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Local Intelligence.
Religious Services.
The serviees in the several Churches of 'Mont
ose are as follow
ft ATI' IST C RQ IS.Rcr. J. E. Cat etamn.a. D. D. Paator
tiabhath Servicea lON a. m. nod 7
t 1............
P er, Wednesday Saennaga cnrrscn, itry J. St.Arrnnr
Second Strottiy in eArb M.mth
ha bb3th tirh ml Immediately befory
....Rev. J. M. Sterrot
1034 s. m. and 73i TO. rn
Urt , roPAl.
baShvb Semler.
o 'AV S-01001. . ......
V/ rek.bay Scr . ed n 4 ,alayit
, :kt E . TM - 11)1Si' EPISCOPAL..... . ...Rev. W. J. Jrnn
b•h ti ...
balrritel• 0 4r, • M. and .CO7II. m I'4 brml t. m
Prayer Ile.iinz, ThorAclara 41.1 r. m
PitE4,llrlTlllllN envitcn Rev 1.11 MILLIn
'.r' ink
Thur.lav Eveulnge,
Arrivals nncl Derturiterei
-4 rririts Departure&
31on!rt..m. Depot, (baily,) 000 P. M. 620 M.
New 3.1.01ard, " 10 00 A. M. r :91 o
I\' aLnin " 9 45 A. IL 0 0 P. M
Tlnkflnnuork, " 10 00 A. M. 300 r 31
0 (0) 0. M. S 10) A. M.
I'nn Alin St:tion, 700 r. m. 700 A.
I 13wfryt on, 0000. M. 71x1 0. m.
311,1)oppm, 10 00 A. M. 400 r 11
The NVW Yor.;,Tunklettousoh, New M - ilord,
and Wylitaing mails are daily: the Con LIM
will lesve 011 Tuesdays. Ttittr , days,
and Saturdays; Binghamton mail, Till Silver
Lake, a ill leave on Monday at (1.30 n. iti.,
slav and Thursday at Sp. m ; .M.eshoppen mail
will leave On Mondays, Wisinesaays, and Fri
(la\ , Friendsville mail leaves and rr.l , :riis
Tuesdays, Thuesdays and Saturdays. The !tine.-
ham ton mail via. Bawleyton, ail ! arrive Tu.'s
day, Thursday, and Saturday, at 6 p. m. in
leave same days at 7 p.
MontmAe Depot, (Dail}'.) (to P. x_ I I 011 k.
New Milford, " Bsor. v. 73)A M.
E. C. FottortAAt, Postmaster.
31.1-arose, January 4,1871
List or New Advertisements
Execotors Notler—Estate of Patrick Corbit_
Agm is 1{ ante4l—:S. K 111 , 111:11i.
MI M. Robinson.
Binglitunton Marble Works—J. Pb kering
Fermium. Emporium—E. 1) M,binsen.
Dry ; .16-C. B. Perry & t'o.
)':tin Killer—Perry Da) 19 5:- Sun.
Nlikeellaueous Atlvertweratats—Geo. P. Pow
111 &
Note , . Ahoot Town
Buzzing—tl, >h•igh3
ratr.r.,ze I hope wiio advertise.
Several i:lrbes hIllrIA 491 last nigl,t.
Wni, II Cooper it in.!
my iLad otheil
proving Lie premise&
Thy M. E. mite socirty svi ntret at the re,i
deuce of J. W. (.I:l;,nian, this
ternins Norvoilirr 12ibi I
The Parisi) Aid Soy irar of St. Pare church
sr:11 reguinr work Jnr vi inter on WeAt...,
121 h. ,i•t..) p m , ct the h
Mra Daniel : . •.tyre. ailkmdatxt. /a.
The "It;nerant Trio." Wes•ta:“.,
ner, end Leacofh, w iil ;rive a ronoctt at ;hr N.
E Church, in !i/0ntr ,, ,,. un Toe-die ,•rro•nc
nest. Notttutter !Nit, for the htrettt
The I,rgr,t sticks of Dry (;,..)!, in !own (~n
be found at the ri-ipeci .irt , •if tien Lei g,
, and
esieno,,y, advrriiminv-ut of !lit f,•••.or :;r.O erii
I.e f,,und in another column. Heal IL
Now k the tint,' to gnarl rot:l.:gra
illler comel nut • t
gr . llCS,Nestors, am/ al/ other c. fur i..
fusing warmth, Able'. h a ve tent
Ihe beginning of the namintr, /ll I, e p:.
into Pret.t-wion
ctkraper taau cure
Mr. Philip Hahn. the pre i .rie,r m.•.!
Market on PtuLate Act • ha.
Be('e on hard. he .d.rugt.ter.. d n pnir of osrn
last Sratnrday that w&zhe.: .Fret 1e2.7.
Epicures drAirous s.•inething . eztiaordinPry
can Le ano,ranc,lutt-d. it 14,f? V,,ply at .111,e. A
meal off this beef will be vi coin rehearsing to
your grand-cilikl:rn
TV hen the )I,)ntro,e it Ailwvy is coin r•lcted ne
enn:1:11; to mint-act, we propose to blow our
ttlazt4,- for it again. The trot< Is.W s:ow belt% een
the 4 , l,pping shv it - 41s this side of South
wxter depot, thnt we think no one will be
in j arai t, tLe furs at presunt,il Inc 6 'rfna! is not
We I pink trlculling an uncalled lur
waste of steam al prc,nt
There was a proliiund plii:.-e - oplier who etim
peed advertising to a gruu ing .:run. .
"Tile fanner plants his tied, and white he is
steeping the crop is growing. So with advert is.
in 4 While you are . sleeping or eating, your ad
vertisrment is being read by thousands of per
who never saw you or beim) of your busi
11,0, nor never would bad it nut been fur adrer
Mr C. C. Faurot, formerly of this place, can
71,r he found at C. B. Perry k Co.'s Dry Goods
stare. Binghamton, New York, where he sill
be glad to see all his old friends from this chin
it,.... essrs. Perry k Co. arc selling sheeting
at six ee , Is per yard, the best prints fur six to
ten cents per yard, bleached muslin six to ten
cents per yard, and all oiler giants in propor
tun. Those visiting Binghamton, should not
foil to give Mr. Faurot u call.
Diem.--In Montrose, Oct. tiOth, 1873, Mr. C.
ii Lathrop, in the 52rid year of his age.
The subject of the above notice, was a SIM Of
.1:1•14C Benjamin Lathrop, wbo was among the
most ‘ltecessiul pioneers of this County. lie has
been au energetic aud successful business man,
sa i was well known throushout our eon n ty,and
' 6, ,i5 tidily esteemed as one of our most enter
pr,inz anti upright citizens. fits linteral was lamely attended from his residence on Bat
a:n[ly, the first Inst.
The stone walk prescribed by onr Connrilmn
der the new Borough Law, on T.:rtipilee street,
ba• i ,l ,knotber first class addition, its PrOr:e . 6.
Yeren Loring dompleted his portion iu front of
ho residence. There is now only three missing
hn..s in this chain of very marked improvement.
These are in front of We residences of D. Brew
ster, Geo, P. Little, and the office building of F.
