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    taut and tiroide.
4owln~ and CUMni Corm'Fodder:
Corn, planted after the - first Week in
June, is likely to be caught by an early
frostand iwured.. , /iather than plant la
ter this period, it tratild be much
better to sow it for fodder. One acre
sown with three bushels of • corn, in drills
three feet apart, and kept well cultivated,
will yield as much feed,on land of equal
quality as three acres of clover or grass.
We have heard of nine tons of cured fod
der being taken *om a single acre. Of
course this must have been en exceedingly
rich land; but Why could not any farmer
make one or two apres rich enough to do
this for himself? We have cut at the rate
of four tons per acre, and the crop did
not look welt enough to satisfy us. If the
seed is dropped at the rate of twelve
grains to the foot, and twelve cured stalks
weigh a pound, which they should do if
five or six feet high, and as thick as one's
little finger, the crop would yield nearly
seven tons per acre. As soon as the Wes
namt appears, the stalks should be cut up
-or crsdled, and permitted to lie for a coup
le of days to wilt ; they may then be gath
ered into small bundles, tied up, and
shocked, well spread, and opened at the
Amts for The admission of the air. This is
an important point. Corn-stalks, thus
grown, will contain much sug ar , and need
to be perfectly well cured, or fermentation
will set in and sourness and mold occur.
When sufficiently cured, the stalks may
be stacked or put away in the barn. They
will need a ventilator in the shape of
~three rails, with short pieces of board a
'foot long nailed to them, to keep them
apart and make a sort of pipe. This
gums: be set up in the center of the stack,
and the stalks placed round it, lints out
want. If they should be put away in a
mow, two such ventilators must be pro
vided. The top must be kept open. or
only lightly covered, as much damp air
will escape. Such fodder will be found
equal le ordinary hay; in fact, better
than most hay. Cut up with a stalk-cut
ter, wetted, and sprinkled with a handful
of meal—or corn and oats ground togeth
er—for each head of cows and calves, and
it - bushel basket of the mixture given at
each feed, it will carry such stock through
the winter in excellent condition. Milk
ing cows will improve by changing to
such feed.— Warkine• horses may be kept
in good condition on three gnarls of meal
and a bushel of fodder at a feed, equally
well as on hay and grain.' A still greater
econpmy might be secured by steaming;
- but with a small stock, and on average
farms, this process is impracticable.
:Improvement of the Sell by Idle.
etianlosal Means.
atmust, be evident to every one that,
ether thine being equal, the permanent
ly productive capacity of the soil will
'bear a direct proportion to its depth. By
deepening the soil the cultivator can
change the character of the land itself,
4111241 w alter both ifs physical qualities
and change its chemical constitution, and
thus fit it for bearing other kinds of
pffinte than those which would be found
naturally growing upon its surface ; if
those should be considered desirable, he
can Very easily increase their productive
pess. But be cannot deepen the soil with
outincrersing his labor, which is the first
consideration of the farmer, especially
here where it bears so high a proportion
compared with other countries; and in
no other branch of business is the strict
est eebnomy so essential to success as in
the one we are treating of. But here
science comes to his aid and warrants the
outlay, and suggests that, if he deepen his
soil, his plants will hare a wider range
for their roots in search of food which
SUP.Ove.inetras4 growth,.that the por
tion of the subsoil brought to the surface
by'deep ploughing, will receive the amel
iorating influence of frost and rain, by
which previous, perhaps hurtful proper
ties are altered and washed out, that in
times of dronth those roots can seek the
grateliar moisture which is being condens
ed from the atmosphere within its cooler
depth; and be finds his account in the in
kireamd product tAakis crop.
The same scieliceivill suggest the fre
quent stirring of the soil to expose fresh
particles to atmospheric influence, the
use of the subsoil plow, and, where neces
sary, draining which .has been attended
with :so much benefit wherever employed.
Again the cultivator can improve nis soil
mechanically by the use of a different
kind of earth from the one to be improv
ed. Fifty loads of stiff clay to the acre,
applied in the fall, to a light sand, to be
ploughed in the spring, and one hundred
klintls of sand applied to - heavy Clay land,
and spread any time. before ploughing,
Will be found to have very beneficial ef
fects, and this mixing of soils, where nec
essary' materials are not too far apart.
(wl icli. very frequebtiv not 'the :case)
a#ords of the cheap means of improving
the soil, especially as the operation can be
carried on at each times when the -hands
and teams might-otherwise be idle. " A
still further adiantage attending this
methodis, that twenty per cent. less of
=Mare to the acre will be attended with
results in the production of a crop.—
Journal of Chenzistry.
Mow to Keep Cellars Warm.
The following -2method for -ol)taining
desirable feature, is given in the Scientific
American. The experiment was tried by
it'gentleman with the cellar of an out
-1 ouse;inwhich on several -occasions veg
etables hare frozen; although the cellar
was fortified against frost by a process
known to the farmers as "banking? The
walls and ceilings were pasted over with
four or five thickness of old newspapers.
curtains of the same material being past
ed over the small low window on the top
Of the cellar. The paper was pasted to
the hare joist over head, leaving an air
epee between them and the floor. He
reports that the papers carried his roots
through last winter, though the cellar was
left - ntrbanked; and he is confident that
they have made-the cellar frost proof We
do not counsel - the special vie of old news
liaprs for this purpose. - It is jitst as well
or Wr to use coarse brown paper.
Virhatfprer, paper is employed, it will' be
accessary to sweep down the walls thor
oughly, and to we Avery _ strong eize to
told the paper down into the.depressions
ttor: the wall; every air spaced beneath it
is an additional defense against the cold.
rural New York yOnth_latelLurent"
0'4104 bis - bride and conduct her to the
' ter ; ,+only.tti.find':tbatshe.hadeloped . and
ied.auother fellow the previous night
ire did not tear bis hair huy but just m.
narked, ‘!Pj ;ore nu glad she via roan.
lied-kit night instead of to-nigh: if she
is of that disposition."
