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Local Intelligence.
ellgtous Service..
The services in the Beveril Churches of Mont.
( , ) ,s are as follow:
A 4. tq't cnuncn.nay. J. S. Mums am D. D. Pastor.
s.a blink SerViet, W%a.m. and 7 m.
,o,t,tth Selina! p.
r,., or Iteut Wedneemy Esatkliga.
r kintnur t7RGRCtf Rs. J. fluvrrrai
h Fereleea Second Heria,' to each Month
hbatb Sch o 1 Iromedlstely tvfore Naas
'OP A 1. critizion
lON a. to. and 7,16 V. m.
u tt:lr ...... ...9•. m.
,k-Day Scrricep—Wedgesdaya ,
F:TSoIOST EPISCOPAL...... ....Rev. W. J. Joan.
e.`,AAI It %enders 0.45 a. m. and 7.911 p. m.
....... t . IS m.
anti' )Iceting. TharAdays 730 p.m
~ t P., R I7I. : RIAN oilmen Rev. J. (3 Maus
10.48 a. ri and 7R p. m
ern, retina. Thursday '''''''''
rrlvals and Departures of Nails.
Arriva/s rkimrluttm
I,lltr,,ge (Dail),) 0(10 r , U. 6 110 a. at
-,.. 11 i 3orl, " 10 00 A. U. I3or. u.
',‘ ,A1::-ing:, " 945 A. U. 200 r. u.
1 . — , ,', 3llrmek, " 10 00 A. U. 3 00 r. u.
600 r. u. SOOA. u.
00p.m, 700k.0
6 00r. si. ioop. ni
t Stxtion,
Ilan tryton,
1000 4. E. 4ODr. y
New York. Tunkbannock„ Neer Milforil,
ylm,ing mails are tinily the Conklin
1,1 111 will leave on Tuesdays, Tlinmdays,
S lava; Binghamton mail, via Silver
Ili leave on Monday at 6.30 a m, Tu+s
. c, 1 Tliamlay at Bp. m ; Meshoppen mail
; ‘ ,1,. n .., on Mon lays, Wralnesdays, anal Fri-
Friendbville 'mall leaves and returns
Tlinnulava and Saturdays. The Bing
via. liawleytnn. will arrive Tues-
Tinirqday, and Saturday, at 6 p.
,• ..tlite days at 7 p. ni.
rh.pot, 00 r. Y. 11 00 A. SI
3 30 P. si
E. C. Fonknam, Postmaster
11 ,, atrose, January 4, 1873..
NI Diet About Town.
Ti' M ,di.d Mite Society, will be held at
it e 011, of Zipron Cobb, this (Wednesday)
I.rt ter re In. a 4,11 turn out at the 114aNner
Sut, thi. (IVtaluculay) evening, at the
Enine 11.,use.
eo.partnerchip been formed in the Key
,tore :•alon on Public Avenue, under the firm
r. %me of Iliil.tMoire. The - Keystone" is
and has been very popular.
Sod , ty Counected with the Bapthtt
v. ill be held at the house of Shodraela
en the plank road/next Friday evening.
A re '.lll pestofflee <l s ,ion is that if a Post.
acv ‘r that a I r whirr-Aced to Li, of .,
n e.:ended for a imrson living within toe
of ealattliee office; it is his duty to ft,r•
• • • I , ller Gr it tine. bee"n tir..ii'•riy prepaid)
a Ailing lora t•tittest to closo,aud ith
ad it charge of pmtage.
editor or this paper would ac
;<• the receipt of a large quantity of,most
c-rap.,. presented to bito by a Repot,-
Au 1..4 friend of this borough, on Friday
lite tst,with her romphrroatts to the -Itert
" Hy did not partake of them unt.l
`-atur.lay. but be can truly any that they were
.t g,rapes" even then, notwithstanding
t it, re wrie af,-,ainst
A perfect waterspout passed over this vicini
ty on Ilorotvy evening last. . It had been rain
ing powerfully all day front the norib, but the
%mini changed into the south in the evening,
and shout ten o'clock, it commenced to fall in
turreno, and continued Until eleven without ten-rnt. Wsur stood to three to (Our in.
Les in tae streets, and sidewalks were flooded
mud nryl graseL Much damage is report
have been dune On the small streams. .
(n Friday night last, the small dilapidated
i ~ siding on. the corner qp,sosite the Demist
sas disco:vexed to be on fire. Time
n}nnn wss !jeep. and the fire extinguished be
building was entirely hurned. Tbe Bre
'a lured to Luxe been purposely set, and the
has offered a restart] of $lOO for the 'p
i ondronvinion of the guilty parties.
issuer if it was purposely fired, tberc was
o.alici,,us intent, but such tan is not Minds
, is soy community, as it endangers their
t and properiy,nnd should meet with slue
Firers a mean of sport is too
c .,cruus to be trifled with.
The foil wing we clip from the list Uotarcee
I ;..:15;iet111. .
prevent misapprehension, we take the
to etate that N. J. Karrington.wko keePn
‘••• 'F....Hangs Howl in Ada place, and who has
u:.t.Ly. liven a staunch Republican, on Tuesday
:•, sr , nt !t/ the polls and deposited a full
Republican tadat.-Thee titters for liar
I ud r the circumstances we think Horner anti
. 1 -tt• • 1),,t4 havu as right to rejoice Eh= there
t..uie in itontr:ose who had "always been a
a , ,uch Reputiliitan," that voted A FULL
Or !ET lice SILICAX TICKET. WC /UT inclin
,l t, rejoice with thaw, and also to wenn! to
11:aringtou the honor of being one of the
1 1 0-Dediettilott.
The Baptikt churcit at Great Bend Mate,
Lnvin . ; peen closed for repairs, still be 41ediea
t—i .c.) Thursday, OctOber 30th, 18:2. Rev. J.
chckshire, I). D., of Montrose, will preach at
2 p. et. ltev. L. Wright, D. D., of
' n;lun lon, at 7, p. m. All are incited to at
t-ad. 9 emninittee will be in attendance at the
ctl.irch at 12 o'clock, to entertain thoac coming
t7..c.n a distance. .T. 'Smears*.
To Whom faJones Most Indebted!
Mr. June s is more indebted to the editors of
paper roe his election than to any one Man
le the comm.'. Bad we not intro iltade a c°r
roc-lion of the blunder of the.editor of the Ele
pa,Zieu, who has not advertised the election of
1 1 ..pre,eiitetives in the electionproelamation in
his paper, by inserting it upon our own ritSpart
ti4,iity, sad with Out request from the gheriff or
a.P, one cite, in copying the proclamation in
our paper, the. election in Susquehanna county
rmuhl itave been , roid and Mr. Jones would
+N:: trkt nnly)est iris thirteen, hut nU• The mgt.
By rcitrcucc rp l4e proChitAratitall , in the 4. 4 4,-5 "
ivq.. it will he seen that no cleotiow of WPM
-6,litatives has teed advertised. Mr; /ones had
better see what Monter melt= by it.
My Little Gentleman.
