The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, September 14, 1870, Image 1

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E. B. HAWLEY, Proprietor.
luOintoo Tondo.
Attorways ans.Conn•ellors L. Law. Office the one
heretofore occupied by D.D. & G. P.l.Altle. on Main
street. Monizose, Pm. • , rA pH] 9.n.
urnl oso. L L. 113./MENI.Er.
C. C. FAmor. W. H. llcCAnz
•. . -
Dealer• to Dry Good., Clothing, Ladles and ?Crisco
One Shoe. Moo, agents for the zrent American
Tea and Coffee Company Odontrosc, Pa ,op
Dotter to Boots and Shoo, lints and tenttin and
FindinO, Main Street. Id door below Searle' Tote!.
Work made to order, and repairing done neatly.
Moutrore. Jan. 1, IS7O.
Shop to the new PosteMee beildine. where he will
he tonna many to .1.10011 all wlst. mr,n• •n •• t,eF
In hie line. Montrose, re Oct 18 tA9
AUCTIONE. ER--Srth. Dry Goods. and Ilerrhanize-41so
attends at Vendnes. All orders left rd on lions,• will
B reit e prompt attention It tat. 7. INN - if
0. M. HAW LEY,
Ilarthearo. Ilats, Capt. Titait..Slittes, it varly Matt• elcllll
tug. Paints, Oil, etc.. Net. NI Ilford. I. ',Sept
PHYSICIAN & sURIIEON. tender- hip .er% Serf 1,,
the citizens 4,f Grvat Ilentt And vi linty ()Mc hi
reslairoor, oppolote Barnum Uouao, Gt Bald vlavo.
Sept. lit, 11469. ti
CIIAMBERLIN b McCOLLT"M. Attorneys And t:opal•
nrllom at Law. Office in Int%
i t I '
111°0: nvcr the
Mont I NI nntrn, Allg.
A CU/. XESERLIN. . - J. Mt-4'01.11-n.
DEALERS in Dry Gnixl. Grocrrits.
crockery nod oar...rare:table and locket cline,*
otlo, dye *taro. Barr. hoots and rhoes. role
leather. Perfumery A.G. Brick Nock. ail)iiinie e
Bank. Mentraan. [ AuL!net it. At.ati—tr
A. LATIMOr, - - • D R. L....1111M..
ATTORNEY LAW. Bontay, Back Pay. Pcnnion
And 'l4ent on Claims Attonded to. 0111 re
nr - helon , Ttoyd'e Starr. ontror. Py. [An. 1. '69
w. w. wAirsoN,
A TTORNRY HT LAW, Mootrosc, Pa.
Office ith I
F. Filch [Montrose. Aug. .1. 14-,9
Auctioneer, and Insurance Agent,
nut 69tf Frlend•vllle, Pa.
Great Bend, Pa
Q. S.
Imo bit I
V. 151. Bxictioaa.foor.
Anr 1, 1,0 At!the-o, Itroouly, P:k
1101171 GROVES,
F 1 / 4 `;111 , ,N A ItL E TAI: It. M,.1.171C. Va. 'Shop .vet
Chaloileet Store. JO orocre folt.d in firt.t.rnte ett)lt..
t tnv, clone on obort notice. nod worrnuteti to fit.
W. W. Slll ITH,
of Main street, Montrose. Pa 1
U. lit" , RR ITT,
DBALER io Staple and Fnnr) Dr) Goode. Croclivr)
tlardrrtrre. Iron. tilover . bra Paint r
D.,otr and Shoe, Hate & Capr..Enrr.
Groceries ,Prov ‘IIIOIIS, Kew Milford. P..
Has permanently located at Yriendsettle for the ptr
P ose of practicing mt•dictue and surgery In all It
branches. lie Inn be found at the Jackson 'louse
Office ❑ours from ss. m.. to 8 p. m.
Friendsvllle, Pa.. Aug. I. LOSS.
business attended to promptly, on fah . terms uffin
first door north of • Montrose .nest.,„lodr 0 ,
I•nrale A. , enne, Montrose. Pa tAt/g '11.1,4;11.
RSSPECTFL'LLY announces that he lv n.iw p..
pared to eat all kindv of Garments in the
taohlonable Style. warrnnted to fit with ele•
nd one Shop over the Post Otnce, Slontrov,..,nr
ATTORNEY AT LAW. Montrose. I's. Office oppo.
site the Terhell Ronne. near the Court
Aug. I. IShn.—tf
DR. W. W. SMITH. ;. -
DENTIST. Roomn er lloyd
were Store, Of:lce boors from 9 n. m. to 4 p. in
bluntrobt , Aug. I, 1N.9.-1.1"
DEALER in Drugs, Patent Medicines. (1, , -elies/-
I.l.lnors, Peihts, \
G ro c e ries, t 41, 1. Ware, Wall and Windlen
per, Stona.ware, Lumps. Kerosene. Machinery il-
Trusees. Guns, Ammunition. Knives. speoa, le.
Brushes, Fancy Goods, Jewelry. lent .. A
being sone of the mo.l numProns. • etensive. and
valuable collections of Goods In Slusem-l.nuns
Established in I,4e.[Muni rose, Pa.