Western Justice.
Several years ago, when the West was
comparatively a new country, an individ
ual presented himself at the door of a tog
grocery in a settleuient since abandoned;
and asked if there was ajudge in that
pliice. Upon being informed that the store
keeper himself was a judge, the stranger
proceeded: •
"Well, judge. you see the !heti , in the
case are this: I was truvelin' along with
a partner down here a piece, and he show
ed me a silver dollar which he had. Well
I popped -him under the ear with my pis
tol. Then I took his silver and tobacco
and cum along alone, but I got to thinking
the matter over, and I don t think I did
just the right thing by my pardner. lIIy
conshens has been troublin' me, and I
think cough tto 6 2 hung. Now, Judge,
if it wouldn't be to much trouble, I'd like
to have you try me and have me hung. If
you doubt the facts in the.. case, there is
the dollar I took From my pardner, and
you'll find his remains down the road_ a
piece under a log. I'll feel obliged to you,
`Judge, if you'll have me hung. '
The judge told the stranger to make
himself comfortable over at the hotel un
he could send some men down the road
to investigate the matter, and if they
found the body he would call a jury and
try the stranger as was desired. The
dead man being found the judge sammon
ed a jury, and sent word to the stranger
at the hotel,that if he would step over to
the store they would give him a trial.
The stranger appeared immediately
shook hands with the judge and jury, in
vited the court to take a drink, uud ap
peared gratefully and satisfied with . the
The trial proceeded socially, and the
tender hearted judge brought in a verdict
of guilty of manslaughter in the first de
gree. A look of anxiety, which the stran
geehad worn up to this time, faded from
his face as he stood up to receive his sen
tence. " YQII have been found guilty,"
said the judge, "of the crime of man
slaughter, for which you are undoubtedly
penitent." Here the stranger again be
gan to get anxious and uneasy.
And if," proceeded the judge, "it
meets your approbation, we will try to
hang you next Saturday morning, st 11
o'clock a. m. In the meantime, try to
make yourself as comfortable ,as possi
The stranger looked a little sad, and
the judge asked him if he wasn't satisfied.
If there was anything he could do. for
"Judge, I hate to be particular and fus
sy," said the stringer, "but haviu' the ager
and fever, the chills come on at 10 o'clock
in the mornin,' an' if you could have me
swung off before that I should feel oblig
" Of course," said the juill , je, "we always
respect a party's feeling. No trouble at
all. Come round at 9 o'clock, and may be
we'll get through before church time.'
Sunday morning at 9 o'clock the stran
ger came out of the hotel and proceeded
t) the grocery. There he met a deputation
of citizens, one of whom threw a lariat
over the tree, and as soon as the stranger
had taken a chew of tobacco and shaken
hands all round, they hauled him up.
Restoring Spring Elections.
The bill passed by the Legislature at its
last session, restoring spring elections in
1872, was signed by the Governor on the
28th of June, and is therefore a law.
Why Governor Geary kept it so long be
fore giving it his approval is not known
to the uninitiated.
The new law, is as follows:
Six-flax l. Be it ended &c., that the
fifteenth section of an act entitled an ad
further supplemental to the act relative
to the elections of this Commonwealth,
approved April seventeenth, one thousand
eight.hundred and sixty-nine, be and the
same is hereby repealed, and that in the
year Anno Domini one thousand eight
hundred and seventy-two, and annually
thereafter, all elections for city, ward,
borough, township, elections in the diff
erent cities and counties of this Common-
wealth shall be On the days and at the
times they were held as provided by law
in the different cities, wards, boroughs,
and townships in said counties, prior to
the seventeenth day of April, Anno Do
mini one thousand eight hundred and
esixty-nine, the date of the passage of th
act aforesaid.
SEcriox 2. That the term of the dif-
fereut city, ward, borough, township and
election officers in said counties to be
elected at the elections to be held in one
thousand eight hundred and seventy-two,
shall begin when the term of said officers
now in office shall expire, and annually
thereafter as provided by law prior to the
passage of the act of seventeenth of April,
Anne Domini one thousand eight hun
dred and sixty-nine. Provided, the terms
of assessors for the present year shall ex
tend until their successors are duly elec
ted and qualified pursuant to this act;
Provided further, that this act shall not
apply to any, elections provided for by
special laws since the passage of the act
of April seventeenth, eighteen hundred
and sixty-nine, and that the said elections
in the county of Clearfield shall be held
on thelast Friday in December, in each
The hours of opening and closing the
polls are unchanged. Assepors for the
present year will hold their offices until
their successors are qualified, thus con
tinning them until October, 1872.
Bocket contributes the following
sparks to a Boston paper.
Notwithstanding darkness reigns, it
may be a very dry night.
the color of the wind was discovered
by the man who went out and found it
In the course of a week you often find
a fine day.
Don't be sheepish enough to think it
bell-weather when the church bells are
Yon must not expect yop are going , to
sea-a-foot when the waves are running
The fog May be missed and yet surround
You cannot see any better with a light
breeb, nontellithe weight of the wind on
a balance sheet. - -
Chickens are not always plenty in foul
When the mercury stands at ninety de
grees in the shade, you had better sit
down yourself; you msy sit up,•however,
all eight. . •
If you are out in a ,driviag sbur,don't
attempt to hold the rime.
-When you am in a melting , -mood; it
may be because the heat iglu-tenet". .-
71urri-ames need iot,bi' .looked fr
stiokey weather.
glav gdvationutnto.
Tuscarora Academy,
The lath t3chool•year begin' September 6th. Location
halithfrd, attractive and well adapted to physical devel
opeme.nt. Free from loafing places and saloons, the in.
filletlCCl era moral. More Ulan 3 1 ?00 young men have
here been prepared for Col ege or ulness.
