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    Volume 32.
Arrangement of Magi.;
700 p , 2.15 qt.
lleutrore Depot, (Daily.) ...... , 1300w h i
New Milford. MailT.) 1000 ern 113 up
Wysloring. (Daily.) 94May) SIOOpIn
Frlendsville, (te weekly,) 600 p 800sto
Conklin Station, (tri weekli,) 70044 t7oosm
gingbamton,tia 8. lake,(trl weekly).. 000pcp 700 pin
3w hoppen.(tri weekly.) . 1000 •ik • 40Opta
The New York. (rid Montrose Depot,) New )111fotkl.
Tan kttnnock.and Wyalusing are daily.
The t'enkli n Station mall run* Tuesdays, Tlikradais.
sod Saturdays.
The B i ng hamton mall, (ela Sneer ,) tinny
dm. Thursdays. and Saturdays.
Friendeville mit I runs Tuesdays, Thursdaik,suld Bit
The ppen mail runs Mondays, Wertlinsdraya,and
A Stage leave. dally for Montrope Depot Mit m..stul
renal. , at 6 p. m
A Maps learea dolly for Now Milford st SO a. Oft.
tad reterne at 330p.m.
Montreso Hallway. : , ,
Amog -,:sest or Trains. To take effect oh Monday,
Dec 21. t., 1811. ,
poop Tr.... Op Trains
152111•,..3.12• 31,1131/141WAUD.
• 11. r. 91. . 4.M. P.. X.
5.0 0 1 Mt. ... . Montrose. .. 10.40 &CM
510 110.. . ....A11en'5...... .....100.5 545
513 113 ........Coors . .10X) 54
s:u 151 footers ' _lOl5 555
:,•.s 113.. .... ..... Xlmock 1053 50
n 35 1 . 19 .. Tyler's... ....... 955 515
545 140 nprlngvtlle.... ...... 945 5-05
55 115 Lynn 905 455
nl6 1.'.: ... .. . Avery's . 905 443
(.10 1.0 , ..... ....LeMOll .915 435
520 221 . Lobeek ... ...905' 5455
52 , 210 . .... .... Xarey's SOS 415
~.o 9.0 ..... ..Tnnkhannoek 040 355
1 1; g mo
n. eonneci at Tenkhannock with IP. it N.Y
ng north nod soll(31.
.1 AXES. I. BLaKSLEE. Pres't.
New Advortisements.
t ant —Welen and Melnerny.
N • d we— M Li tun I and Relief Aisociaiion .
M N...lant , us Atka rtistnents—Rowen.& co.
c.o‘c 01. Human Misery—Chao. J. o... Kline.
V eg,tine—Dauchy & Co. •
BusucEss LOCAL&
lionntion--Rev. J. E. Cheashlre.
Sermon—Rev. J. E. Chesshire.
I.) , .nat ion—Rev. E W. Breckenridge.
Hartord Agricultural Society.
Town Notes
Toni Collins has fits.
Something never relished by our printers
There is a man in our town who 'as been
arrested fur taking things as they cords, •
We notice that to be in love increases the
myla of some of the youth of our toWii;
A good name will wear out ; a tad one
mac be turned ; a nickname lasts forOvOr.
Mrs. Ida Legget delivered a temperence lec
ture at the Court 'futile, on Monday "evening
.1 Reception tor Rough .& Ready,
No. 1 be giyen soon, the time to be fixed
.The young man Who married a girl simply
for her good looks, begins to realize, that a
thLng of betnty is a jaw forever.
..Our exchAnges are returning Manisa for an
early copy of the Governor's blessage. ,we
would also do the same.
.We shouldn't know it was court .W4elt here
were it not for the ring of the court House
t).11. It is the dullest cuurt week we . exer spent
in Montrose.
We nave added twenty-eight new subscribers
to the DEMOCILAT since our lait issue. 11.. doers
heat all how they hold out 1 A few more copes
..The names of Abel Turrel and G. V, Bent
ley were omitted,by mistake,from the list of di
rectnrs of the First National Bank of,Montrose,
winch we published last week.
. One of our yming met. who could ncli ex
press his feelings to a blooming young damsel,
sent them by mail. It turned out that the
young lady received the wrong maid which lute
created a coldness.
Our young friend, 1 11. A. Lyon, whose mar
riage notice appears in this issue, foihmences
married life is the right way, by landing us
V.OO to pay for the DEMOCRAT for bone—
Sucvss to him and his bride.
_Saturday night last was the coldest night
of the sessea. On Sunday sionairtg, the ther
mometer was about 16 degrees beluir zero.—
0112 Saturday at '2 o'clock p. m., it was 20 de•.
grres above, and at 4 o'clock, just pro hours
after, it stood at zero. A very sudden transit.
..A box of clothing etc. etc. is being prepar
ed by J. R. Lyons, for the Kansas suffers. All
.bo will contribute can leave their donations
with Lim,and they will beduly forwarded. We
ought to thank God that our families are not
us (•.her families are,not in a Pharisamai way,
but by some practical manner in relieving the
distress of suffering, freezing and stalling fam
ilies in the West --
.The entertainment given by the ladihs of
St Pads church,' at Azur Latlnop's red•
dence on Thursday evening last, was a very
pleasant one to eh
. present- There was con
siderable talent for the ''stagt."bronglit out by
it which was left wholly undevelopW by the
Old Folk's concert. The entertainment consist
ed 01 tableaux, charades and music- Mr. and
Mrs Lathrop have the sincere thanks of the
ladies for the use of their -house.
.."The Dlontrose chtssoctuer is enlarged to
about the size it was twelve or title& pats ago.
It n , pw contains perhaps nearly tno thirds as
much reading. matter as the indepar4 eat Be
publican."—.Montrose Republican.
We have the same press that the' DIVISOCULT
was printed upon "twelve or fifteen - years ago,"
and the DEMOCRAT of 1874 was 'the largest
form that it is possible to print upon that press.
A. J. Gerritson, the editor at that time, must
have "stretched it" a little in the wine manner
that Romer has the above kind notice of our
improvement. We are sorry for .}lomer's
veracity that there are any files of the Moto-
CHAT of-that date now in Montrone "The Bo-
PURiC¢7I has our thanks for the above notice
and v 0 will freely excuse the discrepencles up
on the ground, that its editor us
. tieks so clan
to his . business' in regard to the DEISOCIt&T
and its editor, that It excels our meat 'sanguine
Prom Brooklyn.
Good time for bliclustoitha
Too thin—the beautiful snow
Any man that owns tiro dogs seems to be
respected, it he has but one be ist:nstber of a
doubtful character, and if he has not any it is
hard work for him to vote.
The concert given by Blza. Labarr In the
E. church was moderately attend 4 The pro
gramme was buried out to the sai t iaM of.,
all present. Mrs. Labarr is a singer nf. merit.
The merchants in this town are dolog i n good
business. When you come right down to •dent•
ers, men that understand their bcSiness and
know how to wtut upon people, ItrOoklyn is
far above the average.
The Brooklyn Cornet Band has Secured the
bCrViCAIS of PM. IL E. Cogswell, OBingharn-
WU, N. Y., fur one year. Mr. Cogswell thor
oughly understands his business 0n the
net, Le has Tete equals. lie has ()implied ;IM
Orchestra Baud which under Ids
cannot tail to become first class.
