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Local Intelligence.
Religious Sersieer.
The Services in t h e several Churches of Mont
rose are se'follow
iPTIST CIIIIRCII.Rza. Z. E. Clnststitua D. D. rigor
Sabbath Services...—. .......... a. m. and Z p. m.
Nanette &heel
Prayer ilestang, (Wednesday Evenings
.Sabbath anthird Sunday la a.Lcli Mouth
Sabbath Bah Iramedhitaly beton, Man
riscopnt cutter,
pindav Scheer
Week•ba7 Services—Wednesdays
'Sabbath Scnicfs .
Sabbath School
•'reler Meeting., Tburnikia.
k•REsurrEniAs ciluncli
osbbath School..-...... ..........
Prayer Meeting, Theredar Evenings,
Winter Arrangement or ]galls,
VII Barman
Tanl.bantiock, (Da 1 13.)
Vta STAtice:
• •
,1 trots Depot. Malty.) 600 p m 6.5.1• m
Net Milford. (Deily,) 10 130 a nn 3 :Sup in
ATyalnlng. (Dally,) 045arn tOO pm
:rrlendeellle, ori weekly,) 600 pin /gelato
routllb Station. (t.rl weekly.) 100 am TOOare
Ilingharnton,rlo.l4. Lake.(ta weekl)).. 800 pea ioop re
Id eshoppen. (111 weekly,). 1000 arn 100 p in
The New York.. (tin Montroee Depot.) New Ellleord.
Tunkhannnek, end Wyeloelnz are daily.
The Onnklln StAtioa mall runs Tuesdays, Thursdays.
and Saturday.. .
The Bitintiamtnn mail. (old Silver Lake.) rune Tues.
d' 4end::lll: 7 ni ' arnt d ga ne t T ni net y dlya, Thursdays, and Sat
Tho Ileshoppen mall runs Monday., Wednesday., and
A Rtago leaves daily for Mot:aro., Depot at 1 m., and
returns at a p. m
A Stage leaves daily for Now Milford at 780 PL m.
and rrtame at 880 p.m.
List of New Advertisements.
For Sale—W. F. Clarke.
Aihninhdrator's Notice--estate of John V
.0* !leiley.
Ailialiatmtor's Notice cot. of John Loon.
Niitkr in Bankruptcy—ea. 01 Ulrich B. Gillet.
Soho—Herring & Farrel.
Montrose Borough Statement. -
- 'Busrsans LOCALS.
Magic Inkstand.
Peruvian Syrup.
Parson's Purgative Pills.
Diamonds in Brazil.
I.hir Dormant Energies.
ei A bout Town
A child wishes to know why the dulls see all
General Lewis Wagner, G. W. C. Templar,
will .penli in Montrose to morrow (Thursday)
I Vetting.
Them is nothing that will change a man po
much ns grid, unlo-w it is shaving off his mous-
The Ladies' Union Temperance prayer meet
imz will he held at the residence of Rev. Mr.
Riley to morrow (Thursday) at four o'clock p.m.
Tse - "Frei-saints Bmther's," entirert was well
Attended both \ on Wednesday and Friday eve
n.ags considering, the bad state of the weather.
A vote et thanks was tendered the" Tremaine
Troupe' by Rough & Ready Fire Company ,on
Friday evening last, for the benefit given on
Thursday evening, in behalf ol the company.
'Fhe sound of the carpenters' hammer nail
ssw is beginning to be heard about these days.
The march of improvement has begun and the
dams.ges by frost, wind and weather are being
The Vestry of St. Panrs church bare em
ployed Mr. Avery Frink to braid a new par-am
aze, on the lot donated the church by Mrs. 11.
Drinker, opposite her rcsidenee. The week is
to he commenced inmumlintely.
At a meeting of the Vistry of St. Paul's
church, Montrose, on Mov i day eveninghtst. A.
,throp, A. B. Burns, and E. IL Ilawlre Neel e
elected lay delegates to the Convention of the
Eoisenßal Church,to be held at Willa,:barre,June
The henefitit of the Montrose Railway are be
ginning to be gnite noticable ha establishing
competition in marketing proiince and the pur
chasing of coal, lime and other articles. Home
monopoly is being materially interterred with
by foreign - competition. Who is the man that
a ill establish a cnAll market for produce here ?
Unless some one does this, commercial prosper
hr will depart from our borough limits. There
sh , .eld be weigh market in Montrose for even -
um?, produced in the county and then there
need be Ile fear of Binghamton or any other
I.reign mart- If we have no one here that
will forsake his "curbstone - w•iys and employ
his capital i.. a legitimate calling to the benefit
of the Mum. his neighbor and himself, we hope
~.ane one, from abroad will do so, as is. being
,se all may in other branches of trade. We
assure ttmea an excellent opportunity. With
our railway 'completed this borough may not he
c....),lered walled in by ten-mile hills and at the
r. of a lew capitalists. We hope nut at
SP rinr. Blossoms
••In the spring a young man's fancy- lightly
turns to thonglits of love," - and it is quite as
n.tural that a young woman's fancy should
tarn to thooghts of "loves of bonnets" and
' ducks of dumsos.", The spring openings offer
nu cud of temptations and inducements, and
tuc purse of paterfamili - o3 needs to be long to
uort o.4k:tunas upon it. It is safe to assume
that the gentler sex anintiationists.
