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WEDNIIIIDA Y. 001'011E11 23, 1872
twat CowAN, of Weatmorlcand.
GEonou Sirmr.r. of Fraklin.
Arr.moN dfanrrx. of Eric.
AMIN S., of Huntingdon
S. Gil°Es FEY, at Philadelphia.
13. D,Lowlnb3rg.
14. J. arlinicht,
15. Ilenry Welsh.
la. Henry J. SW,ley
17. R. 11'. Christie.
18. Wm. F. Logan.
18. It B. Brown.
Thomas 3. Barger.
Stephen 3. . Anderson.
3. John Moffat.
4. George 13. Bureel.
5. [Not agreol upon]
6. Isaiah B. Haupt.
7. Samuel A. Dye:.
- • - -
8. Jesse G. flandey. 20. F. 31. Robinson.
;0. 11. B. Smarr. 21. J R. 3101 ten.
10. B. Pato/. T. H. Stevenson.
11. John kuneld 23. .Tohn B. Bard.
12. V. W inflater. 24. Gnome W Miller.
No' Neutral Ground.
MERE are questions tow before the
people which must be met by every elec
tor. The truth presented by the Holy
Teacher of Christian virtue, "That he
whio is not fer me is against me" 'conies
with.poiritcd force unto the consideration
of every American citizen at this time,
and the future hitory of Republican in
stitutions will approve or condemn his
action in accordance with this just crite
rion. Flatter ours lees as we may that
we can remain neutral, and occupy mid
dle ground between the two contending
political principles now striving for ascen
dency in our country, and relieve our
selves of responsibility, yet future gener
ations, and the future history of our po
litical-condition will hold us to a rigid ac
count for our action to " God and our
country." For the brat time in the histo
ry of our Republic, the question of the
sanctity of• the ballot, the enfranchise
ment of white American citizens, sec
tional "reconciliation" with impartial jul
tics to all men, and the vital necessity of
au immediate everthrow of corrupt rings
and centralized' power which threaten to
engulf the liberties of a free people, and
stifle their power to avert it save by that,
last and terrible necessity, revolution— I
has now become an all-absorbing tissue.
President Grant and the -official rings st
which surround him are responsible for
the present condition of things so far as
their opportunities bare been, and hence
we are left with only one of two alterna
tives, either to sanction it or oppose it,
and the only possible way to oppose it is
to array ovrselres in distinct hostility
against it by performing an imperative
duty, imposed upon every American, that I
of casting our votes at the ballot box.—
The sin of omission of political duties,
is visited by the same penalties as that of
commission. This rule holds as true in
government ob.igations as in moral I
Ms. The Reform movement, conceived in
°the necessities of our condition, born at
Cincinati, and adopted at Baltimore, is
embodied in the leadership of Horace',
Greeley and 13. Gratz Brown, andsaripport- '
ed by a large majority of 'the purest lead-',
ere of both political organizations, plant
ed upon principles-which demand the
'coutmendation of every citizen and which
are admitted to bistmequivocally essential
to the perpetuity of our institntions and
the Union and the prosperity of its sep
arate sections. Now the question nar
rows down to this simple fact. Ulysses
Sr Grant or Horace Greeley is to be the
next President of this nation. President
Grant, notwithstanding his pretensions of
reform in- messages and party platforms
before elections, for political effect, has
been Billy "tried and found wanting."—
Horace Greeley, a man untainted and un
charged with dishoneaty, stands forth to
day, pledged-to the - purest of reform prin•
oples, backed by all the personal acts
possible Or him to perform at this time
to show his undoubted sincerity, One
very marked difference in the men is, that
Grant has been tried, and notwitbstand
in; all his professions of reform, has con
tinued, a rule of corruption in office, and
_tyranny toiard onesectiomand has made
most gigantic strides toward a centraliz
ed aristocracy. Hence, taking the mat
contracted view possible in the premises,
every honest man can see that his reelec
tion will certainly be a Continuation of
, these evils, which will grotr worse instead
of better, whereas the election of Mr.
Greeley presents, if not a certainty, the
strongest probability of a reign of need
ed reform. For we certainly should give
,a candidate for office the same latitude
that criminals have before a court of jos;
tics, And presume him
_innocent until be,
is proven guilty. Every act of Mr. Grtes I
ley thus far proclainn his faithfulness in
the movement, and his masterly ability to
'airy it out should he be called upon by
sip s people co to do, 14 view of these
rents we say to every deutocratiu Snare
henna county, canyon halt for a moment 1
between two opinions"' We undertake to j 9
say that you cannot take a neutral posi
tion. Yon must Vote for.U. S. Grant, or 1
ler Horace Greeley. If you ora:t to vote
;eon give one-half a vote to Grant, and we
,4avy in all charity that a man who will not
perform aduty so important as that ( II
havinga voice hi the government of li:s1
country 'is not worthy of its pnitection :
and deserves only tote the, servile
of a tyrant. Is thereon° democrat. in 1
this county wbo will -take this debasing I
position liceausesforsooth, the Met! 4.1
his principles is not to be brought about
by just such a leader as he would have
personally desired? If there is wo are
certainly mistdken as to the material of
Which our party is composed. Wo de
mand of this day "to choose which of
two masters you will serve," corruption,
peculation, fraud, thieving, and centrali
zation, as embodied in U. S. Grunt and
his hydra rings, or honesty, reconciliation,
with amnesty and impartial stiffrage,as em
bodied in Horace Greeley. - The fifth day
of November next will compel you to
take your position..
Mohatumcd:Nat a Vilac-Ribber.
Know-Nothing Wilson, the radical can
didate for Vice President, made himself
ridiculous before the world by 'his pusil
lanimons attempt to whitewash the in
temperate habits of President Grant, and
admitting " that he drinks too much,"
and expressing the wish " that be would
sign the pledge." Mr. Wilson, after writ
ing one or two letters, clearly saw the au
omaly in which they placed him, and
positively refused to write any more let
ters this campaign, which, as he is a can
didate for office, under the circumstances,
was u wise conclusion. It being danger
ous ground for candidates for Vice Presi
dent or any other male citizens in the rad
ranks to tread upon, there comes now
to the rescue a,!‘gushing"feinale of Roch
ester, Miss Lucy E. Gamey, who has
pumped a little evasion and hypocritical !
cunning out of of those Philadelphia
radicals, who of late have proved them,: j
selves imbued with christianity from the
top of their heads, upward, and from the
soles of their feet downward.