A. good school building is very mach needed
in Brooklyn. A good school is second to noth
ing else in building up a town upon the right
keeps Use young men at - home to 'be
euneuied and also their money is left lititheir own
town to assist in its improvement.l
:Act to drive the )oung 'nen froni: . ogx ten
Just toldyour arms and ady the school:is god
e nough. Brooklyn is - well supplied ,with
churches, but sadly in need of schools.
Brooklyn, Jan. et 6.1875
A Lams Reel Estate Bias.
Henry F. liandrick and Wilson .1. Tiara,
administrators of the estate of Joel Turrell,late
of Forest Lake township, made the following
large sale of real estate on Thursday last. The
stone dwelling house (homestead) and farm of
115 acres were sold to Patrick Murphy, of For.
est Lake, for $B,OOO. The adjacent farm of 200
acres was sold to a Mr. Treadwell, of Bradford
county, for P,Cell. M. C. Button was the auc
tioneer who so successfblly handled this sale.
Mysterious /bath. .
txmaiderahle excitement has
shequin, fbr the past week, over the.discovery
of a dead man. On Friday morning last as
Mr. DePew and eon, living on the Kingsland
farm started to their work, they found in a field
near the house, a dead man. The body was
well dressed, and everything indicated that the
man had been foray dealt with. A. coroner's
inquest was summoned by W. Snyder. esq.,
and a verdict rendered that the deceased came
to his death In manner unknown. We learn it
has since been ascertained that the man was
insane, and probably fell, receiving Injuries
which earned his death.
Frightened to Death by a Boar.
At Babcock Bay, in the town of Beater, Sul
livan county, N. Y., there is a tram-way used
for drawing logs and bark from the woods.—
One day recently while James Sherwood was
driving his horse down the tram-way with a
load, a bear crossed the track and so frightened
the horse that he immediately broke loose, and,
after running a short distance, struck against a
tree and broke .his neck. The car ran down
the incline plane and was thrown off the track.
Mr.-Sherwood looses over $2OO by the death of
his horse. It is not said what became 01 the
From the West.
Knowing that the many friends of Mr. John
P. Folks., who was in the mercantile business
a long time as clerk for C. P. Hawley, to
son, and subsequently of the firm of Hawley &
Follet, New Milford, this county, will be pleas
ed to hear from him, we take the liberty of ex
tracting the following from a private letter just
received, begging his pardon for so doing::
Farm-in HAWLEY :—I thought I would write
you a few fines and let you know that I bad
not forgotten you. I am "out west" raising
corn, not selling molasses and codfish or hand
ling rusty butter pails. I bud rather raise corn at
fifty cents per bushel. I have raised 1,200 bush.
of corn this year, 410 of oats, and GO of wheat.
Corn is worth, at Sheffield, sixty cents, oats fif
ty, and wheat eighty. Hogs are worth six and
one half cents per pound, live weight. Enclos
ed please find two dollars for the DEMOCRAT
another year. HespectfUlly yours,
J. P. FoLixr
Sheffield, Illinois, Dec. 29, 1874
Horrible Casualty in Port Jervis.
Oa New Year night Mr. and Mrs. Michael
McCauley went to their home in Germantown,
Port Jervis, both intoxicated. About 10 o'clock
at night a fire was discovered in the house oc
cupied by them. Several persons ran at once
to me spot, and found Mrs.,Mctrauley with her
three children on the outside of the building.—
The woman was terribly burned. She could
tell nothing about the origin of the fire, which
was extinguished by a stream of water which
was soon turned upon it. Mrs. McCauley said her
husband was down town, but a fireman enter
ing the house discovered McCauley in a sitting
posture In -front of the bed, burned to &crisp.
The floor was considerably burned around him
but how the fire originated could not be ewer.
Mined. Mrs. McCauley was found to be very
dangerously burned. She was placed in the
house and given medical attendance, but her
injuries were such that she died on Saturday
evening about 6 o'clock. Three small children
are left without a relative or home by the ca
tastrophe, which was the direct result of in
temperance. McCauley was a bllcloisnith, and
was employed in Ponntney's glass factory.
At an adjourned court held January 4th on
petition of the county commissioners, Amos
Nichols, of Montrose, was appointed county
Auditor, in i place of Mr. Miles Prichard, who
was voted for, on the Republican ticket, at the
last election, but who r efusrd then to be a can
didate, acted as one of the election board in
Springville township and also very consistently
refused to be considered elected and to qualify.
After he was put upon We ticket he had no
chance to publicly resign through the Ring
organ and thus be was forced upbn the ticket
against his positive refusal, and with the full
knowledge of the Republican county committee
and the editor of their organ,that he would not
serve if they put him on the ticket. Now with
out questioning the honesty of the members of
the committee,we wish to asktbe people of the
county what kind of a precedent does this
establish? Just this. If any clique or Ring
hereafter should want a certain man Auditor
or for any other office to suit their own venal
purpose,and one whom the people would defeat
at the polls, they could spring a name upon a
ticket just before election which would cause a
known vacancy afterward and then have, their
tool appointed. Without any surincion of the
honesty of Mr. Nichols or the appointment
we allude to it for future contingencies.
Important Election Natter budded.
In Dauphin county the commissioners have
refused to Ism precepts to the assessors on the
ground that they are not required to do so on
der the election law passed by the Legislature
last winter. In Philadelphia it has been decid
ed-by Judge Allison that he had no power to
compel an assessor to perform any act not ex
pressly enjoined uqon him by the act of assem
bly, and that, as it provides only for the regu
lar assessment in June, and the correction of
the list previous to the November election, the
court was powerless to act In the matter. He
also expressed the opinion that the assessor
have no right to assess any citizen, at any oth
er time, or in any other way than those =-
masks pointed out in the act of assembly,
The case was brought In order to obtain a
decision of the question of the power and duty
Qf the assessor to make an extra statement in
time for the February election. It was in the
form of an application for a mandamus to com
pel the assessor to assess an alien who had not
been nutralized in time to be assessed for the No
vember election.
It appears, therefore, that the election law is
defective In that it makes no provlsion for the
assessment more than sixty days prior to the
municipal election in February of those per
suns who possess till other qiiplifications of vo
ters, but who were Cot assessed previous to the
November election and who have :not within
.two years paid State or county tax. • '
Spin/Mlle and Dimeek.
Ecotone Dan°CHAT :—Not having seen
much mention of Springville in your paper, it
is possible there are those who do not know of
such a place. We have a nice
,town situated
about midway between lifontnise and Tunklutn
flock, on the line of the Montrose Itailroad.—
Tile Railway company favor us with two de
pots, one at each end of the town. We have
three stores and two hotels.
Sumner Dam has just °Rimed a .rery fine
ec•,ne quarry.
Lewis Blakeslee has just ruturnedfrom Can
ida with a drove of fine sheep.
It is remarked that F. IL Bunnell has one o
the finest dairy of cows fn Dimock tovraship.
J. L Wallace, of Diruock, in building a very
flue chickery. lie has an excellent selection of
blooded fowhi. - • -
Alfred riffles of Dlmock bas retired item
the tuestantfle Undoes,. The store will be car
Jos - Quart.