ATTOTtNET AT LAW. Miler oser the Store Al 4
Lathrop. to the firick Block. Montrrow. Pa :au! 6..1
PHYSICIAN & tettderr hl. proles.. moral
services to the citizens of Montrose and vicini I,
°Mice at his residence, on the corner mist or Stir,
Bros. Foundry. [Aug I. IStel.
eepeelal attention In di,•eanna uC the-Lleari eto
Lunw. and all Sur.rical de.eares. ot e i ov ,, r lv Ii
Dean.• Buarde at Seuele'r lintel. (Aur..1.1.1m.11
mom down stair; lint ileNt•r a hit %%mild
- Kite let thie child do for it.‘..lf. hut waited
~ on it likd r • a elate. and omit taug ht it to
—General SleCiellan's salary is said to ' suns "an ifs moiler did 10:6 , r, it," ,i,b,.. said;
exceed that of 'the - President. .:-.::::,',. i and last year Then•ga died. This poor
.., . .
4 1 --ICapolecin is n - ,ia trnick-named tit /ler- little ereather took on s.i had 111.1 t I took !
f - coltr - Pthlie tringittrimr - vrp t
liu '. l o.etteral Jinks of the Grated Amuse.'' i. "": 51T1 '
- - . - i'' - -.. ~. ditren•nt intireiyt l'll - ruche her to earn'
—A - vessel built by old Stephen .11.irard her bread at any rate: and so I seti-d , her
in 1801 is now b e ing r e p a ir e d lit , Icew loot iyery day tat sing to the. great folks. i
Bedford, 'Alas& '- - :' 1 • and makes her help me to • carry around 1
—The'New York Herald has a depart- the clothes: and that is all. sir. - .1
meat devoted to. " The President's Move- ' "It was very good in you, Bridget, to
picots." It 'should be headed with it full I take the little orphan. You have saved
length portrait of the distinguished:dead her from a sad cat 6. Yon will be ri4n.rd-
heatlM, it Wants to ritlictile him. '4 I ed, you may depend."
4 : Bridget raised her eyebrows and drop- i
7 .LThp Piess,7says; e llte--_Reptiblicaii
, _. ...
party 1ip..8 tiotbirtg - 40defend.t ._Of 'Course ed, a courtesy. while i'asta Diva. as Mr. i
~; .
not, for there ~iit mithinvi it did defend. l' Patron then and over since has wiled her,
An those In want of false Teeth or other dental work __ .• - -.. • - 0 -, ...- ..... , hid her face in the bed, and sobbed to,
s col the office of the nibscribers,•who are pre-
.. ..,..A., f - 1 in - I c a parz ill I 's _ hear ber story related. The kind gentle- j
. iill . -- flinHad . 1:" - r 3 .
s hould' o fi let
ll kinds of work in their linson short notice -.-• . ...., -'..' ~ , .. -
Particular attention paid to snaking :fan and star. in..nopri Islnsivitable.: - 'rlf iftaan .e Smile man looked at her tenderly, and then 1
setts of teeth on gold. silver, or aluminum plate : also on ifolitiaiiii;v:Will get- their. . Ofry r • -1
we.totra cast composition ; thepro hitter preferable to _ ... ~.. ..:. , .., b e ,, s „ a :., co I IC . ,
a ?smell th*ltear substances uslwnsed for dental plates: UnChtetl; ... •:; j :• _ . ti dl • • nfut d •
" I bare a plan_ for this poor child,
of younpersons regul.osd, and made togrow In - 0. ~. .. _: i. . • . ..
which will at once relieve you :of your.
Joanne shape. —The lovers of codfish need not stint
The advautai„ve of having. work done by permanently lo- , churns and repay von for your goodness
rated and ronponalble partlee, met be apparent to oil. fIIeIRSCIVes, as 140,000,000 cod have been ',,. q, - . . .
All work warranted. Please call and :esnmine opecl. ! . of heart. Good-.nip,dit, little oue, I will
caught on' the Newfvuilland banks the . ,
men, of plato work at our Wilco. over Boyd & Cu'e. hard. come to-morrow. Jiry your tears, for I
wan! atom. present season.
W. W. SMITH ..t.. BROTHER. will ye.t make you happy.
Montrose, Aug. IS, 1.2369.-tf . —One "Doctor" Harris, late lladical i Here, Bridget, is some money for you,
- : candidate for 'Lieutenant GorernAr. on the and be sure. sott do not send, .ber out " to.
: Wells tickefin Virginia, waslately arres- sing again.l have sotlethinribetter.for
1 ted and committed to jail on a charge of her tedo.i' z ''''i s u"l'` ' 2 '•:,:"'" _,,
' felony. Poor Virginia. Bridget dropped another courtesy, and
DEL. 1n Drugs. Medicines, Chemicals. Dye
: As, Painta, Oils. Varnish. Liquors, noir, Fan,
r. ties, Patent Medicines, Perfumery and Toilet M.
Odes. or Preactiptions carefully cocain:vended--
Peelle Avenue, above •Searic's Motel. Montritse, Pi
A. LI. Mous, Amos litcuota.
An. 1, 1869.
DR. E. L. nAmoonicg,
PHYSICIAN . SURGEON. respectful', wader, h,
professional services to the citizen of Pricadsvillt
and vicinity. Er — Offire incite - office of Or. Ler ,
Hoards it J. Boaford's.
The Ilnytt Barber, returns his thank for the kimtpat.
Footle*, that has enabled him to get the hest rest-bel
hat Iturent time to tell the whole store. but tome
and see for ronrseves tat the Old Stand! to loud
laughing allowed In the shop. tAp,51113,13:0.
