The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, January 14, 1874, Image 3

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-- B. B. HA-WLET -004--Efilierc
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Sabbath Services ..,"" ' " MS er.sskil
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People's Martzt—Xl4l44pAshn.
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Johnson's AnnlynniLin,iamt
~PAsta*ns--konnefis of Ben. J. ,E.• no:sabire,
To the al9inttl=-Disf. 111611Cginf
Notes About Tows
Clean your BMo-walks. ,
Several inchei 2 APairiggt night
(Sur Llamas are due Gov. Hazininft, for as
eat inMhle e '
II irt•••—•114 &Abe
Railway. Wunder If the rolling mills smart]
January first?
Geo. C. Hill it Co. have greatly improved the
Keystone saloon, by enlarging,
_l.nting, and
.othcrwisisirsiLcelaGitAZ l f" .
We give on our first page as osiginal"Adiren
tore," written by one of our young friends in
this county. Its conclusion will appear in our
p4lie AVengeSittiletftibl
ed a six year old steer on Monday last, which,
when dressed and quartered, weighed 1,214
OAR 'Wu' , ;MAY , Iliftr Judie
Streeter, presiding. Judge Morrow wits also
liere reaterdAy, to hear fume motion and argu
ment umler rules of lam Term.
At n meeting of Rough & Reedy Fite Co.,
I.4llli4iftudlaike.l44 atod4 F 4 ibr ks
less nieiriiektdsl;en , 7ViereePtillA"..ll 4 ll.4. 4 rpiiigh ,
the Montrose Cornet Band, and others, 1' their
vsjuikttleasditanceot the late eritertninwents.
The baits of the M. E- china held their sup
per and festival, as 'adveitised, on Monday eve
°pacts, ice-en-am, etc., as estraa._ The attend
ace. was large, and a very enjerjrable time !as
had. ird'UNVe )214 been,Weritted ni the inwittirt
of the reeripis:•
The !earth of thejloreaMeillessage, witict
we . gire in full,reclude Mhereditioryd kstter
ia..'iireeTr: T We'inewkour remis; wffillerase it
carefully, aa we deem it err and sensible
Amami:Dent of the affairs of the annotcrntealth,
the best tlfrilita eittinnretilitarlOtrtb 4 Staiertut-,
tonal source in a number of years,
The Grand Jury was orgsabtod an Noaday
isatemills.FixtSbeett Ear6sm•—
Ttit Cstetir tintar{l ag ..stes
ately brought before them, tam the murder of
Miry 011aia, the SigterdP4l intsmod, and Ler
found. It wilUbe remembered
that it bat Term they ably'lltaiaterlbe tttb,
mum:Lena. the mother.
The: winter term of the Memtrusa Pehlke
SCiIDOI aimmenced bin week, the scssicsa oven
a rct4l e Mna "
g uW.416: =5 1 1441; : di
The number of students from different s of
the coun*reigamaiitiosasuzu6isM wt
in CSC= 01 last year. . .
fr< • , 1 1 4- :• ;
ri1fu14 4 4 4 4 4P"` . .9 44
4 94 01 . • 1 1 74b:
ttirTit , 99 f e ds!s s #Y. 0 u1 t , ,r 4 5 e .bop;
Pitaill a U PF W. L Po l l'o 3 ° l3 Ind, rwire.. ;Pe
" — EukieFrii9r#Cfsricnt. 4 ssin s pepin4te.d , ,tttek 4i r
with PP_toe.- , *caPti4. l 7 4 L": LA' oSix, host Ati4
L'stefs It l l4•Flrafed -Pto 414ns #ll:Se99sl° our
atrnint9ttlibleatm 3 YI I Raft 'lva44olm -
Alniu3/19 1 1 tutlignP l ns ty
and yre ;prom:iced hin a 'very, 44silay con di
tinmllibbn stv Milinettbed. but h was ts ceedly
•demptSrtee4 •stst4 : tbe,..eloact /Ws-- atrtiesti
rustei:ll2llte lad ottg letb )444. parson *Wee
•Itife4n bterlttbtitenebtetti sbotttetbn lame tclr-t
Ala.'s:lVO tut thekest or &dem anti A
-thou& itbr attendee' Inquiet:MA . pretty! crawly:
to outicitYti pakt,iyet stei think it taloa& be CM
cult siallidefitelinna wail isaitletipetticatialgi
lairaltellionti4 die paratin, thee. docuisti Mel
edit6L3 Vas ;are :is/Sisal' 1y ' bier&
irlfr, Chit ' 'Mather tail* lioliefali
iireviated - th‘ *Vern
and his wife. nor.Mlitisteilier'
frons/tifnii r pretetit
vial litre doetorti: • Is; , bd Ireffierw:
bored:4n ;. ii' I •,i f!.
.7% ll!i / /7:4'! ;4/1
u'ictßzfql. cm!PleV urF4geml 111 q: of!
rat"""gt Pc0n. 3 107-1,1? 4 1 11, Pt- Oa
Tarbell Hoaredientrose, on:Friday stitcrtmoi
JanusFy . Delmh!rt NPt
siontiltHrunger : /This le tbc(hesorgaubmlitriiidd
t he kilidiNSWelueNlX l : l 4 limintri end enntalp
the follow.ftasdieSetlietgcigliMeM 2 l l thnr:
ter members : Ti S. SearleoXforwm.Bsewster..
A.pollosSionn..L. C. Smith, O. M. 1141. R. L.
