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E. E. HAWLEY e . CO., Editore
Wednesday, may 6, 1874.
Gold closed in New York, on Saturday
;sight last, at 1121.
'Of the one hundred and sixteen West
era papers that have reaches the office of
the Chicago Tribithe since the President
vtti ett the inflation bill, sixty-one sus
tain the forty-two condemn it aiid
teirteen exl zees no opinion, nod yet .ive
have b.-en told the West is solid for more
rsg currency
The Cincinnati t.nquirer is the only
Pittioci . atio journal in the United States
ilispleased with Grant's veto of
the -inthainn hi•l. A resolution in a
NatiMial Democrat Convention to add to
the . allrinut of iur irredeemable rag cur
rency -.would receive übout the seine num
tkr of votes Willing the delegates.
case has net men decided by the
United States Circuit eniirt pt St. Louis
esttiblishing the principle that when a
carchant sends a circular by mail offering
to salt an article at a staled price, he is
bound to ti.l an order at that price. when
it comoii by due coins,- of mail, unless the
circular coutains a reservation or a limit
to time,
The Ilitiford Courant says: "The same
feeling of dissatisfaction which has los ,
the If.eputilican party the state of New
Hampshire and Co: Lived- tit is seen in
the 'town elect'ons in New York eta e,
where the Drmocnits hive gained 1;3
tOWilb over the tlection of last year. and
387 over those of 1872. The voice of warn
ing is becoming su emphatic that it can
not be ignored or misinterpreted."
The governor of South Carolina on the
12th of April. 1874, pardoned t wen ty
aoen convicts out of the penitentiary
because the state was too pour to keep
them. They marched in .& body to the
state house and asked for relief. Again,
out of thirty-one county treasurers in
the state, twenty are in default, to the
amount of $500.000. Of sixty grand
and petit jurors drawn for the last noun
ty code at Beallort only one WSJ white
or could read. Such is radical rule.
'Pilo:New York pr, es is likely to be
subjected to the most exquisite of tor
urea- The L^g'slature proposes that
every-newspa p er wl.l;ch has criticised au
indAidual nai.,,lallJw.the injured party a
column bp:we for ,eply. We shall soon
exp-ct to see the Manhattan journals,
supplements and all, filled with nothing
boat column-loads of replies from
LEA this law been in
Lowe iviien 'the "Little Usury Band" were
canvassing the editor of this paper in our
lrg'slatrire, we should have been obliged
to have given them the whole of oui pa
per for the next ais months.
The St. Paul Pion& r says: We want
to enter a protest against the assumption
of the eastern press that the people of
thl West favor infla'ion. It is the' mis
fortune of this section to he as badly niis
represenitaf in eongrets on that as on
nearly every other public question. Not
a public meeting of any kind, nor board
of trade, nor a single citizen that we have
heard of, boa petitioned for any such stu
pendous folly ; and as for that matter.
editors of the most in teliigtii t newapapers
are opposed to it. Willie the public sen
timent of the state is rep.esenteti at
Washington as all one way, the fact is
that inflation cannot muster a eorpor.tis
guard among men of average education
in Minnesota.
A rrobibitory liquor l.tu 1 as d een i n
existence itr tire borough of 13radruck Al
legheny county. some 1870. Lust week
this law, at toe instance of R pregentatice
Wainwright, who resides at Bradreck
was repealed by the Rouse of Represen Opposition , t 3 local option was
not the motive lur this action. Alleghe
ny is a•cnanty which decided by an over
whelming vote in favor of the sale of in
toxica!ing liqzrors, and to the end that
this .I,cision be made uniform, it was
tormeht . proper by Mr. Wainwright that
special legislation on the snhject in behalf
of 13radroek should be expunged. if the
county, as a -svholo, ..desires absolute pro
hibitionrall right ; but arempted prohi
bition in detached sections or segments of,
the county is proiaourced alike unprofit
elle and unja_t. The bill passed by
Note ul 68 to 16.
The Charlestown Yews and Courier
enters into a long explanation of the
grounds upon which' the tax-payers of
South Carolina ask Congress for aid. It
says the present form of government was
eitablished in the State by Congress, and
since that body is therefore responsible
for the evils which it has caused, it ought
to take such, measures as will redress the
wrongs inflicted. In such a condition of
affairs, it thinks all talk about. State
'Eights is :sheer meckery, and in .conclu
sion says:
.."lire feel that we are on the
verge of min.; that bands of robbers, in
the name of Government and under the
f..rms of the law, are wasting our re
sources, devouring our substance, and
conftsmtingoor property; and as we may
not take rims - in our hands for our own
redress, weituty call upon the common
Government"and to interpose in - the
Lterests and peace, and
to provide. acme. , suitatde remedy ior the
grteretis wrungn that hnvegrown directly
t of los own "r.^. 7
:ALS:W.I64IIe g!ttitilt."
The Reno (Nevada) Journal says that
after a long and dreary winter, spring has
at last opened, and,. as the snow recedes
from the valleys, the farmers-are all,buSy
putting in their spring crops.' The past
winter has been the hardest 'ever eiperi
t need in this country. Many have lost
all the hvo stock- they possesed,-and all
have lost a large per cent. of their stock.
Honey Lake Valley has probably suffered
most. The hay crop having been short
the past year, nearly every one was obliged
to buy.and consequently the few , men
who had any'raised the price, demanding
what ever they wished. Hay has been
sold in Honey Lake fur $9O per ton, and
in Susanville it commanded, at one time.
5130 per ton. Yet stock are still dying,
and a person riding through Honey Lake
Valley can hardly get out of sight of dead
and dying cattle. Sheep have faired bet
ter titan the cattle,but at present t.hey,too,
are dying very fast from the effects of the
alkali which they got in their stomachs
while eating the shprt grass which is just
The uew financial policy is probably
foreshadowed in the following paragraph
from the special correspondence of the
Baltimore Sun, of Met week :
The senate finance committee held a
meeting to-day for the purpose of matur
ing a new financial bill: The new bill, it
is understood, will contain certain fea
tures of the old bill originally reported
from the committee, with a number of
important additions. Among these will
be more definite provisions for free bunk
ing and redemption. The committee will
hold another meeting to-morrow, and will
hear the views of several of the leading
senators who voted for the currency bill
lately vetoed. The free banking section
iii the new bill the committee agreed to
day should provide for a retirement of
forty per cent, of legal tenders to proper.'
thin as the volume of the banking cur
rency is increased until the aggregate
amount of legal tenders outstanding is
diminished to $300,000,000. The fixing
uk, a time fur specie resumption will be
considered to-morrow, and three or four
years hence agreed upon. The house
currency bill will not be reported. The
committee have assurances that the house
will probable accept free banking, with
other provisions contemplated in the
new bill.
