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    Vic e lm and tiroide.
Time to Prune Grapevines.
It is now a conceedeil point.with most
grape growers that the beet time to prune
Is just as soon in autumn as the leaves
have fallen. That time has now come,
and thine who have grape vines should
not neglect a day ere performing the
work. In this connection it is also well
known by all propagators that cuttings
made in autumn before severe cold weath
er are much more sure to grow than those
made in mid-winter or in early spring.
Fall pruning is also advisable because
now the operator has more time and will
be more likely to use thought and com
mon sense judgment in his work ; two
important things requisite, and better
then all the instructions that have ever
been published.
Is a matter about which grape growers
are not united, but all agree that the
vine, native of this country, requires more
room to develop itself than those of Eu
rope, and, hence when pruning, nine out
of ter; operators now leaves canes of seven
to nine buds long, where once the prac
tice was to leave only three. All the
strong growing sorts, such as the Concord,
Ives, Martha, Telegraph, Wilder, and all
the Rogers varieties produke imperfect
bunches on the first or low& buds, and
their blanches on strong laterals from
main canes of the present year. Hence
these varieties should be pruned with
long canes, on which are from three to
four laterals cut into three or four buds.
This will give from fifty to sixty bunches
to a vine, carry the fruit beyond dirt and
afford so much for the vine to do in the
early rising of the sap that the fruit will
not he likely to slough in the setting.
There is another class of strong growing
vines like the Clinton, Norton, \ u-ginia,
&c., which, while they need to be pruned
long, yet bear their best fruit on the spur
laterals of two year old wood. The Ca
tawba, Delaware, Miles, lona, Walter, etc.,
make yet another class whose best fruit is
grown on the canes of the present year's
growth, and varying from the old prac
tice of pruning these canes to three cr
fenr buds, most growers now prune from
six to ten buds, and then as soon as the
blossoming season has passed and the
grape set they cat away every other bud,
more or less, aceording to the strength
and vigor of the vine. fn all this of grape
pruning, as we have said before, there is
more due to the good sense and judgment
of the operator than to any definite rules,
for it is not often that a dozen vines in
the same row will bear a like filament.—
There is one rule, however, that must be
followed, viz: in cutting be 'careful to
leave two inches or more of wood beyond
the last bud, ortherwise a warm wet spell
followed by severe cold is alm?st sure to
injure the bud.
Starving the Orchard.
It is the theory and practice of some
orchardists to starve their fruit trees. nn
der the impression that it makes them
healthy and productive.
The theory looks plausible. It is said
grpwth must be checked in time to ripen
IA wood, so that it may not be injured
by the cold and frosts of winter. Hence
the predetermiried and, systematic plan
for starvation is entered upon with a will.
Accordingly the cultivation is stopped,
the orchard sown to grass. the crop cut
and carried off the field and nothing re
-stored in the way of fertilizers.
The results at first are apparently fa
vorable. The growth of wood is surely
checked ; fruit buds are formed in great
abundance, and the prospect is most flat
tering. For a few seasons the fruit is fine
and in great plenty.
But very soon appearances change;
fruit small and knotty, and less of it.--
The trees make a poor growth, show evi
dent signs of weakness, disease, and sonic
actually die!
" What is the matter with the apple I
trees ?" We answer matter enough. It
is a clear case of starvation. The old
theory' of half starving trees to make
them healthy, is "false as fair."
Who ever heard of halt' feeding or half
clothing children to make them healthy,
and vigorous and strong? No, men of
full growth, as well as children, must be
fed liberally if they would maintain good
health and a long and useful life.
It is so with. our orchard trees, Let
them have all the food that their many
fibrous roots will take np, and 'that their
leaves can digest, and you need not fear
the result. Your trees may not bear so
young, or so abundantly 'for the first few
years, but they will endure and survive
your generation, supplying fruit for your
children's children.
Young orchards may be cultivated in
corn or potatoes for the first three or four
years, then sow in clover for two or three
years ;in the meantime dress with plas
ter, ashes, and superphosphate, with such,
and so much stable manure, from time to
time, as can be spared from other field
and garden crops. Turn under the sec
ond crop of clover every third rear.
Watch the health and growth of your
trees, and adapt your culture to it. Treat
them as you would Tour children, and
they will grow up to bless you.
Protect Tour Eyesight.
Milton's blindness was the result of
over-work and dyspepsia. One of the
most eminent American divines having
for some time been compelled to forego
the pleasure of reading has spent thou
sands of dollars in valve and lost years of
time in consequence of getting up several
hours before day and studying by artifi
cial light. His eyes will never get welL
Multitudes of men and women have
made their eyes weak for life by the too
free use' of the eyesight, reading small
print and doing fine sewing. in view of '
these things it is well to observe_ the fol
lowing rules in the use of the eyes:
Avaide all sudden changes between
light and darkness.
Never read by twilight or moonlight,
or on a cloudy day.
' Never sleep so that, on waking, the
eyes shall open on the light of a window.
Do not use the eyesight by light so
scant that it requires an effort to diacrim
'Never read or sew directly in front of
the light of a window, or door.
Two much light creates a glare and
Tains and confuses the sight. The mo
ment ion are sensible of an effort to dis
tinguish, that moment cease, and take 'a
wallt.or ride.
Difirictrmts.—There are many who,
in their eager desire for the end, overlook
the difficulties in the way; there is anoth
er class who fee nothing else. The first
class may sometimes fail; the latter rare
ly emceed.
gar Nvertiottutisto.
Extensive nye of there watches for the last M.
JI. teen years by Railway Conductors, Engineers add
Express Men, the-most exacting of watch-wearers, has
thoroughly demonstrated the strength, steadiness, doz•
ability and accuracy of the Waltham Watch. To sails.
ty atilt elate itrallthese aspects,, Is to decide the mum
lion as to the real value of these timeleepers.
More than 600,000 of these watches are now speak
ing for themselves In the pockets of the people—a proof
and a guarantee of their superiority over all others.