THE MONTROSE DEMOCRAT, Wednesday, JlM:Wary lath. 1875:
vied on by Ma brother Albert. Alfred is going
to Spring Hill. Bradford county:to work at
A surprise party consisting of sixteen In
number assembled at the house of Dennis
lineman, in Dimock, early on New Year's
morning. The turkeys became frightened and
Dew to the woods. The party has lett but the
turkeys have not returned.
e Catholic Cluoroh.
The 'New York Irsbuns gives the following
interesting statistics of the Romaa Catholic
Church in the United States:
Seven archbishops, 53 bishops, 4,873 priests,
9,920 churches, chapels and stations, of which
certainly 4,808 are churches, 18 theological
seminaries, and. 1.385 studying for priesthood,
88 colleges, 511 academies, 1,444 parish schools
215 asylums, homes and refuges, 87 hospitals,
and a Catholic population (exclusive of Balti
more, Charlestown, Erie and Brooklyn, for
which no estimates are. given) of 5,781,542.
Compare this with the past. In 1814 there
were 85 priesta,not as many pneste in the coun
try as there are now Catholic hospitals ; not
as many .priests as there are now of three
names, Walsh, Murphy and O'Conor I Nearly
.twenty years later there were bat 308 priests
In 1847, a table of st atistics gave one archbish
op, 14 bishops, 390 priests, 300 churches, 143
stations. There are priests still living survivors
of the 308, not many Indeed, who have seen
this wonderful growth.
Btuquelonna Depot.
Prom the Euevehanna Journal
The annual election of officers of the Univer
salist church took place on Thursday evening.
The Graded School will open again Monday
next, with Mr. Fuller, of BradfOrd county as
Several persons within the past few days
have narrowly escaped drowning by falling
through the ice while crossing the river near
the old bridge Rite•
Clothes line thieves are playing their tricks
in this vicinity. On Monday night last several
articles of clothing were taken from the line in
Mr. M. S. Sherman's yard.
On Thursday last Mr. Fred R. Pride, a com
positor of this office, set 13,500 ems of solid
minion typo in six hours and 55 minutes, being
an average of nearly 2,000 ems per hour.
The Erie shop whistle hereafter until lurther
notice, will sound at 8, 12, 1 and 5 o'clock ; em
ployes working eight hours per day except Sat
urday, when there will be no work and the
whistle will not sound. This new order gives
them two hours work less in a week than for
From the Ehaguehanna Gazette.
Chas. Kirk has leased the Kirk House, Lanes
boro, to Silas Winters.
The revival meetings in the M. £church con
tinue with unabated interest.
Owing to hard times, the Steam Laundry has
postponed business until next spring.
The work of laying the third tail of narrow
gnage track on the main line of the Albany
and Busqttehanna Railroad trsi:teen completed
and occasionally iv narrow gunge car comes to
Montrose will contain about one-half of our
population on Monday. The saloon keepers of
the place were called upon on Monday last to
appear before the court to tell what they know
about a wholesale dealer. About one hundred
witnesses will, also, be compelled to dance at
tendance. Fun ahead 1
A petition will be presented to the Legisla
ture this session from the Telford Zouaves,pray
ing that body to appropriate a certain amount
of money, equal to the amount of expenses in
curred by the company at the time of its organ
ization. This sum, if obtained, will be applied
reward the purchase of regular United States
uniforms, The present rig of the boys is very
shabby, and we hope the Legislature will imi
tate Zaccheua and come down.
Believing that a list of the counterfeit bank
bills flooding the country may prove of benefit
to our readers, we publish the following. The
hst first given shows the banks on which po
counterfeits exist :
Oneida National Bank of Utica.
National Shoe and Leather Bank of the City
of New York.
Merchants' National Bank of the City of New
Fourth National of Bank Philadelphia.
Market National Bank of New York.
City National Bank of Utica.
Fourth National Bank of the City of New
National Bank of Commerce in New York.
Tradesmen's National Bank of the City of
New York.
First National Bank of Indianapolis.
First Natiodhl Bank of Portland.
Also, $5 notes on the Concord National Bank
of Concord, altered to $2O notes.
Counterfeit $lO notes of the following banks
are in circulation :
Farmers and Manufacturers' National Bank
of Poughkeepsie.
Central National Bank of Rome.
American National Bank of New York.
Flour City National Bank of Rochester.
Third National Bank of Philadelphia.
Marine National Bank of New York.
First National Bank of Lockport.
Mutual National Bank of Troy.
Union National Bank of New York.
Auburn City National Bank.
First National Bank of Philadelphia.
Market National Bank of New York.
City National Bank of Poughkeepsie.
National Bank of the State of New York.
First National Bank of Poughkeeliale.
Saratoga National Bank of Waterford.
Albany City National Bank.
Merchants' National Bank of Chicago.
First National Bank of Red Hook.
Highland National Bank of Newburgh.
. Traders' National Bank of Syracuse
Of the $2 counterfeits we have in circulation
notes of the following banks:
Westchester county National Bank.
Marine National Bank of New York.
Ninth National Bank of the City of New
Market National Bank of New York. •
National Union Bank of Linderpark.
St. Nicholas National Bardrif New. York.
National Bank of Rhode Island of Newport.
National Union Bank of Sinderhook, and
Sheriffs Salts.
The following Sales were _trade by Sheriff
Helms on Friday, Jan.Bth. . The following are
the de . .criptions of the places of land sold, the
party purchasing and the amount bid
All that certain piece. parcel, or lot of land situate In
. the Borouea of Susquehanna Depot. In Susquehanna
County mod State of f eassyleanta, bounded and deo
scribed as hollows, to wit: On the north by front Street.
suetycut by an alley leading from front street to Mee
on the smith by T. Cameror's lot, and on the
went by land of Curtis and Smltto,hminge. front old°
feet, and a depth of .120 feet. be the same more or hiss,
together with the appurtenances, one dwelling
with additions, and all improved. !Taken In execution
Utile Bull of Curtis and Miller n. Oeo. Colorer°
Sold to J. U. Cook for $l5.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land situate
la the township of the county orldusquehato
na And State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described
as follows to wit : On the north by road leading from
Newburg turnpike to Fiddle Lake NO rods. cast by land
odesmes 14 rods. south by Man i on Jae Bolls 209
and weptby lands of John lf rods, con
taining Weenie, or thereabouts, together with the ap
purtenances, I house. barn, a few fruit trees. end about
nacres improved tTaken In exception at the suit of
Samuel R. Campbell ye. Chester Washbure.
This sale was adjourned to Jan. 15th. 1875.
ALSO—AII that certain piece Or parcel of land situ
ate in the township of Murat, county of Susqechanna
and State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as
tullows, to wit: On the north by lands of Wm. Sawa*
end lands now Or tote Or Vilillana Won. on the east
be lands of Nelson Foster, Elias Ogden; and U.
Wheeler. and an the stela and west by lands or/dose.
Nichols rt co.. about antes. more or lees
with theapputtenances. ono in= house, two frame
barns, 01.0 other oat. - bablinge,korchazds. sad about ID
acres Improved. [Taken In execution at the snit of E.
