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row closed in New York, on Saturday
t 1141. •
The new financial bill was passed for
the !ntent d purpose of gradually lead
ing tbe \country to specie resumption,
but it is having a contrary effect, for gold
is &frig up:.
According to the Civil Rights bill just
passed _by the House, negroes have no
right td attend the white schools and
other educational institutions. Do you
tall that Standing up for your friends ?
The Tribune is inclined to believe that
the Administration majority in Corgress
will "grab and rnn." This depends
somewhat on the amount of property still
on hand that is worth stealing. It is
thought there is but little lefts
A good deal of anxiety is manifested
to know what has become of "Little
--Phil." He has not been heard from for
some time, and there ate fears that some
of the White Leaguer% have eaten him
up without salt. Why is he so silent?
A negro. according to the Civil Rights
bill, if it becomes a law, can recover five
hundred dollars from hotel proprietors,
theaters, &c.,if they refuse to accomodate
him, but a white man will have no re—
dress from the blacks in similar cases.
Under the Oivil Rights bill, passed .b 5•
the House, the negro is placed over the
white man. A person may retuse to re—
ceive a white man upon terms of social
equality, but if he • refuses to so receive a
r.egro, he is liable to the heaviest punish•
ment. Is it not almost time that some
thing was done for the much neglected
white man ? Has he no rights that are
worth preserving ?
This unpleasant fact stares both Dem
ocrats and Republicans in the face—that.
the Government is spending more than
it receives from all sources,and that there
is an absolute deficit of $4.5,000,000 the
present year. It would be much more to
the purpose if the Republican majority
in Congress were tb devote their time to
cutting down expenses, so as to make
both ends meet instead of fighling to the
death over the Civil Rights bill.
Herbert Spencer opposes the theory of
compulsory education, declaring the true
function of government to be the protect
ion of life and liberty. Goverment ed
ucation,-ho.thinks, is dangerous for two
reasons : its effect on the character of
public instruction, and ice iuflnence on
parental responsibility. It tends to inter—
rupt individuality,and to weaken the force
of that most powerful of moral agencies
the restraibt and the discipline of the
We are glad to be able tl applaud i
ator Simon Cameron and Senator ohn
Scott, who now represent the State of
Pennsylvania at 'Washington, for their
vote against the extension of the Wilson
sewing machine patent, monoply. We
are desirous at this day and date to be as
quick to applaud the good acts or any
public servant as we are to point out his
shortcomings, An oasis in the desert of
political rascalities is as welcome to rig as
a little green isle is to the traveler on the
burning sands of Sahara.
The malignity of the implacable .presi ,
finds iu the Hoo. William Walter Phelps
of New Jersey a shining object of its as
saults. Tile independent stand of Mr.
Puefps in Louisiana affairs and on the Civil
Rights bill is the cause of the hostility.—
In:ccmmenting on the course, the Phil
adelphia Evening Bulletin vlcionsly
marks: "There is a grave suspicion "that
the action of Mr. Phelps in these matted's,
was shaped upon the theory that if he,
could conciliate the democratic party;
be mightbeat has adversary by contest
big the election." A sufficient answer to
this is found an the courteous letter of
Mr. Phelps to his opponett congratulat-,
him 'on his election as soon as the result
was ascertained.
We base yet to hear a Ring paper say
one word against the Radical membent
of the- noose, who with drawn- revolvers
defied the officers. They pour out all the
riala of their wrath upon the head of
Speaker Patterson, whom the official.
journal shows made a proper ruling, and
was trying to enforce it. Mr. Wolfe and
each of the Radicals who displayed his
pistol ought to be reprimanded bY the
House. The gentleman had as well take
notice at once that they ure mot going to
intimidate the Democratic majority- by
their belli t cose exhibitiOns, and that they
will either have to go unarmed into the
House and observe its rules, or their con
stituents will be called on to' elect their
successors. The minority has its nglas
that no one is going to interfere with, and
the majority has its rights, also that will
not yield to the_ threats of an armed
• A Washingtotetlispatch of the 3d says: .
The recent advance iu the price of gold
has alarmed a large number of gentlemen
to both Houses of Congress.,They attrib: .
me it in whole or in part to the Finance
bill pi the Senate, the= passage of which
they regard as a grave mistake, calculated
to be productive of..very disasterous con:
sequence - to the whole country. It is b&•
hued by them that the gold preminni
will advance still higher, and that the
receipts fiom culitotits will suffer a core
responding decline. Judge Kelly is so
thoroughly convinced that this will be
the result that he propoies to prepare a
bill,which he Will introduce next week,
repealing certain portions of the law in
question. motion is to provide for
an increase of the menus of the-Gov.
eminent. and at the same time prevent
the advance of the premium on
• Ills bill, among other things. will provide
that the volume of the greenbacks circu ,
fated shall b' restored 'to Its old figure a
titoo,ooo,ooo, and that' the—
Tiding for resumption in t ji379,rindibe
aubditntion of silver coth ;:for fractional
carreney_shall be. repealed.
Mr. John W: • Anstin;jr:, a native of
Ponitney, Vt., and a devoted Republican
during the war, writes as follows to the
Ittitiand Globe from Ibei vile Parish Lou
isiana : "If there is any intelligence br
respectability in Louisiana it is.strongly
represented iii the "White Leagne. The
feeling among them, and in fact of near
ly all the white people of our State,is One
Of righteous indignation against our us
urping rulers, and in favor of justice and
protection to our colored people in all
their rights of citizeusbip.. I do not
know one single mark of intelligence out
side the circles of Wield officials or as
pants in Louisiana, who pretended to
believe , that Wm. Pitt Kellogg is our
rightful Governor. Our people have sub
mitted to his infamous rule only because
they were forced to do . so by the author
ity of. the President. They have in vain
appealed for rebel to our partisann courts.
to the President, and to Congress. They
have recently gained their ease at the bal
lotebox, only to be defeated again by the
power of the bayonet. And now in their
utter despondency they make an appeal
to the brethren of the North. May God
help them if that source fails."
The New York Times of Saturday
save that there is to be a revolution at
the Custom House in that city to-day.
Between sixty and seventy Custom
House officinls, inspectors, and clerks, are
to receive notes from the Collector an
nouncing that their services will be no
longer required after March I. The num
ber of inspect-ra to be removed is said to
equal the number of Assembly Districts
in this city and Brooklyn, and the vari
ous Republican' district organization are
each to have the naming of one man to
be discharged. Tlie news created con
siderable excitement in Republican polit
ical circles, and. the Custom House was
besieged with the friends of those who
are supposed to be in danger.
The naming of one man by the dis
trict organizations to be dischargi d is
quite significant and probably shows that
at least one Republican in each district
had a mind of his own at the last election
and did not toe the mark with sufficieut
promptness and squareness to suit the
notion of his-more partisan colleagues.
It serves them all right—the idea of hold
ing office and having a mind of one's
own ! Besides, they are discharged at
the very time of year when their families
need their salaries the most and*politic
lane need their services the least; and this
makes the lesson all the more impre 'ye.