The superior on:animal= and greet. extent of the
Company's Works at WalthamittnalMes them toprodool ,
wate.healt a price which rendersconapetltion ratite, Intl
those who hey any other watch merely pay them 23 to
50 per cent, more for their watches thee is necessary.
These time-pleces combine every Improvement that a
king experience has proved of real practical use. liar.
tog bad the refuel cf nearly every invention In watch
making originating in this country or in Europe, only
those were finally adopted which severe testing by the
most sidling artisans in our works, and long use on the
part of the public, demonstrated to be essential to con.
rect and enduring timekeeping.
Among the many improvements we would particu
The invention sad use of a centre•pinton of peculiar
contraction, to prevent t amage to the train by the
breakage of a main-epringe, is original with the Ameri
can 'Watch Company, who, having had the refuel of all
other contrivances, adopted Fogee patent plaice as be
fra the best and Walton.
Hardened and tempered balr•sprtbgs, now universally
admitted by Watchmakers to be the beat, are need in
all grades of Waltham Watches.
All Waltham Wahhes have dust-proof caps, protect
ing the movement from dust, and lessening the necesal
ty of the frequent cleaning necessary in other watches
`par new patent stem wieder, or keye less watch is al
ready a decided meccas, and a great improvement on
any state-winding watch to the American market, and
by far the cheapest watch of its quality now offered to
the public. To those living in proportions of the Onit
ed States where watchmakers do not abound, watches
with the above mentioned improvements which tend to
ensure accuracy. el rani incea,durability andsonvenienee.
most prove invaluable.
The trademarks of the varloaa‘stylcs made by the
Company are as :
American Watch Co , Wa!Math, Mass.
Amn. Watch Co , Waltham, Mass.
American Watch Co., Crescent St., Waltham Mars.
Appleton, Tracy A Co., Waltham, Mars
A rrwrlcan Watch Co., Adams St Wahhara, Mara.
Waltham Watch Co„, Waltham, Aare,
P. 8 Bartlett. Waltham. Masa,
Wm. MI ry. Waltham, Mass,
llom • Watch Co., Borten Mass.
. . .
~ .. ..
Eza nine the rpelling of the o native raven:illy before
qz. Any variation evert or a riugle letter, indleater
a eonnterfelt.
For salo by all trading Jewelers. No watches retailed
by the Company.
An 11lo.trated history of watch-making. eontaininc
mach nectul Information to watch-wearers sent to an 3
&dame on application.
Robbins et Appleton,
General egrets fbr Aratotcan Watch Co., IN Broad
way. New York.
afif i jO/
• At
4 /
T HLOttl u e:t and ;ta r t
c e i o rc n u te r. “ d ... .) r l i t• o rea ao ntile College In
I', DUFF & SONS. Pittsburgh Pa,
!On pp. The most comprehensive work pohliphrd. Cow
taloa National Wok, Railroad Bookkeeping, &e..
Trunk Full of Fun.
A PO t.w it i LFO th i te l?4 , l . ll t te c t ,o -e m la i n c n a r t
S,o ltAt e. d
Humor. con
, Cruel Sells
Slue Splitting Jokes, Humorous Poetry,44daint Parodic,
Lintlet.qe Sermons New Cotinundrnme and Idirth-enn
roh tug Speech. ever publinhed lutornterneti with on
done passitat, amusing tat d Wax, Feat. of Parlor Mag
ic, mud nearly hu Funny hogr.iritigs. illustrated Co, •
et. ?runt 15 ctn. Sent by man, poet - age paid, to any pat,
of the United State.. on reeetp. of price.
DICKIiNS 6 FITZ° Publinherr,
iS AIM St., N.Y.
Dn. S. S. FITCIFI'S Family Pbyalelan; 00
pale,; by mall tree. Teaches. tio. to cur.
nil dito - a.ev of The per on ; chin. hair, E}CS,Culllpitilartl.
rite to 714 Uroadway, New York.
9 T . 11 „. v .."..% 1 6011 A,7::.
Beet Stock ! Low Price+!—
Wonld on know what, when, how to plant! nit
abode, evergreen toms, roots, grafts, selings, Osage
planate, app.e seed. early Roe potatoes. shrub+. MT..,
greenhouse and garden plants, Qe, de., FLOWER and
VEGETABLE SE;RDS ! finest, best eollection—sortp and
quality. Send 10 cents for New. Illustrated De.eriptive
estalogne-99 pages. Send stamp. each for .011n1..gues
of Scuds, with plain directions-64 pages; Redding and
Garden Plants-... pnges. and Wholesale 'Price List—St
pages. Address F. K. PHCENLi, Bloomington. 111.2101-
GREAT OFFER—Horace Waters
491 Broadway, N. Y.., will dispose of One Hundred
Pianos lifeludeon,,, and Organs of six first-U.les maLera.
inducting Watery', at Extremely Low Prices, Fur Cash,
During this Month, or will tate a part east and balance
in monthly or quarterly entailments.
For Seven Dollars Per Line, we Will
One ilantimi and Nifty-Five FRA Linn
Pennsylvania Newspapers,
Including El-men Dailies.
We rota to the publisher of this paper., to whom our
rcuponsibllsty is well known.
X.alstst Efeaa.tlPree.
Address GEORGE P, lI.OWELL, & Co., Advertising
Agents, Nos. au and 4.1 Park Row, New York.
$1 TO $lO PER DAY.
MEN, WOMEN, who engage In our new I:ropiness make
from Wile 610 per day to their own lomiitme.
Full particulars and Inattuttions sent tree, by mail.
Those in need of permanent. profitable work, shonhi
address at once.
Oconee Sunman b Co., Portland, Maine.
CAN be 4e.Jn a quiet we./ kV melt ttutt are capable
of keeping the eccret.
67 Exchange Place, New York.
1.82(3 avriln"vislirliii, 1870
old .tandrud remedy tor Comr,tts, t.:4,11041X1p.
tiOIL ...Folding Delter," Clams Bo os, & Co., Ltoecou.
