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• E. B. HAWLEY f CO., Editors,
Vireibuiday,l7ov. 1 9th, 13 73.
.RE ii the Constitution
guPPLE.Ainst next week.
THE latest susPension—rnite societies.
We shall publish the table showing the
valuation of real estate in our next.
Ova correspondence,with other matters
of interest, are crowded out this week.
As some anxiety has been expressed re
specting the carrying of the wee')
Montrose and ,Tunkhatinock, we would
inform our readers that we are ofliciul:v
informed, that on and after December
first, it trill be delivered on the Montrose
A SERIES of meeting are row in pro
gress at the M. E. Church, it. kfontrose,
whiclEcommenced on Saturday lust. A
concert was given last evening at the
Court House, by the “Itinerant . Trio,"
Revs. Westlake, Sumner, and •Leacock, to
a good audience, which was greatly en
jojed by all who can appreciate first class
singing Rev. J. B. Sumner will poach
lit the M. E. Church this aft-rnoop (Wed
nesdar,) at. 2 o'clock, this evenii g at 7.
L Race to morrow (Thursday.) at
2p. tn. and 7p: m. Rev. J. H. Weston,
Friday at 2p. m. and 7 p. m. Rev. S.
Berner, Saturday at 2 p. m. and 7 p. tn.
All ate cordially in cited . to attend.
WE are obliged to give the greater part
of our editorial and kcal pages this week
to the official publication of the new
Constitutioo, to be submitted to a VW of
the people of this C..mnomwealth, on
Tuesday, December 16th. We onlv re
ceived it from the &I:ill:try of State on
Friday night last, and nutter the Act of
the Legislature it most be published this
week, hence much other matter which we
lted prepared, is of nscessity omitted.—
There is no-subject, howexer, of so great
importance, the time before each elec
tor will be called upon to :record his vote
pro or con, being very short, as that of
changing or retaining the organic govern
ment of this State. It is nicely publish
ed, that every voter may have the oppor
tunity of thoroughly reading it, so as to
inform himself that he may express his
will intelligently. We lope it will he
thoroughly perused, and that on the 16th
day of D. comber next, every voter in this
county will discharge his solemn and im
perative duty. at the hallot hos. We may
allude to Jit again hereafter at more
Pubtished by order of the Secretary of
the Commonwealth. in purtetecte of
the 4th section of an act id . the Gen
eral Assembly, entitled "An act to pro
vide for calling a Cvncention to amend
the Constitution," approved the ; 11th
day of April, A. D. 1872.
We, the people of the Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, grateful to Almighty God ter the
blessings of civil and religions liberty, Ihal
humbly invoking His guidance, do ordain and
establish this Constitution.
That the general, great and essential princi
ples of liberty and free government may he rec
ognized and unalterably established, we declare
Sacanow 1. AU men are horn equally free
and independent. and have certain inherent and
indefeasible rights, among which are those of
enjoying and defending fife and liberty, of ac
quiring. possessing and protecting property
and reputation, and of pursuing their own hap
SEC. 2. All power is inherent in the people,
and all tree governments ore founded on their
authority and ineitutect for their peace, safety
and happiness. For the advancement of these
ends they have at all times an inalienable and
indefeasible right to alter, reform or abolish
their government in such manner as they may
think proper.
SEc. 3. All mrn have a natural and indefensi
ble right to worship Almighty God according
to the dictates of their own consciences; no
man can of right be compelled to attend, erect
Or support any place of worship, ur to maintain
any ministry aFainst his consent; no human
authority can, in any raise whatever, control or
interfere with the right of conscience, and no
preference shall e•er be given by law to any re
ligious establishment or wale, of worship.
Sec. 4 Tio person who acknowldges the being
of a God and a future state of reWants and mui
'aliments shall, un account of his relizious sen
timents, be disqualified to bold anyottir e or
place of trust or profit under this Common
Ste. S. Elections shall be free and equal; and
no power, civil or military, shall at any lime
interfere to prevent the free exercoe of the right
of suffrage.
Sec. 6. .Trial by jury shall be as heretofore.
-and th e right thereof remain inviolate.
SEX.. 7. The printing pans shall be tree to ev
437 person who may undertake to examine the
proceedings of the Legislature or any branch of
government, and no law shall ever be made to
restrain the right thereof. The free coon:tunic:a.
don of thoughts and opinions is one of the. in
valuable rights of man, unit every citizen may
freely speak. write and print on any sut ject. be
ing responsible for the-abuse of that liberty. No
conviction shall be had in any—prosecution for
the publication of papers relating to the official
conduct of officers or men in public eapacity,or
to any other matter properior public investiga
tion or infonnation where 'the net tint such
publicatinn teas not maliciously or negligently
made final be entablinhed to the satinfaethm 0!
the jury!: end in all indictments for libels the
jury shall have the right to determine - the !am
end the facts, under the direction of the efiurt,
as in other mks.
Sitc. 8. The people shall be secure in their
persons, houses, papers, and psnssion4, from
hnteasoasblesearches and seizures, and n.. war
lmnt to search any place or seize any person or
things; shall issue without tletteribinf ilit;m
nearly as may be, nor withcett pruhaide cause,
supported by oath or afibmation, subscriotal to
by the affirm!.
rife 9. In all criminal prosecutions. the an
cusedhatit a right to be beard by himself nn.l his
camel, to demand the nature and cause of the
accibiation against bum, to meet the a jrne,. se s
facetotface, to have comiailsory prom.. for oh.
twining witnesses in his favor, and in pnaseen
lloos by Indictment or „information, a speedy
public trial by an Impartial jury of vicinage ;
he cannot be compelled to give evidence against
himself; nor can - he be deprived of his life:liber
ty, or property, unless by the judgment of his
peers or the law of the land.
SEC..IO. No person shall for any Indictable
offense beproceeded against trintinnUy. by In.
Summation. except In awes arising In the land or
naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual
service, in lime of. war or public danger, or by
leave of the court; for oppression or misdemean
or lb office No maw: shall. for the same of
fense be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb;
uorithall private property be taken or a ppli e d
'to 'public use without authority of law, cud
without Just compensation being firstwade en.
. ,
"Sec; li. Ail courts shall he open and every
wan for an Injury done him in his land., goods,
persist; or reputatiOneshall hare remedy by due
Centre of' taw, and right and justice 'administer
ad wlthoutaale, denial. or - delay. - - .Sults may he
iirontiviinst the Criuunouwealib iu telph
manner, in Anal eourts,and in such' earls as the
Legislatore may by law direct.
SEC. 12. NO ps/swer et suspending laws shall
be exercistsivaluaby the Legislature or by Its I
SEC. IS'Exenvstre bail shall not be requlttd,nor
excessive tines imposed, nor cruel punishments
See: 11 . .. MT prisoners 'shalt be bailable by'
sufficient sureties. unless for capital offenses,
when the proof is evident or presumption great ;
and thq privilege of the writ of habeas corpus I
ali dl not be suspended, unless when the case of
rebellion or invasion the public solely may re
quire it.