"'Who w ild.n't be a political office ho
.er ?"
few Turn in dm Shylock Wheel,
"We have been watching with the deep
ist - interest, the fortune of a bill, intro
duced into our State Senate, making
judgement notes negotiable. Our readers
may or may not all be aware that under
existing laws of the state the present
"cut-throat" notes are somewhat guarded
and the victims of extortioners have
one chance left them to make the "curb—
stone" highwaymen disgorge their ill got
ten booty, in the fact that a judgement
note is not transferable and thus under
the law, as it now stands, the judgement
''tan be opened and the "bonus" let oat.
As we have heretofore stated, "Othello's
occupation is gone" to a considerable ex
tent from the fact that the victims of the
ravenous money "coyote" have resorted
to this, the only course, to relieve them
selves of the oppression of these law
breaking shylocks who wantonly- violate
the statutes of this,commonwealth every
day of their livee, aud bring hardship.
and suffering upon many a family in con
sequence kitfch violation; and yet who
would think they had done this commu
nity a great service in sending a poor ig
norant boy to the penitentiary far steal—
ing a pair of boots, or by signing u Local
Option petition. From this fact, and
the attention of our readers being called
'' to it,is it difficult to see the"power behind
the throne" and the object of the passage
of an act that will effectually blockade the
last avenue of escape for the bunted vie_
tims ? Who nut these blood-money shy-,
locks are interested in the passage of any
sud:i law ? and who, save them, would
have instigated . it? and who but a man
in their interest or employ, or that of his
own, would be made a tool to roast their
chestnuts for them ? We have no doubt.
that when the attention of the people of
this section is called to it, every school
boy in the county or state even, will see
where "the little joker" is, but it will do
no harm for ns to expoti it more clearly
than we yet have dune.
Under the . present law, judgement
notes are not transferable, so that any
offset which the defendant may have, can
be interposed and also that an innocent
third party may not be defrauded or im—
posed upon. After a claiin that is trans
ferable has pissed into a third party's
hands, he is presumed innocent of all off-
sets or frandi in the transaction and thus
the defendant is compelled to pay it, let
it be loaded with Iwo_ handed and fifty
per cent bOhns. This law has been the
safe-guard and pritection of our citizens
against patent right theives as well as
those of the "coyote" persuasion. 'The
law, now before the legislature, being pas
sed, making judgement notes negotiable
and the ahylucks will laugh to scorn any
usury law that may hereafter lie passed,
however jstringent its penalties. They
will then, - simply keep their lank, lean,
stool pigeon (innocent third party) as a
receptacle fur these judgettient sotes, to
whom they will be transferred with the
"pound of flesh" attached and the court
will then decide without any twelve per
cent compunctions of.conscience that the
rights of "this innocent third paity"must
be respected. Will not this be a fine hj o ir
for the shylocks ?„ • . ,
Perhaps the people of this county may
feel's little interested - to kunw to whom
they are indebted for the introduction
of this bill into the State Senate. We
would respectfully inform them that it is
Of% (Hon.),W4 W. Watson, - Senator elect
Dimmick's comity, and'that
4. - totilmply;.in furtherance of the same
object hiStirindipal had in tote last_inter,
ly upon a little more of a bigh—t6ned
plan. We think when the people come
to understand this thing Watson
will require something stronger than Lo—
cal Option petitions from the women of
this county to brace him up. 'rile editor
of the Republican said that we would
watch onr.State Senator with u "jealous
eye." We siql most certainly in so in the
same manner khat we did Wm. I.l;Dim 7
mick, last ,winter, and we Shall expose
all shylock operations in the stale Legis—
lature at Harrisburg as fearlessly a we
did then even ut the risk-of again being
bronght.up before that body for censure.
General News.
BOSTON, February 13.—Most :of the
market fishermen before reported in the
ice off Cape Cod, still remain there. A
United States cutter has been unable to
reach them.
GLENN'S FALLS, N. Y., February 13
The thermometer this morning at War
rensburg, Warren county, New York.was
forty—one degrees below zero. It is thirty
two degrees below zero here.
WHMEHALL, N. Y. February 13.—This
is the cOtlest day of the season here. The
thermo Meter at six o'clock this morning
indiditted thirty-seven degrees below zero
and at eight o'clock thirty-two degrees
below zeta.
MANCHESTER, Vebrutiry 13.—The cold
this morning is the severest , of the sea•
son, the thermometer at 'sunrise indi
cating from twenty to thirty degrees be
low zero, and at Franklin in other points
thirty-five degrees below zero.
BOSTON, February 14.—Reports lrom
many points in Maine and New [lamp
shire give the mercury as ranging from
twenty to twenty—five degrees below zero.
This was generally the coldest day of , the/
season. Many of the harbors along the
coast are closed by ice.
CoNeon!), February 13.—The weather
here and throughout the entice state . is
very severe. At eight o'clock the Cher
MOW tt.r indicated tltirty•li Tie degrees be
low zero. All the trains on the northern
Montreal railroads are behind time. Out
door laborers are obliged . to quit work
on account of the severity of the weath-
Concord, N. IL, Feb. special
dispatch frlin Franklin, N. H.. says the
unusually cold weather of yesterday con
tinues. To day the thermometer registered
as low as forty degrees below zero, which
is five degrees colder than twenty-lour
hours ago. Much sufferin; has been
caused by the severity of the weather.—
The flume of Lnifyer it Brother's grist
mill was frozen solid, and workmen are
to-day endeavoring to thaw it out by
burning immense quantities of wood up
on the ice. Workmen are engaged in
cutting ioe on the river and report it to
be four feet thick, an event tha. has ner
er before occurred in the memory of the
oldest inhabitant.. The snow is four f•et
deep on a level, and the roads are badly
blocked up. This is the most severe win
•r experienced here for twenty years.—
'e weather in this city is extremely cold
Th mercury yesterday morning was us
low its thirty-eight degrees below,
and has been about the same to-day. All
the trains from the north on the Mon
treal and northern roads are badly delay
WASHINGTON, Rebruary 14.—1 t is un
derstood that Secretary Bristow does not
favor the new revenue till in Its present
form. He thinks that tea and coffee
should be included, and it is said that
there is no reason to believe that a con—
siderable amount can be realized from
these two sources before the end of the
fiscal year. If the House passes the bill
without tea or coffee, it is believed there
is a strong probability that they will he
added by the Senate iFinance Committer.
In view of the. lateness of the session
and the amount of business yet pressing
upon Congress, the question will proba—
bly be submitted to the House to—morrow
to determine whether it will continue the
discussion of the Revenue bill or wheth—
er it will proceed at once to examine it in
Mr. Dawes will appeal to the House
not to load the bill down with amend—
ments, but tie appeal will not avail to
prevent, at least, the offering of amend—
ments. There are several special assign—
ments to come up in the House this week
and h.nce there is urgent necessity oi an
early disposal of the Revenue bill.
