The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, November 06, 1872, Image 3

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Too ]]Deli DIKCIVAP. • .
mac:: dreaded hose ephlemic dlgs made
cite apy.trance in Montrose and 'vielitity.hrtl,ive
believe. in a milder form than has marked Its
courseln the cities. All the animals in. anc of
our livery stables, are affected, as urn .thns'e In
the ..tag'e..itibles. It has also made itsppptar.
;twee in tautly private stables, and we learn; is
spreading 'among the farm horses thrOughOut
this vicinity. We have !learn of no fatal' eases
as yet, and believe that all the diseased ultimata
arc doing tt - elt. • •
A Retractld!T
The following retraction appears in the Re
publican this week:
"Having becomettattsfied that the report that
the editor of the Ninntro!n Doan-ere NMI amen
five &dints to vote for Hookalew Is unfounded
w e denim t. contradict it.. It is not our inten
tine to accuse any Tie wrongfully and when we
find that %cohere been misled into doing so, we
are ready to make the correction. .The story Fume
gatts tern - direct, or we should . not have men
tioned it. ~We are glad: It proem to be un
Go and do Likewise. •
When toale crew clack, and bills fell due, the
merchant's &cc crew long and Bloc, 'At last
his wile unto him en a t (m en, get nut
of hedcand get your paper, iuk and pen, and
say tie wileds , unto all . meh "My jowls I
ship 'sell in yon.nnd to putt Wire:sand &nigh.
fern the my prices are so very- low.t lint all will
bey before they go." lie did as his gond wile
a Wised, and. in Tot; Dralocroer advertised.
Crowds came and bonght all he had, his bins
were paid, blsdreftms were glad, and he will
tell you to title day, how well di I printer's Ink
repay. Be fold us . with a knowing wink, bow
be was sawed by printer's ink.
Where to place it Thermometer.
thennometertitould be placed in an open
space, out of 'the vicinity or high buit.lingc, or
any object-that impedes the' free circulation of
air. it: should lace the north. an as to be always
i t theslande,shouhi be twelve inclica from nny
ntighteiYing objeet, - should lie about fifteen
inches front the ground and shoal be pr(U yet ed
',pintt ippon radiation to the sky end oTtinst.
the light reileeted from neiglilmrintr oblects or
ranwi itself. The thermometer alionhl be
read as rapidly as possible, as ibe bent from tl.e
body or lb° breath influences the instrument.
The season for fall and winter goo is ltaa once
more roltei m ro,..nd, and the show W indnt7s of
otr various dry g n,..a and fancy stores, where
articho ogelot and ornamental are kept, are
dre,sei N ol o t h., num r rustic style, to attract '
the eyeand lan « the pn, ,e strings of nurse of
the coromonity trho -aish ket.P
p"M with
dame fashion, who changer; • ''"l3.le'ng the sea
sons change_ To atti:-rts`te to T. , :al; in detail of
`: innumerable styles of goads . rludics rr"'
turn v, and the orntm , atal L at and rare
'd re,
f o tie adornment of the fair sem, wo
tit ul space to describe; suffis • - ! some spot en inatrianality, as it were, which
. lot
talst the rashion modistes in dress has . pr - ' n'alticz fuse shalt he like.
pt ~,T,,,,„1t y e,songh In please rer n the , 'rot•
: Le: us tool: at the busy merchant, upon the
fastidious, virile the milaners dis.d.s.y 4 ... 4 ,1 ,‘- I mart of nations fire in his eye, keen calculation
riet( and taste in arrangement of thrlse . 4rres r. 4 ill evat7 niuselc'of bin lace, his brow tinted
bonnets: which never fail to make the ~M-11e 'ith seatethinT of the cater or the ere h e
heart palpitate wit' , 'es. I , .. • •Igales and pants for. ll'. inns lain 1110111en1A,
.....•-•••-• —.0 .• .1111. .11.------ 1 ;
ro, .n
.. with moistened eyes and faint sighs, he
Sudden Death. I
; •)f his chililhoo:rs ho , me. of his father's
- -.— , 0,., day, Nov. 4th. jo , x ., 3 ,,, x1e , :n. , :ri 17. ii „ si it . , 31E1.11r: n there will rat up before him
died suddenly at the yes
of his father, the the dim . l l "Irut hand of .P"i'. coax rani"“ g ' a
Slferiff of &I.:lndianan County. Less than an , past aflert. 'or. s, his Inntileeß tender gl:snee. his
. .
itour,prernms to his death he was about the' father's con. ' el • th '' 1 ' 13)1 ' 1 " .1 '"'" " I. a iris
town. apparently in his emttl health,. airtilon,..i•ft 1 tees Iwye, mu. 'in r o mr.ri.on with Cot lost
• lie was known to hare sustained some aniury ~ home. not lost . sr. u g h 132 ' 1 ' or , f ", II Y o f i ' 1 ''„,, b ,.. 17
that morning, by a f nil from a hams Tl:t..eir , 1 aw.illeWied np In t h'r v "r le: '' n ' t ' me ' " w ' ''''
-sizt`ly of his hills, and bond.,
costances attending the sad event, netiittrinx the rnernent. think ..
ri,. and Isis rusk se:musts;
to „ i nire an inquest. the Coroner -summoned i and balances, his ma.
,:: juror., !lon. A. Balawin. J. R. Lyons, H. C. 1 and has aream will be yet to make a home
and peace. nn•
Tom., F. B. CLAndler, G. L. Stone and S. Per- 1 where' , iltre'sh , ill be st, tilts
king, . whit is is that yonder 11, le ; tn' ' len „, t c " ns. '" u ''
Ca exae at f i l 1110 abdominal cavity, a' l the midni!,+A oil! Is it for - lion'' ''''' Ihe enI I V Y
large kit:Tilly ollilo. vas 'follt o thereto. re - i oPlOsAe pr, tiler, whom in in.. - he;rt of he'rts'
craling, a hemorrage Iron, a rapOlvfil blood yes- !he holds ktft cfwailly ? • Ali, rn. I , 'ls
stri' i og
set um wily sufficient in site opini..; .l of :plc 1 tor a home. Ife pictures to him "'it t ' l ' e vine "
04s :ducts summoned as a-lint:wag. to e .,..,:5e an 1 earl porch of nurse simple cottage, 3 n e` him s elf
almost immiliite Sand result,' het in this' in- I upon I.:''''tlnix.*ll4l, mills tine L. InaF at .. h er whum]
stance to baec kren tile arrhria. iar'n.talinfe cause 1 '.'e love s in li".s„ antral} she beyond th en ba 1 " 11 "
s tance
deattiNA in asnarrdance pit h these Aids, the I •
ed font) their contemplation. Those me, '•ii. ••n •
Jury unanimously rendered their verdict. I are striOng to make n Inane. They may "e‘ . er .
Young ,;l.losley, had many warm friends, I, ic4l, the g..-vi of their nobition. 'They n l, ii
wberehe,was 'known, anti r his untimely fate 1 when the IMra , ceof refogeii within their sigh '• 1
,brings nor only core bereavement te:bla patents I .ink fainting by tin" way, or they any find that
and their f :tally, but cast it 'deeit gleent ever 1, habit Is as idreng as.their , f.rat aspimtion a ft er a
the entire coniumoity: .. 3. 3. 8. 1 home, and they go on then striving until tl-e i
-F.- closes the account, awl gives them a
Coal Pockets.
Steinitack and Sammon are untie;
contract with lite .lontrose Um'Fay
to erect trestle work and coal pockets for
tranafer of wtl from :the Leliigli• Valley ltrttati
tinge to the Montrose narrow r..tiage et Took-
Itanneek. The pocket/1 will he loca-pitl-in
...Jed of C.. and Fill be.reneltell . hy trestle
was' running., intralkii- with themain. track.
switelking : qf tin Plbe'stieei 'TlielOngth-ofthe
trestle work ihcluding G coal pnetets is 2/Gilt.
each poeketis i0.k01 , 18 tons. The wort: is lie
in; pi:sta.-a alletWLesinirbily no the IreAllen' will
permit, and will he eont.,nbtel in a few weeks.