See. 15. No commission of oyer and terminer
orjail delivery shall be invited.< • - •
SEC. 18. The person of a debtor,where there
is not strong presumption of fraud, shall not be
continued in prison atter delivering tip his estate
for the benefit of his creditors, In such manner
as shall be prescribed by law,
See. 17. No EX POST PAcro law, nor any law
impairing the obligat ion of contracts.or making
irrevocable any grant of special privileges or
immunities, shall be passed.
Sec. 18. No person shall be attainted of tree
. son or felony by the Legislature.
SEC. 19 No attainder shall work corruption
of blood, nor, except during the life of the of
fender.forfeiture of estate to the Commonwealth;
the estate of such persons ns shall destroy their
own lives shall descend or vest as in ammo/
natural death, and if any person shall be killed
by casualty, there shall be no forfeiture by rea
son thereof.
SEC. 20. The citizens have n right inn peace
able manner to assemble together for their com
mon good, and ton apply to those Invested with
the powers of government for redress of griev
ances or other proper purposes, by petition, ed•
dress or remonstrance.
Sze. 21. The right of citizens to bear arms in
defense of themselves and the State titian nut be
SEC. 22. No standing army shall, in time of
peace. be kept up without the consent of the
Legislature end the military shall, in nil cam.,
and nt all times, be its strict subordination to the
civil power.
SEC. 23. No soldier shall in time of pence be
quartered in any house without the consent of
the owner, nor in time of war but in a manner
to he prescribed by law.
SEC. 24. The Legislature shall not grant any
title of nobility or hereditary distinction, nor
crate any office the appointment of which shall
be Mr a longer term titan during good behavior.
SEC. 2,1. Emigration from the State shall not
be prohibited.
SEC. 211. To guard against transgressions of
'the I.igh powers which we have delegnted, we
&dare that everythi"g in this article is except
ed out of the generni powers of government,
and shall forever remain inviolate.
SEeTtox I. The legislative power of this
Commonwealth shall be vested ir. a General
Assembly. which shall consist of a Senate and
a House 41i Representatives.
SEC. 2. Members of the General Assembly
shall be chosen at the general election every
second year. Their term of service shall begin
on the first clay of December next after their
election. Whenever a vacancy shell occur in
either House, the presiding officer thereof shall
issue a writ of election to fill such vacancy for
the remainder of the term.
SEC 3. Senators shall be elected for the term
of lour years and Representatives for the term
of two years.
SEC. 4. The General Assembly shall meet at
twelve o'clock noon, on the first Tuesday of
January every second year, and at other times
when convened by the Governor, but shall kohl
no adjourned annual session alter the year one
thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight. In
seas of a vacancy in the of of United States
Senator from this Commonwealth, in a recess
! between sessions, the Governor shall convene
the two houses by proclamation on notice not
' exceeding sixty days to fill the same_
SEc. 8. Senators shall be at least twenty-five
years of age, and Representatives twenty-one
of age. They shall have been citizens and
of the State four years, and inhabh
tante of their respective districts one year next
betore their election (unless absent on the public
business of the United States or ot this S tat e,)and
shall reside in their respective districts during
their terms of service.
Sec. G. No Senator or Representative shall,
during the time for which he shall bare been
elected, be appointed to may civil office under
this Commonwealth, and no member of Con- -
gr , ..s or other person holding env office (except
of or in the militia) under the
United States or this Commonwealth shall be a
tnernlaT of either house during his continuance
in office.
SEc. 7. No person hereafter convicted of em
bezzlement of public moneys, bribery, perjury
or other infamous crime, shall be eligible to the
General Assembly, nroatpable qt holding any
office of trust or profit in this Commonwodth.
SEC. 8. The members of the General Assem
bly shall receive such salary and meleage for
regular and special sessions as shall be fixed by
law, and no other compensation whatever,
whether for service upon committee or other
wise. No member of either house shall, during
the term for which he may have been elected,
receive nny increase of salary, or mileage,undcr
any law passed during such term: •
SEC. 9. The Senate sbaiLat the beginning and
close of each regular session and at such other
times as nmy be necessary,elect one arils mem
bers president pro tentpore, who shall perform
the duties of the Lieutenant Governor, in any
case of absence or disability of that officer, and
whenever the said office of Lieutenant Cover
nor shall be vacant. The House of Representa
tives shall elect one of its members as Speaker.
Each Louse shall choose its other offl-era, and
shall judge of the election and qualifications of
its members.
SEC. 10. A majority of each House shall con
stitute a quorum, but a smaller number may ad
journ from day to day, and compel the attend
cam of absent members.
SM. 11. Each house shall bare power to de
terndne the rotes of its onxxedings and punish
its members or other persons for, contempt or
disorderly behavior in Its presence, to enforce
obedience to its pars. to protect its members
against violence, or offers of bribes or private
solicitation, and with the concurrence of two
thirdsro expel a member, but not a second tithe
for the same eause.and shall have all other pow
! era nea_-ssary for the legislature of a free State.
A member expelled for corruption shall not
thereafter be eligible to either house,and punish
ment for contempt or disorderly behavior shall
not bar an indictment for the same offense.
SEC. 12. Each house shall keep a journal of
its proceedings and from time to tone publish
the same. except such parts as require secar: - .:'
:rod the yeas and nays of the members on tar
question shall. at the de s ire of any two of them,
be entered on the journal.
SEC. IJ. The sessions of each house and of
committees of the whole shall be open. unless
when the business is such as ought to be kept
SEC. 14. Neither house shall.withont the con
sent of the other, adjourn for more than three
diva, nor to any other place than that ha which
the two homes shall be sitting.
See. IS. The members of the General As
sembly shall in all casts, except treason, felony
violation of their oath of office, and breach or
surety of the peace, be privaleged from arrest
during Their atteadance at the sessions of their
respective houses, and in going to and return
ing (nun the same; and fur any speech or de
bate in either house, they shall not be clues.
timed in any other place.
See. 16. The State shall be divided intofilly
Senatorial districts of compact and contiguous
territory, as neark equal in population as may
be,and each district shall be entitled to elect
one Senator. Each county containing one =or
more ratios of population shall be entitled to
one Senator fur each ratio, and to an additional
Senator for a surplus o. population exceeding
three-Stlbs of a ratio ; hut no county shall form
a separate district unless it shall contain four
fifths of a ratio. except where the adjoining
counties are each entitled to one ormore Sena
tors, at, n such 'count) , may be assi,gned a Sena
tor on less titan four-Gillis. and exceeding one
half of a ratio, and no county shall be divided
unless entitled to two or more Senators. No
! city or county shall be entitled to se,mrato rem
resentation exceeding 'one sixth of the whole
number of Senators. No ward, borough, or
township shall be divided in the formation of a
district.,Ti e Senatorial ratio shall be :ascer
tained y diridingtheashole population of the
State by the number fifty.
