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BA .W.ti.i.eittint ml:fib: Cane= D.. ritstoi.
s.h S,rrlco. :, . 10M a. tn. and 7 m.
.4.boMb.s. fmmt -12 m.
Crtyqr,..Mis.ung; WctinesdayPrentnot . 7.M
CXT 1101.M1 Mdu tit:. 4 ".,, RAT. J. Starrnir
6 ,hbothOCittent'. : benontlSll ndtif I n 'each Month
s.bhattgnitool . ...... .........................
• .
ErIsCOPALIITIMICIL , .10. f -. C.A. Winiumm. Rector.
Sabbath SnrviCta......4 ......... :soma: M. and 73{ p. m.
6.,,,nn, nthool. ,e.. • . -.. ...... ....... ... Ism.
Waut-011y. CrViCte...WcilUeldayll". - iyi p. pi.
IttErlfObitYl'tn:S:toPAL —.Hoc A',Jll. MAI/4113%a.
Iftbhact(Setslces •• ' '.. *.10.43.a. m. and I.olp. m.
iSabbott.l4chml : - ' - p. M.
Prayer .1f!sel10, ;11mM:wt. . '.. • 1.31)p[. M.
rfiessfrAnvor CTIVItell Tler. J. O. I.ltizml.
n.,..bc:lNerrleor 10.43 a. m. and Vi . p. In.
mantmth Seliconl._ . It.M.p. m.
Pnqur 31cctla,g, TherMay livehlnge .... -.. .. .
__IN p. in .
Prtigres) - ot our
,SC:3larcy, contractor, informed one of mil.'
townsman, that . iho Montrose Railway will be
completed this winter, as far as "Allen'!' Cor
ners,7,R;distamce less than four miles from Mont.
rate, ..tirti.ze - up or no freeze up," and as ranch
fartimalktV weather shall allow, He is doing
the stirtsee'work leaving the cutting through
hank. till the last, which, can be done eren
should "freeze up" overtake them.
Vartone Item%
CounT convene) this week, Judge 3lorrow
prvii.liug. There' pre a large number
ot cash on the Trial List. .The number, - n!•
believe, steadily increases with age, and when
it shall come to its full growth and maturity is
s matter yet in the future. We av to have three
eeks of Court. Two weeks forakusqlTeliauna
vaanty, and one week (the last) for Luzerne
county, to try the "Quick cuie" again. If this
, Ca AC is to settle down into a regular orbit, pas
thg from Luzerne to i'3llsquebanna, then to the
Supreme Conti aad lohk again,it may he well to
have !mother "sinecure" Judge appointed to
take tpcetat charze of it, that the time of our
present Judges may be is holly. employed on our
oyiu TTial List, by either increasing the length
of the terms or their number.
Tim "Horse disease" still continues to be pre
valeat falfontrose and vicinity, but no deaths
have occurred, and ti few of those first afflicted
hsve alarost•entirely recovered. It is thought
Lv wme that a large majority of the people of
the e•liole nation, are :slightly tainted with a
horse 414,244 A, by their action on llovomberfith,
11,ring..vvrtlhig.y, preferred a Horseman - to a
tqatic,luan iti rule item.
A SvnriATll School convention was Attended
at the Prodlyteriao church, on „iVednes - day and
Thursday, of last week, condwaea by Rev. C.
A Peitz, of Philadelphia. We mar present on
1 hunwtay ever ing, the cloiing session, when
several Shun were made. The one
bleb seemed to us most practical in its tender.-
.< es was male by Rev. J. L. Lyons, in which he
stated that front s personal canvass, he had
found hill Protestant families In this county,
,ieoitete of the Bible, and that sections unvisi.
Ite,baieved would swell the number to 200
Ilat there were about 9,000 crilldren in the
minty. more than one half of whom were not
receiving Sabbath School instructions. He said
that in the llorough of Montrose, where there
%ire about 790,aflults, and where several church
mums reach wall toward Heaven, not more
/1111:1 440 attended religious worship. Th&.e4o
a=c facts pointed and pr. ectical showitw.s
fw! far "Home Mirsion:" well worthy t e 4
7,r: ce` every Ch.ri*tian scud PhEantlfrordst in
The wnistF. May we not tube/ our aeccuntabil
;;:r for the sin.; of distant lands, and even ailltieS
sal counties.better than' fur Wow shout our own
:l.e . eshohli? Ile that is not mindlnll of his own
LLes,bold Is pmelair . ned worse thee an infidel.
Tac County Teacher's Institute is in session
k, to hold four days, cicaing on Friday.
We shall give a report of it next week.
Datilivny Striught ors.
We learn from the Scranton Times twit Thurs
day last Scianton was throivn into a great et
,ement. over n railroad disaster on the L it S.
E. R. near that city and almost immediately
after the report that a construction train on the
U. L& W. RR. had been demolish!. The
' , circumstances of the disaster ar , f o llows:
The train leaving the L 4: S. !in W likes.
Barre was late. When below r.,..t0n on the
ttatsrtlie train left the, track for some reason,
and after being dragged over the ties for up
wards of 500 fee: went orer the embankment.
A lady said to be Mrs. James Evans, of Lacka
wanna Twp., was killed. The injured were
twenty-seven in number.
Os TIM D. 1.. 3- W. RR. a construction train
on the Northern Division of this road was re
turning the laborers to Scranton and whoa
near Hampton troasing, the tmin being backed
n, the ear containing the men was run upon
a large rock that had fallen or teen thrown
utsm•the track The train went over the am
baukatent nearly. 209 &set down
The killed wen John_ Clerk, a water boy;
Jahn McNally, Michael kelley, Jam= iloglies,
James Gurrahan, Thozons.Philkin. The injured
were 18 in number. Two men missing.
Who pays the Cod.?
At every term of connspcculation is indalg
ed as to ••who pays titacciat" in actions at law.
The following. will give the dciired informs
In the following too county is fOt ga
ble t, costs
1 1(111, grand jury return s 13111 . 411011119CIS"
In a cam: other than felony, and order the pros
ecutor 1,, pay the costa, and the prosecutor Mir
ing hues , entAntco4l la% the court, to gay them,
a mnt l l l lted, aml• then ilischarged according to
I. wuheut Micing paid them, the county is
nut liable to costs.
.N-tr. is the county liable if a bill lie kens'
"a true bill." and the defendant baying beep
tried uni acquitted and ordered 1.7 1.4 petit
;us) 10 pay them, and is conunittod and din ,
charged according to baw l :the sesta pot being
Nni if the defendant hi accquitted Rod the
pro..ereter ordered by the petit Jury to pay the
cost., s , ho, tqler being sentenced by the court
to pay them, is committed and displaiged =-
cording to law, the costs being unpaid.
