The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, March 15, 1871, Image 3

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t r i o wßar,d im r. 4 ,l - 0 61 4 .04* .
and land for-11 1 6 .
101,_ritrf #4. 4 - 4 0 *153111 fteltheT.
w uttsogpttpitsiand stow Oorneri
anWmliOszas of,l3enajaltlaKnzle,
sas6 l4,g.Tnnia i ll4oAerthes'tilthCPlaCe
of begtnning,.confabngllOS
es of Insid,Lbejthettettseinok ei,leis. - - The
second piece cie.pale,elilsounded unillic S as
follows, to wit :' Begitinilig ar e a pied and stones
theiiiiiihireireiiiiiii iir EL IlTeTCenzitrs'old farm,
(now 0f...W,m.,..11.. Janes);- ; thence, bv. lands: af .
AiliniV4tink, iteith it ,l ile.ieetr... eaat tr2 , -perchier
to a post and stones hi ;Mirth line of Wallace's
tries *t line of Drinker's landl - 2,thedee
casaliT--11niantlf . 881 1 'degrees - cast log,
'-'310090-kitifilltid.iior,," limo
Nriiith:l,l6 aoirces:wst 92 perches •to ›a
posawswintwalarl thence by lands ofM. 'McKen
zie, (now Wm. H. Jones's) north .88% degrees
wait 100 perches lathe place of beginning, con-
Macre . tdBo.weltes of land be the
Vigipee ,or parcel,
,dlgiiinlng at a
:sVetnitier,of„ said
ter*.l,„S", , l
istonea jiMr - th i
iclaY--liiiitr) be
cier, tieclia(ihth
)I..tentitton4 a
Intl; fHencl by
de.grtes** 6
mceibiland of
esit49-peO* 3 t o
‘west - t.cOrtier, of
litleS;;:thinet , by
degrees . west 15
of to I` nolitheatit !signer of said
itito Va. '-'
James Shaw fiarriftig tbehorth line
of Ilse sardirfiiirlh 88K degrees west 115:perches
to the place of beginning, containing 16 acres
and 94 perches of land, be the same more or less,
making in all 182 acres and 54 perches of land,
be the same more inters with the appurtenan
ces, 1 frame house, 2 frame barns, shed, 1 corn
heilio-I..natllouseandotherout-buildings. tor-
chard, and about 150 acres improved_ (Taken
in execution at the suit of A. J. Gerritson, vs.
James Shaw.)
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parrelof land
situate in the borough of Great Bend, in thtl
county of. Susquehanna and State of Pennsyl
vania, bounded and described as follows, to wit :
Beginning at the southeast corner of lot bought
b P. Doran on Washington street ; . thence
a 321tes„,aoutherlsi L idIree:don 60 feet;
t ..
rly "diregtinn llarallel 'w itli Wit;
t h e.
li ' VI lei thoriorner' of lot 'hOn*hf
by Murray ; thence in a northerly direction
slon_glibWof said -Murray's lot 60 feet to lot of
11. 1 4 ... , Deran;.thence' in an - easterly direction
along sail--IL P. Dream's line 120 feet to said
Washington; -street and place of beginning,
known-awl:A No-. 39 on- Wolfe:Mrs Village map,
village lot, with the appurtenances, and all im
proved. Also all that other piece or parcel of
Lind situate in the borough of Great Bend,
boupdolcand described as follows, to wit : north
eilk Vial& of R. J. Eitevens.and IL P. Doran.
easterly by other lands of Walter Painting south
erly by Wiliam street, and westerly ffy lands of
P. Curley, being 22 feet S _itches on irilliarn street
and.oxtanding back. as far as the line of said
Stephens and Doran, village lot and all improved.
[Taken in execution at the suit of 11. P. Doran
vs. Wllliain.24cElligott.)
ALSO—AII t h e interest of Theodore Doyle in
all those two certain pieces or parcels of land.
the first situate In the township of Ararat and
Gibson, in the county of Susquehanna and State
of Pennsylvania, bounded and described as fob
lows, to-wit: Beginning in the centre of road
leading from George Berry's to Joseph Dung ' s :
thence north 47 degrees east by the hinds of Ilu- I
fits and Caney Barnes B and 6-10ths perches to
stones; thence south 43 degrees east 88 and
4-lOths perches by the lauds of George Bniein
to the centre of road; thence along the ctaitre '
of aforetild road 124 and7-10tha perches to the
place of beginning, containing 25 nerds of land,
be the same more or less, with the appurtenan
ces, 1 frame house, 1 frame spring -house, some
fruit trees, about 20 acres improved. The sec.
and piece, or parcel situate in the township of
Ararat, in the county of Susquehanna and State
of Pennsylvania. bounded on the north by lands
of S, N. Brooks, on the east by lands of W. G
I)nyle anti' Shubnell3Wavin, on the south and
west by lands of Justin L. Doyle, containi: , 35
acres of land, be the same more or less, with the
appurtenances, 1 frame house, 1 (mine barn,
some fruit trees, and about VI acres improved.
[Taken in execution at the suit of Oscar Wash
buns, administrator of D. M. Smilm deceased,
vs. Theodore Doyle and Angeline [Foyle.]
ALBo—All that certain piece or parcel of land I
situstet- the township of Clifford, in the county 1
of Stniquaanna and State of Pennsylvania, I
bounded and described as fullows, to wit : Resin- j
ning at the southeast curtsey of C. T. Giflin's lot,
thence by said Giffin's lot north forty-liftman:l a
halfsiegrees sixty perches ton itemhick corner in
the line of land of Pulaski Chamberlin, thence
south 4814 degrees west along said Chstnberlin's I
land, 40 perches to a stake and stones, thence
wmth 43t1 degrees cast 60 perches to astake and
stones, in line Of land of Ezra Trucwiale, thence
north .16 . !-6, degrees east 40 perches to the place
of begihning, min - tattling' 15 acres and 89 perch
es of laid strict measure, be the same more or
less, with the appurtenances, 1 frame house, 1
frame ham 1 young orchard and mostly im
proveit--[Taken In execution at the suit of T.
F. Johnson vs. Adolph Miller, Wm. Miller & Co.
to the use of Solomon Bolton vs. Adolph Miller,
J. C. Stewart VII. Adolph Miller.]
ALSO—AII that certain piece or parcel of
land situate in the township of Lathrop, in the
county of Susquehanna and State of Pennsyl
vania, bounded and described as follows. to wit:
On the north by lands of VazzAkin, nn the
rest by lands of -- Eltul anti —Osborn. on
the south by lands of Harvey Taylor and on the
west by kends of . Drinker. containing about
23 acres of land, be the sane more or less, with
the appurtenances. 1 frame house, 1 frame barn,
I small orchard, and mostly improviser—[Taken
in execution at the suit of James Wilbur to
this INC of W. W. 'Wilbur, assigned to Loren
Wittot vs. Samuel Mead.]
Notice Is hereby given that. all bids must be
paid of sale.
WILLIAMT. 310XLET, sheriff.
Sheriff! Office;Mtintnase, March 13. 1871.
r11011.0.11T0 emus,. Jr.—Thls celebrated horse
ill tiao4 stirs housed bomber of am a-the pres
ent 110404.talltine.reiug April Sib,al J. $ In
McMuss. 0 9 hstssall of cacti ttoutity's Wed
ne4mys. and Prlda)s, a the subscribers. ill West
repidair.—Toronfa Chief. Jry was tired bu the fast
wabioti. Tomato Chief, note cordmanding sfflO
the 1,4001); he by Royal Geor;rt, • a d hi• earn by 81ack
...4. oat of an nelipse mare, Royal Georg e Was steed
ho Black Warrior; he by imported TspDo " .; sad be by
)deedorti a litt of England.
Toncreln Cuts,. J1311.112= wan sired b_y the thorough
bred Jefferson out of a 110. st! mare. Jefferson ea. by
Virginia; be by Sir Archie. - the. .are of trWiltrery f aud
rrtotbort of Americas Star—dam.old Favorite.- •
Tower° CIIIIEP has trott d the best stallion time , ris
record —bait mile, 1:814; one mile. ?---10; two mites. 5,7.
Tomo ,ro caw Jo, eras bred by J. B % room. of
Bloom's; Grove. Orange Co, i. 1.. In the prib; of
10 4 . &V tolt rfornatit Ittrottali,DlS stab Iv-Audit., bit
pldigrer stock. sun adds.. D. lt. Melton. D. G.
cosette, 0. Owen. or C. 0. Bowman, at Blooming
Tutor's CEIZT, haudt high, blood bay,
weigne I.2faipastiecte. fine divosltiou and outride ed
by the brrjodnYs. of horses Co be* fcry-mosmilar built
ham: thrlat trrisrbeetlittahlt-d. but 'gives !dna cr
grunt tpsed Juistusectarst be,otietWd. -
Tituhise 7 Th withlotal 41.5. Lotter nala ow
I. M. rItISSIA,I, Proprietor.
asktby , - •- N. BULLARD.