HUNTINGTON, Fepruary 15.— TA joint
ballot for United States senator was taken
to-day in the West Virginia legislature,
and resulted as follows : General Jackson
26, Walker 23, Pierce 17. balance scatter
PlinankLediA,February 15.—The dis
tribution of stocks to the creditors of Jay
Cooke & Co., has been interrupted by
legal difficulties, the trustee declaring to
assume the risk of further transfers of
stock until he is assured as to his own
liability. The five per cent. cash dividend
will however be paid to al creditors en
titled to receive IL
OSWEGO, February 15—The weather
continues boisterous. The trains have
been running on the Oswego and Syra—
cuse railroad since Saturday night. The
other roads are blocked. The train which
left Route for ogdenbcrg on Thursday,
arriving at Adams this morning. No
rains have passed over 06 Syracuse.
norttern railroad since the middle of last
Pa, Febreary 15.--On Sat
urday night at ten o'clock Hirani lilies,
engineer at nnmber tour Stoekton break
er, in passing from the engine house to
the boiler house fell down a pair-of icy
steps a distance of about twelve feet.—
The fireman seeing him fallovent to his
assistance and found him dead, hit neck
being broken, He leaves a wife and two
The apan temperture in Kansas during
last month was 14 deg. or B deg. below the
mean temperature of the month during
eleven previous years.
During the past year the vessels en
tered and cleared from the port of Phil—
adelphia numbered 3181, withtan aggre—
gate tonnage of 1, 476,865 tons. The
emigrants that arrived at that port dur—
ing the same period numbered 8 5 869, of
whio,. 4,075 were males, and 8,804 fe—
males, being- an increase of 5,188; as
compared with 1873. •
The Real waste among rcell•to-dn-larrners
the Boston Journal of Chemistry Says
"is the throwing away of house slopa,and
in allowing the liquid excrement of ani•
mule to be lost. It is better to advise farm
ers to save every drip of the liquids of
the house and barn, than to urge them to
pile up huge heaps of inert substances to
tie used as fertilizers. A heap of dry
muck or peat, which in itself has no
special value... may be used advantageous
ly to absorb the valuable liquids of the
house and barn, and in this way a fanner
may largely increase his man mild resour
ces without incn.ring great expense."
CONSUMPTIVES, TARE tvoncE.—Every' mo
ment of delay makes your cure more hopeless;
and much depends on the judfclous cbelce of a
remedy, Thu amount otlestlmony is favor of
Dr. Schenck's Pulmonic Syrup, as a cute' for
comsumptionfar exceeds all that can bit brought
to support the pretensions of any other medi
cine. See Dr. Schenck's Almanac, containing
the certificates of many persons of the highest
respectability,who hav e been restored to health
atter being pronounced incurable by physicians
of nekoott ledged ability Schenck's Pulmonic
SyrtiPalone , hits r -Ciired many* these bvideneeiii
will show ; but the cure is often promoted by
the employment of two other remedies which
Dr. Schenck provides for the purpose. These
additional remedies are Schenck's Sea Weed
Tonic and liisnorakc Pills.. By the timely use
pf these medicint,ticcordiag to.directions, Dr.
Schenck certifies that any ease of -Consemption
may be eiired.
Dr. Schenck is professionallx at his principal
office, Corner Sixth and Arch WA., Philadelphia
every blonday,wherr all letters for advice must
be addressed.
STEAM . ENOINE FOR BALE.—The substriber has
a second hand. Utt horse power, engine with heavy
balance wheel, and all In complete running order. Will
he sold cheap. having no use (or it. Particulars can be
had by seeing or addrcoaing.
Feb. 17, 1b15.-310. Sptingville, Pa.
aLtTATESIENT of the Indebtedneas, Attarts and rale
CI tithe of Taxable property of Montrone Borough
January 1$ f-
Order No. 'N. Jno. J. Youngs - • • s=l4s
15. Jon. J. Young RDI CIO
tol, 0. P. Beebe - - - - 4595
so, O. P. Beebe - - - - 10550
ot 0. P. Beebe - - - - 17048
Note do Robert Strange • - - 21000
Henn- Sherman - • - 11505
H. I. Mulford. Treaourer lover paid on
orderol - - - • - =5l
Tax Onyllesto In bands of Col'actor - - • &WOO
Ono yoke cattle. pair trucks. elms& scraper.
chains. etc. - - WOOS
Claim against Wm. M. Post - - -14.91 M
Total 5965
Amount valuation of Taxable property SISISACS
D. SAYRE. Burgess
Atteet—llzinrr C. Tyvan, Clerk.
Moutro.e, Feb, IT. 1875.
The Bost Home Music Books.
PIANO AT HOME. 4 111 r:
Large collection of pnpniar pierce. Mot excellent prac
tice. and most entertaining to play.
Vol,. Each Ql6O. from booke,and le
tcme. complete.. Intererting and a moat useful book of
reference In mrolcal families).
C ARK E oRG.,N: is at,ll the leadirg
Method to point of Pale, in enlarged, improved. and in
eve, e tray keepa op Its high reputation. Prier E" GO.
ORGAN t,?: trlcOolreE,..i.irrip,TheilargesLaonzd
eon mash.. 200 pee ; large pages, Nvelfeli r od. '
( ) F lA. PE. : Len ' 5 ts l .3TH
of the sweeterl of Sabhatla School Songs.
All books sent pool-paid, for retail price,
Boston. 711 B'Llway. N. Y.
1-tc lignY 9d, 187.1.—ty,)
MARYLAND FARMS and Rames,lo,o3o Acres. Near
railroad. Location healthy. Title good. Address
Wm. IL Ridgely. Attorney. Denton, Maryland.
(.1 BAB PPN your own VIII Picks. No Blacksmith.
471 needed. Money eared. and Picks always sharp. For
Illustrated circular addra.r. Tor T.serrra Co,Stroudeburg,
Monroe . Pa. 6-4
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for the oldest ea Company In Americ, Greatest In
ducements. Send for &cater, CANTON TEA CO..
148 Chambers street, New York. 6-1
foraNrite Prim Us! to J. U. JOHNSTON,
. Wails
r . •
- /V Slllialßekl Ea- Patatrarab. Ps.
eT la Et IE7 33 30 391 ?
Weak, Nervous, or Debilitated ?
Are you no languid that any exertion requiree more of
an effort than you foal capable of making?
Then try JUlttiliEßA. the wonderful tonic and invig
orator, whim Liar) so beneficially on the secretive or.
gaps as to Impart vigor to all the vital forces.
It Ic no rlcohholic appetizer, which stimulates for a
short time, only to let the sufferer tall to slower depth
of misery'. but it se a vegetable tonic acting directly on
the liver and spleen.
It remilates the Bowels, quiets the nerves. sad gives
each a healthy tuna to the whole system es to soon make
the Invalid feel like a new person.
Its operation le not violent. but is characterized by
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"Fold their tents like the Arabs,
And silently steal sway."
This is no rew and untried discovery, but has been
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6-4 w New York.
Strikes at the root of dleeaee by purifying the blood re
storing the liver and kidney* to health Action. invigora
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le not a vile. nausemia compound. which simply par
neit the bowelr. but a rare plimeant remedy whictt Ja
cure to purify the blood and thereby reatore the health.