Cool, J. 11.14:yitst 414 by cumienapywet Tar
bell, L d.Lirceld IL 16.61464 D. AilliCrick:
en. H. S. Harrison, J. W. Allen, F. IL Hollister,
Hyrum AiL.ldott., Harrison Harringtonaobti.L. -
ChMies 41'," llcattattr; AS A . 21‘arlikei
Lake, lira. A. J. 1341, Mu Sarah . , A: , Bannell, ,
Mn. Lavipiaßany.,llnkEticn HAVirl.s.Xpip
31. E. Tat. Dad. liceracltint;Birti
H. Lyons, Mn.s B. A. Allen. Hrs. R. J. Catlin.—
A full list nt,tilktms state chosen for the year, as
follows: Roger E. Scarle,-Haster_
Orankersi ,n.„Atrisikter; Lecturer: Apol l o
Stone; Steles:A; s t. 9 o:fintith, Assisbuit.,l3tew.:,
ard ; o. Hsu. Chaplin ~aucli Y,
Treasurer J. R. lams. Reeretrai; EkbY Ban
ns%.Krersri.2Srs. Mariatstg4g,,cerp
Stone. Lady Assistant Steward. This, the first
,silirt.mpe under the most St
:ramble auspices, and will undoubtedly be one
Pf the 4e4 SnbOratktiF 001241211005-31e6
We wish, Weir. Billtors, to express our
thanks, thttiage :iOa:t' .;*iliiii , Oper, to the
gooniaplrrol Hartord:lnd of South Gibson,
tor their kind qiitkinftarti In the shape of
Christmas presentOmsalsting of two tnrkeys,
'Webster's Unabridad Die , a dress, glove
and many other astietWbot.h , anyn and
useraWritA4.l^ i sirs!
„ 7 . 1 -- I ) mo,:inomp.
Ut , t;P4 - N.A5.,..., ..o.
dik f ch -3 . , an. act L A it 7
-=--- - -, 1 4 , -, ;:ifii:- . 4,1
areonottng ci.noroo,; • A
The Cimulatinatpitieteld its meeting
for this month miTtleitdailea Wednesday of 1
this week, in the itneafit d. E. Church. Revs.
C. M. Prescott, I'. o , .llntOyditle, li. T. Davies,
A. Miller, 44444 .iia were present
and partleiti,ip%thei:CiereirO • Notwith
standing th e ItYit.tittS!L'e:Aiirid*tlitfAteeting was
• successa,.o#l;xiini4l9Od - illtr . -rll result
from it.. , , - .' ,. .!::::,5'..:!: a :P.
TlMteitio-10442Lis tiitilAil In pti'.itni; - ` ion
PritSicbio- 41 ; 4) %ti: 1 44;Tu,0 1 4:0 , d
w'i t ai - orpotiomith:: 7,- :-.e. 7::_,=..v:, ; ; 1
co;:::2,:: : tC - ':: :''i . -.•:•'2 .- : . :]'-' : ;.- . 1 - :.`:11..0,' . 04 3311 aS
414403:Ilai:14.104.:; '',',. ,j' . I ', : - ..-• . 4 ! ,
(_,-...:!, . -...;----: - • --- , --1:L.;..-.... -, , - ,,,f.,1 ,',..,
Graded - . .
44tticti Pr tte,
Bcl pot taYe bees baNipgairitiii9nmace. Pu9" -
mas. fe,ripenti innuarp,:atti. .7besec ißre
thnitirspib In the high Scho ol ': 004 m: in
thepir•say,deptil•lput,..4l•C 'id" •
daY i tt**eti-Pei l let•turil3lonriiiio;fi liiefm
of dOni niinthi, and tonne oC `.titan ' iivcd 11
t witAin flionitheati
follOt etb9 ol . Wg/IV 411 • WO* Cai ne
8re1ai14r,..141116.41b:n ;.;.P.iisnnix:.o4lo64t,
santrAntr, - . onealmitatns.
4*. Ada** ,
Sataiani#n---Thelicr ccntage of Oindnnix
duriet bent! .
1140,-ra. anuarilkikt,
Vaiaad Aesidesst.
dadaist, cdApolaCon, a son .of Lewis
Beate, while intim woods cutting wood on the
80th ulty en& W4 l O Vions i ngA l P l be '""t a
tnse, slippidAnsoilue7MahnO. im:00411W kg.
Being unaccompanied byway one, hit. Was &re
ed let Pettliwaldtrtacce.for himself, and 16' the
mots!' pf.ta9 oil 454, (poly he succrediskin
crawling -with hands and . uninjured limb
throuri 'the anowysome distance out of the
• "°44 1 610t-n? 6 o fqinly*Fmkdiropaug
selfolisikilLalurwita iskenAo the house. lie
wayomuch exhausted by salietinfi and •eitz'
tiOn Alai be died on :Sew Year's day. It seems
still Snore and from tho fact that no was to have
s beeCntaikied the day berate be died. Re tras'a
nTvoto man of good character, and touch-Iw
, aPeclemi4 ell who knew him.
TEttifietivaticin of the onme `4l".wanagi,: , hes
long-teen in-doubt, says the Bnultord'Mporler,
but the following acts related to the writer by
gent tiaorwtb g4pipet t y.JcareotAge.and
who loftirthei-IddtsttAttMermidciFCuhntttti&e
teemed to,retties the question.i -
"8/tiffisitentyryesis ago, in tee - 1144y history
of tholddians in thlscounty, It 11031C4 that
a noted radian Limier and trapperritantiPhem,
used Wpfnitifillichbf his time
up and down the now TO - ivartdo.*Wrlttitt at
the Miturwaters thereof. no found lilltitlitce
of bevers,'Sfhich.he caught by his trapari . )ly
some misfortune he heroine lame,and atterwa , /
itnned` . "'lie other Indiana 'Towanda; tills
onmeAmitying in the Indian tnpgne the petty
Oar motion in the/time Indion's wait. It was
Bak! fin remained a long time bullirng and trap'
ping ,!p sad down the creek, after most of the
other Indians had left; from this circumstance,
we stb?pose, anise the name of the 'Towanda
creek. liituour." '
Franklin, Dec.-23, 1873.
' 4011 ,
named svelets Inewing.
• The &Nue_ ,annaCotinty DleUcsl Society held
ha anninrwe Ling at Idoetznse, on the 7th bC
January tuaettest. of the very bad con
ditto° oLthtsznpas* thet ettetabintotiftia,tancli
aaaatka . rikaogi 'prindocts tkcassiotte; . ' TtialdtP
eeryof tile Ektelety remelt' the mime' tatiast.
- )ritac. t. • ,
Drs. pittatt'figtey, • glad . D. C"...tklnex ?err,
elteted4el% , iLtes to the ft tate Medical
to lament Easton, to May next.