Congressional Opinions of the Veto.
Simon . Cameron is reported to have de
that the President's veto of the in
flation bill was the hardest blow the Re
publican party ever received, that it
would lead to its defeat next fall through
out the western and northwestern states,
where it ought to be the strongest, and
would endanger Pennsylvania. Cameron
intends to stand by.his position, in favor
of inflation, in spite of the veto. Judge
Kelly declares that the doctrines of the
message are fatal to the republican party.
Ile thinks the Republicans of the eastern
states will unite with the Democrats in
favor of hard money, while there will be
a coalition of men without distinction of
parties in favor of a largely increased
currency throughout the west and south,
Senator Logan says Grant has killed
thin g . ;n Maws. — Senator Kenton ex
presses his belief that the veto demolish
es the Republican party. Senator Win
dom, of Minnesota, avows his belief that
the veto will fluil very few Republicans to
sustain it iu the north-west. nipple
Mitchell, the much married Senator from
Oregon, voted for the bill. being the only
Senator from the Pacific slope who did so,
and he says." "the veto is a great politic
al mistake."So muck for the opiniort.of
prominent Republican congressmen.
The Erie on Temperance.
Section Ist, Article Ist, of the general
regulation of the Erie Railway Company
reads as follows :
1. "No man who uses intoxicating
drinks can be depended upon in railroad
service, and it is the intention of this
Company, as tar:as practicable,to deny em
ployment to all men who drink intoxica
tine drink."
This is commented upon and quoted
extensively by prohibition advocates us
"high authority" of great weight upon
their side.
If the above regulation were impartial
ly enforced against all in the service of
the Erie Railway we doubt if there would
be a General or Divison Superin tendant,
President, Vice President, Director or
Stock bolder left on the road. It is won
derfully easy for the wealthy and aristo
cratic to be hypocrites, advocating laws
for others .while violating them every day
themselves. We had men, to a great
number, in our eounty who voted for
-Local Option". that would not have done
eo if they were not assured • that they
could have all kinds of liquor
,in their
cellar for their own use. They "had no
settled principles of temperance, but sim
ply a desire for a cheap reputation on
that question for a political purpose or
some other. When Men teach by example
as well as precept, and enact, and enforce
laws for the honest prosecution of abstract
evil, instead of the persecution of certain
individuals, true virtue will be cultivated
and protected, instead of being violated
and debauched by fanatical, bigotted hy
A Repithbeau Party In llnaafi.
At a meeting of the repablican state
central committee of Illinois, on the 14th
inst., Ur. L.O. Flossing, aheretofore proin
loan t republican leader, was culled upon
foi a speQoh. A bomb-shell exploded in
the room would not have more astonish
ed. his auditors than Mr. Messing's re
sponse. We giro some of his most tell.
ing points':
Listen, gentlemen, to the thirteen reto.
!upon - of the Philadelphia conventicin,
4%i3. E.O brig like it is in connection with
recent eventc and, the oninie ruined lip
pair representatit'es Tti ! nilllittoiein the
Cnited Stagg : f e; ? if•tbe pu •
ciple solemnly enunciated by the party,
"We denounce repuditaion of the pub
lic debts, in any form or disguise As a na
tionalcrithe. We witness with pride the
redaction: of the principal
. .ief the debt,
and of the rates of interest upon the-bal
ance, dna confidently expect that an ex
celent national currency will be perfected
by _a speedy resumption of specie pay
A speedy resumption of specie pay
mentd, gentlemen 1 - What do you think
of that in,the face of the fact that your
illuatrious statesmen of Illinois, Mr. Lo
gan and Mr.Oglesby, are attempting to
rob the laboring mon, and are bringing
this country iutd -disgrace in the eyes of
civilized people by their labors to secure
the issue of $44,000,000 more currency.
I believe the people need more money,but
it should be based. on something more
substantiat than promises to pay. Where is
all this going to stop ? Suppose next
year they printsl,ooo,ooo,ooo instead of
$44,000,000, They would have precisely
the same right to do it. The republican
party, by its statements, as they are called,
will compel people who have to buy goods
imported front Europe to pay from five
to ten per ceilL more then if the forty
second congress never existed. If you
want to indorse Logan indorse him, but
I will not. Indorse Oglesby, too, if you
like. He has an ounce of lead in his leg,
and I suppose he ought to be indursed
whatever he does. I will not indorse him .
Your party is torn asunder, gentlemen—
there is nothing left of you. Where is
your Philadelphia platform ? You licive
none. What is then left of the republi
can party but office, otlice, office, and
what mission has it now but to supply of
ticeseekers with fat places. I will not be
long to any party that has no higher aim
or aspiration than office. When there is
nothing left to a party bat office I will
not have anything more to do with it.
I prefer to be, and shalt be, independent,
without the incumbrance of party ties,
and lying platforms.
LA me read another paragraph of the
Philadelphia platform and then let me
show now the party has lived up to it :
"The republican party proposes to re
spect the rights reserved by the people to
themselves as carefully as the pow( rs del
egated them to the state and to the
federal government. It disapproves of
theresort to unconstitnional laws for the
ipurpose of removing evils by interference
with rights net surrendered by the pee
plo of either the state or tuitional govern
Your party has gone bask on it, and
has iudorsed the crnsaders, and passed
laws subversive to personal libe ty I have
carried out the principal embodied in
this resolution. The republican party
has not. What right has any man \ in this
room to interferewith me in my person
al affairs? Who has a right to dictate
to me what or when I shall drink ?
have always been a temperance man, and
no other nun tia.s a right to dictate to me
so long as I du no harm to any one else.