NO one would have thought of calling him
an, that ragged, hare footed, freckle-faced Jack,
but I knew there was something about him be
yond a Mere exterior, and from theday became
under my charge until death took him away, I
fond that bey. He was rather peculiar in tip.
peatance, his head bad grown large, and his big
brown eyes looked as If there were a great
many wise thoughts behind them, and very
likely there were —for someway Jack didn't have
any associates, so he was left so much to bim
etalf that he had nothing to do but think. Al
evening ho would curl himself upon a hit of
carpet under the table, listening to what was
said, and sometimes asking a queer question
himself. His questions must have been queer,
because Lis father and mother always laughed,
and never answered them, The truth was jack
knew he was not like his brothers and sisters ;
he flail heard his father ray that 'David and
Joseph would make good farmers; but as for
poor Jack he never could do anything for a liv
ire." And yet foe alt this Jack was so gentle,
kind and tender, that I often wondered if there
were notwomething better In atom far him—
and Indeed there was—lt came about In this
wise, Jack canto slowly, Into the house one
night and found his mother kindling a fire—
"Oh I'm an glad r said be, shivering, "Flow cold
it Is." "Why bless me r' exclaimed his moth
er, "he shakes like he had a fever'n ague—a
sweat Is all that will Lave you from a run of le
ver." But the lever came in spite of the sweat,
and Dr. Preston was called, The doctor believ
ed iiieniomel and blisters; so between him and
tho fever, poor little Jack wasted to a skeleton.
In his delirium he moaned incoherently and
would ask it they thought he was growing any,
and how soon he could go to see the ocean and
the Olin, and sail over the water to the beauti
ful country. sane ow told him about. After
the fever left him be was unconscious. Ile lay
so stilt scarcely breathing, fur days, that noose
knew when the last breath fluttered on tits
white lips. But when they found him dead—
they knew, as they never had known before,
how precious to their hearts was poor littleJaek.
They buried him in the garden, for it would he
so lonesome in the grave-yard, and he loved the
garden an, They planted myrtle and pasies and
lilly of the valley on the grave, and the robins
built their nests in the sentinel poplar that stood
"on guard." But this was not until spring. All
winter the winds drifted it over with snow. In
the house they spoke of htm in low totem and
with sad laees. They cal al him "dear little
Jack." But they should have slid "dear, happy
little Jack," tbr Jack, the real Jaek was not ly
ing dead under the garden snow. Ile bad only
gone away. That evening when he was lying
I there, so pale and still, the Savionr came. .Be
gathered this poor weak lamb, In hii strong.lov.
ins arms and bore him away over the moun
tains, above the. clouds, the blue sky, and the
I stars to a beautiful land—the land where the
I King of Glory reigns. And here a home had
been made on purpov for him. Its flowers were
always in bloom, its trees always green. lie is
cafe and happy—my little gentleman—"forever
with the Lord." Dear, happy little Jack !
Rev. J. If. BterAt
7 'lO .. u
(See Inept: nrir frlrnd., fro , n eldrvnt lowne. in fend or
neap of Intere.t. Send the feet.; we een errant:. them.)
••t, Heaven. that o.neh fcllnws thou irottldn't. unfold
And put to rreq• bun hind a irWp.
Tu lash tee thron;tl the world.
••lie I. a creatort• sit toe sr trpett look.
And otitletlooti color tell
What gaff be'. Las& of—ollalla I"
Meson.. EDITORS :-1)1.1 you think bus was
. dead? or did you care? No nutter : here he is
again. I did think best to let my panting par
: suers have a little test. And this reminds me of
I a little stogy. Some wag started the report that
Lox was killed on the 4th inst. This was n..d.
so, and I record the tact with gratitude. I still
live, or, as the man sail who thought he would
die like a great man. "In the words of the int
, mortal Webster, !aide de-civil!" -And I weal
movie coot, nether." Those interested will
please take notice. The killing was said to have
been done by the musculareditor of the Susuni.,
) henna Journal, the brain worker of the Journal
being partieepseriminis in the act. I ant happy
1 to reassure all interested in. my welfare that I
am still in the land of the dying. As all the
struggle had in the Journal °Me° was on one
side, the only parties hurt by the encounter
I were those handling the weapons, and the deep
i est wounds were inflicted upon the Pride of "the
editor and pmprietor" of the paper. Much Ink
' was spilled, and pi made; the "devil" RILS to pay
and nothing to pay him with, and the hterarg
editor didn't care a tapir about it, and thts,.too,
was cutting on the proprietor's Pride.
I The late "resignation" of the master-mechan
ic here, was so sudden end unexpected by all
parties interested in it that I noticed it in the
• most casual way, at the time, remarking that
t all would be quiet on the Susquehanna In a few
days. I was mistaken in that. The Mule rip
i ple on the surface, might have been, to a well
practiced eye, the indicator of a deep undertow,
which it rtmlly was, I am so unacquainted with
under the surface workings, Judging no evil
; where no evil seems, that I supposed the resig
i nation would be treated as any other ordinary
occurrence—regretted of course, by those most
i affected by it, but, let pass, after at most, a nine
i days talk sbunt it. You see lum not familiar
with ring work. The following dialogue which
I heard, anon after the "resignation," has had,
ere this time, its explanation. "I was astound
!ed to hear of the resignation of Mr. G. Did
1 you know anything of it ?" "No, 1 was aston.
I ished too, but so it is. It is bad for this town,
I . in every way." "Bad ! It is a public calamity!
I lie was just the man for this community.-
1 These people needed such a man to manage
; them. - In fact, something must be done to try
i end keep Lim, yet." "Well, I don't know, I
think it is too late, but rwish it could be sit"—
"Yes, something must be done." This agrees
with the lute development noted two weeks ago
of the reported formation of a Ring, by those
who 'wished it amid be done," to reinstate their
ex-master. One of the ring men, as none else
irantrl know) writing in the Susquehanna Journal
of the - 4th inst., asserts that,the statement made
on credible authority, and so reported ,by Lux,
that a ring was formed to retain the ex-master,
"is as great a falsehood as ever was penned."—
The riagleaday ought to know. But, a man is
not asked to criminate himself, as it is unrea
sonable that he would do so. Why would not
a ring member deny the existence anti aims of
such a disrcputsble concern 1 , But what does
the denial amount IA? To no more than the de
nier 13 worth in character, and that is, the little
end of nothing. It does honest men good to ace
how chop fallen these ring men are looking.—
1 They areas down in the mouth as a circus coni.
pany in a rainy day, and their. down on a
drunk- I=l told the itZa:ary man of the
ring, has been scat , wrestling with tree how,
picket fences, and dour knobs, and acting like a
drunken man. lately. --, Local Option is a great
. blessing to this towp., . _ ~
The writing editor of tbe Susquehanna Tour.
vial, Is taking unusual pains to inform its read.