A New and large eupply,
Montrose, Nov. 21, 180. ABEL TERRELL
her mouth opened wide, for site was all
mystified and . bewildered. ,
Au hour later nod Mr. Patron is again
The Stoetbenti Dead . CAST.% DIVA. seated in his easy chair before his bright
;" 'f.,!t;.1.---: i , t coal fire, with his dressing-gown once
":7i --. ',l ~.,„ isiif 430:4C,!*49024„ , ~.1,. • ' I " Ileigh ho: . , sighs Mr. Patron, "what more folded about him. 'pits only dif
'...' i . 2,:•,,::::') . •%:::,.:3-, ' ; a forlorn thing it is to live alone,!" aud be ferenceis that he smiles instead of ragh-
Fathers and sons ifi' their kiii'ffilaStreilt,'-; -• ' drew his easy ,& chair close to the fire, and ing as he did before. .
Six inches of earth o'er the patriot's breast ; i ensconced Innis therein, wrapping Lis " AU, yes," .be says. y"I see m w ar
WllolttrApegMes%--a nation shiin— ' tri-colored dressing oown about him. -J. clear.. I can 110 W, without hesitation, cull
Wits trinrdogrlikiAls sitittio Mtn of Cain ? i wish I were married.l know a lady— upon tirtadam.Victor in her room, to in-
From the Gulf to Potomac, far and wide, ! boards in this same house, too, and teresther about my little Costa Dim I
They sleep in the trenetuat, side by aide ; believe she'd have. Inc, if I were to ask will tell her the story, and engage her to
On the mountain Side, in.the Map, blue glen her. , 1 mean the pretty music - tt. .
qtcher cultitate the !voice of my little' protege.
She is young, delicate and amiable: only I wta see her to-morrow morning, and
Or hid by tlie:‘llll , .iis from thesi l ght omen: '
fields . , , there seems to be something me l an ch o ly perhaps site will a , ecompany me to Brid-
Butchered oir willed' thetitathent tilled :
aboutlodging. 'Sot a
her., us though she had known stir- gets - very romantic walk
Shot, stabbed ht4brained, as Math , are killed.
row ; beside s, she is a a iduw. I like her, to incite the lady or my heart to share.
Oh, men of the of the ! , :orth! whiM'you spent . r h ou -h
g and I believe she likes Inc. I'll at then tilt) circumstances are peculiar."
'• pint ire ' • ' .''••'t•" • • think this over. I have plenty of money. • - Now 1 think of it, I must engage of
Ai shot and Ale I h•amt murder and • fires. : , and m 3 body to spend it upon.. Yes, I . lay landlady the little Is drum next to
%t hen you str a lde:d the ;eart h with oration's think I. will ask pretty
SIAM, • • _ ,
.., , Marry Me... i singing cherub as my own. I will change
And sprinkled the ground withe blood like rain ; hip, tap, tap. her name to Cirda Pita Patron. It
Did your Bibles Mach yon to rile—or kill? " Come in !—who's there ?" sounds musical, and she is music itself.
Is there no one higher Item your mad will' " Please- sir, it's your clean cloths ?" l lf sweet Madam V ictor col s secs in her
Did your -Declaratiou" cause tbese graves, ' "Clean clothes: and pray wkr are von. what I do, we shal he an amazingly hap-
Free men of negrOes—of white Men slave , ' you little cherub, and where do you come In family. l &dare I feel like a hos-
Through the liery.trans , of battle they sped , from:'`' band and father already. I shall find
On, on to Ow rest-of the martyredAltail . • "I am Lauretta, sir, and 1 live with i kl
on I
, t y to do With My !limey tiller :di."
On de sun-burned tiehLs, by the moaning sea, Bridget. ahu washes your clothes.und she. A.inl so lie goes .o bed and dreams of
They gave their Livmt to Liberty; sent mo with a basket to-night." his future joys until he fairly laughs
Over their Graves-nu prayers 'are said-- " Yes I should think she had, y ou li;_ a tonil in hi- sleep.
The hot tears tiroppinkoh their lowly head .
Ile duckling; and the ba.shet. is lo g ger No w it is morning: and if you will Pitt
'ref ilea ven'ti liw4et Berri 'fa I biMi*itten., than yourself: comg, and sit dim nin Your lead gilt of the door you eau see
And evening- voinds•breathe a loving prover. this chair by the tiro and warm your toes hint going along the hall. 'He stops at
Virkini:t's sons ,I oh,watch and•aalict, —there, now ! I aunt to talk with you. No. Ii - knocks gently ; but the rich toned
t.rarlear deati tiro:radios same ; Are you Bridgets child 'l'' ph.. touched by a thrilling hand, does
The bon and linmdis in land'. Divine; • "Oh no, sir; and aI. /1; of care passed not :Wow so love-tike a tap to be heard.
t;od ,:111;) , c11,1 . 1'N011, for 'Veill;callee ih Mine.. , over the little face. ; This time be knocks toider; the music
• " No, I thought tint. Washerwomens : •
stop: and the door is opened by a beauti
lrorm after the grasses have knit o'er the sod,
children don't have such eyes, nor sued 1 . 111 WOlllllll, W11') ))mil 11 1 f if himl
;. , y .tiv „es .o
Long after their, Bouls have :acceded to Gal,
, brooch foreheads, our such soft hair. Well. enter. NV•el,li. I don't, \warder be fell in
Shull Deily marshal is evurrefs of fire birdie, how came you with Bridget ? lute with her! They close the -door.
over their riniani in his fearfulerst ire.
Have .you no parentS .:''' i 1.4.1 . S sun and I go live] in the at the key
woe, w o e to the North, end \Vie to the man,
When Jai:Hee shall march, kith Gml in the van.
