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!'i; 0 6:1 -
. itleiiii t o us. staiVlC is. ' ,
BAPTIST (lmen. rm.. I.V . . Cintisnrast. D. Pastor.
••••AlOath Serirlees 1036 a. to. and 'I p. to.
Sabbath School it so.
revs! !Viotti Wesitusalarlpionlags ', • ^l4
CATHOLIC CIIITHCH 'arr. 1. Stxrincnt
rosbath Amiss. Second &today Ineach Month
Dobtuth School Imasedlately Wore Mau
V.PISCOrta. CllUncti..ncy. E. A. WAnnuum.ltoctor.
Pabball SarriC4l. 10)i iMAtX p. m
0 dAttOPAd Ilm
D&1 Servicer—Weducodays ".1( V. m.
METEOPIST EPISCOPAL .. . . R e v.. D. At.e.xmoinn.
tisnnath ticmiera... ....... ...14Am. and :Alp. nu
ddtbath School EP, oh -
Power Meeting, Thurttsys. 'I 30p.m.
'Rey. J. 1 . 3. mtuin.
raisnrrinnis cnrucri
• 10.45 a. e 3.1014 R 4 P• m Sabbath Sereleee .
nib D. m. p.t.esth Schwa.
• Pasqua Rie •
ttat Thursday Evenings IX IX 01 .
linsingred Envelopes.
The postage on stamped envelopes spoiled In
-directing will be refunded in stamps by post
m asters,Lfsatisfied that they never bavo been used
and that the misdirection actually occurred at.
the place where the redemption is elairned,:also
provided that such envelopes shall be presented
in a whole condition.
Post oMco Boxes.
The United States tfail for February, 1873,
•contains the Wowing official order from the
postmaster Genera/. "Past Mice boxes and
drawers must be restricted to one family, firm
or tympany . . Several families. firms or Compa..
elm cannot be permitted to rent and use the
same box or drawer." G. L. Braun.
Local Option
Cameron county has voted largely against li
fenSe utid - er the local opilon law. tmporium
gave tong-seven majority against license. This
makes the fifth county 'that has voted on the
question, Clearfield, Bradford, Tiogn, Jefferson
and Cameron, all giving large majonties against
111)C LbP- Schuylkill, Lycoinir.g, Wayne,
Susquehanna, Northumberland and Centre will
vote on the question on Friday, the :Bat of this
Pardon Report.
Ex ; Govemnr Geary's pardon report for the
closing year of his term, gives a list of pardons
i.ued to the 22d of November last From that
date until the 21st of January, the day on which
he vacated the Executive chair, he pardoned 31
additional convicts, making the total number of
criminals panloned during the last year 132.
Beeldes these pardons, there were 10 remissions
of forfeited recognizancen between November
2:d and January 21st.
A \Cif' Style of Watch Case.
The Carlisle herald on the 6th inst., Lays
last Monday Mr. John W. Attirks, of East
l'ennsboro'; killed a hog, and on removing the—
nitestinci be discovered something hard, which,
0 0 examination, proved to be a watch, which
was covered by 3 membrane in the lining of the
stomach. This watch Mr. A. remembered los
ing lost tall while !ceiling his hogs with apples,
Ind was doubtless swallowed in the greed of the
~ tevonrer The time-piece was stopped, but af
ter heing srmmd conituetice-! going as well as
met Iris watch can be seen at Mr. Attick's,
who will zesti:y to the truth of this
Not a Law
There has been ennsiderable inquiry .as -re
gards tlo law .vwerning the election of When the law was passed changing the
law, of township elections from ftll,to stuinF.
11 the prneisintes of that law, the old ,sisessiws
Lehi err until the new once were elected. In
en Late of our paper. bearing date, Jong
157% we stated that the senate bad passed a law
auttwrizing theolerlion of nu asser,snr, once in
three years. It did not become a law-as ItAlid
tint pass the House, or was lost In some other
was. We think it would have been an excel
lent law, and cannot understand why .11 should
not hare been enacted.
Democratic - Nominations.
At the meeting of the electors of the town
'hip of Bridgewater, on Saturday last, the
/owing nominations were made:
Fur Assessor—E. L. Cook.
For Constable—lixdlos Stone. •
For Judge of Election-47. J. Curtis.
For Inspector—Jared, W. Deans. . •
For Supervisor—W. E. Babcock.
For Treasurer—A. o.llerriman. -
For Town Clerk—l.. C. Smith.
For Auditor—W. L. Beebe. •
'For School Directors—E. L. Cook, 11. J. 13k-
For Commissioner of Poor—J. F. Gardner.
The Eric Narrow Gauge
The following is said to he the manner in
which the gauge of the Eric road trill probably
be chanted: First construct a .narrow gauge
from iludido to Attica, thirty nubs., anti from
Attim to Coining. There are three lines of
road operated by the Erie corporation, one via
*vim and 'Rochester, and via nornellsrille;
would probably construct is narrow gauge via
Avon to Corning and Elmira. There is already
a third rail frren Elmira to NY,arerir. where 030 "
nection is made with the Lehigh Valley toad;
I be t there would bc,communication by narrow
oar. from Buffalo to Philadelphia. The nest.
try will probably be to lay a third raft from
tvarerly to Binghamton, where connection is'
made with the Albany anti Susquehanna rail.
r ail to /litany. This road has gircluly is third
rain laid Finally a third rail will bo laid from
Binghamton to New York.
stiarp - ILegat Practice.
On Tuesday evening, Feb: ilth,Oideon Snow's
p-opic, who lire in Franklin township, of this
minty, were Startled by the Intelligence,
brought by a man, claiming to have' come di
rectly from Binghamton, stating that his son,
11 Snow, who works in that city, had fallen
mtoa bads milt and -was all, cut to pieces,'
that he merely revived amoment alter the tie
rident, and said he wanted to - see his brother,'
• C Snow; and he tad come after him. This,
as it naturally would, greatly excited Mr. Snow
and his family, anti the son started immediate.
IT with the man for Bingitamtein,and Mr. Stow
and his wife started as soon as they coald, es;
inetrag to thud their tan a mangled awpse.. On
ar gat gingbant ton, after driving late In thc
n'4 l 4. they found-the story a hoax, trumped : up •
Gar the - purpose of getting young Snow over the
State line, to.arrest him and his brother -on a
lu.nioiost of hating taken a- pocket boOk.'from
the desk of Charles Kilmer, on Hawley street.
