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A. 3. GEREITSON I Editor.
of Luzerne County.
WINSLOW B. GUILE, of.Harford.
Pon At
ELLIOT ALDRICH, of New Milfotd,
Election, Tuesday October Bth, 1867.
Are You Assessed?
Look to the assessment lists, Demo
crats. Do not trust to anything less than
an absolute certainty that you are regular
ly and duly assessed. Go and see to the
matter for yourself. Numbers of men an
nually lose their votes by neglecting this
important matter. We need every Dem
ooratio vote to swell the majority _for
Judge Sharswood. The importance of a
signal rebuke ;, to the Radical revolution
ists cannot be overestimated. Be sure
that you are duly assessed, and that your
neighbor attends to the matter. Next
Saturday is the last day to be assessed.
Vote the Whole Ticket.
We have a first rate ticket, and should
all vote for every man on it. Above all,
don't let a vote be dropped on Congress.
Judge Woodward will be the ablest and
Most influential man in the House, and
every man ought to take pride in adding
to bis majority.
The Coining Election.
From every portion of Pennsylvania we
have glad tidings of a Democratic revival.
pow sturt - ...‘.lreas
greatest enthusiasm prevails. Thousands
who never before acted with tbe Democ
racy intend to vote for George Sharswood,
the able lawyer, the accomplished scholar,
the upright judge, and the honest man.—
In the great battle which is soon to be
fought in our State, Pennsylvania will
outstrip Connecticut, Maine, California,
or Montana.
Prospect of Victory.
The Age says that from every portion
of Pennsylvania we receive intelligence
which assures us of a great Democratic
triumph in October next. In every sec
tion the Democracy are thoroughly or.
ganizing and properly preparing for the
great battle. Judge Sharswood's nomin
ation has excited the most intense enthu
siasm,' while the corruption and , infamy of
the Radical party are driving away from
the support of its candidate thousands
who never before faltered in their party
allegiance. The masses want a change,
and are wheeling fast into the Democrat.
ic column. The day of our redemption is
driwing near.
Political Changes.
In all other States which have recently
voted, the relative change between par
ties is from 15 to 30 per cent. In Penn
sylvania we only need a like change of 3
per cent. to elect Shorewood. A Demo
erotic gain of /11 per cent. will give us the
victory. But we can and, will do far bet
ter with-proper effort. If each town that
polls 200 Totes will increase the Demo
erotic majority by 3 votes—or decrease
the Radical majority by a like number--
we shall win. Larger towns should do
better in proportion. But we can change
a much larger proportion, and beat the
negro equality party out of sight, as in
California. Try it! 7
sr The people will vote for Judge
Sharawood because he is pledged to - no
party dogmas. As a judge he will know
Po :man As a Democrat, a Republican or a
Radical. His platform is simply the Con
stitution sad, the laws, and that is all that
the people require, but it constitutes the
grandest and loftiest platform upon which
say candidate could , stand.
—The threats of the Radicals to itn.
pesehithe President and precipitate the
country.into anew revolution, have - on
elitled the fiances, arida:undo all holden
Of aeourithn uneasy.
Congreadonal COSerence.
The Demooratio Confi!'rees of the 12th
Congressional District '(:of Pennsylvania
met at the Forest lime, in Scranton ci
ty, at it± o'clock, on Saturday, the 14th
day of September, 1867.
Confrees present : ',memo—Harry
Hakes, Jas. Garrahan, S. M. Wheeler ;
Susquehanna—A. J. Gerritson, F. W.
Boyle, Daniel Brewster.
Hon. Geo. W. Woodward was nomin
ated by Harry Hakes ; R. B. Lithe, Esq.
was nominated by A. J. Gerritson.
Ist. 2a. 3d. 4th. sth. 6th.
Woodward, 3 ' 3 3 3 3 6
Little, 3 3 3 3 3 0
On the 6th ballot A., J; Gerritson with
drew the name of Mr. Little.
Sixth ballot Mr. Woodward received
the cnacimons nomination as the candi
date for Congress in the 12th Congres
sional District of Pennsylvania.
A. J. -GEnnrrsoN, Pres't.
S. M. WHEELER ) Seey.
Excuses for Radical Defeat.