Terms moderate. Applyfur circular, to
D. D. STONE, A. M.
Mutual Fire Insurace Co
years.dtoc.k, has beim doing business thirtyone
tilx years It has laid no assessments, and the
average rate or assessment during the thirty-one years
has been 934 mummer, a 'mu' The assessment for the
year Jest ended to 214 ran awe., and ths Company has
a dear surplus Myr an tia4litka.
L'4oll. isems- 4W acres superior MITTS O. Tit.
stn land. near Loekhaven, Pa. Flee thousand acres
Hawn' Meant land, Potter Co., Pa. P. W.lihnuezn,
Geologist and Engineer, Pottsville. Pa..
111 00i BEERThis wholesome, agreeable,
and refreshing summer hewer •
age can be easily made at about
0 6 coats p_or gallon, with
Ascnicaasim a lanuan'o Genuine goot deer 'Extract.
Ask for it at your store, or send IS cents for iv vial and
directions to 400 North Third Street, Philadelphia.
A GENTS WAR . f o i the
A.L Trees:us euterlceza calLeiliree
Liss Firm - nos. Br Ue. Narnr.ra, author of " The
Physical Life of Woman." It relates to the mak se
Is fad of new acts ; delicat e but outspoken ; practical
and popular , highly endoked; sells rapidly. Sold by
subscription only. Exclusive territory. Terms liberal
Price $2. Address for contents, lie.; J.. G. FERGUS &
Publishers, Philadelphia, Pa.
Agents Read This !
MOPE WILL PAY Agents a salary of:ISSO
U Per Week and Expenses, or slum • 1117,S
COMMiIII4OII to sell our new stud wouderfttl Inseutious.
Address M. WAGNER & CO., Mundial!, Web.
Shrewd but quiet men can make a fortune by revealing
the secret of the business to no one.
Address EDGAR 81188, 688 Broadway,
s•Now York.
3.. cs a a elk- x. we .11 B.
GRAND GIFT CONCERT andlDistribution for tho
Ilene& of the
Foundling Asylum of the Sisten of Chnrit)
In the City of New York, ono SOLDIE'RS' and SAIL.
ORS' ORPHANS' 1101 IE, Washinuton, D. C., to IN held
In Washington, D. C., under and by virtue of a permit
from lion. Commissioner of Internal Revenue, on
TIIITIISDA T. JULY rth. positively.
Alter the Concert. the Commissioners will award to
the successful ticket-holders.
1,003 GIFTS AMOUNTING TO $200,000.
25.000 Ticwwrs only will he sold, at $5 each. Hon.
It. Meem.i.ouun, of Elkton. Ild„ Major Gam T. Ceerm.r..
Baltimore, MEL, Commissioners. lion. Jsee S. Neater.
C.. Pltteborgh, Pa., Trustee.
Refetynces:—MaJor-Gen. D. Hunter. U. S. A., Wash
ington, D. C.; Hon. Jas. S. Negley, Pittsbumh. Pa.:
First National Bank. Hagerstown. Md. ; Anpleman
Co.. Bankers, Hagerstown ; Hon. li. d. Brent, late Attor
ney-General, Baltimore; C. F. Abbott. Es to p. o.
Avam, Baltimore: John 11, Fowler, Erg.; AV q., .
U. My
ers & Bro., Exchange Pince, Baltimore.
Deed of the heal Estate, certified to by connect, In
hands of the Trustee. .
• • •
Tickets and art-Mars can be had of P. C. DEVLIN,
General Agent, Stationer and Printer, No. 81 Nassau
StreeL Now York- Tickets sent C. U. ,if desired.
Send for Circular, containing description of prim.
Ticket's for Sale also bPRILZT & SARCIENT, at their
News Stands, Philadelphia. Harrishargh, Pittsburgh,
ate... and on line of rennsylvanLa Railroad and canner..
published on averypaekage, them
fare it is seta mast preparation,:
It is a certain cure for Bagfuls.:
Syphilis in all Its forms, Shaman.
tism, Skin Diseases, Liver Corn
. laint and all diseases of the
will do more good than ten bottles
or the Syrups' of Sarsaparilla.
have used Routilarui in their melee
for the plat threeycars and freely
endorse it as a reliabk Altsrativo
and Blood Purifier.
DR. T. C. POOR of Baltlencla.
IDR. R. W. CARR. "
D 6. F. O. DAN N.F.LLY,
DR. 1.
y & SPARKS, of fileholaaville,
DR. J. L. BIeCARTHA, Cobunbl4
S. C.
DIL A. 11. NOBLES, Edgecomb, N. C.
J. B. FRENCH & SONS, Fall Rime,
F. W. SMITH, Jacksnn, Mich. .9
A. F. W HEELER, Lima, Ohlea.
R. HALL, Lima, Ohlo. s. •
CRAVEN & CO., Gandensvilla, V&A
BAWL. O. McFADDEN, Marfrear .
porn, Tom
Our spate will not allow of any es:
tended roinstke in relation to the
virtuesof flosidalls. Toth* ladled
Profession we itionntro a Fluid Es.
trietsuperlca to my they hare me
used in the treatment of disused
Blood; and to **afflicted Ire
th.fs, sad you will be
to hea
Randall, Is sold try en Droggiste
pie. $1.30 per batU. Address
Dll. GM= & CO.
diserleasrivg Chesaitec
my ID. MI. ly
Baltimore, 7
Worth of Goods in store for the opening o
the Fall Trade of 1870, in a full and
general assortment of
and Gene'
Dress, and Fun/Mug. and Fancy Goods
In Empran Colts, Deanna, Merinos, Footing,
Caicos, Man*, Corsets,embasuct Fdts, and &cp Skirts
Ladiss and Cos , , Fuss. Bytrato Robes, Fancy Lap
Robes, OW assortment of Cloths, Cassirnems.