I tell yon, gentlemen, sumptuary laws
have helped to k.ll the party. Do you
know that 100,000 people who always
supported the Republican party have
been kicked out by sumptuary laws, and
they will never go back. I believe what
Robert Caper said in his pul pit, that we
are educating, a nation of hypocrites, who
have an ice pitcher on the table and
whisky in the cupboard. Then: is no use
in legislation of a sumptuary nature.
Men will not bd legislated into righteous
ness. The pnlpit and the school house
are the places to inculcate morality. You
may control railroads and stage coaches
by your laws, but you cannot control the
appetites of the people. Why do you not
pass laws to make me carry a Bible
around on my head or tie it to me with a
chain, and compel roe to read it for an
hour every day ? The time is coming
when you will find oat your mistake.
The country is corrupt and rotten ; it is
going to the devil, and the time is coming
when not an honest or a decent man will
be left in the legislative bodies. ,Let us
look over pretended morality and puss a
law for the benefit of the people. The coun
try, is going deeper and deeper into cur•
ruption. It has gone to grass, and you
will soon be mourning that there is not
an honest man left.
I believe the country should return to
specie payments as soo•i as possible, and
the currency should be based on bonds of
the United States. I would support a
good free banking law, based on hands
The issue of .81-4,000,000 on top of 3330,-
000,000 iiddisgrace, and every man who
-votes for it drives a and in his own polit
ieal coffin."
Your party,gentlemen, has not kept its
pledges and promises. There's not a man
in this room who does not believe the
crusading women were out of their sphere,
bat yon were afraid to say so, and tell
them to stay at home and cook their hus
band's. beefsteak until they conld ge.t
them well done.
I am much obliged to you for listening
to me. I was allied - upon to speak. I
have given you my opinions, and, baying
done so, shall take my leave.
MM US IN BaNSPEPTCY.—In the Martha Court
I.A of the rutted Stater.. for the Wavier° District of
retorwriviurds. In Be. D. Gillett Bankrapt.—
(NO-1419 In thankraptCY.)
Notice' is hereby given that there mill be age' merit
ncteetlng of the Creditors of the above. named Santo
relit. (or the purpose contemplated In the „Vat Section
of the Bankrupt .act, on the Seventeenth day of Jane
1871,at two Y. IL, at the MD= of Sowano Wro
lane, Register In Bankruptcy, Scranton, Pa:, and all
creditors who have proved tintr debts, are hereby noti
fied to be prcecnt at said meeting. -. •
B. J. CARR. Allattlee
&mete; re., goy C. 1871: .
A DhURISTRATOIrIi, the estate of
alrL - fiobn V. O'RelloY. , {eta ot.Bsiauttannal Depot,
deceased, lettoriorhtiministraton C. T.A. bastagbeen
granted to the untie rrigurd,all persons Indebted to raid
estate, are hereby notified to rr.ato Inoue:diet° payment
to the Ad at Wish' tor•and those basing daises arguer
the samt,ore requested to prrtsent thew :at overt.
, Inerpta; •
Our bodies aro not as vigorous ner our minds
as clear as they:night be. This remark is jrue
of atiesst two-thirds of civilized satiety , and
of these two-thirds probably one-half is labor- -
hag tinder bodily infirmities of a.t.hamcter like
ly to shorten the lives of the sufferers; This is
a melancholy exhibit and furnishes abundant
food for reflection. Can the evil , be mitigated ?
it can. Lack of vitality is the-primary cause
of most of the physical and mentel suffering to
which we are subjected, and ; therefero. a vital
izing medicinal agent is the remedy remilred.—
Is there such a medicine? There is. Hostetter's
litomache Bitters will muse and energize the
mind and body when the life posrerof•the eye.
tern Is in a comparatively dormant state. The
languid, feeble, desponding invalid Is net awar
of the latent energies that underlies his debility.
He thinks there is no element of vigor lett in
his frame, when the tact is that ids physical
capabilities are merely asleep and only require
waking up. Let hint stimulate and tone his
animal machinery find endow it with new mo
tive power, through the agency of this inenm
' parable invigorant, and he will soon feel like a
new man, or rather likes man who has received
a new lease of life, and the requisite health to
enjoy it. Many businessmen suffer from chron
ic languor and depression_eaused by too close
application to business.- Ilttnl students are of
oppressed with melancholy from a like cause
Mechanics and working men are affected in the
same way as a result of over-labor. To ail who
are In this condition, from whatever
tetter's Stomach Bitters will prove a signal
blessing. It is a perfect patinae for physical
debility and mental gloom. It strengthens the
body, clears mind and calms the nervous sys:
tent its a remedy for indigestion, billions
ness, conspinstion, rheumatism, and intermit
tent and remittent fevers, it takes precedence of
all other medicines.
May dtb,
New Advertisements
Twenty tone, Balled Ray. In gent:title. to Fait par
chaser., at JuCson UII,III it', Pit. Alen 20
tont on the Judson t.tono Letate—Eore..t Lake.
Apply on the pra.misee.
B:trhartillo, May 4th, 1874.-1 w.•
DMINISTGATOR'S NOTICE —ln [beset. of .113 ho
AL Logan. dec d. hue of ltneh toe - orbit, Lett., of
Administration to literal,/ estate having been grantee
to theundersigned all perrnns owing raid ertare, are
req.:leaded to mate Immediate payment, and all per
pone having nuainmt said estate are requested to
resent them vrith,ot delay.
May nth, 1671.—n8.
87 Mir coza.clw es - 5 ,
MANUFACTURFRS OF ALL KINDS OF 3312.. x - glear Proof
The °Merl and mo.t reliable firm In the United Stater.
Tbey tout. the prize tueetai,a warded et the
',II Safer are warranted free from dawn.a and cor
Montrose, May .3.'74 —ll
IiONTROtV, Arril 7, 1571.
MINIM .11L1131.01, .0313113.101 , 1511, ACCOUNT YOU
To amount of Duplicate $ 04Y49
Cr. by amount pain for stork on 'treads,
Iduckanalthing. haru rant. bay
and Iced for taen . .....
