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    goat grittitigance.
CM lIRCII...IIxv. J. E. Cturms D.D. Pastor.
B$! bath Semlep. • Me& so. and p. m.
Babbaihqlehool 12 m.
rtynyo Iloot.t4g, Weainniltay 11:vmanim .1X
, .
conottactunca MeT.J. z.nretnr
Sabbath Screens. Setotornandsty In met Month
Sabbath School lmmetilately Wont Morn
RPTSCOPAL CIWIICII.. Om. 11. A WAVittoMix.Rector.
tubbsili Services. IS 10,5( a. en. snd 2% p m.
Sundsy.Sehel. ... .. • . 12 m.
Vissic•Day Liervices—WedneoWays' 7 3i P. in.
1111MODIST EPISCOPAL ....Sins, A.l). ALItIMMtn.
bibbitil SCITICtS,..... ..... ...10.43 a. m. mud T.XI P. m
&MUM Samar .. : 20
p.m2p no,
Aloe I i '
ritiounrrentAN CIIIIRCII " U. J. O. 'III
unbeyorac , .. via 0. in. and 2ii p, on.
Plabboth'Netionl 1214 p. in
Pityir Meeting, Thou:eds." Evenings - ii P. m.
"BrOkein Minim
Now York speculators are olleringa premium
for the noteSof broken National Bunke. The
.explanation is that the notes am be used . tis a
'ags fur the.organzation of new national banks.
in districts where the quota of banking privil
ege& is "'heady filled op: The fad stands,
therefore, that a national bunk note is worth
more if the bank be rotten than if the bank is
Anniversary of the Reformation.
Thursday the 7th wits the 355th Anniversary of
the Reformation. It was on October 31, 1317,
'that Martin Luther took his public step in the
great Protestant Reformation by nailing up his
ninety-five them* on the door of the church at
Wittenberg. The Lutherans in various parts
of the country celebrated the anniversary by
convening in their chunchtn, anti hearing sec.
mufti and addresses, atlaptot to the occasion.
• Cranbemes al Susquehanna.
Mr. Charles Miller,of the final of Curtis it 3111-
ler,Banters, at Susquehanna Depot, has utilized
• tract of land near that place, by planting It
with Cranberry bushes. Ile has raised nearly
100 bushels to thb acre this year..and when the
bushes come to maturity, they will produce 150
Inabeis to the acre, IViiht is still more encuumg
'''lokb the quality of these berries. On a visit
,to Mat plaeo, a short time since, we saw some
. or , these berries, and we unhesitatingly pro
- pounce them the largest and finest quality of
berries we ever raw. It will pay any one who
visits Susquehanna, to call and examine them.
Friend 'Miller has our congratulation on his ex
cellent success.
Influence of School Life on Slght
There is the highest authority for iaying,that
sin incalculable amount of injury is dune to the'
rye sight of the children during their school
years. The range, acuteness, and endurance of
'tision decnrased,by tt too close
tin to school
in improperly lighted school
houses, In order to prevent these evils the
light should be sufficiently strong, and fall" on
the.table from ilicieft hand side; and as far as
o passible, from above. The student should sit
.7ntaight, and not have the hook nearer to the
eve than um iochts at the least. Besides this,
(be book should be raised 20 deg. 'for wnting,
• -sad about 40 deg. for reading. The proper
,;:light is most easily obtained if the school room
is of an oblong shape; the windows being in
one of the long sides, and the desks arranged
tpsrallel to the short walls so that the light falls
;from the lett side The desk of the teacher
-shoald he placed nPir the short wall• toward
..which the scholars look.
Hallow E'cn Tricks
As has been peustom from time immemorial,
the Boys played all manner of pranks on quiet
hir - useleepers on Thursday. Door bells were
iising. knockers were tapped, cabbages ♦nd oth
elPtrilssile. were hurled against front doors, corn
thrown against front windows, and many other
rdiscb i lcrous pranks indulged in. Most of these
aere of an innocent kind, but a few cases of ma•
licious mischief have also hem brought to our
entice..., Several windows were broken by hav•
idg small stones thrown through them. In a
lestances front door steps were removed, semne
of them three or.four steps in height. liad. the
in4Mtes of. the houses from which the• st-ps
were removed stepped suddenly nut of the front
ticior; serious octidents might have resulted
TlZkr:e Ismcifun in tricks that endanger life or
litakand persons guilty of them should, if
Wool oat, be sermely puniseed.—Er.
The restless Yankee basset his wits to work
again, and this time with the intention of ina
pt...Mg hpon the trusting nature of trees. The
bare en:ld - Lion of the trees during the bleak
months of winter strike§ Lim as being far from the general eye, and proposal; to
remWit . by a system of gleam pipes twining
tunong the roots of shade trees, and kept warm
lit steam 'from an ordinary furnace boiler. He
doubtlt'ss thinks lie may thus cause the trees to
imagine themselves in the midst of sutntnerand
to suppose that the bleak winds of December
are merely passing eecentricities not worth no
ticing, and above all, not of sufficient conse
quence to muse them to cast off their summer
attire.' We do not believe that the treees can
be imposed upon to this extent; but the In ten
tima or the ingenious inventor, who, by the way,
dwells in Connecticut, i 4 none the less com
mend*. IF this gent] an would turn his
mind to.some mills of persuading flies and
mosquitiaes that winter reigns all the year round
he irouhl.conter a greater benefit on his suffer
int speej 9 than by trying to take advantage of
the trees.—Er.
Ilippozymosl6-111ow tt llhappened.
A Canada colt, of the Cannel: kind, caught
cold. and coughed consequently. Oscar the
ostler simply said ''llipposgotacoues;“ bus co
leb the coachman. confidently called the' com
plaint "contagious catarrh." The venerable
viilae retenary physician vowed Ir was clearly
a case orThippotnalaria," while a rival Tetere
narinn positively proclaimed the plague to be
"equine epltooty," :All..the Townson' PhYVi"
einns in the 'vicinity thereupon convened in a
caucus ror consultation ; -bat no two of them
agreed in their descrlPfisin or dingnosis, of the
dreadful disease. It was declared.with j ual
postiveness to he Simple influenza, epplhlppy
'MO-NAT, lirponi, mons, Itlppontinorrhoca,' and
hiptoitypltoidlaryngitis. The Cnntick colt, con
founded at the cabalistic phraseology or the
physicians, attempted to tell his equine stable
.companions what was the matter +crith him
and i s attempting to pronounce the unintelligi
ble and mipconouneeable jargon, jerked his law
'oat of joint and coughed himself to heath, This
'was the beginning 'or the end. The other
equines!' in endeavoring to eolllCOUttleate the
calamity to the outside World of horses, lacera
ted and loosened their larynxel in , effectual
deavors to pronounce,ferreetliliellundpflh°
.aise.tat Antribus ithrulirtn to farm and.from
city to city, the mortal malady he made its
way throughont the cenntry, Otani or the pres
ent time half the homes under litzren bare the
eMno=imirols, blpporldnorrhOta, hippotyphold•
isrynghts, or lior . no•equillyt (grade (Haase.
eVite•—etdpite pa!araity A.cough.arpll spell
it "It•o-f" fforses are accustomed to' MO- the
simploat forms of ortimgraphr and articulation,
And heneellsOpoollanchroPY guMesaiss 44 °9*
ton during the continuum-of -the '
Teachers, Mullet°.