Ms that Lax Is 'i'a ,bliMkgiarti, an Imbecile. a
1 falsifiers a dog, s mirctmtatit s iron], 111 rictieutsr,
and it lunatic." What et refutation I lie has
been nntiring Lux, the past month. Protasisly
no caterer to Lis readers' tastes, has ever dis
played more ardent auxlcty about the letters of
"an Imbecile" than the literary editor of that
paper has shown about those of Lux. In re
turn, Lux gave the editors of the Journal some
kindly counsel, but which, their PRIDE will not
permit them to receive its the same good spirit
it was, and is, given. Well, "by Pride, Angels
have fallen, e're thy time."
Our "editor and proprietor," steals the editorial
From his literary editor! Oh! Benjamin Frank
tin, I'.!"
In his last tolge at Lox, Pride's man of
brains, accuses him "of blackguarding some of
our best citizens." Pride is not intended to be
included in this tile, for obvious reasons. Pride
says "this is the meatst lode he ever
lived In." • Judging the places he has lived in,
by him as a sample, he is surely a good judge of
mean places, as witness his daily profanity, and
vulgar slang, Such external evidences of the
Internal creature, speak for themselves what
Pride is. Pride says, "nothing but the make In
duces me to stay in such a Ignorant hole.
I only stay or come here, and leave as soon as
possible. I could not think of bringing my
family here. There Is no society here for pea
plc of any taste. I have seen the best of itand
it is poor." What a pity, for Pride'.
sake. This is the estimate the "editor and pro
prietor of the Susquehanna Jukrtuil has of the
"citizens," best and worst, off whom lie gets his
living. Citizens, arc you not proud of your ed
itor! To crown his baseness, he now permits
or hires some one as vile as himself, to attack in
the Jourtud, one of our clergymen, in a low and
brutal way, which no one of most ordinary de
cency ran justify. This the puny starveling
dad a because bethought ii would please certain
magnates of the town, who, beeanse they knew
they could not suborn that gentleman into the
"nng," strove to hinder his work, by such
means as they could command. The "ring"-
master gave the cue, and all the gang set out to
do what they knew would please hint. They
cried "Puseyite, Papist, High church, end the
like—said his people had no religion, and didn't
believe in a change of heart, and no respectable
peOple associated with them." Now, this, front
people "having had a change of heart," sound
ed queer to those not having it, but having, at
least, respect tier any people striving to wor
ship God in whatever way they pirferred.
That reverend gentleman, so hated by Pride
and those he licks after, pursued his work la
borously, letting his nbu.ers severely alone, and
the result seen in the community. One
church lids just been roofed, for Lis people, in
Oakland. opposite "the Depot," A respectable
congregation PlNsmibles in the spacious and
annihilable Medial - 11,N' Hall, twice on Sabbath
and everything connected with the ministration
of "the reverend gentleman," whom the starvel
ing - Pride" of the Jourtud has hired sonic one
to abuse and term 'an imbecile," is in a very
prosperous condition. The hireling scribbler,
employed by the puny Pride, atheism the rever
end gentleman - to eitti;ratr." every means-at
the minim:int: of the rotimaster and his clan
- has long.heen vigorously applied for the sante
end, but a ittiout effect. Be now seems the
must likely of any reverend gentleman in town,
to, and some or his enemies are more
likely soon to "emigrate." The real character
of the small, or no principled "e litor and pro
prietor of the ivurnar is demonstrated in the
es f;lel, that the issue containing the "black
guard" attack upon titer:iv:rend gentlentan,had
one of a series of articles of Ids, oat
First Principles. It appears that the "irrelig
the Jurtrazd Lod frequently
been spoken of. That gentleman, auSiouß to
encourage the editor, to change the tone at t he
paper. and thus Jo good in the community, by
furnishing good reading matter to such as wim
read, in a newspaper, oos
book, solicited the privilege of furnishing a por
tion of "It,tigioot" matter fir roe nailer.—
That ii-ts now receive I fro n Pride,
his psy.
••ilow much • methinks, be should despise this
But that be is bound hi charity against it. No
d i niht
He•l leave him to his medit.ttions.••
It is a case of mispinced kiadoess. The ems
tore has done himself deserved injury, but of
course, can not harm the friend of wham he has
proved himself unworthy. As for Lux, he
thinks he has, all unintentionetl, touched many
sore spots, and he may touch many morn, and
that will depend : upon where he presses, it
seems. One"ring" champion calls Luz a liar.
Something had to he said. That word was
reediest. Another of the "ring" writer, less
virulent, but quite as insane, ad nits that Lux
might have been misinformed_ 131ith articles
may have been penned by the.same hand. One
thing Is certain, neither were written by Pride,
for be cannot write any:l4Elr, neither hotter nor
worse. its for barren ben, he is as near what hia
nom homes sounds him, as& couln have selec
ted in the fitness of things, unless he had selec
teal a— and aO. Let the barren have credit for
this unintended fitness of signature.
Pride bade his gnill driver write "the barren's a
Ben says tiit.retlects on the state 0: hi home,
Ben aced not Name Pride for what he has said..
"The proprietor" talks of what runs in his
held. .
There; are quite a number haring their side
walks and fences repaired. These are steps in
the right direction, and I hope many will walk
in their' wept.
I hope the time isnot far distant when pas.
►engers shall no more be dumped out any where
along the road from the loon bride to the cut
vert,and any where amid the many tracts and
ermines. Ir appears that throngb that system,
or want of system, the life of the venerable and
Rev. Father °Tetley, of this place, was crush
ed out, Saturday evening the 4th inst. Ills
death at any time would have been a far felt
loss in all this region. But, occurring In the
shocking way it Caine, is an inexpressible calam
ity to his ardently attached, and by him much
loved people. Ile was the pioneer Priest of his
faith in Northern Peonsylvania,over forty years
ase. Ile had seen the seeds of Lta planting in
the wilderness, bear an hundred fold, even to
children's children. Ile was justrcturning from
a tourney of consolation, and had dismounted
at his destination. to be in his house and place
on Sunday. In the act of cautioning others to
be careful amid the maze of moving cars, he
was prostrated in a twinkling, by the tender of
nn engine, which passel over his body, killing
him instantly. •LttrG
Business Locals.
Au, kinds of blanks for solo at this office.
Nnw tot cd• hiank Notes just printed, and
Yor sale at this office.
. °rams. by the plate. pint, quart or gallon,
at Bpi Montrose Bakery.
Oct. 8th,15711. F. G. WonnEn.
Tin tbit.Elins Ilowe Jr., Improved Seising
Unchine, Wore buying tiny other.
. - Mr4..u.u7nr,
Moutrose Pa., 00t.15, 1873.--tf.
A remedy that not only relieves, but cures
that enemy of mankind, uonsumption, as well
all the numerous satellites which revolve armor:
It lo the shape of coughs, colds, bronchitis, sore
throat, influenza, etc. The remedy we allude
prepared by Seth W. Fowle & Sons, Boston.