Several ;, , orvirtlas (flat-nut:9 ore expectett .. o3lls.
end the company arejlittag all in their poser
to ship Coil before winter sets in.. A few week..:
of' tams:int we:st ter. vitae fteiseiertinete einii n
little will accoinffett' Dittlel 3 " ,'-43 thaan n°=4
CombnstibUley of Eron.
PriSTA°, b , lnanita:Of Derlir., Pas rcrentleqq,-
is.dkbeantifti) I.7xpmintent to der4d'? 6 fr 3 t" th e
eambnstibliltk of iron. Be iatten nSt rilzht tote
magnet if eonOderatdepOwer arid nitin kles. i
fdimm on one of its imlea. Tkte:tc.i, plinsrt. cti'
clams, hrranic iltent:sAres in "nceordance with
thelines oi' magtietlC - foice Vitnill slant", howevcr:
closely they May appear to liti s titt'esed, -to two:
of tits netalle latuents art itir4l!c l , 'A .ctlIAP4 . ]
portion of alr ii enclosed, tts in a metallic sporige: :
' 'The flame of a:4 , 06'1. latnii -of gsalmrnCifeaqi.'
'l‘ ignites' theb,iciirdi:roel itim..pad it,: tolitilf
ales to pur:l . liritiiiiniVpir'll.eon'ait.le .!lime.
If the experivil'enter.omda Al n . , litll4. , .:.r.iii , iit'
' - atiiiir - aircilielhagiitt arzati.V4,:ilpilailiortiing I
• a mat Arcent t , f.a of flie ti pro r i'neel..,Tie c'x i i .
perlmeat ya 3 ilrit. liertormed in'. telilu:.llefo.ia ;
Ihegallithrot Gernuty ill:0 les, ethlrt.' • vipil•
i*Pnirriks6ointly . i)sear I ,, rf . :k.iiiiilizi.;"., to
atio*.iinieziniin4 4o.kilittiegiblifty.c4lititi - -;witiir f .
•-cortAtni*Pliteo*.el*dturlstmoes.- ; ' ,- .'---- , -i
- - - ..
The , Precious Metals In Luzerne. 1
-.-,tlio-rbauititit Stargvia oddly excited over a 1
report that golifand Sliver hiVett-err - forpid - in
paying quanillitai in Union township, thiscoma
ty, between Unnlocli'dcreek - atat Shickshinny.
The report is'not a new on; but . new, accord
ing to the Star, taltes' tangible! shape, and- the
doubting on es. begl it to rill) thel r eyes now when
the are is produced in quantity sufficient to sat
isfy any one that It Is really obtained On the
spot Indicated. mid 4 tvlicti they. find tiler the of-
ricers of the United States Mint, et Plilladel
, plus, have pronounced the- mineral to be ail
ver.• To satisly the skeptical a ton of the quartz
was sent to the Mint and reduced, and we have i
seen the letter from Mr. „Brooks, the reducer and
refiner, in: coach he says that the ton of "quartz 1
yleldsfeterteen Airlifted andfortrone &lan and
ninctzpeied cepliWattb or silver and gold (the
gold, of course, fanning a small proportion of
the value.) Now that it is known that the gen-
tiemen concerned in the exploration have die-
mweredthe . preeloui metal beyond 'the 'shadow
of ifi , ndrt, a company is to be funned, anti ma
chinery for 'crushing and refining the ore will In
phiced in: Positlior at no'distapt day. The gen
tlemen concerned in-the enterprise are men of
standing hi-the - corrimunity, whose character
ensures the public that there is'nif deception or
fraud about tile 'outlier. it silver is found so
near our dour,. may it not underlie our Own
soil? Rich as the Wyoming Valley is acknowl
edged to be in its mineral ' resources, the half,
lias,iin nil probability, not -.Vet been, told.
Puzzle for the Children.
Here is something fir nui readers to puzzle
out: !•Hott:'4l Dublin elianbermao is said to
liavo got, twelve commercial travellers iutoselev
en heel - moms, ainl yet to 'hove given each a sep
state room. Hero we have the eleven bed-
11 - 2 . 1314151e1•71 1 111: 1 1 10 1 11
' 4 lintV''saja she, 'if two of you gentlemen
will go into .tio. 1 bisl-ronni and wait there
few minutes, tind a spare room for one of
you as soon as I've shown the others to their
"We%note, haring thus bestowed two gelle
men in No. 2, she put the third in No. 2, the
fourth by No. 3 the 1311 h In No. 4, thu sixth in
No,A, the seventh in No. 6, the eighth in No 7
the ninth in No. 3, the tenth in No. 9, lint] the
elerbnth Nn. 10. She then came back to No 1,
-where, - you will remember, she bud left the
twelfth gentleman. along with the first, end
said: '-le now xecotnnoulated all the mut, an
here still it MOM to spare; en; if one of you will
please sup into No. 11, you will find it empty."
Thus the twelfth man gl) bis bed-room. 91
course them is a halo in the saucepan s
where; but we learn the reader to determi4f
ecactly where the Ciliary is, who a just warn
ing to think . twiee before deciding as to which, it
any, of the-travefters wee the 'odd man-out.'"
ditarne And ItlEnilnenueb.
We are pb.,.usetl to.insert,the whetting com
munication frmt Harry D. Casse.ty, one of our
Susquehanna County boys. who liss spent s.eme
eight years ir The WC5t. Mr. C' is it ear
manufacturer, [ma we are pie st-a to Imen thar
he has-become Feu efficient at the business. Ile
has many unrorfrienlls in tbitscounty; nhn mill
lie glut to beta of Its Fuctr..s , . We hope to bear
mire from hlin at some future time.—nn.]
r:-tis there any other word in the vocabulary nr
natiuns that is so expressive, sn suggestive, and
sn important in Its wide si;nitication, ns the
word liruntl What a talignan it 13—what
what nn invoention.
there any' heart all or young that does not
beat responsive to the sound of that onewortl?
We Itsve all bail a home. Perhaps we have
not all now gat_anc; but we bare certainly all
Once bad fine, 6:lnge of time and eireinn4lan
ces may letsC• sn buffeted us about the great
world. that we feel too cosmopolitan: and in
an easy oil tptation to all and to alp stirs
of men. we Inge !hit home feeling which makes
gni etli runs . . 41..1et.1, , , .mme,nre battling to re , ,,, tin
a lop: home. They are he 111 a; blessing, anti
treated it I ken lmhble, until it slippld free
. .
thent,oith.then'OtWing.itselt In' them us the
shadows of ntiverfe t:iretustances roll between
then' end It. • What n. jewel they have Irr..t.
And home is romething akin to loon, in the re
spect that oneihist'it.L.le not easily rezovered
1 agitinf: - TflistEltal:•:of inrltlith wives (in nine
cases ant of ten,) we do not pity you—yon,wito
go in:and out In caret es ly, asking no questions,
If l
and neeei r- sSiing: in a sun., eoraest _ pines,
"WooLl tiiptol. that 1. eonl+l hell,l you dear trire. 3 '
I Too Who 11(111* iry to rs,nlize the clpthious
/-, „ , ,
);' ,. ... , 7 , a ih..nvp:•toe tr ItiCa 101144 for everythin'F.;
1:"-y4:?thl is reaehoulto have no sympnthy with
taiabid !esti% and no I rn,bearted ?Mother's ap
frlieniionsJest ynnr tishies raaF be peruranint
ly cugfurom the sympathy DT the wand—that
spnryttity which freezes by the enhtne.s of its
healirin• hand: Sempathy for you? What ,tin
you stiller, asi3o . crow,, inconvenience, 'Think,
impatient rnen,us yea; loak upon tho . fluled Corm
of what she was, retnenther lien as you took
htTyhenittittil-toride, aw.4y_from the beam of
her Motlier,and her father's strong prot!..aling
1 - ;:f:rn- - -' , 734 - 4 fifit , '4 l llle nn'sanrillenforVir,Ntlny
I that for rini Infer Shefel I erel herself with those?