J Carr, assign al to Thompson Bodle vs. Peter Drum and
E. K. Dunn.
Sold to Thomptmo Bodle for $l5OB.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of humanoid.
In the township of Clifford, county of Susquetutn
na. end State of Pennsyleanla, bounded and described
as follows,to wit: On the north by lands of the Or*
ham estate and lands of Orin ilivenburg. on the east by
lands of Orin and Wm. River burg, on the south by the
highway leading from Clifford corners to Intridaff and
lands of A. A. Tingley, and on the west by lands of Gil-
bert and Joseph Lee. and land of C. Stephen., contain.
log 213. acres of land, be the same more or lass, together
with the appurtenances, 2 duelling houses, 5 barns and
sheds, cide. mill, and other outbuildings, 8 orchards,
and about 150 acres improved. ( Taken In execution and
sold as the property of James F. Elodgson and Thomas
W. Atkenson.
Sold to W. W. and T. R Lathrop for $5OO.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land site.
ate. lying, and being In the township of Lenox. in the
county of Susquehanna and State of Penneylvanta,
bounded and described as follows: On the north by
lands of li. Tingley and Sterling B. Maxon. on the east
by land of A. Ferguson. on the south by Band of Wm.
Conrad, and on the west by lands of George Williams
and Albert Uadseb, containing 77 acres, mere or leas,
will the appurtenances. one house , hare , orchard, and
about 23 acre. Improved. (Taken In execution on inn.
dry writs at the snit of Solomon Taylor vs. Ell Conrad.
Sold to Solomon Taylor for $lO.
ALBo—All those three certain lots or parcels of land
and premixes, hereinafter particularly described, situ
ate in the township of Blalock, in the county of Sitsque.
henna and State of Pennsylvania, batted and bounded
as follows, to wit: No. 1. Beginning at a post and
stones the southwest corner thereof, thence by lands of
C. T. Lathrop south 88 degree* west 72 perches to a post
and stones, thence by lot No. 2 north 2 degrees east 116
perches to a post and stones, thence b land of Charles
Higley north 8:3 degrees wed 72 per ches to a post and
stones, thee= by land of William Lathrop seethe deg.
wen 112 and 6.lllths perches to the place of beginning,
containing 60 acres and 170 perches. more or less, (ex
tenting therefrom all that put lying on the west side of
the public road at the southwest corner of this lot ad
joining land of Win. Lathrop.) No. 2of said tract be
ginning at a point in the highwater line of Elk Lake,
thence north 87% degrees west 9 perches to a port the
northeast corner of land of C.P.Lathrop or lake, thence
by first described lot north 23‘" east 136 perches to a
beech, thence by land of James Risley south 87)4" east
72 perches to a birth, thence south kir west 71 perches
to a beech on the bank of bald Lake, and thence along
the highwater line of raid lake the several courses there
of to the place of beginning, containing 34 acres, more
or Imes. No. 3 being contiguous to and adjoining above
tract and beginning at a northwest corner ID the cc*
ire of the road, thence south 88" cu. 69 'beeches to a
stake and stone. thence south 2 - west 60 and 8 10ths
perches to an apple tree stump, thence south El' wed
PO and a laths perches to a stake and stones, thence
south 88" west 27 perches to a stake and stones, thence
north 73° west 4% perches to • stake and stones,thence
north 103(" west 22 perches toe stake and stones near
a cherry, thence south 80' west 9 perches o the high
way. thence along said highway north 11 . west 40 perch
es to the place of beginning. containing 21 acres and 92
perches, (excepting and reserving therefrom the bury
ing gro .nd therein, containing about onotburth of in
acre, with the right to pass free of obstruction without
hindrance at all seasons of the year) Being the same
Iremises which Wm. H. Evans and Emma, his wife, by
ndenture dated the 15th day of August, A. D., 1871, re
corded at Montrose, Susquehanna County, Pa., In Deed
Book 40. page we, An.. granted and conveyed unto the
Sury Land Assuintion In foe, .ogether with the appal..
tenauces, 1 frame house, barn, and other out-buildings,
orchard, and shout 70 acres improved. [Taken in exe
cution at the snit of Geo. Goodyear vs. The Bury Land
Sold to Wm. Graves for $3,800.
On Wednesday, January 20th, there will be
a donation visit. afternoon and evening, at the
Fairdaie M. E. church, fur the benefit of Rev.
E. W. Brsckinridge and family. If Wednes•
day should be stormy, then on Thursday the
21st. By order of Committee.
Fairdale, Jan. 19,1875. 2-2
The pastor of the Baptist church will preach
next Sabbath evening, Jan. 17th, or. the sub
lett, "What time is it ?" The question to be
considered In reference to the past, present, and
future the world's consummation.
Montrose, Jan. 13,1875.
Thr third annual Donation visit of friends
of the Rev. J. E. Chesshire, Pastor of the Bap
tist church of Montrose, will take place In the
chapel of the Church Edifice, on Thursday eve-
Jan. 21st, 1875. The Ladies will provide
January 13, 1875.
. .
The annual meeting of the Harford Agricul
tural Society, will beheld at the School House,
in Harford village, Monday, February Ist,
1875, at 63.4 _o'clock, p. m.. for the election of
officers, and for the transaction of such other
business as may be brought bolore said Society.
S. E. CARPENTER, Secretary.
Harford, January 11th, 1875. 2-3
There is no subject that requires so much
study and experience as the treatment of c.t ton
ic diseases. The astonishing successand re
markable cum performed by Dr. Butterfield,
are due to the gift of clairvoyance, to the life
long study of the constitution of man, and the
curing of disenst.s from natural remedies. Cures
the worst forms of Scrofula, — Mardi, Piles, Fe
male Weakness, Astlima, Kidneys or Bladder.
1V ill he at the CatTerty House, Binghanitan,
Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Jan. 12th,
13th, and 14th, 1875. 1--3
TEACIIERS' Cosrrivicrs and Blank Notes new.
ly printed at this offloe.
ANOTHER Half Ton of Herkimer County
Cheese, Jost received at
Nov. 4, '74.
Men and Boys' Calf and Kip Boots, Cheap
for Cash a: PORTER ofC NICROLS.
Nov. 4, '74.
COAL! Coax I I
Plenty of first class coal. All sizes at J. R
Raynsford's Coal Yard. Dunn Station. Leave
Orders at Central Express Office, or send to
the Yard.
Oct. 21, '74. J. R. Ravilsrann.
PHOTOORAPIIS.—Pictures taken in all the lat
est styles. Old pictures copied and enlarged.
Also a splendid lot of frames for sale cheap,
at (1 W. Doourrrara.
Montrose, June 10, 74.—tt •
One Town Order drawn in favor of Mrs.
Eliza Johnson, against the township of Bridge
water, for damages done to sheep by dogs, dat
ed May 30th, 1874. Any one will confer a fav
or by returning the same to this office.
Dec. 30, 1874. .
Bommuso NEW lac Boom
Call dad see the new sanseam Boots at
Nov. 4, '74. Pones d D4CSIOLEI.
If you use the article, don't fool away your
money of cheap goods, but try ours at 40 cents
and upwards. Gawp's & SAvnz.
