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    Lion declaring that the insurrection was
at an.endott&was thenceforth to be so.
And" whereas, There no* exists no or
ganized armed resistance of misguided
citizens, or others, to the authority, of the
United States, in the States of Georgia,
South Carolina, Virginia, North , C.arolin a,
Tennessee, Alabama, Louisiana, Arkansas,
Mississippi; Florida and Texas, and the
laws can be sustained and enforced there
in by the proper civil authority, State or
Federal, and -the people of said States are
well and loyally disposed, and have con
formed, or, if permitted 'to - do so, wifl
conform in their legislation to the con
dition of affairs, growing out of the
Amendment of the Cor.stitutioo of the
United States, prohibiting slavery within
the limits and jurisdiction of the United
And whereas, Tbere no longer exists any
reasonable ground to apprehend within
the States which were involved in the late
Rebellion any renewal thereof, or any un
lawful resistance by the people of said
States to the Constitution and laws of the
United States;
And whereas, Large standing armies,
military occupation, martial law, military
tribunals and the suspension of the privi
lege of the writ of habeas corpus, an the
right of trial by jury, are in time of peace
dangerous to public liberty, incompatible
with the individual rights of the citizen,
eontrary to the genius and spirit of our
free institutions and exhaustive of the na
tional resources, and ought not therefore
to be sanctioned or allowed, except in
cases of actual necessity for repelling in
vasion or suppressing insurrection or re
bellion ;
And whereas A retaliatory or vindictive
policy, attended by unnecessary diSqualifi
cat ions, pains, penalties, confiscations and
disfranchisements, now, as always, could
only tend to hinder reconciliation among
the people and national restoration, while
it must seriously embarrass, obstruct and
repress popular energies and national in
dustry and enterprise; . .
And whereas, For these 'reasons it is now
deemed essential to the public welfare and
to the more perfect restoration of consti
tutional law and order, that the said last
mentioned proclamation, so aforesaid, is- I
sued on the twenty-ninth day of May,
-Arno Domini ope thousand eight hundred
and sixty-five, should be modified, and
that the full and beneficient pardon con-.
ceded thereby should be opened and fur
ther extended to a large number of the
persons who by'its aforesaid exceptions
have been hitherto exc'aded from Execu
tive clemency;
Now, therefore, be it known that 1,
Andrew Johnson, President of the 'United
States, do hereby proclaim and• declare,
that the fall pardon des`cribed in the said
proclamation of the 29th of May, Anno
Domini 1864, shall henceforth be opened
and extended to alkpersons who directly
nr indirectly participated in the late Re
bellion, with the restoration of all privi
leges, immunities and rights of property,
except as to property regalg tr
--,, Out upon this Condition, neverthe
less: That every such„person who 'Wall
seek to avail himself of this proclamation
shall take and subscribe the following
oath, and shall cause the same to be reg
i6tered fur permanent preservation, in the
same manner and with the same effect as
with the oath prescribed in the said proc
lamation of the 20th day of May, 1865,
do solemnly swear (or affirm),
in .the presence of Almighty God, that I
wil\ henceforth faithfully support, pro
tect, and defend the Constitution of the
United States and the Union of the States
thereunder, and that I will in like manner
abide by and faithfully support all laws
and proclamations which have been made
during the .late Rebellion with reference
to the emancipation of slaves. So help
me God."
The following persons and others aro
excluded from the benefits of this procla
mation and of the said proclamation of
;he 29th day of May, 1865, namely:—
. First, The chief or pretended chief ex.-
ecutive officers, including the President,
the Vice President, and all heads of de
partments, of the pretended Confederate
or Rebel Government, and all who were
agents thereof in foreign States and
countries, and all who held or pretended
to hold in the service of the said pretend
ed Confederate Government • a military
rank or title above the grade of brigadier
general, or naval rank or title above that
of captain, and all who were or pretended
to be Governors of States, while main
taining, abetting or submitting to and ac
quiescing in the Rebellion.
Second. All persons who in any way
treated otherwise than as lawful prisoners
of war, persops who in any capacity were
employed or. engaged in the military or
naval service of tbetnited States.