When the white party carried Connec
ticut and California, the darkey politicians
said it was because those States were con
servative. When Maine and Montana
were heard from, it was because they
were radical. Just so! A poor excuse
may be better than none. The truth is
that there is a tremendous political revo
lution taking place against the party that
is robbing the people and forcing negro
equality ukon them. Every State which
votes shs this; and in October and
November the radicals will be a badly
whipped party. Let every Democrat aid
in winning our victory.
'he Reaction.
The change of forty five thousand in the
comparatively small votes of the States of
Maine and California, is extremely signifi
cant. " It is an early and startling symp
tom of the clop!) reaction in sentiment
now progressing among tho people. If it
is followed in rite same proportion, Penn.
sylvaniit will jive 100,000 majority for
the white man's ticket.
garTbe time has been when many
Democrats were afraid to vote, lest they
be abused or injured by the Radicals.—
Ail that is over with ; the late eicutiona
hash knocked out the Radical fangs, and
made peace among neighbors. Let every
man who prefers to be governed by white
men rather than negroes, help increase
uon sth,
cans will be satisfied with it.
Vg — Good news comes to us from ev
ery quarter o(the State. The masses are
heartily tired of the misrule and corrup
tion of the Radical party, and they are
determined this fall to have a change.—
There is no break in the Democratic col
umn. Enthusiasm pervades our ranks,
.and a great triuinph is within our grasp.
In view of this, let every Democrat exert
himself between this and the day of elec
tion to bring out the full Demociatic
strength. Don't let a Democratic vote
be lust
sf" Frank Jordan, chairman of the
Radical State Committee, and Senator
Cameron admit that their party will lose
Philadelphia this fall. The Democrats
tire sure to carry it, and the State too.—
The white men are getting waked up to
the importance of preventing negro equal
ity from being forced upon them. So says
the result of all the elections.
The Negro Party.
" Henceforth, the Republican party,
from the St. Johns to the Pacific, is a unit
for Universal Liberty and Impartial,Suf
frage, regardless-of caste, race or color.
Those who are hostile to this principle
will go to their own places as Judas did."
—[N. Y. Tribune.
So it seems that the Radical Dictator
who bailed 4ell"Davis wants white Re
publicans to bang themselves unless they
are for negro suffrage. Perhaps they prefer
to vote against the negro managers, so as
to be • able to live under a, white man's
government—many of them did so in Cal
ifornia and Maine.
far The voice of the people as heard
in the recent efections in Maine, Connecti
cut, lentneky,' Montana and California,
cannot be misunderstood ; the days of Re
publican power are over; Democracy is
bound to win in future.
Or Victory depends not on the num
bers that have belonged to a party, but
upon the number that vote! We are out
voting the radicals this year, everywhere.
Let every Democrat be assessed and vote,
so ai to Increase'our majority.
Buzzlitou,n, Sept: 19.—Partial returns
from most of the counties of the State
foot,up a majority of 8,000. for the new
white.constitutioa, in addition to the ma
jority in Ibis city, which is 10,584. Some
4001111013 are yet- so, be heard from, but
they, will increase the majority. •
rgr- In California the Democratic gain
is near 30,000; in the Radical State of
Maine it is 17,000 from last year in a vote
of 100,000. In Pennsylvania the Radical
majority of last year was 17,000 in a vote
of 600,000. If our State does only as well
as Maine, the Democratic majority will' be
85,000! In no event does it seem pos-
Bible that we can fail to elect Sherwood.
Victory is certain; Radicalism is doomed
to defeat here as in Connecticut and Cali
fornia. Let the Democracy do their best,
not only to win, bat to beat the Radicals
so badly that they will never again con
template negro equality.
Radical Defeat.
Does it Pay? -
The white workingmen of the North
aro taxed fifty millions of dollars per year
to pay the officials who have been appoint
ed to register the negro voters in the
Southern States. Are white men con
tent with this ? Are they willing that
money -whit h should be used to feed,
clothe and educate their children, shall be
expended in raising the negroes to a po
sition from which they can injure the ma
terial interests of the white race? If not,
.they must drive the Radicals from power
at the coming election. The Radicals
prefer the negro to poor white mev, and
will continue to legislate for the former at
the expense of the latter. White men
must take care of their own. interests.