Ladles'Clottui, Flannels, Harkry,
Darnestts Cottons, Qv, dz.
with a g.e.neral assortment of Hata and Capa,
Boots & Shwa, Oils and Paints, Groceries,
Crockery, Hardware, Stoves, Iron. &c., furnish
inr a superior opportunity for selections, and
will be sold on the most favorable terms, by
S. 331:1XIMILX•Iur
cw Millar& Nor. 3C WM,
mon Spectacles, • now supply, for sale joy E_
Montrose. N0v.10.1869. ABEL TURKEL
Good Neva to the Bolden alto Wee of 1812
ALNDTGtiII3 WIDOWS 1 --Congress has recently peas.
ed a Law Granting Pe/Minns of Eight Dollars. :I n.
month, where there wassflerstce of Sixty Days or c et r.
For mazy of you I promised Land Warrant., from odd
to Mid, and my records and papers, then made, famish
now the important feels necessary in Drorarlog Pen.
slow. and persona bringing or sending their claim, to
my ales can have the Tree benentof my retards. and
tbeishasiness will be promptly attended to at rates es.
tablised by the law L. P. FtT °l
lontrase. Muth 0, MI. a'
subscriber offers his hum at Silver Lake,
Busquelmnrus Co., Pa., contains over 120 acres
100 orlo.l of which are cleared and undercultiva•
Lion the land Ls well watered and goodfor eithez
grain or grass, there aro between two Ind three
hundred grafted Apple trees on the placchesides
peach, plum, and pear trecs,lhe hum Is conveni
ent for churches and schools with gOod bttfd
100,130 rods south of Quaker lake,' the farm Is
a good one and admirahly_located. luldosul or sp.
ilvetLake. bustia• Co. Pa..3larch.B '7l. Sm.
_Dried and Canned Pratt, Vegetable*. Le. AA,
st the E teetteesac nds! beverfth Itastlirs. • A . 11.11IILLAND,
Washington Street,
Binghamton, N. T.
Where you will find
The Largest Stock, the Best Assortment, and
the Lowest Prices of any house in the city.
N. B.—All Goods sold warranted as represen
Binghamton, Aug. 24, 1870.—1 y
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
For Diseases of the Throat and Lungs,
moth as Coughs, Colds * Whooping
Cough. Bronchitis, Asthma.
lad Consumption.
Probably never before In the whole history of
medicine, has anything won so widely and so deeply
upon the confidence of mankind, as this excellent
remedy ibr pulmonary complainta. Through a long
tortes of years, and among most of the races of
men It has risen higher and higher in their anima.
lion, as it has become bettor known. Ito uniform
character and power to cure the various affections
of too lungs and throat, uive made it known as a re.
liable protector against them. While adapted to
milder forms of disease and to young children, it Is
at the same time the most effectual remedy that can
be given for Incipient consumption, and the dam.
geroul affections of the throat and lungs. As a pre
vision against sudden attacks of Croup, It should
be kept on hand in every family, and Indeed as all
are sometimes subject to colds and coughs, all
should be provided with this antidote for them.
Although settled consumption is thought in.
curable, still great numbers of VIMs where the dia.
ease seemed settled, hare been completely cured,
and the patient restored to sound health by the
Cherry Pectoral. Se complete I. Its mastery
over the disorders of the Lungs and Throat. that
the most obstinate of them yield to it. When nab ,
leg else could reach them, under the Charm Poo-
Coral they subside and disappear.
gingers and Public Speakers and great pro•
tection from It.
.dathmo Is always relieved end often wholly
owed by It.
Bronchitis Is generally cured by taking the
Cherry Pectoral to small and frequent doses.
For a Cough and Cotd, no better remedeean
be had. Take small doses three tunes a day and
put die feet in warm water at night, until the
disease Is broken up.
For inftaninza, when It affects the throat or
lungs, take the same course.
For Whooping Cough, give small doses three
or font times a day.
For Croup, giro large and frequent doses not!
PM disease Is overcome.
Zit family should be without the Cherry Poeta.
rat on hand to protect them, to ease of attack,
from the above complaints. Its timely dm often
spare, the patient a great amount of suffering and
risk, which ho would Incur by waiting until he
could get other aid. Parents, keep It In your houses
for the exigencies that arise. Lives dear to yott
may be saved by it.
So generally are It■ virtues known, that we need
not publish certificates of them here, or do more
than assure the public that the best qualities it over
possessed are strictly maintained.
Prepared by Dn. J. C. Area d Co., Practical
and Analytical Chemists, Lowell, Maas., and sold
all round the world.
Sold by Abel Turret), and Burns dr, Nichol+,
liontnase, and all druggists and dealers every•
where. . 1 Dec. 21, 1870—y
ar O. F. Mirt.CPl7l72J'a9
'l_4 I. 1%/' I WC M 1\1"r
in offering this Liniment to the public, as we de la
MI confidence, that it must supersede all otkere now In
use. as an Internal remedy. for the cure of all diseases le
the reach of that elms of median., we can safely avocet,
without the least fear of contradiction, that it stands un
rivaled In the list of medical compounds externally ap
plied for the cure of disease. Feeling therefore that It
le unnecettaary to puff a remedy ro eminently wonderful
in Its effects, No mysteriously infkilible In Its powers of
relief. causing theoleat to hear, the blind to see, the oar
Tons. drawn and crippled rheumatic to walk erect sod re
joice again in the power and vigor of manhood. this pre
paralton Is offered to the public on its own merits. ani
claims no volcanic origin or essential oils of the Arabi
an deserts ; but on the contrary Is what Its Imports, ant
Is a rare ecnnbluation of the powers of North Amer],
can products,
Sow Toni. Dee. 14, BM.
Tble notice to to Inform all denten , in proprietary
medleinee, that we hare cetabllehed a Depot In Sumar
limma armory at Itoutroim. Pa., for the sale of Dr. C. P.
Broern'eliming American Liniment, and that Mr. A.
BALDWIN la Wagent for that parpore.