The editor of the Montrose Republican
havine espied this radical temperance egg,
which Miss Lucy has layed, lights upon
it "like a hawk on-i Juno bug." It ap
peared in the Republican last week, purl ,
porting to have been taken from the Roch
ester Democrat. How much of a cackle
this nester may get up among the radical
pullets, we are unable to say, but there is
but cme Radical "rooster" beside the ed
itor of the Republican it seems, (And that
is the Rochester Democrat,) who assumes
paternity over it. Here is Miss Lucy's
specimen :
PRILADELruta, Sept. 25, 1f..72.
MISS LUCY E. GUESSEY, Itocheger, New
your communication in which you say,-
1 . It is commonly reported here that the
PreSident is in the habit of getting stu
pidly drink every day'. I know you are
well acquainted with him, and should be
glad to have the story von.traclicted on
good authority'," l'huve to say, that since
grant became commander of the Ameri
can army, and during his Presidency, I
have haefrequent opportunities of 'seeing
him, at the front, in social interoourse, at
the dinner-table, in the White 'louse, and
elsewhere, and have never sten him "stu
pidly drank," or under the influence-of
liquor in any sense of that phrase. • *
s•s•k s s • *
Now this man, Stuart, whoever he is,
on being set upon by this Miss Lucy, has
dune just what those Philadelphia bank
ers did in respect to the Yerkes affidavits,
by certifying that the foe simile litho
graphic signatures of Yerkes, made by
the printers, were not made by Yerkes,
which any goose knew without their cer
tificates, as it was only the original one in
the hands of Alderman Dougherty, that
Yerkes vote. 110 states that " in all his
social intercourse with Grant, at the din
ner table, at the White louse, and else
where," he " has never seen,liim stupidly
drunk, or under the influence of :liquor
in any sense of that phrase." Now what
does that prove? Simply that he has
never seen Grant when he was so drunk
that he was obliged to lie down to take
off' his "pants," or allow some one else to
do it, nor "in any sense of that phrase,"
tacitly admitting thatbe has seen him in
toxicated with liquor. John B: Gough
said, and it struck us very forcibly at the
time, that some people judged men to be
temperate by the amount they could hold.
If some poor youth, unaccustomed to the
use of liquor, takes a glass or two and is
intoxicated, by it, he is pronounced a
drunkard; while an old whiskey tar,
whosit stomach has been "copier-lined,"
and who can bold a gallon wghout get
ting "stupidly drunk, or in any sense of
that phrase," he'may be called a temper
ate man. Yes, and we find under certain
circumstancte he may be made President,
and his party apologists will certify to his
temperate habits. .
The Rochester Dana:rat, as copied by
the Republican, says that this Grant apol
ogist, George U. Stuart, was "the widely
known philanthropist and organizer of
the Christian Commission" during the
war. We do not know, anything about,
Mr. Stuart's character ns a "Christian or
ganizer," but milt this specimen before
us alone, to judge from, we beline that
honest men will say that party zeal has
led him to act the part of ,a hypocrite in
this caae,'and to attempt to deceive the
people by an artful" dodge," to apologize
, for that in a political leader, which he
would denounce in att,htimblo youth, as
a sin against society and Christianity in'
his own city. The late election shows
every honest man who'loves the sanctity
of the ballot,. and "honesty and carabil
litY" in office, that that sink-hole of polit
jj ical corruption, the city of Philadelphia,
116 Cursed with a full measure of this kind
lof"christian organization." Of what
use is it for ministers of the gospel and
leaders in the sabbath schools of our
c,onntry to proclaim temperance and hon
esty; when, (giving them the full benefit
of charity/ to .12 3' the least, • they, unarit:
tingly, if not knowingly, are so blinded
1 by partisan zeal as to -excuse and distin
-1 guilds. between political, 'corrnption, the
Most damning of all, and common mor-'
ardepravity,-and are adopting the debas
ing.nnixim that " ) The King can do no
wren." Our christianity and politics
both, should teach us "to render unto
Geezer the things which aro Cenzur's, and
unto God, the things that aro God's."—
And there are no per Sons to whom this
precept should apply with greater force
than to those who claim to be the Vice
gerents of Him who taught it. When
party instead of purity governs those who
assume to be our religions us well as po
litical leaders, our religious as well as po
litical institutions will drift on in the tide
of corruption. which is now flowing, until
we shall be finally swallowed up in the
maelstrom of national degretlation. Bnt
let the same qualifications be required of
our political servants that aro demanded
of our domestic; let sin be denounced
with the same severity in " high life"
that it now is in the "common herd ;" let
the Jeffersonian test be applied to appli
cants for offibial preferment—" is he hon
est. is he capable %" and by our votes show
that " none other need apply," and' the
ship of State may again be moored' in the
safe harbor of official purity iu which our
foresathers left it.
Let nobody sink into apathy because in
Pennsylvania we have failed to do what we
'hoped for the general cause. It has oth
er fields iu which it may yet win the day.
Here We may yet make a manly struggle
for it. We do not say that in this State
we can prevail in November against the
mil influences which yet remain uncheck
ed, and are'streugthened by success and
impubity.' But we need not discourage
othersi, who under better auspices
tain the fight. It is beneath the dignity
of manhood for more than three thou
sand democrats of Susquehanna county
to falter and despond in a just cause. Let
us act as men who know their rights, and
knowing, dare maintain them. A mouth,
a week or a day may bring forth new cir
cumstances. But it is not to sluggards
that opportunity offers itself. We must
be ready. prepared, organized, if we ex
pect to take advantage of the ever-ehang
in,, events in human affairs. It is but
four years ago that the Democratic party
standing alone revolutionized the city of
Philadelphia. Ihe times are ripening
for just such another revolution, not on
ly iu that fraud cursed city, but in the
State and nation. All honest men, all
tax-payers, all inhabitants of Susquehan
na county who give intelligent thought
to their own interests, acknowledge the
necessity for it. Last election man y only
meant to postpone it, being willing to sac
rifice the cause of state reform !o their
Presidential preference. Never was tl ere
a better time to put our house, our party,
in order than now—just now, at this very
day and hour. Self-respect forbids us to
take an attitude of submtssion to wrong,
The call of the whole eauntry mouses us
to activity. Let no man say "It is no
use." If we gather in no immediate bar
' vest, there is a sure one awaits us in the
future, if we stand ready to reap it. To
do that we must now, at this very day
and hoar, begin to Organize! Orzanize!