Heavy Taxation.
Official figures show that in six years
fourteen billions five hundred millions of
dollars have passed through the Treasury
of the nation. By the census of 1860 it
appears that the value of all the real and
personal property in all the Cnited States
and Territories, was sixteen billions one
hundred and fifty-nine millions six hun
dred and sixteen thousand and sixty-eight
dollars. Thus nearly the full amount of
all the propertlsl, North, West and South,
has been expended since the Radicals
came into power. A..a nnw, although
peace prevails in all parts of the land, the
party In power insist upon increasing the
debt and taxation of the country as a
means of retaining their hold on power,
place and plunder. Will the people agree
Nominating Soldiers,
In Philadelphia, the Radicals boldly
announced that "the soldier role was
played out." Not a single soldier was
placed upon flair city and county ticket, al
though General Prevost, Colonel Thomp
son, Major Ellis, Captain Donegan, and
Sergeant Jones, were candidates. But
the Democrats did not forget "the Boys
in Blue."\ k• They placed on their ticket
General Lfle, General Dallier, and Gene
ral Leach—three brave and gallant vete
rans, and the Democracy of Philadelphia
are now 'marching proudly on to victory
by "the tap of the drum." How do you
like the music?
Rtcossraucrto2v.-= Acting Attorney-
General Brinkley has issued an able
opinion upon the power and sphererof the
military commanders in the South. It is
especially•intended to meet the case of
Gen. Sickles, who, by his interference
with the civil courts in the South, has
clogged the wheels of justice and thrown
everything into confusion. The Attorney-
General proves, by quotations from the
highest legal authority, in interfering
with the judicial authority in North Caro
lina, Sickles has rendered himself liable to
severe punishment, and that it is the duty ,
of the President instantly to interfere and
protect the judiciary and punish those
who have attempted to subvert the power
of the Federal Courts. He calls upon the
President to exert his authority in this
nrOn the 17th the corner stone of
the Antietam Battle-ground Monument
was laid in the presence of the President
of the United States and Cabinet, - the di
plomatic corps representing foreign no
tions at Washington, a number of the
Governors of States, and an assemblage
of twenty thousand citizens. Ex-Govern
or Bradford, of Maryland, delivered an el
oquent and impressive oration. A poem
was read, and speeches were read by
President Johnson, Governor Geary and
rgrThe soldiers' celebration at Antie
tam is generally abased by the Radical
press, because it was not a political pow
wow. This is exactly what might have
been expected from a party which sneer
ingly announced that, "the soldier game
is played out."
Judge Woodward.
George W. 'Woodward, for Congress,
a man of over-riding ability in ppblio
affairs—Democrat of unsuhied character
and undaunted courage—the choice,spon
tancous.of the entire democracy of this
district; he will be elected by a majority
larger than ever known here before. Ju
rist, statesman and patriot, the leader of
the coming men who will strike down the
Vandals who are desecrating the temple
of liberty.—Luzerne Union.
Siegro Suffrage by Congressional
On Thursday, what is called the Border
State. Republican Convention assembled
in Baltimore. Delegates were present
from quite a number of Northern States.
Some were - white, others black; but they
were all imbued with the spirit of Radi
calim. The object of the assemblage
was to urge the immediate enforcement
by Congress of negro suffrage and conse
quent negro equality in every State in
which it 'does not exist. There was no
mincing of words in this Convention.—
The'resolutions speak out plainly in favor
of forcing negro equality upon the North
ern States in violation of the Constitu
tions and without consulting the wishes
of the people.
Mr The infamous plank in the Wil
lianisport platforms demanding a partisan
judiciary, cannot .be too frequently re
ferred to by the Democratic press in
Pennsylvania. The doctrine there pro-
mulgated by the Radicals is full of peril.
To require a
,lodge to fashion his decisions
in accordance with the views and opinions'
of a political majority, instead of basing
them upon the broad principles of law
and justice, is a direct attack upon the
independence of the judiciary. Judge
Williams, the candidate of the Allegheny
repudiators and the disciple of the
" higher-law " doctrine of New England,
hsa pledged himself to stand by that
plank, if elected.
