The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 11, 1871, Image 2

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zmoirrizosEc egsrekt
iVEDNUSDAIWIOCrOtiIIta lit tail.
Cum,' suavaolt UnTE) t
BY' 3;000 kAscinltr
One .
The' CoUntiy Win he Zparcel
"ye I ,sitti ol7 'A*lra VbPeato
tined neeti.eethili//ihigby leedl*
riii433sll . leia:italie s for
, • `.
The Democracy , of --this County hate
covered - thernieltei tal-prer'xiiil3 2- glory,
by electing :Oren S.*.neabe for County
Surveyor by ittleast 2;:soo,innjority t t
)34 fellow-Democrats" ; vie 'lost Oa
Temperance eta mode-
ration, for arq.atao-attribtate much of our
stioness'agaiising 'front Corruption, and it
:talked : hi many of our ,defiated
Radicals that-bribery/3f theiladical press
ailed in bringin,g about 'their -piesent
whist{,_ ..cOnfess is not
witliont color-of truth:-' Bfr: 4 ‘l3lank" who
; • .• •
thePeeplecof,l,io,OuntY,Well :how .has
been the only 'Successful PentoCratic can
diki! for' ',t . atirt of Yearepind,: t heeame
dissffected.this fall .titith hts• patty and
determined to run `
candidate, and it is allegedhY gc,;ro d "tiled
iu the wool Radicals, that be bribed the
editor of,the, Montrose .Repubycao, and
tidy in collusion secretly concocted- a
plan to print Mr."Blithk's" on the regular
Radical Ticket hoping by so. doing to
secure the suppOrt of Mr."Blarik's" friends
inflie Democratic party and this sari no' .
utter rout of the whole "concern." 'They
in :the first place Printed the name of
Mr. ,-"Blank" - -in place of the regular.
Radical' nominee for Commisiionit but
that °filter discovering the ruse,, came
down 'upon the "Republican" office "like
a wolf on thafolp•on SaturdaylaSt, and;
the editor vas thus timely foiled. in his
deeP laid plot, but Mr "Blank" still
tabling some zeal in the matter, and in
creasing the ?pileto brace up the'flag
ging spirits °fibs eilitcir, induced him ,to
place Mr. "Blank's" name County
Surreyor„ Tbe sillanny (i),hetine gei=
endly known on the morning. oieliec
tioN and thero . was such asenerai bruit
of popular indignation at this treachery resulted in.the election" Mr.
Beebe by a ;majority at least of 2,500.
Weitre infornied that this is not': all the
editor-of the Reintslican did to distract
his party. Hesecietly introduced n see-'
mak cindidate tickit -for the
office of Aiiditor, Mr. .M. Catlin, the
Bridge Water Camlidate,'ind Catlin,
Frazeritcair9idate, 7 Obicir_lt is now be-
Eiredliatieles.tedMr. L. C. Smith;Demo:
mat. We naderitand ti;at the Radical
atithonties intend'th probe thiiignoramas
defatilattiori to the tery bottom; and that
the most irOprored . "Evans • Geary" plan
is to be adopted. -
Whatever sh‘ll be the terti2dinLatiori of
tfiis affair, Idr. Frazier is held resporisible,
audwill arisen his place , and explain. •
'l,lp ito this 'writing, (Wednesday, 2 p.
in.), Bridgewater and, Montrose lave beew
heard from; and the indieatzon is-that they
hails "none for Beetie!" ,
, There ore:some-minor telegrams to the .
effect that the 'State his gone Reptblican,
bialriat 10,006 Majtiiity, bitt nothing is
certain mitilSasqtiehatitia is heard froml
It' is law tellor4 that:94i given,
a 'majority Of ‘-35,000,' and 'that
Santci Domingo:has gorii;_foi We
deem• if - best ., for alto go . to firess nt this
time, while we 'Van, foi having joined the
Anwira_Temperance Party :laskeTeningt
the returns-hat are coming now: -a
de,n'n9ifwelaysotri.L the pew ,
..' r 4:*ol3:a lik.4;O:rA - 4 -
6114 0 /.*l l .‘*Tithi )4ve.1410,i, he
dope: suithini-thit zcha
arcaaa beversi.oo.;*;
hpitea the. Brabges freiiiperanceS4::,
c.ety. except
By this means' the members had itiore
Dud Innintai4 thfir SfirnrUpg, ,
elliMio in Mmes.
A fire broke out about 9 o'clock Satur
day:el.ening last; andpontinnea'z'',huriiing
until morning at .11 o'dioek with
but little ithatement.'::The, wind Was
Totted blowing gale at this time, andthe,.
fire had swept over a diitanda of five
miles, anctlen thousand...buildings were
is rniris t inOnditig all , the banks, express,
itairtelegruplirifflees ; six grain elevators,
railroad depobi, watcy
~ wOrks,.gas bonito,
Boston, in faCt'every_large City, as well as
the general go n vernmentoreinl Ova .Ast.=
eiterriention ra contributing tri'therre - -
)leffiirtlie suffering thousands Who.
left homeless,.and mipt#TKed, fpr It s ;
I Cat*lttggultlso,ooo peOplestro•ou
street& bornelesi, - and the loss of property.
is eittinintedr.iitl 0ver,159,990,000."-s- The
Courk*ise, Westini,.trwcie to'f'oo;
oftio,h'463! - Jafiki;e9l , l**ltlyiv.o7,,
thing,tcitl~ia half a mita west ofibe Court far fiontb::sits-Polli Street,'
A :4 probably ti*eit of I Staibijiticet; -rind
perhaps'east ofil4are'in
'heLake;Shore.and Michigan ; ; South;
ern. and.tlictiloCkislathl Railniad depots,:
tilt:pity water wiirks, the Tremont
,'" Horise,
C~rbsl Opera House, & ,:are among
A dispatch Monday
Morning -thnt. more thin orie:balf • the
- population are now wishing through . the
'streets, in ye - hides WhiCli, are obtained":ni
enoriiiona prices r ; Qn foot, and in, every
.othen.way, with , toe choicest limmehold
treasures in their aims and on theirtracki;
in'utterconths'ion, Sot know ng ,: whete to
:follow s ouid
almost ImMedlately..,.l i all one hundred
and fifty thousand peopleme at this :trierf
Meat homeless and houi,eless,not know ,
Where lay their heads o r get,. anything
to satiety . the criiiiigi,,pf.kinget,t
On reading -. the (mounts :President
'Omitt iegrieste&accretariy Belknap to tel=,
egralih to'Oeneral Sheridan, sayingito4
the Ppiident's Olaf..Griner/4
clan lone proviiions ankchithing' to,".,•the
sufferers - he 'has at his
disposal, and; if them *lie insifficietit,
to call on the military ruitioxities ' St:
-CO* PEiTPCse-•, of SC.Lonis, received a message
from Chicago asking food for the' , offer
ing people of thattity.:. 'He called a 'mass
meeting of citizens. _Sympathy . is uni
versal, all classes expressing the ,deepest
feeling of sorrow forthe suffering people.