4 Where a defendant indited for 3748de"
•ste,..or It nooquitted by the petitittrh Rod the
Jury does not determine whether the county, the
prosocuuff or the defendant shall pay the , PO
prostcutinu, as they are required to do by
the act of Bth of December, 1804, the mete are
'lb , to be paid by the county.
P'S. Where en Mdhltateut has leen retnrued
true hill' the prm.emrti ng attorney cannot enter
tote prosequi 'without the consent of the cohrt
and charge the coiiitt with - the eoste of the
pretesmthAt . •
in the following cases the county is liable to
WS the costs :
Winne 4 defendant ta convicted by a jury
and is legally di*chnsge4 . Ritiput. basin . paid
the costs
. .
When to alsei of iitiety'S cif gm PeiciP the
court 44:41410.0citte.
a when 'Ow 'geld , J137101(0 '!4.1)311..and di
rect the Gott:tar to peAtte 4:0$11h and ifliv9lll.o
petit Jury acquit the dclUia . ciaU
. A the
county : 4o pay the iginti.
, •
4to dagFs
q,ir.t.d by the pelt, jury.. •
... • •
5.. - Tn nri Mtieenten - the . defendant trfOned,
guilty and sentenced to pay a flue and costs of
prosecution or give security to pay the same
within ten days or go to jail, and delbndant
goes to Jail and comes out under the bond act,
the county is liable. • •
Miscellaneous Items.
Maryland has lust done a bold thing, what
ever else mitt' be said about it. A vellnest . in a
case before the Supreme Court was objected to,
by the defence because of his lack ,of religious
belief. The objection was founded upon the old
law, as well as aprovtrion in the constitutionaf
the State, "that a belief in the existence of a
G id, together with a system of future reward
and punishment," was necessary for all witnes
ses- It was proven that the Witnesses held no
such belief, but acknowledged a Supreme Spirit
governing nature. The court held that belief In
a personal God was not necessary, and that the
witness, by neinoWledgeing merely the exis
tence of a Supreme Being or Power, established
his competency to testifi.
Elssuktlsm-Borrtze (we confess With shame
to a forgetniltwas of the:regulation name of
these Interesting affairs,) those ornamental if
not useful appendages of all fashionable ladies,
young and old,iif the day, are becoming • c.speu
sive. When they twat appeared (or rather re
appeared, for like most witless of fashion, the
custom is but an old one revived,) they could he
bought for two or three dollars, tire being the
highest price. Now they are sold, and readily
so the dealers tell us, for twenty, thirty, and even
filly dollars. They are in shapes (like horns,
opera glasses, ect.,) and ornamented in every
possible style. Some are of cut-glass, gold and
silver mounted, and others even ornamented
with precious stone. Their use is certainly the
oreticaL Once Upon a time it was only sick
people and hypochondriacs who carried them.
The salts and other contents were bclwvedto be
goolfor the headache, literally so we should
take it, If constantly applied. Just now the
fashionas only a fashion, and means nettling
whatever. Barring its expense, It is a harmless
Woman% as a rule, cares little fur new Inten
tions, for they are seldom of a character to as
sist her. Here is one, 'however, which must
I please the belles. it is a self-acting fan, Intro
' duced In England with great success. The fan,
which is of extra size, is attached to a st anal
which can be placed on a thble or clasped on
the back of a chair. ny most simple meehan
ism, not in the least likely to get out of order,
the fan is moved backward and forward, pro
' during a gentle current of air. It can be re.
moved at will, and another substituted, so that
the lady may consult her own taste, and attach
a fan of such a color as will best harmonize
with her dress and surroundingv. We rather
like this, and do not know but :hat it will suit
the masculine as well as the feminine taste.
It Is a bore to fan oneself, the operation, taxi,
tiresome, and somewhat warms, rather than
cools one. In the Old slave-holding days, to be
fanned was well enough, but that luxury has
passed dway. Then wcticetne the mechanical
fan. (Shall get one by west summer.)
Do you know what "banging" the hair means?
If of the gentle sex of course you do, but in ease
you may be so unfortunate ns to Imre been born
a boy, a word of explanation. "Banging" is
a custom of the modern belle, as Idiotic as'llutt.
of the modem beau who parts his hair in the
middle. The girl who bangs" her hair, and the
man who parts his well
. in the middle, would be
dated for eadiather, It the purpose were to in
crease the number of human nonentities. Nei
ther of the twocustoma originated, as One might
suppose, in a lunatic asylum. the " balagiur„."
conies from the infant nurseries of England,
where the hair of very little children is cut after
this style to keep it out of their eyes. The part
ing in the middle, however, was first adopted,
it is said, by an angry father, who, from sonic
show of weakness en the part of his son, so
treated the hair of the youth in order to dis
grace him in the eyes of his companions. The
operat)on was a etemplete success, for the boy,
unable to bear the stigma of looking like a girl,
went simightway andhune himself. The young
gentlemen who affect this mode do so, we au
der,tand, in the belief that it gains them favor
with the girls. No greeter mistake could be
made. The girls like warily men, and he who
shows the least approach to a feminine spirit is
the fete near. Lu public they witty trust him
kindle. Politeness and good breeding w ill not
allow them to do otherwise; but If he could
only hear what they said of him among them
he would not pride himself upon the
success of his experiment.—Rigadelphla Prat
A Vlntl3eation
E. B. 1.1./WLET in the last issue .of your
• ph , iper, in an article written by you, litatdcd
wTtom it may Concern," you put the following
!questions, to be answered by those interested
' a it La red tower I the for. Stanley W o -
ward, and pure love of L. D. Shoemaker, that
lei thirty-nine electors of Silver Lake, to vote
for Shoemaker, or were they the victims of mis
placed confidence in some leailer. who for some
consideration manipulated their ballots to as to
deceive them." As I am one of the parties con
cerned, I beg the privilege of explaining the
matter. First, as citizens of Susq'n Co., tltwe
thirty-nine electors voted in retaliation of the
manter in:which Luzenre acted toward °arum-
Mt for Congress'tMo years ago. It is well
!tir.nown that the selfish and unprincipled scoun
drels, the politicians of Luzerne would not as
' sent to ire US atii show of jtititice„' and
slaughtered Of I may so express It,) our highly
respected 1 andidate, J. B. McCollum, who .is a
gentleman, and far superior, to any Luzerne
chleL The coast was clear, and Mr. McCollum
could Glace been elected by a large- majority, as
was shown by the vote of this county., .but the
Imm - ring ones, the' Mould be lords of Luzerne
willed thatittliould not be 6.0. - NoW.X.hem. if the
,Democrats of Susq'a CO., are so void of self-re
spect us to become the slave of ,Luzeme, to be
dealt with according to the notions of her aris
tocratic nabobs, so be it, but 'there are at least
thirty-nine Democrats in Silver Lake ivho
would not, and this is their great sin. Second,
as Irishmen they felt-bound to repel every abuse
hurled against thermlet it come from whatever
quarter it might. It Judge Woodward in his
eunganitte can snub and slur Irishmen let the
consequences rest upon himself and upon his
ghildren. There are watchmen on. the outer
wall as tyell as editors. There is handwriting on
the wall also. There was no manipulation of
votes in Silver Lake,on the part of any lesder,for
nay consideration, us. that...would certainly he
foreign to their nature. Any man who intimates
otherwise; Ste cowardly- knave, and, any man
who tyill assert Gthenwise is a falsifier. •
r :Your obedient servant,
. .
