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E. n. niwLET.;nsiin!ak,
libmtrose l Weame!NfilSiMeb•lNK. :4813.
Ms jury in the case of "Boss' Tweed
ulnae trial came oft at New. YOrk last
seek, failed to agree. Magnificent ras•
oatiutO hard to convict in that
A Gegrgia. negro was overpaid one hun
dred dollars on a check by a bank, and
kmrstprned the money. The local paper
rays thls is another _evidence that the race
can not be civilized. •
THE total number of hogs packed in .
the. Wost this sewn. it is estimated, will
be 5,356,202 against 4,878,166 last year.—
The estimation is based upon returns of
the hog.packing in fifteen d'fferent States
to date.
Unexpectedly to the pablic,and his rela
tives, too, for that matter, the post-mor
lem examination of-the remains of ex-
Governor Geary discloses the fact that the
sadden death of the late State Executive .
was not mused by the heart disease, uor
the affection- of any other vital organ-
Nervous prostration, say the physicians,
suddenly snapped asunder the thread of
Testa Senate otTenosylvanialias 'pass
ed a resolution, by a vote of twenty-eight
yeas to one nay, instructing the Senators
and requesting the Representatives of
this State in Congress to vote against all
bills authorizing the general government
M control the telegraph lines. The Phila.
delphiaAge remarks that this action is
eminently praiseworthy, and puts the
State in a proper position on the question
so far as the Senate of Pennsylvania is
THE President of the .Senate of Ala
bama is a Radical of the advance school,
and entertains their notions as to the
necessity of holding power by force or
fraud, when it is denied by the ballot.—
On s contest in that body for a seat, he
declared that the substitution of a min
/nay for a majority report gave a Repub
lican contestant his seat, though neither
report contained any decision upon the
question. This ruling was necessary to
affect the matter of a United ta t tes Sena
tor, and the President will be naked to
snetain it br_military force.
?Ms lotion repotta a rupt u re b e t weenew
Giant and some of the Radical lenders.
Its adtices indicate that the thwPiesident
does not care to recognize. the service of
ihess'.gentlemen rendered. to 'his cause
daring' the late campaign, but claims .
that the result of the, election was . due
almost entirely to his own pdpultuiky,
and that he had' to carry . - thenk through
as so much weight. There can be no
doubt about it-that his popnlarity'heln
erb as strong appeals were
made that in case the State was lost to
the corrupt party in October, ' Grant
would lose itin 'li - over - fiber .
Tux WilHaiti Bigler iti - faMil-
Jar as a.honsehold word to evert' "parson'
in this vicinity. The weight pf.yfarr is
makinian impression On"
. the 'honorable
old,gentiemiiis. He is kowever:deit as
old a s s Many people suppose, jadgitigircitn
hilappearance. lie was .born irrCiiin
berland e:onnty in 1841, and will: 6e '59
next December. That hi not - say an
old awe sad he should be good for some
years tofrom. Goyarnor David .Port
er passed away at tlia age of 78 years.—
Ex-Gosernor James. Pollock will. be , 63
next September; Ex-Governor • Curtin
will be 56 in April. Ex-Governor Geary
was 53 years old, and Governor Hartranft
Ss 42.—Tyrone Democrat.
Ton trial of United States Senator-el
ect Patterson, of South Carolina, on the
charge of bribery, cannot, now be reach
ed until 1874.. At Columbia, on Satur
day morning, Judge Carpenter gave a de-1
eision on a motion to quash the panel of 1
grand jurors for the general Sessions of I
that county tor this year. He decided
that the jury was illegally thawn, and
then alofirned the canrt sine die, The
effect-of this will be, unless there should
be smne legislative interference, which is
in the highest degree improbable, to pre- 1
rent the bolding of any court of general
sessions untitFebruary, 1874. •The Sena-
for elect is thus safe from-prosecution by ,
the State for a rear to come.
Senator Sherman has introduced-a bill
providing that two or more National
ks may consolidate; there is notmueh
danger from the consolidation of two or
these concesns, it is the little word MORE
nuder trnigh lies concealed the danger.
Tkt lord iimply means to authorized all
the National banks to join their bands in
one 'grand Ciarporatioh, in' companion
with which {he old Munster with • which
he Denrerocy WA such a tits* in 1832,
was the meanest pigna.`. Pigma though
it was in comparison with Sherman's
monstrtim horreluTura, it required all the
resolution of the -.people I St! by Aiidiew
JaCtaaa, himself, lo "4 . 41 it. .
loansand discounts it fought the people's
ballots for years; until finally it wont
down in oniktretnendons rtijn.
`1"44 our: 6/11i4r4ifrgli_
parg,,,-, NOM such a joining togetherof
tho.ldoney - Power; connected with the
overbearing radii:4 of the general ger.:
erintieit trairld be: adding union
strengthAtliciw polueises, taid„ - piesent
;ioliiing together: of tho:Ppie stail•*the.
fiTgril Whirl) IFOrild giro ua PcsOtlßUlpk
E lteroltdien. wit to these.. trer47:isti:
_ Ts-Airloathsome-disease the - smallpox
hisliteng with great virttlenee in Belli-
Moro nod Boston"; In 3;-
000 tases are . reixittill 'and'it 'is said the ,
:i p?ri3entlike of (lc:Atli:a is greater than that
' l- of all other diseases combined. The type'
of smallpox in Baltimore is also of the moats
maligrant kind and deaths are very nn
-1 merous. - . -
Gumuy WILL Cese..—The daughters
°fair. Greeley have put a stop to thedis
pute over his walls by accepting the 'con
ditione'of the one dated in 1871. This
gives his brother Nathan a life lease and
to one of his sons a half remainder of a
farm in Pennsylvania; to the Children's
Aid Society one share of Dibune si,ock ;
$2,000 to his sister Margret; $l,OOO each
to his other two sisters, and the rest of
his estate to his daughters. The young
ladies have of course taken their present
action to prevent any fnrther raking over
of 31r. Creeley's pitiable condition -when
the last will was made. The sympathy of
the people at large is entirely• on their
side. .
STOKES GETTING "lirsattE.". 7 lnganity,
after convieiioti and sentence, is the latest
dodge, and will no doubt be extcneirely
indulged in by condemned murderess in
order to save their necks from the noose.