.-earekly.lftelt..hai:n.rtched her brain unt4: they .
riiiidcraH'knO Ive•;r slet.ler - ammitrilton: : D,o, not
,taiiieliet iii . i ,t . 4 . -X,f )n,her heart's deep
1 , ',3 have bctqrne an intauilmanet;;. stiqlict - win
iln-.4inisSEntlwhenlunigone". - Pity the inva
-1 IA qi44the• ilaynri locke , -itp9 . ri", her forcikqvi,;
i dad , l'isi• lit Cn4irif 1, L'a 01tee nikali)rie; lore
i her, ffiCl L .eliCrislr: Ile; 'an iiix ea .'' i vitet t • the
i - white bri..lairvse hi her innriftressfl,
~.•,,,.idn...iiiii" , ruitrnatiOn ,()f liqth : w. , ..s.."nintS her
rroY;icr.o2,ele-fl;°:SOi's2ly,titnugh SinWiyotike it (ly
!•iiii it id sill6clo is Vi:ic.fra,,lv6,4cf 17111 litorP,
- . 4 . 0 41, -110 Io dtvir , eTi bef , ira y".”u4rOie EjeM4l tor,
5031E* *lstlier , fevribeier btu iii!'ict L l - • qa iiP
itiihmbtteliettti: idler • di -ettierii for :iiiil..'" gilly'
and life was one long agony." Reader, believe
me, kind words arc the brightest flowers of i
earth's es:latently' They-make a- very- paradise";
of the humblest home the - world can allow. Use
them, and especially round the fireside circle.
They rii e jewels beyond price, and' more pre•
dons to heal the wounded heart, and make the
weighed down spirit more glad than all other
blessings the earth can give. A happy home I Oh, ,
1 what n spell there la in the words; can human
ambition point to a higher hope than that, un- 1
leas it abandons this great spherb, and bees its
gaze upon immortality. And, alterlll, what is
immortality, and the God-like hope of Chris
tinnily, but a happy borne forever. Is there
an ;tlt:ng in the wide world so_ gracious to the
i heart as the home fireside.' Rome voices, their
I sights and sounds; IMme tears even have In
them a redeeming jay' that makes them all but
celestial. Years may elapse, time with all its
changes come and pass, still our minds wander
back to the old home of our youth; never can
we forget the many companions of our child•
hood days." BALMY
Jeersonville, Ind., Oct, 23th, 1872.
lElolidny Goods
Special attention of the Trade is invited to
floliday Goods, comprising in part, Motto Cups
and Saucers, Motto .lines, To y Sett., etc., etc.,
advertised in thi s I.,ne 11. J. Weldener, 33
So. Second Street, Philadelphia.
House and Lot for Sale
The subscriber offers fin. sale, his house and
lot, 1 1-i mile north from Bir•hardville, on the.
middle branch creek road. Said lot contains
sin acres of land, and is plod for pasture, being
well supplied with miter, there being a small
creek running its whole length and passing
within one rod of the house malting it very
handy for washing purposes. • There is a good
house and barn on the premises, and ti well of
never failing water within a few steps of the
door. It is a suitable place tor a man with a
trade, such es n Shoemaker• harness maker or
any such businem It is very handy to church.
it being 1-2 mile north of Baptist Church nt
Birchardville, and 1-2 mile south of M. E.'
Church at Forest Luke Centre, in fact, it is a
pleasant and convenient place for any one that
wishes to retire from business. For sale cheap.
Enquire on the premises of the subscriber, or
Cobb, Montrnae, Pa.
Birchardville, Busq'a Co., Pit. Nor. 0,1872.
For Sale
A new lintnte well furnished, good waterban
dy, Ikj times of land, and al or more good fruit
rees thereon. I.bituateal miles n'rth of Mon
arm,e, near De it.O's Plaining alan,a Woolen
Fortory, Carriage and Blacksmith Shnp, Qrigt
and Saw Mill, near lie and a few rods from qch,ml.
Any person wanting a good place can get
it at a bargain. Call on James ti. Carmalt, or
the proprietor. 11. C. BURGESS.
Mitt:Arose, Oat. Nth, ISlf,'..
F. Church:H.
Jle.tiee of the Pelee : office over L. 8. Len.
heim's zfnre, Great fired heretr!, , i. Soso:tett:tn.
rio Co., Pt. 11. m the settlenient of the (tort:etc
of the Lite !seer 11,rekhorr, tleerahetl. Other
holry from to 12 o'clock . , a. tu., and from Ito
n'eloe,; p. tn. •
Great 1.1,10, Oa. 2,1 1671
Jur) Li4l
Fur Me' term of Court to commence at
Montrose, on Mmobs, November 11M, 1872:
GaaND Jenons.
Auburn—Cerny Lacey, Clark E. Emvis.
A rarst— D. Tyler.
Bnr,;.lyn—Edwin Stevens.
Chtteonnt —Ed w ard n derv:nod.
Clifford—Luther Burdick.
Ditnock—Perry C. Conklin,
Franklin—Joseph L. Merriman, L B. Cole.
Lake—Ttionms Dow.
Great Bend born.—Wen. D. Jayne, Grant B.
Trowbridge., Reuben T. Stephens.
llerriek—FnMei: F. lisynen.
J neksan —Commodore 0. Perry.
Jesup--Nelbon Birehard.
I:avc—Loren Miller.
Liberty—Calvin Markham,
Mont roge—dra Ca4ati in.
New Milford in-p.-oabriel G. Ely.
.01klanet—Thomns Canovah.
IW/111.311 — j , dill Land%
Tn vzst, e. 1:0115 — Ist week.
A pnlaron— Ansel Graves.. jr.
A,tharn—Tuotnas ' , Krogh Andrew Dagman.
livid aew al er—M it t hew .1. Harrington.
Clifford—Frentan Carpenter.
Dinn.ek—Philander A. Steven:.
P.m.:4 Like—Henry P. Handrick.
Franklin—Noble S. hail.:
Great semi bunt.—Michael Williams, Henry
Great Bend twp—David Banker, Pakert
(M. :on—James G. Bennett.
Ilerrieii—Alonzi A. Carpenter.
Harmony —Lemuel A. Bushm..ll. •
Barfor.l—Lci . Yeltfu E. Carpenter, Darla Van
Lnihrop—Martin Bisbee, Win..osborn, Wes.
its Rel'S.!.—Pliilander Bell, Jliirtin Comma.
3lomimse-5. .1. Petik
Ices Minim! tum -11tirvey Grinnell, Russel
Ta;)n,r, John klnitzer, Wm. B. Rim
()al:Loll—John Ili!brim, toslitri IC. Grimes.
Lakt..—Alpheas Whipple, Lorenzo
Springrille , —Lenis C. T,,yl o r, H enr y
liams, jr., Ti o 11,01 Thompson.
tin.‘i a Depot—loll - a C. Cook, Sus. Vanno
str mil, Robert Corik, jr.
Tionnson—George A. Stmitlant, ::aticui F.
TP.VVEIISZ Jrnenll;---2d weL.k
Anlonrn-Sonuel Dean, Lyman G. Co well.
ItrooMyn-Sannwl B. Ellridge, Edwin ClOOll.
Edwin P. 1:1c1:.
Clifford-ll:min A. Gartner.
Chrwonut-Lawrenee Nlelnerny.
Ciathek-Elislm W. Tid,tay.
Fr, 'l:Min-John Boyd. •
For, st Lake-Jame:l A/. Rice, Inn. S. Strnnge.
William. Pickering.
G . ;tend Lora-. Kilo Gurnsei.
Gre _ It Bt 'td wp -.Dune:: A. Green.
itam , ony- -David Taylor. John. D. Sbutts.
Ilcrei k - T' c '' enen -41i16 *
Jnek.son- Pu g (
Lenox-.'n men nyder, John C. Decker.
Lihyrty p •s.el S. Lue - 2.
Ap .inin ,, : iwin Lathrop, George V. Bent-
William 11. C.L I OPer•
E TL , ert Sthdff.ell..
.Frunk. E, Cole, llornee A.
lien; Afilfrj,horo-, %carp Pratt, Wa3lugton
F. I3vln.
arklund, Slinitst Jackson
Busli—aminl. o o v.