• Drs. Ciaytee and Brandage woe - elected dee
gites to the American Medic:al 4 itsociation., to
,'beet arts:trait. on the Ara Tamtay of Rine,
The goriet7 reEolced to purelaa- the Enatory
pl Snare Miss B.lnckittan, as
addition to Its mail but valuable library, to
tolt itatOstlooa areavapectfally;alioi3ed:
hearV,Tte .uf _ thanks was tendevr4 DT.
Rielutraion far the elegant entertahiMenl et bin
Wow, ;4am-cleric' geed caudal, as wsli es
medicaryge!qml:tt ?t** rePresellted,
.1 Several csees-of interest sem presented at
Adjourned to meet at New 11.ilford, on the
first W edilesolly„ of Jane Eekt. ,
dgreeent temp! ,
etee ,to read us
of Weir: Tiebig taiii we e them)
eome"brektrjiw'f o i •
'• South 0 , 3 b ,
The mii:arititt
"Warwick" bat retuned to Binghamton.
; Seveitab timer 'dar , .'idicawber."
We niothiedrav, friend' EL T P. Beardsley, in
Ggod'refciplars bzwe cliapvd &eh' meet-
Idss nigbta. : .
We bes that , Di.Bthitti . is going ta raise titid
miur bit beiiise In Alutsprifig.
;the nitiettinvie at tlie 1° 4 4 . 61411 'will take'
Oleo TdiitedaY laniia4tsli: 1814.
Whaw.F4' I" /WO F.1.44;144014, on
i tafeet ppand a „sic!' one , being 4ici 1n it;
Quite a large audience Resembled at the M. E
rhumb, tp.wateledes cild.pearcmt and.the new
11 A. large atriaber theeetaiette Of this place
and Ticitay m11144101:11 Cart thhi week, on the
(Mars frisk' "' •
TheFOR 11# 1 , gotel %Tali
enjoyed by 'Tbe bast ikon* ills
, •
Mr. E-b.Ordidionnerlyitinivenent miniver
!ag.Gibuni t *rill preach biltua Tann :Hall-neit
Surldlilebuilinii Nib: I, li •,• i.i i
near iind'af Ilis**'field .
in EinnaniS a . : faiiiti*fit of oin
friend "Ydicawbei." leer liiey. get tired at.,
s6o4ling. fuse
Itat aclme P° ll :lii 3 P4l,4s rci r d irr -43418 ! =er-
Jcedonflislaamilsrbilt miI:AIDS Div
sideoraTkluiltesztoth,erlpaajduk th e saistirtims
chttsvierd *idly t9n hatan*vcit dd
otttnr mtdci*rienightmlnibalyinallot d
wanesosii4m. - Mtn
1 113 091111thiiitipiltiikk 'l6” Wol,r
Dicitigstrit , 4lo.l4
~.0? ....2AN
morning, sir; Mr. Editor, how are the
folks to4htY? , • t ',"
I avreTan for - next yertes paper, I thought -td
C. r 4me and v y. E 1
At . 04 1 11 4
I gAn ll
ttAtii,lenaid, 0-bni;'illitO 0 4 ed
llt4 ,
Ak to f. try it Fear.` . ' • 4!
4.13,11re.b grofjiltiaiielte:l4llmi,gl4l33t
eeliectilirtowti , ,
I tlrAtilt)6ey'd lott.i*El.for the pasiey'Ail so
And bere.vrb*T . 9s fuMli ni ietf pikkod
A intOrtiAr ki/flfilyvers therfAiltife.:l4yktho't
Alterilialtir4anlityplgido; ,l . :
XPA"It-Ctit.ll. 6;144-
Just-itft-Vinf,old a 44104, end
Al4L4i==ii 441
• p-sorz.s,P.'"l7.l.
Pilf-tbitig r c 4i,6t131 'tend i to4ood
• n >1.11 , e.,• bit; I lietitivbfivaretinib.". t: is
Elie tint In tit*nti mil and brblitAdtriiii
``. *yDit 4l6 A :
ferngotafjolly old trump.' . - , •
drith. , onr noble isofessioryand
- rquirslr
tgEtoo.ottle - rtkr`eivp:r,,Vato'lti
briera.truenpecfcall4otleit - • .'" 1
And theftelvw have !abated and - -rested • thdli
amtenpio 1143 rACC, • ^
Shill. march-to the .fmnt of the colitran,Leach
.'-ontie , hie-CM given' place, • '-
As they march throu t gla the A-3t71- of Tlieelfy
edlicir!ri4 itistitnnte will not
3 be fir
-Corte - us nv rlanten.yr :—Ve should like , to
krroW - 11 the sellout directors in Anil:ll4
towpa r ,.laVebeen 'pacluFleti pp{ rtent. col
1401g. icipiA direCtotii of til
ver Lake ilisttiu have. allowed the, collectors, tp
al!`alcir Atm tc°l
- Am tax, and for their good. belesvlor,Aus
something else.) they alionr,thera to retain five
percent. on amount of duplicate leas (=prima
thing Making ten per telt 'Mr collecting, which
iitlciriFi'eent more then the law allows them,
five Puyi cent. wore. than the directors intended
togive them, and is 11 per cent. more than the
eollentomexpected to receive Now if ditee-tors
ofotherdistriets love been paying ten peteent.
fotcolicettng, 1 presume they will ask the. col:
logoritto refund the amount paid to *theta by
tni:st.tke, and ii the collectors have any• con,
science and are "ken-she-en-Ithus," they will re•
loud without delay, and not complain that they
have eatight the grab lever—which is quite "imn
tqts" not. a-days—and it would not be consti
tutional NT 0.-tu to do so In:Menthe circinnstiut.
cc's. Are we the only taa-ossers that vtolate Lite
law and allow that which we never intended to
allow, pay ten' per cent. to those that never ex
pected but five pm cent. for collecting. 9 vita
a g.lnerous people. Is It a wonder that.we are
asked to helve our property assessed twenty-dve
per cen tmot at all. Anything to please. Ask and
ye shall receive. Will those collectors he as
generous as we have been. You have taken from
us what - does nut Justly belong to you, and elf
thsi , we ask of you is to return the amount paid :
to you . by mistake, and you will receive the,
thanks of the tax payers of Silver Lake town
ship, _
IFl7jllara nurder Trlsal—Dhavring of Me
The trial of O'Mara and Irvin was commenc
ed yesterday (Tuesday) morning. The indict
ment found against them last Term for the
murderof the mother, (Margaret O'Mara,' was
quiiilud, upon the ground that the Commissidir
ers'Were not sworn in before the jury was ,
Maim front the wheel . The prisoners were,
brought into court to plead to the charge of the
murder 91 Mart O'Mara, the daughter, upon a
new indictment, and plead not guilty" to each
count In the indictment, separately ,whereupon ,
the Conn directed the lmpanelling of a jury:
W. W. Williams, of Gibson,was first called. and
after a thorough examination was rejected, hit
cause on account of opinion formed. Charles
It Sherman, of Springville, called, Court over
rules,' challenge, but he was challenged by de
fendants' counsel peremptorily. Oren Barret,
New Milton', called, challenged peremptorily.