Mayor. p rown 4a.i‘lo3pOial trOri
to' start with trig engines The fire. was
The Thnekesout Fires.
Sr. PArL, Minnesota; October b. The.
lateataceounts from the greatfire 'vigil%
injthe praitie and in. the big woods in
thisrstate show that, it: is but forty : five
miles, vest of here, being last in the vicin
ity. of Darwin, and is slowly sweeping
south and, east; ,-.ln the big woods the fire
barite:more slowly • than on the prairie,
owing to some dampness which has eon
tinned there through :the long drofith.
The air around here is , foil of smoke and
cinders.. Exaggerated 'accounts lire rife
of- the loss of. life and proyerty. Doubt
less the loss of property :is great but so.
far but one life 'is positively ',known to'
have been lost'lhat lof a Swede , named
Conneaut-at Dossel, Minnesota. - Who :was
awakened to find-his-house in flames, and
who, after Saving his family, attempted to
his furniture and was overpowered
by the; flames and perished. :,-
.5x...1,...tur,, October 4.—A great . ,fire is
raging in.. the woods and prairies ham
1 Breckenride to .the big :woods. in this
I state. It hair already caused a feed
1 amount of damage and loss of Etc- lives.
It began on,FridayMorning last and has
alreadrawypt over a range of country
200 Mild in extent. , lionses, liana .'sand
hiy stacks have been swept. away as dust
by the-terrible conflagration. Warehouses
akingthe line...a St. Paul and Pacific
railroad have been burned,, and a train of
cars in ~ attempting to pass through the
fire last night came near suffocating all
the passenger& The cars were filled with
cinders and piece.s of burning : wood.:
.The amount of damages done thus far
rumor pits at $2,000,000; the actual loss
may go either above or: below that feare
before the fire is subdued:, Every one is
excited at present, rand Inoue , to fix the
losses very high.. It is, however, certain
that there never' before has: heen such a
fire in Minnesota. . - • --; -, -
and 'Hundreds ofiarmersimve been ruined;
d they have bees glad' to escape with
the tires of themselves and famihea.
. The ftreis - noui within a hundred miles
of St. Paul, and as I write Abe, smoke ,is
rolling in great, thick' elonds,:eompletely,
'enveloping everything in its fold. 'A
There bai been no rain;of late, - antiitis
now blowing strongly from the, west.'•
ASnake Story.
:The Rev. -Hr. Hankins, :`of of Ridgeitit .
gave to B. J. Ratan, esq.,of this place; the
particulars of the following -frightful
story, and to the last named 'gentleman we
are indebted for the same. Dr. Hankins
was - the attending physician, and is a man
of 'responiibility, and as the story, uures=
sonable ad' it may -skin,- comes through
only one Person of trustworthness,. we
can safely vouch for its truth: /in. - Sarah
Parkercthe - wife" of Thonias Parker, liv
ing; near'Shawneetown, had been afflicted
for some time, and about two months iv
grew worse, ;and- was :troubled with 'fre
quent spasm . ' Jtist as she was recovering,
from one of these fits, while suffering very
much, her 'attendants four
snakes, Some ten 4r - fourteen inches long,
emwl Nom ber mouth, gape and gaze
aroxiz and then' seek a hiding. place
atriong the hair' of ter head.` These Abe ,
doctor secured and placed them inajar of
watel; and fed_Them on sogarto keep them
About 'hoer_ after the -four
snakes -came from' her
,mouth another,
much larger and iiiitlY - .threiquarters of
any inch in tliatrieteri crawled en far
that. 1/41.. - ,Pitriter canglit sight of it, when
the %miry - tposm;'," An effort
was made - by the" physician to. seize - this
one. with his tweezers,' but it 'illean*ed
down - her throat. "Tit:snakes -Captured.
wereins wii ban, stated ttettreen tea and
is - tame long;zud' thk' ilottor
sCriVelithentvii - hearty:4 large tut
guzei.;-;They:: bid lieenliar" joint
about an inch and. i s half - tad 4f. their
heads, and Were-of - a darkish briiwriao -
Thetgamdaksual. as if strangers to light
atuniti`tf stijivti. Two or three of the
_..`._...._.M55:-:_.,.~~:~~•.._ ..._
snakes were Sent to physiciansmid natur
alists in Chicago and St. Louis, and these
seieritifyfri writes back thatthey belons
to no s les knowdba them or found - in
natn or scientific 'history. Idrs.Parker
lived itbout• two Months after this terrible
cieowrence, sod !lied in:title -2d, loam.
Owing to objections by hei bushind,; no
post mortem , examination of the bbdy
Was had.--Lontibias (3/4 Ledge,.' '
An InUentous LusatittirtionicithEn
use suite Hospltal• •
r''BetWeitit one ntid-tatd Wchicryesterday
Morning ceder Swoyer:diecoverect a man
on Market Street its his bare feet and har
ing thrown around : his 'atoniders a large'
army. blanket.i:.tOn approaching:the
turnal pedestrian and • engaging hint in i
contersatibn the - fact was revealed. thatlMl
VMS an _ escaped lunatic. -:The. officer then:
conducted About bait
past yesterday -..laoFaiag]
natur 4 Wits . brought' 'before IlLe . .;_• - Ittayor,'
'where heztyo a history r his e, and'
the reasons *high thipetled c..m - fei
cobise permed. - 'lkaahl,rhat' hi ' Marchl
last he attended a hMtpenitietrtneetin'g
- York, at which-the'Reir: Fennel Coombe,
ce„, After , the discourse he - approsithed
Ipxrayerettoe, took him by' the'hand and
calle4l.him an ' "ignorant niaantebablt."l
IlOhns thentitkeiteto . the' alnistanittnad
anbseqUently'remnirAd:tO the,state. liMatitt
:hospital: tVhenl he' euterekthe latter 16
ltitution be theight it' was, Tot,
poSnOt.,heingtmAjeuted to an exatainatiMt
retes.erMin whetoefhe 'Vas insane.'