Third. All persons who at the time
they may seek to obtain the benefits of
this proclamation, are actually in civil,
military or naval confinement. or custody
or legally held in bail either before or after
conviction, and ail persons who were en
gaged either directly, or indirectly , jn the
assassination of the late President of the
United States, or in any plot_ or conspi
racy. in any manner therewith connected.
In testimony whereof, I have .signed
Om presents with my hand, and have
caused the seal of the United State's to
be thereunto affixed.
B.] Done , at the city of . Washiog,
toa:the 7th day of September, 1867.
ANDREW ..Jorissozg.
By the President:
Secretary of State.
—ln 1865 ban Francisco gave the Radi-
cals 866 majority. At the late election
the Democrats carried the city by 3,848
miOritr—holdieg evrey ward but one.
..qutros Ptutotrat.
- - -
of Luzerne County.
WINSLOW B. GUILE, of Harford
ELLIOT ALDRICH, of N©w Milford
Election, Tuesday October Bth, 1867
For Congress.
The Conferees met at Scranton on Sat
urday, and, on the dth ballot nominated
Hon. Geo. W. Woodward to fill the un
expired term in Congress. Report of
conference in next issue.
- Judge Woodward for Congress.
The nomination of Chief Justice Wood
ward to fill the vacancy in Congress from
this district, will meet the Hearty approv
al of the Democracy, not only in the dis
trict but throughont the country. Per
sonally and politically no man is more
highly respected and beloved by the peo
ple. But it is his superior intellect, learn
ing, and experience, so 'eminently fitting
him to adorn the station, that caused the
people to spontaneously demand that he
should fill the vacant term. He will carry
with him an influence ,second to none
other who will occupy a seat in . the na
tional councils, and our people may well
be, proud of such a representative, more
especially as the nomination was not
sought by himself or his family, but is a
free-will offering of the people.
inviolahity of special contracts must be
sustained by the coirts. For instance : if
A to-day agrees t o ;pay 13 to-morrow one
thousand dollars iiigold, and, on the mor
row, should insist on B's acceptance of
one thousand dollar's in depreciated paper
=Toney, in lien of the gold, Judge Shars
wood, like any other honest and just man,
would decide that A should pay in gold
according to the contract. This is all that
the Judge's "legal tender decision"
amounts to, although so often distortingly
alluded to by Radicals. If Judge Wil
liams takes a different view—and his or
gans lay him open to that imputation—he
cannot be an honest man and will not
make an upright judge.
Radical Corruption and befeat.
It was, in part, the infamous corruption
thatbung around the Radical . party in
California that so signally defeated their
ticket in the Golden State. Mr. Thaddeus
Stevens has indicated the same fate for
the Radicle in Pennsylvania• "I fear,"
said he, "we sball lose Pennsylvania this
next election. I do not Mink we have
earnestness enough in the State to unite
and draw out the Republican strength,
while the Republican portion of our Leg
islature has been so openly, notoriously
and shamefully corrupt, that all the hon
est people in the State• are disheartened
and disgusted."
Connecticut and .California.
The fol lowing agreeable correspondence
recently took place by telegraph between
two Democratic Governors. We never
read anything in English that pleased us
New Haven, Conn., Sept. 9, 1867.
Hon'. Henry H. Haight, Governor elect of
California, San Francisco:
I congratulate you on your election. It,
will gladden the friends of constitutional
liberty the country through.
SAN inA.Ncmco, Cal., Sept. 10, 1867.
To Governor James E. English :
Thanks for your dispatch. California
has echoed the voice of Connecticut. You
sot us a glorious 'example. We have but
followed where you ..led in • the sacred
cause of gonstitutional liberty. -
—The Centre County Rads enjoyed a
big row at their i late ;delegate elections.
The .party b4s divide'd into faction; as
in Lancaster and .other counties.
The Democracy of Luzerne county held
their convention on the 10th inst. Judge
Woodward was nominated for Congress
on first ballot o•er J. B. Stark. The con
vention was harmonious, and the ticket is
a first rate one. Several soldiers were
given important offices. We append the
For Congress, lion. George W. Wood
ward, of Wilkes-Barre. [Siihjedt to de
cision of the Conference of Luzern° and
For Additional Law Judge, Gen. E. L.
Dana, of Wilkes-Barre..