♦ Tonna Lady Duetted to Death
At about noon orb Tacsdny,Carrie M., daugh
ter of Mr. Obe d - Folkenbur±, Foreman or the
Lrie Foundry in this place, was burned to
actili in the following manner: The family
resides onMain"street, in the house recently
~,, upiad by J. T. Cameron.. Coming into the
house. she sat in the front of the stove to dry
tic a"ies of her stiotiaL In - some manner her
v.vtam caught fire in two different places from
a stork. She scion discovered the fact, and, as
she supposed, quenched the fire 6oun after,
her tittle,"Carrie,your clothes
ore ill on firer . SIM sprang from the chair,
thr blaze coming up all around her. She mn
into a rear room as her father came in at the
Wont door from work. Be heard the alarm and
, eppose•J the house to be on fire. lie rushed
through to the rear room, but missed her.
threvgb.lsatantither room, she met her
node, who tore up the, carpet pun completely
enveioN..4.l her in it, EMU - dieting the flames, but
not until she had received fatal Injuries. Drs.
B ''' l43ll a ll 4,Leslie yeti called, tall human aid
powerless. he irlArked to the physiciana
Chat they need wt. he ;timid to tellher thetruth
as she knew she die. :-61i6 filo:I - the same
She remained cqnseions to the last, Ovine di
the funeral arrangements, and
thedetpoxJufbespersonalet:recta Lir her friends
tlcr 6 ge yes stereo ninnmen. yearn Sec re
mates wertetiken to' Jergett' City', - her further
relenee, on train , 7 .10. 12, ori Wclinesd "' eve '
rang, the hinerai thltlng place from the Centen
u7 IL E. Chiarth"on Thuntday,—Seert44lM4
Patrituu of Elusbandry,
B. W. Buck„stato deputy, Patrons of Hus
bandry, will be in 'Brooklyn on May oth, and
all communications addressed to him at Brook
lyn—care of Geo.J. Giles—will receive prompt
Onion Tanper.isee vieetimg.
The second meeting in the series will be held
I in the Presbyterian church of Montrose, (Rev.
J. G. Miller,) on Lord's-day evening, May loth,
1874, to ComMence at half past seven o'clock.—
The meeting will be presidia] over by the pas
tor; of the church, Rev. J. 0. Miller. The speak
em to follow will be Rev. W. L. Thorpe, pastor,
of the M. E. Church, Calvin C, Halsey, M. D.,
Rev. J. E. Chessltire,oihe Baptist church, and
Wm. H. Jtzsup, esq. The singing will be con
ducted by the choirs of the different churches
of the village.
lie,. alto. K. Kirkland.
rpm a. m. and Tia p. m.
11 .4 P. id.
..Rev. W. J. Jron.
10.45 s. m. and 7.86 D. m.
730 p. m.
The 1 1 1agnItude of ake Coal Trade
The number of hands employed iu 1873 at
the collieries in what is known as the Schuyl
kill region, namely, filmy'kill, Northumberland,
Columbia and Dauphin counties, was 21,24'0
and iu the Wyoming and Lehigh region 35,150
making a total of coal mine Vtortinieu in tboe
regions of 56,400, In the districts mentioned
there are 1,533 steam engines of 82,456 horse
power, 2,884 steam boilers and 333 coal break
ers. Counting one horse power employed in
mining equal to the work of seven men the
production of 29,012, 205 tons of coal in 1873
equaled the labor of 377,402 men.
Rev. J. G. 11cmen.
10.45 a. m. and I').‘ p, m.
12.15 p. m.
. 7 3f P. m.
Uop m 'tap at
Fish Commission
"Five thousand salmon trout were distributed
in the Susquehanna river last week between
Harrisburg and' Marietta." We are really
wearied with reading such items. The fish
eurnmissioners have done little else than glee
their attention to the waters about llarrisburg.
Arc they aware that other portions of the Static,
bear au equal proportion of the expense and
have a right to demand a share of the benefits?
We are tad that fifteen black bass have been
put into the river at 31 , eshoppen,lowanda and
Wilkes. Barre. Perhaps this is true; but it is all
the . commissioners have dune fur the upper
waters of the Susquehanna, where the water IS
pure and much better admitted to experiments
than it is below the coal fields —Tu tilgtannuel:
The "Soyerelguo of Rodinotry."
This uew labor organization, which 6 acting
In connection with the "Patrons of Husbandry,"
is attracting considerable attention in the Eas
tern States, where it originateil, and finite a
large number of subordinate councels have
been instituted, and are giving general satisfac
tion to the members. The "Patriots or II us•
bandry" being merely confined f. , 1 agriculturists,
and as tilts labor organization includes men of
every class it will serve to unite the lithbring
population of whatever occupation into an ac
tive a.-oiler: tion in till that pertains to their
general welfare. We [tiara from the President
in a circular, that some fitly organizatious aro
already in active opereration in 31iissaelin s etta
and that the Order is rapidly advancing in
many 01 the States already.
A Good Whitesraoh
To make a good whitewash for out dour use.
take a clean water tight barrel, or other suita
ble cask, and put into it a Ina bushel of lime.
Slack it by pouring boiling water over it, and in
sufficient quantity to cover five inches deep,
stirring it briskly till thoroughly slackened.—
When slacking has been effected, dissolve in
water add two pouads sulpuate u zinc n u t
one of common salt. These will cause the n ash
to harden and prac.ot 44.• s-,4K7klng, which
Frets an unseemly appearance to the work. A
desirable beautiful cream color may lie com
municate& by adding three mounds of yellow
ochre. This wash may be applied with a com
mon whitewash brush, and will be found ranch
superior, both in appearance and durability,
to common whitewash.
A SPunki Drtaaker
On Monday of murt wcvk in Lewistown, a
well-dree.ied gentleman, rather tipsy, king es
pied by Judge, Bucher in the court room, was
called before his Honor, and interromited as to
where he got his liquor ; but be refused or was
unable to nnswer, whereupon the Judge sent
him to jail—utter lying in limbo until Sallie.
day, he was again brought before the court—
this time perfectly sober—and again interroga
ted as to where he get his liquor. He replied
that he could not, tell without being guilty of a
breach of confr'dence. and therefore mu t decline
to du so. "Well," said Judge Burlier, "you will
have to decide between telling or going to jail
for contempt of court." Picking up his hat the
man thereupon turned around, saying, "Come
on, §heritT, I'll go to jail," and go to jail he did
too; though as soon as court adjourned be was
Don't Forzet the Birds.