See: 17. The members of the house of Rep
resentatives shall be appointed among the sm.
end conntlea, on a ratio obtained by _dividing
the fa•pulation of the State as ascertained by
the mod. recent VoltedStates Census by two
bombard. Every county containing less than
live ratios shall have one representative for CV
.err full MON nntl an additional:representative
when the Burping exceeds
_half. ratio; but
each county shall iniveat lost ons tiapitseata,
Every coyly containing live ratios or
mare shot! have:one repmetilative for every full -
ratio Every ally containing a population equal
to a ratio shall elect separately its proportion of
the representatives allotted .to the county In
which It is located.-Evers city . entitled to inure
than four representatives, and every county
having over one hundred thousand inhabitants,
shaft be - divlderTintollistrlcts of compact and
contiguous territory, each district to elect its
proportion of tcpresentritiieS'aceinsling to Its
population, but no district shall elect more than
lour representatives.
I, SEC. 18. The Genera! Assembly at its first.
Beaton after the adoption of this constitution;
and immediately after each United States de
venial census; shall apportion the State into.
s,ndorialand Representative district, agree
.ably to the provisions- of the two.' nest preen.
ding sections.
SEe. 1. No law Atilt be passed except by
bill, and no bill shall be so altered or amended
on its [mango through eltherhouselts to change
its original purpose.
SEC. 2. 1.40 bill shall be considered unless re
ferral to a committee, returned therefrom, and
printed for the use of the members.
SEAL 3. No bill, except general appropriation
bills, shall be passed, containing more than one
subject, which shall be clearly expressed In its
See. 4. Every• bill shall be read at length
on three different days in each house;
all amendments made thereto shall be printed
fur the use of the members before the final vote
is taken on the bill, and no bill shall become a
law unless on its final passage the vote be taken
by yeas and nays, the names of the persons vot
ing for and against the same he entered on the
journal, and a majority of the members elected
to each house be recorded thereon as voting in
its favor.
Sec. 5. No amendment to bills by one house
shall be ccmcurred in by the other, except by a
vote of a majority of the members elected there
to taken by yeas and nays, and the names of
those voting for and against recorded upon the
journal thereof; and reports of committees of
conference shall be adopted in either house only
by the vote of a majority of the members eleci
ed thereto, taken by yeas and nays, and the
names of those voting recorded upon the jour
SEC. 6. No law shall he revived, amended,
or the . provisions thereof extended or conferred
by reference to its title only, but so much there
of es is revived, amended, extended, or conferr
ed. shall be re-enacted and published at length.
Suc. i. The General Assembly shall not pass
any local or special law ;
Authorizing the creation, extension or Ml
pairing of liens;
Regulating the affairs of counties,cities,town
ships, wards, boroughs, or school districts.
Changing the names of persons or places;
Changing the venue in civil or criminal cases;
Authorizing the laying out, opening, sltering,,
or maintaining roads,bighways,streets or alleys;
Relating to ferries or bridgt, , ,or incorporating
terry or bridge companies, except for theerec
tion of bridges crossing streams which form
bout-dories between this and any other State;
Vacating roads, town plats, streets or alleys;
Relating to cemeteries, graveyards or public
grounds not ut the State;
Authorizing the adoption or legitimation of
Locating or changing county seats, erecting
new counties, or changing county lines;
Incorporating cities, town, or villages, or
changing their charters;
Fur the opening and conducting of elections,
or fixing or changing the place of voting;
Granting divorces;
Erecting new townships or boroughs, ehang
ng townsidplines,borough limits, or school dis
tricts ;
Creating offices,or nrescribing the pavers and
duties of officers In counties, crti s, boroughs,
townships, election Cr school districts;
Changing the law of decent or succession;
Regulating the practice or jurisdiction of, or
changing the rules of evidence in any judicial
proceeding or inquiry before courts, aldermen,
justices of the peace, sheriffs, cominivioners,
bitrators, auditors, masters in chancery, or oth
er tribunals, or providing or changing methods
for the collection of debts, or the enforcing of
judgments, or prescribing the effect of judicial
sales of real estate;
Regulating the fees, or extending the powers
and duties of aldermen, justices of the peace,
magistrates, c r constables;
Itmiodating the management of nowt., selmto,
the building or 'waiting of school lioam.,s, and
the. raising of money for such purposes;
Fixing the rate or interest;
Affecting the est2te of minors or, persons on•
der disability, except after due notice to all par
tits in interest,to be mitred in the special enact
ment ;
gemitting fines, penalties and forfeitures, or
refunding moneys legally paid into the Treasu.
Exempting property from taxation;
Regulating labor, trade, mining, or manufac
• • •
Creating corperations, or amending,renewing
or extending the charters thereof;
Granting to any corporating, association, or
individual any special or exclusive privilege or
immunity or to any corporation, tosociatiun or
individual the right to lay down a railroad track.
Nor shall the General Assembly indirectly enact
such special or local law by the partial repeal or
a general law, but laws repealing local or spec
ial acts may he passed. Nor shall any law be
passed granting powers or privileges in any
case where the grunting of such powers and .
privileges shall have been provided for by gen
eral law, nor where the courts have jurisdiction
to grant the same or give the relief asked for.
sec. 8. No local or special bill shall be passed
unless notice of the intention to apply therefor
shall hove been published in the locality where
the matter or the thing to be affected may be
situated, which notieeshall beat least thirty days
prior to the Introduction into the General As
sembly of such bill, and in the Manner to be
provided by law; the evidence of such notice
having been published, shall be exhibited in the
General Assembly before such not shall bepass
Sac. 9. The presiding officer of each house
shall, in the presence of the 110116 C over which
he presides, sign all bills and joint resolutions
passed by the General Assembly, after their ti
tles have been publicly read immediately before
signing, and the fact of signing shall be entered
on the journal.
Sec. 10. The General Assemblyshall prescribe '
by law the number, duties and compensation of
the officers and employers of each house, and no
payment shall be made from the State Treasury,
er be in any way authorized to any person, ex•
cept to an acting officer or employee elected or
appointed in pursuance of law.
bgc. 11. .No hill shall be passed giving any
extra compdasation to any public officer, ser
vant, employee, agent or contractor, alter ser.
vices shall havebeen rendered or contract made
nor provided for the payment of any claims
against the Cumtutmwtalth without previous
authority of law.
Sec. 12. All stationery. printing, paper, and
-fuel used in' the legislative and other depart.
meals of government shall be furnished, and
the printing, binding, and distributing of the
laws, journals , department reports, and all nth
cr priming and binding, and the repairing and
furnishing the halls and rooms used for the
meetings of the GenentlAssembly and its c.otti
mitteta, shall be performed under contract, to
be given to the lowest responsible bolder below
such maximum price and under such regula
tions as shall be prescribed by law; no mem
ber or officer of any department of the gov
ernment shall be In any way interested in" such
contracts, and all such contrails shall be sub
ject to the approval of the Governor, Auditor
General and State Treasurer.
Sac. 13. No law shall extend the term of
any public officer, or increase. or diminish his
salary or emoluments alter his election or ap
Sec. 14. All hills for raising revenue shall
originate in the House, of Representatives, but
the Senate may propose amendments as in oth
er bills.