A t aw, Esq., the owners of which are men of
ineane. nn•l should not allow themselves to be
Son g out done by some of their' less wealthy
"Y Old Folks" were at the Court . House on
Pndey night last, according to announcement,
"d gave their concert to a large audience, not
mthstand•,ng the storm. The entertainment
via , wPII rme)ved and highly complimented.—
Its objeet was not like most of concerts, to en
rich the performers, but was striCtly philan
thmpic, and they did not expect, perhaps to
the audienCe a "show' , for money, yet they
vier, pleased to learn that their effort was quite
generally pronounced a first class affair, and
5 0Ine of the older pcopie considered it the best
entertttinment they ever beard in town. Asa re
perter Is preparing a somewhat elaborate report
for the prea,whteh we shall publish next week,
'iv will not attempt any minute detail
Aor ver
Mn. Enrrona saw hi the columns of your
paper, that a person wishe.l to know how to
take 45 from 45 and have 45 remainder. I send
you the answer.
9,8, 7, G, 5,4, 3,2, 1-45
1,2, 3,4, 5,6, 7,8, 0-45
8,6, 4,1, 0, 7. 5,3, 2-45.
➢list' CAttniz A. BETSEY
Gibson, Pa., Nov. 180873.
The 'First Juron.
MR. totronst—The following scrap is one of
many taken out of the litstory of Susquehanna
County, in manuscript, to reduce it to its pree
cot limits?—}l C. iSLACKMAIL
The first Jurors drawn for the first Court of
General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, held at
Montrose, in and for the county of-Susquehan
na, on the 4th Monday of January, 1813.
Waiter Lyon, Wm. C. 'rum%
Phone as Arms, James Cook,
Jacob Roberts, Edward Dimock,*
Isaac Brownson, John Belcher.
Jonathan West, Amos liarding,
JillllCti Thayer, N oitb Alden, •
Tallman, Jartdi Stephens,
Luther Dram Noah Tiffany,
Wright Chamberlin, Asahol Sweet,
Joseph Caapmau, Joseph Raynsford,
John Comfbrt, Thomas Scott.
—'Edward Dimock (Dinitulek.)
These all appeared (unless John Comfort,
whose name is crossed on the record, may be an
exception.) but were soon dismissed by thr
Court, es the business pertained only to peti
tion. for sew townships and roads. At A,oril
Sr,,sious raw. ing, there was no panel.
Sheriff's S:lle4.
The following are the affteriptloos of the
pieces of land, with the names of the purehat.
ers, and the privet; paid, which were sold by
the sheriff, on Frilly, Noventbcs 1873.
All that cert.:lo lot of I dad eltuate 1n Pimoek
11,,,Ititt• to. 11.• count, of SoNnelvtune and State of
homey' , ',llia. 1..3)&4 Sod tleeerlhed an follows, to
wit t neettottn,lts n poet and etnoten k corner of the
Cry th•t, 1., !nods C. Rogers and 1. Duktol•
tuerth 421 t its trees ra-t stttn perishes , to A n ent sod
1 1 !001, thouew,: by Inn. of I'. TIM.). no till de•
great tt. et 1111 1,,,-hen to th• router of the road, thence
atom: the.. ..Iry of sat t recdsouth 9 dezrecw cant 54
pricker out south dveteen went 311 perch, to •
point then-ht, th. nee bd and late of Ilvtdatrdo Parke
'eel dt rode to the of lutizittolott, ettotntuttlg 1111
/1. re , pyre; vs of fault uah. , the some mitre Or -e,
as the appurteoancen, and ,bout 15 arse- Improved.
160. MI tame •••vvral adjoining lot• or laud nitrate In
11 otett-k• ten °ship. In the mousy of doequehatska and
Slats of Pelt..., It:Iola, bounded on the rant by the rood
1 , 11 IfiiM the Clot,. nl.itt 011 the farm of Betel. Parke,
up the 3i , ••b.4q.e1l ere Is. 00 the mirth by Inane late of
Itenj I' irk,' and 1 ..1 of I) At. rtolarblll, nn 11,
out y tatn 0' calf l'i6rke and hi We road running
we s t 01 the -ehool hum,. lot end Its the cold to., and 00
the •••13111 by said Suite toad, I.Wlntnitnt 2.7 nerve of
ltt'id, to do r•lou 11101 or lee., with the appurtenan, no, 11111% 1,1,11-with ehop nod stable, a
few (eon tree, tot! ovtet int ttoproved. (Taken at the
tut' of 11 tn. 11 Loop, en fieujautio Parke.)
Fiat pioce sold to W. 11. Cooper, for PO 00.
Sccond piece soft to W. H. Cooper for $115.00
that certain plore , Parcel nt land alta
al iiie t0..1114-1.14p 4.1 A 1 4.43 fn. la the o.unty of nut.
.r. t-1 41.. 4.1 l'aittoyivatila , bounticil rot: cc.
ocriherl ne e. to nit:UL the aunts ti) lan& of L.
o. I toren all and bpi user Eirann, en the rant by
road. tri. 1,4. 1.444ti11i t.y ririn and on Ilia inert by the Bun
nell I 'ion• irf :Ito! lard,. of Jonathan nab:W.ll containing
atrial lorty trts 4!( 4 re.. of law,. be the 1.411 n ,
e MOM • r
trooi with tar ntigoilliret, min e 4.1.11 4 4.111, bon. one
1.•1 4 11, Into nut 1: rtinitrait truer. and nil tot groan&
Telren ines • , olitai at In...Mit of H. S. Davis agetitned
In U. 11 I tioni bus V. Kettc,g )
s,,jd t o U. It. Lnnn end Marvin Bennett,for
AI t.:et—All that rerl..b. piece or plr tel or land eit
ate the to the county of Soo
to sfstv't.f i'i v houndetl anti de. ,
nnett t 011.... ta. vstat
.././ the berth ht land. of
E. Tingley 41,2 l:•,11 Ti,. r. vu the 1,1•41 by lands or
It. r,1.11 the ...nth by 'awls ado P. If.tdoell
four 4., 11..11 the egq. by the road
I Idiot: front Ja.,krv.a Comore, rott
onlotr. fifty art , : of 'and. tre the van." more or lea.,
.ms) Oath% hte octet, Improved
tt• •, •s.t la. -an of A. to.d S. Kum, t' A. and to. K Monte astoyftn
E C :Mil
Sol 1 to J. I.: MeC4•l!catt 14r the 51M1 of ‘4120.
Al.-a—t !I 01,T Cq-1,141 pivre or pan..., tuna to
LiC .11 at , I 'LS •/ tile morn" yof Cu..
1 is :au ia. hoool.lod sodlle
to .1 Ott th-n..nh br tHod, of N.
oo r ..• Button ••
, r. LA.:J. 4: J./ a. 4 n - . 0. L'Ultoo,
• i.• .4.0 f L.-a.. an , Atom , rait
•.... ergo; i; • of laorl. he the setae
~r 11.0 ,pnr ,, !rat., Otrviliog
ar, (Mit trot, and
• •!, •zern lon at liar boa of
W. W•li own ‘• It A. 'Whin )
Soh' to 1 S. Lithe IT the sum of $lO.OO.
A; Si; —All thn-e inr or parne'ii of Lendoirmitr
it 'I.•• ;wilily • 1 Lon,. in of Suriluotaain
m.rd nit ` .e n 1' livandod
tin the nor:in by loitid•
on 1.4.1•ri 11 ij 041:n misitii of Aehiald
or a d S t':
vrof lin. mill tot nrar the old
....••.r by Lines of li -unit While. on
h•• lir. , Li n I .4.2 I p.kin roirsisind
rioi' , We. ..4 A I'horrhill
1: e, • • costa/sing aiwito ate Sl4,Ci , of land, int
• tone , or •s. odu the appurtenance, one
; A . •,/ 'Oar,. (ills, holt.. cleaning
e .Ik*, otu teed.'t mon , and live waterwheels, I
•,.: ne.^ 74/131/1 . 11
1.1 . end is: it mill. wood maw
o i vs v d „ 1 , I• .11/.1 1 1 .1 W thereto bi•iong•
one de, eking-iodise. one barn, one shed, noll,olll.