&spend girls did you ever observe how
quickly the birds take a hint. No sooner is a
bird house eructed in the garden than you will
find some little brown or blue speckled songster
prospecting around, examining, within and
without, with many a flirt of wings and tail
and many a quick and observant glance at the
surroundings:Anti shrewd calculations as to its
adaptibility for a summer residence. When the
question of location is decided in the affirms
tire the little stranger and his wire immediate
' ly set about furnishing their new domicile.
Little chips, twigs, bits of thread, cotton and
wool, picked up at a long distance away, per
haps, and carried home with wmiry wings,form
the household furniture of the newly married
couple. Lying around in corners and rag bags
and chisels are odds and ends going to waste,
a tithe of which would furnish a hundred such
little houses. Place them where the birds can
find them and see bow quickly they take the
hint and avail themselves of your kindness.
ae!swrkable Vfeather.
The traditional"oldest inhabitant" is bunt
ing up the old meteorological records to see
whether - the present weather has any April
parallel. Nine-tenths of the people are sure be
yond the possibility of a doubt that for trigidty
and snows it stands without a rival. But there
are a few whose recollection carries them back
to Aprils characterized by a colder atmosphere
and other stranger meteorological phenomena.
The snow was about three inches deep in Bar
nsburg last Wednesday morning. In Reading
zt was six inches deep, and in Womelsrlorf and
other Betio cpunty town sleighs were out, as
also in Lancaster., Telegrams received at the
Northern Central: railroad office showed the
snow to be tittema inahas deep at Hazleton,three
inches deep at Brilliamsport, six inches at Sun
bury, seven inches at tihamokin, eight inches at
Selinsgrove, ten inches . at Millersburg, twelve
inches it Williamstaln, eight inches at Lykens,
three inches at panlilhf? liltLt Y9lk r and three
at -Baltimore.
=Went nr hetlntywrltett that seven
ty-three years pr. .e snow fell ln.May ranch
deeper than thaeof last Wednesday, 'Flu wheat
was In ',losable. The fainters Mak nags to
knock the snow off' the wha.t. with the abject
of presenting the hlossnme trout frees% tr. The
result was that where the wheat was trt.v.o.l in
thii way there was no crop, but tam 11 was
let elope there um a VA. Clap Of What and a
tieevy harvest. .
Partial cluispexislon of Month= =la.
Last Thursday afternoon work was suspend
ed for an indefinite period at nil the puddling
,i furnaces of the Lackawanna Iron and Coal
' Company's rolling mill 'in &Anton. About
two hundred and fifty men are therefore sudden
ly thrown out of employment. The cause of
this suspension is owing to the fact that the
company has been unable for some time to.find
sale fur the product of its extensive works. The
blast furnace as. well as the lower *rolling mill
will continue in operation until further notice.
Court Pro:weeding*.
James Vannoy vs. Jacob Decker and George
C. Hartley. Treating% Plaintiff turfing been
a tenant of Decker, in Jessup, a low years ago
on settlement And division of stock ate., a colt
was left undivided, which Decker subsequent
ly took from the promises. Afters While Van.
noy got possession of the colt again,and alter
keeping it somethrw. Decker ti ok it again and
sold one-half of his claim to Hartley, who
traded it off ; and the suit Was to recover plain
tiff's share with interest. Verdict of the jury
for plaintiff, $63.65 against Hartley.
A. J Ticknor vs. Hyde Crocker. Trespass.—
This was to recover damage front the flow of
water from the lot of defendant on to the prem
ises of platntiff in which it was alleged the
water of fits well was spoiled. These lots be
ing situated in the efutern part of this Mir
! ough ,it was testified by several citizens of the
I vicinity that the natural flow of their lota and
defendants from thawing snow and heavy
rains, was amiss plaintiffs, and that any im
purities of the water In his well were the re
, suit of these causes. The result of a former
suit before arbitrators lefl the matter in a shape
to entitle the plaintiff to recover costs on the
allegation of a continued nuisance, and the ver
dict of tile jury was fitly cents damages.
Dimmer M. Conrad et nl. es. Harare Conrail
and Peggy Conrad, nom" Pegz Hall. Eject
ment. Verdict for plain tiff.
Commonwealth % , ..101in Dunclon, Thos. Fu
ry, and Wm. 11.11 e. These men were arrested
and brought before the Court on Thursday,
charged with complicity in the affray resulting
in the murder of John Lawiorand the stabbing
of Imbiber man, ;mil were botind over to appear
nt the August Sessions in f-100 each. Keising
er and Baker, charged Willi belng the principals
the stubbing affray, Were lodged in jail.
Dennis D. Donley, use of James Pendegrast
vs Jeremiah Kane. Judgement opened on note
for a balky horse. Verdict for plaintiff.
Th• Fishlaz Laws
We have several times recently been wiled
upon for information concerning the present
Fishing Laws of this State. During :he past
few years there has been so much leislgtion up
on this subject that people scarcely know
when ur how to fish, especially as fishing for
one kind of fish is forbidden at a time when it
is permitted for another kind. Upon a careful
essibination of several Actp of Asseninly bear
ing upon this question we find the following.
It is unlawful to fish at any time with fish
baskets, kiddies, eel wires or nicks in tiny
stream in this State.
It is union tul to fish with n seine, set net, fyke
net or net of any description, the nicsdses of
which are lest. than 10 metes, between June 15
and August 10, in any stream.