Su,nuciconot .1)e .at C,. arga Brown,
Gi'hat 0. Sact,
Ge Wmaenkim
TiUtTi —S l n Z JI R
wt. ?IL
Stunnionetl to arteuthen:Tecattay, at. 9 o'clock ,
Aubarn—DeWitt C. Xltman,l,nrenzo
Cradley Lacey, 'Chatlrmt Thayr.e, ,Fannet,
Brooklyn—Brailtord Wntrona. •
13ritlgawater Crispin Cough, David a I
Choconut Patrick 3fcifaniti. --
•eki r ti , r -James Well 4.. rit , nkas J. Wells.
rtitnock I%.:etrtnn J. Toru::
Forest I..ake • Solomon. trattakaw, Daniel
• •
Franklin—lien's Tuttle . . •
Gibson—Florace W. Stearns.-II rf,ll-Penucl • .
-. Carpenter, • Wallace L.
.rersmi—Lkyrkl Slitiy;lV.ikeman
.." • -
Lenox.-3fartin Vii. !newel, John Clark:
La-tin-011=40bn Titrin v.--
Nem, Brush. Walter
Depot,;4c.orge• Athims,
CtAley, WA;
land. Wm. B. Fisu rkxi T. 60,34 a,
igeiK.:ww4x4: "
Teacher's Examination
Silver Lake—Brno:meg school house, Thurs. I
day, .Noietuberctit.z.. • •1* •
Franklin iS; ,
house, Friday, November Bth.
New .Millord—New .Milford hero. school I
house, Saturday, November oth.
County Jnctitufe Montrose, Monday, Novem
but 11th to 15th.
Bridgewater—Montrose, Satutt e lay, Nov6mber
Dimock—Corners school house, Monday, No.
vetnber 18th.
Brookln—Centro school house, Tuesday, No
vember 10th.
Gibson—Kennedy school house, Wednesday,
November 20th.
Jackson—Corners school house, Thursday,
November 21st.
Ararat and'Thomson—Aldrich school house,
Friday, November 22.
Great Bend—Village school house, Monday.
November 25th.
Harmony and Oakland—Susquehanna Depot,
Saturday, Isioyembur 230.
Chapman end Forest Lake—Centre school
house, Wednesday, November 21'111.
Middletown—Centre belaool house, Friday
November 2011,.
Erich examination to commence at 0 o'clock,
a. in. Teachers will provide pen, ink, paper,,
pencil, and Union Fourth !Leader. It is neces
sary that reel, one be pre?ent before the exam
ination in Grit branch is closed..
The State Superintendent has decided that it
Is the legal duty of every applicant to attend
the examination appointed tar the district in
which he live or expect% to teaelt,urdem direct
ors retitut au examination in anther place, for
a just mason.
Directors are earnestly urged to be pr e sent in
their own dial rids.
Teachers will not commence to teach without
a certificate, or export n private examination.
%V. C. TlLDati, County Sup't.
Forest Lake Centre Oct. 5. 1812.
X:YM 11!.. TIMES .
Frrcrt—At Green, N. Y.. Oct. 50th, 1872, Hattie
B. Fitch, adopted daughter of L F. Fitch,
nged yeara.
c t! , pecial potico.
The Warning has been Heeded.
lilnec the oxpornre of the attompta na,a, by certain ,
till.erntellone !area de/dept. to palm alt their coarse
strirpoits. mode from cheap and impure untlerlale, In
Che place of the ore it nyti mat tome. 1104/trees Sban•
:nth Ihttent, public opinion tacit kitncgly n comet
thence entplith.s. and their Tier oven pil
lion it Cone. or snot: will bee. When the light le lel bo
to /Itln It noon wilts down. I ersotts mien (rifle
%rut the rup tr own health, by nt/ittu unknown prep tear lone,
ottit To. 4.4,40n1ee .0 euetain them. When an et401.1{..h.
apero.c proven by twenty pain eToenienCe to he
elnelle what It to t Infined to be. In esithl n their ;each,
In r.p.dit !h. letaerltr. Mace hire duneln this anrl.orit, but It lee Lapel am' the truill
•poi. n ha- a rrnetenter rrll In the roetilltlene Ihe de
co.ll.d for the len Matt prole/Oleo and rerior dire went.
rine of /tun Ike lacer 1. e. r 0 C tan neathe... barn Ole
.00• Or. Free, that (-Ter 01.4 .I,.ne Lit of the al - . rt.
...Alt nest ,/ire ronth. I. II ter tily t/venattelnonu, red
it maytl 43 f inc nalYiet . Irma ailpertsoflit:,ane
cry fo !he cores it le etTer holioos
complaint. nail cheenic cane: ipt, . heal "their two
I. ' I:eery a tn., the sick and feebto torn 10
•1.11. 1:PpOrl on, or -holt:tut; feet that
talt:en I. good:' and of avoldin what Is epariOns and
- The numerous ••1111 1 ..1.." under earkma Dann , .
1c14.1 mitt cenrry al. altos endols or Ice anbellend far
liontt neer : , tititire-1: Llltter, .herald be ay./pled. tar
I Cheer own by Ow aPc'i, and The putpl l .c at lara,.
Ito tees ore procurable On bottles ally, and
never sold in balk.
ed.o eufrercrl for Jeans krm Nervous
rend:dam Devny, and /Of the ed.,. ul
3 urethral indlorreti... r 11, for the rate of eaffering bu•
taanity. vend free trr dh, Ilecti it, the reerd,rt amt
recur. fdr rrinkide, tilde impre remedy he which he we,
cord 44n fret. wHiting C. prod , by rhoridedi.•re expell
er-Cy etude vu my atlktret.*luv:, to perfect torieltirnr,,
Jritiii D. trolli:sr,
No. {e. Ceder 'truer. New 17.ir2.
',Z. Writs issued by the Court of t.nrunion Pleas
or Susquehanna Cutmly and to me directed, I
will expose to sale 1 public vendee, nt lite
Court ilo - ase in Mont rer,., on Pril , y, Nov. 13,
1879, et 2 oa!lock, p. to., the followinz pieces or
parcels of land, to wit
All those two certain piece , or 'parcels of
land, situate hi the township of dessup. in the
canals of Sub'mvitan TM, Slate of Pennsyl
vania. the fir-: piece botatoted anti described as
foqows, to wit : Ileginning at a c' roes of the
end or a stone wall on the west line c:
David Olmstead's land; thence by the said line
north 15),.i degrees west; 105 perches to a post
and stones corner; by lands of said
Glaysten,l an.l Lyman Pickett north 27,t.i do
;Ms, (IPA 41 p,-relies to I post and T.tenes:
titmice south 173 degrees west 20 purches to a
opt and stones in it small run; thence by land
INV of lt. 13. D:rnater, smith, 3 degreeg west, 4.t
I whet to a past tool 6toncs. and-rut:10127;4 ,Jo
goes west. 81 or.e-italt perches to a post and
1 s o lies ; theneety lawla of Charles Bolles and
Elk:lnn:lh 1.4,:1e5, smith tel.,: degrees cast. 142
p em bea t, the oath of n stone wall 11Csr
northwest I.ank of the ‘Wyalusinz Creek ;
thence s aith, 4.3 degrees West, 18 perches intro
the Very road:, thence along said. road south
121 , 4' degrees - cast, 10 1 .1 perches; .thence
fl orin 74 tit-green east, 151 i perches by "land of.
Russell \. era to a cherry corner; thence by the
same north 21 1 ,1 degrees east, 42 perches into
the road; theme along the road north 86 de
grees east. 14 perches; thence by limits of Very.