Montrone,.Martb 36,187 L .3w•
ESTATE of Poll y 81xter., late or,Foreoke t won.
toteltnZt i rtge l it i gtintiVerreo_ • i d omth i ;
gouged In the onoendened. novice gmrn w all
perooke)odeblej!.so goo/WM .to , n)altu-issimediAte pay.
Enetit,'te a 411K* chid[/ elpon't be wee. will pre.
sem ehessakillyitathentataftitEl.dt dettleetteut:
Forest Lake March Ilk.
071. Execut
r -r •r-
ferneltits tau 1A THE nu Ing i
Ittft34.7. —
t I .1)
e. t •
WttiCiPaP". l l-1 4 731230
EAstrairuktitsisa I'm lintift. fr,gt
J3the ti=n pie for A WELL - OVESIOSIILES DEEP,
Shopte-irreohnettetiotr—SreriWOP,4lool Giving 00
Tate to toe water —llarable—ltellswe rod Cheap.
The/for/Wipe are their corn hest theOlttielk4,loll.
roe edile4hY !leaders'!{ hardware and igrictiltetul
. p:conbers. Pomp makers. through the MOD.
try- Cutztlos% Au 4 fOrohthOltrAMPEaltl?°4lll
or crthererlae.
Rink Pumps forwarded to ratio , in towns ahem'
tut we nosowiswitnosaaeipt. visits sessitseretill prim.
in 'baying. bet oarehil tustpor Pa4ll) bearsysy trade
swig es sisostits illittnntislittather•
, • - ' iitantrACTUkura,
011 iekgbiliOnt0 1 / 2 0 , 24 620 O aWrO l Vt
r baulAAlLlks# 3 ,4_ , Vgi . + 4 4a , * 4-
Dom.! zgivistuy
i 1nt...4111$
I - Slr Carla IMetiareata
rrittnlittlair -Wm* , ibtaidtrati—Voria,of &min
tlf,ailoa,as ',pet m itttrrhcea Inane nattiest:if &bete in
tairittfiry ItniTattellle TtApOt,nerNCTVIMA Itabirity; and
p puflo • Marti cairn rdtv, 0000n1i 10 cl p ityl,. y
lb ot and ilj nteltrent prig% Inca .
By p
BOST J CitiAratiCWELL, M. It., Author of the
'Orttat Book " Sc.
The u °rid tonnod mat r, in Mit admirable Leitarre
clearly preset , from hi• own eapericure that the awful
con-corienc et mtv be eB &Sally removed
without madlclnt gaud without dan r grotht Furyaut opt ,
rations, boozier i mature ht., ninerin:•en d conliabt, point
log not A 1110 d.• or mire at once cettaid and dye, two, by
which malty cod ref no matter what Ms candid•to may
be, 'fay - cure loirrutalf elle:air privately, and radiesily .
Thlsb*, mu will prove WWI to thousand/I and. awn
' , cat Under stet, in a plain catalog!, to any adilyto
an rev, Ipt of sir rata, or two peatlt
In waning by ad
drc—tittl! the imblittere. Mao. DR, Vislinlini:S
• MnftLiza Gnid,, • price anti &haw tht.
Beher, 1 CtlAt4 J CLINE dr CO
131 Bowery, New York, Peat 'Abe Box 4 I.
New 7- . 0 -- Gold Loan
Northern Pacific
Jay Cooke & Co.
Offer fdr min AC par and acernett ' iotere.t the First
litorrgage Land Grant Gold llond• of the Northern
Paul itallroadt:oturany, They are free from 1:1111-.1
net& Tax. and an, Owned of the following &noun
:no ion.' CUISINIII. sit*, PUP, and *IOW; Ilegiaterml
000,$I.WU, / ono
With the e.inteColintle.see whit which o e Cron MeTl4-
ed Government bon& to Capitalises and People. we
now. Rifer the fel leet t nreetf;ati on; recommend there
Northern Feel& Railroad hoods to our instals nun
the general imbibe.
Gu LI) P.Ali..ll6:ST.—Both principal and interest are
payittile in Anterioua gold office of J•Y
1./mike 1 Co— N, w York Cll).—lb, pfrnripiC at the cud
aI lrJ Tears, and the hiterest at the late of scree an .
three tenths per cent, per annum) heityriarly, Oral of
Jannary and Only. .
ittAFBTY —Thelma& we are now etai
lag. are eel:tired ivy eta seal wily mortgage on eh the
ti ntocrly AM4 r.ghts ttio SuG heruMolly Itallroad
C.miptoy, which w I elmlirace on the completion ut
the wore .
I it. nr fro Timnonnfl of Rond, with rolling till Other equipment s.
vet. 1-ornoly•loo l'honeanO o. Lind to every
ro of har.lsr-Orood. Tn., land, ; trtn hired
at t. !Al.:111101111 111.: iv 01l to Mrre than Fi Mill
L.; , totaststg of allarnale stalmot, re :whine
e .Iv-to lorry mite. mi each stile of the tertek. anal en
tend In a hated f.rtlle heft from Wisatnslo tbron,gh
the ',the!. prinionsall Uttalesota. Daketta,, Montana,
W o, tlesygoa, aptlWatailszttml to Pa aia 1
It its thm I:lust-risme/it dins Pot llareet.ll , 1,31, 3 Mllltef
the Kna,li of ate plaid, it thus amply prat ides 114 Itt.elr
roll add I , roiffpll riy talent by an unre,rved dent of
land. Inc (111”.1' • lin thte ever conferred Op./ a gnat
hat I katt tl itOplTVlrttlent..
Pub Mt: ItTd.i GE —The Treaters antler the more.
pas, are Messrs 'Jay Cooke of I . l3llngte'phitt. rind .1.
ml4-ar l'homineon, President of the Pemmylvante Cen trul
11:h8) Will dinette and petatam
ntad y represent the Interosts of the Ffret emze
bond bother, mid are required a. see that the pride -eda
f istol ...h., are used m pu and eatteellitm; the
hot ds of the Company It they can be romriit
foretomato, ly at not m than la per rer.t pre,. t unt ,
°the the 'fru-tee. Tire to ItiVund the of
fund sales In United Stat. e hand. or Ilea! IC , o.ite )tart
gage! , ( r the further wt-t.nrtly of Northern 'a , ale bond
holders Apt., that they have at all Ilene. to these cam
trot. en ..rarity. at kites blot Mies of over Ige 1 ,13d In
ever) mu standing arst mon zstze 1, 01 , 1 1,
•teles the roalnad Itself and ail tti egnitnitvuts and (rate
I . ltoFrr ABLESE'AS.— Or cnor.e matt.' nz ran he raft,
than the bonds .1 the United zstate.., n• t thor•
Cr 1..1.1 In 1101.1,1;:rr a hor ~,,,,,,, and as the Natio.'
siork I. hot that of preservitt:: It. 1-I.stenes.
but that of I,EVELoPING A C •ATINCNT, o r rrmln.l thtp,e
trb dostre to increaoe their Inc ,me 1 ,4 I; Of di II a
prrmAncAl Inve.Mciat. lothile .1111 ILIVIA4 a per tect
reli able vo-cortty, that:
Untied Mate; at their average premium ti. Id
the pr solo itarchaner lest than 3 , ...pyr Cen., gold looter
eel Strould they be red...rand Inns,rear-, and epee,.
pi, !omits be replotted. they would ply only 4t,
percent . or if In three 'ears. only 3 , , per Cent. no the
pencil premium would noennwlitte toe rank.
,Northcril ?MAC selliebt al pir in currnnev yield
the int rotor 7 3.1 h love rent. gout lotcrevt allot-Intel. for
Harty years. troc from Cultrd Stnt. s box $1 (so cnrren•
cy ito,ented moo in I totted Staten yield per rny $1 1 4 / 1 1 currency invented tom
fn Now. hero P.selli• :Vs w.ll 3;00 per 3 ear In gold,
Sari. al Derr in n difference to none 11 income •.f nearly
one third . he-kirs n difference nil to 11l pow cent. la
principle. when both chin...out bonds ore rederthed.