It is wilawhil to fish for trout except for the
purpose of pnpagatifin or scientific inecstign.
lion, in any other manner than with hook and
It is Li etul In Bit for saltnon and speck
led trout bet Wren .ttril 1 oral August 75;
speckled ttn_it ratio
line. It is ur Inwtid to catch, kill, sell or have
in possession, salmon or lake trout between
letolier 1 and March I.
I 7 is unlawful to place n net across any canal,
rivulet or creek in this State.
It is unlawful to fish Gtr black bass, pike, or
pickerel in ant other manner Minn with hook
and line or scroll ; and only with honk and line
or scroll between June 1 and march 1, except
when taking them alive for stocking other
It is tmllwful to fish nt any time in any in
land wilier (such us a creek, river or other
stream) in this State inhabited by black has, or
speckled trout with a net of any hind the meshes
01 which arc less !him 3 inches.
It is unlawful to fish who seines or nets in
any place is here the water has been partly or
wholly drawn off, or to fish in mg wily by
drawing off any water.
It is unlawful to use set lines in any stream
inhabited by speckled trout.
There is nothing in the several acts of 1873
to prevent the setting of outlines in any stream
not inhabited by speckled trout, sub ject to fore
going restrictions as to the time of fishing and
the species of fish caught.
Odd.Felloura• Aunlyemary
Tire brothers and ;isters of Montrose Lodge
celebrated the Ftfty-Finn Annivsmiry of Odd
[ Fellowship on Satanlay the 2Zith ult. Ample
arrangements had been made for the entertain•
1 1 went of a Loge number, but the severe snow
storm prevented the attendance of many, es..
necially those residing out of town. A brother
and sister from ILarford who started before the
storm became severe, were warmly welcomed.
!Though dreary and cheerless without the Rail,
within all was bright sod animating. The ta
bles were elegantly and sumptuously spread,and
Ithe efficient coiumithx of ladies provided for all
the wants of the inner man in a. way most grat
,ifying, to all concerned. In this they were great
ly aided by the appointments and conveniences
of the kitchen adjacent to the ilia Vice Grand
Seamans, Mail Agent on the 31ontrose Railway
conducted the singing (some or the Rebekabs
presiding at the organ) of the anniversary odes,
-to the well known tunes of Old Hundred,
America, and St. Thomas, in which the assem
bly heartily joined. Dr. Citehire made a few
earnest remarks, and was briefly followed by
the Rev. W. L Thorpe, the newly arrived Meth
odist minister. (He took us to be Odd-FellOws
indeed ; was well pleased with - us, as were we
with him.) Rev. Messrs. Miller and Kirkland,
though invited, were unable to be present. R o s
F. B. Streeter spoke of his former connection
with the Order, and of• his becoming a member
of Montrose Lodge at its second meeting, 28
years ago the 10th of March last. Bros. Brew
ster and Halsey, who united at the same time,
also added a few words. ,
"Some time was spent in a sociable manner,
and at a seasonable hour the happy company
(nearly eighty in number) dispersed. The com
mittee of sisters sent choice portions to sick
members and to the poor. The clergy, and oth
ers who bad rendered nasernee, were also re
membered. If the skies are propitious we an
ticipate a large gathering at our next anniver
sary. 8.
Extraordluary ResuscltaUon
Hort. SILLELDON, formerly conductor on coal
No. 4, running from, lionesd ate to Port Jervis
and living in ibis village near the Wayne Coun
ty House, was rescued from the very jaws of
death on Wednesday of last week, by. the ut.
ceasing efforts of neig,Stairs and (thuds. The
circumstances of the ice are as fOtIOW2 :
In the afternoon of the day Wort mentioned
Ate, Ilzaur Bara t , proprietor of the Wayne
County Homo—mho had but a short time be.
fore, in passing SEIELDON'S louse,..stopped and
talked wall the latter, as hcf . : sat 'at one of the
sr indovis—teas summoned . by a child of Sh'ei
don's to come to their house; as 'her niotlier,
who was sick abed, wanted to see him. Mr.
Ball went last once, and found Sheldon lying
on the foot of his . wifes bed: The latter said
that her husband had drank some huulannm,and
she could nut waken him. Ur. Bull endeavor
ed to arouse hint, but nil hhi.efforts being un
availing, Dr. Keifer, who chal:tdcd to Ire passing
was called in, and Drs. Dusinberre and Burns
subsequently summoned, This was between 5
and 6 o'clock. The physicians at once endeavored
to produce vomiting, but their attempts not sue.
ceeding to a satisfactory degree, a different
course of treatment was resorted to to save the
man's life, and it was ordered ilia( he be kept
moving about, in hope that the effects of the
drug might in that way he overcome. Sheldon
was accordingly taken by two men, on each
side of him, anc walket, or • rather drugged,
around his back yard, for two long hours. Dur
ing all this time he breathed but four times a
minute, was cold and haggard, and looked so
corps like that it did not seem possible that life
had not fled. The most exhausting labor was
neceisary to keep him in motion, as a great
part of the time his whole weight was on the
men supporting him. It was necessary, there
fore, fur two others to he ready to relieve them
as soon us they gave out. There was plenty to
do this duly, us the report of the allele had
spread throughout the village and the vicinity
of the hotel was crowded with excited people.
About S o'clock Sheldon showed some little
signs of returning consciousness, and he was
taken to the stable of the hotel. ❑ere he was
subjected to shocks frum a galvanic battery,
smart rubbirur of the limbs and body, and to
more walking and moving about. The efft;rts
of the physicians and others were continued
omit 4 o'clock Thursday morn Ing,when Sheldon
was pronounced out of danger. He had been
litterally snatched from the grave. If his con
dition had been discovered a few moments la
ter, it is probable that nothing could have saved
As to the motive in taking the laiinum,
Sheldon denies that it was to commit suicide.—
He says he had been restive for several nights,
add unable to sheep; that be drank the opiate
merely to produce slumber, and took through
mistake an overdose. The quantity taken was
two ounces, and his resuscitation is certainly
one of the must remarkable on record.—Thmee.
dale L'enald.