Tnere i 3 no subject that requires an mach
study and expel ieace as the treatment end cure
of climate diseases. The astonishlng success'
and remarkable cures performed by Dr. Butter
field, are due to the gift of clairvoyance to the
lite•long study of the . cuttstitattou of mitt, mid
the curing of disease from natural reutediea.—
Curet the worst forms of Scrofula, Catsirrh,
Piles, Female weakness, Asthma, , Kidneys, or
Madder. Will he at the Caffertv House: Bing
haniton, Wednesday, Thursday. Friday evil Sat
uniny, November 1:1, 18, 14 and 18, 1873.
Oct. 22d, 1878.—w3
ALL persons who aspire to beauty or personal
appearance should not neglect that natural ac
cessory, the hair. By many it has bean neglec
ted until the hair becomes thin, gray.or entlrely
fallen off. ]leasers. flail & Co., Nashua, N. IL,
have produced an effectual remedy, called Sicil
ian flair Renewer, which cures all diseases of
the scalp. This wonderful preparation acts up.
on the glands, which support and nourish the
hair, restores gray bait' to Its original color,
mattes the smip white and clean, removes nod
prevents the fennation . of dandruff and all cu
taneous eruptions; and, by its 101110 and nutri
tive properties, restores the scalp to a healthy
state, and creates a new growth. As a dressing.
it is unsurpaNsed, giving the hair that brilliancy
so much admired by id—Boston Commercial.
The return Soldiers, Sailors, and Marines, re
siding in Brooklyn, Lathrop and Lenox, are re
quested to meet at Iluphottom on Saturday,No.
vember let, for the purpose of organizing a Com
bany and choosing officers, that we may be the
et ter prrpnred to attend and enjoy ths Grand
Encampment next.year. Come one! come oil
Cavalry, Artillrry. Invalids, or Emergency, if
you have an honorable discharge; come and let
us retire the old memories, the old friendships,
repeat inn old stories by the camp Sr ,live again
the 'flambee and tights of years ago. Let not
the brave comrades and the herolsms of those
days be forgotten. Please speak of this to your
comrade who does not read the paper.
Brooklyn, Oct. 19, Int —2w
lour attention is especially invited to the fact
that the National Banks are now prepared to
receive subscriptions to the Capital Stock of the
Centennial Board of Finance. The funds rea
lized front this source are to be employed in the
enction of the buildings for the Internal k:atii
bition, and the expenses connected with the
same. It is conlidenly believed that the Key
stone State will be represented by the name of
every citizen alive to patriotic coututemoratiOn
of the one hundreth birth-day of the nation.—
The shares of stock are for 4110 each,and
rultscribers will receive a handsomely steel en
craved Certitirate of Stock, suitable for framing
and preservation as a national memorial.
Interest at the rate of six per eent,per annum
will be paid on all payments of Centennial Stock
from date of payment to January 1, 18711.
Subscribers who are not near a National Bank
eau remit a check or post office order to the on
FREW/I FRALEY, Treasurer.
994 Walnut St., Philade!pina.
✓:ept. 24, 1873.
for teachers will be held ,ibr tae
severs) districts as follows:
Apolawn, Cboconut, Little Meadows, and
Friendsvllle, Monday, Oct. 20th.
Funst Lake—Cbapu an, Center School .I,lou_,e
Tn.-3day, Oct. 21st,
Silver fake—Srackney School House, Wed
ettay , Oct. 22.1.
Franklin, !Alain% —Luccarllle Center fichoo',
House, Thursday, Oct 23.1.
tircat Send—Village School House, Friday,
Oct. 24th.
Nrw Mill'onl—Borouzlt School House, Satur
day. Oct. 2.5 th.
sarkamt—Comers B•Lool House, Thursday,
O. gOth.
t; Oman—Kennedy tiuuse,Fritlay, Oct
Harforcl—Graded S.:llnot lionse.Szturday,No
vembrr Ist.
Bronklyn—centre School House
Ttsc-..tay, fiat'. -
Lei oi—Olenwood School House, Wcdoesi
dor. Nov. slb
lierrit.k. Clifford—City &taco' .11thase, Tburs
day, Nov. Gilt.
- Aslant, Thoruson--Centre School House, Fri
day, Noy. 7th.
I Inrinohy, Oaklintl—Susquehanna Depot
School House. Saturday, Nor. 81h.
sliddi.own—Centre School House, Monday,
Nov. lUttt.
Jesup, Rush—Graugerville School. House,
Tuesdny, Nov. 11th.
Auburn—Ccutri: School Rouse, IVeduesday,
Nov. itth.
Dimock, Springville—Hollow School House
Thursday, Nov. 13th.
Bridgewater—Montroso School house, Sat
urday, 'Nov. 15th.
&midi &al:ulna:ions.
Hopbottom School House, Tuesday, Nov.
Smiley School House, Thursday Nov. 20th.
Forest. Luke Centre School House, Monday,
Nov. 24th.
At the rexclor examinations each class will
be f u nned at 0 o'clock, a. to- In aptria/, at 10
a. DI. Applicants will need pencil. pen, ink „pa
per. and Lnlon Fourth Header. No teacher to
commence a school without a certificate. No
endorsement of certificates. Private exantina.
Hans eon , c story. Directors and patrons of
schools requested to be present.
W. C. Trt.nett. County Sup't.
Dirchardville, Oct. 15, 1878.-4 w.,xma.
Kw:stern—Pack—At the Occidental Rotel, in
Renard, Pa., Oct. 2d, 1878, by Rev. H. G.
named, Densmore G. Kenneth' and Miss Et
ta Peck, both of Mt. Plunaust,Wayne county,
PAIISON—PAILME - On the Oth lust.. In St. An
drews church, liy Rev, - Luther
Wolcott, John E. Persnns..of Ilarlishurg, Pa.
and Miss Georgbiiin S. Parke. dsoghter of
Hon. Benjamin Parke, of Parkevale, In this
3:iI7BTZEI9. '
R►:canc—ln South Gibson, Susgsa Co., Pa. OM.
6th, 1873, Mrs. Phehe Rankin, aged 72 years,
8 months and 7 days.
LIATIMW47—At New Milford, Oct. 12th, M
dropsy of, the heart, Elias Hathaway, aged 75
years and 9 months.
Seal Estato fbr Sale. ,
41, The Subscriber offers for sale the
Iffk following Real Estate, to wit:
known as.' finbert Moore Perm." situate in ilridgowa.
ter township, Sinotuchanns Co.. Pa.. about two mire
east of Montrose IStsruar.b. containing Iso ACM Of ex
[Client grams and grain lend. about tS awns of limner.
a good form bonen and outbuilding... One orrimr.l of
! choice fruit, well watered, and adapted for dairying
' pu TOWS. Stock. dairy. fixture'', and terming utensils,
will be sold with the Perm if desired, Galas perwhals
ly disposed of.
Situate In the 110100X13 of New Milford. fhisquetourna
county, Pa., pleasantly located on the Main street. neat
the genre of the town. Lot MX feet good con.