Shay, and others, south 63 degrees east, 114, 1 4
pet chins to a post and stones: thence north 21
t.cgrees east, 93 perches ; thence north 6:3 de
„.,--rues tvest, perehcs to a hemlock corner of
Thomas P. Meeker% land I thence I - c the same
mirth 27 degrees east. 2631 goreltes to an iron.
waist sapling; theni+4-wiarlf lately sold to Do
via I thuttead, south 7234 degrees west. 41 perch
es to a small yellow Mutt in the southeast hank
of the creek ; thence by said 'olthstelid's land
' north 23 41'.grees west, 39 perches, and north 20
degrees west, 17 340i/is perches to a post and
stones corner above the NVS - riltising, Creek road;
thence by the same:smith 74 degrees west,
Perches to the place of V./ginning, ,containing
161/ B.lfulot acres tit land. he thesume..moro or'
less, with the appurtenance., two dwelling.'
',opuses, 4 barns, 1 hog house . , 2 mrehanls, and
; abgtll. 120 acres improved—The screed piece or
pared of land. including the mills and mill
privileges thereon, situate In the township of
Jessup, in the county of Susquehanna. and
State of Pennsylvania,hourided and described
follows, io wit ; . 11eginnititent a point in the
Wyninslng Creek road, RI line of Elkannall
; Rollins land; thencenhing die road' north 631
degrees west, 9 perches,. - and- north 46 degrees
west, 21 , 4 pert:tic-slot' corner; thence smith 44
*glees west, 15 perches, crossing the creek be-,
low the triage, and in line with an apple tree
on north title end beech tree tinsmith bunk to a I
post west side of road - ; thence south 46 degrees
east, 41;4 perches up the south hank' . of the
Creek and Mill pond to a- small maple; thence
1 . . 01 , 0;3 the will nond,,aorth 4 degrees cast, 2r . 4: -
Iperches, to the place of beginning, containing
three anti :twee quarter acres of land, •be the
more or dens, with the rmpttrtenanees,oue I
dwelling-himse, 1 cooper st a nc h 1 - 1
st w mill, 1 distillery.. hog house. and all itn- '
tin proved. (Taken in execution at the suit of
Sarah Coruna vs. Tbounts J..llepue.)
ALSO.—AII that certain piece or parcel of
. land situate in thy; township -of Rush, the
county of littsqueltanna, rind State of Pennsyl
vania, lounged and described asfollows, to
wit : Ott the north by lands of JAthea. 31eDer
mot, on the cast by lauds . of las:, - Logan and
John C. Graham. on-the smith by lands of 8.0-
vaster Bowers, and on the west :he -lands of
Freeman Ellsworth and Edward Filan,enntnin-
Mg about 200 acres of land, he the same, more
or - less.with the appurtenanCe.-% , ,tdwellitigdmente,
1 frame barn, one small otchard, and about 90
I acres imPrertsl.- (Taken in execution nt the
I suit of Peter Collins, assigned to Gt.». P. Little
vs. Henry Green. ••
ALSO—AIt that certain piece or parcel of
hind sittette in the tow - nal:lp or CURIO. in the
'e,:anty tit 'Susquehanna, and State or Pehn9l - 1-
~,, , ta, hounded and '4lescriba an - thllows, to
wit 13Ognming„u1 ,the southeast comer of C. P.
Giffert:'s ; thence along said. GiffOrd's lot,
north 4b 1-2:le:Pees West. 63perehes to a: hem
lock corner, the line - of Pulaski Chamberlin : ,
thence sC
aprta h
o outh,"96 'Po't; along said
ritiobiliii6sctilbeliielsetaltlcol-1:-,12:Idutcotghreelirifint':Elacco's t r a E n 6 O z d ,
T rw siite /twice north 4.6 1-2,degrees east,
40 perches; . to l ic eplace placot beginning, contain
ing fifteen anti acres .of land; strict
Meisiares, he the nanlM more or less, whit the no
.partenances. 1 frame house, 1 barn.. 1 small I
Arc:Hint, anti alinoZ 12.acre9improvetl:ATaXen
hi execnt inn nt tithruit of 'Hiram Stevens use or 1
JOei i's: AdoltA Miller)” •• •
ALSO.—S.II that certain "piece or mecel of
loud eittUtV3intitc-BMOtigh of Montroae:in the
:county of sufsweltunna, - and6tate or: penaviti osyl;-
ituis *plata iirldedcrlW a palom,,
Beginning at the southeast corner of a lot con- grees cast 28 perches to a post and atonal in
vm ed by Ezra Beebe and wile to Ilannalt M. north line of tract; thence along sahL linc 'by
Bliss, on a public street; thence north 61 1-2 land belonging to . the estate of . H.- Drinitec„
degrees west, by the last mentioned lot, 8 perch- dee'd, sunlit 83% degrees G 5 perches to a post
este' the line of-the-Old --Ftuldryi lettt.thenee: zentratoneia corner.otalistswell - &legit:44lnd i. ,
by the same north 33 1.2 degrees east,.B perch:thence by 'arid *of. ialirKitlgslersouth -13.rds.
es, 1 foot and a half to the northwest corner of I grecs west.° Demise. to a --post and . : stottei.,''
a lot, conveyed by S. H. Sayre and others to thence by land of said Kingsley south' Si) - Ile
said Ezra Beebe; thence by the same. south 61 grees east 48 perches to center-of stonewall,the
1•i degrees cast, 8 perches to a post on a public northwest corner of Perrin: Well's Simi. where
strect aforesaid, the southest corner °I ,the last he resides ; thence by dandtrof-s,iitirlls- south ,
mentioned lot ;.thence by said street south 88 1% degree*'perthiriattia pbslollo north-1
1-2 degrees west, 3 perches 1 foot and it half to east corner of James- Shaw's, farto.; - . thence ,
the place of beginning, containing =perches of along thelnorthf lino orate smite north S9,de-
/and, be the same more or !ay., with the appur. 'gram west 1169erche8 toes place , ofOteginning, ,
lemmas, 1 frame Louse, 1 trams bnrn, 'a' few conatining 18 neres-andll4•pey, Che t s-oEland,', l Fdi
fruit trees, and ail improved. [Taken in ammo-- the: same more or Itv.-s; niskingln ,ll 1.M,,
lion at the suit of A- Lathrop vs. Polly L. and &I perches of: laud, he ,the. sattomore Fir 1
Watson.] . , less, with the appurtenances, I,,litine luitise,l:2
ALSO.-411 that certain piece - or parcel of frame barns: Shed:l:cora, houstt,l,milk - lious6,'
land situate in the Borough of Great Bend, in -rtntrother out-buildlim,' 1 . orciiani, and about
the county of Susquehanna, and State of Penn- 150 acres improved; (Ttikerilri execirtionqtt (lie
sylvama, bounded and described as follows to snit of Ann Shaw to the •rise •of Margaret . 1
wit :. Northerly by Church Street, easterly by Wright, Nellie Thoinson',analsaltel ConkiMss. ,
lands of John L. Brostn, southerly by Era James Shaw.), ..".. t ... ' ' - - :- :l ' - ,
Railway Ootnpany's lands, and westerly by ALSO.—AII that piet.e Or :parcel . "-of, ,
Grace Church burying ground,containing about land situate in the township of .New "Alilfonl, in
1% acres of land, be the ramie more or less; the enmity of' Susquchinna,und Stale of Pedb-
with the appurtenanees, 'l . Foundry building, :sylVania, bounded end described 'es- tenon's, -to'
machine shop, 3110 IS, add fill improved: '(Token 'wit : On the north by lands Lite - the 4statet of I
in execution at the suit of the Lycoming :Fire Reuben-ffiticifitlecla ,4 br ddie'-'ottst 'lg . :Great-I
Insurance Company vs. v.- D.- Dittthriok„ Band A. Coeheeinhlurnpikeinnd on the south'
Charles Simpson, 11. P. Doran, M, Kilrow, 1. and west by lands of 11... - 44',94aY 4 4, , E .. .." 11/.
