The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 08, 1873, Image 2

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N°Tl". - I Legal. 1 pip
of Apala4 Will he tuld at the hon. of Joseph 1
, - I Beetle In veld twhip.
' • i 'The Clectlof or , the dietrkt compotTd o ne
horn - - i
All poreons owing or having claims fi ' Milnek c. A. ,- . * , - •
7 eihr.P. rim receirstsd 10 c•• 11 nn the subscriber pro- 'A UDITORS,NOTI , F: -The tanorisomted haring been g. 1 ,,V, r , r 1 1 147 ,r,„ 1 ,!,!1,1, b ,; 1 .1,11 7h '77,,m‘ m ' on e flea! P e .
sloes tolko Aret of Jenne*, DEL . 1 . ......_ ...' t ni. unpainted by the Caurt of Common Pie, of Sne. c• ,• ...7- ;- . -- • - - 1
111.,.%•ct oh for the dletrlt icomp,,,,,iof theta-01 1 , 4 01 0
D. A. tat aunt-. (incline tie Ornate, an Auditor to dist ONO! the times in of
to will be held at the house of Jeans Loth In
Lonna., Oct. settee . i ' e•nd. of the A eragnen fir Beery Aelet t, trill attend to
-..-- -.•••••-,- - --..-- the , nt 1. of Ida app/ frame% at Itle °Cleo le Atmore.. , Ilt:A i lllP. froha
~,a f t h, h i
CANVASSING 1100Kh S E:ei FREE FOII nh li r r r , ;4, l , l ,rf 7,41- 1
,3,' • ..••'• 4y ..d.1,1',;11, 1 t1r 0 , r1 : .., I ndge ' rra . ;i n v u • ill he I:eld'ltentrLti.n".l.lourirtkle'
PROF. FOWLER'S GRE AT WORK, t re ' re,•ereete,re.i g l i ' g r i-Zaiirrion reed. ' u' e r ;:etVii 3l otr '' fOritha dl Mai arm of the to ..
elle, of Brooklyn will he held at tho
of Jamey 0.
SEA , ItLE, Anallter.
On Minhood. Womanhood and their mutual inlrr.rola.
e, iii ,, z _ Attmtrott_o. 0ct.1e! „. .1871 -wit.. ..
EMI orl In slid township.
The El, ellon fur the dieltrTct 'moose( erfOlitiorn
book free to book eat ot Adore. 'dating et peience. a r 111TOBN NOTICE . -Th., an derplg t ed hal/octavo. apt/ of nes - epet will he to•ht et the PChouf /loose nmir •
I frt li t 'a m . -iti l io n is r. ein i" iiln . cle r 7,t .' und 'U nie rood St canvassing - .
etc.. NATIONAL ell el.lail I Jr il CO., I%ll '
3, PA. .11 atootointed an Auctitor, by the Court of C,Onttlloll E.d.Ord( lark sln sold ton nehip. - I
_ Pier a or , Su cl equlttra crenty s to jlllrabate l the twirl , •
h i l l , olt ., r i ts cl fz r r , g,tzitt,..ll , cr o cr . / ig t t . he of ALsr h a a
si r II In r-avicolit'sfttßAL N RW•VOlitt B ; .' ;7te i ttli tf:rl ' het ' tl ' Ai; ';',,lr;4;',lnfiuLtinn%7Affrerkrit.._',l4........ t. slid tonship.
Die Greet 'llluidrattil Agrlcaliatie and . Atontroae, Pah), 0 L 17 , urn. at 1 o'clock. n , m. at - The }amain] for the district composed of the Borough '
gi w ilm e t,...„,„„„ . i a . ito , f0,„,0. 0r d Ar,
0 141i fo tterc and plaCo L arll poreeras imermitheav itie;a4,..apeliff.3lo,l-est!etieet...l.Pe.l2,eadier-114bek-bit.telli
iv" '''''"-""'"'` lt'V n ii l . VitE , Y a l di to , The El r ectlon for the riletTici costipm.ed of thetetiec
timidly new. Pructlcal Soleccts or d a nigh Toted T.. 11•
entry 30antel. Only $l.lO 0 retr-lees to t Into Great „____ Sept.
hip of Iltintrek will_bc bald ht. the bonne late of T J.
Preilianis or Cash Comniorslot, hl Agents. Th Irlcvn , ...It..we , ua. ISM
Itaton•ek In slid toenthip. 7 •-•-,
Numbe, (Om. to Jan.) no trod. forouly aft , ' , Ante I-
I he Election tor the 'district cronposed of the town.
Pn totem Lists, etc_ rent fire to I 0 .1 subtrribert. Ad. 1 A EDITORS' NOTICK .an Anti. Alp of Purest Lake sill be held at the boa. of Mrs.
dress, D. D. T. MOO li.E. New lot k City. . ea. tot. emu:Anted he Ihe Orphans' Court of Sueque I Bertha Wenn rln raid towdettipe
'banns County to dietribete Pantie in the hands of the 1 The Election for the district compered of the townehip 1
Why "Housekeepers' 'Manuel" Sells. • AdMlstietrator of the estate of O. P.Tallman. will at. of Ftsuldin will be b ld at thTethoof house near Jacob
A sorrowed Agent ~ye: "Ir ulike till other hooks, tt
tend to the Mules of his appointment at alien tn Allard eln said townehlo: , ... 10 ' ,
has A claim on voineu•s attentiou. A house-to-hoe. 51 .7 . 1"Xor•no Fria. Oct? Len. PIM, et e 0 dock. fl ~,:. i
1 he Election forte', diet ettiotriposed of, the Bornrigh I
canvas pt , , ,,, i .. slim In pee we, It wee Jea d e b y a e b, g i e Lo b e: ei t t i !terratts nay pretest tom maims orbs , forever l g i r , r n ixtven. team, ',emu tint cabal hOAlat 114 said I
. The Election fo't therilstriettomposed of the norongh
• - ---- - • ----
01 Gnat 111,-,(1 will ho held et the he
late occupied
by David Illemae in said Bo
d rraten. ' .
The Election fur the clietrlcreomposed antic town
, ,f d lir .y ol; : tl i r 3 n i o r, tll . tet c will . ho hold at theloneetateptrupp
The Election for tne d let rict composed bf tide to anehip
of 011eimi will he held In the Ac-tderny building In alibi
The Ith at Inn fort he district compoird of the townehlp
' ti , f ,
o H i tt o r= IrLil o ti . e o t i t. lei et the he tere lAte of Aii W. Welsh
The Election tot tte diettict Composed or the town
, ship of Ilarmonpvlll ho held at Weld:men of e . Whiter*
In said townslit .'
The El., doe or the Weida• composed of the town
chip 4.1 Herrick will beheld. the limerick Centre Selma '
11011.12 In snot township.
The elcv Oen for thb dietrlet comment of the township
"Tonnage Tax" and "Sutler Creek
of .I..cksou sr ill be held at the house ofJoseph Chary in
said tewnshp.
Railroad' , Walker.
rte. kI, mon for the district compased of the town
-1.1111, of Jessup will be held at the ho
of Daniel flog
iu 'Lain towarldp.
We have not resorted to the desperate The
o x tin. forthndbetrietcompondor the towttehip '
a Lenox wit! he htld at the house of Grow A Brothers
method which the editor of the "Ring'
la ~,la township.
The eler non tor the dletrict composed of the town- '
managers has done. We have not stooped hip of Lilo rty will be hold atthe dowered School house
to simply low personalities, generalities i s said townehip.
The El. 0 lon for the district compOied of the town- 1
and the only argument of a convicted and hip of lationop will be held at the Rilistlate School
house in said turned:tip.