Hugh M. Tingley', Gibson, challenged per.mpto
rilY. Henry B. Wood, Lathrop, occupation a.
farn . er, called, and was the first juror drawn,
and was itnumthately, g wprn. Calvin , S..l3ty,
Auburn. called, challenged peremptorily. O.
T. Smith, Susquehanna Depot, occupation up.
holiterer and undertaker, was the second juror
drawn and sworn. W. D. Farnham, Bridge
water, called, challenged pereMptorily. James
.D. Goodwin, Bridgewater, called, challenged
peremptorily. W illiam Gardner, Lenox. third
juror drawn and sworn, occupation a fanner.—
George G. Woodward, Gibson, fourth jurpi
drawn anti sworn, occultation farmer. ' biletut.
las Cuyle, Montrose, Cemmonsrmlth order him '
t o st o od aside. Anson H. Hill, Silver kalm,dllit
juror dri wn, occupation a Canner. William H..
Harrison, New Milford. challenged perempto.
ray. Brand, •New driallenged
for mune, and sustained by the Court George
noneton,Bascnehanna Depot, COmmotrwealiii
order to stand E. Taylor, Gboco
nut, L;OL1113 , 011W1111: b order to stand aside. Hob
ert Westgate, Ilerriok.siatti. juror drawn, neon.
pation a farmer. Oeo. H. Stearns, Clifford,-chat--
lenge tor cause, silstiiiiedity - theboort. 'Alexan
der Il Stephens, Auburo, challenged perempto
rily. MinerTirielt; Forest , Lake, peremptory
challenge. Warren Tewksbury„ Auburn, per-
emptory challen'ge. * George 4 rHikines, Gib
son, peremptorally challenge. „Nathaniel J.
West, Ararat, seventh drawn, and sworn,
occupation a farmer. Alfred .1133/dyriti, Mont
rose, ei. o llll jurordrawa and swots :•-• Thomas
Hairy, Cliddrd, Coninarrawealth order to stand
aside. N. C. Wzuren:liontro, 0/enraged for
cause and sustained by the Court.. Samuel-Hal
sey, Frantilinotmmuanweallir ordrx ; :ttrlstand
aside. Aiirriy Summers, Franklin,'perbruptir
ry challenge: , Theodore Atontrose,
Commontrealeriarder to Stalid - Aside. Inry
Griswold, Sus9,,uchanna Depnr.„',Outh
drawn and sk "iXid, C. P. .Edivinds t Gibson,
challenged forsmuie tlidaustained by_iiie; Court.
A. N. Bullard, 3idntroie, challenged for cwt.
and sulteurt&l by tout., I, en r ltr o olt,-,
lyn, chalet igtl.l4-1-oara4 2 lll44 , atuditinek4
Court. Gee. A Smith , Lathrop, tenth, juror
drawn and sworn; occupation a farmer. James
)32 tuu, - .Crantuortarksits. order 7ir
stand aside. Nelsort . ..ll, Comfort, liarutony. ,
eleventh-knordrawn sad swarm .White;
Lenox: . periniPtOry .challenge,. Lewis W.;
BoagKpiticird, Oellebged ' fur cities as ail:,
tatted by Court. Ezra Strickland; perempfir
twellUdeFor drawn- sad furors,occapstioO,:fi'
E. for tbo,proseen •
- uoNiciiv ' bictidiistatedvibatlliez erPectA tgt
•prov(widcAllitiO • ar ti ttie sietetnene hereto.
, G3re &allow resdersla our cplpoins.. &Oa
3ng further-bse- transpired "is we go- turns.