Gaffnes, the Buffalo murderer, started it,
and now Stokes appears to n be getting in
to the non compos mends condition. A
press dispatch states: "In an interview
to-day Stokes said he expected. a stay of
proceedings and a new trial, and 'that he
had just received a4.letter from Thomas
Conner, Fisk's privet() secretary, express
ing the belief that Fisk would forgive
him for assassinating him. Stokes' mind
wandered during the interview, and lie
acted as lholigh his mental powers were
As we predicted a few' days ago, the
debt statements for January and Febru
ary showing an increase of over two mil
lions have effectually disposed of all pro
jects for the further reduction of the-rev
enue by the repeal of any existing taxes.
A Washington correspondent informs the
Pittsburg Post that the stamp taxes have
for some time been selected by general
consent as the next to be abolished, and
numerous bills for the purpose have been
introduced during the present session.—
The Ways and Means Committee agreed
on Friday,to report all these bills adverse
ly. They include a bill for the repeal of the
tax on matches, on bank checks, ar.d on
proprietary medeeines, perfumery, cos
metics, and other toilet articles. The
Committee also repott adversely on the
petition of certain importers of perfum
ery for a change of the law to permit the
stamps to be put upon the packages in
stead of upon - each'seratrate article.
THE St. Paul Pioneer thinks that it is
the Detuocroia now wild should atilatadi
cals:bow. they like crow'. • -
'Let:us ask Grant partizans, then, how
they like Colfax crow, as far as they lave
got ? :How do' they hl a sirallowiug Wil
son crow, Dawes - row, Garfield crow, Lo
gan crow,Kelley crow, Pomeroy.crow,and
the linzzll g - cir . g?4, - ,i,f 'Credit llobilier ?
How does' Len:mane crow set on their
stomachs? flow about the foul birds of
Nevada, South Carolina, Arkansas, and
Alabama? do they relish the. post
burnous remains of Saint Thad. Stevens
with his *BO,OOO bribe? What but nasti
ness and reeking foulness have the party
leaders furnished for the delectation of
their followers? No "Greeley crow" in
theirs, eh? We'think not. Instead of
purity and virtue, they are gorging on
the "ill omend bird of night."—the rot
tenness and stench of illimitable infa
ONE handreiland fifty-throe men kill
ed, four hundred and sixty-two wounded,
is the melancholy record of mining ca
tastrophes last year, in a portim of the
anthracite fields of this state. Eighty
four widows and two hundred and eigh-.
three orphans are the sorrowing suffer
ers. This list of casualties is a great as
the numbers of killed and wounded in
some of the memorable battles of the
revolutionary war. The figures refer only
to the coal fields of Schuylkill, Columbia
Dauphin and Northumberland counties
and the eastern district of Luzerne. Ev
ery 74,000 tons of coal mined in Schuyl
kill county cost one human life; and,
erg 70,000 tons in Dauphin, 98,000 tons
in East Luzerne, and 200,000 tons in
Northumberland, cost one additional hu
man life in each of those counties. Stime
of these sacrifices were caused. by defec
tive arrangements in the mines; , lint a
considerable proportion of them, we re
gret to say, were the' result 'of inherent
dangers in all mining, which' the miners
are so accustomed to face that they grow
careless about them—Patrtol.
THE punishment to'persons implicated
in the Credit lliohtlier operations is set
forth in an act•of. Congress of - •Febmary;
1853, which provides that anfperson of
feririg bribe of any kind, to any 'mem
ber, of congress, or anymember receiving
the same, shall on convietion, be fined not
more than three times the mount :offer •
ed or Oven, and be imprisoned in
tentiary not more than threiyettis.
if the person convicted holds office he,
shall forfeit it and shall be qualified from
holding any office of honor, trail or pro
fit under the United States.'' This, putt!
ishment mini, cannot be inflicted
O congressional investigating - committee.
lte legal course, !hest prosecution is to
be made, is for the committee to remit the
secard:of 'the evideicejahen'before it to
the United Statei _district attorney' for the
Po:Ter:district, and it then .ht4onies- his
duty to toy i)0 414.40 r before .et-grand
jury. 111 4 ill bat often . den P. P3P , UVe . r.—.‘
If it werealtm. would • be"hile',Ue4a.iipa:.
for. congreisional floAttnit;
tfo to *Alf int 4, Roltfirestatool ' armies'
'Le -• •
the call to She' Prestilmity of the Ohio
AgrieulkinillCollege and ,its Professor
shin of Medd Philosophy, brit waited to
be infornied:hrtho Ohio Board of
culture that:.they bail : rtcousidered and
cancelled thil offer. In--this connection
the tollowing is apropos:
Jim-Nye, like other blessings, bright
efts as he lakes his flight. On hearing of,
Mr. Patterson's purposo to go -before tho
Poland Oommitteo spin, and "explain"
his letter of.Taiiiiary 4, 1873, to Oakes
Ames, Jim strolled over to the Now
Hampshire Senator's desk, slapped him
on the back, and uttered winged words
as follows: "Patterson if I wanted to
take ont a patent for a d—d fool, I'd' send
you to the Patent Office as In!, model."
TAE N. Y. Star thinks that the ex.
periment with Coolie labor at Beaver
Falls is not a success. Population is fall
ingnfl; property is, declining, trade is at
a standstill and
The ono hundred and sixty-tire coolies
at the Beaver Falls cutlery do not need
even so small a concern as a "one-horse"
grocery to supply their wants. They do
not expend one dollar iu the improvement
of the town, in building churches or sup
porting schools. I;very 'shopkeeper in
the place might shut up his establishment
so far as their trade is concerned. They
are exactly what they seem—hinad ma
chines made abroad and imported into
this country free of duty. And we think
we have a perfect .right to demand, if
these machines are imported free, that
English cutlery, French gocels, and Gen.