1-s, s od wild. • e,l I Lenwpfilic t small pieces
or parcels in /3..0 as norriolore uee.led one to /I lows
W. au. wider:ilea nisou 17 roes of land. on which 1s
sllttetiol a into dry and • lb, shops ; the other to ...Has
Ho 'ley rontainlc e e 1 . .1111 rode of lend, on wborh
le eitodeo a ...Ire hence end .idyl I Abet, One other lot
/91 r the north by leads of A. A.
Pi: ar. ued wadi • 11101. lip. on the neat by lands of
onto tti Wile, on south 1 , 1 pantie Inictsuity teeding
f • in Lenosin le pew* lasts,* . 1 . 1 •p. on the west by
I A.. 11 iletead. ciostsioliof tibOut acres of
r the 1.1-11.1 P mere I;se tint the aptootettances.
oi drrliicg Wise, one hon, ruie orchard. and (dot.
.5, and :di ii
.rdone other lot hone
•.i: nn rth 1/1 itio hmtieli oh the nos khatinock
s. k hien wider ci rii and ti. (I fleece, on theeest
r of t I tIIIf ond id. J. In Mier.° the *malt
h, oh N. J. Decker and politic hi,Wway leading
front past I. on the voi,d lip Linde of
A Ptiey..l. P and estste of John liiracle,
.n mown; /1 11 0/14 le:Leroy of tend, he the came more or
:es* othe ,meth :a one dwollisg hone. one
i•d. iiatioins,, fruit trees, and I,airt.t all Ira.
roved :ET. epilog Lit, pie. cc or parcel. of land lc
sold Add deeded; ono to the Trusiece of the
4 P. Church conialwag nt...ot [ere. of Lied, on
si, eh IX eierted 11 1 . 1,11//1 edifier; the other to L.
into. now eon :pled by U C. Devereint, emartiUlDf
/We .rreof 'Hod 1 Also. all Pdtt certain piece or parcel
of tail io the ft.ll , lilp of Clifford in the coon
ty of boo; itehatsus and MLitt. of Peutisyleunia, bounded
raid deeeditodt as follows. to wit.: Du the north by the
MO: f nd at len.fh 'enter mark, on the ,net by lands tp ,
C. C of the smith by ptildie highway
1-,din. from Lawn die 1/1•4 C. Illonclitatling,on the
no, by twit. or !I Irani It Otte, contemn - le about four
erts.• or lied. to We *sine more Cr lee.. with the eponr
teini ere: rlO -1110:. /too,. Iwo out •liel Idlngs. and all
inter:•.: <I. Air,,, all that tertsla piece or pace! of land
*duo, plot') in the tiortishiP of Lenox and port i"
the snenstilli of (gigot d. to the county of Susquehanna
et d elate of Pentis) leania, hounded and deseribeda•
folios to is t , : Ott tbe north by leads of S, ltertley.O.
neverenre.and coins hi hway. On theeSPl unit awith
br lends late Ike esten• of Franklin bond. Ott the south
aid s, pt by puti'ic higlissy leading hum Lefoixeflle
fret • hinitney Lecher. tent/vying about 04 acme of
land, be the ',One more tir Ws, with the anitilffenane...
5 how*. a fen fruit fret, nod nearly all lawn/red. Al.
eo. Ina ecital und,iihei one half portion of al) that
pied r e, 0,1,1 of !awl situate la the township of Har
mony to too Collay of Suowettanna and State of PQM
aylvanfa, boundrd tool described as follows: Begin.
nor at mo
lvek tech by a hoe of s 11,90 or lend ID the
11,111101.1' nurse of Henry Drink, south 49 degrees east
179 perches to a beech ravioli: twines by a tract In the
war. oleo tome of Henry Drinker, Jr.,imicalt it degrees
sod 45 tniblVer 5t..4 allot 14 porch, to the county Hoe
of ht,llOCh.llDOl and Wotne. thence along tiald D•uuty
line sorph 3 degrees treat atond perches, thence hi a
tract of Land in e othrrADlc, name ofeidnrad Thrte
south ladst.-ereesw< et SI perches fationt) to a C 0.." of
said Ti,rfe wdrradtee throve ny warrlntee la the eater
of Frodorick Bonlinla and Deltic! Herkley north 43 de•
ns• en aou minnwe sve•lt. Sty Perrbeh to a Conic?.
thence to rah! Berkley end Henry Drinker north 4ti de.
greet 11,4 I:4 5 ID pearl e* to the place of beginOing.
coot:dna: 315 mows of land, be the come morn or les,
with the opporicusucee, oar dui:elfin:, house. barn and
Other ontbultd lig, mallard. and aboUt 4liarree Ira
proved, (Taken to ere:cation at the suit of X. J. Ma.
ley so.sigived WC. Herding and hum, H. Richmond to.
audrew Hale end and al.l. Decker. Norman White tra.
M. .1, Decker and Andrew fielstead. Samuel Ilalatrad
re. Itsdrow iialetvad and Crow lkothere ell. Andrew
First piece sold to F. P. and E. R. Grow, for
2,titl!). Second piece io liiram White forslos.
Third piece sold to F. P. and E. R. Grow for
$1.500. Fourth piece sold 'to D. K. 'Morse for
$155. Filth piece sold to D. K. Morse and
Chapman liardinz for $025. Sixth piece sold
to D. K. Morse and Chapman
Lo [larding for $275..
A,o—All that cattalo piece or parcel of :and,ellnate
rn the :ann.:lily of New Milford. in Om county of Sus
quehanna. and "dare of Penneyleaulo. thatweled and de
relined at fallout, to wit: One the north by Weirton
on Coe vannt by lands of Sammel Faucher. On the tooth
hr and, of Suet :rem, aid on the went by tut of J. O.
Sutton,, Ong e. scrip of tend. be the tame more
with the almlitei.kicet, one haute. barn, one
ortikerd. and about:, acres Improved. .-lect—dll that
other :rental.- he,, or parcel of land 'horde In the
torrowp of hew VAe,rd. In the county of tintapntba.
mt. end Kate of Peounficonla, Ito - laded and described
o r roll,mr,, to nett On the north by. I). tu d sir. Etat
road, ost the rant by lands of W. C. Ward, oo the 'oath
by land, of IL Ely. and on the wart by horde or P. Phln
racy. sonloining to acres of Mile, he the same meteor
. uitia the uppUritlifillCOS. one bonne, one barn, one
orchortt, ended improved. that certain place
or pared of land—tetuoie In the townettlp of Stew till.
furd.ln the Coilitty of ansausharms. sad State of Penn
sytraula, honotleti Ott the north bytandn'of A. J. Linter
on the , set by the Montrone tendon, the tooth by lands
of A. W Itehlnton, and on the west by lands of 9.
Peck, and 11.. f Vail. coutasulnor shoat Mar nerve of
laud. be the tome more Delete, with tha appurtenances
and mostly Improved. rratketall exacta:ban s 8 the oath
or w. tr. Lyons & Co., vs. Geo. n. McCallum. n. n.
Vaneott vs. Geo. U. McColl inn and Peter McCollum. It.
C. Lest dt Co.. tra Geo. B, McCollum. Bodine Psyna
vs Gen B. McCollum. and 8. B. Mue rt Co., vs Geo.
B. McCollum and Parr McCollum.]
First piece sold to J. 11. McCollum for $lOO.
Second piece sold to J. B. McCollum $1,210.
Third piece sold to J. B. McCollum for 0.