" .1 nowt know ' I only dri sin I hale. hole. and hear what they sav : I'll never
Bridget lets me stay with her because I tell—n ill you ? Ilark f Well. after all.
can sing." . I. can't tell what they said now, because 1 i
- Sing! and what has that to do with 1 prontis, ii I wouldn't . but Mr. Patron has'
it?'' , siaid in there a great while, and he didn't
" Olt, sirl sing my songs in the great 1 ;LA lw r to sing or play Offee all the time.
houses and t hey git eme s:ixpeuces. and II Now the door Olen)) again, and they
take them to Bridget." : come out together ; he in his overcoat,
" Alia! you pay your hoard then ? Well, j and hat. she in her cloak and velvet lion
little Lauret ULU 111 you sing for me now ?" , net. li.' looks NelY 11111'11 C\ cited and
- Yes, indeed ;" and time little one stands j she looks pale and rembles so she can
•up in the middle of the rug, and open- I hardly speak. She ekes his offetet.l. arm
Mg her little rosebud m outh, s he sing s i•- oes 'loan stairs and out the street dour.
Casty Diva!" ' 1
d., believe they are going to Bridget's.
I "Bless my stars, what a voice: I And so they a e re„
know something of mu-ic myself; at' Good Mr. l'atria a ;LIU slowly dua n
least enough to know that such it voi c e I with the sueet, 1.4, for Site has every
slriuld h e a fortune to the one who pos.- 1,11,,01l fll tremble: she beliews she is
seEs. s it. Little one. alc did ~ , uhmr,, 1.,00,tta . s 01:000, 4 ,, fir she has beentell
t hat r ing her friend hi,r her husband was kill
- N kire tamdt t me." seed in a mob one dreadful day, because he
" Nurse ? Who is onrse ?" jwas a great politician. and when they,
" Nurse is dead!" 'fhb dark eyes fill' burned his house they took her and threw
with tears, and the ruby lips are q uiver- her into prison, W here she remained a
ing. whole year, and only made her escape'
'fr. Patin walks up and down the' when, tinriii . g. terrible troubles In Italy,
room. nis curiosity is incited as well as the prison tours w,re unbarred to all.
his pity. ,he had sought frantically for her
- Please. sir. shall I leave my ba:ket ? child, but in Na',ll; and belies ing that
Bridget will ,e; lit if I stay so long. - both Lou rata and her nurse ts-en. , crosh
" No, little one, I a ill carry the basket; ; ed in the same mob 11111 killed her bus
t am going home wi'll you:" band, she came to Xonrica to try to earn
"Its op tit. , flights of stairs, sir, and her hvehood among hospitable strangers
. ti. pas-age
there is no light ill n--" liy her fine niusica, education aud un
- All the more reason I sip othlgo with COITIIIIOII vile...
I .sll" . .'''N'Tlit'llife"K'XilV'a'rliffi':: I . IIV little' Madam Victor lithe\ es that Lamella
singer. N ,O 1 01141.1 will ii 4 biitacr acquaint- is her Child, liecause their two stories are
ed !refire liotif.• Tiin't 'MI ilfiwn th,:c Si strangely alike. Five years have pass
stone steps : kis•li 1,,,1,t ~r ,or band: hi•ri al since she had left Italy: but 'he knows
we are in Kroadwar. Ndiv'Wlito'd 'dli ire her ryes will not deceive her. her baby's
turn ? down Price street, hey ! and now ,fi attires are indellAy engraN t.ll upon
down. Crosby. Wh a t,, d o y ou live ia this t her beart. ,
' alley? ' Oh, never fear little-(lasts Diva. I fler kind friend smports her up the
I shall tread safely enough while this lit- i five 'lights of staimid then she stop
tle hand leads to Ugh ! howlmanv more !to take breath autrurrve herself fur eitioir•
tlightS are there ?—only two? Well. well, I intense happiness tv heavy disappoint
, I eau climb thou it you can. So, is this t menu
the door r t They are about to niter the room when
" Orli. and is it von sir, that would he I a little twice greets her ear singing, with
after coming, to site a poor woman at this a a I inderfril is,wer,and expression. an
hour? Will you be seated. sir ?" said, Italian melody, which the lady herself
Bridget. wiping. a wooden chair with her I usi d to sing in her own sutin:; land. She
apron. Your shirts were not ironed to' stops and grasps the :win of her friend.
he suiting you, maybe?" 1 - oh, wait, she whispers: "lame try ;"
- Shirts all right, Bridget. I came to ;Ind with great t.tfort, she continues and
bring home your little girl, and t.)l ask i colitidel es the 111.111111,11.1 strain in 4 twice
yon something about her. She has been • that angels might not excetaL
singing to me. Will von tell me where t ll.' i•Pi its the door.
she came from r,tta stanis in the centre of the
"ye takes a' deal o' tronble for a him tison, alone, pale. and tigited ; her great
bit of a child. indeed. sir; but her stors i „v„, dilated wit h e motion lung repressed.
is not so very long,. She lived with a fur- I b•r mother's 1 Mee has reached a spot in
rin woman in the room below. named t her heart which , vibrates on her mentor)
Theresa. The woman said she was wait- lik,• a glimpse of Ilea%) n.
ing maid in Lnuretta's family, in Italy 1 Ma m Vdaictor sinks upiin a chair and
souteWherl!..and..nlaile she was _oat. _will., ...taz••., long idid earnest npon the motion
the child, then only two rears old, for the les: figure; then she suddenly stretches
sake of sir,.tbere 4,:atue a big tow in the • ott her arms and a hisp•rs. "Corse here."