man industries shall come hem without a
-.011. 40b 11.----
LIQUOIL-At this time most of our ex
changes have a word, more or less, on the
liquor question, nifleh will be soon voted
upon in this State. The Boston. Post says
of prohibition:
Experience has show.), ever since a
prohibitory tax in Scotland drove out
malt and forced the substitution of
whiskey as the national beverage, that
all interference of that sort tends to give
more fiery, powerful and easily secreted
drinking the preference, Where beer and
light wines are made lawful drinks. there
116 less inducement—aside from the innate
attraction to what isforbidden—to trans
gress the law tabooin distilled liquors;
and where all are pro ibited without ths
tiuction, dealers will of course choose for
their traffic those which are most easily
handled_and least liable to deterioration,
and drinkers will select such as can be
hastily gulped and afford the greatest
satisfactim with the smallest amount of
serallowing. In fact, a sweeping pro
hibition of all liquors will operate to re
pre'ss a very heavy tendency of the drink. I
lug - habits of this country. For during
the. past ten years there has been a rapid i
and steady decrease in the use of distilled '
liquors., balanced by a remarkable increase
in the consumption of the nutricimis 1
beers and the harmless and healthful
aativewities. Drunkenness has come to I
belooked upon with more severe disfavor.
and every indication has pointed to the 1
natural removal tir_ the objectionable
habits fostered by an' unwise prohibition
of-fermented liquors. New York may '
well heiitate before placing it in the power
oc 'a majority of the N'uters of a town to ,
abiltihe beer saloons and opeh eolitraband
'torsi: in thawed," although the exper- I
lenee'of Connecticut . gees to show that
few communities are so blind,tolhe mer
its of' the question , and our own legislai. ,
lure can hardly dare to block the wheels i
of reform: by miller action, as now pro- ;
posed. . ,
An English correspondent gies the fol
lowing account of his interview with
Stokes, the assassin of Fisk—lle ways:
We had scarcely been introduced ten sec
onds when Stokes said, "Cam I offer von
a cigar ?" This little civilly over, we of
course interchanging amenities on the
subject of that nufaimmble condition of
affairs in which our acquaintenances was
begun. "You nia , i` Suppose," said he,
"that I have felt the irksomness of this
long confinement; but it will be all over
in a very - short time, and I guess I shall
go abroad for a couple of years." It was
painful to show. even - by an involuntary
look of surprise at this remark, that I
regarded the position of,Mr. Stokes far
more gravely than did he himself. But
another and more astonishing observation
on his part drew from me-1 really could
not help it—some expressiOns which could
hardly have bee consoling. "We want
here,' said he, "the purity of the English
judges?' I was obliged to say, in answer
to this, that judiciarpnrity and its atten
dant virtue, strict and even administra
tion of the law, would not have accorded
Mr. Stokes the soothing luxury of tobac
co and a few other mitigations of 'prison
rigor which he alined to enjoy. How
ever, my comment slid not in the least dig
turb bisofidently firm belief that an En
glish judge would have been' far too "pure",
to send him Mr.. Stokes, into , a prison with
vulgar felons and misdemeanants."
"Won't yon walk into my—well,' into
my cell—l can't say nif apartment?" he
said hospitably. •So we walked in, all
three 4 us-myself , and onr,iimage, en
tertainer. ' The small room lnid been made
to resemble a cabin in some man of-war
or pasSegger ship of the first class. It
may have been about twice the size of any
such single birth, but - not More. It was
prettilkpapered•and a rack for books held
not onl y all the latest -novels, bat a box of
cigars. A fur was - spread" over the iron
bedstead, and such furniture as. could be
stowed'ins small a space was.ol the best
kind; /Photographs were displayed Millis
prison snuggery. One portrait was that
of the captive himself; and, supposine iE
to have; been taken within a short:period
of hir committal. to the tombs, he had
certaidly lost mach youthfulness of face
by the anxieties of his situation;:-Anoth
ei likeness was that of-a .lade—in all
probability that of 3lrs 3lansfiefd though
I did no think it necessary to ascerhmr
the fact. • • • • :
We sat down, and, soon .fell :into dis
ci:mien of the ease', which, as I was• Nil.
to declare could hare had but one issue
l'for Stokes in England. lie Enid, "I can
llmre noinforest in telling on a lie, and
tugtell 3 - on that I never contemplatedshoot-
Ifaring - en - tered on a some-
Irbat lengthy account of ttie financial 'die.
' pates hetwoen the mbrdered man .and
himself Stokes went on' to say, I had
tkieu induced to carry a an:
common Ostorn'with - us En
infortntitiowthit - Elskinennt•to:slinat nui;
j 1 was going into the Grand Central .110.
tel when I taw Fistrdravvpistol, look.
01'4 toward me nttheusittneitimtv 4 thed.
' drew also, aud being (picker in my more
Monts, sliot lirribefdiv Lo eould shoot me.
That is the platalruth." When, in reply
to this stateme4 m,y_kiguland I point
ed'oathis Mai effeistot thle oridenco to
prate that Fisklikth kekop - Ott; the only
answirftltiitSliikhCsoollir tirgol-;and he
did it very p4sl.tiYely4tufs-thatl . the wit"
notes Vero prjured. practically end
ed our-interview with the man' whom a
second jury bud atlength 'declared to be
guilty of murder. • I had almost forgot
ten, by, the - by,-to say that a list •of the
jury's tidmeg, out from - a New York paper
.was one.of tho adornments of the cell-in
the tombs.
Minns in Euromare beginning to
assume strange and' complicated figures
upon the blackboard of current history.
While France and Spain have, declared in
favor of ajlepublican form of government
the more lltentnil powers seem to be pre
paring fora struggle upon the old plat
form of de4aitic power. As an illustra
tion of - this idea, an order has lust been
issued by the Austria War office, direct
ing the officers of the general. staff at
Vienna toiffimediately begin the study
of the Russian hinguage. The order has
created great indignation in Russia, and
the press see in it a significant indication
of the future intentions of Austria. "Prus
sia, as well as Austria," says a St. Peters.
burg journal, "makes no secret of the
fact that a crusade.against Russia is one
of the dearest wishes of the German na
tion. So long as Germany was really
friendly to Russia, neither .the Prussian
nor the Austrian officers ever dreamed of
learnig the Russian language, but now
everything is being got ready to concert
the hostile feeling of those countries for
Russid into hostile deeds." •
If the Emperor of Germany really de
signs an attack upon Russia r he will make
as grave a mistake att that committed by
Napoleon 111.. in -beginning a war with
Prussia, Austria would hardly assume
an anti-Russia attitude, except a German
league bad been formed, and that seems
to be the opinion of the papers of Rus
sia. It this conflict does take place, re
publicanism will gain more than tlespot
ism from the encounter.