For. Assembly, Wm. Brennan, Carbon
dale; James. McHenry; NeW Columbus;
Capt. S. F. Bossard, Scranton.
For Prothonotary, Michael J. Philbin,
of Jenkins.
For Clerk of the Courts, Cbl. Samuel
Bowman, of Wilkes-Barre.
For District Attorney, D. L. Rhone, of
For Treasurer, Neil McGroarty, of
For Commissioner, Michael Rabert, of
For Jury Commissioner, Nathan
Kocher, of Lake.
For Auditors, E. A. Frarklin, 3 years ;
Reuben Downing, 2 years; Wesley Muss,
I year.
The following are the resolutions adopt
Resolved, That the Democracy of Lu
zerne county re-affirm the Jeffersonian
principles and doctrines of the equality of
Staten—the binding force of the Consti
tution, as the law of the land—the superi
ority of the white man, and his right to
rule and administer the government of
his own construction, without any extra
neous assistance in the shape of negro
suffrage or negro equality.
Resolved, That in the emergency now
upon us, as a part of a common country,
it is the duty of this Convention to place
in nomination, as a representative in the
councils of the nation, the ablest and best
of our citizens.
Resolved, That in George W. Wood
ward, the patriot, jurist and statesman,
we behold the man of onr choice, and to
perfect the desire of the Convention S. M.
Wheeler, James Garrahan and Dr. Harry
Hakes, be the Conferees to meet like Con
ferees of our sister county.
The Elections!—Democratic Victories !
—The Days of Radicalism
The recent elections show that a com
plete revolution in political affairs is
taking place. The Democratic victory in
Connecticut was the beginning of the
end. The tide has turned everywhere,
and in October and November the De
mocracy will have swept the Radicals
from power in a majority of the Northern
FOP • Pt vitttnry
one 'nue( States Senator, (in
place of Conners.) arid three members of
Congress, besides the Governor, Lieuten
ant Governor, Secretary of State, Comp.
troller. TreaSurer. Surveyor-General. Ar.
torney-General, Ilarbor Commi , sioner,
Clerk of Supreme Court, State Printer,
a majority in the Legislature and several
l.nndred minor officers.
AI;W:ST A, Me., Sept. 9.—Radicalism
has culminated in Maine. To-day the
Radical party bas received a blow from
which it can never recover.
Chamberlain, die Radical candidate for
Governor, has hail his immense majority
of last year, which was rising 27,000, cut
down at least tw•o-thirds.
Should the returns which arc yet to
come in show such heavy losses, the Rad
ical majority will not be over 5,000 votes.
Pillsbury, the Democratic candidate for
Governor, has swept the State like wild
fire. In every place of importance from
Kittery to Passamaquoddy, the Radicals
have met with immense losses.
York, Lincoln, Knox, and Aroostook
counties have been wrenched from the
clutch of fanaticism, and will give tui a
representation of seven in Ile State Sen
ate (all complete gains.) There is also
hope of carrying Washingteacounty.
In the House, which is composed of
one hundred and forty-odd members, we
count on having a majority this year
against only thirteen members last year.
The Radicals are completely astounded
at the result. It mime as unextectedly as
a thunderbolt from a cloudless sky.
The Democracy are in a great state - of
rejoicing, as well they may be, and to
night the latch string is out.
The redemption of Maine is dose at
VEHMONT.—The Radicals have carried
Vermont again this year, but the tiajority
has been cut down several thoustilds, the
Democratic vote being larger daft last
year, and that of the RadicalsOaller.
To the House of Representatives t least
30 per cent. more Democratic b aembers
have been chosen this year than t; and
for the first time for more than 't years
the Democrats have gained a reptesenta
ation in the State Senate.
MoNTAse.—Following close nrkm the
Democratic triumph in California,vomes
the news of another in Montana, tlii elec
tion of Cavanagh, the Democratic , ciandi
date for delegate to Congress, by An to vet'.
whelminff vote. The Territorial Lewisla.
ture is also overwhelming Dettiocrage.—
The Democrats have eleven of the thi een
members of the Council, and twent wo
of the twenty-six members of the 11 se,
a majority of twenty-seven in both 110 es.