U now preoeritnni In eases of Scrofula and other dioces
es of the blood. by many of the heat physicians. Owing
to its great ponces, In curing all diseases of this nature.
Does not deceive invalids Into able hopes by purging
and emitting a fictitious appetite, bat uelste nature in
clearing ana purifying the whole eye:ern, leading the pa
tient grednally to perfect health.
Was looked upon RP an experiment for some time by
some of our best physicians, but those moot incredu
lous in regard to its merits are now "most ardent
friends and supporters.
Instead of being a puffed-up medicine has worked tta
way up, to Its present astonishing success by actual
merit In curing all diseases of the blood, of whatever
Bays a Boston phyeician. "has no equal as O blood puri
fier. Ilearin g of its many wonderful eureskfter all oth
er remedies had failed, 1 viaited the laboratory and eon
rimed myself of Its genuine merit. It to prepared from
bark+, roots and herbs, each cf which Is highly effective
and they are compounded in each a manner as to pro
dace astonishing results."
is acknowledged And recommended by physicians and
apothecaries to be the best purifier and cleanser sr the
blood yet disooveredand thousands speak In its praise
who have been restored to health.
Cincinnati, Nov. :G,18'2
Mn. 11. R. &mamas:
Dear Sir—The two bottles of VEGETINII tarnished
me by your anent, my wife has used with great benefit.
Fora Mug time she has been troubled with dizziness
and votiveness; these troubles are now entirely re
moved by the use of VEGSTINE.
. . . .
She was' also troubled with Dyspepsia and General
Debility : and tuts been greatly beuedtted.
THOS. GILMORE. 24iIX Walnut Street.
Dear Sir—About one year since I found wed( In a
feeble medic - lon from-general bebiihy. VEOETINS
was strongly recommended to ma by a friend who had
been much benefited by Its nee. I procured the article
and after wing several nettles. was tailored to health
and discontinued its use. I feel quite confident that
there Is no medicine superior to it forthone complaints
for which it Is especially prepared, and would cheerful
ly recommend it .0 those who feel that they need some
thing to restore them to perfect health.
Respectfully yenta.
Finn of S. M. Fettingill C0.,10 State Pß St.. 80 8 ston. LL.
- - -
Dear Sir—Through , the advice and earnest perfusion
of Rer. R. S. Dem. of .bla pLace. I have been taking'
VEGETINE for Dypperia, of which I have infrared for .
I have need only two bottles and already feel vagina
new man. Tierpeeifoily Inure
• liii7eiVcAwrEe.
Report of a Practical Chemist and
Boson, January 14,1874.
Den. 81r — This le to certify that I have sold at retell
153;i doseu (1832 bottles) of yonr V EGETINE *thee
April 12, 1830. and am truly say that It ha. Oven the
best satisfaction ol any remedy for the notagaltils for
which !tie reentemendrd. that I ever sold. neared, n
day neater erlthont some.of my easterners, testifying to
its merite on themselves or their friends. I ampsra , M.
ly cognizant el reread case. of Bc:erelong Tumors he.
Inn cured by VECIETINE alone in this
Very raTettfully yours •
yo 4f..9 81004W 4 7.
ft. SyLvens Esq.
Vegetine Is Sabi by all Druggists.
Special Notices.
Nevt Advertisements
Cauchy & Co,
Boston, February 18, 1871
Natick, Mass., Jane Ist, 187 t
Eiiiia.scatiehaaarka, Ccon.n.t3r,
'Made and publitilleil in pursuance of an Act of A.L.o..intily 01 the nth of April, A. D., 1834.
Townships and
Dopll. ;Ain't P'cl. Exc.', Percent. Duple. Am'itsl, Ex'a.rr 3 l•
,— — -1
A polaeon Michael Clary .. . 14 grows 354 12 $ 'oll' a)800 vat 4 19 13 $ 121$ 1 49
Anbarn. ... .. .... .W. C. Lowe. . .... I 1.410 PT lAD 23 95 30 12153 59 93 23 61 1 421 299
Ararat. L. C Avery. ........ 919 04 1209 36 5 14 15 54, 16 .12 13 17 401 79
Bridgewater.... ...:Apollos bone . ... 1.1M5 47' 1, 7 2431 20 41 99 73, 82 40 30 IS 8 27j 296
Brooklyn 'A Titsworth 1,0101 11 64 61 4MI 'co Tr, , 41 E 11) 37 94 1 74! 900
Choc-own. . . David Stanley 507 66 4 76 Co 725 95 113'.' 31 18 99 04 59; 153
Clifford M. A.Gurdtter . . 1,114 1.054 St - aOl 55 52' 43 :0 11 71 1 491 219
[Maack R. 0. BUlltWil . ..... 1,07414, 1.003114 1312 53 09 52 WI 411 75 279! 240
Diandalf . . ..... . ... Isaac E. DeLVIP .. ... jay II 129 72 0 99 0 77'' 19 19 931 2 35( 49
Forest Lako ..... ... I W. G. Small . ... 02.3 lII' 873 19 396 45 123 I: 41 44 * 37 90 1 481 200
Franklin .. ...:Oharles R. Monson. 941 57! 794 79 406 41 8.3 . 95 76 313 54 1 531 171
FriendsvlUe James Mead..... . . 143 20 134 IM 1 44 1 708' 730 394 •- • 24
Gibson IS. P. P0pc.......... 1,.30916, 1 .tri 93 29 , 6593;;63'99 CM 09 871 310
Great Bend T0p!.... H. N. Hanna .... ... 96113 9 14 01 204 14 15„ 42 nI :19 94 79 107
Great Bend Borough. 'Robert Ferruaon.... 829 78 809 49 404 13 231' 15 29 13x7 TJ 72
Buford ....... Nathan L. G011e... . 1.69991, 1.020 st 5140 5120 4509. 413.3 15.3 1 317
nr molly. . ....:.. James M. Thomas.. 8...91 26 775 07 10 40 40 19 39 14 31 Vl' 409 175
Herrick . ..., ..... .. !Sanford Burns... .' 78274' 1314231 419 36 43. 31 10 :9141 58 159
Jackson......... Orvill e Grillie 1,10337 1 440 81 879 54 740 , 45 32. 42 'M ! 81 929
Jessup_ ..... .. .. 'Lucius Smith. ... . 724 22 o`9l ..58 296 3618: i 8310 3051; 99 1 110
Lattntop .... ..... . i "noon 31errIll I 010109 6:2150 18 09 :r3 50: 8718 39 19 1 741 159
Lenox ........ ....... : .Alson TIC. ny 1 203 WI 1 .141 tsi 3 86 00 10 03 19 01 lb. 48, 9 4 Liberty_ 'Fred. 11. stanford . 'll9 39 797 31 1 3 49) :9•1 2 , 4 34 16 31 Si 911. 1 Get
Little Meadows ... G. E Kimball. ..... 1.348 1 if) 21 027 579 550 MI
Middletown . *.. ... I sainuel Dodge ... 1198 80, 602 99 139 94 or, I I-tl 91, 31 67 481 168
_ . .. John A. Bowel] . 1, 109 86 1 .11 , 3 05 11 99 72 92 1211511 118 82 3 89' 598
New Milfo rd T0p.... ID. W. Tenant. - 1.518 28 1 •115 75 697 7 .1 56 CO 17 56 49; 1 70: 992
New Milford Bore— J. E. Dean.. ... .. rim 17 472 no 376 1.9112 91 1.1 81141 1 43. 173
Oakland..... ... .... N. W. Fox 570 71 542 41. 576 39 54 31 a 1 20 43 Eli 1 (I 7
Rush..... . ... .. . : Daniel IL Devine_ .. 009 58 654.2' 7 91 1413 . ' 12(81 4000; 90 210
Silver Lake .. . ..• '7ohn Daley . ' 83183 1752' 445 3986 3981 ni 68 : •63: 150
Springville.... ... ... .E. S. Cogswell 1,07889 1.02041, 475 53 70 50-67 4667 ; 122 999
Susquehanna Depot.. 414. 10. Pope ... 1,112 18 ' 1.9.49 ~, s' 28 82 55 21 : 07 90 53 36 , 9 al, 991
Thomson 'G. L. Lewis.. .. ... 1 483 52 L'Bl3l 320 24 01 . 2138. 21 011; 1 22; 110
-- --- .