BLACK .S.Now.---The Keokuk ConftMu
lion of the 13th says : "On last Tues
day afternoon commenced the great snow
storm of the West for many years. It
continued until Wednesday afternoon
then :et in a furious wind, which too k
the snow from the hills and piled it up in
the valleys. On Thursday morning the
inhabitants of the northern portion of
this State, when they awoke, were not a
little surprised at seeing the earth cover
ed with black instead of a white garment
as was on the night before. This strange
and unnatural phenomenon accounted for
on the supprsition that after the wind
tad swept the snow off the hill then the
dry earth was taken up and scattered over
the face of the snow giving it a peculiar
coloring. This would be the satisfactory
explanation if this unusual mix:mince
had been confined—to. !malities; but from
all accounts it wts
THE National INN the
,organ of the
Colored men of It4hington, makes a fair
point at the-exponse.of the -recent devel
opments of corruption among oar public
men. It Payte-that the evils that were
promised to come froth negro Sid :huge
arc luaro - t-hatt fa - lir-410d by the evils aris
ing: fVom . -white - suffrage, anal instances
the Kansas senators as illnstrions exam
ples of the troth,ol- this assertion.
Tut: Pennsylvania Railroad Comrany.
in order to acconintodate the immense traf
fic now seeking facititiae iutends to lay
fonr tracks theentice length of. the road ;
toenails it to accomplish this .an increase
of the capital has been anthor;zed by the
Legislature. When this his been com
pleted, it will make the ectitral the great
est road in this For any other country.
TILE cholera; has made its appearence
at several places in Russia and llnngarv.
Thns warned, the anthorities of our sea
ports should take all proper precautions
against the entre of this unwelcome
Now .ELc9L•crertissozza.e.ates.
FAsn lONABLE TAILOR. Shop over J. R. DeWitt's
2 . 1 .u11050. PO. 10th. DM.
.. c .TATEMENT of Bounty Account of Anbum School
ad District to Feb. 1. 18':3:
Auburn &bool District. Dr.
To Jnf`rments on common Pleas Docket.. ....
Bonds and notes. not In Judgments 1 fr.3o 00
$0.501 03
Coulee. Cr.
Ily Duplicates In kends ail. 14. Fel-
Dor:tom, lo ha
of N.C. L0ar. 51.2113 40
Cidlector 2,000 GP
Duplicates in hands of T. T. Man.
rill ajar tablet suitCOmmon
Pleat has been Instituted titgaiest
the Collector and Ball 1,40000--6,4"x40
Dalancein favor of lileitooiDistrici. . 13045
C. N. PrxittioN, Bee y.
Auburn Centre, Feb. 8,1813.-3 w.
1,1.78L1C SALE,-,—Being about to abandon the
' breeding of Grade Short'llorns, 1 offer (or
nt public vendue,ni my farm near Prieedi
trifle, lately occupied by D. 0. Allnkler, on Sat.
unlay, March let, 1973, at one o'clock, p. m.,
Thirteen Grade Short, Horn. Cows, 2 Short
Horn Bulls, rind 2 Alderney Bulls. Also, at the
same time, the tenant who • occupies the farm
.will offer for sale the following property :
One span of mares, (age 7 and 9,) 1 yearling
colt, 1 buggy wagon, nearly newt mowing ma
chine, I set double harness, 1 set w,hifiletrces
and neckyoke, a large number of Hens, r cook
stove and furniture, clock, balf-barrel vinegar,
half barrel pork, ball hand pickles, and various
other articles.
- .
TEnsts—Ml sums under $5, cash ; $5 and
orer, eight months' credit with Interest and ap
proved security, and no 'warrantees, Fire per
cent off for cash. •
JAMES E. 0:41111A.LT.
Montrose, Pa, Feb. 19th, 18711.--sr3
ptBLIC BALE:7— rites andePiined having
sold his tann, will sell at public sale, on the
premises', two miles east of Brooklyn Centre,on
Tuesday, March 4th,' 1812; at Uto'Clock; at.,
the following property a Five sand cows, 4
yearlings, 24 sheep, (very fine,) 2 bogs, good
lumber wagon , platform market wagon, nearly
new,' buggy ' wagon, pair lumber bobs, light
sltigh;for one horse or two ; bdrso sled, good
wheel barmw,set light harness,set team harness,
single harness, saddle, buffalo robes, blankets,
mowing machine (new,) wheel horse nike,forks;
rakes, plows, harrows, cultivator, chains, neck
yoke,-whiffletrem; grain shovels, born shovels,
forks; hoes,' picks, iron; ham, - corn shelter,:. grain
cradle, grind atone,lo9 sap tubs, 'boiling pans.
•dog power, dairy fixtures, 15 bushels good wood
tuftmi, quantity of wheat, oats, corn, potatoes,
.half barrel pork, baits, corned beef, and other
articles not taentlonety, • '
• .TEnnW—All Burn or $5 and'under, cash, over
monay3 Amer with interest and approy•
ed security, ,
Eta' Ithciiaricet.
13rooklyn, Pa:Feb.4olh; 1873.—.2t0. •
DMITINVIATOI3II,IO . 77O6 =in Tie emit° of
43. Morton B. deceased, idiocy or Adman - ft ;
tuition in the fialit ciliate. bavo been gnintpd to the nn.
liMitned. on Perm windeiglAto4aid estate, ire Bare.
by tititiiied,toitnYe inuniidinto porment to OK; Attain.
h aftot .; within* inkri3o3lm. against 'n4,11E3.124
requested tft.
X. A , We.
Ituab, Jon. 22. int
ALletcr9reicaosmozz ,-*elxr.'..M.clmrortiesoz=Leaata:
,A 1 !gr e lATßAlqtt's. thiCe.taa id/
amu4.'aecodonto of Weal Auburn tttp,.;
letters' of; AdmlitltttillOn ttt s .l rde said ltstate baldng
been trotted tit the' Onderelated,alUpettons Itar-
Ing raid estate, ate requested ',1n..ma1t)../mtnedlate.
payment, and penman bating claims icalgot swat s,
ata rclinested toif i reent theta without
Aubiirn3o,ll72l3)B7t CARTS,Iti itdann,trntir.
~ t - 1 0, . .."—"+! •
. Gunn—
. . ,
Prodnco and Cominisdon ) lam bent,
27 Dey 514 Now York.'
The Farmer' in lifeethase and anitenntlitig .nenniTY
Would Lind It moth to Omit Internet' tei patronize the
above bons°.