*end of=tbiti - cgOMel'has tidniiiostt 4 ed .. t4
himthe first night : and the`next morning
sakaelaaatiaLthel.'shaie of a big dose
of 'magnesia; t - .tittett then,`,bis "hill ' , of
fareswitE,caloinet and - magnesia;':'4fter I
.heiugin the hespital three months he told
the enpetintendeutthat he bad 'nigh ext.
Mutated his patience In waiting for the'de:'
sired eiturtination,lakthat he would Air
the dactirr thre'Mantltii 'mere' to rtailtb
'amends ibx - hisshertedminga No change
catne‘at the, expiration of:the 'above Pet'-
iod(and:the'pelient, trespairingor havink
!lib) hopes realiiiii,ttleviiettmeane for - 0-
calk,: S first Maya Was"to smuggle ,
cam - knife intolla apartment (which Was
on. the'secondlteiy) 'to cht"Ont - his 'wa i l'.
SecOndly; he prOCured a , which e'
converted' into hook. 'Thirdly, be
fortad rope out ,of some - Of . ' his bed,
clothW.' Oa' Tuesday night, having been
prOvlded with all the availableaniilll4leti,
'he:Cotinneiteed thew - ork 'of 'evacuation
real - earnest:,, .onretieittg Ida. clothes. its
was eastentaty,,' were - left ;" the •en t 4,
with' the door separating him From theta'
locked; At , the upper end of the door
was a small hole, through' which he in.:
eerted the Wok and after' donsidetable
difficult/ had - hie patimpx rewarded 11,1 a
bite. Ho Pullet:Vend - drew Pa:ata
taint through the.aperture. ot',3'et fully
equipped he.threit,out the bait the second
time for his boots, but_ they iverostabborn
and would `ltot•,•bite.'n' Pealing that' he.
might,be detected the. wateprnda tr he
did not • cease fishing 'the Pastithe' was
ahatidOned: I 'M then cut the guards lof
his windowaad fastened one end , of !pis
improvised rope lto, the ,bed 'PoSt;
the.atbei was thrown out of the window,
until it readied alinoit to • the ground.
Everythingin'rearlineis be . ' commenced
th 4 dangerous' descent , cautiously anal
reached terra firma safely. Thiti was the
substance of his story: •••.•7:-.. •
In answer to an interrogatory as to why
bo undertook scodangorotti a moans to
cape the lunatic`answered: • •
"Ile either lean his Este too merit, •
Or bis deserts are small,
Who door not pat it to the touch>
To win Or hmso it aIL"
-When he camp to, the word Ydesertslhe '
audibly smiled and-said he.ludl ibad none:
of tho luxgry foramontlitt... - : I;
• The mayor told the. prisoner, after being.
fully convinced of insanity, that ;be
would be obliged to send him - back to the
hospital finm..which he had escaped. This
the lunatic did not relish, but atter - a few
words he : passively , yielded. and WM. ,ie.•
turned to the hospital by•twp_ pnlice offi
cers. Justaos_he was emerging from the
mayor's. office he- whispered to his escdrt.:
,"Will it cost - - Johnny Curwen anything
for this? I hope it mill, Charge hint like
the devil re.:: .
.The lunatic is a native of Vhainlzra
burg,. but most of his life has been sPeht.
in York county..:lle man of consid
erable •and :of rather One
oPPeatance.:• ' - als loss of -.reason is attrib
uted to mane religious excitement.' I. a..
Seasonable - Adv;eo,
' •Thci Laresof Life, , ,,eanedioal jOnmal of
sonic repute, published at Dansville,.4'ew
York,: has the following note on Vie,
which'fon.nd valuable by our read
era during the present prevalence of that.
harassing 'diseasp: .. ..-.. , , 1
`" The, conditions of living, which pre
, pare the system for ague, and .the• mtas
made exWations 'which combine, with'
these to. precipitate an attack, as well nn,.
ertood— ;non-professional Per
sons. .hui „exhausted condition. of the
frame, .no mater "whether the.cause be
weakened digestion, broken sleep and im
paired appetite, or overwork of Wahl or
bbrnally,"makkes way for the reception lint°
;the blood of. - malarious matter from
1 Ovamps, river margins, canals and stand-
inkpuddles, and is almost sure to lei fol.-
lowed by fever and -.chills.. in ' localities
where they are prevailing.. It is our ex-
Periencesthat, under these circumstances,
1 a mild, diffusible stimulant is to be found 1
soundivell fermented. lager beer, in I
hich the nutritious element of the tnalt, 1
bining 'witliAlri tonic and properties
4 :6
o , the hop, forma beverage. which I may
pronounced ii sPecifie against the Peril ,
lo takisma. • - - \ •- . d- -
We have pre - scribe:l thisprotaction from
ue and low fevers for ioarly years \ and
:ti t, almost nskedas inva
to ari tl le en as We
o co- tei,4 -- ifintit Fo
beer to be taken into the„ spa at... at e
i ati
time." The arebuntmust, of-co iie, - ,ory.
nth' the . conititutiori_:of - the liOhject."
Deligte pensons should IXiiikethenisetves ,
t 4 from five to eight glasses per, Sitting;
ris two from ', three, or, at the ;' utmost;'
four 'sittings it day. , The. more . robust
can, ,
of coarse, be less • sparing: and .bay
II ud"larpr doses alisoltitely needful ti se
t eure the full 'prophylatio effect , of 1 the
i'AliATr A .--Wherp on this slobe ca we'
gii 'beYon in
d the _ oniiiresent - Yankee?