*tabbing Atrray at Sueq'a Depot.
On Monday evening last, at a few minutes
past ten o'clock, Frederick Keisinger, a man-of
all-work, stabbed to death, on Main street, John
Lawlor and serion,ly wounded Frank Dodge,
two es-Erie employees.
The facts of the case are as follows :
During the day, Lawlor, Frank Dodge, Wil
liam Boyle, Thonins Furry, and John Dundon,
all young men and recently employed by the
Erie Company, made a tour of the saloons of
the place, indulging in the uminl amount of
"tangle foot." Alter supper they again met,
Visiting three etaloous,drinking,running through
the strert, shouting, and limiting tptigs gener
ally hideous.
They left the billion room kept by Allen
McClure. in two porties, Lawlor. Dodge and
Boyle preceding Furey and Dundon by about
eight minutes
The first party soon met Reisinger'. Accord
ing to the sworn statements of the buys, he
was trying to open the tui•st office door. Rei
singer uses I het' tr1r..1.1....1 I- • . -
about witleint the least provocation, which is
prof ”slily the neTect vereion.
One thing, however, is certain : that the par
ty followed up Hi-Wager, jostling Lim about,
until he had reached a point near Gilbert's
meat market. Here was t lie scene of the trage
dy. While endeavoring to get away from the
party, and becoming, des entte. Reisinger is
said to have drawn a knife and stabbed both
Dodge and Lawler, thus freting himself. Ile
then fled.
Lawlor sniggered nerrws the road to the
sidewalk, cr ing out, - 0, I'm stubbed ! I'm
stsblied The teineral artery in the right
!high wee almost completely severed, the boy's
tile blue] pouring out upon thesidewalk.
Drs. Birdsall and Leslie were soon at hand,
and the wounded man was conveyed to the
Benson House, where he died in about twenty
minutes from the time of the stabbing.
Dude was stabbed in the thigh, also, his
wound being serious though not dangerous. He
went fur Dr. Birdsall, and was altetward assis
ted home.
While the affray was occurring with Keising
er, Bandon, Boyle and Fury were actors in
another scene, near the post office. A reckless
rascal, named Nehemiah Baker, Keisinger's
son-in-law, was standing by the office when
The second party came out of the billiard room.
They instantly collared him and shammed to
take him to the lockup for an alleged attempt
to rob the °Rice. They rudely pulled him
shout. freeing himself when Lawlor shouted
that he was stabbed. This episode prevented
Baker from being with ireisinger in his affray.
They both fled together, however.
At about 11 o'clock, a. in, Tuesday, consta ,
tam Pope and Fox, and Edward Langford,start
ed In pursuit of the fugitives, taking, the Jack
son road. When near the house of Evan Jen.
kilts, in the edge of Clifford, nineteen miles fmm
here, at about 5 p. in., they espied Reisinger
and Baker riding upon a load or hay. When
near the hay, Fox raised his umbrelia,lo hide
himself frtm Baker, who knew him. Arriving
within a real or' two of the hay, the ortice- ,
jumped out of their wagon and surround,' the
load. Fox and Langford were on oneAlc and
Pope on the other. Pope told thf.t' to throw
up their hands and come down, or he would
Blom' them. They immediak•ry alit air on the
opposite side 01 rthe . lotd, and dere' quickly
hand-cuffed and n0.....ed in the wagon and taken
to S out h oitoon, where they remained over
ni g ht, c ooing to ibis place the next morning:,
Th,., did not knotv that Lawlor was dead; and
.4kmd what they were arrested for, After the
inquest, in view of the tone of the verdict of
the jury, warranty were issued for the arrest of
Furey, Boyle and Dunrion. They were arrest.
ed and taken to Montiose, together with Kei.
singer and Baker, id charge of Pore, Robert
Metllatchle and Edward Langford, onThuralay
They were admitted to bail in the sum of tssol)
each, to appear= witnesses at the Asgnst term
of court. Baker could not procure and
will base to remain with litisinger.--Segfe
Business Locals.
By Dr. E. F. Buttertieß There a no sub
ject that requires so much study and itperieuce
as the Treatment end cure of ClironieDDeases..
The astonishing success and remailunla cures
performed by Drr. Butterfield nre due I) the gill
of a Clairvoyant, to the long study of thecon
stittition of man and the curing -Of dmgse from.
natural retneilts.: ' , • , ,
Let' those given up by .othere: bran er•
amination. He earns the worst rases if Boons
la, Catarrh, Pilet,;,kstbma, Diseases of tte Wart
Laknis, and Kidneys.
W be at tbe Vaffesty 'lllThlistnton;
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday,
May sth,Gth, and Bth:.: • •
April 29d, 74.0 , -Bw.° - _
, - •
CIIInON to purchasers ofthe;Kruvlan Pyrup
Bprotticled solution of the proteiltie of •Iron:)
ewared belhg deceived .by any of the prep
arations of Peruvian Bark.; or :Bark andArtin,..
which may be offered to you. Every, bottle of
genuine lies PERUVIAN SYRUP (not Peruvian
Bark) blown in the glars. Examine thelould
before purchasing.
3lay 11th, '74.-Iw.
We should not hesitate to „ recommend to any
friend of nnr Purana they
Are seleatifically prepared, and are adapted to
alt the purposes of n good.purgative inedielne.
Decidedly the best remedy that has ever been
discovered for rheumatism, sw•oolen er stiff
Joints, flesh WOLIJII . dS, sprains, bruises, cots, and
hurus, is Jelmpoe's Anodyne Linizernt. We
use it, and al n•nys recommend it to or friends.