131) %intern Street, 'New York
Agencies will soon be established at centml places In
every township, and published in the list below. lam i
ready to furnish It at wholesale prices to agents. Poet.
ern and circulars seat free upon application to the sues
The Liniment is now for saleat retail by the follow
log agent., to wit :
Boron A Nichols Montrose.
A. Terrell, • ..
E. L. Adams Auburn 4 Corners.
Noah Baldwin, South Auburn.
Waltman & Vosburg, Skinner's Eddy.
D. C. & F. R. Fordbam, Franklin.
1. Burrows & lions. Stevensville.
L. M. Shenvood, Rushville.
R. T. llandrick, Springville.
William Thayer, Dimock.
Ii B. Beardolee, Little Meadows.
Robert Winters, lerlendsvllle.
M. L. Ball. Birchardville.
D. A. A.. Titesorth. Brooklyn, Pa.
L. B. Minds. Fuctoryvllle,
W, R. Conic, Dailey hollow.
K M. Tiffany. llopbottom.
J. B. Very, Montrose Drool
0. M. Hawley New Nllford.
T. D. Easterbrook, Great De.nd.
Tewksbury Brothers, Auburn Centre. -
Avery A Beaumont, Chtraptown.
Stevens A Leebody, Elk Lake.
N. Granger, Rush.
S. R. Stevens, Lupine.
A. J. Sitcom. Past bprinzhill.
J. L. Merrimac, Upsonville.
J. W. Roscncrants, Falrdale.
Any persons In townships not above named, desiring
an agency, may obtain It by addreciinff
A. BALDWIN, General Agent.
Montrose. Pa.
HBUS con:fenny on band one the most numer
cue collections of
in the country, end bestows wlperiol attention to sa
letting and buying articles In tan department that are
Gelds() keeps a great variety of
boned eitheidleent froth the Willer, or Importer, and
eructated strictly pure.
Alsool fail assortment of Paints, One, Vainlabes,
Brushes. Lubricating Oils and l i p traceries.
Paper. Ohm, Werosene, Who, Pistols. Goes
and lita=alo4l.
A Vine "midi ofGoldand other JELVTICLIW, Patna.
ery, 'Yankee NOTIONS, be., and other goods too on.
ingrowths mention.
Dunn several yesiipast persons bare been In the
habit of forming Clubm,mid sending loth* Great Anted
=Tee Company; New York) for their muggiburof Tits
and Ccgree,for tandly i nsa
Abe) !rump ilium eapplyinil the people 11 M than
Taaandcogca,atbinswrein Nantrone, at the tanta
pima that _thew mbt and ether pinions pay_ at, tbmi
stars tho cannOlnY In Sew York. ' Ttnts, paintimato
"La an=nilAtbaite, trouble of clubbing and
alaltat aligns at
ABU rilialll4
itentiimi.. Pe;
HEM t mos
Component Parts—Fluid Extract Rhu
barb and Fluid Extract Cataw
ba Grape Juice.
1 VIITt7 Complain; Jaundlt Billions Affections,
1: Il
nick or Nervous endache. heel:mm.oe. Pure.
ly Vcgstaqie, contalnlvg no Ile ry, Minerals or Del.
eteriuus Drugs.
These pills are the most delightfully pleasant purga
tive, superseding castor oil, suite, magnesia, etc. - Thrra
is nothing more acceptable to the stomach. They give
tone, and cause neither mull nor ping pain.. They
are composed of the finest in gredients Atter a few
days' use of them, such an Inv goratlon of the entire
system takes place as to appear miraculous, to the weak
and enervated, whether arising from imprudence or dis
ease. 11. T. tielmbold's Compound Fluid Extract Ca.
tawba Grape Pills are not sugar coated. from the fact
that sugar coated PM, do ant dlasolvv,Wat pass through
the stomach without dissolving, consequently do not
produce the desired e ff ect. TIM CATAW BA GRAPE
PILLS, being pleasant in taste and odor, do not neces
sitate their being sugar coaled. PRICE FIFTY CENTS
Will radically exterminate from the system Scrofula,
Syphilis, Fever SOIVII, Ulcers, Sore Eyes, Sore Legs.
Sore Month, Sore Bead, Bronchitis, Skin Disease, Solt
Rheum. Cancers, Runnings from the Ear, White Swell.
trigs, Tumors, Cancerous Affections., Nodes, Rickets,
Glandular Swellings. Night Stews. Rash Tatter, Hu
mors of all kinds, chronic ithemailsm, Dyspepsia, and
all diseases that have been established in the system for
Being prepared expressly for the above emnplaints. Its
blood-porifytng properties are greater than any other
preparation of Sarsaparilla, It gives the complexion a
clear and healthy color, and restores the patient to a
state of health and purity. for purifying the blood, 11 ,
moving all chronic constitutional diseases orieln4. from
an impure state of the blood, sod the only rellsbie and
effectual known remedy for the cure of pains and swell
ing of the bones. Ulcemtions of the throat and cgs.
Blotches. Pimples on the Face, Erysipelas and all scaly
eruptions of the skin, and beautifying the complexion.
Price $1 GO per bottle.
Nalmalci Elstrobers Mivaszasu.
given. every case of Diabetes in which it has been
Irritation of the Neck of the Bladder and Inflam
mation of the Kidney.. Ulceration of the Kidneys and
Bladder. ItatentiOn of Utinc, Diseases of the Prostrate
Gland, Stone in the Bladder. Paladins Gravel, Brick dust
Deposit, and - Mucuons or Milky discharger. and for en
feebled and delicate conallt talons of both sexes. attend•
ed with the fallowing symptoms: Indisposition to ex
ertion. loss of posses, lose of memory. difficulty of
breathing. weak nerves. trembling. horror of disease.
wakefulness. dimness of vision, pain in the back, hot
hands, flushing ef the body. dryness of the akin. eruption
on the face. conntenanco, universal lassitude of
the muscular system, etc.