" Iltrairr"-FuL—Such was the e 1,
oration of a Radical when he heard h,
news from California--perfectly hat
H. H. HAtcnT
Luzerne County.
Address of the Democratic State Som•
DEXOMATIC S? eccourraz Rooms, •
N 0.138 Sansom Street , Phtiade. Sept. 9,185 T. I
To the People of Pennsylvemea :
The - Radicals attempt t o evade the
practical issues of the eariVass and to de
lude you into the support of their candi
They alone are responsible for the pros.
trat ion of your business interests. They
have deliberately sacrificed them in order
to place in the hands of the Southern Ne
groes the balance of power in the Repub
lic, and thus_preserve their own rule.--
More than two years have passed since
peace was restored, and we still look in
vain for increased products from the
South to aid us in paying the interest on
our debt, and for her prosperous custom
ers to buy our woolen, iron and other
I manufactures.
Instead of receiving aid to pay our
debt, w•e are taxed to maintain a freed
man's bureau and a standing army in the
South. Instead of prosperous customers
to increase our trade, every business in
terest languishes.
. Radical mismanagement, a negro poli
cy, and Radical extravagance, weigh
down our energies and fetter our resour
The whole expense of the 'War Depart
ment in 1860 was sixteen and a half mil
lions, whilst in 1867 it is estimated by the
Treasury at forty-seven millions, both be
ing periods of peace, To give the negro
the power to rule us, therefore, costs the
nation annually thirty millions. Of this
amount, Pennsylvania's share is at least
one tenth, and your industry must annual
ly pay three millions of dollars to support
a policy that closes your woolen mills and
stops your factories.
In your State affairs, mismanagement,
corruption and extravagance are the rule.
In 1860, ender Democratic power, the
whole amount of money appropriated and
expended, independent of funded debt and
military expenses, as shown by the Treasu
THOUSAND DOLLARS. In 1864, excluding
the same item, the Radicals appropriated
and expended one million three hundred
and seventy nine thousand dollars. In
1865, excluding the same items, the Radicals
appropriated and expended one million
, five hundred and nineteen thousand dol
lars, and in 1866, excluding the same items,
they appropriated and expended TWO MIL
1 The reports of the Auditor General show
i these facts, and prove that in six years of
Radical rule, your cash expenses have more
than doubled.
The men who have thus wasted yotw
substance, prate of their loyalty and their
sacrifices, and would maintain their hold
upon the treasury by fixing your atten
tion upon other issues. You are oppress
ed by taxation through internal and oth
er machinery, as no other people ever
were. It takes from you your legitimate
profits and gives you no customers. It
compels you to stop manufacturing and
to dischart.te your workmen. Your goods
trail you expect relieffroxii this grinding
taxation, so long as these enormous ex
penditures continue. Relief can only come
through economy in public affairs, a re
daction in your expenses, and the dis
Charge of corrupt and extravagant offi
It is their 'purpose to violate the great
principle, " that each State has the right
to determine the qualifications' of its ovin
electors," and give the negroes of Penn
sylvania the balance of power between
the two great political parties. Negro
suffrage is to be forced upon you by Con
gressional enactment, and your" Supreme
Court is to be placed in harmony" with
that law, by electing Judge Williams, who
is relied upon to decide that the negro is
entitled to a right which you and your or
ganic laws deny him. In the Senate of
the United States, in July last, the recog
nized leader of the Radicals of this State,
voted to proceed to consider a bill that
was introduced by Wilson of Massachu
setts, to effect this infamous purpose.
_Democrats of Pennsylvania !
Let the result in California arouse you
to renewed exertion. Work is to be done,
and you must do it. Committees may
plan and order, but the result depends
upon yourselves. Individual effirt is the
road to victory. See your neighbor, en
courage him, bring him to the polls. Per
fect your organizations. Block your
wards and townships. Subdivide the la
bor and perform it with energy.
Press home upon your adversaries the
real issues of the canvass. Demand of
them that they shall answer :
Are you for or against the Radical pol
icy that destroys our business and closes
our workshops, mills and factories, to give
the negro the balance of power?
Are you for or against continued cor
ruption, mismanagement and extrava
gance ?
Are you for or against conceding to
Congress the right
.to allow the negro the
power to rule Penasylvania?