TO THIS WORKING CL&SS.—We are now prepered
to famish all classes with constant employment at
home, the whole of the time or tor the spare moments
Business new. light and profitable. Pereuns of either
sex easily earn trom P. to $5 per eventne. and a pro ,
purtional sum by devoting their -whole time to the
business. Boys and girls es n nearly es much as men.
That all who ere this notice may send their address,
and test the business. we make the unpanilled offer:
o such as are not well satisfied. we will sends 1 to pay
for the trouble of writing. lull particulars. a valuable
sample which will do to commence work on. ant a copy
of Ties Parples lAhwerry One of the large.?
and best Wally newspapers ever pnbilsbed—all petit
free by mail. Rader, if you mutt permanent. Praia
hie stark, address
a C. ALLEN & CO., /Lopata Maim.
Etzraip/coviazemst 3154:zz
-633A **Lary per week, and 'expenses, paid
NJArnts. w onreew and useful discoveries.
AddreneWWl= itCC!„ Marshall, Mich.
A VOID lIIICIES.—/. slettai of early Indlnretton.
OIL amain' u.r.ona debility. premature decay. /Lc.
baling tried every -advertised remedy. baa a simple
means of cetfatre. "blob tie send fteet tobts fella tr.
'offerers. dame J. H. TEPTY 1.8.111 Meese
Street, New York.
Feb. Ist; 11371.-4 w. ,
THE ilOTEL Proprty, located at
Dunodr. Caren; and tong and Isiorably knosmos
She Lewis Hotel.ecarietted with whitb us about, ?mem
Ateet Of Vahtible Land.<
"Dr particulars Wm, condi ea O. C. ]ILLS,
vimock 4 Pa o Jaci, It% MM. tL EnCidar.
7/1111117011 . -sma..
iv( ACCOUNT -.eV- poor health, the
wartedber cents bla ban for male, situated , about
three alike welt of Moottose,betirega .the .old Owego
and Chewing° Tunadlow. Waldo& land of
containing about 134 scree of lan& a 5 urn Imparted.
the residue irdi timbered, adoptable buildings choke
=had Granola and wee watered with tattier
twat and 1:t
' inire of Ow eabseribet. oa the
finu, or of J. dint& at Bead Gans a 00.'55 store,
.Aistippreset.keTagres,lfftl. ewe
P 1 1711.1V1T 1. E7111. 332
• 88 Washington Street,
Binghamton, N. Y.
Where you will find
The Largest Stock, the Best Assortment, and
the Lowest Prices of any house in the city.
N. B.—All Goods sold warranted as represen•
Binghamton, Aug. 24, 1870.—1 y
Ayer's Cathartic Pills,
Far all the purposes of a Laxative
.., Perhaps no one merit
' eine is so universally re.
", grilled by everybody as
a cathartic, nor Wes ewer
any before so universal
-, ) ly adopted into use, In
I T, ? everj country:Lad among
, all Mena, as MS ugh"
\y .-s -
but eMclent purgative
Pill. The obvious rea.
eon is, that it is a more re
.- ‘.....=•-•"-' ',--- liable and tar more eget.
teal remedy than any
• other. Those who have
tried It, know that It cured them; those who have
not, know that it cures their neighbors and Mends,
and all know that what It does once it does always
that it never falls through any thult or neglect of
its composition. We have thousands upon thou
sands or certilleaum of their remarkable cures of the
followingg complaints, but such cures are known In
every neighborhood, and wo need not publish them.
ddapted to all ages and conditions to all climates;
cantabiles neither calomel or any deleterious drug,
they may be taken with safety by anybody. The.? U
sugar coating preserves them ever fresh and makes
them pleasant to take, while bees purely vegetable
no harm can arise from their use in any quantity.
They operate by their powered Influence on the
Internal viscera to purify the blood and stimulate It
Into healthy action—remove the ObStrealoeB of the
stomach, bowels, liver, and other organs of the
body, restoring their irregular action to health. and
by correcting, wherever they exist. such derange
ments as are the first origin of disease.
Minute directions are given In the wrapper on
the box, for the following complaints, which these
Pitts rapidly cure
For Dyspepsia or Indigestion, Listlets.
mess, iglwarethr and Loss of Leastwise, they
should be taken moderately to stimulate the stom
ach and restore its healthy tone and action .
For Liver Complaint and Its various !Trap.
toms, Bilious Headache., Sick Eteadactie,
Jaundice or Careen Slickness, Dittoes
Colic and Dillon, Fevers, they should be Ju
diciously taken for each case, to correct the diseased
action or remove the obstructions which canoe it.
For Dysentery or gatiarrhina, but one mild
dose is generally required .
For Ithenmattsts, Gant, Gravel, Isaird.
Cation of she Heart, Pain In the Side,
Deck and Loins, they, should be continuously
taken, as required, to change the diseased action of
the system. With such change those complaints
For Dropsy and Decorates! Swellings they
should be taken In large and frequent doses to pro
duce the effect of a drashe purge.
For Suippreasion a large dose should be taken
as it produces the desired effect by sympathy .
As a Dinner Pill, take one or two Pins to pro.
mote digestion and relieve the stomach.
An °emotional dose stimulates the stomach and
bowels Into healthy action, restores the appetite,
and invigorates the system. Bence It is odes ad
vantageous where on serious derangement eletg.
One who (eels colarably wall aft* e finds that. oss
of these PUts makes him feel decidedly better, from
their cleansing and renovating effect on the diges
tive apparatus.
DII. J. C. AVER. , gt CO., Practical Chemists,
Sold by Abel I ant/ burn, a: Nichols
Montrose, and W 1 druggists and dealers every
where. [Dee. 21, 1870--y
Guttenberg, Rosenbaum d 'Go
Wartld rerpcetfully call your attention to their
Fall and Winter Goods
Ishlth for variety of Styles metes hes tr.s- h
this place. Our aszortracut of
DOMESTICS, &c. &c.
Nowt Wass Setter.
Trimmed and untrimmed Ladle.' and Child Hate,
Flowers. Feather., bltek and colored Velvets, . iobona,
de. tic. never more handsome.
IN Ladies' and Children's FraNIBI7ING (MODS , .
