloos Liniments are Vogel/ Ma"
paned.] which Increase instead of diminish the inflanin.
don, Totality it oy natures speedy cure for
Tiimeniale and directions accompany each bottle.
DIY one—only 25 cent!, tl) cent!, or sl.od—and I It
doeo not give good eatlefactlon return the bottle half
full anti your motley will be refunded. Call for 6. S.
S. S., and take no other.
D. G. CARY, & Co., Pronrietore,
MtOtecown, Orange Co., N. Y
FOR SALE 131 i
A. B. BURNS and M. A. IJYQN,
Druggists, Montroae, Pa.
Paretamable at at Wholesale and retail atoms is the
Montrore, May sth, 18T5, no-1-
Thin st andard article is compounded with the great
est care. Its effects are as wonderful and satisfactory
a' ever. It restores gray or laded hmr to its youthful
color. it removes all eruptions, itching and dandruff
and the scalp by its use becomes white and By
Its tonic properties it restores the capillary glands to
their normal vigor, preventing baldness, and making
the hair crow thick and strong. As a dressing nothing
hos been foadd so effectual, or desirable. sir. A. A.
flay,. state Assayer of Massachusetts, says of it:
consider it the best preparation for its Intended par
Buckingham's _Bye,
This elegant preparation um be relied on to change
the color of tae beard from gray or any other undesir
able Phaile, to brown or b a at discretion. It la easily
applied, being in one preparation. and quickly and e
fectoally prodncea a permanent color which will neither
rub no wart! oft.
It. P. Hall & Co., Nuothua, N. H.
July It 1.,
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
4,, ,f Costiveness. Jaundice, Dye
peps's. Indigestion, Dysen
tery,Foul Stomach and Breath,
Headache, Erysipelas, Piles.
el"' Menu:warm, Eruptions and
Skin Disease., Blllbuneness,
kyt.o 1.4 S Liver Complaint, Dropsy. Tet
'r ter. Tumors and Salt Meow,
Worms, Gout. Neuralgia, an a
•-• ••=7.,:= Dinner Pill, and Purifying the
are Ihv Llloot congenial purgative yet perfected. Their
rifecte abundantly show how much they excel all Other
Pills. They are safe and pleasant to take, bat lower
fal to cure. They purge out the foci humors of the
blood : they stimulate the eloggleh or disordered orgsn
into action : and they impart the health and tone to
the whole being. They cure not only the every day
crunplaints of every body, bat formidable and danger
one diseases. Most skilful tihYslchms, most eminent
clergymen, and our beet citizens. send certllicates of
curve performed and of gnat benefits they have derived
from these Pills. They are the Berens:id best physic
for children, because mild as well as tare:MM. Being
sugar coated, they are easy to take ; and being purely
vegetable they are entirety harmless.
Dr. 3. C, Ayer it Co., Lowell Mass.,
Practical and Analytical Chemists
Jnly 13, 1.".
oncE Is hereby given to all persons con
cerned in the tullowing Estates, to wit :
Enato of Eph•lam Smith, Into of Franklin, deed, Wm
H. Smith. Executor.
Estak, of Solomon Melieeby. late of Jessup. deed ; H
Aldine McKeeby,
Estate of Hardie J Westrall, late of Oakland, deed •
Charles Beebe, Executor.
Fstote of Ebenezer Blanchard. late of Gibson. deed
Eli Baines. Administrator. •
Estate of Jacob Underhill, late of Susquehanna County,
deed; J. E. Cartruilt. Trustee.
Estate of Joseph Carlin, late of Auburn, deed; Alin
S. Clrlin. Elerutor.
cow, 01 Ablatta Millard. late of Bridgewater. deed ;
Mary iL and A. L. Millard. Administrators,
Estate of Semen.' Brotzman, late of Auburn. dee'd ;
John U. Carter Administrator.
Estate of A. N. Pickering, late of Clifford, dec'd ; doe
It. Ili:anat, Administrator.
Estate of Mary B. Ballard, late of karat, deed ; A. M
Lancaster. administrator.
Estate or Cat hence R. and Beekiel Nara, minors
David Sasv. Gnordlan.
E.tale of Lillie M. Rogers. minor , J. 31. Baldaria.
Estate of Gay A. Tiffany, minor; L. F. Ma, Gaudi
Taut the accountants Lace settled their ac
counts in the Register's Office in and for .the
counts of Susquehanna, and that the same will
be presented to the Judges of the Orphans'
Court, on Thursday, August 12, 1875, for con
firmation and allowance.
R. N. TIFFANY, Register
Register's Office, July 14, '75.