0 r i t h i e cl el o ttti , on for Lou oistrict tempera:4 of the Borough
cornered antagonist, "You lie sir," with-1
ti ether. .win to held at Mc Schou{ Hottro,lll,
old Borlonah
out giving our readers the least specifica-
The election for the distrleteotoposed of the totinshlp
of qichlietorre will be held at the hnose of Otis Rost to
tion wherein, simply asserting mterepre
said township
The Election for the di nract rompoeed of the Sleigh
sensation, without proof, foundation, or
of Montane will be held al the Conti Iloilo/ 1 veld
thorough 1
designation. We have used the legitimate
Tits electhm Ibr the dletrict composed of theßorottub
of New Milton] n 111 he held id [be house into of John
method of testing the popular sentiment
Yanrot In said Borough
by presenting their OFFICIAL ACTS fur' The election tor the district &mooted of the townehlo !
of New Milford wilt bo held at the Loose' of Phllender '
ea inney. to Boroughs f New Milford,
enderzement or rejection. We i rs. - 1
The CJOtt thei ihu dtrict composed of the town.
ented Alanson B. Walker's record as he I slop of ontinno will beheld at the hens° lete Of Thom-
ae Munroe In said towashfp,
made it when a Representative of the peo
itt CA4 E . El Tie "'s
........ The election Air the alttrict composed of the town
rhip of eturLh will htld at the berme of N. D. Snyder in
•s lid ...whip.
pie of Wayne county. Ile voted for tile
• ~ -
Penney) Janie Railroad "Tonnage Tax" ;
, y.l - ,; k F.:. 1 ; le- - 6, 1 -T t , ttroe
~ ie .., _4_,- J,,,,,,,„,..a .e • -e ' Tilt eixtme fee the district composed of the town- !
ship of Springville will be lield at the bons* latel,taf i
Spot. er fl leas I Wee Id townetop,
scheme which took hundreds of thousands
'''''PA 5 4 1.1 100, % .4• The ulettiou for she district composed of itl teeth-
•hi p of , , Meer Lake will be Midst the hoes' Woof IL i
of dollars oat of tile tax ridden masses of - - mieceete. la cold townehlp. ,
m yna mee t ii . on fur ni p district composed of the 'Pint
AIDISNITS WANTED. Send for I oteloene.
this commonwealth and placed it in their
, „,Vi .I " lte l tou lt :e ftalg e h p6 trzltrenro.l Depot ""' he
ee in eald
DOM INTIC IiEWLNO -MACHINE CO " ., N. Y. kS ll W E r i ll i e l L .S ted B l;y % the Court of Common Pleas . "
pockets,and a portion of it went into the - - - •
. 1 . 3=31: -- - - o f Slh•tinelltilinn Count) and to me directed, a Borough
will o g „,„ e to onto by public e ee de e, a t th e The Election for the district maniimaed or Cho Second
pockets of recreant Legislators as he par- ? Court Hulce in 3lontrose, on Ward of the Panonah of ensouebsneo Depot will be
chase of their infamy,und the people both unlit iki ujitiNGER i ,,, ‘, tho b... occmplell by Andnste. Brinson la said
Dori 13_11
Friday, October 50, 11473,
i Th r electron for the district compered of the town
De Lt and Republican marked them
shi p
of I homoon .11 be bald at the house late of •
as official r als, and wiped them entire- I eelhadynsthlg epe• lal Moo, to. eta lit %%asking La- eels • or land, to nit - 1 .'" r .'" ' ld '" l l° " la " "" bl P*
Tim cheapest and best in the market . Warranted truly at 2 o'clock, p. no , the following pieces or par
I st.., nutty LOOS n and glee beware, IP to and by the
r.mtdry trade Muni
Ith "' lin . •C 'al. art ef JulY 2, UV. directed... That
ly opt of their nadence. A. B. Walker I t ei h e l e ' fo. '`` .. t eTi ' i.:l n't l ' i t g.l (of-circular, All net cert.'n liken c i f ., pyr , el o n cl r ,
o la r n!L o. s y l o t , -: : 1 ,,,,, p 0„.,,,, , ar , p, 4.,1 ic „ . of li. ?ram
I , t o ut ens la.. or spootelmt nt Of profit ur Intel Moder
is a subj of Wayne county indignation, I
t ,
enen l i
: the
lk3 I ,l ° 7:47fle' 11' 07 r PC7, t l y I v 1 ' 11 . 17, . ben ac l p d end'de.
,o e I oiled !Eaten, or of tars etnte, orof atl city or In
-mu-a wren ant PuT r i tt , e t n t A it td :,:. p ,, ,, e , , ........... , , L ,.. ..,„ ale . ° t St .,
..crlinal to folio., to xlt • On ths moth by 'nude of
Hobert iletrhan• eh 16 ° . 4 - hp la' ei" of V. M. ihnl•• i re ,r7 t 7 irro n ts i o " r " . lllr l h n Vh ena " lLTeTitt i' d ' et i Thet: iti ff r er7 '
and the Rev. George Landon was a se bject I
of the just indignation of this coun ty.and 1 ' ‘ itii tt ii " lre 'A . l l - breech- 0
j r;r 4 ,r 3 m S' ai L i R I O ' t i ra d e Re t ! ..o S tt Pi re th :c an Tl ' llll l l3 ' :1?, la nds
Jniltalory. or exer Odra . department ttf this "Stale a; '
r If! 4 •
~ n • , , , Y Y. 1 'turd Slates or onl o c cl !ty or mccuporated dhertetv and
• Fall Vote and Victory. would not dare raise hie head as a canes- I see.... 10 ;me mese Reverters , mat on the eitit ay 'sons tof michoce m r cann, ~,,,t0 0. i,„
Ones and C.p ROM.. Goode soot to ell Lid tor. of land , be the same more or lyee , u ith the :I " ,_ •
....gloat t•re, ander . the select Or CUI11;11011 cOntiCllol Ant
The approaching election, save the date fur path master to this section. It Frzzi„:,„„ pm .„ , , , , ? , " , ..,, 7. . ,./ e i oe, iii to s iv.alst• ize n iis i.ree:..7 eo ltti , tiz. , :'• e iz• two iieeii-terrei:;rel; i i . l t y ie l,w er i,c. mtizlo o rg d ur . nue Incorporated %trice le
may be said that peremp„ehmson a teal- ,'1`,:',."i'...* 9 :-Z .1 1 :1 2 , 1 1.„`r.d 1 ,7,;r11.1f:''24,ta P.l"` h p'T.,°,. 1'.°,70 4 PV - 1"a.',,..:,'. 's.e.` l A`';;',l.l l .- k ,','l,7;aal" ' 6 .' ii - th.' , A or . PPoludi.% 7 Z.' , 4' it '" ( r wect: ' ' ' ''' '' ' ''
Ilarrisburg Patriot, affords an opportu
if f tie Clerk of Any ilea ion ol this Commonwealth, end the t
pity to the Democracy of Pennsylvanut ker has reformed. As evidence of that prtr i e lot NM ITIt 1 otzz.t.i.ES, MI Bro.kdoity raid to Al-
Ltra ham SL. N. I. 10111r:1n g i ' ll i ece ll'" o i l . Va P tla l s u lt " ol:t r i! d lt d Le h ots n n ticl Clif- no Inspector on JUripl 14 other milker of i any such •
tom' lion , eholl be eligible to any °Mee then to he voted
-' ford intwoh.p.. to the CUITOI7 of Se.quebtens. t ur •• ,
to recover their lost control of the poli- we will present a portion of his record
and Stare of Penn.) Mania. The first piece houudral e o i „,..,,,, ~, „ ,..,„i „„ i .. 1,..,„ t.• PO tes e
tics of the State. Three hundred and which he made n hen he repreeented you 1 BUILDING FELT, end Orscrjho las follow. :Co then orth by lends of N ..,1„ „,,,,,; f „,....- if ' - .., y - " Ai l :, . li l ri ' I
, Idundu Bennett , relate of /telltale' Munson ~,,, p ro , •, „.,,,,;,,'„,..Y.7 , ,..,...