By order of the Democratic State Com
—The Rads of Philadelphia convention
slaughter all the soldiers who wanted
fine and made their ticket up entirely of
politicians. " Reward the soldiers g' Just
so. Give them lots of blarney " oldi flag,"
and all that, but no bread and butter.
—Gov. Helm, of Kentucky, died on the
Bth instant—one week after his inaugura
tion. A now election will be held on the
first Mopday of August next. In the
meantime the Lieut. Govenor will exer
cise the functions of govenor.
—San Francisco has 130,000 of a popu
lation. Seven years ago it bad only 56,000.
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July 1-1y3;•
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Beans, per barrel t 3,00 G 5 $4,00
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do Orange county pails-- 85 tild 88
Cheese, Per 19 4 , 11 eb 13
Eggs, per doz. 24 85 25
Floor, per bbl. extra State 8,00 15 11,50
6. .6 western 9,500.1) 10,50
Rye Flour per bbl - 7,50 G 3 9,00
Corn meal, 4 . 5,60 48. 5,83
Wheat, per bushel . , 2,50 d 5 9,75
Rye, do 1,45 Cli 1,50
Corn, do 1.10 ei 1, 1 5
Oats, do 75 tis 80
Ray. Per cwt., 1,90 0 1,40
Sheep, live per lb. I' 05 11P, 00
Lambs, 43$ 10
Calves, " 09 42i .19
Chickens. live per pair.. , 75Ifh 1,12
Tallow, per lb. -. 11 la 12
Wool, per lb. ....'.... 45 0 . 58
du ►Dbtxtt"semtuts.
The new system o 1 advertising ,adopted by (k. o. p
Rowel) & Co., Advertising Agents, 2..:40 Part ko; r
New York, is attracting a good deal of attention.
The following extract from a speech deliver e d b y
tore the N, Y. State Editorial Convention (lately h e y.
den at Penn Yann) by a prominent advertising agent of
N.Y. City. goes to show that he at lout selisorleigep
their advtatagei:
From Jamertown, N. Y. Journal of Ang. 2nd. editedb 7
C. E. Bishop, Plai= of Committer on Adrenithl
"Mr. Pettingill spoke to opposition to that plan imp
the publishers stand point alone. Be showed thew.
fishers that by this system of contracting they am
giving lower rates than they were giving their ow n
home customs rs ; thatthey were selling one perdu e
their paper to be used to compete With and tuadert.d
the'other cola= ; that if the publishers, telly undo.
standing thLs, still continue so Irregular and
unbasinese-like a system he (Pettingill ft Co.) should
cease trying to get advertising for the papers at their
regular rates, and go into the other system of coarse,.
Jag—which he could stand ff the printers could."
The anxiety on the Account ofnewspapen is "atom
for. There is not one in 2w. my which would not pr e .
fer to receive all their foreign patronage on this
when it Is fullrunderstood. 'lt Is too generally real.
nized as thoroughly beneficial to all parties concern e d
to bo injured In the least by anything which tray b e
said against by interested parties.
Advertisers s'. on Id send fora circular giving tall e x
CONEPANT are now manufacturing the Best, Cheapen
and most Durable Paint in nee two coats well per on.
mixad with pure linseed oil. will last 10 or 15 yearn, It
la of a light brown or beautiful chocolate color. and
can be changed to green. Lad, stone, olive, drab nr
cream, to suit the taste of the conanmer. It le valuable
for Roarer, Barns, Fences, Agricultural Implement!.
Cafflace and Car makers. Palls and Wooden-ware. Can.
rat, Metal and Shingle Roofs, (lt being lire and rarer
proof,) Bridges. Burial Cases, Canal Boats . Shim and
hip Bottoms. Floor Oil Cloths, (onemannfarterer ba
ring seed 5,000 bbls. the past year.) and as a paint kr
any purpose is nnsupassed for tidy, durability, eLartl.
city and adhesivences. Price, $6 per bbl: of MT lbs..
which will supply a harmer for years to come. Wu.
ranted In all ca.eo as above. Send fora circulnr.abkh
gives fun particulars. None genuine unless branded
in a trade mark, Grafton Mineral Paint. Addrean DAN.
lEL BIDWELL, Proprietor, 254 Pearl et., New York.