Organize !
An Appropriate nadt ere I Gain
PitmanEutfitA, Oct. 9-2 p. rn.—Hart
ranft's majority in the State is over thirty
thousand. We gain Biery, Ross, Baker.
Cessna, Taylor,
Richmond, Moore, and
probably lose Shoemaker, for Congress.—
We have the Senate sure, seventeen to sis
teen, and eighteen to fifteen if Malacy is
An lowa watermellon is said to havt
contained a horse-shoe and a mule's
elected in the Clarion district. The House
stands, probably, sixty to forty. The Re
publicans have also live majorty in the
Constitutional Convention, as they carry
the font Senatorial districts here.
We clip the above important item from
the Montour American. It was evident
ly written by the editor under .trong ce
rebral excitement, but if it be true that
in addition to such men as Hartranft,
and Cessna, the Republican rarty of
this State propose electing to important
ofllces, " lowa wittermellonP," and such
mellons, too, as contain horse shoes and
mule's ears, then have we reached a de
gree of political degredation which it is
extremely painful to contemplate. We
hope the statement may pr:ive untrue.--
Such candidates should be run by the
temperance party if at all.--Bloomthurg
c.37'.1t is truly gratifying to note the
fact that many of the staunch old Dem
ocratic counties of the State increaaed
their majorities at the late election.
Clearfield, the home of es-Senator Bigler'
and Senator Wallace, came up to the
work nobly, and gave the largest majority
ever cast in that connty. Berks, under
the lead of Hon. Meister Clymer 'and
others, added more than 2,000 votes to
her majority of 1371; while Cambria
did better for Buekalew and Hartley
than the did for 31candless last year.
In other portions of the State like results
are observable, which show Mat the
Democratic party is still alive and ready
to make a vi e rons fight against Grant
despotism an fraud in November.
rgr Ho Daniel W. Voorhees says, in
a letter from Terre Bride, dated October
14: • -
Mr. Greeley bastpereenally raised him
self in this canvas a thousand fold in
my estimation. His course has been all
that could be desired, and I believe he
would, if elected, be Perfectly true to the
purposes be has so gradually proclaimed
in his
address to the-public. I
shall vote for him in November, not only
unhesitatingly, but with, pleasure, as a
man who .has claims to my admiration,
netwithettulding my strong previous pre
Es-Governor Perry.
The returns of the South Caron
eleetion indicate the cheenng fact that
ex-Governor Arty, the anti-radical nom
inee for Congress in the Fourth District,
is elected. The radical majority in this
district at the last Congrzesional election
was 3,304, and if Mr. ferry is really suc
cessful there is double - reason for congrat
ulation : first that•weare to have for• the
first time since 1860;unliopest man and
a gentleman in Congress from South Car
olina; and second, that as the same caus
es operating in his district Wust have
been at work in the ethos, the disintegra
tion of the radical party throughout the
state has fairly begun. So long as it stood
intact, domineering unfortunate South
Carolina to its remotest corner with un
unbroken negrb majority of 30,000, there
was no chance for such a man as ex• Gov
enter Perry, and vet, of all men, he sho'd
have represented the state, and con d, in
represeting it havo been most acceptable
to the North. Alone, with we believe,
but cue exception, among the public men
of the Palmetto State, he withstood se
cession, and it is vet a remembrance in
many men's minds how dauntlrasly he
championed the cause of the Union at a
time when that sort of an advocacy in
volvtd not alone contumely and • insult,
but the wrenching away of oneself from
ones own people. As the Governor wt..'d
rise to plead even in extrentis against se
cession, the sneer and scowl ran round
the chamber, and more than once upon
adjournment of the convention's daily
session the boss and riff rail' of the galler
ies threw fruit-rinds and nutshells and
other refuse on the one man who forbade
a unanimous secession. On the triumph
of the Union cause it seems us if this man
should here had some recognition of his
devotion, but the reconstruction scheme
of Congress trampled him down in the
mire under the negroes hoof as remorse
lessly as it did General Wade Hampton.
Senator Chestunt,and Congressman Keitt.
It is only by " rehervotes that South Ca
rolina's greatest Unionist seems assured a
seat in Congress to-day.--L-Nete York
World. .
The Prestdenttat Contest Is Not Lost
Money, unworthy influences, and the
corrupt use of official patronage will un
doubtedly enable the government to turn
the scale in closely-balanced districts, but
there will always remain enough of hon
est purpose in the body of the country,
if it be rightly stfrred, to carry the day
in spite of any fraud. For this rtvival
we must now look to the democracy and
not to the liberal republicans alone, fur
they have done more than could have
been expected of them. It will not do
for sullen democrats to say that Greeley.
should not have been forced upon them
as a candidate, fur it is clear that Mr.
Greeley has cut more deeply into the re
publican ranks than couldhave any other
candidate, and they have now but to
support him cordially to reinstate them
selves iu power.
The first thing now for them to do,
therefore, is to take" the bit squarely in
their mouth., and instead of leaving all
the appeals and all the watch words of
the hour to Mr. Greeley, to assume the
lead of the campaign themselves. The
true maxim of the crisis is the one-term
principle, and we warn every man who
loves his c.aantry that, limier the issue,
as it is now made up for the fifth day of
Not ember next we are tb decide whether
this country is to retain its republican
independence or to become a de,potism
under General Grant. Let everybody
bear in mind that the very corner stone
of the liberal republican cause was laid
by Mr. Sumner on the one term princi
ple; Let them also call to mind that
this essential principle was solemnly
adopted by the labot men's convention
at Columbus; and further, be it recol
lected, that it received its final sanction
from the dehmeraticliarty at the Balti
more convention. These declarations,
which are in historical accord with the
appeals of Jackson, Jefferson, Clay and
the most distinguished fathers of the re
public, find, now, their only opposition
front the acts of men who have bound
themselves slavishly to the fortunes of
Ulysses Grant-114es Spirit of Um
was the Imperial crown offered to Cmsar
on the Luber eel, and he did thrice refuse
what be afterwards accepted. Thrice dirt
Mr. O'Conor refuse the nomination of the
Grant side-show at Louisville, and now
he : peremptorily declines for a fourth time
to the face of the throtnittee which wait
ed upon him in his office at New York.