r, alt)) gr,,1,"• t u or . Thi 'l
fifty thousand democratic voters have it two years ago. He, under the power given i ' 1 : 1 4 ' ,,, T , " .. ru r, ' „ ). ,t;',.,`,",t .
i2_iiti et zork
~,t 71, ,,,1 un t 1Ze . , ,1 it . e. t e .e 5, d . ; , - .
r f ,' l i t o ( f h ,, L .',„"" a hl i o ";', o l ,":,;:',:' r .N:,d,,„fojilioon"•,,lni and •Ir distil. i w ithiu 11,1. Center uttcalih. wlealver c.n3
hits as your Represen:ative, got a charter , '"''''' . "'" r '"' d '''''P t " t; J. V '' Y ' C'' ' ' ' '' ' N. J. Tip 1 1 3 ', WI I r 'll o r ,, II:e ` , \a , Y , :, ci , i , ,11g! ,, 1%) , ' , •;/' ,f tl ,
e V , : al r. " .ri ‘ o h r:.: g?re r .n r l l ffc ' l r 4 n tr ' n ''c y ...
ii re ' ru n r'_. o w r b o; ?erne 'I T "' IV. .
in their power to redeem the Common
wealth from the misrule of the radical for the • Butler Creek" Itiffiroad, "bleb I FIRE ST. DE Hi'r.' cu"
liS AT
w ..." 91 - E . , ` ,1:8
ilhrh ' 7 r " 7 . t t2, 71 I Nelson La . orSrl.• C01ti . .113.111Z tihOlif i.5.0010.,0r 1.11.(1. be „, ". 1,',,," 4 ”,"„ t 1 „, i '' r o . l j, r ,', ',: r „ G ;',,",.?, I , ~E , 77 1, „h : , l o ."' h r e 4, 4: ”., h ,,„'
Chcle"ci•• mare hY PLlet•• th e tame more or less, whit 11. e toper/No.IM us, one n bi n .„ ti„..., er ..-. e'•lt, t o pr e v e nt r-, 7,1' - ' - ` l2 "''
party and to restore democratic govern- was considered to be a good thing for the
. • •- e. , -, , T e ' ,, v i o e ': i n i p. 2 •T u l r li . l.•, 6 c h l, 7 a t i l l it a l' ‘ 4
r ` i : la Ve•-d un , Orin Mill, wt. h i ton eri , ones . bob. ro-11.1.sec re,mus. 1,,,,,,,„1,c.„,„,„„,j;,,,;",,0fh;f:f,,,T1:,,ft ant, 0".,,i,7
_ c ... inery i mid ohct le
~ i o t o p, t r e , ., :4 l ‘, 7 :,r , ntd r ltt.
Iworic.hou nit id e this - dommoonnotaLtube ;rest tit ire person 0 ' ;
merit to the people. There`are about people along the line; to let them out to
GOD CllfEll ALL THE YEAH 13,01721 D. it'',7,;;,.,1.74,,,,,,i% ih . o . . • tt . .. ,,
, w it ,
o u 1,, Deputy, at the place or bolding citations, in .
seven hundred thousand cetera, all tow, , market if built. The sequel shows that
L RT N ei c liiTi v l i te . kr!lt i e ILL.,:ze.f......:,Lerweig \,r Dili" ...0,1,,g hue .. e
,7,,,,,,.. e i.:T . ,,,,e, (. .t i e 1 z: , .....‘"
r , , !:,- ( 1 , 1 1 .4 suc! or rnr o n .. l, tt c , i . l..tra , t o t o o o r o. tt i or n . sla t il, ,, for the pa rpose of
- .... . ct er rwret ell rt ya • or round, Nuts liOr6 l U ' r I,,X, l l . ,dti A t :: . e' li:ll,e l t,Vti: ' s ' ep 41 1 ,,en:; 1 1. - lu r IT: I'OCIII- P to ill. In tre 4th st,thin of the Set of 'Assembly '
in the state, half of whom are democrats : instead of getting the charter iu the in- .t- I- ie.,. I 1
°Ake. 0 College Pnrce. ty of titiopnementi awl St tie o' P, °belly tri le, bontultd n ,.. 0 n ',„" 00 ' a nn a c ,,, t fr•af,rlZ,Ll'L,•=i,Llat and f°rteuelte.r
The rule of the treasury ring has disgust- . Barest of the people he got it in the inter-
ed at lanai twenty-nvo per cent. of the est of Alanson 13. Vt . alke:' and
that it is E t Ti who la w ° oo.77o. la 1 1 ( 1: Tem writing coo do toe; " 3. 'h'illr:Lf e i ''' vd. ' r\l Ds k, sad r. q. e ny ' ffs t a gr o 7„.",', l 7o S ita m ol i o " „;C o c f cr of q.i, b .,. ° k7,'" h , y " in ,„T oi r o m f .
voters of the radical party to such a de- in such a shape that nothing can be done gUll U. ell square , we will give yon Idle dalin for your t t i t t . -I . ;Ch .t. ' , r , T t li n i t i t ! , :;hl , ti , :• . lll , i , jf fi a h ho , t 7 w o p a n c r e r erl ir al r !Mh l ; ., lle epeclre ' loctlen la thle likunmonwealth." m -.. I
trouble. bend • taino for • mole. to •• Po tenant to the provisioner contained In the ..Teth I
0 11. ISUCKLET ,te CO , Tekonahn. Web. ''''''''".4 l'"n''''.* fee r at it , ee efi t en ieteie `tt ven --; ,ectton of the tact Pforesaid. the dodges of agnetrad -
that they will neither not present until Alanson B. Walker is paid sits PRICE
Also all the following plOtO or pin& of Hod, theme district shall espet:rely take elutrge of the certificate.'
their votes at the polls, or cast their hal- for the charter, which he holds at *50,000. w e r A 141311:11 . 1NO -Dr. Whcces r
. S. Stamno;rir•.; In- 1,Lc. ,, t toX i ttti! .t o o r
, l- , t r ooi.l; ,, l , t n t :It: 3 . 1 0 o ,, n. of s omen of the election of their respective dialects. '
On the north by a i. d t Azle .
t ee4llh , Let t ar u ni ., eo , ln i t i r , I li on; Jed% Ar t ialeact . ..
ill/t8 for the democratic ticket. It is n There is no doubt that this road would t e - ert.i tt ; " e t e ' tite .t e g ,l ' l r . tt Vie ' n ° ,;"2::elie n'''` ``'
e•eeelieil te . . fel'e•" - . et jri:
. • b„,I. of Ilitnel aoh.a.nn. O. C. •-ercraime. and 11. Cr os. on th, ltd.] Jay an Unger ,
• 4,.. TT' e le c tio n bi... ,
safe estimate to place the vote which will have been projected long before this, neie -
, - s: ET R'S NOT - I - CE-Lettere testamrotory male i i ) :l,7r . o ' ll i t ' Zorit l lty l' it:lllll . 4 ‘ 6. 4 r ' i.'l;, i a l i n'ontia Si.