Tee parties being arraigned before Recorder
aadrews; ea Thursday last, C. n.' Snow . was
disebarzed, It not being, proven that he was fa
we store at all. - The defendant waalltail 0 2 lied
and in 4 plain and` straight' forward manner
swore that he tad been en emniqae of
Ileaara, J. B. Weed de Co...:0100 -received.' Gnat
the n' GO kinxt days check tar • $lO 50 and that
atter procuring i4e , T . cdry'cin it the inmlt
be immetilit;t4ixt F* .4 -4 09' 4lidebta: / 1 4 -
titsfunsiny ,ely
and VS** Ittforie/
HopkinsAhl, z,reroAlTlke prisoner
Leartra Tirade.
In his lunual report of common schools, Mr.
Wictershanit s;ip.:.:l7ltee are .multltudes . ldly
r ,iicans'iterksbips untitled On.
cm - while titer-bin* z latoricoiloto honorable
mud rutin; rerntinerfdive, op all'ef,deit; the
effortOt It is a tact al starting
to lag 'e.f . 17,000 criminals in
the United States In 1808,97 per cent,' 01 thou
bad never learned a trade. Out of 240 convicts
received at 'the Eastern Pei‘elonthyy la year,
only n bad bred ipPreniteett and served their
time; * •
Various Itcms.
ANT one dr:simnel:if paella:lnge Seeing Ma.
Chine, win:find .
.it to hts advaistege td' , call at
this'ef4e, heEbre purchasing. •
Tows Meeting' tiny will tie - A' - good thee to
coniplete the list anemia on the petitioni for a
wholetefue usury Lacy, AMI.-when ..theY7" - are
completed; they. may be retur n ed °Mee.
WE hate tinted 'I eatf that beats. the Neat.
rose Aepublievn: entirely. Ray : .Sing, of soutb
Anbithic Itill&tiMe en Rebtitaty; _wilt ten
menthe 014,. the -meat, dressed, 'wetghtng 355
pounds, and the hide its melds. • -
Wit offer tot sale One of the finest Houses and
lots . iu lbeflorough'or'New 3lilcord.' Its loca
tion, style and convenience, arc as desirable
, as
any in that ntlittle town.' For particulars,
inquiri at this office, or of Ms. A. Raiveley, on
the premises.
• TUE:Democrats and Liberals of
had.a gloriohs triumph al their late municipal
election, in - electing,Tudge 13. 14. Loomis, - May.
or, over it Ogden, andr. P. Rogers„ Justice
..ot the Peace, over F. A. Durkee. Durkcc Is the
inttn , a - to gave our Radical. county conuitittee,
such an emetic Asst fall. 'We are rejoined to
know, Unit the . city Of Binghamton, has ram.
Terrell its bight:it holier up& Jtidge:toontio,
than whom none other walks her streets more
deserving. We know him frgm ., Teraanal
knowledge, as a resident of that town, and we
cap congratulate its eitirens that a man, of ao
'pure entracte?, marked integrity ; acknowledged
.ability, and last but not least,a, true.liffeMouleit
:Dernoentt, has been chosen Mayor. The'
umph is'yery encouraging to the Democrats
I 'and LP:Persil, in the font, tint after. last fall'.
election, they were told that "they,' were dead."
by the Radical preas, and we must say that
they bare shown themselves a very lively
corpse. Under Mayor Loomis' reign, there will
he no more "Street and Bridge s Weis." The old
Jefferson inn test of "honesty and caPability"
will be verified.
-.-.1111. 4101.4.-
Lotpxyavlllo Correspoudenire.
The'tremendous cold weather of the past few
days, has nearly congested your "local" from
this"rieihity, hut we arc note enjoying a thaw,
and my bottle of Atm° puir Is now in . a
condition to be used, and in consequence I am
tound jotting down a few items from this quiet
corner of old Bradford.
'WE have had our say upon the •'local option'
question, and will soon see its fruits,' hoping
that they may be of benefit for the' most casual
observer can understand what a tremendous
evil the liquor drank in this county really is,but
ma - Leis careful survey'of the ground, it would
seem doubtful if the present law will accom
plish the result aimed at, or in fart.any legisla
tion, the true way is to educate the people, and
then the sate of runewill case, the demand for
any article always regnlalm the supply when no
ono will tray whiskey, nrrone will 'hare . It for
The reform promised by the "Party of great
niamintleas" has begun With: a vepgenee, the
action of the Lecistsa.o. a n voltstnOttp . on Care- !
chin Itartnmft's salary, IS but a pmgresaive
specimen or the rearm We'rndy expect, and the
investigation in Congress of ther most proud-
bind Radicals Conks:tad with the "Credit 310.
bilier"'swindlC, is pretty severe 'oil the bl 'engi
neers of the Radical Party, and especially on
the sublime, virthous and moral. Wilson, Vice-
President. electand "Surlier Colfax, Vice Presi
.dent, who has always been the very type of
honesty rrom a Radical standpOint indaya gone
by. Stich malfeasance atuongthe Itepreitentn.
Lives of the people,. would have defeated: the
administration party in the next PresiJcatial,
and every state election In the nett See, years.
burthe people are becoming reconciled to all
manner of official corruption Mad a:meanly, and
look upon Such things ns n matter.or cotose,ntt3
the exhibitlint mow being rnade pmlnabli
have about as: much circa in preventing .the re
etxtiort of thaw connected aipi_lustrumental In
& ft . :tutting - the PeoplOstneasnry, us an titre
OieiardireCteiUthisk marlde attatalte;fleeir44ar
0%4,- doverntneut i , it would 'seem; Inns -nearly
proved orallurp, and the capacity of the peoPle
tot rerll ; lhelllSelvFn.. may well be qui:nth:4l n
sit cn iticiieatuti of their most trusted re! react 4
tat/veil 4 igoTOtt to be while it Is.
The Itailruild prospect from Williamsport to
Binghamton, is attracting quite a considerable
attention, and we may some day Dace• 9. Rail
roatt ntree. us, than Wysin or Towanda: , The
new jail at the County seat epproaultesfitanple
tion;vinci presents the appeataree o f
,bein g , a
safe and comfortabletetcrnicle for those who
may 4Ln uiquarters in its :Very commodious
and extensive aparuncnttr: , Frialw the
buildet. is one of the best .arertitectS mull titer.
°ugh business multi in this - sectionAriii thetan
missionei*.,displa-yetrgOod sense and sound dis
crimination:in SetUring.his services. ;
- Yours most truly,
Lellaysvid6, Penn., Feb. 7th, 1872.
13izeHlaa:` ("mew Xecacsabliis.
Asthma. SOW by aU Druggists.
THREE II lOW pLErrt or onntmo rust=
AT STIOr.I.TA 63CA :STILLS Ili Stuittasirma.
New - Milaint.-Feb:-19111,
DoNariOk."—The friends of the Rev. Jonas
Underwood; will make Lim a donation visit at'
the imse of William Baldwin, on Thursday,.