7 , . I
count in our mat:. ; .0
mnb uinu oo) ..d. iKH 54. 112 .04 0.i . V11/14 1 ir
p --..tW.- of the 31st
4.,, .i l l E hsmton u lt, ape#,4v
x Xkliich-Alrie*;titeltquiryD e meeo
41 , 1 9 1 . 41*-11 00 "PP 0 4 4 0 In au•
It tb ovr a em t r I ‘9ll ; ri ptr*ati% virl. " etmlfin'tcll;ltse-litliii,i)o4jilass"ery
tions m lopki liztqlphirkidai...Aficy were
literally true, Attifil...ittst:Pfiall attention
to a very importanected with our
proiii43sB,o4nt 1= Eout 0 Alia 1..,. bz7 .4 , s:llAlties , of
the river connecting our Line with the linghes
villeamilmotnbet,tisat vfenceur-o9owisetfort is
beinalmatirrusilmeii the httention' attitepeople
of Biterflefitofil4 . a 1,1 n; known `3l4iden
i "-
liirli Iraq ( 61, wiaea .9`, -
- w , , Pegg , v , t „...e a
longtime!' irx the fliture, before anythirtinneed be
expelled itutt . .lFl Minh lb tali adyilatege- -
Wheit ille . , CotlingTor s , . tider
taheifilo_i4WWiedget,ol4llO.,‘P.UTitS3C Wgt of
the &Mime neny-11mitist, and dho,so;Nevi of a
contreetion , ;ids-the ''llligheskille--firreati not
assutißitkiriliorarcryWc.ti .9Aigrbeen
1 atta4Mtrhx4C Lured4:tliaglOwAUSW;Cuuts
of therintalefrislte-at coat .in 'the 'intstermmr
Dusfi'dia, We were prninpfelld, litit vi A lintl" that
wouty.Ats to tl@ ''.ciatT,cliat I.l.4 " :Aiirtest
, precticablo route, and tte casthrancli fikliargar
Run-was /donna:as thellng tor loci:ppm:vase—
laterezateinattons-hiere eattatiag thaSittiC3rere
Run,andamang ..tatlemitunrititza desk:rah:4 by
Pumps:llA ivelrenchvarpolatdidli , dhitonc. - e of
live (Hiles frorn....kliti:lforksfot thitini a
graderna,bervier thematic:o brirmAikledabed
by Otillingwisod l elpteetr'effes• 1,;?‘ =,ille- worth
east. 7 .mtet'rczaclitifg,. tiirlap!Flly l s-ifthikEe are
%%Rhin' . five niil4,,of jouvilberk a town lyitm on
, the Melmapeny, which , ' ern; infiernedceen ho
reaelnki earetgridetlint folits , itd tabs the
' line ili 1 4d0 4 , caiitiVoriakl, 1 1 ( a*St this
mums we run northward on. ort g eroie,is mi..-
ed todibe deldred_marimum ant\= after 'framing
• the srreard turn inuthwaril tileng'th'UltptAirt
ing the attimm,umil Om vicipity,;s4 Zirkiii`on is
ivaci;eti, thert , taking the >tetrailinaneh MI th e
Mehoopeny, are soap tome urocusilm+ietlbed
ffom,vililelribik 000'0 af t4o ealt u rig,hvest
of their swims farming many.: eitertuar by
which. the lower Susquehanna easy be mraebed
when such irtiprovemerda ttni dcsirerts: /no ,
point attained, we can roach the Hughesville
line to Laporte at ,ainne intermediate Irani, a
less distance of some ten, or fifteen pailes limn
any line be r ieiotore ticribed From Wyalnsing
to Look I'MUI: a 1,64 of water situated upon
these highlands, is a distance of about thirty
ellel, and tbe — Colitii - describillfbiingi US Into its
near vicinity. During an interyieve r atntiven
departed friend James E. Hawley, a few days
previous to his death, lie assured ' me that cer
tain pligadelpbititi.friends of his, owning lands
in tills vicinity, informed him that during the
oil excitement which prevailed throughout the
country a few years since, they as well as others
were subjects of mania, and that-lin:A Ihdriatt
tempts in prospecting for oll,w Lich were numer-;' , l
ous, they invariably found coal io abundance, of I
it quality very similar to that at Dushore. Col
lingworxi makes thisilistinee (coin Vtyalusing
to the miqtxt iy. alts of Dushore, twenty T eight
niiles,and this new line is to start frost the same
point traversing the same line t o the forks of the
stream, a distance of maul) thrten.ile, prime
the streams diverge at Dearly right angle, 111
the reckonings which I have obtained, I find
the distance. to •g Pond-tut kin thhly four
I Lo
o men.. woloo .11 probably be neat' rife m
fe temp
of line neceasary to satisfy all cavils that may
arise about distance, for a line has been survey
ed recently from the east branch of the Susque
hanna, passing near the pond to connect with
the Hughesville Hum After reaching LChilteti)
we enter a dense forest, abounding in all the'
varieties of tinitier, which usually .gn.w upon
the tributaries of the Susquehanna; hendbek
forming the most conspicuous part. This forest
stretches over the greater portion of the coun
try towards Lspotte, and is owned by individ
uals living-at points remote from the lands, also
each other, as follows, Binghamton, Liu-wine,
Wysaukin, Pittston, Wilkes Barre and Philak,
delphin The country adjacent to this Surest is
sparsely settled, and . many of the inhabitants
are still occupying the log huts of primitive set
The condition of these citizens Is such that It
is not reasonable to hope for aid in the way of
money. yet they offer to furnish atmen and teed
the corps, caring for their wants in general,l
while enmiged in taking the survey. Now I ap
peal to those who have heretofore so willingly
lent their means to the surveying of the first
line, whether they would rather lose what has
been already don; than to give a little more fur
the ;purpose of exploring this wilderness line'
wide% I am assured is a really practicable poes
hut rust have the compass and lexil applied to.
waive all dotibts in the matter. Binghankton
loth to be first in this undertaking, and should
'not fie asked tc begin the movement, but I con-' 1
fidentally assert that If we set the ball to mllin." ;
'an I4 ; ipetus will soon be felctrom both her ever-;•,
.gy iltd money. There are men enough livin.
within two miles of this line, along the Chaco...!
:not jiod Wyelosing-vette; who if they would
'but contribute the nominal him of one dollar:,
.er than, it would survey more than twice the
length of the required line. To all the people ;
of the western port ,n of Scuthnehatina county,
a line of railroad conitratted atone the last
named rallies, Would be a Nano of untold value I
'to the'present generation and future generations
'would have otiose to bless their anmt.Ors,wliose
'money and energy have secured to them the
: work. 1 feel thatcontidencOin those who have
aided roe in compiling the foregoing statement
of distances that it is not their intent to mis
lead aularePlaillati; The,
line . b4ofurttie river shOuld it prove as repro.
'tenter-, will set aside all cavil as to practicabili
ty, and seenre to maybe' we have so long de
steed, a railroad. The eastern portion of Wat
ford county Is as mail' incrusted as we art, and
should willingly unite with us in this effort,
making It not a long pull, but a strong pull,giv
ing us not only the privilege of saying with Mr. 1
Watenintn_ of xdaciala aro chosen,, butt' the •
authority to asiere-thvit'ai eimplete 6igitilfdtfien
of offlcera is made, and that Williamsport and
Binghamton will soon bettnited with bonds of
Imo, and the "tiTOSI Matte ll " Isr Soon to roam over
the intervening vallies and mountains, freighted
with the - black,diatnsidiactffinßlvatt, And the
softer bitumentpqrf 41;peornfili, Int Riney° deposl•
it them in the lap of Binghamton, in exchange
l ior such commodities as suits her trade, and last
though • not least forming an Important link
whereby the travel from -the wit to the west
trill be materially sliOrtened.
I now conclude by asking the Montrose Repot,-
• I ' icart to copy, also,all other papers feeling an in.
iprciit in developing the tesources of the country.
Yours, etc.