Sim. 15. The general appropriation bill
shall embrace, nothing. but appropriations fog
the ordinary expenses of the executive; legis
tire and judicial pepartments of the COMMOn•
wealth; interest on the public debt, and fee
public schools; all other appropriations shall
be made by separate bills, each embracing. but
one subject. -
SEC. 18. No money shall be paid out' of •tha
Treasury except upon appropriations made by
law and on warrant drawn by the proper offi
cer in pursuance thereof
51X,11.. No appropriation shall•be outdo to
any charitable or educational Institution ..nut
under the absolute control of the Commonwealth
other than normal schools established • by law
forshe profesalonid tvaining - of - teachers *ler the
public schools of the State, except by it indent
twot-hirds of all themembers elected to each
house. • . . •
Sit. 18. No epirroPriatioes eicspt fop pen
aloes or gratitude' , fbr military services shall be
Made for clutritahle,"edueational Or benevolent
pOrposes, to any person or community, nor to
any denomitintronal or sectarian lust itut ion,cor
aeration or amociation.
Sean. 19. The General Assembly may make
anpropriations of money to institullorni where
in the widows of soldiers are supported or as
id test Or the orphans of soldiers are maintain
cd and educated; lint such appropriation shall
be applietterellistrely - to of such
widows end orphans.
Site. 20. The General Assembly shall not
delegate, to ,nny, ,special leommlstdon, private
corporation pr association, any power to make,
supervise or interfere with any municipal Ito
pmvement;.monverproperty or effects, whether
held in trust or otherwise, or to levy taxes or
perform any municipal function whatever.
Ste. 21. No act of the General Assembly
limit the amount to be recovered for in
juries result int to death, or for injuries to per
sons or property, end in cast of death such in
juries, the right of action shalisurvive, and the
,Genernl Am:tidily :hall prescribe for whose
benefit sucti actions shall be 'prosecuted , no
net shall prescribe any limita inns of time within
which suits may be brought against corpora
tions for injuries to persons or property, or for
other causes different from those fixed by gen
end laws regulating actions against natural
persons, and such acts now existing aro avoid
SEC. 22. No act of the General Assembly
shall authorize the investment of trust funds by
executors, administratOrs, guardians, or other
trustees, in the bonds or stock of any private
corporation, and such acts now existing are
avoided, saving investments heretofore made.
SEC. 23. The power to change the venue in
civil and criminal cases shall be vested in the
courts, to be exercised in such manner us snail
be provided by law.
Sec. 24. No obligation or liability of any rail
road or other rorporat inn, held or owned by the
Comm onwealth. shall ever be exchanged. trans
ferred, remitted, postponed, or in any way di
ininished by the General Assembly, nor shall
such liability or obligation be released, except
by payment thereof into the State Treastuy.
Sec. 23. When the General Assembly shall be
convened in special session, there shall be no
legislation upon subjects other titan thosedesig•
nated in the proclamation of the Governor, cal
ling such seasion.
Sec. 20. Every order, resolution, or vote, to
which the concurrence or boot houses may be
necessary (except on the question of adjourn•
uncut) shall be pmented to the Governor, and
before it shall tithe effect be approved by him,
or being disapproved, shall be repassed by two
thirds of both houses, according to the rules and
limitations prescribed in case of n bill.
Sac. 27. No State office shall be continued or
created for the inspection or measuring of any
merchandise, manufacture or commodity, but
any county or municbality may appoint such
otlicers when authorized by law.
SEC. 28. No law changing the location of the
capitol of the State shall be valid until the same
shall have been submitted to the qualified elec
tors of the Commonwealth, at a = .n•tientl election,
and muitied and approved by them.
Sec. 29. A member of the General Assemble
who shall solica, demand, or receive, or consent
to receive. directly or indirectly, for himself or
for another, limn any company, corporation or
person, nny money. office,impointnient, employ
ment, testimonial, reward, thing.of value or en
joyment, or of personal advantage or promise
thereof, for his vote or official influence, or (Or
withholding the same, or with an understand
ing, expie, , s' dor implied, that bin vote or Mfl.
eial action shall be in any way influenced there
by, or who shall solicit or demand any smelt
money or other advaiiinge, matter, or thing
afor,[ai[l fir [mother, as the consider& iOll of his
vote or ofPci. I influence, er for withholding the
same, or shall give or withhold his vote or halm
ence in consideration of the parting or pr anise
of such money. advantage, matter, or thing to
imother. Waall be held guilty or bawl,' within
the meaning of :his Constitution, anti shall in
cur the dbuibilities provided thereby for said if
tense, nod such additional punishment as is or
shall he provided by lam.
Any pemou' who shall, directly nr ir -
diced I . ), offer, give, of promise any 1110111 iy, r
thing of value. testimonial, privilege, or p re n
al advarts7e. to any executive or judicial MD
cer or member of the General Assembly, to in
fluence Mtn in the performance of any of his
public or official duties,shall be guilty of bribery,
:tail be punished in such twitmer as shall be
provided liy law.
•rtso if e>rnq t aolicitati in of
members tit the General A.embly or of p tblic
attire Nof the Stoic, tor of any municipal divis
ion antr any octlipalina nr practise or
solicitation or such meridiers or officers, to influ
ence their offirial uction,shall be defined by NW,
and shall be punished by tine and imprisonment
la• a 2. An) person may he compelled t tes
tify in any laurel invutigation or juilleici pro
ceeding, aguinst any person who may be eharg
eil with having e,enntittra the offense of bribery
or eurropt soliritation, or prietices of
lion, 111111 611:111 nut be permit reel to enithholil his
leetiuremy upon the ground that it may crimi
nate hine - a ll' or subject Limn to public in
but such testimony shall not afterward be used
against him in any judicial prravetting. eeee;rt
for perjury in giving such testiturinv, and any
person tt:lidded of either at the offenses afore
said. shall, as part Of the timastiment therefor,
be disqualified from hithling any office or peti
tion of honor, trust, or profit in lies CWIIIIIOII
- 33. A member who has a personal Dr
private intent-I hi :my measure or bill proposed
iir 1441,1114 r betbre the General Assembly shall
I diatiloce the fact to the house of which he is a
1 member and shall not vote Ihecmt.
SECTION 1. The Execotit•o D-part
ment of this Commonwealth shall consizt of a
Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Seeretary of
the Commonwealth, Attorney General, Auditor
General, State Trewairer, Secretary of Internal
Affairs, and a Superintendent of Ilutt Instruc
SEC. 2. The snpreme executive power
shall be vested in the Governor, who shall take
care that the laws be faithfully executed: he
shall be chosen on the day of the general elec
tion by the qualified electors of the Common
wealth, at the places where they shall vote
Representatives. The returns of every elec
tion for Governor shall hese-ilia: up and trans
mitted to the seat 4-f government directed to
the President of the Senate, who shall open and
publish them in the presence of the members of
both houses of the General Assembly. The
person having the highest number uf votes Stith
be Governor, but if twour more be equal and
highest in votes,,one of them shall be chosen
Governor by the joint vote of the members of
both houses. Contested elections shall be de
termined by a committee, to he Selected from
both houses of the General Assembly, anti
formed tout regulated in such manner us shall
be directed by law.