THIIS ILOAII NOW 11011-OLNO.—Work was tietun in
July last on the eastern portion of the 1112, and the
money provided. by the sale to stockholder* of some
six milltituauf the Company's lamas, to. hnild and
rya,io the toad from I she Sup. rigor across to
the Red Hover of the North —IM miles The eroding
tin this division Is now well advanced, the rot, Is be
o: raphtlyhthil several,thoneatui men ate atarork. un
the and Omni the are? of Almost neat this Immo,
taut nect °ldle road-will hr. In mil operatlun,. In the
Mentilirnn ontere have brew went to the Pacific roust for
tree owntneueeinent of the work on the wenter n end.,
early hurt .g. and thereafter the wnik will he 100-h d.
froth eavtward nod westward, wilhas much 'peed as
mar he rOlC•i%lan With solidity and wise erollornr.
tiEVIIIVAI3I.e. FOR LAN Ll..—Tneae bond. will be
at all timea, before maturity_ receivable •nt 1 101 n pay.
meet fur the Company's Mode, at their lament mph
g&cn AN GE AIII.E —The registered bonds
ran be exchatvol at any time fur coupons, the matrons
for regutereal, and Inuit three can be etch Inge., Ile
other,. payalile.prinelpal and thtermo, at arty of the
prhulpfle dounclat centre , . of Europe, In the coin of the
various European COUnlrles.
HON TO GOT' s a.—Yenr nearest Rank or Bank
re wilt aumaly these Luanda it. any desired amonni. and
orany mauled dentunt nations. I Willthile4 to ex•
ctrlng'e stocks or other hand' for thew, rin do on with
any 01 oar azent , te:to tell! JilOW the highest current
price for all marketable vecnritice,
Those living in localitica remote from bank. • may
send money. ter °firer taint's. directly to ns by
ranee., and we te2lll send back Northern Nellie bonds
at tote own Half, mint without cart to For
further informattotr., phsroptdele. maps. etc.. call on ir
address the and,raigned, or any of the Ilan k• or-Bunko
ere employee to veil this luau.
• rots Peal Et
Jan. IL—awls/lu. L
urn. U. COOPER ec co.
Idantro.e. Pa
PreeWent Jake-Hon. F. B. Streeter.
A.rociate Judaea-A. Baldwin - . K. T. Aehlet.
l'ruttionotary and Clerk tc/Coartrd. Y. Shoemaker.
BeglAter, Boarder. de -4 evnt.' E. Lion!..
I•lotriet Attorney-D. W. Searle.
Trearnrer-Beslorron 431.dden.
Sheriff-`Rm. T. Morley.
Depmf Sheriff-4.1. B. Heinle,
toirreerw-ftlamen W. Chaptmat.
Stiener.i. T. Preiferverd
II I ndo.
Commlpsioners' Cleric-Wm. A. Croeomon.
Jury cominholohels.--F. B. Streeter. cealfteko, Dffhlel
Bsearmuff. Wm_ A. Crosamon • '•
Auditors-F. B. ch/od Teter Hayden, n.2dJunes.
Loroner,Dr. C. C. /false,.
Wm, 11, Pfe.lertn; 4 .mms.Jssme..
ow, vfre• heiidente ; A, Jemeop.„ Con p
Secro..yls firelry C. Tyler. itumtexdur.; Secretary; C.
M. Gmv. Trmiparer; 11. 11, Iforrlur„tuu, A. Hrlelnln,
11. Li. alO r, hi-Luca:lva Cummillce:
Ibust-rour.-Jbbo Trumbull, W.L.00x.8. /AnCdull
Tr•trarerus-8. Tbatclo-r.
Secroury- 134Idrt In.
IMyatt:m-IN. J. 11.
C. Dl. Go Couuclt—W
W. W. Watson. A. J. tieerilsop, Wm. IL .Icsanp : C. M.
trund.lV. J. shoemaker, D. Bronnacr,D,
11. A. Inman..
enlitillllte=4ollnl7 - . 41~1:-
111=h eon.table—Charles J. Whipple.
r c r mju i thregung,...-Wm. IL Jeveup. W .
WaLtou; It. frtnnebrz:ll. , V. A55t1a.C.:1C.1.161601.:
.PrePßlterlaor..-Rev.,/aenh a.. 11111Frr,
Epi*oopal-licr. Warrincr.
Itaptiot-Rer! L R Vafft.
Elsaß v .. _
CathoficAlev!J.-bscfery: •'r•
Warren Chaplgr, ;Cp. MO. meets, at Mosonfe Ball on
Tharsdey ofehett bfotafi 61Y Or tverdlittiftlinoun.
Warren Loge. No. 440. A. Y. M., meet* at Masonic
IlarrtArreht 'Wedseadof of vita maul: ea' ookietDre
roll anoetl.atiO the eeFoutl WetluFr day thereat( r.
'.4itintnliel.ielire. No. O. F., =cies it Odd
lx T9eietv eventzig:
St. 'John's No 50. tneete;At
tdalltatJtAlNtrl*Ast cacti ultkath. -; •
BA:I,IFM Dm. et Led,, ,, t,. N04,--mncla at Odd Ifelloere
Batathfi4e add tblrtYriday coati taiatk,', ••
Atotterpro.i.okaa• O, or 4..7.4incei*E4
tars frAll every Monday eiening:
Ckiat trambrherVolopttt of Honor.- no. meets at
CidodTempitult Iliattboad Friday of tsar arOntb. •• •
DysPePtftnieltfdra-Eteadid Monster,
iron), winefi - pearT7 - 01 fithe ff thebutnan
to Originate: -rtiwPeruila,
§Yrnp,,,PrOrOVsolurbiiittlie pro toxide
rion; is fi lOng-ttliSintid*RSEVllMPr
ed rernedrforiftia :distriog compla:mt ;
oared thotnite*Orll LOtheYtira4-
, 454 fisaid. •
Jnitort - Air*" oi
•• • -
r ; 71,,1'4'.11
• if. .. ;• : r . , o^
7 knct , g .44,1 Dfroca°rzimd StelqrtiS.P—
each adelitkinidlifia, 50
Mall Pa mingr - Mall Panuger
train. train. STATIONS. train. train.
AV.- lii. •A. Di.. , P. at P. M.
ti .42 • . 1 4 1:: Y ll i s T m k. cir;rl .....
I s ' n° I •
1.33 7.
im 13,08 Ilanunka Litinniz.. vi 0
alt 13 Delaware.— Dlce: • as, g
3,40 11,18 ScrOnton '. 'ft M 7.115 16 `
4,2) 10,83 Nitholion 7 .63 5.40 10
c tire LOD Itectiotioni - ',..... 7,88 .J 3.181 g
% 1.37 1440 Monitore 7.15 4.15 m
5 5.15 1 2,101 Now Mulford: . .., .. .... UM 3,45 I
; 4,13 2,80 I
Great , Bend,, I '
' ^0 83 keu i t
a P. 31. P. M *Foot of Lnoccli-v. 1 A. 51. P.M. i
W. is'. uoutist.t. ,
Gent& Part. andTicitirt /tam
W. 8. MEAD, Pnnndry. and dnalet 1n PM a and ntlier:l ---=------ "."."....."
33.9.1 t tia - 416 EL3:2V 3
atenttle, one door from Phinney's ilincl7Main et,
) IiTENV 314,P0R15,-;
DwkWe Ingangine payttga Plaster. Fresh gratinif, '
0. M. HAWLEY. Al,ent for Empire Sowing Mart Ope,
and AmeejOnTB4r - B1:0nIng Move, Nth/ Street,
W L MOSS ,t CO , Donlon to Dry GoodP, Donp,Cops,
Boots and Sttoop, and Ciroond. Mervboodloo, oo Abdo
street, second door below tha Episcopal Cbtnth. •
ot.rret, gear the Repot.—•
. .
N F. KIN lINR, Cartago 'taker and UndrrtAker, on
11. tin street. two doors 1)00W li3Wit . y . n Store.
lIce( BILOTHEIiS. Dealers in Grocer'. and
Provislont. MI Melt II -treet.•
GAIDIRT & SON. Denim* in Flour. Feed. Meal,
Salt, Lime. Cement. Groceries and Peorialoos on
Main Street,oppootte the Depot.
W. d T HAYDEN, Mnnnincturern of Clpro and
Wholconlv ,lonlern In Yankco Notions and Fnncy
on Xt.tln Street. below Eplecopal Church..
MOSS b KNAP. Leather Manntacturare and deafer!
In Morocco Flndinga..te.. near Rl,laraartl Chum:ll. •
AINEY & ITAYMiN: Deafen. la Drawn and Altaataurr.
and Manntactarers al Cigars, on Alain Stroll, near
the Dapot
N. STEPRRNR. lioreetthneina and general Repairing
on Main Street, booth of the
- - - - -
J. IIICKERMAN. Jit., Dealer in general merchandiae
and Clothing, Brick Store, on Main Street.
. .
WMCPCF: & MEW, Dealerortn general Merchandise
on Main Street.
L. S. LENISEIM. MAnufactocer or Leather, and dealer
in general 21erchandioc. bn Main Strret.•
II P. )R AN. Merchant Tailor and dealer In Ready
Made Clothlng, Dry Gouda, Urocenoe and Provicione,
Main Street.•
HIRAM WHITE. Mannfactnrer of and dealer In coped
or Plow. and Castings.