Reckhow, F. Churchill, L S. Lertheint, Cernire Boyle, 4-Anstalt:trig abotiAtighteen n4r-sn
. f-1 4 1;
W. Grig_trs, L Green, T. D. Hays, B. T, Ste, -belhe imam mort; or,less,,fwith 1-I.4:.'nt4r2V2a • I
ph2116 &FL McKinney, partners as the Great ces, two dwelling houses, one barn, ofte,nrelt- I
Bend Foundry Company.) art', and all Improved. -4.Takenin excentitirilit .1
ALSO.- , -All that certain piece or parcel the suit of GI }V: 31SO,Lev ss:,Geo. - 31.Fletning4,'
of land, situate to the township. of Auburn, la ' ALSO.—AII Iliatrerfiln - Piece 'or
. tlittlel , t.ol:
the comity of Susquehanna, rind State of Pean- land situate in tillt,t,atimship-ef--Bridgewiater, in
sy I van in, bounded and described es' foliose.% to the county of -Susquelianne;:und State of Porto',
wit : Beginning at the road „running east 20 avicanin v lsountled suiddescribtsl hal'ollowt, to I
rods; thence south 8 rods; thence west 20 reds; tilt: On the north by lands of- delai Yotulgt - on ,
thence north 8 rods to die place of beginniug,, the east by landsof Truunin Stone:on the suath
containing 1 acre of land, h e the same more ors by lands of George Decker and,lL G. BaStcr. and
less, with the nppartenatietn, 1 frame dwelling. on the - Ns - eat by lands oft EL ti': Baster ariddohb '
house, 1 Immo barn, 1 store house anti out- Yourigs, containing one lam:tired Jandfilty-secen
buildings, a few fruit trees, and ail improved. acres of land, he the sdtne "Mote on-less, with the
[Taken in execution at the suit of O. 11. Loom- appurtenances, one frOrnb house,, T. barns,l-ciirn.:
1 11 vs. Low At Ltarris, C. L. Low, and Elms Tit- house, and other oukintildings, one mideittL and ;
man.]l2s acre; Imi - traced: - Taken in ex-et - alma tit the.
ALSO—AII the following described piece or' cuitof.the School District of Bridgewater vs.
arcelof land situate In SPringvilloadd Auburn James Turielt, Illianalleathl; vs. -Jetnis': - Titr. , l
townships, county oh Susquehanna, and State ,rell and Wtn
m. L. Beebe vs. JaekfTurfell.) : --1
of Pennsylvania, bounded and described awful- - ALSO.—AII litet,',cdrtailf• pieee or-parcel dif 1
lows, to wit: Beginning at a- beach the, south- land, situate in the' ton - nship •O'r - Haintbittliirr
east corner hereof, and thin northeast coiner of die county of fitzsrpfelnntur, Mid State of penu,l
lands sold to Nathaniel G. Ashley ; thence Ire SylSaiiii, ()minded and'dcacrilted tei folhaWs,, to'
lands of Zopher Blakeslce,north 9 dean-L.l+; wit: Beginning nt a post on'the smith side:. of
west 122 perches. to a post the northwest cor- the old Starrucca Creek:Toad : thence Ay other'',
rmr ot Ass Packer's lot; thence by FILM lot lands of thesald Taylor, touth.27.• degrees end:,
north thirty-three perches ton post -the north- 40 seconds, east 10 perches *d twodentlis:ol ti"l
east corner beteof ; titmice by lands of the pleb to 7 a post; litnfleo:lFY In9as of 441 0 -' ll .l
Drinker estate end Int fornuerely sold to Jebel' itobinson, north 60 degrees abet 4 seconds dud;
Sumner, north 30 degrees west; thence south 1 8 . :.-4 pereitc.s to a posit in the wet bounds of the
degree west. 1.53 and 6-10 perches, to the north Lrte Railway Cutnpany's trachiands; thenceby
line of Amos Benn'ett's Rends; thence by lands said west bounds' north.4o deg,rens and".2o, gec: ,
of and Nathaniel G. Ashley's lot rinds wasti I.o*.and 9-10 perches; and theriknlby
south, SO degrees west, 112 and 7.10 perches to the south side of said road south 60 degrees - ask
the beginning - , containing 3)5 acres and 127 10 seconds west 12 a.rlF42-10 perches lothiplame
perches. more or less. of beginning, containin g Ont.. hundred and . ten 1
ALSO.—AII that certain piece or parcel of perches of land, be the blllllO more or less, with
land lying and being in the township of Inherit, the appurtenances, one farm brutse,:shoPi a'
in the eoun'y of Susquehanna. and State oh few frnittremand aildmpruveil, (Tiken,ina...
Peunsyl,tnia, (sounded and described as follows, tension at the snit of M. J.. : Taylors& F E.
to wit : Beginning at a post the northeast cots Goodman end.). Lkhdager & Co. vs. F. E. Good
ner of o lot fonnerely conveyed to John Ankles-, rams. Wit. T. BAXLEY, Sheriff.
thence by the north Fine of said last mentioned Siterift:s Office, Nontrose: Get. 12 187 A.,
it north, 80 degrees west, 37 perches and 8-10
of a perch to a post the southeast corner ores
lot, No. 61 on Henry Drinker's 31c4hoppen
asap: thence by the cast line of said lot 00
perches, and of a lot of Samuel Firuntiage nert h.
42 and one third perehs tea pest; thence south"
80 degree, east, 3; and 8-10 perches to a post on
the nod of lot No. 28 on the limp atiirNaid :
thence south :don , ' the line of the aforesaid lot
mentioned, 49 and one-third perches to the
place of beginning, containing men acres, more
or less. tonalier with the appurtenoners, 1 two
storyliticti dwelling' house, 2 frame lawns 1
frame hog house, 2 orchards, and mostly .ino
proved., Cruken in execution at the suit of Geo.
P. Litiro, Muir of S. A. Loomis, assigned to
N. C. Warner vs. N. Overficlill
N otico is hereby given that ad bids must be
paid in cash. \VII. T. MOXLEY Sheriff.
Sherilf's Odice, Montrose, Oct. 19,1872.
t .
writs vaned by the Court of Common Pleas
of Susquehanna County end to toe directed, I
will expese to sale by public cendue, nt the
Court lloa4e in 3lontrose, on Saturday, Nov. 0, 1
1872. et 1 o'clock, p. In., the following pieces or;
parcels of land, to wit:
All that certain pleceor parcel of land situnte 1
in the township .d . Auburn in the county of '
Susquehanna and State of "Pennsylvania, boun
ded and described ns fellows, to wit: On tie
north by lands of A. D. Tewksbury, and on the
east, south and west by lands of John Setzer,
containing three and one fourth acres of lend,
be the smite more or !LS% with the appurtenan
ce,, one frame house. one frLnle barn, one wag-
on ..:14i, one I,laeltemith shop. one tipple and
march ..reltard, and ell impowed. (Taken in
' execuOm at the suit of Sterling & Son, es..
1 James P Benninger and Andrew Young vs.
, James P, Beaninger.)
At. , ;().—All that certain }lime or parcel of
i lend situate in the township of GiMon, in the
I county of Susquehanna, and State of Penn,syl
; %suit:, hounded and described as follows to wit:
On the_north by lands of
,Solomon .Pickering,
! Thomas Reese and Arches Caryl. on the cast by.
.; lauds late the e-tote of Enos Oivenil, deed, on
I the son di by hinds late the estate of Edwin Ben
: nett deed, and °lithe west by public highway',
1 containing. ninety items or. land, be the Emile
i more or less, with theappttriennuces, micro - tine
' house, three harm, one corn house, one milk
home, three orchards nod about eighty acres
I improved. (Taken in execution at the suit of J.
L. Holmes vs. Wm. E. Tan.) 7 7 " .*:_. 7-
ALSO.—AII those twocestain pieces or par
eels of loud situate in the township of Liberty,
in the county of Susquefienna, and State of
Pennsylvania, the first piece bounded and de
scribed us follows, to wit.: On the north by I
lands of Joseph Howard, on the cast by lauds of
Thomas IVebster and public highwuy, on the
south by the lands of Mrslinward or Gage,and
on the west by lends of Mrs. Howard or Gage, I
containing about ten nefes of land, be the same
more or less, with the appurtenances, one frame'
house, 2 small barns, one saw mill, one orchard,
and all improved The second piece bounded
and described as follows, to wit.: On the north
by lands of Alexander Webster; It - .Traverse
and .1. W. Howard, tan the east by lands of. J.