Dec. 23d, 1874. 58-3.
The Photographer, Is doing all kinds of Pic
ture Framing, of all sizes, on short notice.
July 22, '74.—tf. G. W. DooLrrrLs•
Herkimer, Fulton, and Susquehanna County
Cheese by the ton or tons.
Gnnrirm & Seim.
Dec. 23d,1874.
The Dedicatory Services of the M.D. Church.
of &mood's Settlement, Ararat, Susquehnnna
co., arepostponed to Tuesday, January 28th,
Herrick Centre, Dec, 28,1874.
Too attention of the public is called to the
advertisement of Taylor's family medicines,• in
another column. All aillictea with pain or
lameness or other ills will do well to try them.
They are all sold on the principal of No Cure
No Pa • .
IT IB UKELFSIITO ATTEXPT to cleanse a stream
while the fountain is Impure. Dyspepsia, com
plaints of the liver or kidneys, eruptions of the
,skin, scrofula, headaches, and all diseases aris
ing itom impure blood, are at ones removed by
purifier of the blood, and renovator of the Sys
tem. B has never been known to fail. 52-4.
For gentlemen who wish to dress well.—The.
WasumoyoN STREET Tan ons bare engaged
the services of the celebrated W. IL Lindly, a
gentleman of considerable note with.the tailor-
Mg fraternity of this country. They are now
prepared for the summer traae,as they have Just
received all the new things in the way ofcloths,
cassimeres nd vastlngs. Their references are
the best, basing taken the first premium at the
Tailor's institute in New York last fall. Give
them a call.•
• H. H. HALIAOC Proprietor.
81 Washington Bt..
Binghatr ton, N. Y.
May 20, 1874.—1 y.
Crapes, ,
Kid Gloyes,
C. F. So:sox & Co's.,
61 Goan St., Binghamton, N. Y.
N. S. You Will alto find Jilt C. C. Faurot
here to attend ail your wants.
Binstbruntun. Nov. 4. 14.-I.v.
Business Locals
JURY LtsT.—The ftilloWink Is a List of Grand
and-Traverse Jurors drawn "for the term of
Court to commence at Montrose, on Monday,
January 11,1875.
Traterrse Jarem—Second uwek
Apolacon-liansom Barnum, David Cunning
Ararat-James E. Payne.
Auburn-Benjamin Smith
Brooklyn-Henry L. Bailey.
Bridgewater-John Trumbull.
Clifford-John Bolton, Elias K. Burdick.
Dimock-Sumner Dean.
Franklin- John Behan, David B. Townsend.
Eorest Lake-Austin B. Griffis.
Gibson-John ft t.latlin.
Great Bend Buro..:Edward Colsten.
- Harmony-Harvey Bryant, John D. Shatts,
Martin J. Taylor.
Huriord-Elijah C. Harding, Egbert Sinsa
bapgh, Henry J. Tyler, Fennel Carpenter.
Liberty-Jacob Chalker, Arthur Southworth.
Lenox-Judson Davis, Sylvester Wescott.
Lathrop-John C. Miller.
Montrose-Roger B. Kenyon,Maaon Dennison,
George L. Stone.
New Milford tp.-Harrison Vancott.
Oakland-Almon Barnes, Libteus Knapp,
William Eastwood.
Rush-George Harvey.
Springvllle-Georgo H. Sheldon.
Silver Lake-Elisha K. Hill. '
TYarerie Jurors—Third Week.
Ararat-Chauncy Avery.
Anburo—John Guile, Tredway Kellogg, jr.,
George Kirland, Martin L. Lacey.
Bridgewater—Joseph Porter.
Brooklyn-Edwin A. Weston.
Choconut-James Donnelly.
Clifford-James C. Stewart.
'Dhnock-Bartlet D omn,Eugene Smith.
Franklin-James E. Townsend, Wm. N. Wat
Great Bend tp.-Lowis Atwater, Addison J.
Harmony-Joseph Austin, Jacob Storer, Nel
son Slums. •
Harford-Wm. F. Carpenter, Gabriel Everett,
Hoyt H. Wilcox.
ac son-Otwell Benson, Henry W. Tyler.
Lenox. John C. Decker, Eldridge Snyder.
Montrose-Alphonso Smith.
New 31illord tp.-John Bisbee,. 3. R. Valls.
New Milford Boro.--Nathamel, F. Eimber
Andrew B. Smith.
Oakland-Wilbur D. Stoddard,
Rush-Charles Morse, George B. Shoemaker.
Springville-Daniel McCain.
Thomson-Nathan B. Chase.
Bunnowa--STANLEY—At the M. E. parson
age. in Montrose, Jan. 7, by Rev. W. L. Thorpe
Davis D. Burrows,of Rush, and Emily A. Stan
ley of Choeonut.
JONES—REYNows—In Clifford at the resi
dence of the bride's father. Dec. I S T, by Rev. D.
Daniels, John 13. Jones and Miss Priscilla E.
Reynolds, both of Clifford.
LOW—BROWN—At Nicholson Dec. 2A 1874,
by Rev. N. Doolittle, Mr. Frank Lord, to Miss
Ella, youngest daughter of E. 8. Brown, both
of Lathrop.
LION —HoAG— In Montrose Jan. 12th 1875,
by Rev. Geo. H. Kirkland, Rector of St. Paul's
Episcopal church, Mr. Marion A. Lyon of
Uniondale, Pa., to Miss Lillie E. Hoag, adopted
daughter 01 Mr. C. L Brown, of Montrose.—
No cards.
PICKET—WarrE—In Jessup, Jan. lad, by
Eld W. C. Tilden, Mr. Daniel Picket, and Mra.
Wealthy L White.
PEASE-31onsz—In New Milford, on the 10,
inst., by W. C. Tilden, Mr. Geo. H. Pease, of
Jackson, and Miss Zdnha A." Morse, of New
PorrEn—WAsrmoruc.— At the residence of
the bride's parents, Dec. 23d, by Rev. F. A.
Warner, Joseph Potter, of Harmony, and Miss
Emma A. 0 ashburn of Thomson.
Surrsou—Ettanx—At the house of the
bride's father, Dec.23d, by Reit. G. L. Williams,
Mr. Mark C. Simpson, of Buffalo, N. Y., and
Miss Millie Elliot, of Herrick.
house at Charles Decker, Dec. 0, by Rev. J. H.
Green, Mr. Thomas Watkins, of Benton, and
Miss Emma J. Ridgeway, of Lenox.
BEDELL—In Jessup. Jan. 4th, Henry Ross,
youngest son of W. V. awl airlines Bedell.
COTHILL—In ilusli,llec. 25, 1874,Esther Cot,
rill, aged Sll years, 8 months, and 2 days.
Ftsu—At his sister's, in Corbettsville, N. Y.,
Jan. Ist, of consumption, Aaron Fish, in his
50th year.
