The Montrose Democrat. (Montrose, Pa.) 1849-1876, October 29, 1867, Image 2

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it i i The Ohio Election.
A,, marina ginnotrat. ... The Cleveland Plaindealer says that the
too- . . • • • -.. Radicals voted iiver-three hundred ne-
A. 1 OERRITSON, Editor.
'., groes in that city, and that at some of the
...i.„.,„,...„.„."....w..,..., polls white men had to stand back to al-
MONTROSE; . TUESDAY, OCT. 20, 1861 h. low negroes to vote. ' This so disgusted
_ _____:.._____.: , a"— A ..e tt,,, 1-Inrilanlo.—Ant tallny .oratched i
2:-3P"The Cleveland Herald, in an anti- i "yes:: off their amendment tickets and
cle upon the recent elections in Ohio, ac-' substituted "no." The streets on election
counts for the defeat of the negro-suffrage 1 day wore filled with strange negroes who
amendment as fellows: disappeared next day. If Hayes is elected,
"There was a_ very heavy vote polled_i it will be owing to negro votes entirely,
against the athendment by young men— 1 as it. is said that in many other 'places ne
particularly such as were casting their' groes were allowed to vote.
first vote—out of sheer prejudice against Hays is counted in by a very small ma
the negro ; an unreasoning impulse, that
partook more of the: element of mere
jority, which is thought to be more than
pride of opinion and ambition to be tho't ' made up of negroes, and therefore illegal.
independent in political sentiment than of But the legislature is white, and will
any settled conviction of duty: Personal- elect a Democratic U. S. Senator in place
ly these voters cared but little about the i of Ben Wa d e
matter, and did not care to useany argu- 1
tnent, save that they "could not go. the
nigger "
The Age, in commenting on the above,
says that the young men in all parts of
Is • ••••••,‘ el IrravrA
and negro equality, but the Herald is mis
taken in supposing that this course is not
dictated by a 'settled conviction of duty.'
The young men are just starting on the
race of life, and they do not wish to be
crowded and jostled by the negro. Their
fathers were not, and they do not intend
that the rule shall bo altered. White me
chanics are opposed to working side by
side with negroes in the workshops, and
clerks prefer white comrades in the coun
ting room. White lawyers are not in fa
vor of black men being admitted to the
bar, and white doctors would rather hold
consultations with one of their own race,
than be compelled to consort with a ne
Thee are iew s and reasons which in
duce young men to not with the Demo
cratic party in opposition to the negro
policy of the Radical party. Further than
this, the young white ;nen of the North
do not intend that negroes shall be forced
into cars with their mothers, wives or sis
ters, nor into schools with their children.
Young men also have a deep interest in
the intelligence of the jury -box, and when
the Radical party proclaim their inten
tion of placing negroes upon the jury, it
is no wonder that they are opposed by
that class who are at the head of all busi
ness enterprises. Young men do care
about the "matter of negro suffrage."
That was; proven in Ohio and in this
State, and they have acted and will act
A Republican Victory.
In the midst of the shower of Demo
cratic triumphs and radical defeats, we
must not neglect to note a Republican
victory. In Virginia {we hardly know
whether the rads call it a State or Terri
tory), en "election" was ordered to be
held on Tuesday last, to decide for or
against a convention, and to elect dele-•
gates to the same, if held. Each party
(whites and blacks), had their candidates.
The polls closed at night without a black
victory. On Wednesday the " voting "
was resumed, with no different result.—
So on Thursday the polls were again
opened that the darks might take another
tarn. Otcourse there is no law for this ;
but it is a "military necessity" with the
Republicans that they carry some election.
So the darkeys were drummed out with
their clubs, knives, and pistols; white
men were hustled out of the way of the
"coming man ;" troops were on hand with
fired bayonets to maintain order I and the
voting again- went on in a style that rep
resents the "freedom of the negro." If a
"colored brother" was found with a
white ballot in his fingers, he was talked
or clubbed into obedience to the loyal
league commands. Sc everything went
lovelrfor the - few white managers who
"run" the colored men under military
rule. But no risk was to be run by the
party that bad voted three days in succes
sion ; and to render succeSs certain, the
'voting was continued until some time in
the night of Thursdayso boasts the
Philadelphia Inquirer, a radical organ.—
Friday morning the result was announced;
the Black Republicans - -had won l—the
‘i union "--of' colors—party have a small
majority'of the convention—the darkey
has his heel upon the necks of the white
men of Virginia; in short a regular. Re
publican victory had been won- after a
contest of three days'and a night! k
For the first time this year, the radical
papers have soroctlApg to rejoice over.