'Ersurtrk SULLIVAN;
fjilvet Into, Busq's . .oO3, Pa, .
Lecture Clarinet
The 'Young lifen`a imetnit Maw:anon ti nve
the *unroof announcing that they have se,
cured the serviwt of the follow ing'distinguished
Lectunera, who will mica In the mar =nob:
Res. Wm. IL .31.11bura—.`"The Riad Man - Elo•
-.pent." Wednesthwe'verliom November L'Oth.
ray. A. A , Nilllte , of FLU:id:Kph* Moan.
- Re. Robin CoUyet, of c*c: - io.4nrisui*lii
muses con - ZOO,: of. Nichliarf
February 4th, -187 a
WI ; E. IL Chapin; of • New yak - Clty, In
,ItessAidtPril 146,1818--
The Assoc tallicUt _believe that names like these
will ensure full honsee Therrisuffsceondtate
man on the list. Every one of these gentlemen
has a thoroughly establlthed and welt sustain
ed reputathm in the lecture 'field. It is rare,
even In much larger towns than ours, that tho
Opportunity Is offered to hear such a course for
the sum of Ttra - flWare—whieb is the price of
Season Tickets. These should be obtained at
once by calling on W. ft Deans, the Treasur
Fo Samna tickets will be sold atter Abe, ant
lecture. By purchasing now you will save ime
third of the eotire cost, as each single admis
sion will be fifty cents.
C. 11. Sutra, Secretary.
Then is is, much sound sense in the following
article on " local pride," which we clip from a
Western paper, that we tranifer It to our col-
umns for the benefit of this eomtuunity :
" If tliO Citizen:sof a town desire to have the
community of which they are representatives,
maintain an equality with sister oommunities,
and wish tho town wherever they dwell to keep
pace with others, in progress, it is necessary to
cultivate true local pride; we do not mean an•
inflated idea of superiority of all that pertains
to their locality, or the extravagant laudation of
every ioterprise or undertaking In their midst
but a descnmlnatlng pride in all true advance
ment of the general welfare, and shall prompt a
just defense of the merits of the town where
they hare set up the temple of home; a fair
commendation of its artistic Or natural beauties,
afhl an encouragement to every individual who
puts his hand to the work of developing its re
sources, wealth and advantages. A community
whose people Cr,, indiflerent to the improve
ments that may be inaugurated within their
bounderies, will make slow progress. The men
who express no satisfaction at seeing a dwelling
Of comfort and taste erected, who draw their
purse strings tight, and grumble at the expense
of an artistic public edifice, shudderin,g at the
increased taxation to pay fie arena modern im
provement, which Is to prove a blessing to coin
ing generations, are enemies to civilization, as
were this inhabitants 01 Chili& before its gates
of superstition and Ignorance were opened, and
the genius of progress bade to enter.
"Every dwelling of taste that wealth erects
In our midst s)tould be welcsamCil; every public
edifice that La reared should receive our cora
mendation ; every temple of education should
be pointed out with pride as an evidence that
we are preparing the generation to follow us to
fight that never-ending combat of the spiritual
'over the animal, of mind over matter. Every
church that lifts its graceful spire heavenward,
should be hailed as Planting an altar,
which will cluster the blessings of education
and refinement. We should rejoice at the puff
of the engine, the clank of the shaft, and the
hum of the machine, proclaiming that industry
reigns within our borders, fur every additional
stroke of labor fixes on a surer foundation the
future wealth of our community, and ta rearing
on an enduring basis the fabric of common
"We should possess local pride sufficient . in
the intellectual tastes of our society to encour
age lecture, of n high order, or first class musi
cal entertainmema, showing by a fall attendance
that merit is appreciated, mud that a desire ex
ists of establishing a high standard of mental
culture among the People.
"It is a disgrace to those who are ever seek
ing to underrate the place of their birth at home
nothing to commend in the localities
of es:Leh they are a representative part; but
holding ;; up to invidious comparison with a
neighboring city or town. We honor a man .
who has a true :oral pride in his village or
town where his cherished liresidb exists,
and who is not ashame... t to point witttpride to
the spot where his daily lot is cast"
For 1872. '
1871 1872. .
T.. (.3 5
a 7 .
NI 2 2
r .
rt , 0
0.. . -,
g 'g M .1
;;Inc.ra 18 89 19 76
A rnrat 80 23 87 16
Auburn 270 167 201 144
165 207 169 174
179 10•! 189 71
7 69 12 76
153 G 8 167 • 64
130 133 136 103
23 20 24 12
Moakl7D ...
103 00 110 94
Fort,t T.ate
97 109 100 83
Grent Bend Twp.. 177 103 176 id
Grest Bend Bono_ 54 15 59 87
Ifvfot4.. ..... :. .. 169 -161 IGS 137
linankony 13t 78 161' 62
Herrick.. 1119 52 117 29
Jack50n,.......... 180 81 187 62
Je.Q‘up 116 (X 1 119 49
Latlirpp 97 112 91 104
Lenox - )O 162 201 132
I.ibert, 108 109 122 99
Lit tie .27 7 23 4
ithiletnwn Sia 'lO3 5.1 106
Mont roe.e _.. 236 102 207 83
New 51110.n1 Twp. 176 152 ~1 92 134
New Milfor,l Bona. 77 73 75 63
Oakland 147 60 137 54
Rush 191 SO 101 80
Silver Lake . ra 123 66 119
Springville........ 210 106 207 74
Stimfa Depot 259 840 275 911
Thomson ...... 85 61 93 46
4193 3403
Hartrantrs majority .V.lO .Grant's maj.lC3l
PARSONS-ALDRICI7-111 Bridgewater, Oct. 30th,
by Rev. J. G. Miller, Leroy M. Parsons, of
Conklin Station. N. Y., !end Miss Julia M.