I venting two-story dwelling, a good sized garden spot.
and a convenient welter good water. • .
onefoerth of g mile from the borough of New
IDeem' Improved. and the balance well timheted.prinet
pall with chestnut and hemlock. • A good linx4o feet
barn, and a thrifty young orclmrd.'
known ea the CITAMBISULIN HOTEL: In Minion Il*l
tissnarbautui te..Ps— (*Disinter D'acnn of land.
mostly Improsed.wilh 'Hotel. Wagon Barna and OM.
balldinT,a. Convenient either as a hotel or sof btrati2l
. Auto A - .
for the mann Curare of Cider trendy, le good running
eider, lately ocayined by It.C. VeU. decor...hi. end about
nperetcs of land adjacent to the aforeaald noted . prop ,
Terrain ,
Made 4.317 to salt the purchaser. ppm coed aecurity.-
For pants:elan inquire of Ali, Realty. DVAINVAT
httuttause, P 5 .4 or of the imbseribet 04 the ibilhrt •
ltioureirarto. Bridgewater. Pa. • ' • •
JOHN aAvirrk•
Aprll th, 1878:-.11.
Almost every case Cured with
DESM SIRS: During a residence of some
ten years in Siam and China, as a missionary, I
found your Pain-Killer a most valuable remedy
for that fearful scourge the Cholera.
In administenng the medicine I found it'
most effectual to gave a ten-spoonful of Pain-
Killer in a gill of hot water sweetened with su
gar; then, after about linnet' initintes, begin to
give about a loblespotriful of the same mixture
every few minutes until relief was obtained.—
Apply hot applications to the extremities
Bathe the stomach with the Pain-Killer, cirer,
and rub the limbs briskly. CT those who had
the Cholera; sad took the medicine faithfully,
in the way stated above, apt out of ten re
Hr.:V. R. TELFORD, 3llsvionary in China.
DEA It Silts: During a long residence in Chi
na I have used your valuable Pain-Killer, both
in my own flintily and among the Chinese, and
have found it a most excellent medicine. In the
Summers of ISte3, while residing in Shanghai,
I found it an almost certain cure for cholera, if
used in time. Indeed, using it in a grent marry
insult:tow, I do not remember tailing in a single
case. For three years I have been ;editing In
this place, more than Stty miles from a physic
cian,and have been obliged often to, tall upon.
my own resourres in cases or sickness. The
Chinese come to us in great numbers fur
medicine and advice. Though without medical
knowledge ourselves., the few simple remedies
we can aminmend are so match In advance even
of their physicians, that we have almost dally
I applications. We allow them to tome, because
it briny us ha contact 01 ills them and opens s •
door of usefulness. lit diarrhea, colic, vomit
ing,PAPEß. cholera, coughs, etc., your Pain-Killer has "I".lALir MT
been my chief midi ire. Yours, very truly, THE SCIENTIFIC AVERICA:si is the cheapest nal
Rev. T. P. CRAWFORD, Tungelinw, China. best illustrated weekly pmer printed. Every number
Tlux‘e usin Pain-Killer should atrial contains from la., 15 .o.l,inal ellZTalrth . 01 "i . e.! 3.ln
g ctly ob. etavery. hiveaihias. images, Engineering Works
Serve rho following directions: Archth dare. Improved Fame linn . lements. and every
At the commeneement on the diseate, take a nest discovery In etienimry. A feu s asursets &mudo
tsu na e es, nail sever.ti hmaired engravings. lboasands
teaspoonfal of Path-Killer, in sugar and water
volumes are preferred 6.1 . hooltn„o and reference.—
and then bathe freely arnms
tire 'Sll.llllaCh and i The pnialcable ft COI.. are It C . Sordid centrethe
hots els with the Pain-Killer clear. Should the,„ subt , wtalon Taretv dl a PM., by rn6li•
diarrhea and cramp continue, repeat tbedose3.l mans ~n it (n.. ztav nr had fir nu nray .dea.s
ever tee b a s e term+.
y fmeen militates. In this way the dread- !g oa d, o r 000 trial 0 u 0t0 0,..„ ezdm:n,vl. stud
ful scourge may be checked and the patient advice tree. All panda. arc nuhlistml to the Scientific
relieved in the course ef a fess hours. I .Ameriren the reek they Lane. Scald for pamphlet, 110
N. K—Be sure and get the genuine article;; pai... e ,.: i.r esnrinzt i ,. ; w r l ; ?lst o r direction...toy obtaining
e xer. Or COPLO'DIng patent...
and It it recommended by those who have I WlttiN & ro., m Park flow. N. Y. Branch sake, car
used the Pain-Killer for :ire cholera. that in ea- !wr'cf F 4 ‘ 1,4 7 ' 1 . 6, W.sblugion,D C, easts the patient take two (or more) tea•
spoonfuls instead of one.
The PAIN-KILLER is sold by all the Drug
, gist and dealers in Family Medic ines.
rgy - Priee, 25 and GO cents and
P fin Y DA s - rs & S
51anura. k Prep's. JIG High, St., Prov.,
Oct. 15, 1873.—1 in.
At L S libel's Jettalry Stand,
Who tar-en nnl nook nf the fbilowtag
gcnn....111 be h•on than elfewh. sin
Nurtheru YnnuoylreaLs:
aLd a ren.ral Antortment of 1711.1c11 Tletchandise,
Sheet V vie. Violin :Win*, etc..
All Pine Wltch Itnpolrlng Sewlttz Montano, and 0..
door,los o .00L) by gaols Ittpnlre)) by
L. P. MelinaJoh.
& lYlolhnish
Sept. to. IS 1.-1..
r—tvlug NEW 60.1D5, and keeps Con.
un iintid 4 foil old liv•lrat•te of gen..
Moe LIiUGS. N t it KaIICAI,B. Paha*, Oils
Dlestiali, Tr Ai, Stout, sod other groceries, stone.
wane, Wray per, 4 o is s•ssrs, till a )a ro, mirrors, lumps,
Minuets. keriteette.-Olarbt arty 14110ere * AIL beau,
foot all, relliten 11 OA , COIL oil fur latiterns.oll for
•: tiny isisentaes, U.. se 011.6perto OIL apirtsatraes....
V•ent sties. ratm r tin 0. V loraitir.Y.itseh C 004.1011
Lye A Alt hut. e.TruAoer.
lust mown LA. Ahuulo..
earl Ha i r e. rootlet. Shia, Lostl. taxa Cap*, husstaha
riormit And PA..., %. Wort, erring*. Lossai:ete. Flutes,
ets.. linur., a d Llurs.R , r angTolletlioaps.
H A , Oil-. Heir And !lair Dyes. BrashAA.
Pocaertioirie, inuicturistt, Silsor and [alter Plated
1.1 Deatlat Articles. A genet.
el als-tete. DI At
P thicY 4401: ]S JEWELRY. and PERFUMERY.
An tau:is/Ming and hoot kinds of
The peopl• Imo 1t..1 Wadi at the Drag and Variety
F0u.1.16:3. EstAbliebed 1843.