Greeley, who has - had nothing: , to- feel
good about since lie bailed Jeff Davis,
indulges in a double-leaded leader; and
the small-fry organs echo the chorus of a
aegro victory.
Well, let 'em shout till they hear from
the white men of New York and New
larLAdies' and Children's rancy Furs
at J . ohn_Fareira's,4l6 Arob street,Phil
-4404-41.ixtk lame. Read' Wadv9r
aseinfq4 g1*"11.
California again Democratic.
Another State election was held in Cal
ifornia last week for Jtadgo of Supreme
Court, and other officers. The result is
as..beretofore.--the radical incumbents
wnippea out of their ptauer, tams J./emu
erats elected.
TKO Golden State will remain in the
Democratic column, and cast her vote for
the successful candidate of the Democracy
for President next year.
Negro radicalism is played out—gone
" Side Issues."
The radicals, in trying to cover up their
defeats this year, allege that they lost on
account of "side issues." If this be cor
rect, side issues must be a very extensive
thing this year, as the radicals are beaten
on every side!
Banner Township.
As will be seen from the official vote
for 1666, and 1867. JACKSON is the BAN
NER TOWNSHIP; the increase In our Note
over last year is about 20 per cent., while
the radical vote falls off to near the same
proportion. Which town will win the
Banner next year ?
Now that the tide has turned to our
side once more, and Democratic victories
come spontaneously, let every man resolve
not only to be at the polls in future, but
to see that his neighbors are all there,
and our victories will be more emphatic.
Under the greatly improved prospect, our
county must poll a largely increased Dem
ocratic vote next year. .This year, as
usual, hundreds have remained at home,
under that terrible delusion of " my voto
won't mak6 anv difference."
166. 1;67.
Judge Supreme
Governor. Court.
0 -
o 5 *1 P
DISTRIICTS. : 1 1 td g ../ =
5 . > .
.1 E ri
K In o
‘4. 1 kt o
Auburn .... 286 144 237 126
Ararat 69 33 04 33
Apo'aeon.-- 23. 83 20 63
Bridgewater .. 171 193 137 173
Brooklyn 199 68 179 71
Clifford 200 90 175 ;3
Choconut..... 13 80 6 73
Dirnock . 136 126 118 123
Dundaff 30 21 28 20
Franklin 75 112 78 106
Forest Lake... 120 104 125 76
Friendsville 10 43 10 37
Gibson.. ...... 256 69 237 55
Great Bend... 182 :57 173 50
Great Bend - bo 68 'B4 45 77
Harmony 119 39 97 34
Harford. 176 142 146 124
Herrick. 119 56 99 48
Jackson 182 • 73 156 87
Jessup: 136 60 119 48
Lathrop 85 113 78 115
Lenox.., 212 152.0, 184 137
Liberty 91 107 84 98
Little Meadows 29 4 28 3
Montrose 290 48 245 58
Middletown... 53 109 45 112
New Milford.: 149 187 156
New Milford. h: 55 49 51 55
- Oakland 107 57 94 48
Rush 171 80 170 62
Susqu'a Depot. 225 173 207 127
. 203 86 193 76
Silver Lake... 61 131 60 105
Thomson. 81 4 46 •72 41
Total..; 4429 2981 3947 2690
Democrats in SMALL CAPITALS.
Woodward's Majority.
" The rote for Congress is as hereunder:
I f aizerne. Susq's. Total.
Woodward, , 10,155 4,884 12,839
Ketcham, 8,274 3,958 12,232
Majority for Geo. W. Woodward, 607
But by the blunders in this county, 216
Woodward votes were omitted, and 154
Ketcham votes; so that the declared ma
jority will be 545.
Poison's majorities were: in 1862,
1767,; 1864; 000 ; 1866, 2006.
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seeing m achine that every Nally would
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Official Vote of Pennsylvania.
1866. 1867.