The sessions of the Inslittiteclosed list Fri
day. It was very suceesshal in, every ;respect,
and the teachers returned to their work. ,tritlire:
nerved zeal, more enthusissre r and the better
prepak-ed to impart, instrunion. There were
overone Mindied teachers .is rottendance, and
many more were untibli to attend on account
of the epidemic noviirevalling throughout the
county. Profs. F. A. Allen and C. 11. , 'Verrill
were present as Instructors, andperformed their
part well. The eternise throughout the whole
session were interesting and instructive, and,
we trust thatime will soon comettheri loth 'di
rectors and teachers gill see that-it je 0 their.
interest to attend Institutes; then'we hav e
better teachers, better schools, and better inset.
ars. •
The teachers were very hospitably eritertidn
,cd by the citizens, who also seemed to' take a
great Interest in the Institute.' Tne . Clioral So
ciety _and othets furnished excellent music.
3lext week tio will publish a full account of :Its
proccedinga. - Cow.
Local Jealousy.
We last week copied a short article on "local
pride," and below give a paragraph on " local
jndousy," which should be careftilly rend by
every bush:it-saI:IVA :
"There Is nothing, inner estimation, so detri
mental to the welfare of-our town and commu
nity, as the jealousy of one business mau to
ward another, It does not reire A -very care
fid observation tome it every day In this town.
Where men might move along up the bill road
of lite smoothly and friendly, you will find them
in many cases, watching and waiting for the
opportunity to 'gain a pOine on their neighbor
in business, Don't crowd o'nh other,, gentle
men, the Almighty Dollar is not made for the
grave. Enjoy yourselves as you go through the
world; lend your neighbor a helping hand, for
you may need it in return some day ; anti when
the time comes for you to be laid away 'among
the rude forefathers of-Hamlet,' let tile urn of
your ashes he blessed with memory of diseds of
kindness you have dune toward your fellOw turn,
Business can be made a pleasure when men.
wish to make it so, but local jealousy must not
be admitted into either bossiness or local cir
cles. It requires-an uhlimited effort, trr e; but
the ultimate result will prove a mutual benefit
to all"
That So!Moro" Monument.
We have refrained from alluding to the
"Soldiers' Monument" myth, during 'a long
time past, that our motives might not be mis
construed Into a political design. As there - nre
no parties up fit'r offlce, save -it may be for a
Post °Mei, and we can clearly be 'counted
out as to any designs upon that, hens we shall
take the responsihilitY of calling attention to it
at this time. It Mu become a burning shame
to the Bore of 3lontrose, that so many public
enterprises have gone "where the wind Ilsteth."
We personally feel it, perhaps more' than some
others, from the very protniuent part we have
taken in these enterprises, by virtue of our posi
tirn es ti journalist,ln urging our citizens to art in
the matter. • First upon the list is the" Soldiers
Monument," which ostensibly !emitted a coun
ty affair, and for which a large sum has been
subscribed, that reaches nearly $7OO or $BOO. It
is now sis years since weplaced one name upon
the list of subseribers,w hich was started some lit
tle time , before that. We were told last year
that a new impetus was to be introduced into
this apparently mythical of air, by sir. James
Simmons of Montrone, and we were led by our
interest in the matter, to herald his visits to the
different townships in the county, and be .did
visit them and succeeded hradding to the fund
which has "beep placed on ieterest," we are
complaisantly told. What the per cent. is, we
are not informed, whether it be 15 or 30. Was
this the object of those who founded this enter
prise? Is it to be a perpetual annuity in the
hands of some managing parties? Will those
who subscribed to that fund, be satisfied by a
report from year to year that it is on interest
We can answer for one that we shall not.
Those who subscribed to that fund, did it from
patriotic motives, and to record their approba
tion of the brave a tiojrs, who laid their lives on
their country's altar, and for no other purpose,
and they are not willing that the "Statute of
Limitations" shall bar theirclatm. The gather
ing together oncea year to strew fading 'lowers
over the graves of these herciesdo make it slime
stump speecha to aggrandize some living
tailitical aspirant for official position, will not
pay this debt of gratitude which we owe the
memory of these boys now "in white." nor sat
isfy those who have been Induced by their own
feelings, and the solicitation of others to aid in
ere.aitig a more substantial memorial
Court Proceedings.,
The following is a synopsis of the proceed
ings of the first weekaof court:
On motion of NY. A. Crosstnon, Esq., and on
filing nroper certificates, J. T. Richards, Esq.,
was admitted an Attorney to practice in the
several courts of Susquehanna county,
On motion of E. L Blakeslee. Esq., and on
filing proper certificates Wilbur F. Lathrop.
Esq., was admitted an Attonwv, to practice in
the several colons of Susquehanna county.
Conith vs. LJ. Stratton. tOn filling' • state
ment of District Attorney, court permit Nee
Prosequi to be entered on payment of costs.
. Com' th vs. Michael Murray. Court permit
settlement OH payment of costs.
Conetirrs. Geo. Niver. Court permit Noll(
Prompt to be entered on payment. of costs.
Com'th vs. Owen 31cCawley. Assault and
Battery, with intent, etc . Jane Miller .Prose
cutrix. Defendants pleads guilty to simple as-
SJUII, and :Yale Prosem entered as to balance.
Cotn'th sentenced defendant to pay costs of
prosecution, a fine of $lO, and to undergo Im
prisonment in county jall for a space of two
Com'th ST. Wm. Murphy. Settled on pay
meat of costs.
Com'tb as Wm, H. Gage, et al. Nolte Prole
gni entered on payment of costs.
Com'tb ys. Reuben Van Barrager, I t arceny.
Ira Washburn, Prosecutor. Defendant !guilty
and sentenced to pay fine of one dollar, costs of
prosecution, and undergo imprisonment in
county jail for space of ten days.
Com'tb cs..3l.iclutel Carter. Bill ignored.....s
ro.„ i eity, sentenced to pay
Coin'th rs. Richard Stack, jr. Bill ignored,
and prosecutor. Isaac Hasbrook, sentenced to
pay costs.
Cimi'th vit. Geo. niney. Indictment, forni
cation and basterdy. Settled on payment of
Comih vs. Morgan Byran. Indictment, lar
ceny. ' Timothy Daugherty, prosecutor. De
fendant guilty, and sentenced to pay a fins of
$lO, costs of prosecutioadlnd undergo an im
prisonment eastern penitentiary at Philadelphia
by separate or solitary confinement at labor, for
tha period of one year and six months.