Aldrich, of Bridgewater,-Pa.
SHIPMAN—COLE—In 31ontruse, Nov. 6th, by
Rev. J. G. Miller, Albert E. ,Shipman, of
Brooklyn, Pa, and ..111ss Pbehe •E. Cole, of
Montrose, Pa, . DECKClt—BciiErrinv .116--Tn-Bridgewater, Pa,
Nov. 6th, by Rev. J. G. Miller, Sills Decker,
and Miss Ell= Butterfield, - both of Bricker
FITLYZ—BTL'Att.T—AI the residence of the bride's
- Ilifele;Sprhig Run, lowa, Nov. Ist, 1872, by
Rev W. J. iralm, Mr. C. Frink, of Page, Co.,
lowa, (formerly of Montrose,) and Miss Ellie
Stuart, Bridgewater, Pa.
Frrelif-Oct. 30th, 1872, Battle 8., aged twenty
years and five months, adopted.. daughter of
" L. F., and Mary W. Fitch, of Montrose.
BaLvwur--Iri New York, Oct. 25th, 18i2, John
Baldwin, aged forty yews.
31r. Baldwin was a native of Litchfield Co.,
Connecticnt. removing to Great Bend, Pa., with
his father's family, in 1844. He graduated at
Union College, in the class of 1855, with high
class honors. nod aftergraduating at the Law
Sam], of the University of Albany, he opened
a law office in Albany - . N. Y., in company with
his brother. Aftcr.three months or most, appli
cation to business and study, he was compelled
to relinquish his profession by a congli, which
ally ended:in hts death, eller twelve years of
'auflbring." He had spent his summers of.late in
the northern part of New York, and his win
ters In the South, being at the tirneofhis death.
in New Yark for the purpose of taking passage
!Or Nassau. The delay ocimsioned by his sick
nee,, saved bin'from perishing at sea, with the
111-Ikted'illissouri."-as also a cherished friend,
who was torall with him. Mn Baldwin had a
strong svLUand capacity to succed in 'whativer
bis poor health permitted him to undertake. .
He was a frilmd , of education, aympiithtzhai
with all moral reforms and Matters of politic
interest ; Having • joined 'the, Conkregatlonal
cher& of liltmfeapolia, Minnesota. in ligtt, be
bold fast to hls profession and hope in Christ
untillus death.' although be not Connect
himself Stritit any other chtutiCon account '4(
th l i r t of mop WO. IMltlitui
by skis - . •
Came into the enclosure , of the subseilitt, on
or about the Ist day or Oct. 1872.
1 Brindle Llneliabk =lnt ludo', Cott, abOot
13 years old. The owner Is notified to prove
property, pay charges,•and take her away
• -1L H. tin.
Liberty, Nov., 13,182.
A Connesmtiwyr writing - from AtnenS, cu
riously contrasts the mixtures to be found there
of ancient and modern civilizations. Railrbads
spin their trains amid tho temples ef three
thousand years; steamers dash their swells up
on the Plreus, sod the scream of'thelr - whistles
resounds from Athos, Pentelictis and Cytheron
to Olympus end the betteens is ycogi theft gods.
Dr. Ayer's world-renoWned it:Widnes, those
consummations of modern science, -ate posted
on the Acropolis, the Parthenon, the AteGlutgus
and the Thesion, while the modest cards of
Cherry Pectoral, Ayer's Sarsaparilla, Apiatreare
and Pills look front the windows of the efroisehtt
the streets of Athens, where they are sold,—
N. Y. Sunday Globe.
The People'. Stump of the Age,
The Government endorsement, which legit
hes the ask of PLANTATION BITTSRS, Is not the
only stamp affixed to that famous Vcomrsiffic
TUNIC. It beam, in addition to that official
sanction, the stal more valuable stamp of pub
lic approbation. This inestimable v.,ucber of
its rare properties as a Tunic, Corrective and
Alterative, is of mach earlier date than the Gov
ernment credentiaf ; for millions of sick persons
had pronounced it the csrand Specibe of the
Age long before Congress thought of taxing
proprietary medielom. ft is unnecessary to re•
peat. in detail, the properties of MIS wonderful
Vegetable Invigonint. The Inedsreferenee that
can be offered to those who desire the flxll par
ticulars of its virtues, is the General Public.
Ask those who have tried it as , a remedy for
dyspepsia, constipation, billousnrs, Interrnit•
tent fevers, nervous detiltity. rimilmatism, era
sickness, low spirits, or loss of vital power,
what Plantatiem Bitters has done for them, arid
be governed by the response they make to your
Liberty Township Bounty litale•
went for 1872.
Amount of Town Bond held by F.
11 Coon, $5OO 02
Interest to Nov. 1, 1072, 255 01
733 09
By amount paid by L, A.
Tompkins 6203 00
By amount paid by Ira
Dawiey; 173 00 .
Amount in band of L A.
Tompkins, late_Treasurer 24 97
Amount in hands'of Ins 31.
Da wiey, Treasons 25 00
Amount to be provided for, $330 CGS
Jon A. KNAP,
Liberty, Susq'n Co., Pa. N0v.43, 1872.—w3
Nonce In BanfilliPte7:-.
In the Distrtrt Court or ttle United Slate.,, for.the
Wraterri Di,triet of Pennsvhdrnin Ia Rs Van/y
IV. Walker Bankrupt. ...IS 1503 an lJankrusetj.
Notice is hereby given that there will be a
second genera/ meeting, of the Creditors of the
above named bankrtipt,tor the purpose contem
ploted in the 27 Section of the Bankrupt Act,on
the 10th day at December, 1872, t 9 o'clock, p.
tn., at the Mike or Edward N. Willard, Regis
ter in Bankruptcy, and all creditors who have
proved their debts, are hereby notified to be
present at said Meeting.
Scranton, Pa., Nov. ISth, 1872.—w3
Blouse and Lot for .Snio.
The subscriber offers for sale, his house and
lot, 1 1-2 mile north from'ltirthardville, on the
middle branch creek road. Said lot contains
six acts. of land, and is good for ptsture, being
well supplied with water, there b&in,f, a small
creek running Its whole length hod passing
within ono rod of the house inflking it very
handy for washing ptnix,siac' .There is a good
house and barn on the premises, find a well of
never failing water wittin a few steps of the
door, It is a suitable piece for a mhu With a
trade, such as a Shoemaker, titaness mnk'er or
any such business. It is very handy to'chtircb,
It bring 1-9 mile north of Bapqst Church
Birchardville, and 43 mile Ewalt of 111.