Dirchardville, JIII2. 12, 1874.
AF EMINENT Diviro4 Bays, "I have !well a ,
11l Itiel l6,ol :rnk
„ IniOyeoeirof op Ills, muscles.
Belti Sv. Pasiefi Baits. Barton.. vat . sentiL.frpe,:
-ssetropblet of f*, parer:. pie!"l4fet‘ii',ft4
'counturiblittemark iolo44 ClA 4
grAd#OirEptbeir,addize3. , •
—l.lla.rnesaltera of theitaptist_church,rnacan
grenitasroUdototroao,www,to.gfroMr pas
tor, 14.v.. 4 3. -V.,Attleisbintt aninetiontslt, at
the Baptist Chapel, on Thursday evening, Jan.
20111, 1874. Everythinevvill be done to snake
the noatokinttopik4pleFe and,interpopAtiose
whtfinksinttenct.'. 'A ell BoiiSitimilA ex
tended. UDEU OF TUE COMM..
Aloratv#erJat).A. lB24 . -2 . 44 •,. „
WORTIIY op NOTE.—An exchange says there
lath" that .40 - tibillear,
either from persona coming into our vifice or in
de "' isfnel l =iarret 3l4 eUTrolth
Boprevalent about town just now.
IsVcazi benefit tbe , resdets *of the. DESIO;
enkr to)" t?rrecor,tnetiti.ttlg pariofte::PrirgettNe
Pig, to be, the tiqt art tibificata ntketifqlpe,
0 1114171*i 1 111 tAgW..4 1, W. l e i n g4 d
about aajitood,a - ulutn,curtat.ntov 44, Any
To Tim itrilhedir.n. •"' f • ''' '
Dr3..1); D.-Harris and L- R... Williams hive
two or three tbagszt - ffterappeam. to be gentle
into In everryc ano *pow ply kNpr mm
pervontithii et ' , /ortliltellikrll.lll der
.t .e - ia4as4A 4 eatt).l.ahey:Jerill e there
again at the 'nion Het* the 18th 19th, and
2 °D it if Puir9,._ . T 74 ;! ,AD PL e e n Npg
erealt 7,19 g rotAt...r.n494a.tlCo 041.40.7-
dd. iY.ol44ettli gtitc.o AtrALattiedlite reb
JeiiX 14st V!
Tile follow Ink-is eviiatol-Grarklettidi4`raveilie
Jurors lira', ,r,traerve at - a te, or of Corrte - to
commwsiOltntsuas-ozAkasdrg z ,Loattary 12 ,
I:l(krzniliftert :1%• 5 - 7
Attprq ! -J0h01f... , Krance,494l, yewkalmt:
BridgewnierWni. It 'Teems. sca. '
Fninklin-John :Chant tttli.
.Forma ^',//
' GtcnC Bend born---Gents' letatuK
'linitialc-,Arvine: C. wep.l, - .144
11m-rick-Philo Burrlit:
• Hatferd-Joseph - McCognell. t. •• " :•••••
riciicil:Pi4riteLli.• Alen. , r , - '
Thlontiose-LChils. 11. • Frite4:
Cain, Geo be,titerne,Msn.'ll% Malley.
. Now: Milford sp.-Chas. , 6.. Noss (:sue Stun-.
RutiTer-. 7 lQ6es. Brown; Miron,ll.Edeejl. '"
flhisqtrelituida Depot - 7 401 M, rjuia, JObiti
Townsend: Jasok-N4 rriSillure•
Thompson-Isaac. N. Jackson... ••••
Tratiii4e furore-rest Week
Auburn -Galin' -B. Gs*,• Elcatia•-Bushnell,
Aids: , it Steptietie,Warron,Tewitabury,
Kraist-Netlianiel J. West, .C,Yrit _
Bridgewater-Cabal). Bualiad.D.
er, Guy P. Welis,Henry P. Robbins,,J.
. •• .
Brooklyn-Wm. L'Perrys.
14 ." T l3ll ? ..? ; fi dtt;
George . StOffiens:
Cooconut- W &elder.
Dimuck-Lynutu W. Bunnell: , Albrxua
Yerest Lake-Levi - T. Mixthard;Sting.4
Frintkilrl-t-Sanfoelliaisey, ria,rrey.,6ntri. atm.
Eli B. Smith. ' - •
Prtenttsvitte=Patrictr 311 M M -est%
(;Ii mH Daniel Etratii4fltittrgq 1 3 , t Boltnes.
Hugh Tingle+, Whi. -w. Willfaufs, George
G. Woodward, ~ barini~ Edward
Hannonyc,Nelkas "
Herrick-John B. Lyon, Jr., Robert West
..k....sup-Wm. Wheelock.
Lena-,Willitsariestrs Hilliant(Pa-eard
ner. iloloway Robinson, Noah Titus, Wm.
Latbmp-;George B. *Stith, Henry' 13:
Montrose-Amery N. Bullard,NicholasColei
Geo. R. Luling), Theodore famish. Nelson O.
Warner. Mired BsHtvtri. - • ' •
New Million, Ep.-.11. IL Brando, W. IL
risan , Onin -Barritt.
Oakland-Rufus Butts.
Susquehanna Depot-Orin T. Smith, Geotie. l
Houghton, Henry Griswold.
Sprin.geille-N. W. Button, Ezra Bittelland,
Cintrl(3ll..Sierman. . •
curvet ake-Patrick riistienial;
Hill, James. Murphy. .
Trarerae Jurora-.-Egeorui Week..
Auhurnikirion TherPe-
Ararat-Wilson 3. Stone, John .C.
Beebe, Augustus Dar
row, James McMillan, Vista C. Potter, Daniel
Brookivn-Asn Fish.
ClitTont-Lewis W. Ames, - Henry Bennett,
3%14 11A 7/-7.
Frunklin-Benj. J. Baker, David Marsh,
Samuel Truesdell.
Grent,lltind tp 7 -G Johnson armtt Joho
Hartord-Winklotv B. Gnile,3olettleGdilti.
Jiteklma-Oalvln Dlx.
Jessop---Wm 31ozier, Peter D. Roe, Ackley
Walker. • - •
Lathrop-Ezra S. Brown.