Cotn'th vs. Geo. Kinney. Indictment; ad.
ministering drugs, etc. Nalle Prosegui entered
and defendanidlicharged on payment °roosts.
iptun'th vs. Gee. Kinney and T. J. Kinney.
Indictment, conspiracy. Settlement, flied and
defendants discharged.
Curs'th vs, Joan Kinney. Indictment, per.:
jury. ife& prosehtti 'entered .on payment of
-; •
Com'th vs, O. E. Crandall and J.;ll.'S'iatfon.;
Indictment, conspiracy and cheating by, false
pMtences. J._Greelf, prosecutor.- Not , guilty'
and I. J. (ineeit to tat 4 i ono half of costs and fis,
fandants the tither half, '
' Wm, Foster. • Imiletihent, lama.
ny.: Defendant pleads guilty, and sentenced to
pay a tine orslo, its of prossentioN and' un
derp imprisonment hi'coantyjaU for* pericid
of threemontba. - -
• cairn.; ws:cleo. Palmer and Geo.,
Settle on payment of coots • -
Com`tit Derman_tollin. Indietment,,preak.
Mg, entering, and stealing.__ Defendant' &ids
guilty to Bd couht, and rutat prompt entered of
lat and ed counts. Defendant sentenced to pay
fine of ten dollars, coats of prosecution, and un
dergo imprisonment in county pall for period of
three months. , .
Com' th as Jonas Smith. Indictment, assault
and buttery. J. V. prosecutor. De
fendant not guilty, on ground of insanity.
Corteth'ea . tathain Gardner. Indictment, as
sault and Ifittery. D. B. Millard, prosecutor.
Defendant guilty.
EiissDayton. Desertion. Pro
ceedings dischtirged.-
Indian Summer.
Indian Sumpter Is th c Saturday night of No
tare and the Year. There is nothing more to
tte , date.; everything is packed up: the ward..
robe of Spring and Summer is all folded and laid
away-here and there, some in the water, and
some Snug upon the bosom of the whul.—As
the poet says: '
It is the season when the frost. ,
Prepares -to pave old Winte's way
When Autumn in a reverie lost,
The mellow daytime dreams away ,•
When Summer comes in musing mind,
To gaze once more on bill and dell,
To mark how many sheaves they bind,
And see if all arc ripened well.
With brim) , breath she whispers low,
The dying flowers look up and give
Their sweetest incense ere they go,
For her who made their beanttes lire
She enters 'neath the woodland's shade,
Her zephyrs 101 l the lingering leaf,
- And-bear it gently where are laid
The loved and lost ones of its grief.
The Done Disease
There Is nothing new under the sun. The
horses of the ancients were troubled with the
Llippogrip or Epizooty In their day, as ours arc
A. correspondent of the Boston IdteNiser
says : An engniving in it venerable coy of the
"Editio Princeps," of "Dryden's Virgil," repro
6COV., the effects of A disease among animals,and
in the backeround a gang of men are seen stout
ly dragging home an immense load of hay,whlle
the sick beasts are lying about, dying if not
dead. The well remembered passage in the po
em may interest the public at present:
"Bernet from Dryden's Translation °flits Geor
gia—Third Book."
• 'The Victor Horse, forgetful of his Food,
The Palm renounces, and abhors the Flood;
He paws the Ground, and on his hanging Ears -
A doubtful Sweat in clammy drops appears ;
Parch'd is his Hide, and rugged are his hairs.
Such are the Symptoms of the young Disease,
But in Time's process.when his pains increase
Lie routs his mournful Eyes, he deeply groans
With patient sobbings and with manly Moans.
lie heaves for Breath; which, from his lungs
And fetched front far, distends his latering side,
To h' rough Palate his dry Tongue suCceeils,
Anti luny Gore be from his Nostrils bleeds.
"The poet recommends a 'drench of nine,
given through a horn, for which the New Eng-
binder unturally substitutes hard cider."
Cmcstoasi—Ser—ncnn —By Rev. Henry A. Riley.
Oct. 29th, Win. 11. Clemons, of Scranton, and
Miss Belle E. Spencer, or Montrose.
TIPFANT- 1 3lincs—In Harford, Nov. 13tb, by
Rev. A. C. Sperry, George R. Tiffany, of
South Gibson, and Miss Amelia Marcy, of
BINGO sm—BurrPurtm.o—At the bride's filth
cr's in Jackson, Nov. 12th, by Rev, A. J. Ar
nold, A. L. Bingliam,and Miss Jennie Butter
DArtsox—BcrrEninkt.u•--At the bride's fath
er's in Jackson, Nov. 12th, by Bee. A. F.
Harding, D. D. Davison and Miss Jennie L.
Butterfield. ..
KING—McLEAct.--At the M. E. Parsonage,
Skinners Eddy, Nov. 9th, by Rer.P.R.Tower,
John 8. King: and Miss Mamie A. McLoaud,
both of Auburn, Pit.
Liaunr..any—Coot.ET—At the M. E. Parsonage
Skinners Eddy, Nov. 12th,by Rev. P. %Tow
er. Josephus Lineberry, and Miss Mary E.
Cooley, both of Auburn. Pa.
CAIIIMLI.-13ENNETT—At the M. E. Parsonage,
in Herrick, Nov. 7th, by Rev. W, M. Cooley,
as.sNted by Rey. G. T. Price, Elias P Cargill.
of Ttionn.on, and Miss Matilda M. ilennett.of
Bracamtrt—ln Montrose, November 11, 1872,
3fri. Lamina Biniard, relict of the late Jessie
T. Birchard, in the 70th year of her age.
CATIAN-1n Bridgewater, Susquehanna county,
Pa.. October 25th, 1872, Mrs. Ora, wife of
Luther Catlin, in the 83th year of her age.
A First-class Cbromo, is given to every
Subscriber to
GODErB LADY'S BOOS fnr 1873,
Wbether a-Single Subscriber for Three Dollars,
Or in a Club or Si: for Fourteen Duitars,
Address, L. A. GODEY,
N. E. Cor. Sixth and Chestnut Strts., Philadel ,
' , goatee to Builders
Proposals will be received till the first of De
cember next, to build and procure all the ma
for building a pastortal house, near the
R. Catholic Clnrch, at Auburn in this county.
For plans and specifications, apply to Rev.
Thos. Brebony, Pastor at Friendsville.
Friettchwille, Nov. 20th, 1872.—w2
Notice to Builders.
The School Directors of Franklin Township,
will meet at the Davis School House, on Satur
day, Nov. 20th, 1872, at ten o'clock, a. m., for
the purpose of loccting a school house, and let
ting the building of the same to the lowest
and best bidder. Plans and specifications with
the Secretary. D. Davis, Sec
Nov. 20th, 1811.—w2.
flier° will be a Union Conference and Mis
sionary 3leeting of the Susqugthanna Associa
tion of Universalist, nt Brooklyn, Susquehanna
County, Penna.. on Friday and Saturday, Nov.