Special Notices
Tunic, AND lIANDRAKE Pains—These deserv
edly celebrated and popular medicines have ef
fected a revolution in the healing art, and'prov
ed the fallacy of several maxims which have
for many ) ea.& obstructed the progress of med
ical science. The false supposition that Con
sumption is incurable deterred physielans , from
attempting to find remedies for that disease,and
patient& afflicted with it reconciled themselves
to death without making an effort' to escape
from a doom which they supposed to be una
voidable It is now proved, however, that
Consumption can be cured, and that it has been
'cured in a very great number of ruses (soma of
them apparently desperate ones) by Schenck's
Pulmonic Syrup alone ; and in other cases by
the same medicine in connection with Schenck's
Sea Weed Tonic and Mandrake Pills, one or
both, according to the requirements of the case.
. Dr. Schenck himself, who enjoyed uninter
rupted good health for more than forty years,
was supposed, at one time to be at the very
gate of death, his physicians having pronoun
ced his case hopeless, and abandoned him to
his fate. He was cured by the aforesaid meth=
tines, and, since his movery, many thousands
similarly affected have used Di r. Schenck's pre
parations with the same remarkable success.
Full directions accompany each, making it
not abs.lutely necessary to personally see Dr.
Schenck unless patients wish their lungs exam
ined, and for this purpose he is professionally
at his principal office, Corner Sixth and Arch
Sta., Philadelphia, every Monday, where all let
ters for advice must be atldressed. Schenck's
medicines are sold by all druggists.
Carver tr. Pratt.
Groat 33.a..eiteozaserat at
Over their splendid stock of
ce an styles BONNE TS Their stork of resdpaude
HATO and is unequaled la the eonati7 tor
style and ebeapneu.
.11Pscat CtEAMIDAD Cluartaxas
. 1717corls. ricxxio =ere.
WE WILL NOT BE traramsoLn.
W. a. CARVER • • W. P. PRATT.
Bbigtaniton. Oct. 14. 1874,17. 81 Curt 81. Cr. Water.
Centaur Liniment.
There is no pain which the Centaur
. Liniment will not - rellerro,no swelling
; they will not subdue, and no larneuesi
* which they will meagre. This isstrong
language, but It is true. They have
= produced more ales of rheumatism,
\ZClTAlVcc liege, caked breasts, scalds, burns. salt
rheum, earache, ac., upon the bureau frame, aed of
strains. spate, gaits, etc.. upon aninuilit in cunt year
than have all other.pretended remedies dm the world;
began. They are counterirritant, althealing, pain re
%levers. Cnpples throw awayttntr crutches, the lame
walk, poisonous blies are rendered harmless, and the
wounded Ire healed without a scar: The recipe Is pub.'
fished around each bottle. They sell as no articles ever
sold before, because they do Jost what they pretend to
do: Thos. who now suffer from rhennuitism. alit, or
swelling deserve to suffer if they will not use Centaur
Latment, white wrapper. More the; 1000 certificates
. of remarkable cures. Including frozen Mai, chronic
'rheumatism, gout, running tumors. etc., have been ro.
aired. We will ands eircularcontainingartillater.
the recipe, etc.'. gratis, to any one Mailing it. One
bottle of the yellow wrapper CentarLinimentiliwortb
one hundred dollars for spavined or sweented bonier
males, or for screw-worm in sheep. Stock-oware
--theaelidiaear are worth your attention... No family
should he without them. "White wrapper flunilY user
. Yellow Wrapper for Sold by all Itruggista.—
Wants per bottle: large bott les, $l.OO. J. B. Ron 11 1
CO., 63 Broadway, New York.
Castor'sis more than a substitute for Castor 011.
Ii is the only sqpi ankle in existottee which Is tellsin
to malt:oat. the Mod. regulate the bowels. cute wind
colic and produce. natural sleep. It contains neither
SO/floral*. tiorObine or alcohol, mid Is pleasant to talre.
Children need not cry and mothers may-rest. •
- -
Oot. SS.:
The Markets.
U. S. Ns 1251
55000UPOn 180 ...'.
550 Coupon. 1NN....
550 Coupon, 1155 ....
540 Coupon, '65 jy...
5.20 Coupon MI ....
VW Coupon 1868
Nett 5 per eta
10-40 s
Sterling Exchange...
Parts Exchange
Currency td.. ......
New York Produce Market.
R e r atel ve T7l: el 6 3 r rf ? r Z&L ll
l z r tßdes et,rm
'loo Ali:mantas, 26 %%Waal' otrect,lsew York.
Bowan—Firkins. choice selected 99 a, —c
Welsh Tubb.... ....... .... ....32 @ Mc
Palls, Orange County.... 45 t
Pailmmon 80 45 33e
Cairn—Stat s e
F co actory.... .. 12 e.. 14.
. Mate Dadra ...IS 4515 Xe
state Factory. (air to good .......19 45 140
Zoos—State and Pennsylvania all 130
Western choice brands 0 82c
POULTHY— , piing Chickens, per lb. 14 45 15c
Turkel', prime 15 45 He
Young Docks, 15 45 100
Gaza—Pigeons, stall ted_ per doe 10
Tamecr pair ao
Partri , State prime per prir 85 0 60c
I—New pales, Bone Bougb per bbi.... CA
New Ares Sweet
Peace Peaches , Del.. per crate 45
Sacral Music Books for 1876.
.. „
fel BondAy School book. H.S./kr/ins sea nitenfly.
Staging School Course.
` H. Q S. Ratner & L. 0. E merson.
THOMAS'S 1 13 2, I EVET I ett L mUlc aE of M tge .
best clue, for gullet Choirs. .1. //. Varna&
DANK'S il72."'"oreViclienTlilyr
all the services of th e trpisco7al c Chtirch. H.P .
e B 00IC. T ( e V O ft
i t
rigood, and already popular collection. `l , O. Pains.
SONG MONARCH. RI ce sin th g- )
log Schools. Not much Sacred Music. ba t an sfdrolra
ble preparatory course; with a large quantity of secular
musk for practice. EL B. Palmer and L. 0. Strurson.
All booki soot poet-paid, for retail price.
Boston. 213 B'dway. N. Y.
1-te [May 20, 1824.-Iy.)
General Undertakers
4311-13.401 1 SE7Na. 22e•rizi:a.
31 1 3MINTlicfiZi4
Theso prices are
and tor Customers from a distance
Good Winter Pants, lined,
Wavy Business Suits,
All Wool Cassimere Suits,
Broadcloth Dress Suits, all woo.;
French Diagonal Suits,_
English Basset Suits,
Cutaway Coats and Vests, fine,
Heavy Grey Overcoats,
Black Union Beaver Overcoats,
Castor... Beaver Overcoats,
Chinchilla and Fur Beaver,
Fretibb Beaver and Kersey,
Good Under Shirts and Drawers,
Good Knit Jackets,
Good Cloth lined Paper Collars, per box,
And all other Goods in proportion.
Also an immense stock of
(Olt sIRMO
for boys, from 3 years of age, up to men's size
at prices from $lOO a suit upvards.
to buy a supply of Winter Clothing at these
WEBSTER, The Clothier.
62, 64, 66 Court Street,
Binghamton, N. Y.
Binghamton, Nov. 11, '74. —tf.
Hilly dollars reward will be paid Co . anyperson after
reading thla, who tuts not - teatved the worth of•amount
Inverted, t, e., .