One declination by letter, two by tele
graph and ofie:to the Committee itself,
ought to be enough to squelch the most
importune schemers; but the pesky fel
lows who did the Work for Grant at Lon
isville, are determined to renter some re
turn fur the - free passes and the money
which was given to them ; They announce
th4intention lof running O'Conor in
spite of his four declinations. It will be
done :for the solo : purpose of helping
Grant, and no Demecrat can vote for
O'Conor without directly aiding the re
election of the President and tbe perpe
tuation of all the evils nntler the
nation suffers.
WaPresident Grant has issued a
Thanksgiving Proclamation. Ile dors
not say expressly that it. is fir the result
of the Pennsylvania election, bat he puts
a "stiinip into it, in which he
jocosely yeas That "the citizens of the
United States have,reserved to themselves
ample. civil and religons freedom and
equality before the law." Th e p ran k s
played by his'Deputy Marshals in Phila
delphia, in aid of the frauds perpetrated in
his interest, show trill' what reckless in
solence the rights of citizens can be inva
ded ander an unconstitutional Federal
law, passed by his Partisans to secure
his re-election. For the security of their
rights, the citizens may well pray on the
day fixed, rather than give thanks for their
present condition, '
Ciuciunuti exhibited an unusual
and gratifying amount of Democratic arid
Liberal strength at the late election.
Hamilton county is generally held to be
Republican. It gave a Republican mit .
jority last year of 1,516, and the year
before of 2,797..8ut on Tuesday the Bth,
it gave an opposition majority, whieb, in
the vote for Secretary of State, was 5,646,
and in that for Supremo Court Judge'
was 8,876, The entire opposition county
ticket was elected by majorities ranging
from 3,000 to 5,300. Both the opposition
candidates for Congress—ond of them
Milton Sayler, Democrat, the other Gen.
Banning, Liberal—were elected—the for
mer over Ben. Eggleston by 3.571 ma
jority-in half the county, and the latter
over ox-Governor Hayes, by 2,097 ma
jority, in the other half. The united ma
jorities on the vote for Congress amount
to 5,668. The people of Cincinnati evi
dently understood the issue's of the con
test, and estimati,d - their importance at a
proper value.
t .W — Daily proofs .z.otne to us of "bow
the thing was done." Thus in the Twenty
fifth ward we have learned that the true
vote for Governor was:
Beckaiew 1,751
}fantail ft. 1,731
But this the Return Judges hare alter
ed by shifting two hundred votes, and
making their return as follows:
iiattran rt
'lls little trick makes a difference of
four hundred votes in one ward I The
same game was carried on throughout the
city.—A gr.
' Luzernc Election.
The whole-Demecratic ticketof Luierne
county is elected, except Woodward, for
Congress, and Lewis, fur Coroner, by the
Pfullowing majorities:
D 2,092
Hartley I) ........ ............... 1. 434
Thonfpson. 1) ......... 1,305
Woodward, 1) 424
Delacy, 1) 1,133
( uigely, D ......... 1,028
Kisser, 1) 1,239
Koons, D
Rowland, D...
Duffy, D
If ig.gins, D....
Getshbacher, D
Seibert, D
Seamans, R....
The Bolters Discouraged
litmshurg, October 16.—At a meeting
of the Bolters Executive Committee of
the State of Pennsylvania, hid at the
Bolton douse, in Harrisburg te!oher 16,
1872, the following tvsulation urhs adopt
nereas, The result of the October
election in Pennsylvania has fully den .
onstrated the reef, that the State can un
der no circumstances Le carri:d fur the
Liberal „tit-publican candidate for the
Presidency, Horace Greeley, and there is
not, as was anticipated in case of such en
overwhelming defeat, a disptot;on on the
part of the Democratic leaders who have
affiliated with the Cincinnati movement
to retina to their allegiance to the Dem
ocracy ;a»d
Thercas,The nomination 'of an electoral
ticket in support of the nominees of the
Louisville Convention, Charles O'Co,nor
and John Quuincv Adam., would emtuil
co..siderable trouble and expense w iih
mit any hope of success or pin to the
Democracy of tin\ State; therefore
Resokeii, That the committee recom
mend to the delegates here assembled
that no electoral ticket be nominated,
but that the honest Democratic - voters of
the State refrain from taking any part in
the political contest now being waged by
the two wings of the Republican party,
in the interests of their respective candi
dates, Grant and Greeley.
In accordance with tile above recom-
Mendation of the State Executive Com
mittee of Pennsylvania, the committee
adjourned without making any nomina-,
don for electors.
The Indiana Victory.
[By TcZegraph to the Nem York T,ibunej
INDIANAPOLIS, Oct. 12. A desperate
effort to count Hendricks ont has failed.
He has 050 11m:4:My safe. with a part of
our State ticket elected. Shankst, who
thought Civil Service reform a specimen
of Western humbuggery, is defeated by
Neff. We are jubilant and confident for
November. Jong N. PINCH,
Chairman Lib. Bey. State E. Com.
Address of the Liberal Notional Cow-
I.IuERAL ItgrunticAss, G us xi
HOTEL, Fifth Av., bet. 21st & 22d sts..
N. Y. City,—Oct. 15, 18i2.
To Me Electors of the Unita Slates:
It becomes a duly to appeal to you in
view of the uppalliim frauds perpetrated
on the ballot-box in the great States of
Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Inuiana, on the I
Bth of October, instant.
Let the facts be submitted, that jitsig
ment may be pronounced.
It is not even denied, that the parti
sans of Gen. Grant have been furnished
with vast amounts of money for election
eering purposes.. The taxation of official
stipendaries, the coutribututions of na
tional banks and of wealthy . monopolies
dependent on the Administration for
favor, and the aid of heavy . Government.
contractors, have furnisher, thitOvealtli
which has been used to corrupt 'tire peel.