Church at Forest Lake Centre, in fact, it is a
pleasant and convenient place for any one that
wishes to retire from business. For sale cheap.
Enquire err the premises of the subscriber, or
Z. Cobb, Montrose, Pa.
Bircharch , 7Ue, Susq'a Co., Pa, Nov. 0, 1572.
For Salle
A new honac well 'furnished, good water han
dy, IM acres of land, ua 20 or more good fruit
trees thereon. Is situated Ile,' Miles n'rthoi Mon
trose, near Beach's Plainttia Mill, nlso.a Woolen
r notary, Carriage and .13lacksmith Shop, Otist
and Save Mill, near by and aim coda from school.
Any person wantinga good place n get
it nt a bargain. Call on a
James t. Carmalt, or
the proprietor. • •IL 0. - -ti:IIOESS.
.Vontrose, Oct. 30th, itcp. ,•-
48 10 47
09 238 50
F. Churchill. ' .•
Justice of the Peace! 'office oier L. S. Len
helm's store, Great Bend borough, Susquehan
na Co., Pa. Has the settlement of the dockets
of the late Isaac Beckhow, deceased. Office
holm from 9 to 13 o'cluck r a. na., and from 1 to
4 o'clock p. M.
Great Bend Oct. 2d 1872.
Jury List.
For the term of Court to commeneo st
Montrose, on Bloody, November 11th, 1873:
TnAveroi knots-2(1 week \.
4539 2907
Auburn—Samuel Dean, Lyman G. CogswelL
= Brooklyn—Samuel B. Eldridge, Edwin Good
rich, Edwin P. Mack.
Clifford—Martin A.Gorrdster.
Clmeoaut—Lawrence Mclncrny. •
Dimoek—Elisha W. robins-
Franklin—John Boyd.
Forest Lake—James .1/.. RICP, ' Jas. S. Bins range.
Gibson—Edward Popc,'WilliaM. Framing.
Great Bend boro—Milo Gurnsey.
Great Bend twp—Jaines A. Green.
Harmony—David Taylor, John. D. Bhutto.
Herrick—Trevenen Mina.
Jessup—Jesse Sherman. • -
Jackson—Ansel Page.
. Lenox—James Snyder, Jolla C. Decker.
Liberty Rum' S. Luce.
Montrose Edwin Lathrop, George V. Bent
ly, William IL Cooper.
Ifidletown Eghert Sled - well. •
Ncw Milford twp Frank E, Cole ; fierier, A.
New _Milford boro—George Pratt, Waihigton
F. Boyle.
. .
Oaliland Morgan E. Shritta itinkson
Rash—Daniel Gary. . . • .
Sitsquchanna Depot George N. Brown,
Gilbert 0. Sweet.
Silver Lake—Nathaniel VlTakelee, Wit. Bolles.
Thomson—Stepbert R. Gelatt, Win. Ankina. Jul/Qua-3d week
Summoned to attend on Tuesday, at 0 o'clotk,
Auburn—DeWitt C. Titman.f.nrenzo Reimel,
Bradley Lacey, Charles,. Emmet
Bmoklyn—Bradford 0. Wittrons,:„
Bridgewater Crispin Vaugh, David D.
Hinds. e s
Choconut Patrick- jfe.Vionis.
Clifford - James Welts, Thomas .1.-Wells.
Dimock Newton J. Young. ;
Forest Lake Solomon. 'Bradshaw, Daniel
Frten egory '
dsville—Hiram Cook,
Franklin—Rufus Tuttle.
Garson—liorace W. Steams.-
liartord—Penuel Carpenter; 'Wallace L.
Voucher. - • _ - -
Jessup—David Shay, Wakeman Handdck.
Little Meet:4B-811as iNgividee. = •-• , a
Liberty—LPtillip Gage.
Lenox—Martin. W. - Rood, John Clark r • •
Lathrop:—Sohn Tiffany. -
Montrose—Edwin R.Smitli.
New _Milford twp.--Clrarlea Brush, -Walter
d Depot--C. -- 0311a .
Wigton Williams.
Epringville—ferendaft Colder, Tea A Welt.
Sand. WIII. B. UrindlidC, eal4ol D,SafPIII rt•
nusiiwigs LOCALS
• $.494 97
Teacher's Emmauslon.
' ake=Braelcuey Beim honst, Thurs
day, November 7tb„,..
Franklin '4h Liberty-14%11410 Centre, school
house, Friday, November Bth.
New Milford—New. Milford • boro. school
house, Einturday, November nib:. ,
- ,County Institute . Mentrose,Monday,Novom
bee lltb to 15th. .
. .
Bridgewater —gontrose, Baltatiay,liovembet
16 Lb.
Dimbck:Leorners .acbool luzse, Monday,yo
vember 1811 L
Brooklyn—Ccatroschool hcitne,'Toestlay f Ne.
veinbet 10th. •
Gibson—Kemiedy school house, Wednesday,
November 20th.
Ararat and Thornsou:—Aldrich school house,
Friday; November 2a.
Great Bend=- 1 011age'rehool house, Monday,
November 24th.
flarmonv and - Oaklsrear-9asqueban as Depot,.
Saturday, November 23d.
Chapman and Foreat tidca—Ceatra iittOot
house. Wednesday, November :17th. -
Middhaanm—Centta selmot house, ,Friday
NoveMber 29th.
Each extiminatlen to commence at 9 o'clock,
a. in. Teachers Will provide pen, ink, paper,
pencil, and Union Fourth Reader: It is acces
sory that each one be present - before the exam
ination In nisi branch is closed.
The State Stillerlntendant has - decided that It
is the legal duty or oferf applicanT to attend
the examination appointed' tof the distrlct in
which ho lives or expects to tort. 11A1E1%4.11m0,
ors retpunt an examination in another place,. for
a just reason.
Directors are earnestly nrzed to be present In
their own districts.
Teachers will not commence to teach without
a certificate or.expect a private examination.
.W. C. TiLtrzst, Comity Suet.
Forest Lake Centre bet. G. 1874.
Special attention of the Trade Is invited to
Holiday E4ond_ s comprising in part, Motto Cups
and &Incurs, MotteOlugs, Toy Setts, etc., ate.,
advertised in this by 'H. .1. Wcidener,..BB
Second Street. Philadelphia.
Ppevial gotiro.
The Warning has been Heeded.