Feb22oo, afternoon and evening,ali Are invited,
• Br ORocn
East Bridge Water, Feb. 10th.
. .
We hart korai:Mel a' new Half iledhnri_
Genlois Press to our ortice;and we arenow
pared for "Maine...." Our facilities for Job workl
are now unsurpass ed, . by any one In, this—Sic
tion. Wt voropse todo all the ',worts that our
friends shad feeldtsiiosed givers, es good Si.
the beat; ac quick as the coat:est, and as elztp.t
as the ebeapest. 'Prove nab) , a triaL •
Goon ItemLan.s' Co*ENT4O,--The'„nem
counts corstentien'of G. "T. tor: sus
queltannts county r arill meet at .I .. lnpbattont,
March 4tts'and tah.- - G. NV: C. T., B. B. - Chime;
has promised that bath lamielrand one or the
Grand Lodge Lecturers trill be present.— A fine
public lecture may he expred in . the chnints;
Tuesday erening. 'Rally& Rally I!
.I.l3.tirnscurr, District Seq.
llophettonLTel. 19111,-11373.
the burning end ,throbbing flesh by single
pheatlon orthatianequalcd balsam "fur human
or brute softening. - , DlE2crosnr - litrersaso , ,lrst,
Thd tormenting 'end " sleekdean:tying
pains nt rhOumnllsin. gout Mid; gketnat*, toe
completely banishinj by its use; Maness of ,
jpints awdpninfil crifittigkquick!y - rieltlikui-101
.prnollient influence: tt hulls brnises,eutimalds, -
etc.. with astontsblog - For strains,
4 rltighaJt;ftPutzbett , saddle. collar ind lowness
pals. it snit IF the more serious externiOnalst :
dies of the - Imysery- it is 's iriTt and thorough
- . .
I . 3"fosiThOsa.Fatz,Coursrot. -No. 2. willbotil
thtir Annual Peception, aR .Thuralay evening,
February AgalraatinvOntion is estend•
..Weli il
ntiouitapiweeialleri , of. the services
of ow Firemen will be manifested, by Mena
DONATiort—Tfu4 Mend:tut Rev. Asa Brooke,
will make him's, dortalloia vrsit at the house of
Mr. George Clement!, lir"Sear Milford, on Fri.
day evening, of Feb.-21st, 18713, all are cordial
ly invited. Di OILDCII 07 COIL
Newidillard,Feb, 19t11,_1873. . -, •
Nance—The book accounts of Dr. J. W.
Cobb will be In the bands o: Z. Cobb for a few
weeks for, settlement ; those not satisfactorily
arranged dill left in other hands fur human.
ate collection.
PLAsTER I PLASTER 1 !"-We have on hand an
ample supply of, fresh, ground Cayuga Plaster,
at $8 00,per Km: :Atm, Lime for land and ma.
sonry, as cheap as call - be purchased any where,
this Side of Binghamton.
Z"Moititroice-rtetiiit,Viti. - 501.1978; - -
F. Churchill.
Justice of the Pence: office over L. S. Len
helm's store, Great Bend borough, Susquehan
na Co., Pa. Has - the settlement of die dockets
1 . 11 0t 1 48 , btanc,Beckbow, deceased. - Ofllce
hots - hamar-04e 19 tfclock; 'a. in., and - from 1 to
4 o'clock p. m.
Great Bend . Oct. 2d 1872.
War Sate.
A new Lapse well finished, good water han
dy, 1h acres of laud, and i 0 or more good.fruil
trees thereon. Is intuited 1% miles n'rthol Mon
trose, near Beach's Plaining Mill, also,a Woolen
I,Pactorx,,Carriage nail Blacksmith , Shop, Grist
' and Saw Mill, near by and a few rods oont school.
Any person wanting a good place can get
it at t Largnlu. Call on James E. Cannalt. or
the proprietor. IL C. BURGESS.
Montrose, Oct 80th. 1872.
linsatErr—LtssnEnnx—ln Rush, Feb. Bth, by 1
Eld. 11 - , H. Gray, Marvin Bennett, and 311.5 s
Lutitia I.ll,aberry, both of Auburn, Susque
hanna county, Pa.
EAD—A Less— it Uniondale, Feb. 4th, by Rev.
J. T. Ellis, Chas. N."Ead, arid Miss Carry L
Allen, both 01 Pleasant Mount.;At Liniondalc; -. Feb. 4th,
tut Ray. J. ,T. Ellis, Jeonne It. Allen,. nod
thirds?' Skkeii3on, ticith of "Pleaiani Mount.
Wmassr—Lawls--At the M. E..Parsonne, to
3Toritrose,Teb. 4th, by tier_ A. D. Alexander,
Whitney, and ?ass fluidal'
both'of Rushville, Pa. .
McVican—Hot.xtqvi:n—Alt the house of the
bride's frahtir, Dec. Slat, by Elder W. C. Til
den, E. C. MeTlear, of Montrose,and Miss P.
Rosella aullister, of Dimock.
Tottneu.KICELF.ll—A4 the residence of the
bride."4lpotber, in Middletown, Jan. tiitti, by
flee. B. Porter, Fraisk Tumuli, of Forst
Lake;'nnil Miss Eunice fieekr. ,
Ifunisittl4=-Nerrusa-11 the residence of the
brhle's parent, Jan. 2011,, by Rev: W. Kelticy,
Tromso M. Hubbard, of Uriego,-N. T.,
LyVia yotingest daughter of N. New-
MAO, cifq.,.tif Lillie 31e.vInws.
Buniows--Devisx—At the bonse or the bride's
fhthcr. J. P. Devine, emi r ., in flush, Inn. '31111),
by Rev. S. Elwell. risidsteir by Her. E. W.
Brockinridge, A. 13, Burrolvs. of Stevensville,
dud Mica Alice M. Derine, of Rush.