the i'"C i dt 3. ' " ' " Prld:Yr ' 'ben rfth'd ' re etc:f I ;.'.' ' ' lni" I
be polled for the ring state ticket at less it not for Om robbing scheme of Mr. re. ` e " e tt ja e s t i t . f ttt l . ' ita " s t. „„ li „ l i
e t` b ii t a t . d ; d r.::: l into to:dt,"7 , : 1 7'.1',..V."1"A b ."..."•';',77„',1: 1 I f!."..n I. '''. " . ."t • t ' hjr .144' '''.''''‘lA le'n' t '' ' S ' :11:oegaathind7rrydPIC11;7i Or i •
than three hundred thousand. This can Walker . Companies have desired to take .utrwrilm,.... oil
if UP the s int ens
are ' !teen, '..' itb ;he ppurleaarres. •
at: dwellterhortZ. e oed
rze of ' f;toneY .. f ' the e r e'n pac rn ' or derail
h. quested lo to
innstechar t. pa3mear. rind those ear- been. and orator out tin I'd ng...., ait it fruit ire., and all :7 n,„ 3 ,:" 7 2.t ' ' d' n ' t. h ilV " lent !:I.2:6'nllaj:"t'nd:ld alrt(!t;
be easily overcome by the democrats if bold of the work, but could not do so ' Mg calms to arms o ds moon the eet-d , of the .Id de- , nearly improrvd. 'Seized side Mittel. r seNuoto at Ike of the eler 'lon of sad d•drict, tt Ito sloth
pert IV
elite at, to make I. norm the sleet tvitnant de fly, 1 rail of simnel lialletead re Andrew Gales e td.l the thole. rcentred of •
Juage unable to eitcud. all leo-- - the proper exertions are made to poll the without first being bled by Alanson B. LLNAb tiltrytt Eactiat or. AL , O-- 411 that tract or piece er teed. with ,be Dian. Dy an Act t o Arsetehly approeod the nth day of
September 10, ir , 73.-Astr* + emit llot se nod other totildln.t• and lenpri•retnenit Aerll. inn, It le enacted that et -all elections herualter
Will the State Treasurer Explain. full vote of the party. It can be beaten Walker , Does this indicate reform ? Will thn.” en t 1 Itltitato In file t• a nrldp of Dinwek. Itl
I, N. Girls and Boys tweeted to the I nntey of Stortmehlun. oral •••(•.t. ..I l'enosp. lobe 11.1.1 utider the lawn of thle Commonwealth, the polls
sh ill be o soal bet t .
State Treasurer Mackey recently said i fifty thousand if every democrat in the the people desire to endorse such venality ? ' W() 111 E N !LI oar Fra nch and cane... Je- toremiot nod t . r.,11, e„, „ „ n ee ,,,,,,,,, . , Ste m to weeni
f he ,hoe k re of and 0416 -A
t . Book, (Lulea. et , ,In thelr ova torallth..s. NO at a pont. nu the ee.h.ippell en. I. ro. aht et els :none ' D d y ‘ l o l' lk e t ;r ''' ,,, " ,„,,,"71: 0 t % c o , " bot P. I - gi t la e tit ..„
~,, -
"I had less than Yen thousand dollars in state will go to the election and do his If yen vote for Alaneou B. Walker you de c. a t r pltal landed tit tio . .ote. term, , e , ti_,,,itt let,. or lh • it pad of the I •lid of Mid l'shke Set Off . the act y „, tiet i,!,,, t b; ra ,,,l e - o r s e tliwy h e aNt •
it ' e n e t- i - Wdia
the Union Banking Company.' This is i duty like a man. Merit the prediction 7. so and he will be bound to go and do
__ It- ". 'ICKEIt7 ' t '''l. '
Au -n"4.
t " alet r T4Z.i t i h e: " t?s n g ' in " t ' rs v i . ji l i?-tee d an ' ' s i r iZoirliVi t Z ' ' .' ,5 1 “' "1"
lea of the Commonwealth, INa'acted as
one rtatement. But the Pittiburg Post The candidate on the State ticket w h o likewise again if elected. :„:„; 5 to $ 2O P Arci i :, ... lT:
oi ,.., , , a,lizl an p t .. ed nir rrf.,z o ta „ ... , tn i c 0 t.1 „ 1 , °•1 :1 111 . ...0c1 . 7 , 1:14 . C . T , L o o f i o d , oi
i rr o tl o S , torn 1 fu ",:' , . 7.1%4 1 417111rd by the Senate and neut.
_ __ _____ _ _ J either *es.). 011 g In Old. MAO more ornery .11 tr.ll. (.0171of ar t
te. ;mei et ..iii i , trt• Wend and i'srGe. Men et. e p t ,LJ;,,,,,0 , 1 1,- C , p 7iT,,"4ll 7 l,gb i' ;:r t ri, -
of the Ist prints an official statement will receive three hundred and fifty thou- for tor in thrirspereentonents or all the v tto [ hen ht ItOrth slat : y.lloe flegrs_es west
prrettes to a , ~.1 1,7 the authority to the earn, That, the quollSed
from the Auditor - General ' s
office, by sand votes at the approaching election Nal TiLEAL DECAY-PROTECT THE BYSTEJf In c i g.l
. 1 kg CO .,
. ,
p t n tu d iiii l z i r b r:e. Address I. WARP, c , ixo n r. cl t . h. ne t. ; t w li:l , l , . i t l o n° ,o lne o fo i r: . ,:a , Lel oo t cir o th o sirngt o e-
•, ro t, ~, 0,,,,,,,,„„ 1 fooottaa • of n, c 0 „,„„ 0 „,„.,, a t t f,
thence ..,/tOh Alit. en perch, to a corner tht nee il•t. ',l,:ittgl,'..rt tow elteetiiletlions,
'Which it appears that he had npu ards of will certainly be elected. Mr. Backalew The human body is a machine, and therefore
----- __ _ . le de of eald snit-Ward end Pearl., rk.nen , herlPlP • .tiv tickets
to pruSnCtir wAttt e n, A it u v d erallj classlge r d ° rui
cannot endure !Dreyer - bet , like a watch or a ----
l ant any aeries in * cortivrt Wow. by lon.' Pr Jo• i (allows: One ticket shall enatiror-a the MMus of all
tl/,500 in that institution. This is state- last year received upwards of three J)UU- sewing machine, it will last much longer if Iffiecenaneous. t eeph Drit o f one itnndred and Illy ale in relies dim i j e d go t o f en ge m voted fi t ,t• mid to be 'shed. ootokle,
meat number two. Now again , we have deed and seventeen thousand votes, when Properly regulated and duly repairmi,than if no , north. donee by lauds or Thome li. Mors y ail ltlOP t .-f °dietary -- one ticket sholl embrace the names of ail ,
' Gale. ltnl . root two hundred end OM tosis perchee t ~,a te o ni ce ;„ rood for e and lab ied. •• tat ." {me et
w hi c h we t h in k at least thirty thousand Cemocrats failed gre at ins were taken to keep it in orde The
object of every one who desire s long GREAT UNITED STATES TEA to the state nook 'Mere along said road south t. a dt, ' belt e es b e ., eo t h e notroo , „f .11 .. e,,,, et ; m ° ,,,,,, ° ,„ ne war e '
; IVY!! P.m one
perches 111 fi co rn et , VIOOOO OO 1
•Mello:lug. 'office of senator , menyh t t ; and members of
an unofficial statement,
is correct, showing the balance of the to put in an appearance at the election. and healthy Alta should be to put his body in a CO. , lot [))-Ave perches to A terror a: the Risk y lot, Ocoee
north !Wrote-mac deme es WM one
of it'd gee r, ,Areembly, If votml fur, And Members of COilgrere. 11
voted for. and be labtle, ecootrty ;" one ticket shall
State Treasurer in deposits in Philadel- 'Fire years ago three hundred and twenty- cgs by
condition to mist the life threatenin influen- •
which we all more or ler: surrouri- BUR-VS if :NICHOLS, Afts, chee to e calmer On the eonth line of D. o ' , Under 111 • embrace
of all township torten voted for,
thence along lit. land or sold Cod , 001 no d orb". load and be bibelot “toWnstilp;" one tjekt t shall en:Mimeo the
phis banks in July last to be as fellows: one thousand Imes were cast for Charles did; arid no invigomnt and corrective at pres
ent known effectively answers this purpose ~
Neintrose, Pa. of sale Parke vied Oily-therm porches r . n coter. names et a ll boruumi unions ruled for. and shall be
thence wont twenty nine there, so t , Itifit,v, label, d iduirottyb ~. and each chosahall be depoilted in
Corn exchange Dank 1100 Wenn E. Boyle, the democratic candidate for as the vitalizing elixir which, under the unpre- two p. retie e to theDlex teepee yar d. Menet elon.; 14110 .. p .,.., l e n o n o ta ms , •• I
Central National Bank CaLteKere
Thl. Tea In pot up In AIR TiGIIT TECCANINTERS 1. ig: d r,,,7 r t h 1' 3 f t . 7 ,,, • ,, 4f,7,•.„.7 7
_7`•• , .1 te r.. l•hee J. Winne.. Th. Fifteenth Amendment of the Con-
Farmer. and Mechanic.' Bank a.Lee.....0 Auditor General. This vote has since tending name of Ilerstetter's Stott - melt aittento thereby preserviag Its full strength, which Is certainly 1 ' no south tont'„ entntlon u f the United states is a* (entre
Union thinking Company 71.97111 ban been . for more than twenty years the st ab - o great ivider. MM • seven cepa re mat r I„ihtv perches, the 'de ng min orisemos . Ths right of eillzetts of the Bolted I
?mph.' Bank 444 . 24, 4 a been increased at least ten per cebt It dard tome of Aeria. In crowded c ,ewiii,ere otroal mad get a can and t. its merit/. t ro d .unto eleven de,rece wet forty no ptrchethenen state + to vote , hay not he.