Feb.l2. ISM— VARDEdVilitlt. •
2mo. Agent.
mum : . : 40 r • MBE,,
BURNS & NICHOLS, Plopftneross.
• Siol or Tag CoLpia'SAGT.k. AUDlToirrate,
22 tricolz..13.1.coctis.. Thgcszli.tx• come.
We desire *okay to the pabllS thai . oar • .tore n
tricked with tinago. Varnleb.
Brushes., (kuntia,lserfnmery. Pone, Mlle.* proprie
tary and patent preparstions. awl all %Wyss- tieles.osn.
ally kept in first elate. drug. lams. We guarantee oar
Coeds genuine Ind of the bent sitialitv. and will be sold
at kite prim _ e for rash. Respectfully Yuen.
Montrose. Feb.2.o. IFIS. AMOS NICHOLS.
C0rt.4131,41.14013 I
The vubeerlber would announce to the muldtal public
that he Iv prepared to furnish all ptyleapt the above cel
ebrated imitrumente.
New Styles Six Octave Superb !
Alm. anent for the eelebrat 11
Ta.Apriy loroo- cu M.trose, or iddrOarot Montrose.
L.C.. MOTU. Agent.
llootrose. Iter3.-41e.
1776 FOURTH OF Jair..,1876
THREE 3111.1.1014 M llor owiT
uf Valet:abb. 4.ret . netters. rating
a Strip by I Vern.tieran
the Sea! pulirt
Grand Mass Convjantion
To provide for the Celebration of the
22nd of Februaw, next,
.! •
ACADEMY or music,
- Pill LADELPrf
Eminent Speakers will =hires's. the Concert.
Lion Reports from the Committees on Trages
and Industrial Interests, and from the IntioY
of the State, will be read. Tee result of the
subscription to Um , stock.of • • • ' :
The Internettonal
which,' under the:authority' of Congreszi,'hitis
been determined to be the prominent leature of
the Celebration, will be detinitery'annueucect
Proof will beziven to the World
that Pennsylvania's pledge is confirmed,. thit
there, on hallowed ground, where the . nation
was born, the Centennial return of the most
beneficent day In the history of humanity will
be commemorated with grandeur commensu ?
rate with the august event.
The Great Labor State of the Untoti
has the honor omit respo . nelbUlty of lending the
way—she fulfills the trttst.
O'er thy 'crags, Allegheny, a blast bar been blown;
Down thy tide, buirquehaana. tbo murmur has gone
Where the words of ihe Charter of Liberty km
From the souls of the Suet and the Patriot hand—
From the Detayarels merge to the Lake of the 'West—
Wheryver the toot of the 1 , , eunian bath wrest:dr
'Tie the voice - of the people! amuses, awake!
Pennsylvania's summons—her glory It stake—
Thrilling up from her. valley'. Arial; dote from each
height: •
Giving Homage to the past, inspired by the
immortal record of
. the Times that Tried Men'A,
Souis,rememb ring '
and all the blood-stelned battle-fields of our
soil, venerating the- heroic deeds of our slits
and rejniclim , in the boundleitsheritage bequeath.;
ed by them to us -la boon we have shared with
the destitute and oppressed of all the earth, ir
respective of erml or condition. Let 'us mot
forget that
Our LabCr_and itifOutte,
are not leis the admit:Mower the world 'than
our equalityand liberty; our combined indus
try, skill, Wealth and power are the marvel of
the age.. Let us manifest this progress.
Asesist I ye farmers, happy on your ; broad
acres of fertile binds. . Arise b ye grim and
swarthy miners, from your • cavernous Idlers,
Arouse 1 ye toilers in the forge,- the fOlnadiF mid'
-the factory. 'Assemble mechanics, artinni
of every kind. ; Come.all, who by. work , .havo
male the . •
. .
• Keystone, the Paragon of States, •
etroperate andmindleato your grelineci—sheir
'that Labor. is Capital, ancidoes trely,guicin and
The International Exhibition . destg.Ttea •to
promote the .welfare of harm '` • •
Make it;e: - :Stie - ee . 5e1...,',.
PENNSYLVANIA Itnitsi.. She itallq. FIRST;
on her eldhlren to do.THEIR ditty "Atom 'she
.144. sister Slftet co.operate. , .
Ocala will be peened for, deitipliqn,Cl/4.1111
coupt,T kate, rnrTtgirs . ool4 7 :
thre uonnettqmortriaT
ppetstkeisbouMb • Oe.eattratatoso4:WA,i
1 [1 :3.134T04 1 e.:Q_ k1)1..c4:14 ai, i 1.1
SytorderOPCronunittect. •- '
N i)TlChi—' , Fhte it
r to motion ttte public 7 .1 t o trust.
debts 07 . hld w
• In9l " °
;:;• • 6 ! 64 75/14PASItir..
Feb. 1271F14-414 . •
I •
Receipts a EICrIB/1448,17438
Susquebanzusi ., Co. air 18 72.
- •
Uslde and Pub Hotted I Automate of mmo
ao Act or A
. Olt of the } sth 0t,4!11.41.. D. MIL
BA LA NCX : ' or ComEcToni? AccorxTs
" Fog. 1872." •
Townships and pupil. -Amount Egon- Per
Boroughs. calm. . . paid. • lions Cent.
Apolaeon 434110' $ '409 51 $ 8.90$ 21 55
Auburn . 1,47018 1,38830 146/ .7807
Ararat ' 29609 27867 . 260 1460
Bridgewater: . A 126138 ' 19189 70 9813 10433
Brooklyn 1,21385 1.147 24 ' 629 !6038
Clifford .. 4:" 1,30208 122426 'l9 25 ' 64 47
l'hoconut 541 98 ' 21439. 230 97 07
Ditnnek •• ' 1,29460 1,9173? 1310 . 6407
Thatidati 161 76 141324 783 ' 769
Franklin 870 AI 82.890 506 43 59
Forest Lake,— 1,068 20 1,01073 • 438 7 , 5810
Friendsville . • 183 29 ' 167 11 783 ' 879
Gibson 1 341 64 1,26920 ' 505 66 79
Great Bend... 1.077 66 1,010 70 743 53 51.