Itr. days work Inherman) 416 00
Tonancrat lons ............. 6
tom tuisa 11111,re . .......... 41 19
atauce due 6 91
—$ 842 49
To balance in bin hands ......... ....... u 30
Tax purr', desirous of seeing bills, can do so by clll
- 0p..0 too Seer,-tar) 'lon.. emoted
The above occottut has been t.(11111illeli by us and
found correct as above atatud.
11. C. TY LEH. Sec'y. C. IL GRIM. Borgo OF.
J TimsnmEn, IN ACCOUNT scrru SKINT
ItOa!: BoltotoH. 14 , 311 •YHII. A, 137 i, TO
eriaL. F,
To cri•ll or Dana e. Collor. tor ......
•• t.. Ilutv ......
•• .1 F :4h.o•notkor,do 11. oo
•• •• I'. M. Uric. SYdet/agerl. .. 71100
•• Jon, .s. Ilumoll. dog too lieu
•• •• • WltTior. ran tri .ge for 1.674.. otkl
Tv au hood, t,
• •• J. P. rilloonaker. Erri 6 Ik:
• • • 11 ngh !attunell. .......... 15 a)
•• t Iriuvue.t Purdy. ..... ........ ter 00
11 C T)l.r 10(I)
C M. Gvre 4c.10
•• C J Whipple .
W 13ord X C 19 u... 2.3 n
•• IC. B 11rwley lOu
11. C 1 per . . 30
•• et. Taylor . 1111........ 1:960
•• Jerre I.yune ....... . 00
r,a Lyra. 19400
Muldrueu Manufacturing Cu .. 194
J... N. 11••weil 1111. 111
•• J. IL Rayne:ad 200
" 11ana P. ArtediCl. • • • • 99)
•• C J. M Itopple 0990
•• U. 11. Irarner 15U
•• " • • 1111 13.0
3 10
• •• F. 11Chandler .......... ....... 2990
•• Jerre hyol2. 10r; aT
(i. F' F0rt194,6 300
Head, 0,111.16 & (0 41%
11. Funtuaza 1760
K. B. /1 wiry 160
101 , 63
0 4 40
15 U 0
93 73
W J. Mu'fora...
• •• UY. Roane
• .. C. 4. Wn.pple
• •• S. II et D. Sayre
Hugh hilteEell...
By cash on .......
April 17. 1874, to cork on hood
We the underttigned. Auditors of the bomnch of
Moulton have thin da3 eratnitied the nC.1:00111, of Wm.
J. Mulford, Tee...orer of the h. , noel of 31outrope, and
the order• paid by said Treasure...and find the ratite cor
rect. and Ilan] balance in ht. , Undo of ninety fire slid
seventy.t.ttree one ',Moiredi ha dollar , .
A. D. lIITFL'US, Auditors.
00000011 or anWIMOVE. •rant 11, 1871. ontorite 0171,
taAhlpl.ll Ma, C9IIEDL6IILD
Robert firmege... .......
lir ry Sherman ...... . . . •
F. A. n.'nr• , Order No. 94 ...
G. F. Forunam, Order No. 5
$4lO IT
Dna from cite of oxen • IcOW
II fl.tillY C. TYLER, Secretary.
Ilontroee Play fl, Rat
Tans t.o Grua Noisier, that on the Mot day of
April. A. D. hal, a warmnt in Ban kroptcy wag toted
a,Tairod the estate of Lewis Brainard, of Gibson twp., in
Sin:apielianna Co., PL, who has beep adjudged a Bank
rupt. on his owe pahlun ; that the poymant of any
debt. nod delivery of any property belonging to such
polikroPl, to bird or for ht. use,and the Boarder of any
proporty by him, are forbidden by law. That a meeting
of rho creditors of mild Bautelipt, to preen their debts.
and to choose one or morn assignees of bin estate will
be held at a Court of Baukruptcyoobo holden at the office
of the IteTister at Scranton 80-. before gdmrd
Willard, Be:tester, UP 11th clay of May, BM, at 10
o'clock, a. to.
- •
April. Zith 1674.—qw. r so hieereuger
At Coon's Crossing.
(Terminus of Ito Montrose Itallroad,)
'l' Lae Best CcoEtl
Ever offered w the people of Moutroseimd
flaring bad long =primer to the . business. the ander.
signed guarantee satisfaMion every time. Coal as tree
from slate and dirt as could be desired.
PRICES—Terms Cash:
Sao, $O3O. Stun. $4.90. Carirartrr, $4.80.
0. D. STEIffirNE4 4: CO
Feb.ll. 1814.-tf.
TOR BALE—Tim rum late of Nathan Al
drich, dc'd, situated about balf -a mile west
of Montrose Depot, in Brodkiyn township, con
taining about 111 acres of land mostly improv
ed. Inquire tb. indersigned, executor of
said estate, at New Milford, 1 a:
• ButoT Aunuca.
New Milford, Jan. T,'.5;1873.—tf
ElB cIITOWS NOTlCE —Letters testenten Mu le the
state of A. B. Lathrop. late a Maack, deed: i
havng been granted to the subscriber, ell persons In.
&sheen le the' told et tato,' are mutated to mare tin.
mediate pool's t. and all persons having sterol molest
meld decedent will present them *Mont delay.
I. B. LATHROP, 4 6 050/.
Sprlordlle. pH 0, 1 . .71.*,-410 ' •
E. P. HINES, Lt.
Gradeate of-the University of Michigan. ACM Arbor',
1855, and slsobf JefreThOn Medical College of Philo
delptils, 1874, has reterfted to,Friontsvilice, whereto
will attend to all mile lolls . VOretaintl-11 11,120.--
- Residence la Jessie liosford'e house. Wilco the same
as tteretotore.
Yrieadsville.*, Aprii'MUl4 1874.—fa0 ii
, .
bra blood hay with black legs, free from white, and
*OOP ilk 0 ponnds. Be It oue of the best foal getters
there I. to this comity. His stock can he a-en In D'm•
ode the fa.m.of P. Conklin. at M. K. Lemon's. and
at U. tlmitb's ; 1n Bridgewater at Jared Dean's and G.
Decker's; la Springfield at Orin Pritchard's and T.