• •
SEr. 3. '1 he Govilmor Shan lio'd his
office during four yeArs from the tiara Tuesiny
of January next ensuing Its election, nod shill
not be eligible'to the office for the next succeed
ing lotto.
Sze. 4. A Lieutenant (I;;vvrnor 511;111
be eh:Nen at the same time, to the same man
ner, for the same terms, full sub;cet to the same
provbions as the Unvernor: he shall be presi
dent or the &net., hot shalt have no vote un
less they he t mmily divided.
timv. 5. No person siutll be eliailde to
the office of Governor or Limitation Governor
except a citizen of the Unlied;itates, Who shall
have attained the ego of tinstyLytaits, an I have
been seven Veen next proceeding his efretion
no inhabitant of the State, CUVsfres ha shad have
been absent on the public histiMisol the Unit
ed States or of this State.
• SEC. tt. No nienitvi or Congress or
person !Riffling any office trailer the United
States or this St4te shan.oxereine the (glee of
Governor or Lieutenant Governor.
Src.-7. The Goi•ernor 01:01 be (0m
m:1min...41.014 Of the army and navy of. the
Commonwealth, and of the tniiitln,except when
they shall be pilled Into the actual service of
the United States.
SEC. 8. llv shall norninnte, and. by and
with the advice and consent of two-thirds of all
the members of the Senate. appoint a Secretary
of the entamonwealth and an Attorney Gener
al tinrimr pleasure, a Superintendent .of Public
Instruction tiff four yearn,- und - such other of
kers of the Commonwealth as he is or may be
authorized by the const ithtion or-by law to ap
point-; he shall have power to fill tilt vacancies
that fluty happen' in ntlices - to which he may
appoint during this 'recess- of the Senile by
granting co:nada...dons which shalt expire at the
end of their next cession lie shall have pow
er In All any vacancy that may !teepee during
the recess Of 111(1 Senate, la the office of Audi ;
-tor General: Slato Treasurer. :Seat:lag:of In.
ternal Affairs or Satt!erintendent of tPublic In.
struction, tti a judicial . 03,1ce, or in any other
elective office which he Is ormay be authdrixed
to fill
If the vacancy shall happen during la ses
sion of the Senate, the Governor shall nomin
ate to the Senate, before their tied adjountinet,
a proper person to fill said vacancy.
But in any such ease ,of vacancy, in an elec
tive office, a person shall be chosen to a;ld of
fice at the nest general election, unless tbe va
cancy shall happen within three en odor
months Immediately precccding such eieetion.
in which ease the election for said office: shall
be held at the second succeeding general elec
. tion ;
In acting on Executive nominations, the 'enate,,
' Anil sit with open doors, anti in confirming or
rejecting the nominations of the - GoveruOr, the
vote shall be taken by yeas and nays, and shall
be entered on the Journal
SEC. 0. lie shall have power to remit
fines and forfitures, to grant reprieves, 1 com
mutations of sentence anti pardons, exclapt in
eases of impeachment, but no 'pardon shall ba
granted; norsentence commuted, except; upon
lie recommendation in writing of the Lieutenant
Governor, Secretary of time Commonweallit, At
torney General and Secretary of Internal Affiairs.
m any three of them, 'after full heating,. upon
tine public notice and in open session, unhsuch
recommendation, with the reasons therefor el
length, shall he recorded and filed in the office
of the Secretary of the Conintonivealth.,l
SEC. 10. Ile may require information in
writing from the officers of the Executive
part ment, upon any subject relating to ILO duties
of their respective offices.
Sac. 11. lie shall, from time to
give to the General Astsembly information attic
state of the Commonwealth, mod reconmiend
their consideration snch measures US he may
SEC. 12. Ile may. on extratordintiry oc
casions, convene the General , Assembly, land in
MSC of disagreement between the two houses,
with repeat to the time of adjounitnent, adjourn
them t^ such titne as be shall think proper, not
exceeding four months" Ile skull have; power
to convene the Senate in extraordinary .oaision,
by proclamationlor the transaction of eiceentive
SEC. 13. In east-, of the death. eon tictiO ti
on impeachment, failure to qualify, resignation,
or other disability of the Governor, the (waver.;,
duties, stint ClllllllllllelltS of the office for; the re
mainder of the term,or until the disalffiliey lie
removed, shall devolve upon the Lieutenant Gov
Sic. 14. In case of a vacancy in th+
office of Lieutenant Govenow,or when the Lint
tenant Governor shall be impeached hy the
house of Representatives, or shall be unable to
exercise the dutit.s of his oftlee,the Powers,
duties, and emoluments thereof Ihr the'
remainder of the. term, or mat!' the
disability be removed, shall devolve upon
the President tom Test one of the Senate; and
the President pro tempore of the Sena* shall
in like manner become Governor if a vacancy
or disability' shall occur in the °Mee it (lovers.
or ; his seat as Senator shall heimine•incal4 when
ever he shall become Governor, sod s' a'A I e
tilled by election as any other vacancy; In the
St pate. i
SEC. 15. Every hill which shall hays
passed both houses shall be presented to the
Governor; if be approve, he shall sign it; but
If he shall not approve, lie shall return it with
his objections to the house in which it shell have
originated, which house shall enter the objec
tions at large upon their journal, and priassed to
reconsider it. 11', after such reconsider:AS.l,lw.)
thirds of all the members elected to thiit home
shall agree to pass the bill, it shall be sent with
the objections to the other house', by which,like- I
wise, it shall tie reconsidered, and if approved
by two-thirds of all the members elected to that
Louse, It shall he a hi w ; but in such c-lees the
v ties of both h Mes be determinedly yeas
soil nays, and the names of the memberS voting
lor and against the bill shall be entered!. on the
journals tit' each home respectively. Utley bin
shall rot he returned by the Governor within
ten days alter it shall !MIT been prem.:total to
him, the same shall lie a law in like inat.nor as
if he had signed it, nal,. the General Assenthly,
by their adjournment, prevent its town, in
a Isit•li ease it shall be a law. toile,: he slntil file
Ithe same, with hi-i oid.-etons. in the °Nide of the
t Secretary id L ('o•nilionwesllli, and Mee no
lice thereof by public proclamation within thir
ty days r such ittliournment.
; SEC. 111. The I it I% prima' shall hayed po wer
to din 1/110.V.1 or arty item or hen.. or :in) bill
making appropriat hets to money,
distinct items, and the park or parts of lite bill
approvist,shall be the I - ,w,astil the item or items
of appropriation disapproved shall he viiid.
I less repas.sed ticeoriling to the really an lintin
prescribed lor the passage of other bills
over the executive veto.