Governor. Sup. Judge
Cott .NTIEs
Adams 2910 3126 2829 2437
Allegheny... 20511 12795 9904 16333
Armstrong . 3758 3078. 2934 3235
Beaver. 3310 2385 2278 2818
Bedford.... 2591 2835 2644 2305
Berks 7121 13288 11912 6117
Blair 3520 2768 2590 3113
Bradford... 7131 3091 2638 5646
Bucks 6805 7399 6910 6224
Butler 3544 3061 2662 2939
Cambria ... 2643 3295 3020 2068
Cameron ... 874 303 300 358
Chrbon..... 1906 2339 2124 1687
Centre 3094 3565 3473 2790
Chester.... 8500 6221 5853 7751
1776 2813 2603 1410
Clearfield... 1650 2786 2740 1477
einton .... 1754 2337 2228 1602
Crawford...Rin img /696
Cumberland 4030 4567 4231 3451
Dauphin.... 5691 4301 3847 5247
Delaware... 3647 2262 2148 3207
Elk 276 916 751 286
Erie 7237 3957 3428 5504
Fayette.... 3569 4359 3859 3184
Forest 100 76 319 259
Franklin 4299 4106 3962 3773
Fulton ..... 775 1055 1019 709
Greene..... 1699 3230 2753 1343
Huntingdon. 3248 2239 2258 3009
Indiana..... 4458 2109 1867 3608
Jefferson... 2015 1912 1851 1806
Juniata..... 1516 1814 1665 1368
Lancaster... 14592 8592 7475 12799
Lawrence.:. 3560 1410 1281 2833
Lebanon.... 4194 2690 2501 3625
Lehigh 4159 5731 5141 3514
Luzerne.... 8733 12387 10404 7985
Lycoming .. 3871 4448 4357 3004
Mliean .... 877 714 545 703
Mercer 4410 3757 3414 3935
Mifflin 1725 1835 1769 1565
Monroe.... 705 2699 2359 543
Itiontgoin'ry 7286 8342 7683 6386
Montour.— Liao Izog 1383 1006
Northamp'n 3859 6870 594 ...-
Northum'ld. 3361 3829 3469 3023
Perry 2581 2495 2292 2427
Philadelphia 54205 48817 52075 49587
Pike 360 10S4 901 235
Potter 1346 620 481 1134
Schuylkill... 8793 10514 8380 7256
Snyder 1792 1326 1199 1630
Somerset... 3062 1759 1540 2756
Sullivan .... 436 761 683 421
Susquehan'a 4420 2981 2690 3997
Tioga . . 4791 1628 1425 4090
Union. 1991 1287 1200 1675
Venango... 4409 3492 2610 3040
Warren..... 2687 1572 1459 2131
Wayne 2357' 2883 2 5 86 2320
Westmorl'cl. 5046 6113 5645 4212
Wyoming .. 1408 1499 1474 1357
York.- 5896 8780 7671 4848
Geary, 307,274
Owner, 290,096
Majority, 17,178 Majority,
Democratic gain in one year, 18,100.
The vote for Williams includes the Fort
Delaware fraud ; without this, Shars
wood's majority would be greater—over
The Vote in Ohio.
Tho official vote of Ohio, with the ex
ception of ten counties, has been received
and published in the Cincinnati Enquirer.
Contrary to the general impression, the
vote was a large one, showing an increase,
in the counties reported, of 69,603, as
compared with the vote cast for Governor
in 1865.
The total vote of the counties reported,
as compared with that cast for President
in 1864, is as follows :
Radical, 1864 .235,654
Radical, 1867 •
Democratic, 1864
Democratic, 1867
Increase . 31,458
Making a Democratic gain over the
radicals, of 50,440.
The Legislature.
, official returns show that this State
stands asSollows:
Democrats ...
Republican majority
Democrats .....
Republican majority
Last year the Radical majority in the
Senate was 9, and in the House 24, making
a majority on joint ballot of 33. This
year that is reduced to I3—a gain of 20.
That is doing gloriously under the infa
mous apportionment.
Inr* The Montrose Republican ,
the pa
per of inconsistencies, has General Grant's
name for President in 1868, and Hon. G.
A. Grow's for Vice President, at the bead
of its columns. Grant at present is a
good man, and highly honored, but we
greatly fear the eh° fed editors of
the country will succeed in making lam
President. We repeat it—be belongs
precisely where be now is, and is no more
cut out for a politician or President than
the editor of the Montrose Republican is.