• Asa Family Medicine Pot
Mulch', Colds, Croup, Asthma, Whooping Cough,
Bronchial Disease,Kidney Compliant,Erpripelas. Sera
nia, Rheumatism, Pain ln, the Side and Breast.,
Cuts, Burns Scalds, Brnteet, - Bites and Stings PI in
sects, Frost Bites, Chilblains, and Internal and Extern
al Affections general.
Warranted a Sure Cure for the Piles.
IS acknowledged by the Public as the beet for the
above mentioned Diseases of any Medicine Of the_pree
anto. It is composed of purely vegetable Ingredients
It teethe blood,which must be done in nine-tenths
of all dideaseirbefore the patient Can be cured. It la
particularly beneficial In uses of ASTHMA or PILES.
This Is no humbug. and any person buying • bottleof
G. A. B. and oeing dissatisfied alter using of it,may
return the same and receive their money back.
We, the undersigned. have aced Crane's Balsam, and .
do hereby testi* to Its good quallttea, and to Its being
Ainey A Williams, Druggist., New Milford. M. Dole.
way, Franklin Forks. Rev. A. 11„Fish, Stanford villo, Pa
C. U. Crane, New York City, O. IL Vanloan. Scranton,
and many others.
The O. A. B. is not sold at the popular price of one
dollar per bottle. but for fifty cents, so that all can have
it, Bold by Dealers . generany,
) New Milford, Pa.
Dec. 110, 1874
Will compete with any :other in this section in
cheapness, promptness and quality of work.
Its stock.has just been replenished with -..•
7 .17 14 • • •Tq
, -
of vitriol's styles of ibeautlibillettes. , Posters .
Show Bills, Hand Bills, Programnies, Dodgenik
Slants , of all kinds, Business Cards,' Visiting
Cards, Book Printing, etc. Atteirsey's
Paper books printed with neatness tind'
patch. Call on or address
DA %MEV & cutiontz.
Lll,Dmuiss. G B. IlArsis. I II O. DwurinNo.
(Errazususa m 18411 •
t italinit,&autericattPubitO,
Etarble and fanto - itiant!es,''' - '`
. 26 Cheuaugo St., Near-Depot,
Naos. 11173. DINnUAIAT9N.N.Y
N sw mrsoart
JULIUS SUULTZ; Practical Maebtaltit.' respeetitilly
solicit* th e patroasv of all who may vant.gogttlat,
Millwork. Butting. mum. Pa 11 maw Ate.
N. e,—spectil attention paid to tagaltiag. '
SOW 1111fOrddatia 10.' 74--Iy.
MrastutCorey, Istoo4Lathrop.doe'd.letters of Ad
ministration.% the 'said estate having been granted to
the undersigned, all 'persons owing said estate,
are request to make Immediate 'ailment, and per.
1101111 having clime against said estate are requested to
present them without delay.
A.O. WARREN. Administrator.
Montrose, Dec. 9.'74. 48—aw
M Lit.d.
119 M
, 121% 121134
....„..U8 11834'
118 18%
1211% 1 1 21
121% 121%
~115% 1
121 14 %
. 115 11514
.. : .64634 5 1 514
481 457%
ADMINISTRATOR'S NOTICE. — in the est. of M
man Snow, drawls& lato of Franklin Letters of
'Administration in the mild estate having been gmntet
to theondersigned all persons owing said estate,are
requested to make Immediate payment, and all per
sons baying claims against said estate are requested to
proem:tithe's: Without delay. LllTlllift
Franklin, Dec.= `l4.—ewpd Administrators.
®A DMINTSTRTOR'S NOTICE. Whereas letters of ad
administration to the est. of Jas. Hartnett late of
Auburn tp., deceased; have been granted to the under.
sign..d, all persons indebted to said estate, are rrquest
ed to make Immediate payment, and those having
claims against •hewame. are requested to present them
without Utley. E. trNIELL. Administrator.
Montrose. Jan.°, 1875.-43 w
NOTIOE is hereby given to all persons con
cerned In the following Estates, to wit
Estate of Sarah Knowiton,late of Rush,dec'd
Charles Avery Executor.
Estate of Win. Gordon, late of Forest Lake,
deed, Asa Warner, Executor.
Estate of Nathaniel Reynolds, late of Brook
lyn, dec'd,Mother Reynolds, Executor.
Estate of Nathan Rounds, late of Windsor,
N. Y.. dec'd, 51. P. Whitney, Administrator.
Estate of E. L. Brundage, late of Gibson,
oec'd, Seth Abel, Administrator.
Estate of Joshua Davis, late of Gibson,dec'd,
D. C. Brundage, Ad—inistratur.
Estate of John Smiley, isle of Gibson , dec'd
Oscar Washburn, Administrator.
Estatti of Lydia P. Light, minor, Hiram R
True, Guardian.
That the accountants have settled their ac
counts in the Eegister's Office in and for the
county of Susquehanna, and that the same will
be presented to the Judges of the Orphans
Court, on Thursday, Jan. 14, 1875, for con
firmation and allowance.
H. N. TIFFANY, Regilter.
Register's Office, Dec. 16, '74.
Tim Wvoiilia SprinE Bat
me SPRING BED Is equal. and In many respects
superior, to any other in the market. it is Debt,
musi.y handled, and easily kept clean. For elasticity.
comfort, and durability, it is unsurpassed. Hundreds
of recommendations could be produced If necessary.—
The low price at which they are sold brings them with
in reach of all who wish to indulge in the luxury of a
first class Spring Bed. You can have one put on your
bedstead. if deem , and If 14 does not prove, entirely
catisfactory. it will be taken away free of charge. For
sale by W. W. Smith & Son Farnitere dealers, and by
D. S. WARNER, Manufacturer.
Shop In rear of Hyde Cracker's Shop near the Foundry.
Mr. E. S. Warner. the manufacturer of the Wyoming
patent spring bed. ban removed his factory_from this
city to Montrose, Pa. The beds will be sold In this city
by E. D. Robinson, and oy ?dr. J. Donley, of Washing
ton street. These beds are made of rows of spiral steel
springs, attached to each other by bands of hoop•iron.
in such a manner as to leave no chance for vermin to
harbor. This advantage will be appreciated by all
housekeepers. It is made In two sections, so that two
persons, as a child and adoll,losn sleep in the same bed
without crowding to the side occupied by the heavier.
This advantage is, we believe possessed by Ito other
spring. For durability, ease, and comfort, and for a.
daptability to every bed, It far surpasses anything of
the kind we have ever need, and we hope it will have
sate large enough here to induce the Manufacturer to re
turn to Binghamton.—Gto. J. Reid. Binghamton
V. Rroznow & Bs°
Peeotapring bed, exhibited, by Edscas B. Warner.—
Recommend madam for this article, which appears
serviceable and cheap, the price being sB,oo.—Surque.
Agana °mate Apricuaerol Society. 1.874.
sEsooca. Montrose, :no. 8, 11.-17 eamocip.
1.....1 --:.
4=o g ii:.:l'.3
'— " . PA P.
l ig c= =
41 14 71 3 il, t-2
k' N AN D i l l g: 1 2' E.
v.= .
.42 r 4 , = 2 g is 4N .
e f , t...,. c.= 4 Y ,
-(1) t—...,
eta:i... ~.;
s j, 5 "i" .4
z' il,g ci
- ~.r
;Ai a2 4
14 1.