EDWARD• lIRYANT, M Intent:Wrens of Wagons
and Sleighs, tro..r the fogalle' Store.
ABEL TURRF.LI„ healer In m e dieleee. 1.1
von.. Paints. Oils, Dry Sniff-. Groceries. Jewelry
Notice., ctc. up, I. '75
WEBB 8 GERE. New,. Office. and dealer* In Grocer
lea and Provlainue,Crockery etc.. Public Avenue.
JAMES F. CAEMAI.T. Attorney et Law. Office one
door below Parboil Hoorn. Public Avenue. •
COOPER & CO.. Rtnkern, F Porelan Pap
gage Tick le and Draft. on Englund. Ireland nod Scot
1.4 r
J. FL FLSTCEIIIR'S Elwin:: Saloon Is the place to get
Ice Cream., Oysters uul Clam, In every style- On SLID
BROWN. (;euernl Ffrc Mom ,
mice Arronr. Ifnilrond and Ace.lent Th ket•
to Yew York and Phrl.rd, Iphia. on en one door en..t
of the lintrk.
F. R. CHANDLER. (t•nrrei Devi:Rance n ntl Sew Ing SG
Ag.•nt. Public Aver.... •
Brit NS .t 51C1101.... the place to Drtig.aptl M dl
Cent, Tob.ecc", Pipe, Pocket-Rooks, Bpecta
'l4fikett Notlune, kc... Pobllc kveone.
WM. L. COX, Ilarmes maker and dealer In all articles
nasally kept by the trade, opprolte the [Link. •
BOYD & COBB' IN, floater' , In ',Oily,, ffardsetire,
and Nannfacturere of Tin and Sheottrou ware, corner
of 11.1 In and Turnpike street..
S. U. MORiF., Merchant Tailor and dealer in
(Inio. Trimmings. •nd Fiirnlshing Goods. niiii
Agents for Singer rft!WiDIF Machine, on Main Street..
A. N. BIT MA RI). Dealer In Groceries, Prori•lon•.
/looks, Stationery nod lalrlice Notions, at head of
pcodic Avi•noe.•
. SMIRK tt CO., Otsiters to Stove*. lardrtnre.
Airrleo)ttrvil Implement,. Floor and oppo
TprleCil flop,.
It A I'VS FORD t 7if ITC❑EL. Livery and Exchange
Stable:ln P.m. of Bonk betiding. •
J. R. DE W ITT Dealer.. in Dry Good•, Mar d
WAIT nod general rneretlawitte, corner, near brick
Corrected weekly by William llothalon, 231
Fulton St., New York.
Week ending March 8, 1871
Turkeys, per lb. ............ ........14 to 22
Geese " .... ........ ........12 to i 4
Ducks 10 to lti
Butter, pail ... • 8:4040
" firkin . 32001
Chetse, dairy, per lb 13d10
. factory n 14e:016
Eggs, per doz ... , 27(g2fi
Flour, per barrel 4 75dG.45
Corn natal. 1(X) 1b5..... ........ ..... 2.201g.2.30
Wheat, per bushel 1.200111.50
Rye 95g1.00
(lets" sts 51@35
( 'urn t 0.1490
Hop:. crop or 1870... .A . ;It .. . . ...... 16(g.0
Beef, side., per lb 10(g,14
lior, . . . th.g.l2
Potatoes, per bbl. 2.000/A.ho
Tallow ••• 9410
,Sprtial °tiro.
Cheering Patti for the Bilitras.—Elery day demon.
strafes more dearly that liver corrfp'alat, In nil Its dis
tressing loans, can be coatrialled and cured without dif
ficulty or inconvenience. It Is en obstinate dierase. bat
Ito olritlnaey le not proof against flepertintfcimils, rem
edial and reetumtle, operation of fl.irtctes Stomach
That genial corrective compels Cho organ to
do it. duty. It dice! secrete regutarly and healthfully
under the Influence of the Bitter, Their diction 'brings
It back tram a 'latent rebellion into perfect harmony
with the laws of health. If there le costiveness!, It dis
appears: If there Is ride-ache or hock athe. It ceases:
If the skin and the whites of the eyes nee tinged with
rupertlunne idle, they rectivartheie natural hap; If the
apetlte it gone. It rettirtie 1 ICthe digewion Is Impaired,
it4s restored; In brief. whatever the symptoms of the
complalrt may be. sod whatever the phase It has as
mimed. a curs is curtail. iinch are the uniform effects
of this prepifration 'there Winds dlwmaittr has been al.
rvely developed; but In emu." where there Is merely a
constitution:TT tendency to' ti'''er comp! 'lat. it may be
prevented tbroagbout life b' the regular hoe. In email
qaantltles of this palatable antidote. These are pro,'
en facts, and shodrd be serlovi4ily pondered—or, rather;
erect upon—by all persons of blifons habits.
oeittna Married( —Emirs for you'll, Ven,on
the 6,lmi:tool bornro, cud the pn.mrony or Imuroprlety
of artimx married,. with onnltary help for those who
(eel autltted or tostrimonlai happiorso Seat free, In
Pealed envelopea - Adoreas, 111/WARD ASSOL3ATION
Box P., Philadelphia, Pa..
miloomsbnig State Normal Settled!,
and Laraasar Coaxsuciat laar*rdiro—Tbe Paeulty
°fads bastituthdt aka to be very Inonnigh in their Inw
vt.rnetion, and to look easefully after the health, mut
nets and morals of the students.
Apply for Catalogue to IILEXILY CArrElt, A. M..
Sept. 2&—ly -
ÜBLIC SALE!—The undersigned will sell
1 by Auction, on the farm known as the
William L. Post farm, near Montrose, on Thurs.
day, March 23, 1871, at On o'clock, A. M., the
following property : Oilis pair of Maims, I two
yearold Colt, 5 Cows, 4 two-year-olds, 2
,reart , -
tugs, 2 shoats, lumber wagon, buggy, double
harness, lumber sleigh, whiffictrms; neckyoke,
plows, drags, drag teeth, eultivotor„grain cradle;
cider final - Miffs, hap; Mid' ther trtielett.-
TESUS . :—AIt sums =get. 0, 7 0414 .ttnnd
over, 9 months' credit, with interest ruid
profc4 icteurity. A. REYNOLDS..
lloptti*Olatch 2wt i•
VALUARLE: -. ?..kR 1 51 FOR BALE. —The
'subseribet MEN farm at &deer Lake;
Susquehanna Co., Pa., ciantsins'oret . 130 - twres
100 or 10 i of which are cleated and under (=ldea
fictiftftlatill is *DoirOcOiljuAgOodloreittriT
grain or grass, Jlkm,are beturemtwo tincrlbtki3
hundred grafted live trbitioirt , the place besides
peach, plum, and pear trees, the farm is conveni
ent for ehurehesiusd schools' , volt h good, .build-
Y 1 0`,1 3 0 nls„uptdir orqualterlakeobo'farni la
Areckiti 6 . 1 P I . 44 4 lPiritblyi4Xited:AMWs otar.
- • "MAIIRIOEikf. - DOINFMLii_
-611serialmeStisqa.• Cowl*. lrgc4V,V3.',Plio
*kw ,y4,64 - 41;zu4 7 ;
WESTV:RIP 12 1 1LTICNVID. - Winer 'Arrangement'
of peteangerlitice - kaTt
curacz PANILY OCEIMN. Picrum PRO
ft. inn!. Dried end Canned ?Tait, Vegetable.. itc.
a.. the Bad of Navigation. A. N. BULLARD.
Montrb.e.Yebraarfti. 1071. Ott
nOAD LETTING.—The Supervisors of
1% B r idgewater will meet at the house of
Charles Sprout, on Saturday, April 15th, at 10
o'clock A. sr., for the purpose of letting the
making of a road from his house to ri road lead
lug from Montrose, past Myron Baldwin's, one
mile'and ten rods in length. :
Z. M. BREWSTER, Supervis-
Britlen - eta . , Marelt 8,1671. L-aw.
FARM FOR SA LF.--On ihe old Milford - and
Owego road,nne half mile east &the Univer
salist Cnureli, in Brooklyn, conminin ,, eighteen
acres, with house, barn, and shop, all in good
repair, for particulars, enquire of the proprietor
on the premises. C. C. DA.LEY.
Brooklyn, Marsh; 8; 1871 2w.
n ISSOLUTION:—Tbe firm of Parmeter &
Shelp, recently , enwaged In the bleat Mar
ket business, is this day dissolved by mutual con
sent. The books and accounts of the firm are
in the hands of B. Thatcher for immediate col
lection. PARMETER & SHELP.
The business will be conducted hereafter by
the undersigned, who will try to please all who
may give us a call.