B UMW & _l7 01101 A PROPRIN2iO-la
13 ri csl/„. Mit2cbc4r.. 331E,0, is *3
SCc desire to nay to the public that nor store it well
stocked with Drag". Medicines. Paints, Oils, Varnish,
Brushes , . Combo, Perfumery, Fancy Articles. proprie
tary and patent peeper along. and all other a tielea esti
ally kept In Bret class drag stores. We guarantee btu
goods genuine •tot of the best quallt•. and esti) be told
et low pr,ices far tag. Ileepectlully Vours.
A. B. ft
Montrose. Feb. 00.1873 AMOS NICHOLS.
ru be andessigned having- relitted i redintilCed avd
restocked the store : formerly occupied by H. Hen.
ion. Jr.. at
lab the p l i tir
... 1 , 11 . e . ( 4 , 1 %0f . re i z0 m eo gr i pr o e i parsd to Into
. .
As can be !baud elsewhere, and at as Palatable Prins
O. rit Crane.
Linville Canter. Pa.. Marcia 111. 1573. -
Ia parnotaea 'of nn order et the.Orphatte` :Coulter
612,que.tentut County. the undermireett, admtalstretor
of the estate of,Jane Sultb. des d., Will *ell, at fatale
sale, on the premtses lo.t.ait Bridgroratet,
• .. - Wedneaday, sth;-1873;
t o'clock. pp.. m.. the {allowing dear ;lbw)
xlt: TUE LOT OF LANE) bounded' op the oorth by
tnd* of, Mr.. L. Kconodou the coat by lode of.ri. (J.
A ,,mr,re., on the Nuyik by the plank nod; and int theP
‘rt'at 47a Public fotitoraY, coma role:Learnt ouottall an
arc of Laud, tiu the lame mere or leas, with the sport ,
TELlffili rodeo kapwp on day of BOIL • - .
Bari Bridgewater. OeL Bth..llM.der.. - •
oveplaptrry rou • •
is *fared In a community needluitt agpnerat variety
trore—nt UALP.tiIDB. ("Modes Content") Muth Brook.
lyu. titorolmiklit g..itct be AniPben) fur rale ur to Mini
Apply ea tbe prompts, trim October 10Intol'itb,or ad
dz era. '• NOCK 31 Au&
. tixtuum.faiinty,
Oct. Bab 1878.-2tp, .
NBLIRANCF. NOT/CF.—Herleg been In the leper-
EOM 1148 tta sr for the pelt /*vet ! }caws' I linen eptelf
idled snladrecodriar..A,,, , i neyinut ceneroeil *id( ray
egmbination or Iprajor t 011.1.14-1 no4nll.
I Oblla clier...e 4 ri.14.9.b4b14 fete 04 411 . Ci411144 Or /14 .
milli% pa/petty. -
Capital'adveletited '<mei 11281,006,17001 '=
cuas. Q Wl=,
Goo. T.. Rowell
On M ithood. Wotannhood. and their mutual interdr”la
thin*; Lille. its Law's . .. Power,: etc. ire inning
from 15 to 7:5 ctnilee a day. anti tro rend a iiiiita4in_
book rive to book anent. Adclreva.. tinting evpialryce.i
etc.. NATIONSL PII..LISLIING C3-15111'4,
. . i t y h . e . O li nla y‘„ t ., ll . l k va i; ‘l l :;,;r i : e t n „ l , t d a: d l ; I n , .
thority uposTractleal yubJocte• and a llfgb.4•ooed 1 11.
crary Journal. Only $1 I' A a yosr—lete to club.. Oreat
Itemlunu or Ca.. Commisoloni to Agent•. Thirteen
„Nornlwr., (Oct. to Ja•t„) ou trill, for only flit, rent. !
P rein' UM Mate. etc.. toot tree to Mil .ohTryi/mro. Ad.
drew.., ~... ~. It_lt,. T. _MOORE. l',„vr„liork Cltz. ,
Why "Housekeepers!. Manuel" Sells.
A spa:meal Agent *aye: 9.7nWlce ail tuber book., It
baps (MOM On WOMrcre attention. A hon.ow.botwe
mess payer $70.00 In one week was awde by a elngle
Porten:it J; 6, MUD 41' .. 0047
- ' New Yuel. fluetou„ c up
Oolumbia 61noical tiotitute
A Ikutriling School for Yogng 0rn. , 1 , 1 For dr -
EWECODK s'orr rrady fur kr,ente."Hurne
In the 8.h1e." B Da. lel Morth,
an 8.. arithur er -Night Beene. In the tlible" end .•Onr
Fnther's Ilmane." Of .14ch ..07 !woo roAo. of eneh
Wero rota. bead for CirculAr. ZinGLLB , .11'CUBLY.
61i Area .t., rhiladelphtn:P4.
100Fertners ant , Fanners' hette durtng the Fall anti
Winter month. to do ho.into. In their own
a,.Jotoing townrhip.. Unel new envy. revert:able. et d
ply,. well. Fur Parttculate, math, ea d. S. M.:MINTON
& - -"
1 C) 0-1 % .4
,ti t
Si 4 0 111,%'7: -.Vi
A GEN T7l WA NI TED. S. to; tor I'ni,ll , goc.
DP M ElTic 17EWIN9 Y
• ' Mr. IEI " _ _
The cbeapeet and but In ihe market. Warranted truly artnn. npe. Int 11.enct rd. to Warning 31a-
China Azrato and the country trade. Liberal tame.—
Asap t mr..l,ted. Bend for circular.
ilanutacturtra nut; Pat:mere :tillt-e.431.1,Wa10ut 84,
• ~, P hilatteNblas Pa.,'
G i c AT1)W..!•41.(4L,..E...A,..L sn EV an D d lt u E , TAll ,
I 3 Con. and C-p Males. G.uds feat to all
parrs of the country
napress - C. 0. be eannrln- -
ed belt°, paid for 14e a kmnoinc W. it C.
Scolt .t.. Sons Mutat: Laadcr. with fLa.k, pouch and
ricanind rod. idol boxe.d. for sls. Send rump for
price lot 8111 T & tql.a..ins, :43 Bro.thray and to
Ctiabasi St.. N. Y.
(No Tar need), for ont.ld, work end I n•lde. lutteed of
pbo.ter., Felt crupettuip, ctn. - Send two - 3.cent f tarot"
fur othailar dud trimplee... J.
FIRESI DE 1111, ?a , i7 , 7rii.'i D n ' Y r i f ; r17.3 4:
ATIVOOO, produce the ducat lI fht. Can be need on
any coal oil Inv. Fsertil 6y all ki , rop dealer!,
- Alm Neutral Stephlte of I.lcow. ne h 7 BM.
LING& vLsrp* Do-tun. form. rsy J. It Nl,h.
S Co.. keeps elder •Irtet %it round. Near Yea
..flier. 9 eOlie,!V
ny an who wort for us. It upon writing lon do riot
find - us all squnre, we will 2tre you one dulluf tor Mir
trouble. Send •Latry fur..rir.Vare ,
0. U. flrCia,7,l , 4, CO., Tekonshet, Mkt.
QTAMPJERING —Dr. Whito'. V. 4. t mm-rfrg
Alm 417 Fourth Vrutir, N. Y. 13,m, tererau.ce•.