A zeelli ,
' g 4=5 sl ;g7,.4
piN. AND
w—' 1 1 . 51 98°`-' @ 51--s-68
•0 • =
I =.1..Z Foilv
uuJnit received fronvNew York a fresh stock of
which, will be Sold CREAP FORICAI3B. '
Aniong the nameronsnrtleles may be 'found New Or;
Leans Molasses,. P. R. Molasses. Syrups. hums
thadfleh„ Mackerehliallbot,Elams„ Canned Fmlts.eran
'berries, Cheese. Teas, Crashed White Wheat, Salem
tne, Spum4, Canned Salmon, Turks Island Salt le.
Montrose, Dec.lB. 1874. B. J. WEBB.'
1 News, Markets, Stories, elettiree, and Live Editor
ials at $1.20 a year Postage paid, bias reached 75,090
circulation in 3 years. Send for free satiplo copy. 1-4 w
TRYcTralilifda g 'onewergln 7 .=
... , ,,,t ets p . ollti T.7s pnbl isFa ii y fr :l:r tio jn a d d i v c e h r , t e l n e t
for , before you forget It. Splendid Map
Premium. Agents wanted every_wh er e . Big Commis.
alone paid I I . L. 112.irrueoa. 638 Weabliagton St..Boaton,
1108 Arch lit.. Pedi'a, PL. . . 1-4 w
irAl Immo EMPLOYEENT- lingo Or Female 'lotl
?.libran w d e alt n ig a s n a . m " p i teree c iartreo. re l u til e nts ;
6 centreturn sump, • ROSS,
1-4 w T.
• Charles Street. lialthitore, Md. ' Game
lode Prof. Eye and Ear morgely to shiTy d a t :
u University, Surgeon in Charge. • -•-• .• •
he larbandsome residence of the la de Chariesdlar
troll has - been dtted up with all•the Improvements
adopted In tholatest Schools of Furope, fix the
Westmont of this Class Of disessefl.Opply by_leTte e ilt
Burgeon inn Chug&
SIirinCIIOI2AISCY. or BMX tilinaldlNCL"—How
- either sax may *Ladoga and gain tbe lore and
affections of any person they choose d.antly. This
simple mental acquirement all can ponsesa.freebymall,
for 25 ets,toether with a marriage guldaltnypilan
Deeama. - Hinta to LaeilLelt Shirt. etc.
queer book. Address, T. Wl.ll6.Wdi 00.. Palm
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Sold by ungvets.
ow to clear $lOO to $2OO per month
Ctirurnoe. ,tercoecoptc.Vlows. Mope and Charm
Apply at once to D. G. GIISItNSEY. Concord. U -tw
0711:73FL117X330313A. ?
Ain Yon so languid that sap eiattfou requires more of
- - an art than you fral capabto s ot making t
nen try JIIIIIIDESA. the Wondertel tonic and lutist.
- orator, whim nets an beneficially on the seen:4l l / 4 )er.
'gene as fair:inert vigor to all the vital forces. •
It Is no leohhollt appenzer.mbleb stimulates for•
abort time, only to let the sufferer fall to slower depth
of misery, bat it i* a vegetable tonic acting directly on
the liver and spleen. • • .
It regulates theillowols; quiets the nerves, and Oval
- each& bealthy tone to the whole system as to soon make
ins feel tibia tieit perdou,
Its operation to not violent,' but le 'cliameterized by
great gentlenessi, tpo patient experiences no sudden
change, no marked results: but guide/illy hip troubles
••Fold their tents. like the Arabs,
And silently steal away."
Tale lano sow and untried discovery, but
long used with wonderful reinedlii rosolts..atui Is pro.
mounced by the highest medical antecieltles,.•the moat
p3Werftli MIN And alterative kuowa." , •
Ask you druggist to/ it. For sale b -
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U. P. UDDER a co:.
. • . New York.
Lega Notices. ;
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Dauchy tr. 00.
Weak, rilervons, or Deb!Mated?
~Number 2.
Batbe sure to tome to COOL'S t3TATION, on the
klontrozo Rahway, sad
Ask For What We Have Not Got,
and wo will woe to hive it to•morrow
t 1217 e =save Cirot
Dia 7 OtObX,2B
A fine lot of DRUGS and MEDICINES,
all of Which will be sold as Cheap as the Cheap
est for READY P. All kinds of
County Produce Taken In Exchange
for Goods at the highest Market Priem
or shipped to responsible Cow , elan. Merebnits In
New York. Glee LIB ft CO.
Jmcce MArent. MARTIN . &
Elaxtra. Joscs.
Oct. 29, 18Ti—asn
The best Coal in market to be bad at the
Dunn Station.
The undotsigned, haring had long experience in the
Coal trade, guarantees satintection.
Will be promptly attended to. Cm be meat at IL P
Stamp's, °Timings, from 6 to 8 o'clock.
0. D. Stebbins.
lionimse, Nov. 4 ,n4.—sm.
Weald call attention to lus Now Stock of
Now on sale, In now
10,271' 600/029
In greet variety, and will be sold on the most
favoralie temp, and lowest pries.
New Milford, Nov. 11, 1874.
1121. i.
We pay,Caoh for Goode, and !CU lore-sh, and would
• • and rle.olty, sisltuag Eloatrose, to
beforecava i g u e i l e seztr=s o ll t ssrar , Athol , tted
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that they sell In Blartbasiton for tweatpdve dollars.
New Goode Arriving Every Day;
• • Montrbse. Ms. 11. 'Th.71.17.
- ~ a 3,p
~qv m~
AS L. B. Isbell's Jewelry Starst,
Where' larger and better stock of the following
• goods will be found than elsewhere la
Northern Pennsylvania:
and a general usortment of Musical Merchandise,
Sheet Music, Violin Strings, etc— etc.
411 Rae
Wa s tch Repai by ring Scaring Machines ße me Mt
: Eh 1 ,
pica. =by
&ball & riltalrufnit. -
sot. 10, 1972.-IT. Nantme, Pa.
Tbenndereigned !wean omnibus Una running ton,
ery train on the . D. L. di W., and Erie Eallwaya
Eihippin‘ or
_Re -Shipping Baggage
at either depot will bepraroptly attendee
Te new fivor bridge is now completed, hence Mere
is no Ferrying.
'always on hind to convey parrongero io any point in
onrrounding country.
GNU Bend. Ang.lo. 1814.-4 r. .
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rigtViigingit ll og i zrae le lta v rligi s a l :T;htlii l ifl o l l 4
Railroad. ad the D. 1., & W. Railroad.
Aprll 1et.11D11.41. - , •
.nblished es a warning and for Abe benefit of Young
Mon end other* wbo inifer from rwavout Yinntmcw
LOU or alatwooo.. ate, ruPatitut. the memo or Bolt
Cure. Written by ono who cured btmeelf ofler ander
gologctmeldensble queftervand sent free on receiving:
a port paid directed envelope. - : • •
WM:retain Invited to address Me author...
. _ .
A. O. Box 1113, Brook-41),N. Y,
October Itb,ls74.—Cm,l •
Orders brft with
Any ardor for