Shots, Corsets, Moses. Handkerchiefs. Collars and
Carta. Merino Wrappers. Hosiery and Solt Goods,
dumper than for the last ten years.
For Men. Youths, end Encys, a fUll sun complete etock.
Men's full sults from $:0 to M.
Of all o:m4lday:a grades, and at all prices
We take mean:ova anftet op garment', to order to
good style, and warrant good fitting and satisfactory
Willie and flannel Wets, Merino Wrappers & Draw.
ers. Handlnarbirta. Bowe, Limn and Paper • Ilsr•
C ls Variet ad ingynat s, Baspendrm. Gloves, Umbrellas, Thuds. I &ten
Men and Bois, of the latest style and great in rail
no .
Our Stork bita been Wanted meth doe, and as weban
oar goods Wargo annotates we frequently me from
10 to lid per Cent. to buying. As we twig's* mall a mar.
RIB above east as any dealer can or will take. we ran
protabot goo good borpine, and will =kelt fur
par how; to ded with ea.
All Nee *ski. a till, elaadnation Grout stock: and
It I. iitelilAVEß.
Ito Erase, CetLW"
gatiread Zinn Zabito.
I,sooruiles tinder one managetacut-1360 Mike Irith•
out chin aof amebae , . Broad gunge, donhle knelt route
to all points west, north•west and sunth.neat. Dour
•nd mproved Conches are run through without change
to Rocheater s thirtalcn Dunkirk, Cleveland, and Cincin
On end after etonday,Dee. 14. ink Traizis will leave
Illngharnion et the following hoar*, via:
4:6.5 a.m . Night Rudman. Mondays excepted]
8:Z a. m. Night Dupree,. daily,
6:U a. m. Train. Sundays excepted, fur Deal°
and Dunkirk.
p. ca. Edam& Aundostuadatted.fietad aczcepted,
" 14 p. 13 • DO ExPrns4. l.4 undapexceptu
dad p. m. &spree , ' !dal Bundsys except.°
245 p. at. Wey Freight, hundays excepted.
hrD p. Emigtaut da ffy for the weeL
krei a. m. Night Rsprese, Seedily* excepted.
1: a. to. Cincinnati Exprere, Mondays excepted.
I:61 p. m. D.,y Egpree-aant.deyr except. d.
Irzei a. in Aec otlusodation Train. eke lly tor Susquehanna
8:15 p. m. New York mall. Bnadays excepted.
10:20 p. in. Ltgrontog Expro,owy.
1410 a. in. Wxy Freight, oendaye excepted.
Oft — A rev:sett and complete " • Pocket Tirmt Table" of
Po..mger Traina on the Erin Railway and onanecting
h... recently necn pnbli.bed. and hn had on op
pl teethe:l 1.. the Ticket Agent of the Company.
tintt'l dupl. Don't ?amen Agt.
Dec.. :4, Wit
L... Oil Awl after Dec. RO 18.11, trnlna on Via Lehigh
Valley [Ullman will ron as follow*:
Levan Water') Jinn.
than R. IL W. 6 1$ a. m. 5.25 pm. 6.40 p.m
/ohm, 645 " 11.85 50 "
Towanda 1.26 " 4.16 " 7.30 "
I.aearillie 8.83 " 5.36 "
Monne?. lry 8.40 " 511 "
Meshoppen 0.60 " 5.02 "
111elan0pany 908 " 5.10 •i
Tuutenoek 031 " 6.10
1.. B. Jout. 10.30 " 7.40 "
Plll,OOll 10 40 " 7.80 "
Wllkwe Marro 11110 " 8.15 "
White Haven 12. M "
h Chunk. 1.40 "
Allentown 5.18 "
Bethlehem 2.50
Beaton 517 "
Philadelphia 6.05 '•
Ar. at New 1 ork 825 "
Leave Nev. York die a. m.
I . ..lladelphta 7.8.5 " 19.09 m.
&non 9JO " /. 4 t.P m.
13.thl..harn 988 " 895
Allenttwn 9.49 4.00 ••
huh Chunk In 53 " 4.20 "
Whtto 12 18 p. M. 5.43 ' 4
Dab 1.30 " 9.38 "
Piti.ton 1 . 50 .. 8.15 "
I. &B. Jun. 2On " 6.33 "
Tunk.'nock 2.34 .' 8.46
lilehoonany 1.20 "
10..hoporn 3 "
Skinner'. K 3.43 "
far.. ville 319 "
1 o ands 4.59 "
Athens IS 36 ••
Jr nt verily
Junction S. It. W. 5 45 "
ennnzr of rare bet...ern Kt - Tarlton and Neu
York or hei..rn .ClllOOll anti Philadelphia.
Ik:camber 20, 1670.
WOffice, 720
illcox &CTibb
" I give my hearty preference to the
Willcox & Gibbe Silent Sowing Machine."
FANNY num.
" The weight of reliable evidence being
overwhelming for that of the Willcox &Gibbs
Silent Sewing Machine, I decided upon it,
procured it, and am more than satisfied."
" I have the Wheeler & Wilson. the Grover
& Baker, and the Willcox & Gibbs Sewing
Machines in my family. Ime the Willcox
& Gibbs most frequently, thinking h far
superior to either of the others."
" My wife would not accept a Sewing
Machine of any other patent as a pift, if she
must receive it on condition of giving up the
Willcox Gibbs"
Carbondale, Ps.
" The Will COX IS Gibbs is the only Sewing
Machine whose working is so sure and simple
that I could venture to introduce it into
Syria." BEV. A. T. Pawn..
Illaskmary American Board.
"We have used various Sewing Machines
within our family, but it is the ustartimous
opinion of the household, that the Willcox
di Gibbs is the best of them all."
Ray. J. 8. Houm
Brooklyn, 11.7.
"For slmtdicity and mechanical acenraey
of oonstrucuon, I have seen no Sewing
Machine equal to the Wil!malt Gibbs."
Eicocn L
Of the PromilmisMil B. B.