PRA - Mir -0034-4f. Clifford, Jan. 20th, by
Elder. m. A. ]tiller, Rexford M. Pratt, and
Miss Harriet L. Wilmot,
BacKna—arttnEr.—At .t2ac residence or Mr.
filliVC,GrOtt Bond, Jun. 215t..1. H. Rackusof
Seranton,and Miss Lydia. Bisbee, ot Great
Bend.,::4ft Carbondale., Jan. 08th,,
Ivy ReVlll.. Y, e:k§"tnilli, Janie% N. Leonard,
of !tiorivia, N. 1. and Sarah A. Moore, .of
Dimock, l'a.
nn Sunday" J....wry 28th,, NU, Lu
cy Nichol..., wife of John if. Lake, .ages! 1.17
IlEmrtitcc-isf T.erisCK,'Tste;aher,...tinuary, 141'h,
Jesse licniantin, aged about 40 yelare.
it.mautt-;-ln Yfesc billford, Dee. 13th. Carrie
A., slaughter of John and Mary M. Willkuns,
aged 7 year's, 11 n sntha' and; daps.
lltson.pat—Altna a Bingbnsu,died in New Mil
ford,Ta., Nov. Bth, aged 78 years. •
Mrs. Bingham was du daughter of Thomas
Dean, and the eldest of I.ifeen childreq. She Tu.,
born, in con pcctimi.biftillukra ted Ast $lll-
ford' when quitacing,. At the ago of-18 she
was marriiislao" ..W. Bingham, M.. D.. with
whennibe Brea' ntil tds deceass , , sotno - fottr nr
tire year's since. She mutat:led his widow until
death. Site was the mother of .eight children.
filar of Witold still lice trhilidltrit her inns ßingham was a kind 'and affeelhmate mother,
apt" greatly mteemmtilir het yirttles iq tit-Faint
nittnit.trltlktellgat r-Oidtat
....._ _
i tilagvl,l .I%7E>tioexiso.' \...
i i
411 %if ,1 01.;;I'VTIPI:;" • gf/TWP...— In tno av taro of
.I.X.enlss Northrov, lata of Liberty.: Ilaagorbanna
Co., IS:1- - "eletiia.eif. , cotton of Admlafatfallon la
. tl l l i a
p ;ktAl ii :• , lt,lo tl i a n e ,. 4l4r=tcf . ! Oho . oacyrAgned •
• fa te:l=o 6 l7 . lt m L o .
Itanwilia_paymem. and all
a•zalnet raid ratafa aro regnesteLqo ',testi/Meal without
__,,,,_ - 1 ;,, ; • IjrTIV.SORTLIROP, Adirirx.
VDTToRS 4 74)Tiett.=-The undersigned, an Nadi
a. OW. appnlntsrl . l4 Ihn Court of Common Pleas.nt
buNnenutinn County, to distribute hinds inlbe hunds.
of tbe'Rherttr. brtslo tram the sale °title personal
property of Andrew Lap.'. nOI attend to the. duties Of
his uppointmoit nt.hls tare in Montsore on Tnesbir.
Ma trtr IRth; at one b'elock. p. in.. when all per.onr
MRT WC rent tbotr chtims or be Coaster dehirrrd.
• .u 0. c. 91 1 ., hocittor.
Montrose. reb.a,•0174. ' "-
A VDATPR'S NOXIOR.-01ie,aluidriditned. an andtini
Lk. eprolottlny the Court nfAC•mornon..blm.e.
qnehtethten ry; .40dt/etc, heloit In the. betide
01 tho.Shattf,ATlttelf fro Sheriff' IL Tali of reel ebiti
of Sarah 11.11.1ien only. ; hereby Oven, oattee that hr
arlllettenit In the delfeeochle Appointment. et h olbee
In Mentmot.oo 101 h day 1F I. at
one o'ereek, p, to..,hrben and whero ell jwryone Interest.
ed In tab/Al:ad Itlltbllteett theirqlelint or be forever
deb :unit from rtt(lngin no .dl4 lhad. -
n. a WARIZE3, inditor.
3lonfrose. k".b. 1 : 11 1. 1,513, '* 1 " •
urroirslcortnEE-L-111. 'antic...Ached, dt
turappoluren iho J.u'♦ia
the alrphaole,Conri.
in and• (be, the Coun,7 Shocinchtona. no exceptloai
riled 140 tietWidovhainvenlney In the rattle Or hatanet
W. Trarmiall. sim.A.4.•uttt attend to.tha natter of
attpotnntfeht: at Me orrice. to 31nottore. On
Thora&f.'the twentieth. d•y of March. IK7d,nt arid
o'clock to the attcynont.t. ALLpaetic. fat ancrted are here.
rehatred to ankarrand prevent their dilate, at the
above .haeana plate irs,be homer debarred.
•lr. A. CASE,..kodi tor.
ileatrue, Feb; 11.• ItrO,
EIXEMTOIt ICOTICE. Letters iesierecntary toibe,
ertetecternth7a Jackson., feed, tate or.P. Milford,
40411.07.•Pa* been hare be grunted' id Mel
entr.eribers; all pelndebtetio, thq,eald &nate, -ark;
requerredrermAkdiennedlide pigment, end mo t e 10,-,
tug claims or derruntde e/itil the, eitete et the add der
cednet.lo tiOcdk.ttpsey i thejiathe withent Orley,. •
; • - : lieCotzen, Enechtdi•
Nen . ' '
dii6r; • •
IDXF:OUTCIt'S WAWA ry to the,
LI connect:HMO Datitiellattetintrldgewster twv.,
SttNeehanno enmity. Pa., -have :been grnntett_ to , e
enberriber.ell venom* Indehttxt 'to 'the pold estate, ate
to . 4, k9 ilrmittltd..pairdosCatuithiiee hay•
legation or elerninee elninst the estate of the said de
co:Lint, to pown
, 1(4113Y4W1 41 15ELL.1 . tiki ton
„,,W9, • 141.,LNEL.4, • -• •
Jattary , ,
A" MiB.Bs:l4 M —Ttie unacillrfkl'd. an Auditor
appointed by tbeOrpben's Court of Sunnehanna
Conan tir dlrtlibutettie fund. In the hand. of the Ad
mfblorivinr of the eqate of -Wu!. C. Ward. dee'd.bere•
by Area notice that b • =rat attend to , the datfes of Ida
&miliitc - ent. at hid office ilontrore. on Thnraday. i
ambit. tb r 3. at o'clock oblehllmia and place I
eUperibne Intereated will nuikd knowerthelt
be farm debarred Irma centric in on raid fo nd t 1
. • 11:111sCOLIAV,
liontrose.Feb. f 919173.
. . .„...
doed Tune!. teeested, letters nflutrulaletrett on
4 In the add ballot been granted to the andends.
ed. all pe weeowing; OM mute. site requemed o
mekotintnodtate psynniqt.in4allpereoneherlogeblme
I &vault mild eetete . ate requested to Prevent them with.
t oat delay, •• 2. .1t r.H.ommo "•
• - - witso sT. TURIULL, n•
. Form Lake, Jan, V, 1613:— , dir. • •
A uPtryits iiiriwz,-Theardi6iiorthwringbem
11 Impair by the Orphans' Vomit et nasoseasans
• 04 9r0l nollattoillettlbat's the Carols tt Os bands
al Ine t tkalialitputtter roe estate Or ,ILtrriet liklybolge;
la Nur slllfont. ficezweit will ahead lathe Shed
of spitoistasent:tit Mies is Montrose. on WO
neF4*, .110 r. Ittroit t (*kw*, P. llt; • All per vat
intetryted.wili-Pat+eKandpresont:{Raie'etaim , ,orbs
debt rrOa two catalog twos slot -
' "05 • ,
• Fadura,W • hat
' says
the PftWeftrt,,diteatittrkedit ba3ntrell, and
thetefOrt la theinerestatalPidity thendure It.