Since the exposure of the attempts made by certain
onscropolons fond dealers, bun im off their coarse as.
strirgente, made from cliatif aid Impure materials, in
the pltre of the great national tonle, liostetter's titans.
ash Bitters. public opinion has Pet Ittongly against
these empiric', and their preparations. Their occupa
tion le gone, or eoon be. When the light Is Ict in
to d• ception it soon Wilts dowd: rerroua who trill&
with their own health, by using unldiown preparation.,
with no patentee to sustain them. when an establish.
ed spemfic. proven by twenty peace 'experience to he
exactly what It Is claimed to he, is within .their reach,
are sure ton pent title tomer' ly. Many have done so
in this instance, but It Is hoped that the truth plainly
spoken has arresteo the evil. In the meantime the do.
mend for the leading Metric:lee and restorative medi
cine of America was never so great as It has been this
ecason. From the fetal and ague districts of the tent,
south suet, and eonth, it is literally overwhelming. and
it mar IX, sold of the sdvices from all parts of the coon
try ti? the cares It is effecting In dyspepsia, billions
complaints, and chronic constipation, that "their came
Is legion ." Everywhere the rick and feeble seem to
have realised the importance of "holding fast that
which is good," and of avoiding what is spurious and
danger.... ,
The numerous 'Titters," ender +tartans names.
which mercenary dealer. endeavor to aribattioto for
Ilostetter's Stomach Bitters, aheld be avoided. for
their own +lakes. by the sick nest the imblic at burn,
Iloatetter' are procurable in beaks may, lent
never sold lu hulk..
ALE,Egii,",EP' . ,foanr r d e nl f ge n egeT:rl
tadisentin fort. roke of veering' hu
manity, snit tree to sit who nen It. the receipt end di
rection for seeking the stint° remedy by which be was
cured. Sufferers wlshitig twipro lyr theadclscr's experi
ence csO do so by addressing, In pelrcet contlenee.
S(111!: B. OGDEN:
No. CI Cedar atreet. New York.
r=") Writs issued by the Court of Common Pleas
of Susquchanna County and to me directed, I
will expose to sale by public yendue, at the
Court House In Montrose, on Friday, Nov. 15,
1872, at 2 o'clock, p. m., the following pieces or
parcels of land, to wit :
All those two certain pieces or parcels of
tandesituare to the township of Jessup, in the
county of Susquehanna, and State of Pennsyl
vania, the first piece bounded and described as
felons, to wit : a cc rner of the
south end of a stone wall on the west line of
David Olmstead's land; thence by the mid line
n rth 13),i degrees west, 165 perches to a post
and stones corner; thence by lands of said
Olmstead and Lyman Pickett north 271,j de
grees..east 41 perches to a post and stones;
thence south 83 degrees west 20 perches to a
post and stones in a small run; thence by land
paw of 41 B. Downer, south',o degrees west, 43
perches to a post and stones, and soutli i 27 l 4 de
grees omit, 84 one-halt perches to a post and
atones; thTe by lands of Charles Bolles and
I . ..kat:malt Iles, south 10% degrees cast, 149
perches to t end of a stone wall near the
northwest hank of the Wyalusing Creek ;
thence ,s rutty, 48 degrees west, 18 perches into
the Very road; thence along said road south
21r4 iiegres east, 16 1 4 perches; thence
north et negreereast, 15)s perches by ; land of
Russell Very 'to tr Oben" corner; thence by the
same north 21 (.< degrees east, 42 perches Into
the road: thence along the road north 80 de
grees east, 14 perches; thence by lands of Very,
Shay, and others, south '63 degrees east, 114%
perches to a post and stones; thence north 27
degrees east, 92 perches; thence north. 63 de
grees west, 87 perches to a hemlock corner of
Thomas P. Meeker's land; then.° by the same
north 27 degrees east, 2634 'perches to an iron
wood sspling ; thence by laid 4ately sold to Da.
aid Olmstead, south 733‘ degrees west, 41 perch
es to a small yellow Well in the southeast bank
of the creek; thence by said Ohnstead's land
north 23 degrees west, 39 perches, and north 20
degrees west, 17 3-10ths perchtri tO Si post anti
stone corner above the WyalusingOrcek road;
thence by - the same south 74 degrees West, 10 34
perches to the place of beginning , Ccatitairting
169 SilOths acres ot lora be the same More or
less, wlth the appurtenances, two direlling
houses, 4 barns, 1 hog house 2 °tetrarch, and
about 120 acres improved—The second piece or
parcel of land, including the W(ffi and milt
privileges thereon, situate in the township of
Jessup, in the county of Susquehanna. and
State of Pennsylvania, bounded and described
as follows, to wit ; Beginning' at a )sdint ib the
Wyalusing Creek road, in line of Elltannah
Bolho's land; thence along the road north . 63
degrees watt, ()perches, and north 40 dLigteett
west, 2231 perches to a corner • thence south 41
degrees west, 15 perches, cross ing the' creek ter
low the bridge, and in lino with en apple tree
on north side and beech tree on sonth bank to a
post west side of road ; thence south 46 degrees
mast, 4454 perches ap the south bank of the
Creek and Still pond to a small maple; thence
across the mill pond, north 4 degrees cast. 2234.
perches, to the place of begitming, containing
three and three quarter acres, of land,. be the
same morcor less, with the appurtenant:tut, one
dwelling-house, 1 cooper shop, 1 grist-tnill, 1.
saw mill, I distillery, i hog house, and all lm-
Improved. (Taken in execution at this Suit of
Sarah Carmelt vs. Thomas J. Peptic.)
ALSO : —AII that certain piece or parcel of
land situate in the townkliip of flush, in the
county of Susquehanna, and State of Pcnnsyl tl
yenta, bounded and described as follows, to
wit: On the north by lauds of James MeDer
mot, on the east by lands of 'Jas. LOgah and
John C. Graham, on the south by lands of Syl.
rester Bowers,and on the west by lands of
Freeman Ellsworth and Edward Filan,contain
ing about 260 acres of land, be the same snore
or Itais.With the appurtenances,l dwelling-house,
I frame bkrn, one Mall orchard, and about 40
acre% improved. (Taken in execution at the
'suit of Peter Collins, assigned to (ieo. P. Little
vs. Henry Green. _
ALSO.—AII that certain p iece or parcel of
land situate in. the township of Clifford, in the
county of Susquehanna, and State or Perntsyl+
vents, boutfda4 and described as' follows, to
wit Beginning at the southeast corner of C. P.