You're Wanted: Look Here
Agents, both male and fe male. wanted , everywhere
which from one to two pages can be written althea;
replenishing with Ink), and our Fancy and Dry floods,
etc. Can clear from $.3 to sloa day. No capital re
quired. Pi - tee 10 cents, with an advertisement de
scribing an article for sale In our Dollar Purchasing
Agency. Circulars sent free.
65 Hanover St., Boston, KM.
7atestAi2IBGGISSI, C710.2-ese:/... The Or Rime
Vibrator tits into the C.lll, is nut perceptible, a nd a.
ables deaf persons to bear distinctly at chdrch and it
public a.sembiles. Send particulars to Dr. 16 . 111,
WELL, No. 45 South 6th St., Williamsburg, N. Y.
WE ARE corniNG,
.sme GigniVrit t
Pi Y rce . Val7:"orDr . ra d n l if' S Zt b l i :',
lee., a Silk Drees Pattern, Piece of tibeeting, wrath.
so., tree of cost. Catalogue ofgoods. and wears, !CBI
to any address free. Address .1. B; Hawes A Co., S
Hanover St.. Boston, Mass. P. 0. Boz 519.3.
I rb..l.lrtel °XL Yertsra ALSO
Dr. Lotus of Providence, IL 1., discovered Remedies
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lysis, Fits. and all forms of Nervous Diseases. Send
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AFFLICTED Restored! Ignorance Exposed! Fal
lades Unmasked! Highly Important to both
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LARMONT'S Paris, London and New York edict'
Adviser and Marriage Guide. 80th edition. 400 pages,
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Nervous Debility, Urinary Deposits and Impotency,
affections of the Bladder. Kidneys, Benito-Urinary Or
gans, and their consequences, and anatomy of both
sexes I—European hospital practice--the Author's mor
al, legitimate and effectual method of preventing too
rapid Increase of family,—his unequaled Paris and M
London treatment, &c. ailed free for It1:60, tinsel/
. . ,
An who wonld avoid the barbarous treatment with
mercury, copalba, infestions, cauterizations, quack
specifics, antidotes andkinstrtnnents, should own this
valuable work or consult the Doctor personally or by
letter, No. 173 Broadway, N. Y.. from Id a. m to 5 p. m.
Post Office Rol 844. N. Y.. is all the address required.
Consultation, 21dtice, and V, in ill eases in
" We eonenr with Other papers le recommending Dr.
Lanumcr and his work."—Onutier der Blab Cidt. Gas
man die liVorm, Dispatch, Staata Zeittmg, Atlas, Medi
cal Raley, dc.
AIi7I7.ELTC7XaC NeNt.l43l4—A silver
P. Watch Given Gratis to the pnrchailer of Ever,
100 of Kennedy's Mammoth Prize Stationery Packages.
the Largest In the World. (As en inducement to have
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ES c,
Principals of Academies, Bentinaries. &a., should con•
snit us, in regard to advertising,. No charge for tutor•
motion. GE°. P. Rowsu, tt Co., Advertising Agis., N Y.
pOLLOCK INSTITUTE, a first-class+
A. Boarding Schaal for Boys. at Pittsfield, Mau Fall
Term of 20 weeks begins Oct 4 For partirMars,
address Rev. W. C. RICLIAItDS, Principal.
Have yon seen the "PENN LETTER BOOK," for
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ter t it saves time, labor, and tho expense of s CO PT
ing prom. Portal° by all Mut-class. stationers, and it
the once of the " Penn Manufacturing Works.'l 7111
Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa.
BUHPTION and Cancer. Their causes and meano of
Immediate relief and speedy
_cure s scut free. 'Seed per
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Williamsburg, L. I. •
Combines in one garments perfect fitting Cnrsetsnd
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lic. It places the weight of the skirts upon the sherl.
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Von Summer St., Bo ston.
If a frfeh to advertize_you should mown ORO. P
ROWELL CO:, 40 Park Row, N. T,
nacrice 3Per
tnesam. ~ $2OO
_ zracomatia.
Made with Stencil Dies. Send for Catalogue and ftare•
PlesSm. Si M. OPENCE4A Co., Brattleboro, Vt.