Tots] Amount of Duplicates,. - -
paid by Collectors, - -
" , Exoneratlons. : - -
4 Percentage to Collectors, -
Signed by the Auditors, January sth, 1575.
To amount of said Fund, to To-women hands,
eta per tart Auditor's Report ..... ...$lOll CA
The above Aceonot audited I en eery 4, 1814.
Charles Moore ....
Frank Barley.... .
Fogerty and Doyle
S. Buchanan ...
P. S. Babcock.... .
Uriati States
Daniel Depu0......
Richard Bedell ...
A. 'Purcell ..... .
F. Hoffman... ..
Jacob Decker .
Joseph Smith
To amount of Fines and Jury fees as per certlfl. By amount inseelleetahle„ - - - . - $l7B 00
eats of the Clark of Court of Quarter Sessions.ss69 00 IBy three per cent on t 391, - - - - - 11 73
By amount paid Tress, sod charged to his sec's., 370 27
The above amount audited January 8, ISM. I
J. B. JOHNSTON, i. Auditors.
To amount in Treasurer's hands as per last
Auditors' Report $ 5,709.10
amount received Rom M. B. Heinle, Sheriff.
Fines and Jury Fees 379.37
amount of duplicates for 1874
3 mills tax ou Personal Property 1.370.13)
Loan from G. B. Milliken 2.00400
amount reed from unseated lands 1872-3.. 1,121.30
Loan made for the purpose of
consolidating pi for Mans.. .
amount rec'd from Tremaine Bros—use of
Court Home
amount received from Montrose Mueical
Union—use of Court House— less am't
paid R. Baldwin, 8,19.0 n— MOO.
amount rec'd from John Bradshaw. treas
urer Rush and Auburn Poor Asylum..
amount reed—costs from Wyoming and
Lneerne counties
amount rec'd costs in N 0.400 Aug.T.,1871.
forfeited recognisance inc. Jury Fee.
amount of Additional Taxes .
amount reed Tram returned lands
Oat at, la 74. ROAD TAXES.
To amount of Road Warrant. for the years 1873
and DM
Dec_ 21, 1871. SCHOOL TAXES. Dr.
To amount of School Warrants for 1872 and
1871 . . ..... 1,251.21
De/ 11 31,1874. BOUNTY TAXES. Dr.
To amount ot.Boanty Warrants for UM— .... .$58.88
Audited January sth, I
Statement ehowlng the amonnt.of expertise' and coate in the prosecution of the above entitled rase, as follows
Amountpaid H. B. Helms, Sheriff. for board- Anionnt broaght lanyard. : : : $2.770 92
In; the piimoners one year and six weeks, Amount paid Justices and constables casts at
at three dollariper week : : : $ 848 00 : New Milford : l :• : :
Amount paid commonwealth witnesses : 493 el . Amount paid for police to guard Jai' . .
Amount paid H. M. Bennett, night watch, 97
Amount paid counsel employed by County day, at three dollars per day
COMMitislorters. & at trial before Supreme Amount. paid Crietophyr Sherman for same,
Court, paper book, and expenses, : : 0.8 03 Amount paid M. B. lielme, sheriff
Amount paid counsel at bearing before the Amount paid M. B. lielme for deputies, :
Court of Pardons : :• :•
. . . lib 00 Amount paid U. Summers, prothonotary
Amount paid Traverse dprorii .• : : : 0117 11l Amount paid Jamoe E. Carmalt. Dist. Att'y.
Amount. paid J. 8. Tarbell, boarding Jurors. 1121 00 Amount paid James Flynn. Chief of Police of
Amount paid constables attending court—let Bmgharuton, . . . •
week, : : : : 11900 Amount paid F. I. lialAey, and others.
Amount paid Dr. C. C. Halsey and others for Amount paid W. W. Smith, Coml., :
poet mortem examinational : : ES 70 Amount paidA. Mrint (or erne hog gallows
-- 1
The shove costs paid In the O'Mara and Irvin owe are all Included la the item of Commonwealth coot except
one thousand three hundred and tweoty.three doliani and twenty-two cents paid In other Commonwealth cue..
Montrose, Audited January 5,1815,
Lommonwciltb coots..
Road and Bridge views
Mathew Ma r eeby, estate - ' SM, 00
S. R. Townsend ..... ..... . ........... 20 00
B.T. Cale eState • 'l5OO
Thu : as Quigley 100 00
James o.Bullattl ' P 2 4.0
Lathrop a McCollum 125 110
A. U. 1-tockwell 50 00
A. D. Butte:Acid.... ............... ..... 100 00
E. G. Floyd Me 00
J. D. Darrow 75 ID
J. Osborn 4000
J, Storer...lo 03
O. F. Blatlee., 400 00
Wm. Maughwant _2113 01
Wm. Mho' 0 2000
'Wca, Bunnell. :. ..,... 45 00
E. Oairansogb 44 0 0
Jamas Logan ...... .. .. ...... ... ..... 05 0 0
IL Coleman Z 00
6.11. Coleman .
J. T. Ellis.— ,
COUNTY C010118.310NE49. .