29th and 30th, 1872. We hope our Brethren
front all part of the Association will give us
their presence on that occasion, and partake of
their spiritual feast then awaiting them With
joy and thanksgiving. F. E. Loomts,
Chair. Missionary Board.
• Scranton, Pa.; Nov. 18th; 1872.—w2. '
All Companies represented by tho underelgn
eil, - nre coming through the Boston Fire tri
The liotne, New York," pays 'sBoo,ooo
The Old florford, of Conn.,
The Franklin Fire of Philadelphia. 500,000
The Ins. Co. of North America of Phila.,Goo,ooo
The Pennsylvania Fire of Philadelphia, 300,000
The-Ins. Co:. State of Penna.. of Phila., 100,000
The Union, Mutual of Philadelphia, 34,000
The National Fire and Marine,of Phila., 20,000
The Royal At London,. 1,250,000
The Lycoming, Mutual of 3funey, 14,000
The above Companies pay thine loses, end
ltatve 4 large surplus, - with their Capital unim
paired. A little over a' year ago. they passed
through - a siunlars - Fire in Chicago, and still
stand tirai its a.ltock. • ' • -
' Biumos STTICKIP, Amt.
Nogtrose;Nov.2oar, • ,
For Sale
A neat borne well Mrnished, good writer ban•
dy„lti RCM of land, add 2,0 •or moregoodfrult
trees thereon. ratan:kW IN miles n'rth of Mon
imee,. near Beach's Plaininq MII, nho,a Woolen
?acting, Carriage and. Blackamltti_Shopi . Grist
and Saw dilLl,nearbyinad a few roda Bum &chink
-Ann Per 4 1 / 1 ' antlPg 414 1 5 4 ' plaegrtot► get
Itlit'ktaugaln. Call on James r. Comm% or
Ito pinnarletar. BUBOES&
.11butnte, Oct. lOgit
. • - -"
Camp, nto the cast et) te,--the subsccilbci, car
Or about, tbitlefday (i" "0ct..1872. , •..
Brtattla Ltrot nu* trulaftarrow Coir;" about
12 Xgara ..
- Tite , notified *tceprove
ProPertt. Pa.tFl.*OrginglAke per wiry.
Dr, T: J. • Whcatoo, it 'Binghamton,. N. T.,
will be lit the .Exellangeliletitin lientrose,. on
Monday,.Berembtm2dp to connitel those Who
wish to see him, 1a.re454 01 149. Abe , PreeervaThie
or 'restmatliiirst tut teeth , Those wishing
tectit extracted thftlt good' opportuni
ty, as he•willi hasuppiiedmitir kith local DIA
peen'', anaesthetics, enabling him to render the
operation pairdeab • end sate.: No CIIIMCCS for
clearing either jt fur ertificial crorle,.. 4 but for
pmtitisrimuielfmating the unto! &MI price
will be (*ova WI II lie et 'Brtislie hotel in
Springville, on Ahe 4titior the Wile purpOse.
Remember this'oot ice andAirehhn a atIL
The Pcoplo•I Btutdp of !tie
The Bevemment endorithnent, which legal.
izes the sale of pLASTAXION lITZTERS, Ii not the
only stamp afflicli to that famous VEGETABLE
Tome; • It - bears,'ln- aadithin to that official
sanction, the still more valuable stamp of pub
lic approbation. This inestimable vJucher of
its rarepertics as a Tonic, Corrective and
Alterative pro , is of much earlier date thus the Gov
ernment credential; for millions of sick persons
had pronounced It the Grand Bpecibc of the
Age long before Congress thought of lazing
proprielary . niedicines. It Is unnecessary to re
peat, in detail, the properties of this wanderfill
Vegetable Invigoritat. -The best reference that
can be offered to those win, desire the foil par
ticulars of ira virtues: ite the General Public.
Ask those who have uiedit as a remedy for
dyspepsia, constipation, biliousness, intermit
tent fevers, nervous det'fllty, rheumatism, sea
sickness, low spirits, or loss of vital power,
what Plantation Bitters lug done fur them, and
be governed by tile icgtionse they make to your
Liberty Township • Bounty State
anent for 1872. •
Amount of Town Bon4beld by F.
B. Coon, • poo 00
Interest to Nov. 1,1072. 253 00
• 735 00
Hy amount paid by L, B.
Tompkins $2OO 00
fly amount paid by Ira 31.
Dander, • ' - 173 00
Amount In band of L
Tompkins, late Treasurer 24 97
Amount in bands or Ira 81.
Dawley, Treasurer 25 00
Amount to be pmvided ror, 03
Jon A. gksr, t Auditors.
Liberty, Susq'a Cu., Pa. Nov. 111, 1872.—w3
Notice in BatiktittitCy.
In the District Court.of-the !LOW States. for the
Watern District of Penntessnia /4 Re Manly
NUzi. Bankrupt. ` . ..Notliica in Bankruptcy.
Notice islrereby.given tint: dint will be a
second gcnehal meetingpr tAc. Creditors of the
above named bankrupt.',firette ptitposm contem
plated in the 27 Seaton:M*llre Bankrupt Act,on
the 10th day of Deceutber,lo72;at o'clock, p.
tn., nt themfliceof Ediv r ard N. 'Willard, Regis
ter in Bankruptcy, and nillererlitora who have
proved their debts, are b,ereby f notified to be
present at said meeting. -
Scranton, Pa, Nov. 13th, 18711.—w3
001150 'and Lot for Sale.
The snbscriber offers for sale, his house and
lot, 1 1-2 mile north front Bireltardville, on the
middle branch creek road. Said lot contains
six ems if land, and islOcid fur pasture, being
well supplied with water ; there being a email
creek running its whole isogth and passlOg
within one-rod of the house making it very
handy for washing purposes. There is a good
house and barn on the premises, and'it well of
never Ealing Water within q few sitipf of the
door. It isx suitable place for a man with a
(rude, such as a Shoemakor4farness maker or
any such Mishits's kis-very bawdy to church,
it belngl-2 mile north of Baptist Church at
Birchnedville, and 1-2 nithi south of 31. E.
Church at Forest Lake Centre, fact, It Is a
pleasant and convenient place for any one that
wislits to retire from business. For safe cheap.
Enquire on the premises of the subscriber, or
Z. Cobb, Montrose, Pa.
Birchardville, Susq'a Co., Pa., Nov. 6.1872.
F, Churchill.
Justice of. the Peace ofErCe oier 'L. B. Len
helm's store, Great Band. borough, Busquehan•
na Co., Pa Bus the settlement of the dockets
of the lato . Isaac Reckhosie; 'deceased: (Mice
hours from 9 to 1; tn.,. and from 1 to
4 o'clock p..-m.
Great Bend Oct. 2 1879.1
Jury Liii.
For the term of CuA for commence at
Montrose, on Monday, No: l 7*e.olth, 18721:
TELtreitse Jekolt,.l-? , „week—, •
Summoned to attend' Mi'l`uestlay . at 0 o'clock,
Auburn—DeWitt C. Tiortan,Lonenzo Reirnel,
Bradley Lacey, Charles Thayne, Satinet
Brooklyn—Bradfonl 0. Watrous.