REF - Will any Radical paper tell us
why the Repubdcaus of Philadelphia, in
the midst of the late war, refused to make
a nomination against Judge Sharswood
when he was the candidate of the Demo-
cratic party for Judge of the District
Court of Philadelphia? If Sbarswood
was a nullifier, secessionist, traitor, &c.,
why did the Republicans of his own city
endorse him at the most critical point in
the late war ?—GeUpbury Compiler.
—Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, lowa
and Minnesota will hold their general elec
tions on Tuesday, October 8. " West
Virginia" will hold an election on Thurs
day, October 24th. New York, New Jer
sey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Massachusetts,
Michigan, Missouri, Maryland and Dela
ware, on Tuesday Nov. rtth. Kansas on
Monday Nov. 4th.
ONE OF OCR Owx.—Said an enthusi
astic Democrat yesterday, " I'll go to
California now, I guess. It is truly the
land of great trees, great golden nu:,fgets
and great Democratic victories."
"There's no use in that," said a friend in
reply, "just stay where you are. This fall
we will have a California of our own in
Pennsylvania." That's how to do it.
Foreigners and Negroes.
"Negroes are Better than Foreigners"
is now a favorite declaration of the Radi
e.l4... 4. Obit/ gothenLiog
colored men know more than either the
Dutch or the Irish ; that the former should
vote at once, while the latter should be
subjected to a probation. Foreigners will
remember such insults from Radicals on
election day.
An Excellent Nomination.
Chief Justice George NV. Woodward
has been unanimously nominated as the
Democratic candidate for Congress in the
12th Congressional District of this State,
composed of Luzern° :and Susquehanna
counties, to fill the nnexpired terra cf
Hon. Charles Denison, deceased. The
district is strongly Democratic, and the
selection of Judge Woodward is univer
sally well received, and insures his elec
tion by an increased majorily.—Easton
j The United States Supreme Court
once decided that a negro could - not be a
citizen of the United States. That de
cision has never been reversed by the Su
preme Court, hence Congress (which has
no authority to reverse a decree of the
Court) cannot lawfully give citizenship to
the blacks.
Heary W. Williams, the imported
Yankee candidate for Supreme Judge, is
pledged to decide that Sumner's negro
suffrage bill gives negroes the right to
vote in Pennsylvania. If you desire to
march up to the ballot•box, beside a big
darkey, vote for Williams; he says ne
groes shall vote whether white men allow
them to or not. •
—ln Montana the Democracy swept
the Radicals before them like chafrbefore
the wind. Better news never came from
a far country!
—Maine, "the Star in the East," did
bravely at her recent State election. The
Democratic gain is counted by thousands.
Her freemen are getting tired of Radical
misrule and Congressional usurpation.
NORIVICEI, Conn., Sept. 11.—The Dem
ocrats have fired thirty-seven guns this
noon in honor of the results of the elec
tions in Maine and. California, with one
extra gun for Montana.
THE C9.sE—Thirty millions of dollars
yearly for the negro bureau, eighty mil
lions for the military commanders and ar
my, twelve millions for the Registers of
negroes, is about the cost yearly of ma
king negroes voters throughout the South.
This amount comes directly out of the
poekets of the tax-payers of the North.
—The rescue of two Fenian, prisoners
from the hands of the police, at Man
chester, England, shows the existence of
a strong sympathy with the cause of Ire
land in that city, which 'fact is likely to
be very unpleasant to the British Govern
ment. .
Representative Conference.
The Democratic Representative Con
ference Meeting - for Wyoming and Sun
quehanna Counties has been fixed at the
house of John Niver, in Nicholson, on
Wednesday, the 28th inst., (being the 2d
day of Fair at Nicholson.)
Look at these Figures.
Under Democratic rule.
State expenditure in 1800 ..$998,000
Under Republican rule.
State expenditure in 1804 $1,379,000
State expenditure in 1865 1,589,000
State expenditure in 1866 2,011,000
What do you say, taxpayers? Can you
stand such extravagancy ? If not, correct
the growing evil by voting the whole
Democratic ticket.
Niggers on the Any.
Any white man who wishes to sit be
side a negro in the jury box can express
his desire by voting for Judge Williams
and the rest of the Radical candidate.