0. Washburn, 160 days at V 450 -$4OOOO -
LyITULD Makellee. 160 days at -40006
E. G. Ball, 160 day* at, $260 • 400 00-$1,200 Ott
FOR THE "1" - E.A.1zt, 1874_
$t3,81 , 1 98 $27,281; 9.2 $246 V',1411 80 41.8111 2911t1,451 59451 es $l9l 79
EtMO.EI-1 2 .vi: Li i_aLTION
(.22.200 tr 2
20) 20
1.431 NU
Ily Order', Redeemed Rom No. Ito N 0.5 . ...$ 99 00
Treaenrefe Cummhorlo. oo Ezpendltares,
$49.0 , 1 at per mmt . . 9n
totrant In Trensdrer'r hand* to balance '5 66
FiNge. JURY Pus
Amoont brought forward.. 490 28
Charles Morris . 4
P. Lamina 3 4
George tiltugeon.... . 1
No. I'3 1 August Term 1871 . 4
No. 3113 April Term 1872 . 4
No 743 August Term lel7l 4
No. 337 Jammry Term 1813
No. 143 August reran 1872 .. 4
No. 805 Augnot Term 1871 .. 4
No. 6 November Term 18144.. 4
No. 133 NoVeffiber Term 1872.... 4
FINES. lour FREs.
.$6O $ 4
.. 10
DAVID SUALMICID4, Prothrmotary
•OR 1574. Cr.
$ 8.44
County Orders redeemed (tom No. 1 to 510
Intim.lye. . 46,960 13
Eson'tlone to Collectors,Co.Tax,s 211L161 1.678.011
Percentage •• 1,431.80
By 8 Rdurni , ng Ordere
Fxon'lf our
Treasurer's Oommtssiens on receipts $.5.3
059.47 at 2 per cent . "' .
Treztenter's Commiesions on Expecdttnres
$48,974.77 at Y par cent.. . .
Der. 31, 11174. ROAD TAXES. Cr.
By amount paid townships.... . . $1.0113.15
Treasurer's percentage nt 5 per rent 57.59
Dec. 31. 1874. :SCHOOL TAXES. Cr.
Hy amount paid tojittehipe
Treneurere percentage at 5 per ccut. 62.56
Doc. 31, 18 4. BOUNTY TAXES. Cr.
By amonht paid Townships... 55 92
amount 'Treasurer's percentage at 5 per rent.. 2.94
J. B. JOHNSTON, 1. Aid//ors.
Wm. A. Crotemou
• 3.091194
Min 30
J. Dena. .
J. W. Kent__
K. 11. Roger,. pole for Constable... .
IL N. Neltogg. et 01,, return! to Jana ,
my session Vin 19
H. Ili .. . .., . .. 1120
L. W. Birchen], et. Al • attending Jan.
IL N. Kellogg. et al adv. twp. elections 182 40
IL N. KePogg, et al returns to April
sessions.. 2:91411
K. P. Pope on commilment 990
C. J. Whipple, et al attending April
Court 11600
IL Ferguson on commitment 342
1,, W. Ditcher& et al attending special
court. June. .. 2000
11. Clary, et al returns to Aug. cession 140011
L. W. ilirchard, et al attending Aug.
court. . • ... ••• • • . 74 00
L. W. BirchanL et al attending special
court. drat Week ........ 2800 '
L. Birchurd, et al attending',Vecf.ii
court, second week 81)00
J. Dahl y on commitment...—. ..... ISt
id. li. Pope
N. W. FPX " 400
A, Stone, et al returns to Nov. court. 191 rid
L, W. flirchtril, et al attending Nor.
wort • 114 iii-si,awao
50 00-$1,550 (10
$1.3'10 2fl
51 $5
J. T. HLLIS, i
J. 13. JOHNSTON, , r Auditors
SS&I srB
Slate lax 61.85 1
•• 66.79
Balance In Treastarce, , Luande
J. D. JoIINSTON. (Audilars
von 1874 i ;13RobtniT
R. L. Cool;et ei,atten ding triennial ap
peals ... SIM 00 •
.7. C. Decker .„. ..GlMord .... MOO
S. Congdon et. el. county amia . rment.. 700 0041,325 00
convicts. Dr. Cr.
D. Van Wormer $ nsa 8 111
Wm. Glair' - 15 30
Thomas Monahan 3363 10 00
Ariel Gleason .... .. ~.. U9OO 4148
James Flynn • 134 10 . .•• 48 10
Rafus Tewksbury 124 lb ' ••3 43
Chas. Bless! in 601 13 34
Wm. Wilcox ...... . .... 194 10 11 78
• morgs II By ale ...... ..... 131 14 4473
G . Davlion 114 3300
Chao. Norton 8439 15 84
Samuel Welton 8433 17 40
$1.05270 $544 60
Balance doe, paid by comity $ 848 10
0. N. Allan, M st G. Jsuorit, Jan. T." 74419598
A Baldwin, at al. T.J'rs, Ist w'k 287 19
E. S. Brown. et al. T. J'rs, 2d w'k " 12055
A. G. Brush, et al. T. J're. 3d w'k 775 23
D. 'McCollum, T. J'r.9 50
A. M. Adams et al G. Tra'April Term.. 182 84
W. Aldrich et al T. Jurors Ist week.. . 408 45
A. C. Ayres et al T. Jurors *1 week.... 447 48
W. D. Adams et al T. Jurors 3d week... 464 lib
Joseph Sheehan T. Juror 12113
A. Ayres et al. G. Jurors. August Term. 195 14
J. A. Adams et al T. Jurors let week... 611 85
A. P. Bailey et al T. Jarmo 2d week..,. 408 98
E. L. Adams T. Jnror 2 week...... 25
W.L.Coi et al special court Oct. let w.. 294 57
T. P. Bailey et al •• 3d w.. 86068
Wm. T Anetin et al G. Jo ore. Nov. T.. 19909
R. K. Batley et al T. Jurors lst week . 87709
J. D. Wilson et al T. Jurors 2d week,— 575 07
E. Crane et at T. Jurors 3d week 233111-5,885 74
D. F. &Win, replant from Jone-14
Int to Dee. 5, 193 $l5l 99
G. F. Furdbam. cushions... . 128
John Johnson, et al cleaning Court
Grime 2 75
Boyd & Corwin. material .for Grand
Jury room .. ...... 2185
Geo. N. Silsbee.intop 4(5)
B C. sayre, lamp chimneys... 115
C. J. Whipple Janitor . • 150
wm. W. Smith. furniture... l7 78
B. C. Sayro At Co.. stores nd bricks.. 3131 •
Guttenberg, Rosenbaum & Co., mat
ti se
Wm. W. Smith, chairs . ....... . 1G 25
C. !Thurman. work la Pod 'a office 7 541
G. F. Fordham, chair cashions.... . 725
C. J. Whipsie, cleaning cellar, : 8:18
A. Frink. repairs In Grand Jury room GS 18
C. J. Whipple, charcoal. 12)— 366 61
L. B. I boll
. .