W (YUEN .'!liNo..rt'ivr?..l.d.d l4 ,Sruf.tV.:::
dry. Book, thAnkw.. 'lttetr- uap tocalfrics. No
capital utedv.l. `-ertilldtrne. - term.. e.c., s.'ul free.
P. O. NICKERY S CJ., Au.u:tri, Ile.
~- „t, PF.R DAY I Arent.. niantrd !
WC/ Al ellain.r.. of working people,
nr either poi* Otoig or old. maks num. olocoy.tocirf,fr
for or In itn•lr mom 111. or all the I -or than nt
elan. Partlntlano hire. Address G. bTIN
CO.. Portland Mahe.
New Adverthemente.
/ 7 " ,
OT IOE Ii hereby given that the petition of a major.
4.• ity of the fm:loders re4ltlMg within the diormt
hereinafter dmerihrti. • id be !aid hefore the Grand Jo.
ry or Scvvicluen unty. at the November Term.
ion praying fur th e n orponttiM: of raid district t r io
rough, by the name, style. and title of the Borough
of Great Bend Villtgc. and by the follow fug bonotm
des, to wit: Bctinulng on the hank of the Stiqpieh•
nun River at the non hu - est earner of 3tr. Aehlonie
land: thence smolt IS 4 egl22. 2.22 ,22Z nods toad up,
ple-ttee. south SO s west 51. 11 9 Lode to a plod tree;
thence north 15.4( thgrcee west rods to • poet awl
tiem44; thence north 23 tlegteC4 went 1433 i Itias to a poet
and flout.; Viola"! north GI tiegmee vast 154 roes tli
the bank of said ricer; therm.: sottt b t 1 grees 0..11 23
Mile, south LI degra.,l4 rapt LI .rec1.:7".21,9 dt-grros
east 115 rods, south AO ilm:recro curt 19 code, by the. see.
brel conned awl dist:nom of said river to the pines or
ELIICU 'n" Vet t ifi r oitere:
Great Bend. Oct. 13, 1873 . - fw
~ • ,
.he an dorsi:Meal offer o fur hie GRO CERY
PERU nIORE. Tituatee neer The canal to rho boron • h
of ShieliThisny.:Pe. Lot feet lien rAsfrO Get.
More art dweding . 204C0 Met. or.Ttlyt inoott
thee( for the ttreolneltAlattott of boatmen. A fair ton
- of both town and canal e.o.m. VVOI roll cheep Sr eaell,
or would eachanat fur a form I suitable. Thin to n good
chattel, for any Otte to enema alit id erntelYbou e. proses.
Meg all, the a:au:gos of raililLant town, and one In
which ion be meths an my eon comfortable living, he
eiden laving rip something for a relay day. Full etude
of meads nn hand. roe.etlen atom when Tl. sired.
Enquire of or POW3I.OIO4ItEISOri.
Ott. f, 1413.-Bw, r, P 4.
AUDITOIt'S 140T/t.l:- The andrreidned barium been
irppotatd , in. Atiditari Orpharit.' Wart
of Litirauthlidtaleatibty .to ';dirtilinator .Itsn rand; In
of, lticar \Climburn: aariadtririttor Ottlie
tate of ;Triinunri io7 te,l lata: fir :Ararat
decrarcil, 101- attend to:04 dutiar!or tditrariPottitt
meat at t h e arricr or Fiteb Watson: in Itordrorc,iii
eriday.Orttairittliti; !WM, at I p. m. of Whinn
time and placeill prr-ona tracroarart In said lurid mad
prement titirciatmr. or ba ((nacre debarred, tram corn.
It g upon iaid tund.- - ,••
- - W. W. id ATSON. Azaltar.
Mantras?. Stpt. .
. .
ritsr,o2V - 4',EsszoN..4 °PAS' Es*di
Pausal) mid for Ma belifit of Taflao
11 v. •*D"Of ntts alto tidier fwm ..NEItVOUSDEviLi.
TY. LOS% UT , MAN11(4.)13.. tic.. rupttlug 04. weans
r•O'cter 4 Ina* br urge arta) Ulm) Itlturrif pft«r
undrraolng conafd) table ard re.l.lfrtronft•
coiving a porlitaid )111teloo envo . lopc.
Settforen) are intlt"l to patlreer Ole 1401%
153iiirOOLIJO.' "
Juno ,
- 'Loin
- •
Of choice brands. foi tale at the !tor of -
an inettof
4.l appointed by tho Orptinua Conrt.frf
. banianbann
County ht Muds to the hand+ ur Ithtr,y, J.
tklinetN.r•PXll(iii Or the rant‘sorr.)las Itrnnett.deea.
hereby git ttntlca - that - tt will alumni* tho•duttaa
apoitinly,en Lott lifs canna in blootrosa, no Friday:
- Ora. iil,bl7d.nt 1 O'clock p. In., at ghlth tlmo'cld pOcp
hlilmrwua rntotti.o4 win make Wl°3lll'ool , elllwkor
be Gantry: dithaztad Odin coming In nu paid Nod.'
h. pli,o,etimoN.
. ,
Montri4e, Sept: 21, ,; , ,
triTLES iSs'EL.4.IaST,ZE, .
Arrow.; RV'S L imisoved thair ' yew
Office. 00 11 0 0.4 tatrtel/ II 5 1 ,1 tr '
, fl:Lrrrie. ,
P. Lirect,
E. L. IhamoiLer.
licntrase,Oet. 1,18T7
- • - , NOW TAILOR.
fSb• p ever Dem Ce Boot Btom nett to thw.postodi.i.'
Work do so tt i the beg oil). Olvr Ina 1,411: . • •
liatnalt, 0:03, V3n4Gl•;w4si.zsit',
,Clommivion Mt!! c tianU4,
a". 3ELCillir7tl3l3.,
Produce end commisslcui Zhu:Nutt
f IT De, SI:. Nour,3oxii.
Contignments nollelted and reform' made kozonOttfr,
yon nab+ of goods. Send for liblpplog club and Ma
References: .
•. Pork Bonk of No... York. .
• North Brow Baokof Ntor York.
Nam" Nat!rout Mom of New York.
Long Island Brink of Brooklyn, N.Y
F00.12.1trf3.-- kr.
The Harnts.
The money market practically remising.
unchanged and is dull, owing to the ilif
Acuity 'of ' uemitiationa ,
hanks are discounting a;little se possible.
There are no chintzes in note in the rate
Gm minter. 'llie,ritte gained for. Call
bet wren brokers lunged Tram 12@15
era. Other time 103118 are scarcely
Commercial paper of , the high
est grade, with 'first-class collatr.rals, is
rooted at .15a13 per cent., while other
names lees fheorably . httown, rate at high
as 24 per cent... .
G o ld wat nearly steady. opening at
108/, went to 1081 and tell off at itogts
to 108 f, The rate at the Anal "close. was
108 S. A higher. Sterling A nal
Gold •
s OS
5 20 Coupon ISW3
5.20 CouponlSll4
5-20 Coupon
3-29 Coupon 18135jy...