Landing at,`Sitliji, we had: - Walked bt a
li`aort distance into the ,to*n. • when \Ve
mehed the, northeni depot of. Dr.:A jer's
mediehr* hi full display among the htits,l
shatitieisnil courts of these bored tribes..,
tnierO the.lrautiliai. hothelikoniiinea of his
iaerrypeetoral, Pills, ite. - ,- salute ma frOrd
t e exterior gl;,the '
:interior of{ a sliir.,:
Bich„shows. snore business' than .lits' l
006011; hod proves`' "that: 0104 •Eirriple"
t sure remedies are - everCinore i
ryr l
to saragelite than to onrselveiCw ere
they visit A very fireside [ Correspondent,
Meson& Sourrad. 1
A iro biol Fan.
A - letter to the neintrati Gazette from
Paoli,,hat thifoll ¢itig acconnt-of ‘ a ter-,
ble tinge d . ..i ~,. ‘['--.. . :'; ' -'` --"
Prof. 'ir bOr w spgapd by thi',Or
ange con -(Ind; topake anfitteen-.
sion in bis et air o . oepi -11 341 daY of
the fair . ` On each ascension bittlhis list
he had - check roptattached to allow the
bonen to go no hi pr-than he-desired;'_but on Patarday,eveulps; - gleptember ..49,
the 416 sing day 'of 'Me, Lilo '-doiaolit'd
the renal slip to take] im withersover it
evrofild.'"-lin litnipp, -- the -- - - editoi-vt-tbe.
Orange ,county , Union, _hid :imaged to
make dm ascent withßrof.,Wilbur. After
[inflating the balloon to-its uttntist tapac-'.
ity, lin IWO stepped intottbe can The
pthfessor lad hold of,finEroper which , o t,
tactic& themit to.Hisaiballoon, andittivc
the word r let go.".;iiroin some, Unite he
,failed:toleach the, car in time. [ At the
car teginito xiee,•?tbfiuNik-ltept Judd of.
the rope; add, attenipted-[ to get; -in: - .41e
sneeelidedin. getting his elbow mover [ and
inside ths edge of_ :his bes4et,lbio , .liutd,t ,
loutside told feet dangling - linthe aid and:
in this' perilous position started :.tnp.
, When about fi ft een or twenty feet 'front:
[ the ground the car uune :in oentactmith
one of the .ropes [that-held- thellalleen,
while being inflated, - end , threw Mr,
;Knapp onti.whe fell to,the • ground, -,ans.,_
1 taiiiing considerable injury. The balloon
[,hem lightened of,the weight;[ shot. CPI
' ward almost with the sw.iftness of an an.,
' row.l.,:Prof. Wilber .still cliniig to the
i basket and endeavoring to gain the car,.
ascended to the height of too
one mile,
as near as Conldhe gusrsedond.whenat
that attitude thh speetatars were: horror-.
- stricken - to see bim fall,* the earth;-
lt wss.trnly a heurtrending - miectaele,
and one which we' may' hope to never see
again.' Men and:vamp shun ti ag, A riek
nig, screaming and falling upon."their
kneesoitid in the anguish of theirlearts
imploring heaven to 4notcot..hini: [But
prayers and . `sympathy more. inivniling.
The professor-Milliken high iirinAlia - mr,
with-face dowe l Ignite's' legs extended.-
' hii WO in .0 clients? Motion descending
at a fearful speed. lb was. ahotit . one
minute' , in' falliiig,ind struck - thee:earth
withhis head first,,bursting it open. The(
, Maud of the fall was heard by the citi
zens of Paoli a halEntila from the .place.
His hat, which came pif &Sew seconds be-,
foreith started, felt within four feetiff.him
sherde after ho'reached the ground,L he.
having passed it about midway,down. -
The balloon rose to an immense height,
'end -taking , a northwesterly, direction,
landed some three miles from the scene. '
His body wag takerita:tbe Albertbouse,
in Paoli, and tared•fijr,by hit wife, 'who
witnessed the terrible:tragedy. ;
, It is stated by.;*lgo .persons ,present
that - Mr. Knapp gato,Abe wnd. to. "let
go" before Mr.,,SY:, gained the car. ;
The BlilapAarl , GT fitintsspeara,
You pay a shilling-to see tile heap and
museum. _ Tile :firkotpe., of the .kiteheii,
occupied up to the fill( half of this - cen._
taryJiy it botcher, ,is,,Of eno,rmottsileflee. -
ity, and uot uniike thew , of. the raineritu
the Sidmis: •There is gothing in. any, of
the , four or five rooms; tip and down
stairs, that .is .worth .seeing, save the
name of Walter Scott cut, on the street
window of the room . above the, kitchen,
where Shakspeare was born. I looked
out of this broad window, made up• of
little six inch lights; and saw s ting 'the
postoffice of the town iris , xiDnesite. _I
alto saw au old, womanyWith a grey IRV&
donkey hitched in the ihafts of a cart of
vegetables. She was talking with a shoe
maker, who sat iii his , door with:. uplifted
hammer. A maimed baker pipsed by ,
with a basket of breed on his head, sing -I
, big to himself, and. that was..4l . - I could
see or Healy street, Stratford,,,as
k I looked • out of the window, : threugh
which the light fret!came to Shakspeare. ,
All the walls are iliirk with ecortfuSion
of. names. In a room beloti hangs a card,
on which are transcribed the. four lines
written by Lucien Napoleon on the. wall:
The'soriginalwas Whi washed over l by the
butcher, or some of-h ti ijk; and is.. barely
visible.: lathe tidos thituld belonging
to and back of the building ; are planted
all theeehrubs; tree a &;flowers named :by .
the Peet, sod they_l .. , very. Well, indeeti,
considering that man are notilf English
growth-or kind. 7' _ . .....f, ~.
..In. the sm oscura - 6u fli ttle die O r f interest
'amen than seine beautiful modern . busts
and pictures,". and ,:splendid s editious : of
Shakqeare's works ; ,, Let me here Confess
that in all the busts, fromthosondoruing
the doors of:shop keepers to thespointed
one above his best, that came. to : my no
tice iu England, - and - they are. legion, I
have seen no featureiiireflectiop,of gant
let or Macbeth. The . great
,gold. ring,
taken from the dead titan's hand, had 'for
me a strange attraction. It is much like
that flat crowned ahnea rings Worn by.
miners of, the Pact* pac " coast,. and.has " N.
S." cut deep in the . aurface. Here is also
seen the only. letter. preserved ;that was
written to Shakspeare. • Itasks a loan of
.£2.oL—an' enormotis'aum-in . those. days.