Green'.; in t ituborn ittrinnins Toot's and Wm. Whiter.
TORONTO ruin% JR.. was aired by the fast trot.
flog Stallion Toronto Chief, (now rerrim, at you for the
resenn) who watt aired by the celebrated Royal George,
wea by Black Warrior. and he by the Imported TSPito°.
The Clamour Royal George ware thorough bred mare,
Imported by an of to to Ms '•ltoyat George Guards."
TOTIONTO CHIEF. Ja'n, dam by the thorough-hred
J.-trorann. not at a Illaj.ady mare. Jeftertion. woo by
Viwinian. the by air Araby. r ha taro of air Henry, and
grand stre of A mertc.nn t<tar,) data by OM Fa% , rtic 24
dam by old Hell Asir; .Id. nary. At bdpuried Pawn
lomt ; ;tan. a mare by the unputtcd It 31a,ter NW
pa en: nth: e 111AII , by rho ini ported boron Juniper; Tub
Ettabtt's Imparted mare Ontrh
TORONTO cesicu, Jr..
Will gene fhe ounent YeaPon cc souranye
at the etnblvuf /11. J. Hirrin•,nou In Polnnt rove. and the
reef of the time nt Dltnork Fuer Co , nem -
Tenve,—Te lustre 011 h foal, $lO. Bills payable
liarelt, 10t,11156.
Dlmork. A prfl M. '71.-4m
- txl
Murder Trial,
Published in Book Form of Over One
II andred Pages!
The Undersigned having gotten up and ptintei the
above pamphlet, they now offer it to the public.
It Is a Valnaale book both for present information
and for reference In haute years. It Is a much taller
account of the matter than has cerr been published be
It contains the Names of the Parties.
the Proceeding,s of the Trial, the Judge's
Charge, Verdict of the Jury, History 01
the Case, Defendants' Ptints, Specifica
tions of Errors. Argument for a New
Trial, Names of the Judges, Counsel, and
Jurors, and the Evideilce verbatim.
Pelee. 40 cents, for dale at the DEMOCRAT OMER. or
will be rent b.) mall on receipt of price. with three cte_
for postage. No notice will be teat nof orders units.
accompanied by the eash.
E. I;. II A lI'LL'I" CO
Moutruee, March 11, Itrit-ir.
Not lt.e la hereto' given that, agreeably In tho Act of
the Gl:tire-al Arrenibly of the Cinnamon rain] ~r Eenm
alr Mg the 100110 01 yelling Ellite.ltrii land.,
the land. of which the warranters or onttlera or the
number* are giveo below will he sold at poSlle vendor,
It the honor fa Stout:one. on Mooday.thr nth gln•
of June, A. 0., tell. for arrearager dne at 6.1 the tort ar
(Turd on each tract respeetiyely, nolrru the rain< Iv
petit In re the day of sale—.ate to CUlLllhetite at ten
o'clock, a. ot.
.4tree. lEarrurases. I Otc.ers Name..
Thomas Daryrck. I Mr.. M. S. BONY.'
%V. L. Wells.
Jacob Dowal Vg
John Beech, Pt. Beech pt. I llopard Spencer.
ft)lzalwth sew.
Jolla Ltearh. pt. t .
Phlllp Beech, pt
No, 2.
Reynold. da Wil
Howard Spencer
Caarlea Horka'o.d.
George Walker
Dr. R ehAroller.
U. A. Clark.
James Need &Co.
A. Stepltrus,
sold to L.. F. k ttLki
J . ,netban Putter.
11111.1 e. Down.
Gorge Walker
$. J. Adam..
175 I Jacob Downing,. t J. W, I 8 er km,,,,..
No. 8, I
SA M. M. C. Vail. D. C. Roberta.
Juba liughler. I
No. 51
let J„ Ito sfeklbero..
prob..nry A 0.4.1 I
5:12 Grorre
probably Noe. I.
I 41
I.' Z".. 4
.V.11, — .,`!."". - . , thee.'!l'LL'tteb7l l . l n .
1!'1 ' L ' Olei n ,7- `" ie.
t 1.3 11 . ,1‘ ..r .?1 .1 a a r r c r y l 8 . . tbet Torrell.
9 I 105.4,, a 1 t (7e, Corbett. $77 711
e r11.,h. s
New KO.Toirn,
178 I &liebary & Co. Depot Company. $ 7092
lOU J ID m
a , Ja' u I 1173
D. .11. Guodrleh, $ ISO
GO !Peter Rupert Lal. I Gan:.,. roma rty I
50 I data sl el '' D 'r' ayrnr!' 4 I 150
7110 S-ON.
131 Itleorhe McCall. I And Shiply 1 $ 1941
MI I Peter Bradley. C. S. Bennett 1 1917
190 I Toter Sn)der IC. A. Cook en. sold : 14 75
i to bastd Taylor. 1 lung
110 1 George Stowe. ' .1. IL Fly. 1 3.d.:.
Si 1 Jame* .11 uto ford. C. J. 11 ten fort!, !sold 1
ICIA. Terrell.
104 I Pool Bradley. 11 11.1 L °shunt or 1 929
.Itary W. China
I I 1
ex're of T. It. tlly -
filer, Tr..ittou, N. 1
Atte, In pare:lance of le net of Ovneral Aasernbly,
passed the:1181(14y of April. A. D„ 1814, Beetliou 41, at
the same time and place will bu exposed to puBllc ,01.3
• the tracts ut parcel., of hod or real data deslanmed In
. 41119 Ipl/oalug list unless the taxes des upon ILu battle
sled Coat are paid before that time.
1372. alchsel O'Neal
A. P. filmier
E. T. Oakley
Willies Everts.
Eagerly Lathrop
MAID W. Well. estate . 1 lot 75
Susan Simpler.
Willow Matlock
P. A. Solder
A. A. llowerman.estata— 45
Jarou Stevens and 114 wini .— . 60
James Phelps . N 6
Usnlern. Marling ad SOS
ass. at E. Jtephen, go 208
Charles D. Adame
823 1087
Jacob C. Brown CD giaa
Charles Adams 353 1177
Oen. D. Flemming ' 18 1 75
N.B. Lyons ' Li 1:5
Llenry rower 12 go
tiebwo Wheat.. ' .:..Louse . 70
& lot.