May oth, It —lw. • •
TIIEJUGIC7 INtraTAA'lS.—This intention will
drive all oilier Ink* out. of . the - market. -Mil
lions are bring sold in Europeonil millions will
be sold here. It costs hut two (2) dollars. It
is, decidedly, the gremest curiosity of the cen
tury. Dlnken im own ink, by simply pouring
In water. It will last an ordinary lifetime. Sold
by all stationers, or by mull trout R. C. ROOT,
:ternour & Co., New York.
May 616, '74.-Iw.
SATURATE a piece •ir Bread or 3leat with
gastric (nice, and it well dissolve. This is diges
tion. Add to, such a mixture a "littlaaleotiol,
and it will not didaarr. This Is indtgestioli.-4
Beware, then, - n1 tinctures, or tonics, or de
coctions containing spirituous liquors. Shun
all Nut "tonics," 4nti rely solely on lin. WM,.
tt this VINEGAR BrrrEns, the tinest tligctice
inrigoraut known, and free from the fiery curse
of Alcohol.
April 29, '74.-4w. 2
We have been gratified by a visit from 11. M.
Imne,Esq.,agent for Ayees l i ills,Sarsaparilla and
' Cherry Pictoml, in South America, who has
just visited the mines with his medicines, and
described to us the process of taking grate Rom
the earth. A driver places 1/IS gang of slaves
in a mud bole, where the gems are found, and
pans out the earth in the water, like gold was.'}-
ern. The negrfxm are naked, to prevent their
secreting the diamonds in their clothes. They
are required to work facing their overseer, and
hot - bidden to raise a hand to the face • lest they
should swallow the Jewels when found. Yet
they do carry them away, by becoming HO ex.
pert Mutt they can snap them with their fingers
front the nan to their mouth, without detection.
Ayers medicines are the talismans for their dis•
eases, and it was not difficult to exchange, with
tlje negrue4, Ayer's P' Is in about even weight
for the rough stones Jet which the brilliants are
holden.—Bodmi Muter.
Mary 6,
rcwrtp--In Forest Lake, by A.
13. Griffis. Esq., April 24th, 1874, Julio Blaisdell
to Miss Jane A. Oriels, both of Formt Lake Pa.
RICHARDSON—Rom...Its—In Brooklyn. Pa.,
April 18th, 1874, by Rev. It. P Ashley, Mr. 11.
C. Richanison of ilarloril to Miss L. E Rogers.
BREED—BEMIS—I 0 Orwell Bradford Co.
April 21st, 18;1, by the Rev. , 3lr. R. F.
Breed of Brooklyn Pa., to 3liss E. 31. Beers of
the former place.
NiCIIDICK — RAZEAII—At the pallonage, In
Clifford, April 22,1, 1874, by Rev. D. W. Hal
3tend, Mr. D. 11. Burdick to 51iss C. D. Macau,
both of Susquehanna county, Pa.
Cnossarog—ln Pridgewnter, Prt., April 26th,
1874, Seabury en - smite], aged 72 year&
Kerr—ln Brnoklyn, Pa., April 21, 1374, Mr.
E. S. Kent in the 62d year of his age.
BAlDwr".:—ln.Montrose Wednesday, April
29th 1874, Scott Baldwin, in the 86th year of
his age. Mr. BAH win was a consistent member
of the Baptist church for nearly CO years. He
was Imre in Connecticut
nal.wor,g,t-tuA, A[lllllsl, DNA.
We beg to inform you, that we are prepared
to offer for your inspection, our ttsnal assort-:
:vent of MILLINERY GOODS, consisting of the
newest shape" in Straw, Silk and Fancy Hats,
Bonnets, &e., Velvets, Flowers, Crapes, Silk
Goods, Feathers, Blondes, Ribbons, Ruches,
Braids, Ornaments, &C., We should be
happy to wait on you at our Store, or receive
your orders.
103, 105. 107 North Second Street,
Your, ve:y respectfully, H. WARD.
April Ist, '74-4w.
Arch tag ami.opening daily dein: the eeason at
GilltouliorE, Rososhoum, & Co's,
New Dress Goods, Shawls, h. Settings,
nth es Trimmed and Untrimmed
Ladles' and Children's Brats,
For Men and Boy.' wear,
Extra qualltr. Flees Grades of
ilEkili faillE UT
von NEN Jan son, Q ptsors mu) Kamm) strzia,-;
MCeztes db p. papta!,;
. 6e, 6e.
It Is ever oar Cm to please tho public. to sellg dod
good. si Popear 100 prtat, and to 111.114.10 - 01trrepu;
tattoo es ttobsi.74 the , i • . -
as w cnrtut , Ax? TILADE.
eltrty and often. Tom truly,,
. . . ,
• •Gutte abort, - ROseignOini ft; CO;
M. 8. sEps.tufa,
itantrate. Ayrh
• - "Thera ts no pain whlel;thiilettaut
Liniments will Pot relieve, no ewenl44
they Wl3l not subdue, and no lanienese
1 1 ; whichtbey wllinot ears. This !petrol:lg
.langnage, bat. It to tree: They hart
traduced more cares of rheumatism.
• I; l l4triff . lingo, caked breasts. Scalds, Vents, salt,
then:a, eariathe, de., upon. the 'human Bane, and of
strains. salvia. galliatie., upon animals to one year
than have all other pretended remedies ;Lace the work
began. They are counter.loilent. all.beallng pain
Revers. Onpples thrOwaway the 1r crutches, the lame
walk, poisonous biter are rendered harmless, and the
wounded are lumlud without Water. Therecipe is Pub.
Betted emend each bottle. They sell fa no articles ever
sold before, beans° they dwjest what they pretend to
tin "kiise Who 'noir suffer from rhatimstlant, pelt, or .