March 8, 1871. 3w
OA MERCHANDISE.. :he.. In sniquehanna County.
Mkt:notice th gt In purouancr of the veveral get, of A..
„.1,1, of th!. Commonwealth to provide revenue to
meet the demand. upon the tra.taury and for other par.
pope, the under..hmell. A ppralner of Mercantile Lanes
for ea id county, hen prepared a Het of Merchant, trod.
leg In said county. and placed each merchant In that
dare which to blot a potters Just and right according to
the act, of A pvembly, to wit:
ARMFUL 'Reese & Tingley ..... .. 11
E L Adams . 14 N Mvinn , ... .......13
P C BoAnell 14. LLMOS.
Wm. White "'Black. Barham., &Clear 1 ,
II I. Lott .. .. . • .. • • 14 water f •
France & Swisher 14 t; row& Brother... ......14
George Brown 14 ,1Vm.,P. Cole 14
iruzu*. T A. Johneun
C C Worth 13 1 1 BIDLIITOWN.
PUYOR S. 141034 MM.. ..... 13' Nada ,
µld. • 14
Jll Very.. .... ..... • . 141 0 R Lyons. & c 0..... .12
Tinny & Cramer. .. 14 'Z Cohn 14
.1 II Page . ..... .... 14 w eh lob th, .11
0 ,1 I 11 ..lawY. ..... • •• • 14 Ir 13 4 'handler 14
C Rogers _ . ..... .. 13r r. 11 ihno .. .... ......14
Kent & Eldridge 1 1/.14 . 011P, Drake & Co 11
Wm. crave, . . . I, 'S.yre it 045. .. ... ... —l4
D A 4 1 A Tll .wor th 12 tirtri*&. Nieinds p m 4..33
:...,, ceocor. c-r.
Mll logo)._ . st' m. 6 1 tint ford.. ,
14 ' A N Bollard .11
cm Moan, , Starmn4 3 albot. - 14
T J Volt. ..... : .... ...; . .14
. wm)J
~ Hoyt& C 0....., 11
'r F &Milton. ....-.:%.4' , . illitc rapJoda, r d . 13
J N Baker. • • 14 .1 & J T Boyd. ..... .. 1..14
PII Gerber . ..... .. • . 14 SII More", 14
II A WIIIIAmo .. .... ... 141 11'h r ir & Coat, . 14
0 Weits - & Brother..... .13E 8.,,,,,,,,
rd... .. . ,
... 1.4
DVNILLYT. I N Balla. . 14
S G Wearer pm 4 .i. ~„ 11 1 $l7 smith. .
~ ... .. 13
I E DAVI,. ... . ..... .. .. 13 re p rird bi u ... . 14
Henry spent., ...... ."...14.1re ..• --
.... . I II
•.1 ,
E P Chambers !.1, S3l Wilson .. . ....13
A Richardson • "1.4r Tnrrtli p in 4 ........ _l2
W. i i i , T ,V . `:' ,.. ......... I. ...&l i t u ra i d e . n rl b r ,l llllls Aco p m 4.10
...'. R 0 sen. to
Miles & S/ 14. rntall••••••••• 14 ..bn0n1";00.... .. : . .
11 /11.110,11 ' . . •-• • • • 14 Veit mono, Potent i s . C0..11
Sievers; & Leehod, • 44 .1 11 DeWitt & tal.
, ratterretat 11- I'L..iliriir . . .... .. .1U
141 L 11.111....
yna vtu4x,
i NEW NtLronn •
Lll Sllvern. . . . ...... li tAini s,
4,4,3 „ ,i p
3 4 14
DC& P 11 Fordhein. . .1:1' 3 p1.. 6 rrin...•../r•• • - •• 10
Ell Merriman ii : ..34111/O1 Atkins 11
.1 I. Merriman ili II Bnrritt p m 4, 13
II L Blowers .141.1avtd Sommer. p m 4.-12
W L Mose & CO
P 1 111 1 1 .17 131 3 ..... •-• ' '' '.. " - Trgri hoop. . .... 14
111 McMentibs...••• . ...... 14 .0 04 Hi 1• 1 1.!
Wm. Hakim p m 4 la .. -
Robert Wintan. ... ...... 71 J.4l^ .•.lfm's I!
MqColitim A Brother.. .. J . .
II Stark 11 14.11,111 & hon.. .. 01
10, .
Wilitimu a Prosloo. ....13 P 1 T" * ."4 . - • • -14
/001.0.• NO.
R S (. " 1.1 V.' • ' "I T TMu ...„. ......
Ti) Eeletirrme p m4;....111 m „ ~..‘,. ,
.. 4
L S Lon( Ica ...... ...... 13 r'• N. 313 13• Y
W A 4.1 n ..... 11 13.000.
wm C io r i n i oe . h" . . 14 L 111 Sherwood &Co 11
14 1 N Gran.....or p m 4 . 13
M . ' McCreary.. .
44 111 i 1:/ Snyder... .14
Thorne. ermines EPIIINUELLII.
Weller Ninth.
Wm. lieldsrln.. .... .. .1411 44 K ... 7 , 4 1.44. ,..... .
.. 14
11. P Donna
1111.4 t Spencer 14
11 Clark
4 - ;, „ A
4 . 2 , 4 w m .,1 4..... ..
..... 141 It T Hendrick......... —lt
1. W Chichester l
40 l000te Meneroln 14
& Bleserole..l 4
D C Bronson. .... .... 141_
II 0 Hanna . 14 c Darnell ': . .... ~..14
U F Farga.. .. .. . ...I • 51;,4QtensIssIA oce&r.
autsmi: ' Glllrtd. 1... gr, . . .13
Cnoperative Company-, 11 L4l Ly0n5...... .. .
.. 14
l'lrome IT Wells p m 4....11 W 8 Breit, T .., 4 ".. . .14
.14m. Pnller ............1R 1: Pernsil. ...........14
Dunn/ Cu .
D E Ilr
„men p 111.4 11 B. Cacey, 34
IA (imore 11 . Crandall__ .1.3
K , nn y k !Mr rl ni4....14 I Allrn.. ... ....... ..14
41.111.1 ten A Smllvy/p m 4.18 1114 - erv•Morrlo....„. _l4
Wm. D Eymar . ...... ...14 :Chomp McDonald . .. DI
II M Tingley , ' 14 II V Sgtittti'.. : ~........ : .14
rear lituvr. ... .11I, t 1 AmdrizmA.....i., -.14
II W Brant d Co.. ` Jalbel Virg. ” . ... ...14
.1 B Stevens 11114411 a re AiWoctittfon.lo
. 13
.1 Schlnger & Co. (Walter Barber --_
SA Lv(ins'l. 7 l3on. D 14 Lpino . 14
S m alnwpm
C J Ly.m..... . . Lew . Preeman 14
tretsflocß. 111 P D0ren...... ..... J. 12
G W Pouct & Co.— ..12 Iltna (' Plap na 4—,., ..,2
c C gpen.Nr . .. .. .. ....1.9 datne4l' 001 'l2
Moroe.Nlthol; ...... 'm4.10 11 J reketibpry. 14
11..slownp. FII Thayer. .. 12
.1 C elkiorcto.. ) t ...14 lacEpritt &K me .... II
0 Po))ne it S_ oo . .. ..14 F D ,onA ti
E T 'rural l y,— ......... 12 AIS Tornoz . 14
I. R P 0 ,41.....:. :.1. ~ . tin 1.; &limo ' 14
J NV .P.' bite ..-- ~......r......44 gro.S. McGrath_ .... ~./4
Jnner & 'runner A 1 jiCIO. BAT
. . 14
T .1 , 'err & Ce 12 4/ T Smith. 13
E S IlInElt.„ .... ~...... 1 Elle* - 7ilcOulre 14
Babcock . Nost . on 14 Goetenlur2. 11 osc n. 1
4AC41,44041. , Nan 1b t:0....,. '
H M Benson 11 J C & d 11 Cook •. 12
D Roberts .. . . .... 14'J C Foot
Norris & French... ....121D A I,one ..
d 1 Potter. . .. . . ..14'C A Miller
JIGSSUP. J C k J /1 Cook
John Werner. 14 152 Mille, ..
J 11 Rosenk tuns vnY . . 14 , gin W Osborn...
Ltnettfe. Aire E E Forbes.
Joseph Web•ter 14 A C Perlernan
D D'etanfoTll - 11 SILVER LA .
A A Beeman, 14t'r Sollisan 14
Lerrett. ottercors. K ft Meeker Ati
E B ileardtdce . • 14 Denials Mah0ny..........14
D H Gard Id . - lel Mot. M Oar" .............1t
LAT11110r. 1.20 7N0 3, .
Hall " Brothers • 12 1 0 L Levi. 14
E M Tiffany A Co lUIP M. Hellen 11
Classification of Venders of. Merchandise.