Used by person• from the egos of eighteen to twenty
five, and from thirty-flue to fifty-live or In the decline or
change of lite; after confinement or labor pains; bed
wetting In children.
flelmhold's Extract Dacha is Diuretic and Mood Pu
rifying. and cores all diseases arising from habits of dis-
O i n t s i ela d d, " e7c.rsupent i Zl P n iu g d cri:l6:ln iif a e ff i eTtCo . u 4 s l' g
which it la Seed. and Syphilitic affections—in three die
macs need in connection with Rome Wash.
In many affections penciller to ladles, tFe Extract En-
Becht; is unequalled by any other remedy--as in ehloro
sly or Retention, Irregularity. peinfolnes. or suppression
of customary evacuatians. ulcerated or Salm state of
the Uterus, Liteorrhcra or Whites, sterility and for all
complaints incident to the sex, whether arising from In
discretion or habits of dissipation. It is prescribed ex
tensively by the most eminent physicians and midwives.
for enfeebled and delicate coustittit'ons, of both sexes
and all axes (attended with any of the above diseases or
Cures diseases arising from Imprudence, habits of Me
sita:Won. etc.. In all their stages, at little expellee, little
or no change lei diet, no Inconvenience. and no exposure.
It an eV , frequent desire. and gives strength to urinate.
thereby - removing obstructions, preventing end curing
strictures of the Urethra. allaying pain and iDe4MTALIOD,
so frequent in this class of amuse, and expelling all
poisonous matter.
Thouasnds who have been theliettro. of incompetent
persons. end who have paid heavy fees to be cured in a
short time, have found they have been dectived,and that
the " poison" has. by the vision( .• powerful as ringenli 4-
been dried up In the system, to break out in a more ag
gravated form. and perhaps after marriage.
tion. and diseases of theUrineryOrgens, whetherexiiting
In Male or Female, from whatever cerise originating. and
no matter of hnw long etandlng. Price, One Dollar and
Fifty Cents per Bottle.
cannot be surpassed as a Face Wash, and will be found
the only speoille remedy in every species of Cutaneous
Affection. It speedily eradicates Pimple., lawns.
Scrobotle Dryness, Indurations of the Cutaneous Mem.
brut, etc.,diepels Bednessat d Incipient Inflammation.
Hives. Rub, Moth Patches, Dryness of Scalp or Skin,
Frost Bites, and all purposes for which Salves or 010t
malts are used; restores the akin to a state of purity
and softness, and futures continued healthy action to
Its vessels, on which depends the agreeable clecrness
and *deadly of complexion so much Fought and ad
mired. But however valuable as a remedy for existing
defects of the skin, H. T. flembolt's How Wash has
long sustained Its principle claim to unbounded patron
age, bypossessing qualities which render It a toilet ap
pendage of the most Ituperlative and congenial charit
ies, combining in an elegant formula prominent re
quisites, eafety and efflcacy—the invariable accompani
ments of its use as a Preservative and itefreeher of the
complexion. It lean excellent Lotion for Macaws of a
Syphilitic Nature, and at an injection for dise.ases of the
Urinary Organs. arising from habits of dissipation,
used In convection with the extracts Bache. Sarsapa
rilla. and catawba Grape Pills, in such disease* as re.
commended, cannot be sqrprissed. Price, One Dollar
Per Bottle.
Fell sad erpllcit directions accompany the medicines.
Evidence of the most responsible and reliable char
acter Ihrniahed on appliaufon, with hundreds of thou
sands of living witnesses, and annuli of 60,1:00
„Deiced cadge:ma and recommendatory lettere. maw
of winch pro from the highest sources. Including amp
neat Pboteisue, clergymen. Statesmen. etc. The pro.
victor has never resorted to their pablication in the
newspapers ,Ilse does aot do Ms from the tact that his
articles ran k, as litandsod Preparations. and din not
need CO he Draped 19-44,4;erilficaulp .
Hoary Ir. Uelipbold's mine
I/dirtied to sisiaddieri. tketliti ream duriatA :
&tabu l a upward of Treaty Tears. • Bold by •
gists millthere. Address letters - tor :sformatios,
=Mum to HART . I , ,,lll4,!thoUricprtiggist a*l
De 11. T. fisiziassVa &wind themkal
Warehouse;'No'6B 4 Bratlway.:New. Tffilf,or
Ibuntoues Waal //spot, IN Boa* Tana. Stith,
7,lftwaimalo yaks ity cum
ter. wAtaar:z mtsasonsms.
VINEGAR BI - - - : '
4 Hundreds of Thelma:ids:, 11 - , *
6*a Deir = l .lkrateil" d " . lit
, ge t
Ts A 2 .4
9 .z r 9
y 2 a
11 I :; .
9.. za
Co e
1 t a
.7 • •
a "
1111 2 2 Fi
sag 1;p
pl 1 a 01;
oi l TOBY ANC NOT A VMS E !, 0 : i
Il ea FANCY DR1NK._;. 5 ..6
ifi alsot Pont Mita. Whiskey, Proof Spirits
aad Bairn Liquors doctored, spiced and sores
cad to phase the two, called" Tonics,... Appota
era^ "Restorers," ea., that lend the epplcr on to
d soo ksoncss and ruin, tart are a tree Medicine, mode
Qom the Native Roots and Limbs of California, freo
from all Alcoholic Stimulants. They csa the
GIVING PIZINCIPLE a perfect Renovator and
Invigorator of the System, carrying off ail poisonous
matter and restoring the blood to a healthy condition.
No person can take tbese . Eltters according to dints
Mee and remain long unwell.
MlOO will be given fordo Inca:roble ease, provided
the bones are not destroyed by mineral poison or
other means, and the Thal organs wasted beyond the
point of renair.
Par Inflammatory and Chronic Itheumn.