R. T. Ashley et al township elebtions..s4ll 81
Daniel Una house rent for election.... 200
B. Tevrksbory etal .... 10 00
Charles Kirk .. "
M. V. Bisbee township election 11 50
J. G. Ravrhond Oakland 'eh. diet. elec. • 060
P 8. Babcock house rent for election. 10 CIO
Henry Ached 5 00
P. K Brush " 12 50
E. V. D. Conk " " 500
Mrs. E. B. Gary •• " 10 00
F.. G. Meeker " 600
A Werner " 160
N. D. Snyder " " 10 al
B. Slngerly election laws.- ..... . .... 48 00
J. IL Raynsforti express on elec. laws.. 226
G. L. Stone et al general election 688 95
Jas. Mcllvany house rent for election.. 000
J. M. Thomas Ind. district election.... 400 -
G. 1.. Stone Repreal ire return judge_ 040
T. Hayden Senatorial do ... 400
H. C. Conklin Ind. district election 480
P. E. Brush eLai. elect.houae rent (Nov.) 111 25 1,410 55
F. B. Chandler et el
D. P. Tiffany swearing tarp. officer... .11 115
L. W. Barton " " 100
S. Ring ... 100
F. Keenan
D. C. Marvin
. . 1 r.
J. Dußois .. '• .S. IIS
R. Form " ... 176
J. 11. Toole: " " ... 150
M. E. Ryan " ... 150— 11 60
C. L. Brown, use toll gate ..•.$ 400
Guttenberg. Rosenbaum ft Co., cloth
ing for prisoners 775
8010 & Corwin, roptirs - 31 28 •
Guttenberg, Rosenbaum B Co., cloth
ing fur prisoners - • 10 00
D. F. Austin. repairs 24 83
A. Prink. repairs in ....... . 129 87
Isaac Hamlin, repairs ...... . . 009
D. F. Austin, painting .... 1701— ses 81
Mrs. H Blossom
P. Hinds 2.064 00
H. Beebe.. . 216.00
Samuel Sherm...... 1.0) 00
Chas. A. Prink. Sill 00
Wm. Robinson ............ 010 37
.1. Smiley et al eetate 1.991 73
J. T. Ellis 1359 SO
A Beardsley ..... . ........ 1.0 3 1 33
Gem B. Miliken. 2,160 .0
Interest on matured and mimatured
bonds 1,220 03 —19,143 96
D. D. Lathrop, et. at $ IWt 00
B. Baldwin, Jan il y term
•• Nor. .
Andrus. McChain & Co., stationery,
paper. etc $ al 95
Andrus. McChain & Co_, staticuterv,
paper, etc 26 85
T. A. Lyons, stationery and binding... 14 71
T. A Lyons, . ...4 51
W. B. Deans, books and stationery..,. 99p
B. ‘lngerly, registry and elec. blanks . 65 119
J. IL Itaynsibrd. express on registry
and election blanks .......5 15
Andrus, McChain & Co., assessment
boot. and stationery ... 109 50
W. F. Mary!. Sons, D. books. 107 25
I. Searle, r., ex. on
E. C. For ham. envelopes. ....... . 539
11. N. Tiffany, express.—.— ... 100
W. F. Murphy's %.0111. • Prot's ......... 72 75
E. C. Fordham, stationery 287
T. A. Lyons, binding 94r
Andrus, McClain & Co., b00k5.......1926 $479 06
Jnoas Smith January Term $ 51 15
Benjamin West • •• 47 00
Edwin R. Cook 4100
Daniel Kane 40 00
Jonas Smith April Term 44 15
Benjamin West 44 00
Edwin R. Cook 44 23
Dueeil Kane 41 90
Jones Smith Augur Term 4100
Benjamin West 59 50
Edwin R. Cook 43413
Daniel Kane " 40 50
Jonas Smith October Term 43 NI
Benjamin West 1900
Daniel Kane •• 1940
Edwin R. Cook "
5900 $71055
By •eferenco to account current It will be observed
that thteounty lure tribursed for qui maintenance of
Daniel Kane, by the Rush and !Inborn Poor Asylum.
Billings Strand
E. C. Fordbam
E. B. Hawley a Co
81 0!
01 DO
Sl.ll.llelme, den. toll board.waeligatc $ 1113
Aptll 6 * " :.7048
" June 6 . 114 69
" Aug. " " OG
Noe. " 31-1.014
33. B. ITELME., 1211RHIFF.
Jan', bill, serving jury notices et 4920
Mar. • conveyinglitephenßitebanao
and Frank Burleigh to Eastern
Penitentiary. .... ..... . ... 132 23
April bill, nerving jury notices. etc.— .„ 2,9 tn
June " conveying John Kelley to
Eastern Penitentiary... .. . ... 92 1:31
Aug. nth serving jury noilCl.l , ete 3:31 60
Nov. " 37 00 .
" " ** ..... 39 00 42940
R. W. Mackey. Mate Treasurer --SAM 27
Dr. A. U. Lewis. poet mart ex. : : : LO 00
Dr. JD. Leslie. et al. post wort. ex. 2500 4500
J. R. McCain copying jury 51M1
D. Brewster, jury comm*doloarr: : 60 00
W. A. t'ro.ernan• ••• . SO 00
A. R. Smith , jury cam. clunk. : : : : 10 041— ILI 00
Jamas E. Cannalt • • • • • • • : 111 00
C. M, Ger°, treutirm : z : :loam
O. B. Eldred. We
ra Prot. and z - 83
David Sumetn, "
111. A. Thayer, cola and . t 33121
• ' : • : 45 111 •
P. Marcy : : 5 51
A. N. Dullard, kerusrue: : • • : : 400
D. D. Stobbins, cost and hauling: Oa
t 183
J. R. Itintat'ord 4 . : : 141:4 -
Ilarrlngtop " : : 41119
A. N. Bollsol, kt.rosette:• ' : 0 15
M. J. ucartngton, cot and . tutußoC: : A 7 t>j- - 531 IR
$ 71
. 9350
. 91 29
190 50
135 50-$ 594 04
10 00
90 00
13 40
. 11910
149 20 WI
14106- On 50
Number 7.
FOR 1874, Irtlol.lollT UP.
B. Laagaott, et al. neer:ware, takt.t:
tvgletry and MetzPasting hook.
to to went:lye: : : : : :
Expensee—Commlealtiners ane Clerk
—l9 days, Including horse blre: :
Wm. C. Tilden
By County Orders redeemed from
No. 1 to 50 Inclusive: : :
Avelable funds In the Treaenry : lu te fl
Unneurrent money of prevlnos years : : ove f p
Notes and Bonds, Me per inst•Andttore report : Loom
Notes given for testa and lines anco'lectable 400 Q0
We certify the foregoing to be a tree statement.
E. 0. DAI.L. Chemin/
Attest :•-•Wit. A. Cnossiros, Comtu're Clerk. •
comsn're Office, liontreee, Jan. 9,18 Z.
Surquchanna County. Cs:
We the under/dirtied Auditors in and for the County
of Sroquehanna. met In to:mance 01 our duti. P. at Se
Auditor', °Mee, In Montrone. Pa.. on Monday. the 4th
day ofJannary. A. D. 1873, and did and it, adjoet and wt.
tic the normal accountr of the Commirelonere and
Treanurer of wild County. all of which, noon a thorough
examinatlon, we find to he cOrrect. We find 1.. t 6
hands of H. O. Taylor, Treasurer, of cold Count :
Amount of county Node. $4.193 41 I amount of State
Node oianh - ntecho 81. Mill In; amount of dog tax, $3
t0ta1,.111,4X, 13.