Ok Bend horn X' 41509 399 90 1416 21 04
Harmony 85318 SOOBO . 10 24 42 It
liartord 1.206 02 1,110 64 916 pre
Herrick . 703)14 60481 485 1496
Jackson:::. t. 1,15942 1,09403 818 3726
Jmsup .. 80933' 76041 ' 890 4002
Lathrop 797 46 751 10 674 ' 8953
Lenox 1,284 Q; 1,21427 745 ' 6300
L. Meadows.. 137 68 130 56 25 687
Liberty 861'50 79746' 2207 41 07
Middletown .. 841 21 7;001 2070 4057
1.936 46 1,83194 1011. 90 41
New Milfonl.. 1,69811 1,60317 10 57 84 87
N.m iitbrd born Cr 15 508 12 733 31 48
Oakland GM 03 565 47 582 29 76
Rush UM 02 88884 1989 46 78
Silver Lake... 'B6O 76 8128 . 3 14 17 437
Susquehanna... 1,138 92 1,11493 48 47 54 52
Sitting ... 1.14051 1,064 00 2045 136 00
Thornton 60780 574 33 808 MU
82Ui -80090 85 :W4 10 1383 38
Total nnit of Dnplicntex, - - - ..V,0741 53
Total amount paid by
-Colleetont -- - 1130,990
Total am% Exonerated 304 10
" Percentage to
Collectors - - - 1,i83 58
—53,074 53
ApoWoo ..... .E.S. ForterillerrielL —A. A. Carpenter
Auburn H. N. Keßora Jarkaon -...E U. Ken d 7
Ararat G..ryte A rery.irs.up LurtOSmlth
Brldzewater....B. PanehenLathrop kneel L ',
nm0k1.u....4.L. Reynoldoitomox... - ..... A:Chutehlil
CI !Irani 11 A (13rdnet qAI
'tile eadorre..J. Hanley
Choem.l. : .. !held Stealer rlberty......Jorri.ll Wehrtrr
Dltanet H. 11. Bunnell 111ddletotrn..Semnel Dodge
Bonder( Arno. 31111.1310ntr05t...10h0 A. flowelt
Franklin ..Fr , d , rlrk Linea Near )111611. —A. H. Hoe
rums Lake..Wm O. Small N. Milford bora.. 4. TASSII
Frier deville.. aamee,llead 0aktmd........ N. W. VOX
0 1 6 . 0 0 ..--..r. r. W hi t ,iu nn.h... .C . Flamm...feu
Bt. 8r0d... .11. S. lluntsah Slier liar B. .V,llage
or. Brad I.m t E'. Whitney Suaquelutbni..iotr tbepu.k
thrutonr.....Berlgl TarlortSprlarrlllo... A--I'. ;frown
Llarford Mark Eh IlindsiTholiteun....J. - W. tilusdlo
COUNTY Ex REND ITCR FOR .1 if.72.-4)r
o Coratnormnlth empty
Road Viewers .. ......
Rhad Damage ... _. ..
P. Ilindo,Connry Cotomi.fioner..o , 4ool
E. 1.. !tribe .4 .. 40550'
} 1;4740
0. Warhiturn•• .4 41550 .
L. 111akeofro . .. mix , / .
I •on.cakco. • , ) . 1 . ' " q 3 .111
.I,ors.or. I.=saa
1.. D. hbell. Town *lock ... .... . .... V,' IY)
J. R. Irmo:ludo:1ln: Et cord.. -.. ..... .1.100 WI
G. 11. Eddied .• 41700
Court hop.,. • .... ...:.. : . ..,: ' 0;510
Win. M. Poor, Common Pleas Materna.- 4000
Grand and Tin veiAteJumni • 3,47701.
Court Ilona.. and JAI Foci and Lights. • 4... 49017
G. , 1... Splay, Plaitatm 743.
Pnzlatry 51010
g. - 11.1il1rIn. court Vat, and Janitor 311 in
Statinocry ........ . ..... ........_ _..... .. 4:int
Printitr! ....,,,....,.. :: .‘,.,. ......s. ....... 819110
Ctrandolicr.dnd F:spre;; Chaart,,:e.."..... .... .. 154 73
I %main A.) km, Illarri-vnirg . 1.15. 4 0 , 7
.. .. Da nsilio. ... .... .. ....... 74 al
Grneral PrlP•ldential, and Town, xt, el J01.4..1.501 00
.1 , 1.11011-01„ 1110:Pairn..-....... - ' , in co 3
Wm. T. Illnxtry. Nhertlf 01749
Win. T. Money. libertff and Jallor-........, 1,070 54
01... D. Relate. 5her . 17...: .... .-...- ... .. -. faSZO
Apia:llMM" *nth Ir ' • . • 1000/,
W ma. A-err... Mon, Cleric.... - - ....... . . : . I.ooooo'
11,,1100 .1 on 80110...... . .. , . .„... ~.. .. .. 1 4 0 54 1 ..
Comae?* Inoneots. a I . ol..t'lltuteni • Dsaral.'
PM OUP •'' , .;., a • 4 '.l6lth l
Di. C. 1.1.,11a14,7, .I.ll.l'hyait lul RS73 A
Ea.tera Nn t tunliaiy .. —. . . ...... ..... '..% . 4911 , 04 '
J. B. 4: , inn •b. 01.1riet -Worm" ..... ....._ *goal
County Bond. -drelnad 2.1210
.1 oil 11
117 m 1
Wild vat amall, a. ... ........ ..... ...... .... ~ IS •Z,
loonraner .. ... . , ..... ..... ~. ...... . . 1 4 1 77
Jun , Camera •lonera '. ... 12176 i
li. B. Adr..ll. Prothanotory and.t7crt.., .. 01318"
Wm. II: tlthpr , i. for litrranctltampf:..... , 7oo I
. TenthOre:lnatltule '..0... 1150111
D. W. Unekcy,Statc Tax for Ira 4.att a) 1
•3.170 91
11. M, Sons*. , /. t . .., , 4 dar.:... 10 Illi
Amos Nichula; co..4indlltar4. - 4day. _ 1000
M L:rat lie.- '•• - ' • ; • '4 07 5..... 1010
Trenanne• ran:m:ll4Rn ~ • .....- 113 g
le 1
uar 11.rtinMun• Ordarr
$.M.4,1 07
- .
•• ' ,
• .