Bridgewater Crispin Waugh, David D.
Choconnt Patrick Jfc.lfannth •
Clifford James Wells. Thomp.s J. Wells.
Dimock Newton J. Young: '
Forest Lake , Solomon Blasi:taw, . Daniel
Friendscille-Biram Cook, •
Franklin—Rufus Tuttle. t
Gibson—l-foram W. Steams., )
Harford—Penuel Carpenter,- Wallace L.
Jessup—David Shay, Wakeman Handrick.
Little Meadows--Silas Bearclidee-
Liberty—Philip Gage.
Lenox—lfartin W . Rood, John Clark.
Lathrop—John Tiffany.
,Vontrose—Edwin B. Smith.
New Milford twp.—Charles,Minsb, Walttr.
Susquehanna Depot—George 'Adams, Wel
lington Williams.
Springville—Jeremlah Coltleyjea A. Striek-
BannieltE: Sutton, MI-
Teacher's Examination.
Silver Lake—Brackney 541061 lairase, Thurs
day, November 7th.
Franklin Liberty'—Laws
vnier 6e2ltre school
house. Friday, November Bth
Nov Millord—New Milford ltero. school
house, Saturday, Ndvetriber OM.
County Janitors ; idoutrose,lidifdiy,Novem
ber 11th to 15th.
Bridgewater-4lontrute; Saturday, November
lOth. ;* D.
. ,
Dimock 2 —Cornera achool houscr3rocolay,,No
vcmber 18th. • " '
13rooklyn=Ccutreichool hOnsOfuesday, No
vember 10th. , - --o • • •
Gtbson.lienoegy aajodl how3e o ,3VfAhlef?daYt
Nor/amber 20thr-
• - -
.Jackson--Corners school-. bowel. Theirsday,
November 21st.'
, Ararat nod Tbooiton—allidiieb selobl house,
Friday, November 22.
_Ore:it-Bend—Village acbool house, Monday,
November 23th.
liartoony and Oakland—Soon/I*mm flapot,.
Satorday, November= .'.* -
Chapman and Forest Lake—Centre-school
house. Wednesday, November 270, -
dchcioi r leas, 'Friday
November 29th. • • 1;1.
Each examinationlo commute/I,th 2.: feclpsk,
a: m. Teachers Will Strofide 'pen; Int paper,
peceii, and Union fourth „fleodcx.„,..4l,,fracces.
ear /hat each one ihspment fieTor_e4itc Auto
inattunt that binnen is clased?r• - •"'-'
The that seperio.tendallt ckegetthat it
is the legal duty or every aonopot - to Attend
therxamination uPP o into 414 district -in
which hb liras or eapects to teacisAuloss direct
ors request= cousiluation in another pluce . ,Au.
ajost reason. • • - • . •
Directors are elinphirowed :tube prnsentlit
Teachers /lit not commence to teach without
a certificate, or expect a private examination.
C..Tattxxr. County Sap's. -
nrede Lae Catrs Oct 6: tem.
Lecture Cowie. "
" • • 1— •
" The "Ir bung Dlsn's - Leann: Association have
tho pleasure of'unnoUrichik that }bey have se
cured the service of the Zilewing disguguished
Lecturers, who will appear in,the order named;
Rea. Wm. It Milburn— '? The Blind Mau Era:*
.quent." Wednesday everting:Ntivember.:2othi::
Rev. A. A. Willits, of Ph ll aderphia, Decsm v
10th. -s , •
Rev. Roberteollyer,:of Chleako;Janruary:7ll
Moses Colt Tyler, of Michigan Untve ty,
February 4th, 1873. • " - •••••
-Rev. R B. Clippie, of NcyrlN.vrit Oily, An
ilate not fixed. • • ' •
John B. Gough; April 146, 1873; t •
The AstociatioritelleNVOiltittiMes":.likethge
will ensure full houses. There brio sceend rate
roan on the list. Every one of these gentlem'eh
has a thoroughly establitibedand well sustain
ed reputation In the lecture. field. , It. is.rtire,
even in much larger towns than ours, that the
opportunit offered , in hear such a amine • for
the sum of y
Two Dell,;trs—Nrhlch,is the price of.
Season Tickets. These should j3e obtained at
once by calling on W. II: Deans,' the -Treasur
er; „
Fo Season tickets will be sold after the, Brit
lecture. By purchasing-new you will Save- one
third of the entire cost, -as each single admis
sion will be fifty cents. . •
C. ll.Surrtt, Secretary. — •
Holiday Goode.
Special attention of tile Trade la invited to
Holiday Goods, comprising. in.part, Motto CupS
and Saucers, Motto 3lugs, Toy Setts, etc.; etc..,
advertised In this issue by IL J. Weidcncr, 36
So. Second Street, Philadelphia.
,spttial gatitto.
The Warning has been Heeded.
Since the exposure of the attempts wade by certain
unscrupulous local dealers. to palm off their coarse as
atringents. mnde (ulna cheap and Impure materials, In
the placeof tho great national tonic, Hostetter's Stom
a* Bittern, public opinion has net strongly against
these empirics.and their. preparations: Their occepa
lion le gone, or soon will be. _When the liaise is let in
to di ception it coon wilts down. gersons who trifle
ern': their own health, by using noknownpreparatlons,
with no gaaranteo to sustain them, when an establish
ed specific. proven by twenty years experience to ho
easte what it ie claimed to be, I. within their reach,
are sure to n petit their temerity, Many have done so
In this Instance, hot it is hoped that the truth plainly
spoken has errcateu the evil. In the meantime the de
mand for the leading protective end restorative medi
cine of America was never eo greats. It has been this
season. From the fever and Ogee districts of the West;
south west. and south, it b literally overwhelming, and
it may he gold of the advice. from all parts o( the coun
try of the cores It Is effecting in dyspepsia, billions
complaints, and chronic constipation, that "their name
Is legion," Everywhere the sick and feeble 'seem to
have realised the importance of "holding. feat that
which is good ," and of avoiding what eparlotis and
The nomerous "Bitters." ander various name',
which meccas:ter, dealers endeavor to subelltute for
Mostetteei Stomach Bitters, thoald be avoided, for
their own sake*, by the sick and the public at large,
liostetter's Bitters are procurable in bottles only, and
never sold in balk.
ik?).7,ri E
lenn:t h e o rele e ea rc y d , ro a r n e*arl tramt: Z:1711"01
youthful Indiscretion will, for the sake of suffering hu
manity, send free to all who need It. the receipt and di ,
rection for making the simple remedy by erbich be was
cored. Sufferers wishing toprodt by theadviser's experi
ence can do so by addressing, la perfect coaddeuce.
No. 49 Cedar street. New Yort. .
Corrected treekll , by Hardin;, Hayden Co.