The Place to Get Your
M. A. Lyon's,
Where you will dud a full assortment of Pure Drugs
Zdedlein7s, Chemicals, Dye Studs, Jewelry, Per.
(smell• Violins and Violin Strings. -Fancy Goode,
Yankee Notions, Pocket BookF, Clears Tobacco. Fine
Toilet Soaps, Brushes, Table Cuttiery, Solid Silver
Spoons, Plated Spoons, linives and Forks. Guns, Ple
tols, lmonition, Shoulder Braces., Traitors, )leitilea)
instruments, Dental Materials, Lamps and Lamp
Chimneys, Teas, Spices; Baking Pbwider, Sea Moss
Feriae, Gelatine, Tapioca, etc., etc-
Sal by Measure
A full assortment of Machine Oils end all kinds o
kept conetaatly on . Ixma . a
We are falling our Wail Paper at tort, and &oats°
Clostr ,, oat our Glassware at a
• Very Low Pigure.
Oct a can of our 111Yed 'Mrtateal Paint, ,ready for
m.o. and do your own pointing.
With oar large stock of goods, we feel eonAdentlhal
everyone viaqing 3tontrose, will lied it (or their inter
eft to call and examine for themselves before omelets
log eldowhere.
Montrove, Jane 9,1.813.
Bell by 2.4capro
'Pain and Lameness. relieved in a abort %MC lry4bo
use or Taylor's Celebrated Olt. The preat Rheumatic
and Nouraligic Boned,. This medicine is not a cure
all, but Is Warranted to cure more of the ails and Mato
which fleakis heir than any other tued'cine ever db.
covered. Give it a trial; If you do not Ilnd It so.. it
costs you . noth lug. It may be need - with the utmost
advantage for any klud of imin.LaMenCED, Wounds or
Sores upon MOGI or beast; Will not smart the rawest
wound or sore. Pail directions for use around each
bottle.. Ask your Merchant for a free vial. No Cara—.
Taylor's COugh Syrup or Expectorant, for all Throat
and Lung diseases. Ie sery ph:Writ to the testa and
contains nothtng Injurious. Try It. and stop that
cough and take the soreness from your Throat and
I ups. Aek your Merchant fora tree vial. No Cure—
Tay a l v Oil Condition Powders for all kinds of stock and
poultry. VlrarrAntel the best renovator of.the systens
of Mai down or dibeased erotic. that has ever been die.
covered. Try theta for All diseases Incident to the
brute creation. Directions for .nee around each pack
age, 1110 Cure--Noray.
All the above medlunce for sato by Abel Turrell and
Duras et kiwis,. of Montroso. And all Druggiats and
Dealers throughout the country, -
- .
Sell 14 Measure
Entlaa Ilona
o► :.
October 21.
Ileekrf, Ttewhi Tientiet Ilavc olon9d 4 iltn CIMIS
meat marine! no Booth Maio btreet, Where' al Muds of
wog 1 4 be kept and cold lowest matt prler.a.—
All meat-Will he delivered within the borough. •
Cali pull -Re as end gsce as year patronage II _tvo dee .
crud it
Atnia:uso,\lninig; 15.7
IMP. • - ec• zrgsr
Carpenter ::and Builder,
C%i:INTRApvi to erect ettustnres of all kinds, in int
'wet lon nod comidoio them In evert detall. Marble.
nun alalnaktantlea, !wads, Dann, and Window
Frames, rarrdanun In order.. Star Building VIII bllll4.
11,g ',limy tondo 01)0010100e. EnTtop nano but caper
tented workmen. dhoti. Wu 1110 nictnoillot Muth,
'..,_?lantrreae,4uuliary • :
Number 30
One boadred Dollar Mower for
Beery Mower Warranted Tho cheapest and bee!
Save time. save, nu;wei.sase sumoyanco,b7 baying bows
blanntictored and for sale by
S. 11. h D, SAYRE, for Ara Spec;
Montrose, Jana 23d, 1375. tr2s
Sewing Machine !
Sews tom but One Spool of Thread.
It has but six vomiting putt, Is istnselese.snd sew,
more rapidly than any Machine In the Market.
flan a self-setting Strafghl Needle
Combines Durability with Beatty Ind Stasplielty.sue
has all the Modern Improvements.
.06 o sat mik
Dee. 24, len
T.0...wa.33zix-or. ficorraia,
Nine Stages and Backs leave this Douse daily. ton
fleeting with the ldltrose Railway, the Lehigh Nene,
Railroad. and the . b W. Railroad.
April 15t.16121.-tf
inn received and for rale by
For sate by
At triestare of GROCERIES,
1 1 1.4319 h COrearlaeres
For tale by
Montrose, April 21, 3375
NOrLe Mott(3r!