ALSO—AII that certain Weee or parcel of land. situ
ate In the borough of New Milford. In the county of
busqnehanna. and State of I enneylvanta, bounded and
described as follows. to wit: Oa the north by Spring
Street. on the cast by Slain etreetr on the renth by lot
owned by Andrew “Illespte, and on the west by Divis
ion street, being goy feet in front, by two hundred feet
In depth, with the appurtenauces, one large frame
need as a Town lloli. (Taken In execution
at the stilt of Keep & Marlow vs. The Town Mail As
sociation of New Miro. d.]
Sold to Horatio Garrett for the sum of pa.
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of land sttoste
in lbe township of Jackson, in the county of Susque
hanna. and State of Pennsylvania, bounded sod do
ecribed as rollowe, to wit: tin the north by Inds of
Sabin Barrett, on the east by lands of Sabin Uttrett, on
the math by lands of Benson Brothers and Wm. Bird.
van. on the west by the llama ny and Lenox Puttylike
road, containing eight acres of laud. be the same noire
or lees, with tbeappurtenancea, one frame non, build
ing. one frame dwelling.bouse, ono frome horn. one
hog lipase, one orchard , and other fruit tree., and all
Improved. Also, all that other ce. lain piece or parcel
of land, situate In the township of Jackson. In the
comity of Susquehanna. and State of Pento.siva
nia, bounden and described as follows. to wit :
On the north by land. of William 13irdeall and
Urbane Paine, on the east by I Inds of DI. J. Mul
vey. on the sown hi land. of C B. Gritsmpon end
saldne Barrett, an on the west by lands of Wm.
BirdeLall. containing fourteen scree of land, he the
same more or Inea, with the appurtenances. [Taken in
eseenl led at the snit of Mary P. Conrad vs. Slice B.
First piece sold to Mary P. Conrad torsl,ooo.
Second piece sold to Mary P. Conrad for V 220.
ALSO—AII that certain piece ar parcel or load situ
ate In the township or Thomwm, in the county of Su•-
gentian., and Slate of Pennyylvania. bounded and de-
Penned as follows. to wit: On the moth by the Jef
ferson Railroad, on the cast by burying Vortnd s on the
south and west . land• of Clavier Stoddard. contain
ing una and one half acre, of land, be the same more
arlese, with theappurtenences one now mill, and all
Improe d. iw. all ether certain piece or parer!
of land sitnate In the township of llhomstin. In the
multi yat Nusetuehanna. and State of . etinsylvati is,
hounded and tit-seabed as follows, to wit: Ott the
north by lands of Win. Jenkins and John O'Brien, on
the east by lands of N. F. Burr. on the south by lands
of Patrick and Than. Rogers, on thu west by lauds of
James AIIIMIOnrO estate, containing shunt two hun
dred and slaty acres of land, with the appartcnanc•
three houses, one barn. and Shout ten acres imprived.
Also all that other piece or parcel of land attn.° In the
township of TIIOIOIII4III. in the county of Stisquehanna.
and State of Pennsylvania, honeded and descrthe .
follows, to wit On the the north by lands of William
and and Nathaniel Vanhorn, ou the south by land! of
Elfish Conk. on the rant by lands of 11. Chandler'. es
and no the west by lands of R. Welt, containing
.boat one hundred and tnirty.eight acte of laud, ho
the some Marc ar bW. with the app urtenances, One
noose. two small born,, one large byre and Mod, two
orchards, and sliest one hundred acres Improved [Ta
ken in cseention at the suit of John Mover vs Collins
and Blisha P. strong and Ournery Osborn es
First piece sold to S. U. Barnes for $.30.
Seeond piece sold to S. H. Barnes for ;50.
Third pit;ce sold to S. H. Barnes for •0.50.
ALSri—All that certain piece or parrot of land sittY.
ale In the townehlp of Hush. In the moody of Sailitte
banns, And State of Pm:may:earth,. bounded and dent rib•
et) falows, to wit: On An north by public highway,
on the raw by ant of J. GrAy,the anoth by
Ind.of A. W. Gray and on the wmtt by land. of A.
Jonen. containing fifteen act. of .and. ho the Name
more or 1, se. with the apportenmmew one hon.,. oe
lot! amble. a few trait tree,. and nit urakv n n
fu rx7rUtloo at the win of J 11. liosetticranit 'a. Juerepti
Atom. ]
Sold to J. H. Rosenkrans for $l6O.
A I.Ao—All that Certain piece or parcel of land pinate
In the enphlo of D'Woolt Ir. the Cniudy of Suety.,
haitna nod Oral.. of Fleno•vlmni..boended nod de-retie
ed a. ny'lwa • o : I. at the non head
hereof corner a
at the wept hoer, Iu of hlghwat and the
petal...wet earner of land. now or INC of Lyman Bloke..
lee., throe. month 12 d. greet. earl ale, y thin highway 4.2
perches. to a Make sod olnlit. thence -2,1 31 11ef6Ill
aid; Utak. to a comer, ittenee north It -22 mm We'd
IA parrbee to la) man Ell ikeplee'a land. fbek er...t by
tie some Al tweetiew nod 4 Ilnkt to the place • begin
ling containing shoot 11.1( acres of Mod. be the : •Ine.
murV Or le., With the noptirtroanceo frame h00p... a•
ail Improved. [Taken to exreut ton at the Imo of Mid
.. In m Alluu nvelgiled to Y. Pitch re %Meth, A.
Gavilt 1
Sold to L. F. Fitch for the arm of $75
fwe Invite our Mende. from dirererat town., to vend ma
Items or lUlercel. brad the facts ; ‘Se Cho rnth.;e them.)
More rain, more seat.
C. S. Bennet is in sown.
A lost boy in town on Friday evening.
fus=el iu baring.ber house minted.
Judge Cool: %la in Albany on Thursday
A part of the highway between Susquehanna
and Laueshoro, has slid out.
Dennis Casey is building a new• house on Erie
I. W. Jones has added a new lamp to the post
Benjamin Aylesvrorth has built a barn on
Main strict. in front of his house.
The Episcopal chapel on the "Queer's aide" is
being painted.
M. H. Eisman has been in New York,the pas
week buying gooda.
Thanksgiving is to be observed here by
preaching in one of the churches.
The carpenter work on W. J. Falkenbur)'s
newsoffica. is nearly completed, and the painting
is being done.
The M. E. Church envelope collections for the
first half ?car amounts to seven Itundm: dollars
and eighty-five cents.
George A. Gurney, formerly cashier of the
First National Rink of this place, was in town
on Thursday last.
A new sidewalk has been laid in front of the
X E. Parsonage, and they have nwirt.l.l it up
next to the fence, where all sidewalks should be
High Miss wits celebrated in memory of
Rev. L V. O'Reiley at St. John's Catholic
church, on Wednesday morning. November sth,
it being one month since his death,
The Sewing socitty connected with the M.
E. church, met at the residence of their Pastor,
Rev. A. I. Vanden, on Friday afternoon and eve
The young folks of the church of the 31ea
sinit, gave an entertainment in their church on
Thursday evening last, entitled the "Young
folks at borne."
A new system of giving checks to the men
that work in the Erie shops has been introduc
ed. The men receive a check when they go in
the shops, and deposit when tney come out. If
they do not get a chetk they get no time.
Nov. Bth, 1873.
FAVORITE DEMOCRAT :—Back again from i
your Mountain-hand, to the round
from your County Metropolis, to this one of the
big Nation, The des cent was delightful, not
by the change it brought me to in place and per
sons, but by the charm cf scenery and the in
spiration of the golden light and luxurious
breath of the day of transit one of Octo
ber's brightest end mellowest It was a fit day
lor leaving your glorious, mountain land, of
hills and dales still leaving their summer green
with their autumn golden, scarlet and purple,
after a sojourn of half a score of such days
.. ao bringing with me the scene unmarred
by "bleak November's surly blast," in perennial
picture on the delightful memory.