325 Waslungton Si, New York.
butter, pail.... 3:038
firkin 30038
*heese, dairy, per lb 13014
factory " 14014%7
Eggs, per duz ........ 32034
Flour, per barrel 6.00010
Corn meal, 100 lbs. 3 4503.55
Wheat., per bushel
Mpg, crop or 1873 ' 30d32
Tallow " OW,5i
Lard per lb • 1 3 4 g8N
Potatoes per bbl 1.75@,2A0
S.ppl(3 " 75412.00
Turkeys per 1b........ .............. . 176813
Chickens " . 150317
Ducks " ..x' 18(3•1?2
1854. 1872.
Our Assortment of
x_ Oomploto.
ETS, WOOLEN 110iiiEiti,141.761163. 1100D3,
POP.;!.....;ZD - Clll - 41)1ilf.N: - CLOVES, .16
In great Variety.
Vane= and UNTIITIIIED Han for Ladino and Chil
dren, Bistrything.. belonging to the' MILLLVSItIf
TBADIL Silk and Cotton Velvets In black and colors,
Velours. Flower's. Ribbons, Feathers, Frames, Loess,
Sic.; Very Large.
soaar•oisoepissC GI-CnCsCiffe
Table Llnene, ?SapUlm, Toweling*. Crash, Ilnallns,
Ticking', Prieto., Itc.„ Fail In Ever/ Line.
...istandrz-no. ....a. taws' nAlt/Ll5,
A,llColoni and All Shades..
Wm keep a large moral:eat of Clam, Caanazata,
Vsartaos, ft, int band ter that purpose.
RATS'AND CAPS, A Full Line.- • -- • -
GLOVES, 71,E5,.. ROWS,
AU °Maraud &tat tot Ken, Doi/. and lame Infant,
beAtlttg. j rips, TRUNKS, . SATCI4O, sO
~nnitstt.As, ac.
eienthtag our lino as ciatip asT.tb I!•• 1141 ?;.;,—NeT eel t OO
'next. and 01741111.11T1L1 hrEIITTIIIXO to Le jcii? Mar . '
Krzeicatite to co as. - _ Towanda at 710 a. ne Athens, 76o.
meolluglot emu out* price Hit of oar TtHollal Mow 6, en.; Wavotly, a Ma, to., ;writ log at Malin' al OD
4 eir - OolddeVattley are too numerous to Oro la one edl- 10:61 leaves Elmira stet ad p. at.: Waverly, at 63S
tton, but would mooed all to WI and compare Teen p. ca. • Athena,aHl p, onttlag at Totillalda at
and quality, socibue be tantelated of *do snub' of Our 715 p .m. • •
ateert lo . l M • , • • ' - gar DTZWItte: Roam Cate, attached .to %alma and
GUTTENBER, a.ROSENDAVIII ktO. P i " iu g th i 9l4 V 4 im a n irar i % lL
attr ' de •
11601111111,141*. u,1871.• • .
HIP-4 1 #74 1 -?
' In o inn? tkap,.vialroptroserßizilroM l , , and to
lie told *at' ESTRUS= LOW, PalCas: Abo
Prouty and Pr:Allen - fatind A.: — N; BUT;
Choico3vhi l t.slotii. andsopernna at Se 00 per btd;
Mae Corn Meal and' (Jeakam
Vial:ln • 61,1 Pge 11416 3 .1* 4 BMWs: Ob res. and critters:
- Michieh,Woupettrib odality, mackerel. *ape, twenty'
kinde °emote. kichnolellooloKahClitationery; kAdim;'.
and Yeterte." - Tohritar and el:;ars. Yankee No.
lions. 13picesof alt kinds: Cone, a choice knal fry and
slaw!. Mock of Kew Teas. and sea'? JOIC.• ilk good kl 00
TV!! Pee**•46t e b ata , ts ao TAUT 'My 4o- and
klr IS rot for ' *l 23, etc, if largo Stock
4adLo,ok, • FreartangYagehotilca of all kind., Metheir
Scarrin. Sweet Potalmet.Ciotakerrles, and Cocoa - note.
4 newsmilordri.4unetmenCot 'Canned Traits, Vege
tablet. Fish, etc., etc. And-1,000.000 faeleesjother itz•
Unice too giameretielo mention, that eery body wants
and can have fur a upland chitin vif the nesse thrown
p. $. Btiriwatto.
.Irontrose,,Pa:, 0tt.:1872.
25 , Starch 'Sot $2 , 00, Biz pound — Boxes
Layer Layer Raisins ilar sl , oo,:liald • every , thing ciao
egttdlly lair dt A.ll. DULLAADI3, •
OdSII PAID too: :N
• . •
Unnerved. lit..Oct.,kotb
Tar Cordial,
Throat and Lungs.
It Is gratifying to us to inform the public that
Dr. 4 C.litirt's Pine Tree Tar Cordial,
for Throat and Lung Diseases, has gained an
enviable reputation from tbe.Atlantie to the Pa
cifit'doifit; and from thence to some of, the first
families of Europe, not through the pressalone,
but by persons actually tcnetitted and cured at
his office. While Jos publishes less, so say our
reporters, be is unable to supply the demand.—•
It gains and holds its -reputation— , •
First. Not by stopping cough,but by loosen
irg- and assisting nature to throw . oil the un
healthy matter collected about' the throat and.
bronchial tubes, which causes irrttattint.
Second. It removes the cause of irritation
(which produces cough) of the.tnucus n?embrane
and bronchial tubes, assists the lungs to act and
throw off the unhealthy secretions, and purifies
the blood.
Third. It Is free from squills, lobelia, ipecac,
and OpiuM, of, which most thimut and lung re,
medics arc composed, which alloy cough only,
and disorganize tho stomach. It has a soothing
'droot on the stomach, acts ork,the liver and kid
neys, and Emphatic and nervous regions, thus
reachingtoevery part pt the system, and In its
invivrating and purifying effects it lips gained
amputation which It must held above all others
intim market.
E 0025
. 42044
Great American Dyspepsia Pills,
Beingunder my immediate direction, they shall
not lose; their - curative qualities. by .the use of
cheapnod impure articles: '
Dr. L. Q.C. Wishares,DineePariem Ire open
- mild:ldays; Tuesdays and Wednesdays from
,a. m., to CI Q m., for oonsultation by Pr. Wnt.
T. Magee.
,Wltlatim are assoe!afrd two coo
aultingiihysicians of acknowledged ability:.•-•
This opportunity is not offered by any other in- .
stitution in this city. •
1 2 13.X1.8,9.701E1XAMMX18.
Nov. 18, 18711—mO
General Insurance Agent,
sans, LIFE AND Accierar taBIIBANCE,
-7,02 cm:trawl.. X:Pitz.