Sec. 17. 'rite Platt Justice of the Sti-'
preme Court shall preside upon the trial or any
contested C'ection of Governor or Lieutenant
Governor, and shall decide cooso bins regarding
the admissibility of evidence, 7triil shalt, upon
rt.spiest of the committee, moment; e Ids spin
ion :time other question. , otilw in voletql i i the
trial. The Governor reed Lieutenant t lAWroot
shall exercise the dot ies of their rest girt i 1 , 1/1 .
ces tint tl t heir soeccssoes shall be duly q talitied
SEC. IS. The Stieretiry of the' Coto
inanwealth shall keep a retatial tit all offiCial acts
and proceedings et the Governor, und Warn re
quired day the s'IMP, Wllll 111 irtlx.r.:, Atinntee
and roiieln•rs relaiiirz thereto. liolOrt, either
brunch of the Ileneral .tsseinbly. and Perform
such other duties us may be enjoined niaill him
by law.
Sec. 19. The Secretary of itt'ertial Af
tab-s shall exercise all the powers and perform
all the dull , * of Ili, Soreeyor Generd, subject
to such eleinges as shaft Ito made by laW. Ilis
department shall embrace a bureau of , indus
trial statistics_and lie stall ili,teltarge sneh dot des
relating to corporal ions,to the charitable Ristir
tittionq, the a. , riroltoril. min
ing. 1111110-11, timber 'Lod other in iteri .1: or to -
'abet hat. re-1s el Salo a: Ina; Ir,! prescrib
ed by I ax. l'e a-1 , 1 at such
()Oyer limes as 111:1],' be required by law, make
report the Gimeral Assent:Ay.
SEC. 2. 1 . Pub
lic Instrtrtion sht.ll exereise all the pow' and
perlot In all the duties tit the Superintend:tat of
COrninon Schools, subject to such elt.ii•ses as
shall he made oy law.
SEC. 21. 'rite term of the Smoret:ary of
Internal itil.tirs shall be 11./11 - years, of the Ate
illtor General, three years, and of this State
Treasurer two years. These oflleers shall be
ebusen by the ilaalilhai electors of t h e 5: tte at
gent rat eleetions. No permit Ale to:the of
fice of Auditor General or Stile Treasurer shall
be cup:dile of holding the same office rur two
consecutive tering. !
SEc. Tile present Great. Seal of
Pennsylvania shrill be the sehl of the SLite.
All rum missions shall be In the name and by
authority of the Commonwcilt I; of Pennsylva
nia, Anil bat sealed with the Statz. seal sal sign
ed by the Goverarte.
SECTION' I. The judicial rower of
thia Commonwealth shall be vested in the
pretne Court, in courts oh' com aura pl.-as, courts
of oyer and ternaries. and general jail delivery.
courts of - quarter sessions ot the peace, otphans
courts, magistrates l .comts. mid In sue 4 other
courts us the General Assembly
,may frolu time
to time establish.
SEc. 2. The Supreme Court Altai con
sist of seven judges, who Algal' be elected by
the qualified electors of the State at firge.—
They shall kohl their offices for the fern, of
twenty-onc years, If they so long helloed them
selves' well, but shall not be. agape eligib*. The
judge whose commission shall first expire shall
be chief justice, and - thereafter eacit judge
whose conundision shall first espirg shall
in tom be chief lustice.
SEC.. 3. Vim jtr:iStliction of 'Rib Su
preme Court shall extend -over the State, and
the •judges thereof shall, by virtue of tapir off
ces, be justices of oyer and iertidner and gen
eral jail tlelivery in the several counties• they
shall havettrij.,onal jurisdiction in , Castes„ of in
junction, and where a-corporation is a party de
fendant,, of habeas corpus, of StAtina*US to
courts of inferior jurisdiction; and of quo
WARRANT° as 20 all officers of the Coittnert
wealth Whose jurlsilietlon extends over the
Stale, but shall not exercise any other original
jurisdiction; they shall have appellate juristlic
tion,by al.peal, eft terionAnt or writ of errors in
all eases.ns is now or may - hereafter, by;provt
ded by law. • - , •
SEC. otherwise by diteotellaw
the courts of common pleas shall continue as
at present established, except as herein Chang
ed; not more than four counties shall, ht any
time; be InCluclettin one judicial district imgail.
!zed for Said Courts: - ' • • • • 1'
SEC. '5. Inenever a county slutlll,-con
tninlorty thousand inhabitants It shall elonsti
tutett separate judicial district, and shall elect
one Judge learned to,tho law: and Ibe Oencml
'lllatsembly shall provide for additional judges,as
• .
the businens of the said districts
Counties containing a population less thanls
sufficient to constitute sepamte districts shall be
formed into convenient single distilets, or, It
necessary, nay be attached to contiguous dis
tricts an the General Assembly may provide,—
The office of associate judge, not learned In the
law, is abolished In counties formite• ' separate
districts ; 'tut the several associate judges In
office when this constitution shall ho udopted
shall serve for their unexpired terms. - ,
SEC. 6. In the counties of Philadelphia
and Allegheny, all the jurisdictionnud powers
now vested in the District Courts and Courts of
Common Pleas, subject to such changes as may
he mode by this constitution or by law. shall be
In Philadelphia vested In baur,and In Allegheny
In two distinct and separate courts of equal
and en ordinate jurisdiction, composed of three
judges each ; the said courts in Philadelphia
shall be designated respectively as the Court of
Common Pleas number one, number two, nein-
h e r three and number four, and in Allegheny as
the Court of Common Pleas number one and
number two, but. the number of said courts
new be by law increased, from time to time,
and shall be in like manner designated by sue
numbers; the number of in any
or said courts, or in any county where the es
tablibbinen t of an additional court may he att.
thorizt d by law, may be increased from lime to
time; and whenever each inareaSealiallamount
in the whole to three, such three, 'judges shall a distinct and separate court as afore
said, s hid, shall be numbered us'aforesaid. In
Philadelphia all suits shall be inztitute, in the
said Courts of Common Pleas, without designa
ting the climber of mid court, and the several
courts shall distribute and apportion the blvd.
?less among them in such manner as shall be
provided by rules of court, and each court to
wish+ any suit shall be thus assigned shall trice
••xclusive jurisdiction then:ol, subject to change
~r venue, as sh ail be provided by law. In Al
legheny each court shall have exclusive juris
liction of all pnweedings at law and in equity
eiimunswed therein, subject io change of venue
:is may be provided by law.
SEC. 7. For Philadelphia there shall he
one Prothonotary's of lee, and one Prothonotary
for all sodden:ins, to be appended by Ilte
of said eourts, and to kohl of lee for three pans.
:object to removal I. a majority of the said
iurlotc-o the said Prothonotary shall appoint
melt assktants as may he neces:otry and authoriz
ed by said courts, and be and his mssistantsshall
receive fixed salaries, to be fiVierMilleti by law
and paid by said county; all fees collected in
said office, except such as 11111 Y be by law due to
the Commonwealth, ditall be paid by 'the Pro
tloonootary into the county treasury. Each court
shall have its separ.ote dockets, except the king
ment docket, which shall contain the Judgemuts
and liens of all the said courts, us is or may be
directed by law.