city. and the child's fat l e r was in ih. Laurette slottß ail‘atie• s; and when
middle. of it,Aind got kilt; and when she' th•• i- i lose to the betutiful lady. she
reached tit • itrin , e all in a fright. care it n. -.1. s 11.-r le a 1 upon her bosom and
was all on tire. and the mother or it us,. 'IIW W) , a long, deep sigh.
gone, and tie‘er was she alik, to find her I " "fell We Your whole name, sweet one."
at all. So she kept the child and comes I " I .11 II
t 4. V i i• h , r ...
to America with it : fir she heard tell hot% ! The lath - press .s. the little form still
the streets a ere paved with gold :,. mid ; cl,iser.
when she came and found nary gold nor I " f )arling, lam your mother."
food but for
Working. 6he had to go to I ' I know it," sighs the child. .
work as well us we poor creatures '' You know it, my angel ?"
du; and she took to washing in the one '' Yes; I have seen you ill my dreatns
-'• on 'mother •' d whe•
- •
ny Alcso3 D.. A.
llng, me closer, closer, mother,
Pitt urriA hOuynie tight ;
I am cold and tired, mother,
And I feel so strange to-night !
Something hurts me here. dear mother Like.altnne ,
0, 1 wow:hit:woody!, 'pother;
Why it Is 1 eanillit rest • • '
All the lay uhile
.) oil were working,
As 1 lay upon nip bed,
I was in ing, to he patient,
And to think of what you said—
Ih the kind and Ides;t4ml„lesu,,
Love,. his lambs to watch and keep
And rd wish lied conic and take me
In his arms, that I might sleet..
Just before the jump was lighted,
Jui4 bcfor, [lie children came,
While the room was rely quiet,
I heart some one call net name.
All at 011C12 the window opened—
In a field were lambs and sheep
Some from out a brook were drinking
S.,nie were lying fast asleep.
licit 190Uhp;19{ 'Sec the • ,
4 4041 . 1,1Sernitied my eyisijOi.Jl - '
Anal. .WOhriered if he saw
WOUbillispeak to such alt* ;
Ip:amomet Lwas looking
!OniaWitrid so bright and fair,
Whieh:. was 'full of little children,
;- . 4.nd Alley seemed so happy there-
; , • fT":.
TgotlFeie bow sweetlyl
7;6;100 41 Origii Xie - nr.heaid ;
00,Wpto gswcdter, mother,
fi/14 . t16 darling Witt
Util:WOcrr Okfrliketih , was
pP Txi7gbt upon ma Angled,
Ana 7 tnexl" It must beTt•riti:" --
When he hail, "Come here, my chil.l.
•• Cninetlp here, my little rittssie,
Coned Inirciiratlir t e with int
Where the children ni•ver sutler•
Brit are happier than you see ;"
Then I thought of all you told ale,
Of that bright and happy land ,
I watt going w LW!' yon called ow, .
When ;von calve mut Upset] uxy L.
And at first 1 tell so sorry
You had called me I would go
(), to sleep and never suffer ;
ot her, don't he ( - Tying, no
hug Inc *SW, dug. r,4nother,
Pm yoi!rr inns 2romid tizbt
hoWnlueb I love you, mother,
And 1 feeltogriang,le
And the mother pre.sed her szioser
To her overburdened breast;
On the heart so near to breaking
Inc the heart so near its 1 1,1
thr.A9WZSTI 1213 m• 3f Trienigtitt
Lying on her mother's bosom.
_With : her argil around her tight,
Little Bes*fell
31()NTROSE, PA., WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 14, 11'8'70.
ft ,rnr
and always called
Sallg just ti.iw it brought it all
Mr. l'ittrun xtat t , / the W
awl wiped his ~,yus.
011 0 C again we see; him sitting iu his
easy chair before the bright euanire. By
bi d s id e site a hrantiful )(mug lady; one
hand in his and tile other is tenderly
stroking his hair; but her eyes rest upon
a tic fairy who sits at the piano, ad,ot
ly dreaming over some of Daimlers music,
~chicb ber " - papa - has brought home to
The lady ie his wife.
The fairy is his Carta Diva.
, 111 , tern Musiad Riview
—Details o f the recent massacre of
Christians ut China, liav'e been
received. 'Twenty-two iliinipeans and
thirty or . forty &hi nese ' children were
murdered. Nine Sisters of Chairty were
•victiins of the massacre.' Their bodies I
were himritily mutilated. Eight Protekt
tant churches, from which the missiona
ries reheated, were gutted. Sixteen
days MS of worship . were deltroyedseVer,il days
previ;Jus t.o the ottaelt.
„Chinese parents
remove d their,, children, n oome 250,, fronA
thi • CiOltj'e , Anifitls the rnurd., ,
ere were three Ailskiinfi:. o Vgotremaixat ,
er were Frenoh and Chinese children.
Success ist Attempt to Recover Wul. A Xouui; Man. Shares Ida Fortune
maples Sunk two Centuries Since. with u Disinherited Brother.