At the election for Congressmen in
Ohio last'year the Republicans carried 16
out of the 10 districts in the State. The
Democrats. elected their candidates in the
Fifth, Twelfth and Thirteenth DiA rims—
the latter by a majority of 271, which Co
lumbus Delano, the defeated candidate, is
now contesting. At the election on the
Bth inst., the Democrats carried 12 out of
the 19 districts, and came within a hun
dred of carrying two or three others. In
the Thirteenth, which is being contested,
the Democratic majority increased from
271 to 1,849. In every Republican Dis
trict the majorities are cut down im
mensely. In the Seventh District, which
crave Hon. Samuel Shellabarger 2,171 ma
jority last year, the Radicals escaped with
a bare 95 majority at the recent election;
while in the Eighth, District the majority
was reduced from 1,852 to 62. In Ash
let's (the impeacher) District there is nbw
a Democratic majority. Will he take the
Shorewood, 267,746
Williams, 264,824
Results of the Vote in Ohio.
rgrqn a country where the natural
desire of the people is to reach the highest
point in ART, it is very difficult for success
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labor. Public opinion is extremely ex
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provements have been made under con
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"No' Retaliation."
Under thl'i rit
nain, of the Chillicothe (Ohio) -ildetertiAer,
thug hits the nail fairly on the head,
speaking of the course to be pursued by
the Democracy:
"Our Radical friends are making
inquiries as to what we will do with
our victories, In answer, we will neither
hang nor threaten to hang or imprison, or
mob, or insult them for having an opinion
different from our own. The majority in
our Legislature will not refuse admission
to the members from the Reserve because
they ..ttinn not aerpnio
il: to
us politics.. 4. vitt not, tor Ine purpose
of' getting a two thirds vote, turn enough
Radicals out to secure it ; neither will ap
uoiut a committee to inquire whetlier
Ashtabula and Lorain counties have a re
publican form of government to secure a
pretext for depriving them of representa
don. The liberties and ticrlits of gadica k ls,
under Democratic rule, will be as sacredly
guarded and protected as those of' Demb
crate. Democrats will use moderation
and conciliation. They desire a return of
fraternal feeling in our local communities
as well as through the Union at large.—
They will practice the religion of forgive
ness and charity instead of that of hart
and revenge, and seek - to speedily heal
the wounds of the war, and restore good
feeling and prosperity to all parts of the
The Vote in this State:
The election in this State resulted in
giving Democratic majorities in five Con
gressional districts now represented by
Radicals, and to reduce the majorities in
three or four other districts to mere nom
inal numbers. The districts gained are
the Third, Fifth, Tenth, Sixteenth and
Twenty:first. The last named is now
represented by alligator Cuvode.
ar In Montana the election for Dele
gate to Congress is officiallyereported to
have resulted in 6,004 votes for Cavanagh,
Democrat•, and 4,896 for Sanders, Repub
lican, a Democratic majority of 1,108.
In California the judicial election which
took place on the 17th inst. resulted in
another Democratic victory.
The tido of success is with us every
Gar The people are paying Gen. Sher
idan $5O a- day for military services.—
With vanity supreme, and•aspirations for
the Presidency which arc very far beyond
his reach, he is showing himself around
the country, instead of attending to his
duties. But while he is visiting and elec
tioneering in New England, the people
are thundering warning in his ears.
ear The Cincinnati Gazette (Radical)
says: "A deadly political i simoom seems
to have swept over the State, turning
our great Republican majority. into dry
bones." We had a touch of the same
"simooin "; in this State, and there is a
terrible shaking among the dry bones of
thedßadical party.
rfr' Mr. Lincoln left his widow and
family money amounting to $85,000. Be
sides this Congress paid to Mrs. Lincoln
s2s,ooo—making in all $llO,OOO. Besides
this there was real estate; $24,000 worth
of finery given to Mrs. L. by contractors,
&c., together with $lOO,OOO worth of
goods belonging to the White House said
to have been carried off by the widow.
This does not look much like the "want"
and "distitlition" she complains of,
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Agents Wanted.
amlnatlon of Ita.merJt• will convince anrone that
Torrey's Patent Weather Strips excel all others. Send
for illustrated circulnr. Agents wanted In every town.
E. S. & J. TOMMY & CO., Solo Manufacturers, 72
Maiden Lane, New York.
WANTED—salesmen to travel and sell Goods by'
sample. Go d wages and steady employment.
Address, with stamp,
HAMELTON, PZUEY it CO., Cleveland, O.
ANTED-8 CENTS—To sell s live man In every
IT scanty, , y bastussapavine s2so_per mouth ante.
J. C. TILTON, Pittatn't rem
44: & 445 Brbadway, N. Y
The Richest Man in the World.