.. Cr.'
fl)C' i coentiOrderd'rekeirised tests he. 1 to
• toenail* •• . $34,161.11
TrcesereesTvre erne .../...... .... '... 1. 1 3 0 7 3
Four refond;og Orders: • . 10273
SiLTE..IiT OF Poo i tAx.AiLiNcE-1872
To amount of slid fund fn Treasurer's
hand's as, per,last inditors' ; report,.s29o
.M 4 1 103
"• • castn.i.. • (M.'
By Dog Orders redeemed from No.l to - •
Trenaurees CemrainslononExpenditartm
Amount' in Treasurer's Luanda 19 balance. A6T 84
. ,
Townships .and ' pupil- Am 't • txon- • NT
Bortmghs caw". • paid •'tionly Cent
Apolacon.. . ... $llOO it 17 53 250 it 07
Auburn .. . . 1500 .18 78' • 50' 72
Ararat „ • 1400 12 83.,.50 ,67
Itrillgewutr 41 00 3088' 850,1 G 2
B.moltlyn .. 1650 . • . 1003. - 5 00' 57'
• 5600 -'"46 08 7 50" - 242
Clmennut........ .1400 110 88 ,2CO ; 67
-8950.2903 - 00. -1 57
..... . 10,00 808 .. A 50. 42
'Franklin . . '2B 00 . *:
23 5 . 50 - 122
Forest Labe , 'BBOO - 2429 1230 . 127
, 850;; -510- 960; •80
...... 29 00 26 13 150 1 87.
Giesit, Bead.. 50,_ - 17.10 •4 30 ,;• , - .90
Griit 10 50 - 12 83 .600 87
fiaetiiony 1 27 9113 400 ', 1 15
r fin riord • f 29 50 —9O 90 -1 10
' Ilerrick 21 00 13 53 150 07
Juolison .. .. 205Q,,1710 50 . .00
'Jessup . .
,21 ,15 80 • 50 • • 10
NI: - 29 73 '2 00 ' 117
Lenox.. 2190, 19 48 DO .1.09
Litteiddiii•s„ , .: -510":r'3 811.:.1 or, 20
Liberty- .1.... 41.50.. .87 00 250.9.1
lliddlqtomm 37 ; 00 , 118,511 700 ADQ
Blontroie' , 00 . 1814. 200 ' 85
New 141.104,.• , 4750" "59 49''000 '''2 07'
Neir Milibrcl.l;;ro-' , 241 50 18 . 18 1 . =960 .•
Oakiniid QUI 1118_ : '. • •82
. 00.; 950 00
Silver 1490...... 37 00 ' 78. .2 50 1 70
1125quelmnntt..... _5BOO. _4375 . 13 oo
springvind M. " - 50 •1 75
Th0m50n.::..1.,-;‘,21.50%'-1710 850'2 :;00
' ' uveAr -.
*,solipi of Duplica: 4A4l / 7 .' ' ' o, : f. i,, ,
,).. j:,c,oll%l4gi i ' 7 2, - . ii i ii 'i'- .7 ,4-- , . , rf
.1 , , r,eratlada' -,- .''''' ' 1- --- 14 - .
" P`'±'Pereeiiikitsciit, e—",s,-13,' ;!.. ••••,-
.. .14
' t . .. WO a3r-i , - ;.i..1,,
. -' —VI24 00
lifiunur FQ;D:
• •
ilitioOnt reeelnid (pia aollookoni for 1111...4713 IT
; I cotrna. -
pj sito aria *.s . htattlectloa 4 CIO
Timoftlipa l 1.14 4;111141:
111 OD
cr r o f t ia thipilettes..
...... VIC*
ifeliitialmOrtter t9CO
- Babiticb Ttititittr•••• tundi • 08~ 41,
c' l'At
stove liecantinuf ditediin. 15;11W
•• MIGT.
• 1.4 L .; Z-S.
To dawant lo Triennia bigli u itei ••= 1
Auditors` Report - - -
Dopilestes:forlfai - • nom ZS
Ascelted from ITtaianall Landis-, 1,20114
• • - • - .lCosiloitiet. 4 . - : 77 -1;041111*
Disid Tiukrr.c.o:,
atostwesltb vs. IL C. Bras: ha: ISt*.
sissy. Ira
Amount i• - •;; 6 ; iiiiOn'tottatr °Merril for cool Cap
' ;" Imo* Arm. lgOtlarfitiof*
if, Fines midair,. Yet*. .aurai
' from IlfUtAry ines' for Ifia.
tioSiely MO>
" from AUlltary,erms for Prfat.
" . ... . . ....... . It OM
• " __foe Courilfor..iiittru!.c t
Jot, : coon Couto rest. Tn. • D
for Court . Boast, mot. 'Tre.
molar, protheru.,. Itoo.
" • " for Court Hoots rear, Tr!!
. .1300,
for Court Muse root, #OO4 ,
D.Givazh Xoto
. " for Court Haute rtut.tteforo -
' from nirker
_Catfs jot-
DOimuoitr .51121
. from additional taws-IN= inn"
• ."'" " from Iteturuad Landr... _ .t 351
gum, 17
" Celan., • • - ' •
By futukßefluttllktOrders' • • • • r '• -• 11101CM
County orders redeemed from? o.
536 toclusdro 244511 S
Seance:llene to Collectors 0410
Yercentag• to Collectors 1.7936!
--- , ••—•••••.-1,917131.
i riessuries cominlssiOn on receipts of IMA. •
21314 at 1/..‘ per cent 66i 23
Trutstmer's commlsrlon on expenditures Cl
$.11.63751nf I,lf per cent 55050.
Amount In TressmeCdnands to btlance...• 7.15453
STATEMENT OP W. T. 31oxiny, Snratir,
FEES FOR 1872.
/ December Slst,
To amount of Floes cod Jo IT prota. AAUP , ' €.lll
- of the Clerk of the Coon or (Owlet
Settled:le '
• - - • Coxena,
Ay amount paid Treasurer and charged In bla
n -t ..1W0 A
Ae*patviler tt etau . d- for eolretlau,..,.. 44
SEATED LANDS-1870& 1871. Dr.
"Di, amount of Road Warrant? for the leer! 18'9
• and 1871 sl.Bd7ee
amcnnit paidWernrhtpa ......