Gifford's lot; thence along said Gifford's lot,
north 43 1-2 degnics west. CO perches to a beta
lock corner, the line, of Pulaski Chamberlin%
thence south, 40 141 degrees west,. along daid
Chamberlin's lands, 40 perches to a stake and
stance; thence south 481.3 degeeci east,. 60 '
perches to a stake and stones hi din line of Ex-,
ra Trucsdale ; thence north 1414 tlegrem east,
40 perches, to the place of beginning, contain
ing fifteen and : , ••100ths CCM Of land ) '-strlet.
Measures, be Use Same more oi• less, witllthe ttp•
purtenances.l frame home, 1. barn. 1. small
orchard, and about, 1,2 acres Improved.. gal=
in execution rit,the suit of firma Stevehs use of
Joel Denny vs. hiatolph ?cliffer.)
— ALSEC—All.that certain piece ,panel of
land situate tri the Wrong' of Montrose, laps.
=My of 8 - a.ucherma, and State of, Pennsyl•
bogadedgasl' descdbxt sifoltnimAisvW
Beginning at, the southeast corner of a lot con
!eyed byT.,4„ra.Beeboandorijeaa, ~113nua15,..111
Bliss, on - a - public street;•'thencerinwth 4 6l - 1-2
degrees west, by Molest mentioned loy3perelr
es to the lino of the Ohl Foupdry. let;. thee 4cet
by the same northl3B'l-2 degrees east;3 peAdi
es.:l;foot and 'alai( to.tbe northwest, cornet; oft
ato conveyed by 8. H. Bare st:ld'others ton
said Ezra Beelie; thence' b 9 the llama; 46rith '5l
1.2 degrees east, fe ; perchestonepost 013 a paint
street aforesaid, the smallest corner Ot tho' last.
mentioned lot; -thenee:by. sold .tareet,lotitrt. ,24
1-2 degrees West; 11.pereberl foot and a half. AO_
the place of beginning,:confainingllSperchtsa
land t be the mime more or leis, with tbe„appur
tenances,l frame house, 1 frame barn, a kw
fruit, trees, and all improved, , [Taken in excels.
tion at the suit or A. Lathrop- st•-"Polik;
Watson. ALSO.—All that eaten pie& •Oeivirtel"of
land situate In Abe Borough. of :Great ,13end; in
the county of Stisquehanna; : and•Stideof Penn
sylvania, bounded and described as follows to
wit r Northerly by Chniehlittreet, easterly by
loads of - John •Ir. - Brown, -acrotherly-by . -pie
Ragan', Ocimpany'srtbibilsi..-ands -westenY 4hY
Grace Church beryinagrouncl,containingabout
acreerof Ilmdel..eThe same motet-or , teas,
with', the apputltrairat6m, I.• Foundry'. building,
naschine shop; elate rind I
alliniprered, (Taken' ,
in execution at the suit of the Lycoming , Fire
Insurance comparry - yte ?.:.l): Estshrobk ;
Charles Simpson, 11. Pi . DOrirt;.3lt;!../111tkikr.!•: -
Iteckhow, F. Churchill,-LPB. lienheim George ;
W. Griggs, L Gticn;V: EClfity 4 r;
pliens'& H. McKinney, partners as thel' , Gratt;
Hend-FOundrytiompany.). , -17 • r,
ALEV=AiI that, Certain piece'- or parcel
of land, siluateja thetotraship of "Auburn,
the county of Susi:pleb:ulna; and State of Penn
sylvania, bounded and described as lolloWs; to
wit rt Beginning 'at • the read- rorating - east 20
rods; thence soutiVßiods74ltenee west 20 rests;
thence north 8 rods•to'fbe' plate of • beginning,'
containing 1 acreof land; be the'sanih'rnima or
less, with the , appurtenanees,.l frame. dwelling
house, 1 frame barn, I store house' and ant
buildings, a few fruit trees. and ail: improves!.
[Taken in execution at the suit of 0. H. Loom:,
Is as: Low & Harris, C.' L. Low, and - . Elms
man,] •
ALSO—An the felloWinidescribsd
parcel of land situate in Springville and Auburn
townships, enemy of SligtillObarifitl, and Rate
01 Pennsylvania, bounded and - described as lot
lows; to witt Begbnieg at a heel; 'the Routh
cast corner hereof, and the northeast" carnet 'of
I=ll4 sold to Nathaniel G. Ashley ; -.theme by
lands of Zopher Blakeiflee,. north 9 degrees,
westl22 perches,•to u past the cortbwmt cm ,
net of Ass Packer-'s lot; thence ty • said lot
north thirty-State perches to a :post the north,
east corner hereof; thence h t 4ands of Abe-
Drinker estate and Taff milers •• • stild. to' Jaber
Sumier, 'north 89 degrees•Wea ; thente ninth
degree west, 153 nod 6-10 perches; to• the north
line Of Amos'Bennett's lands; *hence by hinds
of and Nathaniel G... Asldey's".lo;
south,.B9 degrees west,ll2 and 7.-10 perches to '
the heginnMg, containing 95, acres and 127 I
perchm. mornorteSs.- '
ALSO.- - Alt that certain piece or .phreci . of
land lying and helhKilittle toWnsliipraf Auburra,-
in the county of Susqitehrirana. and -State of
Pennsylvania, bounded and describaa as follows;
to Wit: Beginning at a post the mnrtliedif,CM , `
ncr Ora lot romierely com‘eyed"te‘joltit o:dtleyl'
thence by the north line of said last: mentioned.
lot north, 80 degrees west, 87 peteltet and. 8-10'
of is perch ten post the southeast cornet' .of,
lot,J No. 69 ; on Henry Drinker's lieshoppen
map; thence by the Last fine of said' -
perches, and of a let of.Buthrtel Bruratingetterffe
42 and one third percli tea post ; thentexougs
89 degrees east, 37 and 8.10 perches to etplost on-
Me' line of lot No.' 'on the-map nrarraild
thence south along the line of the ,aforesaid lot
mentioned, 42' and one-third• perches 1.01 !Si!!
place of beginning, containing tele atica,-tnbro
or less. 10gOiltr witli the OppUrkll2lllo4, - I two;
story brick dwelling' house, -2- ironic o.ltrns,•
frame hog house ,2 ortisards, and mostly- -
prerecl.,l Taken in exception; at thee putt ofllem,
Ailar of S. A. Loomis, rersiknitl-to'
N 1 C. Warner vs. N. Oyerf4eld.] • •-•
Notice is herebrgleen that all tads'mrist''bc
paid in cash. WM. I'. MOKLEF
olteritrs °face, Montrose, Oct. 19,1872.