Hartford pine Isis., co.. s. spiritism!Surplus toixt,coo
Home Ina. Co, N. Y., Capital and narplos, 4.(40,1X0
Royalism. Co. Liverpool 4 ojxv.oro
Liverpool. London a Globe ' 530 (mai)
Franklin los. Co., Phil's " ta,00.1.11 0
Ina Co., of Norio America " t7,1.A1),0L0
Pennsylvania Fire
Ins. Co., State of Penst`a •• ". t oo: HASA:
Oro 'MEW
linmirportlns. Co.. 0 • 'VIVO°
la 3C 3E3 . • • • '
Conn. Mame Life lams Co.,Assotta
GCS 030100
American We. Paint. SB,GOU.OOIS
Asia Ci=liStiZr i rs
Traveler's Ini;Co.,llarlbrd,Coplialand Surplus 0,000.00
Railway Passaugers • . $350,CC0.
The nadenrigned haabean Well Iroownlo inticonnty.for
the past 17yoans,u u Insorases Agent,. Losers smoothed
by his Compalules Wet always been promptly paid.
giromce drstdoor east from Hardripg_Ofiles of W.
ILCooper d Co., Tgroplkest. Itotitrose, - Pa.
MKS. E. SffilTll, Solicitor
lifontrose,.llay =lna: •
' On and after June 10, 1872.traint on the Lebidli
1 / a llo7 Railroad W W ran as follows: •
aoteu. ' 11011113. •
343 100 910 • Elmira 1345 013 i 45.
610 110 9.43 Waverly 1100 B.:, -Dm
113 187 1000.... .Attiene_ .. 11 4!‘ 23 90;
433 91)5 10 4 0,....T01tanda.‘,.:....1115 467 810.
551 _ 1133 " Wyaltolng 09 - tied :
5 , 43 '3 03, 11.50 7.acyvflle 949 4 6 ti ed,
614 • 191/..L Meelial,pi; _ 990
.1) . •
0211 . 12 21.,
GM, „3 30 , 11 1 45.i s aaalartaaaek:.. 849 BlO. 55:
, i.4:1710 • 4 33.. :Wrath Chunk .. 11 4.5 - 133
0. 8 . ;139 5 50. ',..,..7111ent011en A;11e10 47 .13 211
.' • ;II 40 505 , ; ~, 1030 MOO
915 g - 1002 ll 115
„1080` 8 Ig....Phlisdelptila',..
Teo l iinet Shil Directory ;int year, 111 Zr.
iiddilionailinv GO eta, '
tenet on lit Dopositn.
_Doo, , liiirtntTal Banking_ Deo
nay. :-.„; IL cE . IASB &Ca
PIASTE-Rl-'iNtortoiik entozatmiza
it'c'9glogyzmina catrwrllotvr. :nab zrouta.
14. L . , 3ioDeafen Dry Gads. llata,Cap
• 13oora and h ove e; and General gerebernlleo, on Sda,
. atte11t. 0 ,5 0 11.d...4.1 0 2 Mow ILA Sybooyd Chnreh. •
CNION norm. kept by WILLIAM S jTU, ap 31a:a
striv;i4ear . rkecput. 7 .7. o , „
tat.D, Foundry. anclAusler In rtDWa andot i r
.!Itaiit It. one door from !Id nuey's ito:el, Main M.
p. n. Camara Vitar lira ljndertaktr. ue
31aln Strut, two doors below Uswier.. l4ol,4 •
UsCOLLUSI anoTaps. Dethits;,gst 13tOcerIcs and
PIOViIiDAS; on Mtn btreet.• • • - -
n.onnnsr ii"SON. Dealers L 3 Flour. viie, hut.
sAtt..uirke,,Cciaent, Grocer! el and Trotlgen OD
tu Street, opperettapto Delgtt. -
W. dr: T. HAYDEN.' Maniacal:ll.4s Or.Clgare tad
telteleeele dealers b.Yukee Nationit,and Yawl
,Gootly.ob Slain Street. Wolf EntsunialCtioseb. •
MOSS i. 101 AP, Leatherltcnufheturcre and dealers
• In Mc oceo kindlogoi, &S.. smut Episcopal. Church. e
NINET .t HAYDEN. Dollen" Di Drmatidlindleb..
end Manatactatern of Opt*, on 3Sin West, ntet
tte Depot.
W. STEPdENS. lloree Shoeing end general Itepairluz
un Unto street. south of the bane.
.7. DICICERMAN. Ja.. beater la general "truxL►ndt•a
and Cluthlug, Etrlek Store. on Shan street.
L. S. LENLIgLif, Slannta,cLarer at Leather.asul
In gee.tia ilerebandlse, on )111a street a, '
.U. Y. DORAN, Merchant Tailor and dealer la Deady
Blade Clothing, Dry Gooda,Uroeerlesanderoebtons
Blain Street..
HIRAM 3tanntattaresoriaad 'della in /urn
'ar Plow. and Casting.. -
U. M. TINOLSY—Dester In Storm Ttn, Copper. liras
'And Sheegran Ware, Caelings &C. • Alao.llllllalletem
er Or Ebert ?deists to order. Eve Trough and Lead Pops
_ business: attended to 411 fair prices—Gibson - 14ns sr..
EDWARDS & DRYAn. Manufacturers of -Wept..
and Sleighs, near Rio It*,,stieStore. o.
. . .
0. S. BESSE—County Surveyor, of Suiqueltinno Cons
tr. °Etta in the Coot Rowe, Montivte.
ADEL =DRELL. Dealer in . Draw*.
goon!. Palate, Oils, Ds.' Groceries , Jewel,"
Notions,ete. Pup. 11, 4 70 •
JAMS E. CARISikt.T, MinnOr at Law: <Mill Ga.
door below Torben Mato, Public Avenue. • -
WV. 11. COOP= S CO.. Drinker, 'sell Foreign P. •
cage Tlekct* and Drafts on I:nem:kr, Irebnid sad:Sc..l.
laud.j• _ ~•
lIILLLYGS STItOII.D. . eievers. Fin. ixid Life Sia— -
mee Apure ; also. Pell Rallroaa andleelderct,Tlekr
toliew York and Philadelphia. Octat cm• dour sae%
alba Dank.
P. -11. CllAtiti LER. (meet' Inottnuievidfiooyg Mr.
chine Arent, Public Avenue! ,
DIIIINS & NICIIOI4. the}lseete getDrtigs and Mimi
efnea CI are. Tnbaccd, Pipe*, Pocketalooki, Spat.
du, Yankee Zsloiloq.i...te.. !kick Dirt.
W. L. COT, lisrne. maker and dealgla all argr
usually kept by thu trade, oppositt thsaink. - •
MVO Al coinstsT. Outlets In Stores, Ilardwa—.
and Manalacturars of -Tin and ilhattiron tram aOri.c.r
nt Hata and Tarapiko 4teet.
310135 C,. Merellani Tailor- and dealer' I a
Clotho, Trimmings. and Furnlablng Goode. atd
Rend -Nadu Clothing.. on Main Stench peat doo •
low Little and Illakelon'a Law Odle*. -
A. N. BULLARD. Deafer to Uroeutet, Provisten...,
Books, Stationery and Yankee: Not,i9nn: at bead I
Public Avenue..