I wonder if the owners are conscious that
they are possessors of one of the most beauti
ful and eluding counties of the world. If they
are. their appreciative sense is above that of
the inhabitants of some countries of scenic
beauty and grandeur. As our good landlady
on our CattsEills—native to the smne—once
said tu us, "Huh, these mountains!—we don't
think noddle uv 'em ; but the city folks . that
come up bete think they're suntldn' wonderfuL"
And among the dwellers of the Alpine Tallies
their only regard for
"Those places of Nature whose vast walls _ '
Rave pinarled in clouds their snowy scalp%
And thronefl Eternity in ley halls
Of cold sublimity,'
et which we mat wywrideace, in their cat-
mate of them , es their stock in trade in the
way of profits from the tourist—throng In
world—far Olgramages to the eight.
The CaltsKitls, the summer resort of a mul
of our city folks, are surpassed, in some
qualities, by your mountain arca in the great- I
ness of its extent, its variegation of hills and I
dale, its crystal lakes and streams, Its richness
and elegance of farm lands and buildings, its
beauty and glory of summer and autumn foli
age, and, as a crowning superiority, may we
not say in its elevation above sea-level? I dere
guess the general area of your county is half a
thousand fixt higher
.than our CattsKill Moun
tain-house, and that Elk holds his head higher
than nigh Peak and Round Top.
When our "city-tbiks" once get a knowledge
of the aerial salubrity and scenic beauties of
your county, their summer Hegira will take that
direction, in multitudes that will put to trial the
capacities of your hotels and farm-houses fur
the periodic accommodation of the sojourners.
The comparative length of the journey
through such scenes of "flood and mountain,"
and rural beauties, as those of the way o' my
return on that golden October day, will be but
an auxiliary inducement for such an extension
of their country incursions—not of hostile,plun
tiering, desolating kind, but the friendly, pay
ing and improving quality. Those golden, hill
ranges, and green values, and crystal streams
and fair farm-lands and rural habitations of the
first part of our long descent—the broad valley,
with bright little river and compactly centered
and widely spreading city, resonant and astir
with work and business in Its further traces—
and, then the Mountain-puss,and its great pano
ramic view of far circling bights around the
vast mountain basin, a great sea of foliage, in
the golden and crimson of its maple, beech and
oak, interspersed with pine and hemlock, ever
green, and scattered over the wide area of sides
and bottom, openings of green farm-lands—all
rimmed with the far blue heights of Pokono and
Delewnre, notched by the Wind-Gap and Wa
ter-Gap, grand gate ways of the winds and
Mid-distance of the journey, our way is along
the bank of the bright Delaware and through
itsdar-known Gap, the grand rock-pillard por
tal between the regions of Plain and Moun
tain. And on, over the whole Jersey breadth of
plain, of rich farm lands and rural homes, !man
titul groves, gently winding rivers and bright,
thriving villages—and while the day's sun that
saw our out-set front the eastern sky, is yet
shining high in the western, we are plunged In
to the noise, throng, rush and whirl or the big
city. I had hoped to find data for reporting to
you a bettered condition of the financial world
t'an is here ; fur I bad perceived that the trou
bled waves of its vntera bad clashed at least
their spray away and tip to your day's journey
distence and two thousand feet height. While
for a moment in at your Montrose bank, a rail
road comma was °tiered, but the cashier declin
ed it; though be said lie "stipposed it was all
right, but the state of things down at New
York was such we cannot cash IL" I thought
the holder of the minima felt disappointed and
was in want of the money on it—though I was
sure pot in stress of need tor immediate realiza
tion—and how,. glad I should be if at my return
here nest daf I could report to your readers, ell
sale and sound in accomplished recovery from
the crash ant. panic. Not tinding it quite so,
you tee I report,' nothing—waiting till there
should be something to he told. I believe
there is now somctlung of that t:nrt to be de
clared—if the truth were c,rtaiplY known.
That our business is all this tiros
breath, not wring, is ground of hope tha • it
will soon he bre troinz freely and strong again
True, russektep to.ati in WTI breath, blowing its
frozen fume on the ''elomuy oat-look for the
coming winter." But what mister ever known
here that It is not been foreshadowed by this
ie tog, which the bit:do:nit stun of the Al:
Provident Goodness has melted and disperse I
under the winter's aetital reign
Our polit lea— well, to-morrow's election will
probably determine come things of them; and
n.•xr day's wen; will give YOU arc ,mplished
farts touch preferable to my fore-gue.ising. The
papers themselves are shy of guessing, parties
are an mixed up and things are generally of so
doubtful aspect and foreboding. The most ale
/141cent event of the time in our polities is the
great meeting at Tammany last Wednesday
evening, and the chiel aignificance in thst
meeting,'the denunciation of the corruption in
the existing administration of the national gov
ernment, by the veteran Tilden. Such an expo
sition by the faithful champion of our municip
al reform from abuses tinder the rule of his own
party, must give effective weight to condemna
tion of corruption in the party opposed to his,
with considerate, hou®t men of sit parties.—
Honest I Is that a word to be Ail' used in a po
litical connection, since it seems to scarcely
have place in any other of all the departments
of our national life,with au epidemic prevnleme
of fraud, defalcation, embezzlement, official rob
berry and plunder? Can we hope for a retonn
of our politics without reform of oar morals I
And what is to become of the Republic without
both of these reforms ?
"A victory is twice achieved when the victor
bring+. bong fun mltu6Clll.
He bath done In the figure of a lamb, the
feats of a lion.
He bath better bettered expectation than you
most expect me to tejl you how.
"Y.', an old man, sir, and his wits are not as
blunt as Ida conscience and charity could wish
they were.
dn. ho k as hommt as any man living that is
as 01:1 as he, au& no liniter4lnui be."
•'All good men sir. But they will keep talking.
And the by word bath it,wheng,uilt is in, w
don] is nut.
. • . .
Ah ! this Is a world to see! When two ride
one horse. one must ride behind. Well, God
Dills( be worshipped.
All men are not alike. Some will bare more
than others.
And some would hare all."
Borrows Deuoctwr :—Tha "JackaAs Tick
ing".which the editor of the Sannehanaa Jour
nal received, and notice of which I made in my
last, has not had, 1 regret to ea}', as favorable a
termination as I hoped ihr. The injury was
more serious than first appearances even indica
ted. Some days alter the hurt, inilaination,and
finally, sloughing pingreen supervened, and
softening of the brain has since taken place.—
Some are disposed to censure the physicians,
while others attribute the sad termination of the
accident, to the imprudence of the patient him
self. Be these things aa they may, the result is
the sarne to the sufferer. Be is now able to
walk out. But the dropped lip, the open mouth,
the vacant face, and the wandering eye, too
plainly meek without speech, the ifirpaneo ut
the unfortunate young . man. Alas t When will
these sad, and worse than mortal terminations
of tool-lia:dj - „ or thoughtless ventures, be tieed
cd l Echo only can
tchea 1 We re
member, when, some yeah; ago, an almost sim
'ha accident betel an almostelmilarly appearing
youth. A white baleful, opened faced young
man commenced fooling with a "baby eltphent"-
at a circus. The baby did not relish the familiar
ity of the child of a larger growth, from the
country. - It caught the light haired stripling by
his, tonsorial development, and shook his scalp
Off in a trice. The editor of thelourna/should
Have bad better sense then_ to put himself he
hind *tie .Wll9 out or his
place there. Reshot'ld have known that the
awls tieucheroua. Poor fellow, be bought his_
last lesion too dearly, lie now need' the pity
of all, and certainly has that 'of Lu.r.