A correspondence on the =Meet
of Sewing Machines is respectful
ly solicited.
720 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia.
Dec. 28, 18.0—;Jm
assurs NATIVE GRAPE BRANDY, dlitltkd
strictly pare and a variety of other Brandies. Including
Cherry Brandy. Cider Brandy, Cc. Nearly Blithe differ•
sent kinds or Rum. Holland Gin, old Rye and Bourbon
Whiskey. Alcohol, Pore Spirit, Bay Rum. tn., constant
ly on hand and for sale by
Montrose. Ruth 24th.1810.
TEL 1 2 L.13 12 Mat.. 33 C01:71111.
cnrroerrs Tzrz cover coves,
JOBS 8. TAUDELL, Proprietor.
Eight Stages leave this Hones daily, connecting with
the D. L. & W., the Erie and the Lehigh Valley Rail
ways. 18:0,-tt
Jost Puffiged. in - Barker En artope. A 441,42 anti.
A Lecture on the Nature. Treatment and Radical
Care of Sperroatomtors. or Seminal Weakorsor
untaq Entis.lons, Srxual Debility. and 'l npedididula
to marries efarntliy:„Arn - oasttem.e o:titan:option
Epilepsy. and fits ;Neale sod Phlment 10 ° 0 0at.7.•
suittog from Self-Abase. —fty ItOttlitcr,J. ,t;VL
VERWELL. IL D.. SA hot of . the, 4 7tirenn Dhnk. At.
The. warldwenownrd author, tblesdral table Lent
are. drawly proves from Ms own experience Last the
awful COLIMNI tient? • et& U Atnistrunry be ago sally rn
otorrd wittutut meditinee„ and without dangerous any.
Mcid oPristions. bounties, ia , trnmenta,' flans, or ear
ai.. palatine. Dm a mode Maws at onen certain and
cffcrinnl by Which every sufferer, no tast i er whit his
condition may be, nisi car , himself chrepl.terihrsiely..
and radical. Til 13 TeCILIDE W11.1,1%0Vb.d BOO R.
°eel andPr sent to any ddIVIIP.III p) in .sintlea
settle. on the receipt Of sin Cee or two. pinup
Oa. pa. AIM. Dr. Cularrwell's
price 23 cents Address thernidishers: ' '
IST &mat Nap Terkjiast Once 8ei1,114.00044,
Component Parts—Flnid Extract Rheu
barb and Fluid Extract Oataza
ba Grape Juice.
T,Mt Liver bereptalnt. Jaundice. Billions Affectlone
ick ar Nernotot sradacar. Cootlverena, etc. ?roll
17 Vegeta le, eontaltilug au Mercury. Minerals or Del
eteriuua Drugs.
flees pills are the most delightfully pleasent ergs ,
t ire, stiperseoing castor oil, sane, triaguesia. etc. %eh re
le nothing more acceptable to the stomach. They glee
tone, aid 'muse neither nevem nor griping pains. Tlwy
are composed of the Guest ingredient. Atter a lee
dnys use of them, each au lump:motion of the entire
aystem Lakes phut, as tuappi-Or minieulotl•, to the weak
and enervatea, whether miens from linpruuettce or el—
ease R. T. Ilelmbuid's compuuud Plaid Extract Ca
tawba Grape Pill. are not eager coated. from the tact
that sugar coated Pille do not dissolve, but pass through
the stomach without di/oohing. ,-tessrquentl3 du not
produce the &aired effect. TaR CATAo Bet GRAPE
PILLS, being pleasant In taste and odor, do not noire..
elate their being eager PRICE FIFTY CENTS
Will radically exterminate from the ytcm Scrofula,
byptlle, Fever bore., Ulcer*. Sate E.T.A. Sure L,se.
num Mouth. bore Iltutd, Uroocutu., Di, ate, Suit
itiietn, Cancers, Rouefuze 'rum the tar, White burl'
iegs, Tumor., I..Stmen.llo AaceLiu., Nude.. Itick,e,
Um2dol2o Sooillug., Night 6.omc Web 'letter, 112.
Mors of 41 kiaide, chronic ItheM. t 1.02, D)Ppoveln, sou
a.latelueni that 4200 00c0 caLOOllOO.l to tai. eyeteln
Being prepared expressly for the above complaints it
blood-purify nig properties are ere ater than any other
prep,rtitin at &sewn:trills. It gine, the complexion a
clear and healthy color. and restores the patient to a
state of health and purity. for pertly-log the blond. re
morina all chronic constitutional di•eas es a ri-ing fn
an Import state of the blase. and the o• ant
effectual known remedy for the cure of paler and sa . ell
in of the bones. Ulcerations of the throat and legs
Blotches, Pimples on the Pace. Erysipelas and all sc..l)
eruptions of the akin, and beautify', g the complexion.
Price $1 50 per bottle.
Fluid instraxet 33'22.0,3:au
floe cored every cape of Diabetes In vrhich it has been
given, irritation of the Neck of the Bladder and Inditm
citation of the Kidneys, Ulceration of th e Kidneys and
Bladder, Retention of Urine. Dleettees of the Penetrate
Gland, btone In the Bladder. Calm:doe Gravel. Brick du•t
Deposit, and n nen°. or Milky di charges, and for en
feebled and delicate conetitoneae 01 both +earl attend
ed with the following ay pt .me: 1..41-no.4lton to co•
union, lom of nowt , , love of memory. dtflicnity of
breathing, weak nerve, treinbling, harm: of lIIPCAVC
wakeful...en, donnees of a ision, pain in the heel.. is.n
bands. hacking of the body, derivee of the skin. erupti o n
tn ths tea., pat 14 countenance. nnivera..l la.eittide of
he mnpenlar eynlem, etc.
Deed by pereone from the age.. of . Ightern to twenty
five, and from thirty.five to fifty-five or In the decline or
change of life: after confinement or labor pain.; bed
wetting In chlkiren.
Ilelmbold'S Extract Bnchn Is Dlnrel lc and Mood Pn
rlfying. and sores all dlinuses nrOina , ft •nt bablu ~f di..