Pining Away.
The Abend Zeitung, a rabid Radical
journal of New York City is so discour
aged by the present political reaction, as
to assert that " the Rep - fiblican party,"
having accomplished every thing it was
organized for, is now pining away for
want of new issues. It charges the Radi
cals Rump with having " robbed the peo
ple of their liberties and enlarged their al
most unbearable burtherns." This is hard
language for the Radicals to bear coming
from oae of their own deluded victims.
(R — Never will it be forgotten that
the Radical Convention at Williamsport
proclaimed the infamous doctrine that a
judge must render his decisions in accord
ance with the views. and opinions of a po
litical majority. Judge Williams, the
Yankee candidate, endorses this senti
ment, and if elected will make it the rule
of his otlitial action. flow can any friend
of an independent judiciary rote for such
a candidate?
—The glad tidings from Maine, Monta
na and California ti,q every patriot's heart
with joy. The. tremendous gains of the
Democracy clearly show that "the people
are . rising," and that the days of CongreM
lona! demagogues are numbered.
—Gen. Fitz John Porter has appealed
to the Pref.-Went to reopen his cave and
order a new court-martial. He alleges
that he has after-discovered testimony
that will materially change the result ar
rived at in the previous trial.
The regular annual series cif examina
tions of Teachers for the Common Schools
of Susq. Co. will commence the first day
or October, 186'7, and continue as follows:
Hartnony,...Lanesboro S. 11., October 1
Oakland 6; j • t, l 4
Rogers 2
Susq. Depot, )
New Milford
Academy " 46 4
tt:, - I3oro, f
.Tackson, Centre " " 7
Thomson, Aldrich " 64 • 8
Ararat, Church, ~. 9
Iferrick, I yens' " .4 10
CaTord, City " " 12
Gibson, Burrows' " " 14
Flarford, Village " cc 15
Lenox, Glen wood " CI 16
Lathrop, Bronson " it 17
Brooklyn, Centre " L 6 1 8
)nimock, Academy " " 21
Springville hollow " 66 22
Auburn, Centre " " 23
Rush, Snyder's " " 24
Jessup, Bolles' " • " 25
Bridgewater ' tt 26
‘47, Montrose, Academy "
Franklin & I'
Forks " 64 28
Liberty, i
Forest Lake, ....Wright " t., 29
Middletown, Ross " 41 , " qp
Choconut (17t T e r i endsv , e, c, 44 31
Friendsville, 1 `
Little Meadows, November 2
Silver Lake,— .. Brackney " " 4
1, Examination will open at 9 a. m.
-2, Applicants will not be - admitted after
the class has been examined in the first
3, All applicants ‘Oll be examined in
two additional ,branches—lfistory of
United States ana Theory of Teaching.
4, Provisional Certificates, only, will be
granted at these examinations.
-5, The examinations will be thorough
and practical.
6, Applicants will supply themselves
with two sheets of foolscap, pen, pencil,
ink, and Fifth Reader.
7, Institutes for the instruction of teach
ers will be held at City School *Reuse,
October 12th, Dimock Academy, October
19th, Little Meadows, November Ist.
A full attendance is looked for.
Special examinations will be held at
Great Bend Nov. 18th, Hophottom Nov.
10th, Montrose Nov. 20th, Rush, Gran
ger's, Nov. 21st, Forest Lake, Nov. 22d,
Jackson Corners Nov. 26th, Lenoxvillo
Nov. 28th. After which no examination
will be held. Teachers will be•examined
at the special examinations upon this con
dition Out. they are already employed
and present a written request and an ex
cuse for not attending the regular series,
signed by at least three directors.
It is hoped that Boards will be fully
represented at each examination, as there
will be a good opportunity to employ
teachers, and important business will be
brought.before them. ,
Teachers should in ail case's be supplied
with a five cent revenue stain!).
Persona wishing prompt' tiepliee to let
ters relating to school matters abould in
close a stamp to pay return postage.
W. W. W.mort, Co. Sap t.
' Nei , Milford, Sept. Mk 1847.
SAT ltiitrtistmnits.
The newsylitem o t advertising Adopted by Geo. p,
Rowell & Co., Advertising Agents, 'tto;'4o Park Row,
New York, le attracting &good deal of attention.