, 1
The attempt to recover the treasures Ten—yes, fifteen—fears ago, says the i
sunk in Vigo Bay more than a hundred Kansas City Tfiati , s, - there lived in St.;
and fifty years ago is turning dub success- I Joseph afamilrby the name' of Adams, I
ful. After nineteen days search made the head of which was a stern though i ,
with diving bells, fifteen gallons are re,. kind old gentleman, whom fifty winters
ported as having been found lying at. 3 had touched . ightly. He was ; wealthy,
depth of a fe* hundred feet, and on 1 but What he prized above all was the
knocking a hole into the side of the AV pride of hie* old agii---Lttro noble boys, ;
mirante some ignote, plate, and valuable George and .Frank; aged *respectively
arms were found by the divers. Howev- I eighteen and tty i enty. The war came on
ever further researches have been suspen- —the terrible strife in which brother was
ded fir the moment, until the custom arrayed against lirother and father against
house authorities shalt have conceded a son. Mr. RdamS*Was an thicompromis
safe place to deposit the tTetiSU re. The ing-Unin man, arid his eldest son, George,
Altmrante and her consorFe were sent to esponsed his father's cause. Frank join
the bottom during the war of Spanish cd the forces . ;iii defense of the Sunny
i I l l ' 1
~ l
el. 1 e a s
o r lI n U h f i s the r,
tg i .. c
knewou r su
n t o aLe n d nd b s. v
succession, and have remained immersed Skald; uuder William Y. Slack. When
in the p.;rt of a poverty-stricked nation I
e m:iduring the whole time of the Bourbon
freeepatit)ll. Hardly had queen ISabella 'De gent him Word to return 'or he teas
been driven from the throne tharta nu longer. heir to his broad acres or a re
banker, long settled in Paris. m , ade , eipinent of his love. His sun replied that
overtures to the government at Madrid,* nu inducement would cause him to slu
, g
and nit condition of ha..ding over nearly ; render his principles. the old gentle
! half the treasure in case of success, g . , man drew up his will leaving his youn
Periere received permission (Al look for est sun penniless. The war continued,
the sunken ingots. As the galleons have each of the brothers fighting valiantly in
' been Iving at the bottom 61103 the Year defense of their different banners. Peace
1702, some time was necessarily required : mice Inure blessed the land, and the eld
to free flint from a large accumulation
est son returned home, while the younger
of sand ; lint letters front Spain slik• that, located in this city, and by his courteous
this part of the task has been accomplish- and close attention to business
gained hosts of frieuda. His whereabouts
ed. A French account of the Vigo affair !
was neknoWn to ; either father or brother,
sues first Count Chatean-llenault was or- !
and though he i luredthem both his pride
dered to escort the Indian fleet returning I
would not permit him to return to a
from Vera Cruz, when he was chased he 1
home f rom wl4ch he had been cut off in
one hundred Dutch and English vessels.
a moment of passion. The old gentle-
Chatean-Henault wished to run into a!
; man was gathered to his fathers, and his
French port, but the Spanish admiral,
Don Manuel de Velaseo, obstinately re-' eldest seu became sole heir to his wealth.
fused, hence the Vigo disaster, which i George was no sooner in possession of his
1 property - than he made diligent search for
i his brother, and after a time traced him
surpassed that of the llagne. eighteen
French vessels and twenty-eight galleons,
laden with wealth. were taken or tie , thry. ito tbis cite_ The iiiouti.g I.,..f.svouri tho
brothers occurred. only last week, and
ed. and there was hardly time, • through
the energy of the French captain, to send ' was both cordial and affecting. The old
' est caused a deed of half his estate to be
a fi ii:rt w t i n N i cl i i i t t i t n o s ii a , s w ho h, e , r s . e
some- I
made out in favor of the younger brother,
and forced the acceptance upon him
thedifferent, dwells at some length on'i
the Ciretlllll6 l / 1 11.9 attending this Alvin! Such a spirit is noble, grand and Magna
nimors ; therefore we give St. Joe the
credit as'shtted above. The incident is
Ile says that our fleet was on it's wayback 1
true, as persons in ❑
both cities can testify.
as England when the Duke of Ormond I
received intelligence that the treasure I
ships had gone into Vigo to avoid him.—
The cargo WaS said to Consists of t 3,000,-
000, besides much valuable merehendisc.
The English and Dutch admirals and
generals resolved on the action. The
Spaniards might have saved their treas
ure by landing it lint there was a funda
ment:Ll law against galleons unloading
anywhere but at taAlic. and the chamber
l.f eminnerve ri•fused, au application
iiu made to it, to bate one jot of its priv
ilege. The matter hat! to be' referred bi
the Conned of India, and that body de-
A "Constant Reader" wants informa
tion as to the form of government of
-Prussia proper.". We reply that it is now
a coustitntional monarchy, hereditary in
the male line of the house of Holionzol
km. The constitution, which is derived
from grant by King Frederick William
IV., brother of the present sovereign,
nioditiml by subsequent grants, and has
only been in existence since 1848, vests
the executive and part of the. legislative
1 authority in the King. In the executive
i branch he is assisted by a council of
. ministers appointed by himself. The '
legislative bodies consist of the "Herren- i
haus — which is the 'Upper Chamber, and j
is compose of the princes of the royal
I family ; 'sixteen "mediatized" princes;
i the heads of the territorial nobility;
life peers; eight titled noblethen elected
i by the resident land-owners in the eight
I provinces ; representatives of the univer-
I sides: the heads of "chapters;" the may
ors of towns having . more than 50,000 in
i habitants, and persons nominated at the
t pleasure of the Ring. The second cham
ber is composed of 432 members, chosen
i fur three years by general but not univer-
I sal suffrage.