Bernice Maley—.
Nicholas °waffleld__' - •
Dana Btark . '. ee, • 110.1
Fanny Cooley ender —•• • • --- Z 1 .. 10u
X ' 100
sa~en lame.'
Get“fhichester estato
. Thomas
' Michael Nth: •
Junes Viu4in.. • lot= 21:1
. 1
E. CI: TAYLOR, bouatirrcasprrr,
Woitrow April le,—/A.
Printed st this Oftice on Chart Nati4n.
M7a,r - 22:1.4a2C05P tar 424_
The undersigned is recrlvieg mid has now on baud
complete assortmint of
at CooPs Station, which he offers for sale on themoet
reasonable tern. tor Cash or Ready Pay.
N.D. Those having freight forshipmeat t or wkshi.g
to travel by Hail will hereafter be aecommodat.wl
well at this place as any place slaeg the line (4 We
3loutreee Itslinstd.
Montrose, Ifsftb 10th, 1874.—rti3
Sewing Maclaine 2
Sews tzom bat One Spool of Thr4asl.
It has hot eis working parte, is no,solese,andis .
more raphily,than any liachlun In tho
Has a self-sating Straight .Vccdk
It Combiner Dumblllty with Brantyand Simpticlll.anii
ha. all Lilo Alodcin Improvernevte.
IV A Lir I'AbLE ruts if 35. •
4i.aera.tas 17Creizitael.
Dec. 24, 1833. Binghamton, N. Y
ti TATE.
Tannery Property in New Milford
The undersigned, Assignee of the estate of
Moss d: Knapp, Ituntrupts, under and by virtue
tit an order of the District Court of the United
States, for the Western District of Pennsylva
nia, to him directed, will, on Wednesday, the
6th day of May, 1674, at one o'clock in the af
ternoon, at the Most ilt; Knapp tannery in New
Milford borough, county of Susquehanna •and
State of Pennsylvania, expose to public sale,
by vendee, the following mentioned and de
scribed real estate of the estate of said bank
rupts The same will be sold in seperate par
eels us l,ereinaher numbered and described. fbe
sale to divest all liens as described in said order.
. .
The terms an sale to be as fonow4, vl4, One
third cash on day of sale one third in sir,-'and
one third in twelve months thereafter, with in
terest : said unpaid purchase money to be se
cured by bond anti mortgage on the premises.
with clause to keep insured where there are
building,: on the premises.
1. The first piece, pare I, or lot thereof situ
ate, 13 ing and being in the township of New
Mitided, in the Cbanty of Susquehanna and
State of Pennsylvania, bounded on the North
by a ,t ream or brook running. across the farm
now lir late 01 Ziprain Cobb from west to Vial
tilalla tarty perelies, on the east by ft line run
ning son h ithm said brook to a post in a line
roeonily in inniseSai, in of 11; Bowen, on
the smith by the north iii,ead a lot of land also
recently it: ptissc-ssion of said Bowen, tool on
the 1,0 by a line of William Itarding's Loot to
the brook id the place of begitruinr„ containing
about four racree,Lc the same more or less,with
fres - in , :ros , and egress on tisc lands of said Z.
tobb the purpose of draw inc off the bark
and logs from the :thove e - seri:it-al promise's
2. The around piece nr parcel thereof situate
It in.% and hying in the bdrangli of New Milford,
in the eottitty of tinsmiebtanna and State 01
Pen nS tr.untet as follows: Beginning
in the middle of a contempt act street, thence
t r y the middle of the Sallie south lire degrees
and Sliver minute; went nine perches and four
and three-fourths links to n point no the north
side of a road entity from New 31iltiwal to
Susquehanna Depot. thence by the north side
nt gait road Solite S 7 de-glees minutes east 20
and nine-tenths pereLes to a post, the tt e e by
said road south 85de:frees and 4o minutes east
9 perches n o d 2 links. thence by lands now or
lath of Mrs. Biker not th 5 degrees and 5 min
utes east 2 perches, thence Worth 65 degree,: and
15 mionto, east 10:km1.1x-tenths perrhes,thence
by the same south 5 degrees atol 15 minutes
west :land ante tenth perches to a point in the
. thiltile of said reed. thence by the middle of
the same smith 1.35 degrees and . 45 minutes east
7 perches and 11 links thence fey the saw Mill
tut north 5 d e vees and 15 minutes east 11 1/I,T
-ellee and 4 links to a post and stones, licence by
lands now air litte of Albert Moss, sr., south 8 1 1
degrees and 45 minutes west 11 and ono-tenth
pert-lies to a post and stones,t'ience by thertiot"
north 84 d• - grees and 4.5 ittinuies wise 35 1 ' per
close to the place of beginning, containing 2
acres and 93 perches of Inntl, he the same more
or less. Also all the right and interest in the
water power. water course, or MCC or races, ap
omens:a to or used wits Salt litalieftV or piece
of lanal,tind the tannery works premed thereon as
they are now or have been used and enjoyed by
the bait Slices at }Coop tin which is situate a
goad, newly built tannery, naive building, dry lionse, and other ant boil ling:, necessary to-be
used In connection with it tannery.
S. The third piece therkof situate in the
township of New Milford, bounded as follows :
Beginning at a hemlock sapling, one original
corner of Hayden lot thence by said Hayden
Int smith 47 degrees west 14 perches to a post,
thence by land; now or tate of Albert Moss, sr.
north 4:1 degrees west 33 and two-tenths per
ches to a hetalocl: tree,thence alonglup the west
side of the pond I degree east 47 nod six-tenths
perches to a hemlock aml north 311 degrees east
2i and fire-tenths perches to a sugar tree, and
sottta 115 degrees east S and eight tenths perches
to a point iu the micidle.of the creek, nt the up
pe end of add pond, thence south 43 "degrees
east 83 perches to it post and Wont:9,lllpm) by
E. A. Pratt's land south 47 degrees west 98 per
ches to a hemlock sapling, and thence north 93
degrees west 18 and Ibre, tenths perches to the
place o f beginning. containing 28 acres and 58
perches or land and water, be the 531120 more or
less, with the right to a road amiss Ands now
or late 01A lbert - Moss, sr., to the preraistaabove
described, with tree Ingress and egress at all
times anti seasons to and from and around said
pond bir the use or the water or repairing or
rebuilding the slam.