Mrs. .William Smith had a severe accident
the Ist inst., by 'which her right leg was brok
en. Dr. Smith has the case In charge, and the
patient!ia doing well.
A driniken Ox team driver ran into a buggy be
ing driven by Miss Matti' Wallace, Tuesdayafe
ternooti last, near the atone bridge. The buggy
was disfibled, but the occupants were not hurt.
This accident reminds us of the saying that,
"There :Is no knowiag what an ox might do,"
and especially when driven by a tipsy teamster.
But, where i+ local option I We have not heard
of it lately In this town. Thoze "union temper
ance enentlily meetings" exert no appreciable
Induen4 'upon the optionists, nor do the optim
ists upon the nonmptionists. And because,why?
Answer The elections ate over IDo you mean
by this to say that, the politicians and "thy
brother's keeper" folk have debated the temper
ence question to one of party politics? Yes,
with the exception of the temperance move-
went as conducted within the Roman Catholic
! church. And even that enclosure has been in
vaded by heretical aspirants for
. political ad
Prominent Protestant, and most
orthraloi saints (!) have even been so trucculent
as to inaintiate themselves into a "Catholic Tem
neranee 'Society," for "the avowed object of car
rying the Irish catholic vote to the Repnbllcan
ride, on the temperance tilde, as they could not
be caught in any other way r And all this,
mark you, done by evangelical men, and who
denounce in bitter tennis, Jesuitism, Popery, etc.,
and cry out about Catholics being In the politL
cal market. But, do you intimate that our teat
citizens were guilty of such hypocrisy? Not a
bit of it. I only mean to say that certain of our
wont citizens were guilty of it. I estimate a
citizen according to his character, and not ac
cording to the position his money, his usurped,
bought, br begged abilities, may enable hint to
The cienning out work continues to go on
along the line of "the Eric." The most needed
"resignations" and dismissals, were attended to
first, and the places they made vacant, filled by
less ambitious men. Such men as Reddington,
for instance, whose extraordinary contracting
abilities would commend him to the head of a
Burhu !Wheal company, were no longer needed
by Mr. Watson and Mr. Tyson. Ind even in a
itumblerspitere than that won by Reddington,
were found at Port Jervis and elsewhere, ob
scure working men, whose talents for multipig
ins,dividing and aalence, bad wonderfully devel
oped unseen, or at least. unheeded. A spring
maker there—l bad almost written it a ring
maker—had become so expert at hammering
out steel, that, he was able to make his talc of
sorings, and have suffleient over-time and over
steel on his bands, to supply a wagon maker
with all the spring needed in his fttablishmentl
Be eaten:ll not to read steed for an .:1 in the above
sentence. The fabled Yukon should have had
such an artiza.n as that spring maker. Indeed,
be would be a useful man in Binghamton, if
they propose to start a steel—not steal—factory
there. It seems they are sighing for a skillful
iron worker. Changes or "resignations," have
been made at fiomellsville, and at Elmira. No
censidendlle cbsmn, cs have been made here, of
late. end no more may take place, for a time, as
affairs are being gotten wall under control.
The check system has been introduced for the
men. It operates thus far rather clumsily, and
is not by 'any means popular, for what reason
who can tell ? or for what reason it is introduc
ed who can tell? Foreman, overseers, and hos
.,ea are being, materially inercused,and the shops
0p... *bre° rirmilwr
that?, but there hire been, and are not likely to
be. any discharges. This is. cheering, these
Two e :citing reports are now agitating the
town. The Orst is ?hat, Mr. Watson is import
ing Eugli,h rap..errs the road, at $6O a
month. This comes via w York Herald
-11e second is that, a latevlt of the ex-master
tuethsaic to our tow u, to take 1;-rmal 4 4,rewell of
Lis late churches and Temperance 10,CieLiKeLe ,
MO suddenly and joyfully cut abort by a tele
gram. front Jay Gould, to hasten to Now rock,
and that the Erie was about to come again into
Goulds bands, and-Le was just as soon to exe
cute his lett promise that, when he should re
sume the chair,his faithful and efficient servants
should one and all, he speedily reinstated. Ot
nurse there is no ring hero now, if there ever
11 as one.
We were favored with a sight ot what oar
new newspaper is to be, and which will greet
you ere these lines appear in print. The Ga
zette Is to be a goodly sheet, and will be well ed
ited. The new office is a going to do about all
the job snot k of this community, as it has every
vAriety ot ti•pe, anti able workmen to "display"
it. I notice that Ole Rep t&licalt is of late quite
liarren of bea, and of his compliments to
Nov. Stlt, 1873.
Lruuus Burma.
CLAMS at the Keystone Saloon. Oct. 29
F . Chasns at the Keystone Saloon. Oe. 20
GARVIN!) TAR REMEDIES give 1.01)1) to
your syste
FIRST clam chewing tobacco at the Keystone
Saloon. Oct. 29.
. .
Nrcw lot of Blank Notes just printed, and
for sale at this office. Oct. 29.
OTSTETA the plate, pint, quart or gallon,
at the Itittntr,f.e Bakery.
Out. 81k, 1973. F. G. Womm-a.
OYsTERFI ! 01MTER9 11 OYSTERS!!! At the
Keystone Saloom
GEO. C. Mu. & Co.
Montrose:Oct. 29th, 1873.—tf
Thousands die annually from neglected coughs
and colds, sOich soon ripen into consumption,
or other equally NM/ diseast of the lungs ;
when by the timely use of a single bottle of
Dr. {listar'ef ILIUM of Wild Clarry their lives
have been preserved to a green phi ago. 1w
PERUVIAN fivvwe..
This valuable medicine -lots twen silently
making its way. into public favor by the numer
ous remarkable l cures it has performed. Its sin
gular efficacy is owing to the kroiorirle of Iron
Which in this preparation remains unchanged,
and is the only torni,in which this ritat element
of !Maltby Wood can be supplied.
Caine into the enclosure of Thomas Kamm,
in Silver Lake township, on or about the 30th
day of October, 1873, one Cottswold •Buck.—
Any persob proving property and paying
charges, can take Mtn away,
T. KATIAsz..
Silver Lake, Nov. sth, 1873.—*
. To preserve your health; cleanse your blood
Olen it becomes vitiated and foul. Many arc
the symptoms which sound' the note of alarm.
Fail not to: heed them. Indigestion, 'Nausea,
Lassitude, Bead/mho, Wandering.Palns, Billions
and Eruptlie Affections, are so mane signals to
:ell you of disease In the blood. Bemove it,
and they. thaappear. Bo*, Take . Avlsit'S
Coupons:la illmtacv oB BAIMKPABILLA: It is
effectual Pots Its purposit; purities the blood, ex.
pets disensuand restores the deranged lunelions
of the botlY, to their healthy actloo.—Ctarydon ,
(lud.) Argus. '
Business Locals.
OysrEns.ilfly plots per quart; sr. the 'Key
stone Sitineia. GEO. C. Hip. Co.&
- 31oittrose,Neer: 5th;18711---tr
SEE,Tur. beim:lv - L.94-ra in Geo.- Wads
Co.'s Organs; 'fivii different-lola Stem, arrang
ed in et:perste wind chests., patented and used
by them exclusively, and differing very much In
effect from Stops used in other Organs, lard
many other yalnable ituproveinents.,. 900.00
for,an o.rguet 'of this extra finished ease,
capable of 30 different combinations and effects.