Oman and Gout, DyntrepoLn, or Indigettleu,
Dillon., Remittent and intermittent Fevers
Dimwit., of the Blood. Liver. Kidneys, and
Bladder. these Bitters Lave been most seesaw.
fal. Such Diseases are canted by Vitiated
Blood. which to generally produced by derangemmut
of the Dismally° Organ■.
ache. Pain in the Shoulders, Coughs, Tightness of the
Cheat, Dirainess, Sour Eruetatidrus of the Stotruseh.
Bad taste In the Month, Bilious Attacks, Palpitation
of the Mart, le eflon of the Lungs. Pain In the
regions of the Sidney's, wads hundred other painful
symptoms. ore the oraprinus of Dyspepela.
They invigorate the Stomach and stimulate the tor
pid Item and bowels, which render them otnnemsalled
Manley In cleansing the blood of all impurities, and
Imparting now life and vigor to the whole system.
FOB SKIN DISEASES, Emotions, 'Letter. Solt
Rheum, Blotches, Spots, Mont.% Pustules, Bone. Cap
boucles. Sing-Worms, Scald-Bead, Sore Bice. EflOP.
ales, Itch, Bourns, Discdlarallons of tho Skin, Demon
and Diseases of the :,kin, of whatever name or nature,
are literally dog op tusdearried out of the rystem In a
short time by the use of those Bitters. Ono bottle in
such caeca will convince the most incredulous of their
curative effect.
Cleanse the Vitiated flood whenever you And its
Imgrtulties bursting ]rough the ekln in Pimples, Erne•
(ions or Sores; cleanse It when you hod It obstructed
and sluggish In the vans; clean= It when It is foul,
sad your feelings will tell you when. Rasp the blood
pure and the Isadth of the system will follow.
PIN, TAPE and other WORMS, luting In the
system of to many thousands. ere effectually destroy
ed and removed. For fell directions, read carefully
the circular around each bottle. printed fn four lan
guages—English, GC119221. French and Spanish.
3. WA.I.G.F.F., Proprietor. G. 11. IicDOSALD /A CO,
Druggists and Gen. Agents. S Frandsen. Cal..
and 113 and II Commerce Street, New York
Oct, 2G—y sm pete
8 I:MILS 013 c% 1V'1C.,33.03-BEI,
; le n r i t mer m tlh o lly :a n y ,
o r the pablin, that In addition t
they have Paints and Oils. Varnish, Dye-Stuff.. Wines
and !Armors. Patient Ntedirinee, Spertneleo. Era
Glasses. Pocket i II i itl.olll. &
Guitar Stru;ta. Ain...just received
• fine int of lt,rolvon.. Goo
Cap. , . non Wadding,
Cartridge., fie.
We keep always nu hand and for :sak, Blasting Powder,
Gin Powder, 'Rine Powder, Tobacco and Cigars of a an
perior quality, and a general assottment of Yankee No
Bows it Nichols.
Montrose, Dec. 14,18'. AMOS 1414:110L9
Fire, Life, and Accident
aQolltrooo. Pc►.
Home Insurance Co. of N. Y., Capital and
Surplus. $4,000,000
Insurance Co. of North America, Pura,
Capital and Surplus, 2.000,000
Franklin Fire Insurance Co., Phil*, Pa..
Capital and Surplus,
Lycoinlng Counts Mutual lasi:lmes Co.o f -
Money. Penn'a . Capital and Surplus,
Connecticut Mutual Life insurance CO. of
flartford. Conn.. Capital, SI, 000,000
American Life Insamnca Co., Philadel
phia. Capital. 1,000,000
TravelotelOginrance Co. HartfOrd, Conn..
ossoing against all kinds of accidents
Hartford Piro I:leonine,' Company. Trait,
ford. Conn.. Capital and Surplus. $2000.000
orAll business entrusted to unr care will he attend
ed to on fair term*. and all losses promptly adjusted.
faff - 001ce flretdnor ca•t from Thinking °Mai of W.
Q. Cooper ,L.Co...,Tornpikest. Montrose, Pa.
M. C. ficrrroo, sag., Irriendsville, Solicitor.
Montrose, Ps. ,Jan. 11. 1671,
1 U _ M ATIS M
PO any person producing any medicine showing half
as many Dvfrig. permanent amass Dr. PITLEICB
VEGETABLE nazttmArw REMEDY. Used inward.
ly only. A pleasant medicine, free frominholous drugs.
Wanented undtra2lo; to have permanently cured D 5 In
every 100 patients treated In the past ten years. (ties
testimon_7l, It Is the scientific prescription of Protest,
or Joe. P. niter, M. D.:Ariniate - of th e University or
Pennsylvania: A. —lltrar ontrof Ptinedeiphial
oMsstreraler physicians. and Profaser of Chemistry
and ..—wbo bee made Senates, Chronic and
Indontstory 7133Gh Quietism the speciality of his entire
prfesatanslllo,—* fact 'conchal the by the signatures ac
companying cub bottle ormay. , prminent renowned
phystelans, Clergymen. and other Ccsamonials.. To pro.
tat sufferus from poisonous attack nostrums end nos
less expenditure of money. 51ml signed gearente .
eta:trend number of bottles watranted.lo =re , will
be tonviodol gratis to say snares sending by letter a
full description of sliktlon.. In case of Allure to core,
amount paid positively refunded: • 'Medicine sent' IMP
'where Dramas. collect endeavor. Minded invited
to write (or advice ; all Information and medical advice
sat by letter gratis. Principal odic°. 29 Booth Pattiz
*tact, Philadelphia; Penns, 'no remedy is sold or oh.
tithed by Druggists. • - April 10, `ll lr
Tor Eels by ADEL TUMULI., Montase Pa.
.7-At Sber-Wooirek the WateOlgacrt *no
exit, MOntioie, Va.