.wcilinff deserve to puffer ir they will net use Centaur
tinfrilent. wtiiievisfi,en" store than 1093 eeradtareit
of remarkable enters, itielndleg Oaten limbs, chronic
rheeemtlem. gone, rooting tumors, de., bare been re.
sewed. We will send &sinister containing certfileates.
the recipe, du.. gratis, to any_ one requesting it. One
bottle of the yttlloar wrapper Centaur Lintraent to worth
one bundrud dill ere fOr sPavlued or sweenled horses
and mules, or for screw-worm in sheep. eituelt.owners
—theeellulateutr are worth your attentlon: Nu family
should be without them "White wrapper family use ;" wrapper for animals. Cold by ell Dmgelsts,—
SO cent. peer bottle: lancelbottles, SUM J. 13. Rosa
Co.. 53 Broadway, New York.
Cnatoria to more than a anbstltato for Castor OIL
It Is the only sqp article in eziethoce which Is certain
to aishaulath the Mod. regulate the baste?, cute wind
colloind produce natural ❑cop. It Mittmans neither
mlnemla, morphine or eleohol, and fa pleasant to [aka.
Children need not ery,and mothers may rest.
Comilssion Merchants.
Clco=A,zzlzwrsislcraa. Zktiorcithess:Lt
TRY, .9.1%,1) VEAL CALVES,
77 Dey $l.. New Turk.
Con•lgnmenta inollcited and returns made lertmadlato
ly ou sale al gusda dead for *hipping aarda and *ten
National Park Book of New York.
Norib Meer Bank of New York.
Mosso National Bank of New York.
Lon: Island Bank of Brooklyn. N. 1
Pe b. no trra.--ti
The !Mantels
The supply of money is still largely in
excess of the demand. The beaks are
supplying the wants of their customers
whenever the securities offered aresatisfac
tory. There are no prospects of any mar
ket change fur smite months to come.
The outlook fur the future is better, how
ever, since the veto than before. We
tlnoto call loans at 5(4,6 percent. ; strict
ly first-class, two-named paper was nego
tiated at 6 per cent., and single-named
paper of the same * grade, at 6F1,7 per
tent.; loans on government collateral
rule at sig6 per cent.; on other tirst-olass
bonde and stocks at 6 per cent., and on
more inferior collateral ut 7@y7i per cent.
Sin. £.k.
Go!d - 112+4
--,ary •=5l"
520 Coupna7iiits my 115%
5—S3 Coupon.lSSl 111%4 112. N
5-Z2Conpon, Ines 118 N 1 lAN
5.M4 Coupon. /MS— 115 X IF
15.52 Con pen. 1657 11)a 120„V
Ski Coupon, 1855., 120 N 12.. y
5 per eta 115;; . 115 t(
10-40. 1131, 115)1
Path Exchange 155..% 4515(
Sterling Exchange _ _ . as*
New York Produce Starker.
Reported Erery Week Expressly for Tux Morkettsa
Dexocare by Rbooes & Server. Pmdoce Connote.
SiOa Ilershants.26 Whitehall Street, Now York.
Birrrsa-Firkhas, N. Y.. J.. Pa. 85 34
Tuba 35 0
Pails • " • " 40
Carsea-State rutory, tine to fancyl7 a 17X
State D. 107, common to lair.- 0 7 14
Earls-State and l'enne.lo7ooa
Western. prime .
Ortaur-euro..! .:11: es 87
Rye. State ,1:s
Oars-State • ar437 83
Lax am, tresaw-Ilay, per /00110 . .. —lO3 l AO
Straw. - Rye 55 0 00
Pomorxr-Chickens, Stole, prime ...... 18
- Turkeys. 15 0 17
im vcr X Et
In Lanesbo . ro.
e prepeted,:t.'Pea,nel
Wall ENE: Blacismitft
will recelve prompt attention.
• • iumENT. & 12A114.
Latiesboro. Pc. Oct. 115;1871.-tf..
scheidos. es.
Wbolesalp .tltatallletilt
atlX2s7 nuz,,TH. NO - 73 a 44 ird4tt.V2SCl,
Azrimmov, pArtitEnß. ' •
Wanted, as soon aspOsslbley - T
5000 vikr,1713411 CALVES,
. •
For which the highest market }ride; will be paid in
221 h. bt 1 . D. WELLMAN.
Amt will also say to Pie tanners of Muni* Jump
Purest Lake.and Brlgeeatrr . towitattfpa, envie hackle
real ealara to tied will del leer ram acitatrlegind'a Mo
tel at Montrose, on Morulay of each setoff. between the
hotted or to And Ii o'clock, until lli above dattaut
acing be changed to lame other day of the , week." "They
wilt Mao notify mead the number of tailer2i. tite7, bring
each weak by null duo waft/ rirrioda ill their deliver!.
b. wrixmAx, - • .
" New Milford, Fa
April Prh,
• Dur rovod- VVOODODII. WOOD
?OUP, Totitelcts, thimble, Rftlctrof.
And Moan. The hoot Podtp for the
tenet money. ' Attantlan is topeelolty
lvtted to ,Ittotrlloy's -Patent !in
terred Drub - on:4 Iletot'Drop Chock
!aivo. which .Can oo withdraws
fthOot reoulrinA.tho-Putrp.orAto.
le.thlf the Moto. Alto: the Cop.
pet Chouther, which never - ono-kit or
sastottoind wilt outtiot boy other:
For oslo by Drakes& tho.Troda
goncroDr. .intiotto for Dlatchtorn
Pump. and tf not for sale to yonr
- town. rood sitroct to -
• CEUlli. 0;UPIIIIG121113 . 81.
a is COL 11020706 bib" ktaitidtlOUL, Pa.
4:11 lit, 11T4.-4m.