5-20 Coupon 1.857....;
5:20 Coupon 1508
New 5 per cent. bonds
13-40 s. ..... .
Paris Exchange...
Sterling Exchange .
Cunency Bonds
New York, Produce BrarkeL
Cgrreeteti weekly by Illirdinq, Harden,
3..°5 Washington St., New York.
Butter, tnb
" pail.
Cheek; dairy, pur lb
" factory"...
Eggs, per . doz
Flour, per barrel..
"Cornmeal, • .
Wheat, per bushei.
Corn "
Flops. crop of 1878
Tullqw "
Lard per lb
Potatoes per bbl..
Apples "
Turkeys per lb— .
Cbickeus "
ihn•ks "
, . .
11 EGISTEIrS NOTICE.—Prauc.. Nona:
i 4 hereby given to all persons eutieeiies,i ui
. .
tl.e following Emotes, to wit:
Dm:Le - of (3,orp W. cranclal, bite of Liberty
twp.,ilee'il, Mary Criindall and John linen,
II mn Administrators.'
Estate of Jainai Ransom, late of Letiox,,—
township deed. Elnattian ibinsom,Eicittor. •
.r....nata of W.N. - binarill, nue - Ornat bend
township, Aka, W. W: &anvil
Estate of - Chnries W...jackson, late. or
Hoop township, thief:, ii. L Tiffany Atniaiiitra
Estatoot Nathan Fish, late of Ness , lllltOrd.
township, tlee'd, Iknnis Shay Atniiiistrutor.
Esuite or- Walter T. Dinunick,lftte of Ilenifir.
township, Deed, .Mary A. Ditutrilek ExeCtlar,
Estate of John M.otiligontery..late Of Album
township, detfd, Martin Mantgonaeiy Adinints.
Estate of Samuel llull,luto of New Milford
township, Francis Hull Executor. ;
EStaie of Henry Chandler, Into of :Thomson
township, Tee d, banal Chandler ExeeariL • •
Esto, of John Harrington, late of Bridge
water township, deed, Jetnima and H. H. Mar.:
rincton two of the Executors.
late of
, •„.
Estate of Abititha Millard, late of Bridgewa
ter ioWnstdp deed, Abittiba'Milldrd, sod'
3lury.R Mil rd Administrators. ' • '
Estate of C.l tl Ntillmarth,: late or lftekscip. ,
teed, Frank AV ardt AdeuiniArotor. •!. ;-•
Estate of Jae Dutcher, late of qibson,deedr
W. T. Ca'Se Administrator. .
Estate 01 Loren Newtnii, late 'of pH:001c
dee'd. C. 6. Gates nod Emily Newton Adminis
Estate of Reuben. C. Vail,,lsie 44.New,1111.,
ford. deed, Samuel Vnll Aslulinistfatoe.
EA:de of listioDenuison„ minor, 8111110 rieti.
!.11 (son Guardian. .
E.,: tate of Apoie Dennison, minor, i nllio Deu
alson Gusrtlisn.
loto.e. of. Wm. IL Lyon, minor,,Amon
, .
Kent Ounrclinn.
'Trutt, tint accountants have, settled ,
counts in , the Iteitister's, Office' in and for' the''
county .or Snsqtrehann,, , and that the saute will
he pr,rtented,to the Judges of ilte Orphans!'. -
Court on . Thurailay,,Noventher 13,1872, , f0r mutt-
firuiutioii and" allowance. , ,
H. N. Tf air, Negistei.
Register's Offlrs.7:ktoberls,lB7t
()TICE IN PARTITION - .—To JinekiseA
.Iteyriolds, of Jerse Cily:Nctr JetacsAllith - - ,•
crino Cos, of Wilkes-Barre, Pa. ,Edward Brown
and Thomas Brown, of 'Jersey City. N. J.:MarT
Jane Brown, and John Brown, of Staten Is
land, and Eben Bmwn, of
Tian "NoT.ICE. 'That, Whereas Johanna
Coughlin, late of Silver Lake township, in 'the;
county of Susquehanna and State of Pensylva-'
lila, died intestate; seized in her derritima , as. of
fee of end in a certain tuessauge, and trant..of •
land situate in the township ofj,lberty:.lit Abe,
county id - Sitsquelianna and Sae ,of 4 4 inisyle
can la, described its follows In Conituene-
log at a hemlock 'trey being the `northwest
ner of lot No. 142 and near the road dr
way leading by Mahars's settlement
,(so' enlltsl)
to Silver Lake. thence south Adi x degrees' cast
5111,10 perches to a post; - thence south IN de
gressNe.clt. tf,ll-10 perches to the centre Lot the
highway Taresald, thence north
.westerly Alan
saiallighWity to a post and atones sine thence
north, lq degreri-elist 10 rode to the' place 'of
beginning. ecntainlng 13 acres bf land, be 'the'
samo more 4r less in pursuancabf an order of.
theOrphans' Vnttrt of said cßuntV pf liosque
hatiria, an inquest will he held' On said premises
on Thursday, Norefiitter Gth.lo73td ten o'clock
In the fon-noon. to make partion thereof to 10a
among the :heirs and• legal. representatives of
said Intestate. In such manner and in'•sneli
portion as of ells ,commonwealth di
rect ;'btit if catch partition cannot be made there;
of, then to value and apprtlsd the aanao - accur-`
ding to law,
M. 13. iIEL3IZ, SberitT.
?font rase, October 15,7 8Td. • -•
6DIT ' OII B NOME.—Thennotelnegned hiving brill
.1.1. uric tinted the Court cq Common Place f e e d. m,
gnawing entitle, an•Andlrnr to dtdrlhate the fa
nonlc of Ille - A.Wlgnent of Henry Ackert: s 111 attend Sr'
the mineufhl. apprintnirni. at Mantrap In Hindman,.
OD Friday. Oat. al. ten. at 1 Velnek p. tn. "All perrouir
Interected will appear an. pmseat their Odra). or I» .
furaverdehatred trout coning In on cute fund.
I/. W. dEAltLs.,Andittd.•l•
1401 . 11010.'0Ci.ici.19i3.—w4. •
-FXECUTOTrit Itionen. Wherraaletter* tosulmeolit.'
ry to !hi, estate of Jar. 13 q moor., lore ..r : New Mil.
lard. deed, tae hron gr41110:11 to tiro a harr. folett, - ;41
persona 14 6 010 fo +old stralv. are ' , landed to mall
irrtmalate payment. sod dioto , cln rut arainr4
the Woe, lue requeshal In prraerd thlon !It out delay.
• • P ALD) 1 1C111.
• 11011AVIK A;.,:-L" 111:15;
BiFd lant, POUSt.4. . , '
Ssw Mors; 0ct.16th, 1871.
...110,4 ' 119 . '
...106 107 ' •
-105 107 , 1
...107 ,-.1,0711,•.,
...110. .1 0
...112 - 11),
.'. 110 K 111, ..
...iimg 'lO7 6 - 7,
...-.104 107.. 1
-491 480 •-
, 146414 .
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