\V. Howard, on the soutlibv lands of B. W.
Setithworth and Alexander Webster, containing
about thirty-five ores of land,he the same More
or less,wlth the eppurtenariemonnirimelonic,e
few fruit trees, and anent ten acres. improTed.
(Taken in execution at the suitot -the 44,com
tug Fire Insurance Company vs. Fisk.)
ALSO that tierniin piece or parcel of
lend situate in the township of. Ararat in 'the
county of Ems - quell:ulna, and State - dr Yeensyls
'smolt*, bounded and described as renews, to
wit: On the north by lands - COmeligs
Wrighter. on the cast by lands of Wm. Blox
ham, on the south by lands of Eli Allay, and
on the west fry lands of N.l". Bartell, :contain
ing about sixty acres of laud, be the same more
orter,s, with the appurtenanees,..l frame holtse, I
.burn, a few fruit tress, anti about. acre's im
proved. (Taboo in execution at the ...suit, of
Elizabeth Taylor vs. Daniel Trtylor.} •
Ai SO. ll those three certain pieces nr par
eelsof land, (comprising MKS farnt, and lying
contiguous,) situate in the township...pi „Bridge
water, in the county of Susquehanna, and State
of Pennsylvania, the first piece bounded and
described of fellows, to wit :„Beginningot, a pest
and stones in a- line of
land, (now Wm. H. Jesse's thence . east by
lands offinsan 'Wallace 07 perchea to'.n Stake
runlstonescorner ; thentc sordJ l o l .r IPtis of
said Susan IVallace.2l and o.loth perches tie
corner; thence cast by lands late of Phineas
Ames, jr., 413 perches to a stake rind , stones cor
ner; thence north by lands tormerely of •said
Ames-anti land fonnerelY of John Esna r 4r., .157
nod 2-]Ochs perches to a post and stOMs garner;
thence west. by lands *amok' to a, post and stones
cover and Limner:south by lands ofßennitili Mc-
Kenzie, inow percheoo the
place of beginning, containing 106 acresnint 40
perches or land, he the s.smeneero or less; The
second piece or parcel, hounded 'and "describclll
as follows,.to Beginning .tit. a- post! and
001161'01e mirth west corner: of 11. Ilelletzles:!j
old form, (now of Win. 11. Jones t). ' thence by
lands of John Yourig; north Ili. degrees east 0.1
perches to :t pent and atones in north line .of
Wallace's tract and south Bob', of thinker's
land; thence along said ling south 88 degrees
cast 7 loo pe rches ; thence by land surveyed by
James Shaw; soutli.l4:degreevirmt 0.1 perches
lei a post - nod - stOnest thence by lands Of . B.'
MCll'enzie, (now Wm: LI. 'lances) , porch 613%.
degrees West 300 perches to the place of begin
ning; containing 'acres iiind; 80; petelLes of .
land, be the same muro or less. The thintplece
or parcel, described as follows; 4amitt. Begin;
' zing rat a pOst'aml shines the northwest - corner
ut said James Ehaw's old. firiiit ,thbect Whin&
ritlaki tU. ILlNallrreolontil :IM-4/0;
A L - DITQR`S SOlaA TOL orlorsigLAA - harloglxen
A. appointed no Au,llLiy hp the Vona 'of Common
Pneas, hoirelninna Comity. to • itittibuto t food/
ari•lito frolh The oherifro S tlta of rail 1i.t0.0% of E.
Toolykinp,Or Ltherr,. Macs utility !hat tke, , r 21f,20 , Ln .
the dal,' orro ppointmeur er his oiner. - iii )thlitroftl,
:thvetther Grh,l at 2 o'clock. n:111., al . who - h tints
rine ',llea. mi) Ifitcra‹(. 4 l thay a!ththl t
eat r barrad rroy cmiog than sa Auld. •
t.. 2. 0. N id V
littft s Elq,
Montrme. Septet:abet ..02r0.1672,- ,
A, LDlTort!e , NOTICE:7IIe underel;ned .rusg been
spoint.d an Auditor, by the Court of' COII3OOII
vbn•peehlun• Caen:rem dtstrlbute tbd. Dilute in
the Ih:udsof the siberiff. arteing fang the nisertfCe - Fein
of the teal (-tot , or 11. t 7. Broe,s liereby'.glves .benice
ti,n he will attend to the dut'es 'of his Stroofirthient at
hi. &Hee in 11,intrcee. on Thursday', Oet: 17iz Urdoll..
o'cieet., b. In. All persons interested' tria appear and
preieot loon clailn. or bu futorer barred from coming lu
ua Said fund.
Sent . 21th,
P A •:sst, Aisal!cr,
N.U.W•TOrat p.n.cauct. :MARKETS.
Cori.ectell weekly by 14ftlini. I 3 tSJen kt Co.,
:as Wasklughp
Butter, pall ' SO®3s
ttedu .............f......... 'ind.l2B
Cliecse,dairy, per 1b........ • 114@14'
" factory "-• ' lbol4'
E,cl, - IN per dor. ......_
Flour, per barrel. C(eldealb•
Corn nica1,10011‘5...... ...... ..
..... f.1.5(1e3.1S
Wheat, per bushel . - • 1.0201.64
Rye - " • ,
Oats •4.4a47
Corn (12.61
Hops, crop of 1971 2.013,24
Tallow " 8 ,4 S
1 Laql iier'llsr.,; ... .. :f....:1...0 :.: . i;./f. s - BeD
I Potatoes per bid' • ' ' •, i.:•l'a . - i1.504/3.
Apples •"- .... .. ... -.• . .i.::...14 . .., .. .: - 451..75
Chickyn per 1b.......................
Chickens "
I Ducksdwitlt "••• - 20352
Here acnd yenCour:Cir - cular nntl eald,
i that thb - butufr market is tlull:atid prices lower •
than a week ago. 'rids state of affairs is owing
I to several causes, thief among which are the
I unfortunate dire:lse tawy , our 4. ltorses zliicla
l'presants tbelsitnipcu•tatiotteDgrocia . intni Dfo
accumulation of stock, all tend to make put.
citscr,.lnpre particular, and more difliculu to
Itit: "We therefoq tvmse.irnotv7lisltlintilln
pails 38g40. medium, T. 3635, common 10015.
selected Fitkins sa&i.i, Eclected 4a2lt tuba Oa
35. . .
On and nftcr Juno 10, 1811.tralos on the
V.tneY PAUfmtiiil P
K07:713. i
~ 110. b*c.
Y. 0. r. N. P. tr:
745 -1 06 .41-10- - F1u11en...... 1545 613 445. ;
340 130 941 'Waverly 12 00 533 600
335 137 10 00...... Athe,,,......11 43 511 950.
4-20 495 10 40 —.Volvo:lda. 1...11 03 467 910 ,
521 11 la Wynlo.ln3 —lO C 3 115 ;
543 305 11 60...--1.,/tryville 943 401 05+
6 14 12 12.... NI erhopoco .... 960 622'
6"_! 12 2. 3lehoopsny .... 913 ' 1113 ,
655 350 124:...'reinkbannvel;... 849. 3"_o 5561
BIX 441 150 rlttrinn 7 25 131 457 ;
, '... eA. LAO, 247.--IV.ll.lcq6nr .ce....„.1,99.,_1 1 . 1
~-, 7 36 • .
sa, .illatalielmtik....4..v;•••/. 45 113.5•
. !.L 813 550 Allentown A. N. 10 47 1110•
VI 40 601 Bethlehem .....9_ „lOW 19 00,
9 15 . 6 ''.:s ' En5t0ti , .......4 - .15 "v 5.
• . ] •
10 30 ' 8 V 1:. .Phl efphla • !.-- - 850 142
• • - 'll. IL iria• .-- 'ken- at ..... . ...
A. IL At Y.
No. 31 learns Towanda nt 71) a. m. ; Athena. 514
a. m.; Waverly. 30.3 a. tn., a rrl ring at Elmira at 910 a
. \0.31 Iroves Elmira n 5531 p. m.; Waverly, at C. 36
P . m.;.