DySPeptkrhoyertitainly a to:continuo
dyspeptic:llloldpi d:ot their days if they choose
but as it is supposed that. any rational being
touters physiml torment to ease Juni health, the
probability is that IT allitdiereres from Indices
don were coniinteiltheeanabsolute,..tutanjhte
remedy Bathe's' coinplaint existed, they would
with one accent resort to it: ' We hinst emptiet4
cally dminre that sich a remedy Toe s exist,:and
that Its tonne le limiteltees Siumach
The record of its success extends over a , period
of inure than twenty years, and It. is. fearlessly
alledged that during. the whole pf, timtAlme it
has never failed to:afford ,permanent -relief to
any disorder or derangement of.the stomach
that was not t,trsau, de;thalignint, and" Inclina
ble. Titelestinthnislsillat gale 'establler2tbis
Important fait can be conntcd by. the tnouanmt
, Stomach complaints that. had been narks:atm'
' 4y 11, total disr4ard of all dietarY ritlesond inr
Wedded and reruteredbhronic by mediatttieat.
ment or drastic mimation,-have in- hundreds of
intances been. cured within, three • nacinthV try
the systemic use of thin - celebrated' stomachic
and alternative; ,It should be retnentheridlhat
Weakness pf tho.digeetive organs lasi:dyes runny
other ailments. Biliousness, be ulacheinetrout
debility, spasms, palpitation of the heart 4: gush
of blood to the bead,lmusea, vertigo, end sleep.
ks.smaa are among its coneond tants and results ;
and for all these, the great, vegetable • tonic Is a
SpeCine. It nets first upon the stoach,a
thugh the-stomach upon ' in
the secretary ' 'and
ne mats systems and the bowels, Its Aenerul
effect being alkali genial and betedefrpt.
PUBLISHED as ft warning and for pa benefit
of lidhnff n and other& islab onfferfuno &owns
Debtllty, Lose, of Idantoqd. 4trAriOpPIV,S4
1116 mitAtis ov sEut .cu • •
Written by one Nvini Mired himself, Atter on
dergoinp, considerable quackery, and Inv
on reretring a post-paiadirtmtettenveltom
Driroldpa. 4ane Mit Gm.. • prpOlyth
GENTLEMAN who suffered for Tea from -Nereon
JAH bUtty, Permatare Dowry, and all the effect, o
yonthful latilgeretlan will. for Ilse &aka of rtoferinz he
manity. aced free to all who natal ft. the receipt. and dl
ruction for =Mug the eireplaremedy by which he.t. .
eared. Sam. ari
leallazto profit by the advt.?a caper&
race can do so byaddreaileg, in perfect confidence
' • ;URN, B. tMMEN.,
No. 11 Cedar *met. New York.
New York Produce Market.
Corrected weekly by Ilardlog., Hayden, kt- Co
32 Wastaington Si, NAV York. •
Butter, tub 40043'
" firkin 37040
Cheese, dairy, per lb 14015
factory" ....... .... .1 10010 , 4
B,gs, per doz .............-........_ 30038
Flour, per barrel._6,looolo
Corn meal, 100 lbq.: ...... ... .... .... '.00,3.50
Wheat, per bu5he1............... ~.. 1.77kiC2.00
Rye ~.. 1 )0(0 92
Oats " . .
• ' "tf0.52
Cora " - 09 72
flops, crop of 45d50
Tallow .
lard per lb ...... ••• ••• •• • • .... . . . B@B
. ant-AA
l'otarnes per bbl
75 W:• 00
Turkeys per lb _ 14418
Chickens 4
• •-: r 11 8 20 415
" •• • • ••'• • • • -
Ducks " • • -
4 1%Tervo•
TtiUM FOR KALE r OP ONE Lir:air:En .Atcr) Evarri ACES'S.
Situated on the mad Nowee'n SEre'r Mite ajaad
Lake. well watered and well timbered. good rd
and b'll ` l . I'2l ' . tr '" - A. J. suctlihN,'
Sheldon r.,,,c.);,Sae4aehanna Co.. re
.huoikri 187%—am
VOR S.ILErL•Tha or Ilstlisii 'AI-
dricnoie Ai, Atuntell nt+out leaf
of 31ontm3e Depot. in lini,ikVfn ownsbiporon
talnin4 nbnut 111 acres of. landinaitly trutirur
ed, Inquire of the untfershmetl, executor of
suit, estate,At I , lcw 31ilforfVea, . •
New 3tilford, Jan. 2*, 18TH.—t(..
A. • .
L ' IMIIIrti NOTICE. Theandf-rolcDt,d e ,In Dorn
appolatrd an Andltor„ll - . um. orp.e.l-klart
of Roam:tonna County• to diertribule the fond in
thi. Rlllort Aldrich. Atfinlntattilhf Ofsilhi•
late to .1 11, Stionnon. Lito of the tourist-apt of Now Mil
ford. derommd. will Attend to Mir tiro m of hilt nitimiiir
moot at the rare of i ltrh fi Wan.. in H00rn....-- nr
Feli. NL !tall, at I p. m. tit whirl.
time hand place all ponion, intenemed will appenr nod
toi heard.
• - • - •
. ,
WATSON. Audi ktr
. - -
B. IL Lyons & Co.,
Dry Gook (krocerieh
, t;NDRIITAERRS , yr...Luc:: •
t rose, Jan. 15,
120 Wyoming avenue,
oUs, NOTICE: Al tawiNikINTER j
DRAW --IN mit ES 3 - `IIIW
ER, - JAS:s. SLOCulf,J..msunlim
JAMES 'llLAlR:iimpFzer
. :'
Feb. 12,
ri tAKE NOTICE.—AII persems hating or
1. _1 settled account*
.. 7xlth tne, exd.fkliange•
, Same' by note di otherilse, yrltti me persomilly
untilthetket of April next,Ativbfdttimetbey .
wdt be Mit into other tantds`fulf bettletteTtt• •
' ' • • - '''t: C.Taii•Antot.'"
Autrortii i . Feb. iffib lfra—cktv.,
~.ElectLon , Proclamatton.