4. The . iburilk piece or parcel thereof being an
undivided one-half interest in all that certain
piece, parcel., ur Ist ol land situate in said Went-
ship ut New Milford, bounded and described as
follows: Beginning at a poo and_stonnt the
southeast tuner of lot of R. C. Vail, ilitorised,
thence Hy the same north 2 degrees east 133
perches to a post and atoms corner in the south
line of Witham Sabitte's lot, thence by said line
sostit 67 and one-half degrees east o 2 perches
to a post and stones corner in the west lint; of
lands now or Into of A. Moss, thence by ,suid
line anent 2 degree west 133 perches to a post
and 01,1,10: contertlienev by another line of said
Moss's land not tit bland one-half degrma west
12 perches to the place of beginning. contain
ing, 43 acres and 11 perches of laail,be, the same
more or less. [Timber land.]
Alit at the same time and place and upon the
stole terms and conditions and in the wine or
der the thilowing real estate of the estate ofAl
hert Moog Jr., one of said bankrupts except
ing thnt the following pieces numbered 2,3, 5.
6 and 7, will be sold Anbjeet to the Mortgage of
Albert Mo , ,s,sr., recorded In Susquehanna Coun
ty in Mortgage bunk so. 7 on page 11.18 &o as
directed in Said order of said mart. •
dere*. Taxes.
... 60 $ 1 kip
.71 1w
l'i 173
I lot 400
I lot 2:1
Ji 23
1. The first piece or parcel thereof situate,
leing,nnd being In the township of New
ford, county ofSustpteloinen and Stnte of Penn
sylvania. bounded an luliowa : lieginning at' a
cliatnet sapling, thence by the Drinker -lot
south S 8 degr,a. taut 55 perches and live-tenths
bf n perch to a ease) thence by lands surveyed
to Josiah Moss, south '2 o: l ;rces . lV€ll 80 perches
to ,post and stones-'then ce - eoeth 5 depreeti
and 30 minutes west 27 perches and bun tenth
of a perch to a earner, thence by the mill lot
north 17 degrees 45 minutes west 10 cud fives
tenth perches to a corner and tioidli 70 degrees
and 45 minutes u tit 47 peicht's to a poet and
stone and thence by lands of Albert "Sloss, Ir.,
and others north 5 degrees and .15 minutes east
103 perclumand three-tenths of a perch to the
llace of beginning containing about 35 Beres of
and be the same more or less.. . ".:
es 99
.... Wons ' is
• 2. The second piece or parcel tbernoteltnefi.-
end being in the borough of New - Milford
aforesaid, bounded as follows: Beginning et it
point in the centre of Main street, thence south
843:S degrees. unit along the centre, of thsqpi•
haulm pt2 . B fcB tj thence nertill A1.4c4r,c1
cid 228 feet nieng the centre of Char& struti
thence north 8434. degrees wrest .188 feet along
the line of Tracy Hayden's land to tht centre
01 Blain Street, thence tfotitit 535-ileglies„,west
along the centre of :Alan 'Street - 228 Meet to the
place of beginning, containing two stems and
1344 qguare feet of land, be the Bade more or
less being thaboinestead propertyofsald Alba;
Moss, Jr., and on which is situate a good tem' ,
story dwelling bonito and other oat building
and fruit tree&
3. All those- four . certsht hottses , and lota
situate, lying, 'and being In said baclugh of
New 3111ford,known on tho Timothy .130,t le map'
of resurvey of said baronet as lots No. 1, 2,and
3, all fronting on tbs. tlmt new street „cast of
Alain Street. each being four rods front on said
street, and ten rods deep, toad • taken • togedler 7
bounded as follows to wit Beginning at an
Iron post In the muddle of said now street,
thence north 5 dew= east 12 perches,. thence
south 85 degrees west 10 perches to a post cor
ner, thence south S degrees west 12 perches;
thence north 85 degrees east ten perchesto the
place of beeinniog containing in all. 4f, of an
acre, be the same more or-less, and on - each lot
there is one dwelling house.
, 4 All that certain piece or parcel of land aft:
unto in New Milford township, County and
State aforesaid, bounded and described as fol
lows, to wit Beginning at a pool and, atonel
Hut west corner of lot conveyed to denies W.:
Belknap, thence by said Belknap 's line north 43
degrees east 130 perches to a black oak, thence
along line In possession of Johnson • it , Matti
north 44 degrees west ill perches to a post and
stoned in warrant line, thence along said war-.
rant line south 411 and one-half degrees west 103
perches to the West 'warrant cornero Meucci
north 431'4 degrees west 70 and O re-tenthse perch:,
ea to the place of beginning, containing 12acred
strict measure, be tne same more or less.
5. Alga all that vacant bonding lot :situate
in said borough ot New Milford fronting on
the that new sired east of Main Street nearly'
opposite Tracy Hoyden's Jot and marked or(
Timothy Boyle map of recent survey of salt!
borough na lot No. 4, oeing 4 rods front nod 10'
rods back or deep, and Intjoinitig, H. Hibbard's
lot on the south, containing „ 1 / 4 ' of an :acre of
land more or less.
. .
it Also ..11 that certain other houseand oat
situate in said borough of New Milford facing
the first new street east of Main Street, and be
ing on the east side of said new , street and the
first lot north of 11. Ilibbards lot about 5 rods
front and ten rods deep and being the same lot
now or recently occupted by E. L. Bobbins.
7. The seventh piece thereof situate in said
borough of New Milford, bounded on the north
by lands late of the estate of Levi Moss,
dec'd, and now of Sarah A. Moss, on the east
by lands of Moss & Snap on the South by tho
public road leading front New Milford to Sus
quehanna Depot, and I). Lows lot, on the west
by the row of tenant ltotests and lots on the
first new street east of Main Street, contain
ing about 8 acres of land ba the same more or
less, being a vacant lot.