There are many faitlpaPent in which the
poet appears as plaintiff, and. allow that
be had a pretty kern
.eye to blisinesa par
ticularly where he sues a man for.. thirty
shillings' worth :of malt.„ Perhaps the
modern young rhymer,-who cultivatei-a
contempt for money, had as well stick a, and question,with himself whOth
er or, not, after all 'the ,Scorning of prac
tical things is netO sign.. - rather of swealc
ness than strength of mind. , Passing out,
to the street, and turning to Attke a last
look at 'this' house -which- . most ,of. the
greatest of the earth of the last two bunx..
dred years have entered,- I. read :on- the
door the tilneandterms elf admissioniand
over the door a-reward ,Of 191 Arauld ..he
paid for the apprehension of any one•
caught defacing the building.—fhmr/and
The December Eclipse 'of ,lbe sun..
On the 12thAf snit. Decenibp . there is
to be a total eclipse of the 131211.' It ` will
be:visible Close by Arabia, 11;0 In the
open sea. It will traverse the Northern
Par.t - $4 , the Indian :, Peninsula: ,, lt *ill
thence pass neross Ilia northeinextreinity
of Ceylon; it willoapt touehland again
rvael)4 the.soutli of Bantam' and
he Western eitre.inity of Jai. Vico&
will crais the northerti, parts of Ane.;.
tralia\and.exetjatln some- of
istanacNt the .Pollynesian . groap; it will
Rot be seen again'on laud. The Goirernl?
mead of erope,_ particularly . that,, of -I
Great Britials - are . preparing bitend s tinV
e.xpeditons td.the available; points of olk.
.servition; aid; Ititvstated that some
the the best istroiletaters of Great Britian
and Fratice,•encoliragedby ulta
the experiinentl'inadn- the•aceasunt of
the last solar eclipse, determined at
all hazards to find:their walr'. to Java, and
froin thatpoirit'orrobsirilkon 7 46. exam:.
inn once paorks,io:l4lll:ta Aid. that
once can *give;: . th'et snilrs
action, if any, the United Staten- will
take in the matter Ida not. - ,tiw& Vitae
known. -
groat &wpm
.- - 7 izr 42LIOIebtiliklITtne." --, c , I
. . , ...
.... . .
DAVorlsr butrast me. t a niati_ i Pastor, I
Babbah BerMam.7.l t •",1 1 :Viri.. XL 7 0 1. 7 P.m. I
Imblaith School # - - • /11 m.
PrlVlß.Meet4MlYfaxmoday Erg Ling...; .... I . A Ix
cittroub envizon. , , me.. J. sir
Eddratb Servicca, Second Sunday In each Idonth
Sabbath SchooL.
Lmmedlatel7 bdbre Nam
EPISCOPAL ElltrIICE. JILT. E. A. WAnumam.ltector.
Sabbath &Men IO,X a. In. =SW
5eedketek00t..3.a.:4.).ti. .1214 .
WrOk~raCtlittli •L
METHODIST EPISCOpAL ....Tter. A.D. Atimairons.
„ ftertfttl ......................
&heath School
rmior Metthlgi ThandMz.:j..,,...?:44,.. 3 . 30 p.
itESBYTERIdIg 5=39g... :16T:Z 1 / 1 7.4 11 ,
1104th 5tritket.....,,,,,..19.45 m.
Bab tb . BahooL :: t.. :;1”
payer Nettled. Thalls l3 7,grlgrE , 714 P. M.
4 0 1 !°‘ Rtninahatntok4 - y
Quite a iedpits i l/R , .*tOod in;Pinghluit'Am,
uu Potty. I l izht;ebirc . on. Pi:nal istiegt, }twat
O c k
faitory, Steven per worts,, ostroliki
stablo and dwSldnenniiather valiutlilriOvikgrty;
turiontipg innstizyated vplyc to oyer s4o,lXll;i—.
insorailie, 00,004 '
PuDtlo Diseurneitti,
Wl3 are 111401010 ti.BelinOteetOr ! sever'nl
puhlie donments,,ooigiriiiihlsn4y:nrthe
orien6rai . Ln'ryi" . ,pasiiid tiro last` entoga. 'Off the
Hensitorialleinsferoci Itiotetingf.: et;
The Conferees al' the Nth fictintorLstbistrict,
'Composed of the counties of.Bradibrd, &twine.;
bans;' Wayne and , ,Wyomthe convened
tunkitananck thito, an theiddglititisilienieurt
Suequa.—John Dusenbery,a-B. Haw-
Watsci-Abekenii;;. • c ,
VirTosimei -- .-VilfiaMidl: Fiati,',Yohn4elrsofti.
! 00 - Motion, Williamiltist4iw6ichosedYrea.
!dent and ' '
On nintlad 'of Col. MUM, Die follostink Tejo.
'each county the:l4th
District shalt hive 'an-banal repretientatlOn In
Conference; that Oiciccountrihill lityetnitred
to WO - Notes in this and, nil anbsequemt Cadens)
mcetings,that shall be,cocomied...lsidist. ; these
ounti!m remaina diitriei.and,that all Conferee
meetings - rot - thtidistrict rshall"mect at 'Teak
hanneck. --Nst.:l4l.,,Pristr, President.
V. F,Prtim.Eif, iikeretaiy. ' •
An•lnstitute fat tenahtlWaill ;be , Wald., the
Oraded School building,
met:icing et 9 defeat ittt4Pridey tb6lBtb
find chning'cui Batmd y , tornpitent. •idatiact: `
pra trill be present; 4ducalloival addrmAt . , and
discusalona, ; with !ideation hi* Friday'
Teachers or airfOil and • Ohtani' districts arc
to' be Ms:dui; Directowe and Citizens' airdially
invited. W. Tram, CO. Superintedent.
Tho Qmobs;r. Daßy'2l.2nsne and Beptdeass,
of Septentisir 21; 1871, says :• • , Waterday '.niorti
ing, in Trinity Clittroh, Bishop Clarkson admit.;
ted Ur. Robetts , tinil Eli FrankiD 13nlintd
to the holyrtiriieri*Deitotnis. T6eis4mort . trotti
St. lotin,1:10;-moasfitselpict by thater.'JninElt'
Pottersini, , anti!. qhWitatidi.dates*rti ptesentad
by the Rcv. John dasituin'• ' '
Illoci,to Keep gloves 1111aeli,,
Few boniekeepers have thne'tei blaiketi ticcir
stoves every day, or even 'every- week. litany
wash them In either clean water or dishwater.