I File, or by fraud to defeat their will. •
A large number of voters were broughk
from 'Cy:Micky and Illit.oisinto Indiana;
land their ballot illegally cast therein: in
favor of the llitdieal ticket: , • In Oblo.the
work of colonization was carried.On from
Kentucky, but perhaps not so extensively.
he id the adjoining States, • In' 'Veriosyl
vania so stupendous were tho fraud% that
the election'was a: fitrOp,, Colored men'
were brought from Aluryland,Waslilogton,
and even from North-.Caratia, by the,
thousands to vac in this State: The
railroads were crowded with laborers from
other States,
:whose only, duty, : was to
cast ballot for the 'Radical ticket.' Re-.
Footers by ih.onsandis from New York
City thronged the streets of Philadelphia
on the Bth of October, and did the work
assigned them at the polls. These meu
were pointed Out by detectives to the
authorities of Pennsylvania, and their
arrest requested but refused. Notorious
New York politicians were openly. cheered
in fhiliidelphia by squads of these New-.
York ruffians, on their way from *poll to
pull to do their criiiiinal work. All this
and much more is susceptible of proof.
The unparalleled registration in Phila
delphia carries its own °ride= of in
tended wrong. .
Prominent men in the dominant party j
openly . -boasted of these contemplated 1
frauds in advance, and defied prevention.
Emboldened by success, the crime that'
Mtge was worked in secrecy is now openly
perpetrated, and publicly; beralded as a '
stroke of genius by,its perpetrators.
Yellow-countrymen, you are insniting
ly asked by those who have so successfully
worOd this iniquity. "What are you
going to du•about it 'r" The answer re
mains with you. • Be not deluded with
the response that both parties are alike
guilty. This is the weak erasion of the
enemy_ Let villainy such as indicated be
erushtd,whoever may stiffer. Let no one
for a moment believe that the Liberal
Republicans participated in these acts of
violence against an honest election. Ev
ery suggestion of such nature was con,
deluged, and so far as known such - acts
were in no case attempted. The Liber
al Republicans party was organized to re
sits this very abuse, not to encourage it.
Fellow-countrymen, the Ority of the
ballot-box must be tkfetled, or dangers
the most momentous threaten the Re
public. 'rite ballot is the very corner
stone of our national existence. When
that fails, ruin envelopes all. Unbounded
wealth has been the bane of milieus be
fore our tune. Has this disease by which
other States have fallen attacked as at
list in the most vital part, the saucily of
the ballot? Our people will boy iu sub
' mission to an honest election, but who
shall declare • that an Executive chosen
by dishonest means, which a»»uls the
popular will, may comtimnd popular olie-
Metier ? corruption grows with its own
success, and wi may be exptcted, let tliMc
base deeds of the dominant party be re
peated in November, and who shall say
that the, hour may nut be fast approach
ing when some energetic spirit shall
thunder in the willing ear of an outraged
nation that physical resistance to .such
infamy is obedience to God. -
. 1,931
. 1,551
Fellow-countrymen, the renwAy is in
your own hands. Rebuke those uho in
open day so shamelessly bring this dis
grace upon us. Our 'national '
demands your action. The rote is yet to
your hands, and the insult to these three
great Commonwealths may tie avenged.
In spill of the fra u ds perpetrated, we
have carried Indiana, reduced the vote
greatly in Ohio and lost Pennsylvania
only, by startling con Option. The future
is full of promise. Georgia proclaims in
her great majority .that the sulfering
States, in their desire for rrynal rights
before the law, will give 125 electoral
rotes to 114. race Greeley. An honest,
Christuin sympathy in the North will add
to this more titan enongh votes to make
his election sure.. There is every cause
foriencouragcment, and every reason to
hope fur success.
Let there be no laggard now. fle'is
traitor who falters as Wt. combat opens.
Forward along the entire line, and by un
overwhelming v;ctery in November, not
only declare fur .National Reconciliation
and Reform, but at the curve time let the
1-sson be effective and laqing, that man
cannot purchase the office of President,
nor political infamy go unrebultad.
Chairman national Com. Lib. Rtpub.
Grant needs more Paymasters.
Now the Administration is recruiting
with postmasters. 490rding to a des
patch ennui tit ng frilidWash i ngton, "the
expansion of the service' wtll compel the
immediate establishment of "hundreds of
additional post oniees and the appoint
ment of more route-agents, postal pg.
way clerks, ect." This sadden "expan
sion" just previotrr to an election is a
peculiarly favorable incident of the growth
of our postal service, and by comparison
to that of last year its practical . influence
in the canvass may be estimated. Then
the extension of routes was something
over 7,000 miles, and 2,400 new postmas
ters were minim! ; this year the addition
onal length ;a 10;000 miles, with about
3,400 new appointments and an addi
tional expenditure of some $1,500,000.
ft is almost a brigade, each sworn to the
service of Giantism; and coming into
action, as it does, just when the veteran
troops have not exactly shed their blood,
but certainly been bled through campaign
assessments, it will doubtless prove a
.valuable reserve force. 'Thirty-fur bun
dreu new postmasters ought to make
every Grantite put on the smile of. satis-
faction and of hope.
4DMIN/STRiTOit'S NOTIttE —ln the estate of
Try S. a tontitn. tato of Di idgr water, Suarfe
Co., 181., deeeaocd. Lctr,l , or A duiltriotrathm in
08 wad ‘OO5lO havioV.roo grlllt,e to the widorAgued,
011 peniont owing 14111 1x1.41e, 410 requested tactual:o
Immediate. payulut, and all perm*+ baring cl.inin
nrainst ea Id eata are recta erted to present thew, 01150118
Bridgewater, Sept. 411 i, Bat -rat.
FSTATE ThOm et , o f ttni Lit hmo
Stißtrileanun &molt, Pa., deck-amt.—La:nen. of Ad
etrat leo open the eAtatu or the obey e nem kite.
tient, tallit; beca gront , ol to .the ontleretznett. all pee.
*ono indebted to fold eltate tiro hereby notified make
Immeattte payment; eq. thoikt having +•iitlln aphiet
the pante, to preeer.t thew duly au t Iteinicated fOr aelF
went. 11%. P. cif...Qum:4i.. Adaert
Lothrop,Pa., Sept...lth. 1972—w •
ArDITIIit'S.NOTILt.—The nollernionn,f,havlnp: bona
Appointed; the Conn. of 4.'ornotou Plea* of So.-
quehnnon County, nn A thlltoe to di4trilnito the food,. In
bandit of the Sheriff from the ealo of foil E.ltsto
of W. T. nod nobranutt Morel. wlu et, rod to the
/inlies of hie aptoleftuent. at Ma onloo on %Walter:lay
0tt.14.13714 nt I u clock, P. ht. Alt persons in trusted
will appror and prreonrlhrlr clalmr, Or bn forevli• do•
bartcn.fruta coning In ell told toed.