LI. an Auditor. appointed by the Court of Common
Pless of Susquehanna county, to make distribution of
the fund arising from tilueritrs sale of the real estate of
Eliza E. Smith. and Harry Smith, hereby gives Wales
that be will attend to the duties of his appointment at
his °Mee. in Montrose, on Monday the 19th day ofJune,
IVO, at I o'clock, p. tn., at which time and plairevall
persons interested are requested to present their,elnims
or be forever debarred from coining In upon wild fund.
Noy Si, 1871.-4 w A. W. BERTROLF, Auditor;
For the liellefand cure ofthe Erring end trnfortuaste"
Principles of Cbriettan Pisilantbropy. ,
Emma on the Errors of Youth and tho Follies Of AO
in relation to Marriage and Social Evil,, with units,
old for the afflicted. Sent free. In sealed envelopes. Ad
dress HOWARD ASSOCIAT/Oti, Boa P. Philadelphia.
Floor, Salt, Duna, Pork, Lard, Ham Salt PIA, Taa►r
Candle., Crackers, Cheese. Cores, Spices, Choirs
Teas, Sugars, Rice, Dried and Canned
Fruit. Tobacco, Maui, Snuff,
and all other article■ clonally kept In a first elan Gram
and Trainor' Store.
We will mark our Goods as low as we can aford,Wiel
sell (or cub, or exclumga ter produce,
3tontre,se, Sept. 29, 18Z.—tf
Ir continually receiving
And keeps constantly on band a full and desirable as
surttneut of genuine
Paints, 011 i, Dye-Stull*, Teas. Spices, and ffitber ere.
caries, Stone Vi are. Vi all and W indow "Poe:, Wass
ware, Fruit Jars. Mirrors, Lamps. Chimney., Hera.
'elm Machinery Oil, Tanners' Oil, 2Z ell fleet Oil. it..
tined Whale QM, Sperm Oil, Ohre 011..Spirlis Turpen
tine, V arnisneri, Cynnry Seed. Vinegar .Potu.b, Canoga,
ra led Lye. ikaif (A - taw...Trustee, pparters, edtea-
Instruments. Shoulder Braces. Whip., Gum Pistols,
Cartridge , , Ponder. Shot, Lend. Gan Cap., Blasting
Ponder and Fast., V plias. Strings. Bows. ele.
Fife. etc., Fish Hooke and Lire.. Aar and Toilet Soaps,
iiatr Ode, Hair Iteetnrers. and Hale Dyes. Breslin]
Pocket Kni Speriaele*JMlver Meted Spoous.Farki.
Knives. .t.e. De..tiet Articles, a general aaeortment of
All the I sadists. and best kinds of
Is short, overly every thing to restore the sick. to
plealOthe tame, to delight the eye, to gnat? sluardudy,
and also to conduce to the real and aubstalit al comforts
otlitc. Enumeration Is impracticable, Si It would 111
a nevrapaper. Call at the Drug and, Variety Store at
Montrose, Jan.e., 1859
i s
strictly pure ; and a riety of other Brandies, Iscludins
Cherry Ilmntly. Cid r Brandy, Cc. Rearly illthe direr
sent kinds of Rum. Tol land Gin, old Rye and Bourbre
Whiskey. Alcohol re Spirit, Ray Rum, de., tummy t.
ly on band and for eby
Montrose. March 24th.18fi3.
Td RS ma - cotraiKES.
EtSItI7T:H7.Td ts g to
the,t ,IheVi, g 7rai„t
[July 6,lBlV—tt '
A Now and largo supply,
Montrose, Nov. PC DM ABEL TUMULT.
Susquehanna Depot., Pa.,
Denier in Watches, Clocks Jewelry a Re
pairing promptly done and warranted .
f 60.000,000
made a speciality; Sliver Detached Levers for
$l2 00. American Watches, at Companies re.
dared prices.
133" Goodsordered for parties, from Neir
York,tat less profits than if kept constantly sot
hand. Solid 18 caret Rings fort' 11 &I' pway
weight. A. B. TnBOX..
Susquehanna Depot, Jan. 2.5, 1871. tf.
. .
Every kind or Ten In market4tuit aniirad.aall
az Imes at New York wholesale priee.. AISO et Swum.
'limn:tent of COFFEE.. Boy of me and saineeitpria
C chars. ABEL Tyßo."
—At Sher-Wood's, the Watch-Maker, Mabte
street, 'Montrose, Prt.
TjtOAD LETTINO—TIie Supervisors of Bridgewitel
lb will meet at the house of James O'Brien,in North
Bridgewater, April •Jitn, at I °lock p. m.„ to let lbw
banning of a rand leading from Jan. O'Brien's to Thom=
Rickey 's. To be let to the lowest Iddder.
Montrose,Aprill9, Z. M. BREWSTER. Sw L. Bnow.
Just arrived. and selling away by
Montrose. Arall'in. NIL ABEL pampa..
Agricultural College, of Pansyltazia.
THIS INSTITUTION will reopen lbr : the
On Friday, February 10, 1871.
For geneal Circular, catalogue and other In.
formation. Address,
THOS. H. BURROWS, President.'
Agricultural College, P.D..
Jntr 10 . 10,;;:41: Centre CO., Pa.
1.911' YealiM= is ent:: re.umit
Would )ou know what. woes. hart to pint I,lrnsit,
shade c is, roots, grafts, ecwitavero
applo seed, early Bore potatoce, awn
greenhouse and garden plontr, ae., ac., FLOW
FEORTADLE fiNEDB finest. bed colicction—stnts l a
ell,. Bend 10 cents for New. Illustrated Descriptive
= Bend stamp, each for Metopes
of li t =aireetione-64 pekes ldtag%
rden Planta.rde pages, andMtiolessle
p Ga ars.. mares q., voominitto A n.binals,
•-. , • ,
A liasjust Attuned from Next Torkiriih tab* mi
&Into hlsusualttaApt dmiGeloo4l.
-Kowtow4tort. N. MI
orrosrne THE COLT? DOUSE,