*tendon and racerses and Imprudence. In life Impadoca
of the Mood, cnnalba In art• coons for
hick It Ie need, and hyphlldle afrretlon.—ln oh. se dir
e:lima loud In connection o ith hose Wash.
In many affections pouter to ladies, tie Extract fto.
Enehn Is unequalled by any other remedy as In Chloro
sis or Retrolion• I , 7—r nlarits. painfidnes. or suppression
of mommary evuttations, ulcerated or fieldru- s tar e of
the Uterus, Lnrorrtora or Whiles. sterility. and for ail
complaints Incident to the sex. whether misfile from in
diseretion or hxhits of dissipation. It is preserined ex
teusisely by the most eminent physicians And midwives.
for enfeebled aid delieste cored ftnt'ons. of both sexes
mid all ayes (attended with any of the above diseases or
Cures db. noes arising from Imprudence. habits of dis
sipation. rte.. in all their stages. at little expense. little
or no change in diet. no Inconvenience. and no exposure.
b causes • frequent denlre. and gives strength to arcuate
thrrebv -removing obstructions, pn-veor inn and curing
*trivia res ofthe Urethra allaying pain and Inflammation,
so frequerit In this ninon of disown, and expelling all
poisonous matter.
Thousands who have been the victims of inentnipetent
persons. and who have paid heavy fear to be cured In a
short time. have found they have berm dec. teed- and that
the poison" has, by the nor of'• powerful as ringents."
.een dried up in the 'Tam, to break out In a more age
graveled form, and p. Soma after murky.
Ilona and dismiss+ of theVrinaryOrtarts, whether existing
in Male nr Female, from whatever rause origination, and
no matter of how long standing. Price, Ono bolter and
Fifty Ventsper Bottle.
DERBY T. 11E11BOLD'a nunlovED BOSS WAS/1.
cannot besurpassed as • Fare Wash, and will be found
the only specific remedy In every *pocks of Cutaneous
Affection. It 'speedily erstekatics Fimpice, opot.,
&robotic Dryness, Induratkina of the Cutaneous. Mem
brane, tot... dispel, Hainan as d Inciptent IndultamDoti,
Hires. limb, Moth Patches., Dryness of ocalp uy akin.
Frost Bite., and all purposes fur which B -Ives or Oint
ments are need; restores the skin to a state of purity
and lushness, end intures combated healthy action to
It- vessels., on which depends the subeeishle clecrueie
and viva lsy of ta.taplexion .o ranch sought sad ad
mired. But however valuable as u remedy tor exi.ting
defects of the skin, 11 T. ilensuoit's nose Wash It .•
beg etotained to priuclp.e claim to uoboun -ad p..troce
age, byte...using qu.iitlea which render it a totet op.
peudagn or the most Itoperietivo sun congenial dome
ter, combining in all elegant stimuli* prominent re
quiets., tact: and ellicscy—she luvarieble ouump.mi
meets of It. ace us a Preeervetive and Refresher of am
tnplexton. It tsar, excellent Lotion for aleenaCa n 1 a
nyphilitic Nature, and as au Injection fur di.c.nou attar
Urinary Organs, arising fruin habit. of dluipstion.
°our In coorealdoo with the extracts Beam. tiareapa
ft la and cutawba Limp° Pill. In seen diseases ae re
commended, cannot surpasstel. ?rice. One Lollar rer bottle.
Tell and eahliett directions secompitey the mssildnes.
Bridence of the mint re.puniiiiile and reliable time
tinter hintisbed on application, with hnodr de or thou.
sands at living witnesses. and onward of 80.1100 nava
Veiled .eertilltaites and recommendatory lettere, many
of snitch era horn the highest seamen. 'imitating eini•
pent Physicians. clergymen. Otitetimen. ate. The pre-
Prietor Wormy retained to their publimititm in the
newspapers; ho dOtia not ao WS from the Diet that Ida
Articles malt an. Standard • Preparations, and do Dot
hoed to be propped np, by certificates,
Mars? 'l7. HobOold's Genuine
Delivered to say addters: Dearelrmn obserritt ri.
. goibll.bed agarerd Twebry,Yesys, Sold by unr.
40sts eseryebens. Address letters for!otbrosattuo;
b „bp,dbobe to ;WOW T. URGINSULDIT, Drusaliterbt
tteudst.:' '
Ordy Veyorei;•4l..T: lizr.rserielbrbgaid ttumitsi
Wsaftousrr. - No-Abe Drossorso, IWter York, or.ll. T
tlz "'
2 WWI Depot. South , Taub:
was coMilatliasi Halt
KOieel amp Oka
f, g Hundreds of Thousands i. .
th az oi are ibetz . ...2. e. it
Vt. 134114 11 az . •
to , v
til WHAT ARE THEY? ~ ,;is 0
4 4 -5 0
Ili E L r
gib .-.
it ' WI
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lt ?
ia.e. o : ti
fi f e Ell
Q . ; .4=
142 2
1.1` . ..e c r i.P
'CO 4.1j1
0 ” ra EL' •
7 _
TREY AVM NOT d 1 - 1.3 os
tw o of Poor Uom , Whlokey, Proof MAIM*
Laid actual, Liege= Coctor,l, apiccd and swaa.
cued tr please tbo tr.stp, called 'realm."
aro," Ecotorcre," ac.. that Iced tba tippler cn to
fltsaikamcas and rola bCt bra a into Mcf...ctne, rrLo
Rom the Loots and Luba cf California, tape
from nll Alembello Stlantlania. T:cyan tae
GIVING PIIINCIPLEsper - e. ct Peserratcr and
IrmlParater of tho Spawn. carrying off all poisonous
=tier and motoring tha blood to a hurley cocailtam.
No pavan can tato them Elitafr scrum:lag to time
Yon and remain long antral.