No instrument made for this Price can conumre
with them, They are strictly first class in every
respect; Sally warranted for six. ytutrs. Fitit
anti six °enters, in'priees from $lOO In 91,
200. Must be seen and-beard impreel. ted.
LS''Sold for esali or on niontlil?instalments, by
J. F. Bums:sp. Agent,
"Itricit Block,"
November 5;1573 -y2 . ,31ontrosc, Pit,
aminations f o r teachers will biNlield for the
several distrietsmis
Auburn—Jtracyll School noose, Wedacs•
day, Nov. 12tit.
Dinteck, Sprinzvilic—follow School noose
Thoratlay, Nov. 131 h.
Dritigcwater.-31.outrose School Houso, Eat
Sputa: 'Examinations.
Llopbottom School House, Tuesday, Nov
18th. -
Stniley School House, Thursday Nov. 20th.
Forest Lake Centre School Hits; Monday
Nov. 24th.
Lt the regulsr oexaminations CACh class will
1w formed nt 9 o'clock:, a. M.. 'ln• special, nt 10
a. nt. Applicshts will need-pencil, pen. lok,pa
per, and Lrion Fourth Render. Nn teacher to
commene a school without a certificate. No
entiorscruent of-certificates. Private examina
tions unneceszary. Directors Wit' patrons of
sellouts refine:at:a to he nrment.
- W. C. Titan County Supl..
Birchardville. Oct. 15, 1873.-4 w.
JURY LlST.—Drovn from the proper wheel
by the Sheet! and Jury Commissioners of Sus
rmehanna county, to serve at November tic.sion
ebulmeneing November 10th, 1873.
Orand Jury
Brooklyn-4as. S. Peckham, Marshall 31eVi
car, Franklin Tewksbury, Jim. IL Sterling, Fred
B. Jewett.
Choeunut—Nelson Wells, James Donley.
Format lake—Wilson .I'. 'Futrell.
Franklin—HeLry L. Blowers. . •
Great Baud tp.—.lsielton Baker.
Herrick—Henry Felton.
Lathrop—A,litisou L. Morgan.
31ontru,e— Hubert Strange.
Now 31.11tortl Dorm—Elliot Aldrich, Horatio
Oakland—John B. Kittle.
littalt—John Larne.
Springville—Albert .3. Root, Almon G. Stil
well. •
Susq'a Ikpot—Robert Rogers, Anthony Par
Thuntaon—Edward Warner.
Traverse Jurors—First Week.
Auburn-4ushua D. Thornton, Wm. fl Alin„
Lemuel Tiimitn, Win. W. Lee.
Bridgewater—E. W. Hawley, Wallace W.
Bullard, George Hinds, Caleb Bush, sen., Con
rnd Hulbrool.
MINAVG—Hannon Tiffany, Dunlon B. Rug
Cboconut—Slamuel T. Lee, Patrick Byrne.
Clifford—James F. litidgson,Thos. W. Atkin
Duntlaff—John Ricenburg.
Forest Ltke— Wm. T. Dewitt.
Fraukliu—Henry Webb. Bend tp.—Theo. Hayti, Leroy Mayo
Ralph A. Meesick, Annus T. Towbridge.
Great fiend Vora—Almon P. Stephens.
Harmony—Jones Taylor, Henry IL Hobert ;
Harford—Wm. S. Sophia, Lluraca A. Bar
Herrick—Jerome Kishbaugh, Flank Burns,
Israel Rounds.
Jessup—John Smith, Zenas Smith.
Jackson—Edgar M. Foster.
Lenox--John S. Clarkson.
Liberty—lm 31. Dan*ley - , Ogden StantOrd,lfi
ram M. English.
Little Meadows—Rlchar4 King ',
Montrwititirederiek .3L Williams.
Now Milford tp.—Gilver Lathrop.
Oakland—Edwin Ogden, Abel K. Perrin.
Rush--Francis H. Granger, John T. Hillis
Gun. B. Grey.
Springville—Albert Squires, John Thomas.
Silver Lake—Ebenezer Howard, Amami T.
Thomson —.terries r.Whitney,Chcster Stod
Trarenc Jurors—Sceonti Week.
Ararat—Win. E. Hathaway, John A. Sanell
Clatric s W. Sancti.
- -
übuna--Martin Wilcox, Thos. F. Keßong.
Apotaccn—Hanson Barnum.
Biidgen , ..ter—Dauiel Stewart, Joshua Pettis
Orison Foster.
Dimmk—Vrba:n Smith, Allred H. Allen
Great Bend Boro.—William Goble.
Great Bend tn.—John W. Walab.
Ilnrford—Jared Tylb:.
Harmony—Richard tin, James Buckley.
Jackson—Milton Bola.
Jessup—Benjamin Shay.
Lathrop—Wm. H. Oshorn, John Lean.
Liberty—Henry A. 'frutulell, Samuel 11.
Rose, John Osterhout, jr.
Middletown—James Forney, Galutia Con
Montrose—Ezekiel Babeoek, Rodney Jewett
Horace A. Deans, Danu F. Austin, Henry Sher
wan. _ _
New Milford Boro.—.Andrew 13. Smitll,lllraut
. .
New 11.1rord tp.—Steivart blead, Homer
Rush•—Wm. 11. Whitney.
Springville—Salmon D. Thomas
Susq'a Depot—flobert Ilannostrand, Thomas
*McDonald, John Albee.
Thomson—Ebenezer Messenger.
Trarrrse Jetrono--Third Week,
Bridgewater—Myron Al. Mott, Myron Bald
Brooklyn—Smith S. Sterling.
Cboronut—David Stanley.
Clidord—Alfred W. Carpenter.
Dimock—Charles S. Gates, Geri! 'N. Tiffany,
Alfred Milo.
Franklin—Frederick Lines.
Futot Lake—Geo. R Johnson ; Geo. H,Ham
Gibson—John IT. Claflin.
Great Bend tp.—Henry S. Barrages, Wtn. C.
Mclntosh, Joseph Dußois. .
Great Bend I - Som.—John A. Dusenbury.
Hartoril—A m herst Carpenter.
Jessup—Samuel Sbelp.
Jackson—Benj. F. Larrabee, Jesse Williams.
Lathrop—Horace Thayre. Gibert M, Sodth.
Liberty—Wallace. W. Guns:ties. Henry C.
Knight, Kirby 31nrsh:
Lenox—Philander Pell, Jose Benjamin.
Montrose—Joseph.Letvis, Jarvis V. CotreD,
Frank Mellaish. '
Middletown—David Thomas.
New Miltbrd tp.—Erastus B. Snitth.
Oakland—Samuel Brush, Jus, T. Gockayne.
Rush—llimen Osborn.
Springville—Henry L. Kerr, Warren B. La
throp, .Mmes Masson.
Thomson—Truman Perry.
At L. L. Mell's Jewelry Stand,
Who ' ' lama - and better frock of the followleg
• goo& trill bo fonn4 thrm eloewhere in
••• I Northern Penterylrents:
I •
• .
- ' • .1 L'WELRY a ctrcki,
soup sitvkit a PLATEN WARE. 1 ' -
MR TABLE ONTLE111; ' • '
ands general Ilmitmrint or lln:leel‘utehsndiae.
Sheet Music. Violin Strlszs, etc, etc.
AU Floe Watch Repairing revving , Machine* and Or.
dope, tat i-ul,)by gang Xt.:paired - by
• ' L. IL Isbell..F. lileilailell
.._ • , - • '
Isbell & Vielhuish.
sept.,lo . , , re,
T 'Job ihniffig. Bring on ,y
wir s ~ 21~8~~~1.