This keeps theni clean; Mat they look' brown.—
Alter a stove his been blaikened, Wean be kept
mewing very vveirtor a lung moony - copula s -. is
with paper,`evert morning: If I occasionally_
find a diorror gravy . or fmit Mos that the paper
will not take I rub It with si wet end),
do not pin on water enough to take oIT the
blacking: ''l And thht rubbing with
.paper ja a
much nicer - way of 'keeping WO:Outside
Um kettle; 6ati l ee-pid and iest-pOtbriOii:Wrid:cieir!,
than the oldway,of waahink them Winds. The
Inside - of Coft4itpotsandtesPots sshould be .
ed in cleat _water; and aiiivai is dishWates.
Ab Earthquake. ', • • ''';.
A. dispitcf!;' dfiu42 . ;•Zetics'stle,
reports tbsre'# . 4 a txitrAible:,iiiieck i:lest:Sitb
tplake l tbetO,, accompanied by, it, roaring
at:thia . ln , thfimorning:osusbeg great
,alirtii;.;, 7
AliliOuses were Ao!
sk, but nodatnage,Oga
property: The siimi q ategiyesaii aucounfof
shock of eaellquake; nt Salem. - N.. ?,;/istalf
Berm! seeoads,jaiiing houses,' windowS,' , etc. •
44. `• • •
o.lld Elurdereit - • • !,
As the Orange express train t froth Term,' 04y;
ini . prithithrtthithertatersoni.a
wthiththinti froth a window of one of the .4*
Wien picked op, le proved ttt be a ntei,d Infant'
just' expiringfrom vie iffeets of 'ilia' fall:
exotninatlen,of the gra
,ftiled to 'diecoyer 'OO
murderer.':• . • "
Wattd acelilent.
_ .
Thomascrty,of Ilopbottom, yeas run' over
on the D. Li & W. railn34, near Greif Mend:
Baturilny,fleo. 80;.say's the.Binghamtoti Xerniei.
and . his' Ixely'aiti . • two: DAS : lint lunsivit
whether he - was walking on thitnidir . Whintfie
train mita hailTeltnsldei. on 'tile' tie*
He leaves a wife, atiefive thildren; - 11‘the
iltipbottorn;s 7 He biSrelativeti r in this eltY, and
his rernalne were •brought Ha' eity for; in:.
Narrow Gauge:
Grace -Greenwood •Writes. as folloWs to the
New York Times: should have' chair:Wed
some time ago an'exCursion'on the Denvei 4 and.
Rio Grande terroit.;gatige railway'. ' , We ' , l4l,rat•
ontabentfifteen inflea:- . -m far
"as the mils twaris'
then bid: It was a' charming 'day; '.WO keit]
a pleasure eon:party of citizens arid tourists, andl
all.weatteerry, ts a 'marriage bell; 'the "Old
days, wdieir marriages Were. of some=aecdnnt '
On' thisiallWay*tt are Struck at' once Whit dui'
redOred peeP9_,rt,het . ef evetYthin . " - reee the
looSmative,,wilichSeemslike a entail variety of
the 'iron horse,.—a 'verylittle 'iiitang=to the
windows tirui , lamps In the Thd eats'
theniselires iirti briglil. pretty,'ditninativeilibtfra;;
cozy: and comfortable. It seen:alike RLiying i at
railroading estiecialry there rogrelousl
little. rielse or ragag,
,?lever ha e, op y
t a
train glale 1004 ciA; smoothly end 'quietly: . 1.4,
little engine? 'huelti4 iloWn.tcilber work
like .Chiqui4 t and made., no, Oa about:, it, Tor
several miles when; l'grieie re say'odui' =gm
ir 6 altlf4 440.4± 3 4 he he144 13 W teei
:motile:horse arid wanton "merillYP!thieP4. o f
gge P lakib l, 4F l 4 ~wOOl O .
the mei:tinging wits and drivingspikes, 7itere 7l
naorscimi4AoW l l thq keilLeted • 01 3; Tar .
spike. It was_ a. cruel task on my Amano t aar.
,e2iristlaif4.‘" ;.?Xhe 14aWal*MkeePert sakV4llat
`L'Alrovn e *aiplistborad:AsintobantlYP , Da
:Kelly thought It !wonldn i t go borne mom
lug?;; tLßtis imam-page reak-whed fillisbedto
I El rap, will be a wonderful ronto—for..bleaq
nre tut well as commerce—a 6 it: win be.aireost
rinrivled variety and - . E6ndeni•
'f tie ptolrpCdrd-trietit'{ha pletaris ilvai; stud
verlr,andplalth-iiel,ieeen Denver and' ColozAdo
Z - t3f, tire dspeelelly.Tas e galeent,
: TbbrOdal PoluloC:5
btinfincpelled fro,Xlito,P .r.une3TOiPSFO4.
• detyi Coull4nAttull..lZuagt. l / 2 1' Ittigl!o, !YAP
-Inter is abundant In our vicinity •
The Compensation of the) flttr.
lirpo the Amplean lawyer understands the
eamoOth, thatortleas ho deals with infinite
v 111 E 16 0 1 3, Pref*m la a handkraktn i r_ t tc
4titytilo . o 11r e$ he deals with just ceopoie
us barren . -.unless itte deals with truth, Theseus
truthArew Win—there is for
.him no„,ertainix.