TN pursuance of au act of the General . Avvemblief the
CoroglatnrealthdrrennsyleittiLi, antitiedint ACt to
pertntahnsdtert Comencdtwealth Wyatt every
threeryriVa spit:ellen of granting lleetwee to sell
batowtrati broom, approved the" Mb thry , of Larch;
A. D. afar, ,b. E. IiELME, High Sherd! of &wino.
henna County, in said Commonwealth. do hereby give
patient° the Zlectors of the county aforesaid, that an
Election will be had la wild County on
FrMar, the 21 day of February, 1873,
[being thethint Crfdety.inatittmantlij at which I
electioilr shill be the ditty of theinspectors and
judges of elections to receive tickets, either.
written or printed, from the legal voters of raid
county, labelled on the outside "license," and on
the inside 'for license" or "against license," and
to deposit said tickets in a box provided for that
purpose by said inspectors and judges, as Is rd
gutted la lam in the case of other tiedtets reedy-,
dd atimtloelecfion nail dm tickets ea totaideti
shall be counted, and a return of the same made
to the clerk of the court of quarter sessions of
the peace of the said county, duly certified alt
Is required by law.
In the second section of said aet•it I s pro
vided, "That in receiving and counting, and In
maklagOttant orthoVott4 anik-theiniPcatorst
and Judges and clerks of said ejection shall 1*
governed by the laws of this commonwealth
regulating general elections ; and all the
tire of said elect i m laws are hereby extended to,
anti shall apply to the voters, inspectors,,lntigrs,
and cleiks, voting at and in: attendant*, - -upon
the elections held under the provisions of this
The Election for the dlstricecomposed of the tcwe
ship of Apalacon will ho hold at the horse of Josope
&whole said township.
The Election for the district composed of lb° town•
ship of Ararat will be held at the school house near lb*
P R l C l AgginnVt.hd . "-I' dVags=tp l.b ld of tk big '
of tintruffrort I be-beta -*bloc...heave - VI Jantive -Lott In
said township.
The Election (or the district the township
of Bridgewater will be hold at the Coors noose In the
Borough of. Zdontrqi e.. , -
The Elberton for the dletriet Composed of the totrn
ship of Brooklyn will be htrlff et the house of James CI:
Bullard In said township.
The Election for the district composed of the town*
ehip of Choconat,trlll bolteld at Itott.nottool house nee.
Edward Chalets td - shld tOtensbtp. '
The Election for the district composed of the town
ship of CI Wool will be he'd at the house lota of John
Hewett.. In said torrorhip.
• The-Election fee thedist riot 'composed of thellorongh
4.151/padaff. 0111 A* held at the Dandas bald
The Election for the district composed of the town
ship of Blalock will be held bt tho house tateol T. J.
Babcock In odd township.
The Electlim tot the district Composed of the towns
ship of Forest Lake will be bold at the house late of J.
S. Towne 1 0 raid township. • •
The Election for the dittrict composed of the township
of Franklin will be h Id at the school house roar Jacob
Allard', In sold township. ,
The Election for toe district tiotopoted of the Bowmen
of Kriendsville will be bold at the sthool boa. In told
EL wongti.
ThaJtieset inn fortbc district compoted of , the Vosough
of (treat - Ile:id wiTfle bold at - the honest Late occupied
he I/ meld Thomas In wild lhantneti.
'The Election for the district composed of the town
*hip of Good Bend will he held the boa. Ike occupi
ed by E. Barnum, dec.
The Efeetillti for the dist Het composed of the towathip.
of Gibson wit( be held In the Academy Minding in said .
The Election for the district commetediof the township
of Ilarford will be Mid at the bowie Late of N. W. Wald-,
run in void wwuthip.
Tim Election for the district compoted of the town
tblp of De rot oity will be held at the boo. of S. Winton,'
In sand township.
The Election for the district composed of the town
'hip of iterrick will he held at the Bernick Center &thou!
iloutc,irs said township.
The election for the dinihiot contented of the townrhip
of Jackson will be held at the hon. of Joseph Geary In
said township.
The Election.for the district composed of the town
ship of Jessup will be hell st the house or Iloolci Hoff
In told township.
TheAcctiun for the dist riot composed of the township
pc . Lebo.% 4411 be held at the house of Brothers
n odd township.
The election for the distriet connoted of this town
pof - Litfertywlll lieldeltbettEallbfdtkhoo)hptite
irf told TO Wnshlp:
The Election-for the ilithictenmpoted of itte. town
ship "of Lathrop will be held the lillledale School
house In wild township. - - e - • •
fhe election for the district computed of the Illoiroogli
of Little Aluernigh. tmilows Will be hold at ibc School 3.10p0 po
+ohs B
The election for the district composed of the township
of lilltidletuan will be held at the hotowsuf Iptb nose in
said totenkhip,
The EllY3loll for the district compoted of therkunegh
of Ithmtruse will beheld at the CoUttlilOcfee ip,pald
Borte.h. -
The Election Aar the diStYlet competed of theft:tire/tett
of New Milford sail be held nt the bottle late lid John
Baur. in told Borontsh.
Tho elcetwo for the diet Het tom pored of the township
of Neu/ Milford will be held al the lootto, of rbpoodor
Fbinney, In the of - lOcw
The election for the district composed. of the hilett
ip of (inland will beheld e the hotter Late of 74.toM
as klanson In said township, • ;4 .
.Tho eleCtLon for .the dbitriet Compored•t h e tpwn
'hill of Wash will hold at the house of N; B. eny desire
'rs.tsT W llß;or too . 111;triet of the fawn.'
ship of -Springor:ille will bo,tfeld at the house Into of
Sporwer-tficorintesidtorenshlp. .
The election for the dittriet e•iroposeehf lawn.
ship of Silver Lake will be held st the. hooter late of It.
31ctItriglet In told township, ""
The Section for the ill .Wintdsimprowdef then.) Ugh
of an.qteattantea Depot will be held at the house htttdit
ocmpkd by William Smith Ili wart Borough. •
The elect:on for the 111.rrret 1 ,- 0mp0..,1 or the town
ship of Thompoutn 'kill ho tart.) at the hothtd late of.
Ch - ed er ht eddatd. la raid township: ' -
111001. 11 tittcr my hand. at my .face. In tile Borough of
Mol4l**r..lho day of'..laolAry. A. and In
the year of the Commonwealth the nine r-visth,
• _3 7 i • :13: 11.11EL.118.13herliT.
Montrose, Jed. fs '
4 ru=
NEW Disc dvEß'it
Ws keep a lataistiorlident et Occirtte. Caiefiritia,
lll4lltek Verruca, &yr on itvattifer that verves*. - 1
war thelleflefead tare oldie Erring sad fb * -
, r V. ~ , [IC c. o as Pallanthwp 7 . •
likTs ANDVAPS A t)clif Ltid - "" I Ps t ro retoi IT° dtmit* ` °l3
• - GLOVES, TIES, Bovrtv..,%gmbilu isO i rj d outb and the Follies of Ave
r aid fur the afflletcd. Seat frerb i lt_ 4% l l l e:in- I ' pra.lll; matter
i OTKON A 26 WOOLEN' SIIIRTS7 .. dreP• HOWARD dr.S.SCH:LATION. Box P. Pb e Utablehla
• ,:. . ,
_ __
io n GATivirws TAIL REMEDIES' ,I , ~.. ,
t . e . 4 . l,,ze. .A. r 'i nt l n t ~ ..E ...Nt ii,D E, ;R -:4 A L Z IE.T h' i. aT n ti.S : , ' i cr -ist . m k t ror ii — trr i ia .