Txtruct of a Letter from Baton Solomon Retheehlld
dated Paris, Bth April, ISA try Rae Fauby, St. Rouore:
Will you be Mod enongti to hare forwarded to me
here *.VO bottler of yodr Indian Liniment ; if you will
at the same time time send the account. I will forward
you the amount through Messrs. Belmont &, Co., New
Baron Solomon Rothschild ltiavinT recommended to
ma.y . of Ids friends btnjor Lone's Liniment. sod they
bciue deAIIrOUS to orponre it. he should advise him to
establith n depot lo
As a relief. ever ready; as a killer of pain, taken In
wardly, or outwardly applied, haa no equal. Fur [Le
relief and core df Rheumatic and Neuralgic Affections,
Sprains, Bruises. &c. it is unequaled. It le also most
etlic_tclons taken inwardly, In the cure of Cholera,
Crimps. and Pains in the Sumach. Diarrhea, Dysente
ry. Cholera Morbus, Cholera lufantnin, &c , and is
without exception the most wonderfnl Panacea the
world affords. No Family should be without it. Every
Traveler by land or sea should have a bottle. Miners
and Farmers residing at a distance from Physicians
should keep it constantly on hand In ° of Acci
dents or sudden attacks of Stomach Com pas plaints, its
value catuet Ito estimated. Inghire fel' Major Lane',
Indian Limmenf. and take no other, Price .50 cents
per battle Pot pafe at wholesale and retail by Dews
Banner & Co , 21 Park Row, N. Y. ; (Isle ft Roith mon.
186 Greenwich et. N Y. ; F. C. Wells & Co. 172 Fulton
et., N. T. Chas. N. Crittenden. 38 6th Avenue, N y
and by respectable Drnggirts throughout the world -
None genuine unless signed by Jour; Tnomea I ass,
anti roan teraigned by J T. LAM? & CO., Proprietors,
Ida Broadway, N. Y. 'Send for Orel:der.
Consumption can be Cured.
The true Remedy nt last discrivered. tplcrern i s Fnesri
MEAT (icor, prepared from the formula of Istof. Troa•-
semi of Paris, curve Consumption. _Lang Diseases.
litronchitio, Dyspepsia. Ilfnrnemne.General Debility and
all morbid conditions of the system-dependent on this.
ciency of void force. It Is pleasant to taster ands sin.
( - le bottle.w ill convince the Most skeptipul of the virtue
of tho great healing
.. remedy of the age. hoWe or
Fix bottles for $5. Sent'by Express. ticnd by S. C. tr.
II AM. No. ‘2,5 &out h 6th Id.. Philadelphia, end principal
Druggists. Circulars scut free.
The Cheapest Book eser publishea.
Containing neorly three hundred pogo.,
And 130 fine plates and engravings of the
Anatamy of the Human Organs in a state ofhlealth and
Disease. a treatise on Early Errors,itslleplomble
~e nse'llo'nces upon the mind and body, with the an
chor's Plan of Treatment—the only rational:and stie•
ressfol mode of cure', Its shown by the report-of
treated. A truthful adviser to ,the married and those
contemplating matrlage, who entertain doubts of tioir
physical condition. Sent free of postage to. anr ad
dress, on receipt of 25 cents in stamps or fra..ricnal Cur
resey. by addressing Dit. LA CROIX. No. 31 Malden
Lane, Albany, N. Y. The author may be consoltPd an
on any of tlw diseases upon which Sh Is book treats. ei
ther personally OT bymati. „V ed;clnes sent Lowly part
of the word. . •
And will present to any person sending us n clah In
our Great One Price Sale, of Dry and Fa , cy Goode,
&c.. a Sill: Dress Pattern, Piece of Isliceting, Watch.
ac.,.lree of co•-t. entalottne ofrnfds.snde , sernple, see:
to any address free. Address . t. S: Hewes & Co., 30
Hanover St.. Boston. MaSA, P. 0. Buz 5125.
T.. ins n Ir4il 13.1. Lenien t
You can have a beautiful Card Photoi,rrapi. ? m e 0;
nen.e. (with circular' , of our grcilt Dry are Fancy
Goods pale) by e , endinz iitanip for return postage to
t;:i }laborer St., Boston. Masi.
It is the best ehanee ever offered to agents.