Thgeddek, -in - our organization of41001e•
have given to the men of his calling distinguish
ed pestilen t , have-ahleided-themaipeivilegg,
else wholly unknown; they are exempt from
many of the burdens of other life, and teo •Veys.
to them ta highest honors This is baskine
'l o3 7 4ran ir i gl4.444W_
their oaths of ollicepro sworn,•to obtain_ Justice
fa all men, cind•tiii 4 the:lkea , : ittii;Xhaterican
lawyer -ought not taro:get the tradiiionsof his
profesateht Ternplarakfittgiand,ildfitteh
whose hands cornet dOwn to lilittlho methods of
the pas4nthihe'dlicti.deneeridsitia.of esolidars
bound to the service of ariVrib7: 'Theron)y fee
which he receiver is In fettono,"iiimeime e'er
not the pay for fe 6 rie.i3- 1 11 ,ir ecivlee la,
•bought service of the king o truth ' bed Of right.
lie goes forth on his„ circuit, sireh fs - a A
- of his professionrivith the' spine . deteritinidlou
• to protect the itibetind” teerusif the wrong
which seescmilateeleta Arthur., • Whorreeds
Ids help? It Is. this pair beYomalgped for
murder by a mad mots: because be is of turether
color than theirs, ond they Winfarrenit • ptt him
the wrath of centuriert Or is it some child'of
luxury, born in the purple; who tuts, tunnel and
honors and gnid.for.her mintoAat „fie does his
bmt, be it for the onefir the other;:turrets out
r'conspirney ; seism truth, though truth boldding
her face hitters; arid iminiteh the tritnnial to
Alochh , Astor The moment thatAliet 2uzwri
••can lawyer abindmirf this Posithni t 'thr; moment
that he sells justice, or the shore ofluslibe that
his services mit command to theldgkestbidder ;
the moment he says that ' tint' ring which can
send minions shirli hive trillions' wolf]i rirbile
the beggar vilth a' penny shall hawk penny's
worth,-M such tvodsof blasphemy he shows
ho her no knowledge ,of what Justice .13.. Ile
abandons the *him of, one who t{cals th In
finite realities. lie has left,,,a3 pFeLOpnt, the
ranks of a liberal calling. Fie znaktn,hlonielf a
} mere craftsman, :dealing Nei.tkthießlE4q ie' and
to be recompensed with things „dlonr leave
him, gentlemen; leave him to thp::4?riiiiany he
;deserves I—Okland New.
Itstory of Susquehanna County.
Rn Enrrom—Enerdinfort4ihirirceeived three
'canvhssets,-.tttl 'Went the. people 4 0 .0.401 t
,prebend what Is yet necessary, toprocum appb-,
llsbed history of - Susquehanna,
apprehension also, as to:what. Is design;-of
compileeund as' to theNsoOpe Or the, wotis ,
atilt seems to exist, notwithstandiagYner
publication ofits table of contents,„ One person
• hoagies it When .Wernan's flightshook „Many
consider, it a work that concerns the compiler
and he'rigeritsnione—a cateltpenny aftair{n e d
say,to the canvasser, "We would, like to gull.
scribe to help you'," Some, on the contrary, re.
Argo, tit? latter, ,thinking the book cun he,pur.
chased hoax the foniaer lay and by' ate
,Thts Is a Mistake. 'Ever,t bOttietiold ; in
' the county , ; is to he' Soliclted by the caniasse'r,
and Wes ao part Of MY design io diminish ids or
tier profits. Others, from repeated disappoint.
Iments, have decided never tosubscibe (hr antith
rer boOk, but say they will purchase a Watery of
the County rchin it is.platvd in , their Jusnds,
all such distinctly understand that , the-number
• of subscribers will determine the .number e.
books to be printed, for sale within the county.;
and also, the time of publication.
My p ropoppositiog hasheen,that, whenever
the history should be written, the people would
be ready to print it its essential points, to
hazula... Must In
the came .., Tkeir: aria➢L'c•-
ment and the selection Of minor material ; alone
remain to the compiler, niter the - facts are ascer
tained. Subscribers risk' the 'former, and also
possible to the latter. .
Though knowing my &Ts-angel:bent. the
Printer could.notho closoluntil a sufficient mum
her of subscriptionsehould he received+. L. have
inirsady taken irdilatnlyl atePi tatitual ptii3lic!P•
Won. More' thin afdoien'drawingi for the en
graver have been forwarded to Philadelphia.—
The map of the county alone will cost the about
$7O. It will be taken tom the new survey. In
addition, there are anumber of diagrams inns
trating the original alio of the townships::'
eral portraits of tarnierand Of the present props
mett of , the county, will, embeillsb , the
'want, In these both partleaordl be
represented. Berntinge of several lities of
Interest ate expected. But, iiiiiief.poptio cur
me to publish the work belbralbe'peo Plc of the
County by their subscriptions; say, !We will
pay font:* ' •
Many of Mir fanners 'itaw , thinit thritgreSs-•
huppera-avia-t.iat /aim raemadricartheir_in
come the present year, they mustwithlwild their,
Support from the enterprise, 01}
not be ehansed, publication will tutavoidably
postponed until aftera favorable season. I can
incur no pecuniary risk after having given three
years to laborious rerinch' r e nd careful
lotion. , The follciiiing canvassers, iiairp'alrfaidy
been 0E 1 5 , 4 1 4
Ararat: .. - .Taxables 150— —J. C: Bushnell
:Auburn ~ J. O. & IA Lacy'
Bridgewater • .420 James Sidman&
Brooklyn' • ."......,...2063115s Mar:Carden
Clifford - - 404,...Davidliurdiek
Dundaff " 66
Dim0ck......,"„.„.... t ,..304.Mr5. Geo. Newton
Franklin ' 263: M. Park
Millmore :
Gibson. .. ..." ..... " c,. A. Abel
Great .
284.1 kilo` Qittnsey
Ilarford:. '• " ' • 450... Chris El,Perkini
Jackson ' •826 :elope I+ bee
Jessup " ' 210. Miss Laza Young
Lathrop' ." 278 " Phebe E. Lewis
• Len0x......" .456 " Carrie Hartley - s.
Montrose...,'„ . . .473 ", DL , . 8. - . Baldwin
blew . , Williams
•'. . . .185: .511 s. M. L;DaVis
Oakland . —.85 Willtant R Tirdtei .
Mab .. .. ... .864.. , .-Perker..L.Bates
Silver Lake.... "...*
It Gage
Springvild 266.51i5s LituraC.Oates
Susq:', Depot , ‘ „i: - • Purple
Blandit i
A 6w . cif. the townships, lt,will 'bet ieri;elved,'
are not yet potitively appropriated, ..