' 'CiaOluolptextt consttitiptlon.. A ft Grade,
U3lTlf&.LT!!?')?. t a r t . ” rtraS ' WRPIKS. - BATCHEI.BI 1 - ' AT
Cave Catarrh. - •
. We will sell everythta
IN. GI XAOTRIKMNDIESI aced, =ace...manic kgrarrl°:nzarr !tree 1.- cab say ii t ti ) - -WILLIAM - SMITH'4
-- °14140154-liina•^ - ~- - t .71,WZR4111V•Yr IT TOnn. • -" !‘' b °""at Irnirr , ?'"
ion . T .,,,, i , uctivr ,,,,.. r 'w r pima aloha oaf a l ake 114 of on / rarteratilimfe ' Ertn .ii o i
'r , i 'CaVaingl;jia;l7sC. •,, -• ~ 7:7 =. t ;I`..l . ,rodt:rzytx.','lgtrri'gfr" ' l2 w ' . "; , mu".
witen """ 1611 " a th *L " rst
ad compare T ete.* -,
1 and q uality, and thus tte_aartr,kraad s el OW Ulah Ur Oat :
Caro Fililia Diseases. - i 9ITT'r.EN.BEIIO RO4liNflAI; IE,-*, .
GAIITIN'S TAR REMEDIES 1 !amazon , nor. 13 Ir 2. -- - -'
F -- __- 72_ _ __.'____:•___„_:.._:_:; . __„.. , I , _ -
' -CO --. 1 r U'IN I T IJIIE
Remdstio Om Liver.
De. GARVIN'S TAR worigntEs C. lIRItIFF'S SALER-ST ' . i'lirrii.P .-. 0 ' A
. FTs be foam. In . ' this ' 7 ,.?
Thrakite enstommhand n ow , , 1„, writs I ssue d by MC Court or Coalman Ileas ° l4 "itellini dad at V i rl"Cda ti lb n a r f l el% lat e° 44" IL alC r t h y l : oat (' Is'
h6ctlyn, fla'arakee th e %critrbere . ,
`sa . f u tf il B l u e s l quelta t n o n s d a C 3 ot b m . ty ni h ol i to me directed, I
_Ono all Female Weaknesses, . I Court rloltsc in..3font)rosPel,limrfin'tinulit7,.,3lr She
f lazirEllsi°N TB/LIES 1
10;;EitAliVIINIC Tut REM DIES , , 1873, ate t o'clock, p. 171., the following picas orB ' la tnisCinwar, and WAUttANTS than. • '
'Vi v i y l pi 9, 6 0; • .„ .
~ ' '-,, : pared i r land, towit :
!, _ i
at All that mien piece or parcel or land' slip- "
Dr. GARVIN'S TAE REMEDIES . ein part in the 'owlish' iof Green • . UPHOLSTERY WORZ
...CIO Diseases of the Throat. I County or Luzerne and Sl i ate a or eli PLn r i d i fie s i y d li n an t i t h i c , , c : of all Wi l da do se in , the bee: re t emeeem .- -
Dr. GARVIN'S TAEI REINEDIIN 1 and part in the ton-uship
• Caro prodteldifs. • - ,• r County of Susquehanna, and •State of Pei:iny!. ', lO Z. X 2 , 3' G. 33 2111' 12 Et
Dr. GARVIN'S TAR REMEDIES ! canna ; bounded and described as' rollows: 'lle. . .•• Or YAnious RIND.
_ !ginning at a stalteandttrnes a slti a lum 1' t " I littE Kli 1 lIATE ASS - ES,
~ a,- ewer' In m a white oak tree. the
north' 43 i N eg 3n" . 2- ---.' ... '''. -
4 ' . CiaiOlgeSe COld * Oell V
yr. outwursaut BEISEDIES ~ and 00 minutes west 18 chains end 92 lic ks lt" ' " , ,
i - can: &mg otseases. • . . f hinds late of Peter Graham, thence north 41il i e n • '•
' - -...
~., .„„„,...„,.. ~,„„,,, ..,,,,, wri ,,,.,.
.i g o rees and 30 minut. a east 17 c h a ins : to lands
41 7 : Zub c = p ;r on 7,'"'"`" - '''' •I , l' Triprly , or sau3o tr. Phelps, emit 23 U , ND . ERTAKINO
, . eltatns.:lJlnks talitula formerly, 'or BenJamit
Dr. GAUTIN'S VAR ISIIIENEDIES ; Tingley. thence &wilt 62 flegretn vast 2 chains ' ' The Pah.criber will bores-14r male' b• "atra 'toe s '
' Cum Salt Ithenett; . Anti 74 links, thence south 44 degrees and Mi. 5 uet , 1r,.. 1 ', 7 411 1,,,,M, 1 : 1 ”,",,.7,. nt i l e a "' p m i t )u i l,rm:,,°, l2.l .,• ,{ t r,
, minutes. west X.. 1 chains.: and 60 links to tkp ar;iing - hir .7 - itiTi.r: a: ft - i W -to nro - ft 1. -1 :7 . a . a-
Dn euro GiM tad indki ne ''S r T io t e n. EgrED,. , I E I9 , ~ p , lace of beginning, containing 50 acres of land : itatliattaury du I _ - --,'' 'a"- a'
I V the sands More or loin Wilu the a purtetta ` - urns . tg_ g •
Dr. GARVIN'S TAU UltameDlElls i em. Ilnune hointii and harp, and all P imnroveT 1 - t ... ' - --' -; -METE b. so* ' -
...wpFtut.,anderatireilowFevii Is. lied and taktas in - eseeutli aat the :AWL of 1 ant "'"' ' .." J34; ll' 1371 * - aoi - tr' '
Dr. carrinms min ittEnE.R ... d . a 't, Andrew Watt ds John 'Grip :--- .-:-.4-7 , -,
--, -.