on or abridend by the
Now if Mr. Mackey will furnish to the is clear, therefore, that a full poll of the the atmosphere is contaminated with r te-la • I - MIMS A 24.1Cfrcif „, atloee degre. lt , " , le o le c 11..% Illeace • 0 •II rolled hit., or hy any State. on account of race, COlor,
- - -U. thirty degree meet twenty riz perenee. thince south or
pro 0 0 ,
o r ' ,n u d e ,i i
inspirable Prom large populations; in marshy , 31""t""1"' Jnl, 15. tsrl ` -tt ' iniy-atseems. went twenty-two perch. to Inc plait- . - bm. los t 1 ht. Congreseettalitiave power Loci:dere-a
public an official statement showing the democratic vote of the State will insure rentons where (no soggy soil reeks with ml. ' - _
- of bealitolog, containing three bunched acne of lend.. this rot cis by appropriate lephiation."
balances due him as State Treasurer, on a decided victory over the Rung. Let coma: on the pestles and in the forests, where
NEW GOODS be the earne more or leer, ulth !heat purtetinnem. three end Intrros, The. congreasof the Mined Mates. on
honece. ban, carriage house, triode Je . qt. , the Wel day of March, 1010 p weed an act, entitled-
deposit iu Philadelphia on September 1 this fact bean incentive to every mart who every fall the air is tainted with exha ' lations • , orcharde, rind one hundred end any serer Improved,- , ••Ast Art toenfinceMe right of cstneneof the United States
from rotting weods and grasem, or decompos • l read and taken In erecetion at the snit of John 111. ' or r ot , i n u„.„ ~,,,o , Avg, of tA. Gatos , and Aroma. c
and October 1, he will enlighten anxious; desires the success of the democratic
par- ing leaves -! n short. in every locality where ,' rr the rindrivigued basin. refitted, refordithed e i " TtO m a l
r i:" Iknl' aT lu rat_ k' i l n n t fu it l , cupain."the Met and eictii.d ecctious of which are ate 1
inquirers and voters in all parts of the i l
ty, to aid in bringing out the democratic malaria exists, this
powerful I t eretatee antidote • rettocked thestore. formerly OCC•tpled by ft. ll 4 e n ti. townstdp - it A t i ‘f I .4r t ltitr cert nill i e ' o t lid ' lell ' uoc il k- d co ' n it ut l y c of Alt - , ru ! i"v" u 1
sacrum 1. Reif enacted by the Startle and Howe al
. you. Jr ,at Lawaville Centre. are now 'trees. ••• co
lly needa Fever and ague, billions ,hb th e people wi th aa d o g rabto ~...m ai of s - ` - " 7 °•"r 7 l ellanha• atid Stluo of i'Mt° , 4 l valtle, Lein; u that tor i feetteeeeenee iv - tie Crated biota qf' Atnerfea fn con I
State. Let it be done before the 14th of , strength at the combs , ' election. No time i fev u e ll'en
rs, tlysentary, congestion of the liver, jaun- i th e farm. ParLvele, Virg en the „at e , o f 1h.1111.001, gnu ciaoW.4, /hat all citizens of the Untied Memel
pen Creek, e 'arm water potter, and baring erected ; who arc, orphan be otherwlee qualified by low to vote
this month , so that a just verdict can 'isto be lost iu organizing in the several dice, rheumatism, anti all diseoses which are I thereon a saw halll and loch mill, oleo a goer end fa. • ri .at arty electioe by the p,rople, In an 3• titate, Territory,
be reached a the p )11a. I
, connttes and districts. Registration,
as- generated by infected air, impure water, orsud- DRY GOODS! .m. two de ele og-hunams, and sheds • containing three / dierrict • carroty, thy. pule!), township, sehooldiettiC •
hundred and thltly acres tif Intel. morn or le., with .} monitipallty or Other ierritorafenb divieioue. shall bo .
I den changes of temperature, may be averted i
shoot forty ante. Improved, bounded at. follow., to wit: eutitled end allowed to vote at ell nab electioea; witk 1
--se ens ...----...... sessment, and a thorough canvass of the by strengthening and regulating the system in I Ilegiontng at a poet ttat.dtva in n wall the earner (of out dlstinetiou of race, or color or previous eunuitlou
The Usury Question . • votes of every election district should at advance With Bostetter'S Bitters. Autumn is
alwaye &season of peril, especially to weak,
1 13007'S & SHOE ' S I ! GROCE- 7 21JUS 111 lauds of Ezra Strickland, 'Oentge Ely, sod Benjamin of servitude, any Constitution; law, custom, usage. or
I Parke aforeseid; alto the tonthwest corner hf the wiir- mutational any State or Territory. or by. or tinder its 1
flinty of 11 In Sharps, flume by lan.d• of George Ely. authority, to !sac utrary not withetandlng.