Male, lane than $5.000... . . dant+ 14
- $ 5'.000 lose than slo.olol - 13
" 10.1100 - 15.911... .......... ... " 12
" 15.111111 " 201X1(1... ll
" 21.003 "
" 30.0110 .• COM " 9
" ,10.0qj " WAN/ 5555. :... .. ..... " 3
;(4'initi 7nneeW-6( the (Merl of CotrittO4 Pleas of
*aid county will hold a Court of Appeal at the Heart
Bonne in Ifourreae, In and for raticedifnrj, on Toenday,
April 18th. PM, nt 1 o'clork p..m.. at which limn and
place any of the Merchant* deectlbetr, defined, null eines.
t 4 its aforerald, or their ag nis 012 attorneys. may lip
peat trod appeal floor said Aseesnnent If they think
Pante/ft CILOAhE HALL, • •
iselrsolY; March ir 4871.-4311 Mercantile Appraiser.
.. __
, rlr44 -ilk, rind iiefdent
• 211EcoritroAser .rrefiv
q.144.TV, $80:400.000
' CyslA. T..Capftat acid
- • "- WWII )
loeurance Co7Or ttofth - Rmertelt; rndra„-
Capital and fierplus,,ooo
Franklin Fite Ineurance Co., _ Dili
, Pa.,
Capital and Sisrplak,•• • AOOO,OOO
Lycoroingcoputy,llmuallnaurange Co.of .
, . Money, Knin'ti. Capital and dorplas. CA90,000
Connecticut 31t0001 Llte lororaneetb. ' • •
Hartford. Cane., Cap!tal, 30,000,000
American Lite Naomi:lee
Witt. Capital, - ..••• • 7. 1,000,000
Tratelere:ln in ran ce Co. Hartford, Con n„
I naoringagainst all kinds acattedfil
Capital, 70b.000
!, t
Hartford Fire Ineutonce Company, Yrt. nut.
ford Conn...Capita/ad Surplus: 103.0a6.00n
.137,—m)hustse.p.srittosto4ca UP, WE.Will att•md ,
pd to oriTairtermi; rtfid nil promptly adjoined.
firtlfflta firialli'oiestf trot* flAnkidg Mira 01 W.
IL CaopetA, Co,,!Fornplke KM:tante, Pa:
STROUD . ft BROWN, kg - ents.
rov. rale
• CUL' •d
113u.bnros . SKr.
latt. •
troß.prcipp in rty,laaatecl • at
- ntmOttr CatiieriOtild Ihn% 'mown IL.
the IRWIA ifotvf,coruiecoxtrlt wblClI are about Tvtsaty
4 . l•44.ol7 o tratiAna ,
. 0 1 1.
111A4Pa;,;7ask. 23,a IBM 4 Wafter.
.1• .7
A UDIPW4.. c)44,11 C,E,,Tho—uuder-
R- giglirClittfr" tiptintetra - by no' Orpbnil's
Court of Susquehanna County. to din , ributo the lands
in the harms Of the. administator of the estate of W.
K. rem. ood, deceascd. will attend to the duties of
his appoint orent at hoe office In Montrone. on Thursday.
March, 919, '7l at 1 o'clock. P. is., at which nom and
piece all persona interested will present their claims or
be forever debarred from claiming Buyer said hind.
W. W. WATSON, Auditor.
Montrose, Fohroary 8. 1871. 4w
VSTATE OF Stif.MAEL BALDWIN, late cf Ararat
Penntlyirentaa &tattled, Letters testa
mentary upon the estate of the 'ounce milted decedent
having bceo granted to the undersigned. notice Is given
to all pereona indebted to the same to make immediate
payment. and those haying claims open the same will
',recent theta duly authenticated tbr settlement.
• Executor/.
Ararat, Felomary 22, 1871.
Am/Trot: 4 s NOTICE.—The undetnlgnietl, an Ana:
tor, appointed by the Orphan'. Court of Susque
hanna Connty, to di.iiibete the Inneln the kande of the
Administrator of the ramie of John Hays. dece”ed.
trill attend to the duties of We appointment, at th.
office of W. 11. Jessup, Esq., hi Montrose. OP Tuesday
the 28th day of March, A. D.. 1871. at 1 o'clock, p. m..
at which time and piece all person, Interested In said
fond will present their claims or be forever debarred
from Cowing In upon maid fund.
Montrose, February 22, Int. 4w Additor
AUDITOR'S NOTICE.—The abersigned, on Auditor
appointed by the Orphan's Court of Susquehanna
Count,. to distribute the fund In the hand. of Elliot Al
drich, J. W. CosSington and Ell Dienes.t.recutors of
the jast Will and Testament of WI !lam Wood, do-
Ceased. w 111 attend to the duties of his appointment, at
bin office. in the Borongh of Montrose, lit raid oounty,
en MOlldoe the 10th day of April, neat, at 1 Y. o'clock p
m ril persons may present their claims or be for
ever barred JAMES E. C A RNA LT,
Mom now, February al, OrCt. Auditor.
Ali utruit's NOTICE.--Tier,under
signed, it ppoluted an Auditor by the Orphana•
Conn or Susquehanna county, epen exceptions to the
final ncceunt or t be sotoluistral lot of E. W.:smith isElmln
letratoi of the relate of Melinda Duane, deceased
will attend to the entice of tits appointment at hit office.
Montrose on Saturday thy let daY of April. A. D..,
1871 :it 1 o'clock p. to D. W. SEARLE.
Montrose, Feb:l.s. 1871. 4w Auditor.
e.t2l.rolt'S N tyro Testamentary le the
Es earkte or Jeremtah Meaehrtmelare.MldantroseJAare
quehannn County. deeene 4. haveng been grokted (o
the eetweriber; all . imretme hwiehted to sold relate are
requeemitu make immedlate.paYmeht• add an - Ditit. o %.
6snme claims against said decedent will pereent the
without delay. • • ALFRED DALDIV/N.
rd treee, March A, IS - 71 ticv F.kecakor.
UDITUH NI/TICE..-The andereigned. on Auditor.
s4qllppoiiitcd by the di..ocea of the Orphans' Court of
Cllll.lll County; to di:trititottoida remaining In
the il:llPit. of Jame* Worden, Adni Inlitrator of the w
ilt.' of Selo P..yne, decraewl. will cttcndto thedrdiel of
wild appointment., at. tileollice. in liontrosc, the 6th day
of April. 1671. at I o'clock in the fteruoon of that day.
nt which time rind.placo all perilous interested will
make known their elairms or ho forever debarred from
coming in on said fund. . W. A. CROSSSION.
Montryse, Marti t,18:1, 4w Auditor.
COMMITTEE'S SA L E.—Commlt tee R&M' teal estate.
Notice to hereby germ. that to pursuance of an or,
der of the Court of Common Pleas of Suegclehaana
cenote. I will_ on Wednesday the 15th day of Marts.
1871, at 10 o'clock. a. to.. upon the precaleca. In the
town of Jackson„county of Surquehinata and State of
Penns)rwinia. expose the undivided half part of the
followininduce, parcel or lot of land, the estate of Lett
Barrett, a lunatic, to public rale. described as follow',
to wit: Bounded on the north by land. of Calvin Morse,
on the east by public highway, 'iodine from thc.Jacksoel
cud New Milford road, to W. 11. Norris' Mort"; on the
south by laud, of J. R. Barrett. and west helan& of Or
en Barrett , enotainingone hundred acres of land, be the
tame more or lest. with the building' , and appurtenanCi
es. *ell Improved: On which Is a good house. /ten barns;
orchard. &c. Terme of sale—Onu hundred delimit to be
paid on the land being struck down lieu hundred dol
lore on the confirmat on of sale and delivery of deed and
balance in totes civet limn oat enetaimeets, with interest
from date cf wile on all unpaid 6M0011t..1 not paid on
giving dead. to be secured on bond and morfaage, of
Judiftnene bond upon the premise*.
1 will also, expose to public tale. at same time and
place. the foil iyoing. personal property, to wit: I'm,
cows.? tWo year old heifers. coming Lei Oda spring; Y.
yearlings. one year old colt. two horse carriage, sec of
light two bone 1.1711 . 11%, harrow. plow, trots cut new.
in cradle. two stoves and a lance quantity of hay and
other article, not mentioned. February 10. 1871-
OREN BARRETT, Committee of
New Milford Feb. V.. 1871. EW a Lunatic..
IWould respectfully state to my former
Customi rs and the public generally that I am apt%
curry tug cm the
_E, nerd propose to de all WORK In Oro
Liao, Ixf
And at Fottsbetory Priors. Particular attnotkut given
In 4 '1711:ill end ,WrEt:IAL used In hoe the
work Mau for tho person who puts it together.