811:0 will be given for an Inoceranto ease, provided
the bones aro not destroyed by cdderol polo or
Wave means, and the Taal 0r:.... vostod beyond tho
point antral,
For Ddininenetee 2 7 and Chronte nbemsta.
lilam and Goes, Dyer:wind:a. ar Indigestion*
Itensisiaus and Intemnitteet Payers
Diseases of the Mood. Liver, lilt:nolo, end
illtuhf et.. there Bitters Lava been moat aneecca•
ful. bath Illsettaes ore canted ty I - tented
Blood. istach b peaerany produced by dmeniammett
of the Dlffratlve Organs.
fete, Pain la the Lhoublers, Coughs. ThfLthces of the
Chest, Dberlooss, bora Exuma:lam of tho timber-b.
Pad taste la the Mouth, Dillon* Attack s , talsoltellcia
of Oho Eleart„ ILlLwatestlan of the Lungs. Psis la tba
legions of the Elchaeys, and &hundred other pain al
symptoms, arc tho ursprings of Dyspepsia.
Thy y Invigorates too litcrosieb and atintulata to. tor
pid and bowel... Web tender theta oftmeocalitd
al: Way to cleansing toe blood of all troperlties, and
bnparUny new life sad vigor to the viliolo system.
FOR SKIN DISEASES. Eruption..ltikt. Bak
rbtliCa, Blotches. EPota.rilliata. I conics, Dona,
bunnies, Dir.;;Worma, Esald4lonid, fora tres. Drys*
alas, Itch, Scarfs, Dlacilloresions of the, 151 , 1 n. Maori
and Diseases of the I.kla, of whatever cam or eaten,
are literally dud ap and canted out of Ma rota° to a
slam time by the use of these Dltteip. Ono bottle la
nub cam will convince, Mc =mat Lacteal:darn of their
carats effect.
Cleanse the Vlllated Stood whenever you Ithd Its
tosparities bursting 'trough the shin la Maples, Crap-
Cons or gores t cleanse It when you tad It obstreettxt
and stugattsh to the reins t elesnao It when It la tool,
and sour feellnge will toll you sawa. Leep the blood
pare and the health of the system will follow.
Pl7l, TA PE and othor AVOU.3IB. Instant; In Ms
system of so many thousands, are effeetwally destroy
ed sad removed. For tall direction, need etwef - -ny
lta elrenlw arotmd each bottle, prthital to fens lan
guages. Engllsh.Gernian, preach and Spanish.
J. WA.1.7.131t, Proprictor. U. U. MCDONALD A CO..
Droggiato and Gcn. Agents. Ban Frandieo, Cal.
Strew'', New Teat-
r r EA
Every kind of Tee In market 'Do
for wl+ at Now York wholoaala price,. Afro • dnea•
fflrforot of COFFEE. Boy of me and ...Ivo ..•poca,
charge... ABEL TOUREI.L.
)dootrose, Pa.. Aprll2o RNLI.
Prerident Judge—Bon. F. ntreeter.
Aron:wt. to Judger—A Baldwin. It. T. Arkley.
Petil honotr ry and Clerk ut Cnorto -J F. Shoemaker.
licgirter. Recorder. s —Jerome R. Lou.lo
rirti ICI. -.a.m.-y-0. W. Sne.,
Sheria—Wm. T. Motley.
Deptey SherllT—M. 1.1
Surveyor—J.lmm. W. eimpmnn.
Sharer. J. T. 121110,Preserved
Commirrionere' Clark—Wm. A. Crossmon.
Jury Comtnireloners—F. B. Streeter, ex cogielo, Daniel
Brevetted, Wm. A. Croromou
Auditors—F. B.Ch rndter. TT2CI Boyden, 11.}11.Jones.
Coroner—Dr. C. C. lintrey.
Wm. 11. Jeasnp. Prmident ; O, M. Jonee. Jame* Kee
eon, Vire Preeldrnts; Bee A. Jespup, Curn opondlng
Secs-tory ; Henry C. Tyler. Recorning Srereiery ; C.
M. Gem, Tremurer; 11. It. Harringtun, A. Baldwin.
U. B. Skinner, Ih:zeal:iv* Committee.
DmrcTints.—Jahn'erttrohnll, W.L.V0z,13. Langdoa.
Trnaserer Tlllactk.r.
Secreb.ry—ftenJ. L Baldwin.
Steward—Darla Idan/n.
Phyeleuto—Dr. J. D. VIM.
Borgne—C. 31. Here. Council —W. A. Croamtnn
W. W. Watson. A. A Gerritson, Wm. H. Jessep, C. 11
Crand 1. F. Shoemaker, D. Briswette,D. Austin
H. A. Deane.
Comes ble—Jebn C. Howell.
11101 Con.table—Charles J. Whipple.
School Directors—Wm. H. Jessup, 3. R. DeWitt, W
W. Watneu, 11. Thatcher. 1). F. Aamln, C. C. Halsey.
-Presbyterian—flea. Jacob tt. Miller
Rpisottpal—Res. R A. Ws:finer.
Papttst—Bet. G B. Ford.
Methodist -Rev. King EirrelL
Catholic—Rev. J. islattery.
Warren Chapter, No. WO, meets at Masonic fall on
Thursday of each month on or before fall moon.
Wnrren Lodge, No. 740. A. Y. It, meets at Illasonle
Gull toe 11114 W ednesday of esch month 00 or before
full moon, and the seemed Wednesday thereon, r.
windrow , Lodge, No, 151, I. 0. of O. P., meets at Odd
Fellows Dail every Taestiny evening.
st. John's Encampmad. No 60. meets at Oed
one flail the Mond tth Frldsy each mobth.
Rebecca Degree Ledge, No. 7, meets at Odd Fellow
Hail the first and third Friday each month.
Montrone Lodge. I. 0. of G. T. meets at Good Temp.
tang Hail every Monday evening.
Good Pioneers r Temple of Honor. No. 16 meets at
Good Templars' ittelld Friday of each month.
The Montrose Democrat
, 111A118110 oT WIIO,IIIAIDAT KOISSMO, AT 31011111.0111
2EI. 33. 33.13.1P1VZ.331r,
ar rss swum IN ADTAPICX-011 S2X AT AND or rean
noses of A4Ve11111111g•
Those.tbutbs Inch asylum. atlas, make a Rime.