Montresc, qta r 11,1871.
candy Eattim
The " Hearth and , Mime" Imo= the • fidlowing
On thisubject of 'candy Shall I let My
children eat randy? is a'.questiort?arTwideit
parentsnronotiethries nuzzled: ).Thia la not !Mr
prising, tor. doctors - and ' , doctors -books 'differ
upon t 4lienitdClitaireitlrthrtandtis
cvo l s e .ticitiOditl i t s 1 41 1.
6 gvekeAty that IThimeandi% are at mos him_
tun) may)* eaten at „discretion., tic ther
sitio is gtdie right. The chief Injury, vixiaii* do
*Uinta spoiling tho appetite'_ rot Quier
lytirVlbonintly,:made,' coloia mind,
luta Thus gni- 03 "miO1110:10'
Whitbeet juice. „.)3ut it Is safer: on.thcmhile to
stick: to the white candb44.whieliAremado,ot
m*l'lolE44 flavored: , Tigi louts of is
t9fivairldnPPeti*: i il 4l4 . ll f in .
- whii, , tunid. tont° sacolnwitio -
than grown prows. Nit - theionioulif tte tpg s
tilloweitto Ot Seger to.tho ezelutdon lial.ttior
tocleL'N'clovourinric*ldy in lingo toruitiiies .
betvicon - wietai.they ',pelt' ippititi, , ond.
often IP* t*lr ,4 4.Sest!on 419'
sertons objection-to coinyr , • 41: gocill, rule.
iotlfo minter hi to private the child IYinll.foging
-candy Ell near to meal times as WltlitkOittt
leinie A full p4te of breakdon or dinner. But
On' a meal' hf ip osn eat umuch as he cbeetats
without preocr. PIT& WifiiilitdAte for the neat..
GilAllinerdaten'at the right time b
t.f. '
. 1 ; cry
,:.„ -Ir.. - to. " :
* co l . i" wile° . 7 ism ttz z sus
DED BXWE Plth WerGAL /Mt Vi Tan i; , .
''''' - ---- HARVORD . -
1 1„ nelditeptember 27th and 28tb, 1871. -
.!' , ...,k) chiii...ll.olso.-Sabahlortis 1. d.), . hf... ..
144 Draft or Cum Stallion Wm. Chandler.. . -..... 414 ID,
..Aliteat D.L.ltos ,_, - - - .ICW '
Deal Rood Manion Ji...ic' Watt
BIM. R. Page, 140 ,
Beet.eillr „matched Ocara'PerrrtoOlio,..L.,... 410
0. 11 . 11 ca Mr" - ' • '
~.. ' 4 "^t...- 4 Cri
Biht Pair limes for all erotic L . W. Moore.. .... .... 4CO
ital. 11.' whiturt - - —-- ,:. - $ elk
hatetAusts driAtitlmtapahouvren.... 1 ...... 1 err
:gd!Wm. T. Mo ire' - : II 00
um motesee Dal E. D. Goodrich .4:, •- a 011 .. i.
,hd.7„; &Belcher ! ;.....0 40ti
f ,
_. Casa 11-Colts and italtnah.DßlMoir: -, ' ,• i 4, .
i Sir tie. eitairoldColts;N yancoth.«. ~... • et ". . .
IT. atTenbutr„.. ..
_, - . . - - ' - t
aiPairremyearoidadal4. , ll.Ahlrtebv...'. ..:;: ti :• l2 .
. Spencer Lattrop. • .......-;..-.. .....- ... ..... ~....I.o*,
4 6,
o.4Threarearold Colalli. O. Diattop,.., .. .. . is., &WI
ihrIVG.. Batt .l 011 . I r,
Bert Tno.year..o W. MUIR. - : 74 ... •.,,,,... ',St.
IMst - One.year.o George- W.Eits' la ' ' ut0g.....
Maar 1-Cat IdOes..4handiSidturfg*Dirimuiti.
hist Durham tt crier tarOlaarohi4.' M. - reatai..- 4 0 0 • .f.
Atli: Ct. C•cmillin..u , ............ ~..,.......,......r,. hip,
Beet Durham HMI am one.mpold 11. D. Boildla; 0
Seat Durham Bolt Calf J. M. Potter_,... .. „. .„„ fin
Best Barham con orer Mr...year otow.c.coonti_ II CO .. •
NI .7:lSt. Pottar
plcat Maths& tteardiotosstola rim. Pcitta,...V. $
'X 3.11. i otter
peat Durham Uelrer Call J. Id. Potter;. :::•
. .
„SW -
Id DEC. Conklin„'
Sub•Dlvieloß 0.4Pu1l Wad It . 'Mni. ..... ':,_
tie4lDeron Ball Atf¢ntr.oid Spbreglimn4i_ .. _ aii
am w Devon Co throa.rear-old Anbrurlimith„. IMI •
1 ' 'n't D. 4: - J. Blinker ' - ' -•
-Tit cord
ZeorDerod, Heifer crne. z. ear:old Aubrey Vimlth..... 110
..'AI Aubrey Elmlth • . -1 . ' , VP. - .
• Fl'heNotopllttee•worded,B dircretionati nremlnw ad ..
-4vies.dolltairs 1411;4 J. ker.l.oi teribsatkatil, Pt* -
Malta Ast.lgetk. time-walk oorwatOlaPsdP I.:_
04 •.,.. , -,al.
1 ? :tl
[ ' 1 : ; . , ..;abdlirlilon 15.-Aldera.m... ..,,, ..,,........
DrarAldertiag Dull over inu.yenAddWillitithalli.' 4 Sk,
i !
Lnext: Grade weer tirolcar•old * Mini Lathrop ` 'OO.-
.Be s t Gado Bull orettoitmrold; I.„ p. 8jchfi......11 00
nd %V, R, Qe! ui ro
r — ' - 1 00
:Boat GradellotCalr.l.ld. Potter...,-.„-- , ... ,
. . “::. ,,, SOl3 , E
lla% aiisda Cott D. B. Whitney. • ” • -' ~- •••24 gKt
ti.ll. . 1 OD
!eat Grade Better lOW
i4I.T; N. Cotter •
Ural °tidaT otter l:Leta two yesa-old D. T. Zee:7.. Ilk
Odd.„ B. 11*
pest Grade Helfer ranoicar-old A: B. Tacter:'
va H. C. MIMI]) ar.
13e at Grade Gaffer Calf 11. C. I OD
:141441. Putter .1.1111.„
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