U. L. LtA LDWIN, Andltor.
Montrose. Sept. 18, 1.912-11, 4. .
A reIIINITRATOft'S the. estate of
Lk Daniel 33. Vito:tr. deceased. letters of Adlutols.
*ration In the rale estate. bare been grabled to the an.
dt rehrned. all pereous ludehred t. said Wale,. are there.
hp moiled to make Immediate payrucut the Admin.
inrat or ;and those (mein claims egstost the ratue.are
reqessted to prevent thaw at theoffice of J. U. de. A.
Siceennea. JUI.IAAI.IIIf/f.LNY. Adder.-
.Urtd;rewater, ,
VIE'2•UTOWS NOT/CE.liitteni testaliventAry to the
elate of Z./ALM' Ahirl.t. tato of Itroohipe
Satquebanort enemy. have been grail's & 1 , 1 the
stthreriber.altpersour Indebted W the said nstate. are
reqnee ed to melee hntoodi tto payment. soul those her..
Itszclalms, or dtmandiatotlnot the estate of the Old dr. ,
rtalatO v lrt Mao tincon the lama without deity.
Zuni: Ahßt4tt. Executor..
Preolityth fepf.lB;thlSTS.--sra •
11 4 NOTICE. Letitia testatir-ntary tin the
4.4 egate.of James Raniom, itea•tteed. law of Ltri;a,
Suoquellifnll.lotht9trMa.. have been ,pninted to the
substrltieta.trOPoon Indebted to thu;gatd e2tato.• Aro
ta r gin d jo a ne k rVA 'n e ett i : t ?hOrne.,tn:i and
. th e tum t4 h tl y .:
codatst, to mato kno t.t.o sawn. wittfutil.v.l4l
- RANSAni, EXeCutOr,.
- G. •
purialuto Or ID let of *be Gaerai Maetribly of tbe
t•clanionweeth of ratuuyirsan, 0 , 4100 du act r.•
Utter. t the elections of tho Caw Mon wealth, lapprov4
tho 2 ' 1414 7 or JEO7:A. 11.1EZI, I. Vtt,Lk:l./11,0h
Sheriff ort3ttagovitaonaCoant,r. to 'Aid Cocorstsvomlla.
do hereby giro notice to Ow' Zlettora of am .rouuty
aroresolO.llut tlotterat,lileezton ytat Ito ge.d-tu Raid
eouttly on . •
!rue ol 4tin4M . Far of soritubei, 2872.
[beteg the 't'oteitay next tart thetirst Monday Alma
moutd;) to wit; •
The Median for the district Composed of the tows.
chip of Apelawn will be held at the house of JOK
Welke to said towoshiP•
The Election fur the district composed of the lowa..
ship of Ararat will Ile bold at the school boom DM the
Proebyterbin chant in veld townrble.
• The Election for the district composed of the towashlM
of Auburn will ho hold at the house of James Lott to
veld tuenthip.
The Election for the district composed of the township
of Bridgewater will be kohl at the cowl liotlllo to the
Borough sal Montrose,
ofootton ter the district composed 'of the
O. chipl.lrenklyn will be bald al. th e lump of James Os
Lollard to add township,.
The Riverton for the illitrict composed of the towns
stile of concocus will he held at the school house Isms
Ldwaid Clark's in acid tea - 101dpi
The libellee tor Om district toms:swell of the towels
ship nf Catlin! wilt be aid at the house . late Jobs
tileiretson to ante tomnbip.
The Usti ion Nettie ill.t tie* cowposeul of the
nt leindeff, Will tie hold at the Doudstf Note ! fa mid
Thellintlen 4 . 4 the dietrlct t01139111 , Ed a the tows.
.1410 nt Mooch 'rill tut held ht the Accra late of T. J.
Babcock In raid township.
The Election tor the dirtrict tottposed of the tows.
tblp of ram* lake will be held et the boars late of J.
13.1'nwne in Paid townidilp. ,
The r3ectionfur the dWirlet compared Of tbelowaship
or Ymnkiln rift lm tt fit et the school bowie waif /*cob
Allerd'e Sneiltl ton orbit,.
The f.l..ei lOU r r thedtetrict tom pored of dm Bonnet
of Frinuderilte wilt be:tattle* the ',Moot Yonne tothrongh. ulg
TDen:/erllue fertLfdiodeStompoPed of the
of Ileza Kill be held at that:lmmo Late. li Zad
Dy David l' told Dervegb.
El , •ctlon foribe thetrict cbmpoottd bf the talfa
,en:p art.t Mod v. Ins heal at tilt haunt:lite Occept
ut Fly if It frown. dec.
both,. 1 1/.llltlcturfeeferlof lbefontrtrfp
of IlltmatWilt I. bold to the .Ic.olem7 trielditsu to said
100 0.1.14 r.
n f.o the dbtrirt nompo!ed of the township
of lizr,to,tl u llt he to not tic house late of 24. W. Wet&
7 . 00 to .old town , bip. ,
Ili,. Munk., tor the ft:ofeet e'snifwed of the , Wen.
011f1f of 11..rmolty trill he laid at the boost ut b. Whiten/
io A. 1 ,1
Tee ltk . 1:0:11 , .r11•0 Slate& compoped of tbq
01,11 f of 1k reek wilt Ift Itoldat tbu Lienleketntorsebool
lhon.n. In nate towin.nie. for the tliitrict composed of the I aworblp
id J: ckmm %Ili . * held at the bonne of Jateeph Gm, io
.aid Itm-hchip
The faecth.h. Llf fhe uhtrlct compoeod of the town
tt-hp of Le, up wt I im held et the house of Diablel itof
to tonlohip.
The t ter the dfettlet compticed of the township
of le tovx a lil he to Ltat the honey of thole & Brothers
.41 - 11... - 11.1y1p.