SEe. 8. The said courts in the counties
of l'hiladelploia and Allegheny respectively shall.
from time to time, iA torn, detail (MC oi more of
their judges to hold the courts of Oyer sad
Terminer and the courts of Quarter Sessions of
the PI.MCC of said counties in such manner as
may be directed by law.
Sec. 9. Judges of the Courts of Com
!mon Pleas earnest in the law shall he judges of
the courts of Oyer and Terminer, Quarter Ses
doons of the Peace, and General Jail Delivery.
And of the Orphans Court, and within their re-
Isom ire di.triets shall be justicAs of the peace as
to crinnnal matters.
SEC. 10. The juthres 0t the courts of
Common rlraa, within I heir revperli re countica.
hare power Ut issue ei rips of , EItTIOILAILI
to jil.tiev, of .lile peaec and other inferior courts,
not of main', and to tunic their proceeding to
be brought before them and right and juAtiee to
be done.
tire. 11. Exo-pt its otherwise provided
in this constitution. jostires of the peace or
aldermen shall he elected in the several wants.
districts. hot - 0110s and kit riships at the time of
the election of constables. by the qualified elec
tors thereilf. in such nrinner as shall be directed
by law and shall he commissions Uv tie Gor
ernor for a term of rive years,. No township.
ward, district or borough shall elect 'pore than
two justices of the peace or alderman w Want
the consent or :1 majority of the too-tidied elec•
tors within such limo:lll4,oyard or borough; au
person shall he of-ctrl to such Oak" unless he
sleill hart, resided witltin the townships,lxtmustli
want or district for one year pert preceding. his
election. In eitiescontaining ovcr filly thousand
isiloati tants, not more 1:.,,, one alderman shall
be el. cted in each want or district.
SFr. 12. In del ph in there shall lie
e4ta bi 'shod for each thirty .Itousand inhabitants.
one court not or record; d' pollee and civil stows.
with jurisdietiou not exceeding one hundred dol.
tars ; such courts shall be held by magistrates
whose term 01 office shall be five yean , ,and they
shall be elected on a general ticket by the quali
fied voters at large; and in the elect dm of the
said magistrate no voter shall vote for more than
t of the number of persons to be elee•
ed. when more than one are to be chosen ; they
s'all he compensated onlj by fixed salarie-,•o be
ti lid by said county ; and shall exercise such
otreoliction, civil and criminal, except as here
in provided as is now excrciseji by abiermee,
subject to such eitan:g•s, not inv o lving an in
creasu of civil Jurisdiction or conferring po'it
as may be made by law. In Phila
delphia the office of alder:win is abolished.
. •
SEC. 13. Xlll 1 . ..v5. lira sand penallirs in
vhl courts shall he paid into the county treas
Sec. 14. In all citse,; of stinimury con
viction in this Cotonntawealth,or of lodgment in
snit tiff a penalty beftn• a atatzkirate.or court not
of recorthcither party nip• appeal to such court
of record ai :oar Le pre , ,,ribed by law, upon al
lowance of the appelLute court or judge thereof,
upon cause shows:.
SEC. 15. All judges required to be learn
ed in the kw, except the judges of the Supreme
Court, shall be electpd by the qualified electots
or the respective district., over which they are in
, re.ide, and shall hold their ofilool: ha- ill, period
of ten years, if they Shan sl.l halg behave them.
selves well ; but for a,u relsonahle vtuse,which
shall nut En: ffiricient ground 11,r hapeaehment,
the Governor may remove any of them on the
address or I wodhirds of each home of the Gen
eral Assembly. ,
Sec. 16. Whenever two judges of the
Supreme Court are to be chosen io: the same
t .rm of service, each voter shall vote fur one
only, and when three arc to be chosen, ha shall
vote for no mon than two: candidateshighest
in vote shall hedeclarral elected.
Sec. 17. Should any two or more jnig
es of the Supreme Court, or any two or more
judges of the Court of Contuuni Please for the
same district be elected at the same time, they
shall, as soon niter the election ns convenient,
cast lots for priority of commis:deli, and cer
tify the result to the Govmor, who shall issue
their commission in accordance therewith.
Sec. 18. • The italges of the Supreme
Court and the judges of the several Courts of
Common Pima, and all other judges required
to be learned in the law, shall, at stated times,
receive for their services an adequate compen
sation, which shall be fixed by law, and paid by
the State. They shall receive no other cone
pemtation, fees, or perquisites of office for their
servlets from any source, nor hold any other
office of profit tinder the United Shims, this
State, or any other State.
Ske. 19.• The judges of the' Supreme
Court, during their continuance in office, shall
reside within this Commonwealth; and the
other Jtrige4, during their conlinuanee- In offi
ce, shall red le within the districts fur which
they'shalt he respectively elected.
Svc. 20. The several courts of. Com
mon Pleas, beshles the powers herein conferred,
shall have and exercise, within their respective
distnets, subject to such changes as may be
made by law, such chancery powers as are now
vested by law in
Lie SOVCMICoIIits of C 01111110()
Pleas Of this Commonwealth, or as may here
after be conferred upon them by law.
SEC.-21.. No duties shall bee imposed :by
law upon the Supreme Court or any ofthe
judges thereof, excvt such as are judlcial,:nor
shell any of the judges. 'thereof ,exerebte an
power of appointment, except as herein provid
ed. The Court of Nisi Prins is hereby Ethel.
(shed, and no court of original juriStliction to
be presided over by any ono or niece of the
judges of the Supreme Court .shall be establish
SEC. 22. In every county wherein the
population shall exceed one hundred and lltty
tbmisand,tbc General Assembly shull,and iti uny
other county may; est ablish rupant I e Orphans'
CeStrt, - to consist of one or more Judges who
shall be learned In the law, which- court shill_
exercise ell ,the jurisdiction and powers now PCS ,
tad in, or which tuay Itereidier be Conferred up.
On, the Orphans' Courts, and thereupon -the'
jurbulletbin of the judges of the. Court of Cow:
mon Pleas within such county, in Orphans
Courtproceedings,ahall cease And derterminp;
In nny county fn
- which sountnte Orphnus!
COurt shall be established the Register of Wills
shall be clerk of such Court; anti subject to 118
.direetlon is all mutters pertaining lola office;
be May appoint *giant clerics, but only with
the consent nod approval of said court. All ac
tuante filed' with , him as register or as clerk of
the said separate"Orphante Cqurt shall be audi
ted by the Court without expense to partles,ex
cept where all pattleskin Interest in a pending
proceeding shall nominete au auditor whom the
court may, In its discretion; amokfrit. In every
county the Orphan's Courts sliallpossms all the
powers and jorisdictluts of a Registers', Court,
and separate Register's - Court, aro hereby
Sec. 23. The style of all process shall
be "The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania." Alf
prosecutions shall be carried on in the name
and - by the authority of the 'Commonwealth of
Pennsylvania, and conclude against the pearn
and dignitv of the same.
Sic. 24: In all cases of felonious
homicide, and in such other criminal cases as
may be provided for by law, the accused, after
conviction and sentence, may remove the indict
retNntl: and all•proceediugs to the Su
preme Court for review. .