Athenx.xt..6.l....ncrlelai,e at Tow. ads 11l
OD' Drawing Room aira 0 etnihnA to tre.lns.2 il6d'
mining prong,tt from Elmira to Phlllidelphla. ,ll
It. A. PACKER, finpertntenoos,t.;
C auss)...
turbzxu.... sok EVE J. -`• ,
duet Ftdadad In aalad.rigiarleXEdielnti;
A Legt orp.on,iim_roturr,,,Trep.tment
rtailealv.graot.speunatormee-guaJUmlual Weekne
mrolmitary Entleeiona, and Impedimenta to Mart,
nod 'FAR: Mental and Irampeelry. motif:lnv
`'L-ift, Attatlr ot.litelmtrcen 130ak.” • , ,
Th, world-renowned author. in t hie adottrabla Leefttin
clearly Wye , from hie mop enperieure that the awful
anmequenece of neltaitraen may bo of rooloyill
without medicines, d without. Wingert:me aurglead op.;
en:llona, boughs. idat=tuente , ringe, ore trliale, point.
log out a modo of onno certain and effectnar by erilith
awry *offerer. TIO mater unlit his condition mar-he ,
may cure bimeeff cheaply. prtral eiyand radically.
sAti-o* • -
- sentimerer eof tcrinf.lehiAs.'n%litaln
one, on the rrwelne of *ix cents. or two postegostampte
Aldo Dr. Cnirenre We ...Slat ;loge Golde."Drieu so cents:-
~ Aeldrgiqr.PSltilifiltll;
127 N4Jorars- Tinler,V9st- Off-co 80x4.538.4
Old_: Thtngssaltti-Tassed,' '
Thin leathrn - At- IlifeaLlnl9Mottra treatingtlut
long 4M:sedan umett ithusetftrentetttely. It tor 114
lonler seaside • telnoto I,„terture Itv
efderete enrikletht a iltrised en erklefi pdtdlsalready t
oodermtnlog the viten:lva of kle cyslom... True ecteaco
entmee Itself , on the ride of more, endeavors, IA
utodet henlalmersh., I, , Thi. Is the
loCe o f ilt•ttetteFeeltomnetrfllttereilhe most appear.
.ed tonln ever advertised In,tlths conntry. It may be me
•Sory are especially preset-et. • Tbst• s M tzhnoiteed
by the heels ot stammer, he inland nod feeble et' /•°,1.1.
e n ., an d s ie,rsednultriejelenteede. atildelnl
elsmltco. Afford It Vint ossletente In oceseloual does'
of Itorettter's ntomnr.,h.l3ittereteuirnts velltsenferred
to noir, M. ramped. Tilv‘nghunt the fa Wert, And inn
the M venting alhestil-nf the Sonthern riper', an tba
thole' of a I,47rlndltal leV . nt at,: probably rota tn-dever
Ilsd cone-DAIL' Itortetter • Meters been commenced by
t•tier remove Montt' - erff7"tr , r. - bektre - tkra-SMtrellthY,
IreJenp retie. sellereeeghttlll them stemld le nit pr !
Fbehtlity be In threw-toned , health, at thtrpresehettme. SO .
tenth lest tont of Wrceast.t. ills mach for not keentog
Inthe.bonso.rnol endue daily, the big,nfogisarct az4l:4t,
ep(tleudgend endemic feral*. .:••", •
A* d..etce of Impestereand It:Winters aro *urn to fou
In-the of the vest Aserlemt remedf. there)
i font be into that anicto 3 , 01,4 y. it Irethin* dent
ethe by the proper tr•dle marks, ciao sto.Uttglei tap
.1010 y be ogtotned bottles, 1101=lk :tkkilptrterds
yll t W4OB . 40 4 ata klit•
13111GGS' ALT.S.VANTOIt to tempted Of Atanter.::,
Chloroform, bydri t of Camphor. Tincture of 'rpel.: -,
011 ofiuntuer. and Alcohol This a:top:and is el •
nai iy,ireeryttrdirartartaltablartrostPEeufe-uf-Neyr
vo' or Sir k fieudaclal,eiratela,TreauetrogorfPunt....,
ing tblrcrees. and all Nersolle ,Dlectias. It, W .
exam tenet all trollops, hiatelt r igulatest curs mar UM':
lins, Itching. battlers, &e... t arptallaes tha
tovittentto thoeyetena,tnereassethoactlon oft the bea;:,
orithent °zeta , : tbe Wain, =hi Lleashbana.Palp i ratio ,.
and - rnr.tering al tbe ilearteDynepale. 111.*
AllestantorehaolutulyperstessesmorocurativoyloyOrt .•
Altw any other preparation. •Ph,yelclans,Chanalate,!
ruiners are regnvoted to cotaitne cad telt Lbw HOW- 4t.
and 411006,ui1l be paid Itpund clahrent Ltodteyfesent t
0 0 tio
been °Cared for the - relief end unroof throat end ion
diocases: bat potblng has been vo anintailly teem , :
or outalturd otioles - vrlde-CC 111 0.70 2 /rigilY l24°
- WA Lana
from•Dnolnn•, the Go
plsreing. dietrasilm noml..
growing Nate. cannot Cescrihed. Tbouitadastme,
not Is amass: Itetateidstato Iyeel,„,
l Lte be toothln
n oa n . d l d eff o
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t t e e m s sn a ow
tLttt haPY tweet front an apprialitlva public.
Curative is a boiling clement: Inaleiter e
obehina.l by as applicetton. aud h".. , •
thewnisA cases of EhateralCoenti.lnfLamedsna s ceret•
cd Benton% the sorevt tastep. ttitalurgest and mews - ,
1111stere. the mos: sztFairre Oilleslllea on the aloles
licele of the fat. unegualledla the =sof Chilblain/1r
Proated net. The Alicrantor for,ovelniutry corns
•a/meatier P TarMintsu PI 0E1 ' 244 V e V A V
L. ,.
_ k m been a terror ter amateur. ft r
tentarles. and almost Avert attempt
rant them has Leto betted, 'Di asecastaz Mud/
experimentireg, • Dr. Itriguebe*diaconxed and sheoln•
%alto for Inteetter, bleeding, external, anditchingplis,
!St tege Phi It rhodt ea 'are mild. safe and Stalk/
Corns, Bunions, Did Nails, "IlltaMett sTPlattalle art
aleessei of thereat. allot 0110SyCPCPrl* SC L O _
./MMO,T. !Wats , treated by Mr, J. uetzis 4 e9nu 7,
Elotd by , A n ßClertllDLlloatrattAlts.,artn ,-
al l Z a
NIL:BO:AS. Montrose. ra. L.
3621114 /FM „ -
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10;-.31:4 1 T, 0
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F&VCT DEV...531300D8,1311AWL5:.
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4.I?FIitIVAEP, HANS, • j .:".11 .
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YOUTITS val, PrECi '
Goons BY Tar"?' ABA:
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Woll-krtoil ago
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nnemp..7setetets. Dumbler Efficient ,
od. Cheap: Tbs, best pnAr Car tbs.
Ist money,. Attention isrtla!ly
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• .S.AI-17i7. TOM XXI! Za
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rartabla and StatlonityAAlß*Mandaptared and tog-
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CELEAS.E i r • - Ciitr
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(40 oirc VE4,4 •
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r . — Af6tAXSS4; : O/dY
P 0121 r; Itszt .14.190
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CLO.VER d ZW:Ol i liK;Skt r pr; 60
- . , - • - ,
• We.haverottted and madis.44llloti‘ter . metStoe**,,,
end aro Lure reedreit lorwarb Better/ o Lb* bet
eemmleetot bouees NOW Totkaraot charge, lAA
k et Iheraladvlacentntit on consignments. -
- and eta mit tette:4l oo v babe* p_trlthleilig On.
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Y.E.S.I"_ --E
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it ,, o ,c o r : E v r*Aeped by vlttnr.tor tbatta Cam tla
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cnritiel I. to Mrs& dr.str•ble be al ~ .:expluntlesr, _
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I• ..” - --,47; :..',,,,, .133"1". •
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.V. -"", C' ~
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