Tho following extract tram a speech delivered be.
fore the N. Y. State Vittoria Convention (lately hol-
den at Penn Yennl by a prominent advertising agent o r
N.Y. City, goes to show that he at least acknowlesp i i
their advantages:
From Jamettown,li. Y. Journal of Any. 2nd. edited by
. C. E. Biehop, Chahman of Commlttetton•Adterthing
7 Agencies.
"Mr. Pettingill spoke to opposition to that plea foal
the publisher's stand point alone. Be showed thew,.
Ushers that by this soma of crmtracting the verb
giving lower rates than they were giving their two
home cnstome rs ; that they were selling one writes of
their paper to b e nted to compete with and ntidgibld
coins other COiP ; that if the publishers, flatly a 47.
standing this, still wished to continue so Mew:ass ad
unbnsiness•like a system be (Pettingtil It Co.) shone
cease trying to get advertising for the papers at 11t1r
„regular rates, and go into the other system of contra:cp
ing—which he could stand if the printers mid."
The anztety on the account of newspapers to tutcalld
for. There to not one in twenty which would not pre
fcr to receive all their foreign patronage on this plan,
when it is fully understood. It is too generally :veer
lazed as -thoroughly ben eAcial to all parties concerned
to be injured in the least by anything libieh arty ba
said against by Interested parties.
Advertieere *old send for a circular giving fall es•
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and most Durable Paint in use ; two coats well paten,
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ranted in all cases as abode. Send for a circular:which
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in a trade mark. Grafton Mineral Paint. Address DAN•
lEL BIDW ELL, Proprietor, 2M Pearl at., New York,
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quired. Price 10 Cent*, with an advertisement de.
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abler deaf persons to hear distinctly at church and la
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And will present to any person sending us a club in
onr Great One Price Sale, of Dry and Fancy Hoods,.
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advance. .
•• We concur with other papers In reconaraerding Dr.
Lammas and his work."—Courier dee Rtale Chia, Ger
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cal //estew, d'c.
A VIiTZL TO= .1PX113.113. -A Sliver
P. Watch Given Gratis to tho purchaser of Ever,
100 of Kennedy's Mammoth Pilau Stationer, Parkages ,
the Larcest in the World. (As en inducement to have
them introduced.) agents sell the package* as fast as
they can reach them out. 80 Dollars per dawn he
made sere. -We have' agents that *all me an average
1000 per week. Price per hundred, 15 Dollars. Retail
at 25 cents. And a Watch In the bargain that will re
tail for $l5 morn. Potful , particulars orßriate Package
antrother ealtabieloode address It, litosaea Ulm=
Cor. sth and Wood Sta., 'Pittsburgh, Pa;
Principals of Academics, Seminaries, as.. should con
snit us in regard to advertising. No .cbarge..for litfor
'amnion. Gao. P. ROWELL & Co., Advertising Agts., N Y
POLLOCK INSTITUTE, a firot•elass
Boarding Schoel torpors, rmada, maw.
Term of 20 weeks begins Oct 4, 1867. Mir particulars,
address Bey. W. C. RICHARDS, PrillCSTad.
Hare yok seen the "PENN LETT= BOOK," for
copying letters without the nib of either press er ra
ter t It saves time, labor, and the omens. of s ette.l
- press. Per sale by all first-class stationer. Spa "
the office of the " Penn Mannflieturhtz Worim, l . MS
Chestnut street, Fbiltuielpitts, Pa.
StIMPTION and Cancer. Their causes and aims of
Immediate :Wieland speedy care, sent free. Seed par
timbre to Dr. STILLWEELL,IIO.4O Bouth-Gth Street,
Williamsburg. L. I.
Combines in one garment ts perfect fittingttnrost , and
the most desirable Skirt Supporter eve r offered the pub
lic. ft places the weight of the skirts upon the ahnul
dere instead of tbo hips; it improves the fgrin with"'
tight Dieing ; gives ease and elcgancer: is approved and
recommended by physicians. Manufactured by
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ROWELL & 00.00 Park Row, N.Y. •
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plee t hee; S. M.' OTIS= atil Co., Vroltleboro, Vt.
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