The ell etiott tot the Mel riet eomOmed of the taws
hip of .t.lbtrtywill hu held attlia StiltlxdSchtotlhottao
hi tteld9owitthlth
he hlketion for the tikttict composed of the
els ht of Lethrop edit he held at the UUloonlo 84001
to rah! toolll'illO•
Cheelecf am foe toe ahttict competed of the Borough
of Little Mc:Morro teth he held at the Stleol Mane in
eakl Itorottch.
11m elostoin for the district composed of the townitily
of Sitddlebowu will bu held At the house of Oils Rosa IA
said tgotemehtp.
The Eh ellon for the dirt riot compared of the Borangit
of Pio:arum, will be held at the Coart flow. in Kid
The Election for thedlottirecompastd of the Botatijih
of New LllmN will be bold at the boosts late of John,
renrot In raid &tract,.
The ulection for the district comports& of Omicron:l4lde
of Nets bitiford will be held at the house -of Phibander
Blunt:et.. In the Borough of New 3111fosi.
The election fur the district composed of the town.
slop of intake& will lie held at the house late of Thos.
as Munson in add too
The election Inc the ott.ttict osropored of the town.
vin of nosh will Laid at the Unto of N.D. hinder in
raid township.
The election for the district comport& of the town
ship of Springville islil be held at the house late e
boner, triton In refit township.
The eleetiott for the district compered of the tent.
rhip of Silver Lake will be hold at the hoer* late of It.
itctiortgler to veld townrhip.
Toe Election for Ilse di-triet wood-Ltd of the Itimegh
of Sustineinititm Wyatt alit he held at the hoer., lately
occupied by Witilato Smith In said Ilorongh.
Teo election for the district composed of the Wen,
chip of Thum - porn will be bold at the beam late of
Chest(' eStoddard in said township.
1 nice make known tutu give notice as , in and by the
13th section Of sal.. net or 7nly Y, till. directed, `'Thal
eery petstoq c„cts.lll Justices of thel'ettee, who shall
001 any .dike or ekholninont of 1041 or trust ender
the Culled starer, or of of.'tate, ur of any city or le
corpora e& district. whether tatcentnlesioned officer N
nese t. who iros.r shall he. eat tiloytalllndel the tee,isistles,
illtchtry. or extentire derortturtot of Ws Utitte or
United Slaw,. or nue city or Incorporated district; and
loleo Cost coo member of Congress, and of lb. Sion.
egisknure. nod of the select or common etincell of say
tits. or Contnitesionere ef any ineorporated dl trict.l*
bylaw Incapable sal bolding or exercising at the Liza
time. the Ol2ne or alleilatment of Jutlp7. Inrpectur or
Clerk. of Any election of this Cutemooweanhotod that
au ioltccior or Jrulgo or other officer of any Pre%
election, shall be ellgibie tu any °Mee thee to be 0.114
Or the oe of Ae•embly of July 1, 151(1, It Is a:tornado
n ty of every Moyer. Rona Alderman, Jolts. of
the r e m e„ cortotaide. of every city, county. townihtp
or district within thio Coatmotnictitth wheorret relied
upon by any ridicer of an election. or bj three calla
elector. thereif to elear nay wlng`our or attune to the
window of the pierce 64 - Ocrorst Election which oall
°hots uctod in etch a Way ao.travrerent veal. feteri
prom:Wag the same; and it shall ho the !Cary or every
rtarectlee Cotiotable of each wart. district or township
within thin conmedun eolth, to be pre* nt to person or
by Uatmty, .ht the
of Loldli , electioe.. In
such word. diotrlct or tuornohipi fur the porinnts of
prmervlng the prncr Of afurraoia
Alto that to the 4th section of the'act of Atoraddr
entitled "An act relating to aerutions mud fur otter
purpo-ter„" aperoved le. *tral„ It Is enact d nut,
the aforesaid 131 h ordure...shall nut be constructed sr
tope vent troy militia °Meer or borough Cdtierr from
nerving rr Judge. inspector or (lurk at artgertoral or
apeclal etettion ht this Commonwealth."
Pursuant to the provisions eratalned In the :GM
stetter!" nt the out oforreaid. trio Judges of the aforesaid
the frit% sloth respective!, take charge of the [etagerec
ore turn of the election of their TerpertiVe.distrrir.
and produce thou eta meeting of one Judge from each
dtotnct. nt the Court Douse, to the Iturouch of Vora.
rm., On the shini dor after the, day of &refine brisk
one prevent par. on ridgy. the I Olt it, of Oct. nor.
thine to do and erform the drub e required by low of
said Jtulers. .tI,o that where a Judge by riclinete or
on.tvonta . ole accident It unable to attend aid torettor
0: Judges. thou the cortideoto tr natant aforesaid Oral
ho takon charge of by rote Of the taper:ore or Onto
of Ile election ~1 N4l district. ato ball do and perform
the duties required or said Ju .ge onahle teat-toad.
By au Act of Aareeihly ap?rartel the I:th day of
ANT, ISO 9. Ir It etoeymil that ne—ail eiretions herteetr
boa. Cinder thet lows of tblo Cornsolrealtb.rhe Fora
rLdl be eitsnrd betuern the boors of all and seta
tech CO. a or.. *ode/meat :o'clock . . P. re.
sty on Art of Atteratitt7 of Stara :SJ:ISA. a Oriels
Act re.fiesalaelLit.• roots of voting at :el eleCtiotid lam
orvoraLtozotirsof One C00:0000 wraith, it =arid u
Sharma i. Ile 14 emoted by the Sennto and Muse
of Repromenteat lop of the Cmmon. relitt -of--Fins.yl
- kt. fa- Gat cm? M ottly mei, and It it bemby e ye
ed by the authority ot the witne- 'That the quanta
vote,, of the stterol.-manitSes ot Ilia Con:Mutt nlll.
at all Yetorti. totywhip.hoeina.da,eud optimal tient... •
nee hereby. lierratier,*ettlhorieed OW required to bar.