SEC. 21 Any -vacancy happening by
death, resignation, or otherwise, In any courser
record, shall 'be filled by appointment by the
Governor, to continue till the first Monday of
January next succeeding the first general 'elec
tion, which shall occur three or more months
after the happening of such vacancy.
t SEC. 26. All 'laws relatitir; to courts
shall be general and of unifimm operation, neat
the organization, jurisdiction and powerit of all
courts of the same class or grade, so fares regu
lated by law, and the torte and effect of -Me
process and judgments of such courts shall be
uniform : and the General Assembly is hereby
prohibited from creating other courts to exer
cise the powers vested by this constitution in
the judges of the Courts of Common Pleas ant!
Orphans Courts.
SEC. 27. The parties, by agreement
filed, may, in any cival case, dispense with trial
by. jury, and submit the decision of such case to
the court having jurisdiction thereof, and such
court shall bear awl determine the same; end
the judgment themon shall be subject to writ
of error as in other cases.
SgurtoN 1. The Elou4a of Itrpresen
tativtn shall have the sole power of Impeach
:Six. * 2. All impeachment 3 shall be
tried by the Senate; when sittinA• for that pur
pose, the Senators shall be upon oath or affirma
tion ; no person shall be cunviebal without the
coneurrence•ol twodhirdsof the lambent pres
Ssc. 3. The Governor and all othereiv
il officers Ellw I I be liable to Impeachment for any
misdemeanor in
. 601. x., but Judgment in ouch
mges shall not extend further than to' remaval
from office and disqualification to hold any of
fice of trust or profit under this Counitonwealth;
the person accused, whether convicted or ac
quitted, shall nevertheless be liable to indict
ment,trial, judgment and punishment according
to law.
SEC. 4. All-of icer3 ehall hold their olti
cog on the condition that they behave themselves
well while in office, and shall be removed on
conviction of tnishehavlor in office or of any In-
Carious crone.
Appointed officers other than judges of the
courts of record and the Superintendent of Pub
lic lostruc, ion, may be removed at the ,plensure
of the power by which they shall have been ap
pointed. Ali officers elected by the mottle, ex
', cern. Governor, Lieutenant Governor, members
of the General Assemble . , and judges of the
courts of record, learned - In the low, shall be re
, moved by the Governor for reasonable cause, ef
t to due notice and full bearing, en the address
of two-thirds of the Senate.
SSMON 1. Set:ntorB nnel Itepresntatives
and nil judicial, State, and ecilinty officert,A3ll
before vnteriug on the duties of their nt.peetire
Inke and stthscribe the follue,ing, oath or
affirm ation:
- 1 du solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will
...uppirt, ulcer and defend the Constitution of
tla Unitml States and the Constitution of this
Commonw4alth, and that I will dischartpi tha
duties if my office with fidelity; that 1 hav , •
not paid or contributed, nr mumised to pay or
contribute, either directly or indirectly, any
nemey or other voidable thing, to procure 0. v
nomination or election tor appotntment.)except
tar terms—try and proper expenses expressly
authorized by law; that I have not kient burly
violated any election LOV of this Comm , in wean to,
or procured It to be done by I,ther, in toy be
half ; that I will tint knowingly receive, direct
ly or indirectly, any money or other valuable
thing for the perthrmance or non-pertormance
of any act or tatty pertaining to me office, oth
er thaw the entnpensation allowed by law."
Toe foregoing oath shall be administered by
some pers.m anthorizeil to administer naths.anit
in the case,of State 'slicers and .iudgm of ti e
Supreme Court, shall be nal in the office of the
Secretary of the Commonvrealth, and in tl,
Live of other judicial and county officers, in tlio
office of the Prothonotary of the county iu
which the sante is taken; any person refusing
to hike said oath or affirmation shall forfeit his
office, and any person who shall be etinviried tit
having sworn or affirmed Ethiely, or 01 having-
violated said...nth or affirmation, stria begnille
of perjury, and be forever disqualified trout Mail
ing :thy office of trust or profit within this
The oath to the members of the Senate and
House of Itepresenintives shall be administenst
by one of the judges tit the Supreme Court or
of a Courtin* COMIIIIKI Mens,leamed in the law,
in the hall of the house to which the member,*
Shall be electa _ _
SitcrtON 1. Every male citizen twen
ty-one years of age, po.4sersing the following
go:aide:4lms, shah be entitled to vote at all
elect ions.
First. Ire shall have been a citizen of the
United States at least one month. -
Second. He shall have resided in the Stale
one year (or if, having previously been it quali
fied elector or 'naive born citizen of the State,
he shall have removed therefrom and returned,
then six months) immediately precceding the
Third. He shall have resided in the election
district whera he shall oiler to vote at least two
months immediately preceding theelection.
Fourth. If twenty-two-years of am or up
wards.he shall have paid Wahl.' tw 13 years a State
or county tax, which shall have been if qw , Neri
at least two months and paid* least one month
before the election
SEC. 2. The general election shall be
held annually on the Tuesday next following
the tirst Monday of November. but the General
sernblv may by law fix a diflercnt day, two
thirds of all the members of each home con
seating threto.
SEC. 3. All elections for city, ward,
borough, and township officers, for regular
terms of servlee,shall be held on the third Tues
day of February.
SEC 4. All elections by the citizens
shall be by ballot. Every ballot voted shrill be
numbered in the order in which it shall be re
ceived, and the number recorded by the clue
don officers on the list of veleta, opposite tr.e
name of the elector who prmece_s the ballot.—
A try elector may write his name upon his ticket
or cause the same to he written thereon and at
tested by it citizen of the district. The eleal us
ollieers shall be, sworn or affirmed not to dis
de how any elector shall have voted unless rn
quired to du so as-witness In a Judicial pro
ceeding. .
SEC. . f,. Electors shill - in all ewes 'ex
cept treason, felony, and breach or surety of
the pence, be privileged from arrest during their
attentinnee on elections nad in going to and re
turning therefroni., . . ~
SEC. fl, Whenever any of,thr. qualified
electors otthis Commonwealth shall be in actu
al military service, under a requistion from the
Prmident of the United States er by the author•
its* of this Commonwealth, torch electors may
exercise the right of suffrage in all elections by
the citizens, under such .regulations as are or
shall he : pivacribed bylaw, as folly as" if they
were prnsent at their usual places of election.
SEC. 7: All laws regulating the holding
or elections by the citizens or for the registra.
tion of electors shall be uniform throughout the
State, lint no elector shall be deprived of Abe
privilege of voting by reason of his -name not
being registered.
- SCC..B.: Ally person -who shall giVV, or
promise. or offer to give to an elector; any mom
i t, reward or other valuable consideration for
his voty_st an election or for Withholding the
Same, or who shrill givii or promise to give such
consideration to any other persori or' party for
such eleCtor's vote,or for tire withholding there
of, and any electorwho shall - tartars or agree
to twelve. fire himself or for another, any men
. ek, reward or other valuable consideration Cu