One or two days' time will •ecnre a rood
Sewing Machine, Watch, Silk Dress, or Revolver,
or some other article of equal vane. Free of COM
Agents wanted everywhere, tale nod f. rich. for tax
hest One Dollar Pawnbroker's :Nile in the cone tr,.—
Send for a eiruclar. S. C. TILOMPSo tCo :
at Exchange Street, BORICII,
(4.57r, 1e RANTED—agents to sell the bet onn
Clow priced Sew , ng fachlne evers4,JV
merle—either by the month 'or on tomtnip:•ton. Oov
machine will sew. hem, fell, tuck and embroider equal
to a high pr eel machine Cut any third stitch. aud II a
;mods wilt tear before the scam will give out. Frem
$75 to 8200 per month, expenses paid.. Address BA
DT virtue of a write issued by tilb Court of Common
Pleas of Susquehanna Cofmty, and to me directed.
I a ill expose to Pale by public youltte a: the Cou:
House, in Nontro•e, on.} riday. Nov. 15. 1657. at 1 n'•
clock, p. m . the following described piece or parcel
of land, to wit :
All that certain piece or parcel of land lyind and be.
Ind in the township of Briddewater. Susquehanna ('n.
Pi nu'a, b , undedttnd described ins iOnOWP, to wit : On
the north by lands of the lote J. W. Parker. deceased,
and F. T. Boyd. on the east by the hidliway, known as
the Chenango turnpike, and by lands of B. B. Little. on
the west by lands of .Tarnes O'Brien and David H. Fnn
cher, on tht south by lands or J. P. Bush and David B.
Faucher—contaiiiind about 100 acres, with one from d
house, two barns and ontbnildinds. Sc. one orchard,
and abont 70 acres improved. [Token in execution
the suit of Wm. P. heator npc of P. T. Fergerton sn
George T. Heator.
All that certain piece or p•Aci of land, nitrate lying
and bring In the borongh of Stquehanna, D. pot, Sus
quehanna county, Penn's. bot ided and Peecribed as
follown, towtt : Beginning at n'po,4 on the n°rth Ode
of limed street (so called), thence . by-rhe west line of a
lot' of fl It. Simmons north Ig• west 129 feet to a post;
thence by other lands of Wm. Dodson. north 87?.5• west
to the east line of the lot known as the ; Bushnell lot ;
thence by said east Due about 120 feet to a poet on the
north side of said ntrect thence by thx , ..orth Fide o'
Fuld street south Sttf• east dbont C 5 feet to the niece of
beginning---containing about 7.200 f, of land and all
Improved.} Taken in execution= the snit 01 William
Dodson vs. 0. U. Simmons and 1. L. Meadwny.
S F. LANE, Sheriff.
Sherilre Office, Oct. 29,1867
.T. .113.9.13 - EISL era CPO.,
And Melodeon Emporium,
050 Broadway, New Yolk, and 69 Washington St.,
Chicago, Crosby Opern House,
Wholesale Agents for the United States for
Tim. Ktiohe d; Co's Celebrated Gold Medal
Also, Agents for A. H. OV.E: t CO., and other first
class Pianos. P ianos.
have the lamest and best assorted stock of Pianos.
which, kw Power - and Sweetness of Tone, Easy sect
AgreeribleTotich, and Beauty of Finish, have, 1 )9/ledges.
been pronomwed unrivalled.
Wbole , ale Agent. for Ceerhari, Needham et Co's Cele
brated Mirmoniwmr, ifcimitono and Orgasm.
Manufacturers and Importers of
Musical IntdrutitChis, and all kinds of
Musical Merchandise.
I Remember the place,
650 Broadway, New Toth. and
69 Washtniton St., Chicago•
499 Broadwy, - *New 'York.
3PialaClo Fortes.
Our Last new addition to our different styler is
attracting the admiration of both cities and Populace.
We mention specially, some of the claims of this new
Piano. Believing the exterior should be as beautiful to
the eye as melody is to the ear, we hate paid great at
tention to getting them up In a style t r ia is conceded
he nil who hare seen them to be the ha , °meet Piano
Forte made. rhoy are an entirely new ttple, with roar
lull round corners, heavily carved legs and lyre. Doe
riehlj moulded, and contains our latest improred nets
scale and action. The tone , ni melodious, and its adapt
ability to passages of every shade of expreeslon. from
the softest murmurs, the eressendo, and the F F. elys*
the performer every advantage of the Concert grand.—
Price $5OO. 1y44
Et DS .IP I .1C EL
PRINCIPAL OFFICE, 616 Itrolawny, N.Y.
Notice to called to our new and Improved Manufactu
ring Machine, for Tailors and Boot and Shoo Fitters.
Agents Wanted. to whom a liberal discount will be
given. No consignments made. 14
a-Fpot isio 1•7 AmintamPlak