Tar Cordial
NAT - 1./RYS- .:GREAT iirstEar
Throat iihd Lp.ngs.,,,
It Is.ZratifYing to tts•te!intertn thejnobliq'the
Dr. L. Q: WisheNs Rine ,Treo Tar Cprdla l t
for Throat and Ltmg Div , -...Pv; has maned. an
enviable reputation -from.tho Atludic. to thailaz
eille coast, and fromtheve to some of. the pt
families ot Ear*, nor throdgh thg ptesirdhAd . '
• but by persons actually benerated and curved
his officer; teK.ol,M) , ::.bur
reporters, he is unable ,tg suPP I 3% thik 0111 ;144T'
It gains and holds its teptitatiott . ' " •
First. Not FY stoppingthoglr t aitt_y cooscn
irg end assistingtature to throw off the' ut.!
healthy 'matter collected' aboutthe throat and.
bronchial tubes, winch causes &Malan. - , • '
Second.- It removes the causo of irritatfoit
(aid& prodmcs cough) of the nitletis nierbisnO
and bronchial tubes, assists the lungs tdact And
throw off the unhealthy secretions, and purillett
the blood.
, ~„
Third. It Lt free from,' Toberta, ipeeaC,
and opium, of wht e h t-throat and lung re,
,medies are composed, which. allay. couglr. only,•
and disorganize tho 'stomach, It has saoothing.
effect on the stomachfetett ortlha /leer and kid
mays, and lymphatic and .nerrons region), thus
Teaching to every part of theayatem,, add In' 1I
'lnvigorating and purifying effects It has gained.
amputation Whictrit must hold above all others ,
hi the market.
Great American Dyspopsirt
Beingunder my immediate directioiii they shall
not loselheir curative einaliticanby the use of
cheap and impure articles.
H ENRY , .* l.4 s W.ISIIAR T s
-• •
FREE otaiiitlrt
Dr. WiShares - Offica Parlor§ areopen
on Mondays, Ttiesdays and Netindars from
a. m., to 45 p. m., for consultatiop by - Dr. Wm.
T,llagrie., With himi hrifisrctsfett'WOO
suiting pborciant.orickuOsviedged . ;
This opportunity is not offeredbyanrother - lip
stitutiou In this city.
.0.4,14rri ADDAEI3;3in),YO
L. t. -
.6. VIISHART;'II:I4c:j,.
NSW TOME enowuco-Juanassiv.
Vtelteltd'Afeinctritr... - J 1134110.
.V.S,Washington St, cif 4 /4=
• r
!Jitter, palr'. . , '• ' " " '
"112k1II: :n .; ; . 456£40
(JheeeU,tlallvp,pct lb .
" factory "
Eig.,:pe;px 800CL - :x!
r..Fioc;.per barrel. ... . .. 43.0001 t
.. 11:10rn erms,i ;.luo .. -
16s " • StAttass.t4;
IViatil., per boattel - ;"
r.Thie r .. . :-t,; , 4/0114 , 1f':;" s
• - '
gigth, e • ' efte.9
IJoba, crop of - • • • 200 N , f
Lartl for ' ' •
•Potatoci tsar bbl • : ' ' 1 3 5 41 2 - , :••';
Apples :id' ;;;
Turkeys per
Chickept . .;`•
&Mit' tu - slintp,vgivettOlV i
'716 'Uncr't» this Dircet47y", , om
end euttlitionalline, , ..f; tj:
elp;ms iiANK 1CE1V,...M Ii.VOIU:k 4li per ' cent::
Retest as all Depotits: Azres Benny/ Be.'
' zt.cre. lal.l- 1111 CLUBS di C 0...
Nrika% rrAnta 4
.—Niimeas , 416stratuut:
Dtaitt cintizenatre=rtuten• Ekettrgrftad,-,
N.'l."lfdS3CO"; tlitn're.lta Dijaikodeigitr,o424:
Boot* nd Shn co, Mtrtbandloe. on *lir,:
spkreet,lrcond oar bclca the Epf scdp.ll iThureb. •
C:s;1()N 110 M. kept VS" WiLLIA.II - sMlriliinatala.
etrmt, IhpuL-0
W. S. Faaudry, and dealer la Plowaaad albs*.
riten,ll!, ate door from ?Manors !lad Mtn
N. F. I:MGM:4 Cartaz.a linker and Undertaker, pn,. ,
1104 Strzat, tat awn beklet Ilattlefa Store:: ; 4 .`
McCOLLUIT znisnrEns:. Detiercin . arccer:es sale
Vrtitialoals, bn7Sdtn ntteet..r , '• .;
carturr - ay BON'. tellers In Pisan' Peed.
Itelt, Lim, Cement, rmststles and Prttelotte2A. ots;
Utile Street - , opporlte the Depot:.
WI s T. 11.1.117ECt: gariatnetitries af . Cigsrik`
Wnolesnla desters to Ystikeo Notions sad riin•J;
Street, below - •
11(153:9 ,EliAKlLesthef iraotiratturett:aaddeilery,
Su Me °coo Findings, fic.,.ticar Episcopal intircli;
'AINMt 1 11AXDMi. Defile:sin Drags fuddlifallojitte
and ISanufattatm of Of ir,art, , on YAW Wee!, sant!
tholiopot. ,1:
Cr: Wit f r ilg.ig: Moroi ShoOln; Onagencral rep ;i11;
on IncirrErfeet, tomb or lho briogn .
DTCVERV . A:ti...Tif.. 1!4.15.1ei1n_ O'snenatjaerctuiixdiea;
dnelVoZiugi Brick Store. on Main akroot.._
LEMELIt, Mao ntacteree oe Leather.. aid iialie*
•In genera! Merchandise on Main Street* , • 'r. • •
II". r: pORA N, 'Merchant Tailor and dealer' In Ready
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HILL 3Z WHITE, MannCactnrer of and dealer In art+
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EDWARDS t BRYANT, Manelf:tannin of Wagons{
and Sleighs, near the Ingalls' Stare.
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door-below Tuba Dovne, Public kiyun C., • 1
ITSt. n. COON:MA CO.. Banker*. sell.Tareign PllO
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BVIINS & NICHOLS; Mei OW to get Drags 14360
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,Itssev-Itodo Clothing, on 'Stith Street, next deo'
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T. SPORE & CO.,"Dealers,in Stoves, Thmitim
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, hy notified to make pennon% to the Admits.
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. W. W. WATSClNC4,ttiltair, -
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Mary.S. Um an, - late of Dild2twaten- Ititste• -
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*tint, 1511-1 M
vkis, OUTURS NOTICE - Letters testezatnah,
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