One square, weeks or less. ; zoo. VP; mo.
IPA/ ; ISO; I year. $6,
•One.etnth md.. 1 tn. SAW; S mo. ; e U l O. Ptak
1 year. IMI
lATt .CO.
1:MOVOr COi” IMO. $6.50 ;II ma. $16.66; 6 om. 1120;
year— , $11„.
WE column.' too. 'MAXI ; S mo. 1125.60; 6 me. 665.0 k
I year, Ea 1.60.
One coimtm. I ma:IMAM 6 m 6. $$P 25 ; 5 ma. $60.00;
year $100J5).
Auditor's - Neaten, $1 SD ; Executors' and Admlntaxo.
tors' Notices, $3.00. All ommutientons of .11tatted'or
Individual Wend. 10 as. per line. Obituary Notices,,
etc. LiPa. 21.arlia11s and Deatit.Noliceo frac.
lop 'Pi : anal** executed oail7 and promptly is
Desis t %sorrel. Now: JusUces*, Conitiables*
Ocituol so other lauteforsale: . .
GOLD -JBWELRY.' • --:,
• NSW logrisepply,
imstring, 1114 ris • Len rautzta. •
• ,
English and Classical COMII3. Tem. bar TAk
September 7th, December 18th; "and Harchln.
State appropriations .br students. Students ad
mitted at any time. AyplT to
Manstleld Ps. Aug. SI, Dr/0.-1y
For the WI! fend aue of the itiyktnilyn lethememew
PHncllpiuo!CLilsda*Phhla t6[op7.
Enos on the &roma? Tooth and the UAW aria,.
In relation to blattt end Soda Retle, with tollies
NM tot the atllleted. Sent tree. In sealed ewe
Much le, Ao.u.—i.
Floor, fish, Batter, Port. Lard, Barn. Milt Flak Tallow.
Candles, Crackera, Cheney. Coffee, Bplato, Oates
Teas, Sugars, fire, Dried and Canned
Fink Tobacco, Cigars, gnat
and all other articles usually kept Ina Orst alas Onliney
and Provision Store.
We Will mark our Goods as low at vs cam slant sad
ell for cub, or exchange kw produce.
Montrose, Sspt IA, 1870.—tf
Is continually roestvinZ
And keep. eon•tantly on band ■ full and desirable 11l
aurtmeo of genuine
Puihts. Oils. Dye-Sings. Teas. Spier.. and ether Oro-
Stone Ware. Wall sod Window Paper. Wyss•
ware, rrult. Jars, Mirrors. L.arops. Cu,.hiney Kens
Marieloery 011. T..nners' Nutiefout
Aotd Mode Oil. Sperm OIL (Ave 01 . Spirits Trirpen
tios. Vart.irries. tynirr) S..d Vinegar Potash Coutes.
PI led Lyc Act n.uso, Trospre. Supporlers,llledits-
Instruments. Shoulder Braces, Whip, Guns, Pistols,
C•rtridges, Pols der. Shut. Lead. Gnu Cups, Mania;
locder and Pass, Vpdans. Strings, Bows. elm Flu is.
Vifes rte. Fish limit. slot Lotes.ltsr men Toilet Snaps.
Ka.r Oil.. Hair Restorers. and Usk Dyes Brushes,
poeuet Kutse ,Speemeie,Silver Pleted Sporis t iorlsl
Knives. dc. Death.% Articles, • general asserUueLtof
AU theteadlog end ben kinds of
In vhort, Dearly every thing to rester, the sick, to
plmoe the taste. to delight the eye, to gratify the film ' ,
and at.* to °endure to th e mil and sobetautial etitetatte
td life. Enneteratloo le Itopracti, able, co it woold
a ueorpaper, et tbo Drug and Variety Store of
Mitt TUItitILLL,
Montrose, Ja3.5. Irk
All those In want of false Teeth or other dents/welt
should collet the ogler of tha sutweribern, who an pre
pared to do all kinds of work in their lineen shortnotiee.
Particular attention paid to snaking fell and pianist
setts of teeth on gold, stWer, or altiminson Otte • Ow as
Weston'', east composition the two tatter Preterit& to
ant. of th*heaper substances now used for dental plates.
Teeth ofronngpersons regulated, and made togrow
natural shape.
The advantage of haring Work done by permanently Id
eated and responsible portico. most be Igypa tent to all. '
AD work warranted. Please call and eantaine
'new ofplate work at our office. over noyd a Ml=
ware store.
w. w. swim a BB dr MM.
lioatiose, Aug, IR, 193.—1 f
T. D. TAYLOit so long known ittDingbsin
ton as one of the most popular Cutters, and
fashionable Tailors in this section of country
has formed a coistrutershlp with E. T. New
comb, of Maumee, and they are now p
to furnish men's wearing apparel-oral=
and In style and workmanship superior for sn
establishment in this section of country. Wit
to MI who my fiwn as with their $p
Shop at Post's old corner, on Airman
Montrose. 0ct.:42, 1870.-4.
at ,--rTURRELLI3.
A . BEL - TURREtiti,"
dltinti to !do US Rock of 00101 VOL , l• • r
,ilootrowitor.U.,lB66. • ! A- • .
Etreis hte tiforeialaai eertkitstothitialateilAptithl
-1,1,4 a4pgyiltigauitiej......l2XVlAW tals reitilsoco. wet
sboors.= Ps. WM* Stiliostaislttidolotsots week.
... , spoelat stunting Elven to the treatment of Chita
Nettioce. , ,Artylotc. Me& to ittirame the
W aaw bull rlifleicistre ars vs isthee
to eel lite atrial, Blocs say local * Et- thte _ chitty, 1
ham tressed - eveeeerflitty mule utitertroret - throw - of
1.../gowSpiton.- Female Vtclor4; PTV, 'PON: Pm,.
EL Vltasthume. EL - • • • ' z
- Fatioawtfken to baud oft tesitostoto
--matet their EWEN '
• 11114xlimatitEla. - - • •
1411111/041110 • .