1 Every Prussian subject is enrolled in
the army upon rt , aching the age of twen
ty, and serves three years in the- regular
l'a . rniv, four in the reserves, and nine in
Than iz one critter in this world w'hoze
"Nandivehr "or militia. Eveu at. the
troubles yu kant console, and. she tz--al the
setting hen. • 1 age of fifty IM is'uot exempt frum milita-
Thoze people who spend all ov their Ir) . duty, lnit •is then enrolled in the
spare time watching their sinitom.s, are i .. Lol ,, torm. ” or "home guard." On a
the kind who enjoy poor health. I peace footing, a Prussian regiment con-
Whenever a minister Ina .preached preached ,a i sis , 6 of iii„e battalions. numbering 518
sermon that pleazes the whole congregasn-
i• each ; in war, the battalions are increased
un, lie probably haz preached one that to
.4002 each.
the Lord wont endorse. "Prussia proper" contains 24,043,296
E' cry body scenic tem( be willing to
b e ; inhabitants ; the North German Confed
a 1,11001 himself, but he kaut bear LO haveleradon, including Prussia, 20,930,316:
ennv both' else One. 1 the population of the 4.tuth German
Truth iz the edict, o v God. I States is ti„tal-,522 making the total pop-
The philosophers, az a class, area sett , o b ai i,,,, o f a ll t oe countries under the
a 0111 grailuys, who Possess, grate know -1 military leadership of King William, 38,-
li•dge, p a rt of w hick liar bin handed, 521,0 . ) ,..
k. i Tof F
hat rance is 36,192.094.
down to them, and the ballance they i
.\-• y.
of comi;loree
goes , at.
About the fast and the last thing a ho
luau being due iu this liorld iz tow shed
liberated join a day too long. Chahar
Renault and Don Manuel threw up fee
ble defences at the mouth of \he harbor,
but the English ships-broke th rough the
boom thro%% n across the entsanue. and
Drniond and his soldiers stormed tle•
forts. The French burned their ships
and made their escape ashore. The con
querors slitired some Millions of dollars,
and some more millions were sunk. ac
coiling to Lafnenta the doubloons gut
on shore through Gallic energy. were
soon c.ipturid, and.•"tunielise tidies in
gold, silt or and precious ineraandisc
ilissapp,ared under the wa‘,..s." We shall
soon know %%hat amount of wealth has
been lying idle in so unaccountable a
manner since 1702.-I'all Hall Guart/e.
Thare is no greater prutf ov the power
i,v love th:lll that the critn , :s committal
in its iuterest , are in a tut asure hallowed.
I kaii tcll i:xactly how mi nabors young
“neb ought tew br f:lelied up, but I :Lint
so clear about tui
A loul r is u pt.i•-on who is tov
be alatzcil fur the privikge uv abusing
'flare iz some folks in this world who
spend their Ivhole time hunting after
riglito.u6uesz, and 'taint got envy' spare
time tea praktiss it.
Adversity baz the same eff•kt on a man
that ?..eVere training duz the pugilist--
it reduces him Grn hie fighting weight.
Nat lir kin h.. .\ .11 ulwn often
wi:h etf•kt, but Lk) alter it generally
spil,•• • Ow whole q v ii t A..
the sinner sun
Thy y wilt for the purpose rw ripening.
T - 71-- now TIIE Tt GOEs.—The
present consimption of wood in the Unit
ed States is enoymotts. Out , hundred
thonsand act'es'orthe hest timber is cut
every year to stipply the demand for rail
way hleepers alone. For railroad building,
repairs and ears the annual expenditure
in wood is thirty-eight millions of dpllars.
In a single year the lhenniotil'es in the
United States consumed fifty-six million's
.of dollars worth of wood. There are in
the,whole country more than four hun
dred thousand artizuns in wiped; and, if
the value of theirlabur is one thousand
dollars` year each; the wood' industry of
the canary represents an amorint of
nearly tire hundred millions of dollari
- Iter annum. ,
• the enrirntis of Tam we hare,
- a Spurgeon priest. I-While his parishioners
slumbero during the sertnop be fiutbleti
-4Y e-s-Obiltpe4 'f'Firel Fire-r, .I".Whe-Y 43
said the pgpiell.rielma slegpe i rs,t "In h011i"
replied his reverence, "where all who sleep.
during sermons go to."
- • • t
Good and Bad News.
Bad news weakens this action ~of the
heart, oppresses the lungs, destrd'rs the
appetite, stops digestion, and partially
suspends all the functions of the system.
An emotion of shame flushes the face;
fear blanches; joy illuminates it ; and an I
instant thrill electrifies a million of
nerves, Surprise spurs the nerves to gal- I
lop. Delirium infuses great energy. Voli
tion eouunadds, and hundreds of muscles
spring to execute. Powerful emotion
often kills the body at a stroke. Chilo
Diagorat, Sophoeles, died of joy at the
Grecian games. The news of a defeat
killed Phillip V. One of she Popes died
of an emotion of the ludicrous on seeing
his pet monkey 1..1), d in pontificals, and
, occupying the Omair of state. Maley
Mulock was carried upon the field of hat
tie in the last stages of an incurable dis
, ease ; upon seeing his army give way be
rallied his panic-stricken troops, rolled
Nick the tide of battle. shouted victory,
and died. The doorkeeper of Congress
expired nu hearing the surrender of Corn
walhs., Eminent public speakers have
often died in the midst of an impassioned
lllburst of eloquence, or when the deep emo
tion that produced it had suddently sub
'sided. Bagrave, Ilse Young Parisian, died
when he heard that the musical prize for
which he had competed was adjudged to
another. Hill, at New York, was ap
wended for theft, and taken before the
1 police (though in perfect health, mental
1 agony forced time blood from his nostrils,
and lie was carried out and died.
rar I,..‘,LACTLY...—" My iX)p, what does
you inother'tio for a was,. asked
of d little barefooted urchin. "She eats
cold viatualiz., sin"
W`Lire to be• useful. • . Live to give
,light. Live to. exwomplish the end •for
w iii y94•ZErk..04,.
stead* . slime on, trying to do good.