T write, policies in the following companies:
Fmnklitalre Insurance Co.. Phil„ Assete,s3,
Farmers, York,
queens, London
No '`Tlger-Cata" , —All National Board Companies,
and aea consequence, Sound and reliable, having long
been tried and always found .vortby, as all. who have
mot with lotiors,at my Ageney.srill testify. Thoso who
have patronized me will accept my thanks. had to
those who have not, can only My, I promise to do by
them, if they will favor me with an application, ad I
do by all, give them Insurance value for their money.
Very Bespectirilly.
Hartford Accident Insurance Company Policies writ
ten from to one year kty
join the Masonic Benefit 4,llsociation atBcranton.
Apply to HEART C, TILER.
Montrose, December B,l' .4.-tf
"The Leading American Newspaper."
Daily. 10 a year. Semi-Weekly,P. 'WecklY4 2
Postage free to thell ' Obseriber. Specimen copies and
Advertising RUCs Free. Weekly, in clubs of SO or
more, only $l, postage paid. Address
02-el TAB TRIBUNE. N. T.
Legal Advertisements,
The undersigned executorof the estate of BA Greg.
my, late or Bridgewater, Salm., CO. Pa., deceased, will
sell at public vendee. on the premises, the farm km.=
as "the En Gregory farm," on
Saturday, October 2d, 18t5.
Par further particulars address tbp undersigned at
Brooklyn. httenq's Co., Pa.
ELY, Executor.
J 01.7 1a75.- 8m 27
VIXECIITONS` NOTICE. Wham:letters testamenta
l:A Ty to the estate or David Bryant. late of Jackson
two.. dee'd, have been granted to the undersigned
all persons Indebted to said estate,are requested to teas
ratnerliate payment, and these having eishans against
the same, are requested - to present them without delay.
July, ''CL-4190" YI Executer.
EEcuTun's NOTlCE— Letters -ceotamentoth to
costato of Bliss A. Gregory, tote of Brooklyn, deed
liartug been granted to the subscriber.all persons la
debtod to the sold catatt, are requested to make Im
mediate payucmt. and all Demons hay tag claims against
said decedent will present them withee: delay.
A3II ELT, Executor.
Brooklyn, 30no Uwe
In the estate of Lambert Smith, tate of Lawn - rifle de
ceased Jotters of Admintati a ion lu the said estate hav
ing been granted to the undersigned all persona owing
said estate, are re queeted •o mane Immediate payment,
and all persons having claims aga Met said estate are re
quested to present them without detiy..
T. T 8311T11, Attmlolatrater.
June 111, 1873.—Owtit
AS OldTOR' NOTICE. Thowndersignod having Lem
appointed an Anditor,zhy the Orphans' Court
ot. Susquehanna County to hest and report on except-
Inns died to the pa rt ial administration account of John
Mills executor of the: estate of r Avery tilts de
ceased. will attend to the charts of his appoint
ment at :he °Mee of Prater C Crossmon,in 31ontrose.rm
Tuesday. August 8..1813, at 1 o'clock. p. m. 'which
time and place all persons interosted in said fund must
present their chime. or be forever debarred from cow
lag In on said fund.
Montrose, July 14.1875.—5iw,
Notice in heithY given, in acCordance with
the provisions of the Act of Assembly, approv
ed April 29th, 1874, entitled, an Act to provide
for the incorporation and regulation of certain
corporations. That application will be made
to the Coutt of Common pleas of Susquehanna
county at August term, GM, for a Charter of
Incorporation of the Great Bend Poor* House
Wm. The objects of said Aasoation are to
take care of the poor that belong to Great
Bend, Great Bend Village, and Great Bend
July 21,1 en
13 MISTER'S IsIGTICE.. 2 PubIie notice Is
IL bereby given to all persons concerned in
t hefollowing Estates, to wit
Estate of Alice Fargo, late of Dimock, ilec'd, J.
L. and Frederick . Forgo, Adniinistnttors.
.Estate of Bridget McLean, , late of Friends.
vale, dec,il, - J. IL Redding Administrator.
'Estate of Sarah E. Pratt, minor, Bash E.Pratt
Es.ato of Julia D, 11111, minor, George C. Bill,
That the. accountants have settled their ac
counts; in the Ttegistefe Office in and for the
county of Bustin:eh/tenn i end that the OW will
be presented to the Judges of the Orphans'
.Court, on Thursday, August 11),1876, for eon•
titillation and allowanr.c.
11. N. Trymatr, Register.
Beglster's Office, Julyl7, 1875.
B e lt ui L T S 6
Binghamton, N. Y
11. J. WEBB.
2.75,0 M
" 9(.0.000
" 10,000.10