T. SPORE & CO.. Denten In Stiini, fintlntnik.
grrenlinnil Iniptioncnel,Ylourandarecerleopy,
Tarbal Masa, '
Old Thinga lidve Pasied Awat
This is at least tree of ..t.Se old Method of tteitiartbe
lon abused ands:inch abased human body. It is a .
homer considered wire te...pate palest to tan tortilm .5
order to core Win ol a disease la which imla Is *lra I
ondermlninthe enemies of his system. Tree wilco ♦
Magee libel the eide of nature. - and . ellanaTtrnt .11/
meet. her I bar flea against disease. - This lather...
risco of' Hornet ter a S t omach Bitters, the most spore- .
ed tonic ever advertised In Ws ernmtry. It may be
commended as a faltmedleine. par excellence; for it
in the fall tbat blillowiness. dyspepsia. end urniarity
fevers' re especially premlent., The Runle t exhaails.;
by the heat. of 'warner, to relaxed andleeble• at Its '
close, and-requires, We may say dentondr. Intliklal •
'loaner— Afford it that am imam In occludeael dues
of Itostetter's Stomach Hitters, and the - edit rater tfl
to may homestead. Teronghont - thelar Weer; and ee
the atmmingalinetal of the Honthera fivers, all Bee sat
tidies of at pp/lodic:al fereflaSe probably - rife to-Mfr..—
Had a coarse , of liortetter's Hitters been mattfaceneed es -
the sufferer* a month ago e l: betera the behest:et
season satin, seven-eiglltasof theMsrefild In all :pp •
babilits be in.tbeir es net health at the present time. Ss
mach 'forwent of foremate HO math .for Hot
la the hems. add
asioff deny; the best e
vpidernicand'endernie fevers. - , • , • -
s flocke.or posters and i mitators are frflollts 'e •
low in the yak" of the great ArAttiCilll remedy. the • -
fore be efrre• that the amid 0 you bey is genniata and A.
rifled by tan propermde marks. .me tram artioltie e -
only be onteined in bottles. Hews of the eperleiu•
bitters sold by the puss or in keg. ,
A DMIND3TRATOWS. HOTIOR.—In the islets .r
rx. Daniel M. Tiftnav, deenseed, I etters of Mu:.
trefoil in the mei estate. have b=n granted to the t • •
&reigned. all persons Indebted to said estate, ua bt •
by notified to make immediate payment to the Adm •
Lamont and those having claims against the same. a. w
requested to prceent them at the office of J. B. AL
U. McCollum. • • JULIA M. TIMMY, Adger. ;
Bridgewater, Sept. nth, 142,-whe . ;
E .
xEccirs .1101/CE. Letters testa:OW*4 to t.. Le
in estatoot Liateact Aldrich, Liter or Ilrooklye •„
nospeohtmen rsotinty. have been
to tr.
subcceber,sll persons indebted he the said estate. a •
metes ed to nuke immediate paynemt, and those he • •
Inn claims or demands azelast the estate Otte said e.
aslant, to Brake known tb• same without delay.
Etaeor Azoruca, Sztentor.
Brooklyn, Sept. 18th,113:2.—w6
I:III:TOWANOTICE:—The oneenitatteit, an Meter
appointed by the Otphan's Conn OP Stiagnahanna
County to dittributo the fonds In the hands of the At.
mlnietratiir of the oitate of Levi Whose, detested, bets.
by gives notice that b. Wilt attend to the Mattes at re
appointrent. at the °Menet Xlteh a. Wstrao kilter •
wow. on Thursday. the 7th day of liorember,.lll2l.
t.o'clock p. tn., - at which flee and place aldnieriewulw.
waiala We PO gamer 411..
VarielltiTrirconihig in onsad fend.
• • W. i W. WATSON;
liwitrose, Oct. 911,1872.
A . •,.. ,
DninnISTSATOR'S thareatata •I
Mary S.%attain, late, of Ntldgewater. Etat%
Co., Pa., deceased: -Letter* •of AdialtiLenstlote ••
Me veld Mate baying teen etanted to the undersigned.
all persona Owing said estate, are requested teems. a
Immediate payment, and all persona Melte' *Nene
atain't said estate ate requested to pteseatthoaalitttaTell
• :On*. A. STAPPPOS.Atia•r,
Hrldgeteater, Sept. etb,lB72.—ertl. •
a - ECIITtIIt'LNOT/OE,lttiert testaMoArtstrtethe
estentor Jame, It:mimes, deceased, labs of ;Ana;
susquehauus rattan Pa..cbstre been granted to, the
snbscribers, all person Indebted to. the meld Mite. OD
Ttlitleged toluene fmnsedlate paytnent, and those -has.
lug claim' or demands nand the estate of the said
ceds4t, to mane known the mule without tb lay.
ELN•ViIAtt Hamm Etemater.,
. Leaozrlllo , Sept. 1etti,1874.-W6l . ,
A 13DITOIVA NOTICE. The ltdderslened*..
/S., appoluted en Andltor.Ary the' COWL of roam
hropttehanneCounty. to dlstrthete the. flut" Is
the tutu& of the 'Sheriff, utiles from the'lit.etilltr
of the real estate of U. O. Broil,* hereby Over "ult.,
that he will attend to the duties of his appoint:nem oh
hp; °thee In Montrose. on Thursday, (Oct. al.r.lFy, r
o eloeltr.D. to. All Pethoor, Intereited rent aortae **A
ptebe t h n e I r d. clam, or ha foroyer Barred tnNu main Is
on . said fi
• r. &CAA
' Itontroso;Sl9l,2th,lBl% —4,4 •
No, - No: "No
os. - 2. 4.
Iburrower N0rry5..4.116 medgelizerea: an Aar'
orapypMnted by rho Orphaz's Coon of P. asquehr
tot ComitY. to distribute Itrottrad/XP the hate3:44 , 31,4
V. Tpunor r adolloistritor of /to estate • Ot C... 8.. Tanner,,
doceaud, Wilt Sandia the datits orbL oppaytahtts
'tit Ms Moo la.Mbistrose,' on Nate May, pnrtmbrr
prat at 1 o'clock, p. m., at which tini•ood place all pa ,
sowittitureamllo gala fund must present their etaims 6s
be Weyer debarred front cominen on Add Pad. •
L. W. MARIA. Mu/Rot,
3loatrose, Oct. 4. IF'! , .
11DITOWSZOT/CR, The undersigned harimbeas
apPoloted an Auditor. by the Court of ' C...runva
bras. Susqurbasua County, to distribute the owes
Miring from the bberbre sale of Real Estee. of E. A.
Toutpatue.of Libeny, glees 110tiel , that be
the duty of his uppolutment at hie uglea, outton,
NOVVIIDO 0113,1, , at itreeloek. you, et stick thy.
and piece , all pardons Interested may theett,Tor -be roe.
aver barred from coming In on Lid feud.
, • A. O.,
gentrete Eirpitaabot Fok,zep,. • • •