Brief Summary.
—A new town in tows has been named
—Massachusetts has three Mormon
churches,' bat they are all anti-polyga
—A cable connecting France with Al
geria has just been successfully laid. _
. - -Chicago bas a debt of over 847,000,
000--equal to $3OO to each inhabitant.
—Big oil strikes continue to be report
ed at Petroleum City.
—A pearl has been found at East Mont
pelier, Vt., valued at *BOO.
—lron bridges are being built in Kan
sas cheaper than wooden ones. .
—An lowa boy committed to memory
rcraca, and-dicd of brain lb
—A St. Louis company is digging for
coal on the west sine of the Wabash river
at Terre Haute.
—A woman at llartford. Conn., only
35 years of age, is the mother of twelve
living children.
—All the States except New Hamp
shire, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Or
egon, will hold elections this fall.
—There is considerable excitement at
Chippewa, Wis., over the gold discoveries,
a large number of rich discoveries having
been made.
—Miss Bartlett, who some years ago
married Senor Oviedo, the Cuban
lionaire, returns to New York a million
aire widow.
—The Cincinnati Commercial says :
"The most destructive epidemic that has
ever visited this country is the census of
tr% rt has swept off 175,nu0 in chic.
go alone."
—An ingenious New-Yorker has learn
ed how to keep an umbrella. Ile buys a
big.cotton one, fractures two ribs, and
breaks off six inches of the handle. No
one steals it.
—A frisky youth of sixty-three at Eric,
Pa., has ensnared the affection of a gush
ing maiden
,of seventy-four, and they
have eloped. Their parents are mad about
their marrying so young.
—Dr. Ellen B. Ferguson says that "a
woman who can excel in cooking is just
as noble as one who edits a newspaper, or
the woman who may aventually enter our
Congress and Legislature.
Stori , .s about the census are now in
The latest is the following: "A
census-taker in Minnesota kept his lista
open four hours in order to take down a
new citizen, whose birth was expected.
It netted him wily two cents, and be re
grets the it wasn't to ins."
—Fifty thousand pounds of Switzer
cheese will be made within a few miles of, Wisconsin, this season. The
pioneer in the business is John Ryf, a
Swiss, who commenced it there ten years
—The oldest living member of the Ma
sonic fraternity in this country, if not in
the world, is said to be Dacia Styles, of
Prescott, Vis. He is in his 105,1 year,
and was made a Masou on the 21st day of
May, 1797, or seventy-three years ago.
—Miss Elizabeth A. Swartwout, well
known as the founder, and for many
years principal of the Elmwood Seminary
at Glen's Falls, N. Y., has died from star
vation at the State Lunatic Asylum, Kai
mazoe, Michigan. She became insane
from very close application to study,
and for nearly tw i weeks prior to her
death refused to partake of food.
—An English architect has published
a plan for building an immense national
mausoleum. The budding is to contain
space for the intern - nit of two million
bodies. The style is to lie Gothic ; and in
size and magnificence St. Paul's and St.
Poter's at Rome, will be but dwarfs in
—A curious financial "irregularity" has
just come to light in New Bedford, Mass.
The savings bank there has about 85,000,-
010 in deposits, and its treasurer, William
C. Coffin, who has tilled that position for
twenty-seven years. proves to be a defaul
ter for $34.000. lie is an energetic man
of about fifty, simple and economical in
his habits, and, up to the date of the an
nouncement of his defalcation, was wide
ly esteemed in every circle. His pecula
tions commenced during his first year in
the bank, the first amount taken being
only twenty dollars. Unable to make
good even this small sum, he has ever
since con tin ued to abstract more or less
—We should not expect to hear from
the missing Dr. Livingstone by way of
Detroit, but a lady of that city writes
home from Syria that Captain Richard E.
Burton told 6r something at Damacbs
which throws light on Livingstone 's fate:
Burton declars that a woman is at the
bottom of the bn,iness. Dr. Livingstone
was persuaded to marry a native prin
cess, and when proposed to leave her for
the purpose of extendi?ig his researches,
the parents of the bride objected, and
kept him virtually a prisoner. Thus the
honeymoon has beenprolonged about
two years. The Doctor's friends feeling
' outraged by the alliance, have hitherto
succeeded in keeping the fact a secret.—
The Detroit lady adds that Burton can
not have been jealous of his countryman,
because he himself married the handsom
est woman in England; and, as lie speaks
fourteen languages, his capacity for tell
ing the truth must be enormous.
At the late grand opening - of costly
fabrics at the store of A: T. Stewart, a
magnificent specimen of Gobelib tapestry
was displayed, which was manufactured
in Paris, and valued at $lO,OOO. It repre
sented a view of the harbor of Marseilles,
and is a wonderful piece of workman
ship. It requires the labor of a single
person for Quo year to produce a single
square yard of the tapestry, and it is al
ways worked from the background, while
the front is covered. Each tint is formed
from single threads, and the covering is
only remeved in placeolel.determine the
proper blending of colors.