It r ifebety. primed.-co written. *eternity elarettled sr
(oboe et. One ticket >bait the name, of ii!
jolter,. of fauna voted tor. afar to he lobled , outride. i
-Judiciary ;.`' one I ickni 'hall embrace the names of 01
nate .Moore lotted tier. so !Liebe:led, °mate; one trim j
ehall embrace the name, of all comity ottleert Toted fa. •
luclittling ram, ot recants. member. mod Memben el
a‘embly. If 'toted foe, and members of congetw.l l
Y.'" for and tee khalcd. - comity r• one ticket gel
embrace Ile radar, of an totruehlp elllcert toted fm,
and be labeled' tow nehip ;" one ticket Atoll eMbratrun • i
"WO. 0* all b 0 , 1 ,14 1 .1 ollictri , voted for. and oh.? be
Landed . b.ottereltd" and each eiroarttall be depralua is
aep_arate ballittheixem.°
vCrnattem: Illy Fifteenth Amendment of the Co2l
- Of the t`nlred .tatcie It so filliteten :
*remelt 1. Th.. eight of citizens of 'the Vatted
State* to rob hall not he deeded or abridged by Ws •
Linated Mahe. or by oily State. op account of noe,edni.
or prow - town condition of servintdo o , •
.cc , Cos 3. 1/11. COTlgri le 1.11311 IWO . POWei to afar.
uji• arriele by noon !pride loglelation:
And 117urvite. The Coil:tree of the Vetted Stab. n
the net day of, March. 140. parted. an act. entitled- i i Adfornibreear Hya el catmint./ biendted erg. •
do con to IF. torero( .11affs of the. Calm and feral! ,
P , ITC.C.t." the beet end tono of obleh tow
foltow•; . . . o
nacnom I.lle if rinerrred rig ale SAW* and go. of
I:epeninfolireinf the ('oiled Akita of America to dm
Fix., anontled, 'rhat all ctricena of the United bunt , i
trimmer. 0/ . 014/ 4o (tamed - tee qualified by lair to ta? i
&Wetly viccatob by the people. to she Slate. Tame'. i
ditorlct, citrn', city, pariah, township. echooldtruio.
Manicipalityta- other lerritoratenb dinghies. gag to f
ambit d and ~hatred ha vote at all inch dealer.; rid i
out doubt/31.0 orraire.wr, color, or promo= roman • 6
tef.eorntittle,. boy Couettltdiun . Mir, rectum. tee!' a'
rnmiatitio of any Stateor Territory. or knot uncoil.
authority, to the eoutntry two withdandlog.
' -9Ccriox 3 ...4*4'int U/nrllarenaded. Theft! id , ' ,
Mier the mothuri is of the honetil Mho, or Ines a al, A
• State. Or the la of any Aeritor,, any act le or 034 ,
be required to bn dim r as a prereqnlilte or qtalidemuon 1
1 for't ming. and by stitch Constitutiou Or law, polar or
Wilma. , urn or shall Ito ehergoo with the porferwayee et
I duties In fatninting to cltizototen opportonity it la , 1
lorm ettcb pr• requtalte, or to become qballifted re " 1 ..
It ahnillto the duty of every snob ;torero, and r l F't , t° 1
wit m
give to 111 eltlzeun of the Unite States the ••
equal opportunity to perform inch pedalo!'
become qualiden to vote oil hoot dlrtinetto: •
or, or provioni condition of aorritnde; and h.
penult !ironic.; than or knowingly emit to Otte
feet tot{ e ect to to be shall, for etorY emelt WY...L. OS
frit and pay theittiru of dye hnuslred dollar* to the pre '
con agr,eleved thereby. to !recovered by au anion °oar c.
care. with full coats mud teach en allowance for recto' .:..,
fees as theeourt dual deem Amt, and ebelt oleo. Of il
teary Foch 'Renee, be deemed guilty of a mi.dectommor. -ii
and 011011 on conviction thereof, be deed not ler dui ,1
flee hundred dollare, or h,
Intprironed not Ices !Loon! i.
monthand nut more than ono year. Or both. at 11 '' al. ''
eretion of 11,e conch' ,
And la declared by the second iodic: el
the T han,icte of tizidlotintltulion of dm United I.ttOti
thatoThle Folotinolon."at.d the area of the 'Ad.!
Suttee Whin shall be made in puriconce thereof. Wre
be the runrosto law of the land. • • • • ant do r' l ',
Cite Con4lltufka or lairsrl any Staley to the molten AA , ';
witiutartdiFg. , •
Arid tchfs:o4 The triglelal ire of this Comm mace% ~
On Vie tAlt day LI April, A. D., WA paired an net. -de 1.,
t itted"A fa it ',','; itiljplement to the net relating Wrier ? - _,i
thus Pa thlq Ccminontirealth.l` too tenth teetlea d ",,•.
trlllchoprtnirle* nafolidro :' ' - IP
S w 11,.. ;Y. Tblf e. much men set of Arterotal c.
ne Provuei Hut one. it , bllefro 01111 be entitled
, w ,
C oto or to ttiVreghtoren an ?mere, or as etaludy . te V,. „
o vatty goneruf by er,wetel eletlion of !hie COMM y ,3 !.. , ,,
t, j , cod thetiore 4 - twitchy repealed. artft lhot °°f"g:. 1 3 .'
a l, freemen. trghu Mdlet Motion of color. sattras CO hT
~d and ergt.tattdricaording to tha procidono of ta ~,,,.
. gi rd : tic ton of the ace approved eaten/with Apr; . 4
A y.,11: - elditt nil odn bet further unpulment4 to th_a!t .
ut ,„: to Lyn ortyclioac or dd. connuounrann ' c r,,. :.
~,,I n othera . t o quadded underrated.: lawn, be .0 . 1. , ._:: ,
c . hewidoet all , gcuoral and special denial* In UP,.. -
mmono pith.' .
Thee:lid him*. recited nmeadinent and acts
of r
enecntritaki obeyed by all nyvennrs. regifter• of viV .. , !
tore, etc.:Pio ottloetd, aud.othera, that the ei:bt . 0 ;t: Z'
privilege* guarranta ed therby may be neared to al) i..'-.,,
ottiteini of tide Comatorrect alt la entitled Whitman*.
e .3.
Mit whim Judgea- for the ttonnyesekm—l dd..
toroporna of the =unties of Suirptchounnand ladtn..„;;
yid meet et the ..teart noun, ittAbc,till of Wlikt ibiz%
au Taredny, Inn. i.
- Tho 'return j oil Owe ler the sereiltutstPre c l ' ui6 ... r i ' '
computed or the coontaaPt LW/Winch- I d= eed Zg a° r
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