J. D. JOHNSTON. } ductlmee
Auditor.' Mine, 3forstrow, Jan. A, '73.
Courts of Appeal.
TILE Commissioners of Susquehanna County hayed,
ed upon the fAlowlng days sod dates reApeellreiy.
for bearing Appeals from the Assessments" for the 'cur
1815. at the Comml•sloners Ogle°, In Moutrose, to sit
Apolacon Cboconnt, Little Meadows Borough. St her
Lake, and Forest Lake. Monday, February 2-2 d.
Vrtendsvllle; Middletown, Franklin, Liberty, Auburn.
Jessup. and Rush. Tuesday, February 2341.
Dimork. Latbrop,Elpringville, Gibson, and Brooklyn,
Wednesday, February Nth.
Great Bend, Great Bend Borough. New Milford. Rea
Milford Borough. Thomson, and Ararat. Thursday. Feb
ruary 23th.
Harmony. Oakland, Jackson, Susquehanna Bornu e p,
and Buford, Friday, Febmarygatq.
Clifford. Dundaff. Lenox., Herrick, Bridgewater. and
Montrose, satnrday, February 'nth-
BARNES,. nymndaitner.,
Attest: W. A. CnorilltOn, (Maintra theft.
Commissioners' Office, Montrose, Jan. 27, Bffy.
New Advertisements
AR partnershir formerly existing under the arm Tname of FITV I A WATSON, hoeing expir, d by Its
own limitation, Dec. Stet. Y 4, was dissolved at that data
The books. notes, and accounts of the late fain. remain
in coy hands, and ponies Indebted are requested to tall
and settle. L F. FITCH.
Montrose, January 27, 1875.-41,1
Blacksmith' Wanted.
underAgmegl haring a good Blacksmith shop
„Ungar Choconnt Post OlUec, ir nestraima of engaging
a good Blacksmith. or will rent the shop. Alco a Hotel
properly for rent or sale. Address
Choconnt, Pa., January 27, 1871-3 n-p
AUDITOR'S NOTICE. The undersigned having been
appointed an Auditor, by the Orphaos' roan
of Susquehanna County to distribute the funds In toe
hands of Elliot Aldrich, executor of the crt.ol Nathan
mdirch, dec'd., will attend to thcs dutl es of Ms appoint
ment at the °Mee of Fraser dt Criminal:On Montrose.on
Monday, March 21, :873, at 1 o'clock, p. m, at which
time nod place all persons interested ID add fund man
present their claims, or he forever debarred from corn.
log in on said fund.
WM. A. CROSSMON. Auditor.
Montrose, Jan. 27, 181'5.-417.
To all Whom it may Concern.
ALL persons are hereby warned ovine% parchasing
either of the following described notes, to wit:
Note given to Ste .hen Smith by J. Read of about
Bail, dated April, 1873, and note gigen to Stephen Smith
by Wm. Sehoonmake., of over VOCt. dated April. ISM.—
Them notes belong to the estate of Ste,.hcn Smith, i s.
teased, and no person except the executor of said ere
tate, has any tit'e or interest in either of said notes.
January 27, 1875.-Swp L. B. COLE, Execuor.
to p /Ant w s ith ict e, il o ea m /' os Cont .
stamp. ,F. P. Gums, New Bedford, Mass. 4w4
Send stamp and get q. Address, F. B. DURST, 'ts and
77 Niti3.lta Street, New York. 411-4
GENTS WANTED e r 7t th se e ll a g
book over publimbed. Send for epeelmon pages and our
extra terms to Agent!. National Publishing Company,
Philadelphia. Pa. 4w4
S And a c o P r t ot e 8 EM.PLOYMENT
Out it
Sent Free.
We want a suitable person in every
neighborhood to take ordem and deity
er goods for our established C. 0. D. Setts of etapleand
family goods of all kinds In constant use and wear. The
oldest C. 0. D. house tn America. Sales over half a mil
lion In 1874. baton CABS PAY to the right person, A
real chance for all, male or female, at your homes or
traveling. No risk. tf you go to work we will send you
free and pcet•palil a line of samples and a complete out
fit. Address at once and secure your territory. IL .1.
HALL et Co., 6. N. floward e)., Baltimore, Md. 4w4
A. W. C.,CloClPX—Llallt,
Carpenter and Builder,
CNTRACTS to erect sanctums of all kinds, In any
section and complete them in ovary detail. Muhl,
and Slate Mantles, Sash, litinds, Mors, and Window
Frames, famished to outer. Stair Building and build
ing paper made specialties. Employ none but exper
fenced workmen. tihop neat the Methodist Church.
Montrose, January 21, 1875.-Xyl
A UDITOR'S NOTICE.—The ondenigned. an Anda.
.r t 4timit o d by !Le
1 0 . ? t he e n'e
to di hands of A EL acCollam
etit „adminietratorof the estate of Reuben Reynolde,late
of Briderwater deeetieed. will attend tothe duties of his
appOlutment at hie office In Montrose, on Friday,
February 5tn.1874, at I o'clock,p. at which time and,
place all persons Interested will make known their
claims or be forever debarred horn coming la on said
Montrose. Jan. 00th, IFIS. 3w4,)„..V.
Now Store 11 Bracklloy
Tfilr.uente'ytlmdviwcl9.l,tyothula:'7V,Vgteheo people
tetZ of
clock of
Second In quality to none. We have opened business
with n view of supplying, the people of this suction, and
will guarantee goods an represented, and at or
Under Binghamton Piices•
Our expenses being much lighter than Moro of Bing
hamton merchants.
Save Time and Money,
by trading with no. Country Produce takenin ex
change for Goods. We respectfully solicit alatr tritO
being convinced that we cue do well by our patrons..
People wishing to trade &trio , . the summer re/000,
on bark contracts, (hark to bo delivered the folldwing
winter.) can do so,
Brackney, Pa., Januar) to, 1675.-n3m3
r itA lk imporpr
alsot o hEt.,
814 a nt l i
..elgani V arramperttottl
wim:Kt azarta
i iNkp
, v- ar dr i gr iwa l 873 oftp
$1 1 I nit C L IIIt t int s
Tho WyomillE Sllita Bed.
Tuet,e B , l l l ,L G a i rotg,%" l ti,tn.d.V,T,Wea:chr.
esalyjmndled. and•tmaily kept clean. For
. elastletty.
- comfort, and durability, It fa unsurpassed. Hundreds
of recommendationrcould be pnainced it necessary.—
The low price at which they are sold brings' then , "h *
in rcaeh of all who wish to Indulge in Ilan •Inmitir of a
first class npring lied. ,You can bare ono pet on ))one
bedstead, .if desire , one It 14 deco not prove entitclY
satisfactory:it will be takon away tree of chage, 'For ,
sale . by. W. W. Smith Son Furniture dealers, and be
S. WARNICII, .11snulactum.
Shop in rear or Ilydo Creche eri Shop nor the Foundry
00,00. 3lohtrooe, Jan. d,'14.-1r 410,00.
100 00-1 , 1.9 g, 33
- 46.W02