Lenox-Daniel B. Clark, Eldridge Davis;
Jas. R. Utley. •
Liberty- Simon E. Warner, Theron Smith.
Montrose-Charles N. Stoddard. • •
Middletown-James Jones.
New Milford boro-K. A. Johnston, H. Dick.
New Milford tp.-Lewis N. Witter.
Rush-Francis Bunnell, Norman Granger.
Springville--Landis Lyman, A. D. Wood ,
house. Demos J. Owen.
Susquehanna Depot- W. H. Bartlett.
Thomson-Luther N. Hubbard.
Tracer-se Jurors-Third Week.
.painedii;r4;li Tuva l u fiiig,'John Tupper.
Bridgewater-E. W. Conklin, Judson W.
Mott, A. W. Russell.
Brooklyn-O. A. Eldridge, uhas. A. Wil
Dimock -Albert P. Smith, George Walker.
Forest Lake-Abner Griffis.
Franklin-John H. Monger.
,7 Gibson-Horace W. Stearns.
Great Bend tn.-Elwell- Hawkins. J.B. John
Harford-Tyler Brewater,Henry Esterbrooks,
Benj. Woman,.
• Harmony-Thomas Thornton.
Herrick-Wm. U. Norton.
Jessup-John Crinik,' Lipman - B. Pickett..
, Liberty-Jonathan Ross.
Lathrop-Chauncey Scott.
Lenox-Levi West.
Montrose-Sheridan G. Pache, Dimock D.
Middletown-Charles Camp.
New Milford tp.-Orin Bennett, F. Beymnor,
3 - 4. Darrow. . .
New Milford born-E. W. Cornwell, W. F.
Bon lc.
Oakland-Albert G. Brash.
Rush-Williani Boyd, Abram Carter.
Silver dike-Jhtlegh Wald, '
R. Meserole: "
!mere .18 no ludo which the Cesstacm.,
i th , Liniments will nutralicte,nomvallimp
they will not subdue; ad no lameness
,ft 4" WlOChtWw,Tillrd alttp....Thts:3
t„i; .
•slog, caked breaata,,WMldastwillWA salt.
rtmotn, earache, it., 1:41PI1 thp Mimes% frame, and of
aosilisAvimvin, upon animals in one year
than have all other pretended remedice *wally)
bewail, They are .coonterAirrilail, all.heallng piin ro.
nevem. Cripples throw away th, ir crutches, the lame
walk, poisonous bitsarehderef heriniMlSefiF.o.• the
wounded are ri6tHrieriars sear. Tnereervaikene•
lishld around oath bottle. They @lll as no articles aver
sold before, because they do jut what 1b. , / pretend to
do. ThilgshoillOw - lnlt.ciftgll Ir4eilmitnf DieTtilifat,
swelling , deserve tp mtifer.if:tkprosiii opt prlygentenr
Llttintent. whitf WriPpet. " %fore din loin eeitideates
of remarkablesurrolnFlndlog,troccA.-11,4e,„ •
rhettnarfla, NUT; reombrityllocrit hitireVail - pl. -
calved. We, !Append
the eacipe; to any one mins:sting it. One
bottle of theycliow wnspßercentanr Liniment Is worth
one tor spavined or siesterdedluspmei
and andesor for screiy.woop,in sheep,. Etock-ownera
—there Ilnimektkafe,W2* Yriffititrillinek,4l4fo.lly
'should bo withOnl it it tato wrapper am* use ;"
T 1.1
aep7. f si t 51X ,° ;431 1 1 . 1 1 /1 : 71, 1 /
?e.t.a Broadwl/•licapliC .F.T. A
. . .
midge* tehreite 'tbiii*hubitititto ;. ltyr , CaglifiVlV
ft'le the pet, agre artlOe'leeztateueewhlrA re:rthlhr
te'trauidet , itke "bed. regulate tho bcrorels'orare *lth
edtic tutl-peedese-seterst - eteere -it chAbal.a ~etttreri
, ittleentla, morphine or eluothel i reapenet tett**.
4:lhll4rge ate 4 hatrTegretio eta - y rot. .
~.ten, tor. •t•r (••,,,•• S
.:1.1;9 . 37 01 .TZ1 to Aelotesu :011 .4i At 10.1,
Ruancamr 7 rNlAT.Z.,,-rAkibe residence
ottite..bride's parents. in Lenuarllle. Dee.
28th,. byD. B. Robin •
son, to E. F. White, all of Lenorville.
. . . Ston . o
!dies Rosetta Surtell,l4qh..j4
GAREY—FARR — At the 'house of tte
brj4eMaJllerq,ll%4sl.,,,.-3874, by Rev. J.
'lr.WeAtisll,llTr.Rbbeit S: flurry, of Wind
burn, to Miss Kate S., dauzllter of 11) run
Fnrr, eq., of Forksttmi Pa.
FRISK—In Iclontrose. Dec. 24th, 1873,
%Ito*? Vesirn !Et iips,:vgem
fLat'rtt jn, Miti33idlozd;iDec:!l;ls73.
Richard IL Bartll,fortnerly.of Norwich,
N. Y., aged . 48 fears: • •
Co:is-TAN - TINE—In Bridgewater, Dec.
30th, 1873, Benj,.cAlatantine, aged 32i
FLUMMERFELT-11l A üburb, age.
47 ,
Has Fallon Out of
nr t T o ! ;
oc , • f el)
- 1 ! 1 - 7.;
C. B. .1)BIRY7.& , CO.'S,
• c• 17
An Im•.-n; , 1/ ' ''.( i •'.
nieusc Stock Just Bought (Vous
of New England, at price
i r
irtrn:vs 5 XICAOL,§, Pi.O;qiuroßs.
Sias or Tana Gowns Aota.r, XCIT.IOI,
lariolz Sipo]s.llQ cozzLtr.o.ase..
We desire to ray to the politic that or store Is well
Flocked with Dradd Medi:Ants, ?slots, (111 VArsi,S,
Bra*sq. tombs. Plunlerf,fkArry ,ArWatsZ.
u rest pr. rstlattif sod itlbol,tbq •kl es 000
01 1 L*l 4 a atki O'S seulran odt
gOskti nine and of the best qnallt!„ and isoll he sold
lots prices for cash. Rest/et:Mb)Tomo.