'"'-', i -.. AL,‘CAIi that. certain o p
ego ea pared 0 , - A OSIENISIIIATORS',SALE,--,Tbc an.
l'revent_ll74:llsiti_otta Fevein. --,.. , land simile 111 the townsfrip of Lenox. in the A (.enq g n ...t.tnintstra_ra 0..t..0 es-
I • 'ed;At • En r h
EnICGARIVEN"Smus BE,3IEDIES, I , Comity pr.:it:so6on= and State of Pennsrl• I late sir A blather 3lillartl,4ee'd t itiill cell at"
c; a k „,,,,6,,,,iiii a iii i,„ t h e •n r m s t;...: - r rania, bonntictuant. described , nit . followii, 1 .
iit.',OARTINS TAR IREINEDIES` - ..' "It : Attyttiti ennyth , ley sluiced. i t o :o we A 1 public sale; on the wentiyis,„ is Bridge-,
Unturro Pails In the Side Or Unells;: : „"f ri u In pike, on the east by Tankhantiock ' creek, t water, •., -, _ . .
I. y t,e tte vs lln t) , t ty e • tinds i of llri a ry nd 3lllkr. and o n ,
~ Saturday; 31areli I at. Ifi73. • •••
' IDr,4.OIO3LVIIPS TAII4.I3EMEDIES Philadelphia iii f ol l o wing
, Are a Sorteplo,r Tonic,. •". ', - i Turnpike, containing about six acres of land, be : .." 1 „. 0 . ProPerty, to wit : Tea . C oder
p r ,GAßimirs Imat, imonglites c o lic fame morn or less. with the. apputtenences,4 I fOge of Oxen. 1 Sheen, 1 .- hay were, 1
Roam ar A ___,.... ,
~. , t I ae franr , l l. o7, one Inane him And out build. lltrc e .yt;iii . old colt, 1 Yearling s ('oli," ii
l in GAnvi 44 T P.7l7 2 . nr 4 lielillE 9‘ ; i n n:;et a t r iii v an ni at t i t ine it nn t h t l a i l ‘ i . l ,7 ' . Pn de e n ti ttP knt . linni'er 'wagons,' markii wugon; light
Jon carman,. Jr., P .T X• i : Ctirringe. Slowing Alschine, quantity yr
Cowie tho Foodatoyy.aesy. t, : _ t.Williain Cameron.
Itti.GATIVIIiPECIPAIa 1111b1=111 . 6 i Cameron. anti O. D.. Witssm. -. lumber. Buffalo robe, light Sleigh: rot
R estom eh a vr e nk end ir ,,,., ‘ „,„„„._.' , Notier In hereby given that titt bbis , Mind be iielit• lotrneSst sot team harness, - 2 plow.;
pr.GiggyvvraTAßß,Taripla I p aid til ,
.4:41,711 on
<ls ,
r ( ! r i ni lL e. SEiME:Siterill.. ... pia Sa no lg Cli to " Oti M m e ni lod eti e : . at nine o'clock, -'':
1 ~, . cqro,lliine, tciTotresysteia.. i ..
~ I ,SherifTs Office, Montrose, Feb, & 1871 ' - TEnsts.-L4SII sums under $lO. 'rash '
• ...., -"- - 4.7. - HYDE 'it co' • 1 ----- - • 1 • $lO and.: over - sixm onths cred i t , '
• '.. . , • . 04322 , “. - ' ,I.IIOOERIES.-:-Teas in gross satiety., _ , ' .
,- ' ' • .! NA sal chap WWI qualities. netts resew: tb.• ApproTcullecnnty.. ' '-i- ;
.-..,•, , lesse t estib , 2lre l , Ara t ,eir ew k; , bert ta avocet. A. nice Imam) , at Isoniases.ttagartor. i - - A. Mit-T.33m, Jr,' '. 1
- 4
;,r January tit, Ittn„ ' ' r -- 4 • % ',PTV .11:910W.-90",14. di11p41741M41, 1
.a.ziatusts, damit.
WurrEn TEAM Begins. J
W an. 2d, TWA,
§r4t , 4".. 1 .04..Pr5•
TU/770X—Iligher Deparnnenl. $0 06
; • Secasulaty:Dcerni: 500
The course.a.Lastractions tlso Ewa.
ton,•And the listurcia, §azticza.. . ,
F LtadRNIV:,G, '
Preparation of_Teachers.
' The Building is Cotniriadione; Pies-
ant, and well-armged for--
Students can' entre at: .at any titno, and
• .
Charged, Proportionally.
W — Rooms eau be. secured _for those
desir . ,! , Ekg, to board themselveis.
For further particulars address 'A. R.
BERLIN, Principal, or the Secretary of
the Board.
Wu. H. JESSUP.' Pro;
It TIIATCHER. Sec'v. .
)Inutrose, Oct. 30.'72—Em
1854. 1872.
• E. -0:07 Goobs, FURS, ROBES.
Our Assortment of
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In. Great Variety
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CORSETS. -*ELT AND .vodr stuns.
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AU Caton and Att Shades,
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UNION LIOTEL., kept by-W zuals MOM* Mulct
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13,01RVIT A SON. Alert, In Floor. Feed. Nail,
salt. Lime. amen, erseeriaa and Previalona eta
Stain Siren opposite the Depot.
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K. a V. nATOrt,
Wbolesal• dollars 113 rokee Natrona and , ram
Goods, on Ms Strad;
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and Usnufastaxers of (Apr, Cl Nab Strut, no:
41x. Depot,.
1. nicKenSaaN. Ja.. Dollar to general =sedum/Use
■ad muting, Iwok non. ca main Street.
L. S. LWITIELif. Itnnitlicinrer "at Linither.iii44caler
to genmaNcrebiadin. on Main
U. P. Monehank %Almond dealer la Rao
Made Clothing. Dry Goods,Utoef tins *no3 rwidsionn
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and dlulabs, near the Store.
0. A. DAME—Coeny &intim, or Stinoebenne Corti
V. Orate to the Court Boom. Mcoittose. Pe r .lO-0.
ADKL TUDKELL, Dealer In Irmo, Medicines, Li
guori, Pilots; Olin, Dye Run. brocalsa.Jewelry
Notions. etc. levy, !l, ID"
:MUMS A CARYALT. Atter:my 0111 C. CM!
doqf below Tarbell Rots,. Public Arena. a,
tnr. U. COOPER & CO.. , Thlokers. sell. Foraigti
cm. Tick, ts and Drafts ea England. trslapd aai,Bcot•
BILLINGS STROUD. Genera Firs and Lif e Inn/
mud Acton ; alao.eeB Railroaq and AeeldeatTlekE ar
to Sew Tor' s,d OCce OSe 41.90 y MOS
eft* , 0..4.1.
F. It: 'thrAICIP..BII. General Emanate ani Sewitig3T.A.
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BURNS 11.141C1ML.fg, the place to rut Drab and Medi
Nan. Porket•Books, S pacts.
des Tette* Notion,. &C.. frick
WM. L. COS, Rs mr.a tinker and dealer la all -bifida
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Japttll r.►UUIIELL. Proprietor.
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