. ,
3tounis-451.A5DEm—In rrk, ' November lit . 11
bv'Etd. H: 11. Gray,' Dan el B. ISlorrls' tPatles
Ensixs—.lltcc—Novembee sth, by Rev. A. 0
utren, Charles. E. ENlcy and • Alba Hattie'
Rico, sh of Caroline; Tompkins, co., N. Y.
DnYO--FosrEn7--Ocr. 21st, by Rev. A. 0. War
ren. inmes H. Deyo: of Ebnirs, N: Y., to Miss
ary J. Foster, Of Candor, N. Y.
STONK—amEn—ln Rush. November Gth, by
Eld. H. H. Gray, liorni io B. Stone, of Forest
Luke, Psi., to Miss blary A. Biker, or Rush,
Pa. ' .•
- 3zrzazi.wpcsa.
BVIWICE—In Aubum,August 20th, 16711, 3lrs.
fluxion A. Burdick, of Springville, aged 4f
years, 5 months Mid 1 day.
STS Rl=-in Bed 7.,e. er, Oct. 5111, Mn.a Louisa
IC. beloved wife of C. Stark, fn the 55thyesr
of her age.
LANT—At the residence of his son, ex-Sheriff S.
P. Lane, in blew Milford twit., on the 25th of
September. 1873, Mr. Ueorge SY.
.Lane, aged
Bt3 years, 11 mouths, and 27 days •
Centaur Llnament
There Iv no pain ahlch the Centaur
. Liniments viii notrelleve, no inter lag
. they trill not :subdue. sod no kunenetio
which the,: will not cort..Thls Litho:3g
A Inogreige, but It le tine. They-bons
prod:2nel inure cures of, rheum:What.
CAVIC I doge, caked breasts, maids; bums. salt
rthuin. ear.sche. de., - upon the batman flame, and of
.etraine. iperin, Kyle, Se.„ Upon, animal* to, osayear
than here all other pretended remedies since the world
bo,ria, They err coaptertrrltant. all•beallog pain .
Buser:. Cripples' ttirotr away th. it ersechn, the Lme
walk. polaimons bites aro rendrred harmless, and the
woundedsre healed without a sear. IThe recipe lapub
lishett around each beside. They eelt as no articimi ever
inid before, because they do Joel what they pretend to
do. More who bow suffer from rheumatism, pain, or.
rwellii.r deserve to suffer if they will not ore Centaur
Liniment. white wrapper.. ]re than 10,10 certificates
of remarkable curls. lnelhiling frozen Mahe, chronic
rhenoiation, gow, lambing tumors, ac., base been ro.
reined. will Weeds circular conlakelnicerthicates,
oho gratle, to any one requesting It. One
bottle of the yellowwrspper Centaur Li hinsen t Is worth
one hundred doilsrs for spavined or sweented bowies
and moles. or for screw worm In sheep.. Stocibowners
—thew ibtlatent, a-e worth your attention. No Wally
should be without them "White wrapper fir:ell/me ;"
Yeil w wrapper for anlmels. Sold by all Dregelsta.-
50eents per bottle: large bottle. $1.0). J. B. RIM di
Co., 63 Broadway, New Yotit.
Costerla ir more limn 4 substitute for Castor on.
It 1. the only safe article In esfirtetice which 1s certala
pisefmnial the food. regulate the bowels. rare vrtn4
cone and produce untund eleep. It contains neither
iniderala, morphine or a!eohol, atd Is pleasant to Lase.
Children need not cry sad mothers may rust.
Commission Elerchants.
IT. M. Rowan.
Produce and 'Commission Merchant,
77 Del It, New York.
Conalpmento solicited and retains mad Immadnita
ly on salve of goods. Send for shipping cards and Mid
Aferenees :
Not torn' Park Bulk of Few 'York.
Noloh rer Itiottc of New York.
No.ooto N'Att,nrll flAtlk of Nen York.
Lon: Wood Rank of Brooklyn, N. Y
Feb. 11. IS7l,—il.
The Earkets
NEW Tons . , ' NoT. Bth, 1872.
The money market exhibits but few changes,
lint these are In the direction of a letting up tind
a towering of the minions rates which 'Ave
heretofore ruled. The banks are gaining in.
strength, but the transactions in new paper are
limited. and renewals are narroweddown to the
lowest possible point. Call loans are quoted at
01j - t l 2 per cent, acctrding- tocollaterials. Prime
commercial paper rules at . 151:418 Per cent,with
exceptions as low as 12, but. that Ims favorably
known is done es high as 24 per cent . -
Gold varied but little, fluctuating throughout
the day between 107 and 107:4 ; It Opened at
107 and closed at 10734, the same as before.—
Exchange, 114315117 M;
11B Silver.
S-20 Coupon 18(13
5•118 Coupon 1864... ~
4-20 Coupon 1865
5-20 Coupon /SRY- • • -
5-20 Coupon 1807
1-20 Coupon 180
New -5 per cent. bonds
Paris Exchange...
Sterling Exchange ,
ttun &icy Bonds
112% 1131
105Ai 101
10614 107,
.....107% 108 1
110 .
......111}; 112 34
111 113
107 108
105 108
487 498
114)4 117;4
New York rroauce 'Market.
Correeteil weekly by Harding, Hayden, & Co.,
32 Washington St., New York.
Butter, tub
o p 011.......
Cheese, dairy, per lb
" factory"....
Eire, per dos
Flour, per barrel...
Corn meal,
Wheal, per bushel.
crop of 1873:
Lord per lb
Potatoes per bid...
Apples • "
Turkeys per 1b... ~.
Meld; "
. For the Year - Ending June U,ls '
Tim ID-cult:us tot 1812
To Star• appropriation....
Co tax (mu Dnplicatu lwl
Pald Teachers' alartes... t .l.. .
New School IMlldlup and Lore
Fuel and Itepilru
Na ndnr7~ Farnham
.... ... .... .
'Unpaid ordrre . .lBll
MlsrellaeroUe Ex mice
Ileac:rex . end Collector
ta,no 92 —#3.llli 91
Dilama to Treasury' . 'Own D. dUCLET, Proldemt.
(.., w. prrr.sos, dec'y. .
Oct. :9.15;3.-Yu. . —
I)III :ti ISTITATRIX`S 'the 't.atate of
LI. 0. I' Weobboro. et'it, letters of AdmintAtrattena
In the PM relate barite; brro grunted to the undereign.
ett: eR persona ettlng veld eaten, are rivarsted to
coke lintnottate lityinent.sed all persona barlagrlshalt
against raid estate ore requested to prerrnt them 101 h.
out delay. AIAUTII,I SI. WAt.HltultN. Adtterl.
K N. Stelth.,.,itturney tort:state.
ra.,Oct, 29, `22,—w0..
FeZECUTOR'S NOTICE, Wherea.letters !Memento
ryy to the cotate of JAL Sacronera, Into of New kith
.lord. deed, have boon granted co the anclorchcroll
porroae Inclobcod to rah). eigileowe relneviext to make
tanned tate enyucont, end itoo , o. h-qteg chi trim. agalribl
, •ih.t !ann etc togneo•ell in prosemithort 'hitt:mut delay.
i • I. LLILOT iLUlllCll.t
• - fIuIINVEg
1 - - so* . 3.lll(grd, Oa. nth.
.. 400
12 350. 1 3 34 -
• • 040 1 A
.. 1
• ti 0640.10.50
• 8.8308.f0
• 85087.
... 44048
... 43045
... 25003.00.
• /70k18
• . -1.7010
1111..-“ RA
. $3.00112-0,907
. 1,28560
• =CR)
. 1010
. 11.111
.. 29 113
- 11619