Tfeasurer's pertentsge at 5 per test[ ' • • SSTS
T 6 mannnPnf 41eriy1 Ai, Rossi. for , the Tears
:: 11791410 ]ft. • $1.23i1.3
at Arnmit,t paid TnistwhiPe 41...VASS
Treamtref e percentage xi 3 pet teat CA33
..„. JANTARY 1, A. D. 1873.
. , .. . •
_ , ,
- Arrarlahls Spot; In the Treasury '' ' ' ' ' ras46l
Ellearept aunty of prerlona tram - EA OS ,
ttat'eoll' salmon" 'a :Intr.:Ronda. 'arn; ..Ittak": per teat anditora' Herrin.: - Mato
Alponat of owe. taken In lair for O nes and ire. to 211000-
' We r.r Ify the:foregoing to be a cornett atateateot.
• ' .El c,,,nr..Eng, .
'— ,
_ .osc.ta irmouirws4 tecquAlici:Aix;misitisioiri.,
-t lt ruA nraugsts,e; ' .. , • .
- Arrive r W..\. Cnoraltorr, Cantobatetnee• Mot.,
A'vbrrim'ft TtEmrrr.
kity.writi .
We, the undersigned Andiron in and for thb
County of Bussnehanna, - met; in' pursuance of
our duties, at the Auditars'.oltice, m 31ontrose,
bn 3londay,Jantrary 6th, ' TN:IB7Z. and did
audit,.mtjusLenti settle the serest, accounts of
the ContinWhntersiind.Tretusurer of said mut,
ty, all of which, upon a thonmgh. examination,
we fir.d to he correct. We . tfrt In the hit* it)
Tracy Harden, Treasureiattid'Connty,
amount - oreuntv. ftiuds, $7,034,0 amount of
State funds ( Bank StoeitV $•: 8:15 ; amount of
Dog tar remelting of the fund elf/i1141_87 4 134'
amount or. Militia. hinds; t.:";4 : 4 1 4 ttitOI:PAW
Amos Nicnota, I • •• ; .
)1, L. CATLIN, • County Auditors-
AudjtoTs!.o4tp, Idonirose, Jan. 7, 4.:1).-1,417t.
AUDITO NOTICK— Toe undersigned. so Andßer
appointed by the Court of Common Flews 'of dos.
qnshanna_County to distribute the funds In the hands ,
'of the Sheriff. erirlußtivra the sale of the real estate of
Jobn and Mary Drireolt will attend to Ihedotles of his
appointment at Me office. In Merit:Ma , ern ttehtay.ttel
Tihtlay.of Xereh. A. 13:1All.ittoneo'clork, p. m. when
all persons Interested will pre* of their clausal helot ,
erdebarred from comiuz In on mitt !trod.. • •
r . .A. IlEttT1101.1 0 ; Andittyr..
Niditrose. Feb. 5,1813.—w4.
A liiiirrows NOTICE:-Thanndetligned letvingbeen
11, appointed an:auditor, by that:bad ,of,, , Citanatait
Pk" or 82 .9iteluition County. to diatribote lad finds
in :the bands Lathrop ittoyar.tzaae
Pfgaees of , vt n attend tonic! di:eye/Ida
appointment at bile office; tn. Montrose. Prlday:Tatti ?s
7873, toclor.k. - o. m„ - at , *Met' that sod place. all
parolees Interested may attend. orbt farm bar''''' lll "" B
coming to on said, fund.,
NM:arose. Yeti. 34873.
• ZW.EIIIITII, Auditor
A:BIDITOTat - NOTICE.:—.The noricrolgame !mete! weer
appointed by the Conrt• of- ContmotrPtees. of flag.
quehan na county. en A oil I tor to UN:Whelk' the thuds le
• hands of.l he Sherif. mixing from the eale.of the- Rent ,
Estate of Lawrence Ilclnerny. will attend
• lice of hIP *midrib:nett, at Me offite..I.I2..YCITII/INIC. aC
Tileiscily.Much ith. 13 7141.1.0 . 001*
Interested will appear -am. present tow carregi,4T.7.
forerrecdeberrmil from rcaling limn sold
4.1‘31E.5.L.C.41111ALT, AedJlof. , •
loutcoec, Feb.
' A unrrows NoricE.—Thenvitmlgeed:All Atati t ..
zta. or appointed by tbe Orphinto qrsrt of Faigetbin•
na Conaly.,to dlstribate theftmdslo this bunts of ens!.
uteri ot hetes Olddlers, hte ofttersteltbwpdeeeased;
will attend to the Males of Ma apparstMealiawassek
In Mantras... on Wednentay, Itarcb le7l. lleeteett.
m, at erbleh time and Ones' all persons mute stid fa'
said fond meet present Out relaims or be forever debar-
Tod from coming In on said feed.
U. 1.. BALDNIIid. deftest..
Itotorose, Feb. alb. Ins
E .
STATE of 3 tube. Sprague oldie tenreatap of Lenox,
Sorquiteanne county, Pa., dew:med.—Letters of Ad.
"tritulatratlon upon tho estate of tho above nameddece.
dent. having beau granted o the underoluncd, all per
."'• todobicit to said °ate tif are berehy notified to male
dilutedilde peumeot : end ho se having claim. against
;the same. to vegetal theta t y authenticated for settle.
meat. DAV; T. Bl i ttAollL Muff.
Lenox, Pa.. Feb. atb.lB - 4—wat
AttilioltE:titrelelitnietilgli4di itait•
anageetn a utlit ttried init d d r gia tig e=
eel T. llenstoek, adminl.trator of the estaten Samo
el demoted, arill attend to the Make of atti
Lanointment at Ids °Mat la Xontrose, ea Mender,
arch 10, 16171 , at lc:clock. P. IL. at which tame an d
'Place all persons latatested wilt make Itnows their
ut he Wolter &hilted trot% coming in ea said
W 11.4 %; clitOCANOlti, Asdltet.
• • Montrose., Feb. Sitt,lT..
Farm FUr actt-
The Subscriber offers his farm for rent
situated in Silver TownshiE, con
taining ono lionkr4 pp 4 eighty aes of
lama.,, The form, lip iet a good sqkta..o,f
cultdvotionforif Arlo; 1014, ma_
vrchard,and good'hiiiiilings. •
for terms and particglars,address punt.
48 Dow Silver Lake, or the subscriber,
Jfpf.MlAll•littca LET;
I a*ll '-'"4 Vtl,lo,_it
Dimergabir 31:1171