8. Also nn undivided one-half, interest In all
that certain piece parcel or lot of land.situato
in the said township of New Milford, hbunded
as follows to wit: Beginning at a point in the
middle or the Now Milford and Susquehanna
road nt a cornee of the tannery property,thenco
by the east line of said tannery ground and oth
er lands of the said Albert Sloss sr., north re
degrees 15 minutes east 18 perches to a post
and stones, thence by the lands of the said Al
bert Moss sr., south 81 decrees and 45 Minutes
east 4 and one-tepth perchew, thence north 78
degrees 55 minutes east 47 perches to stones,
thence south 17 degrees and 95 minutes east 23
perches ton post on the north side of said rmul
thence by an original line of lots north 87 de
grees and 15 minutes west 40 perches to a p tint
in the middle of said road, thence by the mid
dle of same south 60 degrees and 30 minutes
west 15 perches, thence north 86 degrees west
6 perches to the place of beginning, contain-.
ing 5 acres and 151 perches of land be the same
more or less.
9. , The ninth piece thereof being an landivi
['et' one half interest in all that piece of land
situate in said township of New Milford, boun
ded and described ns hollows to wit : Begin
ning at the east corner of the pond lot, thence
by lands formerly In possession of J. W. Belk
nap north 45 degrees 30 minutes east 79 perches
to stones, thence north 43 degrees went
115 and five tenths perches to a Hemlock an
original corner, thence south 45 degrees and
39 minutes west about 89 perches to scorner
thence by lands surveyed to Josiah Moss south
t degrees east 19 perches to 4 sugar tree,thencer
by the pond lot south 83 degrees east Sand eight
tenth perch, o, thence south 44 degrees east 85
perches to the place of beginning, containing
about 57 acres and 04 perches of land, be the
same more or less. [Timber land.
13. Also all that certain lot, piece or parcel
".and citrate. lying, and' being in tge town -
ship of New Milford, bounded and described as
follows to wit : Beginning at the north corner
of tract of land in the 'warrantee name of An
drew Pyle, thence atom , warrant line south 44
degrees east 1853..; perches to the north corner
o f lot conveyed'to John Boyle, thencdalong
said Boyle lot south 42 and one half degrees
west 129 perches to the east censer of let con
veyers to James W. Belknap now owned by E.
A. Pratt,thence along line of said E.A.PrattJand
and line of lot conveyed to Albert Moss, jr., and
others, thence north 44 degrees west 185 ong
half perches to the line,thence north 42 and one
half degrees east 129 perches to the place of
beginning, containing 130 acres more or less,
and known as the Corbin lot. [Timber land.)
11. Also all that the undivided one-thin' In
terest in all that certain piece parcel or' lot of
land situate, lying and being in the township of
New Milford aforesaid, bounded and described
as follows to wit : Beg inning at a post and
stones in a brook an original corner of tract of
land In the warnmtee name of 4 fonathan Han
cock and the east corner of lot of land hereby
conveyed, thence by line of twa tracts In the
warrantee name of Andrew Pyle, Jr., and Solo
' mon Itink, Jr., south 46 degrees west 23perches
to an ironwood sapling, a corner of Albert
-1 Moss's land, thence by the said last mentioned:
land north 89 degrees west 60 perches ton post
and stones, thence north.o and ofielisaf degrees
west 153 perches to a post and stones in line of
Win. Sabine's land, thence by said Sabine's
lands south 83 degrwes'east 61 perches to a post.
and stones in the warrantee line of the same
Jonathan Hancock tract, and thence south 44
degrees east along said line, 122 perches to the
place of beginning, containing nine acres and:
41 perches of land be the same more or less:—
, [Timber land.) . .
12. Also all the undivided one-third interest
in all that certain piece or land situate In said
township of New Milford, bounded- and de
scribed as follows to wit: Beginning at a post
the north east corner of lot No. 13 of Drinker's
ToOkbannuck tract now or late tit William Sa
bine and in the south line of William- R. 13a
hins's land south 89 degrees east 39 perches to
a post in the said last mentionedllne, thence by
land late of Ira Summers south 0 and one-half
degrees cast 153 perches . to a post In line of.
laud of A. Moss at said Sommers's south-west
corner, thence by the north line of land of A
Moss north 89 degrees west 63 perches tonpost
in the east line of lot No. 15 of said tract called
the school Houser lot, rind thence by the same.
and the cast tine of said lot No. 13 north 1 de-.
gree east 110 perches to the place of beginning.
containing 47 acres more or less. ['Timber
13. All that certain piece or parcel of land
situate in the township of New .11Ilford, Coun
ty and State aforesaid, bounded and described
as follows, to wit : Beginning at a post and
stones a corner of the ITayden lot, thence by a
lino of said Hayden tot south 42 degrees and 80
minutes cast 20 and five-tenth perches lo a
point in the middle of the Now Alliford and.
llanmonv road, thence by the same along an,
original line of lots north 87 degrees west 112
and tlye.tenth perches to a post on the north
side of said road, thence by the east line of saw
mill lot, north 17 degrees and 43 Minutes west G
and live-tenths perches to a post on the top of
the bank on the south side of creek, - thence
along on said bank north 37 and ope-hall de
arm east 31 and seven-tenths perches, north
03 and one-balt degrees east 20 perches to a hem
lock, south 73 degrees east 10 and seven-tenths.
perches to the south side of said creek, thence
up said Creek south 25 and onotalf degrees
oat 10 perches,south 3731.8egrees east 20 perch
, es, south 87 degrees east 8 perches, north lOU
degrees east 10 perches and east 10 perches to
beginning, containing 10 acres and 82 perches,
, be the same more or less, all Improved.
N. B. The purchaser will take title to /aid
real estate free and clear of all incumbramma
, except lot No. 2,3, 5,0, and 7, of Albeit Mew s
jr., subject to the Mortgage of Albert Noes, Ir.,
as aforesaid.
The hemlock bark on the remaining undivith
ed Interests can be purchased of the warner;
thereof at reasonable rates. • is
The Tannery building on lot No. 2 ht new
and first-class. In thet the whole propesty
•vcry desirable for Tannery_ purposes.
. o ' EL DRP , 4 1 4 1 1Reet
Itfontokse, Alit! 1,1874, , -wt