The following ffom the ILlrrisburg once be made. Let not the present op- susceptible organizations. Even the more vig
, , south serentyaine deer,. east oto, handed and tarty oSeurtos St Acid be tt ferilisr enatted, Thet If by Or f
reran are apt to lee in some measure depressed I HARD Ti r Afißli 19 , •ia.. to e post. thence emit fattY-ClAht .thavent rest. undershot aotnorfly of theCtontatutiou or lain of any :
Patriot, may explain the reason why our portnnity Ao restore the democracy to by the humid atmosphere, loaded with deleteri- i CROCKERY ! Vic , cra, worm lands of Sainiuni aria satin S . It tiltuns ono State , or the laws of ally Tarritory. nay act 0 or shell .
ipondred and title perches to o crner, thence north here-mitred to bedone. a prerequiette or quallecalloe •
Represenlatives had such fear that if they power in the State government be lost °U3 gases produced by vegetable , deco g. The ,
rn dezreet ea.:. 'XI perches to a Center. ;hence 4.1 4 for voting, and by each Constitution or law, persons or
fall is a period of the year whon the renovation ' ohs, other lands of maid 1'214.13 and ll elltsuy Ono officers ere or shall be chergeo with the performance el I
did anything about our petitions it would through indifference and apathy. and regulation of the living machine is peculi- , hundred perches ton turner. thuinii by hinds of D,f2. , Molt is lei futtalshitig to el Duns an opportunity W pee"
only make the matter worse. It. is, no . -.... qral•-e.------- arty important, and the Bitten should there- As tan be foetid elsewhere, and at it. Desirable Prices o ti o nclerh oo l o l o i moo
mi r e hundred p , erch . , tram each pr. requisite, or to become
to vote,
.O. t n inl daro ty tam pe be ,It shall tor the duly Of every each penult mild officer to I
. fore he taken daily at this critical season. ' to the Dlmock and Nicht/eon State read, thence alone giro to ell citizen. of the knlte I States Ow tune and
doubt a fact, that when the maeses of A Subject to Consider. 1 _ ________
Feld road sunth tin t nares cast one hundred and thine , opal onortunlty to perform such prereqahlte and to ,
perches to a comer , thence eta sixty perches to the become qualified to. vote withontdiatinction of race col
the people understand the political , We : ':'''-''r---
e have never attempted to conduct a New Advertisements. O. 111. 0.77231.0. Leshoppen read, thence aloe said road and by other r I
land of .ald !Juke e nth Ilfte g en degrees west ulnejy. ' ; s o
p 'r iro rc r ' o l gric *" r s n h d at i giulaCrk i n t olUtgre ir ml i t u ro lU r c it
trickery of their public servants, that it 'ea in•
I auras .his county by attacking, the , --- Llaseille Center. Pa., March turn. three perches to corner. thence north eht cotpotto de. 1 ful offal tto Ode stiellon _ herthall. for every emit effete*,
will "make the matter worse," for them.,' ' • OPPORTUNITY FOR A -- Are," wen one hundred pi:deice to the Springville rend I forfeit end pey thereinto(' five hundrad dollars to thepes.
candidates in any manner except the le-
It will matter not, from what party the '
ey , git:mate one, that of presenting official MERCANTILE BUSINESS,
. Thsjitaer etc
404:cats ~4 . .11 , 4 1 ,..., 3tx., .., .. 7 ., , , , , ; rni ,0f acc e 0p 0 i t c 0 t i 00 t i f0 0b j e
0 1 , 0 . up , ,, 0 . n a . n 0 ti . c i see, with Narver r i nd each seallorrance for eentlial
come, The not
~, , ,
i acts, and whenever we have msde as as- giltre--111/DAtEglini.uglackVingelelligr3lllTßlr-eitY jamb Moly.) containing three Imodead end thirty every meet c ri;e i hrio ' „ Lire r' enclt u en e' llry 4 f• to 'j ai l iflettn `T.
acre., be the-Pante more or less. [Seized and taken In end shall on O01:211CIII n thereof , be :cued mita. that,
The taxes in the treasury of this poor 1 , sertion we have specified the charge clear- ire' i hitore build try., (to tor /Lobbed) for 'ale or wire... • ezccuti nit the salt of Lewis Remoter AL Benjamin Ore ht cat ti. Ea., or be litleoned net lee. than one
Parker.j° mouth and not Mora t',-an one year. or bath, ot the Ms ,
App y on the premises, Dem OctoAr i nit i lMor ad
. Take Notice.-AD bide meet be arranyed on the tir cretion of thereat"
disg,raced commonwteal'h is let out at a '
.lv When Mn Jones was a candidate b
I of Sale. Lit seta Yea ; IC Is declared by the second section Of
profit to bankers end money lenders who I ". Broo cl. 'dye, Saseinchauna County, Pa. , .
last fall, he had no official character, and °CI ' 81161813.-2 ' DISALIIES /if ix. B. BELLE. Shedd'. the VI aniCie of tire tlemaltatlon of the Belted Stets%
charge for it the usurious interest of one i i Sherirs 01901. Montrone, Sept. 13. 'l3- f I that "This Coructittelon, and the laws of the United
St etre whteh shall bra in We In pursuance thereat shill/
per cent. a month and upwarda. More iwe challenge any one to find ha our files I tIIDITOIVe NOTICE.-The a lalens'ltned, an aud...or ,
be Ihe su tioo,lo lOW Of the land. • • • anxibil it la
than a million and a half of the money of i where we made the least personal allusion, teetil r i: P eVVoliT.Tgrag.ftTriill7:r. e ett% th, (11nUfitu11011 or lairilf aNt Aides to the contrary n..A.
withelanctlng. • . s , ,
Pennaylvanie is now lent out at usury.-
,l we simply op - ed hi . o: he Sheriff, aria lag from ritinvirrs ,cps of Mal mate •
mon general prm. ~t Geo. Fenk. takes tho method to give aeries iim, se I Ana whereat, sip egltiterc of Chia Comie.c.alrealtb,
00 the Atli day o il, A.D.: 1870. Paton(' On Oct. CC-
Jr a state be founded on the moral el 1 • - Po.'
'at- 1 oples. He made an official record at twejlklcndwt"d4t4''ufhle aPPulata"l'"l" ' =ll" FL O U R , GROCERIES titled •'.A teatime supplement to the Act relating toe=
acter of its people, what must be tlionr.t oe.rese,un Thorn:lay. the tatitley of Nov.. IS.J. at
'Mock, p.m. when sod where all persons Interes t - , , f Lions In this kommourvenitti," the tenth sec-Linn et
which prokideras follows: -
of u people who will submit to this shame- Harrisburg last winter, a iecord which he I :i l ilu o i.ate Nee Irlil prestLt their claims or be forever :
--secnos 10. 'Mat ne intu.h ot every act of Assembly
ful contemning of their authority and should be willing to meet, if he is honest, deburnd
M2 l l'l °U
antis E. CAMMALT, Auditor. - and as pram dee that "ray white freemen shell be entitled U
Volt, or to be registered. voters. or as elattning to vote
this corrupt use of their revenues? i and stand by It, In asking for re-election It't"''• °`t " sil '• 1811-W 4
heated therm:tie is hen hv repealed, and that bercanet
The DEMOCRAT has been fighting for ihe asks the people of this comity to en- A . sumnimannott's sits OF •
all Ircenacn. tea bent dist/tanner! of color, shall be tutor
alone registered accoilllng to the..prutilons of the
the interest of the masses in this matter ; dorse that record, and with the presnmp- REAL ,ESTATit. _ 1 PROVISIONS, anneals, approved April 171h,124%. minded ••An Act
Mabee eupplemmind 'tithe twt relating 10 the elation.
for two years, amt but for the infidelity of ; tivn that if elected he will Make a eimi- I sl.lnn,.„""umee of an older of tho'Cirphone Cart of f
of MU Common wealth," and Wry a otherwise imalifte&
ce, oo tkllie„tta,ler,[ll ll, -• 4 , administrator I
ander eatellipf lave. Ite entitled tO veleta all general
the Represetitatives at Harrisburg, last i Aar one again this winter . This is not 1 --iil--121 [public
fuel veva' rotations In O il s Common.allh."