A. 11. eftlftblS.
Montrose. Feb. lit. tall. AMOS Sled or-Fl.
2.1 V 6rPERksDE:rr /-
Sewing Machine !
THEI GIUMTELT TivEvi=orlrirseca:
Sews from but Chi*Sp - dol of Thread
It has hut ris working parts, Is ty.srlcso, and send
more rapidly than any Machine In the Market.
• gasCi irtelskeihgGied Wee
R Comblees Durshllll, .rib Be
has all the Modern Impnrrements.
as-cbra.tims IXTexaste.ct.
Ai!ldras, '• • • •
Dee. 24:1 - 3IS - .• • Bleghl;Aritninii N. Y
10 Amoricallallbtlpflog,Ppalt
Zl 4 teE ithgT N'TiltiVOttr_lii" •
Double Acting, Noll-Freezing. The simpleat act6,mtasl
powerful Itiost "It la petirAl to bone ehesiirst, moot
effective. dershle.and 'viable. not only for family use.
but shm for Flutists. Factories, Breweries, Distilleries,
etc. It to partleularly.rycsenroetidetilay insimencellopn, the, smallest pump"that Will throw t:9 to 15 ad .
thrones hese; It say.
rr falls: The Most durable bkanse It fs composed of
hot few simple parts of in , . (enameled so 1111,10 prevent
any kumbasstalat or brackish mate ill the rater)
loather pseking.4.(l, child can work 11. - It craw frI.4.IMS-
no no water remain in the pipe When nut to ne110:1. It
fend hes the oddest water. being plsced on the tsuOtro
of the tiff opinion of Ontnge Jnad. In the Amer
ican AgrLrorturalirt, Jutte N0.,1813. page NO; also Jan.
p rcluited toquality ttlihttl, I retlil Jl4l::tertvn
tih edit. plarchnitert tbtb6sof - in
pump I ana prepared to sell se cheap as they ca*Ant-etn be sold
by the company. Send for circular and price lint to
W4d:' , IVILUARtgi
. glade), PL
,„, • 4-
• - 1N tlente : , '
C7cpria 40011 Maiassiorpostl
~At That an article hue been Invented tLut will prevent
Chit oil Atualfrone exploding. p. cup be laitiehe4 to
.uf Lamp_ e rat..le; fadi atiquttrtigigotA.d Cr
bursting is n .rly impose; ore. lee.abouhitely certain le
tdl to prevent lamp einholen., that the patentees and
unfacturers guenutre I; under a forfeit of al,lagt in
et of_ lallare• end thrty aullittatiratodengents to wet
; it o mak - c . .,tanapil rotti front c,ty.loploni Colder . Airy
1 all eircittieblhfea, If the lower nod of the Attach.:
meat he covered by the ell In tho lamp.
By penal.eiou we n.fer to the lollowtrg named gerh
llenten: Wm. A. Croesmon, Isaac Ilandin. Lieriege 1..
stone, C. B. Bo w Ivy. Bede rend:tr. at-iitt.efo &user..
. _,Arorous. ae sumsultit.'
1164trose, D )t, '1;„:7 - ..f - , Z - ageto• futptchwea Co. -
A' , k . ..` ' ‘ . '
• i.
FIRS ' LIFE -' ,.... '"' .A.1.t .': D 2.- it-C''C''.l..DEN-T'
atEa r rropti 4gb33.07 - ,P , "
r•••• - • , r
ca,prrer. mum= 01tig,110,000,0001
Dee. 11016."
EISECUTORS' NOTICE, Where:Wetter" testaments
re Pt to the eetato of Fanny J. /Salford, tete of- Jima4
gie e pee m tuira i l tealg t tr4t4Mlllettl
rminedlOWYmeg ard4Eal tiering - ele ms agarzia
he pn, ar t , requested Itiitreeenttlie . m wlthopktlelto,
RUSH NOUMEA Eseeetetts.
II U. 31ELVOI1D, 11
De!. 17,1612.--4,n, f
LOUNISTW9II,II ttin fl t*ltte tiretßlEerOtra NOTICE— •
errtlt e k,:t4=o ", Lto 4 k k' er, rs, 4 Aittek v 1 4 A 4 . 1 4 1r.O si tt , } l.l ., , e , u: B. it t e
tee sate Cotale bevies been grantee to the underetgaed: ; .. ht
t ;vidk t irta o f d •I„ .l entrq .ts
'tailltersono evrioa seta estate, ire requested to ukaae - ,„ bYt " ,t• ,
ttatelltattrventmarolvd• ag=sourAirvi tst I Mime ' 4,1 d , ta t ,
l a n- J ojetcststorresavapist preseuvtawaitttotn•Pai".'" . ,ut!
rdsio; tia;lr) .21 1.- e. 11,t.'• 30! ,os , • •
011:t FLIa.NACIAN, Admer. I , ‘ , “'. • ""°'''
P". "uStrarilltarlf rait .T: itoitircie, TIM
. •
iaar .44,.117:2 .101,65e11.1L watt 41.44 (14:I • - 4. I.;-tOtao? "/4,7•1.441-•
Qc:iumixassiglan-r l 4, SlVA3.4feaat
aucsiyEa or
r - gR, ctt n gi - iG% 'oa'r.; fl
- • •
••,-", 'is !.1
t•••• • !. - •'
0?,11 fir leryhtr•eollcitreit end ectOnAtasOe imPiodletA
yoxy koode. bend for ettlpplitgeitdi' marital
•••' ••.' 4 4-S7 'P.: ,
' - •
= Nadottal Tort Ftseic oiNie*tific:. l ' 3 ' 3 J
Northoo , P.onk of Neer York. •
• Naltei,iNtithhetilltsitk of= ktve Vet: k ...
Loal I•tatict Ilarl4 birooklyb
Feb: it. te're,-tr'• • • =, • ." •• • •7 .=
'the Margets
.11kOrLiVOCiirriA 1 llea3 , 111iirW. ,
11A:enr.tti Ereii Keck EtprinnlV foetus tiltSteniiri
iminaciter Innvo..t..snrse'r.finntneo ovan4.,,
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