Shcp on the west aide of "Public Avenue." over
Dern. 8 Nichols' Drug Store, adjoining the Oflicp of
Dr. Ilaleey. P. LINKS.
Ylonnose, Febrtsry 7, 1871, tf
Susquehanna Depot.,
Dealer in Watches. Clocks Jewelry, &c. Re
pairing promptly done and warranted.
made a speciality; Silver Detached Levers for
$l2 00. Ard'imicain Watches/ at Companha re
duced prides.
'Goals ordere' (or parties, from New
York, at less profits than if kept constantly on
hand. Solid Itl caret Rings fur $1 15 per penny
weight. A. 11. TARBON.
Susquehanna Depot, Jan. 25, le 1. tr. .
VARM AT AUCTION.—In pursuance of an
IV order of the Orpharis' Court, in andlor baa
quebanna County, I will expose at public suc
tion, on the premists, at 10 o'clock, a. m., on
Monday the 2Uth day. of March next, all that
certain farm or tract of land, situate in Dimock
township, in said County, bounded, on the curt
by lands fbriarly owned by JAM Poster, north
sad west by lands of F. IL Hollister and C. J.
li south by kind fbfinnirly of J. Morse
and Wm. I). Cope, containing 150 acres, More
or less, with the appurtenances; a frame dwell
ing house, barn, sheds, good orchard, with graft
ed fruit, being the premises of which Hobert
Foster, late of said l)imock township, died seiz
ed, in his demesne as of fee.
TERMS or SALE.—The widow's portion there
of to be secured by bond and mortbmge,Anterest
payable annUnfly to the widow of said dbeedent,
Jane Foster, during her lifetime, principal, at
her death, tO Milton H. anti George a ' , muff . ;
one Imodrelll &Mem to be lead at the striking
down of the property, obe-fonrth on confirma
tion of sale and delivery- of deed, balance in one
year thereafter, with Interest to be secured on
the premises:
JOHN F. IftNTER; ),F;xemitors of Rob.
Jr/I N FOSTER, c ert Foster, deed:
Dimock, February 22, 1871. 4w
-.4 SEED. For Sale by STANLY TCRRELL. warrant
Forest Lake, Feb. 21., IS 1. 4w.
EEFS ennelantiy on hand one alba :duet nnmcr
ous cuttections of
In dm country and thatowPeepeelar attention to an
%eating and buyinli articles In thla depareniela that pro
pare and germae.
Ho also keeps a great variety of
mums AND WINER; •
bought either direct from the distiller, of Importer, and
warnaded•arrtetir P
Alto. a fall aeaortmeni of Paintig . Oils; Varnishes,
Brunie , : Lubricating Oils and No Stuffs. &traceried.
Wall Paper,Glass, K•eruseue, lolfase Platobi. Guns
and InUMULtioll.
A Ono variety of Gold tied (AM iIiiNVELRY, Pertain
cry, Yanneo NOTltfita, Ae., and' Mbar goons too no
morons to mention.
During several rears put persons haws bees In the
been ul furiniug eletw.entseudtog Caine Great Arnett-
C.AO Te 3 Cuinuauv, New York', fur thus 'appal-et of Tea
nod Coffee. fur familLuen. ,
Abel Terrell Is now supplying the people with these
This and Coffees, nt sls mute bluntrlmet St the same
prices that these clubs and wrier persons pay at the
store 01 the Company in New York. Thus, purchaserd
apl save the exprers charge, trouble df clubbiag an*
risk otscading, by WlWl:fur . • ~
01.0srer csasti. Tizaatirjr
CILED, For Salo ni Lathmp's store. -March
01,1871. 8w C. D. LATH OP.
. ..4" 4 -•
, -
1' - •
wctire red.& thi OM addletal did alit Steak o
Palls.azi4 are now ready to I onward Bettar to the Ire' t
copfadastatihnitae. In !few York,tree of thin*, and
Make I I beraladvilltteat en If on eansty,faindltra: z
Coll and oaandrutoar Steak before orrekaal ..
ag else.
wbere. Odeon, taeltpumwellrearof 'lief
GOODqtrALITY , - dr - LOW PUjogs
1 -C.•• ' • • ':. of tar do6dd, ,' - ' ••• 1 ‘,..
Apra, Ivramt,l„. G. NUM% '.. • • • . -• . ---
W. B. CO/Liill
Monfoed. Pa t NOtroset; epill lb. lad% " E. -'.' ~.•' ' • ,
late - or Saiiea D4'o4' tiviget co—deett.
Letters ormiselnlstratton upon the estate of Meehan
named dem:dual:miring beengranted to the undersigned.
notice is hereby gitten Ithd all Demons todehted. to the
same are requested to bike Immediate payment, mai
those baling datum tip* ehe UM presest them du
ly authenticated for seulemeut
Sem • I. I. TILLMAN . . Adttee ,
en Depit i Jan.IIL
1:1r. C. 21 0 . 13X5LCAVVIN'fc7
L X .1 4 07 I BE NI isT ..xs .
In offering fhts Liniment to the pahilc. et **e do 1n
fell coundenrec that It mutt etipercede all other' sow li
use. se an Internal remedy. fur the curvet all eliisseset to
the reach of that elms of medicines. we can safely assert,
without the least fear of contradiction, that it Moods on
rivaled in the list of medics! compounds vairrnally ;p
-otted for the curs of ditesse, Feeling therefore that It
is unnecessary to pnff • remny.eo emilleatly wooderfal
in its effecte, so ntysterionaly Infallible In Its powers of
relief. causing the deaf to bear, the blind to pee. the ner.
toffs. (Dupe and crippled thesusatte Wirral' erect mad re
joice again in the power and vigor of manhood, title pry
parpiton is offered to the public on IN own itierlie. and
claims no Volcanic origin or mown. Mal oils of the Arabi.
an deserts but on the contrary is what It. impurte, and
Is a rare combination of tbeimitere Of lititUa Anted,-
can products.
Nair Teak, bee. 11 , IMO.
This notice Is to huffffitt all dealers In proprietary
medicines , . that we have established a Depot to Nampo--
henna county at Moutrore. Pa., for the rode of DJ. O.D.
Brown's Young American Linimen t . and that Mr, A.
BAILDW IY la one agent for that ptirporos.
.1;0 Winton Street, Now York
Agenda.. will soots beestabilehed M wandfames in
every townidap. and pal:helical in the Hat bean*. lam
ready tp faintish it at wholesale price. so agents. Parst
ent and circulars sent free wpou application to the ran
The Liniment is now for saleat retull by the follow.
log agents, to wit:
Burns & Nichols Montrose.
A. Turrell,
E. L. Adams. Aubnni 4 Corners.
William White, Nubian Centre,
Noah Baldwin, South Anbarn.
Waltman & Vosburg, Skinner's Eddy.
Eerier .t Vaeghn. Wyannitug
D. C. & F. IL Fonlhatn, Franklin.
Dr, V. Hornet, Campton.,
J Durtmve & Sons, stevrausaille.
It, Sherwood, Braebvilio.
It. T. Hendrick, SPfinif+ lll °.
William Thayer, Dirnocik
E. B. Bearaisiee, Little Meadows,
Itobairt Winters, Friendsellie.
M. L. Ball, Blrchardville.
D. A. 'Ellsworth. Brooklyn, Fa.
L. B. Hinds, Factoryville,
W, H. ettniP, Sultry Hollow.
E. M. Tiffany, klopbottont.
J. B. Very. sioutrose Depot
U. M. Hawley, New Sigurd . .
T.l). Easterbrook, Great Beni?.
Any person in townships not above named, denials:
on agency, may obtain it by acirarcesinc
A. BALDWIN, Granerai Atrai.
Manama°. Pa.
FIRE! EIRE! I.lltE!—Yuiir house
may burn Heil. Seek refuge at once, either In the
SUET , .
Security. N.Y., - • . - $2 Iluu,tuu uo
Manhattan, • - • - • /,51-aI,UUO
North American, - e " t• Auti
Hanover, - • UU
Philadelphia, • • • - !WAX) tai
hinterprise, - -
Or Norwich, Conn., chartered May,l9ll, the oldastStock
ela Ceo n C n m t p i a t c e, A c c ure ,
ea n a d b orveel ae l eold e a c v t ianbgl iebbeeedn
tried and proven. Look out for little new wild cat cont.
palates et:winging up all over the country juel to make
money. or ' , mid your appinatione, and I win see
that 100 are fairly dealt with.
Flee. Life and Accident Tunarance Agent, at tae outse of'
iv. D. Lusa, Esq., Montrose.
lehmary I, Mid.-it.
Of One hundred hnd Seventy-five Arta sit
uated between Silver Lake and Mud Lake,loo
acres improved, and nearly aH the remainder in
heavy hemlock timber ; having thereon a Food
house, barn, shed, granary, etc., orchard of tri•
apple, cheny f and plum hoes ; watered hy flavor
failing spring. and creeks.