Southern Tief
15$' iVasTilogton . kittile4;
332.2a6iuszeitais i
Tau will Find the
Z -11 la ilk. IV X rE" ICT.3R,VI
At the Lowest Prices of en,* Store hi
ziouthero lir York.
dll Qugda Sold are WADE/CEO es aelptegentaii
so.. 11 I.IIM-131
.W - urri.l - turlEt
Erenilms hinatiUro WIMOOEDyOIt fto th• 111101
stock of .
3F ) ItT1:1,1%1 X 1171E7252.3311
To be found this section of-th• coluary, of bleonvs
MUM tacture, sad at prices that cannot Call to glee MIS _
faciltill. Lit wakes the very best
In the Cocunt7. sod W4/2116.NT0 them.
Of Au kind. done In the Lipton sollllllo/.
r . Pt X. 1 117 CI. .13 39 I;11 /El
The subscriber will bereafter make tow tad *
specialty in hie buclucset 'Havingutt cideplete
NEW and tbe most eletwut REARB Z In tbe titata4
twedbig his son Ices: will be attended to prozugtts
satistlicuary charges.
litootrose.Tit. Jae. SI. 2hTL—uoS-1.1.
Bea?. Estate tbr Esau. -
„ The Subscriber ;)trers for sale the
" fullowiug Real Estate, to wits
known its 'Minima Moore Farm." situ triggeorilla
tar tairoddp, tanquctianna Co.. Pa.. about. 4WD 101414
castor Itoritrude Itoroazh, containing IEO IMMO OZ
gallant cran and grain land. about 20 semi Of timber,/
a good farm house and ootbnildings, a Ste ottiaard OS
choice fruit...m.ll WAtetrd, and adapted for dairriagi
..detraeler - nry23 and wide R Itamus,
.ly diapooed of. .
- - •
Waste in the Borough of New Milford. Pnaqtrettattild
Count:, Pa., pleasantly located on the Main strest, mat
the Oentre of the town— Lot Clit feet front, • Coed ere..
venient two-story dwelling, a good sized Wotan 'YOU
and a conrerdent we;( of good water,
• .
ALSO A FA..101 OF rurrecato
ono fourth of • mile from the Donnish af' New hllltai
raieres Improf•Oadittba balanco if•al tliottesoflpl
pally . , with Ahem not. and UMW*: A good gem ft
ban, an d . • thrifty young orrlnot.
morn as the camagrAutr ROM, in Gibida ZOO
low. Susquehanna Co— Pa.. neural:dor Sid seen set ludr
mostly improved. with Hotel., wavir Baas and vat
buildings. Convenient ei th er as a Lotclot tut 01711014
and dairy purposes. .
for the manufacture of Cider Brandy, to good
. order, la tely ocrtri
ed by C. Pall, dectumed.ita=
CO perches of latur
adlaceut to the aformald HO
. .
made ear, to snit tho purchaser, open geed Smutty:—
For. para.:o4r. Squire of IL 1.1. flaw/e7„DiffccolLe 011.
Arre. - 31nutrose. Pa., or of the subscriber on the 211311.1
Moore Farm. Bridgewater. Pa:-
SOUTH, 255272.
No: N. No. • 710,. .14 0. 1711 i
85. O. 4.•
P. 6. P. aN. T. S. P. tp, IP.Is
340 180 0) 910 tra ISO 015 •
BVI 3 945 ... Vm gretly 1500 505 9 545
I+9 ,
585 117 1005.... .31.8.ru5.„ ... 11 45 ass emir
420 205 10 40 Tnwar da ....11 05 457 111
522 ' 1180 42»101014....1006
648 395. 11 Lseyville 943 405 •41
614 12 12,...Meehnppen.... 9121 9
'625 Alt ..,..Melluopany..... 912 t
656 350 12 40 ....T291074990ck. . 849 320
801 442 130._ ...P1341,0 725, 142 4.
822 6141 2 15...W11ke5-B•re, ..700 *l5 410
a. 28 550 Alictabiro.. k ...3.l2. 1047 1110
040 6 4 Bethlehem.... . 1050 II 00 •
915 6 .12utou .10 05 11 IMS
Nati so .
In V) a M.—Philadelphia
r. mi. 940 New York...,
No. tri teams Totraoda . 710 a. - 1134 •• Athe9ll, lie
r . W.,e.r17. 8 47, itt..
Alstilta at 9 009.40 t.
No - 51 Irtkers Elmira at sat m.: Waverly. at 6IS
a. m.; Mitt:o4M 680 p..m..,artiviva Towasdalt
71.. p, La.
R. A. PACIR97I. ElapethateAdalt, '
THE Eacte,
-r TE,.
M YS NICHQM. Pzto . =crow,
Sgyaq or TV S Gupta Ramat 113101fii;indli" •
, . .
X3'71402/. 3310 0.1t5.. ikketzxtrckiNe
We derire to any In the public that our atoriDs V 4
stocked with Druire.:Mrdiritirs. Paints,
.. o lle.Verulol..
Brushes, Comb". Petibtuezy, Fancy armies, provably,
tars 390 patent prepuratlons.stutall otherarttoes two
ally keptln tint es.. drug. stares. We caanottsi qqf
goods gcuulneepd pi the best gustily, and Will b• gulf_
at tuur price:fir croft. 11,sivectf YOOss.
' Fsb 90.1 *llOll )11411018.
P. li.37IMIX•Xa izcpu jai.
Fryvgrzi . 1,11111 /CVO, Cali
sloirtßan; szzura.
Mill $. TiIIUDBLI4-0180
• . _
NM Stittitat Lear. thin Reim eally:tarseettat
Ate ?denten.. &Ili. • . the Lehigh Talley RAI toekos.
tbt. u, tw 3 W. Railroad. •
A pit lirm —tr.
Ileslly vreitea
Ordes- by mail rveelve prcarptattinslioi.
~ . -
Par domo,
e. *roma
gazdzose. =at, b ,