_ a , a - , - re- i ado, c ortneVgirg re m i:i rad ' g ;Va l e r 6, C e l li 4
Thee tidal/eve united earendment and arts wait be
ertuter, we might have had the matter so I judi • ing a maai as the ealtar. ol the _RC- I . ,
exeveteeeetl.leartel by ail shreds...TS. registers of id) ,
I ''' e. Wednesday Nov. sth 1873
ten: clectien ofilccre, end °Om Met the right* and
brought before the people that its paiwage publican has attenapted in a mast mall- ' i
1 ' a liens STIIEET, prw.44,1.1- gunrmalted !baby slay he r.caorect to all the
I lo'clock., p.m.. Ihejellowlegdeecribed prelielsee. to
( his "enter would bare been made certain. !cloths manner. It is simply "judging the wit: TUE LOT OF LAND
-tended On the notch b 77 1 , Marcella Able Commonwealth entitled to the same. 4
The return ttdgea tor the repreeentatiVe dietrict o l
lands of Mrs, Lr. Kennard. on the east by lends of N. . of t neoantles of sae rec e nt and Wywn-'
It is coming however if the people stand i future by the past," the ouly . legitimate • Patentors. on the south by the plank road. and on the ' I
incelll meet at, thepourt House In Tacktimmocic on
ivy their manhood and elect, men who ( and safe wayto do. We did not say last fall 1 1=4 ,..„„ ° !.. 111":111,41:1 " w lawr :1 " :. wil7bc " ati-
I ,Tmukiar..ottober lett, tam. 'i
• fityrn eeder my hand et my oface, fs t,a Mororegb of
will carry out their Wishes. and who are jetzt Mr. Jones or Senathr Fitch woulet 1 - fir,,iiiisetseeknewe ea darer title. • -Mr
ff , f , f ia a a
a , a ' 4:lleLti•atlatli s 'E l am/ Montrose; the•lnch day of Sem., /who Menial ISM,
mod in thtts ter of the tieltUrnmerciattb the ulnety.llllll.
os I &it Bridgewater, Oct.Stlr, Fif - 19 7 ...- [ L s.. U .
- - "7 ' '''' '''''"
EL D. IlEl.lo4,4altentr.
aot 'afraid it will be Worse for the" Usury dortuit we have waited for them to le
P ea Jane lA, ites.-ir. '
Yontrute, nept.l7, 15:3. s ' '
Z B. HAWLEY i CO., Editors.
Wednesday, Oct. Bth, 1873.
Democratic State Ticket.
FOR STAYS Tnraarnaa, .
of Allegheny county.
of Philadelphia.
Democratic County Ticket.
FOB' ssrkSlMTATiv es,
of Susquehanna county,
of Wyoming county.
of New Milford
of Great Bend
' of Middletown.
of Springville.
of Montrose.
GENERAL Burx.Ea says that the pur
chasing power of a dollar is less now than
it was fifty Years ago. We don't believe
a word of it. The average Congressman
can be bonght now with $5,000, and oth
ers, for far less. Fifty years ago you
couldn't have purchased one for millions.
JUDGE LUDLOW was twice elected to
the bench in Philadelphia, we might say,
by acclamation. His honesty, impar
tiality, and sterling abilities,as well as his
great experience, commend him now, as
they did then, to Le people who desire a
judge ilossesine the confidenc of all, and
free From political nage.
THREE are signs abroad that the popu
lar mind is fast ripening for one grand
movement in force to crush oat pervading
dishonesty and corruption. And when
this purpose is fully aroused, let the li
censed malefactors, of whatever grade or
demonstration, beware. Most .assuredly,
if they defy it to the uttermost, they will
find it as fierce as the furies, and as inex
horable as death. It will be even more
eager to wreak itself upon high offenders,
who fancy themselves securely hedged
with honors, dignites and historic pres
tige. than upon the lower and obsenrer
Ring. Th a Patriot is the first metropolitan
journal that hrsztttiohc& this subject.
shows that light is breaking in upon their
minds. We hare fought for it because we
think it right,and we shall standby our con.
The election will have taken place be
fore we shall issue another paper, hence
we take this opportunity to ask of the
Democracy of thiacouuty that they sim
ply perform their duty, and we are satis
fied, that the result will be such as they
have not known in this county and , state
for years. The candidates whom you
designated talet.d you, have n right to de•
mand your every vote,and thatyou should
sacrifice a little of your time and even be
at considerable inconvenience to give them
your tullest support while they are oblig
ed to make much greater' sacrifices in
time as well as various other burdena—
All we ask is for Democmts to do their
duty, to those chosen as their leaders ) and
we are willing to take the consequences.
We cannot demand 'the same action from
those who have opposed us heretofore.—
We can only leave them to do as their
judgment of the right shall lead them.—
But we believe the common people of both
parties have come to the conclusion that
it is high time that dece?tion. infidelity
and corruption shall meet its just dues in
all parties. "MEASURES AND MEN TO
CARRY =Ex our" is the motto. In the
party if we can find them, and out of the
party if we must go for them. Upon
this the basis of our perpetuity as an hide
pendent Republic depends. We predict
this for the fourteenth day of October •
next. If the Democracy of this county will I
poll their full vote,a pot two of THE TICK
ET CAN BE ELECTED. Wyoming promis
es to answer her contract with interest.;
The people of this district we believe are
not exactly willing to endorse the "Ton- •
nage Tax Steal," the "Salary Steal" or
even private "Divorce Bills," by return
ing the upholders of such schemes, to
power and place.
And we say if the Democracy do their
Will you do it? Your fidelity to your
candidates and to your principles demand
it. We shall await your answer, from ev
ery election precinct in the county, as the
polls shall close on'Tuesday next.
themselves ilium the'recordl4ml as Rep
eesentatiyes o the people of this district
they mustmeet its conseiitiences ; and
we.say, they are dishonest If: they shirk
from it. , -We say to the -people of this
Representative district . that Henry M.
Jones voted for Simon Cameron, after he
had repeatedly &aired - himself bitterly
opposed to him, and that he was pledged
so to do long befure.he was elected. That
ho voted to increase the-salary Of Legis
lators itethis state from - 61,000 to 61;540,
wh ic It we have termed the "Legislative Sal
ary Grab." He engineered the "Sittser
divorce bill" through the House of Rep ,
resentatives without its being read or sub
mitted to a Committee. We hare other
acts which . he did of Which we might
speak, but we only speak of those acts
which are upon the record, and can oot
be shirked. Thelie acts ho:lnig,bt to be
proud of and be ready to defend . if
he be honest, and if the people return
him again this winter they will have en
dorsed-these acts personally, and ho will
have a right so to consider it,as being told
to go and do likewise again.
For taun and tcrru,•ry, .priv t.. .1. B. Form jt,
New York, flotton, Yhinro, or San Francipco
ILIDITOWS NOTICI3.—The anuentigneil, an Al:titbit
toluinbin 6laoAicat Oitotitute I A. appointed by the Orphans' Court of Susquehanna
County to distrlbute the fundt fu the hands of !dial. J.
A ileardin.• Reboot for Twin.: urn and linis. For dr. i Benetiti. Earlutri ior the estuttrotEllari Ildbustt,risaid,
cgiar... o rvo.. Roy. u. , Aumlxo „,„,. „,,,_,,,,_ ~„. I hereby ulveu notacc [hut h will attend. toe.' duties , of
... ' - '' ..... r:: , i h is s hy ern, ni:lits Wilco in Montr on Friday,
vow ready tor ririuta, "non, Lffe i 11et.31.1.,iti71. at 10 clock th m., at Which Vein and place,
Wil 1300IC io
t „,, „,,, „, Di: „,,„, m .,„, allper.ons Inters sted will make known thvir e1a1035 or
D. D.. Author of ••N }ht `Veen,. in the Oltdu" And -our I be r're'eedeb'retd tram c ' eatl c In ne I I id 4 1.i1•
Father's Home!' of svlitch nearly '1130,040 copies of curb ' \V x. A. CROSS:4OII, Anditnr.
wore told. ctiti. fur Circular Zik.ULEit .it .lit'CU MEV, Mootroic. Sept . --." 21. iblaT „
Ms Arch .1 , Philadelphia. 1".1.