Price, $25 per acre, sonic of which can remain
on mortgage.
Jan. 4-3wlwein Silver Lake, Pa.
Containing one hundred and flay acres, one
hundred under improvement—With good build
ings, orchard, &c. &e. Price /me i end terms
made ease. inquitt of
L. F. men.
or G. V. BENTLEY .
Montrces, Jaw 4, 1871—t!
C. A. SACKETTS Venial keetko, 'Kart 3111forl, Pa
Partletilntatientl6ln even (0 nag:Tenet:44oi thil natu
ral tenth. Artillan] ' Path Lueerted fnAll ramose
yha now to enc. Perfect vatlnfArtion guarantied loan,
Cue and eon tn.§. and entloff yonninken . Wilco bows:
ours each day.
hiAn. 5, 151%) —ll
rtzerx Tax! Neese': TIM extensive Fennell,
PleVililishment of William W. Smith. haying been
refitted 'ad spltatty the proprietor respect.
(Oily anholineertill fine eitliend of Alifirtrote and vicini
ty, that he Je constantly making and keeps of Wind the
largest and hest arlsortment.of
to be found anywher thin old. of New York City.
Desks, Divans, Toweiracka, Lounges, Footstools &c.
Csinter ard, Pier, Toilet. Dining. Kitchen and
extension table..
CHAIM —Cane and NVuodoeat Itoeiver,Canc, Flag
and Wmidecats of every variety and style.
Saltation Tide-a- ctea, laird:fated. oit
cans ebhfehatee retested. E • '" :
• SPRING r-BEDBI, ••• • ; •
A late atitiditenciii=Cireafteiit and Deal ICY the tauter
Cane Seat Chair&
Lam now op atiicd to an ppir my clistomera will a new
substantial cane seat chair, of home manufacture, which
will he round erkatly anperfoil to Kama foretell 1p
market, and yet are sold at a leile prfee.
Or Rego -mitre cothe 061110 ff, p fujidelled at
abort notice. Deane alwrys in readinere If &Melt
I employ none but careful and experienced workmen.
I Intend to do - aty work well, and sell It as low as can
be afforded.
tuft offload. sod telling rhropby
Montrofe, Aptil Z).114V. ABEL TORRELL,
Main Street, b doors below OnYell Cotner, Nobtrewe
We are conetnntly tee; Wing lid naw baTe pnliand,
strain stock of lino& In ouxll2 eortdeli we eildiell%
lot oneli.or yids Igo errtiodied.. „,
000.1) TEihsi
.IYRIRDI 2I I7tI77g;
. . .
mom %lefty-Ina. A now sopplT .~ fnt
wevrosomor.•2o , olo..„ 7 S 1
• o‘kli /it •
raft l ',(14
;:•-• 1840 ;) i 87,2
Th. PamZnasn la by sielesrsal homed ailowid to
Imes woe fm Itself a ',foliation trnsurpaseed In'hho Eta
tory sr method preparathots. Ito hastantaseen smog
in the aradlcation and **deafen at , Palsla.6ll'l s
14 bm*
Nods forrnsAnctdsnt, 11,116 batman faulty, sear -
...Itched mitten and' Serbs] tectlmnay of Ibis ..Ines
In Its favor, have lien, sad are IMO** best attertlse
The Inzredlcats of Ma Panein,L44, Wig Dun,
Vsuarance. reodbr fta perfectly eciftrasd selastidus•
remedy lalw.o listen:l3lly, an well as (or eate* 'PO'
cations, when coed setordlig to 4/caesium.. Wlts stabs
upon linen Rest Ile ries Is readily removed by WaslSlng.
with aleohol.
This eledlcfne, jotay celelriatml for As .. eiireior vs'
many of the sfhlctions Mei/lclo this Zooms famtkr.
has now been berate the Ohb/fe oversew:et
ton fonnd Ito Senylatp almost every cornessillbmwenf:
and eltereter I; has been told& the sante eletelde ; 4 •1 3 .,
messed 01 Its medical propertiat,' ' •
In eta /Welt. ohms prompt actlsto masa Skil brit.*
is repaired. Ile rain 1111cr Is Ineatiabla. i t ts doWd
to•tanisesuas street In Mitering Padilla trld II•soft"
Cal. and whrn need arrnrding to dirs•Slotis,' • 111114'to
Its muse. a 1 . 64 N ICILI.Eft.
-- --
?OW 1114,
err . • Ad T ue k
lICU amid fm:4l: alock 7" rese •
otu,cEzias dr rnairtigates;
which *III be rad et a IoW fitnte Coe VIAL
a tun cruet, anialrs way be foungl
iiour i
Hams ; Drild Boryi , Bmsfati • 17ifilovi add' :
„Ns, Atisektiotd.
Tow, Corr*, Seg.ta, meo, Moe, Worrteralel re - Seccci,. •
Prxeher, Prars, Pica Apple!, !tweet ColE. 'NEM'
Ina, gnincem, and Pltutm. Cocoa, Paine.
Extract I.emon;ctc. ate:
ell limb or SPICES. Qµnm, Oronto Toti. oto.
A.l chew's: and Smelting Trial.., Mt
Alt of whieli case Le wafrauteCl se Int duo geed, *ft
to addltkrtv to the Grocery trade, we 1111111 rturthiss,
Cleo. C. Hill's Ilvwe Willis, where yon had • (00a
Pe1,(14 , 11 of Ktatinuary, Book.. Nally, Weekly Lid
knottily Paper.. 31shasirtes. Books spd vipers sad SO
hold will b. ordered and furnished oastont notice with
out extra eliavr..o. Special care given to orders. NS trmd
Ws to show pootle--rs• dm? la and see Mr yourself's&
LZ — Gontle delivered without extra Marge.. -
WAnci. r
C. U. Gans, i
Mantroke, Xliy 111, 111
110CE17.1 ES
Tea, Coins% Sugar, Riot, talcratnic Crickete r
Pepper, Spica, 124n0r, Cinnalnoh, Ftnisius; Zon
is Currants. Tapioca, Starch, Vinegar, Clasp!
Cream at:Tartar, Soda, Cream Yeast, Corn
Starch, Farina, Nutmegs., Mace, Chaves, Ciotals
B (IS, Chocolate, and the beat, Molasses in the
world, at the i tore of
Ate, *palm - kV,
'Montrose, Mat: 39 r ?CO:
SIGIO OF triE MIMS 1041109
Would reopertfully oaf' to tko ypblb, tial4
tketromfol asoOrtmeat of
runelmats AND 11/51UUlYill,
tkey have Paints awl Oils. Vandal, Dye-Stan. Mini
and Llquore, Patent 31edleinha, Spectaciett, Nye
litarees. Pocket litaircs.,lntzors, Vielts
Guitar Otrlnge. Aloojnot rocelree
• -
a ane tot of Rut - Oven , . Can
Cape. (inn Wadding, • • .
Cartridge+, &c.
keep alwiri on hand aid Pr l'astiOnsvilcrs
Gin Poodo.. Itale Powder. Tobacco and et ail•J
piriar quality • soi • conceal az...ancient of sake
. •
to liesm.l.4lr the CIITAT cAsn DRIPS STOW, 6!
Bura• b Nlchole.
A. B.; •
Migatrows, lloc. 14.1Vit. A 111164 Zs IMO-Li:
Froth f is duy fo'rward, in gli2flialt Plait rf
retail at - •
We bang oat na falia coloYs, but-aloft PO
*hat we say. .
iiirhife making Inour a ipetkilty, ov skint*
FEED, .116 all; SALT, LIMB CiRMILYri
Will be kept fa and !old it very mall. prellte.
11. GAll.lLtit
New I.lHforti f March A , 1170.--17
. •
WlStill of Goods In sture , Air the telltig
the 'FAT Trsident 18'70; In a 1111 'aid
general assortment 'of
true, and ASV/10141w, and ;Ring fgetAitt.':
In irmpress Ciotie , Dews, 01.444.9f•t;14#414
Cam, Altmete. qmelP. Oillotie, ffi_to_qiii4 /4 0 01110
Lodi. s (1441 trekti Prungluirgo goeog,raii{i f
- d oAri, afsw iimorhnfne ofgemi,lekiefileris, '
Latlies'CL9Uis, P7anpeG , llogerli.
tirt a: *neat asiminleht. of hat' ItatteirlA,'
hoot); & Flakes, Oils and Paints:l , o -
,Croe„kery-, hardware, Staves, Iron, &a furabh
ing aup'etiOr oppottunity for selectiont,' - and
will be sold on the most tittorable terms,
Ililtord4OT. Oe. UT
wawa a salq.
I.erdire atel Gong
am. zrermatzTV4