_ ___
11' A N 'f: D I • • A.r.`"lp`pin.', B .,LT.T.`CAEOtiihke,ru:Ty'r'iLln(l% raY. l :4 l rnt . nt'
of Susquehanna County to distribute the and
the hands of Oscar Wavnbne. eolministrator of the es..
1 00 1'?n'r* so.'
FAt men , ' Sent stimlng the Fall and lnto of Thomas L. boll., late of Ararat tw o
int, r months to Ot. int-iness In their on ' deteared. will offend to the &hide of his tippoitit.
an/ell-dug losvor 4 iirs• Unmh , . , te - Y. t'‘'.l o, - 1 . 0 .• and ment at the office of Fitch .t. Watson, in Montrose'. on
pay. well. For l'.irticulars, tottince 5. S. SCit4NTON Friday, October :11th, itqa, at 1 o'clock , p. nt. at which
& CO.. Hartford. Conn. •
[hoe and place ail persons intercited In add lend meet
---- present their claims, or be forever debarred from coca.
THE B EST PAPER. : '''g 'a °P"' soul Wod.
W. W. WATSON, Auditer..
wra-ir x.r: ! Montrose, Sept. 21, 1571.-lw.
VIE SCIENTIFIC. Ain PUMA N to the cheapest and •
. -
hest licatmted weekly Paper printed. Every number A U DITOR'S NOTIcE.-The undersigned. an Audit.
contain:. from tow 13 orizinal engravlncs of New Sta. or appointed- h. the Orphan's Court of Snsquelianr
doom- Novel invention., Orklges,Engin eer in g Works no Comity. to distribute the fluids- In the hands of Ell
Ambit , Mare. lir proved Farm implements, and every Barnes, administrator of the evtato of W W.
new thecovroy le ehetntolee. A yeoe o number/ e•hltnln 6tearm, dee...ed, will attend to the ditties of hlv
b:. page., nod aerosol bauared eugrorlnes. Thousands ~,,,,i,,,,,,„t it his ofdro i n 11 mm ,, „ u p l ia ny.
of volumes are preserved for binding end reierente.- October 10. 1117 a. at i o'clock, p. tu,. at Nivel time and
The prattle...lle n-celins are well wont. ten liinv. Lbo plant all persona interrabal will make known their
subscription pi lee. Terms. *3 aye by ma
11. alma claims ur be forever deburreil from cgoiliii; iu on wild
Inobi soot froo lilar.lio bad ofnew olea tTo Mud.
ma.a.rricarawe, ob . since ,, the beat terms. . • 11. L. BALDWIN. Auditor.
Models of new 111V,Illian.13 end s kete:tes examined, and ' MontrOas Sept. 17th, lan.
advice free. MI patents err published Li the Scientific !
American the week they Issue. Send for pamphlet. IP) . -- - • --- --- - ------ - --- -
l for apPolntril by Olo6Todura of the Orphan's Cone,,
pages. containing I .wa and full directions for obtaining ,
rEirilllt'S NOTI , E.-The undersigeol. an Andl
patents. *Aleceo for the paper. or imnetebloupatents. !
MUNN 1 CO., 37 Park HOW, N. Y. .11raucli odlee, car- in and fothe ,
r -Imlay of Susquehanna. on exceptions
uer of F and 7th ate., Washington, Et C. to the deal mitulnl.tration account of Desalt. Theetao
adttie V. T. A. in the estato-of Elletha Lord, detested.
will attend ilk the duties of his appointment_ at nista.
dee. In Alm -.:ase. as Saturily, 0 ...aber IS, 1571, at not
o'Lloek in the often, ttttt I. All poetic. inter...lL-doer het - et
'ty requtrod lii appear del preocet ;bete dater,,, at the
above :lin/amid place or be Wrenn-de-U.1,m1.
B. W. SEAR LE, Auditor.
Montrose, Sept- 14, 1572. '
A. 0. WARREN, Atalior.
Sintrove, 9ept.10,1673,
Eleation rrooldma . tfen.
iN parr:tat:coot an act of the Ouncral Arsembly of the
J. Commutnrcalth of Peunoylentile, e an ttrt. •
toting to Cieell la. In tole Commonsetwlth. appro red lbe
2nd de, of July. A. D. 1A49,'1, O. It u EL ME. 111,1:1
Sheriff of 14 nequehauna County, tn.. 11,1 Commonwealth,
do hereby eV* notice IQ, URI ul , ctore of -the county
afore:oh% thaf an eli%ilon will be neat In cold Conutyita
Taceday, .i 4 day of October,.lB7,3',
,thclag thut Ina Tneadey 1p geld month.) at which ante
.the following bilkers will he elected, to trl: :
nun peroOn ttillll the Unice of Jultro of tit* Sifiticiao
Ootut of l'eniwylra.tts. , ~ .
too penult to All °Mee of Trofenrer Stete
Of reams)
• •Tv o pentane to All the offcee - nf Member.. of the
floure of Ittorreculathree of Peunerlcanta t r the MIS;
ill el- ot,:the'POntlltiell of Surrotrhanne and
One person to All the WA:* of Protnonotery" o - f iho
connir ottinoltebonno. • '
Cod pereen to all the oZceof Treartirer of the coon
ry of -numattehtuote. ' ' .• I
.Otte pt non to Illi the *Mee of,Oopnty Oetuagerluner
for tad Comity. • r '
Tiro perowo. to Alithe ottleif of /my. antunfirltintre
for cold Coontr- •
Ono person to fill the Oleo or coon xrAndltor for 1 144'
The lallon for the dietricttompoeed of the towel
- . t
New Milford, Pa..
- CALL ArrEtTION - TO - T I 1:6=1162
, Now .on Sale.
-- "P* .21 •
hinti Foreign and Do • eri le. Staple and Feney.. All
the Noveltlem In Dress Trinunf [I:. Milhous,
Laces, EtOroldery, Halt Goods. etc.
Orel , Orsl4.lnducemats to Burgs bf
bought at bbitom prices far 'cash. and nada:ill:ad by
none. A saNpaleent display of taIAWLB4
'Dm ZITCPIMIDIVIE3 &most tough to
tal a emall otore.
We airway* keep on hand i Ire'vb and complete stack`
of CarTCII:3I2.X.ACIEII 422 provlas.•
Floor, Malt, etc.. 17 the tote. band. or
pound. A no line of UARDWAUS and Goose Far.
Dishing Goods. PAPEIt 11ANOING8,411 the popular'.
are Dosing to keep civil - thing the people Irani, mod have
recently added to their - kernel:tee stock a tartest wort.'
moist of . • ,
Rerun:line in the Dreg line apices . that win utes—
!eh drug buyers.
call particular attention to allele voi7lailua
ancortrocut`ot • • . ~ •
6 1 1 ' , CONT3p
of to boyar ' mat, rat. at. lidera tharirtil Dream
clgue . Manufacture, and deal In TIN. Co.lllMt
• fact that we keep nen* everything—the emu
compOrto Hook of any bonne to tiont.Nonoy. Lomeli at
brat advantage for CASH sad odd at the lowest Irving
Ncw 111if0rd,pept..1%1173.72.
Shawls, Cloaking%
Flannels, Mankete, etc.
Ladles' and Misses' Trimmed
VSVMS. nignbNs;-EP:4
HEART Mill arum
crc•iNttarsanw3.; ercrwris.
.tit'ats eibC/aroq.
Boys' and !don's
4 :s3aci:ti)23.taa'
maw cluurzics
deniVo/14 CLOTTIEL
An the &bine Opealt4 In lima Tai•lety at the Afore
Outtenbers, itopenpaua 101,
LS. DUSAILILMaigisif raitait
, .
xontn4a, sm. stosti. '